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  1. 13 Luxury Sport Fishing Yachts of 2023

    Hatteras Yachts GT65 Carolina. The Hatteras Yachts GT65 Carolina falls in the middle of the New Bern, North Carolina, boatbuilder's three-model GT lineup, which also includes a GT59 and GT70.This sportfish yacht has a solid-fiberglass hull bottom built for blue-water duty and comes with a variety of diesel engine options, which starts with twin 1,622 hp Caterpillar C-32A diesels.

  2. The Best Sportfishing Yachts of 2022

    Have a look through our top five contenders for 2022, most of which average 40-50 feet- perfect for ginnin' about the deep blue on. These big-league fishing vessels are bound to catch a few envious eyes as you cruise into the marina. Improve your offshore fishing game by kicking off the boating season with a new release. Viking 64C; Bertram 35

  3. Sailboat Fishing Guide: How to Fish from a Sailboat

    This technique is hit or miss when sailing. Most fishing boats or fishing charters that use this technique have a sonar fish finder to help them target the fish. Doing it on a sailboat is somewhat of a guessing game, but it has worked for us before. Try and find something with good bottom structure if possible.

  4. Best Family Cruisers: 7 Top Picks In 2023

    Beam: 10" Fuel Capacity: 300 gal. Propulsion: Twin 300 HP Yamaha F300 outboards Browse for old and new Cutwater C-32 CB boats for sale on YachtWorld.. 4. Bertram 35 Flybridge Bertram's are great all-rounder boats for fishing and family cruising and lauded by boat designer Michael Peters (who patented the V-step hull) has been collecting and renovating them for years.

  5. 6 Top Sport Fishing Boats For 2021

    1. 2021 Caymas 341 CC. Caymas 341 CC. Image credit: Caymas. At the 2020 Miami International Boat Show, the Caymas 341 CC the latest brainchild of fishing boat legend Earl Bentz was introduced. This boat puts the "high" in the high-performance fishing machine. When we ran one rigged with 900 raging Verado horses, we zipped up to the 60 mph ...

  6. Sport Fishing Yachts: A Buyer's Guide

    Sportfishing yachts generally have the capability for longer distance fishing trips and coastal cruising with overnight berths, particularly useful when fishing in the oceanic pelagic zones - i.e. the deep ocean water beyond the continental shelf (think swordfish, sharks and big tuna).

  7. Sport Fishing Yacht Buying Guide 2023

    The cost of a new sport fishing yacht will usually depend on the yacht's size and builder. As with cars, certain yacht builders will come with a higher price tag than others. As an example, a 2023 80ft Viking currently on the market costs around $10.5 million. VIKING 90 CONVERTIBLE 2024 90′ VIKING Sport Fisherman.

  8. Bluewater Sailing Techniques Part 12: Fishing from your boat

    1 oven-sized whole mahi mahi, or fillets. 2 onions, sliced. 1 lemon. Garlic cloves to taste. Splash of lemon juice or white wine. Cover fillets or stuff whole fish with onions, lemons and garlic ...

  9. Sport Fishing Yachts for Sale

    Sport Fishing Yachts for Sale. Combining performance and practicality, sportfisher yachts are built with game-fish in mind. Whether you're a serious fisherman or just enjoy weekends with the family while trying to catch dinner, sportfishing yachts can give you speed, comfort, stability, and reliability.

  10. Best Sportfishing Boats for Summer 2022

    The 54C is a luxury fishing boat with three staterooms and two heads below decks. A Viking Flybridge is a place where design is constantly being tweaked to improve operator comfortability, fish-ability, and guest convenience. 360-degree visibility is provided by a streamlined walk-around center console. The cockpit of the 54C is 154 square feet ...

  11. 2023 Boat Buyers Guide: Catamarans

    Available from 20 to 48 feet, catamarans typically offer a large fishing platform with generous storage and fishing amenities. They are available in a wide variety of deck layouts, including center-consoles, dual-consoles, and even pilothouse and express variants. Cats offer abundant deck space. Courtesy Invincible.

  12. How to fish from a yacht

    Dan Bower's advice on catching a fish for your supper is the last in our series of Bluewater Sailing Techniques Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to Yachting World's...

  13. Best Cruise Ports for Fishing

    Ketchikan, Alaska. Alaska is full of prime ports for fishing, so if you're truly after a vacation catch, consider booking multiple fishing excursions during your cruise. Positioned closer to the ...

  14. Ocean Boats for Offshore Cruising & Fishing

    These ocean boats are largely built with hulls that can meet the challenge of offshore conditions. Most offshore sportfishing boats are designed and powered to run at speeds exceeding 30-plus knots with either multiple outboard engines or inboard diesel engines. Most are equipped with towers that have upper control stations for sight fishing.

  15. Family-Friendly Fishing Boats

    Pursuit Boats has made a name for itself building both fishing and cruising boats. The company designed its 26-foot dual-console from the ground up to serve both purposes — a marine SUV of sorts. Two lounge seats with padded backrests and a full bolster forward are to port and starboard, and a nonskid step-up and windshield with walk-through ...

  16. Cruising Maine: a coast of mist and isles

    On the first night mist surrounded us, I was on watch in the cockpit and looking up at a distant star ahead. I followed it as the clouds and haze began to thicken, dampening the air around me ...

  17. Cruising: Bowriders, Deck Boats, Cabin Cruisers

    Overnight. Enclosed cabins + sleeping berths. View All Overnight Boats. Bayliner's incredible line-up of cruising boats include our bowriders, deck boat models, center console fishing boats, pilothouse and overnight cabin cruisers.

  18. Viking Yachts

    From 37-foot wooden cruising and fishing boats to the ground-breaking 55 Convertible to the 38-knot resin-infused 90 Sky Bridge, Viking has become the world leader in semi-custom fiberglass yacht production. People Power The people of the Viking Yacht Company are its heart and soul. We've been blessed to have many great people as part of our ...

  19. 6 Fishing Boats with Cabins You Can Live On

    Transom Deadrise: 22 deg.; Max hp: 3,000 Courtesy Yellowfin Yachts Yellowfin 54. With quad outboards and seating for up to 14, including plush dual-row seats at the helm, the Yellowfin 54 comfortably accommodates a robust crew on a quick run to the fishing grounds. For cruising, the 54 offers V-lounge bow seating with backrests and storage.

  20. Sniffies App

    Sniffies is a map-based cruising app for the curious. Sniffies emphasizes cruising as an immersive, interactive experience, making it the hottest, fastest-growing cruising platform around. Sniffies is the first of its kind web-app, bringing the full cruising experience to any device and any browser. The Sniffies map updates in realtime, showing nearby Cruisers, active cruising groups, and ...

  21. THE 10 BEST Moscow Boat Rides & Cruises (Updated 2024)

    Explore the scenic and historic attractions of Moscow from the water with the best boat tours and cruises. Enjoy the views of the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and the Sparrow Hills on a relaxing or informative boat ride. Or, spice up your trip with some water sports and activities in Moscow. Find out more on Tripadvisor.

  22. Boat tours and river cruises through Moscow: where to take them

    On this map you can see the details of the longest and most classic of the Flotilla Radisson boat tours: 2. Companies that do boat tours on the Moskva River. There are many companies that do cruises on the Moskva River, but the 4 main ones are: Capital River Boat Tour Company (CCK) Mosflot. Flotilla Radisson.

  23. Cruising the Moskva River: A short guide to boat trips in Russia's

    Surprisingly, the luxurious boats are priced rather modestly, and a single ticket goes for $17-$32 (1,100-2,000 rubles); also expect a reasonable restaurant bill on top.

  24. "Big Nude Boat" offers a trip to "bare-adise" on a naked cruise from

    "The Big Nude Boat" will take travelers from Miami to the Caribbean on "an 11-day adventure back to Bare-adise," the website says. Setting sail from Feb. 3 through Valentine's Day 2025, the trip ...

  25. Big Nude Boat cruise set for February 2025

    Big Nude Boat cruise sailing dates and destinations: The ship departs from the Port of Miami on Feb. 3 and returns to the same port on Feb. 14. The itinerary includes stops at the Bahamas, Puerto ...

  26. 230 Boaters Certified During "Boating Education Lagniappe Day"

    LDWF started their mandatory safe boating education program in 2003 and have since certified over 160,000 students in safe boating education classes. In the five years up to the beginning of the mandatory safe boating education program (1999-2003), Louisiana averaged 40 boating fatalities and 165 boating incidents per year.

  27. Spring Shrimp Season to Open May 16 in Louisiana Inshore Waters

    The department issues hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses, as well as boat titles and registrations. Buy A License Renew Your Boat Registration Pay Fines/Restitution. ... Boating Safety Boat Sewage/Clean Vessel Act Grants Boating Access Grants Report a Boat Crash, Collision, or Casualty Report a Boat Theft.

  28. At least 50 people feared drowned after boat from Senegal sinks off

    At least 50 people are feared to have drowned after a boat sailing the perilous Atlantic route from west Africa to Europe began to sink 60 miles south of the Canary island of El Hierro.

  29. 'Bare-adise' adventure: This nude cruise is due to set sail ...

    Nudist cruise specialist Bare Necessities is teaming up with Norwegian Cruise Line to launch an 11-day voyage from Miami to the Caribbean scheduled to set sail in February 2025.

  30. Vermont's New Wakeboat Rule Goes into Effect for the 2024 Boating

    Montpelier, Vt. - Ahead of this year's boating season, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has published a new rule regulating wakeboats and wakesports under Vermont's Use of Public Waters Rules. This rule, developed in response to a petition filed by Responsible Wakes for Vermont Lakes, seeks to protect Vermont's ...