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Ghost’s Current Nameless Ghouls Have Been Identified, See Unmasked Photo

Ghost just completed a European leg of their ongoing tour in support of their new album,  Imperator and the lineup of nameless ghouls and their real identities have been revealed.

The band now employs a total of eight backing musicians, which puts them in league with the mighty Slipknot for biggest rock/metal bands with nine masked members. As much as leader Tobias Forge has worked to keep the identities of the various Nameless Ghouls over the years, details gradually leak over time.

Rumors have been floating around regarding which musicians are currently in the live lineup and, with the completion of the latest tour leg and before another North American run starts up this August (with Mastodon and Spiritbox ), it was time to reveal Ghost's supporting cast.

A photo of all the bands (including Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats as well as Twin Temple) and the road crew was shared on social media and many of the Nameless Ghouls indulged in the opportunity to reveal what they've each been up to these last few months.

Some of the Nameless Ghouls are quite recognizable names and their experience also includes time spent in Bloodbath , Katatonia , AWOLNATION , The Sisters of Mercy and more.

After poking around the depths of the internet, here is what we've been able to piece together about each Nameless Ghoul. View all the details below and, if you want to know who the six outside writers were on  Imperator , head here .

Ghost, Nameless Ghoul Lineup — Real Identities

Chris Catalyst (Aether)

Instrument: guitar

Associated Acts: The Sisters of Mercy (guitar, 2005-2019), Eureka Machines (vocals, guitar, 2007-present)

Per Eriksson (Fire)

Instrument: lead guitar

Associated Acts: Bloodbath (guitar, 2008-2017), Katatonia (guitar, 2010-2014)

Cosmo Sylvan (Rain)

Instrument: bass

Associated Acts: Cos Sylvan (solo)

Hayden Scott (Mountain)

Instrument: drums

Associated Acts: Paramore, AWOLNATION

Justin "Jutty" Taylor (Swiss/Multi)

Instrument: backing vocals

Associated Acts: Jutty Taylor (solo), Jutty Ranx

Laura Scarbourough (Cirrus/ Tall)

Instrument: keyboard, keytar

Associated Acts: Laura Scarbourough (solo)

Mad Gallica (Cumulus / Curvy)

Instrument: keyboard, tambourine

Associated Acts: Mad Gallica

Sophie Amelkin (Sunshine)

Associated Acts: Skål Chamber Collective, musical theater performer

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Nameless Ghouls

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Nameless Ghouls are the accompanying instrumentalist members of the band Ghost . They use the alias 'Nameless Ghouls' to shield the performers' identities and remain anonymous. Throughout the band's history, the Ghouls have worn virtually identical, face-concealing costumes that have changed for each album era. There are currently eight Nameless Ghouls that play all of the instruments when the band is performing live, three of which are female Ghouls who are also known as Ghoulettes or Ghulehs .

  • 1.1 Opus Eponymous Era
  • 1.2 Infestissumam Era
  • 1.3 Meliora Era
  • 1.4 Prequelle Era
  • 1.5 Impera Era
  • 3 Previous Members
  • 4 Other Ghouls

Appearance [ ]

Opus eponymous era [ ].

In the Opus Eponymous era, the Nameless Ghouls wore all-black, hooded robes with Grucifixes hung from their necks (worn similarly to a pectoral cross ). These costumes also featured a black mask that covered the performer's entire face, though the eyes of the Ghouls could be seen in certain photoshoots. These were said to be store-bought costumes from Butterick's, a Swedish party store. In 2012, towards the end of the Opus Eponymous era, the Ghouls' costumes changed to all-white robes that resemble those of a bishop; the white costumes consisted of a white cassock accented with a fascia , a hooded mozzetta , and a Bauta mask. The same Grucifix necklaces were worn for these costumes.

There were only five Nameless Ghouls during this era: Fire, Water, Quintessence/Aether, Earth, and Air. However, it is important to note that the Ghouls were not formally given these names during this era, and the only effective way to identify them was by their instruments.

Infestissumam Era [ ]

In the Infestissumam era, the Nameless Ghouls wore nearly identical costumes similar to their late-2012 ones. These new costumes were completely black, consisting of a cassock, fascia, hooded pellegrina , and Bauta mask. These costumes also had the same Grucifix necklaces. The fascia of these costumes were embroidered with the five alchemic symbols representing the Ghouls, and each costume highlighted the respective symbol depending on its wearer.

Just like the previous era, there were five Nameless Ghouls that performed in the band: Fire, Water, Quintessence/Aether, Earth, and Air.

Meliora Era [ ]

In the Meliora era, the Nameless Ghouls saw the biggest change in their costumes. The Ghouls wore all-black suits, Grucifix necklaces, and silver devil masks that covered the entire face. Their elemental symbols were embroidered on the right breast of their costumes, with the elemental symbol representing the individual ghoul highlighted to show the identity of the wearer.

The same five Ghouls performed in the band for this era: Fire, Water, Quintessence/Aether, Earth, and Air.

Prequelle Era [ ]

With the release of Ghost 's new single, " Rats ," and the introduction of the Prequelle Era, the Nameless Ghouls again changed costumes. The new costumes were black suits with crucifixes embroidered all over the inner shirts. Their face-covering masks resembled those of the Meliora-era, but appeared shinier and facilitated singing by cutting out the area around the mouth. The two newly introduced Ghoulettes had masks that were slightly different from the other Ghouls because they had slightly longer hair.

The Prequelle Era saw the first increase in the number of Nameless Ghouls, including the addition of the two female-presenting Ghoulettes. There were seven Ghouls in total: Fire, Water, Quintessence/Aether, Earth, Air (2 Ghoulettes), and a Multi-Ghoul.

Impera Era [ ]

With the release of IMPERA , the Nameless Ghoul's designs changed drastically. Their masks shifted from the slender demon design of the Meliora and Prequelle tours to steampunk-esque helmets, with large goggles and a mouth opening for all members (as opposed to only the backup singers receiving one). Their clothing now consists of Victorian-era parade jackets in dark colors. Each of the Ghouls were given capes, though the Ghoulettes are the only ones that seem to wear them throughout performances.

There are currently eight Ghouls that perform in the band: Fire, Water, Quintessence/Aether, Earth, Air (2 Ghoulettes), and 2 Multi-Ghouls (one of which is the third Ghoulette).

Members [ ]

As of 2023, there are currently eight Nameless Ghouls in the band.


  • Swiss/Multi Ghoul – guitarist, tambourine, backing vocals, saxophonist (as Papa Nihil ), and more
  • Aurora/Multi Ghoulette - Tambourine, backing vocals most commonly

Previous Members [ ]

A list of previous nameless ghouls who no longer tour with the band.

  • Water/Chain (October 23, 2010 - March 4, 2011) - Bass
  • Fire/Alpha (October 23, 2010 - November 12, 2016) - Lead Guitar
  • Quintessence/Omega (October 23, 2010 - July 3, 2016) - Rhythm Guitar
  • Air (February 19, 2011 - November 12, 2016) - Keyboards
  • Earth (October 23, 2010 - September 27, 2014) - Drums
  • Water#2/Lake (March 29, 2011 - July 30, 2013) - Bass
  • Water#3/River (July 27, 2013 - September 27, 2014) - Bass
  • Delta (June 3, 2015 - July 2, 2015 (for bass) July 22, 2016 - November 12, 2016 (for rhythm)) - Bass and Rhythm Guitar
  • Pebble (June 3, 2015 - November 12, 2016) - Drums
  • Mist (September 16, 2016 - November 12, 2016) - Bass
  • Ivy (March 24, 2017 - May 13, 2017) - Drums
  • Ifrit (March 24, 2017 - September 30, 2017) - Lead Guitarist
  • ChAir/Zephyr (March 24, 2017 - September 30, 2017) - Keyboard
  • Sunshine/Multi Ghoulette (January 25, 2022 - September 23, 2022) - Backing vocals, Misc. Percussion, Keyboard fill
  • Aether (March 24, 2017 - September 23, 2022) - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Other Ghouls [ ]

  • Special Ghoul - A persona used by Tobias Forge to participate in interviews during the Opus Eponymous, Infestissumam, and Meliora eras.
  • Cowbell Ghoul - A temporary Ghoul who would come on stage to play the cowbell. He was only around for a few months during the latter half of the Meliora Era.
  • As of May of 2022, all the Ghouls' identities have been revealed.
  • The Multi-Ghoul had his debut performance at the Rats On The Strip show at The Roxy. He played several instruments throughout the show, sometimes singing as a backing vocalist. In the live performance of " Miasma ", Multi-Ghoul played saxophone while dressed as Papa Nihil .
  • The band's first Multi-Ghoulette, who is the third Ghoulette, was introduced during the Reno, Nevada show of the 2022 Imperatour . She debuted with her own small platform (much like Swiss, the other Multi-Ghoul) and is primarily seen shaking a tambourine and singing backing vocals. It is speculated that she takes up some keyboard responsibilities during Mummy Dust when Cirrus performs the keytar solo.
  • 1 Nameless Ghouls
  • 2 Papa Emeritus IV
  • 3 Nameless Ghoul (Sodo)

Ghost: the definitive guide to every member of their crazy universe

From Papa Emeritus I to IV to Papa Nihil, Sister Imperator and beyond, here's everything you need to know about Ghost's colourful cast of characters

Various members of the Ghost clergy

Ghost have long been shrouded in mysterious shenanigans. As well as the largely anonymous Nameless Ghouls that make up the bulk of the band, with each passing album, Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge has introduced a ghastly lead character to front the fold, starting back in 2010 with Papa Emeritus I for debut album Opus Eponymous . After Papas II and III followed for Infestissumam and Meliora respectively, for 2018's Prequelle , there was no numbered Papa to be found – just a Cardinal and another, newly introduced ancient figure known as Papa Nihil. 

The plot has only thickened since then, with Cardinal Copia being upgraded to a Papa all of his own for the Impera era and even more strange and spooky characters being introduced into the Ghost canon. Here's our definitive guide to all of them so far. 

Papa Emeritus I

AKA: The first one. Years Of Service: 2010-2012. Notes: Papa Emeritus I was the OG Ghost frontman and could usually be found stalking back and forth on stages wielding his trusty thurible (that’s that big, swinging incense burner thingy he used to have). The original, certainly, but arguably not the best.

Papa Emeritus II

AKA: The scary one. Years Of Service: 2013-2015. Notes: With a far ghastlier looking visage than his predecessor, Papa Emeritus II was also the first Papa to ditch the makeup when he fronted a special, three-song Ghost set for an Australian website in 2014. Though we’re still not convinced that was his real face, either.

Papa Emeritus III

AKA: The dandy. Years Of Service: 2015-2017. Notes: Allegedly the younger brother of Papa Emeritus II, Papa Emeritus III brought a new energy to Ghost, shrugging off his Papal robes mid-set for a snazzy suited-and-booted look that came with a host of sexually-charged stage moves. Oooh, the cad. It set a a new precedent for the dynamics of how Ghost shows would usually operate (let's just say the costume change count has only gone up since then). Papa III was eventually and unceremoniously killed off, along with his two predecessors, his decapitated head appearing on the cover of Metal Hammer in 2018. Oh dear.

AKA: The old one. Years Of Service: 1969-2020 alive, 2020-2022 as a spooky spirit Notes: Making his live debut seconds after Papa III was dragged off stage in Sweden in late 2017, Papa 0 looked older than time itself (er, no offense). His role was seemingly to mentor younger Papas and Papas-in-waiting, not least a newly arrived Cardinal who seemed to have more than just professional connections to the old-timer. Papa 0 could also, it would appear, bust out a mean saxophone solo, but that sadly wasn't enough to save him when he was rudely offed live onstage in Mexico in 2020. Then resurrected in 2022 to play sax again. This band's health insurance renewal rates must be through the roof, quite frankly.

Cardinal Copia

AKA: The one that wasn't a Papa (but is now). Years Of Service: 2018-2020. Notes: Providing a combo breaker by eschewing the corpsepaint and having a decidedly less pope-y fashion sense, Cardinal Copia was the lovably daft Papa-in-waiting that brought an extra flash of sass to the Ghost camp. Tobias Forge once suggested to us that, unlike previous Ghost frontmen, Cardi C might actually stick around for a few records - and he was half-right. In March 2020, on stage in Mexico, The Cardinal was surrounded by The Clergy and transformed into Papa Emeritus IV. A new dawn beckoned...

Papa Emeritus IV

AKA: The grandest Papa yet Years Of Service: 2020-present Notes: The upgraded Cardinal is currently serving as the fourth Papa Emeritus, and if Ghost's latest live show is anything to go by, he may be the most extravagant one yet. Packing dazzling robes, a fancy new hat (or three) and a fine array of new stage costumes, he's perfectly set to lead what looks to be Ghost's most over the top and bombastic era ever. But what happens when The Clergy grow tired of him and decide it's time for a freshen-up? Could Ghost's current hero buck the trend and leave the fold with his head and body intact? Could a serving Papa IV become Papa V? Or is he doomed to join his predecessors in death? Only time will tell.

The Nameless Ghouls

AKA: The band. Years Of Service: 2010-Present. Notes: Less individuals and more a mass of souls represented onstage by mysterious, anonymous figures. They seem to grow in number with each passing album cycle, and get their own revamp to go alongside each newly introduced (or upgraded) frontman. Currently, The Nameless Ghouls are rocking a badass steampunk look. We approve.

Sister Imperator

AKA: The matriarch. Years Of Service: 1969-Present (at least) Notes: A figurehead behind the scenes, the mysterious Sister Imperator has appeared in a number of videos put out by Ghost in recent years, and she seems to have a particular (motherly) affinity for The Cardinal/Papa IV. We got to see both Sister Imperator and Papa Nihil in their younger incarnations during Ghost's Kiss The Go-Goat era.

Mr. Saltarian

First introduced in Chapter 10 of Ghost's ongoing video series, Mr. Saltarian is yet another mysterious religious figure with definite but somewhat murky connections to The Clergy. With poor Papa IV's future seemingly up in the air as of Ghost's most recent Chapters, it seems that Mr. Saltarian may have a part to play in the increasingly paranoid frontman's ultimate fate.

AKA: The main event. Years Of Service: 2010-Present. Notes: The mysterious cult from which these strange beings all stepped forth, The Clergy is the centre point for everything that Ghost is, was and shall be. They remain anonymous, omnipotent and powerful. Which is metal as fuck, to be fair.

Father Jim Defroque

AKA: The Bad Boy Priest Years Of Service: [unknown]-Present Notes: Introduced in a half-hour special on YouTube entitled "Jesus Talk With Father Jim Defroque" released on Easter Sunday 2023, at first it appeared the Pastor was the antithesis of our favourite Satanic Swedes and a true man of the cloth as he disapprovingly dissected lyrics from bands including Ministry, Soundgarden and Green Day (all Jesus themed, naturally). 

It wasn't long before Father Defroque's true colours came out, however: suspicious sniffs throughout his YouTube special turned into a full bender during the Jesus He Knows Me video featuring copious amounts of blow, guns and erm, a questionable haircare regimen. How does he fit in with the wider Ghost lore? Well, we guess we'll find out pretty soon... 

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    Mountain(Hayden Scott)has been around since late 2017, era III. He plays drums. His horns are two-toned. He has kind of a triangular patch near his left eye. He has a tattoo on his right ring finger. He's also really tall, hence the name "Mountain". Cirrus(Laura Scarborough) joined in era IV, she plays keyboard and does backup vocals.

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    Years Of Service: 2015-2017. Notes: Allegedly the younger brother of Papa Emeritus II, Papa Emeritus III brought a new energy to Ghost, shrugging off his Papal robes mid-set for a snazzy suited-and-booted look that came with a host of sexually-charged stage moves. Oooh, the cad.