Tiger Woods' Yacht: What's the Name, Size and Cost?

Public details about the golfer's boat named 'Privacy'

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Most people know two things about Tiger Woods' yacht: It's big, and it is named Privacy . As you would expect from someone who names his boat Privacy , Woods has never revealed much information about his yacht. But we can put together a profile of the yacht based on other sources of public information about it.

How Big Is Woods' Yacht?

There are some basics about the Woods' yacht that are known to be true. For example, it's 155 feet long. That's a big boat for an individual owner, but it's nowhere near the size of the biggest yachts on the seas (which top 500 feet in length), and it's not even the biggest yacht owned by a golfer: Greg Norman has a yacht that is nearly 230 feet in length.

But hey, give him a break: Woods purchased the boat in 2004. He can always get a new one if a 155-foot, 2004-vintage yacht starts to feel a little cramped in size.

How Much Woods' Boat Cost to Buy

Woods bought his yacht from Christensen Shipyards in Vancouver, Wash., for a reported $20 million. According to Power and Motor Yacht magazine, Tiger's yacht is a "155 Trideck Motor Yacht known as Hull 026."

(Ironically, the shipbuilders of Woods' Privacy allegedly violated the golfer's privacy, according to a subsequent lawsuit that Woods filed against Christensen. Woods claimed in his suit that the shipbuilders, contrary to agreement, used Woods' name and photos to promote their business. MSNBC.com reported in 2006 that the suit was settled in Woods' favor for $1.6 million.)

Woods took delivery of his yacht in time for his wedding to Elin Nordegren in 2004; the couple spent their wedding night aboard the Privacy . The Palm Beach Post has reported that it was Nordegren, prior to the wedding, who made most of the interior decorating choices for the boat.

Tiger's yacht is docked at a marina in North Palm Beach, Fla. (It is believed that Tiger Woods' house in Jupiter Island, Fla., has enough room on its Intracoastal Waterway frontage to berth Woods' yacht, although, as far as we know, Woods has never docked it there.)

Amenities, Crew and More Details About Woods' Yacht

Power and Motor Yacht magazine has reported that the Privacy has a 12,000-gallon fuel tank that will take the boat 4,000 miles, with a top speed of 17 knots.

The yacht is reported to have 6,500 square feet of living and work space and a capacity to sleep up to 21 people in a master suite and five guest rooms. It includes, according to various sources, a gym and theater, and carries multiple watercraft such as jet skis. It takes a crew of nine to operate.

People magazine has reported of Woods' yacht that it "offers all the comforts of home and then some: a 2,000-gallon water tank, five guestrooms, a Jacuzzi, a gym, an elevator, a sky-lounge bar, a walk-in refrigerator, a deck dining area that seats 12, and two built-in wall safes."

That's a nice boat!

Tiger's Other Boat: The Solitude

Woods also owns another boat, a 61-footer named Solitude . The Solitude is a dive boat: a boat scuba diving enthusiasts use to to get out to their diving destinations. It's not a yacht, in other words, but it's a good guess that as dive boats go the Solitude is a mighty fine one. It was custom built, according to People Magazine , for a cost of from $2 million to $3 million, by a company named Garlington Landeweer Marine. According to the magazine, the Solitude is docked at Pirate’s Cove Resort & Marina, about 10 minutes from Woods' estate in Jupiter Island, Fla.

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Tiger Woods Yacht: Everything You Want To Know

Ian Fortey

Tiger Woods is one of only three professional athletes in the world who has achieved billionaire status alongside LeBron James and Michael Jordan. As you can imagine, with that kind of cash comes the ability to buy a very nice boat and in 2004 he shelled out for an impressive toy. He purchased the yacht with his ex-wife just before their 2004 wedding and they apparently spent their wedding night on board, so it was something of a wedding gift to themselves. 

What’s the Name of Tiger Woods’ Yacht?

tiger woods yacht brand

Woods chose to name his yacht Privacy, and you may know the story behind that one to a greater or lesser degree. When the yacht was commissioned back in 2004, Woods actually ended up suing the yacht maker Christensen. The company, at the time a fairly well known and reliable shipyard, had been using Wood’s name and images of the yacht and Woods himself in their promotional materials. So, basically, trying to get business off of his name and the work they did for him.

Woods sued the company and by 2006 the case was settled out of court. The yacht makers had nothing to say on the record regarding the case, the yacht or Woods after that.

In addition to this scandal, Woods has been constantly in the eye of the media and the paparazzi for most of his career, including some well known scandals that happened even after he bought the yacht, so the Privacy name was well chosen. 

How Big is Tiger Woods Yacht?

tiger woods yacht brand

Tiger Woods’ yacht is a respectable 155 feet in length with a 29.5 foot beam. It features three decks and while it’s nowhere near one of the largest yachts in the world , it’s actually one of the biggest celebrity-owned yachts on the water. Most of the larger vessels out there are owned by industrialists, royalty and other titans in the business world. 

How Fast is Tiger Woods Yacht?

Word is that Privacy has a cruising speed of about 16 knots with a top speed of 18 knots. Not a speed demon by any means, but no one buys a 155-foot long yacht for racing. It’s powered by two 1,800-horsepower MTU engines and features a 12,000 gallon fuel tank. The yacht has a range of 4,000 nautical miles. 

How Much Did Tiger Woods’ Yacht Cost?

In 2004, Woods is said to have dropped about $20 million on his super yacht. Again, not nearly the most expensive yacht in the world but clearly quite an expensive vessel in its own right. Because it’s such a large vessel it requires a crew of 9 to keep it operating. That, along with the fuel costs for that big 12,000 gallon tank and various other costs of operation means it costs Woods an additional $2 million or so per year to keep the boat running. 

What’s the Interior of Tiger Woods Yacht Like?

With a name like Privacy it’s no surprise that there aren’t a ton of details about Woods’ yacht but, that said, it’s been nearly 20 years so it’s been around long enough that we do know a good deal of what’s going on inside the ship. He once gave the Golf Channel a tour and they were able to snap some still images that give an idea of what it’s like inside which you can check out in the video above.

The boat was designed to accommodate up to 10 guests in 5 staterooms. There’s an additional four cabins that can handle the crew members. The VIP stateroom is aft and there are two queen size cabin amidships as well as a twin cabin. All told there’s said to be about 6,500 square feet of living space on board. The upper deck of the vessel is also an observation deck for those looking to just relax and enjoy the view. 

tiger woods yacht brand

Woods has been known to live on the yacht when he’s golfing, rather than staying at hotels like some other golfers. He first lived on board during the 2006 US Open at Winged Foot Golf Club. Later, he was aboard Privacy during the 2018 US Open at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club on Long Island in New York, and then again during the 2019 PGA Championship.

tiger woods yacht brand

There’s a gym as you’d probably expect for the yacht of an athlete. It’s said to house a treadmill, exercise bike, and free weights. There’s also a jacuzzi tub big enough for eight people at a time. In addition, there’s a movie theater on board as well as a well-stocked bar.

The dining area is large and opulent, as you’d expect, and there is room for 12 guests to enjoy a meal. With so many people eating you’d need a well-stocked kitchen and it seems like the yacht has a walk-in fridge in the galley so there’s little worry about not having enough on board to keep everyone fed.

tiger woods yacht brand

When it comes to having fun, the yacht has a few water toys available for Woods and his guests. There are three jet skis on board as well as a pair of ocean kayaks. When you reach land there are even two Vespa scooters you can take out. There’s also scuba gear and apparently an entire decompression chamber. You can also fill up the air tanks on board as well.

As for the finer details, that stuff is still kind of up in the air as Woods has not let many people on board to photograph anything in the years he’s owned the vessel. Some of those who have been aboard describe the interior as being pretty classical as far as yachts go. Features are done in cherry woodwork and there’s supposed to be a staircase connecting the three decks with transparent steps and a cherry handrail. Of course, if you’re not inclined to be doing any stair climbing on a yacht, there’s an elevator on board as well.

tiger woods yacht brand

The main floor is designed with an open concept to take advantage of the flow of the whole vessel and, of course, ensure that passengers get to enjoy the most of not just the features but the views while they’re out on the water.

Alongside that 12,000 gallon fuel tank, there’s a 2,000 gallon water tank to keep freshwater on board for crew and passengers. Two 99-kilowatt Northern Lights generators provide electrical power to keep the lights on for everyone.

Details on any security features are definitely scant, but it’s been said there are at least two safes on board for passengers to store valuables if need be. 

What is the Solitude?

You may have heard that Woods has a boat named Solitude as opposed to Privacy. Well, as far as we can tell, he owns both. Solitude was purchased back in 2010 and the rumored price was $3 million. Solitude was bought as a dive boat as opposed to a luxury yacht that Woods planned to be living on while he’s golfing in coastal cities. 

As we mentioned above, the Privacy has a decompression chamber, scuba gear and more scuba-related amenities. Woods is an avid scuba diver as was his ex-wife. He even learned free-diving and spearfishing. The dive boat seems to have been purchased to more specifically focus on the hobby for his ex, with whom he is still friends.

The Bottom Line

Tiger Woods’ yacht called Privacy cost him around $20 million back in 2004. It’s a 155-foot vessel with room for 10 passengers and 9 crew including an interior VIP stateroom. It features a good deal of fun water toys like Sea Doos, two ocean kayaks, and scuba gear for the scuba diving fans, as well as a full twin cabin gym, a jacuzzi, a sweeping staircase, and more. Woods still makes frequent use of the yacht and even lives on board when he’s working various golf tours and opens.

' src=

My grandfather first took me fishing when I was too young to actually hold up a rod on my own. As an avid camper, hiker, and nature enthusiast I'm always looking for a new adventure.

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Tiger Woods Docks $20m Yacht Ahead Of USPGA Championship

The 15-time Major winner will likely be spending his time off the course during the USPGA Championship on his $20m superyacht

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Tiger Woods Docks $20m Yacht

Tiger Woods ' yacht is docked up in New York ahead of the USPGA Championship in a couple of weeks.

Woods docked it in the Hamptons last year for the US Open at Shinnecock Hills and it looks like he is once again going to stay on his boat during a Major.

The 155ft-long yacht is where Woods will spend his time away from the course during the tournament week as he attempts to win his 16th Major.

His yacht, or "dinghy" as he referred to it during last year's US Open, was spotted on MarineTracker.com in Oyster Bay, some 12 miles from Bethpage.

Bethpage State Park in Long Island, New York hosts the tournament on its Black Course, which will be hosting its third Major after the 2002 and 2009 US Opens.

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Woods' yacht is named 'Privacy' and it is where he and ex-wife Elin Nordegren spent their wedding night back in 2004.

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He reportedly bought it for Elin who gave it back during the couples’ divorce settlement in 2010 due to its $2m per-year upkeep.

The 6,500 square foot vessel features a 2,000 gallon water tank, five guestrooms, a jacuzzi, a gym, a lift, a sky-lounge bar, a walk-in fridge, a deck dining area and two built-in wall safes, according to  People Magazine .

It has hosted the likes of Michael Jordan, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey.

Tiger Woods makes his first start since his Masters victory at the USPGA Championship.

Woods' Privacy yacht isn't the biggest yacht owned by a golfer - Greg Norman comfortably trumps Tiger in that department.

The former world number one and two-time Open champion owns a huge yacht named 'Aussie Rules' which he helped design and reportedly spent $70m on.

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Inside Tiger Woods’ Yacht

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For all the latest golf news, check the Golf Monthly website and follow our social media channels

Elliott Heath is our News Editor and has been with Golf Monthly since early 2016 after graduating with a degree in Sports Journalism. He manages the Golf Monthly news team as well as our large Facebook , Twitter and Instagram pages. He covered the 2022 Masters from Augusta National as well as five Open Championships on-site including the 150th at St Andrews. His first Open was in 2017 at Royal Birkdale, when he walked inside the ropes with Jordan Spieth during the Texan's memorable Claret Jug triumph. He has played 35 of our Top 100 golf courses, with his favourites being both Sunningdales, Woodhall Spa, Western Gailes, Old Head and Turnberry. He has been obsessed with the sport since the age of 8 and currently plays off of a six handicap. His golfing highlights are making albatross on the 9th hole on the Hotchkin Course at Woodhall Spa, shooting an under-par round, playing in the Aramco Team Series on the Ladies European Tour and making his one and only hole-in-one at the age of 15 - a long time ago now!

Elliott is currently playing:

Driver: Titleist TSR4

3 wood: Titleist TSi2

Hybrids: Titleist 816 H1

Irons: Mizuno MP5 5-PW

Wedges: Cleveland RTX ZipCore 50, 54, 58

Putter: Odyssey White Hot OG #5

Ball: Srixon Z Star XV

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Olivia Lee has become the first female to win the historic Peter McEvoy Trophy.

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Inside Privacy: Tiger Woods' $20 Million Yacht

Tiger Woods sails in style in his ultra-luxurious yacht Privacy.

Quick Links

It's all in the name, and it's all in tiger’s game, spending big on luxury, the yacht’s maintenance cost.

Tiger Woods has been living life in his very own 'heaven-on-earth' yacht, named Privacy, during the U.S open. Docked near the Shinnecock Hills in New York, Woods chose the more convenient yet costly approach to steer clear of the horrendous traffic golfers encounter on their way to the game. Privacy has affluently given in Five staterooms for guests, four rooms for the crew, a gym, an eight-person hot tub, kayaks, scooters, and whatnot. This absurdly large and exotically expensive watercraft has been one of Tiger’s most significant investments . Besides traveling to the Bahamas for the Hero World Challenge, Tiger has taken this lump-some beauty in many different locations.

The Privacy yacht of Tiger Woods has a palatial prominence in the large luxury club of big boats. One must be aware of Privacy’s multifaceted facilities and amenities it tags along with for Woods and his ventures.

Privacy, as what Tiger titled the mega 55 million dollar custom-built watercraft he owns, was kept that name so he could keep his personal life relatively private. Emerging a website for the same, Tiger Woods and his alleged affairs and life have always been a private game for the world.

This 100-footer has been crafted and modeled after James Bond’s submarines and was made very clear about his prime-time derived inspiration. Woods’ Privacy yacht is no less than luxury on the water for a capacity of more than one person’s needs with its crew pack of nine members, a three-person-elevator, and an eight-person jacuzzi fitting. The yacht inhibits a travel speed of approximately 17 knots, making the watercraft an excellent choice of Woods, eschewing away the road traffic.

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This commodious 47-meter creation also covers a large bar, a station to fill scuba tanks, and an inflatable decompression chamber, making it plush and posh for the up-market. The cherry woodwork has beautifully encompassed the interiors of this big boat with a VIP stateroom aft and two queen-size cabins amidship and a twin cabin, making ample room for Woods and his frequent tour buddies, as rightly mentioned in USA today .

The workout room has been converted into the fitness space from the lush cabin it originally was crafted as. Tiger’s workout necessitates a treadmill, exercise bike, and free weights being ornately equipped in the arena. The transparent stairs and a cherry handrail add the oomph to the yacht from an aesthetic point of view.

Tiger’s open floor plan entails a main living area with only a single divider between the saloon and the dining room. The functionalities cost up to 2 million dollars a year to operate smoothly. Tiger, the highest-paid athlete's yacht, is a trifold fiberglass motor yacht with a numbing 9-meter beam up in the roar. The motor force on the yacht derives from a pair of 1,800 hp MTU/Detroit Diesel motors, while two 99 kilowatt Northern Lights generators providing electrical power are the substantial swanking components.

Tiger Woods’ yacht can carry three SeaDoos, two ocean kayaks, and two Vespa scooters, and that’s not all it. This massive boat can hold up to a whopping 12,000 gallons of gas. Powered by twin 1800-horsepower, the type of fuel aggravates the support the best of this booming boat craft, as stated in the Yacht Harbour .

The golf player surely doesn’t face costing issues for his water mansion. Privacy costs around 2,40,000 dollars per week which count up to 1.6 million dollars gushing in water, technically per year. Wood’s numbers plummet quite a bit if the boat's utility has extended periods.

Tiger’s net worth pulls all strings to maintain such a luxury lifestyle with the Privacy boat, as he’s made more than 100 million dollars single-handedly during his career. Residing his heart near the boundless beauty, Antigua - right on a beach with his own beautiful home, thus privacy is safe, secured, and un-stowed when he’s not using it.

The 14-time major champion in golf with a net worth of approximately $700 million has a stunner crew for this super-boat. The ship’s operating budget floats around for the yacht maintenance and crew member salaries - two-thirds of operating expenses, excluding the benefits. The shining nine members help the boat afloat and manage the supplies, food, and other miscellaneous costs such as paying off fines imparted on by authorities - which also takes away one-third of the cost as revealed in Wheels inquirer .

Being an ultimate lump of luxury on the water, Privacy has not failed to shock and surprise us with the available amenities and provisions for Tiger and his ventures.

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Sources - USA today , Wheels inquirer , Yacht Harbour

tiger woods yacht brand

How Can Fans Finally See Tiger Woods’ $20 Million Dream Yacht at the 2023 Hero World Challenge?

W ith every passing day, the excitement for the upcoming Hero World Challenge multiplies tenfold. The much-awaited event featuring the comeback of the legendary golfer, Tiger Woods , has the entirety of the golf world on its toes. However, to add more spice to the tiger’s return to the golf den, there is one more intriguing addition!

The fans could possibly get a glimpse of the 15X major champion’s favorite luxury yacht, Privacy . In all seriousness, we are here to help all the Woods fans play their cards right and catch a glimpse of the one-of-a-kind yacht. Let’s explore the intricacies of a possible sighting of Tiger Woods’s $20 million yacht at the 2023 Hero World Challenge.

Among the many burning questions that have arisen so far, this one is regarding the possibility of them stealing a glimpse of the famous 6,500-square-foot masterpiece. Interestingly, the fans will be blessed with a glimpse of Privacy if they wish to, and they will be able to spot the masterpiece if they rent a boat and go on a tour in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas is the place where Tiger’s masterpiece was parked for years. The luxurious experience of this sighting would definitely come at a massive price. However, the experience of sighting the GOAT on course after his prolonged hiatus will surely get more interesting with the sighting of his yacht. Thankfully, the privacy policy at the docks does not restrict the fans from seeing the yacht.

The fans have been waiting eagerly for the 5X Masters winner’s return to the course. Now that it is near, the fans and the entire golf community are having a hard time containing their excitement. With the possibility of seeing the golfer’s yacht, and seeing him play, the 2023 Hero World Challenge will surely be a good one this year.

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Why is Albany Golf Club a great place for Woods’ comeback?

Golf world’s GOAT is set to make a spectacular comeback at the end of this month . The event is being hosted at the Albany Golf Club . This is a sigh of relief for the fans as it follows his almost eight-month-long hiatus. The aforementioned golf course is the perfect location for the golf great’s roaring comeback.

This is because the famous golf course was designed by Woods himself, and it allegedly gives him a certain edge as compared to other golfers. Not only it is a great comeback course, but also a great one for sighting of his $20 million dreamy yacht. What do you think about Tiger Woods’s beloved yacht? Share your views in the comments section below.

Watch This Story | Inspired by Tiger Woods’ Billion Dollar Switch Up 6x LPGA Tour Champion Praises the 3640000000 Giant for a Proud Centurial Triumph in the Sport

How Can Fans Finally See Tiger Woods’ $20 Million Dream Yacht at the 2023 Hero World Challenge?

tiger woods yacht brand

Besides Owning a $20M Superyacht, Tiger Woods Has a Secretive Boat Named ‘Solitude,’ Bought for a Special Reason

tiger woods yacht brand

RIDGEDALE, MISSOURI – SEPTEMBER 22: Tiger Woods of the United States looks on from the range prior to the Payne?s Valley Cup on September 22, 2020 on the Payne?s Valley course at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images for Payne?s Valley Cup)

The legendary golfer Tiger Woods is one of the highest-paid athletes. Buying expensive things is not a big deal for him. According to Forbes, since he turned pro in 1996, the former number one has amassed a net worth of 1 billion dollars. Even though he has had many ups and downs in his personal and professional life, he is still one of the highest-paid golfers in the world.

America’s Favorite Video Today

His great fortune has allowed him to own expensive things which will blow your mind. The pro golfer owns a yacht named ‘The Privacy’. He paid a whopping $25 million for it in 2004. However, he owns another boat named ‘Solitude.’ Now the question arises; why has Woods bought another yacht? What is the reason behind it? Let’s find out the details.


Article continues below this ad

What Tiger Woods purchased Solitude?

According to sources, the marriage between Woods and Elin Nordegren was struggling to survive in 2010. However, after facing difficulties in his married life, the golfer was looking forward to something in February 2010. It was a new dive boat specially designed to cater to the needs of Woods’ wife, Elin. The golfer named the ship ‘Solitude’. A source told ‘People,’  “Solitude is a dive boat designed for Elin, who loves the sport.”  

tiger woods yacht brand

MONTREAL, QC – SEPTEMBER 26: Tiger Woods of the U.S. Team walks with his wife Elin Woods during the opening ceremonies prior to the start of The Presidents Cup at The Royal Montreal Golf Club on September 26, 2007 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

The specially customized boat of the legendary golfer was built by Garlington Landeweer Marine company. The boat, a.k.a. “The Solitude,” is a dive boat generally used by divers. The 15-times major championship winner paid $3 million for “Solitude”.

tiger woods yacht brand

‘He’s a Cheater’: Fans Rip Apart Wyndham Clark as Controversial Visuals Arise From THE PLAYERS Championship

March 18, 2024 07:00 PM EDT

tiger woods yacht brand

“[PGA] Tour Is Very Controlling”: Legend, Notorious for His ‘Bad Boy’ Image, Makes a Baffling Confession

March 20, 2024 07:02 PM EDT

tiger woods yacht brand

PGA Tour’s Tragic TV Ratings Sink to ‘Historic’ Low as Scottie Scheffler’s $4,500,000 Efforts Prove Futile

March 21, 2024 03:07 AM EDT

tiger woods yacht brand

5 Biggest Names Sitting Out of the 2024 Valspar Championship

March 18, 2024 10:00 PM EDT

tiger woods yacht brand

LIV Golf Merger to Suffer Devastating Delay as Tiger Woods & Al-Rumayyan Fail to Save the Day, Per Reports

March 21, 2024 12:37 AM EDT

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tiger woods yacht brand

After Their 13 Year Relationship, Tiger Woods’ ‘Slave’ Treatment Was Shockingly Exposed by His Long-Time Caddie in His 2015 Autobiography

Fans might not be aware, but the golfer is known for his diving skills and often indulged in diving with his ex-wife, Elin. Another unknown fact about the pro is that he is interested in spearfishing. The PGA member learned free-diving to pursue his passion for spearfishing without an air tank.

Do the former couple talk to each other?

Tiger Woods and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren are now friends , as reported by ‘People’ in 2018. According to sources, the former couple is now closer than they ever were during their marriage. Their friendship is on good terms, mainly because they never wanted their kids, Charlie and Sam, to face any issues due to their split. Therefore, they decided to be friends and are going strong, sharing custody of their kids.

Watch this story- 5 Ridiculously Expensive Things Owned by Billionaire Tiger Woods

What are your thoughts about Woods’ grand gesture to his former wife? Let us know in the comments.

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tiger woods yacht brand


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Tiger Woods may no longer be wearing the Swoosh on the golf course, but he’ll still be in “Sun Day Red.”

At an event Monday evening near Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles, where Woods will make his return to the PGA Tour later this week, the 15-time major winner unveiled his new clothing brand, Sun Day Red. With the new brand also comes a new logo that depicts a tiger jumping, replacing the “TW” logo Woods used most of his career.

The announcement comes less than a month after Woods and Nike announced an end to their 27-year partnership , leaving Woods searching for a clothing sponsorship for the first time in his career.

It started with a passion. The passion of competing. Of competing against ourselves. The field. The course. Life. Out of that passion, @SunDayRed rises.   Start your journey with us: https://t.co/MOv7rk5dYT pic.twitter.com/3aQWBHhIci — Tiger Woods (@TigerWoods) February 13, 2024

He didn’t venture far from home, as Sun Day Red was created in partnership with TaylorMade, which has been Woods’ golf club sponsor since 2017, shortly after Nike exited the hard goods market. Sun Day Red, however, will stand alone as a separate business unit from the larger company.

A press release called it “the start of a new chapter in the Tiger Woods saga.”

“I have learned so much over the years and have a lifetime of experience adjusting my apparel and footwear to help me play better based on the way it was constructed,” Woods said in the release. “There are things that I could tell you that no one knew I was doing over the years. I’m ready to share those secrets with the world. Sun Day Red will embody a love of playing and competing, and we are for people that share those values, whether it’s on the course, or in life. We will be anchored to putting the athlete first in the product decisions we make.”

The brand’s name comes from Woods’ tradition of wearing a red polo on the final day of a tournament — his mother told him it was a power color — but the phrase “Sunday Red” was strategically broken up into three words. At the launch party on Monday, TaylorMade CEO David Abeles said Woods turned his attention to the “Rule of Threes” and how there is “power in threes” during the creation of the new company.

tiger woods' sun day red gloves and gear

The logo is also a nod to Woods’ 15 major titles (the second-most all-time) as the tiger features 15 stripes. Although Woods and Abeles confirmed that if Woods wins another major, they will redesign the logo to add another stripe.

Sun Day Red markets itself as a “premium active lifestyle brand,” with full apparel and footwear lines as well as luxury logo tees, fleece and hats for everyday wear. According to the release, each piece incorporates specific requests from Woods, including enhanced shoulder seaming that promotes full motion and unrestricted swings, two-way zippers and pocket seaming that eliminates bulking, plus collars and cuffs precisely designed and measured for optimum performance.

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While Woods will begin wearing Sun Day Red at this week’s Genesis Invitational, a tournament run by his foundation in which he doubles as tournament host, the brand will officially launch on May 1 and be available on sundayred.com .

Woods’ future after Nike was  the subject of rumors  since December, and while the partnership with Woods ended, many of Nike’s other stars — like World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler, Rory McIlroy and Nelly Korda — continue to wear the brand in competition.

At the PNC Championship late last year,  Woods deadpanned questions  regarding his future with Nike, offering only that he was “still wearing their product.”

tiger woods' sun day red golf shoes

Rumblings of the collaboration with TaylorMade , which was spun off from sportswear giant Adidas in 2017, picked up steam last month when trademark filings by TaylorMade Lifestyle Ventures for the Sunday Red name and logo showed up on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website.

Then came a series of cryptic tweets from Woods this past week, teasing Monday’s announcement. The second of which on Saturday showed Woods’ glove hand donning the new Sunday Red Logo on the velcro strap.

Woods is making his first PGA Tour start of 2024 this week as he hosts the Genesis Invitational. It’s also his first official PGA Tour event since he withdrew during the third round of last year’s Masters and subsequently underwent ankle surgery .

He played his first competitive events since the surgery in December at his own unofficial Hero World Challenge , where he finished 18th out of the 20-man field. Woods and Charlie then tied for 5th at the PNC Championship later in December.

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Tiger Woods’ Yacht [$20 million] Privacy: Photos, length, tour


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Tiger Woods Yacht: Tiger Woods’ whole life might be an interesting story in itself. But, in this article, we’re going to be looking at just a part of it – the incredible Tiger Woods Yacht. 

We’ll be taking a look into Tiger’s Privacy. Yes, that’s what he named his very first yacht. 

Stick with us as we dig more on the beloved boat baby I mean Tiger Woods Yacht.

Let’s get started…

When did Tiger Woods buy Privacy?

Tiger Woods Yacht

  • Tiger Woods Net Worth
  • Tiger Woods Biography

Tiger Woods Yacht

Woods bought Privacy right before his wedding in 2004. 

He even made sure it was delivered on the day of his marriage to Elin Nordegren.

So they could spend their first night together in Privacy… so to speak

Ain’t that romantic?

Tiger Woods Yacht is 155 ft!

Yes, Privacy is one huge yacht. 

Tiger Woods Yacht stretches out to a whopping 155 feet in length! 

Here’s the kicker… 

..it also consists of three floors: the main deck, the second floor, and the observation deck on the third floor.

Inside Tiger Woods Privacy

Curious about what amenities this yacht offers? 

Well, now you can check out these extraordinary facilities on Privacy, with Bounce Mojo.

Inside Tiger Woods Yacht

Want to eat peacefully on the Tiger Boat? 

Then, you’ll want to check out this cozy 12-seater dining area (with a fancy counter), that’s gonna give you all the peace and serenity you need while eating. 

Aside from that, it also has a walk-in refrigerator that means you can chill your wine and caviar easily. 

Tiger Woods Yacht Dining Area

If it’s the chill zone you wanna see, take a gander at this yacht’s enormous deck bar! 

If it’s wine or beer you’re after (whichever mood you’re in – we got you covered on the Tiger Woods Yacht), then this area could be your favorite spot. 

Going up a floor is also made so much more convenient with the yacht’s elevator that can fit up to three persons for your little menage a trois.

Tiger Woods Yacht Bedroom

Did you know that Tiger Woods Yacht Privacy has its own four bedrooms – fitting up to a total of twenty-one people?

Time to partaayyy dude.

Privacy has four extra cabins for his crew, four other bedrooms, and a master suite. 

Yup, a master bedroom – see the picture above…

… providing you with all the comfort of home (see our article on his house right here) while sailing the high seas.

Tiger Woods Yacht Pool

This is the outdoor jacuzzi of his huge yacht, which can accommodate up to eight people – fun. 

Tiger Woods Yacht Living Area

And of course, the living area. The place where the host and his guests can enjoy some chillaxed chitchats while sailing. 

… if you’d prefer to watch a movie in a proper theater…

Fear not, for Tiger has you covered.

The boat also has its own home theater where guests can watch a movie or two while onboard.

Tiger Woods Yacht Gym

Why would Tiger forget the gym area, huh? 

So, if you need to shed some caviar calories from your dinner while you’re on Tiger Woods Yacht, you can just hit the gym (with quite a view I might add)… 

It is also fully-equipped, which means you won’t have to worry about that specific piece of equipment you normally use – for it’s literally all here.

So, if you need to shed some caviar calories from your dinner while you’re on Tiger’s yacht, you can just hit the gym (with quite a view I might add)… 

Tiger Woods Yacht

It just oozes luxury and elegance, right?

How much is Tiger Woods Yacht?

Tiger Woods Yacht

In 2004, Tiger Woods bought his 155 foot, Tri-Deck Motor Yacht (Hull 026), Privacy for a snip at  $20 mill. 

He purchased it from a Canadian company, Christensen Shipyards.

Sidebar here – he’s suing them for using his name and photos to advertise their enterprise. 

Woods wasn’t happy about it, and the lawsuit ended with a $1.6 million settlement in favor of the famous golfer.

Seems a bit harsh – I mean was he disappointed with his purchase? Would he only give it 2 stars on Google? What?

Other details about Tiger’s yacht

Tiger Woods Yacht

Privacy is one expensive piece of kit. Yet, it’s also pricey to run it…

Must admit, I was so busy imagining myself in the jacuzzi I outright forgot to consider the running costs.

Dammit, that’s gonna mean I’ll struggle to afford this sucker.

… according to reports, to use the infamous Tiger Woods yacht, you’ll have to fill up the 12,000-gallon fuel tank that can run up to 4,000 miles. 

It also has a tank that is filled with 2,000 gallons of water to fulfill every requirement within the yacht.

Besides that, Tigers Yacht Privacy is a powerful beast.

Since it has a pair of 1,800-horsepower engines to keep the boat running, there are also multiple generators inside the vessel to bring power to the inside of the big ship.

Last but not least…

It’s also the epitome of speed on the water, as it can go as fast as 17 knots.

Fine if he’s in a hurry to get to the PGA Championship.

Who designed Privacy?

Tiger Woods Yacht

The 6,500 square feet living and working space of the yacht’s interior was mostly designed by no other than… 

Elin Nordegren. 

It was also Woods’ ex-wife who chose most of the furniture inside the yacht… 

Everything from the fitments found in the master suite to those in the galley. 

How many times did Woods stay on Privacy?

Tiger Woods Yacht

Woods actually stayed in his $20 million yacht thrice in history… Flip… I just worked that out. That’s $6.666 Mill each time he used it. The very first time was during the 2006 U.S. Open in Winged Foot Golf Club, New York. Twelve years later, Tiger took his yacht and slept on the water for the 2018 U.S. Open in Shinnecock Hills. Long Island, New, York. And Lastly…

Tiger Woods Yacht

…Tiger’s yacht docked at Oyster Bay, New York, for the 2019  PGA Championship. 

What else is inside Tiger Woods yacht, Privacy?

Tiger Woods Yacht

Knowing the size of Tiger Woods’ yacht, it’s not surprising that it can hold up to seven other crafts. 

Yes, you’ve read it right…

Tiger Woods yacht will house:

…two ocean kayaks, two motorized scooters, and three jet skis – all inside Privacy!

Besides that…

Privacy also has a decompression space – for Woods and his friends to use whenever they want to do some SCUBA diving.

Tiger Woods Yacht

Woods’s yacht Privacy needs nine people to operate it. 

Are you curious about how many people it takes to operate his yacht? 

Well, it just needs nine people. 

Nine employees to have this vast yacht move and work. 

His crew members stay and share in four separate cabins while onboard.

Or maybe they stay in the Master Room when no one is looking…

You decide.

Only kidding, hehe.

Where does Tiger Woods dock his yacht? 

Tiger Woods Yacht

Believe it or not…

…Woods has never docked his yacht, Privacy in the beachfront of his Jupiter Island Mansion in Florida. 

(I would ‘so’ want to do that so I could see it from my kitchen window!).

Woods is said to dock his yacht at a marina around North Palm Beach, Florida.

Tiger has never explained this… but then again, why should he?

Summary: Tiger Woods Yacht $20 million Privacy

Well, that’s it for Tiger Woods’s $20 million yacht, Privacy. But, did you know he has another boat? 

He owns a 61-footer scuba boat named Solitude, that he and his friends use whilst diving.

It’s also custom-built and costs circa 3 million dollars!

I mean, it’s no question that Woods can afford these yachts. 

And rumor has it that he spends $2 million annually to run them. 

Well, with his net worth of almost a billion dollars, he can well afford his yacht and boat. 

But, I particularly liked how his yacht was designed to be quite so luxurious and elegant. Yet it didn’t scream OTT, it’s just classy.

I hope you enjoyed this article – you might also want to check out Woods’s Bounce Mojo Bio , his Net Worth , and the Best Bounce Mojo Memes of him.

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