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green phantom quartz wholesale

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Green Phantom Quartz

I was formed when my growth was interrupted. Rather than wither away, I regenerated. You too can choose to treat the twists and turns along your path as ongoing opportunities for advancement, even though at the time you feel that your dreams have been smashed. I am a reminder that earthly desires are not alway what you need; connect with the higher realms and I will help you manifest the dreams that lead to true growth.

Nickname:  The Regenerator

Properties:  Recovery | Renewal | Earth | Manifestation | Growth 

Chakras:  Crown + Heart

Birthstone:  October

Zodiacs:  Scorpio

Rarity:  Rare

Origins:  China, India, Himalayas

Hardness MOHS:  7

Chemical Composition:  Like regular quartz, the chemical composition of phantom quartz is silicon dioxide (SiO2). The green inclusions are usually chlorite which is made up of phyllosilicate minerals

Mineral Class: Silicates (quartz group) Phyllosilicates (Green Inclusions)

Appearances & Origins

A phantom quartz refers to a crystal within a crystal. The phantom is formed when the growth of a crystal has been interrupted, then begins to regenerate again. Like its name suggests, it looks like a ghost crystal inside another crystal. 

A green phantom refers to a green inclusion inside the piece of clear quartz. This is a different mineral to quart, usually chlorite but it could also occur as Chromium or Caledonite. 

The structure of the phantom can sometimes look like mountains and flowers which is why it appeals to those who work in nature or with plants.

An interesting historical fact about a phantom quartz crystal is that it was used by Gypsies and psychic practitioners in Victorian England as a type of ‘crystal gazing ball’. In looking into the crystal and meditating on the phantom inside, it was known to bring about a connection with the higher realms, particularly spirit guides aso that messages could be coveted from other realms.

Chakras & Placement

Green Phantom Quartz is a crystal within a crystal. When this occurs the energies of the mineral within the quartz synthesise with the energies of the quartz and deliver the properties of both.

Phantom Quartz in general has been known to assist in the transfer of messages from the angelic realms. Not only can it help you access this pure wisdom but it can also help you convey the message you received in a clear and articulate manner. It is therefore a wonderful crystal to use when receiving divine guidance on behalf of others during intuitive readings and healings.

For yourself, this divine wisdom is important when you are wanting to manifest your goals and dreams as it can help discern between the desires which are worldly wants and your true needs which further your spiritual development. It acts as a compass to point you in the direction of those goals that are serving your higher self rather than just feeding unhealthy earthly desires.

Green Phantom has a particular vibration; that of the earth and everything that grows on our planet. That is why it is known as a lucky stone for farmers, gardeners, botanists, florists, herbalists and anyone who works with the plant kingdom.It is also associated with regeneration, so is important at times when nature is in crisis. It can act as a support to all who care for our planet and who work towards healing the imbalances that threaten Mother Earth.

Green Phantom is an aid for those who want to connect with a universal awareness and band together to heal the planet on a physical and spiritual level. 

It is also a wonderful companion stone to plants, as it resonates with the same energy. Therefore, you can use a piece of Green Phantom Quartz in or around your pot plants to encourage healthy growth, and in the case of herbs, it can increase their healing powers. If you harvest herbs for healing, be sure to dry them with a piece of Green Phantom Quartz nearby.

As humans, we too resonate with the energy of the Earth, therefore, Green Phantom can aid our recovery during times of stress or illness or grief. It has also been used by those who are undergoing a detox as any negative or unwanted energy can be channelled into the earth in order to achieve a state of balance.

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Green Phantom Quartz Clusters

Fresh water.

Marketing non-disclosure agreement scrum project alpha lean.

Sound Cleansing

Smoke cleanse, sunlight exposure, crystal care.

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Phantom Quartz

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Green Phantom

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Green Phantom Quartz Cluster

Description, specifications.

Height: 75 - 92 Width: 69 - 95 Depth: 0 - 0 Weight: 258 - 436 Pieces: 1 - 0 Origin: China Design:

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Wholesale Green Phantom Quartz Crystal Pendant

$ 59.00

Material:Phantom Quartz Size:about 20*44mm MQQ:10PCS Package Included: 1*PCS Peandant

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Green Phantom Quartz

Metaphysical properties of green phantom quartz.

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Stardew valley minerals - use in game and use in reality.

Stardew Valley Minerals - Use in Game and Use in Reality

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Green phantom quartz.

green phantom quartz wholesale

aka Chlorite in Quartz

Transformation, growth, luck, metaphysical properties.

  • Increases your luck
  • High vibrational energy
  • Helps clear your thoughts
  • Supports your dreams and goals 
  • Helps you improve your skills and talents 
  • Has constant energy that helps maintain willpower
  • Provides access to and transfers information from the spiritual realms 
  • Helps you face your true state of mind and understand your true feelings 
  • Allows you to ground painful emotions into the earth, and cleanse the body and the aura
  • Assist in clairaudience by  providing lucid, distinct, and articulate verbalization of the messages received


  •   I am centered and calm and find joy in all things


  • Chakras: Heart Chakra 
  • Energy: Projective
  • Planets: Earth
  • Element: Earth
  • Zodiacs: Aries, Libra and Pisces
  • Number: 3 and 9

Physical Properties

  • Color: Phantoms are commonly green, milky white, or shades of orange, red, purple or brown
  • Habit: Points, Geodes, caves,  cluster, clusters, natural
  • Rarity: Common 
  • Luster: Vitreous
  • Species: Quartz
  • Zoning: None 
  • Gravity: 2.65
  • Fracture: Conchoidal
  • Cleavage: None
  • Hardness: 7
  • Twinning: Dauphine twin with c the twin axis, Brazil twin with {1120} the twin plane, Japanese twin is rare with {1122} the twin plane
  • Locations: Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland, and the United States.
  • Fluorescence: None
  • Pleochroism: None
  • Birefringence: Maximum of 0.009
  • Transparency: Opaque to transparent
  • Classification: Tectosilicate
  • Luminescence: None
  • Chemical Name: Silicon dioxide
  • Refractive Index: 1.54-1.55
  • System/Structure: Hexagonal
  • Chemical Formula: SiO2
  • Inclusions (streak): White
  • Chemistry Classification: Silicate

Health Benefits 

  •  Supports cell function, regeneration, cell growth, and cell mutation

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green phantom quartz wholesale

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Phantom Quartz 101: Meaning, Properties & Benefits

' src=

Phantom Quartz is an overlooked healing crystal that has a lot to offer. It’s known for its meaning of awareness and the clarity it can bring you in life.

This guide will teach you everything there is to know about this stone. You’ll learn the background behind its meaning, the healing properties it contains, and the potential benefits it can bring!

Table of contents

History & overview, healing properties & benefits, metaphysical properties, how to use it, zodiac connection.

Like ingrained memories from the past, Phantom Quartz is a personification of lasting scars. At first glance, this crystal is nothing more than shimmering shards of brilliance. But upon closer inspection, you can see subtle imperfections that shape its very core!

Phantom Quartz is a variant of standard Clear Quartz . It has the same transparent luster that reflects light playfully. Like other forms of Quartz, it can also come in a range of colors depending on the chemical composition.

However, the most significant difference with Phantom Quartz is the banded mineral deposit. Typically made of Hematite , Chlorite, or Clay, these thin layers disrupt the otherwise clear crystal. During the crystal formation process, the minerals washed over the termination.

But instead of halting the growth entirely, the mineral-rich layer only obstructs it a bit. Phantom Quartz continues to develop, leaving behind nothing more than a faint shadow of that brief obstacle. Because the mineral deposit occurs on the natural facet, raw cuts look like they have ghosts of their former selves within!

It’s a beautiful trait that exemplifies what the meaning of this healing crystal is all about. 

Phantom Quartz Meaning

This crystal is symbolic of many things. However, most healers believe that the main Phantom Quartz meaning represents the concepts of universal awareness and the overall cyclical nature of life.

Everyone goes through hardships in life. It’s impossible to avoid pain and suffering altogether. However, how you choose to respond to those events can shape who you are as a person.

Phantom Quartz is the perfect companion for someone looking to assimilate the past and learn from emotional turmoil. It reminds you that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Life moves on, and there’s a lot to learn from the suffering you endure.

This crystal is a powerful healer that can pull you up from the deepest pits of despair, ensuring that you don’t wallow in self-pity too long. It doesn’t force you to forget about the events that form your life. Your memories will always be there!

However, its meaning and properties do remind you that it’s also easy to get lost down memory lane. Phantom Quartz is a prime example of the kind of beauty that can come from emotional challenges. Like the ghost-like inclusions of this healing crystal, your past is a big part of who you are, but you can always continue to grow.

The subtle beauty of Phantom Quartz is something that is very hard to miss. Popular with collectors and crystal practitioners alike, it’s a sight to behold! But of course, this crystal is so much more than aesthetically pleasing.

It’s said to possess healing properties and benefits that can impact many facets of your life.

Here’s how.

Emotional healing is where Phantom Quartz shines the brightest. At its core, this crystal is all about growth, maturity, and self-esteem.

Many healers turn to this crystal to help induce post-traumatic growth. This is a phenomenon that encourages people to mature after experiencing emotional suffering. Think of it as the scientific term for “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

It’s easy to wallow in pain after suffering a big loss. While it’s alright to grieve and recognize the pain you’re feeling, wallowing for too long can emotionally stunt your development. One of the main benefits of this stone is that it reminds you that there’s still life to live even after experiencing your biggest fears.

Phantom Quartz is the master of letting go. Not only does it help you move forward, but it makes sure that you’re taking a little bit of that experience with you wherever you go. It’s not about constantly reminding you of the pain you felt. Rather, the crystal works to make sure that you learn and grow from your grief.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the properties of Phantom Quartz encourage you to flourish no matter what challenges come your way in life.

Those looking to grow spiritually have a lot to gain from Phantom Quartz.

Beyond its natural emotional healing properties, many practitioners say that this crystal grants insight and inspiration.

It helps you pull from your darkest wells of emotion to forge deeper connections with the things that matter most. Whether that’s religion or unadulterated spirituality, Phantom Quartz can help you find enlightenment in whatever journey you attempt.

Everyone’s healing process is different. The properties and meaning of Phantom Quartz support you along the way and lifts your mood to better connect with your spirituality.

According to some healers, Phantom Quartz can also help you get in touch with profound truths that lurk just beneath the surface. The crystal is like your own personal confessional. It creates a sacred space where you’re free to explore the deepest recesses of your mind.

Come face-to-face with your personal truth, and explore who you really are. The crystal will support you every step of the process.

One mostly translucent Phantom Quartz crystal

Even if you don’t fully understand why you feel the way that you do, Phantom Quartz may come to the rescue. It has a knack for uncovering long-buried memories that subconsciously haunt your everyday life. 

While it’s difficult to explore those painful truths, doing so could be the thing you need to move on finally. Phantom Quartz gives you the strength you need to do a bit of self-discovery and exploration. Figuratively, it holds your hand and guides you down the winding path of confrontation to ensure that you come out the other side a much stronger person than before.

Phantom Quartz is most known for its emotional and spiritual benefits, but some believe that it offers some unique physical perks as well.

The most important physical property is toxin purging. Like the dark energy that lurks in your auric field, Phantom Quartz is often used by practitioners to help rid the body of toxins that could potentially lead to disease. According to crystal practitioners, it boosts the immune system and enhances filtering organs like the kidney and liver.

With better-performing organs, they say that you can purge toxins more efficiently to combat diseases in the future.

If you’re in the process of recovering from a severe illness or injury, Phantom Quartz may help you get back on your feet. It’s even said that the stone’s natural healing energy works to revitalize your cells and help you feel more rejuvenated.

The metaphysical properties of Phantom Quartz have an all-encompassing influence on your body. They can trigger all of your primary chakras, leading to enhanced life force energy flow throughout. 

That makes it a great supportive tool that many meditators use alongside other healing stones.

Practitioners believe that it pays especially close attention to the crown chakra. Called Sahasrara, this energy point is the last of your seven chakras. It’s often overlooked, so Phantom Quartz’s influence over it is advantageous for many tantric meditators.

The crown chakra is your connection point to the universe at large! It’s the bridge to the cosmos that helps you experience universal connectedness and guidance from beyond! Keeping this chakra open is thought to bring spiritual enlightenment and true nirvana.

One of the best ways to take advantage of this crystal’s healing powers is through meditation. During meditation, you can hold it in your hand or have it in the same room with you. Whatever form it comes in, the crystal will continue to imbue you with healing light as you ponder its meaning.

As you sit in silence, think about the emotional blockages you want to overcome. Visualize the pain you’re feeling and direct your positive intent into your shard of Phantom Quartz.

Healing and growth take time, so frequent meditation sessions are a must.

Phantom Quartz is quite versatile when it comes to meditative healing. Like Clear Quartz, it can magnify the powers of any complementary stone. As a result, some healers like to pair it with other crystals to create custom energy cocktails.

Use it to form powerful healing grids and potent energy webs. The crystal’s versatility makes it easy to experiment with many techniques.

You can also purchase this crystal in smaller forms. Polished rocks and Phantom Quartz jewelry make excellent talismans for continued healing throughout the day.

That said, many crystal practitioners think that more substantial pieces of Phantom Quartz are best. The most potent configurations feature large, three-dimensional ghost inclusions. Intricate details are more likely to occur on massive cuts.

Fortunately, Phantom Quartz is beautiful in its raw form. Plus, you can utilize it in feng shui to create positive energy throughout your home.

Phantom Quartz isn’t exclusive to one zodiac sign or birth period. Everyone experiences pain, so its healing properties are available to whoever needs it.

All that said, the crystal is considered to be a fantastic stone for those born under the Cancer sign . The bond comes down to emotional welfare.

Cancers are one of the most sensitive of the bunch. Contrary to popular belief, that doesn’t mean those born under this sign are weak in any way. It implies that Cancers are in touch with emotions that many people choose to block out.

It’s an admirable trait! However, it’s also one that can prove difficult in particularly harrowing times. Many Cancers fall into an endless cycle of pain after experiencing a significant loss. 

Some have a hard time pulling themselves out of despair, choosing instead to turn to destructive behaviors that continue the cycle. Phantom Quartz won’t eliminate the pain entirely. But, it can encourage Cancers to pull themselves up and continue moving forward.

Phantom Quartz is a crystal that deserves a lot more attention. With such potent properties and a meaning that can resonate with anyone, we find ourselves recommending it more and more!

If you have any other questions about this stone or how to incorporate it into your healing practice, just send them over! We’re always happy to answer questions and help out however we can.

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Heather Rowe

Heather was first introduced to the power of crystals on a trip overseas to study meditation and manifestation practices. After experiencing the positive impact of these stones first hand, she founded Crystal Viden to share her knowledge with others.

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