1. How to repair Laser deck to hull joint (Live Demo Recording)

    RYA Suzuki Dinghy Show 2021 Live Demo of repairing a Laser deck to hull joint.If you would like to find out more information, purchase our repair booklet, or...

  2. LASER/ILCA TIPS: How to Repair the 'Hull to Deck Joint' on a Laser

    Flip the boat upside down. Dremel out the damaged area (of the 'Oreo cookie'). Go a bit further than the crack itself, and wider too. Make sure to get it all out. Clean it with acetone, vacuum, or air compressor, and let dry. Steps for R epairing the Hull to Deck Joint: Put on some latex/nitrile gloves.

  3. Repairing a leaky Laser hull

    Did a much needed winter overhaul on my 1978 Laser dinghy.This is my first time doing boat repairs so I'm sure I did a lot wrong! Please add tips in the comm...

  4. Laser Leak

    You might need to tape up the port some to get positive pressure. Next, get a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. Blot any areas where you think it might be leaking - deck hull joint, mast step, etc. You'll have a leaky anywhere you see soapy bubbles forming. Jun 10, 2010. #4.

  5. Leaky Laser: advice sought

    The really short cliff's notes version of what you want to do is: 1. Cut a new inspection port hole in the deck (off center) and install an inspection port. 2. Using the hole you just cut for access, use resin and fiberglass cloth tape to reinforce, reseat, and seal the mast step tube from inside the boat.

  6. Hull-deck separation repair

    How old is the boat, was it stored upside down such that water could sit in the rail area and freeze (as it's pretty uncommon, even for older boats to have the hull/deck joint fail around the majority of the boat) It's certainly repairable, and can be fixed the same way as if you were fixing just a small section of rail - it involves digging/gouging out as much of the old bonding material ...

  7. Laser hull cracks

    1. Seattle, WA. May 28, 2006. #3. Wet Spreaders said: I'm thinking of getting a laser for tactical racing practice - easier to get set up and more starts than J105. The boat that I'm considering is older, but in decent shape except for the centerboard case. Someone has tried to repair cracks? leaks? at the front and rear of the case as it exits ...

  8. Leaking Hull

    I have a starwind 13''8" sailboat (basically a Laser) that developed a leak between the deck and the rest of the hull a number of years ago. We could sail for a day, but it would slowly fill up and at the end of the day there would be a lot of water in there. My father had the boat filled with foam-tech (basically expanding foam) which did the ...

  9. Laser Sailboat Upgrades & Restoration Guide and Advice

    Laser Standard / MK2 / ILCA 7. This is the most common Laser rig size, and the original rig on the boat when it was designed. It features a 7.06 square meter sail (about 76 square feet). In 2018, the Laser Class approved a new 'Standard' sail, which is referred to as the 'MKII' or 'Mark 2' to distinguish it from the first version.

  10. Sailboat Maintenance

    But minor repairs on a Laser offer the perfect introduction to basic dinghy maintenance and will give you a knowledge of your boat that will make you a better and more informed sailor. In this post, we'll focus on three maintenance fundamentals: patching damaged sails, locating hull leaks, and fixing simple cracks and chips in the gelcoat.

  11. Laser Maintenance

    Before turning the boat over, cover the breather hole located next to your main sheet block, and under the hiking strap, with some tape. With the boat upside down, blow 4 or 5 breaths into the rear bung and reinsert before the pressurised air escapes. Using the sponge with soapy water wet down the upturned hull/centreboard case area.

  12. Buying a Laser Dinghy -Inspecting a Laser 10-Point Checklist

    When inspecting a laser dinghy, check both sides of the cockpit (where you sit - the majority of your weight will be located here when sailing) as well as the cockpit floor. A boat with little use will have very little give in the deck when you press down firmly (only a millimeter or so). However, a boat that has had a lot of use will flex ...

  13. How to fix leaking laser : r/sailing

    But depending on how bad the hole is, too much of the resin can run into the hull cavity and not in the seam where you need it. So you might need to tip it to that side. In addition to the mast step and bailer hole to check, another possible place for leaks is around the centerboard trunk. With the boat deck down, look for spider cracks.

  14. Those Damn Leaks: How to Find and Fix Boat Leaks

    Sealant squeezed out from both sides when I tightened the screw. Note the new screw bedded with sealant. When all was said and done, there was a skim coat layer of at least 1/16" to 1/8" inch over the surface of the gelcoat. The caulk has begun to skim over before I left for the day. Repaired areas with new sealant.

  15. How To Find And Fix A Boat Leak

    If the leak appears to originate from inside a closed compartment or from under the edge of a hull liner, it may be necessary to cut an access hole and install an inspection port to close the hole later. Leaks on sailboats with full keels and encapsulated internal ballast can be tricky to diagnose. These boats usually have two lines of defense.

  16. Repairing a leaking hull-to-deck joint

    An inactive boat engine needs to be protected from corrosion during the winter, caused by the rising humidity levels through the cold months and the salty coastal air. This applies whether the boat is left afloat or hauled out over the winter. Read here about the two important stages of winterisaton for a diesel boat engine.

  17. Restoration of Laser #811

    By the way, #811 was the very first Laser ever in the State of Maine. Broken mast step and wrecked deck. The mast step failed while somebody was sailing the boat (of course). Water getting in the hull, through holes in the mast step and other places had rotted the wooden blocking that reinforces the bottom of the mast step where it sits on the ...

  18. Leaking drain hole question

    maybe suspend the hull by the gunwales and then reach in and bounce the cockpit up and down. If the two sides of the hole slide all over each know it is bad. So..The cockpit floor was originally bedded in three wads of the same stuff they used to bond the gunwales. The two back corners of the cockpit and the bailer drain hole were ...

  19. Orcas Sink Another Boat Near Iberia, Worrying Sailors Before Summer

    Crew members onboard reported that the animals had slammed the hull, damaged the rudder and caused a leak. A nearby oil tanker quickly maneuvered toward the boat and evacuated the two sailors, who ...

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  23. Laser wax or polish

    Member. clean up as in polish up and get some little areas of grime removed, nothing too serious as gelcoat. First wash it well with car or boat wash, that should get alot of the grime off, its always a good idea to rinse off salt and other junk after you sail with cold fresh water. if the gel coat is dull after cleaning the dirt off, wetsand ...

  24. Elektrostal

    Elektrostal , lit: Electric and Сталь , lit: Steel) is a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 58 kilometers east of Moscow. Population: 155,196 ; 146,294 ...