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Galeon 550 Fly 2019 

Every detail of the Galeon 550 Fly conveys the exacting standards and incredible craftsmanship that combines the skills of old-world artisans with the latest boating building technologies. Experience a yacht that reflects Galeon’s commitment to excellence, experience the 550 Fly.


galeon yachts 550 fly

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galeon yachts 550 fly

Galeon 445 HTS 2017

galeon yachts 550 fly

Yacht Sales & Charter by the New Build Experts

galeon yachts 550 fly

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Galeon 550 Fly 2019 

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galeon yachts 550 fly

galeon yachts 550 fly

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GALEON 550 FLY Yacht for Sale

GALEON 550 FLY Galeon Yacht for Sale

GALEON 550 FLY Yacht for Sale - 58' Galeon


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2019 Galeon 550 Fly

galeon yachts 550 fly

  • Provided Description

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Introducing the 2019 Galeon 550 Fly, a remarkable yacht currently located in Miami Beach, FL, USA, and listed at $1,250,000.00 USD. With its 55 ft length, this yacht is designed to deliver both luxury and performance. It stands out with low engine hours, suggesting minimal use and a promise of longevity. The Galeon 550 Fly is equipped with advanced features such as Dockmate remote control docking and SeaKeeper 9 Gyro Stabilization system, ensuring ease of maneuverability and stability on the water. The inclusion of both bow and stern thrusters with joystick control further enhances its docking precision, making it a top choice for those who value seamless operation.

This yacht doesn’t just perform well; it looks the part too. The teak decking across the cockpit, entry steps, and swim platform adds a touch of elegance, while the hardtop on the flybridge with a power retractable sunshade ensures comfort during those sunny days at sea. Inside, the Galeon 550 Fly boasts high-quality beachwood grey matte hardwood cabinetry, upgraded tile flooring in the master and guest heads, and new custom cushions, linens, throw pillows, and bathroom towels. For those who appreciate technology and convenience, the yacht is fitted with top-tier security cameras, a hydraulic marine swim platform for easy dinghy or waverunner access, and entertainment features like retractable LED TVs and a Bose sound system in the salon. With its spacious layout across three decks, this yacht offers an inviting presence and unparalleled comfort for all onboard.

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Basic Information:

  • Price: 1,250,000.00 USD
  • Length: 55 ft
  • Make: Galeon
  • Model: 550 Fly

Technical Specifications:

  • Beam: 15.67 ft
  • Draft: 4.58 ft
  • Fuel Capacity: 581|gallon
  • Water Capacity: 185|gallon
  • Cruising Speed: 25 kn
  • Maximum Speed: 30 kn

Engine Details:

  • Make: Volvo Penta – Model: D11 – Power: 725|horsepower

Miami Beach, FL, US

Please be aware that the entirety of the content found within the “Fly Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section originates from the subjective opinions and personal thoughts of the Fly Yacht team, encompassing our conjectures, speculations, and interpretations related to common yacht inquiries. This content is not to be considered objective truths or factual information but rather our individual perspectives intended to offer a broad spectrum of viewpoints. It’s crucial for readers to understand that this opinion-based content differs significantly from any factual descriptions provided elsewhere, which are available for a comprehensive understanding. In our pursuit to clarify this distinction, we aim to eliminate any potential confusion, highlighting that the FAQ section serves as a repository of our team’s subjective thoughts and not as a source of factual data or official yacht information. Moreover, we acknowledge that opinions can vary in accuracy and, despite our intentions, may sometimes include errors, omissions, or inaccuracies. Consequently, Fly Yachts explicitly disclaims any liability for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information presented within this section, urging readers to undertake their own verification processes or consult with professionals as needed. By engaging with this section, users implicitly agree to recognize its opinion-based nature and the possibility of inaccuracies, absolving Fly Yachts of any liability for reliance on the information provided.

What are the key features of the 2019 Galeon 550 Fly listed for sale in Miami Beach, FL?

The 2019 Galeon 550 Fly comes packed with features that enhance both its aesthetic appeal and functionality. Notably, it sports low engine hours promising a longer lifespan and is facilitated for easy maneuvering with Dockmate remote control docking. It’s equipped with a SeaKeeper 9 Gyro Stabilization system to ensure smooth sailing and a hardtop on the flybridge with a retractable sunshade for comfort. The yacht’s elegance is elevated with teak decking and luxurious additions like new custom cushions and high-quality cabinetry. For accurate navigation, it’s upgraded with a Magnum 48″ HD Radar and a Raymarine Axiom 12″ Chartplotter. Enhanced comfort is ensured with luxury finishes in the bathrooms, a hydraulic Marine swim platform, and a Bose sound system for entertainment.

Can you explain what makes the 2019 Galeon 550 Fly a good buy?

Certainly, the 2019 Galeon 550 Fly stands out as a great purchase due to multiple factors. Its low engine hours indicate minimal wear and a longer potential service life, offering great value for the asking price of $1,250,000.00 USD. The yacht’s advanced features, like underwater LED lights for ambiance and top-tier security cameras for safety, coupled with its luxurious upgrades such as a flybridge ice maker, high-end radar system for navigation, and sumptuous interior finishes, make it an epitome of luxury and safety. Additionally, its precision docking capabilities enabled by bow and stern thrusters with joystick control make it ideal for both novice and experienced yacht owners.

What luxury and entertainment features does the 2019 Galeon 550 Fly offer?

The 2019 Galeon 550 Fly is designed with luxury and entertainment in mind. It features a Bose sound system in the salon for high-quality audio experience, retractable LED TVs in the salon and master cabin for cinematic enjoyment, and pre-wired cabin AV systems adding to its entertainment quotient. For outdoor comfort, there’s a flybridge ice maker and a power retractable sunshade on the hardtop. The inclusion of the Hydraulic Marine Swim Platform adds versatility, allowing for easy launch of a dinghy or waverunner, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your yacht experience.

How does the design and layout of the 2019 Galeon 550 Fly enhance guest comfort and entertainment?

The design and layout of the 2019 Galeon 550 Fly are meticulously crafted to maximize comfort and entertainment for guests. Its layout promotes exceptional space across all three decks, providing an inviting atmosphere that never feels crowded. The yacht’s elegant teak decking and customizable comfort with new cushions, linens, and throw pillows ensure a luxurious experience on board. The upgraded tile and mosaic finishes in the bathrooms add a touch of luxury, while the presence of a washer-dryer, skipper aft cabin, and additional toilet enhance convenience for guests staying on board. Entertainment is also a key consideration, with features like a flybridge ice maker, Bose sound system, and retractable LED TVs creating the perfect environment for relaxation and enjoyment.

What navigational and safety upgrades are included in the 2019 Galeon 550 Fly?

The 2019 Galeon 550 Fly includes several navigational and safety upgrades to ensure a seamless and secure sailing experience. Key navigational enhancements include an upgraded Magnum 48″ HD Radar for superior navigation capabilities and a Raymarine Axiom 12″ Chartplotter at the lower helm for advanced mapping and course plotting. Safety is further ensured with top-tier security cameras installed throughout, providing constant surveillance for added peace of mind. The yacht also features SeaKeeper 9 Gyro Stabilization for optimal stability at sea, underwater LED lights for improved visibility during nighttime, and comprehensive control packs for seamless operation, all contributing to a safer and more enjoyable yachting experience.

Provided Description:

2019 GALEON 550 FLY With low hours and many upgrades including: Dockmate remote control docking SeaKeeper 9 Gyro Stabilization Hardtop on Flybridge with power retractable Sunshade Teak Decking on Cockpit, entry steps and swim platform Bow Thruster w Joystick Stern Thruster with Joystick Underwater LED Lights (2) Cablemaster Best in class security cameras Brand new custom cushions New bedroom linens, throw pillows, bathroom towels Beachwood Grey Matte Hardwood Cabinetry Marble Oak Hardwood Salon Flooring White Alcantara Interior color scheme Upgraded Tile in Master and Guest head flooring Mosaic Tile in Master and Guest Showers Roman Blinds Cameras – Rear View and Engine Compartment Freezer in Salon Storage Cabinet instead of Vanity in Master Upgraded Helm Seat at lower helm Upgraded Magnum 48″ HD Radar Comfort Pack Includes Full Control Pack Entrance Door Curtain Covers for front and side windows Covers for flybridge console and seat Raymarine Axuim 12″ Chartplotter Raymarine VHF Ray 91 AIS Raymarine Auto Pilot Electric Retractible 49″ LED TV in salon Samsung LED 32″ TV in master w/bluray Luxury Pack Includes: Wood Flooring in salon Carpet Runners over Wood Flooring in salon Fiberglass foldable table in aft cockpit Samsung 24″ LED TV in bow VIP Cabin Hydraulic Marine Swim Platform w/Chalks for Dingy or Waverunner Skipper Aft Cabin Electric Toilet in Crew Cabin Flybridge Ice Maker Washer-Dryer in Master Cabin Corridor Additional Ray-marine Axium 12″ Chartplotter lower helm Bose Sound System in Salon Pre-wire 3rd Cabin AV Safe in Master Cabin

Layout:The coherent layout has allowed for an unprecedented amount of space an all three decks, while maintaining a classy and appealing presence. Outside, the spacious flybridge will surely be the center of attention with its massive sunpad, functional bar area and a dining table with seating for eight guests. The aft cockpit and saloon are seamlessly connected thanks to a flush saloon door threshold and doors that fold completely aside. Every detail of the Galeon 550 Fly conveys the exacting standards and incredible craftsmanship that combines the skills of old-world artisans with the latest boating building technologies. Experience a yacht that reflects Galeon’s commitment to excellence, experience the 550 Fly. The main deck is complete with a galley, helmsmen station for two, twin sofas and a dinette that seats an astounding eight people. Luxurious interior design lines are available with a choice of fine fabrics and natural hardwoods. Below deck, three full-sized cabins offer six berths and plenty of storage for all luggage and necessities. The forward VIP cabin has an ensuite bathroom while the owners cabin is fitted with a make-up station and a comfortable lounge. Both bathrooms hold separate shower cabins and a clever solution with twin sliding beds can be found in the guest cabin. All quarters offer privacy and sufficient headroom.

Fly Yachts is pleased to assist you in the purchase of this vessel. This boat is centrally listed by YachtCreators.

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Galeon 550 Fly

Galeon 550 Fly

  • 12 Passengers


The Galeon 550 Fly gliding yacht was presented at the Cannes Boat Show in 2013. The ship was created by a world-class British designer, Tony Castro. The yacht received a large flybridge, continuous panoramic glazing of the entire cabin and glass doors in the stern of the vessel, which serve as an exit to the terrace. The interior is trimmed with walnut and is available in five different colors.

The spacious flybridge has a full-fledged control post, a bar counter, a dining area for 8 people and sun loungers. For relaxation with the company, a shaded terrace and deck chairs in the bow of the vessel are also suitable, and for swimming there is a folding transom with a hydraulic drive, providing convenient access to water. On the main deck there is a relaxation area, a control post and a spacious kitchen with stove, large fridge and oven. On the lower deck there are two double guest cabins and the owner’s cabin, with a separate bathroom and wardrobe. In the stern of the vessel is a double crew cabin. A configuration with another crew cabin or tender garage is also available to the customer.

The yacht has two Cummins QSM diesel engines with a total capacity of 1,400 hp, and a fuel tank designed for 2,200 liters of fuel.

The Galeon 550 Fly model has a low center of gravity, which is why it is stable on water and can be used to access the open sea, this is confirmed by its classification - B. Sea Craft.

  • Flybridge Deck

Galeon 550 Fly Flybridge Deck

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Galeon 550 Fly

  • Length 17.15 m
  • Beam 4.80 m
  • Draft 1.00 m

Galeon 550 Fly

  • Length 17.87 m
  • Beam 4.74 m

Galeon 550 Fly

  • Length 17.71 m
  • Beam 4.72 m

Galeon 550 Fly

  • Length 16.71 m
  • Beam 4.71 m
  • Draft 1.40 m

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  • Netherlands
  • United States
  • United Kingdom

Used Galeon 550 Flybridge Yacht For Sale

galeon 550 fly


The Galeon 550 Fly is a sumptuous yet sporty 58-foot luxury flybridge yacht launched by the Poland-based brand in 2013 and still in production today. Devised by world-class designer Tony Castro, this Galeon yacht occupies the Goldilocks zone between attention-grabbing style, lavish comfort, and state-of-the-art performance, with tight handling capable of extreme maneuvers: the perfect yacht for coastal adventurers and romantic summer getaways.


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Galeon Yachts Available for Sale

Additional galeon yachts models.

galeon yachts 550 fly


  • Beam 15' 1"
  • Draft 4' 6"
  • Displacement 53,462 lbs.
  • Engine Manufacturer Volvo
  • Fuel Capacity 581 gallons

The stunning flybridge features a complete double-wide helm with a Raymarine system and a standard 7” Volvo Penta control panel and a Fusion stereo system. A Bimini top is available, which will shelter you and your guests as you sit at the massive U-shaped dining area, conveniently located near a mini-fridge and an optional Kenyon grill, sink, and icemaker.

The aft galley is perfect for entertaining, cooking, and relaxing. Large windows on either side allow the sun to shimmer on the Corian worktop and contribute to the overall flow of space toward the back of the boat. A two-zone cooktop with extractor fan overhead provides an excellent setup for any cook, with plenty of cool and ambient storage – a fridge/freezer and refrigerator drawer provide a large capacity for perishable ingredients, while storage cabinets and overhead cupboards provide vital built-in space for everything else. A microwave is also provided.

A few steps up from the galley is the spacious saloon which is so serene it must be seen to be believed. A plush but modern U-shaped seating area hugs a retractable table, with extra sliding seating located on the opposite wall, in front of a remotely-operated television hidden in a recess. This space, too, is full of natural light from ample windows on either side. The forward helmstation features twin Raymarine screens and a window that can be raised or lowered depending on the weather. An optional crew cabin is also available below deck, but is not featured on standard models.

Below deck, the well-appointed amidship queen owner’s stateroom is impeccably furnished, with bright wood accents and generous built-in storage throughout. Access to a private bathroom complete with separate shower area provides genuine home comforts at sea. A cabin with a queen-sized bed and private access to a guest head and shower ensures privacy for guests, who will thank their host when they gaze up at the foredeck skylight. A third guest cabin, located starboard, features two twin bunks that can be push together to form a double bed when convenient.

The 550 Fly is equipped with twin Volvo Penta D11-725hp engines with V-drive transmissions which enable the yacht to reach top speeds of 30 knots, with a cruising speed of 25 knots.

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Galeon 500 Fly Review (2019 Edition)

Galeon's 16m flybridge is a real box of tricks with class leading deck spaces and a spacious three-cabin interior.

Galeon 500 Fly Review (2019 Edition) image 1

Galeon's range is a sprawling mix of sportscruisers, flybridges and sportsbridges from 10-22m but the 500 Fly is at the heart of what it does best. At first glance it looks like a typical 16m flybridge with masses of glazing and a comfortable three-cabin interior but this is one of the most inventive boats in the class.

The innovative cockpit features folding balconies with the option to have a rotating dinette with a built in tender garage. Clever stuff but is there substance behind these head-turning gadgets? Keep reading to find out. 

Galeon 500 Fly Key Facts

Galeon 500 Fly illustration

  • LOA 53.15ft
  • Model Year 2019
  • Max Speed 30 knots
  • Status In Production
  • Yacht Type Flybridge
  • Use Type Cruising

Test & Review Video

YachtBuyer Score

In this article:

Our Verdict

Rivals to consider.

  • Specification

Our Scores Explained

Performance & Handling

The 500 Fly is available with three shaft drive engine choices with an upgrade to IPS also on the options sheet. You'll pay six figures for that upgrade, however, so most will no doubt opt for one of the shaft options, which includes Volvo Penta D8 600hp, D8 670hp and D11 725hp twin diesels. Unless the boat has a particularly light spec the smallest 600s will likely struggle to shift the 500 without feeling strained so the more powerful engines would be a wise choice. If the boat if fitted with weighty options like the beach club and flybridge hard top then it would be sensible to opt for the 725s. 

Our Test Speed & Range Data

  • 100nm 100nm 200nm 200nm 300nm 300nm 400nm 400nm 500nm 500nm 600nm 600nm 700nm 700nm
  • 687 nm @ 7.4 knots eco
  • 190 nm @ 22.3 knots cruise
  • 161 nm @ 32.0 knots max

Galeon 500 Fly version 2019. *Data collected by Yacht Buyer during testing. View Full Test Results

Around the Marina

Don't be dismayed that the IPS option with its joystick is such an expensive option because with twin shafts and Sleipner's excellent proportional bow thruster the 500 Fly is a friendly boat to negotiate around the marina. For extra peace of mind, a stern thruster is an option and that will give finer control of the stern when squeezing into tight berths, especially when mooring stern-to in the Mediterranean style.

The twin props provide great bite in and out of gear so twisting the boat into position is easy and with such a great view out from the lower helm and a large electric window it's just as comfortable to berth the boat from the lower helm as it is from the raised position on the flybridge.

It's not quite as easy to crew as the likes of the Sealine F530 and Absolute 47 Fly because it doesn't have a side door at the helm but the decks are safe and easy to navigate.

Galeon 500 Fly side decks

Our test boat had pretty much the highest spec you could choose for a 500 Fly with all of the most desirable options in place. The expectation might be that this would make for a heavy and lethargic driving experience but that isn't the case. The boat on test had the largest twin 725hp shaft drive engines and they made light work of nipping the boat onto the plane and up to its natural cruising speed of 22 knots. Flat out we achieved 32 knots.

The hull is quiet, soft riding and confident through chop, though it must be said that conditions weren't particularly taxing during the test. Considering that the engines are mounted beneath the saloon floor, sound levels are managed well, too, which is maybe no surprise given the amount of insulation in the engine room. 

The handling is as much of a pleasant surprise as the performance, the light, responsive steering making the 500 a sportscruiser baiting prospect in the twists and turns. The IPS version is likely to feel a little more detached from the helm(s) and not be quite as agile as the shaft drive alternative, which has plenty of bite in the water from its twin rudders. 

Galeon 500 Fly performance, Galeon 500 Fly cruising

Design & Build

Galeon 500 Fly flybridge, Galeon 500 Fly balconies

From the pen of British designer Tony Castro, the 500 Fly is a striking boat that has almost more glazing than GRP in both its superstructure and topsides. The profile is quite busy, certainly compared to the likes of the Prestige 520 and Princess F50, but it’s a boat with a host of tricks up its sleeve. At the push of a couple of buttons the aft end of the deck unfolds creating two substantial balconies that almost double the usable space available. Opt for the rotating cockpit seating and you have undoubtedly the most appealing cockpit in the class.

What’s most impressive about these gizmos is that they don’t compromise the 500’s workings as a boat and appear to have no negative effect on performance and handling despite their added weight.

The interior isn't quite as inventive as the exterior but there are lots of different colour, trim and upholstery choices. The physical three-cabin layout of the lower deck is fixed, however.  

Quality Street 

There was a time when buyers would turn their noses up at boats produced in Poland but it doesn’t take long aboard this model to realise that Galeon really knows what it’s doing then it comes to fit and finish. Components are expensive, the interior woodwork is excellent and there is a general feeling of solidity that suprasses many of its mass-produced rivals.

Galeon 500 Fly galley, Galeon 500 Fly quality

Interior Accommodation

Galeon 500 Fly saloon, Galeon 500 Fly interior

With such a functionality-packed cockpit it makes perfect sense for the 500 Fly to have an aft galley layout. The sliding windows on either side of the saloon and pop-up bar section allow the galley to double up as a service area for the cockpit but it’s also an easy passage from the cooking area to the forward dinette if guests are dining inside. 

The two-way seat opposite the galley is another clever piece of the design that can either serve as a cosy perch opposite the galley or, with the window open and backrest flipped into the boat, an equally lovely spot to gaze out over the water with a coffee. 

The boat is a little short of fridge/freezer space in the saloon with just a rather small under-counter unit compared to the domestic-size fridge/freezers that some rivals manage to include in their galleys. That said, dry storage is very good throughout the saloon and there’s space for a dishwasher at the end of the galley return.

Time For Bed

The three-cabin, two-bathroom layout of the lower deck is fixed but the standard arrangement works well. The star of the show is the full-beam master ensuite, which is well appointed, spacious and has over 6ft 1in of headroom throughout. The VIP isn’t far behind and benefits from long strips of glazing on either side and an oversized skylight that will draw plenty of natural light into the cabin during the day.

The VIP shares its ensuite with the third cabin but it’s a good size so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The third cabin is bunk beds only and is probably best suited to kids but the berths are large enough for adults to be comfortable during shorter stays.

Galeon 500 Fly bunks, Galeon 500 Fly guest cabin

Helm Station

Galeon 500 Fly lower helm, Galeon 500 fly dashboard

It’s a tale of two helms on the 500 Fly as the lower helm hits all the right notes whereas the one upstairs has room for improvement. The main issue is that the latter has very little adjustment so you can’t tweak the driving position to suit your body shape. The small bench seat is fixed and therefore you find yourself leaning a long way forward to reach the MFDs (multi-function displays), which is where almost all of the major systems are controlled. That said the relationship between wheel and throttles is good and layout is clear and easy to use.

The driving position is much more intimate at the lower helm and controls fall to hand more easily. There is no side door but large electric windows on either side aid both ventilation and communication with those on deck. Later models don’t have the run of analogue dials at the top of the dash, which is a shame as they look good and make it easy to quickly check that levels and temperatures are as expected. There is also quite a large blind spot to starboard due to the size of the windscreen mullion. 

Galeon 500 Fly cockpit, Galeon 500 Fly balconies

This is where the 500 Fly streaks ahead of its rivals. With the ‘beach club’ option, which includes the terraces and hydraulic bathing platform, plus the rotating dinette, there isn’t a boat in the sector that can compete with the socialising space of the 500 Fly.

The cockpit grabs a lot of the attention for obvious reasons but there’s clever thinking on the foredeck as well. The optional sliding seats glide forward and out at the touch of a button to create passageways to the side decks and the simple but brilliant pop-up backrests make the bench seating much more comfortable if you’re sitting for sundowners.

The gadgets may appear complicated but their mechanisms are refreshingly simple in a bid to minimise the likelihood of malfunction or weighty repair bills. There are no gimmicks here, all of the toys genuinely improve life on board the boat. 

Flying High

Let’s not forget the flybridge, either. This is a really good space and large for a boat of this size. The small wet bar splits cooking and cooling facilities and is well placed to serve the large dinette at the aft end with dedicated sunbathing space forward of the helm. Shelter is provided by either a canvas bimini or a hard top, which is likely to prove popular. Headroom under the aft end of the top is a bit tight for those over 6ft but clearance improves forward where there is a built-in canvas sunroof.

Galeon 500 Fly cockpit, Galeon 500 Fly rotating seat

Value For Money

Those who expect the Galeon to be much cheaper than its rivals because of its eastern European roots may be in for a shock. The 500 Fly is unlikely to undercut its French and German rivals and may be a little more expensive than most but, as has been covered already, you can see and feel where the money is being spent all over the Galeon. It’s a quality product and the touch points are top notch. Not many shipyards offer the five year manufacturer warranty that Galeon does, either. Plus, with such clever deck spaces and the spacious interior you certainly feel like you’re getting bang for your buck.

Our Options & Pick

Galeon's UK dealer, Approved Boats, has a sensible approach to pricing. Rather than offer a base boat and then add a load of extras, it offers a UK spec and a Med spec with all the necessary equipment included in the price.

The Med spec includes everything UK spec has and adds air-conditiong, an uprated generator, hydraulic paserelle and - to help with the added weight - the mid-range D11 670hp engines as standard. You can add and remove items from this list as required but it makes for a much more realstic pricing strategy.  In terms of our pick, then, it somewhat depends on where you're going to keep the boat. The Med spec really is the whole package and ticks most major options but it does command a chunky premium over the UK version. 

The hard top isn't standard on either spec but we would go for it, both for the flexibility it adds to the top deck and for resale value, given that most buyers will be looking for it. We would avoid the smallest engine option.

It is not a cheap option but the Seakeeper gyro stabiliser is worth considering. That cockpit is fantastic but the shine will be taken off if the boat is bobbing like a cork at anchor. 

In a highly competitive sector the Galeon 500 Fly has a true USP. The transforming cockpit is far more than some boat show gimmick or quayside theatre, it genuinely improves life on board and provides a significant increase in usable living space. Underneath all of this innovation, however, there is a really solid cruising machine; Galeon and Tony Castro’s design team haven’t lost sight of how the 500 needs to function as a boat. It’s well built, safe and bristling with smart and practical touches.  

It’s a shame that the IPS option is so expensive but around the marina and at sea the 500 Fly is well mannered, predictable and easy to control. It’s also quite a lot more fun to drive than you might expect.

It isn’t the prettiest boat in its class, or the biggest, but it’s an accomplished all-rounder with an ace up its sleeve.

Reasons to Buy

  • Outstanding functionality
  • High quality interior
  • Engaging handling
  • A lot of boat for the money

Things to Consider

  • Upper helm ergonomics
  • IPS option is prohibitively expensive
  • Third cabin has bunks

The 16m flybridge sector is one of the most competitive in the market with most of the leading brands offering a decent contender at this size. Few rivals offer the innovation of the Galeon but the Polish boat faces stiff competition from a variety of established shipyards. 

First launched in 2015, the Sealine F530 boasts an impressively voluminous interior. Though it may not possess the Transformer-like tricky of the Galeon’s main deck it has more options when it comes to the layout of the lower deck with choice of a twin or double third cabin and a storage room or single crew cabin at the stern. The two engine options are both IPS (either IPS700 or 800) for a top speed with the latter of 30 knots.

The Prestige 520 is a handsome machine with clean lines and a sleek profile. Like the Sealine it is only available with IPS and, though smooth and refined, can’t quite compete with the performance of the shaft drive Galeon. There are three cabins on the lower deck; two doubles and a twin with separate access to the master ensuite directly from the saloon. As with the Galeon, a tender garage is an option but you sacrifice the crew cabin.

The Princess F50 is smaller than the Galeon but it sets the benchmark for fit and finish on a boat of this size. Its on water dynamics are also very polished with near 35-knot performance from twin 600hp Volvo Penta IPS800s and a smooth-riding Olesinski planing hull. You do feel the boat’s smaller dimensions within the interior where the third cabin has bunks instead of twin berths and there is no crew cabin option but this is a classy operator with strong residuals. 

The Absolute 47 Fly may be shorter than the 500 Fly but its ever so slightly wider beam says a lot about where the focus is for the Italian boat. The interior feels ridiculously spacious for a boat of these dimensions and the offset berth in the forward master makes the most of the available space. There isn’t a crew cabin but the 47 makes up for this with probably the most comfortable cabin spaces of all the boats mentioned here. Absolute builds its boats to cruise in the low 20s, so performance is a little down on the others, but it’s a capable machine out on the water. 

Specifications & Performance

  • Builder Galeon
  • Range Flybridge
  • Model 500 Fly
  • Length Overall 53.15ft
  • Beam 14.633ft
  • Draft(full load) 3.281ft
  • Yacht Type (Primary) Flybridge
  • Use Type (Primary) Cruising
  • Cruising Speed Max Speed
  • Fuel Capacity 476 Gallons
  • Fresh Water Capacity 172 Gallons
  • Engine Model 2x Volvo Penta D11-670
  • Engine economic speed 8.3 knots
  • Engine max range (speed type) 484.8 nm

Performance Data

Galeon 500 Fly version 2019. *Data collected by Yacht Buyer during testing.

Test Engines Twin Volvo Penta D11-670

  • Liters Per Hour
  • Liters Per Mile
  •   CRUISE

Yacht Load: 0 Litres of water 50 Litres of fuel 4 members of crew air temperature of 25 °C

Sea Conditions: F1 and calm. Figures are taken from onboard readings, yours may vary depending on load and sea conditions. The range figures include 20% in reserve.

Galeon 500 Fly Layout

Flybridge Galeon 500 Fly

The flybridge is a good size for this sector and the optional carbon fibre hard top with a built in fabric sunroof is likely to be a popular option. 

Main Deck Galeon 500 Fly

The main deck is the 500's party piece. The folding balconies grab headlines but in the cockpit there is also the choice between L-shaped seating and a crew cabin or a rotating dinette with a tender garage.

Lower Deck Galeon 500 Fly

Some rivals have space for twins instead of bunks inside the third cabin but the level of fit and finish is excellent. Not the most flexible accommodation but very nicely executed. 

Jack Haines

Jack Haines

Jack is YachtBuyer's Reviews Director. He is a writer, editor and presenter with 15 years’ experience testing over 350 motorboats of all shapes and sizes, from 20ft RIBs to 120ft yachts (and even the Royal Navy Frigate HMS Sutherland ). 

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  • Rest of World


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