7 Small, Trailerable Pocket Trawlers for New Cruisers

small pocket trawlers

Pocket trawlers are one of the most affordable options around whether you want to embark on a major adventure like traveling the Great Loop , or you just want comfortable cruising accommodations for overnight or weekend getaways. Although far more compact in nature, they provide all the livability of larger motor yachts and cruisers . But their smaller size means they cost a lot less, and there are even some trailerable pocket cruisers out there on the market.

Which small trawlers will be the best for your needs? That’s up to you, but there’s a good chance that one of these seven small, affordable pocket trawlers will fit the bill.

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beneteau swift trawler 35

1. Beneteau Swift Trawler 35

The smallest trawler in Beneteau’s lineup, the Swift Trawler 35 straddles the boundaries between a full-sized trawler and what some will consider a true pocket-yacht. But with a 35’6” long hull, a 13’ beam, and a single 425 HP inboard providing the power, it’s easy for a couple to handle on their own, has minimal maintenance and operational needs, and remains relatively affordable compared to larger trawlers (base price starts at $480,200).

The benefits to going big in the world of small trawlers are obvious: more elbow room throughout the boat, better abilities to handle larger seas, and a higher level of luxury aboard. On the Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 you’ll enjoy a master stateroom with a queen berth, a second private stateroom with over-under berths, a full-sized flybridge with a settee and dinette, and a full galley, saloon, and lower helm station in the cabin.

Visit Beneteau to learn more.

cutwater c-24 couple

2. Cutwater C-24 Coupe

Starting at $136,937 the Cutwater C-24 Coupe is one of the most affordable offerings in this roundup. With a low profile, sporty looks, and zippy performance courtesy of a 250-horsepower outboard, it’s as much a pocket cruiser as a pocket trawler.

Yet it still has all the prerequisites to fit the bill: a private forward cabin, a separate mid-cabin berth under the dinette, a complete galley, and a fixed head with a holding tank. Plus, thanks to a svelte 8’6” beam, this boat is easily trailerable.

Visit Cutwater Boats to learn more.

cutwater c-28 pocket trawler

3. Cutwater C-28

Up the ante by about $50,000 and you can step into the Cutwater C-28 , which offers everything the C-24 has plus a lot more elbow room. Beam remains 8’6” and the mast can be folded down to reduce bridge clearance to 9’1” so this boat is still trailerable, too.

Power comes via a single 270 horsepower Volvo Penta D4 diesel inboard, providing a range of over 200 miles at a 25 MPH cruising speed or over 450 miles at a six-mph slow cruise. And along with the additional interior volume, this model also benefits from a large cockpit that’s perfect for casting a line or setting out deck chairs plus a transom swim platform with a boarding ladder.

marlow pilot 31 pocket trawler

4. Marlow Pilot 31

Classic looks and style are prominent on the Marlow Pilot 31 , and one glance at this pocket yacht will bring images of downeast lobster yachts and fishing trawlers to mind. But this boat has a very modern level of luxury, from the forward cabin with V-berth, settee, enclosed head compartment, and galley, to the bridgedeck and open cockpit.

A specific price is difficult to nail down since the Marlow Pilot 31 is quite customizable with options like powerplants ranging from 220 to 320 horsepower and wood-trimmed interior choices, but you can expect it to be in a competitive range with other boats of this size and nature.

Visit Marlow Pilot to learn more.

nordic tug 26 pocket trawler

5. Nordic Tug 26

Many pocket trawlers have good looks, but few can trigger the nostalgic appeal of a Nordic Tug 26 . These boats look like mini-tugs, with trawler accommodations and performance. Powered by a single 110 horsepower inboard diesel and stretching the tape to a 28’9” length overall with a 9’6” beam, the Nordic Tugs 26 features a private forward stateroom, an enclosed head compartment, a compact but complete galley, and a dinette that converts into a second berth.

It also enjoys some unique perks, like hydronic heating via the engine, Sapele-faced cabinetry, and a radar reflector located in the stack. Again, in this case pricing is variable, but you can expect to see numbers starting around the $200,000 range for new models.

Visit Nordic Tugs to learn more.

ranger tugs r-23 pocket trawler

6. Ranger Tugs R-23

While there may not be such a thing as a cheap trawler, the Ranger Tugs R-23 is the most affordable in this roundup at a list of $130,937. But it still has each and every accommodation needed for weekending aboard or even more extended stays. There’s a private forward cabin with a berth and head with shower, plus a second sleeping area incorporated underneath the dinette. The galley sits aft of the helm and has a refrigerator, sink, stove top, and microwave.

Power comes courtesy of a 200-horsepower outboard, which runs the boat up to a 22 MPH cruising speed and a top-end in the upper-30s. Plus, with an 8’6” beam this is another trailerable trawler.

Visit Ranger Tugs to learn more.

ranger tugs r-25 pocket trawler

7. Ranger Tugs R-25

The Ranger Tugs R-25 has everything found on the R-23 but in a bigger version. Pricing starts at $167,937, and the powerplant jumps up to a 250 HP outboard. This model is available in Northwest and Luxury editions; the Northwest version is appropriate for cooler climates and has a diesel forced-air furnace plus downrigger plugs and pads for chasing those salmon, while the Luxury edition features dockside air conditioning with reverse-cycle heat.

Although length is stretched to 28’5” (including the outboard) beam remains 8’6” so again, this model can be hauled down the highway to distant destinations on a trailer.

Is a Pocket Trailer Right for You?

Pocket trawlers and trailerable pocket cruisers are great choices for couples and families looking to add some adventure to their lives, and any of these seven top picks would be a good one. Where will your next cruise take you? On one of these small, affordable trawlers, the answer is just about anywhere you want to go.

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Lynx Adventure 32

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Mave Barbara

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Nomad 95 SUV

2013 97' Marlow-Enclosed bridge Stuart, FL, US

Marlow Enclosed bridge

2023 90' Carboyacht-90 Istanbul, TR

Carboyacht 90

1996 90' ABD Aluminum-Enclosed pilothouse Harbour Island, BS

ABD Aluminum Enclosed pilothouse

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Doggersbank Kuipers Vripack

1986 86' Stephens-Enclosed Pilothouse MY Palmetto, FL, US

Stephens Enclosed Pilothouse MY

1999 85' 4'' Inace-86 Tarragona, ES

Numarine 26XP Hull No 28

2022 84' 4'' Mural Yachts-85 Semi Displacement Trawler Muğla, TR

Mural Yachts 85 Semi Displacement Trawler

1971 81' 6'' Burger-82 Roma, IT-RM, IT

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small trawler yacht for sale


Historically, trawlers are commercial fishing boats that pull large purse-shaped nets called “trawls” and, depending on the geographical area where they are built, a distinctive profile, usually one with a prominent pilothouse. These vessels are also known for having hulls with a large submerged volume (displacement) for their length on the waterline. (For the technically minded, a D/L > 400.) Their large displacement equates to carrying capacity for larger loads.

Search Trawler Yachts by Price

Search trawler yachts by length, search trawler yachts by year, more about used trawler yachts.

Over the last several decades, the term “trawler yacht” has evolved into common usage. It’s applied to a group of pleasure craft nominally intended for long-distance cruising and extended liveaboard, but with hulls that exhibit less displacement (submersed volume) than true commercial trawlers and are more suited to the needs of recreational sailors.

Although trawler yachts vary from one another in terms of their level of fit and finish and interior accoutrements, as a group, they are distinguished from “luxury motor yachts” by their general emphasis on function over form. The most popular trawler yachts also tend to be small enough to be owner-operated by a couple, without the assistance of a professional captain or crew — a limiting factor that has become easier and easier to meet these days because of the widespread adoption of bow and stern thrusters and electronic controls that include position-keeping functions.

For all reasons and seasons

For sailors making a transition to power yachting, LOA for LOA, a trawler yacht will generally have more and roomier accommodations than a sailing yacht. The trawler yacht also generally encompasses more of what could be termed “shoreside conveniences”, all-electric galleys, full size refrigerators and freezers, king- or queen-sized beds, and spacious heads. Perhaps, most telling, trawler yachts generally have more and larger windows and, therefore, more natural light in their accommodation spaces — a big plus for extended cruising and liveaboard.

Which trawler yachts are the most attractive depends, in most cases, on your background and experience. For instance, most sailing yachtsmen, who are used to maximum speeds of 6 to 8 knots, have little trouble transitioning to a full displacement trawler yacht with similar cruising and top speed. Indeed, yachtsmen moving from a sailing yacht to a trawler yacht usually find the elimination of the rigors of sail handling, plus the pleasures of navigating from an enclosed (climate-controlled and sheltered) helm position more than enough to justify their transition, without making any gains in passagemaking speed.

A trawler yacht is a trawler yacht is a trawler yacht… not!

Trawler yachts are also distinguished from one another according to their hull forms which include full displacement, semi-displacement, and planing types. The last of these categories being generally referred to as “fast trawlers” which exhibit more powerful main propulsion engines (usually twins) and achieve top speeds well into the “planing” range. 

There are a lot of myths about which hull form is best for a trawler yacht, but the fact is the correct  choice depends on what you want primarily to do with your trawler, what her main waters of operation are likely to be, and how fast you want to go, both most of the time and occasionally. 

Full displacement trawler yachts are vessels that move through the water with their weight supported entirely by buoyant forces. As such, their immersed volume (displacement) remains constant underway, and the resistance which they face is generated primarily by the wave system they create as they push water out of their way. In general, a full displacement hull for can achieve a maximum top speed in knots of about 1.4 times the square root of its waterline length — or about 8 knots for a yacht that measures 36’ on her load waterline (LWL). 

In contrast, semi-displacement trawler yachts have hull forms that generate a significant measure of hydrodynamic lift underway. This additional lift causes them to rise as they move through the water and thereby reduce the immersed volume of water (displacement) they must push out of their way. With less underwater volume, these semi-displacement hull forms can achieve higher top speeds than full displacement vessels — on the order of 13 to 15 knots for a yacht 36’ LWL.

Finally, there are the fast trawlers which are cruising yachts with trawler-yacht above-water profiles set atop of what are essentially full planing hull forms. Underway, these vessels generate enough hydrodynamic lift for them to rise pretty much onto the surface of the water and run with relatively very little hull volume immersed. And in this way, attain speeds on the order of 15 to 19 knots or higher top speed, depending on the size (HP) of their engines.

To be thorough, I also need to mention what I refer to as hybrid trawler yacht hull forms. For instance, full displacement hull forms that gain a modest boost in practical top speed through the addition of a bulbous bow — an underwater protrusion at the hull’s forefoot that overlays its own wave system on that of the hull proper and, in so doing, smooths out the latter, thereby reducing wave-making resistance. 

Searching for the best of all worlds

You might think that having a semi-displacement hull form gives you the best of all worlds, efficient displacement speeds for long-distant cruising plus higher speeds when you want them. And to some extent that’s almost true. 

Unfortunately, in the world in general, when you gain some flexibility with a “combo tool”, you almost always give away the top-rate performance of a special-purpose tool designed for a specific, narrow application. And the same is true in the world of yachts. 

You might find a semi-displacement trawler yacht that will do an acceptable job running at displacement speeds and a pretty good job running at semi-displacement speeds. But you’re not likely to find one that runs at displacement speeds as efficiently as a well-designed full displacement vessel.

Finding the “sweet spot"

Independent of the speed range in which a particular yacht operates, every hull has its own “sweet spot” for cruising, namely, the point at which nautical miles covered per gallon of fuel consumed is maximized. 

This is not just a matter of running slow or slower than you might otherwise want. Since the major contributor to a given hull’s total resistance is wave-making resistance, a given yacht might achieve better economy (nautical miles covered per gallon of fuel burned) and greater range running by faster rather than slower.

For example, suppose a given semi-displacement trawler yacht with a 36’ LWL burns 10 gallons per hour total at 8 knots but only 6 gallons per hour at 6 knots. You might decide it makes sense to operate most of the time at 6 knots which represents only a 25% reduction in speed yet a 40% saving in fuel costs and a 25% increase in range.

Well, you might do well to think more than once about it. The numbers might also indicate that, at 8 knots, the semi-displacement trawler yacht in question is running just below the speed at which she starts to rise significantly, reduce her effective immersed volume (displacement), and run at a reduced rate of increase in resistance. And that, consequently, if you push her to 12 knots, she’ll find her “sweet spot” and burn only 14 gph (which would work out to 0.85 nm per gal). 

It’s obvious that 14 gph at 12 knots is a lot higher rate of fuel consumption than 4 gph at 6 knots. What is not so obvious, however, is that running at 12 knots with this particular yacht would achieve almost as good fuel economy as running at 6 knots, when measured in gallons per nautical mile covered (0.85 mpg versus 1.0 mpg). 

On the other hand, let’s suppose you don’t care to ever run as fast as 12 knots but are content to run always at 8 knots or less. In that case, you might be better to select a full displacement hull form which will be much more efficient than a semi-displacement form when running at displacement speeds. Indeed, a full displacement trawler yacht of the size we’re talking about could conceivably use as little as 2 gph or 3 mpg running at 6 knots.

The bottom line is that, all other factors equal, you’re better off choosing a trawler yacht hull form that most closely fits your anticipated operational profile. Naturally, the case is rare when, in fact, all other factors are equal. In which case, you need to decide just how operating efficiency (fuel economy, range, etc.) fits into your prioritized list of requirements.

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    2018 Beneteau Swift Trawler 34. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price. Boats Group does not guarantee the accuracy of conversion rates and rates may differ than those provided by financial institutions at the time of transaction. Find Trawler boats for sale in Florida.

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    1979 40' Ocean Yachts 40+2 Flying Bridge Trawler. $35,000. updated 2024-03-09T20:00:15.178Z. Indiantown , Florida. Ocean Yachts / Trawlers. Caterpillar CAT 3208.

  6. Five Affordable Trawlers Under 40 Feet

    Here's a trawler under 40 feet (39'9" LOA, 14' 6" beam) that has impressive cruising credentials. The Nordhavn has established itself as one of the most capable ships in its size range with both a circumnavigation and an Atlantic crossing under its waterline. And the owners of this salty trawler are among the most serious cruisers you ...

  7. Used Trawler Yachts for Sale

    Used Trawler Yachts for Sale. Trawler yachts have a full-displacement hull and feature a similar design as small commercial fishing boats. Known for their sea keeping ability, Trawlers are capable of making long-ocean passages to more remote locales and have a typical hull speed of 7-10 knots.

  8. Pocket Trawlers: Five for Value and Versatility

    This is another truly trailerable trawler, with an 8' 6" beam and 24" 7" length. Standard bow and stern thrusters ensure great maneuverability. An enclosed head with shower, sink, and marine toilet are nice touches in a mini-yacht, and the full galley makes long weekends and vacation cruises easy.

  9. Trawler boats for sale in Michigan

    2000 Mainship 390 Trawler. US$159,900. Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales | Bay City, Michigan

  10. Trawlers for Sale

    The cost of a trawler varies depending on several factors: age, builder, size, amenities, propulsion (single or twin engine) and condition. For secondhand trawlers, prices can start from $10,000. A brand-new trawler for sale will start at $250,000 and can cost upwards of several million dollars.

  11. Trawler boats for sale by owner

    Find trawler boats for sale near you by owner, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader!

  12. Used Beneteau 35' Swift Trawler For Sale In Washington

    Our Inventory is a 2024 Beneteau 35' Swift Trawler yacht in Washington. Just arrived - Picture of SistershipBuilt on a semi-planing hull developed through the expertise of BENETEAU Power the Swift Trawler 35 has a Cummins 425 hp engine...

  13. 2002 North Sea Trawler Trawler for sale

    Find more information and images about the boat and contact the seller or search more boats for sale on YachtWorld. ... 2002 North Sea Trawler | 62ft. Vancouver, British Columbia. US$1,800,000 . 7010 hours.

  14. Used trawler boats for sale in Florida

    Used trawler boats for sale in Florida 204 Boats Available. Currency $ - USD - US Dollar Sort Sort Order List View Gallery View Submit. Advertisement. Save This Boat. Jefferson 46 Sundeck . Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 1990. $200,000 Seller IMS Yachts - Florida Office 30. Contact. 954-388-1574. ×. New Arrival. Save This Boat. American Tug 34 ...

  15. Trawler boats for sale in North America

    2001 Grand Alaskan 75 Flushdeck. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price. Boats Group does not guarantee the accuracy of conversion rates and rates may differ than those provided by financial institutions at the time of transaction. Find Trawler boats for sale in North America.

  16. Used Trawler Boats For Sale

    100' Custom Tri-Deck Explorer Yacht 2026. Unknown, Florida, United States. 85' Terranova Yachts T85 2018. Unknown, United States. 84' Custom Mural Yachts 85 Semi Displacement Trawler 2022. Mugla, Turkey. 78' Trawler 24M Trawler 2024. Mugla, Turkey.

  17. Trawler Yachts For Sale

    TRAWLER YACHTS FOR SALE. Historically, trawlers are commercial fishing boats that pull large purse-shaped nets called "trawls" and, depending on the geographical area where they are built, a distinctive profile, usually one with a prominent pilothouse. ... The most popular trawler yachts also tend to be small enough to be owner-operated by ...

  18. Pocket Trawlers: Small Boats for Big Dreams

    Steve Knauth. Mar 29, 2015. Pocket trawlers. They're less than 30 feet, powered by a single diesel or a pair of outboards, and many are small enough to trailer without a permit. But don't let the "pocket" label fool you. These are small boats for big dreams. A Mississippi couple spent a week on Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks, then ...

  19. Trawler boats for sale

    5. Expert Trawler boats Reviews. In partnership with: Reviews. Best Boat Deals: Expert's Choice—Albin, Nordic Tug, Eagle. Connect with Us. Download the BoatTrader app. Explore Boat Trader. Boats for Sale.

  20. Trawler Boats For Sale

    2. Trawler Yachts Guide. Discover 5 Solid Reasons to Buy a Trawler. Trawler boats for sale from $30K to $50K in Florida, Virginia, California, Rhode Island. Mainship, Marine trader, Albin, President boats for sale.

  21. Trawler boats for sale

    Custom 68 listings. Nordhavn 68 listings. Nordic Tug 59 listings. Mainship 56 listings. Selene 38 listings. CHB 23 listings. Fountaine Pajot 22 listings. Find Trawler boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  22. Small & Mini Yachts for Sale

    With such a wide range of sizes and prices to choose from, finding the average price on the mini yacht market can fluctuate. If we take the low-end price of the above of $20,000, and the high-end price of $2 million, you could be looking at an average price of around $100,000 for a mini yacht boat type price.

  23. Small Yachts For Sale

    There are hundreds of yachts under 65-feet available, which is what our team considers a small yacht. Utilizing our professional brokerage services can assist you in your research with finding the perfect boat to purchase. To get started, simply select the boat you like below, or give our main office a call at 1-772-463-3131.

  24. Trawler boats for sale in United Kingdom

    2024 Beneteau Grand Trawler 62. £2,167,689. ↓ Price Drop. Ancasta International Boat Sales | Delivery available Med or UK, United Kingdom.