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From The First Superyacht To Modern Yacht Design: A Look At How Luxury Vessels Have Changed Over the Years

Discover just how far has modern yacht design evolved over the last centuries, from the steam-powered vessels of yesteryear to their streamlined successors..

September 3, 2020, 1:56 pm Comments Off on From The First Superyacht To Modern Yacht Design: A Look At How Luxury Vessels Have Changed Over the Years

How Modern Yacht Design Has Evolved Over the Years

Modern yacht design has evolved tremendously since the world’s first ‘superyacht’, Cleopatra’s Barge, emerged from Retire Becket’s shipyard in Salem, Massachusetts, to gasps of admiration from the awe-struck crowds that had gathered on the docks.

The 25m, 192t brigantine had been built at the cost of $50,000 for a wealthy merchant named Captain George Crowninshield Jr. who then went on to sail America’s first-ever pleasure boat across the Atlantic to Europe in 1817.

How Modern Yacht Design Has Evolved Over the Years

Cleopatra’s Barge was particularly noteworthy as it was opulently furnished, with reports of exotic cabin fittings and beautiful multi-coloured stripes on her elegant hull. No one had ever seen anything like her; and so the first superyacht was born.

Fast forward more than 200 years and there are now said to be more than 5,500 superyachts in the world, of all shapes and sizes (a superyacht is simply defined as a pleasure boat over 24m) and each and every one an example of stunning luxury yacht design.

From luxurious barges to modern yacht design: what’s changed (and what hasn’t)

The first sailing yachts date back to the 1600s, when they became popular modes of transport for the Dutch navy. The word yacht came from the Dutch word ‘jacht’, meaning to hunt, as the sailing boats were built to be light and fast so that they could hunt down and chase pirates.

Originally working vessels, yachts then became the playthings of royalty, with Charles II using a yacht to sail from England to Holland in 1620.

Sail yachts were swapped for steam yachts in the mid 19th century by the wealthy and well-to-do, with the first British royal yacht the Victoria & Albert being completed in 1843. These steam yachts were usually motored by one or two steam engines, and whilst they carried rigging for sails, this was usually just for show.

In fact, these ‘ superyachts ’ became a real indicator of wealth amongst leading families in America, with names such as the Vanderbilts, Goulds, Morgans, Bennetts and Hearsts all competing to come up with the best luxury yacht design . One of the most famous steam yachts at the time was the North Star, built in 1852 for the then richest man in the United States, Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Steam yachts remained the queen of the oceans for almost a century, with two world wars halting technical developments somewhat. Indeed, many superyachts were commandeered to transport freight during the first and second world wars with some, such as the legendary Christina O, serving as a frigate in World War II before being transformed into a luxury vessel. Christina O was bought by Aristotle Onassis in 1954 for $34,000. The Greek shipping magnate then spent $4 million on the refurbishment, which famously included a bronze-edged swimming pool with a mosaic dance floor that rises up at the push of a button.

How Modern Yacht Design Has Evolved Over the Years

Luxury yacht design in the 1980s

The late 20th century saw a huge increase in the number and size of superyachts for sale, sparked by an improvement in communications equipment and a growth in the number of wealthy people able to buy their own vessel. New technological advances meant it was possible to easily travel anywhere in the world on larger superyachts, with room for whole families, staff and dedicated crew.

All of a sudden, modern yacht designs had to incorporate home cinemas, fully functional gyms, helipads and water toys galore to cater to wealthy families and their friends. Multi-deck superyachts became popular, such as ‘ Al Salamah ’, a 139m vessel with five decks built by Lurssen in 1999. At the time of her construction, Al Salamah was the third largest yacht in the world, boasting accommodation for 36 guests, a cinema, an onboard hospital, two full-time beauticians, a business centre and a spa. Yet the 162m superyacht ‘Dubai’, by Platinum Yachts, dwarfed Al Salamah when she was completed two years later with her eight decks, on which you can find a helipad, two 33ft chase boats, a squash court and 20 jet skis.

How Modern Yacht Design Has Evolved Over the Years

Modest modern yacht designs – a legacy of the financial crisis

When the financial crisis struck in 2008, the superyacht industry was impacted on a global scale, with fewer buyers, charter clients and investors almost overnight. Less became more in luxury yacht design , with the superyacht community choosing smaller, more inventive and innovative vessels over larger multi-decks.

Sailing superyachts are also seeing a resurgence, partly due to the growth of sailing regattas, events which bring the yachting community together for days of weeks filled with fun and excitement.

Once considered a ‘jolly’ where the apres-sailing was taken more seriously than the sailing, many owners are now wanting to compete on superyachts which can actually take home the prize. Composite hulls are increasingly popular, with lifting keels and other features to ensure the yachts are race-fit.

Another modern yacht design that has emerged since the early 21st century is the expedition superyacht, where vessels are designed not only to look elegant but be capable of travelling to the ends of the earth, even in unfavourable conditions.

‘Cloudbreak’ by Abeking & Rasmussen is a good example of an explorer superyacht that was completed in 2016. Boasting all the traditional toys such as a helicopter, spa and cinema room, this 75m exploration yacht named after a mythical wave in Fiji also has a chalet-like fireplace for chilly evenings, a winter garden on the upper deck and zero speed stabilisers to reduce rolling motion in faraway seas.

How Modern Yacht Design Has Evolved Over the Years

Environmentally-friendly luxury modern designs

A concern for the environment and a need for sustainability is very much at the forefront of new modern yacht designs, with owners and shipbuilders both looking to use eco-friendly technologies wherever possible.

Ground-breaking technologies include hybrid propulsion systems which use multiple energy sources to lower carbon emissions and reduce noise pollution to the marine wildlife. An example of a yacht which uses such a system is the award-winning Black Pearl, a 106m yacht delivered by Oceanco in 2018. Her hybrid propulsion system combines wind power with two electric propulsion motors, and its controllable pitch propellers generate enough energy to take the Black Pearl across the Atlantic without any fuel at all.

Another brilliant green innovation can be seen on French designer Julien Cadro’s ‘ Ecoo ’ superyacht, which has an Avatar styled hull made out of bamboo fibre instead of steel, while superyacht designer Dan Lenard has designed a yacht made from abandoned performance yacht parts. Eco sailors looking for the perfect superyacht will unfortunately not yet be able to buy one of Lenard’s new recycled boats, however. The designer has only built the 33ft sailboat so he can sail single-handedly across the Atlantic and raise awareness of the state of the world’s oceans.

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jab yacht design

The Garden House in the City by Christos Pavlou Architecture

jab yacht design

Casa 1/3 by Momento

JnJ Design


40 years of innovation.

The J&J design No.1, Elan 31, set a new standard for a comfortable cruising sailboat with good performance. More than 900 were built (together with the extended version, Elan 33) and Elan 31 R won the ¾ Ton IOR world championships in production boat class.

Elan 43 came with a new modular interior system where clients could pick the version best suited to their program: from 2 to 4 cabins. The system found broad use throughout the industry and the system was further developed by our office to current status where in addition to layout flexibility most of the work is taken out of the boat during production.

The first design for the world’s largest sailboat builder, Jeanneau, unsinkable Sun Way 21, became an icon of small boat world, won the Boat of the Year award in Paris and sold close to 1000 times.

Sun Odyssey 51 (Bruce Farr drew the naval architecture and J&J made the concept, interior and deck layout)  introduced new principles on deck and inside which became standard design of a vacational cruiser.

Prestige 41 was the first design of a long and successful range of motoryachts created by J&J and Studio Garroni, now approaching 3 decades of life and going stronger than ever.

The work for Bavaria began in late 1992: J&J was exclusive supplier of concepts, design and engineering of all products, sail and power, made by the yard until 2008. Sales rose close to 3000 % during this period and Bavaria became the world’s most profitable boatbuilder. An efficient mixed-model chain was developed achieving assembly times way under the current industry levels. In 2006 the Bavaria 50 was sold (and produced) 370 times.

J&J conceived and designed a new range of carbon deckhouse, shorthanded performance cruisers. High tech materials, 3D design and engineering and new build methods brought carbon technology to production world. Over 50 of those yachts were built. Shipman 50 and 63 have won the European Boat of the Year Award.

A new range of environmentally sustainable, comfortable boats of unbeatable convenience and value came to the market right at the onset of the economic crisis: Greenline Hybrid. Greenline 33 Hybrid became world’s best selling 10 m boat on the market and won 21 Boat of the Year or design awards. A range of 4 models was developed and 550 boats were sold to 28 countries.

A new range of large motoryachts for the Beneteau Group was opened with the highly acclaimed and awarded Monte Carlo yachts 76 where Nuvolari/Lenard provided the interior and exterior styling.  The innovative build and assembly system engineered by J&J took the assembly work out of the hull and shortened the production time in an important way while increasing the quality and reliability – and improving the working conditions.

Green Pad ® connected all the information of a Greenline yacht , from engine data to hybrid system, batteries, photovoltaic roof or navigational instruments via a GreenBox to an iPad. This simplified the life on board and made the use of a Greenline convenient and fun.

Aquila power catamarans conceived by MarineMax in Florida and built by Sino Eagle Yachts in China defined the vacational poweryacht design for families or charter guests. Unsurpassed level of comfort and convenience enabled the sales to fly off the ground and currently the new flagship of the range is on design desk at J&J.

Azimut Atlantis 34 and later 43 represent a new era in production technology for the world’s third largest boatbuilder. The full integration of design (supplied by Neo Design and developed by J&J), product and production process engineering (both J&J) brought  important reduction of assembly manhours, better value stream, increased quality and shorter order to launch lead time.

The new Shipman 59, designed jointly with Guillaume Verdier and Doug Peterson (»old« gang working together again…)  is a new Shipman in many ways: open full-beam salon with increased hull and side windows, an integrated arch in the cockpit creating a second protected steering station at the companionway, and new epoxy/carbon infusion production technique.

The first design for the largest German builder Bavaria (after 6 years, J&J was sole supplier of design to this yard from 1992 to 2008 with 87 new models in both sail and power arena)  is a 40 feet flybridge motoryacht, the first of the new »R« series range.  New in production technology, both GRP and assembly, novel in lower and main-deck accommodation and coupled to a sporty, seaworthy hull of superior handling she has all the ingredients for a successful future. The R40 was launched in May 2016.

Ocean Class 65, built by Greenline, set new standards in offshore performance coupled to increased comfort and owner convenience. Debuting in Cannes 2017 Ocean Class 65 represents the flagship of the Greenline range. The S.A.F.E. stern platform for outboard powered boats is a major innovation and improvement of boating safety and experience. The lifting system was developed by our partner Opacmare, and S.A.F.E. was unveiled at METS 2017 in Amsterdam. The Bavaria R range was enhanced by the new Bavaria flagship: the 17 m R55 was developed and built to be saluted at first presentation in Duesseldorf in January 2018 with 14 sales.

10 m Greenline NEO is a new Greenline concept in two aspects : she is outboard-powered and fully electric or optionally propulsed by 4-stroke outboards. Combining fine waterlines and low planing speed drag (for full electric version) with seaworthy high speed capacity for high-power petrol outboards was a new area of naval architecture  for J&J. According to several very positive tests and reports in many countries the mission is accomplished – with similarity to the Greenline 33 project which combined super-low drag hull with semi-planing capacity , 10 years earlier. NEO was also the first production boat with the S.A.F.E. platform – a major innovation improving the safety and convenience in outboard-powered boats.

Extensive research efforts were made in the office to understand the conceptual rules for creating a fully-electric or fast hybrid boat. These were based on 10-year experience with hundreds of such boats in the field, and on new technologies making environmentally friendly boating possible.

A new mini-cruise ship concept was developed by J&J with a series of innovations. Designed for sensitive (and most beautiful) cruising grounds on the planet the mini-cruise ship can sail in a fully-electric mode and features no-vibration, no-noise and highly reduced emission microturbine generators. Large area photovoltaic roof, 10 modular identical cabins and excellent sea or shore access make this 24 m vessel an ideal vessel to improve the convenience of the guests and the responsible boating aspects.

9 m Elektra is a full-electric zero emission superyacht-tender design. She enables full limousine comfort and planning speed capacity for short ship-shore travels or exploring excursions – with improved no-noise, no-vibration comfort for the guests and full respect for the environment.

The year started with J&J participation at the Rossinavi design challenge for an innovative 50 m yacht. Our project was called Green Explorer presenting a series of design and technological innovations: this world girdler carries the ambition of being the most green megayacht on the planet. Equipped with electric Azipod drives, with a Lithium battery bank of over 1 MWh capacity and clean exhaust microturbine generators with no noise or vibration the Green Explorer is exceptionally environment-friendly. The design features a private full-view owner section forward, an open/closed bridge/steering area and a vast aft deck with easy deployed range of water toys. The project won the Rossinavi Challenge Award.

The year was marked also by the creation of a new powerboat brand which in less than a year became the fastest growing boating company worldwide: Saxdor. First model of this Finnish brand , the 200, is an innovative multi-use family friendly 20 footer, which also won the sympathies of personal watercrafts (sea scooters). This instant best-seller (hundreds were sold within month after the presentation) was conceived by the Saxdor founder Sakari Mattila. The owners were surprized by the speed, performance and responsiveness of the boat while keeping the complete feeling of safety. The design, naval architecture and engineering came from J&J.

The second model of Saxdor range is the ten meter 320. Her program versatility, splendid performance and seaworthiness combined – and pleasing to the eye – won clients all over the world. Second instant bestseller: the Saxdor 320 found hundreds of buyers within weeks after presentation. The design, naval architecture and engineering came from J&J. It is always a pleasure to develop a new project for an old and loyal client. Sunbeam yachts, the largest Austrian boatbuilder, is calling on J&J for sailboat designs since 1990. The last one was probably the most courageous step (after, may be, the Sunbeam 44 , launched in Summer 1992) for the company which marked also he third generation of Shoechl family taking the rudder : the Sunbeam 32.1. It was an especially interesting project for us: we worked closely with the Austrian largest industrial design office, Kiska from Salzburg. Kiska provided the exterior and interior styling based on the concept, naval architecture, general arrangement and engineering of J&J studio. The result is an outstanding achievement in all aspects : a revolutionary exterior style, with very elegant futuristic interior, and superb sailing performance and easy handling capacity. The large number of boats sold immediately after the first presentation confirmed that the decisions of the Schoechl family were spot-on – as always.

The year saw design and engineering work of the office on many very innovative and interesting projects – and initial development of new brands.

XO DFNDR 9 m is a new development of this rising Finnish star of small aluminium explorer powerboats range, where all boats carry a J&J signature. The versatility of the new 9 m, its capacity of rugged use in all conditions and climates and sailing cultures surprised many boaters. She won the Boat of the Year award in UK in January 2023, and gained many clients in many countries.

Talking about new brands: Limitless is a good example. Built in Turkey, and with design configuration and sales efforts aimed mainly at the US market. This new brand needed to combine excellent driving performance, top-notch design, a range of novel convenience features with superior quality expected in the world’s most demanding markets. The first model, a 45 feet Limitless XLV, has shown all of the above and was a sales hit at the 2022 Fort Lauderdale boat show. Larger sisters are coming in the range, all powered by the beautiful new Mercury outboard developments of V10 and V12 engines.

The fastest rising group in the multihull area, the French builder Catana, decided to venture in the power catamaran arena. J&J was chosen for the design, engineering and tooling of the new outboard-powered range. The smallest, the YOT 36 (the new brand was named YOT), was developed and the production is to be executed in Portugal. The DNA of the new range is defined as practical, fast outboard powered catamarans with full range of deck convenience design features, while offering good cabin space and comfort inside to make longer stays on-board possible. The concept should appeal primarily in the Mediterranean markets, especially in the Eastern more protected archipelagos.

Possibly the most interesting projects of the year (decade?) was the start of the Tyde/BMW program. The concept of a 13 m 10 T full-electric foiling boat that promotes electric mobility was born by Tyde founders Tobias Hoffritz and Christoph Ballin. J&J Design was invited to join forces with them to bring the concept to life, participating in creating the overall design, providing naval architecture and engineering. We called in the help in naval architecture expertise of our friend Guillaume Verdier and his team. Additionally, J&J conducted a comprehensive study on composite technology, exploring how different composite materials could be effectively utilized in a production setup.

In 2022, J&J designed, engineered, and built a test foiling electric monohull, which underwent testing in Portoroz, Slovenia. The boat’s composite construction was built using CNC machined tools and utilized vacuum-infused vinyl ester/carbon technology for the hull and a combination of carbon/epoxy and CNC machined stainless steel for the appendages. The propulsion arrangement features double forward-facing counter-rotating propellers. Through several months of testing in various wave, wind, and maneuvering conditions, our team was able to optimize the flight software, ensuring optimal performance.The flight software and actuators for the test boat were supplied by Pixel-sur-Mer from France. Propulsion was done by i3 BMW battery technology and Torqeedo 100 kW electric motors.

  • Passion for boating, design, technology and innovation
  • Forward-thinking but honoring the tradition
  • Respect for client’s individuality
  • Straightforwardness and pragmatism (KISS)
  • Broad culture and intellectualism
  • Multiculturalism

Our Designs Won 122 Boat of the Year, Design or Environmental Awards

J&j design list, interested in tooling, go to our sister company:.

' title=

AB Yacht Design & Naval Architecture

jab yacht design

JAB Design Group creates homes of enthusiastic sophistication, backdrops for the life well-lived.

Under the leadership of visionary designer, joseph a. berkowitz, jab design group creates timeless residences that bring together an elevated aesthetic with highly personal moments to create homes of distinguished character., whether the result is simple or elaborate, jab masterfully delivers the ideal mix of elegance and exuberance. spaces are planned to maximize comfort and enjoyment while incorporating elements that are unexpected and exotic to achieve a sense of drama that reflects the personality and experiences of the client., collaboration.

We collaborate with our clients to produce a portfolio of spaces that are richly varied, tailored to the individuals and families that inhabit them


We arrive at a design concept that challenges the mundane and stimulates the sensibilities, achieving an emotional resonance with those who experience it

With precision, we bring together the elements of design – color, texture, light – to curate finishes, furnishings, textiles, lighting, art and accessories

Bucks Ranch

“ JAB Design Group brings the WOW factor Every. Single. Time! They have helped us bring our vision to reality on many homes over the years. ”

“ jab’s work in its broadest sense, has been consistently superior, creative and sensitive to our needs. ”, “ joe and his team push the envelope of innovative design, but they are always mindful that their designs are meant to improve a space used by a busy family. they design in a beautiful and useful way. ”.

jab yacht design

Joseph A. Berkowitz

Joseph A. Berkowitz is a visionary interior designer with an impressive body of work spanning almost three decades. Equally adept at a range of aesthetic styles, Berkowitz takes a collaborative approach to his designs; from cosmopolitan pied-a-terre’s to rustic lodges, each design is infused with an enthusiastic sophistication that honors the clients who live within the spaces he creates.

Armed with an approachable personality and infectious sense of humor, Berkowitz gently encourages his clients to explore their personal tastes, take risks and expand their visual vocabulary. He encourages a process that is creative and fun, yet executed with discipline and precision. The results are both refined and glamourous, incorporating elements of whimsy and exoticism to create highly personal spaces that reflect an elevated aesthetic.

Throughout his career, Berkowitz has designed a wide range of residential, commercial and hospitality projects, infusing each with style and personality. He was thrust into the national spotlight when recruited to appear on the HGTV series Show House Showdown , a competition program where his design was selected as the winner by the viewing public. The show proved to be the ultimate platform to exhibit Berkowitz’s outgoing, affable manner and bold creative style so popular with the program’s viewers.

Since then Berkowitz continues to expand his practice, completing residences in and around his hometown of Philadelphia, as well as across the nation.

“ Imaginative, reliable and extremely knowledgeable, Joseph is masterful and a delight to work with. ”

“ joe berkowitz is first and foremost an exceptionally talented designer. ”, “ i would not purchase a home, decorate a room or hang a picture without joe berkowitz. he has captured our personality and it reflects in our surroundings. ”.

Philadelphia Style – Spring 2021


jab yacht design

Begin your journey with JAB Design Group

(610) 949-0487

[email protected], 1620 gerson drive penn valley, pa 19072, 610-949-9078.

jab yacht design

Jac de Ridder Yacht Design

Sailboat designer.

Jac de Ridder Yacht Design

  • Last update: 1st April 2020
  • +31 527-241762
  • Groenestraat 27 8325 AX Vollenhove - Netherlands

Juan Kouyoumdjian Naval Architecture

“The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and demand that our strategists, designers and project managers work closely and directly with us”

jab yacht design






jab yacht design

Why choosing us

The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and demand that our strategists, designers and project managers work closely and directly with our

We specialize in design-led brand communication and digital innovation


jab yacht design

Over 25 years of yacht design experience, performance driven; we will gather your sailing wishes to shape accurate design brief leading  to advance Naval Architecture R&D. We believe that working with the  best Project Managers  is key for success and encourage a tight collaboration with them and designated boat yard.


jab yacht design

We have developed a  specific method starting from verified data and laser scanned hull to be able to run a deep and reliable analysis before proposing the best options.  Our own  CFD division with more than 20 years of experience and feedback is key at this stage to assist our Naval Architect team responding to all your questions.


jab yacht design

Beyond any good survey, we are proposing a deeper  Naval Architecture analysis of the boat you wish to buy, helping you to plan another life and all the needed modifications and optimization.  Contact us right at the beginning, we will challenge your brief and assist you during any purchase.

jab yacht design

Some boats deserve to live a long and exceptional life. Our methods together with deep knowledge of materials, rules and fluid dynamics will be capable to bring Classics or master iconic design of all eras back to  surprising new performances .



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jab yacht design

Jay Aberdoni's 57m concept Starwave revealed

Designer Jay Aberdoni has revealed renderings of a new superyacht concept that he describes as the epitome of "classical elegance".

Named Starwave , the 57-metre concept blends contemporary lines and minimalistic styling with elements inspired by the classic luxury yachts of the past.

Starwave can accommodate up to 10 guests in five cabins including an owner's suite, and features "uncompromised living spaces" thanks to her low profile bulwarks. 

Taking cues from classical yacht design, she has a fully enclosed stern, although she's far from gloomy as floor-to-ceiling windows and wraparound glass railings flood the interior with natural light.

A standout element is the beach club, which folds down to connect guests directly with the sea. The space also features a sauna and a gym which has an additional fold-out balcony so guests can watch the waves and feel the sea breeze while they exercise. 

Another highlight is the bow deck which is filled with lounge sofas, sunbeds and a pool that's protected from the wind with high glass rails.

" Starwave is a 57-metre superyacht whose effortless lines draw the unforgettable shape of a modern vessel with a hint of classical elegance," Jay Aberdoni said.

"To me, Starwave represents the definition of timelessness. A yacht that is back to the basics, minimalistic and not at all overdesigned. An immaculate composition of geometrical shapes and flowing lines that make her special in the details while portraying serenity on the outside."

Starwave , which also has a 38-metre sistership, is the latest in the yacht designer's portfolio which features concepts such as Dust and Posterity .

More stories

Most popular, from our partners, sponsored listings.

New Cape Coral Yacht Club designs: Most on council like a coastal, Key West vibe

jab yacht design

Given three different design options for the new Yacht Club Community Center , most of the Cape Coral City Council is leaning toward a coastal, Key West-flavor architecture.

At a committee of the whole meeting on Wednesday, the city sought direction from the council on a design direction for the outside of the community building.

"It's a concept, just like we do with anything else, and as we are designing, things may come up that we want to shift and be nimble (on)," said Cape Coral City Manager Michael Ilczyszyn.

James Pankonin with Kimley Horn, a consulting firm focusing on public and private developments, presented the information about the look of the community building.

Cape Coral's Yacht Club Community Park, which includes a yacht basin, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a ballroom, and a beach, has been a popular attraction and staple for the city since the 1960s but is set to undergo major renovations after Hurricane Ian delayed the original plans .

The current plans include a new two-story community center to replace the ballroom, removing the tennis courts, rearranging the area to accommodate a four-story parking garage, a new restaurant, and a new resort-style pool.

The city is also preparing for the demolition of the Yacht Club and its facilities in April as it awaits permits.

No estimates could be provided for the price of the new building.

"It will really come into how much of certain materials are needed and construction methods," Ilczyszyn said.

The city will have that information once they have 30% of the construction design.

Two public meetings for the designs are planned for April 2 and May 7.

After getting public input, the city will vote to amend its contract with Kimley Horn to approve all these changes.

The plan is to have these changes approved or introduced before the summer hiatus.

Previous Coverage Demolition of Cape Coral's Yacht Club slated for April will cost almost $1 million

Cape Coral community news Courtyards of Cape Coral South sets bingo fundraiser for residents still affected by Ian

New Designs for the Yacht Club building

John Bryant with Sweet Sparkman Architecture and Interiors, a Sarasota-based design firm, said the goal with the new designs was to maintain the experience of the original Yacht Club.

The majority of the council preferred option one.

Design one:

Bryant described the first option as "coastal vernacular" and similar to the park buildings at Lake Kennedy and Yellow Fever Creek.

"So it's sort of informed by the current architectural work in 2024," Bryant said. "Kinda Key West."

Councilmember Dan Sheppard and Mayor John Gunter preferred option one.

Gunter said the design was the most pleasing for him.

Councilmember Keith Long liked option one and said he liked the Key West aesthetic.

Councilmember Tom Hayden liked option one.

Design two:

Option two is more informed by the current Yacht Club and would have a stone base and mid-century feel to it, according to Bryant.

"There's certainly opportunity to kind of further develop this option to have even more of the existing Yacht Club feel, but a different vibe, feel than option one," Bryant said.

He also said option two might be more expressive the closer they try to recreate the aesthetic of the old ballroom building.

Councilmember Jessica Cosden liked design two as it incorporated design elements of the old building though she lamented how similar it looked to the first design.

"I wish we could have done more, but I know it's hard with a two-story building, to make it look the same as a very unique one-story building.

Councilmember Bill Steinke said two would be his choice as well, but was wary of additional maintenance of natural wood products used in the design.

"As long as we can bring that aesthetic and keep the maintenance down, number two would be my choice," Steinke said.

Councilmember Robert Welsh said he could go either way, but he liked the look of two.

Design three:

This would be more contemporary and modern.

"Even with a more contemporary language, you can still have warmth, incorporating some wood elements and stone elements," Bryant said.

None of the council members expressed any favorability for the third design.

Inside the new community center

The Community Center will have an additional 10,000 square feet for a total of 47,000 square feet, a history room to remember the first ballroom building on the first floor, and more rooms for civic and community use on the first floor.

Additionally, the new ballroom has shifted slightly as the balcony area on the second floor has been expanded to wrap around the top of the building.


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    Seattle superyacht designer creating award-winning yacht designs featuring luxurious pools, spas, beach clubs, music and entertainment studios, five star fine dining and charter experiences for individual clients, shipyards, yacht charter services, yacht brokers, and yacht management companies. ... 3D yacht design concept development services ...

  2. JQB Design

    Since its founding in Seattle in 1995, JQB Design has launched over twenty award-winning super yacht designs. Creators of elegantly comfortable marine retreats, whether minimal and modern or classical and traditional. A superyacht designer from Seattle, Washington. Apprenticed with Ron Holland and Jon Bannenberg for nearly seven years beginning ...

  3. American Yacht Design

    Yacht Designer - 32+ years experience. A super yacht designer from Seattle, Washington. He apprenticed with Ron Holland and Jon Bannenberg for nearly seven years beginning in 1987, and founded Jonathan Quinn Barnett Ltd (JQB Design) in 1995. Most well known for the interior design of the 414-foot yacht Octopus in 2003. "I strive in my work to be unpretentious, thorough, and timeless.

  4. Behind the scenes: Seattle's JQB Design is the super-yacht designer for

    This 2017 design concept of a new 300-foot, tri-deck superyacht by lead Designer Michael Givens at JQB Design in Seattle, made the cover of Superyacht Times in March, which said, "Coming from (JQB ...

  5. JQB Design

    JQB Design | 194 followers on LinkedIn. Maritime Luxury Reimagined. American yacht designer has launched over twenty award-winning super yacht designs. | Providing award winning exterior and ...

  6. According to the experts: the principles of yacht design

    I have two principles that in my view drive any of our projects whether it be a yacht, home, or anything else. One: listen to your client's wishes, dreams, and needs. Two: Personal, beauty and cosiness. A yacht project must be personal and needs to reflect the personality of the owners and their families.

  7. How Modern Yacht Design Has Evolved Over the Years

    Modern yacht design has evolved tremendously since the world's first 'superyacht', Cleopatra's Barge, emerged from Retire Becket's shipyard in Salem, Massachusetts, to gasps of admiration from the awe-struck crowds that had gathered on the docks. The 25m, 192t brigantine had been built at the cost of $50,000 for a wealthy merchant ...

  8. Yacht design

    French designer Philippe Starck has declared his solidarity with the Ukrainian people after Italian authorities seized Sailing Yacht A, a 145-metre sailboat he designed for a Russian billionaire ...

  9. Yacht Design & Superyacht Design

    Mengi Yay's 39m superyacht Twins delivered. Delivery. Falcon Tenders delivers two full-custom tenders to 87m Lürssen. Unexpected end of JSON input. Unexpected end of JSON input. Our in depth features reveal the story behind the latest luxury yacht designs and interiors with exclusive insight from superyacht designers.

  10. J&J Design. We Create Winners

    J&J Design was established as a yacht design office by brothers Japec and Jernej Jakopin in 1983. Close to 300 designs for 55 production boat builders from 22 countries gave birth to over 60.000 boats and yachts.

  11. Home

    The renowned British Yacht Design & Naval Architecture Studio.

  12. J&J Design

    J&J Design was established as a yacht design office by brothers Japec and Jernej Jakopin in 1983. Close to 300 projects for 55 production boat builders from 22 countries gave birth to over 60.000 boats and yachts. Their designs have won over 90 Boat of the Year, Design or Environmental awards. Today J&J works with 25 designers and engineers and supply design, engineering and tooling to ...

  13. Two new ecoyacht concepts unveiled by Seattle-based JQB Design

    Seattle-based superyacht design studio, JQB Design, has unveiled two new ecoyacht concepts equipped with unique sailing rigs. See more. New Designs Two new ecoyacht concepts unveiled by Seattle-based JQB Design. Written by Kayla Dowling. 4 Jun 2021 | 10:30. Loading... Newsletter. Subscribe.

  14. Yachtstyle

    Established in 2006, Yachtstyle LLC has been providing custom yacht furniture design and manufacturing for the world's finest yachts. Custom upholstered furniture, exterior yacht furniture, yacht barstools, custom marine tables, bespoke yacht accessories.

  15. JAB Design Group

    work. " JAB Design Group brings the WOW factor Every. Single. Time! They have helped us bring our vision to reality on many homes over the years. " JAB's work in its broadest sense, has been consistently superior, creative and sensitive to our needs. " Joe and his team push the envelope of innovative design, but they are always mindful ...

  16. B&G Yacht Design

    Sailboats, powerboats, catamarans, trawlers, rowing boats. Based in Perth, Western Australia, B&G Yachts has been designing boats for almost forty years. Founded by Roberto Barros, designing boats for his own boatyard. Today B&G is managed by Luis Gouveia, having worked with Roberto Barros and Astrid Barros since 1992.

  17. Jac de Ridder Yacht Design

    Contact: +31 527-241762. Groenestraat 27. 8325 AX Vollenhove - Netherlands. 4 specifications of sailboat, between 22 ft (6.8 m) and 30 ft (9.1 m), designed by Jac de Ridder Yacht Design are available on Boat-Specs.com: Sailboats.

  18. Benford Design Group

    Since 1962, Jay has been earning his way in the narrow and difficult field of custom yacht design. He's designed boats for many uses - tug boats, fishing boats, cruising sailboats, liveaboards, and freighter yachts. And they've all been successful and beautiful, incorporating all the space and function his clients desire, in a unique and ...

  19. J&J Design

    J&J Design is a naval architecture, design, boat and production-process engineering company, mainly for high-volume production sail and powerboat builders. It introduced the carbon-epoxy technology from the America's Cup into cruising sailboats with the Shipman line. J&J also designed and engineered the first serial production hybrid powerboats, the Greenline Hybrid range.

  20. Plans & Designs

    Aluminium or steel long range swing keel cruising yacht. Samoa 28. Light displacement comfortable cruiser-racer. Pop Alu 28. Unlimited ocean aluminium cruising yacht with twin bulb keels. Pop Star 21. Trailerable boat for high performance and versatile day sailing. Pop 20. Cheap and easy to build boat for coastal sailing.

  21. Juan Kouyoumdjian Naval Architecture

    Over 25 years of yacht design experience, performance driven; we will gather your sailing wishes to shape accurate design brief leading to advance Naval Architecture R&D. We believe that working with the best Project Managers is key for success and encourage a tight collaboration with them and designated boat yard.

  22. Starwave: designer Jay Aberdoni reveals 57m concept

    Designer Jay Aberdoni has revealed renderings of a new superyacht concept that he describes as the epitome of "classical elegance". Named Starwave, the 57-metre concept blends contemporary lines and minimalistic styling with elements inspired by the classic luxury yachts of the past. Starwave can accommodate up to 10 guests in five cabins ...

  23. Cape Coral Yacht Club community building design: three options

    Given three different design options for the new Yacht Club Community Center, most of the Cape Coral City Council is leaning toward a coastal, Key West-flavor architecture.. At a committee of the ...