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rc luxusyacht

AERONAUT Comtesse Luxury Yacht

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Only a few left in stock, ready for shipment within 1 working day. Delivery time 1-3 working days.

  • Description A dream of fine mahogany combined with luxurious leather and sporty fittings. This is how you could describe our Comtesse. T… More
  • Bewertungen
  • The model kit contains all precisely cut wooden parts
  • lots of fine mahogany veneer
  • imitation leather
  • Nickel silver etched parts
  • detailed building instructions with 3D step-by-step drawings
  • construction plan

Swell RC

Experience Ultimate Luxury with RC Super Yacht – The Top Choice for RC Boating Enthusiasts

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  • By - Kyle Hilson
  • Posted on November 14, 2023 November 14, 2023
  • Posted in RC Boats

If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury RC boat, the RC Super Yacht is the perfect choice. This beautifully crafted boat is designed to impress even the most discerning hobbyist. The creators of the RC Super Yacht have left no stone unturned in creating a replica that reflects the real yachts used in the high seas. Standing at over 4-feet long, this boat is nothing short of magnificent. The perfect addition to any collection, it’s sure to draw attention no matter where it is on display. The RC Super Yacht is the complete package in terms of style, speed, and size. Every feature of the boat has been designed to impress, and it’s sure to deliver a unique and immersive experience that no other RC boat can provide.

One of the standout features of the RC Super Yacht is its sheer size. Measuring at over 4 feet long, it’s one of the largest RC boats on the market today. However, it’s not only an impressive size that makes this boat a great choice, it also has some fantastic features including:

  • Realistic deck details, rigging and sails for a more authentic feel
  • LED lights which further enhances its authentic appearance
  • Easy to use transmitter for adjusting speed and direction which suits both experienced RC boaters and those just starting out
  • Designed to handle all kinds of water quickly and easily
  • Agile yet speedy, making it a blast to operate

At its larger size, the RC Super Yacht is still relatively easy to control and move. The high-quality transmitter allows you to easily steer the boat even from a distance that other boats wouldn’t be able to cover.

If you’re looking to buy the RC Super Yacht , head over to the product webpage for the boat on hobby stores like Amazon or RC World. You can also check out the latest reviews and testimonials for the product on these websites to get an idea of what other users are experiencing. Whether you want to add it to your collection or take it out for a spin on the lake, the RC Super Yacht is sure to deliver an experience that’s completely unmatched in the world of RC boats .

What are the features of a yacht?

A yacht is a luxurious watercraft designed for recreational activities, personal use, or as a status symbol. Here are some key features of a yacht:

If you’re interested in purchasing or renting a yacht, there are many businesses that specialize in yacht sales, rentals, and charters. Websites such as Boat International, YachtWorld, and Yacht Charter Fleet can provide valuable information on yacht features, prices, and availability.

Precision Detailing

The RC Super Yacht is a perfect blend of form and function, with attention to every detail setting it apart from the competition. Its precision detailing ensures that:

One of the more interesting facts about the RC Super Yacht is that it falls under the category of the most realistic and detailed remote-controlled boats on the market. This feature makes it appealing to both experienced RC boaters and those just starting out.

If you’re interested in purchasing an RC Super Yacht , you can do so on websites like Amazon and RC World, where you can also read more reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. With its impressive size, realistic detailing, and ease of use, the RC Super Yacht is an excellent choice for anyone who is truly passionate about remote-controlled boats.

What is the inside of a yacht called?

The inside of a yacht is called the interior. It may include different rooms, such as a living area, bedrooms, a kitchen, and bathrooms. The design and layout of yacht interiors vary depending on the type of yacht and the owner’s preferences. To learn more about yacht interiors, you can visit websites such as or

One of the standout features of the RC Super Yacht is its user-friendly design. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The boat’s transmitter is simple to operate and allows the user to control both speed and direction with ease.
  • The boat’s large size doesn’t detract from its maneuverability. The RC Super Yacht is surprisingly agile, even in the tightest of spaces.
  • The boat’s construction materials, including its lightweight yet durable composite hull, make it easy to transport to just about any body of water.

Additionally, the RC Super Yacht has an impressive range, with the ability to transmit up to 300m away from the transmitter. This gives the user plenty of freedom to explore and navigate larger bodies of water.

For those interested in purchasing the RC Super Yacht , it can be found on websites like Amazon and RC World. These websites often have listings for other RC boats and accessories that can enhance your experience when using the RC Super Yacht .

In conclusion, the RC Super Yacht is a highly advanced, user-friendly RC boat that has plenty of features that appeal to everyone from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. With its impressive range, ease of use, and attention to detail, it’s a great addition to any collection. If you’re interested in purchasing an RC Super Yacht , be sure to check out reputable websites where you can find reviews, pricing information, and more.

What makes a super yacht super?

A super yacht is typically defined as a luxury yacht that is larger than 24 meters (78 feet) in length and is equipped with top-of-the-line amenities and features. Some of the key factors that make a yacht ‘super’ include:

  • Length: Generally, a yacht must be longer than 24 meters (78 feet) to be classified as a super yacht.
  • Design and Architecture: The design of a super yacht usually encompasses sleek architecture and innovative engineering.
  • Luxury Amenities: Super yachts are equipped with luxurious amenities such as spas, gyms, cinemas, helipads, swimming pools, and more
  • Technology: Technology plays a crucial role in modern-day tech-enhanced super yachts. These often comprise advanced navigation systems, diagnostic tools, and environmental controls.
  • Quality: To ensure the high-quality of a super yacht, they employ world-class craftsmen and use top-quality materials

For more information on super yachts, you can visit websites such as Superyachts or YachtCharterFleet . You can also browse products related to super yachts on websites like Worth Avenue Yachts and Boat International .

The RC Super Yacht offers a unique and premium experience that’s hard to replicate with other RC boats . Here are a few of the reasons why it stands out above the rest:

  • The yacht’s incredibly realistic appearance and attention to detail, from the rigging to the LED lights, make it an impressive display piece.
  • Its large size and impressive speed make it stand out from other RC boats, allowing hobbyists to experience the thrill of operating a yacht on the water.
  • The yacht’s ease of use means that beginners can quickly learn to navigate it, while experienced operators can take advantage of its range and maneuverability.

For those looking to take their RC boating experience to the next level, the RC Super Yacht is a great investment. It offers unparalleled style, speed, and maneuverability that’s sure to impress. Plus, with its high-quality transmitter and user-friendly design, it’s both easy to use and easy to transport.

Several websites offer the RC Super Yacht for purchase, including Amazon and RC World. On these websites, you can find reviews, pricing information, and more to help you make an informed decision when purchasing an RC Super Yacht .

In conclusion, the RC Super Yacht is the ultimate luxury RC boat that anyone can enjoy. Its realistic appearance, impressive size, and ease of use make it a top choice for hobbyists everywhere. If you’re looking to take your RC boating experience to the next level, consider investing in the RC Super Yacht today.

What is the most luxurious superyacht?

The most luxurious superyacht is currently believed to be “Azzam,” owned by the President of United Arab Emirates. The yacht measures at 590 feet in length and reportedly cost a whopping $600 million to construct. It features a stunning interior design by Christophe Leoni and a top speed of 30 knots.

Here is some additional information about Azzam:

For more information on luxury yachts, you may want to check out the following websites:

  • Boat International (
  • YachtWorld (
  • SuperYacht Times (

Should You Invest in the RC Super Yacht?

If you’re a hobbyist who craves the ultimate luxury experience with RC boats, the RC Super Yacht should definitely be on your radar. It’s one of the most impressive RC boats on the market, offering unmatched speed, size, and style. Whether you’re an experienced RC boater or just starting out, the RC Super Yacht offers a unique and immersive experience that’s hard to replicate with other boats.

However, it’s important to consider a few key factors when deciding whether or not to invest in the RC Super Yacht. First and foremost, it’s not a cheap investment. The yacht’s premium design and size comes with a premium price tag, and it may not be within everyone’s budget. Additionally, its size may be too large for some hobbyists, especially those who prefer to navigate smaller bodies of water.

That being said, if you have the budget and space for the RC Super Yacht, it’s certainly worth investing in. Its impressive appearance and realistic features make it a great display piece, while its speed and maneuverability make it a thrill to operate on the water. Plus, with its ease of use and high-quality transmitter, it’s a great choice for both beginners and experienced operators.

In conclusion, the RC Super Yacht is the ultimate luxury RC boat that offers an unmatched combination of speed, size, and style. While it may not be within everyone’s budget, those looking to take their RC boating experience to the next level will not be disappointed by the RC Super Yacht. With its realistic appearance, ease of use, and high-quality design, it’s a top choice for hobbyists everywhere.

Crocodile RC Boat: A High-Speed and Fun Remote-Controlled Watercraft

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best RC Plane: Tips for Beginners and Advanced Users

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Why you should visit the Abacos on your Bahamas yacht charter

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5 stunning private Mediterranean islands to add to your charter

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PHOENIX 2 is ‘THE best value 90m Lurssen – ever’

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Charter KADIMO'S

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Available 1-12 July and August onwards

Spa facilities including massage and beauty rooms, private master deck and indoor and outdoor cinemas

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Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

Best luxury yacht: 7 ultimate luxury cruisers you can buy

  • Toby Hodges
  • March 14, 2024

Toby Hodges takes a look at all the nominees and the winner of the best luxury yacht category in the European Yacht of the Year Awards

The definition of the best luxury yacht will differ according to personal opinion and from boat to boat. This year’s nominees in the luxury yacht category of the European Yacht of the Year Awards proved that perfectly.

The European Yacht of the Year awards are selected by a broad panel of expert judges from across the globe. These are people who spend their professional lives sailing and comparing yachts, so you can be certain that the yachts which stand out in this field are truly the best of the best on the market.

The best luxury yachts

Best luxury yacht winner 2024 – arcona 50.

When you enter the fiercely competitive 50ft luxury performance yacht market you better get it right. And the jury felt Arcona managed that. This watershed design for the traditional Swedish brand, by X-Yachts co-founder and former designer Niels Jeppesen, is a big, contemporary new Arcona, one that sees it move away from its cruiser-racer heritage and classic interiors.

The on trend styling inside and out is backed up by a premium level of build and finish quality and sailing performance – particularly if you have the performance sails, traveller and deep (2.95m) keel options the test boat carried, although the latter does limit your berthing and anchoring options.

While I doubt it’ll be raced or will suit typical bluewater use, it offers a purity of performance push-button sailing: a handsome prospect upwind in a light breeze, it transforms into a powerful reaching machine with stacks of control.

As chairman of our jury, Jochen Rieker, puts it: “The boat certainly did not win for her somewhat borrowed looks. She wins by checking all the boxes in all other respects. Slipping along gracefully in the lightest of airs, holding her stride and her balance in more demanding conditions, offering warmth, light and this reassuring feeling of utter quality down below – there simply isn’t anything to fault.”

Contest 50CS

The Contest 50CS, for example, is an archetype luxury cruising yacht, one built to the highest standards and that could take you to most waters in impeccable comfort. This model is, uniquely, available in two versions: this more conventional 50CS with aft master cabin, or the forward owner’s suite version on the aft cockpit Contest 49CS . We ran a full test on the latter after spending two days aboard in the North Sea, where that noticeably high freeboard, which may not aid boarding nor windage, helped keep us dry on deck in a steady Force 6 gusting 7.

As the 50CS proved, this Judel/Vrolijk design keeps slipping along in the light stuff too, providing enjoyable sailing in 6 knots breeze under a code sail. The centre cockpit offers a deep protected guest area, but also links well to the spacious aft deck.

And the Wetzels-Brown-designed interiors of Contests today are stunning and hard to match. The engineering, access to usable stowage, details and finish on the 50CS is first class and to get this level of quality at this size is special.

Both Contest and X-Yachts are early adopters of hybrid power, offering their bluewater cruisers with optional electric drives. For the XC 47 this was designed-in from the start to offer Oceanvolt’s award-winning new 25kW regenerative drive.

The XC 47 is another wonderfully engineered and thought out yacht for distance cruising, in particular for those who also enjoy hands-on helming pleasure. That should come as no surprise to any X aficionados, but what really struck me most about this yacht was the stowage, and the forethought needed to create that, together with how practical it has been made.

That may sound slightly anticlimactic but ask any long-term cruiser and stowage is always a priority. On deck, this constitutes a huge lazarette and sail locker, plus clever systems for launching a dinghy via davits and a liferaft canister, while below decks every square inch of space has been used effectively, with lockers hinged with gas struts.

It’s clear the Danish yard went to considerable time and effort, even building a full mock up of the interior that could be canted 20° each way.

If the deck saloon style looks didn’t sell this model to all – this is the first full non-Jeppesen designed X – the jury were converted once they’d taken the helm. ‘Quirky’ became ‘muscular and bold’. The ease with which it can be sailed from the cockpit was also appreciated.

While I understand many offshore cruisers like a protected centre cockpit and more sun protection, the attention to detail, stowage and practicalities, combined with the direct steering, motion and enjoyable sailing this X offers make it a standout new offering.

Jeanneau Yachts 55

Meanwhile the Jeanneau Yachts 55 stands out for different, unique reasons in this category, offering a completely new concept in comfort on deck while at anchor and a novel accommodation layout. Its focus is on outdoor living space.

What helps place this in a luxury bracket is not simply the price or the creative input of superyacht specialist design duo Philppe Briand and Andrew Winch, rather that its layout creates a palatial amount of private space for the owner’s suite. Guest cabins have their own direct access from the extensive cockpit via gullwing doors.

It certainly makes sense for solo owners or couples using it as a warm water apartment. How many people this will suit is another question, as it segregates any guests, crew or children from the galley and saloon.

I used the term monocat when I first viewed it, as the 55 really does attempt to mix the two worlds, particularly in terms of providing owner privacy and lounging space. Choose the rigid hard top and windshield and there’s a vast amount of covered area including a dinette and chart table – plus a bimini can shade all that extensive aft deck too.

The penalty comes in additional weight and wetted surface, and is felt in the handling and performance, the latter particularly in lighter breeze with the optional in-mast furling, self tacking headsail and shallow draught package we had. However, it’s set up to be easily managed from the mid cockpit with good visibility from the twin helms and easy circulation thanks to the ramped side decks. Full report in YW February 2024.

Best luxury yacht 2023

Best luxury yacht winner – oyster 495.

It is hard to imagine that the decor of a yacht can change its look and feel quite this much, yet the layout of this second 495, Eddie Jordan’s dramatic looking Tuga , is in fact identical to the first boat that I spent several days aboard last summer.

At its heart is a wonderfully (Humphreys) designed and engineered luxury bluewater cruiser conceived from the ground up, built in a new dedicated facility to a repeatable quality very few yards are capable of.

The 495 offers consistent passage making speeds in real voluminous comfort – whether enjoyed from the deep cockpit or the best-in-class aft cabin. Deck stowage and mechanical space is also superb.

Then factor in the family appeal of Oyster’s after sales and world rally programme and you start to appreciate the premium world this sub 50-footer gives access to.

The first yacht fully conceived under CEO Richard Hadida’s reign, this is also the smallest completely new Oyster 495 since 2005 – and it’s a triumph. It was our September 2022 cover star in which we featured the full review from our Oyster 495 three day test .

Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 60

The Oceanis Yacht 60 is a very different beast indeed to the 62 it replaces as flagship for the Beneteau range. The yard has learned plenty from the success of the First 53/OY 54 and wanted to create a 60 in this style and with the same deck layout (albeit larger and wider) and ease of circulation.

The construction experience of the smaller model clearly helped too, as this is a whopping five tonnes lighter than the bulky OY62 and with a deeper (2.6m) keel. The telling result is on the water. It feels sporty to helm and we averaged a knot slower than the single figure 6-8 knot windspeeds upwind and matched them reaching with Code 0 and a slight swell.

The vast cockpit works well, sheltered below the semi rigid bimini, it has plentiful lounging space with sailing systems led aft to the twin helms. The interior sees a 3+3 layout, where Beneteau wanted to get rid of the corridor effect of the OY62. The galley is forward to help open out space, while the forward suite with offset berth and headboard aft works well to give space with privacy.

This is an attractive, voluminous yacht that leaves a good overall impression whether under sail, on or below decks.

Ice 62 Targa

It all looks pretty funky below decks on the Ice 62 Targa too, especially if you’re watching the masthead fore and aft cameras (plus bow and prop cam) on central displays mounted in the saloon while you slip out of the dock! The Ice is a seriously impressive, contemporary yacht, one that in looks, performance and execution, won over many of the judges.

The first to launch is a highly customised project for a passionate sailing owner who covers long distances solo – he’d already sailed it 3,000 miles around the Med that autumn. It’s impressively stiff, sails handsomely and, thanks to a telescopic keel, points well. We matched single figure windspeeds, and clocked up to the high 9s in 12 knots wind.

Umberto Felci’s team spent 4,000 hours on the design, providing lots of space and light to the interior and a chillout zone in the semi raised saloon. This was easily the coolest looking yacht, with its aggressive reverse bow, chamfered gunwales and carbon T-top bimini, and all engineered and built to a high standard.

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Luxury Yacht Group finds crew work onboard the finest yachts around the world. We place thousands of crew on yachts every year for full time, rotational, seasonal or day work positions.


The best crew have discovered Luxury! With over 140,000 crew registered and over 250,000 references verified Luxury Yacht Group is your “go to” resource for the finest crew to staff your yacht.

Crew Job Descriptions

Crew Job Descriptions

PDF Summary Salary Guidelines

PDF Summary Salary Guidelines

Crew FAQ

Why Use LYG for Crew Placement

Cost calculator.

Cost Calculator

Industry leading operating cost calculator tool

Luxury Yacht Group has built a comprehensive and realistic operating cost calculator tool with over 100 fields in the chart of accounts. You can utilize this tool free of charge.

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Yachts for Sale

For aspiring yacht owners looking for a luxury yacht for sale, we have put together a fine selection of luxury yachts and megayachts for sale from all over the world. Search BOAT International's collection of superyachts for sale and filter by type, length, asking price or age. Narrow the results by selecting specific features, or browse by speed, designer and much more.

Explore luxury yachts for sale

Search for everything from motor yachts for sale from renowned Dutch yards including Feadship and Heesen , premium Italian names including Azimut , Sanlorenzo and Benetti , popular British builders Sunseeker and Princess , and American megayachts for sale from US yards such as Westport .

Our collection also features sailing yachts for sale from legendary names such as Royal Huisman , Perini Navi , Nautor's Swan and Jongert , as well as some of the most well-known explorer yachts for sale .

Yacht Features

Propulsion System

Yachts For Sale

New and used boat and yacht sales with guidance every step of the way..

Our Bluewater yacht brokers have years of yachting expertise in the marine industry with in-depth knowledge of yacht sales, long standing relationships with shipyards and marinas and yacht crew alike.

Whether you want to purchase your first yacht, upgrade or sell your current vessel, our aim is to find your perfect yacht or the ideal buyer.

Bluewater’s expert brokerage services put buyers and sellers first, ensuring you are at the forefront of the fast-moving yacht sales market.

Bluewater prides itself on exceptional sales advice, market intelligence and sourcing the right yacht at the right price. No matter where you are based, you can benefit from listing or purchasing your yacht with our yacht brokers who are leading worldwide yacht sale experts in major yachting destinations such as the Caribbean, Fort Lauderdale and the Mediterranean.

We’re passionate about yachting and helping our clients by offering a full service and unrivalled support from start to finish – our commitment is defined as ‘One Company, One Complete Service’ with listings for a large selection of yacht brands such as Azimut, Benetti, Sunseeker and Princess Yachts, as well as departments dedicated to yacht charter, yacht management, yacht crew placement and crew training, to ensure we can cater for all of your yachting requirements.

Contact us today to find your dream yacht.

Aurora Luxury Superyacht for Sale

  • €130,000,000

Salt Luxury Yacht for Sale

  • €6,900,000

Endless Summer Luxury Yacht for Sale

Endless Summer

  • €2,950,000

Jasmine Luna Luxury Yacht for Sale

Jasmine Luna

  • €6,000,000

Abbracci Luxury Yacht for Sale

  • €39,900,000

SEAGULL MRD Luxury Yacht for Sale


  • €27,900,000

HIYU Luxury Megayacht for Sale

  • €1,850,000

LANGKAWI LADY Luxury Yacht for Sale


  • Sterling yachts
  • €3,200,000

MIT-SEA-AH Luxury Megayacht for Sale

  • €3,250,000

Cosmos Luxury Yachts


yacht cart gold


rc luxusyacht


Length (m): 20 | Cabins: 3 | Berths: 6

rc luxusyacht

Length (m): 35,5 | Cabins: 5 | Berths: 12

Price per week from: 69.000,00  €

rc luxusyacht

Length (m): 37,5 | Cabins: 5 | Berths: 10

Price per week from: 41.500,00  €

rc luxusyacht

Length (m): 23,87 | Cabins: 5 | Berths: 10

Price per week from: 55.000,00  €

rc luxusyacht

Length (m): 18,87 | Cabins: 5 | Berths: 10

Price per week from: 24.900,00  €

rc luxusyacht

Length (m): 37,5 | Cabins: 3 | Berths: 6

Price per week from: 46.000,00  €

rc luxusyacht

Length (m): 29,5 | Cabins: 5 | Berths: 10

Price per week from: 30.000,00  €

rc luxusyacht

Length (m): 20,42 | Cabins: 4 | Berths: 8

Price per week from: 29.500,00  €

rc luxusyacht

Length (m): 30,8 | Cabins: 6 | Berths: 12

Price per week from: 45.000,00  €

rc luxusyacht

Length (m): 29,34 | Cabins: 4 | Berths: 10

Price per week from: 40.000,00  €

rc luxusyacht

Length (m): 16,50 | Cabins: 4 | Berths: 8

Price per week from: 18.000,00  €

rc luxusyacht

Length (m): 14.75 | Cabins: 6 | Berths: 10

Price per week from: 14.500,00  €


French Riviera

West Mediterranean

French Riviera, Corsica & Sardinia, The Balearics, Italy


Adriatic & Eastern Mediterranean

Greece, Croatia & Montenegro, Turkey

Caribbean island of St John in the US Virgin Islands

Caribbean & Bahamas

Caribbean islands, The Bahamas

New England

North America

Alaska, New England


South Pacific

French Polynesia, Fiji islands

Indian Ocean

South East Asia, Indian Ocean, Australia

Make an enquiry

Ask one of our charter brokers to help you find the perfect yacht


  1. RC-Luxusyacht

    rc luxusyacht

  2. RC Yacht showcase

    rc luxusyacht

  3. RC Yacht harbour static display / DMAX princess v55

    rc luxusyacht

  4. YT RC Modell

    rc luxusyacht

  5. Rc Luxusyacht ganz aus edlen Hölzern in Baden-Württemberg

    rc luxusyacht

  6. RC Super yacht

    rc luxusyacht


  1. Motoryacht Moonraker RC-Modell

  2. Rettungsaktion der RC Luxusyacht Century mit dem Schlepper Störtebeker

  3. Arbeiten auf einer Luxusyacht


  5. RADIANT Yacht built in 2009 by Lurssen (360.89ft /110m) visit Ibiza & Formentera !! Mega Yacht !!

  6. Mega Yacht NORN


  1. RC boat models

    If you are looking for a retro mahogany sport boat, the Comtesse Luxusyacht is for you! This semi-model kit of a luxury yacht is made for all the dreamers, varnished wood and leather lovers.This type of yacht is commonly found on the lakes in some cities like Geneva, Lausanne, Como or Garda. All wood (plywood and mahogany) of quality is entirely to build.the removable cabin will give you an ...

  2. luxyacht

    The Exquisite And Renowned Brands Represented By Us. Whether you are looking for a sport boat or a superyacht, you have come to the right place. Here is where you will find her. There are over a hundred models across seven product lines that you can choose from.

  3. Exploring the World of RC Luxury Yachts

    Popular RC Luxury Yacht Models. RC luxury yachts come in different shapes, sizes, and styles, and each model has its own set of unique features that makes them stand out. In this paragraph, we'll discuss some of the most popular RC luxury yacht models. The Joysway Blue Mania V2 is a popular model that is perfect for beginners. It is designed to be easy to operate and comes with a durable ABS ...

  4. AERONAUT Comtesse Luxury Yacht

    AERONAUT Comtesse Luxury Yacht. Product number: 9787352. Manufacturer number: 308500. GTIN/EAN: 4012230114750. REQUIRED SUPPLIES. PLANET-HOBBY JOKER 4250-6 V3 680 KV BRUSHLESS MOTOR. €56.99*. HOBBYWING SEAKING 120A V3 BEC BRUSHLESS ESC WATERPROOF. €106.99*.

  5. RC Luxus Yacht Schiff LUGANO Modellbau

    RC LUXUS YACHT LUGANOOriginal von Conrad (ohne Tuning)Habt ihr Fragen? Dann ab damit in die Kommentare!Über eine Positive Bewertung würde ich mich freuen.Abo...

  6. Aeronaut Rc Comtesse Luxusyacht kleiner Baubericht

    HallöchenDa die 1. Testfahrt positiv Verlaufen ist ,kam mir der Gedanke, ein kleines Baubericht-Video der Comtesse von Aeronaut euch vorzustellen.

  7. Experience Ultimate Luxury with RC Super Yacht

    The RC Super Yacht is the complete package in terms of style, speed, and size. Every feature of the boat has been designed to impress, and it's sure to deliver a unique and immersive experience that no other RC boat can provide. One of the standout features of the RC Super Yacht is its sheer size. Measuring at over 4 feet long, it's one of ...

  8. Rc Boot Comtesse Aeronaut, Luxusyacht, 2 Testfahrt jetzt ...

    HallöchenHeute ist es endlich soweit die 2 Testfahrt mit der Comtesse von Aeronaut.Jetzt komplett mit Figuren. Sieht doch sofort viel viel lebhafter aus.

  9. RC Cars

    Shop high quality RC cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters and much more at discount prices! Visit our family-owned & operated online RC store. 507-332-2000 Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 * Earn Rewards Gift Certificates

  10. Victoria Luxusyacht Aeronaut 70cm assembly kit

    If you want to build an elegant yacht, the Victoria Luxusyacht is for you! This semi-model kit of a 60's yacht is made of quality wood (plywood and mahogany) and is completely buildable.Its hull with live bilges makes it easy to build.The removable cabin will give you an easy access to your battery, engine or other electronic elements.All the parts are pre-cut for a quick assembly.The kit ...

  11. Superyachts, Luxury Mega Yachts for Sale & Charter

    As a Burgess client, you always come first, whether that's charter, sale and purchase, build, refit or any aspect of yacht ownership. That's the Burgess difference. charter a yacht. Your great escape. Tailored by Burgess. Cruise in inimitable style and experience real freedom. The adventure of a lifetime awaits aboard the world's greatest ...

  12. Best luxury yacht: 7 ultimate luxury cruisers you can buy

    Best luxury yacht winner - Oyster 495. It is hard to imagine that the decor of a yacht can change its look and feel quite this much, yet the layout of this second 495, Eddie Jordan's dramatic ...

  13. The Finest Selection Of Luxury Yachts For Sale

    The Finest Selection Of Luxury Yachts For Sale. The Moran fleet contains some of the world's best superyachts for sale. From chic vessels like the UTOPIA IV to large mega yachts like the 95m MADSUMMER, we have something to suit every new owner. We pride ourselves on our expert, up-to-the-minute knowledge of the luxury yacht sales market, and with an enviable fleet, you can be assured that ...

  14. Home

    THE ULTIMATE YACHTING EXPERIENCE. Luxury Yacht Group has global resources to build, sell, charter and crew your yacht. Understanding that every happy yacht starts with a competent crew our resources focus on your crew and how they impact your yachting enjoyment. About Us.

  15. Comtesse RC Luxusyacht von Aeronaut 1. Probefahrt

    Hallo alles zusammenHeute habe ich die 1. Probefahrt mit meiner Comtesse von Aeronaut absolviert. Sie läuft wie auf Schienen. Die ganze Arbeit und mühe haben...

  16. ROYAL ROMANCE Yacht • Viktor Medvedchuk $200M Superyacht

    The Royal Romance was delivered to its owner in July 2015 and has an estimated value of more than $200 million. According to Dutch Court documents, the build price of the yacht was EUR 150 million. The yacht is truly a symbol of luxury and sophistication, making it a highly sought-after vessel in the yacht industry.

  17. Top 100 World's Largest Yachts

    The Top 100. A comprehensive and accurate list of the largest luxury yachts set to launch in 2024. A live list of the Top 100 largest superyachts in the world as it currently stands. The Top 100 luxury yachts launched in 2023 who defined the last year in large yachting. Has your yacht ever been in the Top 100? Search any yacht to view its ranking.

  18. Luxury Yacht Charter

    Browse luxury yacht rentals & superyachts for charter in every yachting destination. Private crewed yacht charters, sailboats for hire & more.

  19. Yachts for Sale

    Explore luxury yachts for sale. Search for everything from motor yachts for sale from renowned Dutch yards including Feadship and Heesen, premium Italian names including Azimut, Sanlorenzo and Benetti, popular British builders Sunseeker and Princess, and American megayachts for sale from US yards such as Westport.

  20. YT RC Modell

    Link Maggie M.: SEABEX One: Weiterlesen auf "mehr anzeigen" klicken)---Soundtrack by KsTBe...

  21. Luxury super yachts for sale

    New and used boat and yacht sales with guidance every step of the way. We have access to a broad selection of the finest yachts for sale internationally, including new boats, refit yachts and used boats for sale plus a range of sizes and vessels such as sailing yachts, motor yachts, cruisers, powerboats, catamarans and pre-owned charter yachts.

  22. RC boat models

    Fittings kit for boat Comtesse Luxusyacht from AeronautSupports for basting and handrails, mooring bitts (metal), helm with functional compass (metal), portholes, towing hook (metal), searchlights (functional), lifebuoys, anchors (metal), windlass (metal), etc. - Free delivery from 149€ purchase. Flash RC, the partner of your RC model making passion.

  23. Cosmos Luxury Yachts

    Make an enquiry. Ask one of our charter brokers to help you find the perfect yacht