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Hvar Boat Rent

Hvar boat rent, speedboat and yacht charter & tours.

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45,000+ happy guests since 2003.

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English-speaking Hvar skippers, with unparalleled knowledge of local island seas

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Safest boats on market – from a sleek runabout to a luxury 60′ yacht

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Innovative tours – hidden coves and magical bays known only to locals

Authentic island experience

Welcome to the home of speedboat heaven on the sunshine island.

Experience speedboat tours beyond extraordinary:

  • Best & safest – unparalleled knowledge of local seas
  • Innovative tours – hidden coves and magical bays known only to locals
  • Largest selection of boats in Croatia!

Our Speed Boat & Yachts Fleet & Services

rent yacht hvar

The Paklinski Islands Getaway

The Pakleni Islands are our most popular speedboat tours. As if Hvar Town was not already the perfect destination, a string of emerald jewels in front of the town offers escape from the crowds, excellent beaches, great dining, and surprising diversity. Discover the very best with your private speedboat tour.

rent yacht hvar

Cliffs and hidden lagoons: Hvar’s magical southern shore

While the majority head to the Pakleni Islands, take a private speedboat tour of one of Hvar’s surprisingly lesser discovered treasures – its southern shore. With plenty of hidden bays to discover, south shore highlights include Red rocks, accessible only by boat, the fabulous Zarace lagoon, Dubovica bay and much more.

Vis Island Secrets & Highlights

Exclusive – a private tour of Vis Island secrets

Private tour of Secret Vis! Imagine an island which was closed to foreigners until just 25 years ago as it was home to the largest missile base in former Yugoslavia. An island which has had huge British military impact over the centuries. An island with its own submarine base and secret military installations.

Exploring the Green and Blue Caves

Exploring the Green and Blue Caves

Discover our most popular speed boat program – Experience the famous Blue Cave & amazing hidden beaches!

This unique day on the sea also includes the bonus – stunning coast of Vis island, Stiniva beach hidden lagoon, the Green cave and Pakleni islands.

Brac Island and Bol Beach

Brač Island and Bol Beach

Hvar has more than enough attractions to fill several holidays, but it is also pleased with some rather exotic neighbors, several of which can be visited on our speedboat tours. Among the most popular is the trip to the island of Brac and the iconic Zlatni Rat beach near Bol, one of the most iconic…

rent yacht hvar

Korčula Island – Exclusive speedboat excursion

Hvar is blessed with some equally spectacular neighbours, and a visit to the island of Korcula to the south is an introduction to one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, and produces a day of fabulous memories, from the immaculate tiny old town sometimes referred to as a ‘mini-Dubrovnik’, to great beaches and some of the best white wines in the entire country.

Exploring the Green and Blue Caves

Vis, Blue & Green Caves – Private Speedboat Tour

Experience a perfect day on the sea – take your private speeedboat tour – just for your friends or family! This unique day on the sea starts with the majestic Green and Blue caves and includes Vis and the Pakleni islands. Explore amazing hidden beaches and coves.

rent yacht hvar

Summer Breeze 45 ft open deck

Length: 13.7 m Capacity: 12 pax + 2 crew

Our newest 45′ black beauty has a fully enclosed head and takes you and up to 12 guests in luxurious comfort anywhere along the Dalmatian coast at a thrilling 25knots.

rent yacht hvar

Summer Breeze 45 ft cabin

Latest addition to our fleet – new Summer breeze 45 ft with a cabin.

Enjoy the trip with 2 x 500HP. Excellent choice.

Hvar boat rental - red colored Summer Breeze with cabin cruising the bay in full speed

Summer Breeze cabin 35 ft

Length: 11 m Capacity: 16 pax

Complete with its own comfortable cabin and toiltet, our Summer Breeze is the perfect choice for families and friend group transfers up to 14 people.

rent yacht hvar

Summer Breeze open deck 35 ft

If sun and swimming off the boat is your idea of a perfect day charter to the Blue & Green caves, Vis, Dubrovnik or Paklinski Islands, welcome aboard our Summer Breeze Open Deck.

Hvar boat rental - red Cobalt Bowrider cruising parallel to the shore

Cobalt Bowrider 302

Length: 10 m Capacity: 12 pax

This is the Cadillac of our fleet. A perfect example of an American muscle-style speedboat.

Hvar boat rental - skipper driving the Rib Offshore

Rib Offshore 270

Length: 9,6 m Capacity: 12 pax

For those looking for real value, without sacrificing speed or comfort, our 27’ Rib Offshore is ideal!

Hvar boat rental - red Sea Thunder during the cruise

Sea Thunder 800

Length: 9 m Capacity: 10 pax

A comfortable, sun shaded lounge area aft, the Sea Thunder easily accommodates up to 10 people with all their luggage in comfort and style.

Hvar boat rental - yellow Rib Baracuda anchored in a harbour

Rib Baracuda B-23

This is our best-selling rib. At 23′ with a 150HP engine, this Baracuda is made for day trips to Vis & the Blue Cave, Paklinski Islands as well as Korčula and Brač island.

Yacht rental in Hvar - Pershing motor yacht while crusing in the bay

Length: 22.50 m (74 ft) Width: 5.60 m Cabins: 3 Capacity: 6 + 2 people Engine:  2 x 1.550HP

Yacht rental in Hvar - My Katina big luxury yacht aerial view

Length : 60 m / 196 ft Engine : 2 x 1350 HP Max. speed : 14 knots Cruising guests : 12 Overnight guests : 12 Number of rooms : 6 (all convertible)

Yacht rental in Hvar - Azimut 52 motor yacht at a small dock in a cove in front of the house

Charter type: Motor Yacht with the crew Daily rate: 2.800 EUR Length:  15.6 m Engines:  2 x 600 HP

Summer Breeze with cabin

Summer Breeze

Length: 11 m Capacity: 16 pax Engine: 500 HP Cabine: Yes (luggage only) Toilet: Yes

Cobalt Bowrider

Length: 10 m Capacity: 10 pax Engine: 2×260 HP Cabine: Yes Toilet: Yes

Rib Offshore

Length: 9.6 m Capacity: 12 pax Engine: 250 HP Cabine: Yes Toilet: No

Sea Thunder

Length: 9 m Capacity: 10 pax Engine: 250 HP Cabine: Yes Toilet: No

rent yacht hvar

Length: 7.5 m Capacity: 3 pax Engine: 150 HP Cabine: No Toilet: No

Sea Fun Activities

Hvar Tours offers a wide range of water sports, water toys and experiences to help make every day at the beach exciting and interesting. Our services include flyboard, banana, water bed, water-sking, wakeboarding, inner tube, sup paddle …

With your convenience our priority, we can arrange to bring our water toys to a location which suits you, such as your yacht (if anchored near Hvar Town), to the marina, or in front of Carpe Diem Beach.

for every budget and wedding size

Hvar Boat Rent has one of the largest fleets in Hvar – even transfers for larger weddings of over 300 guests is not a problem for us. Because we have different speedboat options for you to choose from, we offer you a wide range of possibilities, for every budget and wedding size.

We guarantee that we can and will make your day even more special than you could have imagined.

Bachelorette & Bachelor

Bachelorette and bachelor parties.

Looking for the best way to honour your single life before entering a new and exciting chapter with the person you love? Well, you came to the right place!

If you are looking for some pampering, or want to take an adventure exploring hidden caves and secluded beaches. If you want to enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset or party into the night surrounded with your closest friends, we are the right choice for you. Hvar Tours will offer you a unique experience tailored to fit your every need.

Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Events

Mice – speedboat and boat support in hvar.

We know the importance of MICE events for businesses. These events help organizations to expand and remain present in the market, help companies generate ideas as well as increase sales and revenues. But, in order to achieve success, the events need to be planned out to the tiniest detail.

With over 16 years of experience in participating in thousands of MICE groups in Hvar and Split area, we are here to support your every need and help you have a fully productive and efficient MICE event.

rent yacht hvar

Speedboat tours

Sea Doo Challenger

Rent a boat

Rent a yacht, boat transfer.

Sea Fun Activities

Bachelor parties

rent yacht hvar

Hvar Boat Rent & Šego Yacht Rental

Reliable provider of speedboat transfers and tours on hvar.

Hvar Boat Rent and Šego Yacht Rental has been the biggest and most reliable provider of speedboat transfers and tours on Hvar for more than a decade. As the official transfer partner of many hotels and clients, our boats transfer more tourists safely, stylishly and reliably than any other company on Hvar.

– Our skippers grew up in the waters around Hvar, and their unparalleled knowledge of local seas means that you will enjoy innovative tours – the very best and safest transfer and tour experience.

– We also offer the largest selection of boats on the market, from a sleek runabout to a luxury 60′ live.

– Take advantage of our local knowledge to visit top destinations such as the Blue Cave before the crowds, hidden coves and magical bays others only dream about

– Choose from group, private and tailor-made speedboat tours.

Put your sunglasses on, feel the wind in your hair, and prepare yourself for a speedboat experience beyond extraordinary!


What our guests say, our locations.

We have locations throughout the Hvar Town!

Look for the  Hvar Speed Boat and Yacht rental ,  Hvar Tours  and  Šego Rent sign and visit the location most convenient to where You are staying.

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Cruising aboard a yacht in Hvar is an experience like no other. Hvar is an island located in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and picturesque towns and villages. A yacht charter in Hvar allows you to explore the island’s coastline and discover hidden coves, secluded beaches, and charming fishing villages. You can also visit the town of Hvar and take in its rich history and culture, as well as its vibrant nightlife. With a variety of yachts to choose from, you can customize your charter to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or an action-packed adventure. With a yacht charter in Hvar, you can create unforgettable memories while enjoying the best of what the island has to offer.



Summer Star


License to Chill


Drunken Sailor


Feel the Blue

Absolute 60

Absolute 60


Sir Hendrik


Silver Breeze


Lady Yousra


Wide Liberty

Liana H

George Five


Estrella de Mar

Accama Delta

Accama Delta

Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven

Funda D


Shooting Star

Shooting Star

55 Fiftyfive

55 Fiftyfive


Ashleyrose 110

Feligo V

White Pearl I

Whisper V

Project Steel


South Paw C


Sole Di Mare

Makani II

Milos At Sea

Antheya III

Antheya III

Minor Family Affair

Minor Family Affair

Infinity Nine

Infinity Nine

Can`t Remember

Can`t Remember

Delta One



Hakuna Matata




Queen of Makri


Big Change II

Le Pietre

Illusion II


Halcon Del Mar



Ocean Pure 2

Ocean Pure 2


Mare Nostrum


Only Eighty

Elena V




The Wellesley

The Wellesley




Quantum of Solace





Black Pearl

Black Pearl

  • Snorkel in the warm waters
  • Explore one of the many uninhabited islands
  • Walk up to the old fortress
  • Peruse the old streets
  • Shop in one of the many high end boutique
  • Parasail over the Adriatic Sea
  • Go on a wine-tasting tour in Zadar
  • Have a drink at the seaside Aloha Bar
  • Share a meal in Passarola
  • Party in one of the vibrant clubs

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Yacht Rental Hvar

In our boundless journey across the world, there exists a gem in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, a place where the pristine azure waters kiss the golden shores under the benevolent gaze of the sun - Hvar. This sun-kissed Croatian island, with its craggy coastline, lavender fields, and aromatic pine forests, beckons the wandering souls who seek an intimate connection with nature.

The Majesty of Renting a Yacht in Hvar

Yacht Rental Hvar

One might wonder why a destination, so resplendent in its own right, would require a mode of transportation as luxurious as a yacht. The answer lies in the island's unique blend of topographical wonders and the historical tapestry it weaves.

Hvar is not just a single experience. It is a mosaic of micro-ecosystems, a myriad of historical epochs, and a tale of nature's forces that have carved and sculpted its coastline for millennia. To truly immerse oneself in the splendors of this land, one must approach it from the sea, just as the ancient mariners did. Renting a yacht in Hvar provides an unparalleled perspective of its intricate bays, secluded coves, and the neighboring Pakleni islands, where nature seems untouched by the passage of time.

Yet, it's not only the scenery that compels one to set sail. The marine life beneath the waves of Hvar, from the playful dolphins to the myriad of colorful fish that find refuge in the Adriatic's reefs, presents an unfolding narrative. A yacht allows you the luxury of anchoring in these untouched habitats, granting an exclusive audience with Mother Nature herself.

Navigating Hvar's Hidden Gems: A Yachting Odyssey

The island of Hvar, renowned for its crystalline waters and sunlit splendor, is a dream for many mariners. Yet, beyond the famed beaches and bustling ports lies an intricate tapestry of secluded spots, waiting to be explored by the discerning yachtsman. Here, we embark on a voyage to unveil some of these lesser-known havens.

The Pakleni Islands, just off the coast of Hvar town, present a labyrinth of hidden bays, pine-clad islets, and azure lagoons. Of these, Palmižana stands out with its sandy beaches and vibrant beach bars, offering a delightful juxtaposition of serenity and festivity.

To the east, the deep inlet of Stari Grad Bay beckons. This UNESCO World Heritage site, with its surrounding vineyards and olive groves, tells tales of ancient mariners and age-old civilizations. The town of Stari Grad itself, with its cobblestone streets and quaint architecture, is a window into Croatia's rich history.

Further south lies the tranquil bay of Dubovica . Sheltered from the hustle and bustle, this beach, with its pebbled shores and a charming stone house backdrop, offers an idyllic spot to drop anchor and immerse oneself in nature's embrace.

Sveta Nedjelja, on the southern shore, invites the adventurous spirit. Known for its underwater sea caves and vibrant marine life, it promises a diving experience like no other. The nearby vineyards, perched precariously on steep slopes, offer a terrestrial exploration of a different kind.

Zavala and the Gromin Dolac Bay : On the south side of Hvar, the village of Zavala oversees some of the most pristine parts of the island. Not far from here, the secluded Gromin Dolac Bay is a gem often missed by larger tourist vessels. Its quiet, pebbly beaches are a perfect hideaway, surrounded by rugged cliffs and crystal-clear waters that shimmer with hues of blue and green.

Jelsa and Grebišće Bay: Moving eastwards, the town of Jelsa offers a picturesque harbor and is framed by a verdant, rolling landscape. A short sail away is Grebišće Bay , characterized by shallow sandy shores, making it an ideal spot for families or those looking to wade in the gentle embrace of the Adriatic. The bay is surrounded by olive groves and a thick pine forest that cascades right to the water's edge, offering shade and a fresh pine aroma that invigorates the senses.

Maslinica Bay on Šolta Island: While technically not part of Hvar, the proximity of Šolta Island makes it a desirable destination for yachts navigating the waters of Hvar. Maslinica, on the island's western tip, is a charming village with a naturally protected bay, ideal for anchoring. The bay, with its renovated castle and a clutch of tiny islets, offers a serene backdrop for sunset watchers.

Vrboska and Soline Bay: Often referred to as 'Little Venice' due to its numerous bridges and quaint ambiance, Vrboska is the smallest town on the island. Its deep inlet offers protection from the elements, making it a favorite among sailors. Nearby Soline Bay is renowned for its therapeutic mud, a natural remedy that has been used by locals for generations.

Finally, for those who seek the ultimate solitude, the islet of Šćedro , to the south of Hvar, is a sanctuary. Its untouched beauty, with secluded coves and aromatic herbs, is a testament to the Adriatic's timeless charm.

These spots, often overshadowed by the more renowned destinations, are the true testament to Hvar's diverse offerings. Each inlet, bay, or village presents its unique flavor, waiting to be sampled by the adventurous traveler. When one navigates these waters, they soon realize that the true magic of Hvar lies not just in its celebrated spots, but also in its hidden nooks and crannies, where nature and history conspire to create timeless memories.

Considerations for Your Nautical Adventure in Hvar

Yacht Rental Hvar

While the allure of a yachting adventure is undeniable, the potential mariner must heed certain considerations. The waters around Hvar, much like the rest of the Adriatic, have their unique temperament, and understanding them is crucial for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Firstly, the choice of season plays a pivotal role. Summer, with its long sunlit days, is undeniably attractive. Yet, it's also the peak tourist season. If one seeks solace, the shoulder months of May and September provide a balmy climate with fewer vessels dotting the horizon.

Next, one must be cognizant of the local maritime regulations. Hvar, and Croatia at large, takes the preservation of its marine ecosystems very seriously. Certain coves and underwater areas are protected, and anchoring there might not just be detrimental to the ecosystem but might also result in hefty fines.

Lastly, knowledge of local weather patterns is indispensable. The Bura and the Jugo, winds of legend in Adriatic lore, can turn a serene sea into a tempestuous beast. Being familiar with local forecasts and understanding the temperaments of these winds can make your voyage smooth and safe.

Selecting Your Perfect Marine Companion

The final, yet most pivotal, decision is choosing the right yacht for Hvar's waters. The waters around Hvar, while calm and placid for most parts, can occasionally challenge even the seasoned mariner.

For the solo traveler or couples, a smaller sailing yacht might be ideal. These vessels, while compact, offer a closeness to the water and the elements that is unparalleled. Their shallow drafts also allow exploration of the smaller coves and inlets which might be inaccessible to larger vessels.

However, for those traveling in larger groups or seeking the pinnacle of luxury, a larger motor yacht or a catamaran would be more appropriate. These vessels offer space, stability, and a range of amenities that transform the voyage into a floating five-star experience.

Yet, irrespective of size or type, the perfect yacht for Hvar’s waters is one that respects its environment. Modern yachts equipped with eco-friendly amenities, such as solar panels or electric propulsion, ensure that the pristine beauty of Hvar remains untouched for future generations.

In conclusion, to embark on a yacht journey around Hvar is to experience a world where history, nature, and luxury converge. It's a dance of the elements, an ode to the sea, and a testament to man's eternal quest for exploration. As you set sail, with the winds whispering tales of yore and the sun casting golden hues on the water, you realize that Hvar isn't just a destination, it's an emotion. An emotion best felt aboard a yacht.

Unravelling Hvar's Maritime Mystique: Queries from the Curious Voyager

As we voyage through the ethereal waters of Hvar, casting our gaze upon its secluded bays and historic hamlets, it's only natural for questions to arise. Over the ages, we've been approached by fellow travellers, their eyes sparkling with curiosity, seeking insights into this Adriatic wonderland. Here, we endeavour to address some of these frequently pondered queries, hoping to enrich your journey through Hvar's maritime tapestry.

What is the best time to embark on a yachting adventure around Hvar?

While Hvar boasts a mild Mediterranean climate, making it inviting almost year-round, the months between May and September offer the most favourable sailing conditions. However, those seeking quieter anchorages might prefer the shoulder months of May and late September.

Is it necessary to have prior sailing experience to charter a yacht in Hvar?

Not necessarily. While many seasoned mariners choose to captain their own vessel, many yacht rental services offer the option of hiring a skilled skipper. They not only navigate the waters but also provide invaluable local insights.

Are there any specific maritime regulations to be aware of in Hvar's waters?

Indeed, the Croatian maritime authorities are diligent in preserving the delicate marine ecosystems. It's essential to be aware of protected zones where anchoring might be restricted. Additionally, ensuring that waste disposal is carried out responsibly and adhering to local fishing guidelines are paramount.

How equipped are the local ports for yachts and sailing vessels?

Hvar's ports, from the historic Hvar Town harbour to the quaint inlets of Jelsa and Vrboska, are well-equipped to cater to yachts of various sizes. They offer amenities such as fresh water, electricity, and waste disposal facilities.

Is it possible to find secluded anchorages even during peak tourist season?

Certainly. While popular bays and ports might bustle with activity during the summer months, Hvar's intricate coastline hides numerous secluded spots. Engaging with local skippers or mariners can often lead one to these hidden gems.

What local delicacies should one try while docked at Hvar's ports?

Hvar's rich maritime heritage is mirrored in its culinary offerings. Freshly caught fish, prepared in traditional Dalmatian style, is a must-try. Additionally, the island's famed wines, especially those from the southern slopes, pair perfectly with the Adriatic's bounty.

Embarking on a voyage, be it of exploration or self-discovery, often stirs the soul with myriad questions. It is our hope that, with these insights, your journey through Hvar's enchanting waters becomes a tapestry of cherished memories and enlightened experiences. Safe sails!

rent yacht hvar

Rent a boat in Hvar with or without a licence

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rent yacht hvar

Rand Leisure 28 (2018)

From €1,200 per day.

rent yacht hvar

All-inclusive Private Tours from Hvar (2013)

From €2,550 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Capelli Tempest 1000 (2021)

From €650 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Black Noa b23 f (2022)

From €375 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Betina 490 with fuel included (2016)

From €150 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Colnago 45 (2018)

From €2,125 per day.

rent yacht hvar

SPX Rib 24 All inclusive (2021)

From €960 per day.

rent yacht hvar

RIB Joker Boat Clubman 26 (2015)

From €127 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Skippered Pershing 46 (2007)

From €2,500 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Traditional Pasara 6 hp with fuel included (2006)

From €85 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Mar.Co Twentythree power (2008)

From €610 per day.

rent yacht hvar

BARACUDA 23 (2012)

From €550 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Stamas 360 express (2022)

From €1,600 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Colnago 35 with skipper (2018)

From €1,800 per day.

rent yacht hvar


From €2,250 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Luxury Yacht (13 m) with Skipper and Fuel Included (2018)

From €1,850 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Speeder 680 Open (2009)

From €350 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Aquamax B-23F (2018)

From €420 per day, yacht charter in hvar with click&boat.

The island of Hvar, in the Adriatic Sea, offers a stunning display of natural beauty. Its crystal blue waters, secluded coves, and sun-kissed beaches create a paradise-like setting. Vineyards, olive groves, and rolling lavender hills add vibrant colours to the landscape. Hvar has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Ancient ruins, fortresses, palaces, and churches tell stories of past civilisations.

Located centrally in the Adriatic archipelago, Hvar provides a tranquil escape for yacht enthusiasts. A yacht rental in Hvar allows you to explore the clear waters and discover the charm of nearby islets. These secluded spots offer untouched natural beauty and serene seclusion. During your stay in Croatia, also consider a yacht charter in Split .

Hvar caters to diverse vacation desires. Whether you seek relaxation on secluded beaches, thrilling water adventures, culinary delights, vibrant nightlife, or explorations of the untamed wilderness, the island has something for everyone. It embraces visitors with warmth, leaving a lasting impression.

Which type of boat is best for a Hvar yacht charter?

Choosing the right vessel for your charter adventure can feel overwhelming, but we're here to help. The duration of your voyage and the time spent onboard are crucial factors in making your decision. Let us guide you through the options for your preferences and voyage length.

Consider a RIB or motorboat for a day trip, prioritising speed and efficiency. These agile watercraft will swiftly transport you to your destination, maximising your time on the water.

If your voyage extends to a week or longer, and you want to enjoy the freedom of the seas with family and friends, yachts, catamarans, and sailboats are excellent choices. These vessels offer comfort, space, and versatility, allowing you to create unforgettable memories along the Croatian coastline.

Our sailboats in Hvar accommodate 6 to 12 guests and include 2 to 6 cabins.

Our motorboats accommodate 5 to 14 guests.

Our RIBs accommodate 5 to 15 guests.

Our RIBs accommodate 8 to 15 guests.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Hvar?

Several factors determine the cost of a Hvar boat hire. These include the number of people on board, the size, type, and manufacturer of the vessel, as well as the time of year you choose to embark. Additional services like hiring a skipper or opting for a crewed yacht will incur additional charges. Here are some average rental prices for Hvar:

Our prices for sailboats can range from €550 to €800 per day and €3,010 to €5,040 per week.

Our motorboat rental prices range from €100 to €1,950 per day.

RIB prices range from €200 to €1,000 per day.

Our prices for catamarans can range from €1,390 to €5,500 per week in the low season and €4,650 to €16,200 per week in the high season.

What is included in the cost?

When you rent a boat in Hvar, the cost will incorporate essential safety features, ensuring you can sail confidently and securely. Many private boats in our diverse fleet offer additional amenities that can be rented at an extra cost. These can include provisions such as food and beverages and water sports equipment. It is important to note that additional payment for fuel is necessary, as the amount required will vary depending on the duration of your rental and the specific vessel you select.

Where to sail in Hvar?

Hvar is renowned for its breathtaking beaches; some of the best are in the protected landscape of the Pakleni Islands, a.k.a. the Paklinski Islands. These pristine shores, blessed with pure natural beauty and crystal-clear waters, offer compelling reasons to charter a motor yacht or sailboat and embark on an unforgettable boat trip.

For sailors in this part of the Adriatic Sea, the island of Brač emerges as a highly sought-after destination. Raise anchor and set sail to explore the captivating Zmajeva Cave or indulge in sun-soaked relaxation on the renowned Zlatni Rat Beach. Furthermore, the neighbouring islands of Vis, Korčula, Pelješac, and Šolta present appealing alternatives, each offering its own unique attractions.

A visit to the esteemed national park of Mljet should not be missed. Immerse yourself in the wonders of this natural sanctuary, where lush landscapes, pristine lakes, and flora and fauna create a truly mesmerising experience.

Embarking on a journey to these remarkable destinations allows you to witness the unrivalled beauty of the Croatian coast, immersing yourself in the splendour of nature and the Adriatic Sea. Charter a boat and set your course towards these idyllic havens, where memories of a lifetime await.

What is there to do during my Hvar boat rental?

When you visit Hvar, Croatia, check out the vibrant nightlife, Venetian architecture in the cosmopolitan town of Hvar, and divine beaches near Jelsa. Then enjoy the enchanting ambience of "Little Venice" in Vrboska and the tranquillity of hidden coves around Sučuraj.

Hvar town and Stari Grad exude quintessential charm, with their winding cobblestone streets inviting delightful exploration. Within Hvar, you'll find an array of popular attractions to discover. The Arsenal, the oldest public theatre in Europe, is a testament to the island's cultural heritage. The fortress Fortica offers panoramic views, while the Franciscan Monastery and St.Stephen's Square showcase architectural beauty.

The eco-ethno village of Humac provides an insight into the island's traditional way of life, and the Tvrdalj Castle bears witness to the legacy of the renowned poet Petar Hektorović. Additionally, Hvar is renowned for its lavender fields, making Kraljičina Vodica, a pure distillate of rosemary oil, an ideal souvenir to capture the essence of the island.

One of the highlights for visitors to Hvar is the Blue Cave. This captivating natural wonder showcases the mesmerising effect of sunlight on the water, creating a spectacle of deep blue hues that leave a lasting impression.

When is the best season to charter a yacht in Hvar?

The optimal time to visit Hvar by boat varies depending on the type of sailing holiday you seek. If you desire warm and tranquil seas, June, July, and August are ideal. During this period, the temperatures range from 25 to 30 ℃, providing pleasant conditions for your nautical adventures. The island comes alive during these summer months, offering a vibrant atmosphere and numerous activities to enjoy.

For those who prefer cooler temperatures and a more serene atmosphere, the shoulder seasons of May, September, and October present an excellent choice. During these months, the weather remains delightful, with temperatures ranging from a comfortable 20 to 25 ℃. This time of year allows you to escape the crowds of holidaymakers, providing a more intimate and relaxed experience on the island.

It's worth noting that Hvar can be subject to winds, so it is advisable to stay informed about the local weather conditions and patterns before embarking on your sailing journey. Familiarising yourself with the wind patterns will allow you to plan your routes and activities accordingly, ensuring a safe and enjoyable voyage.

Charter a yacht in Hvar with a skipper!

When it comes to boat rentals in Hvar, the possibilities are endless on our Click&Boat platform. We understand that each traveller has unique preferences, so we offer skippered and non-skippered rental options to cater to your needs.

Opting for a skippered yacht charter provides a hassle-free and immersive experience. Our skippers are skilled sailors and often locals with in-depth knowledge of the area. They can guide you to the most sought-after locations and even unveil some hidden gems along the way. With a skipper at the helm, you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery as they care for navigation and docking. Furthermore, sailing with a skipper offers a valuable opportunity to learn and improve your sailing skills. Your journey will be entirely personalised, allowing you to sail at your own pace and embrace the freedom of the open waters.

Alternatively, we provide rental options without a skipper for those with the necessary boating license. Many boat owners require proof of a boating license, while others offer vessels that can be rented without a license. Getting in touch with the boat owner to clarify their requirements before embarking on your adventure is essential.

Where can you rent a yacht in Hvar?

If you're looking to hire a boat in Hvar, you have multiple options for starting your nautical adventure. ACI Marina Vrbovska is known for its picturesque canals and stone bridges. This marina offers a range of amenities and services, making it a convenient starting point for your boat hire in Hvar. From here, you can set sail and explore Hvar and the glimmering waters surrounding the island.

Another notable option is Nauticki Centar Havr. Located within the island's main town, this centre offers easy access to Hvar, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and enjoy the island's renowned nightlife. Renting from Nauticki Centar Havr allows you to seamlessly combine your sailing adventure with Hvar town's cultural and social delights.

Good to know

Frequently asked questions about hvar, how much does it cost to rent a boat in hvar for a day.

The average cost of renting a boat in Hvar is around €475 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between €85 and €3,750 per day.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Hvar?

The price of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Hvar, you can expect to pay an average of €70 per day for a skipper.

What are the most popular boat manufacturers in Hvar?

The most popular boat manufacturers in Hvar are Pacific Craft and Barracuda.

Can I add equipment like snorkel gear, SUP boards or a wakeboard to my boat rental in Hvar?

Many owners offer various extras that you can add to your booking in Hvar. This can be for example Bimini, Bathing or Sunbath.

Can you rent a boat in Hvar without a license?

In Hvar there are 102 boats that you can rent without a license. You can also rent many boats with a skipper.

Our nearest destinations to Hvar

In Hvar, privately owned yachts are available for charter. See other yachts in the area.

Charter another yacht type in Hvar

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Luxury Cruising on Hvar Island

+385 98 595 590

[email protected]

rent yacht hvar


At AXIOM Yachting Hvar we are committed to offering a truly first-class yachting experience. By applying the highest professional standards and providing a trusted crew with outstanding credentials, we pride ourselves on delivering the luxury yachting service at its finest.

rent yacht hvar


Cruise in one of our brand new yachts in immaculate, sophisticated chic style and make your dream holidays a reality while creating some of the happiest memories of your life. At AXIOM Yachting Hvar, we are passionate about making your dream holidays a reality and creating some of the happiest memories of your life.

Up to 12 people

Up to 10 people

Lucille G

Immerse yourself

The comfort and satisfaction of our guests are paramount. At AXIOM Yachting Hvar, we are passionate about making your dream holidays a reality and creating some of the happiest memories of your life.

Professional Crew

Our team is made up of professionals who understand and value the uniqueness of every single guest and can accommodate bespoke needs and requests, always with a personal “touch” and a smile.

Enjoy Hvar & Adriatic


Embrace the urge to explore. Drop anchor in secluded bays, dive into pristine waters, and discover an underwater world of marine activity. Yachting offers captivating, thought-provoking, and stimulating experiences that are simply inaccessible by any other means.

rent yacht hvar

To Hvar and back

Whether you want to experience the liberated feeling of a private sea transfer or you just want to get at your destination quickly and comfortably, AXIOM Yachting Hvar will guarantee a first-rate service that is customized to meet your specific requirements.

Mon - Fri, 9.00am until 6.30pm

Fabrika 27 (next to Adriana Hvar spa hotel), 21 450 Hvar, Croatia

Boat Rental in Hvar

  • Océans Evasion  / 
  • Rent a boat in Split-Dalmatia County  / 

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 8.5m — Rand - Leisure 28 (2018)

From €1,200 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 6m — Insidias Fly - 200HP - FREE FUEL & SKIPPER (2014)

From €355 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Sailboat - 10.81m — Dufour - Dufour 365 Grand Large (2007)

From €143 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Sailboat - 11m — Marina 36 - Marina 36 sport (2003)

From €129 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 18m — New Wooden Boat - Motor boat (2013)

From €2,550 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 4.9m — Betina - 490 (2016)

From €150 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 8.5m — Waterspoor - 808 Open (2023)

From €600 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 13m — Colnago - 45 (2018)

From €2,125 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 11m — Colnago - 35 (2018)

From €1,800 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 4.7m — Jugoplastika - Pasara (2006)

From €85 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 14.02m — Pershing - 46 (2007)

From €2,500 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 12m — Stamas - Stamas 360 express (2022)

From €1,600 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 14m — COLNAGO - 45 CABIN (2022)

From €2,250 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 12.49m — SEA RAY - 390 (2018)

From €1,850 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 6.8m — Speeder - 680 Open (2009)

From €350 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 7m — Aquamax - B-23f (2018)

From €420 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 9.6m — Cobalt - Bowrider 302 (2011)

From €1,250 per day.

rent yacht hvar

Motorboat - 8m — Sea Ray - Sea ray (2015)

From €750 per day, yacht rental in hvar with oceans evasion.

Visit the gorgeous Croatian island of Hvar, located on the sparkling Adriatic Sea. Hvar is the longest and sunniest island in Croatia, and one of the most popular holiday spots on the Dalmatian coast. Full of pristine beaches, secluded bays and quiet coves, this island is the perfect destination for a sailing trip! With a yacht rental in Hvar you can experience everything that it has to offer and island hop to nearby destinations like Vis and Split. For an exceptional holiday on the water, look no further than Hvar.

What is the cost of a private yacht charter in Hvar?

Of course, there are many factors which affect the price of your Hvar yacht rental. Firstly, the time of year could have an impact, especially if you’re sailing during high season. The number of people on board and the size and type of vessel you choose will also cause the price to be more or less. Below are some average prices by boat type.

€5,040/week for 12 people.

€220/day for 6 people.

€430/day in the high season and €310/day in the low season for 10 people.

€9,156/week for 12 people.

€26,000/week in the high season and €13,515/week in the low season for 10 people.

€300/day for 3 people.

€53,241/week in the high season and €51,980/week in the low season for 12 people.

What is the best time of year to charter a yacht in Hvar?

The best time to embark on a sailing adventure in Hvar is between the months of May and October when the temperature will be pleasant and there is little to no precipitation. You might be tempted to visit in the summer when the weather is the hottest but if you do so, you should be aware that this is the high tourist season in Hvar, meaning large crowds. If you want a more relaxing holiday and better deals on Hvar yacht rentals, we’d recommend visiting in May or September, at the tail ends of high season.

Yacht rental in Hvar with a skipper for a unique holiday!

If you’re looking to charter a yacht in Hvar but don’t have a licence to sail, you can choose a skippered vessel at Oceans Evasion. Skippers are licenced professionals who will sail, dock and anchor the boat for you so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest extent. They are usually locals so they can give you advice about where to go and what to see on your sailing holiday in Hvar. You’ll be able to see everything on your sailing itinerary and more as skippers will take you to see some hidden gems that you might not have known about otherwise. For a more customised experience on board your yacht rental in Hvar, opt for a skippered vessel!

What can you see and do while on a yacht rental in Hvar?

A Hvar yacht rental grants you access to some of the best places on and around the island. Here are some of our favourite things to do in Hvar!

  • Sunbathe on some of Hvar’s best beaches like the secluded bay of Malo Zarace, the large pebble beach of Dubovica or the local favourite of Pokonji Dol.
  • Discover the wonders of the Pakleni island archipelago and snorkel or deep dive in its glittering turquoise waters. If you’re feeling ambitious you can also kayak around the islands!
  • Climb high to the Byzantine Spanjola fortress and see a birds’ eye view of the island. You can also visit a small museum there which has some artefacts that were found on Hvar’s seabed.
  • Navigate the intricate canal network in Vrboska or “Little Venice” and when you’re done you can stroll through the charming town.
  • Enjoy the vibrant nightlife on the island!

What type of boat is best for a private yacht charter in Hvar?

Choosing the right boat for your yacht rental in Hvar can be overwhelming but not to worry, we’ve got you covered. First, it’s important to think about how much time you’ll be spending on board. If you only plan to spend a few days on the water, we’d recommend a daily charter such as a motorboat or a RIB. On the other hand, if you’re planning a longer sailing trip you’ll need a bigger, more spacious vessel. In this case, you should choose one of our weekly charters such as a yacht or a catamaran which will have the necessary amenities on board to keep you comfortable. For a more traditional and classic sailing experience you might like to rent a sailboat but do be aware that these vessels are notorious for being unstable and tricky to navigate, making them unsuitable for pregnant people or those who are prone to seasickness.

Whichever type of vessel you choose, you’re sure to have a brilliant boat trip in Hvar!

Our nearest destinations to Hvar

In Hvar, privately owned yachts are available to rent. See other yachts in the area.

Rent other types of boats in Hvar

Experience a summer to remember

Hvar Charter provides unique private speed boat tours and boat excursions to Blue Cave. We also offer boat rental from Hvar and private speedboat transfer services.

Private Tours - Your Personal Adventure

Fully customizable private boat tours to match your time and interests! Relax in complete privacy and visit the most iconic locations at your own pace!

Red Rocks & Pakleni Islands Private Tour

Spend your day admiring and enjoying the beautiful shoreline of Hvar Island and many of the Pakleni Islands' lagoons beaches and villages.

Luxury Private Tour

Why not experience what it's like to be a true VIP for a day? Board one of our luxury yacht boats and customize your private boat tour.

Blue Cave & Pakleni Islands Private Tour

Visiting stunningly beautiful natural wonders such as Blue Cave, Stiniva Bay and the Green Cave, has never been more exciting since we do it at your pace!

Bol & Golden Horn Private Tour

De-stress by strolling through the streets of Bol and exploring the beautiful bays of the Pakleni Islands with a little help from our professional skippers.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Tour

Make unforgettable fun with your friends at our bachelor and bachelorette private party tour! Enjoy great music, tasty food and drinks.

Pakleni Islands Private Tour

Swim, snorkel and sunbathe in the most famous bays, or unwind in one of the secret lagoons. Explore the Pakleni islands in front of town Hvar and discover your new favorite vacation locations.

Celebration & Proposal Private Tour

Plan out an perfect proposal and make memories that you will cherish forever! Special moments in life are to be shared with loved ones.

Sunset Private Tour

What if we told you that only two hours spent cruising around the Pakleni islands might replenish your batteries for an entire year? Join our private sunset cruise boat tour and take home a memory of a lifetime!

Mamma Mia & Vis Island Private Tour

Join us on our adventure to discover the iconic Mamma Mia! Here we go again movie locations. Pamper yourself with a private boat tour from Hvar and feel like an absolute movie star!

Korčula Island Private Tour

Start your day with a swim at Dubovica bay and end it at one of the many attractive beaches on Korčula Island. Visit the Red Rocks along the way.

Visit Top - rated Destinations in Small Groups

Wondering what to do in Hvar? Join our group boat excursions from Hvar and experience the beauty of Blue cave, the island of Vis, the Pakleni islands, and many more must-see destinations, all in one day!

Group Excursions

Boat rental.

Hvar Charter offers a range of luxury boats, speed boats and small boats for daily rent. Rent a boat with a skipper and relax! Cruise around and experience the best of Hvar!

Colnago 38 is a luxury speed boat tailored to the demands of its passengers. Relax in the lounge area and enjoy a sleek journey to your next destination!

XP-38: The Pinnacle of Nautical Elegance – Experience unparalleled luxury on the water with our latest speed boat model.

Treat yourself to a luxury experience during your vacation and rent a Colnago 33 Limited Edition speedboat for an incredible day at the sea!

Come aboard our Enzo 35 speedboat and fill your vacation with nothing but good memories! Discover new and exciting places along the Dalmatian coast with your friends and family.

Step into our trusty Flyer 828 RIB speedboat for a quick and fun ride to the islands nearby Hvar! This boat is ideal for young groups that don't mind a bit of action!

Barracuda 730

The Barracuda 730 is one of the most elegant speedboats in our fleet as well as in the Hvar town! It efficiently combines speed and comfort, making it suitable even for larger groups.

Discover the thrill of the Adriatic Sea with the Aquamax 23 speed boat, powered by a robust 200 hp Honda engine, offering a blend of power and grace for your sea adventures.

Barracuda 700

Summer days should be spent exploring new places and going on adventures. What better way to do so than hiring a Barracuda 700 and spending an unforgettable day around the islands?

Become the head skipper and take your friends or family on an exciting trip! With the help of this 60 HP speedboat, explore the gorgeous beaches and lagoons of the Pakleni islands.

Boat Transfers

Maximize your time and enjoy a hassle-free ride to/from Hvar with this private boat transfer service. Be one step ahead of others: beat the heat and crowds.

Party Tours

Looking to kick-it in Hvar? Put your swimsuit on because the best party is onboard! Play your favorite music, enjoy free drinks, swim at best locations, and have fun all day long!

What to Do in Hvar?

There are a ton of fantastic things to do at Hvar, whether you came with the intention of spending your days at the beach or having an active holiday.

Best of Hvar Town

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Red Rocks and Pakleni Islands Private Boat Tour

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Welcome to HvarBoats

#1 boat rental agency with longest tradition in Hvar

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and have a private trip with or without a skipper

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group excursions or private trips with a pro skipper

Group excursions to the most popular places

Group boat excursions are easy and affordable way to experience the most beautiful beaches, caves & cliffs in Hvar area and magical Blue & Green Cave on Vis.

On a boat excursion you can swim, snorkel, cliff jump and relax in best beach bars and restaurants. Our boats offer great comfort, music and cold drinks for your best experience on the sea.

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Private tours tailored to your needs

Not in the mood to share a boat with strangers? Or you wish a special boat tour customized for your needs? No problem, just tell us your wishes and hop on our speed boat, we will handle everything, your only job will be to have a great time.

All our skippers are born in Hvar and with their experience they can give you best advices on places to visit, but on a private tour you choose where to go and how long to stay.

See all private tours

Colnago 38 RIB

Rent a Luxury boat or RIB speed boat with pro skipper

Hire our Luxury boat or RIB speed boat and let us show you the most beautiful beaches, hidden bays, caves and cliffs in the area. RIB speed boats are always hired with our profesional skipper who are great guides and can suggest you best places to visit.

Our RIBs offer ultimate speed and comfort for 9 or 12 people.

See RIBs offer

Rent a speed boat with or without skipper

Have a license and want to take the wheel? Or first time at sea and want our skipper to handle all the work?

Our speed boats got you covered in both cases and are fast enough to take you around Pakleni islands, best beaches on Hvar island or even Blue and Green cave on Vis or Golden Horn in Bol.

Great option for up to 5 people.

See speed boats offer

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 555 100HP Boat

Rent a small boat and drive yourself

Driving a boat is fun and our small boats are suitable even for first time boaters, they are easy to drive and dock.

These boats are budget friendly, our instructors will help you get started, it's great fun!

With a small boat you can reach Pakleni islands and closer beaches on south side of Hvar and it can fit 5 people.

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Hvar, Croatia

Rent a Yacht in Hvar, Croatia in a few minutes!

Starting location.

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Hiring a yacht is the ideal way to explore the hidden beauties of Hvar , in Croatia. Hvar is the sunniest island of Croatia and the epitome of a Mediterranean dream. Filled with amazing sandy beaches, picturesque bays, and wonderful seaside restaurants; the Adriatic Sea is flanked by nothing but beauty. Hvar has several picturesque marinas, and is one of the many islands in Croatia where you can easily find the ideal yacht of your choice. You can directly contact the owners for the ideal vessel or simply allow a BednBlue travel expert to guide you with some suggestions. 

You have plenty of options: 

You can book and hire a yacht with a skipper--or without one, if you have a license--and enjoy a one-day cruise to the Pakleni islands. With a motor yacht, you can tour various beaches in complete comfort and luxury, thanks to their fast cruising speed. Finally, you can hire a luxury yacht and go island-hopping in Croatia to create a lifetime experience.

BednBlue Guarantee

Yacht in hvar.

rent yacht hvar

 Hvar is an ancient city where each visitor will experience a sense of serenity and magic that is only found in quaint places with a rich history. When you walk past the monuments in the main town of Hvar, including Fortica Fortress, Hvar Cathedral, theatre, Arsenal, and Franciscan monastery, you will stare at the city’s history through its stones and constructions. On the other hand, Hvar is also the hub of several beaches that lie in proximity to many Mediterranean plants. Holidaymakers can bask in the sun, on the coast, and explore the bays situated nearby. You must check out the island chain Pakleni Otoci (Pakleni islands) to create some beautiful memories. You will find several Hvar restaurants and inns, which will acquaint you with several local dishes, such as fresh fish topped with homemade olive oil as well as delicious wines, sourced from one of the island’s vineyards. An outdoorsy individual will find a lot to do here, like sea-kayaking, sailing, and scuba diving, which will definitely compose an exhilarating experience. There are several tours and activities that one can choose from in Hvar. You can either opt for half-day or full-day tours; each of them originates at the port of Hvar and take tourists on refreshing boat rides. For a wine enthusiast, the wine-tasting tours that popular Hvar winemakers offer would create a blissful experience. When you have had your fair share of historical input and sight-seeing in Hvar, you and your group will be ready for an exciting trip in Hvar, with your favorite yacht you have selected from the BednBlue platform.

rent yacht hvar

 With a yacht tour in Hvar, you can visit a new bay and beach every single day. Choosing a boat will make your holiday ten times better. If you are looking for some of the best beaches in Hvar town, we recommend heading to the Pakleni Islands for a one-day cruise. On the Island’s southwest side, there are fine gravel beaches, close to the village of Ivan Dolac, Zavala, and Milna. When you are here, you can begin your day with a visit to the Green and Blue caves. The next step involves visiting a scenic inlet known as Stiniva. You can either go for a swim here or just sunbathe, in complete isolation. Then, visit the Blue Cave; the color of the cave can be traced back to the sunlight that enters the cave from a gap in the roof, which the sand reflects back to create a silvery-blue hue. Visit the Green Cave first, where you can have a swim and take in the emerald show in all its glory. This cave is commonly referred to as one of the most beautiful phenomena in the world. There is also the Green Lagoon, situated on the Southside of Hvar; you can go for a nice swim before you sunbathe on Dubovica pebble bay. If you want your adrenaline to pump further, cliff jumping in Zarače is an activity you must watch out for. Then, snorkel around Red Rocks for a fun experience with a yacht of your choice. You can grab a bite at any of the amazing restaurants, at Palmižana sandy bay.

rent yacht hvar

 A yacht charter in Hvar can take you to the island of Vis; it’s a charming place to explore before going to the Paklinski Islands and the perfect way to make a 2-day or 3-day charter adventure. Vinogradišce, at Palmižana, is the most popular bay of the archipelago, where you can enjoy seafood at one of the sea-facing restaurants. A lot of luxury yacht charters in Croatia often include Hvar in their itinerary. All types of vessels come here, where they can explore new natural beauties and immerse in a different cultural heritage. This beautiful island is commonly referred to as the Monaco of Croatia. Take your chance to create your own week itineraries or one-day trips. A few nearby islands worth mentioning include Komiza, Milna, as well as the surrounding islands of Split, such as Brac, Solta, and Trogir.

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Below you will find some useful information about marinas, ports, and airports for your yacht charter in Hvar.

Marina Palimzana: There are 180 berths in this marina with a maximum vessel length of 40m. The marina opens from April to the end of October and is located on the largest island of Pakleni, on the north-eastern coast of St. Clement. It’s a great marina for exploring secluded beaches and coves.

This marina is roughly 35 minutes from the airport and main town of Hvar. Going on a boat trip with a speedboat will allow you to anchor here in a short amount of time.

Hvar Port: Around 100m from the main town of Hvar and filled with yachts. Since it is such a popular anchorage, you may want to relocate your boat to Palmizana Marina. This harbor is generally well protected from the northern winds.

ACI Vrboska: The marina of Vrboska is located on the north coast of the island and is filled with beautiful beaches, coves, and dense pine forest in a narrow-like fjord. It occupies a berthing capacity of 119 vessels at a maximum length of 35m, and it generally provides great protection from all the winds.

The airport of Hvar is approximately 5.1km away from Vrboska Marina (10 min by car).

Stari Grad Port, Faros: Situated on the NW coast of Hvar; is the oldest settlement of the island. The port offers protection from all the winds except W and NW, which can be relatively dangerous if you do not anchor well. There are about 60 mooring spots with water and electricity supplies for all yachts. Some facilities you can access from the port include a bank, pharmacy, hotel, supermarket, and numerous bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Hvar Airport is approximately 10 min from Stari Grad.

Port Vis:  This port is around 9 miles SW of the Pakleni Islands. Visiting yachts tend to anchor here from daily trips in Split or Hvar. The island of Vis is where you can visit the Blue Cave, as well as the beach of Stiniva--voted as one of the best in Europe.

Vis is also connected to Split, Milna, and Hvar town, by ferry. The distance between Hvar and Vis is roughly 24km.

Some other airports you can choose from in Croatia include the one in Dubrovnik, Split, and Brac. Many tourists and charters create week-long itineraries and almost always include Hvar in their bucket list.

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Rent a Speedboat Hvar

What guests say about renting speedboat in hvar.

Fabiana Hirata


Length : 45ft or 13,7m

Capacity : 12 pax + 2 crew

Engine : 2 x 500HP

Cabin : yes, small in the bow of the ship

Toilet : Yes

Compartment : yes, for the luggage storage

Fridge : Yes

Life jacket : Yes

Refreshment inclusions : Water

Optional : Soft drinks, beers, wine

  • Fuel is not included in price

Summer Breeze Open

Length : 35ft or 10,7m

Engine : inboard, 500HP

Summer Breeze

  • Fuel is not included

Summer Breeze With Cabin

Summer breeze cabin, cobalt bowrider.

Length: 30,2ft or 9,25m

Capacity: 12 pax + 2 crew

Engine: inboard, 2 x 260HP

Compartment: Yes, for the luggage storage

Fridge: Yes

Life jacket: Yes

Refreshment inclusions: Water

Optional: Soft drinks, beers, wine

Rib Offshore

Length: 27ft / 8.2m

Capacity : 10 pax + 1 crew

Engine : outboard, 250HP

Anchor : Yes

Compartment : 1 piece of luggage per person

Toilet : No

Rib Baracuda

Length : 23ft / 7m

Capacity : 8 pax + 1 crew

Engine : outboard, 150HP

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Visit Hvar

Rent a luxury yacht, Hvar

rent yacht hvar

Luxury yachts are the finest and best equipped charter boats. For tourists that want the highest quality service and luxurious surroundings instead of speed we suggest to rent a luxury yacht. Hvar, as a destination that appeals to all of the senses, is certainly a destination where luxury is welcomed. We will do our best to offer you the most luxurious yachts on Hvar. Charter boat is a different name used for yachts in Croatia. But if you wish to rent a real luxury yacht on Hvar you should use the luxury yacht term. If you don’t find suitable luxury yachts on Hvar, let us know and we will find you the one you desire.

For more info and reservations feel free to contact us

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The city of Perm, located in the Urals foothills, is, geographically speaking, the most easterly city in Europe. Yekaterinburg, which is situated further to the east, beyond the Urals ridge, is located in Asia. Yet, while the whole world thinks that Europe ends at Perm, its citizens are convinced that it begins there.

Perm owes its birth to the mountains that separate Europe from Asia. One of the first copper-smelting works in the Urals was built there in the early 18 th century. As production developed, the settlement grew and Empress Catherine II (the great) soon signed a decree creating the city of Perm around the plant. For centuries, the city developed as an industrial center, so it is not surprising that the working people in Perm welcomed the October Revolution of 1917. In 1940, the city was renamed Molotov, but not for long, as its former name was restored in the late 1950s. Today Perm is a leader of Russian heavy industry.

In recent years, however, the city has been striving to rid itself of its image as Russia’s industrial capital and be recognized as a cultural capital. Can a mighty industrial city, studded with factories, turn overnight into a capital of fashion shows, music and modern arts? The local people are confident that they can do it; the local museum features ancient local artifacts such as wooden idols and bronze animal medallions alongside modern art. Artists and musicians come to Perm to lecture and give master classes and, once every two years, the city hosts the Diaghilev Seasons, a classical festival in memory of the famous ballet impresario Sergei Diaghilev. This is not accidental – the guiding spirit of the famous Russian Seasons in Paris lived in Perm with his family for a long time and graduated from the local school. This year, the city had its first ever White Nights multicultural festival, which lasted a whole month. The authorities hoped the festival would attract hundreds of thousands of tourists but in reality there were fewer. This was partly due to poor promotion of the festival events and partly to the lack of a convenient tourist infrastructure, including information centers, cheap hotels, bicycle rentals and even toilets.

Even so, Perm is persevering. Like other major Russian cities, last June Perm opened a pedestrian street, its answer to Moscow’s Arbat. At present, it looks somewhat wild and provincial: a patchy asphalt surface, street vendors with nothing to do, a couple of artisans and a children’s playground. Yet the pedestrian street is already included in the standard sightseeing tour that winds around the center. The tour, called The Green Line, links key historical sights of old Perm such as merchants’ houses, churches and monuments. Not surprisingly, it also includes museums, such as the Perm Museum of Local Lore housed in a sumptuous villa that used to belong to the arts patron Nikolai Meshkov. This imposing building, with its columns and stucco moldings, overlooks the Kama River. Its storerooms and exhibition halls contain all the treasures of the city’s many centuries of history. A little back from the riverbank, the Museum of Perm Antiquities features a vast paleontology collection: skeletons of the ancient lizards that gave their name to one of the Palaeozoic periods and the legendary Perm mammoth. An alternative tourist route, called The Red Line, was inaugurated more recently. The places of the greatest romantic dramas played out in the city are marked in red on the city map.

Works of art and stone monuments are not the city’s only attractions. Because of its unusual history and geographical position, Perm has produced many remarkable personalities, some of whom became legends in their own lifetime.

Take Alexei Bessonov, a well-known local communist, an active blogger and an irrepressible public campaigner. He jogs in the morning and, thanks to his robust health, is ever ready to fight for the ideals of the Communist Party. He has come up with some startling initiatives. For example, he proposed turning the city hall into a pretrial detention centre and he tried to organize guerilla units to oppose the cultural reforms. Bessonov’s activities are hailed by the local media, and he has long been a living legend in the city. You can see him all over the place: In the morning he often jogs through the city’s main streets and, at noon, he can be seen leading a demonstration and carrying a banner in front of government buildings. Another local celebrity is Alexander Zhunev, a street artist who holds degrees in economics and geology. When he painted his first graffiti in 2008, he realized this was what he had been born to do. Now people come from afar to look at his works. If you see a portrait of the poet Sergei Yesenin that is as tall as 10-storey building, or Spongebob Squarepants atop an electrical transformer box, or public phones in the shape of a fish or a cat’s head, you can be sure Alexander Zhunev has been here with his spray paint. And it is a good idea to visit the places that he has visited.

In contrast, Mikhail Shmakov has disliked Perm from the time he was a child. He thought the city was drab and gloomy. To escape the drabness, Shmakov and his wife set out on a voyage around the world. They have already crossed Africa and South America. Having seen half the world, Shmakov now admits that he does not want to leave his home city for good.

“Paradoxically, after visiting thousands of cities, it was brought home to me that I was lucky to have been born in Perm,” Shmakov said. “I have hated Perm all my life but have recently come to like its cozy provincial style and atmosphere of a wilderness.”

The “wilderness” surrounds the city in the shape of thick forests and the deep, dark waters of the Kama, a major river that slashes right through the middle of Perm. Today, though, the city is divided not only by water. One part dreams of turning it into a cultural capital and the other part wants it to be an industrial city, as of old. How to keep both camps happy? Perm is in the midst of stormy processes that will certainly be interesting to watch.       

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Orthodox Christianity

The Successors of St. Stephen of Perm

In memory of three holy hierarchs of perm.

Maria Marchenko

The Holy Hierarchs Gerasim, Pitirim and Jonah of Perm

Here I am, O Lord, send me. Here I am, O God, in good time. And I shall glorify Thy Name, Here I am, O Lord, here I am.

Though the rays of Christ’s light did struggle through into the depths of the pagan forest, there were still many villages that, as before, had not yet heard the Gospel. Now, after the death of St. Stephen whom they hated, the pagan priests who were scattered across the Urals and had seemingly lost ground, hoped to get even with the newly-established Church of Perm. Among their plans were to bring their former flock back to the old beliefs, destroy the altars erected by St. Stephen, and resume their economic exploitation of the peace-loving Zyryans [“Zyryane”: the old-fashioned Russian name for the Komi—the people of what is now the Komi Autonomous Republic, belonging to the Finno-Ugric family.—Trans.]. Most of the shaman priests came from the Vogul people [“Voguly”: the obsolete name of the Mansi—the indigenous people living mainly in the Ob River basin in Western Siberia and related to the Finno-Ugric family; now most of them live in the Khanty-Mansi autonomous area within Russia’s Tyumen region.—Trans.] who converted to Orthodoxy very reluctantly.

The new diocese’s link to the Moscow Metropolis seemed (and was in many respects) nominal and illusory; in the late fourteenth century it was still extremely far from there to the Grand Prince (and the Metropolitan) of Moscow. The defenselessness of local clerics in the face of a hostile and often aggressive population frightened the newly-arrived priests and jeopardized the clergy who were Zyryan converts. Moreover, the new diocese needed not just priests but missionaries who were ready to put their lives at risk in open conflicts with the rebellious Ostyaks (the Khanty and the Mansi). It needed monks who were not bound to their families and children. This caused a shortage of clergy.

Another threat came from local government officials ( zemsky dyaks ) who as secular masters were gradually taking over the authority of bishops who governed the huge territory. This territory fell under the patronage of the Grand Prince of Moscow primarily under the auspices of the religious solidarity of Moscow and the newly-converted people of Perm, but the laws of the development of Muscovy demanded rendering to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and sometimes these demands took cruel and even bloodthirsty forms.

The Archbishopric of Novgorod was indignant with Moscow, believing that the self-seeking Muscovites had lawlessly appropriated the territories that had belonged to the See of Novgorod from time immemorial 1 . Thus, some dishonest Church figures from among the ambitious lobbyists for Novgorod imperialism were ready to help the pagans who resisted the Muscovite expansion.

Thus St. Stephen’s work was threatened with serious danger. However, leaving the people of Perm physically, the holy hierarch had promised to remain with the Zyryans spiritually after his repose, provided they remain faithful Orthodoxy and keep their love for it. That is why after his repose, missionary work in his diocese was continued by three worthy successors: Sts. Gerasim, Pitirim and Jonah.

But Isaac, St. Stephen’s immediate successor in the diocese of Ust-Vym 2 , spent most his archpastoral ministry in Moscow, because being close to senior representatives of the Church hierarchy was his top priority as a hierarch. It is unknown whether his intercessions with the Metropolitan for the newly-converted Zyryans were successful; but what is known is that the name of Isaac was all but forgotten in the annals of Perm history, and his memory was almost erased and replaced by his immediate successors’ missionary exploits; because they preferred to share in the sorrows and joys of their flock in situ rather than send them exhortations from faraway Moscow.

St. Gerasim, the betrayed and murdered bishop

Hieromartyr Gerasim

St. Gerasim’s self-sacrificing missionary endeavors, along with his consistent and energetic policy in the administrative sphere not only set the region’s development on the most progressive path but also provoked the envy of the less talented or charismatic functionaries of the state machine. The latter, wishing to get even with St. Gerasim who, in their view, exceeded his authority, decided to make use of the Vogul people’s deadly hatred for him. Officially, the local government officials who acted in collusion were right—St. Gerasim organized “groundwork at the bishop’s residence for the construction of a church” and entered into “conflict with the prince’s administration over disputed land ownership.” 5 In all probability, the bishop wanted to expand his estate (the bishop’s settlement [ vladychny gorodok .—Auth.] on the territory of which a bishop was equal to a feudal lord) without the secular authorities’ permission and get a part of the population involved in the work (compulsory but made to appear voluntary) on renovating a dilapidated church in Ust-Vym.

What made St. Gerasim firmly demand obedience to himself of the Prince of Moscow’s subjects in matters that were subject to Church jurisdiction? The fact is that the holy bishop presumed “in all fairness” Moscow government officials’ progress, along with cultural development and improvement in living conditions of inhabitants of humble Zyryan villages were the direct and immediate result of the success of Orthodox mission; and, therefore, there was nothing more important both for Moscow functionaries and local pastors than expanding the territory around the bishop’s residence and repairing the crumbling church.

But St. Gerasim’s opponents thought otherwise. Through slander they made a member of his household, a baptized Vogul, begin to hate him, and persuaded the man to murder the bishop for patriotic reasons, standing up for his people whom St. Gerasim supposedly persecuted. The most cynical thing about this treacherous murder was that it was committed by someone whom the saint had once taken into his home for care and for spiritual guidance. According to St. Gerasim’s plan, this Vogul would have eventually become a pastor and a missionary among his fellow-tribesmen.

On that fateful day, during a prayer service, the madman waited until St. German turned his back, grabbed his omophorion and strangled him with it. This is how the Vychegda-Vym Chronicle, written by the clergy of the Ust-Vym Monastery of the Archangel Michael in the late sixteenth century, recounts his tragic murder: “Bishop Gerasim of Perm has been murdered several stadia [an ancient measure of length, about 185 meters.—Trans.] from the bishop’s settlement, in the place called Mys 6 .”

St. Pitirim the Martyr

Chudov Monastery was known as the royal monastery, and its abbot would become a close advisor to the Grand Prince of Moscow. As abbot of Chudov Monastery St. Pitirim may have baptized the future Grand Prince Ivan III of Russia (1462—1505) in infancy, and after the news of the martyrdom of St. Gerasim of Ust-Vym had reached Moscow, the Metropolitan chose him as candidate, not without the influence of, or rather, on the initiative of the Grand Prince. St. Pitirim must have been shocked by St. Gerasim’s martyrdom; there was invisible warfare on the metropolia’s eastern frontiers, and representatives of the senior Moscow clergy were becoming its victims. By that time the fratricidal war between Princes Vasily II the Blind and appanage Prince Dmitry Shemyaka was already raging in Rus’. Its battlefront was precisely in Perm, and the bishopric couldn’t avoid “hostilities”. The future holy hierarch willy-nilly had to engage in bigtime politics. Well aware of this, he consciously and readily took the bishop’s duties on himself with humility and made his way to St. Gerasim’s bereaved flock.

St. Stephen, Bishop of Great Perm

In those first months, scrupulous analytical work to determine the strategy for future missionary work was carried out in the bishop’s office, St. Pitirim’s desk was covered with maps that he and his companions had drawn and marked. Long-time residents of the bishop’s quarters from among the clergy who had concelebrated with St. Gerasim reported to St. Pitirim what, when and how the people of Perm had been evangelized, in which districts of the region the inhabitants were the least enlightened by the missions of Sts. Stephen, Gerasim and their disciples, and where the pagan high priests whom St. Gerasim exposed had fled. It was finally decided to start a missionary campaign in the area of the Vashka basin, settled by the Udoren people. It was there, in the area called Udora, that the bastion of paganism (contemporary to St. Pitirim) was concentrated; it was there that the spiritual leaders of idol-worship and their followers had settled after being banished by St. Stephen several decades before.

By his personal example St. Pitirim instructed his priests how to find words that would reach the hearts of ordinary people. Those were the words of consolation and support, words that really staggered a populace who lived by the laws of vendetta and in the wildest pagan ways: “And he baptized and converted many, since those people were ignorant and notorious for their cruel customs; the blessed man enlightened and taught them in faith with great humility.” According to the Vychegda-Vym Chronicle, the success of the mission was full and unconditional: “Bishop Pitirim converted the Udoren people at the Vashka River to the holy faith, gave them abbots and priests, and erected holy churches there.”

Wandering across his diocese’s outlying districts, the holy bishop didn’t forget the people of Perm who made up the heart of his flock. St. Pitirim would often give targeted support to residents of Zyryan settlements, generously distribute alms from his private sources, and, most importantly, intercede with the Grand Prince to reduce the amount of tribute the people of Perm were obliged to pay.

Over his tenure the holy bishop visited Moscow several times to take part in the events that would be epoch-making for his contemporaries. The first of them was associated with the Synod of the Russian Bishop’s anathema of Prince Dmitry Shemyaka, who had blinded Grand Prince Vasily II of Moscow (1425–1462) in order to seize power and remove his most dangerous and legitimate rival from the political scene. It is remarkable with what unanimity Church figures (monks, like St. Gregory of Pelshem, as well as bishops) took Prince Vasily’s side in this political struggle.

Later, the modern historian Alexander Zimin (1920–1980) would say that Shemyaka fell victim to his own defeat. If the outcome of that conflict had been different, history with its historiographers would have taken his side 7 . However, the rigor of the hagiography’s heroes casts serious doubts on this hypothesis. The White Lake Monastery elders allowed Vasily to break his vow of not laying claim to Moscow, giving him full freedom to act. The Church hierarchs came to the capital occupied by Vasily to demonstrate their loyalty to him. One of the senior Church representatives of great authority who showed unconditional support for Vasily was Bishop Pitirim. He knew like no one else how much suffering Shemyaka’s ruinous campaigns had caused ordinary Russian people. Engaging the Perm Diocese’s most hardened enemies (the Vogul people and the inhabitants of Vyatka) for his purposes, Shemyaka scored repeated successes in his acts of banditry—blood was shed, and people in St. Pitirim’s flock were dying. Later Shemyaka took vengeance on the people of Perm by executing the Perm captains Emelka Luzkov and Euphemius Ezhvin for their willingness to fight on the side of the people of Veliky Ustyug, whose lands were being ravaged by his regiments 8 .

A few years later, Bishop Pitirim preached to the people of Vyatka who had cooperated with the rebellious prince’s excessive ambitions, and his words had a direct effect: Having laid siege to Ust-Vym in 1450, the Vyatchane’s army suddenly withdrew, leaving the town intact. The population of Perm remained indifferent to Dmitry’s calls. Everything seemed to indicate that the prince’s cherished ambitions were crumbling to dust, and the uncompromising and energetic Bishop Pitirim had largely contributed to that.

Shemyaka was determined to capture the bishop during one of his trips and by means of persuasion or promises force him to repeal the anathema against him. It remains unknown whether Dmitry hoped that psychological contact and mutual understanding might come during their talk tete-a-tete, or whether he believed in his own powers of persuasion, or had prepared some arguments which would justify his aggressive policy in the lands of Russia’s north, or perhaps meant to influence the bishop by threats and promises. 9 In any case, his main aim was to win St. Pitirim over.

This is how the Vychegda-Vym Chronicle describes this event: “In 6960 (1452) the cursed Shemyaka caught Bishop Pitirim on his way to Moscow, brought him to Ustyug, put him in jail and tortured him there; but the hierarch stood firm and did not repeal his anathema.” While in Ustyug in 1452, Dmitry followed all the movements of the Russian Church’s authoritative hierarch closely; and as soon as one of the prince’s spies reported St. Pitirim’s scheduled trip to Moscow, with the departure date and accompaniment (the bishop preferred to travel light, caring more about speed of travel than safety), Shemyaka didn’t fail to make use of such favorable circumstances.

St. Pitirim spent several months in confinement. Since the bishop yielded to no persuasion and flattering promises had no effect (Shemyaka saw in St. Pitirim a severe exposer of his heinous crimes, personal cruelty and dissoluteness), the prince’s arguments took another turn: he considered a prison cell, short rations, and threats of reprisal to be faster and safer means than heart-to-heart talks and attempts at self-justification. But that was in vain: St. Pitirim’s thoughts, words and deeds were only: “I am ready to die.” And St. Pitirim would have done his archpastoral duty and shown the cunning prince that he would not find the bishop to be a reed shaken with the wind (Lk. 7:24). However, this time God saved His servant’s life: The Muscovite army that was moving towards Uglich forced Dmitry to hastily retreat to Veliky Novgorod—the last bastion of anti-Moscow sentiment. St. Pitirim was released and resumed his archpastoral ministry with new enthusiasm.

The most important event St. Pitirim took part in was the Church Council of 1448 at which the Metropolitan of Moscow was elected and his appointment was confirmed without the Patriarch of Constantinople’s approval, for the first time in several centuries. In effect, the approval of the Synod of Russian Bishops of Bishop Jonah of Ryazan as the Metropolitan of Moscow meant the beginning of Russian autocephaly. This event seemed uncanonical to many hierarchs of the age, and the legitimacy of Jonah was questioned. Under the current circumstances (the falling away from Orthodoxy of Constantinople’s protégé Isidore, disorder in the Byzantine Empire) St. Pitirim couldn’t remain indifferent and expressed his stance with his characteristic straightforwardness and firmness: There shall be Russian autocephaly! With all the disadvantages that “breaking the cord” (connecting the Russian Church with Constantinople) entailed, now there was no alternative.

St. Pitirim’s life ended at the height of his archpastoral activity. Many years before, when he was being consecrated, standing by the gravestone of his predecessor in the Perm diocese St. Gerasim, St. Pitirim had been well aware that he could hardly expect a peaceful repose on his bed, surrounded by grateful disciples. The archpastoral ministry in a Perm that had not yet submitted to the Prince and the Metropolitan of Moscow was fraught with risks. On August 19, 1455, soon after a successful missionary journey to Great Perm and Cherdyn, after the end of the Sunday Liturgy at the Church of the Annunciation in Ust-Vym, St. Pitirim together with other clergymen and parishioners headed for a field between the Vym and the Vychegda to hold a prayer service 10 . But several miles away the Vogul Prince Asyka and his son Yushman were lying in ambush. Perhaps they decided to get even with St. Pitirim for baptizing the Vogul people living along the Pechora River, or they just seized the opportunity to make short work of their long-time antagonist in the person of the Bishop of Perm during another raid: “They were angry with the holy father because, contrary to their wishes, he tried his best to convert pagans to Orthodox faith and baptize them 11 .”

According to one version, some of the Vogul people found out about St. Pitirim’s plans by making inquiries with someone from a group of “heathen” who “had sailed up the Vychegda for a certain undertaking… in five days’ walk distance, in the place called Yur 12 .” When the whole procession appeared in the field of vision of Asyka’s detachment, the heathen rushed towards the defenseless worshippers from their hiding. Seeing the enemy, the holy bishop instantly ordered his companions to escape, hoping at the cost of his life to cover their retreat to the fortifications of Ust-Vym. St. Pitirim realized that he was the main target of the heathen attack and it was unlikely that his flock would be pursued. The holy hierarch met his death without murmuring, without making any attempts to defend himself: “And, seizing the saint with fury, they took turns beating him, tormenting him and putting the innocent man to death.” 13 The bishop’s body, which lay unburied for forty days, remained incorrupt, and his relics were enshrined at the Church of the Annunciation in Ust-Vym to the left of St. Gerasim’s shrine.

St. Jonah, baptizer of Great Perm

Holy Hierarch Jonah of Great Perm

Over the course of St. Jonah’s tenure in the bishopric of Perm the political situation in the region considerably improved: Moscow, in the person of Vasily the Blind and his heirs, completely crushed the opposition of local pagan princelings who would gather savage hordes to lay waste to peace-loving Zyryan towns and villages, along with the envious raiding bands of Novgorodians 15 (in fact no less pagan) who threatened the region’s development. The prayers of the holy men were answered, and St. Jonah died in advanced old age with a sense of accomplishment: The clouds that had been gathering over St. Stephen’s legacy were scattered by the labors and prayers of the holy men. “What lies in store for Perm?” the venerable elder Jonah asked himself on his deathbed in 1472. But the answer didn’t come immediately: New Christians would be born; they too would pray to Christ in this land and in the churches consecrated by him and his predecessors, after his death, after the death of his successor, and so on till the end of time. St. Jonah’s remains were laid to rest in the shrine containing the relics of Sts. Gerasim and Pitirim.

The the ministry of these three holy hierarchs of Perm who contributed to the enlightenment of the pagan tribes in northeastern Russia’s border regions in the fifteenth century is a story of how at the right time and place, there were men found in the Russian Church who fearlessly answered the Lord’s call, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?: Here am I; send me (Is. 6:8).

Maria Marchenko Translated by Dmitry Lapa


1  In 1385, “the Bishop of Novgorod was very angry with Pimen: how dared he establish a diocese in Perm, the age-old dominion of Novgorod? And he sent soldiers to take the Perm Diocese by force of arms.”

2  The so-called “bishop’s settlement” at the confluence of the Vym and the Vychegda Rivers.

3  The Vychegda-Vym Chronicle, p. 25.

4  M.B. Rogachev. The Perm Diocese in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries. P. 45.

5  The Vychegda-Vym Chronicle, p. 25.

6  Ibid.

7  A.A. Zimin. A Knight at the Crossroads: the Feudal War in Russia in the Fifteenth Century. Moscow, 1991.

8  It was the danger of war from Dmitry Shemyaka, threatening Great Perm, that caused Vasily the Blind to introduce the institution of “chief officer of the local administration” (namestnik) on that territory In 1452, Princes Ermolai and Vasily of Vereya became the first chief officers of the local administration.

9  You can always offer a metropolitan diocese to an unduly ambitious bishop.

10  According to another version, the assault took place on his way back from one of his missionary journeys: “The saint was seized during a journey like a defenseless lamb.”

11  The Tale of the Bishops of Perm. P. 72.

12  Ibid, p. 71.

13  Ibid, p. 73.

14  The Vychegda-Vym Chronicle. P. 26.

15  The Vychegda-Vym Chronicle in a solemn manner announces the military campaigns of Grand Prince Ivan III and the success of the military commander (voevoda) Prince Daniel of Kholm as an event that was directly related to the lives of the people of Perm // The Vychegda-Vym Chronicle, p. 26.

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    Rent a yacht in Hvar online at the best price through the #1 Yacht Rentals Platform worldwide. All bookings are covered by the BednBlue Guarantee. You can directly contact the owners or allow a BednBlue travel expert to suggest the ideal boats for your trip. Book your ideal catamaran, speedboat, yacht or sailboat in just a few minutes.

  15. Rent a Speedboat

    Discover the beauty of Hvar from the water by renting a boat. Choose from a variety of boats to suit your needs and budget. Book your Hvar boat rental today.

  16. Luxury & Private Yacht Charter Hvar, Croatia

    Yachting in Hvar, Croatia. Yachting in Croatia allows you to explore one of Europe's longest stretches of beautiful coastline - comprised of white cliffs, rugged caves and more than a thousand islands. Scuba dive in the colorful Adriatic reefs or sail to the neighboring Elafiti Islands or Korcula. By night, enjoy Hvar and the spectacular ...

  17. Rent a luxury yacht, Hvar

    Rent a luxury yacht, Hvar. Luxury yachts are the finest and best equipped charter boats. For tourists that want the highest quality service and luxurious surroundings instead of speed we suggest to rent a luxury yacht. Hvar, as a destination that appeals to all of the senses, is certainly a destination where luxury is welcomed. ...

  18. Rent a boat Arta

    Rent a boat Arta, located in Hvar town at Domovinskog Rata 37, offers a range of boats for rent, each equipped with all the necessary safety equipment and maps of the attractions in Hvar. With the boat, you have the option to visit a variety of beautiful and exciting destinations such as Vis, Komiža, Pakleni Island, Zaraće bay, Sveta Nedjelja ...

  19. Perm: Europe's easternmost city

    Long known as an industrial center, Perm is trying to reinvent itself as a cultural capital. Will the plan work? The city of Perm, located in the Urals foothills, is, geographically speaking, the ...

  20. The Successors of St. Stephen of Perm / OrthoChristian.Com

    St. Gerasim, the betrayed and murdered bishop. Hieromartyr Gerasim The first hierarch to be canonized by the people of Perm after St. Stephens' death and declared as a wonderworker was St. Gerasim, who served as Bishop of Perm between 1418 and 1443. His tenure coincided with a difficult period: In 1418, 1422 and 1423, Rus' was stricken with ...

  21. THE BEST Things to Do in Chusovoy

    Sesame Place Philadelphia Gumbo Limbo Nature Center Stanislaus River Waikiki Shell Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas Jardin du Palais Royal Galway's Land National Park The Museum of Flight Jamestown Beach Event Park High Point State Park Captain's Boat Party Split to the BLUE LAGOON Slot Canyon Tour & Sandboarding UTV Adventure Day Trip to Charleston Tour #5: Bus Tour, Boone Plantation, Lunch and More ...

  22. Chusovoy, Russia 2024: What to Know Before You Go

    Things to Do Restaurants Flights Holiday Rentals Travel Stories Cruises Car Hire More. Add a Place Airlines Travellers' Choice Help Centre. Plan Your Chusovoy Holiday: Best of Chusovoy. Find flight deals to Chusovoy. Search, compare, filter and read reviews to find the right flight for you.