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Yacht Charter Seasons: Where Can I go and When?

14th jun 2021 by rightboat team.

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The world is bursting with incredible yacht charter destinations, from the ever-popular Mediterranean and Caribbean, to the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, North America and beyond. Being presented with this dazzling array of golden beaches and picturesque coastlines makes it hard to choose where to go, but you can narrow it down by charter season. Figuring out yacht charter seasons can be a bit tricky, as they are classified not just as summer and winter, but high and low too.

Here we will take a look at the seasons and which destinations are best for a family yacht charter to help you choose your next holiday at sea. 

Yacht charter seasons defined.

Summer and winter seasons last around six months each, with the summer yacht charter season stretching from April/May through to early October, and the winter season running from November through to April. The weather is the most obvious factor in determining the best sailing or boating seasons, but low and high seasons within those periods play an important role too.

High and low seasons – also referred to as peak or off-peak seasons – focus on busier and quieter times in the yachting calendar. For example, Christmas and New Year mark high season points during winter, when demand is high, availability limited and prices sometimes higher. Likewise, the hurricane season of the Caribbean is an example of low season, when boats hunker down for a few weeks and allow the storms to pass over. In the Mediterranean, July and August are bursting at the seams, and mark the high point of the summer season. 

While smaller charter boats will usually be located in one place, and you can therefore charter them out of season if you choose, you can expect larger charter yachts such as superyachts to move from one region of the world to another as they follow the better weather. So if you have your heart set on a particular yacht, ask the broker for its annual charter itinerary. 

Shoulder Seasons

Shoulder seasons are a great way to make the most of temperate climates, fewer crowds, lower prices and more availability. They refer to the period either side of the high season, so in summer would be April and October, and in winter November and March, and offer fantastic opportunities for a budget yacht charter. As mentioned, larger yachts may have moved on to new cruising destinations by this point, but smaller boats or those who are locally-based will be able to offer less stifling weather, quiet anchorages and marinas, less demand for boats and discounted prices. 

Chartering a yacht out of season

Seasons have been long-established for a reason, but that isn’t to say you can’t charter out of season. We’ve taken a look at shoulder seasons, and your best bet is to stick as close to those as possible, but you’ll find boats at any time of the year. Keep in mind however that you’re choosing a time when the weather might not be favourable – rain or cold weather can put a downer on activities for example – or you struggle to find attractions and restaurants open. In off-the-beaten-track destinations such as Alaska, ice might hinder access to and from marinas, or strong winds such as the hurricanes which pass through the Caribbean from June to November might make cruising uncomfortable or impossible. 

Summer Season Charter Destinations

The Mediterranean is the golden girl of summer yachting destinations, with tantalizing coasts, ancient cities, beautiful islands and rich culture at every turn. From the glamour of the French Riviera and Italy’s Amalfi Coast, to the beauty of the Balearic and Croatian islands, it is the yachting capital of the world. But the Mediterranean isn’t the only summer destination worth visiting, with North America, the America’s and South Pacific on the list too. 

1. Mediterranean summer yachting destinations: Greece, Italy, Croatia, Balearic, Sardinia, French Riviera and Turkey.

2. North European summer yachting destinations: Consider northern European countries during the long summer days, where the UK, Norway, Sweden and the Baltic Sea offer up spectacular natural beauty, midnight sun, vast archipelagos and wild coasts. 

3. Alaska: Alaska’s wild lands, remote bays and bountiful wildlife make it one of the most adventure-filled destinations in the world. The summer months, with their long days and milder weather conditions, make for the best time to visit the gargantuan national parks, crashing glaciers and see once-in-a-lifetime wildlife.  

Winter Season Charter Destinations

The Caribbean is the focus of the winter yachting season, with St Barts, St Martin, the Virgin Islands and Bahamas the tip of the iceberg of what this island-spattered region has to offer. Yet think further afield too, and there are some dazzling destinations waiting for you.

1. Caribbean winter yachting destinations: Whether you opt for the pink sand beaches of the Bahamas, the perfect sailing conditions of the Leeward Islands, or the glamour of St Barts, you’ll find it in the Caribbean. From Jamaica’s legendary culture to the Dutch Antilles and Grenadines, there are corners of solitude, remote islands and lively beaches to discover. 

2. The America’s winter yachting destinations: Mexico and Florida share the same Caribbean waters but offer a completely different vibe for a yacht charter. Explore the flamboyant Florida Keys or venture along the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico in search of ancient ruins and wildlife-filled rainforests. 

3. South Pacific winter yachting destinations: There are few places dreamier than the South Pacific. Emerald-topped islands, golden atolls and fish-laden turquoise seas beg exploration, whether it’s a family holiday, romantic getaway or once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Countries such as Fiji, Tonga, the Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea offer virtually year-round charter opportunities the winter months are the driest and offer the most favourable conditions. Try scuba diving, climb hidden waterfalls or get to know the local communities of these far-flung islands. 

4. Indian Ocean winter yachting destinations: The Seychelles and Maldives offer some of the most sublime cruising destinations on the planet, their iridescent waters teeming with marine life and their beaches powder white. Sri Lanka has a rich history and national parks filled with wildlife, while Mauritius’ underwater world is a maze of colourful coral reefs. 

When to book a yacht charter

If you’re planning on chartering a yacht in the peak season, book early! As with anything where demand is high, the sooner you get your deposit paid the better. Out of the peak times, you may be able to secure a more last-minute charter at a discounted price (see our article on How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Boat? ). As a general rule, you’ll want to allow 10-12 months in advance during peak times, and three to six months in advance for low season charters. But be sure to get in touch with us at Rightboat.com at any time of the year as we have boats all over the world waiting to be chartered and connections with all the top boat operators. We won’t leave you high and dry. 

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Written By: Rightboat Team

The Rightboat team


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Yacht Charter Seasons review

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Yacht Charter Seasons

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By Editorial Team   24 January 2023

Whether you’re looking to escape the brisk winds of winter or the humid climates of summer, it is important to understand charter seasons and how they may affect the planning of your luxury yacht charter . 

In this article:

  • Types of yacht charter seasons

Shoulder seasons

Charter seasons in popular destinations, weather and charter seasons, extreme weather, a yacht for all seasons, all weather cruising, major sporting & social events, need more advice.

A charter season can refer to the weather pattern of a destination or the peak times when demand for charter yachts is at its highest. Read on to discover everything there is to know about charter seasons and the best times to travel.

What are yacht charter seasons?

In terms of yachting, there are two main types of charter seasons in the year – summer & winter and high & low season;

  • When referring to a charter season in terms of weather and climate, the seasons are broken into summer and winter.
  • When speaking in terms of peak times in the yachting calendar, the seasons are high and low (sometimes referred to as peak and off-peak), where high season is the busiest and low season is the quietest.

These are the months that straddle either side of the seasons, in other words: April & May and September & October, and can be a great time to charter a yacht. Here are some of the reasons why;

  • Demand for yachts is generally lower
  • Charter fees are often in-line with low/off-peak season rates
  • More berths and anchorages are available
  • Popular destinations tend to be less crowded
  • The weather is still reasonably warm
  • The seas are at their warmest at the end of summer

Off-Season Yacht Charters

Throughout the world different regions will have different peak seasons for yacht charters, for example the Caribbean yacht charter season generally runs from December through to March, with its peak season occuring during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

For the Mediterranean , the charter season runs from May till late September, with July & August representing the busiest peak months. 

Woman on bow of yacht nears Shipwreck beach in Zakynthos, Greece

Some regions claim year-round cruising, especially equatorial destinations offering consistent balmy temperatures such as  Thailand  or  the Maldives . However, these yacht charter regions also experience peak times around their respective monsoon seasons (see below).

Charter seasons are not just affected by the temperatures, they are also dictated by the overall weather and sea conditions.

Weather plays a crucial role in any yachting vacation, and bad weather can not only mar the enjoyment and comfort of a yacht charter, but also hugely impact on any planned itinerary. 

A dolphin under the swell of a yacht

Obviously, inclement weather can occur at any time of the year, however most destinations will have optimum times to visit largely dictated by their own annual weather patterns, such as the monsoon seasons in Asia and the Pacific , which occur roughly between May and October. Or, the Meltemi winds in Greece , which blow a strong yet fairly predictable wind across the Aegean, mainly around the Cyclades Islands , throughout July and August – although these winds can prove ideal for sailing yacht enthusiasts!

Some inclement weather conditions for yacht charters can occur at any time, like the mistral winds of the Mediterranean, particularly around Corsica and Sardinia , and so it is always wise to factor in some flexibility into your planned itinerary to contend with any unexpected bad weather.

Some popular yacht charter destinations can experience extreme weather conditions, such as tropical cyclones in the Indian Ocean or huge bushfires in Australia which can affect the air quality even out to sea, however these tend to be rare events.

An obvious example of predictable extreme weather is the annual hurricane season which occurs around the celebrated charter destination of the Caribbean, and some southern US states, roughly between June to mid-October.

Hurricane starting in the Caribbean sky

Most charterers avoid booking during this period for obvious reasons, however with reduced charter rates and a wider selection of yachts at your disposal you may be tempted to take the risk. 

Hurricane addendum

Happily, there is a standard addendum that can be added to a basic charter contract that allows you to reshedule your yacht charter in the event of a hurricane hurtling towards your chosen destination!

Your yacht charter broker will also likely advise the purchase of additional cancellation insurance for peace of mind if you are planning a yacht charter during the hurricane season.

Yacht Charter Contracts

In general, seasonal weather will affect the location of most crewed yachts, which tend to move from one region to another in line with the charter seasons.

A woman stands with arms outstretched on the bow of a sailing yacht in Thailand

Therefore, when choosing a charter destination it is best to establish the optimum cruising months as there will generally be a wider selection of yachts to choose from, subject to demand. For instance if you’re looking to charter in Alaska , be aware that come winter season there are very few marinas open.

The majority of charter yachts are built around demand for predominantly warmer climates such as the Caribbean or Mediterranean, and are therefore far less likely to have heating installed.

Addu atoll in the Maldives

There are of course a number of charter yachts that cater for all seasons, in particular expedition yachts which are specially designed to handle all weathers, no matter how extreme. If you are keen on exploring far-flung corners of the globe, from the arctic poles to the sultry heat of the tropics, these types of yachts are ideal.

Important events in the yachting calendar, such as the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival , are considered high season events, whether or not they actually occur in high or low season. This is because charter yachts are in greater demand during these times, with a marked increase in charter rates as a result of their limited availability.

Cannes Film Festival red carpet

Whether you're looking to charter in the summer, winter or all year round, take a look at our comprehensive destination guides which offer lots of useful information, including optimum times to charter a yacht around your chosen destination. 

For more advice about yacht charter seasons, please speak with your preferred yacht charter broker .

For any further information about booking or chartering a luxury yacht, please take a look at our comprehensive advice guides .

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How to Choose Your Charter Yacht

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yachting seasons

  • Best time to sail: sailing seasons around the world explained
  • Sailing Hub
  • Sailing Tips

Getting ready to plan a sailboat charter trip and wondering what the best time to sail is? Whether it’s your first time sailing and setting out to sea or you’re a seasoned sailor looking to chart a new course, the same adage holds true: When it comes to sailing seasons around the world , timing is everything. 

For the best sailing conditions, ideal yacht charter prices , and overall travel experience, it’s important to know when it’s considered sailing “primetime” around the world. 

How do you know where to sail, and when? 

We’re breaking down when to set sail in the Caribbean, the Exotics, Europe, and the U.S., so you can mark your calendar and plan your trip for your best getaway yet. Let's dive in...

Best time to sail in the Caribbean

Best time to sail in the exotics, 1. yacht charter mediterranean, 2. adriatic sailing, 3. alternative sailing - northern europe.

  • ​​​​​​​Best time to sail in the U.S.

With warm weather year-round, the Caribbean is one of the most popular landscapes for an idyllic sailing holiday. Peak season is between December and April , when temperatures average between 73F (23C) and 83F (28C), setting the scene for great sailing conditions.

For example, in the British Virgin Islands (BVIs), the winter’s moderate temperature and winds make it an ideal time for tourists. But if you’re hoping to avoid some of the crowds and the hike in holiday pricing, you can consider sailing during the shoulder season in May or June . With June winds averaging 10-15 knots from the southeast and weather warming up to an average of 84F (28C), you can get the best of the islands without the tourist frenzy, making early summer perhaps the best time to sail in the BVIs . Similarly, you’ll find that the Bahamas is at its busiest from December to February, when the average temperature of 70-75F (21-24C) is a refreshing break for tourists escaping warm weather. But if your real aim is to escape the tourists, don’t worry: You’re not out of luck! With 340 sunny days in the year, the islands maintain a warm climate year-round with little rainfall to ruin your sailing plans. As long as you’re cautious around hurricane season (from July to November), you’ll find the best time to sail in the Bahamas to avoid tourists in spring, from March to May. 

Antigua is another ideal getaway in the Caribbean and one of the world’s most favorable for sailing. With 54 miles of Caribbean coastline, Antigua boasts an impressive 365 beaches, so you have no limits to your yachting adventures. And with year-round desirable conditions, you can’t go wrong with a holiday in Antigua; throughout the year, temperatures average between 77F (25 C) and 88F (31 C), trade winds remain steady, and the tidal range is small, between 12 and 18 inches. 

But when is the best time to sail in Antigua ? Peak season is December to April  - the perfect time for a warm getaway if you’re looking to escape the cold weather in the U.S. or Europe. For fewer tourists and lower prices, sailing during the shoulder season (in May or June) is a good option, too. 

Read more:     -  Best time to sail in USVIs - Best time to sail in Puerto Rico - Best time to sail in Grenada - Best time to sail in St. Lucia - Best time to sail in Martinique - Best time to sail in St. Martin

As in the Caribbean, the opportunities for top-notch sailing expeditions abound in the Exotics with several locations that offer ideal weather conditions all year.

The Seychelles , for example, has beautiful weather year-round that sets the scene for an epic sailing holiday. But with year-round all-star conditions, when is the best time to sail in the Seychelles ? 

April and May are the sunniest months , with temperatures usually averaging 82F (28C) and low, steady winds blowing from the southeast. This dry season lasts through October, which is also a popular time for sailing trips. 

Of course, this sunny weather attracts the most tourists, and prices are more likely to be high at this time. But in the Seychelles, even the cloudier days still average 5.3 hours of sun per day! All in all, with good visibility and water temperature year-round, you can have great sailing conditions almost every month in the Seychelles. 

Finding the best time to sail in the Indian Ocean can actually be a bit easier than in the Caribbean, as there isn’t really a hurricane season. In addition to the Seychelles, another great stop for a sailing trip is Tahiti, where you can expect a low tidal range of 20-30 cm and a warm, sunny climate to backdrop your sailing adventure. 

The important thing to remember is that there are two seasons: the dry season and the wet season. Dry season is from May to October, when you can expect a consistent schedule of sunshine and blue skies, making it the best time to sail in Tahiti, as heavy rains dominate the wet season, from November to April.

When it comes to the best time to sail in Thailand , the seasons are just the reverse. With no cyclone season, you can technically safely set sail in Thailand year-round, but you will find more desirable conditions depending on the time of year. November to April is Thailand’s dry season, also known as the northeast monsoon, when winds can vary from light at 4-6 knots to moderate at 11-16 knots. This dry season is the best time to plan a trip, as you can reliably count on hot weather and clear skies.

Read more:     -  Best time to sail in New Caledonia - Best time to sail in Madagascar - Best time to sail in Australia - Best time to sail in French Polynesia - Best time to sail in Malaysia

Best time to sail in Europe

If a tropical climate isn’t your thing, you may want to turn to the Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic Sea, or the North Sea for a European sailing trip.

One of the most popular destinations for sailing holidays, the Mediterranean is a veritable jewel in the eyes of voyageurs. And with consistently warm, sunny summers throughout, you can count on the summer season as the best time to sail in the Mediterranean, delivering stunning yachting scenes, no matter where you set sail. 

The biggest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has a truly picturesque landscape that attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Like the traditional Mediterranean climate, Sicily is characterized by dry, hot summers and mild, wet winters, and it has a small tidal range of 20-40 cm. Long summers mean you’ll find amenable sailing conditions from as early as April to as late as October, but the best time to sail in Sicily is during peak season June to September when northwest winds blow at 20-25 knots and the temperature averages between 73F (22C) and 86F (30C).   Keep on reading: Sailing holidays in Italy

For another summertime sailing trip in Europe, you can also consider charting further east in the Mediterranean to Greece . 

Like the Sicilian sailing season, the height of Greece’s peak season is during the hottest months of the year - from July to August . But if you’re looking to avoid the tourists and the inflated fees of peak season, you can also mark your calendar for sailing trips during the shoulder season. In May, June, or September, you’ll still enjoy amenable weather, but with lighter winds coming from the southern direction, as well as fewer tourists and lower costs. Keep on reading: Sailing holidays in Greece

Read more:     -  Best time to sail in France - Best time to sail in Costa Brava, Spain

Looking for something a little different in the Mediterannean? Turn to the Adriatic Sea along the coast of Croatia, where you’ll be bewitched by the beauty of the Dalmatian coast. 

Along the Mediterannean coast, there are 315 cloudless days in the year, so it’s no surprise that July and August are, once again, the hottest and most popular months for sailing in the Mediterannean’s northernmost arm, the Adriatic. But we think the best time to sail in Croatia is during early fall, from September to October , when winds blow from the northwest at 10-20 knots. In the early fall, the water is still warm from the summer, but you’ll enjoy fewer crowds and better prices. You can also beat the crowds by charting your course in late spring anytime time during or after April, when the weather is starting to warm up, but most tourists haven’t yet made their appearance on the coastline. 

While you have a little more leeway in your booking times for trips along the Mediterranean or the Adriatic, sailing in the North Sea or the Baltic Sea requires some much tighter scheduling--but it’s well worth the planning!

Between the U.K. and Norway , the North Sea attracts voyageurs from around the world looking for a one-of-a-kind getaway and is particularly popular with the cruising crowd. The cooler temperatures in this region make summer the best time to sail in the North Sea, with July and August being the peak months. For better fares, you can also set sail in the shoulder months during May, June, or September--just be prepared for a slight change in the elements. Compared to the summer months, the shoulder season will have stronger winds (14-16 knots from the west) and cooler temperatures, as well as greater chances of rain and slightly rougher waters. 

The biggest brackish water sea in the world, the Baltic Sea is another must-hit destination for sailing enthusiasts. And while Sweden’s northern location may spell bitter winters, you can expect a surprisingly pleasant climate when you set sail in the Baltic during the summer, as the Gulf Stream influence is on your side! During peak season, from June to September, you’ll enjoy warm, summer temperatures, averaging from 53F (12C) to 77F (25C). And with almost no tides to account for, the Baltic is primed for easy sailing conditions. Keep on reading: -  Sailing holidays in Norway - Sailing holidays in the UK - Sailing holidays in Sweden

​​​​​​​ Best time to sail in the U.S.

Living in the U.S.? Don’t worry, you don’t have to jet across the world for an epic sailing trip--one of the greatest sailing destinations in the world is right at your doorstep. 

With the longest coastline of any bay in North America, the Chesapeake Bay is a classic destination for both sailing newbies and long-time enthusiasts. With Annapolis, Oxford, and “Seafood Capital of the World,” Crisfield right along the coastline, you can set sail for a cruise and enjoy plenty of eye-catching pit stops along the way. 

Running along Maryland’s and Virginia’s coastlines, the Chesapeake Bay has hot, humid summers (211 sunny days per year!), which some may call too sweltering for a sailing trip. That’s why you’ll find that the best time to sail in the Chesapeake Bay is in the fall months, when the weather is still warm and the skies are still sunny, but the cloistering heat has burned off a little. You can also enjoy a great sailing getaway during the springtime, before things really start to heat up.   Read more: Sailing holidays in the USA

When gearing up for a sailing trip, there are a lot of factors to consider. Still not sure about the best time to book for your ideal location? Get help booking your dream sailing holiday, by contacting our team for advice and a quote.

Get a free & non-binding quote

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How Long Is a Yacht Charter Season?

Every charter destination has a “yacht charter season,” which refers to the months when cruising conditions are ideal and charters are most popular. For example, some destinations have a summer season like the Mediterranean, while others are winter charter season destinations (like the Caribbean).

But you might be wondering: How long is a yacht charter season?

Both summer and winter chart seasons last roughly six months. Yet, within each season there are also “high,” “low” and “shoulder” seasons. In both summer and winter, “high” or peak charter season – the time when chartering is most popular – lasts just 2-3 months.

Wondering when you might plan your next charter? We’re taking a closer look at yacht charter seasons to show you how long they are, how seasons differ by region, and when peak charter season is.

Summer Yacht Charter Season

Zakynthos yacht charters

The Mediterranean is the world’s most popular summer yacht charter destination. The region’s beautiful temperate climate offers ideal conditions during the summer months, and hotspots like Cannes and the French Riviera, Italy, and Croatia beckon charter guests from around the world.

How long is the summer charter season?

Summer charter season in the Mediterranean begins in late-April and runs through mid-September. Summer in the Mediterranean not only brings warm, sunny weather; it’s also known for its many cultural affairs, like the Cannes Film Festival, the club season in Ibiza, and food and art festivals along the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Throughout the Mediterranean, peak charter season is just two months: July and August. Many yachts are fully booked during the peak season, and rates climb by about 10%.

Alternatively, New England in the U.S. is another popular summer destination, yet the season is a bit shorter: from mid-June through August, with the high season running from mid-July to mid-August.

Popular summer charter destinations:

If you’re looking for a summer charter destination, spots throughout the Mediterranean offer respite from the heat and humidity. Top destination for summer yacht charters include:

French Riviera Known for its cosmopolitan beach clubs and rustic charms, the French Riviera – including Cannes, Monaco and Corsica – offer ideal summer cruising conditions. The French charter season mirrors most of the Mediterranean, but generally starts a bit later, in mid-May and runs through September. The summer season coincides with many events popular with charter guests, including the Monaco Grand Prix, the Cannes Film Festival, and Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Italy With numerous charter regions, including Sicily, the Amalfi Coast and the Italian Riviera, Italy might be the world’s most popular destination for summer charters. Italy offers a bit of everything: Excellent cuisine and wine, historic sites to explore, and plenty of culture and nightlife. Italy’s charter season runs May through October.

Croatia Croatia – and its numerous islands – make an ideal summer destination, thanks to cool breezes off the Adriatic and its warm sapphire waters. Throughout the season, Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar all beckon charter guests, who escape to Croatia’s sparkling beaches, and upscale, historic ports of call. Dubrovnik, the historic walled city, is a popular charter destination in the summer, and it hosts numerous festivals throughout the charter season.

Greece Sun-soaked Greece is home to nearly 10,000 miles of coastline, along with beautiful islands like Santorini. In the summer months, Greece offers plenty for charter guests to experience, including beautiful beaches, UNESCO sites, and excellent cuisine like moussaka and Restina wine. Greece’s charter season is a bit longer: from April through October.

Spain Spain’s Balearic Islands are a legendary summer season destination, thanks to the all-night clubs of Ibiza and the islands’ sun-soaked beaches. Spend a night clubbing in Ibiza, or explore neighboring Formentera, known for its natural landscapes and hiking trails. Majorca is another must-see island, known for its historic churches, swank beach clubs, and world-class dining.

New England From the coast of Maine, to Newport, R.I. and Martha’s Vineyard, the tranquil ports along the East Coast in the U.S. are perfect for summer charters. The destination offers it all: Cosmopolitan villages, classic lighthouses, excellent golf, windswept beaches, and National Parks to explore. Looking for another summer destination in the U.S.? Consider Alaska, which is known for its glaciers and natural beauty.

Winter Charter Season

BVI yacht charter - The Baths on Virgin Gorda

The Caribbean is a winter charter season mecca, as many escape the cold weather to the soak up the sun in the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Turks & Caicos, and the Grenadines. The Caribbean offers ideal cruising conditions throughout the winter months, including steady breezes (a must if you fancy a sailing charter), warm weather in the 70s and 80s, and hundreds of hidden beaches to explore.

Winter charter season is about six months long, and typically beings in late October, around the unofficial season kickoff, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and runs through March. Thailand, Tahiti and the Seychelles, and the South Pacific are also popular destinations for winter charters (and have a similar season to the Caribbean).

In the Caribbean, peak charter season is in late December, during the holidays, through March. The shoulder season in November and mid-December are popular as well and offer fewer crowds and reduced prices.

Popular winter charter destinations:

Winter charter destinations offer warm weather, beautiful beaches, and plenty to do and explore. If you’re considering a winter yacht charter, you might choose to travel to:

The Virgin Islands Both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands are some of the most visited islands during the winter season. Known for their laid-back island vibes, incredible sailing, snorkeling and diving, the Virgin Islands are perfect for an adventurous, island-hopping winter yacht charter.

Tahiti Tahiti has fast become one of the most popular charter destinations in the South Pacific, and it offers the ultimate in privacy and natural beauty. With islands like Bora Bora and Moorea, as well as black sand beaches, French Polynesia is the perfect destination for escaping the cold to snorkel, dive, hike and enjoy the beach.

Thailand Thailand’s beautiful islands and tropical coast offer the best in winter chartering. Thailand is perfect for snorkeling and island hopping, Full Moon parties and lazy beach days. The destination’s tropical climate, making for perfect winter charter conditions.

Turks & Caicos Upscale, yet unpretentious, Turks & Caicos – which is comprised of seven main islands, and more than 40 uninhabited cays and islets – is an ideal destination or winter snorkeling. The island’s beautiful coral reefs teem with colorful fish, rays, turtles, and sharks throughout the winter months.

Year-round Charter Destinations

Some destinations offer chartering year-round. For example, Florida is one of the most popular destinations, no matter the time of year.

The Bahamas With hundreds of islands to explore, there’s a new adventure around every corner in the Bahamas. Two of the region’s most popular charter destinations, Nassau (with its excellent golf courses, numerous beaches, and family-friendly atmosphere) and the Exumas (a stretch of beautiful islands), offer chances for R&R and adventures like swimming with pigs and sharks, cliff-diving, and snorkeling.

Miami & The Florida Keys Miami and the Florida Keys offer excellent cruising conditions throughout the year. The peak season in Florida is generally mid-December through March, yet a variety of luxury crewed charters in any month.

Want to learn more about the best charter seasons around the globe? Contact your charter broker with Worldwide Boat to learn more.

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