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miniature phantom poodles for sale

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Black Phantom Beauties

Welcome to Phenomenal Phantom Poodles! Are you looking for something different... A puppy that will stand out in the crowd? I was too! We breed only Health Genetic Tested Phantom Poodles. This is my hobby not a business, I only have puppies available on occasion. All pups are hand raised in my home with Tender Lovin Care. These pups are well socialized with myself, my Husband and our 5 children. If you are looking for something Unique you've come to the right place! I Believe Looking for a puppy should be a FUN Experience! So I hope you enjoy my website and Find your New Forever Friend!

Specializing in Miniature Phantom Poodles

miniature phantom poodles for sale

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Phantom, Tri color, Brindle and Sable Poodles

What are brindle, phantom, sable and tri colored standard poodles.

Brindle standard poodles have two colors that form a striped pattern. They come in a variety of colors including silver, blue, grey, black, and brown. The brindle pattern may cover the whole body or be on the colored part of the dog (not the white areas). It is possible to have a tuxedo or spotted parti poodle with a brindle pattern.

Phantom poodles  have markings often compared to those of a doberman pincher. There are several other breeds that have this color pattern. While phantom-patterned dogs have 2 coat colors, the markings of a phantom poodle are in a specific pattern, unlike a parti colored dog. Phantom poodles have lighter markings on their legs, across the cheeks on the face, across the chest, on the eyebrows, and below the tail. A true phantom will hold these marking throughout its lifetime.

Phantom colors can be found in these combinations:

  • Black phantoms: black and apricot, black and red, black and cream, black and brown, or black and silver
  • Brown phantoms:  brown and apricot or brown and creme
  • Red phantoms: red and apricot or red and creme
  • Silver or blue phantoms: silver and creme or blue and creme. On a silver, the markings may become almost indistinguishable as the color changes (it is common for silver poodles to fade in color over time).

Sable poodles  are usually born black or brown and clear (a kind of lightening) with age. Sable dogs will mature to a lighter dog with black tips. When a poodle is groomed you often may see dark markings only on the longer hair such as the tips of the ears.  A puppy that is born a dark brown or black that is also a sable may lighten to a creme with just dark tips.

Tricolored poodles  are genetically two color patterns. They are a parti colored poodle with phantom markings. The legs may be white as is often seen on a parti dog. The only phantom marking that occur may be seen on the face and eyebrows.

You may see poodles with multiple patterns such as a brindle parti or brindle tuxedo. There are also brindle and phantom poodles, sable and phantom, and sable and brindle combinations all with or without parti markings. Dogs may have a black or dark mask on the face which is considered rare.

The markings of a multi-colored dog may also change over time, which can be interesting to see.

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Watch Willow, a tuxedo brindle puppy, change colors.

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Phantom standard poodles

miniature phantom poodles for sale

We have phantom, brindle, sable and tri colored standard poodle puppies for sale, make sure to check back often to see available puppies . Our waiting list fills up quickly, fill out an application and get the process started. We are conveniently located near Huntsville, Alabama an easy drive to Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi and Georgia.

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We have very Cute Maltipoos here at Melmack's.

The colors we offer in Toy poodle are primarily Red, and Apricot. But we also have Black, Cream and Phantom. The sizes we have is Tiny and Toy Poodles and small mini poodles. Look under Available poodle pups  to see what is available .


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This is Ruby's daughter and the family was nice enough to let me post it.           


We are a small Hobby Breeder. We do not have outdoor kennels, and our poodles live in our home together with us as a part of our family. They are not kept in runs, basements, outdoor kennels and are not confined to certain areas in any way here at home.  I breed for color, health, temperament and for the love I have for the Poodle breed. If you want a well bred, healthy, spoiled and well tempered Toy poodle, your at the right site .          

We feed our puppy's Nutri-Source Small Breed Puppy and it has a 5 star rating. Our adults are on Nutrisource as well. Please purchase this food for your puppy also. I will send a small sample home with the pup when he or she goes home.  You can get it at Petflow, Chewy, Amazon, Menards and many other place. You can also order online.

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    This is Kaylee's little girl.

This is Kaylee daughter. Her momma sends me updated pictures and she is nice enough to let me post them. She takes the nicest pictures. Not to mention this little girl has the greatest momma.

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Know Your Doodles

Phantom Poodles – 7 Things You Need to Know

The Phantom Poodle: although its name may sound on the spooky side there is definitely nothing sinister about this pooch. Rather than referring to some poor earthbound Poodle ghost, the term Phantom has been coined to describe the unusual coloring and coat pattern that some dogs exhibit. Now that you have come out from behind your sofa read on to understand more about this mysterious and exciting member of the Poodle family.

With the internet being awash with plenty of doggy social media accounts of every color and breed imaginable this has driven an interest in the rare or more unusual presentations of even well-known breeds such as the Poodle.

The Phantom Poodle not only fits the bill of being a bit more unusual but as often consisting of light patches against a dark and curly main coat, these pups are incredibly photogenic. Even if you have never heard of the term Phantom Poodle before, popping it into an internet search engine will yield endless photos of these striking dogs in all their varied colors.

Just do not blame me if that particular search path leads you down a road to parting with your hard-earned cash to have a Phantom Poodle of your very own!

Table of Contents

What is a Phantom Poodle?

No. it is not a disgruntled pet Poodle which come back to haunt their owners. Phantom merely refers to a unique, color pattern which can be seen in some Poodles. They are less common than their solid-colored counterparts which makes them desirable to those Poodle owners who seek something just a little bit different.

Phantom, Parti, Merle or Brindle

The Phantom is not the only dual color Poodle on the block there are some other contenders out there. Here are some of the key differences.

  • Parti Poodle – A Poodle with two colors present in their coat, one of which is white. Markings and distribution of the secondary color are random and completely individual to the specific dog just like a human fingerprint. White will make up 50% or more of the coloring.
  • Merle Poodle – A Poodle with two colors to their coat. However, the secondary color includes variation in shade and pigmentation with irregular and random spotting distribution. These dogs often have an unusual dappled-like appearance. Breeding merle needs to be done very carefully as problems can occur with inexperience. Read all about the dangers in our investigative article is the merle gene bad?
  • Brindle – Brindle in the Poodle, as with most breeds is a base/sold color such as brown with black, tiger-like stripes. Some brindle markings may fade as the Poodle ages.
  • Phantom Poodle – The markings of the Phantom are very specific, namely that they must have a solid background color with specific markings of a single different color in the following areas:
  • Above the eye or around the eyebrows
  • Sides of the muzzles or cheeks
  • Across the chest
  • Beneath the tail

Generally, markings must be present in all the above areas for a Poodle to be classed as a Phantom. In addition, the remainder of their coat requires to be one single color with no other random markings.

The size of the markings also plays a part in determining a Poodle’s Phantom status. Too large or too small and the dog is more likely to be considered an abstract pattern which just happens to present with markings in a similar location to that of a Poodle.

Are Phantom Poodles Purebred?

Unfortunately, the Phantom is not recognized by the American Kennel Club meaning there is no defined purebred standard for their markings. This means they cannot be shown as purebreds. They can however be allowed to take part competitively in Agility and Obedience events.

Interestingly most people would believe that the Phantom Poodle is the result of crossing two different solid color lineages such as brown and black to create a puppy with evidence of both colors in their coat. However historical images of the Poodle show the earliest examples to be of mixed coloring. It is believed that selective breeding occurred over many years to create the block colors we are particularly familiar with today.

The Phantom term refers only to color and pattern distribution and the specific breed characteristics of build, height, and weight should be the same as any other purebred Poodle. Unfortunately, some unethical breeding practices can occur in search of the elusive Phantom which can tempt breeders to crossbreed closely related Phantom Poodles. These dogs will often present with some unusual deviations from the breed standard in terms of not just general health but physical proportions and head shape.

In addition, the genetics related to coat color has no bearing on core breed characteristics associated with the Poodle such as intelligence, loyalty, and amenability to training. Other genes can have some impact on a dog’s temperament. However, for the most part, a dog’s behavior is more likely to be the product of the environment, training, and experiences it has been exposed to.

In fact, an additional benefit of the Phantom’s striking appearance is that they often benefit from the increased interest which draws attention and ensures they are regularly socialized with humans. Many strangers will stop a Phantom Poodle owner in the street to comment upon their markings and they make a wonderful conversation starter. So, if you are proudly taking your Phantom Poodle around town be sure to build extra time for them to engage with their fans!

Are Phantom Poodles Rare?

As mentioned above issues have previously arisen due to selective breeding of Phantom Poodles particularly in Germany where the Poodle breed and in particular Phantom coloring is very popular. So popular in fact, that up until 2005 Phantoms were only permitted to be bred with other Phantoms. This resulted in an increase in in-line breeding (where a dog is bred with a dog of close family contact).

Unfortunately, the end result of this was an increase in undesirable traits and subsequently, solid-colored Poodles were reintroduced to the breeding program to improve overall health.

On occasion, Phantoms can still occur from a solid color parent if they pass on recessive copies of the genes required to create a Phantom.  Even more rarely Phantom Poodle puppies can occur from two solid-colored parents if both happen to carry and pass on the recessive gene required to demonstrate their distinct pattern.

There is an unusual anomaly with attempting to breed Phantom Poodles in that the genetic sequence is very close to that of Brindle Poodles. As a result, breeding two Phantom Poodle parents together can result in a litter of Brindle Poodle puppies rather than Phantom. This occurs as the genetic makeup is so similar between the Phantom and Brindle as both hinges on recessive genes on a specific part of a dog’s DNA. Likewise breeding two Brindle parents can at times present a litter of Phantom pups.  It is this genetic lottery that means overall Phantom Poodles are generally rarer than solid colored or particolored siblings.

Phantom Markings in General

The presence of Phantom Poodle markings is not just confined to the Poodle. The rise of the Poodle cross affectionally referred to as “Doodles” has seen Phantom coloring in all manner of crossbred Poodles. Commonly the Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog x Poodle) can present with Phantom black and tan markings as to can Goldendoodles (Golden Retriever x Poodle) in addition to many other Poodle crosses.

Rottweilers and Dobermans are also classic examples of phantom markings.

Phantom Poodle Genetics

General dog genetics.

Ready for some science? Let’s talk genetics. It is a complex old business but essentially it has been behind all dog breed development. Even as far back as the early 19 th Century dog breeders were experimenting with breeding techniques to try and ensure favorable traits were passed to offspring.

In the early days, this centered primarily around honing a breed’s working skills such as hunting or herding however as time went on breeders began to focus on aesthetic features such as coloring, size and build.

Unknown to early breeders the science underpinning all this was genetics. Just like humans, dogs have a complex DNA structure made up of different genes. Genes are basically building blocks or instructions that determine a whole wealth of things such as height, build and coat color.

Each gene comprises of two parts one of which they receive from their father and one from their mother.  Each mother and father also have two copies of each gene and the half their offspring receives will be completely at random.

Where it starts to get tricky is that those two parts can either be the same or can have one dominant or one recessive part. A dominant part of the gene will always trump the recessive and that trait will never be seen until a puppy eventually inherits two copies of a recessive gene. With no dominant gene to trump it that trait will finally shine through.

Of the thousands of genes that every dog has scientists have painstakingly narrowed down that only 8 particular genes determine coat color. These components are referred to as loci and are as follows:

  • A (agouti) locus – Relates to the different coat patterns.
  • E (extension) locus – Relates to black facial mask of many dogs or yellow/red coats.
  • K (dominant black) locus – Determines whether dominant black, brindle or fawn colorings are seen.
  • B (brown) locus – Relates to brown, chocolate, and liver tones. There are two subtypes dominant brown (B) and recessive brown (b). It takes a dog to have two copies of recessive brown (bb) to dilute any black pigmentation to brown.
  • D (dilute) locus – The combination of these genes can lighten brown or black coats.
  • M (merle) locus – Frequently recessive this is specifically related to the presence of irregular color patches including diluted pigment and solid color.
  • H (harlequin) locus – This affects dogs who present as white dogs with black patches.
  • S (spotting) locus – This is associated with interesting patterns such as piebald, particolor, and less symmetrical white spotting.

The challenge arises as each of these components works alone or are affecting each other to determine the final coloring of a dog. A dog of one color however will likely carry hidden colors in their genes hence why even in one litter there can be massive variation in coloring and marking.

Phantom Genetics

The genetic recipe for a Phantom Poodle is really quite specific. For Phantom marking to occur a dog would need to have two copies of the “Ky” genotype expressed as Ky/Ky. This allows for non-solid black and for other colors also to be expressed.

This is rare as there are two other variations of the K locus (Kb and Kbr) which are more dominant than Ky so if the dog inherits one copy of either of these the Ky features won’t be seen.

Furthermore, a Phantom Poodle will require specific genotypes on the E gene, namely either a copy of E or Em gene in the combination. This relates to allowing the trademark mask appearance of the Phantom.

Finally, a Phantom will also require two copies of At on the A locus to allow for the characteristic color spotting pattern.

Phantom Poodle Colors

Phantom Poodles will have a solid background color that can be black, cream, apricot, red, white, silver or brown. Phantoms are born with their patches, and these do not appear as the dog ages. Occasionally unethical breeding practices such as breeding closely related Phantoms in the hope of creating further Phantoms can result in some undesirable traits such as premature color fading as the dog ages.

Ensuring you have investigated the breeder and ancestry of a potential puppy is the best way to ensure you purchase a healthy, robust dog.

Dependent on the background color this can separate the Phantom further into the types of spotted color they may demonstrate.  They can be broken down as follows:

  • Black Phantoms – A Phantom with a black background color can present with the following combinations – black with apricot markings, black with red markings, black with cream markings, black with gray markings, black with brown markings, or black with silver markings.
  • Chocolate Phantoms – A chocolate has a brown background color that can only ever present with apricot markings.
  • Red Phantoms – A red background color will only ever present with apricot Phantom markings.
  • Silver Phantoms – A Phantom with a background of silver will present with cream markings.

Many Phantom Poodle owners report that they enjoy the attention that their dogs get not just among other Poodle aficionados but also amongst the general public who are not used to seeing a dog with such markings.

The elaborate grooming styles that often adorn Poodles can accentuate the facial and chest coloring of the Phantom making them even more visually striking.  This makes them a breed of choice for some grooming shows as the Poodle coat in general lends itself to being manipulated into some elaborate decorative cuts.

Phantom Poodle Sizes – Toy, Miniature, Moyen (Klein) and Standard

Most purebred guidelines and kennel clubs only recognize three core sizes of Poodle, namely the Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Many breeders, however, in addition, recognize the additional category of Moyen or Klein Poodle which is sometimes referred to as a Medium Poodle. The Medium Poodle sits between a Miniature and Standard in sizing.

Below is average weights and sizing for each sub-category:

  • Toy Poodle – Height: 9 inches – 11 inches, Weight: 14lbs – 18lbs
  • Miniature Poodle – Height: 11inches – 14 inches, Weight:  20lbs – 30lbs
  • Moyen Poodle – Height: 14inches – 18 inches, Weight: 30lbs – 42lbs
  • Standard Poodle – Height: 18 – 24 inches, Weight: 42lbs – 70lbs

The Phantom Poodle comes in all the above size variations. Anecdotally they are at times less commonly seen in the Toy Poodle category. This is due to the fact that the historical breeding of Phantoms focused on the Standard and Miniature varieties in mainland Europe. Toy Phantoms do exist however may attract a higher price.

How Much does a Phantom Poodle Cost?

There can be massive variation in the cost of a Phantom Poodle puppy. As already discussed they are often rarer than some other colorings and as such will always attract additional interest. The fact that they do not meet breed standards to be shown competitively with other Poodles appears to have done little to reduce the appetite for this subtype.

Their unusual appearance means they usually attract an additional cost of between 10% and 20% for a similar single-colored Poodle however this is only a guide.

Black Phantoms are the more prevalent type and may be more readily available than silver or red phantom as their base color is rarer to start with.  As such a silver or red phantom may be pricier than a black.

Phantoms are anecdotally more common in mainland Europe with only a few specialist breeders in the United States meaning a Phantom pup may prove more costly in the USA.

The second biggest factor affecting cost after color will be the size with the current trend for smaller dogs driving up prices in relation to Toy and Miniature variations. Given the unusual presentation of coat color in the Phantom it is likely that they will only routinely be available from well-established breeders with a specific breeding program. The chance of a Phantom pup appearing in a generally bred litter is low.

Do Your Homework

As always prospective owners should endeavor to investigate breeders fully including looking at the parent dogs wherever possible. As the price of dogs, in general, has increased significantly in the last few years it is more important than ever to be seeking evidence of health screening on the parent dogs to avoid any health complaints being passed to the offspring.

Be prepared for reputable and respected breeders to be in demand and potentially they will require that you are placed on a waiting list that can at times be up to a year or more.

It is rare that a Phantom Poodle will arrive in a rescue or rehoming facility due to their popularity however it is always worth checking prior to buying in case you can offer a rescue dog a good home prior to purchasing a puppy.

Ensuring that you have sufficient funds or appropriate pet insurance will ensure you can care for your new family member should they develop any conditions or experience an injury.

In Conclusion

The Phantom Poodle is not a new breed rather the term coined to describe Poodles who present with a specific color combination and marking pattern. Often mistaken for Parti Poodles which also have two colors in their coat the Phantom differs as their markings will always be in the same place whereas a Parti color marking pattern is completely random and can differ from dog to dog.

The Phantom Poodle is present in all the same sizes seen in general Poodle breeding namely Toy, Miniature, Moyen, and Standard.

They are rarer than their single-colored counterparts which means they can attract a higher purchase price as there are fewer breeders specializing in them. There is an avid online presence of people and Poodle owners alike who particularly revere these unusual dogs and frequently share photographs of all the different color combinations often with elaborate grooms designed to enhance the Phantom Markings.

Many owners are very proud of their Phantom Poodle credentials which is often extended into name selection. Some of my particular favour Phantom Poodle names include Casper (as in the friendly ghost), Ghost and Boo.

Rest assured though their name is likely to be the only scary thing about these delightful dogs. Well, perhaps the price they attract may give the unprepared a little bit of a fright!

Phantom Poodle: Unraveling the Mystery of The Breed

Have you seen the strikingly beautiful Phantom Poodle? This unique poodle variety has a hauntingly lovely two-toned coat like no other. With their enchanting blended shades and charming contrasting patches, Phantom Poodles resemble mystical spirits come to life.

Phantom Poodle Color Facts And Traits

What Will I Learn? 👇

What is a phantom poodle?

A phantom poodle is a poodle with distinctive coat markings, characterized by a solid base color such as black , white , cream , silver , red , or brown , combined with another color present on specific areas of the body. Phantom poodles are known for their lovable nature and make excellent pets, sharing many similarities with other poodles apart from their unique coat pattern.

How the Phantom Poodle Gained Popularity

The unique coat pattern of the Phantom Poodle first captured people’s attention in dog shows. Early breeders noted the occasional poodle born with striking two-toned fur and began selectively breeding to bring out this colorful trait. Over generations of dedicated breeding, the Phantom Poodle emerged as a distinct variety. Their mesmerizing coats dazzled spectators and raised awareness of their rare beauty.


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As more Phantom Poodles appeared at prestigious shows, their popularity skyrocketed. Their mystical looks and lively temperaments charmed the public. Savvy breeders marketed them as unusual yet lovable companion dogs, perfect for families seeking an eye-catching poodle. Today Phantom Poodles remain much sought after for their style and charm. Their unique history of devoted breeding elevated them from rarities to must-have poodles.

What does a phantom poodle color look like?

miniature phantom poodles for sale

While there are different colors of phantom poodle coats, it is generally acknowledged that their pattern is more solid than that of parti colored poodles . Phantoms are known for having a mix of two colors on their coat, but the background is more specific.

The solid color is usually black, white, cream, silver, red, or brown, with some of them also boasting an apricot color . This base color is present on the dog’s back, neck, head, top of the tail, and ears.

The second color, which can be any of the ones we’ve already mentioned, is usually present on the pet’s throat, chin, chest, eyebrows, sides of the muzzle, and most typically under the tail, on its paws, and inner sides of the legs. The markings do not show up as the dog ages. All phantoms are born with them.

By comparison, parti poodles have markings, but not on specific areas of their bodies. They can show up anywhere from their nether region to their muzzle, their paws, and even their back.

How do you properly groom a Phantom Poodle?

Phantom Poodles require regular grooming to stay healthy and highlight their striking coloring. Their fur must be brushed at least twice a week to remove loose hair and prevent matting. Bathing every 4-6 weeks with a moisture-balancing shampoo keeps their coat glossy.

miniature phantom poodles for sale

To show off their phantom pattern, the coat is often clipped short in a puppy cut style. This requires professional grooming every 4-6 weeks. For lower maintenance owners, the coat can be kept naturally longer but still requires regular brushing to avoid tangles.

What are the different size variations of Phantom Poodles?

If you’re finding it hard to track down a poodle that suits your needs, don’t worry! You can find a Phantom Poodle in all of the same size variations. They can be as small as a toy poodle or as big as a standard poodle. If you don’t know the size of your ideal dog, take a look at the average sizes for each variety.

What is the typical temperament of a Phantom Poodle?

In general, phantom poodles are affectionate, sweet, and they love playing and spending time outdoors. However, what does make the difference between this breed and others is their capability to be in tune with their owners’ emotions.

If their human or canine family members are suffering from one reason or the other, they will also feel sad. Since they are so sensitive to stress, their health may be affected in the long run.

Phantom Poodle

Are phantom poodles rare?

Yes. You might find several breeders in your country, but you might not find any in your state, for example.

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Phantoms can be phantom standard poodle, toy phantom poodle, or miniature phantom poodle, and they are all pretty rare compared to other types of dogs. That’s what makes finding phantom poodle puppies for sale more or less challenging.

What health problems are Phantom Poodles prone to?

Some of the most common medical conditions that this breed can suffer from are the following:

  • Thyroid problems (hyper- and hypothyroidism)
  • Volvulus (bloat)
  • Addison’s disease
  • Hip dysplasia

As Phantom Poodles age, they may develop health problems due to age. By 10 years, arthritis, heart issues, and organ problems affecting the liver and kidneys are possible. Cancer risks also rise in older dogs. The average lifespan is 10 to 13 years for the breed. Regular checkups can help owners monitor a Phantom Poodle’s health and identify any emerging conditions early.

Phantom Poodle Color Facts And Traits

What genetic factors contribute to the Phantom Poodle coat pattern?

There are several genotypes that make up the phantom markings. The first and most important is the KY/KY gene . the purpose of this genotype is for other colors and non-solid black to be depicted. Next, we have the AT/AT gene, which is responsible for the tan coloration and spotting to occur, and finally, either the E or the EM gene, which helps in the brindle pattern of the coat and gives that trademark black mask color marking.

If you’re not sure that your dog has these genes, there is an amazing DNA test that can help identify them.

What is a chocolate phantom poodle?

A chocolate-colored poodle that belongs to this breed has a combination of brown and apricot on its coat. It’s very rare for apricot to be the base color as it usually shows up only on the markings.

Phantom Poodle Color Facts And Traits

What is a sable phantom poodle?

A sable phantom poodle is a variation of color that appears in some individuals. Instead of having a homogenous coat color, even if there are two tones involved in the classic phantom poodle look, a sable phantom poodle will have one specific coat color , but the hair’s tips are going to be black.

Sable Phantom Poodle

While this might not even be noticeable for areas where the coat is black anyway, it’s going to stand out in the areas where the fur is apricot or cream, for example. The base color can also be white, so if the hairs’ tips are black, it will be a noticeable trait.

Sable phantom poodles tend to be even rarer than their standard counterparts.

What is a brown phantom poodle?

The name ‘brown’ isn’t exactly correct since phantom poodles can’t be entirely brown. These phantoms are mostly chocolate, which means that the base color is brown. Therefore, the hairs on their back, neck, head, and tail are this color, but those on the markings will be apricot.

Brown Phantom Poodle

How much does a phantom poodle puppy cost?

Phantom poodle puppies generally cost between $1,000-$2,000 from a reputable breeder. Championship bloodlines or rare coloring may increase this price point. Parti poodles sometimes command a higher premium, with prices up to $3,000 per puppy.

Phantom Poodle Color Facts And Traits

In comparison, standard poodle puppies typically range from $600-$2,000. Beyond the purchase price, prospective owners should budget for ongoing medical expenses.

Regular vet care, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery and pet insurance can add $500-$1,000 annually on average.

Prospective phantom poodle parents should carefully research breeders and prepare their finances to provide for the puppy’s needs throughout its lifetime. Obtaining a pup from a qualified source helps ensure a happy, healthy companion.

Are phantom poodles purebred?

No. According to the AKC , phantom poodles don’t even belong to a specific breed. Moreover, phantoms are genetically related to brindle poodles , making it challenging for a breeder to predict which dogs they will get.

For example, it’s not uncommon for a pair of phantom poodles to have a litter of brindle poodles and the other way around. While in most other cases, ‘brindle’ refers to a striped coat, in poodles, it means that the puppy coat is one color (and pattern), but the hair tips are black.

How to breed a phantom poodle?

To ensure that the resulting phantom poodle puppies are going to be on par in terms of colors, you need to ensure that the parents are proper breeding material.

If you get a male and a female from the same breeder specializing in a specific color combination, you have good chances of getting puppies with that coloring. Some breeders might feel like they have all rights reserved on the colors they’ve developed, but that’s not true.

Out of all the base and markings’ colors that we have mentioned, some are fading, and some are not. Some can also lead to incorrect pigment on the hair points of the poodle puppy.

Several examples of fading colorings are blue , silver, silver beige, or chocolate. That is why, if you want to get a regular coloring and pattern in the litter, you shouldn’t mix reds, apricots, or browns with the firstly mentioned colors. You may mix browns and reds with blacks, for example, as they eliminate fading and make the poodle colors more intense — but not with silver.

Phantom Poodles vs. Other Poodle Varieties

While all poodles share the same ancestry, Phantom Poodles stand out due to their striking two-tone coat. Other popular varieties include solid color poodles like reds, blacks, or apricots. Parti poodles have colorful patches scattered across their fur rather than focusing on certain areas. Beyond coat patterns, all poodle types tend to be highly intelligent, energetic, and easily trained.

Have you owned or encountered a Phantom Poodle?

We’d love to hear your real-life stories and anecdotes about these strikingly patterned poodles. Please share your experiences in the comments section below – what is your Phantom Poodle’s personality like? Any amusing antics or tricks they enjoy? How do people react when they see your unique poodle? Comment below so we can all enjoy your personal phantom poodle tales! Reading real testimonials is so helpful for anyone considering adding one of these beauties to their family.

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Marko is the founder and author at PoodleHQ, where he blends profound expertise with formal training in Animal Behavior and Canine Genetics. With multiple generations of poodles under his care, he’s a breed connoisseur, honored with the Canine Care Excellence Award and lauded by the International Pet Enthusiasts Association.

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miniature phantom poodles for sale

Miniature/Moyen Poodles For Sale

Akc registered miniature poodles.

Exceptional Poodles for Exceptional People

AKC Certified

Renowned Poodles is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of AKC Standard Poodles , Miniature Poodles and Parti Poodles. We take pride in the health and temperament of our poodles and we take great strides to provide well socialized and happy puppies!

We take the proper steps to provide you with the healthiest poodle puppies available. All of our Sires and Dames are OFA certified and health tested by Paw Print Genetics and Embark to ensure strong elbows and hips among other things.

Bred For The Best

Our poodles are bred for health temperament, conformation and beauty, as well as early socialization. We want the transition to your family to be as seamless as possible. Our facility is designed to be like a home environment so your puppy is well adjusted early!

Miniature / Moyen Poodle FAQ

  • Temperament

The Moyen Poodle is basically a small standard poodle. The size falls in-between the Miniature and the Standard size Poodle. Not an official AKC size variation, however the moyen is very popular outside the USA.

The word “Moyen” is the French word for the fourth size of Poodles in France, but the remainder of Europe refers to them as Kleins. Its size falls in-between the Miniature and Standard Poodles, but it is not obtained by crossing the two sizes, it is an actual fourth Poodle size in Europe and is not a new size. Klein means small or mini in German.

Both Moyen and Klein are common names for this in-between Poodle size. They’re just a bit smaller than the original-sized Standard Poodle.

The Moyen Poodle are in the 17-20 inch size range and weigh about 20-35 pounds.

The  Miniature Poodle  stands 11 to 15 inches tall and weighs 15 to 17 pounds.

Moyen and Miniature Poodles have a curly and fluffy coat, which is non-shedding, and well tolerated by people with allergies. Poodles are notlikely to trigger allergies in people because they shed less dander which is what causes dog allergies.

In most other breeds, the hair follicle contains both a long primary hair and multiple fine secondary hairs. A poodle’s coat is composed of 80% secondary hairs. This gives the coat the appearance of “puppy hair.” Another distinct characteristic of the poodle’s hair is the shape of the individual strands. The individual hairs have a curly appearance because they contain high concentrations of amino acids.

In order to keep your Moyen or Miniature Poodle's coat looking its best all year, routine grooming and good nutrition are vital. Regular bathing and clipping helps promote the health of the skin and hair. Many breeders recommend trimming your poodle at least once per month. We recommend brushing your poodle every day if it has long hair and weekly if it has short hair.

The Poodle is considered to be a very smart and easy to train dog.  Poodles are playful, energetic, and eager to please as well as alert, focused and very loyal to their owners.  Some poodles may act nervous around strangers which is why it is so important to commit extra time to socializing your poodle starting very young. Between 8 and 12 weeks is the most important socialization time.

Both Moyen and Miniature Poodles are intelligent, playful, and loyal companion dogs. Poodle have a lots of energy and a very playful attitude. Poodles love to be around their owners, and they gets along with other dog breeds and is typically very social with other animals.  

Image of brindle miniature poodle


Miniature Poodle

Puppies for sale.

Born: 6-23-21

Price: Call For Price

Huckleberry and novalee have another litter of moyen poodles, born 6-23-21. call today to reserve.

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Price: CALL

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Moyen Poodle

Born: 2/27/2020.

Price: $1800

Windsor and Maybelle have another litter of Moyen Poodles! There are 3 pups, all males.

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Born: 2/27/20

miniature phantom poodles for sale

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Rankin Poodles

miniature poodle breeder

“Love is the emotion that a woman feels always for a poodle dog and sometimes for a man.” -George Jean Nathan, American journalist

Purebred AKC miniature poodle breeder…no doodles and no merles found here. Dedicated, loving family homes only.

Current Litter

miniature phantom poodles for sale

ALL PUPPIES ARE SOLD AS PET ONLY! NO BREEDING RIGHTS!  My puppies only go as pets but if you are a breeder looking for full registration I do know some breeders I can refer you to who sell with full rights. Thank you for respecting my choice to sell as companions.


* I no longer dock tails or remove dewclaws. All puppies leave here with all the parts they were bor n with.


miniature phantom poodles for sale


miniature phantom poodles for sale

2 weeks old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

8 WEEK PICTURES BELOW – previous litter-all sold

miniature phantom poodles for sale

6 Weeks Old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

4 Weeks Old

miniature phantom poodles for sale


miniature phantom poodles for sale

Puppies Below are all sold!

Eight Weeks Old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Seven Weeks Old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Six Week Old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Five Weeks Old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Four Weeks Old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Three Weeks Old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Two Weeks Old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

One week old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Eight Weeks old- Trixie and Ebony’s litter-ALL PUPPIES SOLD AND IN NEW HOMES

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Six Weeks Old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Four weeks Old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Two Weeks old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

One Week old

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Penny and Ebony’s litter born 7/9/2020- ALL IN HOMES

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Pictures of parents below…

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Past Litters Below….

Puppies born October 4, 2019 between Trixie and Ebony. We have 7 babies, 3 girls, 4 boys. These puppies will mature around 15-20lbs  and 15 or so inches tall, larger minis. I have chosen to leave natural tails and dewclaws on this litter true to their European heritage and for the integrity of the limbs.

Please view the Purchasing page for detailed information on getting a puppy.

Proud Parents

miniature phantom poodles for sale

June 2019 litter- Penny x Ebony Six puppies born June 5, 2 black boys, 2 apricot boys, 2 black girls. ALL PUPPIES IN HOMES.

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Miss Penny had three puppies with Kuma November 6, 2018. Two boys and one girl. All puppies are in loving homes.

miniature phantom poodles for sale

We are a small home based hobby breeder of miniature and medium  poodles  located in Northern California. At this time we only breed three colors, solid black, solid apricot/red and phantom marked black and red. I generally only have one, sometimes two litters a year. All of our dogs are loved and spoiled members of our family. They go to the lake, camping, vacation in hotels with us, are constantly loved on by my five children and keep the company of a duck and a cat. Our goal is to provide high quality miniature poodles to become valued family pets for others. All dogs are completely health tested prior to breeding to ensure you are getting the healthiest puppies we can produce from proven parents. We test for all poodle DNA diseases along with hips, patellas and eyes certified through the OFA.

Why a Poodle?   We originally started with Miniature Australian Shepherds because we loved the intelligence, train-ability and athleticism that they had to offer. While we still love our aussies we were growing tired of the constant hair clumps lying about the house. Poodles have all the same great qualities; very smart, easy to train, super athletic but no shedding! Not to mention you can get a poodle in any size and color…the choices are endless!

Is a Poodle right for you? Poodles make wonderful family pets, they are cuddly, bouncy balls of fluff that want to be wherever you are. They are very intelligent and often consider themselves more human than canine. This is not a breed that does well spending hours alone out in a yard. Poodles enjoy the company of their people and do best in situations where someone is retired, works from home/ part-time hours or some other situation where the dog can travel or be with you and not spend 10-12hrs a day alone. They also like to burn off steam, so daily walks or running laps around your yard doing the “zoomies” is expected. The awesome non-shedding fluff requires a commitment of monthly professional grooming or your poodle will become painfully matted, you should budget accordingly( $75.00 every 6 weeks at my groomer). Poodles come in many sizes but we breed miniature/medium. Our dogs average 10-20lbs and 12-16 inches tall at the shoulder, occasionally we will get a puppy smaller or larger than this.

A lot of time and energy goes into our litters, currently we only have one or two litters a year, feel free to contact me if you’d like information on a future litter. DaNielle

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Hello There, Please feel free to send me an email if you are interested in a puppy from a current or future litter. If you don’t hear back from me within 24hrs try again or check your spam. I ALWAYS reply back. Thank you, DaNielle

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SpiritDog Training

Phantom Poodle

The Phantom Poodle is very special kind of dog, with the intelligence and exuberance of any Poodle and a little more besides.

When we think of a Poodle, we commonly picture a black, curly-coated, long-legged diva of a dog with a hairstyle to die for. 

This is a bit of a restrictive stereotype given that Poodles come in 11 different solid colors and a variety of patterns, of which the Phantom Poodle is one.  

Table of Contents

phantom poodle

Unlike the common-or-garden variety of Poodle, Phantom Poodles have a specific pattern imprinted onto their solid-colored coats. 

Whereas a Parti Poodle ’s coat is at least 50% white, a Phantom Poodle has a single-colored coat with bits of a secondary color appearing in specific places. 

To be a real Phantom Poodle, a dog must have splashes of color in the following places:

  • Above each of his eyes
  • Along the sides of his muzzle
  • Across his chest
  • Along his legs
  • Under his tail

In other words, he should look like some kind of crazy Doberman with a bouffant hairdo. 

Fans of the Phantom refer to these splashes of color as Dobie markings because of their close resemblance to the standard black-with-brown-tips  appearance of the Doberman .

Phantom Poodles have a much more varied color palette than the Doberman or the Rottweiler and Dachshund that also stick to the traditional black-and-brown combination. Phantom Poodles come in almost every color imaginable but can be broken down into four main categories:

  • Chocolate – brown and apricot
  • Red – red with apricot tips
  • Silver – silver with cream markings

While the last three of these are very specific, black Phantoms can be almost any color combined with black. You could have a black Phantom with apricot tips or one with splashes of cream in all the right places. While Black Phantoms are, as their name suggests, primarily black, their markings can be almost any of the following shades:

miniature phantom poodle in black and tan


Poodles are, by and large, intelligent and elegant dogs. Athletic and easy to train, all sizes of Poodle excel at obedience, agility, and tracking events. 

Despite their aristocratic appearance, Poodles are energetic, fun-loving animals who thrive on exercise and attention. 

Although most people maintain that Phantom and Parti Poodles are no different from any other color Poodle, enthusiasts argue that “ the character of the paretic colors was always unique… just that bit more clever, amusing, or intelligent than their solid-color littermates .”

As with temperament, there is no real difference between a Phantom Poodle’s health status and that of a back or white Poodle. They have similar health concerns, like bloating, which sounds harmless but can be life-threatening, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, thyroid problems, and Addison’s disease, which affects the adrenal glands.

Unfortunately, as breeders attempt to fulfill the demand by breeding for specific colors or characteristics, so they have turned to inbreeding methods to produce these. This has resulted in a higher level of inbreeding that is desirable or sustainable. 

Wright’s Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) gives us the best estimate of just how inbred Poodles are, and the Standard Poodle, with a COI of around 18%, is most definitely inbred as any mammal with a COI of over 6% is inbred.

Like all Poodles, proper coat care is extremely important to prevent mats, dreadlocks, hot spots and skin infections. You should bathe your Phantom Poodle every month with a shampoo made specifically for Poodle s and brush him daily. If you cannot manage the longer coat, keep him in a short cut.

Proper nutrition is very important.  Feed your Poodle a high-quality dry, wet or raw food .

Where Did Phantom Poodles Come From?

Phantom Poodles didn’t emerge from the mists of time alone, and their origins are the same as any other type of Poodle. 

Although often perceived as a French dog, the Poodle originated in Germany where it was known as the pudelin, which means “dripping wet.” Bred as a hunting dog, the Poodle was a water retriever , splashing through marshes, lakes, and ponds to recover ducks and other waterfowl. 

It is because of these origins that the Poodle gained its remarkable hairstyles. Certain areas of the Poodle’s body were shaved to help protect his “ vital organs and joints from the biting cold of constant water retrieval ” and lessen the risk of his coat snagging on something underwater.

Even the classic Poodle topknot with its colorful bow comes from its sporting heritage. It is said to have been used to identify and locate the dog when working in the water. 

As it was introduced to other parts of Europe, like France and England, the Poodle was given a new role – that of truffle hunter. Working alongside a Dachshund, the Poodle would seek out the valuable truffles that the Dachshund would then expertly evacuate.

Images from the 15th and 16th centuries show Parti Poodles in all their original glory, but few depict the Phantom Poodle. Why? Probably because the phantom pattern is a recessive trait that can remain hidden for several generations.

What Does It Take To Be a Phantom Poodle?  

For a Poodle to have the Phantom coloration, it needs to have the ky/ky genotype. This is the collection of genes that allows colors other than black to manifest themselves. 

The Phantom Poodle’s genetic makeup is similar to that of a Brindle Poodle that exhibits a tiger-stripe pattern on its coat although it’s also possible to get a Phantom Brindle Poodle which combines the Phantom markings with the Brindle’s stripes.

Breeding a Phantom Poodle to a solid-colored mate will mean the ky/ky genotype is passed on but, it doesn’t guarantee that the puppies will be Phantoms. In general, the solid color is more dominant, especially if that color’s black, so most of the first litter will probably lack the Phantom pattern.

If you breed one of the puppies from this first generation to another Phantom, because both parents carry the ky/ky genotype, chances are, the next generation will be predominantly Phantom. 

Expert breeders have also noticed a correlation between specific colors and the Phantom Poodle appearance, with red, white, and silver Poodles more likely to develop the Phantom patterning than the black or brown.

Finding your puppy

The first step is tracking down a reputable breeder that has Phantom Poodle puppies available. This could take months, if not years, due to the relative scarcity of the pattern and the high demand. 

Although some breeders specialize in producing Phantom puppies, the demand is so high, so you’ll probably need to join a lengthy waiting list before you can bring your perfect Poodle puppy home. 

If you’re extremely lucky, you might find a Phantom Poodle at a poodle rescue center, but it’s a bit of a long shot.

miniature phantom poodles for sale

How Much is a Phantom Poodle Puppy?

You might think that, as the American Kennel Club will not accept Phantom Poodles in the Conformation Ring, these dogs will be cheaper than their solid-colored siblings. Sadly, that’s not the case. The unusual coloring, and the complex genetics needed to produce it, set the standard and the price high for these dogs, with some Standard Phantom Poodle breeders charging upwards of $2,400 per puppy. Compare that to the average price for a solid-colored Poodle, and you’ll realize that two colors cost twice as much. You could pick up a solid-colored Standard Poodle for just $700 and a Miniature one for $1,000, but for a Phantom, you need a budget closer to $2,000 to $3,000, or even more for a top-quality dog.

How Long Does a Phantom Poodle Live?

Phantom Poodles can be expected to live as long as any other type of Poodle although, it should be noted that Standard Poodles have a slightly shorter life expectancy than either the Toy or Miniature versions. 

While a Toy Phantom Poodle has an average life of around 14.5 years, a Miniature’s is slightly shorter at 14, and the Standard’s shorter again at 12.

miniature phantom poodles for sale

Are Phantom Poodles Difficult to Train?

Like their solid-colored cousins, Phantom Poodles are eager to please and highly intelligent. This makes them keen students, although their instincts may sometimes get in the way. Having been bred as hunting dogs, Poodles have a naturally high prey drive and awareness of their environment, which means they need lots of stimulation and exercise. 

Poodles are people-oriented dogs and, without enough human company, can develop unwanted and destructive behaviors. Poodles also become depressed if they don’t get enough attention and may also exhibit signs of separation anxiety when parted from their chosen human.

Early puppy training and regular exercise, along with stimulating games and proper socialization can help your Phantom Poodle adjust more readily to his environment and become a loyal and content companion. 

Can You Show Phantom Poodles?

Currently, the American Kennel Club (AKC) only allows Phantom Poodles to compete in agility and obedience competitions, not conformation. The United Kennel Club (UKC), on the other hand, recognizes the Phantom Poodle as part of the multi-colored Poodle breed and will only disqualify a dog if it’s aggressive or extremely shy.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to love ghost stories to fall in love with the striking patterns of the Phantom Poodle. 

With the same friendly temperament and life expectancy as any other Poodle, the Phantom Poodle will slip into family life with comparative ease. 

These energetic and intelligent dogs love human company, so aren’t suited to homes where the two-legged residents spend most of their time away. 

If you want a Poodle that’s going to turn heads as well as keep you company on long walks, a Phantom Poodle is ideal, although, in my opinion, the Tuxedo Poodle is the most beguiling.

Phantom Poodles are largely healthy dogs, as long as you source your puppy from a reputable breeder. Inbreeding can negatively affect a dog’s health, so it’s worth investing the time and effort required to find a legitimate breeder, especially if you’re going to be spending $2,000 or more on your Phantom Poodle puppy.

Only get a Phantom Poodle if you’ve got the time and dedication to provide for all his needs, from grooming and exercise to training and companionship. If you can meet those, you’ll have yourself one of the most loyal and protective dogs you could imagine – and one that stands out from the crowd with his Phantom patterns.  

phantom in black and tan

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miniature phantom poodles for sale

miniature phantom poodles for sale

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    Phantom poodles are bi-colored, with the same markings as a Doberman. That is, they have a lighter color appearing on their "eyebrows," muzzle and throat, legs and feet, below their tail and a bowtie on the chest.. For a dog to be classified as a phantom it must have all the markings of a Dobie. Phantoms are now recognized in the UKC show ring.

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    We breed only Health Genetic Tested Phantom Poodles. This is my hobby not a business, I only have puppies available on occasion. All pups are hand raised in my home with Tender Lovin Care. These pups are well socialized with myself, my Husband and our 5 children. If you are looking for something Unique you've come to the right place!

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    A puppy that is born a dark brown or black that is also a sable may lighten to a creme with just dark tips. Tricolored poodles are genetically two color patterns. They are a parti colored poodle with phantom markings. The legs may be white as is often seen on a parti dog. The only phantom marking that occur may be seen on the face and eyebrows.

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    Phantom poodles must have a ky/ky genotype (non-solid black that allows other colors to be expressed) plus an E (allows for brindling) or EM (gives a black mask), and also be at/at (the gene that allows for tan points). Popularity. Phantom Poodles can cost over $2,500 for a Standard Phantom Poodle.

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    Phantom poodle puppies generally cost between $1,000-$2,000 from a reputable breeder. Championship bloodlines or rare coloring may increase this price point. Parti poodles sometimes command a higher premium, with prices up to $3,000 per puppy. In comparison, standard poodle puppies typically range from $600-$2,000.

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    The Phantom Poodle is very special kind of dog, with the intelligence and exuberance of any Poodle and a little more besides. When we think of a Poodle, we commonly picture a black, curly-coated, long-legged diva of a dog with a hairstyle to die for. This is a bit of a restrictive stereotype given that Poodles come in 11 different solid colors ...

  19. Red Poodles

    VERY EXCITED TO SEE HIS PUPPIES, HE IS OUR SMALLEST SIRE AT 5LBS. Toy Poodles for sale in Texas, and Miniature Poodles. Specialize in Red, also Phantom, Red Parti, Red Abstract and Merle poodles . Occasionally will have Apricot and Black. Poodle Breeder located in DFW area and offer a Pet Nanny for out of state delive.

  20. Miniature Poodle For Sale in Winchester (1)

    Miniature Poodle Puppies for sale in Winchester, va from top breeders and individuals. PetzLover helps you to find your lovable pets to your home. Petzlover. Post new ad. Back; Search; ... Bruno (Black Phantom) jeffrach72311. Darling little black phantom poodle boy for sale in Winchester, VA. He is ACA registered... Miniature Poodle, Virginia ...

  21. 628DirtRooster

    Welcome to the 628DirtRooster website where you can find video links to Randy McCaffrey's (AKA DirtRooster) YouTube videos, community support and other resources for the Hobby Beekeepers and the official 628DirtRooster online store where you can find 628DirtRooster hats and shirts, local Mississippi honey and whole lot more!!

  22. Rosatom Starts Life Tests of Third-Generation VVER-440 Nuclear Fuel

    Press centre. News. Rosatom Starts Life Tests of Third-Generation VVER-440 Nuclear Fuel. 16 June, 2020 / 13:00. 1 973. ***. Share: 6December2023NewsRosatom manufactures first bundles of BN-800 MOX fuel with minor actinidesMORE. 7December2023NewsRosatom expands cooperation with UN on women empowermentMORE.

  23. DLR

    At the national aerospace exhibition Aerosalon MAKS in Zhukovsky in Moscow (27 August to 01 September 2019), which took place for the eighth time, the German Aerospace Center also presented itself. On around 100 square metres, DLR presented concepts and technologies for tomorrow's space travel and aviation. The presentation focused, among other things, on German-Russian cooperation projects.

  24. Migrants scalped a young guy

    Migrants scalped a young guy. The incident occurred because a guy with green hair asked migrants for a cigarette, who did not like his appearance. 19-year-old Yury Markov was thrown to the ground, beaten and cut off part of the skin from his head along with his hair. Currently, one of the participants in the execution has been detained; he ...