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Ghost Team Mission Walkthrough

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ghost team modern warfare 2 walkthrough

List of Contents


  • Realism Difficulty Tips


  • Weapons Found in the Level
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Ghost Team Overview

Mission information, starting weapon loadout, ghost team walkthrough, ghost team realism difficulty video playthrough.

▶ Next Mission: Countdown

How to Beat Ghost Team in Realism Difficulty

Prioritize stealth when playing as gaz.

Gaz's starting loadout consists of suppressed weapons . Stick to using these throughout his sequences to more easily handle firefights. Remain crouched as you sneak through areas and take out isolated enemies first. Since it'll only be you and Alejandro together, stealth will be the best strategy against being outnumbered.

Use Armor Plates

equip armor plates

When playing as Soap, you'll have access to Armor Plates that increase your health . Make sure you equip these to give yourself more protection. If you run out, you can find a crate containing a set of them in each building you enter. Remember to equip these after picking them up since it's not automatic.

Use the Spotter Scope to Clear Out Infantry

While you need to use the Spotter Scope to take out buildings and important targets, you can also mark infantry to easily clear them out . This makes it safer to move to your next objectives.

Head Into Buildings to Get a Good Vantage Point

vantage point

You'll be fighting lots of enemies that will be coming from several directions. Instead of staying out in the open or using small pieces of cover, move into buildings to maximize your survivability . Make sure the building's clear before fighting enemies outside. Buildings will provide vantage points to easily attack from.

Use Flashbangs Before Entering Rooms

When moving from room to room, make it a habit to throw a flashbang in before entering . This makes it safer for you to go in blind since enemies will be stunned. This is particularly important in Realism since you can die in just a few hits if enemies have a clear sight on you.

Throw C4 from Rooftops

When fighting Graves, you'll have a difficult time throwing C4 at him from the ground level since you'll be barraged with tank gunfire as well as enemy infantry in the area. Upon picking up C4, head to the rooftop of a building and toss it down to the tank.

This is a safer method since you can just back away to the stairwell if the tank starts aiming at you. Remember, the C4 does not have to stick to the tank to deal damage .

Use the RPG to Deal Extra Damage to Graves

You can find an RPG-7 at the very back of the training area , inside a small concrete tunnel. Use this to get an easy hit on Graves. You'll only have one rocket so make it count.

Ghost Team Achievements

Practice makes perfect achievement.

practice makes perfect

To obtain Practice Makes Perfect, you'll need to shoot out all the targets in the Training Area . The Training Area is where you fight Graves while he's in a tank. The targets are metal boards with a design of an enemy holding a gun.

The mission will end once you destroy the tank so you'll need to take all of them out beforehand. It can be difficult to find them while avoiding gunfire so prioritize clearing targets that are indoors before going for the ones outside. Move from house to house to make sure you don't miss any. How to Get Practice Makes Perfect!

Weapons Found in Ghost Team

All weapons in the level, call of duty: modern warfare 2 (mw2) related guides.

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Campaign Story Walkthrough

  • All Campaign Missions

ghost team mission

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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Ghost Team is the sixteenth and penultimate mission featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II .

  • 1 Characters
  • 3 Weapon Loadout
  • 4 Transcript

Characters [ ]

  • Johnny "Soap" MacTavish (playable)
  • Kyle "Gaz" Garrick (playable)
  • Alejandro Vargas
  • Simon "Ghost" Riley
  • Rodolfo Parra
  • Phillip Graves
  • Valeria Garza (P.O.W.)
  • Shepherd (cutscene and mentioned)

After finding out the truth , Captain Price confronts General Shepherd about the remaining missile and the betrayal from Shadow Company's forces . The two then both go into a brief argument. Shepherd reveals his true nature, telling Price that Phillip Graves is "a dog with a bone" and suggest him to not go after him. Price then threatens the General and ends the call.

Price then gathers all other members of Task Force 141 and Los Vaqueros together, where he announces his plan to take back the Fuerzas Especiales Headquarters, secure Valeria and kill Commander Graves. Price then states that this is a fight against their own, and, they are not 141 or Los Vaqueros on this, re-affirming that they are a team: Ghost Team .

Weapon Loadout [ ]

Transcript [ ].

  • In the beginning cutscene, when Alejandro rallies his men, the song " 141 " can be heard faintly in the background.
  • The code used to open the doors, 6-2-7, is a reference to the original John Price from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 who was referred as Prisoner 627.
  • Alejandro will not throw the initial Smoke Grenade if the player quickly passes by him and successfully evades the laser.
  • The player will have less reserve ammo for their weapons each time the mission switches between Soap and Gaz's perspectives.
  • The suppressed Expedite 12 , BAS-P , and MX9 from the first appearing Shadows are coated with "Concrete Jungle" camouflage where as other weapons used by Shadow Company are coated in "Shadow Tiger", originally called "Eclipse", camouflage.
  • The player can use the turreted vehicle in front of the Fuerzas Especiales headquarters should it not be destroyed.
  • The scene where Alejandro, Gaz, and Price arrive at the compound was shown differently in the Reveal trailer as they were accompanied by Ghost and Soap, and none of them wore a mask.
  • Graves' line "You think this is a fucking game out here?" will become "你以为自己在玩《使命召唤》吗?" ( You think you are playing Call of Duty? ) if Simplified Chinese subtitles are enabled.
  • The mission is mentioned by Alex Keller in the intro cinematic cutscene of Season Five when Alex told Graves that he heard that he died inside the tank in South America. But Graves then reveals that he wasn't in the tank.
  • Call of Duty
  • 1 Call of Duty (series)
  • 2 Simon "Ghost" Riley

" Ghost Team " is the sixteenth mission in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II single-player campaign. You will go after Graves during this mission and help the Vaqueros regain their headquarters. 

This Ghost Team walkthrough explains all the tasks you need to complete this mission.

  • Completion Reward:  Hutch as an Operator

Ghost Team Walkthrough

You will be in the tunnels that lead to the facility where Grave is. This place is filled with traps, so you need to use a smoke bomb to spot them and deactivate them before being able to keep moving forward. Stay away from the green lasers coming out of the traps and deactivate them by interacting with the big red squares on the walls.


You will need to repeat this process through the tunnels until you reach a couple of guards, take them down, and keep moving forward. Wait until your team opens the door and keep moving through the tunnels. Remember to use smoke bombs to see the traps. 

Keep moving forward and deactivating traps until you reach a ladder. Use it to go up. 

Hijacking the Apache Helicopter

Once outside, kill the Shadows guarding the helicopter so the team can hijack it.

Move forward and enter Hangar 01 through the door. 

Your PoV will change now to Ghost's team. Grab the Spotter Scope and the Armor Plates inside the vehicle and mark the gate using the Spotter Scope outside so the chopper can take it down. 


Get off the vehicle and clear the area. Remember, you can mark any spot with the Spotter Scope if you need assistance. 

Getting to the Tower

Move forward towards the Tower. Enemies will come out from a nearby building. Clear the area however you see fit. 

There are a couple of tanker trucks below the Tower. You can use the Spotter on them to create a big explosion that will kill many enemies.

Tanker tucks ghost team.png

Move forward into the main Housing. If you use the Spotter on this building, the antenna will crash on top of it. You can use it to get inside the Housing building from above.


Clear the Headquarters

Once the housing building is clear, you must move to the main headquarters. A tank will block the entrance, but you can use the Spotter to blow it up.


Next, clear the outside area of the HQ and get close to the door to end this mission segment.

Rescuing Valeria

You will switch PoV again to get back to the team that was about to get inside Hangar 1.

Clear the hangar and get to the other there, wait until Alejandro opens it and head outside.

Hangar 1.png

Your objective here will be to cross the area to get to Hangar 03. You can use military tanks and trucks to hide from enemies and get to the other side without being detected.

Hangar 3.jpg

Get to Hangar 03 and input the code Alejandro gives you to get inside. Clear the area and then investigate the blue container to rescue Valeria. 

Get to Graves

Your PoV will change again, right where you left Ghost and his team, breaching the headquarters' main door.

Get inside and clear the first and second floor, you want to act quick, or Graves might get away.

Once the area is safe, head to the control room and use the exit on the right. 

Control room.jpg

Head outside and follow Rodolfo to the training area. There Graves will be inside a tank, waiting for you.

You will need to explode four C4 charges on the tank to destroy the tank. First, look for orange crates lying in the area and open them to find the C4. Then stick the explosives to the tank and detonate it.

Orange crate.jpg

While trying to destroy the tank, you must also watch for any Shadow roaming the training area. We recommend first getting rid of the mercenaries and then focusing on sticking the C4 to the tank. 

After four C4 blasts, the tank will be destroyed, Graves killed, and the mission over.

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MW2 graves tank

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Modern Warfare 2: How To Destroy The Tank In Ghost Team Mission

Lukas Ballat

One of the hardest fights in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign is against the tank of the villain Graves. Here are some tips on how to defeat Graves' tank.

MW2 graves tank

The campaign of Modern Warfare 2 is already playable before the official release thanks to the Early Access model and is a lot of fun. However, Infinity Ward has put even more focus on tactics and stealth this year than in MW2019. That means fewer enemies, but they are much more difficult – especially the armored guys give us a hard time on the higher difficulty levels. To help you get through the MW2 campaign, we've already explained the new crafting system and even given you the codes for the hidden safes .

Unfortunately, all this won't help you in the penultimate mission of the campaign, where you will have to deal with a big tank. If you're fighting a tank on foot and don't even have a rocket launcher at your disposal, you're out of luck for the time being, which is exactly why we're giving you a few tips for the tank boss fight in Mission 16 of the Call of Duty campaign, Ghost Team,.

Note: In the following we will spoil wildly, so if you want to approach the campaign without being spoiled, you should not read on.

Modern Warfare 2 Graves Tank Boss Fight

The boss fight against the tank takes place at the end of the penultimate mission called "Ghost Team". So by the time you get here, you already know that Graves, the leader of Shadow Company, is a total scumbag. Of course, we have to take this jerk down, so we infiltrate the occupied base where Shadow Company has taken up residence. After shooting your way through the entire base and securing drug lord Valeria, you'll meet Graves at the end of the mission.

As usual for such a sneaky traitor, Graves doesn't face you in a fair duel, of course, but hides in a tank and has infantry support with him at the same time. We also fight the tank in a closed-off arena, in which there are only a few wooden barracks, which are shot to pieces by Graves one by one. So how can we defeat the tank?

  • As soon as you enter the arena and the fight starts, you should get into one of the wooden buildings as quickly as possible to break the line of sight between you and the tank that is constantly passing through the arena.
  • Take care of the few foot soldiers first before focusing on the tank.
  • In each of the buildings, there are orange crates that contain C4 . However, you will only receive one C4 charge per crate.
  • Grab the C4, take cover and wait for the tank to pass near you.
  • Throw the C4 at the tank (it can be thrown a few meters and then sticks to the tank). Be sure to stand next to or behind the tank to avoid being blown to pieces.
  • Take cover again and detonate the C4.
  • Repeat the whole thing with the next C4 crates and after three to four C4 charges at the most, the tank is destroyed and you have eliminated Graves.

In itself, the boss fight against Graves tank isn't that complicated. The main difficulty is that the tank can take a lot of damage and the cover options dwindle over time, as Graves gradually reduces everything to rubble. Just try to show yourself as little as possible and interrupt the line of sight to the tank as soon as possible once he has spotted you.

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And that's all there is to say about the tank boss fight against Graves. What did you think of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign? Do you like the more tactical gameplay with tougher enemies or would you rather just plow through masses of enemies like before?

Lukas has been passionate about shooters his whole life and at EarlyGame he teaches you everything about CoD, while also taking care of partner projects and affiliate marketing. He also plays Souls-likes and doesn't shy away from the Diablo-grind either. ...

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