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Vala charter Pula features years of experience in the charter. Our services include accommodation on board with or without skipper or crew, daily charter, support and delivery to the sea, sailing courses, from beginner to navigation courses, team building programs and special programs organized according to your requirements.

Create your own vacation according to your needs and wishes, and enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic coast! Our base is in the ACI marina Pula.

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Yacht charter in pula.

December 8, 2021

30 minute read

Start your yacht charter in Pula and witness an up-and-coming charter destination in the Croatian Adriatic sea. Thanks to its rich history, Pula has plenty to offer, in terms of culture and activities. The most notable residents of Pula were the Romans, who left behind a treasure-trove of architectural heritage, with the number one monument in Pula surely being the Arena.

This largest Roman amphitheatre is Pula`s top landmark and a must-visit location for all travellers passing near Pula. Besides archaeological sites, this fantastic city also hides many contemporary secrets between its many narrow stone streets and small town square.

When going on a yacht charter in Pula, it is more than recommended to check out points of interest in the Istrian peninsula. Between so many locations to choose from, you can always rely on your local yacht crew to give the best advice regarding what to see and do. Experience only the best parts of Pula`s wider area and spend an unforgettable yacht charter vacation in Croatia.

Thanks to a local charter crew, you will have the best pick of quaint little towns along the coastline of the peninsula, with many different bays and coves perfect for anchoring your yacht charter. Italian influences are noticeable on the entire Istrian peninsula and particularly in Pula, where many cultural crossovers have transformed Pula`s culture into a truly unique blend.

Pula is situated at the very tip of Istria , the largest peninsula in Croatia , known for charming hilltop villages and excellent agriculture that grows exquisite produce and wonderful local specialities.

The interior of the peninsula is filled with lush green foliage, above which small mesa-built towns paint a lovely panoramic picture. These fairytale-like towns all have something special to offer, whether it be an indigenous wine sort, a special dish or some interesting piece of history, all wrapped around in a charming medieval atmosphere.

Istria`s coastline is littered with countless coves and bays, which are all perfect targets for a yacht charter to anchor in and enjoy a completely private atmosphere, combined with a clean sea and healthy and diverse vegetation. Nurturing a cosmopolitan and multicultural approach to tourism, Istria offers a different take on the Croatian Adriatic; instead of an archipelago of countless islands and islets, there are several dozen pristine islands and countless bays.

There are numerous coastal towns along Istria`s coast worth checking out, like Umag, Rovinj, Poreč, Novigrad and the coupe de grace- Pula , home to the largest Roman Amphitheatre on the Adriatic, seconded only to the one in Rome. Imagine standing in the place where history was written and where emperors enjoyed bloody gladiator games and dangerous chariot races, and feel like a part of a bigger historic whole.


Pula is an extraordinary Croatian coastal town and there are many reasons for this statement, starting from its location. Nestled at the southernmost tip of the Istrian peninsula, Pula`s geostrategic position has brought this seaside settlement attention from many empires and kings over the centuries.

Because of its location, Pula was in the perfect position to control maritime trade in the entire northern Adriatic – both the Greeks and the Romans recognized this fact and built their structures, temples and monuments in Pula, most of which can still be seen today.

In medieval times, Pula was the first part of the Croatian Kingdom, then the Austro-Hungarian Empire, before falling into Italian hands. This is where Pula, and the entirety of the Istrian peninsula, got their strong ties to Italian culture and everything Italian – even being declared a bi-lingual zone (where locals speak both Italian and Croatian).

Ties to Italy had directed the variety and quality of Pula`s touristic offer, starting from yacht charter in Pula. The cuisine has strong Italian influences, in the way pasta and seafood are prepared and served, while the interior of the Istrian peninsula is regarded as “Little Tuscany”. One cannot talk about Pula without mentioning the Istrian peninsula, the biggest Croatian peninsula, located in the Croatian northwest, bordering Slovenia on its northern side.

This peninsula offers countless options for experiencing fun and excitement in the interior, thanks to the assistance from your yacht charter crew. That could mean that your dedicated charter crew or your experienced SuperYachts Croatia broker can arrange a tour of the Istrian peninsula using luxurious supercar rentals or aeroplanes. There are many possibilities for adventures, like horseback riding, archery, free climbing, but also more leisure activities like wine tours, gourmet classes and or truffle-hunting.

Pula becomes a literal beehive of activities during the summer, which range from cultural and music manifestations to historic shows, film festivals, movie screenings and other forms of entertainment. During your yacht charter in Pula, do not miss the numerous unique opportunities to witness the fun and cultural side of this coastal city. The best and most commonly used venue for all of Pula`s events is the Arena , where spectators sit in the same seats that the ancient Romans used to occupy.

yacht charter in pula


Depending on what you want to do, the best time for a yacht charter in Pula would be between May and September. If you are planning on staying near the coastline and only experiencing the aquatic side of Pula , then sunny days and warm temperatures are what you seek; these are prevalent in the peak of the summer season, between June and August.

There is a downside to chartering a yacht in Pula at this time; plenty of crowds and tourists gather from all over the world to bask in the magnificence that is Pula`s old core and the surrounding natural beauties it possesses. If you are looking for a more balanced charter experience, you could come in May or late September, when the temperatures are more balanced and there are fewer people in general.

The weather around Pula is predominantly dry, with daily temperatures not exceeding 30-35 degrees Celsius or about 90 Fahrenheit, between June and September. These temperatures are ideal for relaxing on a secluded part of Istria`s shoreline, with your superyacht charter nearby, enabling you to experience water sports in beautiful and private surroundings.

Yacht Charter in Pula air temperature graph

When it comes to the off seasons, the months of May and October offer more mild temperatures – about 20-25 degrees Celsius or about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, with recommendations for warmer clothes in the evening. The temperature of the sea at this time is considered to be too low for swimming, but there are always brave souls that are daring enough to feel the chilly embrace of the azure Croatian Adriatic.

Yacht Charter in Pula sea temperature graph

Istria`s interior is what you would expect from any mainland – the farther you get into the interior, the more the weather conditions start separating from what you are used to when closer to shore. Istria starts to receive ample rainfall come October, which is perfect for growing many delicacies that thrive in abundance in Istria, like world-renowned wine, olive oil, asparagus, truffles and other mushrooms…


There are several ways of getting to Pula . The roads are excellent, particularly if you come down from the North and just join the so-called “Istrian Y” because the road system resembles the letter Y. The most practical way of getting to Pula would be to board a crewed yacht charter in another location and just cruise into Pula harbour.

The airport for Pula is located about 5 kilometres from the city centre, offering numerous departures and arrivals from international and domestic flights. It is also the most significant airport on the Istrian peninsula. Ask your expert SuperYachts Charter advisor about the possibilities of arriving at Pula airport and the transit between the airport and your yacht charter in Pula.

Pula does also possess a train station and a railway system, but trains are not the most practical means of transportation on the Istrian peninsula. Because of its specific and irregular shape, it is hard to make railways compete with cars or other motorized transports.

Straight railways cannot hope to manoeuvre through the mass of hilltop villages, rivers, gorges and other natural obstacles that the peninsula consists of – the best means of transport would be SUVs, luxury sports cars, VIP transfers; anything on four wheels…

Most of Pula`s city centre can be explored on foot, without the need for any mode of transportation. This is particularly true about the old town core, which is a pedestrian-only zone.

Yacht charter in Pula


Explore the stunning nature of brijuni national park.

A must-visit place, if you are planning on starting your yacht charter in Pula, is the Brijuni island clustered, located some miles off the west coast of the Istrian peninsula, right across the small town of Fažana. This compact archipelago was named a National Park , and stepping onto it, it is no surprise why. There is incredible nature everywhere you look, pristine coastline, crystal-clear waters and lush green vegetation. Brijuni holds several fantastic secrets for all explorers that step on its shore.

For instance, there is an exotic ZOO that houses many interesting species of animals not from the Mediterranean, like zebras, llamas or giraffes, among many other bird specimens. Disembark from your charter and let your children enjoy a play-day in the ZOO, while you relax with cocktails and canapes on the sundeck of your crewed yacht charter in Croatia.

Also to discover are archaeological findings of dinosaur footprints, kept intact by salt and wind – there are many such finds scattered around the island. Brijuni is regarded as an excellent golf spot as well – there is a full-sized golf course, which is excellent news for charter guests who also have an affinity towards this gentlemen’s sport.

Last but not least, the whole island is covered in bicycle lanes, more than 30 kilometres of them, which makes touring the entirety of Brijuni easy, fun and beautiful. Just ask your yacht crew about booking bicycles for your charter party, so you could experience Brijuni the way they were meant to be experienced.

There is some interesting history behind Brijuni as well: back when Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia, Brijuni was the favourite vacation spot for Josip Broz Tito , the ruler of the federative republic. When he spent time on Brijuni, he would also come by yacht, which was his vessel, appropriately named Seagull. On it, Tito would receive prominent leaders from all around the world, while cruising around the coast of Brijuni and Istria.

yacht charter in pula-animals in Brijuni

Discover Hilltop villages in Istra`s interior

While on a yacht charter in Pula, it would be a shame not to explore the numerous hilltop villages in the interior of the beautiful Istrian peninsula. Nestled on messas that protrude from the green landscape like towers of a huge city, these settlements provide a unique insight into how the local populace lived in the past.

Agriculture is more mechanized, but old secrets still adhere. Good tilled earth produces terrific wines and incredible olive oil, both of which are globally recognized and awarded with multiple prestigious ribbons for excellence and quality. Among all other villages, Motovun is by far the most beautiful and interesting of all. Located in the Mirna river valley, Motovun is the personification of a fairy-tale town.

Set on a hilltop, Motovun follows a circular plan, where cobblestone streets lead travellers to the top, from which an incredible 360 panorama of the entire valley can be observed. Adding to the wow factor are the city walls that the Venetians built in the 14th century, to keep this city safe from would-be attackers.

Contemporary Motovun is famous for hosting numerous film festivals during the summer, which attract all kinds of crowds, thanks to a wide range of different services, from camping and volunteering to glamping and VIP accommodation. This is achieved by mixing the cultural program with atmospheric architecture, including Gothic buildings and medieval towers, which house galleries, studios, boutiques and restaurants.

Outdoor enthusiasts can also venture into the nearby Motovun forest, in search of the famed Istrian truffles. The town of Pican has a history that reaches Ancient Rome, which is witnessed by its Latin name of Petena. During the medieval era, it was the seat for bishops – there are numerous medieval buildings and fortifications monuments still left to testify its historic importance. Located on a hilltop, Pican`s numerous restaurants and bars offer immaculate service, combined with picture-perfect panoramas.

Honourable mentions include the towns of Višnjan and Pazin , which are both more orientated toward providing top-notch tourist service. These settlements are more modernly constructed and offer contemporary comfort and not cultural historicity, like Motovun.

Yacht charter in Pula

Look for stunning natural sites on a yacht charter in Pula

Besides hilltop villages, there are also plenty of other beautiful sites to check out while sightseeing in Istria, like Kamenjak Nature Park. This park is located on the southernmost tip of the Permanture cape, which is located on the southernmost tip of Istria.

Observe and explore incredible cliffs and rugged coastline via tender or water toys, or hike, bike and trek on numerous dirt paths and cycling routes. For charter guests, there is nothing better than to anchor your yacht in one of many secluded bays and find a private beach just for you to enjoy.

Also worth checking out would be Zarečki krov Waterfall, which is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of the Istrian peninsula. The location of the falls is in the interior, close to the town of Pazin. If yacht charter guests would want to explore this spot, they would be welcomed by incredible scenery and gorgeous panoramas.

Swimming, jumping and diving are welcomed, so this is a perfect place for families with children to enjoy an ambience that is different from the Croatian Adriatic sea. Also on offer is an exciting zipline, which leads adventure-seekers across the canyon.

Another interesting place to explore would be the Jama Baredine cave system. The main selling point of this cave is the beautiful stalactites, which are declared to be the most stunning in all of Croatia. The cave system is open for visitors from April to October.

Last but not least, the Limski channel separates the region of Vrsar from Rovinj and is worth exploring because of its incredible beauty. Cutting its way deep into the interior of the Istrian peninsula, the Limski channel is excellent for scenic boat rides, completely different from open sea adventures.

Sightseeing Around Pula

Stroll on the streets that have felt countless feet stumble across them through the ages. Feel the historic atmosphere of Pula, as this city brings you closer to the past with its archaeological heritage and rich culture. Experience tales of the past told through many different perspectives, the most famous of which is, of course, the Roman Amphitheatre, widely recognized as the ‘Arena’ in Pula.

This magnificent structure dates back to the 1st century AD, completed by the Roman emperor Flavius. The amphitheatre is one of the largest in the Mediterranean, which is no surprise, considering its three-story structure could seat about 20,000 Romans. Although the Arena is impressive, it is not the oldest Roman monument in Pula; that honour falls to the Hercules Gate, dating from 1st century BC.

In the centre of Old Town, walking from the Arena, sightseers will eventually come to the Triumphal Arch of the Sergii, which commemorates Octavian`s victory in Greece, built around 30 BC by the Sergi family who fought alongside him.

The Temple of Augustus also celebrates Octavian and is located on the Forum, once the main focal point in the city. Today, the Forum is still buzzing with activity, thanks to numerous bars and restaurants. You could rest at one of many Forum`s cafes and enjoy your favourite drink as you watch colourful tourists and busy locals pass one another on this open piazza.

Moving onward through history, we arrive at the Zadar cathedral, the construction of which took centuries. Therefore, different parts of the cathedral are of different origins; some are Romanesque, some are Gothic, while the bell tower is from the 17th century. Besides cultural treasures, Pula also has some contemporary appeals, like the Pula Aquarium, which houses a Sea Turtle rescue centre, alongside more than 200 species of varied marine life.

Enjoy wonderful performances on one of many summer festivals in Pula

During the summer, Pula becomes a perfect stage for numerous open-air events, ranging from music and theatre to films and cultural festivals. The arena in Pula provides a unique background to enjoy wonderful performances from gifted artists and other masters of their craft, as well as hosting the International Pula Film festival, which is held under the stars.

Visitors can enjoy masterpieces of contemporary cinematography while being surrounded by the same stone that Roman emperors were when they enjoyed marvellous spectacles that were performed in this Amphitheater . Every June, famous actors and directors gather to watch their creation on the big screen – you can contact us anytime during your yacht charter in Pula about procuring tickets for the hottest show in town.

Pula also hosts two big electronic dance music festivals : Outlook, which assembles famous reggae and dubstep performers and Dimensions festival , which is more inclined towards hosting renowned DJs. Enjoy the festival and the crowds, then retire to the privacy of your crewed yacht charter in Pula.

Also, from mid-June through August, the Pula forum hosts a fair that presents authentic and local Istrian delicacies, as well as hand-made souvenirs.

Yacht charter in Pula


Istrian cuisine is made from many different gastronomical influences, starting with Italy. From raw produce to spices and favourite dishes, Istria has adapted many popular Italian dishes, and in many cases, even made them better.

There are a lot of local specialities and delicacies for you to try, while you make your way around the Istrian peninsula during your yacht charter in Pula. Pasta with truffles is an absolute must, but there are also a ton of other mushrooms that grow in abundance on the peninsula, and each of them can be made into a fantastic sauce or a terrific side dish.

Produce that grows in the wild and without human supervision is prized in Istria , and true food lovers can recognize the difference in taste between wild and domesticated produce. Such is the case with wild asparagus and various other spices, like mint, rosemary, nettle or wild onion.

Mentioning Istria would not be complete without talking about the incredible wines and olive oils that hail from this region. Globally renowned wine sorts from Istria have found their way on many exclusive tables, so if you are a wine lover, you cannot go wrong with a wine tour of Istria `s most accomplished vineyards.

Also, Istrian olive oils have won countless awards for excellence, taste and the growing process itself. Famed for their connectedness to the earth, the sun and the annual rains, Istrian olive farmers pride themselves in micromanaging every part of the growing process, as well as the process of the olive cold pressing. Famous also are Istrian truffles, a well-known delicacy farmed in the wild parts of Istrian forests.

There are always options for brave and adventurous charter guests to embark on a truffle hunt with a few locals and a truffle-hunting pig! Pula gets the best of both worlds, seeing that the city is supplied daily with fresh seafood, while also importing many delicacies from the interior of the peninsula. This combination produces one of the best cuisines in the greater Mediterranean sea, where fresh seafood meets local and organic vegetables, oils, wines and mushrooms.

When it comes to fine dining in Pula and the greater Istria region, several establishments could peek at your gastronomical curiosity. First off, Restaurant Monte in Rovinj is the first restaurant in Croatia to be awarded a Michelin star . It offers fantastic food that is made using seasonal produce and fresh seafood, paired with terrific wines.

When dining in Monte, you can walk off an excellent meal by strolling in the beautiful streets of Rovinj town, a medieval seaside settlement, complete with stone streets, Gothic architecture and an ever-present panorama of the Croatian Adriatic sea.

San Rocco is a restaurant located in Brtonigla, recognized as an award-winning member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe organisation, a prestigious society for gastronomic professionals. The restaurant specializes in fresh fish dishes, combined with truffles and olives. The wine chart is filled to the brim with more than 200 wines, which will be paired to specifically match every dish completely.

The settlement of Banjole hides Batelina restaurant, locally recognized as one of the top seafood eateries in Croatia, which is supplied daily with fresh fish from a dedicated team of private fishermen.

Honourable restaurant mentions include Lanterna , located in the Pjescana bay, Alla Beccaccia in Valbandon and Vodnjanka restaurant in Pula. Whatever option you choose considering your fine dining experience, be it dining out in a magnificent restaurant or letting your expert yacht chef prepare 5-star local produce, you will not be let down by the quality of the food in Pula and the greater Istria region.

Yacht charter in Pula


Embark on a unique yacht charter in Pula and explore countless private bays on our seven days suggested itineraries…

Yacht Charter in Pula seven day superyachts croatia route

Day 1: Pula – Premantura cape

As you board your yacht charter in Pula, enjoy cruising from Pula to the magical Premantura cape. Along the way, you can stop in one of many secluded bays that litter Pula`s southern coastline or just continue along your way until you reach the cape. Here, drop anchor and prepare for a day filled with fun and excitement.

Play with your yacht`s water toys, enjoy a picnic on a beach and nap beneath the shade of pine trees. In the afternoon you could sunbathe and snorkel, all the while enjoying the surroundings of an incredibly indented Premantura cape . In the evening, enjoy a fine dining experience on the main deck of your Pula yacht charter. Later, marvel at the clear sky and the stars or host an unforgettable yacht party with the help of your charter crew.

Day 2: Premantura – northwards up Istria`s coast to Cres

On the second day enjoy cruising up the eastern coast of the Istrian peninsula, discovering an abundance of private beaches and beautiful scenery. Since you decide where the yacht goes, make a sharp turn and head straight towards Cres island , visible from shore.

Once you arrive at Cres , start exploring an island that has fantastic beaches, stunning natural sights and an abundance of flora and fauna. Check out the popular Lubenice beach, a perfect snorkelling location because of the crystal-clear sea or find your sanctuary in one of the countless private and secluded bays that litter Cres` coastline.

Venture into the interior of the island and be amazed at the Vrana lake, a very rare phenomenon. Freshwater lakes on islands are exotic finds anywhere in the world, but on your superyacht charter holiday in Croatia, you will have a chance to experience one for yourself.

Besides the incredible freshwater Vrana lake, the interior of Cres beckons to be explored with buggies or e-bikes, while you marvel at the beautiful nature and the diversity of plant and animal life on this stunning island.

Yacht charter in Pula

Day 3: Cres-Lošinj, Unije

From Cres, a very short cruise away is the island of Lošinj , Mali Lošinj and the islet of Unije . Expect to see many different plants and animals on the island of Lošinj, for the island is known for its magnificent biodiversity.

Numerous medicinal and aromatic plants grow wildly around the island, some of which even have medicinal benefits, like aloe vera, lavender, immortelle and rosemary. You can find these and more in the `Garden of Fine Scents`, where visitors can learn about beneficial plant properties on Lošinj island. Diving enthusiasts and snorkelers will just love the Lošinj Underwater park, where you can dive among archaeological remains, such as statues or amphorae.

The nearby island of Unije is a compact isle, with only about a hundred permanent residents. The size and a relatively small populace make Unije a perfect destination for enjoying a yacht charter vacation in Croatia in privacy and peace.

A bonus is that there are no cars or roads on the island, so you can enjoy an atmosphere of secludedness, but still be able to experience all the luxurious amenities of your yacht charter.

Yacht charter in Pula

Day 4: Unije – open sea cruising to Brijuni National Park

When departing from Unije towards Brijuni National Park , the cruise will last several hours, during which time you will get to experience the phenomenal open sea panorama. Feel ultimate freedom as you stand on the sundeck of your yacht charter and marvel at the incredible 360-degree panorama of shores in the distance and the vastness and beauty of the Croatian Adriatic sea .

While your yacht charter is underway, you could utilise the comfortable sunbed and work on your bronze tan or read a book in the comfort of the air-conditioned salon. The charter crew will be at your disposal during the open sea cruise, serving hand-made cocktails, chilled champagne and canapes so your transit would be beautiful and enjoyable.

Once you arrive at Brijuni, take the tender to shore and enjoy being on solid land, while dining out in a quality restaurant in one of many coastal towns on the western shores of the Istrian peninsula.

Yacht charter in Pula

Day 5: Stay at Brijuni

Spend an entire day around the magnificent Brijuni archipelago, enjoying many commodities and natural wonders of this magnificent island cluster. Slow down your tempo and enjoy the scenery of this beautiful National Park. Play golf with your charter party in a unique surrounding or cycle the entire span of the largest Brijuni island, which has more than 20 kilometres of bike lanes.

Let your children play near the exotic Zoo, which houses species not native to the Mediterranean, like zebras or llamas. Your local yacht crew will certainly tell you about one of many dinosaur footprints that can be observed on the Brijuni archipelago, witnessing a different ecosystem in the prehistoric area. Take the opportunity and dive or snorkel in azure waters and marvel at the incredible beauties of nature present at the Brijuni archipelago.

Yacht charter in Pula

Day 6: Brijuni-Limski channel tour, Rovinj

Set a destination for the Limski channel and enjoy a tour of 11 kilometres long and a very wide channel that stops in the interior of the Istrian peninsula. Observe both banks as you tour the channel on your tender, with your knowledgeable local crew providing interesting facts about this area.

Eat at a local restaurant and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of both the interior and the sea-side combined. Get back on your yacht charter and return to Rovinj and its island cluster to anchor. Eat on the main deck of your yacht charter, with an incredible evening view of Rovinj town in the distance.

Yacht charter in Pula

Day 7: Rovinj island cluster – dock superyacht – supercar return to Pula

The town of Rovinj was first settled by the Romans, who established the old core of the city, which also saw growth during the medieval period. Sights like the 18th-century Cathedral of St. Euphemia and the Balbi`s arch from the Venetian period are not to be missed when strolling around Rovinj.

Relax on Rovinj`s seaside promenade while your yacht crew make the final preparations for your supercar tour of Istria. An early start guarantees that you will have plenty of time to experience everything that the Istrian peninsula has to offer, before returning to Pula. You will certainly not regret dining in magnificent restaurants or exploring medieval hilltop villages of `Little Tuscany` i.e. the Istrian peninsula.

Yacht charter in Pula


Your yacht crew and captain will always make sure you have a safe berth at nearby marinas, which are some of the safest in the whole Croatian Adriatic sea. The ACI marina Rovinj , located near the Rovinj harbour on the western bank of the Istrian peninsula, offers berths and anchorages with a splendid view of Rovinj town.

ACI marina Pula is located in the south-eastern part of Pula port, nearly touching the very heart of the city and the renowned Arena. Veruda Marina is located in Veruda bay, which offers incredible protection from all types of weather and wind, as well as plenty of space for berthing or anchoring your yacht charter in Pula.

As for natural anchorages, the Premantura cape is your best bet for private anchorings, particularly around the Portić and Debeljak bays. These bays are positioned in such a way that they provide natural shelter from strong waves and most winds, with a sandy seabed. The Punta Križa bay on Cres island is popular among yachtsmen because it provides good shelter against most winds, while also being rich with vegetation and marine life.

This bay is perfect for snorkelling, as well as having fun with water toys from your yacht charter. Last but not least, Maračol bay on Unije island offers a coastline that shelters anchoring yachts, while also providing pretty panoramas and 50 anchoring buoys with depths below 15 meters.

Yacht charter in Pula


yacht charter in pula fun facts about pula


Trust in the local know-how of SuperYachts Croatia, as we deliver tailor-made experiences suited to fit your exact preferences. From the food and service to the support and staff, you will take with you only pleasant memories for a yacht charter in Pula. Feel safe, as you trust in the capable hands of SuperYachts Croatia, a team that will overcome every potential obstacle on your Croatian charter holiday with native knowledge and decades of experience in the yacht industry.

yacht charter kroatien pula

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Pula Yacht Charters

Explore the wealth of roman architecture and a bustling seaside city on your pula yacht charter.

Located in the heart of beautiful Istria – which is characterized by its enchanting coastline, rolling hills, and rocky, jagged coast – Pula is one of Croatia’s most popular havens for yachters and shipbuilders.

Having once served as headquarters for Romans, and later, an Austro-Hungarian naval port, today, Pula welcomes yacht charter guests to explore its streets and take a step back in history.

Just like any other town, the central powers of Pula are driven by a focus on business, government, and commerce. But for fun, the town’s residents and yacht charter guests can take advantage of concerts and events at the authentic Roman amphitheater, try the delicious local fare, head to the nightclubs, or spend their days basking in the Croatian sun at the beach on Verudela Peninsula.

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OPtasia Yacht

278.1ft / 83m

More info

Serenity 236

236.3ft / 70m

Sherakhan Yacht

228.6ft / 68m

Icon Yacht

221.5ft / 66m

Pula Yacht Charters – Things to Do & See

Pula yacht charters

During your next yacht charter in Croatia, anchor at Pula and experience some of its most beautiful sites:

Cathedral of the Assumption

Located on the south side of Pula Bay, at the foothills of a 17th-century Venetian fort, the Cathedral of the Assumption is one of only two official seats of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Poreč and Pula. With churches onsite first built as far back as the 4th- and 5th-century AD, today, the present-day church is still used for worship – and still takes visitors back to antiquity in Pula.

Gate of Hercules

Standing tall between two Medieval towers, the Gate of Hercules marks the entrance to what was once an Ancient Roman settlement. The result of simple construction, the Gate of Hercules is made of uncarved stone blocks, and bears an original, though now broken, carving of the head of Hercules and his club. Proving its historic significance is an inscription containing the names of two Roman officials, Lucius Calpurnius Piso and Gaius Cassius Longinus, who were originally charged with founding a Roman colony in Pula.

Temple of Augustus

Situated in the Forum, and built between the year 2 BC and 14 AD, the Temple of Augustus is dedicated to the goddess Roma and Emperor Augustus. Originally built as a pagan place of worship, the temple’s function changed throughout history – since then, it has served as a church, a granary, and at the start of the 19th century, even a museum for stone monuments. Today, the Temple of Augustus houses an impressive collection of ancient stone and bronze sculptures.

Triumphal Arch of the Sergi

Built between 29 and 27 BC, the Triumphal Arch of the Sergi was erected to honor three members of the Sergi family who held important positions in Pula at the time. Constructed in the Corinthian style — and ornately decorated, with influences from Greece and Asia Minor — this arch is oftentimes referred to as “ Golden Gate. ” Torn down in the 19th century due to city expansion, today, the arch stands next to a town square; the site of some of Pula’s best theatrical and musical performances, as well as shopping.

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Turquoise Yacht

182ft / 54m

More info

175.8ft / 52m

Light Holic Main

Light Holic

196.1ft / 58m


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Pula - Croatia

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Featured Yachts in Pula

Jetski Running Next To The Superyacht

TATIANA | From EUR€ 775,000/wk

Latest pula yachting news.

Explorer style motor yacht ROCKIT available for charter in select locations around the world

Explorer style motor yacht ROCKIT ...

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Pula Yacht Charter in Croatia

Pula is a great base port town in Croatia to include in your Croatia luxury yacht charter itinerary. Pula lies along the northern region of Croatia, a popular yacht charter destination in the Mediterranean . It is popular for its magnificent roman ruins that include remnants of an ancient roman amphitheatre, which still stands as an imposing structure on the higher point of the city port. It is located just south of the Istrian peninsula, and this means that it is an ideal starting point when accessing other important tourist destinations in the region.

Marina Pula is small, yet it delivers exciting and amazing possibilities that can rival even the largest of its siblings in the region. Its strategic location is probably its best asset, which is just a stone’s throw away from the Pula harbor. Pula is the biggest city in Istria, and easily an important destination for yacht charter sailors on a Croatia yacht charter holiday.

yacht charter kroatien pula

Pula is teeming with archaeological treasures and local festivities, particularly during summer. The festive mood in Pula makes it a perfect place for yacht charter holidaymakers looking to recharge their weary mind and body.

Ideal Location for Pula Yacht Charter Holiday

Pula lies along the northern region of Croatia. It is popular for its magnificent roman ruins that include remnants of an ancient roman amphitheatre, which still stands as an imposing structure on the higher point of the city port. It is located just south of the Istrian peninsula, and this means that it is an excellent starting point when accessing other important tourist destinations in the region.

The marina remains open all year round and is just a 10-minute drive from the Pula Airport. It also provides easy access to key bus connections that cut through the city of Pula. The marina can be approached from the south side of St. Andrew Island as well as the route between the islands of Uljanik and St. Andrew.

Holidaymakers on board luxury rental yachts and yacht charter sailors can use Cape Kumpar’s green lighthouse as their waypoint when sailing to Pula. Yacht charter enthusiast must be conscious about the fact that there are no breakwaters in the marina and that the top speed within the harbor and marina is 8 knots.

yacht charter kroatien pula

The City of Pula

Pula is regarded as an important maritime destination by yacht charter enthusiasts and sailors. The place offers all the things that tourists expect from a premium tourist destination, and these include hotels and restaurants as well as clubs, bars and shopping outlets. It also boasts of a rich collection of important landmarks and archeological treasures. The places to see and visit include the roman ruins, museums, and monasteries.

Easily the biggest city in the region of Istria along the northern section of Croatia, Pula has always been the top favorite of seasoned yacht charter enthusiasts. The city attracts throngs of tourists and yacht charter sailors who want to sample the warmth and charm of the best side of the Mediterranean.

The city of Pula boasts of a rich culture and history, spanning some 3000 years. It has managed to evolve into a community that is enriched with varied traditions and cultures, and retains physical proof of its storied history in the important landmarks and ancient ruins that are found in the city.

Today, Pula plays host to multitudes of Croatia superyacht charter enthusiasts and luxury yachts that enjoy their beaches and city streets, especially during the summer months. It is definitely the place to be if you want to experience and discover the effervescent side of Croatia.

Below is a selection of luxury yachts available for Croatia yacht rental - more  charter yachts can be found here .

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Pula Yacht Charter Enquiry

Dear Nicolas, - Once again, many thanks for arranging this charter. For the boat - great in terms of overall layout - spacious rooms in brand new condition. Lots of space to move around and plenty of space for 10 passengers. Also good space on the deck - especially on the triboard which is well protected from the sun - we spent a lot of time there. Technically in very good condition - great ventilation and stabilisers. No smell of diesel whatsoever - engine room well pressurised and in immaculate condition. Boat was very stable throughout and not noisy during the night passages. Lots of toys on board - all brand new. They will have their own seabobs next yeat (very popular toy for us and especially the kids). Great idea with the slide from the top deck.. The crew definitely made this a fantastic journey - it will be hard to find better. Great service - discreet and nice without being invasive. Always new decorative touches during lunch and dinner. Candles in the evening. We were pleasently surprised because they had a lot of initiative in that sense. Unpacked our bags and hung everything in a tidy manner. Beds always prepared twice a day. Crew very helpful with the toys - we were very demanding in that sense since we wanted everything prepared for the morning - and we required a lot of stuff to be prepared and in the water. Chef is great - always fresh food and great recepies - this boat deserves to be qualified as a michelin star restaurant. Great breakfast and amazing desserts. So overall - great experience. We would also like to thank you for organising the charter and the embarkment which was very efficient and stress free. I realise that you had to coordinate a lot of things at the last minute. We will be getting in touch with you for our future charters. Charter on AUSTRALIS around Naples & Amalfi.

Yachting Destinations close to Pula

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Adriatic Sea

Yachts for charter in pula, kismet | from eur€ 3,000,000/wk.

Luxury Mega Yacht KISMET 2024  - Credit Lurssen

SUNRAYS | From EUR€ 1,150,000/wk

Profile Of The Superyacht By Oceanco

QUEEN MIRI | From EUR€ 1,125,000/wk


SOLANDGE | From EUR€ 1,000,000/wk

Yacht Solandge - Underway Profile

O'PARI | From EUR€ 1,000,000/wk

Motor Yacht O'Pari

AIR | From EUR€ 925,000/wk

The 81m Yacht AIR

GOLDEN HORIZON | From EUR€ 910,000/wk


74m CRN 131 | From EUR€ 875,000/wk

74m yacht by CRN

KENSHO | From EUR€ 850,000/wk

Luxury Superyacht KENSHO By Admiral Yachts

B2 | From EUR€ 850,000/wk

Aft View

O'PTASIA | From EUR€ 800,000/wk

Magnificent Mega Yacht O'PTASIA

EMIR | From EUR€ 750,000/wk

Motor Yacht EMIR

LADY VERA | From EUR€ 700,000/wk

LADY VERA Yacht At MEDYS In Greece

LAUREN L | From EUR€ 695,000/wk

The 89m Yacht LAUREN L

MALIA | From EUR€ 680,000/wk

Super Yacht O'REA (rendered Image)

Pula Yacht Charter News

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Home Nautical Destinations Istria region Pula

PULA - the largest and most important Istrian centre, located on the inner part of the bay and a large natural harbour surrounded by islands of St. Jerome and Kozada, near NP Brijuni - paradise for boaters.

Pula is the largest and most important centre of Istria, located on the inner part of the bay and a large natural harbours surrounded by islands of St. Jerome and Kozada. The city offers a great wealth of monuments that bear witness to past times and ancient civilizations.

One of the most beautiful monuments of ancient culture in Croatia is the Roman Arena in Pula, the sixth largest Roman amphitheatre in the world, built in the first century, during the reign of Emperor Vespasian. Today, it’s the most famous Croatian Summer Concert Hall where many of world renowned musicians performed: Joe Cocker, Anastasia, Sting, Norah Jones, Zucchero, Jose Carerras, Cesaria Evora, Andrea Bocelli, Paco de Lucia, Vanessa Mae, Alanis Morissette, Simply Red, Jamiroquai, Eros Ramazzoti, Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti and many more.

Nearby, there are numerous natural attractions such as national park Brijuni and nature park Kamenjak. In the summer, many festivals and concerts that will delight you, are held in Pula: Pula Film Festival, Histria Festival, International Theater Festival, Istra Ethno Jazz, the International Theater Festival of Youth, Art & Music Festival.

Marinas and Nautical harbours in Pula

  • ACI marina Pula
  • ACI marina Pomer
  • Marina Veruda

Nearby nautical centres

We suggest you visit

  • The ancient amphitheatre
  • Temple of Augustus and the Forum
  • Arch of the Sergi
  • Hercules Gate

Arriving in Pula

By plane: airport Pula (5 km from the city centre)

  • From Slovenia: Ljubljana - Črni Kal - Koper - border crossing Kaštel / Plovanija - direction Pula
  • From Italy: Trieste - Koper - border crossing Kaštel / Plovanija - direction Pula
  • From Zagreb: Zagreb - Rijeka - Učka Tunnel - Pazin – Pula

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yacht charter kroatien pula

Marinas and Nautical harbors

Explore marinas in Pula

Marina Tehnomont Veruda, Pula

The marina is open year round. It is located south of Pula, in the Veruda bay, on the eastern shore of the northern cove.

Phone: +385 52 22 40 34

ACI Marina Pula

Marinas strategic location within the naturally protected Pula harbor makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the beautiful Istrian coast and nearby islands. It's open year round.

Phone: +385 52 21 91 42

ACI Marina Pomer

The marina is open year round. It is located approximately 10 km from Pula, south of Pomer, in the Medulin Bay.

Phone: +385 52 57 31 62

Medulin Marina Puntica

Phone: +385 51 65 41 11

Lučica Vinkuran

Pula, marina polesana, offers in pula.

Pick one of hottest offers in Pula or go and see all 284 boats located in Istria region

Bavaria 39 cruiser | Linda

Special offer discount: -5% Easter Discount: -5%"> -32%

Bavaria 39 cruiser | Linda

Marina Tehnomont Veruda, Pula, Croatia

Berths 6 + 1

Length 12.14 m

Engine x 1 40 hp

06 Apr - 13 Apr 2024

€ 1.290 € 873

Lagoon 380 | Twin star

Special discount: -5% Easter Discount: -5%"> -37%

Lagoon 380 | Twin Star

ACI Marina Pomer, Croatia

Berths 8 + 2 + 2

Cabins 4 + 2

Length 11.55 m

Engine x 2 27 hp

27 Apr - 04 May 2024

€ 2.781 € 1.757

Bavaria cruiser 40 avantgarde | Ornela

Bavaria cruiser 40 avantgarde | Ornela

Length 12.35 m

Engine x 1 38 hp

€ 1.390 € 941

Elan 344 impression | Sofia

Easter Discount: -5%"> -19%

Elan 344 impression | Sofia

Berths 6 + 2

Length 10.46 m

Engine x 1 39 hp

€ 1.200 € 969

Elan 384 impression | Carmen

Elan 384 impression | Carmen

€ 1.300 € 1.050

Elan 434 impression | Gordana

Elan 434 impression | Gordana

Berths 8 + 2

Length 13.41 m

Engine x 1 74 hp

€ 1.600 € 1.292

Bavaria cruiser 36 | Wilma

Bavaria cruiser 36 | Wilma

Length 11.30 m

Engine x 1 30 hp

€ 1.090 € 738

Bavaria cruiser 37 | Marko

Bavaria cruiser 37 | Marko

Engine x 1 28 hp

€ 1.400 € 1.120

yacht charter kroatien pula

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Premier Yacht Charter Gateway to the Charms of Istria and Kvarner

Pula, situated on the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia, is a captivating yacht charter destination that offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and modern amenities. Boasting a rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and a thriving maritime scene, Pula has become a sought-after location for those seeking an unforgettable yachting experience in the Adriatic Sea.

Pula is the largest and most important seaport in Istria , and the well-protected Pula Bay places it among the best natural harbours of the Adriatic. Pula is accessible by various means of transport. Pula International Airport is located only 6km from the town itself.

Historical and Cultural Charm

The rich itinerary of its three-thousand-year-old history, where every step you take through the old town is a landmark, begins and ends with the Roman amphitheater - Arena . The Arena is well preserved and even today hosts world-known music and film festivals.


Pula shows its history at every corner. From the ancient Roman monuments like the Amphitheater, the symbol of the city, the Arch of the Sergii , and the Temple of Augustus to the Medieval and Renaissance buildings from the Venetian and Austro-Hungarian Empire times. A popular attraction is a series of cranes in Uljanik shipyard, known as Lighting Giants installation. These cranes are illuminated as part of a light show each evening between 9 pm and midnight.


Culinary Delights

Istria is renowned for its delectable cuisine, and Pula is no exception. Yacht charter visitors can indulge in fresh seafood, truffles, olive oil, and Istrian wines. Exploring the local markets and waterfront restaurants provides an opportunity to savor authentic Croatian dishes while enjoying the picturesque views of the Adriatic.

In Pula, just as in most towns of Istria, be sure to taste seafood specialties and Istrian prosciutto . The influence of Italian cuisine in Istria is best felt in the different types of tasty pasta offered in Pula. The most popular are fuži and gnocchi . In Pula’s restaurants, you can also try truffles , rare and precious fungus growing under the ground in the very heart of Istria.

Over the last few years, Istria has become the leading Croatian region in the production of top-quality wines. The synonym for white wine in Istria is Malvasia , and the representative of red wine is Teran . Istria also boasts a diverse array of liqueurs that reflect the area's unique flavors and cultural heritage. These Istrian liqueurs, often crafted with locally sourced ingredients, offer a delightful and authentic taste of the region. Here's a glimpse into the world of Istrian liqueurs:

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Destilerija AurA (@destilerijaaura)

Sailing and Yacht Charter Opportunities

Pula's location on the Istrian Peninsula opens up a world of sailing opportunities. Yacht charter enthusiasts can navigate the Adriatic Sea, exploring the nearby Kvarner Bay , Rovinj, and the vibrant coastal towns along the Istrian coastline. The area offers diverse sailing conditions, from calm waters for leisurely cruising to more challenging stretches for those seeking an adventurous sailing experience.

Two large marinas , ACI Pula and Marina Veruda , and a newly built Marina Polesana are open all year round and provide all necessary facilities for a safe and comfortable stay.  Different types and boats and yachts are available for charter from Pula : Sailboats , Catamarans , and Motorboats.

The Istrian coastline around Pula is adorned with crystal-clear waters, hidden coves, and lush green landscapes. Yacht charters from Pula allow visitors to explore the enchanting Brijuni Islands , a national park archipelago with diverse flora and fauna. The islands boast Roman ruins, a safari park, and immaculate beaches, making them a perfect destination for a day of relaxation and exploration.


Pula stands out as an enticing yacht charter destination in Croatia, offering a perfect blend of history, natural beauty, and modern amenities. Whether you're drawn to its ancient Roman sites, stunning coastlines, or vibrant cultural scene, Pula provides a memorable yachting experience in the heart of the Adriatic.

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Yacht Charter Pula

The biggest city in on the Istrian Peninsula, Pula is a special place for old and young alike.

Dufour 412 Grand large - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

Dufour 412 Grand large

  • Build year : 2019
  • Length : 42 ft
  • Boat type : Sailing Yacht
  • Mainsail : Full battened
  • Genoa type : Furling

Oceanis 40.1 - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pomer ACI Marina Pomer 2

Oceanis 40.1

  • Build year : 2022
  • Guests : 10
  • Berths : 10
  • Length : 41 ft
  • Mainsail : Semi battened

Oceanis 30.1 - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pomer ACI Marina Pomer 2

Oceanis 30.1

  • Build year : 2020
  • Length : 31 ft

Dufour 382 Grand Large - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

Dufour 382 Grand Large

  • Build year : 2017
  • Length : 37 ft

Saona 47 - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

  • Build year : 2018
  • Length : 46 ft
  • Boat type : Catamaran

Lucia 40 - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

  • Length : 38 ft

Sun Odyssey 349 - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

Sun Odyssey 349

  • Length : 35 ft
  • Mainsail : Furling

Can't find what you're looking for?

Oceanis 34 - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

  • Build year : 2014
  • Length : 34 ft

Sun Odyssey 319 - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula ACI Marina Pula 2

Sun Odyssey 319

Sun Odyssey 479 - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

Sun Odyssey 479

  • Length : 47 ft

Dufour 390 Grand Large - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

Dufour 390 Grand Large

  • Length : 39 ft

Hanse 418 - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

  • Genoa type : Self tacking

Oceanis 41.1 - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

Oceanis 41.1

Dufour 412 Grand large - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

Bavaria Cruiser 37

  • Build year : 2016

Dufour 382 Grand Large - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

  • Build year : 2023

Oceanis 38.1 - Yacht Charter Pula & Boat hire in Croatia Istria and Kvarner Gulf Pula Pula Tehnomont Marina Veruda 2

Oceanis 38.1

  • Build year : 2021

There is immense natural beauty to Pula and its countryside too. It is built on seven hills but outside is a lush wilderness that will give walkers something to do. The beautiful beaches are nowhere near as crowded as those on the Dalmatian coast to the south. The blue-green seas on the shallow waters will stay in your memory for years to come.

Explore Pula By Renting A Yacht

With three marinas serving Pula - ACI Marina Pula, Marina Veruda and nearby ACI Marina Pomer - it is easy to organize a Pula yacht charter with Borrow A Boat. Whether on a bareboat yacht charter or crewed yacht charter you will present any sailing credentials, pay your fee, inspect your boat and off you go.

When considering where to go the Kvarner Gulf is one of the best sailing regions in the world. ACI Marina Pomer sits in pine-forested woodland and is something to behold in its own right.

Just off the Adriatic coast is Brijuni Island National Park with so much to explore from dinosaur footprints to Byzantine architecture and of course its unique marine and shore-based ecosystems.

Istria on the mainland has its charms such as Rovinj, a quaint seaside town, and Opatija to the north-east.

Further offshore on the Kvarner Bay are the Kvarner islands including Krk, Cres and Lovinj. While island hopping it is even possible to get as far south as the Kornati Island national park with its array of geological and natural wonders.

How To Get To Pula

Though it has its own airport you can access Pula from other major air hubs.

Pula Airport

There are a number of airlines that serve Pula from the UK, Germany, Belgium and France.

There are also a number of flights every week from Split, Zagreb and Zadar that all, in turn, have a greater number of airlines serving them - from these airports take a connecting flight to Pula.

Ferry from Venice

Venice airport is arguably as important as Zagreb in terms of international flights every day. In the summer there is a ferry service to Pula from Venice, and you can also take a bus or taxi to the Istrian Peninsula too.

Marinas In Pula

There are three major marinas in Pula, with ACI Marina Pomer just outside the city.

ACI Marina Pula:

Run by the State-owned ACI, this is a reliable and comfortable mid-sized marina. Yacht charter companies have a range of vessels including sailing boat, catamaran , luxury yacht and motorboat rental .

Berth Characteristics:

Max Length 40m (131.2 Feet)

Max Draught 12m (39 Feet)

List of additional services: Electricity, Water, WiFi, Fuel, Laundry, Dressing Rooms, Supermarket, ATM, Rent-a-car, Bar

Veruda Marina

The biggest marina in Pula, this is also the best equipped. Several yacht charter companies work into this marina, offering boats including catamaran, sailboat, motor yacht and motorboat rental.

Max Draught 4m (13.1 Feet)

List of additional services: Electricity, Water, WiFi, Fuel, Laundry, Garbage waste collection, Liquid waste collection, Dressing Rooms, Supermarket, ATM, Rent-a-car, Bar, Medical Centre

ACI Marina Pomer

Out in the beautiful Istrian countryside, ACI Marina Pomer has a lot to offer. Yacht charter companies offer a range of boats including catamaran, luxury yacht, motor yacht and sailing boat rental on a bareboat charter or captained yacht rent basis.

Max Length 30m (98.4 Feet)

List of additional services: Electricity, water, WiFi, Fuel, Laundry, Waste Collection Dressing Rooms, Supermarket, ATM, Rent-a-car, Bar

Suggested Sailing Routes From Pula

At the southern tip of the Istrian Peninsula, Pula is one of the best locations for a perfect yacht vacation. In the middle of the Adriatic Sea you will find island hopping or coastal sailing a breeze.

7 Days - the Istria Peninsula: Heading north at first to the buzzing seaside town of Rovinj you would then turn south down the Istrian Coast for Pula again and then explore the coast north towards Opatje, by repute the 'Monte Carlo of Croatia'. Coming back you can explore the islands of Krk, Cres and Losinj as you return to Pula.

7 Days - Island hopping the Kvarner islands: With its warm, clean seas and beautiful islands the Kvarner archipelago has a lot to offer those on a sailing vacation. Just across from Krk is the island of Cres and Losinj that has evidence of Roman occupation and then head off to Mali Losinj with its excellent restaurants. Nearby Susak is a tiny island with one village. Return from your island adventure via Unije with its excellent scuba diving opportunities.

14 days - Krk Bay and Istrian Peninsula: Over 14 days you can get the best of both worlds on a two-week trip, exploring the best of the Istrian Peninsula and Kvarner Bay with its islands and villages. On your northernmost point from Pula you reach as far south vacation town of Nin and buzzing Zadar nearby with all the fun to be had there. Explore islands such as Mali Losinj and Unije as you go.

Best Times To Rent A Yacht In Pula

The sailing season runs from late April to October with July and August being the busiest months for yacht charter. The ACI Marina chain also adds 20% to their berthing fees at this time of year. If you can charter outside of the peak period you will find it far quieter and less expensive. The climate is mild most of the sailing season with occasional rain showers.

Sailing Weather In Pula

April and May: There will be occasional rainy days but temperatures sit between 22-28C or higher. Winds are generally NW, 10-20 knots

June-August: You'll be unlucky if you see any rain, though it could be welcome in the summer heat! Temperatures are from 26C and up to the mid-30s. The wind is generally NW 5-10 knots

September-October: In this part of the world it rains more in October and the temperature falls away to 10 degrees C in the evenings, though it can get up to a comfortable 20C on an autumn day. Winds can get up to 20 knots.

The main points to consider are what is your budget, have you got the necessary sailing experience and qualifications to manage the boat if it's not going to have a captain, whom you are taking sailing, where exactly you wish to go and what will the weather be like on the proposed dates of your trip.

Marina Veruda is the largest marina locally with 630 berths. The smaller ACI Marina Pula is no less well equipped, and out of town is ACI Marina Pomer, surrounded by natural beauty.

July and August are the busiest times of year for a Pula yacht charter. Why not then go for quieter months? In September the sea is still warm from summer and the air still comfortable. It is cheaper and quieter during school term time.

You will typically pay 50% up front on reservation the yacht rent and the balance on arrival. You will either pay a security deposit with your credit card on departure or can get insurance covering damage in advance. In some cases (such as the recent Covid situation) charter companies may be more flexible but this depends on the individual charter companies themselves.

If you are at sea and in danger, call MAYDAY on VHF Ch16 or ring the coast guard on your phone if you have reception. If you have a mechanical fault and can make it to or are on a mooring you will be able to phone a help line number given by the boat charter company.

You should consider do you have the experience to handle the yacht charter or boat rental before you book and where do you want to go along with what the weather will be like. Bring warm weather and cool weather clothing if it looks like the weather can be cool as well as warm and remember at sea it can be cool on most evenings.

If you want to sail without a captain then you will need relevant qualifications like RYA Day Skipper/International Certificate of Competence (ICC)/ASA 104 Bareboat certificate or the US Sailing Certificate. For small 'day boats' or if you choose to have a captained on board your yacht charter you typically don't require licences.

We are confident that our prices are the most competitive and transparent in the market.

We won't charge any booking fees when you make a booking with us.

We have the highest number of verified and vetted boats available on the market.

Similar Locations

Rent a boat in Pula

  • Yacht charter
  • Rent a boat in Croatia with or without a licence
  • Istria County

Charter Motorboat Karnic SL651 Pula

KARNIC SL with 200 HP Suzuki  (2022)

From €200 per day.

Charter Motorboat Jeanneau Cap Camarat 6.5 WA Pula

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 6.5 WA (2021) for rent from PULA  (2021)

From €180 per day.

Charter Sailboat Dufour Dufour 36 Classic Pula

Sailboat Dufour Dufour 36 Classic 11.00m  (2005)

From €314 per day.

Charter Sailboat Sas vektor Sas 39 Pula

Sas 39  (1998)

From €286 per day.

Charter Catamaran FOUNTAINE PAJOT LUCIA 40 Pula

Catamaran Lucia 40  (2019)

From €328 per day.

Charter Motorboat QUICKSILVER 5.30 Open Pula

Quicksilver 5.30 Open (license required)  (2019)

Charter Motorboat Quicksilver 605 Open Pula

Quicksilver 605 Open with Mercury 115 HP  (2018)

From €230 per day.

Charter Sailboat Hanse Yachting Sailboat 385 Pula

Sail the Adriatic on "Riana" Hanse 385 from 2015.  (2015)

From €167 per day.

Charter Sailboat BAVARIA CRUISER 34 Pula

Sailboat BAVARIA CRUISER 34 9.99m  (2019)

From €146 per day.

Charter Motorboat Orizzonti Nautilus Pula

Orizzonti Nautilus in Pula  (2023)

Charter Motorboat Pacific Craft 750 Sun Cruiser Pula

Pacific Craft 750 Sun Cruiser  (2022)

From €380 per day.

Charter Motorboat Idea Marine Sportdeck 70 Pula

Motorboat Idea Marine Sportdeck 70 30hp  (2021)

From €252 per day.

Charter Motorboat Quicksilver Activ 675 Sundeck Pula

Quicksilver Activ 675 Sundeck with Mercury 225 HP  (2020)

From €280 per day.

Charter Motorboat Quicksilver 605 Active Sundeck Pula

Quicksilver 605 Activ Deck with Mercury 150 HP  (2021)

From €260 per day.

Charter Motorboat Atlantic Marine Open 750 Pula

Atlantic Marine Open 750 with 250 HP  (2018)

From €330 per day.

Charter Motorboat Jeanneau Cap Camarat 7.5 WA Pula

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 7.5 WA for rent at Marina Veruda Pula  (2021)

From €229 per day.

Charter Motorboat Salmeri Calypso Pula

Calypso - licence obligatory  (2018)

From €210 per day.

Charter Motorboat Marinello Eden 17 Pula

Marinello Eden 17  (2022)

From €170 per day, rent a boat in pula, croatia.

Pula is a picturesque city located on the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia, known for its protected harbours, roman ruins, and first-century amphitheatre. A boat rental in Pula is an excellent way to explore the city's scenic coastline and nearby islands.

Whether you're looking to enjoy a relaxing week on the water or an adventure-packed day of water sports, there are a wide range of options for boat hires in Pula to suit all preferences and budgets.

Pula is a perfect destination for sailing enthusiasts of all levels, thanks to its calm waters and gentle winds. The city is also a popular starting point for sailing trips to the nearby islands of Brijuni, Mali Lošinj, and Cres. There are a variety of Pula boat rentals, including sailboats, motorboats, RIBs, catamarans, gulets, jet skis, and yachts.

How much does it cost to charter a boat in Pula?

The cost of a boat charter in Pula depends on several factors such as the season, duration, type of boat, and the port/marina rented from. The cost may also vary depending on whether you choose to rent with or without a skipper and additional extras such as equipment and crew.

A Pula sailboat rental costs around €3,750/week in the high season and €1,650/week in the low season for 8 people.

A motorboat rental in Pula costs around €360/day in the high season and €270/day in the low season for 8 people.

A RIB generally costs €190/day in the high season and €160/day in the low season for 6 people.

A catamaran charter in Pula costs around €6,500/week in the high season and €1,990/week in the low season for 10 people.

The average price of a skippered gulet is €800/day for 6 people.

A jet ski will cost an average of €250/day for 3 people.

Hire a boat in Pula with or without a skipper

Many of the available yacht rentals in Pula can be hired with or without an experienced skipper. When you hire a boat in Pula with a skipper, they will take care of the navigation and manoeuvering the boat. This allows you to relax completely and turn your full attention to your friends, family, and the beautiful scenery. The skippers are also often from the local area and can provide valuable tips on authentic restaurants and hidden beach spots.

You also have the option to rent a yacht in Pula without a skipper if you have the appropriate licence or experience. Alternatively, you can hire a boat in Pula without a skipper or a licence if you choose boats that do not require a boat licence to operate.

What is the best time to charter a yacht in Pula?

The best time for a yacht charter in Pula, Croatia is between the months of May and October, where the temperature rarely goes below 20°C. The hottest months are July and August, where temperatures range from 20°C to 30°C. This is a great time for a Pula boat hire with calm seas and warm breezes. However, this is also the busiest and most expensive time of year. If you want to avoid the crowds and high prices, the shoulder season, May, June, September, and October is also a great time to sail.

Where to go with a Pula yacht charter?

There are many nice islands and coastal communities to visit with a Pula yacht rental. But, if you're new to the Adriatic archipelago, it can be hard to know where to start. So we have listed some tips below for when you set sail from Pula's harbour.

Brijuni Islands

Straight outside Pula's harbour lies the Brijuni National Park, one of Croatia's most beautiful nature reserves. In Veli Brijun harbour you can comfortably moor your boat and find all the facilities you may need there.

If you are a big fan of animals and nature, Brijuni is perfect as you can get quite close to the wildlife. There is a safari park where you can see exotic animals in their natural habitats, such as zebras and llamas.

If you depart from the port in Veli Brijun and sail about 15 nautical miles northwest along the Istrian coast, you'll soon reach the cosy town of Rovinj. Rovinj is a picturesque town where you can stroll through the cosy cobbled alleys while taking in the town's history.

The most famous monument in town is the St. Euphemia church with its 61-metre high church tower. The building is a Venetian Baroque structure completed in 1736. From the church tower you have a beautiful view of the sea and the ocean!

Continue 11 miles north along the coast and you'll reach Porec, the most popular tourist destination in Istria. This is understandable given Porec's beautiful beaches and historic and well-preserved old town. The old town is perfect for history buffs. The Euphrasia basilisk is a UNESCO world heritage site and is not to be missed. The basilisk is very well preserved and famous for its gold mosaic. The beach-lovers should head to Zelena Laguna, Plava Laguna or the island of Sveti Nikola, which you can easily get to by boat.

About thirty-five miles southwest of Pula you'll find the green island of Losinj. Known for its lush vegetation, the island is a popular destination for eco tourism. You can feel the fresh air and enjoy 200 days of sunshine a year!

Mali Losinj is the main town on the island and is said to have the most beautiful harbour on the entire Adriatic coast. The bathing enthusiasts should head to Cikat Bay. This bay is separated with a pine forest from the harbour in Mali Losinj giving the beach a relaxing and natural feel.

If you set sail from Mali Losinj in a south-westerly direction, you'll reach Rab. Rab is one of the greenest islands in Croatia and gives many visitors a magical feeling. It is covered in pine forests and has many beautiful beaches!

Rab town is where most of the sights are. Here you can visit ruins of the ancient city wall. Sredjena ulica, the town's main street, is lined with well-preserved 15th century architecture. At the end of the street is also the Loggia tower, a 26-metre high church tower that gives you a beautiful view of the sea.

Good to know

Frequently asked questions about pula, what is the cost of renting a boat in the high season and the low season in pula.

The average cost of renting a boat in Pula in the high season is around €431 per day, while in the low season it is around €359 per day.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Pula?

The price of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Pula, you can expect to pay an average of €170 per day for a skipper.

What is the average length of a boat in Pula?

The average length of a boat in Pula is 11 meters.

Is fuel included in the cost of a boat charter in Pula?

For most boats, fuel is not included in the rental cost. In Pula fuel is included in the price for 20 boats.

How many people can sleep on a boat in Pula?

A boat in Pula has on average 7 berths. You can find boats with up to 13 berths.

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In Pula, privately owned yachts are available for charter. See other yachts in the area.

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Discover the most beautiful sides of Croatia

Discover the most beautiful sides of Croatia

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Wir hatten einen wundervollen Urlaub auf einer gut gepflegten und gewarteten Yacht. Die Mitarbeiter von Pitter waren ALLE unglaublich freundlich, hilfsbereit und kompetent! Ende Oktober haben wir, von Trogir aus, die Inseln Solta, Brac und Hvar besucht, aber auch den den ein oder anderen Hafen der Festlandsküste. Wir haben die Ruhe der Nachsaison sehr genossen. In einigen Häfen waren wir die einzigen Gäste und hatten so die Möglichkeit alles in Ruhe und ohne touristischen Trubel zu erkunden und zu erleben.

Sehr schöne Reise

Unser Yachturlaub am Ijsselmeer war einfach traumhaft. Ich bedanke mich bei Pitter Yacht Charter, bei Stützpunktleiter Ulli Mittler und bei meiner gesamten Crew für den Erfolg der sehr schönen Reise.

Wir kommen wieder

Spitzen Service von der Anreise bis zur Abreise. Das gesamte Team am Stützpunkt Göcek war super freundlich und hilfsbereit. Das Boot war in einem Top-Zustand. Wir kommen wieder.

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Very professional agency. Everything was as advertised. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The boat was in great condition and well equipped despite being one of the older boats in the fleet.

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Renting a boat in Pula & discovering the Istria, or Kvarner bay Coasts? We will find the perfect boat for you. Wide selection – Get your offer! Istria is one of the most interesting and beautiful areas on the Croatian waters. You can see ancient towns, romantic fishing villages and uninhabited bays here. Nature is mostly unspoiled, and it is really diverse as well. It is no coincidence that sea enthusiasts visit the place year by year. Set sail, and recharge yourself with positive energy!

Read more information about yacht charter in Pula on the following tabs: about Pula , Pula weather . Get some inspiration from the Porec itineraries tab and start planning your next sailing itinerary, or Pula sailing article.

How much does a yacht charter Pula cost?

Pula useful information, pula weather, pula itineraries.

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Bavaria C42 (2024)

Croatia, Pula (Sailing yacht)

from 208 € /day  

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Oceanis 46.1 (2024)

from 230 € /day  

Bavaria Cruiser 37 - 2 cab. (2024)

from 241 € /day  

Excess 11 - 4 + 1 + 1 cab. (2024)

Croatia, Pula (Catamaran)

from 498 € /day  

20 % + 15 %

Bavaria Cruiser 46 - 4 cab. (2024)

from 214 € /day  

from 233 € /day  

15 % + 5.5 %

from 227 € /day  

Bavaria Cruiser 37 - 3 cab. (2024)

from 148 € /day  

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Pula is the capital of the peninsula of Istria and used to be a city of special importance in the Roman Empire. The amphitheatre of Pula is bigger than the Colosseum in Rome. Pula is one of the largest ports and trade centre of the North-Adriatic region. It is a very popular travel destination due to its sights and hiking opportunities.

Location of Pula

Already its location attracts travellers, as seven hills are situated next to it: Monte Zaro, Monte Serpente, Monte Ghiro, Monte Magno, Monte Paradiso, Monte Rizzi, and Monte Vidal. It is surrounded by two islands in the north: Kozada, and Sv. Jerolim. Interestingly enough it has two official languages, Croatian and Italian.

Can you rent a yacht in Pula – do I need a license?

Small boats (under a certain horsepower or length), electric boats, crewed yacht charters , gulet charters may not require a license. Larger boats or those with more powerful engines need a skipper’s license. Before you confirm your sailing trip to Trogir, please send us a copy and we will check it for you. You need to have the original copies with you on-board, so don’t forget to take them. To sail from Trogir, one of the following qualifications is necessary : ICC (International Certificate of Competence), Int. IPC (International Proficiency Certificate, USA), NauticEd SLC (International Sailing License and Credentials), RYA Day Skipper Course, valid Navigational and VHF licenses. Alternatively : ICC (International Certificate of Competence), Int. IPC (International Proficiency Certificate, USA), NauticEd SLC (International Sailing License and Credentials, Int.) OR: [UK] RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Certificate or higher, [USA] Sailing ‘Basic Keelboat’ or higher, [DE] ‘Sportbootführerschein See’ or higher, [FR] le Permis Plaisance Additionally, the following documents are necessary : Valid travel documents: USA citizens: EU regulations mandate USA passport holders to have at least three months of validity beyond the planned departure date from Croatia., European Union (EU) citizens: No visa required. Canadian citizens: No visa is required for stays up to 90 days. If you do not have a skipper license, it is also possible to rent a boat with a skipper

Rent a boat Pula – the main ports

Discovering the Pula-Medulin beach is considered to be a very popular boating route. From Pula, you can also reach Brijuni National Park, a group of islands on Istria. The area that has 14 islands offers an unforgettable experience with its special world of plants and animals and a fabulous environment. Pula is a really exciting and versatile city. It offers many historic sights and an old town with a romantic atmosphere. Pula’s beaches and the boating trips you can make from its ports are wonderful. To sum it up, you find there everything that you need for a perfect holiday.

ACI Marina Pula

The port of Pula can be found in a giant natural bay. They have 200 berths for mega yachts as long as 40 metres. It is perfectly equipped. They have laundry, ATM and currency exchange. There is also a petrol station nearby, and we can rent a car, too.

Marina Porec

The Istrian Peninsula is a perfect starting point from where we can explore the colourful, buzzing towns located along the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Besides the opportunity to walk around the former fishing villages in Croatia, you can also easily get to the wonderful Italian cities. The port of Porec is located in a well-protected bay directly next to the centre. It can accommodate up to 120 boats with a draft of 3.5 metres. Porec sailing , boat rental Porec

Port Of Medulin

Medulin has been considered one of the most popular and most modern resorts for the past few decades. It is easily accessible on a boat and can be an ideal starting point for a summer sailing adventure. Its modern port can accept more than 300 boats. Every berth has electricity and a water supply. We can also enjoy the cosy bars and cafés with a wonderful view of the beach. Medulin sailing , rent a boat Medulin

Marina of Vrsar

Vrsar is located in a bay perfectly protected by the surrounding islands. It is among the ports in the best condition on the northern shores of Istria. The port, which has 14-metre-deep waters, can accept 200 boats with a length up to 40 metres. rent a boat Vrsar rent a boat Vrsar

ACI Marina Rovinj

It is a modern and cosy port with a wonderful view. Thanks to a 20-million-euro investment, it is among the largest ports in Croatia. Everything is clean and in very good condition. They have excellent healthcare services. The port is divided into two parts. One of them is reserved for transit vessels, and the other was established for yachts stationing there during the whole year. 416 ships with a maximum length of 50 metres are allowed altogether. Rovinj sailing , yacht charter Rovinj

ACI Marina Pomer

The port of Pomer can be found in Medulin Bay. They can accept more than 300 yachts. It is a modern port with free Wi-Fi. There is a fine spacious restaurant on the beach. The port offers everything that sailors may need. There is even a storehouse where they can keep their equipment such as bicycles or surfboards. Medulin sailing , rent a boat Medulin

Marina Nautica port of Novigrad

There are berths for 365 boats overall with a maximum length of 50 metres. The port in Novigrad is world-class, and there is also a 4-star hotel here where we can require maintenance for our boat and charge our batteries in the form of relaxing wellness. rent a boat Novigrad rent a boat Novigrad

ACI Marina Umag

The depth of water here is around 5 metres, and they offer the app. 480 berths for ships of all sizes. They can even accept 40-metre-long mega yachts. The port is clean, the staff is friendly and the restaurant is excellent. There is also free Wi-Fi, a charging station and a currency exchanger. rent a boat Umag rent a boat Umag

The giant bay can accept 458 boats and they offer 120 dry docks here as well. It is perfectly equipped and has everything you may need.

Marina Mali Losinj

The bay is protected from northern and eastern winds. There are 80 berths here for transit boats with a length of up to 18 metres. They provide water and electricity, and there are many local restaurants and bars. Mali Losinj sailing , yacht charter Mali Losinj

Port of Rabac

It is located in a natural bay on the eastern shores of Istria. The port is perfectly protected from the northern and eastern winds. It was rebuilt and developed further recently. Rabac sailing , boat rental Rabac

Marina San Giusto port of Triest (Italy)

The port, which used to belong to the Monarch, is among the most modern and comfortable docking spots for tourists and business people today. The main building has it all: service, reception, information office, restaurants, shops and cosy bars. There are currently 245 berths in the port where the water is 5–14 metres deep.

Marina Lepanto port of Monfalcone (Italy)

The Marina Lepanto can be found in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in the town of Monfalcone. Ships with a length of up to 15 metres can dock here; there are 220 berths altogether. The depth of the water is 5 metres. The marina is located at the end of an app. 3 kilometre-long channel, and is protected from all directions. It is a favoured spot among tourists and of course families with small children. It is a modern and well-equipped port with all the necessary services provided including boat service and a crane. There is also an excellent restaurant and a hotel with a swimming pool in the garden here.

Marina Punta Faro port of Lignano Sabbiadoro (Italy)

The port of Marina Punta Faro can be found in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Northern Italy. It is a giant port that can accept 1200 boats with an allowed draft of 3.5 meters and length of 35 metres. Thanks to its large size and modern equipment, the port attracts a massive amount of tourists every year. Besides all the important services, there is also a diving centre in the port. They have boat service and a crane as well. You can find a drugstore, grocery store, restaurants and cafés in the near vicinity, too. Rent a boat Lignano Sabbiadoro

Vento di Venezia (Italy)

There are of course many ports in Venice. Depending on what you need, you will definitely find the right one for you. Vento di Venezia – Venezia Certosa Marina – is a great choice. It is perfectly equipped and has a wonderful atmosphere. The water at this rustic port is 7 metres deep, and they accept 300 boats up to 60 metres long. It is perfect for tourists, as it can be easily accessed from St Mark’s Square. boat rental Venice Italy

The most beautiful beaches in Pula

The city has a wide range of beaches, most of which have small pebbles, rocks or concrete surfaces. The 5 most popular beaches:

The beach of Ambrela Bay, which has a blue distinction, means that the water quality is excellent. It has very easy access and it is very well equipped with all the things you may need for undisturbed swimming. It is a frequently visited beach section.

A beach close to district Stoja, close to the old town. A beach section of Bay Uvala Zelenika. The beach has small pebbles and concrete. It has simple equipment and its popularity is mainly due to Valkane’s summer beach festival.

Pjescana uvala

It is located at the bay that has the same name. The beach has small pebbles, but as you go deeper into the sea, you can also find sandy parts. One of the most frequented beaches, because it is very well-equipped and has many tools for rental both for adults and kids.

The beach of Grotanova Bay, where the sea gets only gradually deeper. This makes it very popular for families with small kids, but also for those who enjoy shallow water.

Peninsula Kamenjak

It is 10 km from the city of Pula, which makes it easy to access by boat or yacht. There are many separate beaches on the peninsula, but you can still find unexplored and wild areas there.

Main sights in Pula

Besides going to the beach, you are recommended to spend time discovering Pula, which has a rich history and cultural life.

Amphitheatre, Arena

The most famous sight of the city, but perhaps one in the whole of Croatia. It was built from limestone between 27-68 before Christ. This is the world’s sixth-largest arena from that time, which is 132 meters long, 105 meters wide and has 3 floors. It is similar to the Colosseum in Rome, but it is less crowded.

Sergius triumphal arch/Golden arch

Built around 27 b. C. It is opposite the city gate, which makes it similar to an entrance to the narrow streets of Pula’s old town.

Church of Rome and Augustus

Its construction started in the second-century b. C. following the example of the Mars church in Rome. It was seriously damaged through bomb attacks in World War 2, but now it is again open for visits after restoration and a statue collection can be found in it.

In this castle built on a hill, the history museum of Istria can be found. But it’s not only worth visiting for the museum but also for the view.

Already its location is special, it is located in the building of an old fortress, Fort Verudela. Watching sea animals and turtles will surely be a great experience for children.

Find Istria sailing routes , boat rental Istria

More information about Pula

Yacht week in Pula

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Pula sailing holidays & itineraries

Istria is one of the most interesting and beautiful areas on the Croatian waters. You [...]

Which period is best to sail in Pula?

It is hot and dry in the summer, but winters are also typically mild. The average annual middle temperature is 13.2 °C.

Weather in Pula

The climate diagrams are based on 30 years of hourly weather model simulations. They give good indications of typical climate patterns and expected conditions (temperature, precipitation, sunshine, and wind). The “mean daily maximum” (solid red line) shows the maximum temperature of an average day for every month for Pula. Likewise, the “mean daily minimum” (solid blue line) shows the average minimum temperature.

Wind rose in Pula

The wind rose for Pula shows how many hours per year the wind blows from the indicated direction. The diagram for Pula shows the days per month, during which the wind reaches a certain speed.

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Other Pula sailing itnerary , Istria sailing routes

"If you rented a boat from us, we don't need to introduce ourselves. If you book with us for the first time, you will soon get to know us." 🙂 Some feedback about us...

Lavrion - Greece

Sehr guter Service und Beratung. Die Buchung war recht einfach.

Family Doppler (Germany)

Milos - Greece

Our catamaran sailing trip was fantastic. The Alegria is an amazing boat. Comfortable and beautiful, with all the features one could hope for...

Harry (USA)

Dubrovnik - Croatia

Ismét nagyon jó áron kaptunk,egy igazán luxus hajót. A Bali 4.5 egy igazán jó válaasztás. A Köszönjük az ügyintézést.

Ágnes (Hungary)

Mykonos - Greece

Easy to book, and perfect communication from the very beginning. The boat was in perfect condition and very comfortable for a group of 10pax...


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Get the inspired into breathtaking northern Adriatic and explore alternative yacht charter itineraries of Adriatic. This impressive region reflects the perfect mixture of Italian and Balkan in the most unique way. The diversity of Istran peninsula and Kvarer islands is truly amazing. Peaceful wildlife parks, enchanting rivieras, secluded fishing villages, lush islands and hidden bays are at a doorstep from historic Pula city. And chartering a private sailing yacht is the ultimate opportunity for a relaxing cruising holiday from where you can first-hand experience unspoiled nature, charming towns, authentic local delicacies and taste best Croatian wines produced in lush-green hills of Istria. Most of our yachts for rental are located only 15 minutes from Pula international airport.


Sailboat charter pula croatia.

Rent sailboat charter in Pula, the capital of Istrian region and set sail across the wide Kvarner gulf within your best company. Enjoy your cruising vacation following our premium sailing itineraries and spend a genuine sailing holiday surrounded by untouched nature and vibrant harbours. Before your yachting adventure starts, charter one of these impressive sailboats available from best Pula yacht charter companies.

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Book sailboat in Pula and explore the hidden gems of Kvarner gulf. This attractive new model is available with 3-cabin layout, large master cabin and 2 bathrooms.

Sailboat charter Pula Croatia

Classy and stylishly designed sailing boat OCEANIS 46.1 fuses the very best a sailing yacht: Uncompromising on board comfort and impressive sailing performances.

Sailing North Adriatic Coast

BAVARIA 51 is among most popular sailing yachts in Croatia. Charter this spacious family cruiser from Pula, with skipper and get ready for a unforgettable yachting adventure.

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Pula Catamaran Rentals

Elevate your holiday moments to another level and book luxuriously equipped catamaran charter in Pula. Renting a multi hull ensures you a exclusive vacation in the uppermost comfort and pleasant on board accommodation. With impressive volumes, catamarans provide extra stability, plethora of cushioned lounging areas, safer onboard movement and remarkable 360 views. Discover best available boats in Istria and rent Catamaran in Pula with local skipper.

Catamaran cruise Zadar Croatia

Make your cruising adventure among the islands of northern Adriatic an indulging experience and hire BALI 4.1 catamaran Lounging area at the bow and plethora of cushioned spots on will ensure relaxing and unforgettable holiday moments.

Lagoon 42

One of the most popular crewed cruising catamarans in Pula is LAGOON 42. Your kids are going to love the trampoline at the bow, while their parents can find privacy on a cushioned flybridge and enjoy the remarkable views.

Lagoon 46

Receive the very best of the cruising experience in Pula and book an exclusive And luxuriously equipped catamaran with crew. Enjoy and relax your precious holiday moments in complete on-board privacy on our new LAGOON 46.

Sailing North Croatian Coast 2024

Get inspired into alternative sailing itineraries and charter sailboat or catamaran with skipper for a unforgettable sailing week in Istria.

Chartering a private yacht in Pula is best kept secret of Croatia sailing itineraries and a wonderful opportunity to discover alternative charter routes of Adriatic. Experience a unique diversity of northern Croatia, cruisng along heart-shaped Istrian peninsula and Kvarner gulf. Here you will find seclusion surrounded with peaceful bays, idyllic island villages and picturesque coastal promenades where you can explore world-renown Istrian cuisine and best Croatian wines. 

Most of the region was a part of Italy until 1947. It is no coincidence that Istria is called "Croatian Tuscany" since these landscapes very much resemble to Tuscan valleys and vineyards. Local culinary delights with a pinch of Italian twist, monumental Venetian architecture of historic towns, and unspoiled nature of marine Croatian national parks make northern Adriatic ideal location for the ultimate yachting escape. Rent a sailboat or catamaran charter in Pula with our local skipper for a genuine cruising adventure at the sky-blue Adriatic sea.

Sailboat Rental Pula

8 Things To Experience On Pula Sailing Itinerary

  • discover enchanting island Unije in Kvarner gulf
  • taste famous Istrian Malvazija wine and top truffle dishes
  • ascend to 4.000-year old village Lubenice on Cres for spectacular views
  • witness the romantic sunsets in town Rovinj and Vrsar village
  • spend an evening exploring biotic diversity of Mali Lošinj islet
  • dive or snorkel in turquoise waters of the islands Ilovik or Silba
  • visit Brijuni national park and admire shooting stars on star-lit skies 
  • try various home-made pasta with fresh Kvarner prawns

Pula sailing trips

Pula Sailing Itinerary

Day 1 (anchoring on kamenjak park or brijuni).

Upon arriving to Pula yacht charter base, you will probably have some extra time to spend, before embarkation. You might want visit fmous Roman arena from the century or do some shopping to fill the boat  lockers. Pula is also well-know as being a location for best Istrian restaurants.

Your skipper will be waiting at the marina pier at 15:00. He will help you accommodate aboard and hold a short briefing with some basic safety directions, before you set sail. Early afternoon cruise along the western Istrian peninsula is perfect for getting acquainted with the gentle Adriatic waves.

Soon you will get the chance, to anchor in tranquil  Kamenjak park. Only the brave ones will dare to dive from the impressive cliffs into the crystal-clear sea. Having a cocktail in a »safari bar« within the wildlife resort Kamenjak is a must. This evening is ideal to enjoy and relax in a glass of Malvazija wine and local delicacies on a  traditional Istrian farm.

Pula sailing Itinerary

Sunday (Cres - overnight) 

Leaving Istria  behind, we will be crossing Kvarner channel, curving into the mainland all the way to the port of Rijeka. If you pay attention, you can easily spot swarms of playful dolphins in this remote area.

Early in the afternoon you reach the largest island in Croatia, Cres. Of course you will have plenty of time to take a swim in one of its many secluded coves before docking in the heart of this colourful town.

Overnight in a picturesque Cres town port, where vibrant ancient streets meet modern architecture. Here, you will have the chance to walk the buzzing promenades and taste the very best of Kvarner cuisine. Island lamb »under the bell« or grilled fish is one of the traditional delicacies. Don't forget to taste the famous island's olive oil.

Sailing Charter Pula

Monday (Osor - overnight)

Morning coffee in a town square is a must before setting sail. Western part of Cres hides some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia where you can stop for a quick swim. Alluring emerald waters are ideal for some morning activities. Here you can actually see that isolated Kvarner islands really have one of the cleanest seas in the planet.

Overnight in the ancient village Osor, founded by ancient Greeks couple of centuries back in history, a large seaborne trade post with 20.000 residents, today a small town on the shore banks of a narrow channel between the island Lošinj and Cres.

The bridge connecting the islands opens only twice a day for the passing yachts attracting masses of viewers, so don't forget to wave. You can dine in one of the local taverns and try traditionally prepared fish and one of the local original local dishes - the famous Kvarner shrimps.

sailing Istria Croatia

Tuesday (Ilovik - overnight)

In the morning you can ascend on a ridge, elevating over the town to catch the early sunrise. Sailing along the aromatic green forests of Lošinj island, we will soon reach the “island of flowers” Ilovik.

With only 300 inhabitants this tiny island attracts mostly nautical guests. The main reason is its position. Almost forgotten island is the juncture of main course routes between Kvarner and Dalmatian islands . It is a charming fishing village with typical island heartbeat, small-run local restaurants, lovely sandy beaches and magnificent flora.

It is a special place to explore and share you sailing adventures with sailors from all over the world that met here. This little isle will leave you the impression of how unique a private sailing experience really is. Dig into freshly baked octopus, lamb or veggies while you sip on delicious local Malvazija wines and cheers to another unforgettable day at sea.

Sailing trips in Istria

Wednesday (Island Lošinj - overnight)

To buy some warm, home baked bread in Ilovik would be a good choice. The morning route will take us to the scenic sandy beaches of the island Susak, formed by an ancient river with accumulation of the sand from mainland and is geologically entirely covered in sandstone. Jump in the clear water and maybe take a refreshment in a local bar. We overnight in Mali Lošinj, the largest town of the county.

Here you can take a stroll between the colourful painted house fronts and have one of the best ice creams around. Live music playing on the streets of this town adds a unique bohemian charm to this " island of Croatian Captains". This is a great opportunity to taste the nightlife during your  yacht charter week in Croatia . Lošinj is besides popular Hvar, one of the sunniest places in Europe. Don't forget to visit local market in the morning and have a coffee on a lively town square.

Pula sailing trips

Thursday (Unije - overnight)

As you approach Unije island, you will soon meet the scent of rosemary and lavender. Emerald crystalline waters surrounding this place are inviting enough to snorkel or swim in a well-protected bay "Maracol".  A short distance walk to this amazing village before evening will reward you with spectacular scenery and views across peaceful Kvarner gulf.

This remote colorful village is simply a must-visit during  sailing trip  and experience a laid-back pulse of the Mediterranean.

Community of 150 settlers, mostly fishermen and farmers, is nowadays leading typical laid-back island life. Fell free to have a beer or an ice cream in a local tavern, and feel the heartbeat of true island life.

With its white stone houses and blue window shutters, Unije makes an impressive site. One of the most irresistible places to visit and enjoy in a quiet picturesque setting of densely forested surrounding hills.

Sailing Charter Pula

Friday (Pula - overnight)  

Our last day aboard we'll sail up north to our home port and have one last chance for a quick swim in one of the many bays at the south peak of Istrian peninsula.  

We'll dock late afternoon in the base marina.

If you didn't get the chance to visit Pula  you should take one night off to to taste the nightlife of this historic capital of Istria and blend into its buzzing streets. No1. attraction is definitively the impressive century Roman amphitheater. 

One last jump before returning to our base marina

Saturday (Checking out)

Sadly, we have to say goodbye and hope to see you next year for another amazing adventure from another beautiful destination at the Croatian coast.

Sailing from Pula

Explore the secluded treasure of nothern Adriatic

With no large cities in the area, no heavy maritime traffic or industry nearby, this is one of the most remote yacht charter destination in Croatia. Surrounded by aromatic pine forests, lush-green hill tops, turquoise seas and remote island villages, northern Adriatic hides some of the most remarkable sailing grounds of Croatia. Peaceful bays ideal for a daily swim, short distances between the islands allowing easy and safe island hopping and vibrant island ports ideal for some food exploration, make this area a great location for a family yacht charter .

Exprience Kvarner islands with  Croatian skipper

Renting a sailing boat in Pula with our local skipper to guide you through the week will elevate holiday cruise to a higher level. He will gladly share his knowledge and provide best itinerary tips that will make your holiday moments among the Adriatic treasures a unforgettable vacation experience. Our skippers know best hidden spots, safe anchorages and top restaurant locations where you can eat fresh, local and tasty Kvarner delicacies.

Pula yacht charter

Pula Sailing Charter FAQ's

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in pula croatia.

The cost to charter a bareboat yacht in Pula  basically depends on the yacht  type , age , length and the sailing season . 50-foot sailing yacht comfortable registered for 8 in summer season is around  5.000 euros per week. In off-season (May, June , September between 2.800 and  4.000€ . That covers the vessel, transit log, end cleaning, bedding, handling fees and dinghy with outboard motor .

Where to sail from Pula?

Follow the original Pula sailing itinerary and experience northern Adriatic at its best.

DAY 1 (Saturday) Pula - Cres island, Martinscica village

DAY 2  (Sunday) Cres - Osor bridge - Ilovik island

DAY 3  (Monday) Ilovik - Silba island anchoring

DAY 4  (Tuesday) Silba - Ist or Molat island

DAY 5  (Wednesday) Ist - Mali Lošinj village

DAY 6 (Thursday) Mali lošinj - Unije island

DAY 7  (Friday) Unije - Wildlife park Kamenjak - Pula base

DAY 8  (Saturday) Pula Disembarkation

What are the best places for sailboat rentals in Pula?

There are many places at the north Adriatic coast where you can rent well-maintained yachts. Best opportunities for boat rentals in Pula  are in marinas Veruda, Pomer, Vrsar  Funtana , and on island Krk.

What are best sailing cruises in Pula?

7-day sailing trip on a private sailboat is the ultimate way to experience Croatian islands at your own pace and feel the true pulse of Istria and Kvarner islands. Hire skippered yacht in Pula or Poreč for gentle cruise across the calm glittering north Adriatic. Visit vibrant cities, ancient towns, magnificent islands and find serenity in hidden bays with the people you cherish most.  Skippered sailing holiday in Croatia  is suitable for couples, family yacht charters or various groups.

How much does it cost to rent a catamaran in Croatia?

The cost to charter a catamaran in Pula Croatia during the summer season varies between 4.900 and 6.500 euros per week. In September  and June average  4.500 €.

  • 40-foot sailing catamaran
  • end cleaning
  • dinghy with outboard engine
  • Wi-Fi connection aboard.

Obligatory Extras

  • skipper from 150€ - 170€ per day
  • tourist tax 1.4€/day/person
  • fuel app. 120€ per week
  • port and marina fees
  • food and beverages
  • deposit for catamaran 2.500-4.000€ (refundable) depends on the yacht's size

How to charter Catamaran in Pula?

Pula catamaran rental in 3 simple steps:

  • Choose preferable date
  • Share your expectations and boat preferences
  • Send your inquiry to Active Sailing agency.

We will be happy to offer suitable catamaran and guide you through the whole booking procedure. A private Croatia catamaran trip  is secured when 50% deposit is paid. Balance should be covered 4 weeks before the charter starts.

Is sailing in Croatia safe?

Croatia in general, is one of the safest countries in the world. Overall crimes in Croatia, compared to other European countries, are quite low making it extremely safe to travel around. By land, or at sea. This Mediterranean gem is the cradle of sailing holidays and a true paradise for sailing inclined. With warm and calm Adriatic sea, fair weather, abundance of sunshine, moderate winds and warm local people is the perfect destination for couples, families, or a place to reunite with your friends.

What is Pula known for?

When visiting Pula, the capital of Istria region to the north Adriatic, be sure not to miss out:

  • One of the largest and best-preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world form 1 st . century A.D. (The Arena)
  • Rich historic legacy and ancient monuments like The Temple of Augustus, The Hercues gates and the Arch of Sergii
  • Tidy pebbled beaches just at the city doorstep. The most popular ones: Ambrela Beach , Sacccorgiana Cove , Gortan’s Cove , Beach Valbandon Histria Beach
  • Top festivals and events throughout the summer. Pula is hosting numerous international concerts and venues inside and outside the arena, really is the Croatian city of festivals.
  • A wide selection of top-notch restaurants within and outside the city circle. Here’s just a few Hook&Cook , Lanterna , Vodnjanka

Is Istria expensive?

Overall, Croatia has moderate prices compared to other European countries. The prices, however vary between the coast and inland. Locals say that prices at the Croatian coast rise as you travel from north to south. Seaside places and Dalmatian islands can be considerable expensive, while the northern regions  Istria and Kvarner  still keep their prices comparable to the inland. Remember to rather eat and drink local than imported.

Some prices at the coast:

  • cup of coffee 1.5€
  •  pint of local beer 2.5€
  •  1,5l bottled water from store 0.7€
  •  public transport 1-2€ one way
  • 1 bottle of local medium quality wine in store 6€
  •  average 3- course dinner 25-30€ per person

a 7-day Sailing trip in Croatia  cost really depends on where and how you choose to spend your money and your travelling habits. Yacht charter prices  in Croatia are still 10-15% cheaper then in Italy, Greece or Spain. On a sailing trip you can easily get around on daily budget app. 30-40€/person/day.

6 best dishes to try in Istria

The perfect blend of Italian creativity, typical Mediterranean flavor and a pinch of distinctive continental simplicity created a top-notch Croatian cuisine  in Istria. There are some culinary works of art you simply can’t miss out when taking your sailing holiday in Pula .  Combined with choice wines merlot or cabernet sauvignon and the famous Istrian Malvazija, produced from indigenous white grapes.

  • palette of various cheese (Sheep, Goat, Cow) dipped into Istrian extra-virgin olive oil
  • a wide range of truffle-inspired dishes combined with risotto or pasta
  • cuttlefish stew with maize porridge
  • Kvarner scampi in “buzara” sauce
  • Pljukanci or fuzi  (rolled up shapes of fresh pasta) in Boskarin (typical Istrian beef) sauce
  • Grilled plaice or Adriatic squid with mangold (sort of spinach)

A local custom is to start and finish your courses with special aperitif called “rakija” based on honey, mistletoe or various herbs.

How long does a sailing trip last?

A leisurely Mediterranean-style sailing trip in Croatia usually takes 7 days. Within main season (July, August), yacht charters in Croatia start and end Saturdays. However, in shoulder season (September, May, October and June) short sailing trips are also possible. To explore best coastal places and visit the most beautiful Croatian islands, at least 1-week tour is recommended.

What should I bring on a sailing charter?

With plenty of sun, Croatia is one of the sunniest European destinations . Climate along the Adriatic coast in summer is quite dry and hot. For sailing trips in summer, bring bathing suite, extra swimming towels, and your personal wardrobe. It is highly recommended to bring a soft handbag a duffel bag instead of a plastic suitcase and remember to pack light

8 Things that you Don't want to forget:

  • boarding pass and reservation documents
  • sun protection (sun lotion, sunglasses for UV protection, hat)
  • bathing suit or a swimsuit (3-5 pairs)
  • your passport, or personal ID, enough cash
  • swimming towels
  • your personal items (prescription pills, medicine for allergy...)
  • a wind stopper or a wind breaker in summer a long-sleeved cardigan would do
  • positive vibes (leave your worries at home)

Yacht charter inclusions

yacht charter kroatien pula

Fully Equipped Yacht

yacht charter kroatien pula

Wi-Fi on board

yacht charter kroatien pula

Cleaning, Bedding, Towels

yacht charter kroatien pula

Dinghy + Engine

Obligatory extras

yacht charter kroatien pula

Marina Fees + Taxes

yacht charter kroatien pula

Food Supplies

yacht charter kroatien pula

Deposit Insurance

yacht charter kroatien pula

Optional extras payable at spot

yacht charter kroatien pula

Skipper 150-200€/day

yacht charter kroatien pula

Hostess 150-180€ per day

yacht charter kroatien pula

Paddle Board 100€/week

yacht charter kroatien pula

Safety net 50€

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•reception with an exchange office, ATM •restaurant with swimming pool, grocery store, charter agency •toilet and shower facilities with separate disabled provision, laundrette •repair and maintenance shop, 30 t crane •car park •63A power sockets for larger vessels •Wi-Fi internet access • fuel station in Pješčana Uvala (11nm),  Pula (18 nm) •„green island“ for selective waste collection •fenced playground

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What to see and do in Pula

While you are waiting for your boat, we recommend you to visit following places: •The amphitheater, famous Arena (if it's good enough for Sting, Joe Cocker…) •Triumphal Arch of the Sergi •Historical and maritime museum of Istria •Forum and temple of Augustus •Verudela art park •Antiques and Art Fair in city center every Saturday morning •Aquarium •Golf range Verudela •Pula observatory •Downtown Pula- summer music project in the heart of old town

Special offers

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Pula Yacht Charter

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Explore croatia from pula, capital of istria vine region.

Pula is a largest city of the Istrian county, and an important center of its Region. It is located on the southern tip of the Istrian inverted triangle, where it remained an administrative center since the Roman time. When visiting Pula, seeing the great Amphitheatre is an absolute must! It stands tall as a reminder of the great Roman Empire and its customs.

The entirely preserved limestone structure, stands as a symbol of the city, and a pride of Croatia, so much so, that the Arena in Pula is depicted at the back of the 10 Kuna (Croatian currency) banknotes. Other structures in the city include the grand temple of Augustus which is all the more reason why Pula resembles a small version of Rome, smaller but equal in beauty and wonders.

yacht charter kroatien pula

Visit Pula…

Especially interesting for sailors and cruisers, are the Brijuni Islands, located right outside Pula, where you can see the natural wonders. This group of 14 islands, and the most known and the largest “Veliki Brijun”, are a Croatian National park.

In the past Brijuni were an elite tourist resort and today contains a safari where you can find many autonomous animals and plants to this area, as well as the ones brought from other parts of the world, so it’s not uncommon to spot a zebra just passing by.

Chartering a sailing boat, catamaran, motor yacht and gulet from Pula may just be the best decision you’ve made! There’s a lagre charter supply here in Pula, where you can hire a perfect boat and experience the true beauty of Pula and its Archipelago. You can hire a yacht in Pula with from the following marinas: ACI marina Pula, ACI marina Pomer, Marina Veruda Have the best holiday with!

yacht charter kroatien pula

Boat Rental & Yacht Charter

Welcome to istria boats.

Istria Boats is your PREMIER source for Motorboat Rentals & Motor yacht Charter in Croatia – Istria, Krk Island & Kvarner region. We offer a wide range of Boats for Rent & Charter.

Istria Boats charter main Boat brands like Jeanneau, Beneteau & Quicksilver. Boats models from Beneteau: Beneteau Flyer Sundeck and  Spacedeck , Beneteau Antares and Montecarlo Yachts from Premium Yachts. Boats models from Jeanneau: Jeanneau Merry Fisher , Jeanneau Cap Camarat and Jeanneau Leader. Boats models from Quicksilver: Quicksilver Activ Weekend , Quicksilver Sundeck , Quicksilver Open. Other brands and boat models in offer: Bluline Open and Sundeck, Invictus , Atlantic Marine, Cappelli Boats , Saver Boats, Barracuda Boats . Premium yacht brands and models: Prestige Yachts , Sessa Yachts , Azimut Yachts , Sunseeker Manhattan and many more.

Whether you’re looking for a day charter , weekend charter , or week-long charter , we have the perfect boat for you . Our offer of Motorboats  range in size from 5m to 9m , while our motor yachts range from 10m to 25m , providing options for groups of all sizes.

Our smaller boats can be chartered bareboat, while larger yachts are crewed and available for various charter periods. No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable experience on the water.  

Istria Boats provide water toys for wakeboarding and other water sports to maximize your enjoyment on the water. Crewed Yachts in Rovinj, Pula and Opatija in daily charter includes a Skipper and some Hostess . Drink, small snacks and fuel can be included in day prices.

Our rental locations include popular Istrian towns in south: Pula , Medulin & Fažana near Brijuni Islands. In west Istria we have Rovinj , Poreč , Novigrad & Umag.   East coast of Istria is Rabac , then towards Rijeka we have Moščenička Draga, Ika and Opatija. Finally we offer boats on Krk Island in towns: Punat, Krk, Baška.

So, whether you’re looking to explore the stunning coastline or simply relax and unwind on the water, Istria Boats has everything you need for an unforgettable vacation in Croatia. Contact us today to book your rental and start planning your dream trip.

Motor Boats for Rent & Charter

Quarken 27 T-TOP – 300hp

take a video tour

Fun and adventure awaits you.


It is already the second year in a row that I am booking a boat via Istria Boats. The service is always fantastic.

Marino made me several offers of boats to choose from. The contact is always very quick, friendly and easy via WhatsApp.

The boats themselves are in very good condition and the prices are more than fair. Optional bookings like a Wakeboard or a Donut are regularly made possible.

I can only recommend booking via Istria Boats as the whole process is quick and easy and the boats are great.

We booked this not knowing that we needed a costal permit, however Marino came around for us and got us skipper Luca the same morning for the full the day.

Luca was a pleasure to have on board with a family of 6 (4 adults and 2 kids), he was very good with the kids and delivered top notch customer service. Gave us a tour around the harbour and around Brijoni island.

The boat was in perfect shape and perfect size (6.5m) for the body of water.

We can definitely recommend this outfit. Thank you - Georg

I was with my family on holidays in Pula and we decided to rent a boat just for one day. It was so great that we rented boats for another two days. We had a fantastic, amazing time visiting places that we could not see without the boat. During all these days we saw dolphins just next to us :-))).

We tried two different boats, one was Bluline 21 OPEN 225HP and the other Bénéteau Flyer 8 Sundeck 300HP. Both were looking like brand new, super clean and fully prepared for a whole day trip.

The staff was very friendly, passionate, helpful and definitely professional. I can absolutely recommend this place for boat rental.

I suggest to call Marino, the owner and book the boat as soon as you decide to rent it because they have a lot of clients. SUPER BOATS, SUPER PEOPLE, SUPER PLACE!!! :-)))

Istria Boats Booking


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Istria boats charter seasonal specials.

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Yacht Charter Croatia

Yacht Charter Croatia

Sailing Yacht Charter Yacht Charter Croatia

A Sailing Yacht Charter in Croatia brings a true sense of freedom driven by forces of nature

Croatia Sailing Yacht Charter

Catamaran Charter Yacht Charter Croatia

A Catamaran Charter in Croatia gives you a higher level of comfort, more space and stability

Croatia Catamaran Charter

Motor yacht Charter Yacht Charter Croatia

A Motor Yacht charter in Croatia brings you speed and pure luxury

Croatia Motor yacht Charter

Gulet Charter Yacht Charter Croatia

A Gulet Charter in Croatia offers luxury, elegance and comfort

Croatia Gulet Charter

Sailing regions in croatia.

The Croatian coast is the home of numerous islands, bays and pittoresque island towns. We have divided our yacht charter in Croatia into four regions or sailing areas. It is imposible to see everything in just a week and that is why many holiday makers come back to Croatia to discover more of the Adriatic with their favorite skipper, chef or hostess on board. 

Istria and Kvarner

Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula and a place of immense natural diversity and cultural heritage.

Yacht Charter Croatia Istria and Kvarner

North Dalmatia

North Dalmatia appeals to both the party crowd as well as to those who want to get away from it all.

Yacht Charter Croatia North Dalmatia

Central Dalmatia

The main natural attraction in this part of Dalmatia is the Kornati archipelago, a collection of enchantingly bare and uninhabited islands.

Yacht Charter Croatia Central Dalmatia

South Dalmatia

Taste the famous red wine on the Pelješac peninsula and finish your tour of South Dalmatia in the medieval town of Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic.

Yacht Charter Croatia South Dalmatia

Yacht Charter Croatia

Lighthouse Sailing

After more than 10 years of practical nautical experience with all types of charter boats on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia and many different clients from all over the world, we decided to convert a vast experience into superior yacht charter service. Experience in yacht charter, sailing, knowledge of local people, places and customs set us apart from other agencies.

Booking with us is safe and smart choice!

Captain Joe

Top rated Yachts for Charter in Croatia

Special offer.

Here you will find yachts for charter in Croatia with special discounts. We have a lot more charter yachts with special discounts than those featured here. Contact us for individual quotes!


Dufour 430 Lucia 1 | Yacht Charter Croatia

Dufour 430 Lucia 1

29 Jun - 06 Jul 2024

Sun Odyssey 440 Agrippa  | Yacht Charter Croatia

Sun Odyssey 440 Agrippa

08 Jun - 15 Jun 2024

Dufour 460 GL Alba 1 | Yacht Charter Croatia

Dufour 460 GL Alba 1

Elan E6 Thor | Yacht Charter Croatia

Elan E6 Thor

Sailing yachts - 5 cabins.

Oceanis 51.1 Patron | Yacht Charter Croatia

Oceanis 51.1 Patron

20 Jul - 27 Jul 2024

Bavaria Cruiser 51 Podkamenica | Yacht Charter Croatia

Bavaria Cruiser 51 Podkamenica

12 Oct - 19 Oct 2024

Oceanis 48 Ultra Dubrovnik | Yacht Charter Croatia

Oceanis 48 Ultra Dubrovnik

Hanse 460 Aroha | Yacht Charter Croatia

Hanse 460 Aroha

10 Aug - 17 Aug 2024

Bali 4.4 Mela | Yacht Charter Croatia

Bali 4.4 Mela

Lagoon 450 S FULMAR  | Yacht Charter Croatia

Lagoon 450 S FULMAR

03 Aug - 10 Aug 2024

Excess 14 Blue Kiss | Yacht Charter Croatia

Excess 14 Blue Kiss

13 Jul - 20 Jul 2024

Bali Catsmart LA VIE EN BLEU | Yacht Charter Croatia

Bali Catsmart LA VIE EN BLEU

Motor yachts.

Adriana 44 Bianca | Yacht Charter Croatia

Adriana 44 Bianca

15 Jun - 22 Jun 2024

Swift Trawler 48 Nereide | Yacht Charter Croatia

Swift Trawler 48 Nereide

22 Jun - 29 Jun 2024

Ferretti Yachts 630 Tiniti II | Yacht Charter Croatia

Ferretti Yachts 630 Tiniti II

Prestige 550 Rock | Yacht Charter Croatia

Prestige 550 Rock

Yacht charter cities, croatian highlights.

Zadar is a coastal city which owes its growth to its people and its surroundings. The advantage of having a small airport makes it easier to arrive there and quickly hop on board of your sailing boat in Croatia . Zadar offers almost same number of boats as Split, the marinas are modern and the biggest marina on the east side of the Adriatic is here. What we said about Sibenik also applies to Zadar, with numerous islands just in 20 NM range everything is reachable so enjoy your sailing around Zadar. Zadar is the perfect starting point, if you want to see the islands which are in North Dalmatia. Here you will find one of the prettiest bays called Saharun Bay on the island of Dugi Otok. You can reach the Kornati National Park from the upper side and for you to charter a sailing yacht here, means you can easily cover the SE route towards Sibenik or you can set your course to see the islands of Rab, Krk, Cres, Mali Losinj and lots of small islands in the area. If you have enough time, stay here for two weeks and leisurely sail up to Istria and come back to Zadar after the charter is finished. If you sail through each Croatian sailing area at a time, after five years you might think you have covered everything. We have been sailing for more than fifteen years and still can’t decide which part is our favorite. Every sailing area has its advantages for a certain period of the year. Gastronomically saying, the North and the South are very different and not to mention Istria and Kvarner.   Greetins to the sun and the sea organ in Zadar is a must!

Yacht Charter Croatia Zadar

The sailing area around Sibenik is simply beautiful. Most people have heard that South Dalmatia is the best sailing area. Well, we disagree! We think that all the sailing areas are special in their own way. What we like here is the density of small islands in comparison to the southern route, on the southern route there are seven big islands and around Sibenik you have a large number of smaller ones, which are not densely inhabited. What we are trying to say here is that in the summer there are not so many sailing yachts out here, you can still find anchorage in the evening and not worry about the place for staying over the night. The islands of Zlarin, Krapanj, Prvic, Kapri and the vicinity of the Kornati National park are a big advantage of this sailing area. The almost completely bare islands of Kornati stretch themselves for 25NM with many bays and anchorages, if you want to have peace and no WiFi signal for a day or two. All in all, this is our favorite starting point from mid-July to mid-August. Another advantage of Sibenik is the vicinity of one more National Park, Krka NP. To go there you have to sail through a canyon and go a bit inland, change the saltwater for the mix of salt and sweet water, which allows locals to farm mussels along the way to Krka. Our tip is to stop by on one of the places there in the canyon and buy a couple of kilograms to prepare a dish called Buzara. If you have a skipper or a hostess on board they can make it for you. The last stop on your way there is Skradin. It is hard to describe it, a small beautiful place which developed into a very important nautical destination due to the NP of Krka, but not only because of that, it has a unique vibe and energy that you feel immediately when you sail in. The whole approach by boat is spectacular, so when you arrive there you feel amazing.  If you are flying to Croatia, then we will make sure to arrange your transfer to Sibenik, either from Split or Zadar airport. The marina is only a couple of minutes away from the city.  We didn’t write here much about the city of Sibenik itself, but trust us when we say that it’s an amazing coastal town, it has three city fortresses and an UNESCO church heritage. Worthwhile to visit!  

Yacht Charter Croatia Šibenik

“The most wonderful city in the whole wide world”, you will hear that a lot when you come and visit Split. Split has become the melting point and a good starting place for your charter, especially if you want to see the big islands, which are most visited throughout the summer season. Thanks to the Split airport, or should we say Trogir airport  and many marinas, some of them were built in the last couple years and are situated around the Split area, it is very easy to arrive at your destination and start your sailing trip. From Split, Trogir and Kastela you can set your course. Split is a much frequented place and quite busy during the high season. The peak of summer starts around July 15 th and it lasts until August the 15 th , so bear this in mind since you will find it a bit crowded. The reason for this is that from Split you can reach the islands of Brac, Solta, Hvar and Vis in 2h, depending on which Island you want to go first. Don’t worry you can see them all in 7 days of your  charter and if you wish you can sail around one Island and get to know the little island towns. All of the towns are beautiful in their own way. So just relax and start to enjoy your sailing days and the time on a boat. It’s a unique and memorable vacation and from our experience, you start to enjoy it form the moment you step on board. 7 days seems a lot time, but after a week you will realize how time flies even when you are just simply enjoying the wind, the landscape around you and your good company.  If you have more time s than just a week, take 2 weeks and sail all the way until Dubrovnik and come back to Split. The possibilities are endless. We will make you a route and you can be sure you will see all there is to see in South Dalmatia.

Yacht Charter Croatia Split

The town of Hvar on the Island of Hvar is the place to be. If you are looking for fun and culture and some more fun, well this will fulfill all of your desires. The Hula-Hula bar and its after beach party with its famous sunset is a really unique place for a beach party. Carpe Diem after beach parties are known worldwide, as well as the culinary offer in this beautiful town. The surroundings of Hvar are what make Hvar a very popular nautical destination. 3 nautical miles from the town of Hvar lays a group of Islands called the Paklinski islands.  The Paklinski islands have their own vibe with their crystal clear bays and a marina on the island of Palmizana, where you can berth the boat. There you can chill during the day and charge your batteries for the upcoming evening filled with new experiences and adventures and still be close to the town of Hvar. The city of Hvar lives practically 24 hours a day, so if you are a party animal, this is the place for you. Plan your visit to Hvar so you can come earlier in the afternoon to see the city by day and after enjoy it during the night. We know you will find your fun there. Let us know how it was! Of course this is not the only town on the island, more laidback towns and very interesting places to visit are Starigrad, Jelsa and Vrboska.  Starigrad is more alternative and a very beautiful since it was the first settlement back in the day when people were starting to populate the Island of Hvar. Jelsa is personally our favorite. With its position and the view of the mountain, it is a beautiful port to sail into. Vrboska is Croatia’s little Venice. Our advice is to put your sails up and sail from place to place and get to know these little towns on the Island of Hvar. Don’t hop from island to island, hop from town to town on and get to know one island better if you have the time.  

Yacht Charter Croatia Hvar

Marco? Polo? Surely you know this game! Well, it happens to be that the town of Korcula on the island of Korcula is the birth place of Marco Polo, the great sailor, who was hired by the Venetian Republic to discover a quicker way to China. Apart from his house you can see many interesting things in the old town of Korcula that looks like the smaller version of Dubrovnik. People like to say that Korcula is the small Dubrovnik. The town of Korcula is also surrounded by walls and it has the shape of a fish bone with a central square and a gothic church where you can climb up to the church tower and have a 360 degree view of the city an its surroundings. When you sail in to the marina or you decide to place the anchor around one of the dozens of small islands just 1 nautical mile from the town, go and visit the old town and you will enjoy the calm vibe, beautiful venues, old streets, small stone houses and palaces and restaurants. If you’re there on a Thursday, check out the performance called “Moreska”, it’s a traditional sword dance that local people perform, which dates back hundreds of years.   Make sure this island and the town of Korcula is on your itinerary during your sailing trip. It would be a shame to miss it if you are already sailing in that area. The marina is very small and only a limited number of boats can find their berth there. Be sure to arrive a bit earlier in the afternoon so that you don’t have a problem with mooring your yacht. If the marina is over-booked, sail 2-3 nautical miles to the town called Lumbarda, moor your boat and get the taxi to the town of Korcula, it’s a 10 minute drive. Especially during the high season it is very difficult to get a place and the most frequented days in Korcula are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Why? It’s because Korcula is in the middle of the way between Split and Dubrovnik. Both of them are a starting point for charters in Croatia and the boats meet here on those days.

Yacht Charter Croatia Korcula

With its beauty and its position, Dubrovnik claims the name “The Pearl of Croatia” and deserves it in every way. Many books were written about Dubrovnik. The history of Dubrovnik when it was still a republic is very rich and interesting.  Nautically Dubrovnik is a very attractive destination, especially if you want to start or end your trip there. One way options allow you to make the most out of your time and sail from Split to Dubrovnik or the other way around. Feel free to send us an inquiry. If your course is NW from Dubrovnik, in a couple of miles you will find yourself surrounded by three islands called the Elafiti islands. The Elafiti islands comprise of the islands of Kolocep , Lopud and Sipan. All three offer unique anchorages and remote places to walk around in the evening and check out their gastronomic offer, it would be perfect, if you have the time to visit them all sailing from one to another and take your time while doing it - easy and relaxed sailing. On the other hand, if you would like to spend your day looking at the old town of Dubrovnik just sail around the stunning walls of Dubrovnik and place your anchor on the SE side just around the Island of Lokrum where you will have the most beautiful view towards Dubrovnik. This view is absolutely one of a kind.

Yacht Charter Croatia Dubrovnik

The town of Rovinj is 50 km away from Pula by car. By sea you can get here quite fast, so take the time and spend at least one of your days in Croatia in Rovinj. Rovinj is absolutely worth your attention, especially when you are approaching Rovinj from the sea. It makes a huge difference when you are coming somewhere by car or by boat. That unique feeling of the wind and the waves splashing your boat on your entrance to the local marina, you will have a completely different view on Rovinj. When you get there, please, don’t rush, you have all the time in the world, you’re on vacation. Visit the local market, walk up to the highest point in Rovinj where you will find the beautiful church of St. Eufemija with its stunning murals. Take a seat at the bench or in a cafe and wait for the sunset to come. These are extraordinary experiences and something memorable to take home with you. Every day offers something new and unexpected, get lost in the streets of this coastal town and explore, look up, look left and right when you are walking through Rovinj and you will be amazed what you see. If you have bad weather, don’t worry. Visit the vineries which are not far from Rovinj and offer exquisite wine & dine experiences. Write us an email and we will recommend how you can make the most out of your day. 

Yacht Charter Croatia Rovinj

The town of Pula has an airport, so that makes it a good place to start your charter week. It is smaller in terms of marinas with a limited selection of boats but with lots of other things to offer. Pula is located in the Isria and Kvarner sailing area, which means you can either sail down south towards the islands of Mali Losinj, Susak, Cres, Unije or you can sail up the peninsula and visit coastal towns like Rovinj, Novigrad, Umag and all the way to Savudrija which is the last town before you enter Slovenia.  Pula has the most preserved amphitheater in this part of Europe. Make sure you get to see the mainland of Istria while you are there. Beautiful medieval small towns will blow your mind, as well as the Brijuni National Park, which was the summer residence of Tito, former president of Yugoslavia when Croatia was still part of that union before 1990. Brijuni is a one of kind place in Croatia. Different animals run all over the island and if you have the desire to play a game of golf, just let us know, we will make arrangements and you can play an 18 hole match with your sailing team. We are sure you won’t regret it, if you cannot exactly decide from which city to start or which sailing area to choose. We will advise you which boat or yacht to charter and if you need a skipper than we’ll choose one for you. So just hop on board to have sailing adventure of your life. Be sure that Pula and Istria are a part of your route! At the end let us know how it was? We want you to have the perfect sailing holiday in Croatia!

Yacht Charter Croatia Pula

Client reviews


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Mexico City, Mexico

I had the fortune of experiencing first hand how amazing Croatia can be and I couldn't...

Alexander Yim

What a magical Croatian trip we had with the Lighthouse Sailing! What a magical Croatian trip...

Ignacio & Beatriz Elvira

Cartagena, Colombia

Navegar por las azules aguas del Adriático, visitar algunas de sus islas con sus calas naturales...

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yacht charter kroatien pula

Yachtcharter Pula

The largest city with 75,000 inhabitants, situated on the peninsula has had a great past and invites the charters to dock here. The majority of the monuments in the old town date back to the Roman heyday in the first century.

One building in particular is very eye-catching. Right next to the ACI Marina behind Tito Park is the huge Amphitheater. It is reminiscent of the Colosseum in Rome and is the fifth largest Roman Theater in the world.

The impressive and well-preserved, although scooped facade gives the visitor an idea about the former importance of the construction force, which has a seating capacity for 2300 spectators.

Marina Pula

Yachtcharter Pula

In summer it is still being used for music and dance events. A large number of the local sailing and motor yachts are charter yachts. Pula is an ideal starting point for charter yachts with destination Croatian islands or Italy.

Yacht charter Pula

  • Tradition and history Pula

Information Marina Pula

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Marina Pula Map

Marina pula contact.

  • Yacht charter offers Pula

Tradition and History Pula

Tradition pula.

Also noteworthy is the Triumphal Arch of the Sergi family. It was built in the years 29-27 BC. Another masterpiece of architecture is the Temple of Augustus and the Chapel of the Basilica of St. Maria Formosa, which was created in 556 AD and comes up with precious mosaics. After seeing all these historic buildings one can deservedly sit in a cozy café in the town square and overlook the numerous Roman temple columns and fragments. The Town Hall itself was built in 1296 and is thus one of the older buildings in the city.

The port city of Pula is lays in a large bay and is very well protected from wind and weather through it having a peninsula and a breakwater. Being close to the Colosseum, the ACI Marina has all the facilities such as reception, restaurant, exchange office, sanitary facilities, 10 ton crane, parking, car rental, Port Authority and Customs office in the immediate vicinity. Your charter yacht can also be fuelled up directly next to the Marina.

A secure entrance to the main harbor can be found between the head of the breakwater (extension of Rt Kumpar) is marked by the green fire ( 3s6sm 9m) and the Rt Prostina, characterized by the red fire (Blz.r.3s 5sm 9m). Then heading directly for the southern tip of the little island Andrija, where you will find the green fire (Blz gn 2s 1sm 7m). The small island Andrija can be avoided both on the south side as well as on the north side. Here is the passage between the little island and the larger island of Katrina, which can be easily identified at night (two red and green lights show you the passage). For the subsequent passage another fire on the island Uljanik (Fl G 5s 7m 3M) leads you to the marina of Pula. After passing those fires with your yacht the marina will be in sight. In the dark please watch out for some of the unlit moored buoys. The speed limit in the harbor is 8 knots.

Geographical Position (44°52,6’ N 13°50’ E) Southwest coast of Istria ACI Marina Pula is located in the southeastern part of the city port.

Opening time All year round

Berths The marina has 213 berths, equipped with electricity and water supplies.

Transport Connection Road and railway traffic connects Pula with all Croatian cities. Pula Airport is just 5km from the center.

Distances: Trieste - 110km, Milan - 520km, Graz - 430 km, Vienna - 610 km, Munich - 630 km

Marina Veruda  

The Marina Veruda can be accessed quickly and easily and is a popular spot among sailors. Because of its location in the south of the Istrian peninsula, the islands of Rab, Cres, Mali Loinj, Krk, Susak, Silba and Unije can be reached in a short time. The marina has 635 berths at sea with the required number of power and water supplies for vessels up to 30m length. Moreover the Marina has over 300 parking spaces, three well-equipped and modern toilets, a laundry, a supermarket, bistro pizzeria, restaurant, nautical shop and a kiosk with international magazines. Before Veruda bay, a unique view opens, the Adriatic Sea in all its beauty, In the North the Istrian coast with its picturesque and historical places such as Rovinj, Vrsar and Poree.

Service Marina Pula

Reception, exchange office, restaurant, sanitary facilities (toilets and showers), repair shop, 10 t crane, parking lot and rent-a-car are available. The gas station is located on a small pier next to the marina. All other shopping facilities can be found in the city. Port and customs office are located in the immediate vicinity of the marina.

Marina Veruda

The marina has 635 berths at sea with the required number of power and water supplies for vessels up to 30m length. Moreover the Marina has over 300 parking spaces, three well-equipped and modern toilets, a laundry, a supermarket, bistro pizzeria, restaurant, nautical shop and a kiosk with international magazines

Badebucht Pula

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Marina Pula Riva 1 HR- 52100 Pula

Tel.: 052/219-142 Fax.: 052/211-850 E-Mail:  [email protected] VHF: 17

Haupthafenamt Pula Hafenamt - Zweigstelle Rovinj Tel./Fax.: 052/222-037 VHF: 10 und 16

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What to say about Dubrovnik that you haven't already heard. Dubrovnik is one of the most unique towns in the world which you have to see at least once in your lifetime. Dubrovnik old town is easily reachable from the Marina by bus...


On the southern edge of the Istrian peninsula, at the very end of the new highway you will find the quiet and relaxing Marina Puntica, Medulin. Right upon arrival, you will already feel you are on holiday...


A large Bay of Veruda is spreading out towards the south from the town, and this Bay has always been an ideal fishing port. Surrounded by the rich and still untouched Mediterranean vegetation, the Bay represented an ideal place for more and more demanding needs in tourism, that is why the new Marina was built up just here at this place: the door that opens for the whole Adriatic...


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  1. Studienfahrt Pula (Kroatien)


  1. Yacht Charter Pula Croatia

    The sailing conditions for yacht charters in Pula are excellent in the summer when there is often good wind and sunny weather. Pula wind systems include the daily north westerly mistral, which regularly creates breezes that reach between 10 and 25 knots. However the north easterly bura (bora) can also appear and needs more sailing experience.

  2. Vala Charter Pula: yacht charter Croatia

    Vala Charter Pula Croatia - Yacht charter, rent a boat . Vala charter Pula features years of experience in the charter. Our services include accommodation on board with or without skipper or crew, daily charter, support and delivery to the sea, sailing courses, from beginner to navigation courses, team building programs and special programs organized according to your requirements.

  3. Yacht Charter In Pula

    Start your yacht charter in Pula and witness an up-and-coming charter destination in the Croatian Adriatic sea. Thanks to its rich history, Pula has plenty to offer, in terms of culture and activities. The most notable residents of Pula were the Romans, who left behind a treasure-trove of architectural heritage, with the number one monument in ...

  4. Yacht charter in Veruda

    The marina Veruda, a Pitter yacht charter base, is located on the southern tip of Istria in a sheltered bay. The charter partner base from Yacht Charter Center guarantees very good service at fair prices and high-quality standards.The harbour in Pula is ideally suited for a sailing trip to the northern Adriatic, one of the most beautiful sailing estuaries of the Mediterranean.

  5. Pula Yacht Charters: Luxury Crewed Yachts

    During your next yacht charter in Croatia, anchor at Pula and experience some of its most beautiful sites: Cathedral of the Assumption. Located on the south side of Pula Bay, at the foothills of a 17th-century Venetian fort, the Cathedral of the Assumption is one of only two official seats of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Poreč and Pula.

  6. Pula Yacht Charter in Croatia

    Pula is a great base port town in Croatia to include in your Croatia luxury yacht charteritinerary. Pula lies along the northern region of Croatia, a popular yacht charter destination in the Mediterranean. It is popular for its magnificent roman ruins that include remnants of an ancient roman amphitheatre, which still stands as an imposing ...

  7. Yacht charter in Pula from Veruda

    The marina Veruda, a Pitter yacht charter base, is located on the southern tip of Istria in a sheltered bay. The charter partner base from Yacht Charter Center guarantees very good service at fair prices and high-quality standards.The harbour in Pula is ideally suited for a sailing trip to the northern Adriatic, one of the most beautiful sailing estuaries of the Mediterranean.

  8. Yacht charter & boat hire in pula

    Veruda Marina. The biggest marina in Pula, this is also the best equipped. Several yacht charter companies work into this marina, offering boats including catamaran, sailboat, motor yacht and motorboat rental. List of additional services: Electricity, Water, WiFi, Fuel, Laundry, Garbage waste collection, Liquid waste collection, Dressing Rooms ...

  9. Yacht Charter Pula Croatia

    Yacht Charter Destination Pula with charter bases and available boats for rent. Navigation Menu. Find a Yacht. Sailboats; Catamarans; Motor Boats & Yachts; Power Catamarans; ... Pula, Croatia. Year 2013. Berths 6 + 1. Cabins 3. WC 2. Length 12.35 m. Engine x 1 38 hp. 30 Mar - 06 Apr 2024. € 1.300 € 880-19%. Id: 406. 72h FREE cancellation.

  10. Yacht Charter Pula I Sailing Holidays in Croatia

    Pula, situated on the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia, is a captivating yacht charter destination that offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and modern amenities. Boasting a rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and a thriving maritime scene, Pula has become a sought-after location for those seeking an unforgettable yachting ...

  11. Yacht charters & boat rental in pula

    Yacht charter & boat rental in pula at the best price, +45,000 Boats worldwide. Boat rental with/without a captain from $50+/day for a day/week or more! ... Yacht Charter Greece. Yacht Charter Croatia. Yacht Charter France. Yacht Charter Italy. Yacht Charter Spain. Yacht Charter British Virgin Islands.

  12. Yacht charter Pula & Boat rental at the best price

    The best time for a yacht charter in Pula, Croatia is between the months of May and October, where the temperature rarely goes below 20°C. The hottest months are July and August, where temperatures range from 20°C to 30°C. This is a great time for a Pula boat hire with calm seas and warm breezes. However, this is also the busiest and most ...

  13. Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals in Croatia & worldwide

    As Croatia specialist, we offer you more than 350 well equipped and maintained yachts, on 15, geographically ideally distributed bases, along the beautiful coastline from Pula to Split. Best advice and personal contact

  14. Rent a boat Pula exclusively tailored to your needs

    Yacht charter Pula: rent a boat in Pula! Day 1. Pula - Rovinj 32.45 km (20, 17 mi ... Tel: +44 20 3769 3987 | Email: [email protected] | Yacht charter in the Mediterranean: Yacht charter Croatia, Yacht charter Greece, Yacht charter Italy, Yacht charter Spain, Yacht charter Balearics Yacht charter in the Caribbean: Yacht charter BVI, Yacht ...

  15. Yacht Charter Croatia

    The best time to visit Croatia is between May and October, with the peak season being between June and mid-September. The climate in Croatia is Mediterranean, with warm, dry summer days and temperatures between 75°F and 80°F along the coast. Low season can provide great sailing weather in Croatia with temperatures in the low 70ºF in May and ...

  16. Sailing In Pula

    Optional extras payable at spot. Skipper 150-200€/day. Hostess 150-180€ per day. Paddle Board 100€/week. Safety net 50€. Renting a private catamaran or sailing yacht charter in Pula for a week is your ultimate opportunity to experience hidden gems of northern Croatia.

  17. Sailing Croatia from Pula

    Ultra yacht charter base in Pula provides professional rental service and full support for sailboats or catamarans as a fleet operator with experience. ... But in the Roman Imperial period (1st - 3rd centuries) the greatest classical monuments in Croatia were built in Pula. The most magnificent and surely central classical monument is the ...

  18. Hire a Yacht in Pula

    Pula Yacht Charter Search. More filters. 1 ... The entirely preserved limestone structure, stands as a symbol of the city, and a pride of Croatia, so much so, that the Arena in Pula is depicted at the back of the 10 Kuna (Croatian currency) banknotes. Other structures in the city include the grand temple of Augustus which is all the more reason ...

  19. Yacht Charter Boat Rental in Istria

    Yacht Charter and Boat Rental - Croatia, Istria, Pula, Rovinj. Call us: +421911861125. Home; Motor boats. Atlantic Marine 730 Sundeck 250HP; Atlantic 7.5m Open 250HP 12 pax; ... Istria Boats is your PREMIER source for Motorboat Rentals & Motor yacht Charter in Croatia - Istria, ...

  20. Yacht Charter Croatia Pula Region

    Yacht Charter Croatia Pula The city of Pula is easy to reach and a popular yacht charter destination among sailors. Sailors can start their yacht charter in Pula at the ACI Marina Pula , which is situated in the heart of the city or you can embark in Veruda

  21. Yacht Charter Croatia

    After more than 10 years of practical nautical experience with all types of charter boats on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia and many different clients from all over the world, we decided to convert a vast experience into superior yacht charter service. Experience in yacht charter, sailing, knowledge of local people, places and customs set us apart ...

  22. Yachtcharter Pula

    The sail tip for all sailing enthusiasts and yacht charter in Pula. +49 (0) 8267 960703 | [email protected]. Yacht Charter Croatia - Come and sail with us! Sprache: Kroatien Englisch ... Motor Yacht Charter; Croatia. Sailing license. Die Ausbildung für den Erwerb des Küstenschifffahrtspatentes und des Sprechfunkzeugnisses See ist ganz ...

  23. AYC Croatia

    For 2019 we have increased our fleet with brand new 2019 yachts. Medulin/Marina Puntica Dufour 430 Grand Large - LEVAN Kastela/Marina Kastela Lagoon 40 - ADRIANA Dufour 430 Grand Large - FENERA Dubrovnik/ACI Dubrovnik Dufour 430 Grand Large - MARLERA. Rent a yacht for an unforgettable experience of the Adriatic coast.