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Ghost Light Tattoo Parlor

A Custom Tattoo Shop in MKE


A Custom Tattoo Shop in Milwaukee, WI

Walk-Ins Saturday’s 12PM to 7PM For more walk-in times, contact us at (612)991-9827

Welcome to Ghost Light Tattoo Parlor

Welcome to Ghost Light Tattoo Parlor, a custom tattoo shop located in the heart of Milwaukee. Our team of skilled artists specializes in a wide variety of tattoo styles, including Realism, American Traditional, Fine Line and much more. We’re always pushing ourselves to learn and grow, and we take pride in creating unique and beautiful pieces of art that our clients can wear with pride.

At Ghost Light Tattoo Parlor, we strive to be inclusive and welcoming to all. We believe that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and respected when they come to our shop, regardless of their background or identity. We’re proud to be a safe space for people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities.

Whether you’re looking for a small, meaningful tattoo or a large, intricate design, our artists are here to work with you every step of the way. We understand that getting a tattoo is a deeply personal experience, and we want to make sure that you’re happy with the final result. That’s why we take the time to listen to our clients’ ideas and collaborate with them to create a tattoo that they’ll be proud to show off for years to come.

Thank you for considering Ghost Light Tattoo Parlor for your next tattoo. We look forward to working with you and creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

ghost fine line tattoo

Meet Ghost Light Tattoo Parlor’s Artists

Experienced tattoo artists in milwaukee.

We’re a talented group of creative individuals. With our wide variety of styles and specialties, we can offer our clients the very best tattoo in whatever style that they choose.

Chris Burke

Chris Burke

Email: [email protected]


Email: [email protected]

Tattoo-ist Jan at Ghost Light Tattoo Parlor in MKE

Traditional, Lettering

DM me on Instagram

Jamee tattoing on leg at Ghost Light Tattoo Parlor in Milwaukee

Jamee Boelter

Traditional, Fine Line

Email: [email protected] Tattoo Request Form DM me on Instagram

Rob Urato

American Traditional

Email: [email protected]

Yasmeena Dee

Yasmeena Dee

ghost fine line tattoo

Interested in being a guest artist?

If you’re interested in being a guest artist at Ghost Light Tattoo, contact us.

Contact us and let’s start creating something for you!

We look forward to working with you.

2462 N Murray Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53211

We are located in the East side of MKE near the corner of Murray and Greenwich

Sunday – Friday: By Appointment Only Saturday Walk-Ins: 12PM – 7PM

[email protected]


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15 Best Fine-Line Tattoo Ideas—Plus How to Keep Yours From Fading

I’ll take a dozen of them, please and thank you.

small tattoo

But if you’re not yet convinced that this needs to be your next (or first) tattoo, I brought even more proof in the form of 15 very pretty fine-line tattoo ideas and inspo (including a cute elephant and minimalist heart tattoo ). But before we get to that, I chatted with two tattoo artists to understand what makes a fine-line tattoo plus very important details like how to care for them and how much $$ you’ll have to drop to get one.

Meet the experts

  • Tann Parker is a tattoo consultant based in Brooklyn who specializes in hand-poked tattoos. Parker is also the founder of Ink the Diaspora , a platform that works to challenge colorism and racism in the tattoo industry.
  • Rosa Perr Bluestone is a tattoo artist based in Brooklyn who specializes in stick-and-poke tattoos .

What is the fine-line tattoo style?

Unlike traditional tattoos, which are created by a group of three or more needles for a thicker design, fine-line tattoos are created by just a single tattoo needle to leave you with super-fine lines and minimalist designs . You’ll recognize them for their delicate nature, says tattoo artist Rosa Perr Bluestone . You won’t see a lot of shading or bright colors but instead a lot of simple, linear designs and intricate details. “Fine-line tattoos are daintier and less bold than a regular tattoo,” says tattoo consultant Tann Parker . “There’s a sense of, Oh, this is actually for me and not necessarily for it to be shown off .” (Or, you know, take a billion selfies and show yours off to the world like I would.)

Do fine-line tattoos go away?

“ T here’s no reason a fine-line tattoo should fade any faster than a thicker-lined tattoo ,” Bluestone says. The fading of a tattoo is inevitable over time, thanks to our skin’s natural instinct to slowly remove foreign substances (helpful but not helpful, you know?). According to Bluestone, the rate of fading depends on where it is on your body, the experience of the tattoo artist, and how much sun exposure your tattoo will get.

You can prepare and protect your tattoo by deep-diving on tattoo artists’ Instagrams, asking to see pictures of their healed tattoo work, and ordering a tattoo-friendly sunscreen with SPF 30 or more ahead of time. And for even more precaution, Parker says to ask your tattoo artist what their retouch policy is and if you can come back to them in two to three years if you need one.

Are fine-line tattoos more expensive?

The factors that play into the cost are the same for fine-line tattoos as they are for other tattoos: size, color, and the time it takes to complete them . But if you have a fine-line tattoo of a single heart outline with no shading, it’ll likely cost less than a larger, more intricate tattoo. (And this is exactly why consultations with your tattoo artist are so important, so you can hammer out these details and make sure you’re comfortable with the cost.)

Ready for your new ink? Cool, let’s get to the inspo. Ahead, 15 of the prettiest fine-line tattoos on Instagram.

This Small Ladybug Tattoo

“Fine-line tattoos don’t necessarily take longer,” says Bluestone, and that’s especially true for tiny tattoos like this little ladybug. Parker, who works with hand-poke tattoos, says a fine-line tattoo can take anywhere from one to four hours . So just in case it’s on the longer side, I’d download a few podcasts ahead of time.

This Cheetah Fine-Line Tattoo

The best part about fine-line tattoos? You can get them really small while still incorporating a lot of detail , like with this cheetah tattoo. And before you book your appointment, scroll through a few tattoo artists’ Instagram accounts to make sure you like their work.

This Floral Fine-Line Tattoo

A flower tattoo usually feels cutesy or artsy—but somehow, this fine-line tattoo embodies both and more. Screenshot this pic for your tattoo artist or google pics of some of your favorite flowers and ask if they can ink them in this style.

These Hand Fine-Line Tattoo Ideas

Your hand is the perfect place for a fine-line tattoo (or two or three), IMO. They’re dainty enough to fit but you can still show them off easily. Heads up though: Hands get the most exposure to sunlight out of almost any other part of the body , so order a hand cream with SPF to protect your tattoos.

This Minimalist Heart Tattoo

Fine-line tattoos make excellent hidden tattoos. Get this tiny minimalist heart somewhere only you can see it—or if you want the best of both worlds, your collarbone, rib cage, and behind the ear make great spots where you can both keep it a secret and show it off.

This Fine-Line Moon Tattoo

Celebrate your Moon and Sun signs with this Sun, wave , and Moon tattoo , which will look just as cute on your back as it will on your arm , ankle, or hip. Or pick just one of these elements for a pared-down design.

This Flower Vase Tattoo Idea

While a lot of fine-line tattoos are small, there’s no stopping you from getting a big one like this intricate flower bouquet tattoo. Before you get it done, stock up on a good tattoo lotion (which is any fragrance-free lotion for sensitive skin ) to help it heal.

This Elephant Tattoo

These curvy linear designs are my favorite tattoo aesthetic right now. They’re embellished without being overpowering and minimalist without being boring. And, I mean, how can you not want this sweet elephant tattoo?

This Moon, Sun, and Stars Idea

If you want a tattoo but don’t want to endure a long healing process (I mean, does anyone?), Bluestone says hand-poked tattoos are less invasive than tattoos created by a machine —and they often heal faster. Look for an artist who specializes in stick-and-poke work (meaning, pls don’t try to DIY it), and talk through your design ideas with them to make sure you get your desired result.

This Anatomical Heart Tattoo

If you want just a liiittle bit more flair to your fine-line tattoo, choose an artist who works with colored ink. Exhibit A: This red-inked anatomical heart tattoo . It’s such a fun way to add a ~pop~ of color without any shading (which, FWIW, is more painful than just lines).

This Detailed Fine-Line Butterfly

Butterflies are having a real moment right now (looking at you, Y2K trends), and luckily, they make really pretty tattoos. Butterfly tattoos are totally customizable too— pare back on the wing details for a more minimalist vibe , or ask your tattoo artist for some color to play into the artsy side.

This Script Fine-Line Idea

Script tattoos are always pretty, IMO, and the fine-line style is great for getting really precise cursive lettering, like this pic. And if you’re on the hunt for the perfect tattoo for your sign, script tattoos are totally customizable to your personality and vibe , whether you’re looking for a Capricorn tattoo , Sagittarius tattoo , or anything in between.

This Sweet Plant Tattoo Idea

Plant parents and nature lovers, listen up: This fine-line tattoo was basically made for you. The lines are so delicate and wispy that it’s the perfect subtle tattoo that only people who are really looking will notice.

This Intricate Fine-Line Tattoo

How cool is this mountain landscape tattoo, tucked inside the Moon? This one will take a while to get done, so be prepared to be under the needle for several hours , and make sure you follow your artist’s instructions for tattoo aftercare .

This Tiny Fine-Line Idea

Y our finger is one of the best places for a fine-line tattoo since it’s such a small space that doesn’t allow for bold lines. Also, a hand tattoo is basically jewelry that you wear all the time, which is just one less thing to remember.

Headshot of Sami Roberts

Sami Roberts was the previous beauty assistant at Cosmopolitan. Keep up with her cat-filled life in New York on Instagram . 

Headshot of Valeriya Chupinina

Valeriya Chupinina is a freelance beauty and wellness writer exploring the multifaceted connection between the aesthetic and internal. You can find her work in outlets like Coveteur, HYPEBAE, and NBGA. In addition to her editorial work, she consults on social media strategies for brands. You can keep up with her on Instagram @valeriyaliyevna . 

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50+ Ghost Tattoo Ideas to Get Inspired By | Bonus: Their Meanings

Mark Arago

  • September 14, 2022

Ghost Tattoo Ideas

Table of Contents

Gloomy and fantastic tattoo themes are becoming more and more popular every year. You can meet people with tattoos of demons, skulls, and ghosts very often. Tattoo designs of a large size on the chest , arms, and other body parts are the most common among guys.

But the uniqueness of the ghost tattoo is that you can get both a serious & gloomy design and a minimalistic & cute one. The second type is more spread among women because it looks more neat and feminine.

In this article, we have gathered 50+ of the most unusual and attractive ghost tattoo designs . Moreover, we will introduce you to the top 5 tattoo artists who will help you implement ghost tattoos in the best way.

What Does a Ghost Tattoo Mean?

The basic meaning of the ghost tattoo is the fearlessness of its owner. It is because many people since childhood are afraid of ghosts, demons, skeletons, otherworldly spirits, and other fictional living horror and fairy tale characters. At the same time, people who get a ghost tattoo, challenge their fears and become courageous. Also, the ghost tattoo design is considered a talisman against evil spirits and troubles. It can make its owner more self-confident.

50+ Ghost Tattoo Adorable Ideas

A ghost skeleton tattoo

Ghost tattoo designs can also vary because everyone imagines these fictional characters differently. For example, some imagine them as cute (or want to implement them on their bodies this way to challenge a fear), while others imagine them as monsters or even living skeletons. So the appearance of a ghost tattoo depends only on you and your imagination.

A cute ghost tattoo is the best choice for people with a good sense of humor. These designs are created in a cartoon style, gaining even more uniqueness and irregularity of the idea.

A cute ghost tattoo means :

  • 🎀 Naughtiness;
  • 🎀 Youthfulness;
  • 🎀 Good sense of humor;
  • 🎀 Positivity;
  • 🎀 Friendliness;
  • 🎀 Openness.

Two ghosts most often represent a couple of ghosts in love . Therefore, such a tattoo design would be a great fit:

  • 💕 As couple tattoos ;
  • 💕 To romantic natures;
  • 💕 In honor of your other half;
  • 💕 To creative individuals who like to dream;
  • 💕 To fans of fairy tales and beautiful love stories.

“Boo” ghosts are a great cartoon design for those who want to show themselves and the world that there is nothing scary about them. This tattoo idea proves to everyone that we shouldn’t be afraid of something that seems insanely scary, just because we made it up for ourselves.

Undoubtedly, it all depends on our thinking and perception. If we imagine ghosts to be very cute, as in the designs above, their “boo” will not scare us.

The ghost cat tattoo design takes on a more playful meaning. This idea means that its owner likes to take risks and does not mind “playing hide and seek” with otherworldly forces.

Moreover, the ghost cat tattoo means :

  • 😸 The nocturnal lifestyle;
  • 😸 Love of adventure.

Mario Ghost

Boo Diddley is a cartoon ghost, Mario’s adversary in games and movies. They are memorable for their white ball-shaped image and different facial expressions: with tongue or teeth.

Mario ghost tattoo means :

  • 👻 Laughter;
  • 👻 Protection from fears;
  • 👻 Avoidance of trouble;
  • 👻 Playing with danger.

Halloween Ghost

There are many fans of the colorful and mysterious Halloween holiday . The most common symbols of this scariest night of the year are:

  • Pumpkins 🎃;
  • Witches 🧙‍♀️;

Therefore, Halloween ghost tattoo designs are also complemented by the rest of the symbols of this holiday. It makes the tattoo ideas even more atmospheric and attractive.

In recent years, large drawings, graphics, and watercolors are being replaced by minimalist tattoos . They are gaining trend positions on all tattoo themes and ideas. The minimalism style’s popularity is explained not only by the quick and less painful process of getting a design but also by the easy care for tattoos :

  • ✔️ It is easier for you to hide the design from direct sunlight;
  • ✔️ It is easier, faster, and more economical to moisturize the tattoo area with cream;
  • ✔️ A smaller area of damaged skin, which means the healing is faster and better;
  • ✔️ After the session, you can put on a much smaller piece of the particular healing film, which will help the tattoo not to bleed for a long time and heal in 4-6 days.

Using a small film will help you save money and time in changing it later.

Realistic ghost tattoos are darker than the rest, as they lose their cute cartoon style. Also, a quote inscription is a great way to diversify your realism tattoo design .

Realism is the most complex style, so you should contact a competent artist for a high-quality design. On our website, you can find the most suitable tattoo artist nearby and apply to him to get a realistic ghost tattoo.


The American traditional tattoo is the most known and common style. Its main advantage is harmony throughout:

  • 🌺 The color scheme;
  • 🌺 The precise black outline;
  • 🌺 A wide variety of designs;
  • 🌺 Densely painted patches of color.

Sometimes old-school ghost tattoo designs are complemented by the dotwork technique. Such tattoos look like a cartoon from the 40s of the 20th century. For example, they are similar to the 1945 cartoon “The Friendly Ghost” about the cute character Casper.

Dotwork tattoo is one of the most recognizable styles because its main feature is creating a design out of dots. To darken a tattoo part, you need to make more dots. And to lighten it, you need to make the distance between them longer and the concentration per area smaller.

The main advantages of the dotwork ghost tattoo are:

  • ✓ High contrast;
  • ✓ Neatness;
  • ✓ Easy readability of the design at long distances;
  • ✓ Textured and lively look;
  • ✓ Versatility (can be combined with any style of tattoo).

The fingers are not the most practical area for tattooing, as the design can fade in 1-3 months after the session. It happens for the following reasons:

  • → The skin on the fingers is often renewed more often than in other parts of the body;
  • → The tattoo on the fingers is constantly exposed to sunlight;
  • → Hands are constantly in motion, which stimulates the tattoo to fade faster due to the fingers’ increased friction.

Men’s forearm tattoos with ghosts are usually large and complex designs. It can be a several ghosts tattoo composition or a single large character design. Also, the most popular styles for these tattoos are realism and dotwork.

Women mostly prefer smaller tattoo ideas. They look more harmonious on a woman’s thin and slender arm. Ghost tattoo designs in the minimalist style look more cute and gentle.

Both tattoo artists and their clients love arm tattoos . The reasons are the following:

  • The skin in this place does not sag and does not stretch. From time to time, small and large details of the ghost design do not deteriorate. Therefore, you do not have to go to a second session to restore them.
  • The skin in this place is smooth and even. Therefore, it will be easier for the tattoo artist to work on the fine details of your ghost tattoo.

Ghost tattoo designs on the leg are most often elongated due to the structural features of the limbs. It allows you to, for example, fantasize about what this character would look like with legs.

As a result, you will get an unusual design that will emphasize your identity and decorate a body part that you can show others if you wear short clothes.

Best Ghost Tattoo Artists

The choice of a qualified tattoo artist is one of the most significant factors that should be considered before getting a high-quality ghost tattoo. If you choose an attractive and desirable design but can’t do it perfectly, it won’t do you any good. So don’t mess with fate and trust this responsible step to professionals.

We have selected the top 5 tattoo artists who will implement the desired tattoo ghost design for you without any problems.

There can be many reasons for choosing a ghost tattoo design , but two main ones stand out among them.

  • You don’t like to go with the flow and blend in with the crowd? Choose one design among 50+ ghost tattoo ideas!
  • You are brave and not afraid to face your fears – this tattoo idea is just for you!

If you fit these descriptions (or even not), choose one of the 50+ ghost tattoo ideas listed in our article, find out their meanings, find the right tattoo artist, and scare your fears!

👻 What Do Ghost Tattoo Designs Mean?

The main meaning of a ghost tattoo is courage and the ability to face your fears.

💪 What Are the Best Parts To Get a Ghost Tattoo?

The best body parts for a ghost tattoo are the forearm, arm, fingers, and leg. Designs in these places are less painful to receive than in others. Also, they look very harmonious, emphasizing your strengths and hiding your flaws.

✍️ Why Choose the Ghost Tattoo?

A ghost tattoo is perfect for both men and women because it can be both intimidating and cute.

Was this article helpful?

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101 Amazing Ghost Tattoo Ideas To Inspire You In 2023!

Ghost Tattoo

Table of Contents

Welcome, in this blog post we will explore the fascinating realm of ghost tattoos, delving into their rich symbolism and providing a wealth of ideas for those contemplating this spectral design. Throughout this comprehensive guide, we will examine a spectrum of ghost tattoo styles and discuss how they resonate with different personal narratives and aesthetic preferences. We will touch on traditional and neo-traditional designs, explore the minimalist approach, and highlight the edgier, more abstract versions.

You will also be introduced to a gallery of diverse ghost tattoo ideas, sure to ignite your imagination and possibly inspire your next piece of body art. As we journey together through the shadowy and intriguing world of ghost tattoos, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of this art form’s enduring appeal and the unique stories they can help articulate.

In essence, whether you’re a seasoned tattoo enthusiast or a curious novice, this blog post offers a comprehensive exploration of ghost tattoos that will equip you with knowledge, inspire creativity, and foster a deeper appreciation of this unique art form. So step into the spectral world of ghost tattoos and discover a form of body art that is as captivating as it is timeless.

Halloween Ghost Tattoo 

Halloween Ghost Tattoo

Imbued with the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve, a Halloween-themed ghost tattoo can make a striking statement. This combination captures both the spookiness and artistic beauty of the season, transforming your skin into a canvas that reflects the essence of this holiday. Rest assured, a ghost tattoo of this nature is likely to be a decision you’ll fondly regard.

Funny Sexy Ghost Tattoo

Funny Sexy Ghost Tattoo

Intriguing and captivating, a sultry ghost tattoo adds a twist to the traditional spectral design. With versatility in terms of placement and size, this tattoo is designed to draw attention. Its bold, all-black execution creates a visually stunning contrast that you’ll be eager to show off.

Cute Ghost Tattoo

Cute Ghost Tattoo

Endearing and whimsical, cute ghost tattoos can charm both the wearer and observers. They are straightforward to execute, offering the opportunity to pair with other tattoos for a more elaborate design. Starting with a small tattoo and expanding over time offers an evolving narrative to your body art.

All-Black Ink Ghost Tattoo

All-Black Ink Ghost Tattoo

The simplicity of an all-black ghost tattoo caters to minimalists seeking a distinct design. Utilizing green as an accent color, this tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body. It offers the flexibility of being discreet or proudly displayed, catering to your comfort and preference.

Half-Sleeve Ghost Tattoo

Half-Sleeve Ghost Tattoo

Half-sleeve ghost tattoos are a commendable option for individuals with prior tattoo experience. Executed in all-black ink, it allows for completion within a single session, providing the opportunity for future expansion and detailing.

Simple Ghost Tattoo Ideas

Simple Ghost Tattoo Ideas

Ideal for beginners or those preferring minimalism, these designs feature a trio of ghosts in black and three accent colors. These ghost tattoo ideas are versatile, combining easily with other tattoos, enabling you to create a unique and meaningful personal statement.

Colorful Half Moon Ghost Tattoo

Colorful Half Moon Ghost Tattoo

A half-moon ghost tattoo executed in vibrant colors is guaranteed to command attention. This detailed design can be placed anywhere on the body and completed within a single session, transforming your skin into an artistic masterpiece.

Small Ghost Tattoos

Small Ghost Tattoos

Perfect for first-timers or as an addition to your existing collection, a small, discrete ghost tattoo is a timeless choice. This diminutive design is quick to ink, and its subtle charm will captivate you, ensuring satisfaction with your decision.

New Ghost Tattoo Designs

New Ghost Tattoo Designs

The new-school design is a fantastic option for both men and women. These colorful, quirky, and artistic ghost tattoos can be customized to any size and are defined by their intricate details, making them unique and appealing.

Witch Ghost Tattoo

Witch Ghost Tattoo

A modern, playful yet beautiful witch ghost tattoo is certain to earn compliments. Easy to ink and versatile, this design can be augmented with additional tattoos over time, evolving your personal narrative.

Indie Ghost Tattoo

Indie Ghost Tattoo

An indie ghost tattoo, executed as a colorful and detailed half-sleeve, will ensure you’re the center of attention. Although it may require multiple sessions, the resulting artistry will be worth the time investment, enhancing your overall tattoo collection.

Mario Ghost Tattoo

Mario Ghost Tattoo

A homage to beloved childhood gaming memories, the Mario ghost tattoo blends pop culture and personal nostalgia. Suitable for novices and experts alike, this tattoo can be inked anywhere, sharing a piece of your story with the world.

Casper Ghost Tattoo

Casper Ghost Tattoos

Inspired by the world’s friendliest ghost, a Casper tattoo is usually executed on a smaller scale, making it adaptable to any part of the body. With this iconic design, you are guaranteed to garner compliments and spark conversations.

Arm Ghost Tattoo

Arm Ghost Tattoos

Arm tattoos are a favored choice for their visibility and potential for detailed design. An arm ghost tattoo, whether grand or petite, detailed or simple, can be paired with other tattoos to transform your body into a living artwork.

Colorful Sleeve Ghost Tattoo

Colorful Sleeve Ghost Tattoo

A colorful, full-sleeve ghost tattoo makes a bold and unique statement. Despite the time commitment and potential discomfort, the intricate illustrations and vibrant palette promise a stunning, visually captivating result.

Need More Inspiration

ghost tattoo

9 Core Styles Of Ghost Tattoo Designs To Understand!

Ghost tattoos can come in a wide array of styles, each with its unique aesthetic appeal and symbolism. Here are some of the most common styles of ghost tattoo designs:

  • Traditional and Neo-Traditional: Traditional ghost tattoos usually have bold lines and solid colors, adhering to the classic tattoo style’s rules. In contrast, neo-traditional designs incorporate modern elements and color palettes while maintaining the traditional style’s boldness.
  • Minimalist: Minimalist ghost tattoos are typically simple and understated, often using just black ink and simple lines to create an elegant and understated design.
  • Realistic: These designs strive for lifelike representations of ghosts, often utilizing grayscale for a more eerie effect.
  • Abstract: Abstract ghost tattoos use unconventional shapes, lines, and colors to depict ghosts, making each tattoo unique to the wearer.
  • Cartoon or New School: These designs draw inspiration from animated ghosts, like Casper or ghosts from the Mario series. The style is often colorful, exaggerated, and playful.
  • Japanese or Irezumi: In Japanese folklore, Yūrei (ghosts) play a significant role, and these designs incorporate traditional Japanese artistry and the unique ghost symbolism in this culture.
  • Blackwork: This style uses bold and intricate black ink patterns to depict ghost figures, often resulting in visually striking and distinctive tattoos.
  • Watercolor: Watercolor ghost tattoos use a blend of soft color gradients and splashes that mimic the effect of watercolor paintings, creating ethereal and whimsical ghost designs.
  • Dotwork or Pointillism: These designs consist of numerous small dots to create the image of the ghost, providing a unique texture and depth to the design.

Each of these styles offers different aesthetics and emotional impacts, providing a broad spectrum of choices for individuals contemplating a ghost tattoo.

7 Key Meanings Behind Ghost Tattoos

Ghost tattoos, like many other types of tattoos, carry a multitude of meanings, often depending on the wearer’s personal beliefs and interpretations. However, there are several common themes associated with these spectral designs:

  • Life and Death: Ghosts are often perceived as symbols of the afterlife or the realm between life and death. As such, a ghost tattoo could symbolize a person’s acceptance of mortality or a tribute to someone who has passed away.
  • Past and Memories: Ghosts can also symbolize the past or memories, especially those that continue to haunt the present. People may get ghost tattoos to acknowledge past experiences or traumas they’re working through.
  • Change and Transformation: In some cultures, ghosts represent transformation and change, as they transition from one state of existence to another. Thus, a ghost tattoo can symbolize personal growth or a significant transition in one’s life.
  • Mystery and the Unknown: Ghosts often symbolize the unknown or the mysterious, as they’re traditionally associated with unexplained phenomena. Therefore, a ghost tattoo might indicate a person’s curiosity about the mysteries of life and the universe, or their embrace of uncertainty.
  • Protection: In some cultures, ghosts are seen as protective spirits or ancestors watching over the living. A ghost tattoo in this context could symbolize protection or guidance from unseen forces.
  • Individuality and Nonconformity: Ghosts, as entities that exist outside the normal rules of life and death, can also symbolize individuality and nonconformity. A person with a ghost tattoo might identify with the ghost’s status as an outsider or free spirit.
  • Playfulness and Nostalgia: Ghosts are often depicted in a friendly or cute manner in popular culture (think Casper or the ghosts in Pac-Man). In this context, a ghost tattoo might express a sense of fun, nostalgia, or a reminder not to take life too seriously.

The meaning of a ghost tattoo can be deeply personal and is ultimately determined by the individual wearer’s experiences, beliefs, and interpretation of the symbol.

7 Amazing Tips For Those Contemplating A Ghost Tattoo?

  • Research your design: Given the diversity of ghost tattoo styles and meanings, it’s important to research and plan your design carefully. You may find inspiration in traditional ghost depictions, popular culture, art, or personal experiences.
  • Consider size and placement: The size and location of your tattoo can affect both its visual impact and its personal significance. Consider where on your body you’d like the tattoo, how visible you want it to be, and how it might fit with other tattoos if you have any or plan to get more.
  • Choose your artist wisely: It’s crucial to find a reputable tattoo artist who has experience with the style you’re interested in. Review their portfolio to ensure that their aesthetic matches your vision.
  • Consultation: Have a consultation with your chosen artist. They can provide guidance on your design, its placement, and any alterations needed to suit your anatomy or improve the design’s longevity.
  • Understand the process: Remember that tattoos can be a significant commitment, both in terms of time and pain tolerance. Larger, more detailed designs may require multiple sessions.
  • Aftercare is crucial: Follow your artist’s aftercare advice to ensure that your tattoo heals well and maintains its appearance over time. This usually includes keeping the area clean, avoiding sun exposure, and not picking at scabs.
  • Consider the permanency: Finally, remember that tattoos are generally permanent, and removal can be painful and expensive. Be sure that you’re ready for the commitment and that your chosen design is something you’ll be happy with long term.

Remember that tattoos are personal, and the most important thing is that your ghost tattoo represents something meaningful to you.

In conclusion, ghost tattoos, with their varied designs and rich symbolism, offer an appealing avenue for personal expression through body art. As with any tattoo, the decision to get inked should be well-considered, taking into account factors such as design, size, color, and placement. Equally important is the choice of a professional and reputable tattoo artist to ensure both the quality of the artwork and adherence to health and safety standards. There are risks associated with tattooing, including allergic reactions, infections, and the permanence of the design. Hence, adequate research and consultation with an experienced tattoo artist are imperative.

It’s essential to remember that a tattoo, in essence, is a lifelong commitment that becomes an integral part of your identity. So, choose your design with care, reflecting your unique style and story. Ghost tattoos, be it playful or solemn, minimalistic or elaborate, can offer a captivating choice for those seeking a design with depth and intrigue. Let your creativity flow, and you might just find the perfect spectral design that resonates with your personal narrative and aesthetic preference. Ultimately, a tattoo is a celebration of individuality, and ghost tattoos are no exception. May your journey into this spectral realm of body art be both inspiring and rewarding.

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Jamie Wilson (BA) is a professional tattooist, blogger and passionate photographer! After graduating with a BTEC Level 4 in tattoo design he has gone on to work for both private clients in tattoo parlours across the UK, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. He is also the editor in chief at Outsons. The brains behind the brand: a veteran of the industry working for some of the biggest fashion and grooming brands in the UK. Jamie has been writing for Outsons tattoo section since the beginning of 2017, providing informed and passionate content about the fascinating world of inked body art. If you would like to know more about Jamie or further details on our editorial policy then just click the links in the footer.

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30+ Best Ghost Tattoo Design Ideas with Meaning

Best Ghost Tattoo Designs

Posted on November 16, 2022 May 19, 2023 by Tattoo Expert

All throughout the world, people are clamoring to get their hands on creative body artwork. There are a variety of tattoos you can get on your body, including ghost tattoo design. From a ghost tattoo on hand to ghost tattoo shoulder, from spooky to snazzy they are all there to amuse you.

Starting from meaningful tattoos to tattoos that hold no great significance, you simply can get any however you like it. Believe it or not, you can even use a ghost tattoo design to reminiscence a loved one who has passed away. Having a tattoo of a ghost can demonstrate that even though they are no longer physically present, they always shine bright upon you.

Although one might be a little scared to hear about ghost tattoos, but it’s not always the case. Ghost tattoos are chilling but in a good way. A ghost is not one of the options for a spooky tattoo, despite the fact that there are numerous options available. Ghost tattoos are not only a terrific way of raising the tattoo game bar, but they are also a lot of fun, charming, and fascinating.

So, if you’re looking for a stunning ghost tattoo design, this is the post for you. Whether you’re looking for a ghost tattoo on hand or matching ghost tattoos, we’ve shared everything in this post.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 30 ghost tattoo ideas for you. So, continue reading to find out which ghost tattoo design will suit you the best among the 30.

The list is divided into three different sections to help you choose the tattoo that suits you best. Take a look…

30+ Ghost Tattoo Design Ideas

1. funny ghost tattoos.

If you don’t want a scary ghost tattoo, then get a funny one. These tattoos, no matter how small, are a great choice for adventurous and self-confident people.

Funny Ghost Tattoo

This is a great tattoo design to show the world that you’re a witty, upbeat, and helpful little person who’s eager to ease the burden of any given scenario.

2. Colorful Ghost Tattoo Power

A vibrant and vintage leg tattoo will demonstrate how you prefer to shine despite the challenges that life throws at you.

Colorful Ghost Tattoo

This ghost ink is perfect for you to flaunt if you’re someone who has a positive outlook on life. Colorful Ghost Tattoos are a powerful way to express your true self to the world and let them know that you’re constantly open to doing new things and taking on enjoyable tasks that make you feel fulfilled.

3. Story-Telling Ghost Tattoo

Create a vibrant and colorful tattoo using vibrant colors. Story telling ghost tattoo is a great way to tell your unique story through beautiful artwork. It will help you demonstrate that you are always forward looking and whatever the future may bring. You can build the narrative to fit your tastes and preferences exactly.

Story Telling Ghost Tattoo

4. Ghost Flower Tattoo

You may give your ghost tattoo a more artistic and vintage appearance by adding some color to it. A ghost flower tattoo will look best on women who are searching for something that is both charming and easy to do.

Ghost Flower Tattoo

Flowers will come to represent not only your reborn feminine energy but also your illuminating path. You can get it etched on your arm or neck in small sizes.

5. Captain America Ghost Tattoo

If you’re fond of Captain America, then this is the tattoo for you for sure! Get a ghost tattoo in Captain America style.

Captain America Ghost Tattoo

The best thing about this artwork is that you can personalize it according to your tastes. Be more creative and make it a reflection of your genuine affection for amusing tattoos and engaging characters. The ideal placement for your Captain America ghost tattoo is your shoulder or arm.

6. Ghost Tattoo with Anime Characters

Although it may sound different, yes, such a tattoo exists and is also widely known. This is for the keen anime watchers who like a specific antagonist in a certain anime. Besides, it will also depict that not every time the person is bad but the situation he/she is in.

Ghost Tattoo with Anime Characters

7. Cartoon Ghost Tattoo

If you’re fond of cartoons and ghosts as well, then get a cartoon ghost tattoo. This makes for a unique tattoo design. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind body artwork, then this is the one. You can get it etched on your neck, forearm, and wrist.

Cartoon Ghost Tattoo on Arm

8. Ghost Tattoo Drawing Ink

Do you enjoy having a splash of color alongside your tattoos? If that’s the case, give ghost tattoo drawing a shot!

You’ll be able to demonstrate that you’re always up for a good laugh and ready to have some fun in your own unique way by donning this vibrant purple ghost with zany socks. If you are the type of person who enjoys joking around in a variety of settings and is well-versed in the art of being silly, then this is the tattoo for you.

Ghost Ink Tattoo

You can get it etched on your arms, calf, or wrist for the ideal placement of your ghost tattoo design.

9. Small Ghost Tattoo

Do you enjoy tattoos that are creative and fun ? If that’s the case, you should give this tattoo a shot.

Small Ghost Tattoo

It is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to go overboard with a tattoo design. A small and simple ghost tattoo looks unique and elegant. The best thing is you can have a small ghost tattoo anywhere, from your neck to your fingers.

10. Cowboy Colorful Ghost Tattoo

Cowboy ghost tattoos look awesome! A tattoo of a cowboy clutching a flower is perfect for a man or woman who enjoys drawing attention to themselves.

Cowboy Ghost Tattoo

A ghost depicting you holding a floral will appear to reflect your more pacific or conciliatory nature. You can get a colorful cowboy ghost tattoo in small size and rock it with the certainty that being small doesn’t mean being powerless.

11. Black Ink Ghost Tattoo

It can be made as a small ghost symbol that is black in color. This unique and beautiful tattoo design is for anyone who enjoys unusual tattoos and creative art.

Black Ink Ghost Tattoo

A humorous black ghost tattoo is a reflection of how you choose to look on the bright side of things, including death. So, get this one etched on your forearm or shoulder for the best placement.

12. Ghost Cloak Tattoo

Both men and women who enjoy Halloween would love getting this cape-like ghost cloak etched. A tiny ghost cloak tattoo in black is an excellent way to express your genuine affection for Halloween.

Ghost Cloak Tattoo

13. Small Black Ink Ghost Tattoo

A spooky ghost design that would look amazing on people who are passionate about vintage tattoos. Your ability to persuade others and your dogged pursuit of success will be represented by this tattoo design. You have the option of having it tattooed on either your forearm, shoulder, or ankle.

Small Black Ink Ghost Tattoo on Ankle

14. Ghost Tattoo Designs with Flowers

A ghost tattoo with flowers looks great! The delicate design is perfect for any flower-loving ghost tattoo fan.

Ghost Tattoo Design with Flower

It could represent your growing intuitive abilities and will to triumph over adversity. This will prove to be a great ghost tattoo design for women who appreciate their feminine grace under pressure.

15. Minimalistic Ghost Tattoo

If you don’t want to overdo your tattoo design, then get a minimalistic ghost tattoo. This one looks mesmerizing and very cute as well. So, if you’re looking for a small cute ghost tattoo design, then this is the one for you.

Minimalistic Ghost Tattoo

The ideal placement for this tattoo is your arm, ankle, and wrist. And if you’ve a problem displaying your tattoo, get it etched on your nape so that you can keep it hidden most of the time.

16. Large Ghost Tattoo

For people who are fans of getting catchy and huge tattoos, it is for them. Large ghost tattoos make for eye-catching tattoo designs. With this tattoo, you may show the world that you’re not afraid to throw yourself into the deep end and make the most of every situation, no matter how difficult.

Large Ghost Tattoo

You can get it etched on your shoulders, chest, or back for great placement.

17. Retro Ghost Tattoo

Are you a lover of ghosts that are both creepy and nostalgic? This one will come to represent how you approach new circumstances and predicaments that present themselves in front of you.

Retro Ghost Tattoo

A Retro ghost tattoo could represent a guardian spirit, a spiritual healer from another realm, or even a deceased loved one. It is an excellent way to represent the ways in which you have grown and become who you are.

18. Ghost Tattoo with a Butterfly

Do you also enjoy being in nature? If yes, then what else could be better than a ghost tattoo with a butterfly?

Ghost Tattoo with a Butterfly

It’s a great way to express your love for nature and showcase that you are in touch with your spiritual side. It’s a win-win situation. Get a Ghost Tattoo with a Butterfly on your arm and show the world around you that you believe in a hereafter while at the same time appreciating nature.

19. Cool & Quirky Ghost Tattoo

If you want to have a unique tattoo design, then get this cool and quirky ghost tattoo. You can have ghost wearing headphones with musical symbols to make your tattoo impactful.

Cool & Quirky Ghost Tattoo

It is adorable and works wonderfully for people of either gender. It is great for the ones who want to have an outside-the-box tattoo design.

20. Forearm Ghost Tattoos

Acquire a collection of ghosts with a variety of appearances to demonstrate that you are continuously shifting and developing as time passes and as time progresses.

Forearm Ghost Tattoo

This tattoo is likely to appeal to anyone who has been through a difficult or trying trip and doesn’t mind the prospect of tackling fresh challenges.

21. Ghost Face Tattoo

A small ghost face tattoo is perfect for people who want something unique and useful in black and white. It’s perfect for individuals who want something unobtrusive, as it’s feasible to get and doesn’t break the bank.

Ghost Face Tattoo

22. Holy Ghost Tattoo

If you value minimalism and transparency, then you’re going to love this one! Holy ghost tattoos make for an eye-catching tattoo design that suits all, including men and women.

Holy Ghost Tattoo

23. Boo Ghost Tattoos

Do you count yourself among the people who adore tiny and adorable shapes?

The minimalists among you will adore this design. Those who prefer minimalistic black-and-white tattoos may really appreciate this design.

Boo Ghost Tattoo

The benefits of this tattoo are, first and foremost, its reduced discomfort and cost.

24. Matching Ghost Tattoo

Anyone looking to commemorate a special someone with a permanent mark of affection, then get a matching ghost tattoo.

Matching Ghost Tattoo

A matching ghost tattoo is an excellent way to represent the path you’ve traveled together and the challenges you’ve faced. You and your partner can have this ghost tattoo to demonstrate the positive side of your relationship even after so many ups and downs.

25. Ghost with a Crown Tattoo

A miniature ghost tattoo will look gorgeous with a crown. A ghost with a crown tattoo is ideal for conveying the royal side of your personality.

Ghost with a Crown Tattoo

Just make sure to choose the right place for your ghost with a crown tattoo design for that lasting impression.

26. Scary Ghost Tattoo

A scary ghost tattoo in a small size will make for an impactful tattoo design. You can have just the face of a ghost with scary looks etched on your arm, or go for a full ghost tattoo. It’s excellent for someone who enjoys watching scary movies or is fond of ghosts.

Scary Ghost Tattoo

27. Black & Red Ghost Tattoo

True horror fans will look their finest in this black ink with red lines that runs through it. Try getting this eerie ghost tattoo across your arm or your leg if you’re a fan of horror movies.

Black & Red Ghost Tattoo

28. Ghost Tattoo Band

How about having a ghost tattoo band? Yes, if you’re looking for a unique ghost tattoo, get a ghost tattoo band. It is going to make for an eye-catching tattoo design.

Ghost Tattoo Band

You can get it etched on your forearm if you have no problem in having a tattoo that is visible all the time.

29. Ghost with A Plant Tattoo

Include a plant in your ghostly creation to make it more interesting. A ghost with a plant tattoo is the best way to showcase your deep connection with nature and ghostly creations.

Ghost with A Plant Tattoo

It is perfect for everybody who wants to get in touch with their feelings on a profound level from the inside out. This one will be great in small size etched on your arm.

30. Cute Ghost Tattoo

If you want to turn heads with your next tattoo, consider getting a simple ghost motif done in black ink. These kinds of tattoos serve as a symbol for people who have a natural curiosity for the unknown, have an open mind, and like seeing other countries all around the world.

Cute Ghost Tattoo

31. Two Ghost Tattoos

Two ghost tattoos are ideal for people in romantic relationships. You can get this tattoo design in recognition of your significant other or if you want to showcase your love life to the world.

Two Ghost Tattoos

32. Ghost Tattoo with Angel Wings

Last but not least, ghost tattoo with angel wings. These tattoos look gorgeous and make for meaningful body artwork.

A ghost tattoo with angel wings can represent a variety of ideas, from flight to faith to guardianship. They serve as a memorial to a deceased family member or friend. Also, it represents your faith in God and helps you showcase your higher and more angelic self.

Also Read: Best 40 Inspiring Raven Tattoo Designs And Ideas With Meaning

Wrapping it up…

So, there you have it: the top 30 funky and meaningful tattoo design ideas for you. It’s entirely up to you what type of design you would go with.

You can get a cute ghost tattoo, opt for a spooky ghost tattoo, or get creative to come up with your unique ghost tattoo design. All you have to make sure of is to choose a professional tattoo artist for your ghost tattoo design. It is because only a professional can help you with the design that you have been dreaming of.

Ghost Tattoo FAQs

1. What Does a Ghost Tattoo Mean?

There are many potential interpretations of the ghost tattoo. First, ghost tattoos are popular among those who enjoy spooky movies. Ghosts are a staple in the subculture that celebrates all things spooky and gruesome.

Aside from that, the meaning of a ghost tattoo is quite subjective. It varies from person to person who has it. There are many who get a ghost tattoo to symbolize the ever-present loved ones who have gone already. A ghost tattoo can also serve as a reminder of the many people who have your back.

In addition, the ghost tattoo can also represent fear. Aside from that, a ghost tattoo is a great way to express your determination and the courage with which you overcame all the adversities in life.

When we finally come to terms with the fact that there are some things in this world we simply can’t fathom, we get the strength and wisdom symbolized by the ghost tattoo. Recognizing that you can’t control everything is half the battle, and the ghost tattoo can serve as a constant visual reminder of that.

2. How Much Does A Ghost Tattoo Cost?

Well, the cost of a ghost tattoo design will vary based on several factors, including the size of your tattoo design, the kind of work you want (detailed or simple), the reputation of your tattoo artist, and so on.

On average, a small-sized ghost tattoo will cost you around $35 to $50. Whereas, you will need to spend around $250 or more for a large-size ghost tattoo design.

3. Which Is The Best Place For A Ghost Tattoo Design?

Your ghost tattoo’s placement will be determined by the size of the overall artwork you choose to have done.

For example, if you are thinking of getting a small ghost tattoo, the best place for it would be on your finger, wrist, nape, behind your ear, or somewhere else on your body.

On the other hand, if it is going to be a medium-sized ghost tattoo design, the best places to get it are on your arms, forearms, ankles, and calves.

If you want a large tattoo design, you should get it etched on your back, stomach, or shoulder. These are the greatest places for it.

4. How To Choose The Best Ghost Tattoo Design?

Finding the perfect ghost tattoo is a relatively simple process. Before getting one, all that is required of you is to do some study and give it some careful consideration. In addition, before getting your ghost tattoo, you should consult with the tattoo artist who will be creating it. A skilled tattoo artist would be able to provide you with fantastic advice regarding the design of your tattoo. In point of fact, you are free to use your imagination to develop your very own concept for a ghost tattoo.

5. Can We Use Other Elements Along With Our Ghost Tattoo?

Yes, you can add various elements to your ghost tattoo design to make it more impressive and interesting. Your ghost tattoo design can, in fact, benefit from the addition of a number of different elements.

You can customize your ghost tattoo by adding details like butterflies, flowers, caps, plants, angel wings, and other things like that. Keep in mind that the addition of elements will have an effect on the meaning of your chosen tattoo design. Because of this, it is extremely important to select items based on the expression you want to convey to the rest of the world.

Thanks for reading!

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺


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