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gemini 30 catamaran

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gemini 30 catamaran

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Gemini 31/3000

Long america's only production cruising multihull, this boat has many fans..

Tony Smith sure knows how to make the most of a good thing. The British multihull lover has gotten more mileage out of one design than any boatbuilder we know. And why not? With more than 200 Geminis built to date, and interest building, why switch?

Gemini 31/3000 sailboat

In 1972 Smith designed and developed the 26-foot folding trimaran Telstar in England. He brought the molds to the U.S. and built 350 of them before a devestating fire destroyed the molds in 1981. Desperate to resurrect his business, he grabbed some old catamaran molds he had—the Aristocat—changed the name and that same year launched the first Gemini 31.

Three years and 27 boats later, he retooled to produce the Gemini 3000, which is essentially the same boat, but longer. Today, yet another incarnation of that first design—the Gemini 3200—continues to sell well.

Several years ago, Smith planned to introduce a larger 37-foot version, but the cost was much higher and despite building one boat, he changed his mind. The multihull business in this country has been slow to take off. And as even the established monohull builders like Pearson and C & C have found out, there ain’t much room for error. Instead, Smith has refined the Gemini much like the Volkswagen Beetle. By listening to owners’ comments, and by incorporating his own evolving ideas, the boat has changed a good deal, though one would be hard pressed to distinguish, at a glance, between a 1984 Gemini and a 1992 model.

The funny thing about the Gemini is that it’s an old design. Ken Shaw drew the lines in 1969. There’s nothing particularly contemporary about it. However, by painting the cabin sides black (Euro styling), adding a swept-back fiberglass “pilothouse” and gradually adding length to the full-bodied hulls, the Gemini has always looked like she belonged with her contemporaries, whether that was the 1980s or 1990s.

The most important thing to remember when evaluating this design is that the Gemini is essentially used as a 30-foot live-aboard, cruising catamaran. While faster than most monohulls of equal length, it has no pretense of being a racer. How could it be with such a spacious interior? Further, many of Smith’s customers are older folks who are tired of heeling, don’t have $200,000 to spend, and don’t plan to circumnavigate. In fact, most Geminis we’ve seen are happily puttering up and down the Intracoastal Waterway along the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf Coast. It’s perfect for that.

Summing up the design gets a little dicey when offshore work is discussed. The Gemini’s liabilities here are several. Because of the substantial accommodations built on the bridge, which necessitates lowering it for headroom, and the solid bridge forward (as opposed to netting), it’s a bit heavy. Smith says that if loaded for extended cruising, there is not a lot of clearance between the bottom of the bridge and the surface of the water, and it will pound going to weather in choppy seas. Sailed light, the Gemini will do quite nicely and be much more comfortable.

The performance of full bridgedeck cats, such as the Gemini, also suffer a bit from the extra weight and windage. Smith, a racer at heart, admits that if he had his druthers he’d build an open bridge forward, but for his cruising clientele, the full bridge makes more sense.

Nevertheless, Geminis have, according to Smith, crossed the Atlantic, cruised the South Pacific and Caribbean.

Having spent a week cruising the Chesapeake Bay aboard a Gemini 31, we found the boat extremely comfortable and fun to sail. With a large queen-size stateroom forward and double staterooms aft in each hull, there’s room for Mom and Dad, Junior and Sis, each in their own private cabins.

Gemini 31/3000

Speed reaching and sailing upwind was about 50 percent faster than what we could do in our 33-foot Pearson Vanguard. We hit double digits just once. But sailing in moderate winds we’d make eight and nine knots when our Pearson would do five and six. Three or four knots may not seem like a lot, but for sailboats on an all-day passage, the difference cuts hours off sailing time.

Best of all, it’s level sailing. This makes for very restful cruising.

Punching to windward in a chop, we did buck a bit, and the quicker motion of a multi takes some getting used to. All in all, we came away impressed with its space and performance.


The key to high-performance multihull construction is lightness and strength. The rapid evolution of composite building techniques now makes possible the use of lightweight core materials, specialized fibers such as Kevlar, and strong resins that in combination yield a panel that is much lighter and stiffer than solid fiberglass or fiberglass with just “traditional” core materials such as end-grain balsa and PVC foam. Vacuum bagging helps assure uniform bonding of all the “parts.” Naturally, such construction is costly.

Construction of the Gemini, which is marketed as a comfortable, low-priced cruising catamaran rather than a spartan high-tech racing machine, is quite conventional. The hull is built of solid fiberglass—mat and woven roving. The deck is cored with balsa for stiffness. The new Gemini 3200 incorporates a layer of vinylester resin as a blister barrier. Twenty percent of the owners of older models responding to our survey reported “some” blistering—a below average incidence.

The centerboard trunks were laid up separately in the early boats, but Smith said it was difficult getting good tolerances for the centerboards to fit right. Now the trunks are part of the hull mold and the slot is a guaranteed two inches and the polyurethane-coated plywood centerboards 1-7/8″.

Obviously, to keep weight light, a multihull builder isn’t going to use any unnecessary laminations. Consequently, many multihulls feel flimsy compared to monohulls. One Gemini owner said, “The strength is a little lower than I would have liked, but it helps hold the cost down.” And, we might, add, the weight that is so important to multihull performance. The rock steady feel of thick decks is somewhat at odds with the requirements of multihull design and construction.

A frequent complaint of Gemini owners is gelcoat flaws. “Gelcoat has many voids,” wrote one owner. “Some gelcoat yellowing and crazing,” said another. The interior woodwork is acceptable to some owners, and not to others. “Woodwork finish is inept,” said one owner. “Finish work is my biggest complaint,” said the owner of a 1985 model.

Smith admits that leaky windows were a problem in early boats. The design has since been changed, including the use of Lexan in place of Plexiglas, and a new system to bed the large panels allows for thicker beads of sealant to absorb the expansion and contraction of the windows.

Most owners, however, seemed to feel that these are minor problems they’re willing to live with. They rate construction lower than other attributes of the boat, but overall still are satisfied with their choice of the Gemini. We’d like to see a bit more glass in the Gemini, or the use of a core for stiffness and strength, though we acknowledge it would increase the price.


Besides accomodation space and low heel angles, speed is a major factor in choosing a multihull. Only one owner expressed disappointment in his Gemini’s maximum speed attainable. True, it won’t hit those 15- to 20-knot speeds possible in more performance-oriented cats and tris. Nearly all owners, however, remarked on the Gemini’s good light-air performance. And, as we found during our week’s cruise of the Chesapeake Bay, the boat is definitely faster than a cruising monohull of equivalent size.

A key to performance in any multihull is keeping weight down. Unfortunately, many owners overload their boats and this has a direct effect on speed and pointing ability. It’s a problem with no easy answers for live-aboards and long-term cruisers: Either buy a boat with longer hulls and hence greater payload capacity, or live with sub-par performance.

A significant feature of the Gemini is its centerboards, which improve pointing and tacking considerably. Many production catamarans today have fin keels on each hull. The thought here is that the problems inherent with centerboards (broken pennants, jammed boards in the trunk) are eliminated, while acceptable upwind sailing characteristics are retained. This may be true, but there seems no denying that centerboards improve overall performance. Further, the fins add to wetted surface, which increases drag and adversely affect maneuverability.

It is interesting that author Bernard Perret wrote in the October 1990 issue of Cruising World regarding his search for a cruising cat: “We focused in on exactly what we wanted: two sideboards to help us tack more efficiently against the wind and to maintain a shallow draft…”

Having ourselves sailed on production cats without centerboards that were dogs to windward (close reaching was virtually impossible, leaving motorsailing the only option), we consider daggerboards or centerboards an important criteria in selecting a catamaran. Perret said he tacks his French-built 36-foot Naviplane through 115 degrees true, but that’s nothing to write home about. We’re sure he could do better if he wasn’t loaded down with cruising gear for five. Under optimal conditions, Smith says the Gemini can tack through 80 degrees. Burdened with bicycles, computers, three anchors, a library, and food for six months, that number is sure to increase.

A number of owners noted the boat’s lack of directional stability (because there’s not a lot of boat underwater). But they also acknowledged that it is very easy to steer, and that with the lee board down, it balances nicely.

The wide sheeting angle of the early boats made the genoa inefficient upwind. Smith says this has been improved, by means of lengthening the track, in the Gemini 3200.

Gemini 31/3000

Under power, the Gemini performs well. The outboard turns with the rudders for assistance in close quarters—most multihulls need it. And it retracts for sailing. The arrangement has been modified several times over the years.

The current Gemini 3200 comes equipped with a 40-hp. Tohatsu. Some 31 owners felt more power was needed. The results of our recent Reader Survey didn’t rate Tohatsus very highly, but Smith says a 25-inch shaft is very important for maximum performance.

The Mercury 35, standard on Gemini 31s and 3000s, is no longer made. The Tohatsu, he said, is the only engine in that power range available with a 25-inch shaft. In any case, motoring the Gemini at decent speeds, and in comfort, is certainly possible, though punching into head seas isn’t its cup of tea—multis are too light and their motors often too weak to grind out the miles like a heavy, diesel-powered monohull.

Twin Yanmar and Volvo diesels were available, but at such an increase in cost, few buyers would consider them. We’d take the outboard for cost savings, clean interiors, and ease of repair and maintenance. So what if it’s a little noisier? You’ll motor less with a catamaran than your old monohull anyway.


There are numerous appeals to the cruising cat—the large foredeck, large cockpit and the possibility of three or more private sleeping cabins. The Gemini has all three.

The full bridge means there is no netting between the hulls as seen on many cats. This adds weight, but does help deflect waves. From a particularly hedonistic point of view, the netting is best for lying on face down, watching the water fly by. On the other hand, footing is precarious. The full bridge makes anchor handling easier and provides for possibly a little extra stowage space.

The Gemini’s cockpit is large enough to walk around in, with good footing and stowage. Bulkhead wheel steering is convenient whether standing under the so-called pilothouse (added after hull #10), or sitting either on the bench seat or coaming top.

There is not standing headroom in the saloon forward of the 6′ 2″ pilothouse, but this isn’t a major item. Several interior plans have been offered over the years. The one we chartered had a 64″ x 75″ double berth forward in the starboard sector. The view from the bunk looking through the forward windows is stunning! The head with shower was in the port bow and aft, in each hull, was a quarter cabin. The 48″ x 75″ bunks in these weren’t quite as wide as a couple might like, but tolerable, and certainly more than big enough for kids. The nav station was amidships to port and the galley in the starboard hull, with 6′ 3″ headroom. Headroom forward is 6′ 0″ .

An interesting dilemma of outboard-powered boats is the question of generating power for live-aboard conveniences. Outboard engines aren’t able to generate the amps necessary to run a lot of hungry electrical appliances. To combat the problem, Smith has elected to use RV-type propane/12-volt/110-volt refrigerators. These are well suited to multihulls because they work most efficiently when level. LPG, of course, will be the usual energy source for these units, though at the dock shorepower works well. We sailed with a Dometic three-way refrigerator for several years and found them too poorly insulated for 12-volt service.

An instantaneous gas-fired water heater services the Gemini’s shower, which again eliminates the need for electricity.

About the only appliances that must then be accounted for are cabin lights, fans, stereo and pumps. This can be handled by several good quality batteries, though some owners note the need for alternate energy sources. Solar panels, in our experience, can help a great deal, but several fairly large ones will be needed. They are difficult to place where shadows won’t limit performance, and where they aren’t likely to be stepped on. Plus, their life expectancy is depressingly brief—several years in our experience. A better bet, for many cruisers, will be a pole-mounted wind generator capable of producing, say, six to seven amps in 15 to 18 knots of wind.

The Gemini 31 is a comfortable coastal cruiser that benefits from its builder’s undying devotion. The quality of workmanship isn’t what you’ll find in more expensive monohulls or multihulls, but this is also one of the few cruising multihulls that’s affordable to buyers in the $50,000 to $80,000 range—used or new.


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gemini 30 catamaran

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gemini 30 catamaran

GEMINI 3000: A Very Affordable Cruising Cat

' src=

The Gemini, the first production cruising catamaran ever built in the United States, was born from the ashes of a terrible fire that in 1981 destroyed the molds for the successful Telstar 26 folding trimaran that multihull enthusiast Tony Smith had just brought over from Great Britain. Eager to save his new Maryland-based business, Performance Cruising, Smith immediately started building catamarans instead, using molds for an old British cruiser, the Aristocat, designed by Ken Shaw back in 1970.

The original Gemini 31, appropriately named the Phoenix, was rebranded with minor changes as the Gemini 3000 after the first 28 hulls were launched. In all, 153 of these boats (including the first 28) were built from 1981 to 1990, when the 3000 was discontinued and replaced by the Gemini 3200. All subsequent Gemini models built by Performance Cruising, including the 3200, the 3400, and two 105 models, though they grew slightly, have the same basic hull and deck form and interior layout as the first. A total of nearly 1,000 Geminis have been launched over the past quarter century, making them the most popular American-built cruising cats to date.

Though the Gemini design concept is archaic by today’s standards, it still works well for contemporary cruisers who want a great deal of living space in a small inexpensive sailboat. As catamarans go, all Geminis are quite narrow, just 14 feet across, which means they can fit into most standard marina berths. In spite of the narrow beam, there is still enough room inside for a queen-size double berth forward in the master stateroom between the hulls, plus two small doubles in separate guest staterooms at the back of each hull, as well as a small but serviceable raised saloon with two settees and a table that can collapse to form yet another double berth.

A modest but useful main saloon

The galley is down in the starboard hull

One of two aft double berths

What this adds up to, in the case of the Gemini 3000, is a 30-foot boat with standing headroom that can honestly sleep four couples in a pinch, or three couples quite comfortably in private cabins, or a couple with several small children (or two older children who demand some space of their own). Throw in a good-sized galley, a roomy head with a shower, a nice long nav desk, plus a large comfortable cockpit, and you have a veritable poor man’s cruising palace.

When it comes to performance Geminis are a mixed bag. They have a solid bridgedeck stretching the entire length of the boat from the stern to the bow, plus the bridgedeck is fairly close to the water, and this inevitably hampers a catamaran’s performance to some degree. The boats will pound and hobbyhorse a bit sailing into a chop, especially when overloaded. On the other hand, Geminis do have relatively deep pivoting centerboards to provide directional stability and lift underwater, rather than the inefficient shoal keels found on most dedicated cruising cats. In flat water a Gemini with its lee centerboard down could be rather closewinded for a boat of its type. On the Gemini 3000s, unfortunately, the genoa track is outboard and the wide sheeting angle makes it hard to take advantage of this potential. On later models the track was moved inboard to the coachroof.

Example of a Gemini 105Mc, the last Gemini built by Performance Cruising

Because their centerboards can be raised and wetted surface area thus reduced when desired, all Geminis are reasonably fast off the wind compared to others of their ilk, particularly if you hoist a spinnaker. Unlike most modern cats, however, they have conventional rigs with backstays, and cannot fly a large main with a fat roach. Still, as long as they are not overloaded (an important proviso aboard any multihull), Geminis do surprisingly well in light air and can generally outsail most monohulls in their size range. They also have retractable rudders housed in stainless-steel cassettes, which allows them to take full advantage of their boards-up shoal draft when venturing into thin water.

Construction quality is mediocre at best, and though a few bold souls have taken Geminis offshore, the boats are best suited to coastal cruising. The entire hull (that is, both hulls plus the underside of the full-length bridgedeck) is formed in a single mold and is laid up as a solid fiberglass laminate of mat and woven roving. In the Gemini 3000 hulls polyester resin was used, and according to one consumer survey conducted back in the 1980s about 20 percent of owners reported some blistering. All subsequent models were built with an exterior layer of vinylester to prevent this.

The deck, also formed in a single mold, is cored with balsa in all horizontal areas and is through-bolted to the hull on a flange. To save weight neither the deck nor hull laminate are terribly thick and this, combined with the free-floating bulkheads inside the hull, makes for a somewhat flexible structure. Flexing in older Gemini 3000s often leads to some crazing and spider cracking in the exterior gelcoat. This problem is usually only cosmetic, but more severe stress cracking may indicate delamination in some areas and should be carefully checked. Older Gemini 3000s may also have problems with leaky Plexiglas windows. These were later changed to Lexan, which works better in windows of this size. Other problems to look for include corroding steering cables and undersized deck hardware.

Outboard installation on an older Gemini

Though optional inboard diesel engines were available, almost all Gemini 3000s are powered instead by a single long-shaft outboard engine mounted in the middle of the transom. The outboard turns with the rudder cassettes, which greatly improves close-quarters handling under power, and can be raised when sailing to reduce drag. When the boat was in production outboard-powered 3000s were delivered with either 35 or 40 hp motors, but many boats currently are driven by 25 hp motors. Reportedly even a 10 hp motor can drive the hull along at 5 knots or better.

Because alternators on outboard engines cannot generate much electricity, most Gemini 3000s have propane-fueled water heaters and refrigerators. The refrigerators can also run on 110-volt AC power when plugged in at a dock. All other DC electrical loads for lights, pumps, electronics, etc., must be kept at a minimum, or generation capacity must be augmented with solar panels and/or a wind generator. In most cases owners prefer to cope with the undersized DC system by keeping other systems as simple as possible.

The latest iteration, the Gemini Legacy 35, under sail

The cockpit on a Legacy 35. With no backstay and the main traveler on the targa roof, the cockpit is considerably more open

If you are attracted to Geminis but are keen on buying a new boat, you’ll be glad to hear that Marlow Hunter (formerly Hunter Marine) has taken over production and has significantly modernized the design. The Gemini Legacy 35 , as it is called, is more of a mainstream cruising cat, with twin diesel engines, a diamond-stayed rig with a square-top mainsail, and fixed keels instead of centerboards. Build quality and the cockpit layout have also been improved. With a base price of $175K, the Legacy is considerably more expensive than a used Gemini, but is still significantly less expensive than most other new cruising cats.


LOA: 30’6″

LWL: 27’7″

Beam: 14’0″

-Boards down: 4’9″

-Boards up: 1’9″

Displacement: 7,000 lbs.

-100% foretriangle: 425 sq.ft.

-With spinnaker: 675 sq.ft.

Fuel: 20-40 gal.

Water: 60 gal.

D/L ratio: 149

-100% foretriangle: 18.55

-With spinnaker: 29.46

Nominal hull speed: 9.1 knots

Typical asking prices: $35-65K

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CATANA 58: A Luxury Cruising Cat With Speed Potential

Boreal sailing

BOREAL 44/47: A Bulletproof Aluminum Centerboard Cruiser for High and Low Latitudes

' src=

Dear All, thank you for the interesting report. Got an offer for a Cat Gemini 3000 30″, built in 1986. Need additionale the High, Length Dimension of the Mast and High from mast top until Waterline for for planning riding under bridges, as well as compl. technical data if possible Thank you so much. Best regards. Rolf Viehöver Satellite Beach, Fl . April, 8 th 2016.

' src=

80’0 Gemini wanted

' src=

Seriously? You want to find an 80-foot Gemini??? No such animal, I’m afraid.

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gemini 30 catamaran

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1986 Gemini 3000 Catamaran (30')

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  • Sailboat Guide

1983 Performance Cruising Gemini 30

  • Description

Seller's Description

The best Florida and Bahamas boat. 18 INCH DRAFT

Main cabin forward port, head aft port, work area, storage, charts port hull

Send cabin starboard forward, galley starboard hull, quarter berth starboard aft

Large U shaped settee in center

Hard top Bimini and enclosed hard dodger. Very comfortable and dry.

Sunbrella covers on hatches and dodger

Nice comfy boat

Interior needs some love. Headliner has been removed, stove has also been removed.

Front cabin windows have been deleted in preparation for installing opening hatches

Side cabin windows have been replaced and properly bedded

Hull in excellent condition, above water line could use paint.

Equipment: Solar panels on hard Bimini VHF, depth sounder, auto helm,

Rig and Sails

Auxilary power, accomodations, calculations.

The theoretical maximum speed that a displacement hull can move efficiently through the water is determined by it's waterline length and displacement. It may be unable to reach this speed if the boat is underpowered or heavily loaded, though it may exceed this speed given enough power. Read more.

Classic hull speed formula:

Hull Speed = 1.34 x √LWL

Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio .311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL

Sail Area / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the power of the sails relative to the weight of the boat. The higher the number, the higher the performance, but the harder the boat will be to handle. This ratio is a "non-dimensional" value that facilitates comparisons between boats of different types and sizes. Read more.

SA/D = SA ÷ (D ÷ 64) 2/3

  • SA : Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay).
  • D : Displacement in pounds.

Ballast / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the stability of a boat's hull that suggests how well a monohull will stand up to its sails. The ballast displacement ratio indicates how much of the weight of a boat is placed for maximum stability against capsizing and is an indicator of stiffness and resistance to capsize.

Ballast / Displacement * 100

Displacement / Length Ratio

A measure of the weight of the boat relative to it's length at the waterline. The higher a boat’s D/L ratio, the more easily it will carry a load and the more comfortable its motion will be. The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more.

D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds.
  • LWL: Waterline length in feet

Comfort Ratio

This ratio assess how quickly and abruptly a boat’s hull reacts to waves in a significant seaway, these being the elements of a boat’s motion most likely to cause seasickness. Read more.

Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam 1.33 )

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds
  • LOA: Length overall in feet
  • Beam: Width of boat at the widest point in feet

Capsize Screening Formula

This formula attempts to indicate whether a given boat might be too wide and light to readily right itself after being overturned in extreme conditions. Read more.

CSV = Beam ÷ ³√(D / 64)

The GEMINI 31 was the first of Gemini series of cruising catamarans that became the best selling boat of its type being built in the United States. Loosely Based on the earlier ARISTOCAT 30, designed by Musters and Shaw, the 31 was superseded by the very similar Gemini 3000, which remained in production until 1990, when it was in its turn replaced by the slightly longer Gemini 3200.

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Brand: Gemini

gemini 30 catamaran

Jump to Gemini Catamarans For Sale

Gemini was founded by Tony Smith and his wife, Sue. Tony’s concept was for a cruising catamaran that would appeal to the masses both in price and function and he achieved exactly that. Between 1980 and 1996 Performance Cruising, the parent company of Gemini, produced over 500 Geminis with 4 different ‘models’. First came the 3100, followed by the 3000, the 3200 and finally the 3400. These boats were all from the same hull and deck molds but with various interior, engine and structural modifications. Construction is conventional with a solid lay-up of fiberglass mat, woven roving and polyester resin used for the hull. The decks are cored with end grain balsa for stiffness. Beginning with the Gemini 3200, a layer of vinylester resin was incorporated in the lay-up schedule of the hull in order to help prevent osmotic blistering.

In 1995, Tony designed a brand new Gemini, the 105M. Built from the ground up and designed using the latest computer modeling programs, the Gemini 105M was tremendously popular with a huge number of hulls built. Beautifully shaped hulls, a sleek deck with a full pilot-house extending all the way to the back of the cockpit.

The Great Recession pushed the company to insolvency and their primary dealer, the Catamaran Company purchased the Performance Cruising’s assets in 2009. They decided to move production to a contract basis with Hunter at their factory in Alachua, Florida producing a new version of the 105M called the Legacy 35. The Legacy 35 was redesigned by Marlow Hunter in consultation with Tony Smith. Changes include fixed keels and twin inboard diesels instead of the central Sillette drive leg. In 2014, they switched production again to Catalina Yachts in Largo, Florida. Current production is a variety of quirky power and sail models in the 35 to 40 foot range.

gemini 30 catamaran

Gemini 105MC (Greece)

Gemini 105MC

S/V Gem is a 2006 Gemini 105MC catamaran, for sale by owner. This is a one of a kind Gemini 105mc, perfectly rigged for single/short hand sailing with furling screecher sail (self tacking), furling genoa, AND furling inmast mainsail! Sparcraft mast, boom and standing rigging installed in 2015, along with a new Yanmar 30hp inboard engine with low running hours (+-1400h).

All systems have been maintained meticulously, and ongoing cosmetic maintenance is currently being carried out (interior teak, gelcoat polishing etc). We have not spared any expense since we’ve owned her. We had a survey carried out last year and no serious issues were found. Small finding have been sorted out since the survey (small sail repair, new genoa line, service of liferaft and fire fighting equipment). All up to date!

Included in the sale is a berth at the beautiful Preveza Marina, Greece. It is valid from date of listing until July 2024. Preveza is a wonderful town at the door of the Ionian Islands. Great staff and amazing facilities. A huge benefit to any prospective buyer who wishes to sail Western Greece and further into the Med! This is providing the marina is in agreement at the time of sale, but there should be no issue.

Gemini 105M (Florida)

Gemini 105M

S/V Aireze is a Florida based 1999 Gemini 105M catamaran for sale by owner.  The Gemini 105 was designed to be affordable, compact, relatively easy vessels for sailors new to catamarans.  It is one of the most popular catamaran designs ever built with over 1,200 hulls constructed.

I have owned her since 2016 and maintained her on a regular basis with lots of current updated equipment including new autopilot, electric winch, electric head, 12V refrigeration, standing rigging, and much more in the full equipment list. She has a 2005 Westerbeke engine and new saildrive 2017.

Aireze is an awesome boat, easy to sail with lots of room to enterain your friends.  Aireze has been in the following boat parades: Boca Raton, Pompano Beach and this year for the first time proud to be in the Winterfest in Ft. Lauderdale. Please click on the link for full information and photos.

gemini 30 catamaran

8 Best Catamarans That Are 30 Feet or Less

gemini 30 catamaran

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We may also earn commissions if you purchase products from other retailers after clicking on a link from our site.

Large-sized catamarans are appealing due to their ample spacing and comfort. Therefore, a cruising family or couple looking to buy a boat is more likely to go for one of these. But are there small cruising catamarans that provide the performance, comfort, and amenities found in larger boats?  

The best catamarans under 30 feet (9.14 m) include the TomCat 6.2, Cadillac 27and 30, Gemini 30, Endeavour 30, and Maine Cat. These time-tested cruising cats are easy to handle, premium built, and are great for daytime sailing, overnight trips, and some even suitable for long-range sea passages. 

In this article, you’ll find a list of the best cruising catamarans below 30 feet (9.14 m). Keep reading to discover which catamarans make this list, what they have to offer, their pros and cons, and how much they cost.

If you are unsure whether or not 30ft is too small for your needs, then I suggest you check out another article I wrote named Best Size Catamaran , it will discuss why length matters and how it affects safety.

Unlike most catamarans designed for racing purposes, the TomCat 6.2 is a medium-sized cat that’s well-suited to daytime cruising. It boasts high-quality construction, vacuum-bagged hulls, and a plywood-reinforced deck.

This 20 footer (6.09 m) comes with an 11-foot (3.35 m) beam and not only offers you safety and comfort but performance and versatility as well. 

This boat has a centrally placed outboard engine and two rudders that allow it to turn quickly and maneuver confidently into and out of marina slips. The 9.9 hp outboard propels it to speeds of around 8 knots (9.21 mph or 14.8 kph), though the boat has the potential to move faster if desired.

This simpler type of cat (just one engine as an example) also allows for cheaper and easier maintenance. Maintenance costs are something most people underestimate when getting a cat, if you want to get some real numbers from actual sailors then I suggest you read this article (How much does it cost to maintain a cat).

The boat sails with minimal heeling, comfortably accommodate 6-8 people, and you can sail it single-handed or take a crew. 

High and narrow hulls bearing arched bottoms allow for a low wetted surface. The hull design provides low resistance and a great deal of reserved buoyancy and also enables you to drive through closely spaced waves.

On most 20-footers (6.1 m), driving through waves generates a smooth but wet ride, but with the TomCat’s enclosed deck (link to parts names explained here ), you are safe and protected behind a windshield and the high bulwark.

The TomCat makes an excellent cruiser because it performs impressively well both under sail and power. It combines the performance of a modern sailing cat with the comfort, style, and convenience of a powerboat. It’s also trailerable since you can detach the hulls from the deck , winch up the deck on a trailer, and slide the hulls underneath.

But the best part is that it’s easy on the pocket, with the price ranging between $36,750 and $44,580 .

gemini 30 catamaran

Catalac 30 (9M)

The Catalac brand consists of strongly built vessels that sport thick hulls, glass windows, narrow beams, and vertical transoms . Catalac 30 was the first vessel in this popular British cruising line designed by Tom Lack in the late 60s. The boat’s appeal was attributed to its safety, ample spacing, well-built interior, and load-carrying abilities.

These characteristics are extremely important on a safe catamaran, overloading your cat makes it sit lower in the water, increases drag, reduces handling and speed, there is stuff you should know about this (so that you can make an educated buy). I have created an article where I try to explain the basics of a safe cat ( link here )

Sporting 5 berths, a massive galley, plus a cockpit with a sheltered steering position, the 30-foot (9.1 m) Catalac makes an excellent floating home for a cruising family. It sails exceptionally well, doesn’t heel ( heeling explained here ), and delivers a reasonable motor-sailer level of performance.

Furthermore, the hulls provide adequate headroom, allowing those on board to move around comfortably, and there’s enough space on the deck for sunbathing. 

gemini 30 catamaran

The Catalac’s structure features solid fiberglass, chined hulls, and a staggered sheerline that allows easy aft access. With a modest rig that’s easy to handle, the Catalac can deliver top speeds of up to 12-14 knots (13.81-16.11 mph / 22.22-25.9 kph) under sail.

Given that the boat’s design focuses more on comfort than speed, this is a spectacular performance.  

Catalac 9M requires a skilled hand when turning into the wind as it is prone to blowing sideways. This is because the boat lacks ballast (which helps in keeping momentum during a tack) but also centerboards ( explained here ).

Skills are always the most essential things to bring aboard and you can acquire them in many ways, my two favorite ways are through NauticEd courses (two free courses here ) or by reading books (my top 15 books here )

Back to the boat! This model came in two versions; the standard layout contained a 30-40hp outboard, while the second option had duo engines. The latter is easier to maneuver into a marina. 

gemini 30 catamaran

These cats retain their value pretty well. However, they might not be easy to come by since most owners find it challenging to get their hands on a larger boat with similar qualities and performance.

A Catalac 30 (9M) goes for between $33,000 and $55,000.

gemini 30 catamaran

Catalac 27 (8M)

The Catalac 27 8M is a pocket cruiser that boasts a strong reputation for high quality, durability, and strength. Besides, the boat’s design makes it somewhat suitable for bluewater sailing ( understand why the small size is an offshore problem).

Built like a battleship, the boat contains solid fiberglass hulls. Additionally, it comes with double engines, a large cockpit fitted with cushions all around, and features standing headroom in each hull.

gemini 30 catamaran

Like the Catalac 9M, this boat comes with two different layouts; a twin inboard diesel engine or an outboard engine. The twin-engine models can motor up to 1000 km (621 miles, read more on cat fuel consumption here ) without needing to refuel, while the 70 amps of charge plus water tanks (70 gallons / 265 liters) make these vessels remarkable coastal cruisers. 

Catalacs equipped with outboard engines sail faster since you can raise the engine during sailing and are also lighter. This helps to minimize drag . Catalac 8M sports a short but thick mast that helps make the boat stable. 

gemini 30 catamaran

Though small in size, this catamaran packs a lot of features in its small frame. It has a full-sized berth, a large galley that’s almost 8 feet (2.4 m) long, a quarter berth, head, and navigation station.

What’s more, the cockpit is as large as that of a 38 to 40-foot (11.5 to 12.1 m) cat.

Catalac 27 costs about $31,836.

gemini 30 catamaran

The Endeavour 30 

The Endeavour 30 catamaran is a boat characterized by stability, ample deck space, and a spacious interior. It boasts fast cruising speeds under both sail and power.

The boat has mini keels and rudders plus symmetrical hulls separated by a hydra-cell. The latter is a center section with a characteristic V-shape. 

The boat’s vacuum-bagged construction helps enhance strength and stiffness while reducing weight. Furthermore, the interior has a fiberglass mold, providing extra strength and rigidity. With sufficient breeze, this vessel can deliver reasonable off-the-wind and doable upwind speeds.

As such, you can expect to attain speeds of about ~10 knots (11.51 mph or 18.5 kph) on power reaches. Below is a video showing a panoramic tour of the Endeavour 30:

This vessel has the internal capacity of a 40-foot (12.1 m) monohull. And you can tell this from the unique layout merging the cabin and cockpit with wide doors to the numerous features packed into this 30-foot (9.14 m) vessel.

It has a spacious salon, an enormous galley, two queen berth staterooms with plenty of storage space, a head with separate showers, and a sizable U-shaped dinette. 

You can get this boat for under $50,000 .

gemini 30 catamaran

The Geminis by Tony Smith were the United States’s first production cruising cats. Today, these vessels remain the most appealing American-built cruising catamarans. Built between 1981 and 1990, the Gemini 30 does not have a contemporary design, but it works remarkably well for cruisers desiring generous living space in a small affordable sailboat.

At only 14 feet (4.2 m) across, Gemini cats are somewhat narrow. But this mean s they can easily fit into most of the regular marina berths.

Besides, the boats still contain enough interior space for a queen-size double berth and two smaller doubles housed in separate guest rooms.

There’s also a modest but serviceable saloon with duo settees and a collapsible table that can transform into an additional double berth.

gemini 30 catamaran

For the Gemini 30, this translates to a cruising cat with standing headroom that can comfortably accommodate 3 couples in private cabins or a family with small children. A good-sized galley, a spacious head with a shower, nav desk, and a large comfy cockpit make up the Gemini 30’s cruising palace.

Catamaran layout is highly personal and if you want to learn more about different characteristics then I suggest you read my article Designing the perfect catamaran layout ( Link )

While not that fast, the Gemini 30 will easily outsail the Endeavor 30 discussed above. Its daggerboards (which are explained in detail here ) can point well, and if you keep it light, it can do 7-8 knots (12.9-14.8 km/hr) under sail.

Besides, raising the daggerboards reduces the wetted surface area, and increases the speed downwind.

gemini 30 catamaran

The Gemini 30 tends to pound and hobbyhorse a little when sailing in choppy waters – particularly when overloaded (more on load carrying capabilities in this article ), but the deep pivoting daggerboards provide stability and lift underwater.

Furthermore, the Gemini’s retractable rudders enable it to venture into shallow waters.

This is a very popular cruising cat that’ll give you a lot of bang for your bucks.

You can find a Gemini for less than $65,000.

gemini 30 catamaran

Maine Cat 30 

The Maine Cat 30 combines premium quality construction materials with the most advanced building techniques to create a lightweight vessel capable of handling most offshore conditions. What’s more, this boat can remain trouble-free for years on end with little effort.

If you are in the market for a simple liveaboard cruiser that you can use for a short weekend getaway or a cruising voyage, this is it.

The boat has a sizable primary stateroom berth with ample overhead space and a dresser fitted with a hanging storage cabinet. The enormous head includes a toilet, sink, 20-gallon (75.71 L) holding tank, vanity, and a pressurized shower.

Covering the open bridgedeck is a permanent hardtop. This spacious bridgedeck can hold quite a crowd and comes with a convertible dinette that turns into an extra berth. If need be, you can even enclose the entire space using acrylic windows or screens. Gabo

gemini 30 catamaran

The 360-degree visibility from the cockpit allows the captain plus the crew a panoramic view, and all sail controls go back to the cockpit, which is very useful if wanting to sail single-handedly.

I believe that most boats should be set up in this way since sooner or later you might be in a situation where there is only one person to handle the controls, such as in an emergency. But more on that in another article ( Link ).

The Maine Cat 30 is a classic boat that delivers on high-performance multihull sailing. Designed to offer much better performance than catamarans bearing tall and heavy bridge decks, this cat weighs less and suffers less windage thanks to the acrylic windows.

The boat’s interior layout allows for easy cleaning as surfaces sport a smooth gel coat and satin-finished cherry trim. The solid but lightweight furniture bears the same Core-Cell foam core employed on the hull, deck, and hardtop. Plus, there’s ample storage for all your sailing equipment, cleaning supplies, and provisions.

A Maine Cat 30 can cost up to $110,000.

Heavenly Twins 27

The overall design of this well-equipped catamaran makes it a superb pocket cruiser.

Heavenly Twins 27 manages to fit not one but two coachroofs on hulls that are only 27 feet (8.20 m) long. Canoe sterns and a central cockpit separating the duo coachroofs form the boat’s other prominent features. 

Famous for their excellent build quality, medium-depth draft, and narrow beams, Heavenly Twins 27 appeals to a wide range of boating enthusiasts.

These include solo sailors, weekend sailors, cruising families, circumnavigators, beginner sailors, and experienced liveaboards such as this famous Youtube channel “Kittiwake”.

The vessels house double cabins in the hulls while the forward starboard contains the heads and, to port, the galley. You can easily access the bar from the well-protected cockpit while the Comfordesk accommodation converts into a double dock. 

A stoop through allows access from below-deck to the aft compartment without going through the cockpit. There’s ample storage space throughout the boat, plus you can section off the large stateroom into smaller double compartments if desired.

The price range for this boat is $ 20,098 to $24,193. (I believe that kittiwake is for sale too)

gemini 30 catamaran

The last cruising catamaran on my list is the Aquilon 26 . This French-built cruising vessel is light in weight and trailerable, which means you can disassemble it in a few hours or transport it as-is.

Designing a boat that is possible to disassemble usually means that it is structurally less strong, which by no means is a problem during coastal sailing but the Aquilon 26 is mostly attractive to sailors who prefer inland lake sailing. It’s also suitable for beginner sailors.

Although there are no real “beginner cats” there are specs to consider if you are a beginner with catamarans, most of them I have listed in another article ( here ). Gabo

This 26-footer (7.92 m) has the potential for good speed though its layout is anything but conventional- which forms part of its appeal.

The cockpit works as the saloon, and a full bimini protects the crew from lousy weather. The starboard hull contains a dinette and galley, and the port has a double berth stateroom. The windows are quite unusual, but they provide lots of light, remarkably enhancing interior visibility.

Aquilon 26 can deliver an average cruising speed of 10knots (11.51 mph or 18.5 kph).

On a beam reach, you can expect around 25 knots (28.77 mph or 46.3 kph) with an adequate breeze ( I have never sailed at 25knots but researching this boat supposedly it is possible).

You can get this boat for under $50,000.

What Makes Small Cruising Cats Attractive?

Small cruising cats are ideal for sailing along the coast. But that’s not all. Under capable hands, properly fitted smaller cats can also deliver spectacular offshore passages similar to their larger counterpart (Heres a list of full-sized bluewater cats).

They can operate over long cruise ranges, cross oceans , and circumnavigate the globe . Smaller cats are also suitable for day sailing, overnight trips, and coastal or inland voyages. 

For most sailors, comfort on board is crucial, so they’ll look for a vessel that guarantees a comfortable cruising experience. The good thing is that smaller vessels provide almost the same qualities and amenities that bigger vessels offer. Plus, you can do quite a bit with the available space, especially if it’s well laid out.  

You’ll find that most 30-footer (9.14 m) or more miniature cruising cats comprise a galley, head, bunks, navigation and entertainment electronics, and refrigeration.

Sailors usually talk about these benefits of smaller cats:

  • They’re less expensive. Large boats are costly to buy. They also cost more to hire, maintain, and dock. You can buy a small-sized boat at a much lower price, and parts tend to cost less too. Besides, you get to use smaller sails, winches, and lighter lines than those applicable on a larger boat. And since marine services such as moorings and haul-outs get billed via boat length, a smaller cat makes sailing more affordable.
  • They boast superior builds. Most cruising boats under 30 feet (9.14 m) feature designs that are 30+ years old. In those days, weather forecasts were hard to come by and not as accurate, so boat builders used hulls with thicker fiberglass than the type found in today’s builds. Furthermore, everything in the boat, including rigs, rudders, hulls, keels and decks, was designed to withstand strong winds and high waves. 
  • They have simpler systems. This means less time spent fixing and maintaining your boat. For instance, most small cruising cats often lack water-makers, hot water systems, or electric anchor windlasses. 
  • They’re easier to handle. Smaller cats are simpler to sail than larger cats. It’s also easier to sail one single-handed or with a small crew.

What is the largest cat on person can sail?

The Disadvantages of Smaller Cruising Cats

Below are some of the most discussed downsides of small cats:

  • They have limited living space, storage, and amenities.
  • Though they don’t heel much, they are less comfortable than larger boats since they get tossed around much more easily in big ocean swells.
  • It’s not easy to accommodate crew for extended periods; hence there are fewer hands to share work.
  • They are slower and take longer to get to their destination.

Though fewer are on the cruising trails than their larger counterparts, small catamarans make ideal cruisers because they are simple, seaworthy, and pocket-friendly.

When choosing the best cat for your needs, focus on quality rather than size. A well-planned 30-footer (9.14 m) is reliable and provides ample space for your accommodation, dining, and relaxation, plus a storage room for provisions and any spare parts you might need. 

And if you want even more info than I have presented to you in this article I would recommend a book from Serj, he makes it easy to understand why size matters and how to find a cat suited for your needs (amazon link )

Owner of CatamaranFreedom.com. A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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Used Sail Catamaran for Sale 1988 Gemini 3000

Gemini is a dream to sail; both easy and predictable with an impressive turn of speed. Performance comes from the power of a modern masthead rig on lightweight, unballasted and easily-driven hulls.  


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gemini 30 for sale

Performance Cruising 30 Gemini

Performance Cruising 30 Gemini

Performance cruising 30 gemini -.

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1985 Gemini 3000 in Moore Haven, FL

1985 Gemini 3000 in Moore Haven, FL

Gemini 3000.

A representative has not seen this boat in person. The information and pictures have been provided by the seller. We always recommend inspecting the boat for...

1985 Gemini 3000

1985 Gemini 3000

Stock #377248 This Gemini has recently been added to market (Nov 10th). Submit your offer today! Sailing catamaran with many renovations! Yamaha...

Gemini 3000 (sailboat) for sale

Gemini 3000 (sailboat) for sale

Gemini catamarans gemini 3000.

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1988 Performance Cruising 3000 Gemini

1988 Performance Cruising 3000 Gemini

Performance cruising 30 gemini.

Stock #366471 Reason for selling is "Currently not using". This Performance Cruising has now been on the market more than a month. Please submit your offer today!...

1987 Gemini 30 by Performance Craft Gemini 3000 sailboat for sale in Florida

1987 Gemini 30 by Performance Craft Gemini 3000 sailboat for sale in Florida

Gemini 30 Catamaran. Length: 30 ft / Beam: 14ft. This boat has a lot of undergoing upgrades, more than $15000...

1988 Performance Cruising Gemini 30 sailboat for sale in Maryland

1988 Performance Cruising Gemini 30 sailboat for sale in Maryland

Performance cruising gemini 30.

Contact David at FourOneZero-TwoSevenOne-FourNineSixFive Boat is located in SHADY SIDE, Maryland. Bimini Top. Mainsail Cover. Antifouling. Radio. Dock Lines....

1986 Performance Cruising Gemini 3000 sailboat for sale in New York

1986 Performance Cruising Gemini 3000 sailboat for sale in New York

Performance cruising gemini 3000.

1986 Gemini 3000 hull# 166 used as a canal boat for last 5 years but has all rig sails and equipment to sail again. 2017 25HP Suzuki,electric start,...

Performance Cruising 3000 Gemini (sailboat) for sale

Performance Cruising 3000 Gemini (sailboat) for sale

Performance cruising 3000 gemini.

- Stock #366471 - ***SALE PENDING*** Performance Cruising Gemini 30 powered by a 30HP Tohatsu Outboard, Solar Panel(s). 12V...

1983 Beneteau FIRST 30E Gemini | 30ft

1983 Beneteau FIRST 30E Gemini | 30ft

Beneteau first 30e.

The First 30E is a solid choice for those looking for a boat that can perform well in a variety of sailing conditions. Whether you're interested in cruising, racing,...

Gemini 8.2m 2C Survey 12 + 2 Crew, 1D 14 + 2

Gemini 8.2m 2C Survey 12 + 2 Crew, 1D 14 + 2

Check out this Gemini Rib in Commercial Survey for 14 pax + 2 Crew.With 2012 installed Yamaha 225, recently assessed by CJM Marine showing 1500...

1987 Performance Cruisng Gemini 3000 sailboat for sale in Florida

1987 Performance Cruisng Gemini 3000 sailboat for sale in Florida

Performance cruisng gemini 3000.

1987 Gemini 3000 Sailing Catamaran , 30 feet long 14 wide. fits in a standard slip. Older Boat in Good Condition ready to go, ...



Not specified zapcat.

Gemini Marine Zapcat. Hull in very good condition, outboard motor very low hours (less than 30 hours).Very fast, very stable. These...


Gemini 105MC

Gemini 105mc.

Berth Paid until July 2025! EU VAT Paid. Available Now.   Servicing works completed ahead of 2024 season - Gem is ready to go! This 2006 Gemini 105mc has been carefully looked after by her current owner's with no expense spared. She is well equipped and perfectly rigged for short-handed sailing with her self-tacking Screecher sail and in-mast furling main. Lifting centreboards and rudders allow her to explore shallow bays and her 4.27m beam means that she can moor in a standard slip where other catamarans cannot. Features include: Standing rigging and engine were both replaced in 20153x 115W Solar panels (2022/23)Lifting centreboard and kick-up rudders with 0.5m draft when liftedRunning rigging replaced 2022/23New Highfield tender (2023)Berth available in Preveza, Greece - paid until July 2025 Walkthrough Video and 2022 Survey available on request   Owner's Comments: Gem has been a great boat for us, but we plan to buy a larger monohull which we will sail abroad. We will surely miss the comfort and stable platform for living aboard that this amazing catamaran offers, not to mention the space. Fun and forgiving sailing for the newbies looking for their first boat, buyers looking to test the catamaran world, or the older couple, wanting no fuss sailing and comfort at anchorages!

Gemini 105MC (2001)

Gemini 105MC (2001)

Gemini 105mc gemini 105mc.

English 2001 105mc GeminiThis performance cruising catamaran is set up for efficiency and comfort. Designed by Tony Smith the Gemini's compact size...

Gemini 105 MC

Gemini 105 MC

Gemini 105 mc.

2013 Gemini Legacy Changing Channels | 35ft

2013 Gemini Legacy Changing Channels | 35ft

Gemini legacy.

Made in America since 1981, the Gemini Legacy has proven to be the most family friendly performance catamaran in the world. "CHANGING CHANNELS"...

1989 Performance Cruising Gemini 3000 sailboat for sale in California

1989 Performance Cruising Gemini 3000 sailboat for sale in California

It's 30 feet but has the interior space and speed of a 40 foot boat. An amazing flat sailing catamaran! The Gemini is a great design...

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1988 performance cruising gemini 30

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  1. Gemini 31/3000

    The most important thing to remember when evaluating this design is that the Gemini is essentially used as a 30-foot live-aboard, cruising catamaran. While faster than most monohulls of equal length, it has no pretense of being a racer. ... The Gemini 31 is a comfortable coastal cruiser that benefits from its builder's undying devotion. The ...

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    The Gemini, the first production cruising catamaran ever built in the United States, was born from the ashes of a terrible fire that in 1981 destroyed the molds for the successful Telstar 26 folding trimaran that multihull enthusiast Tony Smith had just brought over from Great Britain. ... Got an offer for a Cat Gemini 3000 30″, built in 1986 ...

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    Gemini boats for sale on YachtWorld are listed for a range of prices from $5,951 on the relatively more affordable end, with costs up to $247,061 for the more sophisticated, luxurious yachts. What Gemini model is the best? Some of the most widely-known Gemini models presently listed include: 105Mc, Legacy, 105 MC, 105M and 52.

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    The Gemini 30 however is "great weekender plus" says Matt and for the money, you won't find a better entry level catamaran for the newly inaugurated sailor looking for a used vessel. Thanks for reading and do well, have fun and sail far.

  5. 30' Gemini 30 by Performance Craft Gemini 3000

    Florida. $35,000. Description: Gemini 30 Catamaran. Length: 30 ft / Beam: 14ft. Equipment: This boat has a lot of undergoing upgrades, more than $15000 dollars invested on equipment, (proof of receipts available), fresh bottom paint , AC , GPS, VHF, battery charger, 15 amp charger converter, auto pilot. New dinette cushions, propane outside ...

  6. GEMINI 31/3000

    Notes. The GEMINI 31 was the first of Gemini series of cruising catamarans that became the best selling boat of its type being built in the United States. Loosely Based on the earlier ARISTOCAT 30, designed by Musters and Shaw, the 31 was superseded by the very similar Gemini 3000, which remained in production until 1990, when it was in its ...

  7. Gemini 3000 Catamarans For Sale By Owner

    The Gemini 3000 was a very popular series of cruising catamarans that became the best selling boat of its type being built in the United States. Launched in 1981 by Performance Cruising and remained in production until 1990. Preceded by the rare 3100 model which was patterned after a 1969 design by Ken Shaw. Attractively priced, economical to ...

  8. Catamaran Gemini 3000 boats for sale

    1989 Catamaran Gemini 3000. US$48,499. ↓ Price Drop. Poseidon Global Yachts | Islamorada, Florida. Request Info. <. 1. >. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price.

  9. 1986 Gemini 3000 Catamaran (30') yacht for sale

    9/11/06, 1986 Gemini 3000 Catamaran (30'), Ship and Sail, Houston, Texas, $48,500, price reduced 1/27/07 to $39,900, sold 3/1/07. The Gemini 3000 Catamaran is a well tested design that has proven itself by it's sailing characteristics, and cruising comfort. She is a hard vessel to come by in today's pre-owned market.

  10. Gemini 3000 Walk through

    Take a look at our new home a Gemini 3000. She's a 30 foot Catamaran and we named her Kai Mana which is Hawaiian for Ocean Power. She's a dream and perfect f...

  11. 1984 Gemini 3000 Catamaran

    Duke and Virginia tour a 1984 Gemini 3000 sailing catamaran with their boat broker, Captain Bob Hatala. This is most of the video footage taken during the in...

  12. Gemini Catamarans Home || www.geminicatamarans.com

    7Stay connected with Gemini Catamarans by subscribing to our newsletter. You'll receive important news, updates, and special offers right to your Inbox. Subscribe. Gemini Models . Gemini Freestyle 399 Power . Gemini Freestyle 37 . Gemini Legacy 35 . Gemini 105Mc Design Touch. Latest News. More News.

  13. Gemini Catamaran boats for sale in United States

    2003 Gemini 105Mc. US$99,500. California Yacht Company | Marina Del Rey, California. Request Info. <. 1. >. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price. Boats Group does not guarantee the accuracy of conversion rates and rates may differ than those provided by financial institutions at the time of ...

  14. Gemini Catamarans Home

    Gemini Legacy 35 Made in America since 1981, the Gemini Legacy has proven to be the most family-friendly performance cruising catamaran in the world. ... We are reimagining the design brilliance of the Freestyle 37 as a power catamaran. View Boat Details. Gemini Freestyle 37 The Gemini Freestyle 37 is a completely new concept in boat design and ...

  15. 1983 Performance Cruising Gemini 30

    Gemini 30. Main cabin forward port, head aft port, work area, storage, charts port hull. ... The GEMINI 31 was the first of Gemini series of cruising catamarans that became the best selling boat of its type being built in the United States. Loosely Based on the earlier ARISTOCAT 30, designed by Musters and Shaw, the 31 was superseded by the ...

  16. Gemini Catamarans For Sale By Owner

    Gemini 105MC (Greece) Price Reduced! 117.000 € (EUR) VAT Paid. S/V Gem is a Preveza, Greece based 2006 Gemini 105mc Catamaran For Sale by Owner. Photos & Details Contact Catamaran Owner. S/V Gem is a 2006 Gemini 105MC catamaran, for sale by owner. This is a one of a kind Gemini 105mc, perfectly rigged for single/short hand sailing with ...

  17. 8 Best Catamarans That Are 30 Feet or Less

    The best catamarans under 30 feet (9.14 m) include the TomCat 6.2, Cadillac 27and 30, Gemini 30, Endeavour 30, and Maine Cat. These time-tested cruising cats are easy to handle, premium built, and are great for daytime sailing, overnight trips, and some even suitable for long-range sea passages. In this article, you'll find a list of the best ...

  18. Our new boat! Gemini 30' catamaran

    About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright ...

  19. Gemini Catamarans Home || www.geminicatamarans.com

    Gemini is a dream to sail; both easy and predictable with an impressive turn of speed. Performance comes from the power of a modern masthead rig on lightweight, unballasted and easily-driven hulls. ... 30' 6" ( 9.3 m) Beam: 14' ( 4.27 m) No of Berths: 3: No of Cabins: 3: No of Heads: 1: APPROXIMATE CAPACITIES AND SPEEDS. Fuel Capacity ...

  20. Gemini 30 Boat For Sale

    Search gemini 30 prices - more than 73 listings - Beautiful 2004 Gemini 105 MC, Ready For Sailing Adventures This Gemini 105 MC is for sale in Punta Gorda, Florida. ... 1987 Gemini 3000 Sailing Catamaran , 30 feet long 14 wide. fits in a standard slip. Older Boat in Good Condition ready to go, ... Florida . $ 32.000 Detailed View. 9 Picture ...

  21. Gemini sailboats for sale by owner.

    34' Gemini Catamaran 105Mc Anacortes, Washington Asking $105,000. 17' Com-Pac Sun Cat 17 Burlington Ontario Canada Asking $25,000. 47' Beneteau Oceanis 46 Daytona Beach, Florida ... 30.9' Cat Ketch Corp Herreshoff 31 Brookhaven, New York Asking $22,000. 26' Thunderbird Oak Harbor, Washington Asking $3,500.

  22. Gemini boats for sale

    Gemini is popular for their Sail Catamarans, Center Console and Multi-Hull among other classes and models. Overall these available boats have a deeper draft and exceptionally wide beam, characteristics that make them favorable for a variety of commercial and recreational boating activities. Given their classic, crowd-pleasing status as a ...

  23. Endeavour Catamaran 30 boats for sale

    1992 Endeavour Catamaran 30. US$72,000. ↓ Price Drop. Murray Yacht Sales | Pensacola, Florida. Request Info. <. 1. >. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price.