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Tiara Yachts F44

  • By Randy Vance
  • Updated: September 20, 2017

Tiara Yachts F44

Our sea trial took us from north of Fort Lauderdale to Coconut Grove Marina in Miami, and it proved the Tiara F44 is made for those who demand the most luxurious living appointments supported by a well-engineered, seaworthy, smooth-handling hull with powerful propulsion that is reliable, smooth and easily controlled offshore. And, of course, there’s its flying bridge.

Running boats is our main thing, and the only thing better than running a boat designed and built like the F44 is running a boat designed and built like the F44 from a flying bridge. The commanding view proves a benefit whether at sea or while docking. And the feelings of power and control one experiences from up top face few rivals.

Still, the softer side pervades. The bridge is almost as cool a place for your crew as it is for you. Here, arrayed together amid the posh digs and socializing, an aspect of boating thrives that an express cruiser just can’t provide. And thanks to that big house, a flying-bridge boat’s accommodations below are bigger too.

Tiara Yachts F44

Dockside, our first steps were the four that took us to the aft deck from the transom platform. We could choose either a port or starboard stairway. That arrangement is convenient for port- or starboard-side docking, and differs from Regal ‘s 42 Flybridge ($852,725 powered by Volvo Penta IPS 600s), which boasts just one set of steps, allowing for more cockpit seating. We climbed down through the center hatch to the engine-room deck. Dual IPS 600s left ample space in between for convenient access to the genset. Also comfortably reachable were all filters, pumps and maintenance points on both motors and vessel.

Tiara Yachts F44

The bright and airy salon evoked intimacy and exuded style, thanks to thoughtful execution of its décor and layout. A lower helm, a worthwhile option for many boaters, is available. We continued on, mounting the steps to the bridge to journey south. Threatening weather made the hardtop and acrylic ­curtains a welcome benefit.

Toggling the joystick, we pulled away from the slip into the narrow passage between opposing bow pulpits and pivoted the boat toward the canal leading to the Intracoastal Waterway. The IPS joystick control is smooth and easy to master, and the application of power plus steering is so intuitive, a child could put the Tiara in and out of its slip with little practice.

IPS engines employ both turbo- and superchargers. The former adds efficient power by tapping normally wasted exhaust gases to spin up a turbine and compress more air for the combustion chambers. Superchargers on each engine respond nearly instantaneously to joystick input, giving the control we experienced.

At sea, you can cruise using only the joystick on Volvo Penta’s latest models, but we found it awkward to suspend our hand over the joystick. We griped about wanting a more substantial armrest to steady the hand on the stick, and Tiara has since ­responded with improved ergonomics.

Tiara Yachts F44

The flybridge normally gives the roughest ride thanks to the amplification of rocking at the top-of-the-world view. But we were comfortable loping along.

All this plus the glass-cockpit controls that displayed engine functions gave us command of the autopilot and more, and spoke to an excellent relationship between hull dynamics, power and control. In our eyes, Tiara had earned bragging rights on engineering so far.

Tiara Yachts F44

Once tucked in at Coconut Grove, we perused the amenities earlier ignored.

Tiara skillfully brought “bright and cheery” into the F44 salon. First, you enter from the aft deck via center-opening, ­heavily framed, tempered-glass and stainless-steel doors, which create a broad ­entryway, opening the salon to the cockpit seating. We think this combination of the indoors with the out-of-doors will prove a boon to entertaining. Along the port side was a wine cooler on our test boat, then two short steps to an L-shaped lounge that wraps around the forward bulkhead ending at the stateroom companionway. A table with flawless satin folds open or closed as space demands. This raises and lowers to serve either coffee or supper. A buffet with sink along the port side is flanked by another settee reaching to the forward bulkhead. A flat-panel TV is suspended above in its dedicated cabinet, and there is a double-drawer refrigerator and freezer below.

Tiara Yachts F44

The master stateroom has private ­access to the head, the size of which is comfortable for larger men, like myself, whether showering or shaving. Porcelain fixtures and stainless-steel faucets are modern and stylish. A VIP stateroom has access to a second head with shower.

While many premium boatbuilders offer opulent luxury on board, it was clear to us that Tiara would only be satisfied with such upper-crust appointments as long as they were carried by the strong performance of the properly engineered, seaworthy ship we take the F44 to be.

Tiara Yachts F44

High Points * Salon sliding doors open wide to give open-air ambience in the living quarters and meld the indoors with the outdoors in a seamless fashion that’s great for entertaining and moving about the boat. * Woodwork in the living quarters is impeccable with rich varnish over perfectly fitting joints. * Engine-room access is ample, easing maintenance costs.

Low Points * Port and starboard steps to the cockpit add access options but decrease usable space. * More seating on the aft deck would be welcome when entertaining.

Price: $1,004,140 (with test power)

Available Power: Pod Drive

Tiara Yachts F44

How We Tested Engines: Twin 435 hp IPS 600 diesel pods Props: T2 bronze propsets Gear Ratio: 1.82:1 Fuel Load: 350 gal. Water on Board: 118 gal. Crew Weight: 1,000 lb.

More Information

Tiara Yachts  – Holland, Michigan; 616-392-7163 ;  tiarayachts.com

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Tiara F44 Flybridge

Tiara F44 Flybridge

The new Tiara 44F Flybridge advances the reputation that the brand has achieved over the years.

Eye in the design.


Comfort Abounds


Tradition of Elegance


tiara f44 yacht



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The Tiara Yachts Flybridge Series

  • By Tiara Yachts
  • Updated: September 6, 2017

Take a closer look at the Tiara Yachts Flybridge Series, which includes the F44 and F53 Flybridge models. With beautiful lines, sleek new flybridge and legendary Tiara accoutrements, the F44 and F53 Flybridges will put you on top of the world.

A graceful profile and elegant finishes may be refined, but the Volvo Penta IPS 600s and 950s, respectively, provide superior performance as needed. Sit back comfortably in ample, inclusive spaces that connect captain and guests. Enjoy the views from an easy-to-access flybridge, featuring bridge and guest lounges.

It’s the perfect combination of styling and efficiency of space that make the Tiara a sleeker, more sophisticated 44-footer and 53-footer that others can only look up to… quite literally.

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Tested: Tiara F44

Tiara F44

Coastal boaters can sometimes harbor a mistrust of Midwest-built boats for voyaging, but Tiara long ago overcame that bias. The company has developed a reputation for crafting exceptionally seaworthy vessels, and, in fact, one of its top dealers is in Puerto Rico, where tradewinds generate pretty big seas and serious bluewater passages. What this tells me is our freshwater brethren throughout America can feel secure in their Tiara capably handling any conditions Mother Nature throws their way.

At the same time, Tiara also qualifies as one of the most progressive marques, pioneering new propulsion, construction and design concepts. The company’s leadership has always enjoyed a reputation as customer oriented and honest, and for having an unswerving corporate conscience. In other words, for doing the right thing. Those traits keep customers returning, and I believe the new F44 will also.

Finer Things The F44 features a great modern design blended flawlessly with elegant styling and sophisticated appointments like Euro-styled fixtures and lighting. Traditional finishes and teak-and-holly soles contrast the polished stainless fittings and cabinetry. I particularly like the unique frosted-glass storage cabinets in the galley that the beautiful varnished wood showcases dramatically.

Tiara F44 fly bridge

I don’t believe I’ve ever been aboard a flybridge or sedan vessel with as much visibility from the salon. Ambient light so fills the space that it seems like living in an atrium! An interesting chaise with a canted back for reclining can be replaced by an optional lower helm on the starboard side, but once you see the amazing flybridge enclosure, I can’t imagine exercising that option.

Tiara makes incredibly good use of space from stem to stern for comfort and storage. From the master stateroom in the bow, with its queen island berth and bi-fold door open, you can see all the way to the transom. There’s a full head with shower here, while another full head accommodates the guest cabin and salon.

Tiara F44 master stateroom

I must also commend the Tiara decorator. Even the exterior seating exudes an unusual sophisticated elegance rarely seen on production yachts. The salon’s aft doorway opens almost full beam, and integrated throughout the F44 are great handholds everywhere. Everybody will find climbing the flybridge ladder a breeze. The huge bridge can be completely enclosed and offers great seating for the entire family.

Joy to Drive Though much larger than the average helmsman, I found the station’s ergonomics superb, with more than enough space for twin MFDs plus other system controls.

Propulsion on the F44 consists of Volvo Penta’s IPS 600 drives coupled to twin 435-horsepower diesels and the latest generation joystick control and glass cockpit. Old salts can order standard propulsion consisting of straight shafts and props accompanied by an optional bow thruster (which can also be equipped with joystick controls), but the IPS offers greater than 30-percent better overall efficiency in fuel economy, speed, noise level, turning and every other performance parameter.

Because IPS routes the engine exhaust down through the pod drives and into the water well under the hull, idle speed is virtually silent. In a light chop, the F44 hit a top speed of 32.3 mph at 3,550 rpm. However, the fleet of Tiara test boats had been sitting in an algae-prone area of the St. Lucie River for several weeks, and a diver was in process of bottom cleaning them all. I expect the factory engineering report claiming 33.7 at 3,628 rpm is more accurate.

Dock like a pro using the joystick, but in this latest generation of IPS, you can also drive with it while underway — or opt for the traditional super-smooth, power-assist steering wheel. Since the entire pods turn rather than just rudders, high-speed maneuvering on the F44 will astound you. Fuel-flow figures point to just over 28 mph as the most efficient cruising speed at 0.8 gph, resulting in a range of 250 miles.

Tiara F44 aft cockpit

The only negative I found concerns visibility aft from the helm — or should I say lack of visibility — making backing into a slip potentially difficult. However, Tiara offers two options that resolve the issue. One is a cockpit control station and the other is a video camera that displays directly on the helm’s glass cockpit display. Both work perfectly.

I freely admit that, being a hardcore offshore fisherman and trans-ocean passagemaker, flybridge cruisers have never held breathtaking appeal for me. But the flair, styling and sophisticated taste Tiara has blended with traditional lines and layout has really changed that perception. Combine that with true seakeeping ability, and the F44 qualifies as a boat I’d be proud to own.

Tiara F44 Length Overall: 45’6″ Beam: 14’11” Draft: 3’11” Dry Weight: 32,500 lbs. Fuel Capacity: 350 gals. Water Capacity: 118 gals. Base Price: $1,004,140 Price as Tested: $1,177,705 tiarayachts.com

[author] [author_info]Dean Travis Clarke is a regular contributor to HeartLand Boating magazine[/author_info] [/author]

tiara f44 yacht

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tiara f44 yacht

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tiara f44 yacht

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2018 Tiara Yachts F44


Tiara-yachts F44 image

Exquisite and Luxurious! This beautiful yacht will fulfill all of your needs. She is spacious, sleek, and turn key ready to hit the water. She'll leave you longing for more every time you walk away from her.

Two full staterooms with ensuite heads, a fully loaded galley kitchen, and comfortable salon await you inside. Outside you'll find a comfortable lounging cockpit, dining/entertaining flybridge, and spacious bow. The additional aft deck BBQ station and powered swim/tender platform top off her additions. There are too many features to mention on this great yacht. She sits front and center at the fabulous Marriott Marquis Downtown San Diego. With an approved slip transfer, you and your guests are unlimited in San Diego Bayfront Entertainment like The Rady Shell, The Gas Lamp District, and Petco Park. When you are ready to set sail, the Channel Islands, Newport, and Catalina await you.

Come see her for yourself!

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Additional info, basic boat info, engines / speed.

  • Make: Volvo Penta
  • Model: IPS 600
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Engine Power: 450hp
  • Type: Inboard
  • Propeller Type: 6 Bladealloy, Duoprop
  • Engine Location: Port
  • Drive Type: Pod
  • Engine Hours: 162
  • Engine Location: Starboard
  • Engine Hours: 163
  • Request Info

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tiara f44 yacht

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Tiara 44 Flybridge

Tiara 44 Flybridge

Category: Yachts

Condition: New

Length Overall: 45'6" / 13.87m

Beam: 14'11" / 14.00m

Hull Draft (Motors Up): N/A

(Motors Down): 3'11" / 1.19m

Scotts Marine has been serving the boating public of the Cayman Islands for over twenty years. We provide sales and service for a comprehensive range of boats and motors as well as ordering parts, apparel and an extensive range of fishing equipment.

Standard Equipment

  • Pursuit® Protection Plan:
  • 5-year Hull/Deck Structural Warranty
  • 5-year Blister-free Warranty
  • 2-year Limited Warranty


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Yacht Buddha

44' 2019 tiara yachts f44 flybridge panama pa maspor marine international power diesel 2 $890,000 on market: 148 days.


With beautiful lines, sleek new flybridge and legendary Tiara accouterments, the F44 Flybridge will put you on top of the world. A graceful profile and elegant finishes may be refined, but the Volvo Penta IPS 600s still provide superior performance as nee

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Consult with the Buddha for $19.99. We have additional information available.

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    Cruise at 3200 RPM is 29.3 MPH for the coupe and 28.2 for the flybridge; top-end is 35.5 and 33.7, respectively. And without question, even with the loss of the Coupe's large opening sunroof—remember, there's a flybridge covering that spot—inside its cabin the F44 maintains Tiara's goal of creating an open, airy, outdoorsy feeling.

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    Powered with Volvo Penta IPS packages and engineered with a glass cockpit plus effortless joystick operation, the F44 and F 53 each deliver new levels of enjoyment and ease of use. Head offshore with friends and family to enjoy a day away from it all with confidence and comfort.

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  14. Tested: Tiara F44

    In a light chop, the F44 hit a top speed of 32.3 mph at 3,550 rpm. However, the fleet of Tiara test boats had been sitting in an algae-prone area of the St. Lucie River for several weeks, and a diver was in process of bottom cleaning them all. I expect the factory engineering report claiming 33.7 at 3,628 rpm is more accurate.

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  23. PDF Tiara F44 Flybridge™ Twin Cummins QSB 6.7 550

    Tiara F44 Flybridge™ ... This boat has passed the ABYC Quick Turn Test H- at WOT. Note: Speed determined by GPS, GPH based on the total usage of the engines. MPG computed from MPH and GPH figures shown. Range based on calculated MPG and 90% of total fuel capacity. The performance data shown above should be considered valid