#1 Rated Ghost Tour in Denver CO

Like the looming Rockies, Denver’s dark history casts a long shadow over the Mile High City. Find out why Denver’s crisp mountain air will always give you chills.

Denver Ghost Tours offer an unflinching look at the seething darkness within the Queen City of the West. Join us nightly for a unique collection of captivating and unnerving historical stories that reveal what makes Denver one of the West’s most compelling haunted destinations.

Ghost Tour Meeting Location : Tours begin outside of the Colorado State Capitol Building at 200 E Colfax Denver, CO.

Tour Duration : 1hr. across 1 mile

To Order : Press "Get Tickets" for availability.

Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

The Experiences You've Heard About

Tours are available daily year-around from the afternoon to late at night. Some are offered throughout the day based on season.

Denver Terrors Ghost Tour

Denver terrors boos and booze haunted pub crawl, denver mile-high foodie tour, join us for a mile-high experience of haunting fun.

Denver Terrors takes you through 9 or 14 different haunted sites around the Capitol Hill area, each one is more terrifying than the one before.

Meet your experienced tour guide at the Capitol Building parking lot at 200 E. Colfax at least 15 minutes before your tour’s scheduled departure time. The standard tour takes about an hour and walks you through several landmark locations in the area with spooky stories that your guide will reveal. If you select the extended tour, you will get another 40 minutes of chilling tales and historical locations!

The Denver Terrors walking tour is a great way to see the amazing sites of Denver’s Capitol Hill while also getting your fill of the ghostly atmosphere of the city’s most haunted locations.

While you walk around the city’s impressive Capitol see if you can spot the pickled heads of a notorious outlaw gang that terrorized the town, they’ve been missing since a bounty was collected on their heads since the late 19 th century!

Nearby Cheeseman park today looks like a beautiful open green space for exercise and picnics , but over 2,000 bodies lie under the green grass, after a botched operation to move the old cemetery that lay there. Cheap, flimsy coffins were used, and gravediggers cut corners, dismembering bodies and spreading the pieces into different coffins to save precious space! The dismembered corpses still prowl the park on foggy days and at night, searching for their missing parts.

While genuinely scary this tour is perfect for first-time visitors to Denver, and seasoned locals alike! Plus, it is a family-friendly attraction so everyone can come on a Denver Ghosts tour—your kids, friends, or a date! We’ll make sure that you have an informative, memorable, and slightly terrifying night. Keep in mind that tours fill up quickly, so reserve your spot early through our website.

Mountains, Mischief, and Misfortune

Denver may be well-known for its natural beauty and proximity to the Rocky Mountains, but most people don’t talk about what lurks behind the city’s tourist-friendly façade.  As you walk around Denver’s historic Capitol Hill neighborhood , also known as “Millionaire’s Row,” you will see the great mansions of industrialists, greedy politicians, and the cutthroat news barons. These men made the city what it is today, but they also left their spirits behind to torment and be tormented forevermore.

Denver Terrors will take you to these historical and haunted locations like the Capitol building, the Sheedy Mansion, and the Newhouse Hotel, and you will learn all about the ghoulish, terrifying, and sometimes flirtatious spirits that haunt the area.

Find out where the inimitable and unsinkable Molly Brown, aspiring socialite and one of the most famous survivors of the Titanic sinking, might still show her face. Her apparition still entertains society’s finest and tries to pretend she fits in. In another nearby location, hear how a scandalous affair led to a tragic suicide that ended up closing one of the area’s most popular hotels that used to welcome new arrivals to the city.

Many people come to Denver looking peace and natural serenity that they craved, far above the hustle of the East and West coasts, however, the darkness of human nature still crept into the corners of even this serene city. Your night-time trip through the scandalous past of Denver’s wealthy elite, as well as a few tales of working-class tragedy, will help you understand that even in Queen City when the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, and you feel that familiar flutter in the pit of your stomach, you will know the true terror of the Mile High City.

What draws the supernatural to Denver?

For a city that so often highlights the natural world’s beauty, Denver also has a strong connection to the super-natural. Our tour offers an uncompromising look at what makes Denver such a compelling haunted location. It’s quiet here in Denver, with only 600,000 living souls in the metro area, but it’s still the most populous city in Colorado. This draws many people looking for the quiet and to escape the pressure of coastal life, only to slowly realize that sometimes you cannot run away from your problems. Maybe bad luck haunts the natives too, as it seems that both locals and those from far away make up the ghosts of Denver and make it such a hotbed for paranormal activity.

The Croke-Patterson-Campbell house, for example, a regular stop on the Denver Terrors tour, became so riddled with ghosts that during a recent renovation, no guards would stay for more than a couple of nights. Eventually, guard dogs were employed, until one night a dog threw itself from a second-floor window plunging to its death, chased by who knows which of the resident spirits!

The Capitol Hill area’s faded luxury only adds to the feeling of loss humming in the background of each picturesque scene around the city. Sure, you can read about the tragedy and failure that underlie the Mile High City’s beautiful exterior, but experiencing its horrifying truth in person, on the very streets that the grizzly events took place on, and at night, will help make you feel like you are a part of the city’s otherworldly and macabre history.

Reserve your tour today and experience the side of Denver that you won’t see in the gorgeous postcards.

With so many tours and activities to choose from Denver, how do you choose which ones to book?

You need a crash course in the history of Denver, Colorado

The gold rush that started Denver, Colorado soon petered out, but the city found new life as a supply hub for new mines in the nearby Rocky Mountains. Add in an oil and gas boom, a militarily strategic location, and you soon have a boom town with enough money and opportunity to lure the future ghosts of Denver to their untimely ends in buildings up and down the city.

Take a whistle-stop ride through Denver’s history on a route around ‘Millionaire’s Row,’ in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The characters that built houses and often died in them illustrate the great themes and outsized personalities that shaped this spectacular city exactly one mile above sea level.

For example, the Sheedy Mansion, home of a hard-living Irishman who became Denver’s most ruthless and notorious debt collector and president of the Colorado National Bank, he was so disliked by the people of Denver that his death has barely mourned. This house holds many tales of hauntings, of people toiling unjustly for Sheedy, who perhaps roams the streets still reliving the human misery he caused.

You want something the whole family can do in Denver

The route that the standard Denver Terrors tour takes is just over 1 mile, easily walkable for even the youngest ghost enthusiasts. Your professional and capable tour guides are local experts and deliver 8 stories of the haunted histories of Denver that are suitable for the whole family.

For example, The Peabody-Whitehead Mansion is the site of many a failed restaurant, all of them dogged by the many resident spirits that won’t leave the silverware alone, and on one occasion a ghost was seen pouring a pitcher of beer down the shirt of a waitress! The mansion is so haunted it appeared on an episode of TV show Ghost Adventures where many spirits were found, especially in the dark and creepy basement.

If you have even more desire to see the places where the spooky tales of Denver’s dark side are, add the extended tour while booking your tour, this extra haunt adds another 4 haunted locations to your route, taking the ghostly wander to just over 1.5 miles.

You don’t Believe in ghosts, but are giving the supernatural a chance

Even if you aren’t convinced by the grim stories of Denver’s hauntings and take the stories with a pinch of salt, you will still be left with an insightful tour of the history and personalities that made Denver the city it is today. For example, you will hear about the good work of the gentle, lovelorn ghost of Madge Smiley Reynolds has often been seen pacing the stairs of a modest house on millionaires row, a notable social advocate for the poor and unjustly treated in Denver, she was also friendly with not one but two of the local newspaper owners, having a romantic relationship with Frederick Bonfils, the owner of the Denver Post . They would often ride together on horseback through the wild parts of Denver. The thought of her ghost waiting still to hear the clip-clop of her lovers’ horse approaching down the street is enough to melt the heart of the staunchest non-believer.

No one from Denver Terrors is going to try and change your mind about the echos of extraordinary lives through time. All we seek to do is layout the dramatic and authentic stories from the history books and the confirmed accounts of what people have seen and felt in the places where those outsize personalities lived their famous lives. The rest is up to you. We will say we have had guests and guides experience creepy sensations that they can’t quite explain many times before.

You are sure to enjoy the well-told stories of ghostly hauntings and terrifying happenings up in the cold mountain air of Denver. Even here in these peaceful surroundings, bad things do happen, and ghosts abound if you choose to be receptive to their pleas.

In Denver and Not Sure of What to Do?

Denver is a great destination, it has world-class museums, a zoo, and botanical gardens, the famous Coors Brewery , and Red Rocks Amphitheatre. With the mountains casting their shadows on the city’s doorsteps, there are hundreds of outdoor pursuits available. But you can’t do most of those things at night. After a day of fun, if you want to keep the good times going, perhaps after a dinner at one of Denver’s great restaurants, a wander around town is one thing you might consider. Why not take the simple extra step of joining the Denver Terrors tour and absorbing some local history, and some spooky tales at places that hold horrid stories and0 ghostly hauntings.

The entertaining and knowledgeable guides of Denver Terrors love relating the history and hauntings of their hometown. Stories like the checkered history of the Newhouse hotel, built after the Silver Crash of 1893 by a German immigrant, who christened it the Hesse Hotel. The place became notorious for bad behavior and ended up changing its name after World War II to revitalize its image and avoid anti-German sentiment. However, it soon fell into disrepair and became a half-way house, the tales of death and depravity would fill a large book, it’s cleaned up its act now but the bad energy lingers on in the many tales of hauntings at the hotel today.

You’re on a tight schedule in Denver

In Denver for the weekend and looking for one of the best attractions in the Mile-high City?  Your days may be filled with one of the many things to do here, but what about the nights?  If you want to get the most out of your time here in the Queen City of the High Plains, a Denver Terrors ghost tour is at the ideal time of day to be entertaining, learn about the back story of this fascinating city, and still get a good night sleep as well!

Tours last just over an hour and take in some classic sights of Downtown Denver, the Capitol, millionaires row, and Colfax Avenue’s vibrant bustle . Did you know Colfax Avenue is named after Schuler Colfax, local politician and one time Vice President of the United States? He was a founder member of the Republican Party and author of the Thirteenth Amendment (abolishing slavery). He resigned in disgrace for taking cash and stock from the Union Pacific Railroad while they were seeking support to build the transcontinental railroad that brought prosperity and growth to Denver.

Hear more about this and many other tales from the city, its residents, and their ghosts on the Denver Terrors tour.

Get an insiders look at the Denver culture

Ghosts from the past are unique to the places they haunt; each disembodied spirit is a victim of their time’s unique circumstances and their particular life on this earth. Denver is no different. Each entertaining tale of haunting and human misadventure we relate along the gentle walk of Denver Terrors gives you insight into the history, character, and events of Denver’s fascinating past.

Locals take decades just to skim the stories we will tell you on the easy route of just over one mile. All our deeply researched stories spring straight from the history books. They take on a new life every time they are told, gaining new meaning as the past lessons teach us all about mistakes that others have paid a heavy price for making.

Like the tale of the tragic robbery that claimed the lives of four honest men on the Father’s Day Massacre, at the ‘Cash Register’ Building, also known as the Wells Fargo Centre.   Their ghosts haunt the vault and the spooky basement to this day. Or the tale of the Donald Fletcher House, owned by a minister turned real estate baron who fled the town leaving the locals to pay his debts. The town pulled through and changed the building’s name and eventually sold it to the Knights of Colombia. The charity’s staff often see the ghost of one of Donald Fletcher’s servants toiling still, waiting for their masters’ return.

Be a tourist in your own backyard

Being a Tourist in your home city is a welcome break that is good value. Stay at the haunted Newhouse Hotel and have dinner somewhere on vibrant Colfax Avenue, then stroll around the corner to the starting point of the Denver Terrors tour and learn something new about the Queen City of Colorado. Staycations have been around for a while, and you will often find locals on the Denver Terrors tour. They often add interesting details to stops on the tour.

Or maybe you might stay at the Grosvenor Arms apartments, which are as splendid on the inside as they are on the outside, but watch out, they are haunted in several ways. A heavy breathing ghost in the attic storage areas, research determined it is the ghost of a flapper dancer who died at a legendary party here in the 20s, the ghost playfully turns off water and outlets. Or the ghostly couple destined to be forever apart, he waits anxiously in the lobby, visible only out of the corner of your eye in the Lobby Mirror, while she stalks the 8th-floor laundry room, eternally preparing to meet her beau. Find out the stories behind these ghosts you never knew existed on your own doorstep.

Get the scariest offers and stay current on sales and events.

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13 Best Ghostly Haunted Tours in Denver to Book Now

This website may contain affiliate links and we may be compensated (at no cost to you!).

Walk on the dark side this month with the best haunted tours in Denver around. 

If you’re into Halloween, ghost stories, and historic haunted mansions then Denver is the perfect place for a tour .

Denver’s history is steeped in the ways of the wild west and gold rushes of days gone by.

As a Colorado native , I find it fascinating how rich and unique the history of both the entire state and Denver is. And a ghost tour is the perfect way to uncover it!

In this guide, you’ll discover some of the best true stories of paranormal events as well as historic walking tours.

What are the best haunted tours in Denver right now?

✔️ Twilight Ghost Walking Tour: Best for history lovers

✔️  Best of Denver Ghost Combo Tour:  Best for two-in-one deals

✔️  Haunted Denver Pub Crawl :  Best for small groups

From hidden tales of Denver to ghostly activities, here are the top haunted tours you can book in 2023. 

1. Twilight Ghost Walking Tour 

ghost tour denver colorado

Would you rather visit Denver’s most haunted areas at night? Then sign up for the Twilight Ghost Tour.  

This 2-hour venture will take you through the dark streets of the Capitol Hill neighborhood where you can explore Denver’s most haunted neighborhood.

You’ll be able to stop and see some of the most famous haunted mansions and apartment rows including:

  • The Crawford Hill Mansion
  •  Molly Brown House Museum
  • Pennsylvania Street (aka Millionaire’s Row)
  • Capitol Hill Mansion

Plus, there are many more stops and historic sights to see along the way. And with more than 800 five-star reviews this Denver Twilight Tour is likely to sell out fast.

Book this Twilight Ghost Walking Tour 🤩 5/5 stars (880+ reviews)

2. Combo Tour: Best of Denver & Ghost Tour


If you’re interested in an in-depth tour of the city as well as a Denver ghost tour, check out this budget-friendly combo tour . 

In 3 hours you can get two unique tours , giving you the chance to fully immerse yourself in the culture and rich history of Denver. 

The theme of this tour is to give you the best of both worlds including history, haunted stories, and scandals.

Get ready for a fun tour starting at the Denver Firefighters Museum where you’ll meet up with a local tour guide. 

Then it’s onto more than 20 different stops including the Denver Mint, the Colorado State Capitol, and 16th Street Mall.

This combo tour includes some historic Denver sights along with fascinating stories from long-time residents.

Book this Denver Combo Tour 🤩 5/5 stars (likely to sell out)

3. Haunted Denver Pub Crawl

denver beer festival

Spice things up right now with a with this Haunted Denver Pub Crawl and walking tour .

This unique tour combines a ghost tour and a pub crawl to create an epic haunted experience.

For nearly 2.5 hours you can join a costumed guide to hear some of Denver’s creepiest haunted stories. 

Get ready to explore this hip neighborhood while discovering some of the area’s oldest bars and historic buildings in Lower Downtown (LoDo).

You’ll have a fun time enjoying a delicious walking pub tour while learning about the spooky happenings in the Mile High City.

If you’re into beer and scary stories, this Haunted Denver Pub Crawl is for you. Plus, this small group tour is capped at just 10 people for a more personalized experience.

Book this Haunted Pub Crawl in Denver 🤩 4.5/5 stars (180+ reviews)


Thinking of living in Colorado? This guide will help you avoid costly mistakes and remove the stress of planning so you can experience the joys of mountain living.

4. After Dark Ghosts of the City Tour 


Explore Denver’s spooky side on this adults-only After Dark Walking Tour of the city.  

This 1.5 hour dark side of Denver ghost tour is wheelchair accessible and perfect for any fitness level.

A live tour guide will take you to some of Denver’s most well-known landmarks , like Union Station and the Ice House. 

Listen to the notorious tragedies of the former red-light district all while learning about the past horrors that haunt the area.

You’ll make your way to the famous Crawford Hotel and learn about its haunted history. Then it’s onto Market Row as well as many more additional stops.

Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes and get ready to hear some spooky ghost stories about Denver’s past history.

Book this After-Dark Walking Tour 🤩 5/5 stars (likely to sell out)

5. Capitol Hill History & Ghost Tour

capitol hill denver tour

Grab your comfy walking shoes and enjoy a casual walk through Denver’s most haunted neighborhood.

Join a local expert for a fun tour anytime of day on a unique adventure of this Capitol Hill History & Ghost Tour.  

You’ll spend about 2 hours walking through the streets learning about the most haunted dwellings and buildings in the Capitol Hill area.

You’ll make stops at Crawford Hill Mansion, Poets Row, the Colorado State Capitol, and the Haunted Molly Brown House to name a few. 

Along the way, listen in to Victorian history, haunted stories, and paranormal activity. This guided ghost walking tour in Denver is perfect for a small group or family. 

Book this Denver History & Ghost Tour 🤩 5/5 stars (30+ reviews)

6. Denver Haunted Walking Tour


On this historic walking ghost tour of Capitol Hill you’ll hear the dark history of Denver’s elite and the mansions of Millionaire Row. 

Get ready to discover paranormal activity and ghostly apparitions. Listen in to spooky stories of murder, scandals and betrayals.

This 90-minute walking tour includes a stop at the Molly Brown House, the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion, and Colorado’s Capitol.

During this small-group walking tour you can enjoy about a 1-mile stroll through the dark streets of Denver’s most haunted mansions. 

Plus, check out some unique architecture and the history behind these historic buildings.

This unique tour of Denver’s Millionaire Row is easy for all fitness levels and is both stroller and wheelchair accessible.

Book this Haunted Denver Walking Tour 🤩 5/5 stars (30+ reviews)

7. Molly Brown House Walking Tour

molly brown house museum denver

Get your ticket to the Molly Brown House Museum and enjoy a self-guided tour of this historic estate.

Learn about the life of Margaret “Molly” Tobin Brown and her history as one of the few survivors of the Titanic. 

In addition to becoming known as the “Unsinkable Molly Brown” she was also an activist and philanthropist.

The Molly Brown House features amazing architecture and of course, ghost stories, chilling tales of surviving the Titanic, and more.

Or book a Haunted Walking Tour of the Molly Brown House and Capitol Hill at twilight for a ghostly experience.

Book this Tour of the Molly Brown House 🤩 4.7/5 stars (15+ reviews)

8. Downtown Denver Family-Friendly Haunted Walking Tour

ghost tour denver colorado

This downtown Denver haunted walking tour is not only family-friendly but perfect for uncovering the city’s shadowed past.

Get ready to uncover the scandals, secrets, and a cast of unsavory characters once roamed freely.

Led by a knowledgeable guide, the tour conveniently begins on Market Street. You’ll traverse the streets of downtown Denver, venturing into its most haunted locations for a spine-chilling night out.

As you walk, you’ll be introduced to the ghosts that linger within The Oxford Club and beyond, immersing yourself in their eerie tales.

This hands-on experience includes the opportunity to test ghost-hunting equipment, adding an extra layer of excitement to your downtown exploration.

With a limited group size of 10 travelers, you’ll enjoy a personalized and engaging adventure, ensuring an unforgettable evening.

Stops along the way include Denver’s Union Station, Daniels and Fisher Tower, The Oxford Club Spa & Salon, Larimer Square, and The Celtic on Market.

Immerse yourself in the historic downtown of Denver, Colorado. Traverse its first historic district and explore the remnants of the former red-light district, brimming with captivating history and ghostly legends.

Prepare for an evening that will send shivers down your spine as you navigate Denver’s haunted landscape.

Book this Family-Friendly Haunted Walking Tour 🤩 5/5 stars (30+ reviews)

9. Private Tour Ghost Driving in Denver

16th street mall denver

Sit back and relax inside a heated or air-conditioned vehicle as you enjoy this private driving ghost tour . 

Take in the epic Denver sights and stories of Denver’s paranormal activity in a private car. 

This tour passes by and stops at 9 different famous Denver mansions including Molly Brown House Museum, Grosvenor Arms, and the Patterson Inn.

Since this tour is inside a vehicle you can book it any time of year, even in icy or snowy weather. 

Take impressive photos and learn about Denver’s haunted history while staying warm, dry and comfortable.

This private driving ghost tour is perfect for first-time travelers to Colorado’s capital city.

Book this Private Haunted Driving Tour 🤩 5/5 stars (25+ reviews)

10. Denver Terrors Boos & Booze Pub Crawl

ghost tour denver colorado

For a haunted walking tour in that has both boos and booze, check out this unique Denver Terrors Pub Crawl.

A local, professional guide will meet you to share some well-researched and authentic ghost stories.

Then it’s off to some of the most famous pubs in the city. There are 9 different stops as well as places you’ll pass by along the pub crawl.

The meeting time is 6pm daily and the entire tour lasts for about 2 hours.

For some heated outdoor seating and delicious bites , you’ll love Bar Nun Denver. They also have some inventive cocktails on the menu.

Or check out Bang Up To The Elephant! which is a quirky bar and one of Denver’s newest hot spots for drinks and food.

This Terrors Boos & Booze tour is wheelchair accessible but is meant for adults over the age of 21.

Try this Denver Terrors Pub Crawl 🤩 5/5 stars (special offer!)

11. Denver Terrors Ghost Tour

ghost tour denver colorado

Get ready to venture out into one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods on this small-group walking tour.

As you delve deep into the city’s haunted past you’ll have the chance to encounter chilling tales that surround its ghostly landmarks.

This intimate walking tour, limited to a small group, guarantees an eerie and personal experience.

Choose between the standard duration or opt for an extended adventure, both offering an exploration of the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Prepare to witness captivating highlights, including the famed Molly Brown House, spine-chilling hotels, and ominous apartment blocks.

As you traverse the streets, your knowledgeable guide will unravel the city’s supernatural myths and legends.

You’ll pass by the iconic Colorado State Capitol, the Acacia Apartments, and the Molly Brown House Museum.

Along the way you’ll also stop at Grosvenor Arms, an exquisite apartment house modeled after an English Art Gallery. This place is said to harbor countless ghostly activities and eerie apparitions within its walls.

Continuing this tour of Denver , you’ll encounter the Newhouse Hotel, a former speakeasy notorious for illicit activities in the early 1900s.

Finally, pass by the WeWork Office Space & Coworking building, a prominent structure in Denver’s skyline, notorious for its association with the Father’s Day Massacre in the 1990s.

Brace yourself for a spine-tingling adventure on a fun tour of this haunted urban landscape.

Try this Denver Terrors Ghost Tour 🤩 4.7/5 stars (105+ reviews)

12. Ghosts of Capitol Hill Tour


Conquer your fears and find out what Denver is hiding by signing up for this amazing Ghosts of Capitol Hill tour experience.

As Denver’s first city cemetery, this park is said to have an eerie history as well as some haunting tales. 

Enjoy a 2-hour walk through the park and listen to a local talk about how bodies used to be removed from the park. 

By the end of the tour you may even see some paranormal activity for yourself. 

The main stops along this tour include the now demolished site of Henry Treat Rogers mansion and the famous Cheeseman Park.

But you’ll also come across the Peabody-Whitehead Mansion and the Molly Brown House just to name a few.

Book this Ghosts of Capitol Hill Tour 🤩 4.5/5 stars (new tour!)

13. Denver Zombie Scavenger Hunt 

Join the Zombie Scavengers for a walk around Denver while trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. 

Book the tour for yourself or a small group and earn points for completing challenges and solving clues.

This unique scavenger hunt will start on Colfax Avenue, one of Denver’s most famous streets. 

The tour will continue for about 1 hour while you explore the city. You can even show up dressed like a zombie or any other costume of your choice.

Book this Zombie Scavenger Hunt 🤩 lowest price guarantee

Related: How to Book the Best Tours in Denver [Guide]

Whether you’re finalizing Halloween plans or simply want a spooky tour to check out, we hope this list of the best haunted Denver ghost tours gives you some good options.

If you’re not into ghost tours or scary stories, check out our top picks for traditional walking tours in Denver for small groups instead.

ghost tour denver colorado

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Ryan Nicholson is a homegrown born and raised Colorado native. Being a rare unicorn to have grown up in CO, he has a unique perspective on the changes here and knows all the hidden spots to get outside in this state. Ryan's a classically French trained chef so he LOVES to try new foods and places to eat. When he's not experimenting in the kitchen or working as a personal chef along the Front Range, he loves to get outdoors and away from it all hiking, camping and backpacking.

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Tour Denver With Phil Goodstein

We have had numerous inquiries about how to find out about more of the history when it comes to the streets of Denver and we are excited to bring you Denver native Phil Goodstein who has been wandering the streets since 1986.

Over the years, he has given a wide variety of tours from neighborhood walks to bar crawls to bicycle expeditions. Most of all, he has conducted “The Seamy Side of Denver” and the community’s pioneer modern haunted house tour, “Ghost Walk on Capitol Hill” since the 1990s.

Along the way, he has published widely on the city with more than 25 volumes. Some of them are foundation texts on which all other tour guides depend such as The Ghosts of Denver: Capitol Hill and The Seamy Side of Denver. He often walks backward on his tours, claiming he is talking to himself and seeing if anybody is interested in listening to him.

Among his popular tours are Ghost Walk on Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill is Denver’s most haunted neighborhood. The old and new come together along Colfax Avenue. Near the Capitol, one is likely to encounter anything and anybody. But what is real? What is myth? Come on a walk that features the sex, sleaze, spooks, and scandals of the area around the Capitol. Find out about the floating heads in tunnels under the Capitol. Is the ghost of Jack Kerouac nearby? Or is that actually the ghost of Baby Doe Tabor? How is it that the Whitehead-Peabody Mansion at 1128 Grant and the Croke-Patterson Mansion at 11th Avenue and Pennsylvania Street compete as the city’s most haunted house.

Tour guide Phil Goodstein has been giving ghost tours since the late 1980s. He is the author of the definitive volume on the subject, The Ghosts of Denver Capitol Hill.

This is a chance to spend time with one of Denver’s most unique and eccentric characters while learning so much of Denver’s rich history.

Book your Phil Goodstein tour online.

Tour Local and Explore LoDo with a Denver Walking Tour


170128_Ghost Tours FB Ad_10_011218 (1).j

Join Us for a Ghoulish Time on a Haunted Denver Ghost Tour

Tour overview.

Join in on an adventure into the unknown on a Ghosts of Capitol Hill Tour experience. This tour is the perfect way to experience Denver's mystery, history, legend and lore, and is perfect if you're looking for a fun night out... if you dare. Your Denver ghost tour experience visits the spine-tingling sights that inspired two Hollywood horror movies: The Changeling & Poltergeist, an old burial graveyard turned park, the most haunted home in Colorado, and historic haunted mansions visited by paranormal experts from all over the world, including the mansion of The Unsinkable Molly Brown. 

Ghost Tours Denver

Ghost Tours October: Nightly May-November: Friday & Saturday nights

Private ghost tours available daily/nightly & bookable online, paranormal exploration tours sundays in october.

ghost tour denver

Natalia R. "Jill was a great tour guide and very knowledgeable about the area and the history of the locations we visited. You could tell she was really passionate and that made the ghost tour even more enjoyable. She talked to everyone and made us feel welcomed. She answered all of our questions and made the tour interactive which was also more enjoyable. Would highly recommend! Thanks for a great tour, Jill!

tours near me

Private Denver Tours

Colorado bus tour

Audio Adventure Tours

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Urban Denver Tours: Walking, History and Ghosts

The Mile High City is steeped in history. From the gold rush to beat poets to bootleggers, these tours leave no stone unturned. You may even see ghosts. 

Best Tours of Denver

These small-group walking tours will have you hoofing it through some of Denver’s most historic neighborhoods. The tours take about one and a half to two hours and cover under 2 miles of easy walking on sidewalks. You can also book private tours. 

Capitol Hill Ghost and History Tour  Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is recognized as one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the country — and one of the most haunted! Visit beautiful Victorian mansions, including that of "Titanic" survivor the Unsinkable Margaret "Molly" Brown , and refuel with a mid-tour break at a Cap Hill coffee shop. (Food and beverages at coffee shop not included in price of tour.) 

Molly Brown House Museum in Denver

Private: Denver’s History & Ghost Adventure Tour Denver’s Lower Downtown District — known to locals as LoDo — is the oldest part of the city, dating back to the gold rush days. Step inside the beautifully restored Denver Union Station , stroll by Coors Field , stop for a sip at the winery inside Dairy Block and get goosebumps as you learn about the neighborhood’s many haunted hotels and former brothels. (Wine tasting not included in price of tour.)

Twilight Ghost Tour This nighttime tour isn’t for the faint of heart! Visit some of Denver’s spookiest haunted attractions to hear chilling stories of scandal and murder — if you dare. 

Historic Denver Walking Tours

What's the best way to explore Denver? Neighborhood by neighborhood. Each area of The Mile High City has its own history and landmarks, so pick one of these 90-minute walking tours (each one covers about one mile at a leisurely pace) and dive in! Each group is capped at 10 people per tour guide.

LoDo Walking Tour Lower Downtown is the oldest area of the city, so it’s a perfect place to start your explorations of Denver. Learn what it felt like to live in Denver at the turn of the 20th century and how the city’s early history was shaped by the mining industry. 

Capitol Hill Walking Tour The gorgeous mansions of Cap Hill are where Denver’s elite once lived. Architecture buffs: this is the tour for you! 

Historic 16th Street Tour This vibrant thoroughfare runs through the heart of Denver. It’s home to restaurants, shops, theaters and towering office buildings, but despite the modern luxuries, The Mile High City’s “Main Street” also has a unique history that will unfold as you stroll. 

Larimer Square with D&F Clock Tower Walking Tour Enchanting Larimer Square is Denver’s oldest block. It was saved from demolition by citizens to create Denver’s first historic district. The highlight: this tour includes exclusive access to the Daniels & Fisher (Clock) Tower , which offers 360-degree views of the city. 

Nightly Spirits Ghost Tours

You’re in for a scare on these 2.5-hour walking tours. Luckily, you’re also in for a round of drinks to take the edge off! Yes — the word “spirits” has two meanings on these spooky night-time tours. 

Denver Ghost Tour Pub Crawl — LoDo  This pub crawl will lead you through Lower Downtown’s former red-light district, where you’ll hear chilling tales of Western justice and learn about the seedier side of The Mile High City. Stop into some of the city’s most haunted bars and pubs along the way for drinks and more scary stories. (21+ only, drinks not included in price of tour.)

Denver Ghost Tour Pub Crawl — SoBo True spirit lovers won’t want to miss this tour, which starts at Denver Distillery, the most haunted distillery in Denver. Take a private, guided tour of the distillery, learn about its history, then meet the ghosts that haunt the building. From there, you’ll visit more spooky spots, where you’ll have time to enjoy some spirits and hear more haunting tales. (21+ only, drinks not included in price of tour.)

Denver Ghost Tour This all-ages tour starts at Tivoli Brewing Company for a private ghost tour inside their building using real ghost-hunting equipment. After Tivoli, you’ll walk the streets of Denver from Larimer Square to Denver Union Station, passing haunt after haunt along the way. 

Ghost City Tours

Denver is one of the most haunted cities in Colorado, says Ghost City Tours. If you're a fan of the paranormal or ghosts, join them on a 90-minute walking tour. They document Denver's most haunted places.

Ghostly Emprise

Expect lots of mayhem on this tour. Focusing on the Capitol Hill neighborhood, hear bone-chilling stories of Denver's most haunted mansions. Your guide will share stories of murder, scandals, deceit and betrayal as you stroll along the eerie dark streets. You'll discover where to look for paranormal activity and ghostly apparitions at the most notorious locations.

Pictured: Dairy Block and the Molly Brown House Museum. 


Ghost Ride Haunted Tours Denver Logo

Welcome aboard the Ghost Ride Haunted Tour Bus

The ghostly haunted tour bus figure

Why walk when you can ride!

The Ghost Ride Haunted Tour Bus

What To Expect

Buckle up....

On this adventure you'll experience Denver’s darkest history! The Ghost Ride Haunted Tours meets at The Mansion on Colfax (Bar & Restaurant) - a mansion built in the 1880's with its own creepy history. Start this spooky adventure with a ghostly cocktail to calm your nerves. You'll be escorted outside The Mansion to the dark streets of Denver…

But have no fear… You'll be in the safety our Ghost Ride Haunted Tour Bus. This bus will protect you from the elements of Mother Nature and other more sinister elements… or will it? 

All of our ghost tours are based on true historical events that have been thoroughly researched and verified. You'll see truth is far scarier than fiction.

ghost tour denver colorado


Guests will meet their tour guide at The Mansion on Colfax - this is where the tour begins!

ghost tour denver colorado

Now booking through April 2024! View our Calendar to book tickets NOW!

Rocky Mountain Food Tours

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ghost tour denver colorado

13 Creepy Ghost Tours in Every City in Colorado

These colorado ghost tours are full of gore, paranormal activity, and terrifying tales sure to thrill this fall season.

Ready for Halloween? We’ve compiled a list of 13 of Colorado’s scariest ghost tours sure to chill you to the bone. No matter where you are in Colorado, you can find a tour near you. Sign up early – most will sell out! (listed in alphabetical order)

ghost tour denver colorado

Uncover Aspen’s sordid past on this ghostly one-hour walking tour. One of Colorado’s most famous mountain towns will come alive as your expert guide reveals tales of terror dating back to 1879 and into the present. This unique experience will leave your skin crawling long after the tour!

Tour Provided By: Dean’s Aspen Tours | Book Now

2. Breckenridge

The ghosts of the Wild West will come out to play on this original walking tour that started in 2010. You’ll take part in the action – ghost hunting equipment included! Take this tour at night for the best effect or book a private tour in the daylight if you have little ones.

Tour Provided By: Breckenridge Tours | Book Now

ghost tour denver colorado

3. Buena Vista

Buena Vista’s bloody past will surprise and shock you on this gruesome tour full of true stories. See the location of the city’s only legal hanging, the old red light district, and buildings which are said to be haunted to this day. From murder stories to restless spirits, you’ll have trouble sleeping after taking this tour!

Tour Provided By: Salida Walking Tours | Book Now

4. Colorado Springs

Having been founded in 1871, many say that the streets of downtown Colorado Springs are full of phantoms and tortured souls. Some stories are true, but others are not. Your tour guide, who will be from the Pikes Peak Writers Guild, will seduce you with spooky stories…but will you be tricked? Take the tour to find out! Each ticket includes a free coffee drink from Wild Goose Meeting House.

Tour Provided By: Downtown Colorado Springs | Book Now

ghost tour denver colorado

5. Denver – Capitol Hill

Did you know that the horror movies The Changeling and Poltergeist were inspired by a site in Denver’s Capitol Hill? Visit this site along with a defunct burial site and several haunted mansions to include one belonging to famous Titanic survivor “Unsinkable Molly Brown.”

Tour Provided By: Denver Walking Tours | Book Now

6. Denver – Cheeseman Park

Cheeseman Park is Denver’s first cemetery and will scare even the strongest among us. This one-and-a-half hour walking tour is full of chilling stories and first-hand accounts of paranormal activity. Beware of walking on the graves…you can never be too sure who you might offend!

Tour Provided By: Denver Local Tours | Book Now

7. Denver – LoDo (Walking Tour Only)

It’s no coincidence that some of downtown Denver’s most popular haunts by day are actually haunted by night! This walking tour will take you to iconic sites including Union Station, Coors Field, The Oxford Hotel, and Larimer Street to unearth eerie accounts of shadowy figures.

Tour Provided By: Best Tours of Denver | Book Now

ghost tour denver colorado

8. Denver – LoDo (Pub Crawl)

Quell your fear with a little liquid courage on this scary pub crawl in Denver’s downtown. You’ll go back in time to Prohibition when people used underground tunnels and seedy behavior was around every corner. Visit haunted bars and hear tales of gore and mystery. Tickets do not include the price of drinks.

Tour Provided By: Nightly Spirits | Book Now

9. Estes Park

When it comes to haunted mansion tours, nothing tops the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. See the hotel room Steven King stayed in when he wrote The Shining and feel the strong paranormal activity as you pass through the halls. Guests of the hotel get discounted tickets.

Tour Provided By: The Stanley Hotel | Book Now

ghost tour denver colorado

10. Fort Collins

Why stay above ground when you can go below to get even closer to the dearly departed? The Fort Collins Ghost Tour takes you further than just seeing the most spooky landmarks to actually going underneath them. The tour runs from Memorial Day through Christmas and is only $20 per person.

Tour Provided By: Fort Collins Tours | Book Now

Golden might be home to Coors Brewery and the School of Mines, but it is chock-full of blood-curdling stories. From lynchings to murders to a “night of terror,” there is more than what meets the eye in this picturesque town. Note: parental guidance is suggested, and children under the age of 13 are discouraged from participating.

Tour Provided By: Colorado Haunted History | Book Now

ghost tour denver colorado

12. Manitou Springs

Many believe that ghosts still roam the streets of Manitou Springs in search of peace…or is it revenge? The Manitou Springs Heritage Center hosts shorter, 45-minute walking tours that provide a fun and theatrical experience. Don’t forget to visit their museum, which is free to the public.

Tour Provided By: Manitou Springs Heritage Center | Book Now

Did you know that Salida had its very own serial killer? Or a brothel that is haunted by its madam? Discover this and more on this 90-minute walking tour that features terrifying – and true – tales of the departed. Your guide will even get into the spirit of the night with a ghostly costume.

Let Colorado’s haunted past come alive with one of these chilling ghost tours! We hope you visit us as well while you’re in Colorado Springs on one of our walking food tours. They’re scary delicious! 😉

Cheers, Your  Rocky Mountain Food Tours Team

( So, what’s a food tour, anyway…? )


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  8. Gotham Ghost Tours

    1-2 hours Enjoy our private ghost tour (max. 4 people per time slot) in a comfortable luxurious vehicle. On this tour you will get… Free cancellation Recommended by 97% of travelers from $49 per adult Reserve Contribute

  9. Denver After Dark Adults Only Walking Ghost Tour

    Read reviews and book tickets for Denver After Dark Adults Only Walking Ghost Tour provided by Ghost City Tours of Denver in Denver. Millions of experiences have free cancellation and low price guarantee. ... Gotham Private Haunted Driving Ghost Tour in Denver, CO. 34. Historical Tours. from . $49.00. per adult. 2022. Denver Terrors Boos and ...

  10. Ghost Tour

    Our Denver and Colorado Springs ghost tours are designed to explore the haunted sites and spooky history of the city. Our guides are extremely knowledgeable and have done extensive research to provide you with the most comprehensive and accurate information about the ghosts and hauntings in Denver.

  11. Denver Ghost Tours

    Welcome To Denver's #1 Rated Ghost Tour Like the looming Rockies, Denver's deadly history casts a dark shadow over the Mile High City. Find out why its shocking past is more chilling than its icy mountain air. Book Now

  12. Denver Ghost Tours by Phil Goodstein

    How is it that the Whitehead-Peabody Mansion at 1128 Grant and the Croke-Patterson Mansion at 11th Avenue and Pennsylvania Street compete as the city's most haunted house. Tour guide Phil Goodstein has been giving ghost tours since the late 1980s. He is the author of the definitive volume on the subject, The Ghosts of Denver Capitol Hill.

  13. 2023 Twilight Ghost Tour provided by Best Tours of Denver

    Gotham Private Haunted Driving Ghost Tour in Denver, CO. 34. Historical Tours. from . $49.00. per adult. 2022. Haunted Denver Ghost & Pub Walking Tour - Lower Downtown (LoDo) 154. Food & Drink. from . $37.59. ... Bill gave the best history and ghost tour of Denver to us for our company event. The information was relevant and very interesting ...

  14. Denver Ghost Tours

    Nightly Spirits began offering ghost tours in 2014 in Denver and quickly became the most popular location. We now offer all-ages friendly ghost tours, along with our famous haunted pub tours. Come experience why we won 2018 Best City Tour by Denver City Voter and 2019 USA Todays Top 3 Ghost Tours in America. BOOK NOW Why Nightly Spirits?

  15. Capitol Hill Ghost Tour

    The original walking ghost tour in Denver! Hosted by seasoned paranormal investigators with actual evidence and accounts of supernatural events that have taken place in these properties. Trade Name / Business registered with The State of Colorado Document # 20211775507 ... Denver, CO 80203. Local: (303) 910-7175; Free Us: (877) 880-6232 [email ...

  16. Haunting Walking Tour

    Our Nightly Spirits Denver Ghost Tours are an experience that you'll never forget! Come experience the only Denver Ghost Tour with real ghost hunting equipment! 1-8-Ghost-Tour; [email protected]; Facebook-f Twitter Instagram TOURS GIFT CARD ... 1400 Market Street, Denver, CO.

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    Your Denver ghost tour experience visits the spine-tingling sights that inspired two Hollywood horror movies: The Changeling & Poltergeist, an old burial graveyard turned park, the most haunted home in Colorado, and historic haunted mansions visited by paranormal experts from all over the world, including the mansion of The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

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    Departure and return. Start: 200 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203, USA. Meet your experienced Ghost Tour Guide outside of the Colorado State Capitol Building, by the east entrance steps, at 200 E Colfax Denver, CO. You can look for the Native American statue halfway down Grant at Grant & Colfax. End: This activity ends back at the meeting point.

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    Buckle up... On this adventure you'll experience Denver's darkest history! The Ghost Ride Haunted Tours meets at The Mansion on Colfax (Bar & Restaurant) - a mansion built in the 1880's with its own creepy history. Start this spooky adventure with a ghostly cocktail to calm your nerves.

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    1. Aspen Uncover Aspen's sordid past on this ghostly one-hour walking tour. One of Colorado's most famous mountain towns will come alive as your expert guide reveals tales of terror dating back to 1879 and into the present. This unique experience will leave your skin crawling long after the tour! Tour Provided By: Dean's Aspen Tours | Book Now 2.