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intermarine yacht group

2012 Benetti Tradition 105 EUR $ 6,500,000 InterMarine Fort Lauderdale Engine Type: Inboard

2009 ab 116 eur $ 4,850,000 off-site location engine type: inboard, 2014 custom aico s100 eur $ 3,624,320 off-site location, 2007 tecnomar velvet 100 eur $ 2,985,000 off-site location engine type: inboard, 2006 leopard 32 eur $ 2,900,000 off-site location engine type: inboard, 2009 dominator 780s contact dealer for great savings off-site location, aqua holic 2017 prestige 680 us $ 1,680,000 off-site location engine type: inboard, 2006 cerri cantieri navali cerri 86 eur $ 1,290,000 off-site location, coop deville 2020 prestige 520 fly us $ 1,249,000 intermarine dania beach engine type: inboard, 2016 prestige 550 fly 550 us $ 1,099,000 intermarine dania beach, 1999 mangusta 105 eur $ 970,000 off-site location engine type: inboard, 2003 pershing 76 eur $ 790,000 off-site location engine type: inboard, 2022 regal 38 xo us $ 750,000 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: outboard-4s, kerimiry ii 2022 jeanneau leader 12.5 us $ 695,000 off-site location engine type: outboard-4s, 2006 jaguar coanda 78 eur $ 680,000 off-site location engine type: inboard, 1999 leopard 27 eur $ 630,000 off-site location engine type: inboard, isabella iv 2012 four winns vista 435 us $ 419,000 off-site location engine type: inboard, 2019 wellcraft 352 fisherman us $ 349,900 intermarine dania beach, blue heaven 2005 sea ray 500 sundancer us $ 335,000 intermarine jupiter engine type: inboard, 2019 jeanneau leader 10.5 us $ 275,000 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: outboard 4-stroke, 2020 jeanneau nc895 us $ 200,000 intermarine dania beach engine type: outboard, butterfly mary 2022 chaparral 280 osx us $ 197,500 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: outboard-4s, 2020 four winns 290 horizon us $ 179,900 intermarine dania beach engine type: outboard, 2017 jeanneau 855 merry fisher us $ 164,900 intermarine dania beach engine type: outboard, 2017 jeanneau merry fisher nc 895 us $ 162,000 intermarine fort lauderdale, 2008 intrepid 323 us $ 160,000 off-site location engine type: outboard-4s, 2016 jeanneau mf 795 us $ 120,000 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: outboard, 2021 wellcraft 242f us $ 119,900 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: outboard-4s, sand bar 2015 sea ray 300 slx us $ 119,500 intermarine jupiter engine type: i/o, 2009 sea ray 310 sundancer us $ 109,000 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: inboard 4-stroke, 2021 jeanneau leader 7.5wa us $ 98,500 intermarine dania beach engine type: outboard-4s, 2019 wellcraft 242 us $ 95,000 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: outboard, 2013 regal fasdeck 27rx us $ 59,900 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: i/o, 2015 chaparral vortex 223 us $ 46,000 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: inboard, 2015 chaparral 224 sunesta us $ 45,500 off-site location engine type: i/o, 2007 pathfinder 2200 tournament us $ 45,000 intermarine jupiter engine type: outboard, intermarine trade-in 2020 nautic star 2102 legacy us $ 44,900 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: outboard-4s, 2017 chaparral 210 suncoast us $ 39,900 intermarine jupiter engine type: outboard-4s, 2016 chaparral h20 us $ 34,900 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: i/o, 2007 sea ray 240 sundancer us $ 34,000 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: outboard-2s, 2019 bayliner vr5 ob us $ 31,500 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: outboard-4s, 2021 bayliner element xl us $ 29,950 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: outboard-4s, 2018 bayliner element f18 us $ 26,500 intermarine jupiter engine type: outboard-4s, 2010 mariah sx25 us $ 24,900 intermarine jupiter engine type: i/o, 2014 bayliner 210 db us $ 21,900 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: outboard-4s, intermarine trade-in 2007 bayliner 175br us $ 9,995 intermarine fort lauderdale engine type: i/o, 2010 san lorenzo 88 contact dealer for great savings off-site location, contact dealer for great savings intermarine dania beach, contact dealer for great savings.

intermarine yacht group


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Photo of Intermarine - Fort Lauderdale, FL, US. Motor Yachts

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Hartman Yacht Maintenance

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Boat Works Miami

Boat Works Miami

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Stacy W. said "Had a bad experience with a previous boat, found Ben and his company with good reviews so I turned to him for help with another boat. Ben went above and beyond expectations. Even when things got tough he was honest and knowledgeable…" read more

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Photo of Rick D.

InterMarine is an award-winning, family-run boat dealer specializing in the sale and service of quality new boats and preowned boats of all shapes and sizes. We are proudly appointed dealers for Prestige Motor Yachts, Jeanneau Powerboats, Chapparal, Four Winns, WellCraft, and Bayliner. InterMarine services all of South Florida through multiple locations, along with catering an international clientele. Our philosophy is simple: Our customers are the most important part of our business. InterMarine... big enough to perform, small enough to care. …

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4550 Anglers Ave

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Serving Fort Lauderdale Area

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Photo of David D.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the entire Intermarine buying process. All of their representatives of it have been super friendly and professional; both in sales, as in service and management have given me the best possible treatment. Even in this environment so complicated by the pandemic, they managed to overcome some obstacles to deliver my boat on time and with a very good preparation.

My 2022 Jeanneau 795 Series 2

My 2022 Jeanneau 795 Series 2

My beautiful 2022 Jeanneau 795 Series 2

My beautiful 2022 Jeanneau 795 Series 2

Photo of Andrey K.

The worst experience among four dealerships that I visited last month. Sales people were ok, Patricia was the best - no questions and definitely can recommend her if you're decided to buy something from that dealership. All negatives came from the management. I strongly suggest to read all previous reviews before taking final decision. I decided to work with another dealer.

intermarine yacht group

I had an unfortunate turn of events with this dealership and cannot recommend them. I purchased a 35' boat in the Spring of 2020 and had severe problems with the generator and several miscellaneous components elsewhere on the vessel. The dealer hid the fact that the boat was a factory lemon buyback and never corrected the issues behind the buyback prior to selling it to me. Immediately upon me taking delivery the generator failed to work and the rear sun pad motors were defective and tripping breakers. The company appeared to be working with me but now I am left hanging with bills upon bills.... crickets from Intermarine after numerous emails with the General Manager seeking support. The mere fact that the lemon buyback was hidden from me was infuriating, but not standing behind the boat to get it working properly is worse. Very shady thing to do in my opinion. I exhausted all forms of contact prior to resorting to a negative review, all of which recently did not receive so much as an apology. If a company that turns their back on a customer after spending $250,000 then what else is there to do but make others aware and seek legal advice.

Photo of Abel B.

Horrible experience with this dealership! I strongly suggest you find another boat dealer. I bought my new boat here and the emphasis is on "new" because I wanted to have peace of mind and a hustle free experience. However, I bought a new boat from this dealer and before signing the paperwork and making it official, we found several issues with the boat electronics and cables while on the water test. We were assured everything was going to be fixed by the delivery date. So, we signed the paperwork and waited for the delivery date. The day arrived and we were excited to take the boat with us on vacation and enjoy the South Florida waters, only to find out upon our arrival at our destination that nothing was fixed as per the dealerships agreement. The boat was already on the ramp in the water and we needed to clear way for the other boats, so with all the issues we took it to the destination - very worried. We couldn't use the boat for days until a technician remedied the issue, and it took 2 months for Intermarine to place new wiring. Then we noticed the engine paint peeling; how come a new boats engine peels!? Intermarine said it happens even on new boats but I showed the photos around to professionals who said the boat sat on the dealership for too many years and the sun damaged the paint or the engine had been painted after market - in fact we found a spot of spray paint outside the paint area; proving it was painted after market. The dealership said they would paint it, the boat sat for 2 months in the dealership waiting to be painted, they gave me a date when I would have my boat back "fixed" and they kept changing the dates. The boat has not been fixed yet, still pending for work and the paint! Then while waiting for all this, the dealership calls and states the new $2400 Garmin was stolen while the boat was on their site! The dealer stated it was our responsibility to replace the stolen unit, they wouldn't pay a dime! Erin the sales person is great! However, Yida from the Service Department, the General Manager Rick are the worst! No help at all, horrible unprofessional customer service. Really, buy somewhere else!

Photo of Bernard M.

We joined the escapade to Bimini: our first trip with our brand new boat. We had a wonderful time. The folks at Intermarine are really customer oriented and it was a great pleasure to be with the group. Hope we will have the opportunity to do more of those. Thank you all Bernard-Jany-Vincent

Photo of Charles E.

Beware, of leaving your boat in storage with them & having any maintenance work done... seems like they're always looking for the extra $. I took my boat in for repairs and it took 5 months to complete, sending emails back and forth of problems that needed to be addressed. At the same time they were charging storage fees, making me to go through the trouble to demand a refund for storage. To be fair, I always felt I got better treatment from Rick the general manager, but I think that a client should not have to beg for to be treated correctly. I decided to leave the boat in FtLauderdale to take advantage of getting to know the area by boat. In November 2014, after not using the boat in 6 months (i.e. not bothering them with the "unlimited" splashes & re-storage included in my monthly storage fees), I asked the to check the boat out to bring back to Coconut Grove. I had friends staying for a month. First, They only got to my request after a week and took over a month to complete saying that parts that they got covered from the boat manufacturer first came in error and had to be reordered. When I wanted wanted to pick up between Christmas & the New Year they said I couldn't until after January 4th. By that time the friends had already left so I didn't bother to go get the boat. In May 2015, I finally decided to go pickup the boat. Well they had left the boat uncovered all that time and had even lost a seat! They replaced the seat but before letting me take the boat came up with a surprise invoice from November 2014 for checking the boat. So, beware of the Intermarine on Anglers Avenue in Fort Lauderdale

Photo of Larry L.

We purchased a new Jeanneau boat from Intermarine with a genuine desire for one stop service. What we have received is a boat with electrical troubles from day one. The customer service did get better when we began dealing with the General Manager. Not impressed with technicians, currently unlikely to return for any service unless big changes, to much damage to boat with many loose or damaged fasteners,boat returned dirty/ stained. 6-29-2017. One year later we had hoped to have better things to say of Intermarine not the case after more use of the boat we realize the incompetence we dealt with at the hands of the service staff, they do exactly what they want how they want and many of these technicians had no business working on the tasks they were assigned. As well we were specific about several parts that needed to be changed and we were completely blown off Intermarine did what they wanted how they wanted regardless of what we requested and offered to pay extra. If you are a novice boat owner Intermarine will suite your needs. If you are a knowledgable boat owner and pay attention to work being performed you will be disappointed. They left loose nuts and bolts along with debris in the bilge plugging bilge pump, loose wires from their installation work. Complete disappointment.

Photo of Lorena V.

Even if your just taking you boat for a quick check up or an oil change don't expect to pay anything less than $1000. They will find anything and everything wrong with your boat and charge you a lot of extra work with out your consent.

Photo of Emely P.

I recently purchased my Bayliner Element XL with Intermarine Boats Inc. I'm very happy with my purchase and couldn't have asked for a better experience. Patricia was my broker and she was very attentive and professional though out my purchase. The boat was delivered to me personally by Captain Tony. He took me and my partner to the ramp and we had a one on one orientation on the boat from launching to the operation and reviewing features as well as safety measures of boating. Just the basics. The boat was also delivered to me with all necessary Coast Guard safety kit, bumpers, dock lines, anchor, pretty much everything necessary to take out the boat on the water. Dealer also put the name on the boat as part of the sale. To top it off, Melinda in the administration department provided me my vessel's FL # and was very attention to completion of my paperwork. It was a great experience and the company has top notch professional staff to make the entire process as smooth as possible. A couple of weeks after I took my boat to get an additional gas tank installed and work was completed and delivered as promised. Brian in service took care of my request and was very attentive. If you are thinking about purchasing a boat without hesitation I highly recommend Intermarine Boats Inc. Great customer service and after sales service is second to none. Thank you for making my first boat purchase a pleasant one.

2 other reviews that are not currently recommended

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This Sleek New 81-Foot Yacht Has Wooden Decks That Fold Down When You Need More Space

It's like an elegant transformer for the seas., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

Rachel Cormack's Most Recent Stories

  • Mike Tyson’s Former Range Rover Limo Is Heading to Auction
  • A Vintage Gold Baume & Mercier Watch Elvis Presley Gave Dodie Marshall Is Heading to Auction

This New 220-Foot Custom Superyacht Is Topped With an Epic Jacuzzi

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Intermarine 24M Yacht

Modular yachts have a tendency to look industrial and boxy, but Luiz de Basto is ready to change that.

The Miami-based designer, who founded his eponymous studio DeBasto Designs in 1995, just unveiled a new 81-footer with Brazil-based yacht builder Intermarine that appears to be as stylish as it is practical.

Dubbed simply the Intermarine 24M , the vessel has a conventional-looking motoryacht profile that conceals the innovative mechanics within. Like a Transformer of the sea, the yacht sports a number of pop-out platforms that can be deployed to increase the amount of space onboard.

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Intermarine 24M Yacht

The vessel has a conventional-looking motoryacht profile.  Intermarine

The aft deck, for example, comes equipped with two hydraulic balconies that fold out to create one giant space for sunning or swimming. There are also another two platforms amidship that open up to enlarge the main living area and master stateroom. Think of them as makeshift Juliet balconies.

When buttoned up, the yacht is designed to look super sleek. In other words, you wouldn’t even know it’s a modular yacht when the platforms are tucked away.

“The beach club’s profile almost does not change,” Luiz de Basto told Robb Report . “Many designs end up showing a vertical cut, including mine for the top deck, which I find disruptive of the flowing lines, but we can barely see if the beach club platforms are lowered or not.”

The vessel has an array of luxury amenities, too. The flybridge, for instance, comes fitted with a large Jacuzzi that’s surrounded by sun pads, along with a bar and dining table. Elsewhere, the vessel sports an abundance of plush seating, while the sizable swim platform can be automatically lowered for easy access to the ocean.

Intermarine 24M Yacht

There are two platforms amidship that open off the main living area and master stateroom.  Intermarine

Inside, meanwhile, the vessel offers four generous staterooms that can accommodate up to eight guests. The interior styling pairs contemporary décor and furnishings with the finest luxury materials. It can also be customized to cater to each seafarer’s needs.

As for propulsion, the 81-footer is fitted with twin 1,800 hp MAN engines that give her a max speed of 30 knots and a cruising speed of 24 knots.

Boxy modular yachts , begone!

Check out more photos below:

Intermarine 24M Yacht


Intermarine 24M Yacht

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

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Leave The Shores Of The Ordinary

5 star review

What a delightful experience we chartered the Yacht to celebrate a friend going away, we sailed to Sausalito and docked for 1 hour lunch after lunch back on board and cruised the bay.

Captain Rod was fantastic Lika the Stu she was so attentive to us all we had light snacks and beverages on board I am a repeat customer I used Passage Nautical for a wine event in 2020 1 thousand percent I would charter with them.

The best place in all of the West Coast to go to charter a boat of your dreams!! I went out with my fiancé to see if our wish to perhaps purchase one of our own was worth it, and the folks at Passage Nautical could not have been more helpful!  We had so much fun on our charter, and our skipper was super friendly and supplied us with lots of useful information that we couldn’t have been more happy about the day.

Cannot recommend them enough for an incredible experience

Loved the vessel!  Our Captain and crew were friendly, informative and extremely professional. Managed to find nearly a dozen Humpbacks displaying lunge feeding behaviors. The weather was good and the ocean very calm. We had a great afternoon and learned a lot. What a great way to celebrate my 61st birthday!

Jon & Renee

We had the most amazing time on the Iliohale with Capt’n Mark!! From beginning to end, Mitch with Passage Nautical provided us with white glove service and an amazing captain. What an incredibly beautiful cat. It is well appointed and meticulously maintained by its owners, plus it had everything we needed and more for a wonderful 16th birthday party! Capt’n Mark even managed to find us some sun in the bay, which was not an easy task given the weather here in July! I’m not sure who had more fun, the 3 adults or the kids 🙂

Definitely will be chartering this vessel again and again!

Had the time of our lives! Thank you, Passage & Captain Steve Hoffman!

10 stars!!!! if I could…

Another great experience on the Bay aboard Passage Nautical! We’ve taken out some of the 40-foot Beneteau sailboats with any one of their highly qualified and knowledgeable captains. On the most recent sail, our captain was so flexible and made the whole trip perfect for our group. Every time we’ve gone out has been a different experience because of wind, current, and route but always memorable, exciting, and fun! Thank you Passage for another safe day of spectacular sailing!

Meditation + Sailing Retreats

Luxury skippered yacht charters, exclusive private boat club, powerboat private lessons, studio 23 meditation w candles.

meditation + sailing

Yacht Charters

passage nautical skippered charter

Boating Club

antares 27

Power Boating Lesson Passage Nautical

private powerboat lessons

Be bold and adventurous and celebrate your freedom!

women's history month

Get Your Guinness On!

St. patrick’s day charter adventure with free beer.

ladies in green

Sea Her Roar And Come Raise Some Sail For Women’s History Month!

Gone are the days when the high seas were off-limits to women. Today, we chart our own course.  Gather your friends and plot your own adventure on our exciting and fun Women’s History Month Package Experience.   Gather up to 8 guests and treat yourselves to a 4-hour charter guided by a professional female captain and a complimentary bottle of wine, soft drinks, and water. You’re welcome to bring your own food and drinks (we provide waters, sodas, plates, cups utensils) at no extra cost. Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass by!

Take a trip through women’s history on the sea and enjoy our blog post on  the 12 FAMOUS WOMEN SEAFARERS, PIRATES & SAILORS WHO MADE HISTORY.

Laughter is the best medicine and so is the sea. Enjoy the fun of sailing and all the health benefits that naturally go with it.

Book for any day this month, and if it rains, you can take advantage of our Peace Of Mind Rain Check

Bunk off and book a St. Patrick’s Day Private Charter!

You’re in luck this St. Patrick’s Day? Book a charter on one of our luxury power or sailing yachts and along with enjoying the incredible views of San Francisco Bay with your pals,  enjoy a complimentary case of Guinness. If your thing is to listen to traditional Irish tunes and give the jig a whirl – it’s your call!  Not your vibe? Then, simply groove to your own playlist beats or sway to the natural rhythms of the water.

And hey, the best part? You call the shots! Round up a crew of up to 12 to book the a private skippered yacht just for your squad. You’re welcome to bring your own food and drinks (we provide waters, sodas, plates, cups utensils) at no extra cost. Embrace the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by donning your finest shades of green and make it a Celtic Caper to remember! Let your creativity shine as you join in the festive fun aboard your charter.

So, what are you waiting for? Secure your spot on your own St. Patrick’s Day private skippered yacht experience and get ready to make some brilliant memories!

Book Your Special Packages Now And Start Your Adventure!

Book your Exclusive Packages now at Winter Saving Prices – where love of adventure meets luxury on the San Francisco Bay.

Call 510-236-2633 or complete this form for personal service.

best charters in the bay

Amplify Your Event Or Celebration With The Excitement, Fun, and Well-Being Benefits Of Our Bay Experiences

OMG‼ What an experience of a lifetime‼ My family and I had the perfect Family Day out with Passage Nautical‼ Absolutely great service! I only had one problem: my kids didn’t want it to end. Thank you, guys, for such a great time. We’ll be back! I highly recommend this experience of a lifetime!    Charles H.

Text (510) 917-6629 with questions or for immediate help with booking.

Create a spectacular experience and something wonderfully unique for family, friends or corporate and book a private yacht charter.  Choose from our fleet of luxury power and sailing yachts. Our Skippered Charter Fleet offers the opportunity to create magical days on San Francisco Bay for any occasion. Yacht charter experiences are customized to your group.

We arrange gourmet catering from our list of hand-chosen caterers, or you can bring your own food and alcohol.  All yachts are stocked with water, sparking waters, and sodas. Our luxury charter yachts offer a multitude of options for creating the perfect experience.

Modern-Day Meditation Meets The Mindfulness Of Sailing

Meditation is a pathway to lasting and long-term well-being, and there are many doorways in., come explore different kinds of meditation and embody the joy of mindfulness through sailing.


Day Retreats To Set Yourself Free

meditation retreat

Meditation and mindfulness are already capacities our bodies naturally have to recharge and rewire our nervous systems.  We don’t realize it and get caught in misunderstandings of what meditation is,  never allowing ourselves to learn a natural path for us so we can experience its life and health-changing benefits.  While meditation is known to break the accumulation of stress and help restore calm and a myriad of other benefits, sailing has its own unique healing qualities and is both physically restorative and increases well-being and mental clarity.  You will experience this powerful combination at our one-day retreats.

Meditation is A Natural Rejuvenation State For The Body, And Every Body Needs To Recharge. Reconnect To Your Joy!

There are many paths of meditation, and they all share one common goal, which is emotional freedom, deepening self-awareness and mastery.  Our quest here is to introduce you to the many ways you can add meditation to your life that fits your body, your mind and a practice you love to do.  Meditation is a powerful practice for expanding our relationship to life and ourselves, helping us adapt to life’s stresses, gain more self-regulation, and heal and retune the nervous system. Adding our sailing experience creates a body awareness that deepens all the benefits and reconnects us to the joy of being present to life.

Our retreats are one-day events to introduce, expand, or deepen the meditative experience. Every body is different, which is why there are many styles of meditation. We explore them in class so you can find the one that fits you best.

Explore and Learn Techniques That Work For You. Deepen Your Current Meditation Practice. Learn To Embody Mindfulness Through Sailing.

Sign up for our 2024 schedule to resume in april 2024. , what meditation is not:.

  • It’s not stopping your mind from thinking
  • It’s not about sitting still like a monk
  • It’s not about feeling your feelings and processing
  • It is not separate from our relationship to life
  • It does not take years of practice to have benefits
  • It does not take much time each day to reap substantial benefits
  • It’s not a religious practice

What Meditation Is:

  • It’s learning to develop deep restfulness for the body and mind
  • It’s freedom from the tyranny of thoughts, negative emotions, and rumination
  • It’s an act of learning to experience life with more clarity
  • It helps develop better concentration and focus in this massively distracting world
  • It’s a method for making profound discoveries about how your mind works and how it runs us maybe in the wrong direction
  • It helps us cultivate resiliency
  • It allows us to get in touch with our deeper nature of feelings and our sensual nature
  • It helps us to be less reactive
  • It’s a state of restfulness that recharges our body and calms the nervous system

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Superyacht being chartered at Ibiza

What's new for 2024

Superyacht with Limo Tender

2024 Hotspots

Our complete guide to the Mediterranean

3,568  Crewed Luxury Yachts for Charter

The Luxury Yacht Charter Marketplace

Find and book your dream yacht through YachtCharterFleet, the world's leading luxury yacht charter comparison site. View ALL superyachts available to rent, get expert advice from our comprehensive destination guides and be inspired by our bespoke superyacht itineraries. Let us connect you with a knowledgeable local charter broker to help you plan and book your fully-crewed private yachting vacation today.

Hotspots Summer 2024

Take a look at all the yachts available in a selection of our favorite summer charter destinations.

  • Mediterranean
  • South of France
  • The Balearics

St Tropez yacht charter

from $12,000 p/week

150+ yachts

Amalfi Coast yacht charter

Amalfi Coast

890+ yachts

Ibiza yacht charter

380+ yachts

Mykonos yacht charter

650+ yachts

Sardinia yacht charter

from $9,000 p/week

1010+ yachts

Bahamas yacht charter

from $17,500 p/week

350+ yachts

Monaco yacht charter

940+ yachts

Dubrovnik yacht charter

Hotspots Winter 2024/2025

Take a look at all the yachts available in a selection of our favorite winter charter destinations.

  • South East Asia
  • Indian Ocean
  • Central America
  • Northern Europe

British Virgin Islands yacht charter

British Virgin Islands

from $11,900 p/week

Thailand yacht charter

from $10,000 p/week

570+ yachts

Maldives yacht charter

from $25,000 p/week

St Barts yacht charter

370+ yachts

Norway yacht charter

from $22,000 p/week

Tahiti yacht charter

from $31,000 p/week

Seychelles yacht charter

from $316,000 p/week

Mexico yacht charter

from $18,000 p/week

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Know what you're looking for? Browse our extensive selection of charter yachts from around the world.

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Over 100 yachts

Insider Secrets

Vacation Inspiration

If you’re seeking inspiration for your next yachting vacation, our destination features offer first-hand advice, expert travel tips, and hand-picked activities and attractions to see and do.

VIP like a boss: Most expensive clubs in the Mediterranean

Explore Popular Itineraries

Got a destination in mind but not sure where to go? Let our itinerary suggestions inspire your own bespoke charter.

Bahamas itinerary

Latest Charter News

Hand-picked charter news to help plan your next yachting vacation from our experienced editorial team & leading charter experts from around the world.

Experience a summer of premier events with an action-packed Mediterranean yacht charter

Featured Yacht Review

12 Guests | 7 Cabins  from $390,000 p/week ♦︎

Read Review   View Yacht

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Largest Choice of Yachts

YachtCharterFleet allows you to browse the entire market in one place and receive impartial, independent information about booking. Our industry connections and intelligence data gives us access to off-market yachts, so you can be sure you’re viewing the widest selection.

Unbiased Global Network

Booking through YachtCharterFleet gives you access to an international network of local, independent brokers. We’ll connect you with a yachting expert in your timezone, who speaks your language and has experience and expertise chartering yachts in your desired location.

Tailor-Made Vacations

Our network of approved charter brokers have access to the entire market and possess the specialist knowledge required to book yachts. They have an unrivaled understanding of the yachts and their crew, and their mission is to create travel experiences specifically catered to you.

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  1. Prestige Luxury Motor Yachts

    intermarine yacht group

  2. Prestige Luxury Motor Yachts

    intermarine yacht group

  3. 45M LUXURY MOTOR YACHT Yacht Charter Details, Intermarine Savannah

    intermarine yacht group

  4. 2022 AZIMUT 2022 60 AZIMUT YACHTS

    intermarine yacht group

  5. InterMarine

    intermarine yacht group

  6. Prestige Luxury Motor Yachts

    intermarine yacht group


  1. New SuperYacht




  5. intermarine leonardo 98

  6. Intermarine 380 Full


  1. Premier Brokerage & New Yacht Sales

    INTERMARINE YACHT GROUP PREMIER BROKERAGE & NEW YACHT SALES. Our professional team will help you find the boat of your dreams or develop the right strategy to sell your existing boat. At InterMarine, we have the knowledge and the experience to sell your boat at the right price while handling all the details to ensure a smooth transaction ...

  2. InterMarine

    InterMarine. InterMarine is an award-winning, family-run boat dealer specializing in the sale and service of quality new boats and preowned boats of all shapes and sizes. We are the Authorized Factory Dealership for Prestige Motor Yachts, Jeanneau Powerboats, Chaparral, Four Winns, WellCraft, Bayliner, Dyna Yachts and Harris.

  3. InterMarine, Inc.

    Our luxury division, InterMarine Yacht Group, is the certified regional dealer for Prestige Yachts and Monte Carlo Yachts (80' +), and the North American distributor for DL Yachts Dreamline.

  4. InterMarine in Fort Lauderdale

    InterMarine in Fort Lauderdale. Find a wide choice of new and used motor and / or sailing boats currently for sale YachtWorld. ... 2004 Carver 466 Motor Yacht. US$328,900* Stuart, Florida. 46ft - 2004. Offered By: InterMarine. Contact. 2020 Prestige 520 Fly. ... Boats Group does not guarantee the accuracy of conversion rates and rates may ...

  5. InterMarine

    Browse our previously owned inventory and find the boat or the yacht that best fits your needs. LENGTH. LOCATION. PRICE. 61 Vessels found. Fort Lauderdale: (954) 894-9895. Dania Beach: (954) 922-5500.

  6. 2016 Jeanneau MF 795 Cruiser for sale

    InterMarine Yacht Group Listing Broker: Enrique Quiroz - Call Direct (954) 708-8634 email: [email protected] - Website: ... More yachts from InterMarine. 2023 Bayliner M15. Request price. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. InterMarine. 2023 Wellcraft 262 Fisherman. Request price. Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  7. InterMarine Yacht Group

    InterMarine Yacht Group. Location: 4550 Anglers Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Message Us. Click to Call. Claim Business. Email or call for working hours. Welcome to South Florida's premier boat dealer specializing in quality new and used boats of all shapes and sizes! InterMarine was founded in 1995 We at InterMarine are proudly appointed ...

  8. 2023 Wellcraft 242 Fisherman Center Console for sale

    InterMarine Yacht Group Listing Broker: Enrique Quiroz - Call Direct (954) 708-8634 email: [email protected] - Website: ... More yachts from InterMarine. 2023 Wellcraft 242 Fisherman. Request price. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. InterMarine. 2023 Jeanneau NC 795 S2. Request price. Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  9. InterMarine Yacht Gr (@IMYachtGroup)

    The latest Tweets from InterMarine Yacht Gr (@IMYachtGroup). Boutique Luxury Yacht Brokers. Appointed dealers for Prestige Yachts. North American distributors for DL Yachts Dreamline. Fort Lauderdale, FL

  10. THE PEARL Yacht

    The 35.36m/116' motor yacht 'The Pearl' (ex. Royal Flush) was built by Intermarine in Italy at their Sarzana shipyard. Her interior is styled by design house Paola D. Smith & Associates and she was completed in 1998. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of MP Group and she was last refitted in 2017. Guest Accommodation

  11. InterMarine Yacht Group

    InterMarine Yacht Group is a boutique yacht brokerage firm in addition to being the certified local dealers of Prestige Yachts. InterMarine Yacht Group is the North American distributor for ...

  12. InterMarine Boats

    InterMarine Boat Sales is one of South Florida's largest and most established boat dealerships. We have been in business since 1995! ... Our luxury division, InterMarine Yacht Group, is the North ...


    Specialties: InterMarine is an award-winning, family-run boat dealer specializing in the sale and service of quality new boats and preowned boats of all shapes and sizes. We are proudly appointed dealers for Prestige Motor Yachts, Jeanneau Powerboats, Chapparal, Four Winns, WellCraft, and Bayliner. InterMarine services all of South Florida through multiple locations, along with catering an ...

  14. Prestige Yachts available at InterMarine #Yacht Group

    InterMarine Yacht Group is the Exclusive Dealer for Prestige Yachts on the East Coast of FloridaWith unique expertise in hull design, PRESTIGE designers cont...

  15. Intermarine's New 81-Foot Yacht Has Wooden Sun Decks That Fold Down

    The Miami-based designer, who founded his eponymous studio DeBasto Designs in 1995, just unveiled a new 81-footer with Brazil-based yacht builder Intermarine that appears to be as stylish as it is ...

  16. Intermarine Yachts

    Intermarine Yachts for Sale. The Intermarine Yachts shipyard was established in Brazil in 1973 and since its inception the company has completed thousands of units. It comes as no surprise that Intermarine is a Brazilian national leader in the production of luxury motoryachts from 38 to 76 feet built in the São Paulo metropolitan region. Built ...

  17. Yacht Charters I Boat Club I Private Lessons

    Text (510) 917-6629 with questions or for immediate help with booking. Create a spectacular experience and something wonderfully unique for family, friends or corporate and book a private yacht charter. Choose from our fleet of luxury power and sailing yachts.

  18. SF Bay Sunset Cruise • Private Charter & Public Sails

    It's an ideal mix of luxury and adventure! Choose an intimate private charter for a San Francisco sunset cruise on the charming, all wood Grand Banks, Cimba. Or get a fun group together and come aboard a classic tall ship like the Schooner Freda B. Another wonderful way to get out on the Bay is always a Public sails.


    Deals & Offers You can benefit from some great savings on your next yacht charter if you book at the right time. From early-booking incentives to discounted fill-the-gap dates, our up-to-date selection of deals and offers lets you compare the widest selection of: Last-minute deals Early-bird booking discounts Fill-the-gap offers Free delivery savings All the best charter special offers, all in ...

  20. International Boat Shipping

    Shipping boats and yachts from the US to worldwide destinations for over 40 years. Get a custom quote for shipping your boat or yacht overseas now. Our Locations. Los Angeles, CA San Francisco, CA New York, NY Miami, FL Houston, TX Savannah, GA. Toll Free 800-599-0190; USA 562-408-6677;