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yacht charter holidays croatia

  • Skippered Yacht Charter If you don’t know how to sail or if you like some help, you can have a skippered yacht charter option. You can rent a skippered catamaran, sailboat, motorboat or gulet in Croatia.
  • Crewed yacht charter Get spoiled by a completely crewed yacht charter on your sailing vacations in Croatia.
  • Bareboat yacht charter If you have a skippers license and experience, you can charter catamaran, sailboat or motorboat and sail away.
  • All-Inclusive Yacht Charter Croatia It offers you the ultimate all-inclusive sailing holidays. Along with a knowledgeable captain and gourmet chef.
  • Catamaran charter Catamaran charter in Croatia with skipper or bareboat. From Split, Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Zadar, Trogir or Istria.
  • Sailboat charter Saiilboat charter in Croatia with skipper or bareboat. From Split, Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Zadar, Trogir or Istria.
  • Power Catamaran Power catamaran charter in Croatia with skipper or bareboat. From Split, Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Zadar, Trogir or Istria.
  • Motorboat charter Motorboat charter in Croatia with skipper or bareboat. From Split, Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Zadar, Trogir or Istria.
  • Motoryacht charter Motoryacht charter in Croatia with skipper or bareboat. From Split, Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Zadar, Trogir or Istria.
  • Gulet charter Gulet charter in Croatia with skipper or bareboat. From Split, Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Zadar, Trogir or Istria.
  • Luxury yacht charter Luxury yacht charter in Croatia with skipper or bareboat. From Split, Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Zadar, Trogir or Istria.
  • Available boat types Boat types available for charter in Croatia.
  • Online Boat Search Find available boat here.
  • Our marinas Where can you charter a yacht from in Croatia. Check out all our marinas.
  • Guide to Catamarans Charter in Croatia
  • Sailing areas About sailing areas in Croatia in general.
  • Split yacht charter About chartering a yacht from Split, boat rental and sailing holidays, with catamaran, sailboat, motorboat, luxury yacht or gulet.
  • Dubrovnik yacht charter About chartering a yacht from Dubrovnik, boat rental and sailing holidays, with catamaran, sailboat, motorboat, luxury yacht or gulet.
  • Sibenik yacht charter About chartering a yacht from Sibenik, boat rental and sailing holidays, with catamaran, sailboat, motorboat, luxury yacht or gulet.
  • Trogir yacht charter About chartering a yacht from Trogir, boat rental and sailing holidays, with catamaran, sailboat, motorboat, luxury yacht or gulet.
  • Zadar yacht charter About chartering a yacht from Zadar, boat rental and sailing holidays, with catamaran, sailboat, motorboat, luxury yacht or gulet.
  • Kvarner yacht charter About chartering a yacht from Kvarner, boat rental and sailing holidays, with catamaran, sailboat, motorboat, luxury yacht or gulet.
  • Istra yacht charter About chartering a yacht from Istra, boat rental and sailing holidays, with catamaran, sailboat, motorboat, luxury yacht or gulet.
  • Get inspired The greatest adventure on sea! Sailing in Croatia is fun. Get inspired.
  • Sailing holidays About sailing Holidays in Croatia
  • Set Sail in Croatia: Your Guide to an Unforgettable Adventure
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  • How to rent a boat How to charter a yacht in Croatia?
  • Weather conditions
  • How Sailing Works
  • Cabin yacht charter
  • One way yacht charter
  • Comprehensive Guide to Yacht Charter Croatia Costs: Everything You Need to Know

Yacht Charter Croatia

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yacht charter holidays croatia

Ready to sail?

Yacht Charter & Boat Rental in Croatia

Best sailing holidays in croatia are waiting for you….

When it comes to chartering a yacht in Croatia , Skippercity stands out as the top choice. Whether you’re in search of a c atamaran, sailboat, or motorboat for your sailing adventures in Croatia, our team is ready to assist you. Reach out to us and sail at any of our locations including Split, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Sibenik, Vis, Hvar, Pakleni otoci, Kornati, and more.

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What can we offer?

Skippered Yacht Charter Croatia

Skippered yacht charter

Croatia's stunning coastline is a sailor's paradise, and our yacht charter and boat rental services with a skipper ensure you experience it in style. Our expert skippers know the waters like the back of their hand, guiding you to the most breathtaking spots while you relax and enjoy the journey. Whether you're looking for a romantic escape, a family adventure, or a group excursion, our fleet of catamarans, sailboats or motorboats is ready to make your dream sailing holiday a reality.

Bareboat yacht charter. Sailboat, catamaran and boat rental in Croatia.

Bareboat yacht charter

Embark on a solo sailing adventure in Croatia by chartering a boat, provided you possess a skipper's license, VHF radio license, and sufficient sailing experience. Bareboat chartering in Croatia stands out as a highly popular and appealing option. Ideal for those with sailing expertise who prefer the freedom to create their own itinerary, it offers the best choice for a personalized sailing experience. Catamarans, sailboats, and motorboats are all available for rental in Split, Sibenik, Trogir, and Dubrovnik...

Crewed yacht charter in Croatia

Crewed yacht charter

Indulge in the ultimate luxury experience with a fully crewed yacht charter during your sailing holidays in Croatia. This opulent form of yacht chartering offers a bespoke and personalized touch, catering to the discerning preferences of those seeking an unparalleled maritime adventure. Croatia presents a diverse selection of fully crewed yachts, ranging from spacious catamarans and elegant sailing boats to classic gullet charters and high-end motor yachts.

yacht charter holidays croatia

All inclusive yacht charter

Experience the epitome of luxury with our all-inclusive yacht charters in Croatia, featuring a private crew to ensure an exclusive vacation tailored for friends and family, ideal for parties or special events. Our fleet boasts yachts with three to six double cabins, each equipped with an en-suite private bathroom. Indulge in the ultimate luxury by booking our all-inclusive yacht charters, complete with a private crew, creating an exclusive getaway perfect for friends and family gatherings, parties, or special events.

Your sailing vacation in Croatia begins here.

Available yachts for charter in croatia.

Croatia’s coastline is a sailor’s dream, and with our boat charter services, you can experience it in the vessel that suits your needs. From sleek motorboats to spacious catamarans, we have a wide range of boats available for charter. Whether you’re looking for speed, comfort, or something in between, our fleet has you covered. So why wait? Book your boat charter in Croatia today and set sail on the adventure of a lifetime.

Catamarans for rent in Croatia

Catamaran Charter

Charter catamarans are available for rental in various locations across Croatia, including Split, Trogir, Sibenik, and Dubrovnik. Catamarans offer more comfortable sailing experience. Opting for a catamaran rental in Croatia allows you to bask in maximum comfort while enjoying the thrill of sailing. If you lack experience with sailing catamarans, you have the option to rent one with a skipper. Choose from renowned models like Lagoon, Bali, and Nautitech for your charter. For those seeking ample space and stability, a catamaran charter is the ideal choice.

Sailboat rental Croatia

Sailboat Rental

Exploring Croatia through sailing with a sailboat promises remarkable and unforgettable moments, given the abundance of over 1,000 islands to discover. Sailing holidays in Croatia commonly revolve around two options: bareboat charter (which involves renting a boat without a captain) or skippered charter with a captain at the helm. Opting for a sailing boat charter in Croatia is favored by those seeking a more dynamic experience at sea, prioritizing the sailing sensation over sheer comfort.

Motorboat rental (charter) in Croatia

Motorboat Rental

Motor yachts combine speed and comfort, making them an excellent choice. If you prioritize good times and comfort at sea, motor yachts are the ideal option. We offer advantageous rentals of motorboats. Select from a range of options such as Bayliner, Elan, Prestige, Beneteau, and more from our charter offerings in Croatia. Our Motor Yachts and Power Boats cater to individuals who appreciate a dynamic pace, whether changing destinations daily or seeking a retreat from civilization. They provide a perfect means to explore the scenic coasts, numerous islands, and cities along the Croatian shoreline. Enjoy the freedom and speed of motor yachts for an unforgettable maritime adventure in Croatia.

Power Catamaran rental /charter) Croatia

Power Catamaran

Embark on a thrilling maritime adventure with our Power Catamarans available for charter. Whether you prefer a skippered rental or the excitement of a bareboat charter, our versatile catamarans, ranging from 37 to 70 feet, provide the ultimate cruising experience tailored to modern charter clients. The spacious layout ensures comfort and entertainment, featuring modern amenities seamlessly integrated for a luxurious onboard experience. With easy maneuverability, even sailing novices can navigate confidently. Choose a Power Catamaran for your next vacation and experience the perfect blend of comfort, modernity, and the exhilaration of the open sea.

Motoryacht Rental in Croatia

Motor yacht Rental

Renowned for their swift and efficient navigation, motor yachts allow you the freedom to chart your course, uncovering hidden coves, vibrant coastal towns, and secluded islands at your own pace. From the historic cities of Dubrovnik and Split to the tranquil beauty of the Kornati Islands, Croatia's diverse landscapes become easily accessible for exploration with the flexibility afforded by a motor yacht. Renowned for their swift and efficient navigation, motor yachts allow you the freedom to chart your course, uncovering hidden coves, vibrant coastal towns, and secluded islands at your own pace. From the historic cities of Dubrovnik and Split to the tranquil beauty of the Kornati Islands, Croatia's diverse landscapes become easily accessible for exploration with the flexibility afforded by a motor yacht.

Gulet charter in Croatia

Gulets Charter

Gulets and wooden motor sailors in Croatia offer a distinctive sailing experience and a relaxed approach to exploring the Adriatic. Our gulets are exclusively chartered, including the captain, cook, and additional crew members for larger vessels. Gulets chartering in Croatia represents a unique sailing class, crafted in the style of traditional Turkish trading ships. These boats vary in size from 14 to 35 meters, accommodating up to 20 berths, making them highly sought after for tourist charters. Uncover the beauty of wooden gulets in Croatia and charter one here to sail through Istria, Kvarner, and Dalmatia.

Luxury yacht charter in Croatia

Luxury yacht Charter

Indulge in the opulence of fully-equipped and luxuriously furnished luxury yachts in Croatia. The dedicated crew ensures that every detail on board is taken care of, leaving you to simply relax and enjoy. Our yacht rentals, available with a crew, come at the most competitive prices. Opting for a megayacht charter is an excellent decision as it offers comprehensive amenities and luxurious comforts, alleviating any concerns during your journey. For a stress-free vacation, choosing a fully-equipped megayacht is the perfect solution.

Working with the best!

Cooperating with the best yacht charter companies.

Great companies! Excelent service!

yacht charter holidays croatia

And many more ...

Croatian sailing holidays for your family and friends, best yacht charter.

There is recipe for a great yacht charter and best sailing vacations. Here is what you need:

  • A great yacht charter agency that understands you needs
  • A great boat to charter with good price
  • A great skipper that knows the area, the boat and is people frendly
  • A great support during your sailing

yacht charter holidays croatia

Catamaran, sailboat and motorboat rental in Croatia

Available boat models.

Find available catamarans, sailboats, motorboats, gulets and luxury yacht models for your yacht charter vacations in Croatia.

Boat rental croatia

About Boat rental in Croatia: Split, islands of Kornati, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula, Trogir and Sibenik.

Our marinas in Croatia

Where are boats are from? Check out a map of starting marinas in Croatia where we can rent you your dream boat

Online boat search

Look for available catamaran, sailboat, motorboat, gulet or luxury yacht.

Last minute boat rentals

Ready to grab your bags and go? Check out our last minute boat rentals.

One Way Yacht charter

Want to embark in one marina and leave the boat in another?

Short term Yacht charter

No time for standard full week boat rental? We might have a solution for you.

Early Boat Booking

Grab the best discounts by booking your boat early. You know how the saying goes? (Early birds...)

About boat rental discounts

Here are some informations about boat rental discounts.

Looking for boat rental in Croatia?

Set sail in paradise: explore croatia with – croatia yacht charter, unforgettable sailing adventures await in croatia.

Croatia, with its turquoise waters, picturesque islands, and charming coastal towns, beckons sailors of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned skipper seeking independence or a curious first-timer yearning for relaxation, unlocks the magic of the Adriatic Sea, crafting dream yacht charters for every desire.

Explore Your Options: A Fleet for Every Preference

At, your Croatia yacht charter begins with the perfect vessel. We boast an extensive fleet exceeding 13,000 yachts , catering to diverse preferences and sailing expertise:

  • Catamarans: Experience unparalleled stability and comfort, ideal for families and groups seeking a luxurious and spacious adventure ( Croatia catamaran charter ).
  • Sailboats: Embrace the classic charm and thrill of traditional sailing, perfect for exploring hidden coves and reconnecting with nature ( Croatia sailboat charter ).
  • Motorboats: Discover the coastline at your own pace with our exciting motorboat charters, ideal for those seeking a faster pace and the ability to cover more ground ( Croatia motorboat charter: ).

Tailored Experiences for Every Sailor

We understand that every sailor has unique needs. Choose from three distinct Croatia yacht charter options to personalize your dream adventure:

  • Bareboat Charters: Experienced sailors with valid licenses can embark on an independent adventure and create their own itinerary ( bareboat Croatia charter ).
  • Skippered Charters: Relax and soak in the scenery while a professional skipper handles navigation, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey ( skippered Croatia charter ).
  • Crewed Charters: Indulge in ultimate luxury with a dedicated captain and crew catering to your every need, from gourmet meals to activity planning ( crewed Croatia charter ).

Explore Croatia’s Diverse Regions:

Embark on your adventure from various locations across Croatia, each boasting unique coastal landscapes and hidden gems:

  • Split: Sail from the vibrant city towards Brač, Hvar, and Šolta islands ( Split Croatia yacht charter ).
  • Dubrovnik: Discover the “Pearl of the Adriatic” and explore the Elaphiti Islands ( Dubrovnik Croatia yacht charter ).
  • Šibenik: Navigate the Kornati Islands National Park, a haven for untouched nature ( Šibenik Croatia yacht charter ).
  • Zadar: Explore nearby islands like Ugljan and Pašman, known for natural beauty and traditional fishing villages ( Zadar Croatia yacht charter ).

Hassle-free Booking and Expert Guidance:

Our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way. We offer:

  • User-friendly website: Search for yachts based on dates, duration, and number of guests.
  • Extensive fleet details: Compare different yacht options and view detailed features and amenities.
  • Personalized assistance: Get expert advice and support throughout the booking process for your Croatia yacht charter .

Beyond the Yacht: Immerse Yourself in Croatia

Your Croatia yacht charter adventure extends beyond the vessel. Explore charming coastal towns, discover hidden coves, savor fresh seafood delicacies onboard or at waterfront restaurants, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Start Planning Your Dream Today:

Contact today and embark on an unforgettable Croatia yacht charter experience. Explore the magic of the Adriatic at your own pace and create memories that will last a lifetime.

yacht charter holidays croatia

Charter Yachts from Split, Trogir, Sibenik, Dubrovnik,...

Sailing and boat rental guides.

  • How to rent a boat in croatia
  • Boat booking procedure
  • Boat take over procedure
  • Yacht charter costs
  • Marinas in Croatia
  • What to take with you on a boat
  • Valid skippers licenses
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How sailing works
  • Nautical Charts Croatia
  • Boat pertol stations
  • Sailing areas
  • Sailing is fun
  • Split boat rental
  • Dubrovnik boat rental
  • Sailing holidays in Croatia
  • Šibenik boat rental
  • Trogir boat rental
  • Zadar boat rental
  • Kvarner boat rental
  • Istra boat rental

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Fair Wind Yacht Charter

Small business for great holiday, sailing in croatia, gather your family and friends to join you for the best lifetime holiday experience, private yacht charter croatia, isolation at its best, bareboat, skippered or crewed, yacht charter holidays croatia, merry team of dedicated professionals, we strive to make your sailing holidays in croatia an unforgettable life experience.

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Small fleet of own sailboats and catamaran

yacht charter holidays croatia

Bavaria C38 “Wind Dancer” – New in 2024.

yacht charter holidays croatia

Bavaria 46 Cruiser “Sunset Breeze”

Bavaria 46 Cruiser Summer Breeze

Bavaria 46 Cruiser “Summer Breeze” – New in 2024.

yacht charter holidays croatia

Lagoon 40 “Wind Seeker”

Lagoon 400S2 Second Wind from the air parked in marina

Lagoon 400s2 “Second Wind”

Reasons to choose us, excellent reviews, family business, private small fleet, yacht charter types, choose the charter type that best works for you.

Baeboat yacht charter Croatia

Bareboat yacht charter

Skipper on yacht in Croatia

Skippered yacht charter

Skipper and hostess on yacht charter in Croatia

Crewed Yacht Charter

Last minute offers for sailing in croatia, bavaria 46 cruiser, bavaria c38, experience sailing adventures in croatia, set sail for extraordinary memories, why choose yacht chartering in croatia.

Unlock the treasures of the Adriatic coast , boasting 5,800 km of enchanting coastline and over 1,000 captivating islands – making it the Mediterranean’s most indented jewel. Picture-perfect villages steeped in history, exuding Mediterranean charm, secluded bays and pristine beaches accessible only by sea, and the promise of fair winds for the perfect sailing adventure. Croatia’s allure presents a tapestry of possibilities for sailing enthusiasts, crafting unforgettable itineraries. Little wonder that Croatia stands proudly as the world’s premier sailing destination .


The charter season stretches from April to October , reaching its zenith in the sun-soaked months of July and August , where temperatures can soar up to 38°C. For those seeking a quieter escape, June and September offer less crowded shores without compromising on the warmth and sunshine. Even in April, May, and October, summer-like temperatures prevail, occasionally accompanied by gentle showers – an ideal haven for those yearning for tranquility and favorable sailing winds .


Nestled at the heart of the Eastern Adriatic coast , the historic city of Split beckons as your ideal embarkation point for Croatian sailing escapades. From its embrace, you can embark on a maritime journey to the north or south , navigating through a myriad of spellbinding routes. Whether arriving by air, land, ferry, train, or bus, Split ensures easy accessibility to the gateway of your dreams.


Choose excellence chartering a sailboat from Fair Wind Yacht Charter , an independent, family-run company anchored in Split. Expect impeccable sailboats , meticulously maintained, and equipped to the highest standards, all at reasonable prices. Fair Wind prides itself on offering only its own fleet, guaranteeing accuracy in every detail. Sail your way – bareboat , with a skilled skipper , or indulge in luxury with both skipper and hostess on board. 

Routes for sailing in Croatia

Recommended routes for 7 or 14 days sailing from split.

Beautiful Hvar from the fortress

7 days from Split to the south

This well-crafted 7-day itinerary is designed for first-time sailors, families with young ones, and those seeking a leisurely experience with 2-3 hours of sailing or motoring per day. Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters, hidden coves, and charming towns that await.

Sailboats in the beautiful Lastovo bay

7 days from Split to the south 2

This itinerary, tailored for sailing enthusiasts and adventure-seekers, presents an ambitious route with daily sailings of 2 to 5 hours, ensuring an immersive experience of the stunning archipelago.

Beautiful Dubrovnik from the air

14 days from Split to the south

Embark on a 14-day sailing escapade from the vibrant city of Split to the historic gems of Dubrovnik, offering an experience that combines rich history, stunning landscapes, and the allure of the Adriatic coast.

National park Kornati

7 days from Split to the north

7-day route taking you from the vibrant city of Split to the pristine landscapes of the North. Delve into this picturesque journey that seamlessly blends tranquility, untouched landscapes, and captivating National Parks. ur carefully curated route guarantees an average of 2-4 hours of sailing or motoring per day, allowing you to immerse yourself in the essence of each destination.

Photo credit: Author: Stipe Surać, Source: HTZ, Croatian Tourist Board

Stiniva Vis beautiful coast and the sea

14 days from Split to the north and south

Follow this meticulously designed route starting in Split, sailing towards the north and than traversing to the south, uncovering hidden gems and vibrant cities along the way. Indulge in the untouched beauty of uninhabited islands, explore ancient towns, and relish in the Mediterranean charm that defines Croatia.

Photo credit: Author: Alexandar Gospić, Source: HTZ, Croatian Tourist Board

Catamaran charter Croatia


Spring Sailing in Croatia


Skipper and hostess on yacht charter in Croatia


Sailing in Croatia in Autumn


Traveler's choice Award 2023


Breakfast on sailboat in Croatia


Used boats for sale Croatia


yacht charter holidays croatia


yacht charter holidays croatia


Catamaran Lagoon 40 charter Croatia


yacht charter holidays croatia


Neill family sailing in Croatia

2023 Season Booking Open



sailing kornati islands in Croatia


Dubrovnik town


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Angelina Yacht Charter Croatia

Angelina Yacht Charter Croatia

Your dream sailing holidays in Croatia starts with us!

Croatia Sailing Yacht Charter & Catamaran & Motor Boats

Angelina Yacht Charter Croatia offers a unique experience ( #angelinaexperience ) as Croatia sailing charter in matchless locations on the dalmatian coast that you will never forget. Visting a new island or bay every day and breathtaking views from the deck of your boat, each more impressive than the last. The freedom of chartering a sailing yacht is almost unrivaled as a relaxation activity - a sailboat can give you total freedom to travel where you want, powered by the leading sustainable resource - the wind. Head along the shore from bay to bay, harbor to port, or cruise the open waters from island to a new island destination. Whether a seasoned yachter or a first-time charterer, an extra sailing yacht can offer an unforgettable vacation with family and friends. The variety of luxury amenities and interiors combined the ultimate feeling of freedom while sailing the open waters to create a yacht charter experience like no other.

How Can We Help You With Chartering A Yacht in Croatia ?

We understand that you have numerous possibilities for booking your sailing holiday in Croatia . So, what makes Angelina Yacht Charter so unique that you would choose us? Angelina Yachtcharter is proud to offer a stunning fleet of sailing yachts for charter , delivering sailing enthusiasts a convenient way to sail Croatia in class. Our sailing boats are available for charter across numerous Croatia destinations, including the national park Kornati islands and the central to south Adriatic Islands like Hvar, Brac, Vis, Korcula, to name just a few. Our fleet of elegant and modern sailing yachts or the new luxury catamarans for charter combines classic lines married with contemporary modern designs and new technology with a wide range of elegant extras, including boat swimming platforms, spacious seating, dining, and lounge spaces, chic staterooms, beautifully custom-designed interiors, and more. As one of Croatia's best sailing yacht charters , each sailing yacht boasts a highly experienced and dedicated crew. Of course, if you hire a skipper for a skippered or crewed yacht charter, that can help you with every requirement to guarantee maximum safety during the entire sailing vacation in Croatia .

Special Offers

Check out our special offers and discounts for yachts available for your relaxed charter vacations in Croatia. Contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to take advantage of our special offer.

Marina Frapa, Rogoznica, Croatia 03 Aug - 10 Aug 2024

Bali 5.4 | Lalounge

Discounts -50%

Trogir, Marina Trogir (ex.SCT), Croatia 27 Jul - 03 Aug 2024

Bali 4.8 | Titan

Fountaine pajot saba 50 | poco loco, bali 4.3 my | adventure.

Marina Frapa, Rogoznica, Croatia 27 Jul - 03 Aug 2024

Fountaine pajot saona 47 quintet | Martin V

Trogir, Marina Trogir (ex.SCT), Croatia 03 Aug - 10 Aug 2024

Bali 4.5 | Karina V

Bali 4.5 | pandora v.

Marina Mandalina, Sibenik, Croatia 27 Jul - 03 Aug 2024

Bali 4.4 | Apollo

Our charter bases.

Find all information about our charter bases

Sukosan, D-Marin Dalmacija Marina | 20

Biograd na Moru

Marina Šangulin, Biograd | 42

ACI Marina Vodice | 28

Tribunj D-Marin | 17

Marina Mandalina, Sibenik | 26

Marina Frapa, Rogoznica | 17

ACI Marina Trogir | 13

Trogir, Marina Trogir (ex.SCT) | 57

Our Client Reviews

Here's what our clients say about us

Very friendly and helpful staff. Thank you.

-  Bavaria Crusier 36 , “Mira”

Boat really exceeded expectation. super team, Angelina is top.

-  Lagoon 42 , “Sophie”

Alles super, danke. Danke für eineschone Woche und den gute service.

-  Futura 40 , “Freya I”

I am happy with you. Good skipper Luka, good boat, very nice company.

-  FP Saona 47 , “Tamara V”

It was a pleasure work with this people! Everything was great, I charter often from Angelina. Thanks for nice week! Toll schiff, toll service, danke.

-  Lagoon 42 , “Media Luna”

Very good, thank you. Svaka pohvala Mii i Dini, sve je bilo odlično organizirano, cure su jako susretljive i ljubazne. Sehr nette frau Mia+herr Ivan. Danke !We recommend you and be back again.

-  Lagoon 400 S2 , “Ladies First”

Everything was perfect, we will come back.

-  FP MY 37 , “Dream Star”

Tolle service. Danke, gern komme wieder.

-  Oceanis 46.1. , “Air 2”

Charter services.

We are here to help with your every need, from chartering a yacht with a professional skipper, to organizing flotilla sailing event.

Croatia Yacht Charter Guide

Croatian yacht charter Q&A. What is a yacht charter? Yacht chartering is a term used for renting a specific type of boat like a sailboat, catamaran or a motor yacht as a vacation rental, same time traveling to various coastal or island destinations.

Do you want to explore the beauty of nature along with traveling to the nearby islands and beaches? You can hire the Bareboat Sailing Yacht Charter to explore the place at your own pace.

Are you afraid of the fact that you cannot sail? This does not need to concern you at all because you can hire a skippered sailing yacht and the skipper will take care of everything.

Luxury Crewed Yacht Charter Croatia

Relaxing luxury crewed yacht charter can bring limitless opportunities for you to explore Dalmatia in the best and most independent way.

Enjoy amazing flotilla sailing holidays and expand your horizon and while making some of the best and unforgettable moments.

Our Mission & Vision as a yacht charter in Croatia

Our ambition is for our customers to experience the difference we deliver and how distant we will go to guarantee their sailing holidays exceed expectations. So, a restless search for the most satisfactory yacht charter service for our customers is vital to our success. As the yacht charter and boat provider , we will do our most OK to make it perform for every client and each day of your sailing charter holiday in Croatia . Our yacht charter fleet consists of carefully selected yachts that are perfectly maintained and thoroughly examined regularly between charters. As a result, the yachting list is constantly updated and provides a wide range of brand-new vessels and various models. We invite you to our web page to conduct a search through our fleet of boats, and we will assist you with every inquiry you may have. To find the favorite sailing yacht or catamaran and sail away! No other holiday will allow you to see so many Croatian coastlines and islands. Our fully equipped yachts vary in style and features to create a perfect holiday for every client. From bareboat yacht charter sailing around the Islands of National Park Kornati to luxury catamaran yacht charters along Croatia's Adriatic coastline, you choose your dream holiday, and we make it happen.

Yacht Ownership

Yacht Ownership

Angelina Yachtcharter can guide you in selecting the yacht and features to meet your personal requirements.

Latest from our News & Blog

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Sailing from Biograd na Moru to Mali Lošinj

Embark on a rejuvenating journey from Biograd na Moru to the unique island of Mali Lošinj, a destination renowned for its health benefits and natural beauty. Discover the charming coastal town of Mali Lošinj, nestled between Dalmatia and the Istrian Peninsula.

Sailing Into National Park Krka Waterfalls

Suppose you have only one week and want to see and experience as much as possible with your own or chartered yacht in these seven days. The best starting point is our charter base from the D Marin Marina Mandalina in Šibenik or Tribunj, central Adria.

Discover the Magic of Island Hvar: Croatia's Premier Sailing Destination

The island of Hvar is the sunniest Croatian island. Hvar is known for its sunshine, totalling 2718 hours annually. Hvar is the 4th largest island in Croatia, measuring about 68 kilometres (42 miles), making it one of the country's longest islands

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Selection of the Best Yachts for Charter in Croatia

What makes the difference, authentic. unique..

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We are born by the sea in Croatia. Our Authentic & Hands-On approach, with an everyday local presence is beyond comparison with other charter operators.

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...& about your unique lifestyle , special requests & preferences. Experience made to your measure , on the most beautiful yachts in the world.

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Our 360° Travel Agency will arrange all flights, transfers, accommodation… While our 24h/7d Local Yacht Support Team does the provisioning & concierge.

Why charter with SuperYachts in Croatia?

You will enjoy the best rates for the world’s most beautiful charter yachts, free upgrades & added amenities. SuperYachts Croatia will make sure you experience a VIP treatment in all the ports, cities, marinas or best Croatian bars & restaurants. Expect local support on every step of the way, no matter if it is a weekend charter or a full four-week yacht trip.


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Yacht charter for special occasions

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Yacht charter for a large group

Fully accessible yacht charter, corporate yacht charter, superyacht charter in croatia, let the superyachts croatia team tailor your yacht charter.

Every moment counts and your luxury yacht charter needs to be perfect in every way.

But do you know where to start from?

Here is a short guide to help you plan and tailor your yacht charter in Croatia. Also, discover a check list of all the things you ought to know when chartering a yacht in Croatia.

If you have questions about yachts and traveling to or from Croatia, the SuperYachts Croatia team will be at your full disposal during your yacht charter.

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Yacht experiences., towable water toys on yachts.

Safety is important when using towable water toys. The crew will always recommend that guests wear life jac...

Inflatable water toys aboard yachts in Croatia

Inflatable water toys are a popular feature on yachts in Croatia, providing guests with endless hours of fu...

Electric Surfboards on a Yacht Charter in Croatia

If you are interested in learning more about electric surfboards on a yacht charter, which happens to be on...

SeaBob on a yacht charter in Croatia

Designed for high-speed fun and adventure, Seabob is a water scooter that can reach speeds of up to 22 km/h...


Charter moments..

yacht charter holidays croatia


“Team and crew are obviously experts in everything local with world-level professioanlism...”


Highly competent captain and crew dedicated to perfection of superyacht experience...”

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Whether you want to enquire for superyacht for charter , learn more details about charter destinations, or need urgent Yacht Support , feel free to Contact Us Anytime.

Give us a call or leave us a short message.

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News & insights., best yacht gyms with superyachts croatia.

Delve into the best yacht gyms featured in the Superyachts Croatia catalogue that enhance the guest experience and embody the perfect blend of luxury and wel...

Yacht Jacuzzis: Elevate Your Charter Exper...

In this guide, we'll explore the different types of yacht jacuzzi setups you might encounter on a yacht charter, analyzing their unique characteristics and t...

A Yacht Accident During a Charter Holiday ...

The initial response to a yacht accident hinges on how the incident occurred. Was it due to unfavorable weather conditions like lightning, large waves, or hi...

6 Best yacht dining setups

Yacht dining is an experience that combines luxury, creativity, and the unparalleled beauty of the sea in Croatia. By focusing on ambiance, table settings, c...

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Sailing Qualifications

To skipper a bareboat charter or flotilla yacht, you need to hold a practical sailing certificate equivalent to RYA Day Skipper Practical qualification or RYA International Certificate of Competence (ICC) . For charters in Greece, you must now have the ICC certificate . You must also be assisted by at least one competent crew member over the age of 18.

The port authorities in Greece are now insisting on one of the following practical certificates: RYA ICC (International Certificate of Competence), RYA Coastal, RYA Yachtmaster, ASA IPC (International Proficiency Certificate) or the IYT (International Yacht Training) Passport. If you hold an RYA Day Skipper or ASA104 it will no longer be accepted and you need to obtain either an ICC or IPC from the corresponding issuing body (RYA or ASA). If your RYA Coastal/Yachtmaster or ASA105/106 certificate is more than 12 years old and does not have a photo ID, then we would also strongly advise applying for an ICC or IPC. If you are a member of the RYA or ASA, you may qualify for a discount or free certificate, otherwise, you will have to pay. The approximate cost is £50. Please use this link - RYA application for the ICC or ASA application for the IPC.

For charters in Croatia, Malta and the Canaries , at least one member of the crew or the skipper will also need a VHF licence .

RYA qualifications can be obtained by RYA sailing schools in the UK or alternatively choose from one of our overseas centres in Gibraltar, Greece or Turkey .

For  Seychelles,  the local authorities require an ICC for the skipper of a bareboat or flotilla yacht charter.

For Caribbean and Tropical charters, formal qualifications are not compulsory, however, you should be Day Skipper standard and be assisted by at least one competent crew . A brief sailing resume should be provided to outline your experience.

For Thailand A Day Skipper qualification is required as a minimum and you must have at least 3 weeks of skippering experience prior to your charter. A VHF qualification is compulsory.

If you don't hold the relevant qualifications then why not add a skipper ?

Sailing Levels

Winds force 2-3 (4-11 Knots)combined with generally shorter distances. Good for beginner or intermediate sailors. Line-of-sight navigation but basic knowledge of charts and ability to plot your position required.

Winds force 3-5 (7-21 Knots) with approximately 15-20nm per day. Intermediate experience required. Predominately line of sight navigation but an understanding of how to sail in open water.

Winds force 4-6 (11-27 Knots) with mileage of approximately 20nm+ per day. Ideal for experienced skippers looking to venture out to new destinations. Day skipper standard but with experienced crew would be recommended.

Quick Quote Form

Experience level.

From beginners to experienced sailors, Croatia caters to all More...

What qualifications do I need?

Sailing Holidays in Croatia & Yacht Charter

A sailing holiday in Croatia is the best way to discover a string of offshore islands which provide stunning scenery and quaint towns. Modern marinas provide safe overnight harbours and reliable afternoon winds make sailing your yacht a pleasure. Fortified castles and Byzantine palaces reflect Croatia's great trading history and the towns come alive at night with harbourside restaurants and street cafes emphasizing Croatia's strong cosmopolitan nature and a sophisticated cafe society.

All along the coast of Croatia there are smart marinas, picturesque harbours and little ports with long histories waiting to be discovered on your next sailing holiday.

For yacht charter or flotilla sailing in Croatia the skipper must have RYA Day Skipper Practical certificate or RYA ICC qualification. One member of the crew should have a VHF licence.

Sailing areas for Croatia Yacht Charter

Aerial view of beautiful yachts and boats on the sea at sunset in summer. Adriatic sea, Kamenjak, Croatia. Top view of luxury yachts, sailboats, lagoon, clear blue water, and green forest. Travel

  •  Modern marinas, National Parks & unspoilt islands
  •  Visit the stunning Krka Waterfalls near Sibenik
  •  Taste Croatia's infamous 'Gregada' fish stew from the island of Hvar
  •  Average summer temperatures of 25-28 degrees
  •  The North of Croatia enjoys stronger winds & fewer tourists
  •  Hide away in secluded anchorages in the Kornati National Park
  •  Marvel at the old world charm in Dubrovnik's Old Town
  •  A wide range of yachts based in Split & options to sail north or south
  •  Experience Montenegro's breathtaking coastline before the crowds arrive
  •  Flotilla options from Trogir & Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik sailing holidays

From the most southerly city in Croatia visit the islands to the North, sail one-way to Split or go south, cross the border and sail down into Montenegro for a truly memorable holiday.

Yacht Charter in Greece


Dubrovnik flotilla in croatia.

Dubrovnik sailing holidays

Kornati sailing holidays

Zadar and Biograd give easy access to the beautiful Kornati archipelago - an unspoilt natural park. Enjoy secluded anchorages, breathtaking scenery and uninhabited islands. A fantastic 'get away from it all' holiday.


Yacht charter from sibenik & zadar, trogir flotilla in croatia.

Kornati sailing holidays

Montenegro sailing holidays

Famous for the beauty of its coastline, Montenegro is perfect for a sailing holiday. Medieval coastal towns, sandy beaches and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visit before the crowds arrive!


Montenegro sailing holidays

Pula sailing holidays

Great sailing among the beautiful islands of Cres, Rab and Ist in this unspoilt area of northern Croatia. Slightly stronger winds in the North mean it is popular with more experienced sailors or those who have visited Croatia before and are looking to explore a different area.


Pula sailing holidays

Split sailing holidays

A great central location giving a choice of itineraries north into the Kornati National Park or south to the Dalmatian islands. With daily and economical flights into Split and a large range of yachts on offer here, it is easy to see why Split is our most popular base to charter from in Croatia.


Split sailing holidays


Yacht charter.

Perfect for bareboat yacht and catamaran charter with so many marinas, harbours and secluded anchorages waiting to be discovered. We offer bases all along the Croatia coast - Split , Kornati , Pula and Dubrovnik as well as Montenegro .


A great way to explore the best of the Croatian islands in the company of other yachts. The Trogir flotilla sails south to Brac and Hvar one week and north to the Kornati islands and Krka Falls the next. The Dubrovnik flotilla starts at the historic city of Dubrovnik and either sails north to visit Mljet, Lastovo and Korcula or south into Montenegro.

Motor Yacht


Motor yacht.

We offer an excellent range of flybridge motoryachts and sports cruisers for bareboat charter in Croatia, giving easy access to the beautiful Kornati islands. Crewed motor yachts allow for ultimate relaxation.

Learn to Sail


Learn to sail.

<p class="content-text white-link">Book an <a href="rya-sail-training-holidays-in-sibenik.html">RYA course</a> from Sibenik and brush up on your skills whilst sailing in a beautiful stretch of coastline.</p>

Ask us for a Quick Quote We'll get back to you with a no obligation tailored quote within 24 hours ( Mon-Fri: 0900-1730 )

Let's talk now.

Call our knowledgeable sailing specialists for the latest advice and recommendations on the sailing areas most suited to you.

Let's talk later

Arrange a call back from one of our specialists (Mon-Fri: 0900-1730).

Save 15% when you cruise the BVIs before October 31st! View Offer

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Croatia Yacht Charter

Croatia yacht charters

Discover the dalmatian coast.

Sailing Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, offers gentle cruising and island hopping in the calm, clear waters of the Adriatic. More experienced sailors can enjoy longer spells out on the open ocean and take part in regattas and other events. Occasional strong mistral winds provide more challenging conditions for those who relish more action-packed sailing.

A Croatian sailing charter allows you to experience a Mediterranean paradise of turquoise seas, quiet, colorful islands, and picturesque port towns steeped in history, delicious fresh seafood, and friendly, welcoming locals. Unspoiled coves and dramatic waterfalls, ancient forts, and lush, green forests all lie in wait along the country’s celebrated Dalmatian Coast. 

Skirt along Europe’s sunniest coastline, and stop off to embrace a hotchpotch of history, culture, and gastronomy. Set sail from  Dubrovnik  and drink in the views as you cruise between the fertile islands of Hvar, Korcula, Ston, Mljet, and Brac. Slip out of our  Marina Agana  base for voyages to the spectacular Krka Falls. Head to Croatia to revel in the warm weather, fresh breezes, and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Click here to review the sailing requirements for Croatia while planning your sailing vacation.

Our Bases In Croatia


Marina Agana

  • Easy line-of-sight sailing
  • Short island hops and longer trips
  • Explore quiet islands and national parks
  • Discover Croatia's rich and two-millennia old history

Find prices for


  • Gentle winds and occasional Mistrals
  • Rich history and spectacular scenery
  • Line-of-sight navigation and island hops

Our charter types

Bareboat charter vacations in Croatia

Strike out on your own on a  bareboat charter  in Croatia. You’ll have the freedom to explore the country’s stunning coastline at your own pace and to your own schedule.

Flotilla vacations in Croatia

Join a Croatian  flotilla vacation  and make new, lasting friendships as you get to know the region’s spectacular coastline with a group of fellow Mediterranean explorers.

Croatia yacht charter with Skipper

Relax and enjoy the scenery on a Croatian  skippered sailing vacation , taking in the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of this beautiful coastal nation from the luxury of your own private yacht.

Explore Croatia 

Maritime history.

The ocean plays a key role in Croatian lifestyle and culture. Historically a country of strategic importance, Croatia has seen empires come and go and military concerns shape the landscape. Sail the Dalmatian Coast and drop in on ancient forts and castles, former Roman palaces and medieval cities with countless tales to tell.

Visit historic Dubrovnik—one of the world’s ten best-preserved medieval walled cities—or dine in remote fishing villages where the pace of life has remained unchanged for centuries. Explore the ancient ruins of Diocletian’s Palace, now home to the citizens of Split, and island-hop your way through a network of pristine national parks teeming with wildlife.

Dalmatian highlights

Croatian coastal cuisine features excellent fresh seafood, including the celebrated Ston oysters, delicious squid, tuna and prawns. Heavily influenced by Italian cuisine, Croatian cooking is a unique combination of Slavic and Mediterranean food cultures that varies from region to region.

Onshore, the Dalmatian Coast is a haven for sightseers and hikers alike, with the nation’s numerous national parks providing stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife. Croatia’s coastal towns are overflowing with the country’s unique culture and history, and visitors can leave with a little piece of Croatia in the form of lavender and rosemary honey and essential oils.

Game of Thrones

To celebrate the last series of Game of Thrones, we’ve put together a Game of Thrones guide to exploring Croatia. Why pay for a walking tour when you can do it all yourself? Check out our guide  and start planning your trip. 

Want More Time to Explore?

We offer Early Boarding* service to customers who want a jump start in Croatia. With so much to explore, you can upgrade to a 3 p.m. boarding time for an extra charge. The typical boarding time is 6 p.m. for most passengers. Request early boarding with your Sunsail Vacation Planner.

*Early boarding is a pre-paid extra. Subject to availability on request.

Uncover the wonders of Croatia in all its glory on a relaxing yacht charter. Whether you’re travelling with friends, family or as a couple , the sensational weather, calm waters and cultural richness will draw you back to Croatia time and time again. You might be wondering, where is the best place to set sail in Croatia?

Take the helm on an exciting flotilla or bareboat charter around Dubrovnik and admire the stunning natural beauty, picturesque landscapes and breathtaking scenery that awaits you. Immerse yourself into Dubrovnik’s rich history and culture by spending your afternoon exploring Dubrovnik Old Town. Set sail towards Korcula Island and taste the exquisite wine of Lumbarda. Moor up and embrace the lively atmosphere of Budva with friends, family or your partner.

Agana With so many incredible treasures to uncover as you explore the Dalmatian Islands, we are proud to have not one but seven sailing itineraries for Agana . Will you fall in love with the enchanting natural beauty at Krka National Park? Perhaps you’ll embrace an adrenaline-filled adventure in Vis and go scuba diving and snorkelling. You might even book a sociable flotilla where you can meet new friends as you set sail around the mesmerising coastline of Brač .

Are you planning your next sailing holiday in Croatia? When you book with Sunsail, you can either follow your own path or use one of our bespoke itineraries for inspiration. Your sailing itinerary will change depending on which of our bases you’re setting sail from. 

Take a look at some of the best things to do in Croatia as you embark on a relaxing Dubrovnik or Agana yacht charter .

When you set sail on your tranquil yacht charter in Croatia, you’ll find an abundance of quiet beaches, secret coves and hidden gems where you can relax and switch off away from the world. Our top three beaches in Croatia are:

  • Golden Horn Beach
  • Proizd Island Beaches
  • Betina Cave Beach

The best part about the beaches in Croatia? From sandy to pebbled, there’s something to suit everyone!


Croatia is one of the most exciting places to explore in the whole Mediterranean . Cruise around the Dalmatian Islands, taking in their beauty and uncovering their treasures. Explore the depths of the Adriatic Sea as you go scuba diving and snorkelling around shipwrecks and grottos. Moor up and wander around traditional fishing villages, ancient towns and other cultural hotspots. 

History and culture

The Mediterranean boasts some of the most historically rich destinations in the world, from Greece to Croatia. Dubrovnik and Agana both have an incredible range of historical and cultural attractions, including:

  • Dubrovnik City Walls
  • St Nicholas fortress
  • Rector’s Palace
  • The Church of St. Mary in Vroska

You can learn more about the history and culture of Agana and Dubrovnik , including their must-visit attractions, on their respective base pages.

The best time to visit Croatia is between April and November.

The sailing season in Croatia runs from the start of April to the start of November, with peaks during July and August. During this time, you’ll experience tranquil waters, sunny days and warm weather.

Croatia’s Summer sun makes it a fantastic family-friendly destination that you can all enjoy during the School holidays. If you’re not travelling with children and want to avoid the highly popular tourist season, May and September are blissfully quiet, yet offer just as brilliant sailing opportunities. As with several of our other Mediterranean bases, such as Lefkas , some of our Croatia bases are closed during the Winter months, reopening again at the beginning of March. Take a look at our Winter Sun holidays to find out where else you can set sail around between November-March.

The sailing conditions in Croatia are second to none. Offering some of the smoothest Summer sailing fun in the world, there’s no better place to take the helm for the first time.

Depending on which of our bases you set sail from, you could be soaking up beautiful temperatures of up to 30°C. Croatia’s sensational Summer weather is similar to other Mediterranean destinations , including Athens and Lefkas . 

Prevailing winds that you need to be aware of in Croatia include:

  • The Maestral
  • The Pulenat (particularly if you’re following our Hvar itinerary )
  • The Tramontana

To learn more about the average cruising conditions and weather at each of our bases in Croatia, check out the ‘sailing conditions’ tab on our Agana and Dubrovnik pages.

Chart your own destiny and design your dream sailing holiday in Croatia with Sunsail.

The cost of your charter in Croatia will depend on:

  • Which base in Croatia you choose ( Agana or Dubrovnik )
  • How long your holiday is
  • Which state-of-the-art catamaran or monohull you climb aboard
  • Whether you book a bareboat , skippered or flotilla charter
  • The itinerary you choose
  • Extras you book i.e provisioning/water toys etc 

You have complete control of everything, including the cost. Whether you want a lowkey, romantic couples charter or the ultimate birthday celebration, choose every aspect of your Croatia charter and build your quote today.

Depending on where you’re exploring, average mooring fees in Croatia range from EUR 42.00 for a 36” yacht in the low season to EUR 160.00 for a 55” yacht in the high season.

When you set sail across the Adriatic Sea to explore secluded islands and hidden coves, you’ll want to moor up and discover their secrets on land. Mooring fees in Croatia differ depending on:

  • Where in Croatia you are
  • Which marina you choose
  • What time of year you visit
  • How big or small your yacht is
  • How long you’re mooring up for

Take a look at our Agana and Dubrovnik bases to find out more about their respective mooring fees. Heading to one of our other Mediterranean bases in Greece or Italy ? You can also find their mooring fees on the individual base pages.

A one-two weeks sailing holiday in Croatia makes for a blissful yacht charter. 

However, ultimately how long you set sail around the Adriatic Sea is your choice. March to the beat of your own drum and explore the very best of what the Mediterranean has to offer in your own time. At your own pace, follow one of our carefully-curated itineraries and open up your heart to Dubrovnik or Agana ’s beauty.

If you want a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled Croatia yacht charter, you may choose one-week, whereas those looking for a laid-back, tranquil holiday with lots of sunbathing and beach days may choose to go for longer so that you can explore at a slower pace.

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Plan Your Dream Vacation

yacht charter holidays croatia

Click on a pin on the map to explore

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Yacht Charter Holidays in Croatia

Croatia map

This incredible coastline offers clear seas, a gentle summer climate as well as lively breezes to take you from bay to bay! Croatia is now the Mediterranean's leading yacht charter holiday destination and we can see why. Having sailed here ourselves we can't speak highly enough of Croatia and it's unique culture. 

Croatia - The perfect place to charter?

Consider the contrasts... Quiet bays or exciting nightlife, traditional markets and modern supermarkets, gentle morning breezes followed by exhilerating afternoon sea breezes, modern marinas next to century old town quays, metropolitan meccas versus marine national parks. Sailing in Croatia (as the cliché goes) has something for everyone.

Our Rough Guides to Sailing in Croatia

Croatia is one of our favourite destinations to sail and so we have put together our rough sailing guides on the best routes in both the Dalmatian and Kornati Islands. Whether you are grabbing a quick weeklong getaway, or have two weeks to take your time exploring, our rough sailing guides should help you make the most of your holiday!

One Week Dalmatian Islands

Hvar fort photo view 2000x1390 1000x695

One Week Dubrovnik

National Park Mljet Copy 1000x667

One Week Kornati Islands

kornati02 1920x1280 3 1000x644

Two Week Dalmatian Islands

Sunset Yachts Pier Baska Voda 3 1000x664

Two Week Kornati Islands

Sibenik Croatia Kornati Islands

Exploring the Dalmatian & Kornati coastline...

The 5,835km coastline is sheltered by chains of over 1,185 islands, amongst which offer thousands of safe anchorages and harbours during your sail. Along the coast you can find isolated moorings, as well as modern and well equipped marinas. Croatia has an abundance of hidden bays, beaches, cliffs, emerald coves and fantastic diving opportunities. You can start your Croatia sailing holiday from either Pula, which is located on the Istrian coast; from Zadar or Split, cities in the middle of the Dalmatian coast; or Dubrovnik, the historic city in Southern Croatia.

Our Sailing Bases in Croatia

Here is an overview of all the places you can sail with us from along the Croatia Coastline. Whether you want a beautifully tranquil break cruising the Kornati Islands from Biograd, or a base that will have you within cork popping distance of the party town Hvar in mere minutes, we can help you out.

Split Kastela Biograd
Split Town Sibenik
Trogir Sukosan
Dubrovnik Zadar

Airport to Base Transfer Times

There are a great range of flights available to Croatia, both through our website, as well as options that you can book direct with the airline. The times below give you an idea of how long the transfers take once you land on Croatian soil.

Split Kastela - 15 minutes Dubrovnik Marina - 30 minutes Biograd - 40 minutes
Split Town - 30 minutes   Sibenik - 1 hour
Trogir - 15 minutes   Sukosan - 15 minutes
    Zadar - 20 minutes

What's the weather like?

The Croatian climate is typically Mediterranean, meaning warm dry summers and mild winters. With 2,600 hours of sunlight yearly it is one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe. You can expect temperatures of around 30°C during July/August with it dropping to around 23°C in May, June, September & October.  The prevailing wind in Croatia is from the north west, with an average wind speed of 7/8 knots. This grows to a comfortable Force 4-5 (10-20 knots) some afternoons making for some exhilerating sailing! Look out for the ‘Bora’ -  a north easterly that can surprise you if you don’t check your forecasts regularly.

What to bear in mind when sailing in Croatia

Please do be aware that unlike Greece, you will be required to pay marina and port fees. These fluctuate depending on the size of the yacht and location, but can be anywhere from £20 to £100 per night. This does of course come along with friendly port authorities more than happy to help you moor up, on shore toilets and showers, as well as quayside water and power.

Croatia Triple

New to Sailing?

Yacht Charter Search Homepage Banner Hvar

Yacht Charter

Salvator W435H406

Shore to Sail

Keep in touch.

Active Sailing

  • Skippered Charter


Set off on a unforgettable journey and discover idyllic Croatian islands from a comfort of a crewed catamaran or a sailing yacht charter. Renting a sailing boat in Croatia with skipper allows you endless holiday opportunities and a unique chance to explore this hidden European country in the most exciting way. Private yachting holidays is a genuine cruising experience where you can recharge and find harmony surrounded with unique landscapes, idyllic islands and sky-blue Adriatic sea. Take the advantage of flexible itineraries and exclusive accommodations aboard our skippered yacht charters and spend a unforgettable vacation within your best company.


Private yacht charter croatia.

Chartering a sailing yacht or a catamaran with skipper in Croatia is definitively the most unique holiday experience allowing you to discover Adriatic treasures at your own pace. Spend your precious holiday moments surrounded with untouched nature, idyllic Croatian islands and wonderful locations. Before you begin this journey, book one of our comfortable crewed yacht charters.

crewed catamarans in Split Croatia Astrea 42

Crewed catamaran charter is an exclusive holiday experience ensuring our guests the ultimate comfort during their cruising vacation. Spacious and modern sailing catamarans with impressive layouts guarantee a relaxing on board atmosphere and unforgettable cruising moments.

Oceanis 51.1 in Croatia

Yacht rental with crew is an indulging boating adventure in Croatia allowing you to explore sky-blue Adriatic from exclusively equipped sailing yachts. Yachts over 50 foot already include a captain. Skippered boats can always be upgraded with a hostess service to secure the provisioning on board.

Bavaria 46 style

Renting a sailing boat with skipper is not only the most exciting Croatia yacht charter experience but is also considered affordable for most groups. With flexible route itineraries a skippered yacht experience is the ultimate opportunity to discover hidden corners of Adriatic sea at your own relaxing pace.

Skippered yacht charter in Croatia

Skippered sailing charters in Croatia

Hiring a private sailing charter in Croatia with local skipper will allow you to truly uncover the hidden spots and woderful locations of this remarkable coast. And taking a 7 day yacht holiday is without a doubt the most unique cruising vacation assuring you to first-hand explore beautiful island beaches and historic stone-walled medieval towns. Your skipper will recommend all the itinerary highlights and sail the yacht to well-protected island ports, where you can enjoy and relax in a laid back fun-loving Dalmatian pulse.

Among carefully selected Adriatic sailing itineraries and premium yachting destinations in Croatia, you will certainly find your favorite corner under the warm Adriatic sun. Set sail through the maze of Croatian islands, breathe fresh ocean air and embrace easy-going Mediterranean hearbeat cruising across sky-blue seas within your best company.

Experience best yacht charter locations in Croatia

Less-known Zadar sailing itinerary is ideal for sailors that wish to keep their daily sailing distances short and love authentic natural atmosphere. Densely scattered islands of Zadar area prevent the waves getting too choppy and ensure safest sailing grounds in Croatia. Peaceful bays, spectacular panoramic views and emerald bays are ideal for water activities. That is why renting a yacht in Zadar is ideal for  flotilla charters or a  family yacht vacation . Iconic Kornati national park and Krka waterfalls are just some of the places you can't miss out. Best fisherman's taverns are located in this area where you can enjoy in fresh, local and tasty traditionally prepared Dalmatian delicacies.

Begin your sailing adventure in world-famous UNESCO site Split or hire one of  sailing yachts in Trogir old town to explore notorious island Hvar and impressive sandy beaches of Brač. If you prefer more tranquility, your skipper will happy to be navigate your boat to emerald lonely bays of Šolta, where you can enjoy in a peaceful natural atmosphere. Besides the popular Hvar, this classic 7-day charter route also includes Korčula and intriguing Vis.  Split sailing itinerary is best choice if you are a beginner or a first-time traveler to Croatia.

Dubrovnik sailing itinerary is probably best kept secret among Croatia charter routes including some of the most exciting and diverse locations and sailings. Famous stone-walled Dubrovnik and epic Korčula are amazing historic sites reflecting the original Mediterranean charm of coastal promenades. At a doorstep from these busy towns you can find natural environment within national park Mljet or emerald bays of Lastovo island chain. Southern Adriatic hides some of the best seaside island restaurants that you simply must explore.

Diverse northern Adriatic is a world-popular destination for family vacations.  Rent sailboat in Pula and visit Istria county  famous of its impressive Reinesance architecture, colourful holiday resorts and tourist attractions. Explore historic Venetian towns Rovinj and Poreč, and fragrant landscapes of island Lošinj, try superb Istrian cuisine, best Croatian wines and learn some facts about the epic Croatian history.

Island hopping is best way to discover hundreds of Croatian islands

Exploring the ultimate European sailing playground in a relaxing Mediterranean fashion is the most original way to really feel this country's heartbeat. Small distances between the islands allow you to hop from one island to another just within a few hours, while low winds and calm Adriatic seas ensure endless sailing pleasures for beginners or experienced sailors. That is why a 7 day live-on-board Croatia sailing adventure is the ultimate European yachting holiday.

Crewed sailing holidays Croatia

Yacht Charter Locations In Croatia

Explore wonderful diversity of infinite Croatian coastline from a skippered charter. Rent sailing boat in Croatia with skipper from ancient Pula city in the north or discover enchanting Dalmatia county. Charter yacht in Zadar and find seclusion among densely scattered central Dalmatian islands, or take the advantage of exclusive accommodations on crewed catamaran charters by starting your cruising holiday in UNESCO sites Split Trogir or world-known Dubrovnik town.

Crewed sailing charter Croatia


Renting a crewed sailboat in Split is best opportunity to explore the most popular Croatian islands Vis Hvar Korčula and Brač.

Zadar Sailing Tours


Charter yacht in Croatia from Zadar and explore scattered islands of north Dalmatia including Kornati national park and Krka waterfalls.

yacht charter Croatia with crew


Get inspired into one of the most secret and exciting sailing itineraries in Croatia. Set sail from Pula city and experience northern Adriatic.

Dubrovnik sailing trips


Visit south Croatian islands on  comfortable skippered family catamaran Lagoon 42 and spend indulgent all inclusive sailing holidays in Dubrovnik.

Hire skippered yacht in Croatia and enjoy the benefits

  • skipper will get a feel for the adventure you are into and prepare a genuine and relaxing sailing experience
  • skipper is your best tripsadvisor, so simply let yourself into his capable hands
  • don't worry about the weather; skippers are fully aware of maritime conditions
  • skipper takes responsibility over steering docking and navigation
  • you can refresh your sailing knowledge or learn how to sail
  • our crew will be happy to supply you with first-hand tips and recommend world-class restaurants where you can eat local fresh and authentic delicacies.

Crewed yacht charter in Croatia

What is better a skippered or a crewed charter?

Chartering a yacht in eastern Mediterranean offers you endless opportunities for a genuine  yachting vacation . What type of a sailing holiday you prefer basically depends on your travelling style, expectations  and the budget . You can  charter yachts  in Croatia in crewed or skippered option.

Crewed Yacht Charter

Luxury catamaran charter  is the most exclusive cruising experience with unrivalled privacy on board. Luxury Croatia Yacht charters  usually include fully catered services with personal touch and a relaxation beyond any compare. Carefully selected crew of minimum 3 (captain, stewardess and chef) are there to provide unforgettable holiday moments. Yacht rental with crew is available from all the premium locations at the Croatian coast. 

Skippered Yacht Charter

You will receive the most genuine cruising experience in Croatia by booking a sailing boat with local Croatian skipper. With flexible route itinerary this is the most rewarding sailing vacation in Croatia. Skippered sailboat charter is also a great chance to receive best internal tips and knowledge from your skipper. With extensive sailing experiences he is fully aware of maritime regulations and competent to navigate your yacht. Services can be upgraded with a hostess on board to prepare breakfast and small lunch, clean and provision the boat for you. Our crew is fluent in English and sometimes multilingual.

Skippered catamaran charter Croatia

Croatia Sailboat Charter

Rent one of these modern and comfortable sailing boats for an indulging cruising adventure with your favourite crew. Available from top coastal locations and Adriatic marinas these are best yachts equipped exclusively for chartering.

Bavaria C 42

With large master cabin Bavaria c42 sailboat is perfect for couples or families.

Dufour 460

Sail the blue Adriatic on our comfortable Dufour 460 yacht with 4 double cabins.

sailing charters Pula Croatia

The new Oceanis 46.1 is among most spacious sailing yachts in competition.

Private Yacht Charter FAQ's

How much does it cost to rent a crewed catamaran in croatia.

The overall cost for catamaran vacation in Croatia is between 7.500€ and  9.000€ per week during high summer season and around 7.000€ in  June or  September . The prices don't include food, port fees and fuel.

What is Included?

  • 7 day catamaran charter
  • final cleaning, bedding, towels
  • Wi-Fi on board
  • tender with outboard engine
  • skipper service

Optional Crew service paid at spot:

  • hostess from 160€/day (optional)
  • cook from 190€/day (optional)

How much does it cost to charter a private yacht in Croatia?

All-inclusive  private yacht vacation in Croatia  will cost you between 5.500€ and 7.500€ in high summer months. In shoulder season about 5.000 euros per week.

What is included in the price?

  • premium sailing sailing yacht with 4 cabins
  • fuel up to 100€

What is included in a yacht charter fee?

The yacht cost usually includes: boat rental, end cleaning, boat handover, dingy, bedding and outboard engine . Skipper, food, fuel and port fees are not included in a private boat charter

How much does it cost to charter a yacht with crew in Croatia?

Renting a newer 45-foot  sailing yacht with crew will cost you between 6.500€ and 7.500€  per week in high summer and 6.000€ on average in June or  September . Skipper & Hostess included.

How much is a skipper in Croatia?

Skipper's fee ranges between 150 and 200 euros per day in the Mediterranean and basically depends on the boat size and type catamaran or a  sailing boat

How many charter yachts are in Croatia?

Croatia has a range of almost 5.000 yachts  available for charter. These are most popular boats you can charter for 1 week.

  • comfort-line sailing boat with 3 cabins  SUN ODYSSEY 389
  • 4-cabin cruising sailing boats  SUN ODYSSEY 440
  • budget sailing yacht with 4 cabins BAVARIA 46
  • comfort-line catamaran LUCIA 40
  • luxury sailboat with 5 cabins  OCEANIS 51.1
  • standard catamaran with 6 cabins LAGOON 42
  • premium catamaran charter  BALI 4.2

How much do you tip a skipper in Croatia?

Tipping a skipper in Croatia is not mandatory but appreciated. By tipping the crew after your cruise, you show gratuity and it is usually  5-10% of your yacht charter price .

Is Croatia good for sailing?

The cruising conditions in Croatia are prefect for a unforgettable adventure on the water. Short passages to charming anchorages and lively ports, ancient villages steeped in history and a maze of untouched islands protecting the waves from getting too choppy, Croatian coast is a ideal sailing destination on Mediterranean .

Why charter a yacht in Croatia?

Yacht charter in Croatia is an exclusive holiday experience allowing you to discover remarkable Croatian islands from a comfort of a private sailing boat . It is the most genuine vacation at the Croatian coast assuring you to spend a indulging cruising week in a unique maritime atmosphere surrounded with untouched natural beauties in the company of the people you cherish most.

Do yacht charter guests pay for food?

On all skippered charters the clinet has to take care of the yacht's provisioning or hire a hostess to supply the boat. For crewed yacht charters the food and beverages are provided through the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA). Provisions can be purchased by your hostess in advance. The unspent part of the charter APA is later returned to the guests or spent on marina fees and fuel during your week.

Is it better to hire a Cook or a Hostess?

Bareboat yacht charter in Croatia  also provides multitude of options to hire various crew members at skippered charters ( cook and hostess ). Please find below which option suits your holiday style better and what are the assignments they do.

1. Chartering a Hostess

Guests usually book our hostess when they want to have a relaxing and a care-free sailing holiday in Croatia. She can perform various tasks, on board and off board, that you usually have to take care alone when you hire a bareboat sailing charter in Croatia . Our crew is all fluent in English and sometimes also multilingual. Together with our local skipper, they will make sure that your cruising adventure in Croatia is and indulging and a one-of a-kind experience.

Basic assignments of a hostess

  • keeping all areas on yacht clean and tidy
  • handling the provisioning throughout the trip (shopping for supplies, stocking boat lockers before and during your trip)
  • she prepares and serves two light meals daily (breakfast and one simple lunch). Extra meals are option with an additional fee.
  • washes the dishes, cleans the galley and salon

A Tip: We advise to transfer her some APA money (advanced provisioning allowance) so that she can supply your boat before arrival.

2. Hiring a Cook/Chef

The general assignment for cook on board is to prepare 3 meals a day , considering the client's preferences and what kind of food do they want. Usual fee for cook starts at  170€ per day . However, it can vary and mostly depends the boats size and number of the guests aboard.

How much does it cost to hire a hostess?

That depends on the level of the tasks, requests and how many guests are there to cater. Her basic fee is 130€ per day and can go up to 180€ . This fee does not include gratuity nor the meals for the crew; They can join you for meals or allow 30€ pocket money per crew member per day.

Where does a hostess sleep?

The front bow cabins on catamarans are usually occupied with the crew, that is why we recommend to charter sailing yacht with 2 separate crew cabins. Most of the sailing catamarans in Croatia have such a layout. Sometimes, the crew can also sleep in the salon, but it is not something we advise, since everyone needs time to rest, so they can give you their best during the day.

It is also customary to take care of the crew's meals on your sailing trip. Feel free to invite your crew to join you at the dinner, they will be more than happy. If you wish to dine in privacy, they can east separately.

A Tip: When you hire a hostess you already have 2 meals included. That gives you extra time to explore the islands where you can dine in a local restaurant your crew will be happy to recommend. Here you can taste Dalmatian delicacies in fisherma's tavern called "konoba" - a must try!

How to book a private sailing charter in Croatia?

  • Choose preferable date in  inquiry form
  • Specify your vacation expectations
  • Let us advise you on what yacht and which of the beautiful Croatian destinations will best deliver for a unforgettable sailing experience

We will be happy to recommend our knowledgeable skipper and optimal boat for your group. Your charter is secured when the deposit for selected yacht is paid. Balance should be covered 4 weeks before your departure. Skipper fee should be paid to him personally at the check in.

Where is the best place to sail in Croatia?

These are top 8 islands that you need to visit on your Croatia yacht charter holiday

  • Unije - Best kept secret among Croatia sailing itineraries
  • Silba - Charter yacht in Zadar and visit Dalmatian island of love
  • Kornati - Picturesque national park of seclusion and serenity
  • Kaprije - A relaxing maritime vibe of this village is world-known
  • Mljet - Southernmost Croatian isle of unforgettable colors, smells and sounds
  • Vis  - This enchanting little island in the middle of Adriatic hooks you in a second and leaves you wanting more
  • Hvar - rent sailboat in Split  and sail around this famous island. 2 hidden gems of Hvar are Stari Grad and Jelsa town
  • Lastovo  - Discover this remote "island of happiness" and enjoy in a relaxing Dalmatian pulse surround with pure nature.

What is the best time to sail in Croatia?

Best time for sailing in Croatia is definitively in summer months June July and August when the weather is simply glorious and everything is in full swing.

Is it better to charter a sailboat or a catamaran?

It is all up to your expectations and your budget.

In Croatia you can charter almost everything that floats. To rent a sailing boat in Croatia with skipper assures you to discover the most beautiful islands at your own pace and with a flexible route itinerary. It is considered the most genuine and fashionable way of exploring Adriatic coast.  

On sailboats you mostly depnd on winds, but sailing yacht will give you more sailing pleasures with minimum fuel consumption. Catamarans are wider, more stable, and extra comfortable. Commodity however, also means higher rental price, larger costs on fuel and marina fees.

When it comes to quality of staying on board, catamarans ensure more privacy and space. Most of the catamarans for chartering in Croatia have cozy flybridge that provides extra places to chill or sunbathe. If you want to move faster and your main concern is not large fuel consumption, simply hire a motor yacht. 

If you think green, rent a sailboat

Less consumption means less exhaust into the sea. Especially if you are an active explorer, you will certainly try to stay most of the time under sails. Hiring a sailboat in Croatia is definitively more exciting, fun and authentic holiday experience with an opportunity to gain some sailing knowledge and participate in various activities during your yacht charter week.

Choosing a sailing boat to suit your travelling style and budget

To narrow your choice, you should first estimate how much space do you need and how high can you stretch. Larger the group, bigger the boat, bigger the yacht, larger the cost. When you plan  sailing trip with children , catamaran might be a better choice. If you stay on a budget, a sailing yacht with 2 steering wheels and bathing platform should do. Usually 2 families rent one catamaran to divide the costs. One hull for one family.

How long does a sailing trip last?

Croatia sailing charter runs on weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday. However, in shoulder season (September, May, October, June ) short sailing trips are also possible. To explore Croatia's coastline highlights and visit the most beautiful secluded treasures of the Dalmatian coast, we recommend to book one of our  7 day private sailing cruises .

Which islands are best to visit in Croatia?

Island hopping is one of the most exciting and authentic ways to travel around this hidden Mediterranean jewel. A week-long private Croatia sailing trip  is an exclusive way to explore some of the most remarkable Croatian islands, impressive marine national parks, hidden beaches with crystal clear water, secluded villages and genuine hospitality of the local people, inviting you to taste the topmost island culinary works of art.

Be sure not to miss these gems on your cruising adventure:

  • Hvar - is the "royalty" of Dalmatian coast, reflecting the perfect harmony between the old and the new
  • Unije - tiny isolated island located In  Kvarner , surrounded with crystal clear waters and one lovely village
  • Silba -  the island of love and intact emerald bays located near Zadar
  • Dugi Otok - the cradle of intact natural parks and a yachting heaven. Visit the highest lighthouse of the Croatian coast "Veli rat"
  • Kornati  - the natural beauty of the lunar Kornati national park is simply breathtaking
  • Kaprije -   charming fishing village near Sibenik is the fusion of unmatchable local cuisine and genuine people
  • Šolta -  the impressive blend of lush green landscapes and sustainable local products
  • Brac -  "stone kingdom of Croatia" for leisure seekers and explorers
  • Vis -  the "secret" island of legends, myths and natural wonders located in the middle of Adriatic. Spend one night in old town Komiža
  • Korcula -  Follow  Dubrovnik sailing itinerary and visit the island of travelers, rich cultural heritage and top Wines

Can you swim in Croatia in September?

September  and October are the perfect months for a relaxing sailing cruise in Croatia . The sea temperatures are pleasant for swimming and still above 20 o (70F). With abundance of sun (especially on the islands) the air keeps constant 25 o (77F) during the day almost until late October. Expect lower yacht rental prices, less crowds on city streets and ports, maritime traffic is lower and you can always get a free berth in marina. 

What should I bring on a yacht charter?

With plenty of sunny days and mild Med. climate, Croatia is among sunniest European destinations. Summertime on Adriatic is simply glorious. Sun-soaked Dalmatian islands are literally bathing in sunbeams, while the air is dry and the sea warm. If your sailing trip is in summer season, simply bring your summer wardrobe.

It is highly recommended to bring your soft handbag or a duffel bag  or rucksack instead of a plastic suitcase to gain more space in your cabin. Please read about the Sail Croatia Packing List for newbies and  remember to pack light.

8 Things that you don't want to forget:

  •   boarding pass/voucher
  •   sun protection items (sun lotion, sunglasses for UV protection, hat)
  •   bathing suit or a swimsuit
  •   your passport, or personal ID, enough cash, health insurance
  •   swimming towels
  •   your personal items (prescription pills, medicine for allergy...)
  •   a wind stopper or a wind breaker in summer a long-sleeved cardigan would do
  •   positive vibes (leave your worries at home)

Sail boats is a boat that is partially or entirely powered by sails. There are currently a large number of different types of sailboats. In addition to size, sail boats can vary in purpose (sports, regatta, cruises), number and appearance of masts and sail layout, etc. To charter a sailboat it is...

Mega Yachts are large and luxurious pleasure vessels with a professional crew onboard that caters to guests at a high standard of comfort. Megayacht usually describes boats ranging from 30 metres (app 100 feet) up to 200 metres (app. 650 feet) in length. No matter if they are sail, motor or...

Motor boats are fast vessels usually fitted with inboard engines, or outboard motor installed on the aft part. These boats are offen used in yachting charters because their hulls design that allows for easy planing, which allows for higher speed and improved handling. Motorboats can be rented...

Catamarans are a special type of sail boats with more hulls. Catamarans have less hull volume, smaller displacement, and shallower draft than monohulls of the same length. The two or three hulls also combined often have a lower hydrodynamic resistance than monohulls, requiring less propulsive power...

Motor Sailers is a type of sailing boat, typically a pleasure yacht, that derives propulsion from its sails and engines in equal measure. Compared to "standard" sailing boats, a motorsailer will typically be heavier-built, with sharper lines but with much more spacious accommodation for the guests....

Gulets is a traditional design sailing boat with two or three masts. This type of charter boat, varying in size from 15 to 40 metres and it is very popular for tourist in Croatia. Gulets can accomodate 6 to 20 guests and they are very comfortable and provide a complete charter service with a...

Inflatables are boats that are generally lighter than plastic or wooden vessels. They have high performance and large passenger capacity. Due to their excellent performances at sea, dinghies are often used for charter or as tenders on mega yachts. These inflatable boats are ideal for daily charter...

Cruiser ships are usually bigger steel or wooden boats with 10 or more cabins. Cruisers are excellent choice for bigger groups who would like to visit and explore Croatia islands. They are very spacious and can accommodate up to 42 people, all with ensuite facilities. The advantage of renting a...

Croatia Charter

Croatia is one of the world’s leading charter destinations with the largest number of rental boats. Known as one of the most beautiful coasts with a total of 1244 islands from Istria to Dubrovnik is a popular destination for many sailors and our offer of over 4500 sailboats, catamarans, motorboats, luxury yachts, mini cruisers, gulets and dinghies can meet the most demanding expectations. All yacht categories are available with and without crew, while the beautiful indented coast will assure you safe and peaceful sailing.

Charter regions bases on Croatian coast

Please find region of your interest on Croatian map to view all boats available for charter in all nautical base...

  • Pula region Umag, Novigrad, Porec, Funtana, Vrsar, Rovinj, Pula
  • Rijeka region Opatija, Rijeka, Cres, Punat, Krk, Rab, Mali Lošinj
  • Zadar region Ugljan, Sutomišcica, Zadar, Preko, Sukošan, Biograd
  • Šibenik region Murter, Tribunj, Vodice, Zaton, Šibenik, Primošten, Rogoznica
  • Split region Marina, Vinišce, Seget, Trogir, Kaštela, Split, Baška voda, Makarska, Tučepi
  • Dubrovnik region Lumbarda, Korčula, Dubrovnik, Cavtat


  • SAIL BOATS Jeanneau , Bavaria , Elan , Hanse , Beneteau , Dufour , Grand soleil , Salona , Dehler , Delphia , Hunter
  • CATAMARANS Lagoon , Nautitech , Fountaine pajot , Privilege , Leopard , Bali
  • INFLATABLE BOATS Scanner , Capelli , Sacs , Marco


Croatian coastline consists of more than 1500 islands, islets and reefs, as well as numerous inlets and bays; clean sea, pleasant temperatures, favourable winds and preserved, beautiful nature are trademarks of Croatian Adriatic.

  • Yachting Guide Croatia
  • About Croatia
  • Charter routes
  • Weather on Adriatic


  • MEGA YACHTS Sunseeker , Ferretti , Benetti , Navetta , Princess , Dalla pieta , Elegance , Fairline , Maiora , Pershing , Aicon , Heesen , Mondomarine , San Lorenzo , Amer
  • MOTOR BOATS Cranchi , Jeanneau , Prestige , Sessa , Dominator , Galeon , Monte carlo , Elan , Sealine , Sunseeker , Beneteau , Azimut , Princess , Fairline , Salpa , Bavaria , Sea ray , Ferretti , Pershing , Absolute , Raffaelli , Bayliner , Riviera , Maxum

If you have decided to buy or sell new or used vessel, followed by highly qualified and well know service, you are in the right place. Our company is specialized agency that with variety of luxury yachts, motor boats, sailing yachts and catamarans. We provide our clients overview and inspection of the vessels chosen, and offer sea trials for purchase. Brokerage >

New and second hand luxury yachts and motor boats for sale... jeanneau leader, prestige yachts, sunseeker

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Second hand catamarans and multihulls for sale... lagoon

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Yacht investments are novelty in our offer. We introduced this option for companies and individuals, who are in some way involved with nautical industry. If you have a boat to sell, organize a nautical event or own a restaurant, nautical shop or other related business, this is a perfect place for you to put your ad. You can be certain the right people will see it! We introduced this option for companies and individuals, who are in some way involved with nautical industry.

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Yachting articles

Advice for pleasant charter, part ii.

In our previous article we advised you on what to pay attention to when choosing sailing ground, period and company. When you have made those decisions, it is time to choose a boat, acquire necessary paperwork and, finally, check in.

Advice for pleasant charter, part I

Most people charter in summer. In winter, Adriatic Sea can be quite rough, so unless you are an experienced sailor looking for exciting sailing and solitude of islands in the winter, avoid winter sailing – it’s much easier in summer. In summer there are many other boats around you to help you in case you need it, the sea is calmer and the temperatures are high.

Explore and enjoy Croatia – ideas for charter

Nautical tourism certainly represents one of the most attractive forms of the overall tourism offer of the Republic of Croatia. We can rightfully say that Croatia, the land of a thousand islands and a beautiful, indented coastline, is a "haven for boaters".

Bareboat, Skippered and fully Crewed Yacht Charters.

Relax, sail and explore onboard your yacht in Croatia

Spend your days soaking up the sunshine aboard a spacious catamaran or luxury monohull sailboat, snorkeling crystal-clear lagoons, lounging on private beaches and swimming in the warm Mediterranean waters. After a day of adventure, dock your yacht at a picturesque marina and dine on fresh seafood overlooking the sun sinking into the Adriatic horizon.

Why book your Croatia yacht charter with Oceanedia Sailing Holidays?

We offer expert advisory, with years of local knowledge, in partnership with the best yacht charter providers in Croatia. Please read the Yachtcheck charterers' feedback below and our Trustpilot reviews.

Shores of Croatia

For those seeking a more active itinerary, kayak through hidden coves, hike the fragrant hills dotted with vineyards and medieval towns, and taste the famous Croatian wines. Nightly anchorages allow for a front row seat to stunning Adriatic sunsets and a front porch view of brilliant starry nights. Whether you choose a bareboat, skippered or full crewed yacht charter, Croatia's islands and waterways await your discovery.

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Split yacht charter, Croatia sailing holidays by Oceanedia, bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts.

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Pula yacht charter, Croatia sailing holidays by Oceanedia for bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts.

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Trogir yacht charter, Croatia sailing holidays by Oceanedia for bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts.

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Zadar yacht charter, Croatia sailing holidays by Oceanedia, bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts.

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Rogoznica yacht charter, Croatia sailing holidays by Oceanedia for bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts.

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Losinj yacht charter, Croatia sailing holidays by Oceanedia for bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts.

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Sibenik yacht charter, Croatia sailing holidays by Oceanedia, bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts.

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Primosten yacht charter, Croatia sailing holidays by Oceanedia for bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts.

Primosten Yacht Charter

Sukosan yacht charter, Croatia sailing holidays by Oceanedia, bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts.

Sukosan Yacht Charter

Marina Kastela yacht charter, Croatia sailing holidays by Oceanedia for bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts.

Marina Kastela

Marina Punat (Krk) yacht charter, Croatia sailing holidays by Oceanedia, bareboat, skippered and crewed yachts.

Marina Punat (Krk) Yacht Charter

Solta yacht charters, Croatia sailing holidays by Oceanedia, bareboat, skippered and crewed charters.

Solta Yacht Charter

Top Catamaran Charter Deals in Croatia | Croatia catamaran yacht charters by Oceanedia | Explore the stunning Croatian coast onboard your luxury catamaran.

Catamaran Charter Deals in Croatia

Croatia yacht charter holidays, croatia sailing holidays by oceanedia, one small step to an amazing yacht charter adventure in croatia..

Croatia sailing holidays, experience the ultimate escape. Whether you want a bareboat charter where you captain the yacht yourself or prefer a skippered yacht charter where the crew takes care of sailing for you, we have a wide selection of luxury catamarans, cabin charters and yachts to choose from. Set sail from stunning coastal cities like Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar or Pula and explore the crystal-clear waters and idyllic islands like Hvar, Cres, Korčula, Brač, Mali Lošinj and more. Enjoy Croatia’s magnificent wine regions on days ashore and relax on secluded beaches only reachable by boat. In between island hopping, snorkel in the Adriatic, kayak along the coastline or simply lounge on the deck soaking up the sun and stunning scenery. Our luxury boat rentals feature all the amenities you need for an unforgettable sailing vacation including air conditioning, WiFi, on-board chef to prepare delicious meals from locally sourced ingredients and more.

Give us a call today and set sail on the vacation of a lifetime! Whether you want an action-packed sailing charter filled with water sports and adventure or a more laid back getaway filled with relaxation, we can create the perfect Croatia yacht charter just for you.

Speak directly to your specialist Croatia sailing holidays yacht charter advisor on + 44 (0) 2381 120 182 or  email [email protected]  and leave the rest to us; we will help you to plan and book your perfect Croatia yacht charter holiday.

Dubrovnik  – Pula  – Biograd  – Primosten  – Rogoznica  – Split  – Zadar  – Trogir – Sibenik  – Sukosan – Losinj – Marina Kastela – Marina Punat (Krk) 

Don’t miss sensational special top deals for bareboat, skippered, crewed, one way and cabin charters for the 2024 & 2025 Croatia yacht charter seasons.

Call George, your personal Croatia sailing holidays advisor on + 44 (0) 2381 120 182 today | Email: [email protected] | Follow us on Facebook !

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Length: 16,9 m

Built: 2018

Length: 12,05 m

Berths: 4+2

Length: 49,3 m

Built: 2019/2020/2022/2023

Length: 13,24 m

Berths: 8+2

Built: 2020/2023

Length: 15,2 m

Built: 2017/2018

Length: 18,9 m

Berths: 10+2

Built: 2005

Length: 34 m

Built: 1999/2021

Length: 25 m

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Central Dalmatia Dugi Rat

South Dalmatia Dubrovnik

From: 118 €

Central Dalmatia Hvar, island Hvar

From: 1200 €

Central Dalmatia Rukavac, island Vis

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Acantho d.o.o. travel agency

141. brigade 35, 21000 Split, Croatia

ID: HR-AB-21-060246624; VAT no.: 2416077

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Catamaran rental in 2024.

Check out the new catamarans available for charter in 2024!

Holiday villas with pool!

We bring you a fantastic selection of private holiday villa rentals in Croatia!

Power Boat Croatia!

Large selection of all types of power boats at discounted prices

Hotel accommodation!

Numerous resorts all over the Croatian coast, from Umag to Cavtat

Super Yachts Croatia!

Luxury yacht rental is a guarantee for the true style, ultimate luxury and unprecedented comfort!

Gulet MALENA (5 cabins)

available in weeks 04.05. - 29.06. and 06.07. - 14.09.2024.

Bookings for 2024

yes, bookings for 2024 have started :-) Book your vacation in Croatia on time!

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Luxury Crewed Yacht Charter In Croatia

Luxury crewed yacht charter croatia, explore the idyllic coast of croatia, sail on a luxury crewed yacht around the adriatic sea with the gentle power of the wind. it's one of the best ways to explore the idyllic croatian coastline., cruise the turquoise waters where each anchorage leads you to a new discovery and every moment on board is unforgettable. anchor up in a small cove to swim and soak up the sun. snorkel in the clear warm waters and discover the diverse submarine life of the coast of croatia., if you're looking for a fantastic holiday on crystal clear waters, breathtaking scenery, amazing food and a relaxing time, our crew are ready to treat you in comfort and style., multi-day trips.

Have a free week? Book a trip on a weekly basis

* Crew Included

Explorer trips.

Explore the Adriatic coastline your way and in your own time

* All Included

A memorable sailing holiday.

Discover the picturesque coastlines and unspoilt islands of Croatia with your family and friends on a crewed private yacht charter. With the freedom to explore the Adriatic independently, you have the flexibility to create your own itinerary with your skipper. Sail to a secluded island or a favourite restaurant. Spend the day on anchor enjoying water sports or just relaxing on deck.

Crewed sailing holidays are perfect for families with children who want a more private experience and cruise at their own pace.

Enjoying food on a charter yacht

Fully Equipped Yacht

yacht charter holidays croatia

Dinghy & Outboard

yacht charter holidays croatia

Optional Extras & Activities

There are many ways to get out on the water, or on land, and enjoy an active day. We have partnered with several expert companies offering scuba diving, deep sea fishing, cycling trips, water sports or 5-star chefs. They have the experience, the safety equipment and the know-how to take you out on an adventurous trip. Let us know what you'd like to do, and we can arrange this for you. These activities are not included in the yacht charter price and will be billed additionally.

yacht charter holidays croatia


Crewed yacht charter, book your own sailing holiday with friends or family, privacy overview.

Yacht charter Croatia - Boat rental Croatia services

Your specialist for yacht charter in Croatia

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4000+ boats for rent.


yacht charter holidays croatia

Search Your Passion

Rent a boat in croatia top yachting destinations.

There are millions of reasons to charter a boat in Croatia; rugged coast with more than thousand islands, untouched nature, rich history and excellent cuisine testify Croatia as one of the most beloved nautical destinations in the world. Having the largest yacht fleet in the world, Croatian charter will fulfill the wishes of the most demanding guests – from luxury yachting to comfortable cruising – each rental yacht type provides special advantages. With years of experience we have learned that choosing proper boat type will shape your charter adventure. Whether you are dreaming of relaxation, adventure or family vacation, we have the perfect match to make dreams come true.

One of the biggest perks of renting boat in Croatia is ability to explore beautiful coastline and islands. You can spend days cruising along the Adriatic Sea, swimming at remote bays and exploring hidden charming fishing villages. Thanks to more than 1.000 islands there is plenty to see and boat rental in Croatia gives you freedom to do that. Chartering a yacht in Croatia is also great opportunity to enjoy water sports such as fishing, snorkeling, diving and paddle boarding. Many boats in our fleet are already equipped with some water toys.

Explore Croatia on charter yacht!

One of the best things about boat charter in Croatia is flexibility it gives. You can plan your own itinerary and explore places you want at your own pace. Whether you are interested in water sports, island hopping or sightseeing, there is something for everyone. Sailboats, catamarans, motor yachts and gulets can be rented for a week, two weeks or longer, depending on the needs of client. Booking process itself is straightforward, with help of our experts we will make your holidays completely stress-free. Yacht rental in Croatia offers a variety of options, from bareboat charters for experienced sailors to fully crewed yachts for those who want to sit back and relax.

If you rent a boat with skipper in Croatia, which is ideal for those who do not have license to drive a boat or are not comfortable navigating Adriatic sea on their own, skipper will help you navigate safely and he will suggest best places to visit and things to do. If you have license, you can opt for a bareboat rental in Croatia which allows you to captain the boat yourself. This option gives you complete freedom and flexibility, allowing you to explore Croatian nature in complete privacy.

Contact us and start planning your summer adventure!

Top destinations in Croatia

City of split in croatia during the night

Selection of boats


Latest articles and news

Advantages of crewed charter.

PERKS OF CHARTERING A YACHT WITH PROFESSIONAL CREW Chartering a yacht in Croatia is experience like no other, providing ultimate luxury and comfort while sailing stunning waters of Adriatic sea. Whether you are seasoned sailor or first time …

Charter Croatia – Booking 2023

CHARTER CROATIA – EARLY BOOKING DEALS 2023 After very successful sailing season in Croatia we can not be happier with all positive feedbacks and unforgettable experiences from our clients. From year to year, thousands of sailors who sail …

Sailing areas in Croatia

Croatia is one of the favorite charter destinations for many yachtsmen, known also as a sailing paradise. It is famous for its incredible natural beauty, indented coastline, favorable winds and the hospitality of its people.

The best Choice of boats in Croatia

Croatia is a world famous destination when it comes to nautical tourism! With the biggest choice of boats in Croatia, is the place to go if you’re looking for a boar rent, and sailing in Croatia.

Top 3 catamarans for rent in Croatia

There are so many great boats available for a sailing holiday in Croatia, and the hardest part is certainly deciding which one among so many of them you should book. According to us catamarans are always the best choice since are offering  great elegance, comfort and luxury due to their exceptional living spaces both above and below deck.

Summer is almost here!

Winter is finally over and cold and rainy days are behind us while spring has smiled us again and brought to us lot of sun and pleasant temperatures. Summer is almost here, can you already feel it? This is the the perfect time of year when many of us start to plan our summer vacation..

Sailing holidays that creates lifetime memories

Book a charter sailboat, catamaran or motor yacht and explore the natural beauties and historical heritage of incredible Croatia – the pearl of Mediterranean Sea. Bring along your closest friends, family members or colleagues and experience carefree holidays on board of a crewed yacht while sailing across 1200 islands at Adriatic sea in style and comfort! Whether you want to sail around historic cities, explore secluded coves and beaches or experience unique culture and cuisine, yacht charter in Croatia is excellent way to do go. With help of experienced skipper we will tailor your holidays to suit all your needs and create memories that will last for lifetime. Sailing in Croatia is best way to explore beautiful waters and coastline of the country. With stunning scenery, crystal clear sea and range of activities to enjoy, yacht rent in Croatia is experience not to be missed.


Your dedicated team of professionals

With more than a decade of experience in the charter industry, we are trusted boat rental professionals; we know how to revive our guests’ wishes into reality and create an unforgettable sailing experience. Our professionals continuously track and inspect all the yachts we represent in more than 30 marinas across Croatian coast. During the booking process, one of our Croatian yacht charter specialists will be on disposal as your “personal guide” to explain you every small detail on the way to the perfect holidays in Croatia! Our knowledgeable team knows every small detail about different boat types available for rent in Croatia as well as the local nautical laws and regulations. We will help you to choose best vessel to suit your needs and budget and provide valuable recommendations on sailing routes, activities to do and destinations to visit. With our expertise and dedication to client satisfaction you can relax and feel safe during your sailing trip in Croatia.

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Sebastus - Rent a yacht or rent a boat for your perfect sailing holidays.

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Cabin Yacht Charter

Family sailing holidays.

  • Romantic Sailing Vacations For Couples

Sailing with friends

  • Greece all inclusive yacht charter
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yacht charter holidays croatia

Yacht Charter Holidays

Let us take care of you with perfect yacht charter for your dream vacation.

yacht charter holidays croatia

Sailing Vacations with Sebastus

Explore the different types of sailing vacations for your next adventure

Yacht on the water | Sebastus Sailing

Tailored yacht vacation

Tell us everything you want to experience and explore and we will get started on working towards making your dream Croatian sailing trip come true

Mother and Son Sailing | Sebastus Sailing

All-Inclusive or self-catered, it’s your choice. These sailing trips are tailored to bring family close.

Man and woman on boat | Sebastus Sailing

Romantic sailing holidays

Is there a better way to explore some of the world’s most romantic holiday destinations than island hopping with your private boat charter?

People jumping off a boat into the water | Sebastus Sailing

Gather your friends, choose the destination and have a blast holidays!

Woman Sitting on Sailboat | Sebastus Sailing

Bareboat or Crewed Charter

Sail the boat by yourself or relax on a sailing vacation with a professional skipper onboard and other crew members on request

All-inclusive Sailing Vacation with Sebastus

Looking for all in one? Everything you need in one package.

Couple enjoying cabin charter on a catamaran

Cabin charter, also known as an economic way of sailing, is an accessible sailing holiday option for smaller groups, couples or solo travelers.

view to Lalaria beach in Sporades

Greece All Inclusive Yacht Charter

Our new all-inclusive yacht charter allows you to enjoy your sailing holidays completely carefree.

Sakarun, Dugi Otok, Croatia

Croatia All Inclusive Yacht Charter

Experience an idyllic getaway in the privacy of your fully crewed yacht charter

hostess serving onboard

Food & Wine route

Taste Croatia with a crewed 7-day sailing trip for food and wine lovers.

Luxury yacht charter on the ocean with a small boat in front

Luxury Sailing

We are proud to offer a carefully selected fleet of fully crewed charter motor yachts, catamarans, sailing yachts, and gulets on the most popular and stunning, nautical destinations worldwide.

Find Your Next Holiday Destination

Choose between our 7 perfect sailing destinations for the most glorious yacht charter holidays. Mediterranean: Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Balearic islands; Caribbean and Thailand.

view to Dubrovnik old town

Sail and explore Croatian coast and its 1000 islands

blue roofs on Santorini houses

Explore paradise of islands, sunshine, and clear blue Greek sea

gulets moored in Turkish port

Sail in the twinkling blue sea and see how magical Turkey can be

white sand beach in the Caribbean

Sail along the Caribbean and explore all romantic islands of paradise on earth

view to Positano and Amalfi coast

Raise sails in Italy and explore beautiful nature, rich history, and delicious cuisine

Cala d Hort beach

Experience Balearic and Canary Islands with long sandy beaches and no-stress mood include

Thailand archipelago

Visit exotic Thailand and enjoy one of the most attractive places to set sail

We Redefine the Sailing Experience

Sebastus has redefined sailing with its unparalleled luxury yacht charters and travel experience. Every boat has to meet stringent standards to ensure our guests have a smooth and relaxing seafaring experience. When you choose us, you can count on feeling the wind in your hair and enjoying the stunning ocean view with uninterrupted pleasure.

But of course even yacht vacations are about more than just sailing. Sebastus leaves no stone unturned to offer the most luxurious yacht charter holidays that one can dream of. From the most exquisite food to an array of enjoyable experiences, you can be assured of the most extraordinary holiday, the memories of which will last you a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a truly memorable family sailing adventure, romantic getaway, or a tailored experience to meet your unique travel needs, look no further than the Sebastus horizon!

Our all-inclusive yacht charter is designed for food and wine connoisseurs, cruising through the food and wine routes. Sail through the magnificent Croatian coast, learn about the cuisine, culture, people, and history of the area, and tickle your taste buds at some of the finest restaurants of the region. It’s truly the finest adventure for those who love sailing as much as they do gourmet food!


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Our well-designed yacht vacation packages are ample proof of our passion for sailing. With our carefully mapped exquisite and unique sailing routes, our local knowledge, and every tiny detail taken care of, sailing with us is an out-of-the-world adventure you wouldn’t want to miss. Gift your loved ones the ultimate yacht charter holiday – designed to enthrall all senses by people whose singular passion is sailing!

Travelers experience

Check out what our dear guests said about their experience sailing with us. You know the saying – Guests are always right (and we know what they are talking about)

“The sailing trip was just fantastic! Thank you for organizing! It was really great! A large share of course goes to the skipper Marco.

“I had a chance to spend a wonderful week of sailing in Croatia. Everything went smoothly and was well organized. I highly recommend it  and I would gladly do it again.”

“We spent a great week sailing in Croatia as a family. Thanks to our skipper Korado we got to know beautiful beaches, snorkeling paradises, beautiful landscapes and friendly villages. It was a super relaxed family vacation! 🤩”

“The service from the Sebastus team was great from the very beginning. We decided quite spontaneously and they arranged a yacht in no time with a great route. Route for our short trip was perfect!”

“It was a wonderful trip with beautiful bays and beaches. It was a pleasure to spend this week on a sailboat. All staff and skipper are very friendly and organized. Everything was perfect.”

“Vesna and the Team have been helpful from day1 in accommodating our requests and always made sure throughout the process to satisfy our needs. Would definitely recommend the company!!”

“The Skipper had very good Tips and was helpful in finding Bicycles for a Trip on the Island and made our wishes come true. The Ship was perfect and clean. We really had a very good time with Sebastus Sailing! We will book again!”

yacht charter holidays croatia

Latest News & Tips

Sailing destination in Turkey | Sebastus Sailing

Gulet Cruise Charters: Experience the Charming Luxury of Sailing in Turkey

children enjoying spending time on a sailing boat

What are the Top 5 Most Popular Sailing Boats for Charter

yacht charter holidays croatia

A Comprehensive Guide to Cabin Yacht Charters in Croatia

Guide to cabin yacht charter in greece.

Lastovnjaci in sun set

Paradise on Earth – Sail Around the Island of Lastovo


Top 10 Ancient Sights to See While Sailing in Greece

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Istria Yacht Vacation romantic town

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yacht charter holidays croatia

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Private Crewed Yacht Charter Holidays sailing in Croatia’s islands and along Montenegro’s coast in the Adriatic Sea

Private Boat Charters in Croatia's Dalmatian islands

Clapotis-Mer, the yachting holiday specialist, offers a variety of luxury crewed boats available for charter holidays sailing around Croatia’s most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea.

You’ll find a selection of well-equipped sailing gulets and motor yachts in our Croatia yacht charter fleet.  Clapotis Mer’s yacht holiday packages include private on-board accommodation with en-suite facilities and the service of the crew who have their own separate living quarters. You can choose between half or full board meal options. Water sport activities are provided on your boat.


When you charter a yacht with us you can plan your holiday cruising around Croatia’s islands and include visits to the various historical places and beautiful national parks in the Adriatic Sea off Dalmatia’s coast. Here are some yacht charter itinerary suggestions to choose from.

If you start your cruising holiday from Split, Sibenik or Primosten visit Skradin, a charming seaside village on the northern coast of Croatia. From here take a boat ride up the river to visit Krka National Park and swim in the clear waterfalls. You can also set sail from Sibenik and head for the Kornati Archipelago to explore hundreds of mostly uninhabited Croatian islands. Kaprije is one of most popular islands for yacht sailing holidays in the Sibenik Archipelago off the Adriatic coast in the North of Croatia. The Zadar Archipelago is an exciting cruising area off the ancient city of Zadar further north along the coast of Croatia.

Sail from Split or Trogir to Hvar Island known as the pearl of Dalmatia and one of the most attractive yacht charter destination just off the central coast of Croatia. Go on a short sailing trip from Hvar town to the Pakleni Islands where you can sunbathe on hidden beaches, swim in crystal-clear waters and watch wildlife. Continue cruising around the surrounding Croatian islands and call in at Brac Island, a sailing holiday location in Central Croatia. It is renowned for its stunning stretch of fine white pebble beach fringing shallow clear water of the Adriatic Sea. Zlatni Rat beach, also called the Golden Cape, is one of Croatia’s most famous beaches and is only a short sail from Bol, a small fishing village.

Vis is a great holiday island to visit by yacht on a sailing cruise along the central coast of Dalmatia in Croatia. Budikovac, a tiny Croatian island where you can swim in a turquoise lagoon, is further south. Bisevo island in the Middle Dalmatian archipelago that lies off Split in Croatia is a famous yachting holiday destination for its beautiful Blue Cave that you can explore by dinghy boat.

You can start your yacht charter from Dubrovnik the Old Town called the Pearl of the Adriatic a well-known historic seaside holiday resort in the south of Croatia. You’ll set sail for the beautiful Croatian islands around.  Visit Cavtat, a quaint little seaside town with a charming promenade and a lively beach resort just a few miles south of Dubrovnik.

Korcula is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic just off the Dalmatian coast. Here you will find many small coves and beaches with crystal clear water in Croatia’s Adriatic sea. Then start on a short sailing trip to Lastovo Island Nature Park, a protected area with forests and wildlife.

Sipan the largest of the Elafiti Islands and Misnjak islet offer sheltered yacht anchorages near Dubrovnik off the southern coast of Croatia.

If you visit Mljet National Park you can swim in the beautiful island salt water lakes.

Head for the evergreen Elafiti islands. Lopud is famous for its sandy beaches, especially in Sunj Bay. You can visit Sutvrac Fort and catch a scenic view of the Elaphite islands nearby. Kolocep has seven pre-Romanesque churches dating back to the Croatian kings and two picturesque villages, both located in beautiful small coves.

Alternatively you can sail along Montenegro’s Coast and visit the fashionable seaside towns and villages in this southern part of the Adriatic Sea.

32 metre three-masted motor sailing gulet

Clapotis-Mer yacht cruising specialist offers this fully equipped and crewed three- masted motor sailing gulet available now for yacht charter holidays in Croatia’s most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea. Depart from Split or Trogir and visit the Dalmatian islands off the northern and the central coast of Croatia or start at Dubrovnik and head for the Adriatic islands in the south of Croatia.

Croatia 32 metre three-masted motor sailing gulet

This fine cruising boat has recently been totally refitted, is well maintained and now provides affordable sailing holidays in Croatia’s Adriatic islands. The crew of five run the yacht and look after the guests on board. Her large teak decks provide relaxing outdoor living spaces with sunbathing and seating areas and a well laid out dining area on the shaded aft deck.

The interior is bright and fully air-conditioned. The main lounge is comfortably arranged with a settee, leather cushions and a varnished dining table. The yacht accommodates sixteen guests in eight double cabins. Each of them has a queen-size bed and ensuite bathroom and shower facilities with a toilet, full bed linen sets and bath towels and a hair dryer. The crew have their own separate quarters.

The cook will prepare delicious Croatian food on board.

On-board amenities and entertainment include LCD TV in saloon, stereo music system with CD/DVD Player and WiFi internet connection access on the boat. There is a BBQ grill in the galley.

Guests can enjoy a variety of water sports and boating activities including a tender with 40 HP outboard engine, towable water tubes, two Stand Up Paddle Boards, two sea kayaks, fishing tackle rods and snorkeling equipment.

Luxury 28 m cruising schooner

Luxury 28 m cruising schooner Croatia

Croatia 30 metre cruising gulet

Croatia 30 metre cruising gulet

Yacht Charter in Croatia

3834 boats available

Hero image

Popular Boat Types in Croatia

Sailboat rental and yacht charter in Croatia

Sailboat 1135 boats

Eco-friendly boating, adventures

Average price


Catamaran rental and yacht charter in Croatia

Catamaran 346 boats

Luxury vacation, relaxed getaway, slow travel


Motorboat rental and yacht charter in Croatia

Motorboat 625 boats

Luxury getaway, island hopping


Speedboat rental and yacht charter in Croatia

Speedboat 548 boats

Day trips, parties


RIB rental and yacht charter in Croatia

RIB 260 boats

Day trips, exploring


Gulet rental and yacht charter in Croatia

Gulet 122 boats

Adventures for experienced sailors, group travels


Top Destinations in Croatia

Boat rental and yacht charter in Split

What you’ll see

Marjan’s loop hike · Krka national park · The eye of the earth · Diocletian's palace

History lovers · Friends · Couples · First time sailors

Skill level

Beginners (shallow waters, predictable weather conditions, short distances between islands)

Popular boat type

Catamaran (avg. €6,800/week)

Boat rental and yacht charter in Trogir

Kamerlengo castle · Clock tower · Bucevica beach

Sun worshippers · Families

Beginners (calm waters, short distances covering 5-6 islands, few reefs)

Sailboat (avg. €3,600/week)

Boat rental and yacht charter in Zadar

Sea organ · Roman forum · Five wells square

Families · Couples · Explorers · Sailors

All levels (modern marinas, safe terrain, 500 small islands & reefs)

Sailboat (avg. €3,000/week)

Boat rental and yacht charter in Dubrovnik

Lookout Gray Falcon · City walls · Rector's palace · Cable cars

History lovers · Couples · Friends · First time sailors · Party lovers · Bachelor/Bachelorette parties

All levels (modern & well-equipped marinas, safe terrain, short distances between islands)

Catamaran (avg. €5,780/week)

Boat rental and yacht charter in Pula

Pula arena · Brioni national park · Seagull’s rocks · Istrian olive oil museum

Adventurers · Sailors · Friends

Intermediate (modern marinas, good winds to sail)

Sailboat (avg. €3,120/week)

yacht charter holidays croatia

Our lady of loreto statue · Prgin winery · Dagna beach

Adventurers · History lovers · Honeymooners

Beginners (short distances between islands, safe terrain)

Sailboat (avg. €3,220/week)

Boat rental and yacht charter in Brač

Lovrecina bay · Zlatni rat beach · Dominican monastery and museum in Bol

Explorers for a day · Friends · Couples · Sun worshippers · Luxury travellers

All levels (modern marinas, safe terrain, short distances between islands)

Speedboat (avg. €1,900/week)

yacht charter holidays croatia

Biograd na Moru

Dalmaland · Nature preserve vransko jezero

Fun lovers · Families · Friends

Beginners (calm waters, safe terrain, modern marinas)

Sailboat (avg. €3,170/week)

Boat rental and yacht charter in Šibenik

St. Nicholas’ fortress · Town hall · Aquapark Dalmatia

Families · Couples

Beginners (shallow waters, short distances covering 5-6 islands, few reefs)

Sailboat (avg. €3,730/week)

Why sail with Borrow A Boat?

Operating since 2015.

Long-standing experience in the nautical industry.

50.000 boats

We work with charters from all over the world.

Over 200.000 happy customers

Our customers love booking with Zizoo.

Excellent customer service

Our team is there for you - 7 days per week.

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Things To Do on a Boat Rental in Croatia

Experience the vibrant Croatian party scene: Europe's top festivals and concerts happen on the mainland and islands, with celebs hitting Croatia's vibrant bars and clubs. Head to Hvar's marina where many arrive on superyachts. Get in on the glamor – cha

Explore Croatia's Historic Cities: Sail to Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula, and Sibenik – easily reachable by boat and perfect for a tour of the country's most stunning historical architecture.

Visit Krka National Park: A must for curious travellers with stunning waterfalls and castles, a Croatian gem.

Sailing conditions

Croatia enjoys favorable wind conditions, particularly during the summer months. The prevailing winds, such as the Mistral and the Bora, provide excellent sailing experiences, making it a paradise for sailors seeking smooth and enjoyable voyages.

The Adriatic Sea, where Croatia is located, generally experiences calm and mild waves, creating a pleasant environment for sailing. Tides are minimal, contributing to stable and predictable conditions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable sailing adventure.

While the Croatian coastline is breathtaking, sailors should exercise caution near rocky areas and cliffs, especially in more remote locations. Nautical charts and local knowledge are crucial to navigate safely and avoid potential hazards.

Luxury Yachts in Croatia

Catamaran Lagoon 52 F · 2019 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 52 F · 2019

Marina agana, trogir, croatia.

  • 5 bathrooms
  • 15.85 m long
  • Crew included
  • Full batten mainsail

Catamaran Ocean Beast 65 · 2023 (0)

Catamaran Ocean Beast 65 · 2023

Marina baotic, trogir, croatia.

  • 4 bathrooms
  • 19.58 m long

Sailboat Yener San Limi · 2007 (0)

Sailboat Yener San Limi · 2007

Aci marina split, split, croatia.

Sailboat A Vela Ketch · 1980 (0)

Sailboat A Vela Ketch · 1980

Rijeka port, rijeka, croatia.

  • With Captain
  • Furling mainsail

Sailboat X-Yachts 65 · 2010 (0)

Sailboat X-Yachts 65 · 2010

  • 3 bathrooms
  • 20.01 m long

Sailboat Nautors Swan 55 · 1994 (0)

Sailboat Nautors Swan 55 · 1994

  • 2 bathrooms

Sailboat Custom Built · 2022 (0)

Sailboat Custom Built · 2022

Split port, split, croatia.

  • 6 bathrooms
  • 48.2 m long

Early Bird Offers in Croatia

Motorboat Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 · 2018 (0)

Motorboat Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 · 2018

Port krk, krk (town), croatia.

  • 8 max. guests
  • Captain optional
  • 200 hp engine

Motorboat Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 · 2017 (0)

Motorboat Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 · 2017

  • 7.95 m long
  • 30 kn max speed

Gulet Custom Built · 1991 (0)

Gulet Custom Built · 1991

  • 30.8 m long

Motorboat Beneteau Flyer 9 · 2023 (0)

Motorboat Beneteau Flyer 9 · 2023

  • 10 max. guests

Motorboat Sealine F450 · 2011 (0)

Motorboat Sealine F450 · 2011

Marina polesana, pula, croatia.

  • 13.8 m long
  • 435 hp engine

Motorboat Prince 565 Sundeck · 2016 (0)

Motorboat Prince 565 Sundeck · 2016

  • 7 max. guests
  • 6.25 m long
  • 140 hp engine

Motorboat Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 · 2019 (0)

Motorboat Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 · 2019

  • 300 hp engine

Crewed Yachts in Croatia

Catamaran Lagoon 50 · 2019 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 50 · 2019

D-marin mandalina marina, sibenik, croatia.

  • 7 bathrooms
  • 14.75 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 50 · 2018 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 50 · 2018

Aci marina trogir, trogir, croatia.

Sailboat Pilot Cutter 0 · 1980 (0)

Sailboat Pilot Cutter 0 · 1980

  • 6 max. guests

Daily Rentals in Croatia

Speedboat Sea Ray 190 Sport · 2014 (0)

Speedboat Sea Ray 190 Sport · 2014

Aci marina rovinj, rovinj, croatia.

  • 40 kn max speed
  • 220 hp engine

Speedboat Sea Ray 21 SPX · 2022 (0)

Speedboat Sea Ray 21 SPX · 2022

  • 250 hp engine

Speedboat Sea Ray 210 SPXE · 2023 (0)

Speedboat Sea Ray 210 SPXE · 2023

RIB Primus Marine Baracuda B-20 · 2010 (0)

RIB Primus Marine Baracuda B-20 · 2010

  • 136 hp engine

Speedboat Sea Ray 190 Sport · 2013 (0)

Speedboat Sea Ray 190 Sport · 2013

Speedboat Sea Ray 21 SPX · 2024 (0)

Speedboat Sea Ray 21 SPX · 2024

Weekly rentals in croatia.

Sailboat Hanse 508 · 2023 (0)

Sailboat Hanse 508 · 2023

  • 15.55 m long

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 · 2022 (0)

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 · 2022

Marina tankerkomerc, zadar, croatia.

  • 12.58 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 440 · 2006 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 440 · 2006

  • 13.61 m long

Catamaran Bali Catsmart · 2024 (0)

Catamaran Bali Catsmart · 2024

Skradin aci marina (skradin), skradin, croatia.

  • 12.08 m long

Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 · 2018 (0)

Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 · 2018

  • 11.5 m long

Catamaran Excess 14 · 2023 (0)

Catamaran Excess 14 · 2023

  • 14.02 m long

Sailboat Hanse 460 · 2024 (0)

Sailboat Hanse 460 · 2024

  • 14.6 m long

Sailboat Bavaria Cruiser 46 · 2018 (0)

Sailboat Bavaria Cruiser 46 · 2018

  • 14.27 m long

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Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 · 2021 (0)

Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 · 2021

Marina borik, zadar, croatia.

  • 12.35 m long

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 · 2016 (0)

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 · 2016

Marina veruda, pula, croatia.

  • 12.19 m long

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Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449 · 2016 (0)

Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449 · 2016

  • 13.76 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2023 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2023

  • 12.8 m long

Catamaran Excess 11 · 2023 (0)

Catamaran Excess 11 · 2023

  • 11.42 m long

Sailboat D&D 54.2 · 2016 (0)

Sailboat D&D 54.2 · 2016

  • 16.75 m long

Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 · 2023 (0)

Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 · 2023

  • 14.42 m long
  • Do I need a boat licence for a yacht charter in Croatia? Yes and no. If you charter a yacht in Croatia with a skipper, you don't need a licence. If you want to drive the boat yourself, you need a valid boat licence (eg ICC) and a VHF radio licence.
  • How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Croatia? A speedboat rental in Croatia or a RIB charter can cost as little as 30 € per person per day. If you are looking at a more luxurious yacht charter in Croatia, like a modern and spacious catamaran, it will cost around 460 € per person per day. Looking for a cheaper boat? On average it costs 62 € per person per day to rent a motorboat in Croatia. A gulet charter in Croatia will cost around 75 € per person per day. The cost of chartering a boat in Croatia will also depend on the amount of people travelling, the number of rooms and amenities, as well as the time of year, as prices during high season can be higher.
  • How much are the marina fees? Your first & last night in the marina are included in the charter price, but any additional marina fees are paid extra. During high season (July/August) in Croatia, a 42ft catamaran can cost you €100 - €150 per night.
  • How much does the fuel cost? The fuel can cost between 150-400 € per week, depending on the size and type of the boat, the route you sail and the overall duration of your trip.
  • How much do you tip your skipper? Usually, a skipper gets tipped between 10-20%. However, the amount can also vary depending on the duration of your trip, the amount of people on board and the itinerary.
  • How do we arrange shopping for our charter? There is usually a supermarket at the marina, that is often more expensive. However, most marinas will have a local supermarket that is reachable via a short taxi ride. Here you can purchase all your groceries for the week. You can also find local supermarkets during your charter in other locations. Most charter companies also offer a provisioning service where they will arrange all your groceries for you. This is usually done via a link sent by the charter company. The charter will make sure all your shopping is delivered to your boat in time for your check-in.

Sailing in Croatia

Croatia, also known as the nation of 1,000 islands, remains one of our top sailing destinations. Wandering through the winding streets of walled cities, chartering a boat to tour the country’s diverse landscapes and savouring the local delicacies and wines in local taverns and picturesque vineyards – do all this and more when you charter a yacht in Croatia.

Things to do and see when sailing in Croatia

Around 1,800 km of coastline along the mainland alone make Croatia one of the best destinations to charter a yacht and discover the coast by sailing on water. Many incredible national parks are scattered around coastal Croatia, just waiting to be discovered by you.

Activities in Croatia

  • Experience watersports in Croatia : It’s a great place for diving enthusiasts as you can easily hop from spot to spot when renting a private yacht. Brac Island is located close to Split, and is the best place for divers in Croatia! In Podgora you’ll find a well-established diving center. If you’re looking for a more adventurous diving experience, head to Alain’s Cliff, which is well-known for its underwater canyon and enchanting caves. Experience another type of diving in Korcula. This is the place for wreck diving, where you can discover many interesting underwater landscapes and diverse marine life.
  • Adding to the allure of Croatia is, of course, the party scene . Some of Europe’s most popular festivals and concerts take place on the mainland as well as various islands where you’ll also find many celebrities who flock to Croatia’s lively bars and clubs. If you want to go out to spot some familiar faces, your best bet is hanging around the marina of Hvar. Many famous people arrive here on their superyachts. If you’re looking for a little bit of glamor too, find a yacht charter in Hvar and join the fun!
  • Visit some of the most stunning historical cities in Europe. Roam around the streets of Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula and Sibenik . Luckily you can reach them all by boat, making them the perfect spots to stop on your sailing vacation.
  • Krka National Park should be on the bucket list of every curious traveller who comes to Croatia. Stunning waterfalls and beautiful castles make this place a true gem.
  • Don’t miss out on listening to the Sea Organ , which is basically an instrument played by the waves. This will definitely make for a unique experience.
  • A visit to Pula Arena , a magnificent architectural masterpiece built during Roman times will make every history nerd incredibly happy. Weirdly similar to the Colosseo in Rome, you will have to look at it twice to remember that you are in Croatia, not in Italy.
  • The Blue Cave on Bisevo Island is a MUST-SEE! Discovering the blue shimmering light will make this an outerwordly experience.

Beaches in Croatia

Croatia is famous for its beautiful beaches and hidden bays - on the mainland as well as on its islands. Sailing with an experienced skipper will be to your advantage as they will be able to show you the most stunning, remote beaches away from the tourist crowds.

Restaurants in Croatia

There is nothing better than tasting some of the local dishes after spending a whole day on a boat. Your stomach will crave the flavour of local delicacies. As Croatia is located on the Mediterranean, it is of course most famous for its tasty fish and seafood dishes. Of course there is also the black risotto you need to try, but we would recommend you to also go for the Brodetto, which may have its origins in Italy’s Marche region, but has become very popular in Croatia throughout the last decades as a dish made popular by fishermen. During the day you sail on the sea, at night you eat the best the sea has to offer.

Casual dining in Croatia:

  • Preša , a budget-friendly restaurant located in the old city of Dubrovnik, is most known for its juicy burger and crispy fries. This is definitely the place you need to visit if you crave some good old comfort food while on vacation.
  • Toto's Burger Bar is the equivalent to Preša in Split. The chicken avocado burger is a must, combining exotic flavours with traditional dishes.

Fine dining in Croatia:

  • 360˚ is one of the best restaurants to visit in Dubrovnik. Located in the beautiful port, you will get some stunning views. Naturally their fish dishes are an all time favourite. Chef Marijo Curić is bringing you elegantly presented traditional dishes with a modern twist.
  • Pelegrini is a Michelin star restaurant located in the coastal city of Šibenik. Influenced by ancient Roman traditions, delicious seafood and carefully selected meat, your stomach will be spoiled here.

Bars and Clubs in Croatia

No sailing trip to Croatia is complete without partying in one of the world famous clubs and bars. After a day of island hopping and sunbathing on the most stunning beaches, shaking your booty to some great tunes is a nice way to end the evening.

  • Deep Makarska : One of the most popular and unique clubs in Croatia. Located right at the beach in a cave, this spot is perfect for an unforgettable night out and makes for a perfect photo shoot during sunset.
  • Kiva Bar is THE party hotspot in Hvar. As it is a very well-known spot for a night out, it can get really crowded, but you will be able to enjoy a nice drink and a dance the night away without any care in the world. If you’re into rock, jazz or funk, you can expect to have a fantastic night out here.
  • Another popular night club in Hvar is Hula Hula Beach & Bar . Delicious drinks, fun people and funky music in a stunning location next to the sea. What more could you ask for when partying in Croatia?

Explore historical Croatia

Croatia might be a small country, but it has plenty of rich history. Head out to the historical city of Split to see Diocletian’s palace and Sant Domnius Cathedral. In Dubrovnik, which is located in Southern Croatia, you get to see the famous walls of the city, which are not only part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, but have never been conquered by a foreign army and are therefore basically still standing in its original form since the Middle Ages (with few alterations throughout the centuries).

Discover mystical Croatia

Legends and mythology might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Croatia, but there are some very interesting stories surrounding the Mediterranean country. One is set in Pula Arena, one of the most popular historical sites in all of Croatia. Historians are certain that the arena was built during ancient Roman times and most likely during the reign of Augustus. However, local legends say that fairies have actually built this stunning architectural masterpiece.

Sailing conditions in Croatia

Croatia, as well as other popular sailing destinations in the Mediterranean, enjoys typical warm weather almost all year round. Summers are dry and hot while winters are mild with a little rain occasionally. If you want to beat the summer crowds, we recommend you to plan on going on your sailing holiday in Croatia in late spring (April-June) or late summer (September-October). August is the most popular month for sailing holidays in Croatia. Sea temperatures are generally warm and it is not uncommon to take a dip in the Adriatic sea even in late October. However, you will also notice that the further you move offshore, the cooler the water will be.

Wind conditions in Croatia are ideal for sailing, averaging at about 10-20 knots. Wave swell is moderate, hovering around the half-meter mark, but it occasionally does peak between 1-2 meters. Even though Croatia offers these perfect sailing conditions, we always advise you to check local and up-to-date forecasts before setting out of the marina as the weather can change on a day-to-day-basis - especially in the more unpredictable winter months.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Croatia?

Croatia is not just a popular sailing destination due to its ideal sailing conditions, beautiful coast and stunning turquoise waters. It is also incredibly cheap compared to other destinations. Renting a speedboat or RIB can cost as little as 30 EUR per person per day. If you are looking at chartering a luxury yacht in Croatia, like a modern and spacious catamaran, it will cost around 460 EUR per person per day. Looking for a cheaper boat? On average it costs 62 EUR per person per day to rent a motorboat in Croatia. Chartering a gulet in Croatia will cost around 75 EUR per person per day.

The cost of chartering a boat will also depend on the month, as prices during high season can be higher than during shoulder season.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Croatia?

Depending on the type of boat holiday you are looking for in Croatia, you need to choose your boat wisely. If you’re looking for an amazing sailing adventure, you will rent a different boat than if your goal is to see as many stunning beaches as possible. It will also depend on the amount of people sailing with you in Croatia and whether you will be travelling with your family or with friends.

Rent a catamaran in Croatia

Pros of renting a catamaran in Croatia

As catamarans don’t have a keel, but a shallow draft, they are perfect for sailing in shallow waters. This makes them the perfect choice for discovering remote beaches, hidden caves and secret bays in Croatia. You will be able to sail quite close to the shore, meaning that you don’t need to put in a lot of energy when trying to swim to the beach.

Catamarans are also more of a luxury option with an average price of 460 EUR per person per day. With plenty of space, comfortable cabins and outdoor space to sunbathe all day long, they are often described as hotel rooms on water.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Croatia

One of the downsides of renting a catamaran might be their size. Spaces for mooring in marinas is limited, also in Croatian marinas, and can make it a little more difficult to find the perfect spot to stop for the night. As they can take up more space than other boats, it might also come at a higher price for mooring.

Rent a sailboat in Croatia

Pros of renting a sailboat in Croatia

One of the best things about Croatia are the ideal sailing conditions. If you want to leverage the perfect wind conditions as well as the perfect waves, you should charter a sailing boat in Croatia. This is the perfect boat when you’re more interested in the sailing experience rather than the destination.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Croatia

One of the downsides of renting a sailboat in Croatia is somehow aligned with the pros. Depending on the wind to drive your boat means that you might get stuck if the wind seizes to blow. This might mean a lot of waiting on your boat before being able to set sail again. This might be a bummer if you’re only here on a one-week-holiday.

Rent a motorboat in Croatia

Pros of renting a motorboat in Croatia

Love speed more than comfort or adventure? Rent a motorboat to hop from island to island and see as many hidden beaches as you can in a day. Although comfort is not the main thing when looking at motorboats, it is definitely something that can come with the boat, depending on the type of motorboat you look at renting.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Croatia

Sailing as fast as you can is definitely fun, but comes at a price. The faster you go, the more fuel you’re going to need. This is a downside of renting a motorboat in Croatia.

Rent a gulet in Croatia

Choosing to charter a gulet probably means that you’re more of an adventurous person. Find out more about the pros and cons of renting a gulet in Croatia below.

Pros of renting a gulet in Croatia

If you want to sail in Croatia with a big group of friends, a gulet might be an amazing choice. Generally being able to host 10-15 people, you can create amazing memories with a large group of people. The cabins might be relatively small, but when you’ve got so many amazing people around you, you will spend most of your time with them chilling on a beautiful Croatian beach rather than your room.

Cons of renting a gulet in Croatia

One of the downsides of renting a gulet in Croatia is the fact that they are relatively difficult to maneuver. If you don’t have a lot of experience sailing, renting a gulet might not be the best choice for you. However, you can always rent a gulet with a skipper to discover the Croatian Mediterranean.

Charter a luxury yacht in Croatia

Chartering a luxury yacht is one of the most requested boats on a sailing holiday in Croatia. As previously mentioned, chartering a catamaran is one of the most popular luxury yachts people go for when renting a boat in this part of the Mediterranean.

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Croatia?

Planning on renting a boat in Croatia? Don’t forget about the requirements for renting a boat in Croatia as you will need to be in possession of a valid boat licence, as well as a valid VHF radio licence. This can be either a boat licence you have acquired in your country of origin, in Croatia or simply an international licence that is valid around the world.

If you plan on getting your boat licence in Croatia, you can do so by passing the tests of the Administration of Maritime and Port Authority authorities.

You are neither in possession of a recognized boat licence nor want to give much thought about planning on where to go or taking care of maneuvering and navigating a boat? Enjoy your sailing vacation without any worries and hire a skipper in addition to your boat is an amazing option for your sailing vacation. If you want to have an even more relaxed holiday, you can also book a cook to join your crew. This will mean that you don’t have to worry about getting nutritious meals - the chef will take care of everything.

Sailing routes in Croatia

Rent a boat in Dalmatia to experience some of the best and most popular spots to start your sailing holiday in Croatia. Charter a yacht from Split if you are closer to the center of Dalamatia. If you are in the northern region of the Dalmatian coast, you can easily rent a boat in Zadar and are perfectly positioned to explore the surrounding islands. If you find yourself on the southern coast of Croatia, your best choice would be to rent a sailboat in Dubrovnik and start your sailing holiday from the “Pearl of the Adriatic.”

One option for your sailing holiday in Croatia is a one-way route from Split to Dubrovnik:

  • Day 1: Start your sailing adventure in Split . Discover some of the best city beaches Croatia has to offer and head into the old city to visit some of the most stunning historical sites.
  • Day 2: Head to Brac , where you have to visit the stunning beach of Zlatni rat
  • Day 3: Your next stop is Hvar , known as Croatia’s party island. You can party the night away in some amazing clubs, but Hvar has more to offer than a buzzing nightlife. Here you can find lovely landscapes and boutique wineries that offer some of the island’s finest wines)
  • Day 4: Vis is the island that is furthest away from the mainland
  • Day 5: Korcula is definitely worth visiting if you want to enjoy its lovely Venetian architecture
  • Day 6: Next up is Mljet , where you get to enjoy the beaches and its famous National Park
  • Day 7: Your last stop is Dubrovnik , where you can taste some delicious local dishes, roam around the historical streets and head outside of the city to Trsteno Arboretum, which was used as a set for ‘Game of Thrones’

Renting a boat in Zadar gives you a great starting point to charter a yacht for island hopping and discovering the coastal cities and beaches of Croatia. Other options we recommend are chartering a yacht in Pula or renting a boat in Sibenik as perfect starting points for a sailing holiday. With Borrow A Boat, you can charter over 3,000 yachts in Croatia.

Island hopping in Croatia can be made all the more enjoyable by having someone else do the hard work so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. So if you don’t wish or are unable to sail yourself, hiring a skipper is an excellent option when you charter a yacht with Borrow A Boat.

Sailing Locations in Croatia

Charter a yacht in Trogir

Charter a yacht in Split

Charter a yacht in Sibenik

Charter a yacht in Sukosan

Charter a yacht in Dubrovnik

Charter a yacht in Zadar

Charter a yacht in Pula

Charter a yacht in Biograd na Moru

Charter a yacht in Kastela

Charter a yacht in Pirovac

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Croatia Holidays Charter - Yacht Charter and Cruises in Croatia

Croatia Holidays Charter is a yacht charter company that provides assistance in planning sailing holidays in Croatia, one of the most exciting and popular yacht charter destinations in the world. Whether you seek private luxury yacht for charter, gulet cruise, cabin charter, a catamaran charter or a sailboat rental for your upcoming cruise, Croatia Holidays Charter will help you find the most suitable yacht for your sailing holiday on the Adriatic. There is an extensive selection of hand-picked gulets for charter, motor sailers, mini cruisers, sailing boats, catamarans and motor boats at your disposal, convenient for either bareboat or skippered yacht charter. In case you are interested in luxury crewed yachts rental, we will guide you through the entire charter process, allowing you to set back and enjoy the very best of yachting in Croatia. With our help, planning cruising itineraries is inspiring as the charter itself, as you get to choose between different sailing areas that are each spectacular in their own right. Tailored specifically to your individual needs and preferences, your yacht charter holiday in Croatia can include any of the wonderful destinations on the Adriatic coast such as Dubrovnik area, Split, Trogir, Sibenik, Zadar, Pula, Rovinj and many more. It can also include island-hopping, taking you to the doorstep of hundreds of isles and islands scattered along the Adriatic coastline such as Korčula, Hvar, Brač, Vis, Mljet, Elafiti, Kornati and many more. With our charter expertise and your passion for being at sea, together we will create sailing moments to remember. Apart from yacht charter services, we can also provide accommodation in luxury holiday villas and various programs tailored to the client.

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Gulet cruises in Croatia are a great way to explore the magical Croatian coast and islands. Croatia Holidays Charter offers a wide selection of cruising gulets and motor sailers for yacht charter in Croatia.

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Find the overview of all the luxury crewed yachts and motorsailers for charter sailing vacation and cruises in Croatia. Check our prices, special offers, early booking and last minute discounts.

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Luxury crewed motor yachts for charter in Croatia. A wide range of luxury motor yachts for holidays in Croatia.

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Croatia Holidays yacht charter has a large selection of charter sailing yachts in Croatia, offering the most popular brands. Renting a sailing boat is a great way to discover Croatia.

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Catamaran Charter Croatia, a wide range of sailing and power catamarans for bareboat, skippered or luxury crewed catamaran yacht charter in Croatia. Charter catamarans in Croatia.

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Power catamarans for charter in Croatia. A wide offer of motor catamarans for yacht rent with Croatia Holidays Charter. Bareboat, skippered and luxury crewed power catamarans in Croatia. Charter motor catamaran Croatia.

Power Catamaran Croatia

Motor yachts Croatia

Chartering a motor yacht in Croatia is a great choice if you want to visit as many places as possible in a short amount of time. Croatia Holidays Charter has a wide selection of motor yachts for charter in Croatia

Cabin Charter Croatia

Cabin charter in Croatia is an ideal choice for those who do not have a large enough group to charter a whole boat and just want to charter a cabin.

Cabin Charter Croatia

Yacht charter destinations croatia.

Croatia is one of top holiday destinations in the world thanks to its beautiful untouched nature and rich heritage.

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We offer all types of charter yachts in Croatia. Opt for sailing boats Croatia, catamarans Croatia, motor yachts Croatia, and cruising gulets Croatia or motor sailers Croatia. According to your needs, choose bareboat charter or skippered to fully crewed yacht charter.

One-way charter is an alternative to a regular charter, which means that you start your sailing adventure in one charter base and finish it in another one.

Bareboat charter in Croatia is one of the most appealing forms of yacht chartering since it gives you the freedom to create your own itinerary and explore the Adriatic coast with its towns soaked in history and breathtaking seaside views.

A skippered yacht charter is an alternative to bareboat charter because instead of relying on your own nautical skills, you hire a professional skipper who lends his knowledge and skills during the charter period.

Crewed yacht charter is a crewed luxury cruise with emphasis on comfort, space and relaxation. It is the most personalized type of charter because every single detail is organized around the client's needs and preferences.

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Power catamaran, croatia holidays charter - yacht charter croatia.

Croatia is one of top holiday destinations in the world thanks to its beautiful untouched nature and rich heritage. Croatia Holidays Charter is specialized in yacht charter and accommodation in Croatia and will help you organize your ideal vacation in Croatia. We offer all types of charter yachts in Croatia. Opt for sailing boats Croatia, catamarans Croatia , motor yachts Croatia , and cruising gulets Croatia or motor sailers Croatia . According to your needs, choose bareboat charter or skippered to fully crewed yacht charter . For those looking for accommodation in Croatia we offer villas , apartments and hotels on the Adriatic islands and coast and in the continental Croatia. Book your vacation with Croatia Holidays Charter and let us make your Croatian vacation as perfect as possible.

Villas Croatia

Sailing Holidays in Croatia

It is true what they say for the Croatian part of the Adriatic, it is really the Mediterranean as it once was, and the best way to discover it is by boat as no other means of transport or accommodation type would get you to numerous secluded coves or give you the freedom to change your location in just a couple of hours. Whether checking the spectacular coastline or trying some island hopping,...

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Spend Your Holidays Sailing on a Boat in Croatia

If you are planning on spending your next holidays in Croatia and sailing comes to your mind, then it might be a good idea. In fact, it is. Croatia, the land of a thousand islands is one of the best destinations to explore by boat. European countries with sea coastlines are all attractive, but many will agree that Croatian islands are perfect for sailing holidays as the beauty of the...

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Private Cruises Croatia – Obligatory and optional costs

All clients interested in booking a gulet, motor sailer or mini cruiser should keep in mind that private cruises entail some additional obligatory costs apart from the boat price and those refer to food, drinks and beverages as well as port fees. In addition to obligatory costs, there are optional ones as well. The boat price usually includes yacht rental, crew service, bed linen and towels,...

For your exclusive holidays in luxury accommodation along the Adriatic coast

For your exclusive holidays in luxury accommodation along the Adriatic coast, Croatia Holidays Charter offers  a wide and unique selection of hand-picked villas in Croatia, ranging from affordable holiday houses, budget villas, small romantic villas to luxury villas that are right on the seaside to those in centres of the towns and villages as well as countryside villas. We also offer traditional stone houses. Behind their old walls there are all the amenities of the 21st century, they are completely renovated and comfortably, often luxuriously restored with additional amenities. Many of our villas have the private pools and are surrounded...

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Croatia Charter Yacht

charter yacht in croatia

Yacht charter croatia, sailing holidays in croatia, find a boat.

  • Sailing yachts

sailing yacht for charter in Croatia

  • Motor boats

motor yacht for rent in croatia


 Kosirina Bay with anchored sailboats-Island of Murter


 Kornati islands


 View of Hvar with harbor and bay


 Panorama of the old town of Dubrovnik

Bareboat Charter

Skippered charter, crewed charter, last minute offer, choose the most suitable.

  • North Dalmatia
  • Central Dalmatia
  • South Dalmatia
  • Croatia info
  • Sailing destination
  • Yacht week Croatia
  • How to book


Destination Croatia with n+1 and XMOTION

Discover Croatia’s mesmerizing Adriatic coastline and picturesque islands aboard our luxury yachts, the Sunreef 70 n+1 and XMOTION as they glide through crystal-clear waters framed by rugged mountains and ancient forests. Explore hidden coves, secluded beaches, and quaint fishing villages, each with its own allure.

From Dubrovnik’s iconic city walls to Split’s lively waterfront, Croatia’s coastal cities boast rich history and architectural marvels. Immerse yourself in UNESCO World Heritage sites, savor exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, and embrace vibrant local culture at every port of call.

Our yacht isn’t just a vessel; it’s a destination. Enjoy spacious decks for sunbathing, elegant interiors for comfort, and state-of-the-art amenities that ensure every moment on board is unforgettable.

Sunreef 70 n+1

yacht charter holidays croatia

With her outstanding living spaces, the Sunreef 70 n+1 balances extreme comfort, great performance under sail, and advanced technology.  The yacht’s hull and superstructure were designed to maximize living space and seaworthiness. n+1   is an all-around sailing leisure yacht ideal for exclusive getaways, charter, and transoceanic adventures.

Sunreef 80 XMOTION

yacht charter holidays croatia

XMOTION is a splendid Sunreef 80 where elegance prevails, while her sporty line will not stay unnoticed. Tailor-made, the details added throughout give a unique atmosphere on board. This performing sailing yacht is perfect for a summer holiday in Croatia. Her skilled crew of 4 will take great care of every detail to make the stay on board memorable. Cosiness, luxury and stable sailing will provide great moments on the sea for the guests.

Whether you crave relaxation in secluded bays or a cultural journey through historic sites and bustling markets, our customizable itineraries cater to your preferences. Let us exceed your expectations with a curated journey that blends Croatia’s coastal beauty with the luxury of our esteemed yachts.

yacht charter holidays croatia

Contact us today to plan your bespoke yacht charter and embark on a journey of a lifetime!

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yacht charter holidays croatia

Must-Visit Places in a 5-day Yacht Charter Croatia

C hartering a private yacht for a few days is one of the best ways to whisk away on a luxurious weekend. Suitable for friends, families, and couples, a charter yacht can be the perfect choice if you crave privacy and a mind-blowing trip to amazing islands with breathtaking beaches. One of the world’s most famous destinations for yacht trips is Croatia – with antique towns and enchanting coastlines, Croatia can be your reprieve from reality.

Private yacht charters are made easy with Yacht IN – as a popular yacht chartering company, we offer exclusive packages and comprehensive prices. Visit our site to know more!

5-day yacht charter in Croatia – popular trips

While one-week yacht trips are the most popular in Croatia and surrounding landscapes, short trips for four or five days can also be adventurous and relaxing. Here are some popular options for a 5-day yacht charter trip in and around Croatia.

  • The Adriatic Sea trip

One of the most famous and well-known yacht trips in Croatia is the visit to the Adriatic Sea. This trip covers three popular tourist destinations – Brac Island, Hvar Island, and Pakleni Islands. With a beautiful white pebble beach and traditional architecture, Brac Island is the best place to take a break and get your tan game on. Hvar Island is your go-to for an electric nightlife and enchanting forests. If you are a fan of snorkeling and swimming, then you will love Pakleni Islands. 

These islands are all situated close to one another, making it easy for you to cover all three in a 5-day yacht trip in Croatia. Croatia’s top yacht charters , including Yacht IN, will offer you trips around these islands.

  • 4-night sailing trip from Dubrovnik

Another most-loved choice among tourists for a yacht charter trip in Croatia is cruising around the other side of Dalmatia. If you charter luxury yachts in Dalmatia that offer you spectacular views of Dalmatia and its scenery, you'll be able to enjoy Dubrovnik and Mljet Island, Peljesac Peninsula, and Elaphiti Islands.

This trip is perfect for those who love to stay in the water and enjoy their free time indulging in adventure sports. Filled with blue-green seas and beautiful beaches, the sailing trip can be your escape from reality.

5-day yacht charter in Croatia – factors to consider

Charter yachts are a popular tourist choice in Croatia – while these luxury escapades are totally worth every penny you spend, here are some factors to consider before booking a yacht charter in Croatia.

  • Destination – Croatia undoubtedly boasts beautiful coastlines and architecture, but you should narrow down the places you want to visit.
  • Size of the yacht – Based on the number of people, the size of the yacht has to be decided.
  • Number of days – Charter companies usually rent yachts based on the number of the days of trip, so it is better to decide that beforehand.

Luxury yacht trips are the best way to cruise away your summer – if you are looking for a 5-day yacht charter to Croatia, then hurry up to Yacht In now. Book your favorite trip to Croatia and enjoy the best yacht trip of your life!

The post Must-Visit Places in a 5-day Yacht Charter Croatia appeared first on Malorie's Adventures .

Must-Visit Places in a 5-day Yacht Charter Croatia

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How to Charter a Boat

If you want to sail off into the sunset, at least temporarily, you need to understand how to get aboard first.

An illustration of the bow of a boat with three women with flowing hair and cocktails looking over a man playing a guitar and then off in the water, four other vacationers are sunbathing on inner tubes.

By Lauren Sloss

This time of year, it’s an inevitable thought: Life would be that much better out on the water. Specifically, on a boat.

Even if you have neither a boat nor boating experience, it’s never been easier to make your nautical dreams come true — whether you want a day trip on your local lake or a fully staffed multiday voyage in a far-flung locale. Here are the initial questions that will help you plan an adventure on the water.

Whom are you traveling with?

Thinking about the size and dynamic of your group is an important first step, even if you are simply going on a day trip. Will children be on board? How old? What about elderly parents?

Dan Lockyer, the chief commercial officer of Dream Yacht Worldwide , strongly encourages travelers to determine group size — and, ideally, get people committed — before booking.

“The location that you want to go to, the time of year that you want to go, the type of boat that you want will entirely depend on the makeup of the group that you’re sailing with,” Mr. Lockyer said.

Do you want to captain, or do you want a captain?

Different charter companies specialize in certain locations, types of boats, itineraries and services. Some companies offer the opportunity for a “bareboat” charter, in which you rent the boat and take on the navigation and provisioning yourself, while others exclusively offer fully staffed options, including a captain and a cook.

If you want to captain the boat yourself, almost all outfits require some kind of proof of sailing or boating experience, often in line with local regulations.

Edward King, 45, an executive at a streaming company based in San Francisco, is experienced in sailing the city’s waterways. But on vacation, he said he would prefer to let a captain and crew take the lead.

Mr. King said he appreciates a captain who is familiar with both the local waters — “they’ll know how to avoid sailing into a certain sandbar,” he said, — as well as the local attractions.

In contrast, Matt Blake, 38, a software engineer based in Oakland, Calif., was eager to grow his sailing experience during a recent trip to La Paz, Mexico, with his fiancée. He hired a captain but made clear that the captain was there to help and teach.

Where do you want to go?

“Do you want something that’s more culturally oriented? Nature oriented? An adventure trip?” asked Mary Curry, the voyage product director of Adventure Life , which offers small group tours and private trips on land and on water around the world.

That answer can determine your destination. Popular cruising grounds include the Caribbean, Croatia, Alaska and French Polynesia, but the sky — or the sea — is really the limit. For help narrowing your focus, travel advisers often have relationships with charter companies or outfits around the world, and sailing publications offer recommendations.

Kyla Malkani, who has had experience with charters working as a destination wedding planner, recommends consulting the concierge of waterfront hotels, particularly for short-term or day rentals.

“A lot of times they will have either their own fleet or they will have some sort of connection at a dock,” said Ms. Malkani, 37, who is based in Washington, D.C., and is currently working as a content creator and freelance event planner.

What kind of boat?

Where you want to travel and for how long will likely determine the kinds of boats that are available to you. Crucial at this point, too, is an understanding of the boat’s layout and amenities.

“You definitely want to choose the right kind of boat,” said Ms. Malkani. “If you want more adventure, a sailboat is nice. If you’re looking for a luxury party environment, a yacht is best. And if you’re looking for something smooth, for older people or with kids, a catamaran is great.”

David Barclay is a luxury travel adviser who has also chartered boats for his own vacations.

“You want to match what the travelers want to what the boat offers,” he said.

Perhaps a group of friends might not mind a catamaran with functional but not luxurious marine bathrooms, but a multigenerational group might prefer more high-touch amenities.

When should I book?

Often, charter trips are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that require a great deal of advanced planning.

“You may have a specific place you want to go, or a specific time of year you want to travel,” said Mr. Barclay. “And some places just aren’t good at certain times of year.”

Naturally, you don’t want to be at sea in the Caribbean during hurricane season, or in the Mediterranean during winter storms. But you also might want to avoid peak cruising seasons, too.

The first three weeks of August are quite popular, said Mr. Lockyer. “If you have some flexibility and can travel in early July, you’ll get the same sort of great weather, a greater selection of boats and the anchorages won’t be as crowded.”

How much does it cost?

Charter costs are incredibly variable, dependent on all of the factors coming into play: your boat type and size, your destination, your group size, the amount of crew you’d like and the amenities on board. That said, costs could range anywhere from $2,000 for a day on a sailboat to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a multiday mega-yacht charter. Have a budget in mind when beginning your research process.

What if I didn’t plan far in advance?

While advanced planning is encouraged, and often necessary for bigger boat trips, it’s possible to book a boat last-minute.

Boatsetter , an Airbnb-like platform for boats, is a good resource for last-minute bookings, especially for day trips, and even has an Instant Book option for down-to-the-wire bookings.

“If it’s for a special event, or around major holidays, you may want to book a month or two in advance. But for general bookings, you can find options within a week or two,” said Kim Koditek, Boatsetter’s head of brand strategy and communications, of the company’s overnight offerings, which appear on their platform under the luxury yacht charters category .

Ms. Malkani has used Boatsetter for some of her charters, most of which have been booked with a specific goal in mind.

“I’m a sunset chaser,” she said. “My husband and I just really love being on the water, and we always try to squeeze in some sort of boat day activity when we’re traveling.”

For more travel advice, visit our collection of Travel 101 tips and hacks.

Come Sail Away

Love them or hate them, cruises can provide a unique perspective on travel..

 Cruise Ship Surprises: Here are five unexpected features on ships , some of which you hopefully won’t discover on your own.

 Icon of the Seas: Our reporter joined thousands of passengers on the inaugural sailing of Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas . The most surprising thing she found? Some actual peace and quiet .

Th ree-Year Cruise, Unraveled:  The Life at Sea cruise was supposed to be the ultimate bucket-list experience : 382 port calls over 1,095 days. Here’s why  those who signed up are seeking fraud charges  instead.

TikTok’s Favorite New ‘Reality Show’:  People on social media have turned the unwitting passengers of a nine-month world cruise  into  “cast members”  overnight.

Dipping Their Toes: Younger generations of travelers are venturing onto ships for the first time . Many are saving money.

Cult Cruisers: These devoted cruise fanatics, most of them retirees, have one main goal: to almost never touch dry land .


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    Depending on where you're exploring, average mooring fees in Croatia range from EUR 42.00 for a 36" yacht in the low season to EUR 160.00 for a 55" yacht in the high season. When you set sail across the Adriatic Sea to explore secluded islands and hidden coves, you'll want to moor up and discover their secrets on land.

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    01732 867445. Mon-Fri: 0900 - 1730. Sat: 1000 - 1500. [email protected]. Call our knowledgeable sailing specialists for the latest advice and recommendations on the sailing areas most suited to you.

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    Danielis Yachting, founded by experienced sailing professionals with years of experience in nautical tourism in Croatia, offers you the real in-depth knowledge in the field, familiarity with the problems that may occur, and complete understanding of the service that will fully satisfy our clients and enhance their sailing experience. Our main ...

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    Croatia Yacht Charter Holidays 2024 & 2025. Below you can find the selection of our client's favourite sailing yachts and catamarans. Including the exclusive new models that will join Croatia charter fleet this or the next season. SEND US YOUR INQUIRY. Beneteau Oceanis 40.1 (2021-24)

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    A one-two weeks sailing holiday in Croatia makes for a blissful yacht charter. However, ultimately how long you set sail around the Adriatic Sea is your choice. ... If you want a fast-paced, adrenaline-filled Croatia yacht charter, you may choose one-week, whereas those looking for a laid-back, tranquil holiday with lots of sunbathing and beach ...

  10. Yacht Charter in Croatia

    Yacht Charter Holidays in Croatia. This incredible coastline offers clear seas, a gentle summer climate as well as lively breezes to take you from bay to bay! Croatia is now the Mediterranean's leading yacht charter holiday destination and we can see why. Having sailed here ourselves we can't speak highly enough of Croatia and it's unique culture.

  11. Crewed Yacht Charter Croatia

    Yacht rental with crew is an indulging boating adventure in Croatia allowing you to explore sky-blue Adriatic from exclusively equipped sailing yachts. Yachts over 50 foot already include a captain. Skippered boats can always be upgraded with a hostess service to secure the provisioning on board. Luxury Sailing Boat Holiday.

  12. Sailing Holidays in Croatia

    Sailing season and climate. Croatia enjoys a Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters. Summer temperatures range on average from 26 to 30°C in the coastal region. High Season months are July and August, and Croatia yacht charter costs are highest in this period. Mid-Season months are May, June, September, and October ...

  13. Sail Croatia®

    If you've been waiting for the perfect time to book your Sail Croatia Cruise, this is it! For a limited time, we're offering 10% off selected cruises in 2024. To take advantage of this offer, chat with our Sales Team or enquire for a participating cruise to check availability. Our World Heritage cruise onboard Elegance sailings in 2024 is ...

  14. Yacht Charter Croatia

    Croatia Charter. Croatia is one of the world's leading charter destinations with the largest number of rental boats. Known as one of the most beautiful coasts with a total of 1244 islands from Istria to Dubrovnik is a popular destination for many sailors and our offer of over 4500 sailboats, catamarans, motorboats, luxury yachts, mini cruisers, gulets and dinghies can meet the most demanding ...

  15. Croatia Sailing Holidays

    Speak directly to your specialist Croatia sailing holidays yacht charter advisor on + 44 (0) 2381 120 182 or email [email protected] and leave the rest to us; we will help you to plan and book your perfect Croatia yacht charter holiday.

  16. Yacht Charter

    Croatia Charter Holidays / Acantho d.o.o. provides perfect sailing or motor boat, catamaran, gulet, villa with pool or hotel accommodation in Croatia. Motor boats. ... Super Yachts Croatia! Luxury yacht rental is a guarantee for the true style, ultimate luxury and unprecedented comfort!

  17. Crewed yacht charter in Croatia

    A memorable sailing holiday. Discover the picturesque coastlines and unspoilt islands of Croatia with your family and friends on a crewed private yacht charter. With the freedom to explore the Adriatic independently, you have the flexibility to create your own itinerary with your skipper. Sail to a secluded island or a favourite restaurant.

  18. Yacht Charter Croatia

    Sailboats, catamarans, motor yachts and gulets can be rented for a week, two weeks or longer, depending on the needs of client. Booking process itself is straightforward, with help of our experts we will make your holidays completely stress-free. Yacht rental in Croatia offers a variety of options, from bareboat charters for experienced sailors ...

  19. Yacht Charter Holidays

    Sebastus offers luxury yacht charter holidays throughout Croatia, Greece, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean. Charter a yacht for your next vacation! ... Gift your loved ones the ultimate yacht charter holiday - designed to enthrall all senses by people whose singular passion is sailing! Moments . Travelers experience.

  20. Yacht Charter Holidays sailing in Croatia

    32 metre three-masted motor sailing gulet. Clapotis-Mer yacht cruising specialist offers this fully equipped and crewed three- masted motor sailing gulet available now for yacht charter holidays in Croatia's most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea. Depart from Split or Trogir and visit the Dalmatian islands off the northern and the central ...

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    Rent a gulet in Croatia. Charter a luxury yacht in Croatia. Chartering a luxury yacht is one of the most requested boats on a sailing holiday in Croatia. As previously mentioned, chartering a catamaran is one of the most popular luxury yachts people go for when renting a boat in this part of the Mediterranean. Charter a luxury yacht in Croatia

  22. Yacht Charter Croatia

    Croatia Holidays Charter is a yacht charter company that provides assistance in planning sailing holidays in Croatia, one of the most exciting and popular yacht charter destinations in the world. Whether you seek private luxury yacht for charter, gulet cruise, cabin charter, a catamaran charter or a sailboat rental for your upcoming cruise ...

  23. Croatia Yacht Charter

    As an alternative, Crewed or Skippered Yacht Charter in Croatia provides you with a nice vacation on board and relaxing cruising holiday through the Adriatic. There is a myriad of bays and archipelagoes with numerous small islands. 48 of those are permanently inhabited and most of them host a charming medieval town.

  24. Destination Croatia with n+1 and XMOTION

    This performing sailing yacht is perfect for a summer holiday in Croatia. Her skilled crew of 4 will take great care of every detail to make the stay on board memorable. Cosiness, luxury and stable sailing will provide great moments on the sea for the guests. ... Sunreef Yachts Charter is a member of the Sunreef Group. a member of MYBA. Follow ...

  25. Must-Visit Places in a 5-day Yacht Charter Croatia

    Here are some popular options for a 5-day yacht charter trip in and around Croatia. The Adriatic Sea trip One of the most famous and well-known yacht trips in Croatia is the visit to the Adriatic Sea.

  26. How to Charter a Boat

    Often, charter trips are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that require a great deal of advanced planning. "You may have a specific place you want to go, or a specific time of year you want to ...