Haunted Places in Park Hills, Missouri

haunted places in park hills mo

Lost History Museum

Valles mines, missouri.

This 1749 house museum is haunted, and travellers driving past claim to have seen the apparition of a soldier staring down into the street. Other activity reported here includes people being touched by unseen hands, and strange anomalies have shown up in photographs taken at the property. (Submitted by Callum ...

Caledonia Wine Cottage

Caledonia, missouri.

Since the place was renovated in 2006, many paranormal experiences have been reported. Folks have heard a friendly elderly voice saying hello, and there have been many reports of toddler-aged children waving at someone the adults can't see or playing with another child named Erica that doesn't seem to exist. ...

haunted places in park hills mo

Parlor Bed and Breakfast

Ironton, missouri.

This beautiful turreted 1908 house, in the 1960s briefly a funeral home and now an inn, is said to be home to many spirits. They ring the doorbells at all hours, turn clocks and radios on and off, and activate other electrical objects. They may speak to you or touch ...

Arcadia Academy

Arcadia, missouri.

This academy was originally built as a Methodist high school in 1840, and it was once used as a Civil War hospital. After that, it was a girls' Catholic school until it became a bed-and-breakfast and antique store. The nuns who used to run the school here are said to ...

Governor Thomas Fletcher House

Hillsboro, missouri.

The Governor Thomas Fletcher House was built in 1851 by Thomas C. Fletcher. Witnesses have reported that the place is haunted, citing a phantom smell of baking bread, a piano playing by itself, cold spots, feelings of being watched, and more.

Jacques Guibourd Historic House - Guibourd Valle House

Ste. genevieve, missouri.

Jacques Guibourd Historic House, aka Guibourd Valle House, is a 1784 Creole house museum and is rumored to be haunted. Witnesses have seen apparitions, heard footsteps in the servant's quarters, and have been awakened by banging, breaking glass, furniture being thrown and other sounds. The harpsichord has played by itself, ...

haunted places in park hills mo

Main Street Inn Bed and Breakfast

Open since 1882, this inn is said to be haunted by a man who died here back in the 1890s. Although he makes a lot of noise up on the top floor in the early morning hours, he is said to be completely harmless. The locals say all he wants ...

Morse Mill Hotel

Dittmer, missouri.

Built in 1816 as a farmhouse, the hotel had its heyday in the 1920s and '30s. Clara Bow, Charles Lindbergh, Jesse James and Al Capone are among the famous guests who stayed here, as well as serial killer Bertha Gifford, who killed many victims by poisoning with arsenic. Witnesses have reported ...

Woodlock Cemetery

Davisville, missouri.

The hilltop Woodlock Cemetery has a stone staircase set in the hillside, and this is the area where the haunted activity is said to take place. Apparitions and a phantom horse are among the phenomena reported, but as this land is now private property, trespassing is not advised.

haunted places in park hills mo

Abandoned Public Pool

St. louis, missouri.

This old public pool was abandoned many years ago, left for the teens to graffiti inside. But the teens regularly report strange experiences there. They claim they hear water splashing and footsteps inside. Some accounts have said they have felt ghosts touching them. One account said ...

haunted places in park hills mo

Ramada Inn - Holiday Inn Six Flags

Pacific, missouri.

This former Ramada Inn, now Holiday Inn, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl named Aggie who used to live in the building. According to the tales told in these parts, Aggie fell to her death from a window of the barn, which was located ...

Jefferson Barracks

Jefferson Barracks includes 41 historic military buildings and is rumored to be haunted by many ghosts. Building 1, built in 1900, is haunted by an older Confederate Civil War general, seen at the post commander's office, as well as a shadowy ghost of a man who sits at a desk ...

Zombie Road - Lawler Ford Road

Wildwood, missouri.

This road goes through two miles of woods, and comes to a dead end at what used to be a rock quarry. The reported ghosts said to roam here include are a man hit and killed by a train, a child who fell to his death from the nearby bluffs, ...

haunted places in park hills mo

Lemp Mansion

Reports say that at this bed-and-breakfast you may experience cold spots, electrical oddities, vibrations from the floors, feelings of sorrow, tapping on your shoulders, a pervasive feeling of being watched, a piano that plays a single note during the night... and if that weren't enough, you may find strange things ...

Lindenwood Auditorium

Belleville, illinois.

Lindenwood Auditorium at Lindenwood University, built in 1924, is said to be haunted by a teacher who passed away before the play she was producing made it to the stage. According to witnesses, the friendly ghost likes to move the props around.

Lincoln Theatre

Lincoln Theatre is believed to be haunted by a prankster ghost. An apparition of a ghostly child has run up and down the stairs, a woman has appeared in the balcony, and tricks are played in the projection booth. Reports say there are seven ghosts who call this theater home.

Papa Vito's Restaurant

The current restaurant is housed in a historic residence dating back to the mid nineteenth-century. The building is rumoured to be haunted by four entities, including a ghostly stagecoach driver known as 'Charlie', a mother and her young child, and a ghostly headmistress who used to teach at a ...

Rose Garden Apartments

Richmond heights, missouri.

Cannot claim the witnessing personally, but two tenants in a row have complained of strange noises and potential shapes in mirror reflections. Specifically the unit at 1264 Hawthorne Pl. Unit D. Both have moved out because of the perceived activities. Both have moved to other units in the same ...

haunted places in park hills mo

The Lehmann House

This 1960s building, now a bed-and-breakfast, is said to be haunted by original owner Mr. Edward Rowse, who passed away in the dining room. Folks have reported shadowy figures, unexplained voices, and banging sounds.

haunted places in park hills mo

Thias House

Washington, missouri.

Although this building still stands, reports say it is no longer open for business. It used to be open for tours and as a restaurant, and witnesses there saw an apparition of a lady combing her hair at the dresser in the master bedroom. Some also reported someone touching their ...

haunted places in park hills mo

Drury Inn and Suites Creve Coeur

Creve coeur, missouri.

On the fifth floor is where the eerie things happen at this inn. Witnesses have seen apparitions who walk down the hall but disappear when you get close to them. They have also reported hearing the sounds of footsteps, voices, and an elevator ding, and feeling a presence when no ...

Devil's Backbone and Bake Oven

Grand tower, illinois.

The Devil's Backbone, a rocky ridge about a half mile long, sits adjacent to the Devil's Bake Oven, a larger rock about 100 feet tall near the river's edge. The formations have been used as landmarks, lookout points and hiding places throughout history. River pirates used it as a hideout ...

Bissell Mansion Restaurant and Dinner Theatre

Bissell Mansion Restaurant & Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre, inside the historic Bissell Mansion, is rumored to be haunted by more than the characters in their mystery shows. The mansion, built by Captain Lewis Bissell in 1823, is believed to be haunted by the captain himself. His apparition has been seen ...

Creve Coeur Park

Creve Coeur Park has a legend from the 1800s about the beautiful daughter of a Native-American chief who married a warrior. When he died on a hunting trip, the heartbroken woman jumped from the high cliff and died in the waters below. Her ghost is said to be heard crying, ...

haunted places in park hills mo

Cahokia Mounds

East st. louis, illinois.

The Cahokia Mounds, located in the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, were part of an ancient Native American city (circa 600 to 1400). These landmarks are said to be haunted by the spirits of the ancient Native Americans who used to live here. Visitors have reported seeing unexplained shadows and ...

Payne-Gentry Historical House

Bridgeton, missouri.

At the Payne-Gentry Historical House, ghost investigations have turned up EVPs, shadowy figures, and orbs that showed up in photographs.

Miner's Theatre

Collinsville, illinois.

Experts on the Miner's Theatre say it has three ghosts: Two are brothers, one of whom one killed the other to become the sole owner of the theater. The third ghost, a young woman, is friendly but likes to play pranks like hiding the actors' makeup or costumes.

Mother in Law House

St. charles, missouri.

The Mother in Law House was built with two halves by Captain Krammer. ONe side was for his family, and the other for his mother-in-law. Witnesses say objects are moved, footsteps have been heard, and names of guests have mysteriously appeared on Easter Eggs and it wasn't done by the ...

Little Hills Winery and Restaurant

Little Hills Winery and Restaurant is said to be haunted by two ghosts, a man and a woman, who speak French. It is believed that they lived on the site around 1900. Witnesses say boxes and other objects in the storage area are found in disarray in the morning, as ...

haunted places in park hills mo

Lost Graveyard

Saint charles, missouri.

From approximately 1750 through 1854, there was a graveyard at this location - about 9 square blocks. In 1853 they moved MOST of the bodies to the current Borromeo cemetery, about 1-1/2 miles west. Conservatively, there are still between 50 - 200 bodies still there. Graves were opened there as ...

Boondocker Inn

New haven, missouri.

No longer an inn, this establishment can be rented out for events. It is said to be haunted by four ghosts: a man who is wearing boots, a little girl, a boy who screams, and a woman who wears a flowered shirt. Also, objects have been known to float and ...

Lindenwood University

The Lindenwood Auditorium ghost, a former teacher who never got to see her play, is not the only one on campus. Also haunted, according to reports, are the Sibley Chapel, where an organ has played by itself, and Cobbs Hall, where an apparition of a woman in a white dress ...

Tapestry Room Restaurant

Lebanon, illinois.

Housed in a row of 1850's buildings, this restaurant may have ties to the underground railroad. Ever since the establishment opened, staff and diners have been reporting strange phenomena. A former cook would often hear furniture moving around when there was nothing out of place, and an electrician conducting ...

haunted places in park hills mo

McKendree University

This college has seen its share of tragedy, and the spiritual activity reported here can attest to that. On the main campus, it is said that a distraught student once hung himself in the bell tower, and his ghost has been seen on the upper floors. In the Alumni House, ...

Lorimier Cemetery

Cape girardeau, missouri.

Historic Lorimier Cemetery from the early 1800s is home to a phenomenon known as the Tapping Ghost. It is a sensation of something tapping you on the shoulder, usually making visitors think a nut has fallen from a tree. The tapping repeats, usually until the visitor gets freaked out and ...

Lebanon Road - Seven Gates to Hell

Lebanon Road is the stuff of legends to locals, who have nicknamed the place the Seven Gates to Hell. According to locals, those who drive through all seven bridges, going through the last one at midnight on the dot, will pass through to Hell. The area is said to be ...

Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University's Cheney Hall is rumored to be haunted by a female student who committed suicide in a bathtub. Folks say now the door slams by itself and unexplained noises are heard in the room. The Music Building is also said to be haunted by apparitions and slamming ...

haunted places in park hills mo

Original Springs Mineral Spa and Hotel

Okawville, illinois.

This historic hotel is said to have a great many haunts in residence. Included are a man named Meier, who died in an explosion in the 1880s, and J.W. Schreiner, an owner during the 1890s. At least 7 other spirits of folks who have perished during this hotel's long history ...

Reeb House - Vintage Essentials Antiques

This historic antiques store may have returned to it's original status as a private residence, but visitors and past owners reported that the building was haunted. Doors slamming shut, ghostly voices, cold spots and disembodied footsteps were just some of the phenomena reported when the business was in operation. (Submitted ...

haunted places in park hills mo

Rose Bed Inn

Alex is a ghost who haunts Rose Bed Inn, housed in a former home built in 1908. The Schrader Family owned the home originally, and eventually it was put on the market. A young man named Alex expressed interest in the home. He didn't have the money to buy the ...

Port Cape Girardeau

Port Cape Girardeau Restaurant and Lounge in Warehouse Row is housed in a circa-1860 warehouse. It is haunted by an unknown female ghost nicknamed Belle. The bartender who named her said that she showed him she liked the name he gave her. A few days after he thought up the ...

Glenn House

Glenn House, built in 1883, is haunted by a Christmas ghost. The mansion was built by Edwin Dean for his daughter Lulu and her husband David Glenn. But banker Glenn lost much of his fortune and they moved out in 1915. The property fell into disrepair until it was renovated ...

Krome Family Cemetery

A small family cemetery is now hidden amongst the trees just off Old Keebler Road. It is all that remains of the Krome family mansion, which burned down long ago and was for decades considered to be haunted by the locals. Some enterprising explorers found leg shackles in ...

Fort Belle Fontaine

The historic Fort Belle Fontaine, famously visited by explorers Lewis and Clark, is said to be home to a presence that appears as dark-red smoke or a red light on the stairs.

Hartford Castle

Hartford, illinois.

Hartford Castle was a speakeasy during the Prohibition, but was originally a home called Lakeview, built by French immigrant Benjamin Biszant in 1897. The castlelike home was the scene of a tragedy when Biszant's English wife passed away in the early 1900s. It is her ghost that was suspected to ...

haunted places in park hills mo

Hundley House Bed and Breakfast

Carbondale, illinois.

Although Hundley House has not operated as a B & B since 2011, former guests claim that double homicide that took place there in the 1928's has left its mark, both literally and spiritually. A bullet hole from the murders can still be seen in the back staircase and people ...

Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University is reputed to have many haunted buildings; among them are Wheeler Hall, Faner Hall, Anthony Hall, Shryock Auditorium, and Mae Smith Residence Hall. One of the most famous ghosts here is Henry, who haunts the 1918 Shryock Auditorium. Henry, aka former university President Henry William Shryock, died ...

Darlene’s One Stop

Berger, missouri.

Darlene’s One Stop, a sports bar and grill once known as Mac’s Cafe, is said to be haunted by a man who ised to live in an apartment above the restaurant. Jack Schaefer was an explosive character and an abusive boyfriend and stepfather. In one incidence he was found firing ...

My Just Desserts - Ryder Building

Alton, illinois.

Employees at this old-fashioned restaurant have reported a series of spooky occurrences over the past few years. A cook working on the ground level has reported hearing furniture moving around the hardwood floors upstairs on several occasions, but upon investigation, nothing is out of place. (Submitted by Callum Swift)

haunted places in park hills mo

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Missouri Mines State Historic Site

haunted places in park hills mo

Top ways to experience nearby attractions

haunted places in park hills mo

Missouri Mines State Historic Site - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos)

  • (5.82 mi) Hampton Inn Farmington
  • (5.31 mi) Crown Pointe Lodge, BW Signature Collection
  • (5.92 mi) Holiday Inn Express & Suites Farmington
  • (6.40 mi) Baymont Inn and Suites by Wyndham Farmington, MO
  • (4.18 mi) ❤️ THE MAGIC TIPI RETREAT
  • (0.75 mi) The Dixie Cafe
  • (7.19 mi) 12 West
  • (1.86 mi) The Old Mine House
  • (1.90 mi) Riverside grill park hills
  • (1.88 mi) Subway

Missouri Mines State Historic Site Information

Not Many People Realize These 6 Little Known Haunted Places In Missouri Exist

haunted places in park hills mo

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Missouri offers something for everyone – including ghost hunters. If you believe in the paranormal, you already know that Missouri teems with haunted places. Even if you’re a bit skeptical, you might just have a change of heart after you learn more about these haunted places in Missouri .

haunted places in park hills mo

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haunted places in park hills mo

How many of these little-known haunted places in Missouri have you visited? Any? Share your experience in the comments! If you’re a fan of exploring abandoned places, which may or may not be haunted, follow this road trip to the six most abandoned places in Missouri .

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