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Brand: Lagoon 39

catamaran 39 lagoon

The Lagoon 39 marked the next generation for Lagoon catamarans. With a significant change to the rig and sail plan moving aft, the Lagoon 39 features a tall high aspect ration rig with full battened square top mainsail and self tacking headsail. Marry this to the all-new Code 0 sail with big overlap and ability to drive up to 65+/- degrees and you have one fantastic performing modern cruising cat.

The Lagoon 39 is an evolution in design with the stylish “visor” look, all black wrap around windows, and a look of forward motion even sitting at the dock. Hull features vertical beveled bows, a beveled deck off the hull and a chine on each of the outboard aft hulls. The patented gull wing underbody makes for less deck slap and a movement of water away from the craft. The 39 is the predecessor to the Lagoon 40 model. Both models share the same dimensions with only subtle changes. Both boats share the same rig design and living spaces.

There are no catamarans currently for sale by owner of this brand.

Please see our catamarans for sale by owner page for a full listing of other currently available models.

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  • By Herb McCormick
  • Updated: August 30, 2013

catamaran 39 lagoon

The precise moment I came to realize that the new Lagoon 39 was a special entry-level cruising catamaran occurred last February on a windy, 20-knot morning in a significant Atlantic Ocean seaway off the coast of Florida. As we clawed upwind in short, 4- to 6-foot waves in the pumping easterly, I made my way forward to check out the view from the windward bow-pulpit seat. And what I saw was a revelation, especially considering that my perch was aboard a sub-40-foot vessel.

The fine entries of the twin bows sliced through the chop efficiently and with noticeable buoyancy. There was no slamming on the bridgedeck whatsoever. Most surprisingly, as I was prepared for a good dousing, was that with the exception of an odd splash of droplets, I remained completely dry.

Making my way aft, I soon discovered that not only was the ride impressive but so too were the numbers. Hard on the wind, which fluctuated between 18 and 22 knots, and under the self-tacking jib and the square-topped main with a single reef in, we registered 6.1 to 6.4 knots. Cracked off to a close reach, the speedo shot above 7 knots, and eventually settled at 7.5 as we leveled away to a beam reach. As we fell off even more, with the wind on the aft quarter, the speed climbed to 8 knots. What’s more, with all the changes in heading and sail trim, the motion remained fairly smooth and appropriately balanced. It occurred to me that this was something I could get used to.

catamaran 39 lagoon

Down below, the innovative layout also received favorable marks. I’ve long admired cats that reserved the entire starboard hull for an owners suite with a dedicated stateroom that can be closed off for privacy from the central saloon via a sliding door and that includes a king-size double berth aft, a midship desk/vanity, and a large en suite head and separate shower stall forward.

On the Lagoon 39, the builders took this very good, well-executed idea and doubled down on it: The port hull and stateroom is the mirror image of the starboard cabin. At face value, it doesn’t seem revolutionary, but it speaks to the way many owners actually use their boats, and it’s a smart, cool use of space. (And, of course, more traditional three- and four-cabin accommodation plans are also available.)

Yet thoughtful design and efficient systems and features are themes carried out over the entire Lagoon 39, from the top of the double-spreader fractional rig—which is located farther aft than usual, to maximize power and minimize pitching—to the tips of the twin mini-keels that promote stability and lateral resistance.

In between are all sorts of nifty items, including a generous cockpit, a raised helm station, centralized sail controls, and a very nice main saloon, which includes a fine, forward-facing navigation station, a well-laid-out galley, and a generous dining table around which to socialize.

How Lagoon managed all this in less than 40 feet may not be a miracle, but it’s close.

Click here to see more catamarans from Lagoon.

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Sailboat specifications

  • Last update: 2nd April 2020

Lagoon 39's main features

Lagoon 39's main dimensions, lagoon 39's rig and sails, lagoon 39's performances, lagoon 39's auxiliary engine, lagoon 39's accommodations and layout, lagoon 39's saloon, lagoon 39's fore cabin, lagoon 39's aft cabin.

Lagoon 39  Picture extracted from the commercial documentation © Lagoon

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Cruising Sea

Lagoon 39 Catamaran Review – Overview

catamaran 39 lagoon

The Lagoon 39 is a catamaran used specifically for cruising. Unlike the majority of catamaran designs, the Lagoon 39 is easy to control due to its more weighty bulk.

That bulk, however, does not slow down the vessel. In fact, the 39 is quick and agile, with a comfortable below deck and plenty of room for passengers to lounge around and socialize.

Table of Contents


The Lagoon 39 is available in five different setups with different combinations of cabins and heads.

The boat can accommodate a reasonable number of guests comfortably. Each 39 has hot and cold running water, a large dining area, and lots of space above deck to get around or just lay out in the sun and get a tan.

Light-colored woodwork and an abundance of natural light streaming in from the windows makes gives the illusion that the interior of the boat is more of a beach house than a catamaran.

The galley is fully equipped for cooking meals quickly and efficiently, and the dining space has room for everyone on board. The cabins provide both cozy sleeping conditions and a bit of privacy if needed.

The cockpit of the Lagoon 39 is a tad unusual but can become accustomed to over time.

There is plenty of seating in the cockpit for passengers to keep the captain company and keep everyone up top to view their surroundings.

The decks are open and easily navigated, but were designed with safety in mind. The hull has an interesting look that stands out among other vessels in the water.

Under sail, the Lagoon 39 exudes power and stability. The boat is precisely balanced and can withstand and navigate tricky weather and water conditions with purposeful and powerful grace.

The quality of the design of the 39 means that your cruise, no matter what speed, will be smooth and enjoyable.

In addition, the 39 is very simple to control and can be done so by even a novice sailor with little skill, but the more you know the more at ease you will be with this catamaran.

Lagoon 39 VS Lagoon 400

The Lagoon 39 design boasts a center mast installation that makes the vessel more stable and well balanced.

On the other hand, the Lagoon 39 is smaller than the Lagoon 400 , making it less powerful, and not as impressive visually.

That being said, both vessels are easy to control, but, for sailors wanting a more compact vessel, the Lagoon 39 would probably be more to their liking.

Lagoon 39 VS Lagoon 380

The Lagoon 380 can achieve more speed and power than the Lagoon 39. It is also bigger, has more storage space, and can take on winds at a decent clip.

The Lagoon 39, though smaller, handles well and is nicely balanced. The big difference would come down to the personal size preference of the sailor.

Why Sail the Lagoon 39

  • Center mast provides better balance and control of the vessel
  • Below deck is comfortable and spacious
  • Above deck allows for room to maneuver or to lounge and relax
  • The boat is not difficult to control
  • Handles well in poor weather conditions and choppy water

In Conclusion

The Lagoon 39 is a catamaran designed with the greatest stability and mastery of control in mind to create the best sailing experience possible.

The unique mast placement and appealing appearance of the vessel from the outside makes the vessel something special.

Sailors who have no desire or particular caring for a vessel of a larger size will be more than happy to charter a 39.


  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Fuel capacity: 401 liters
  • Length overall: 11.73 meters
  • Beam: 6.78 meters
  • Draft: 1.22 meters
  • Displacement: 7,260 kg
  • Keel: Fin Keel
  • Cabins: 4 to 6
  • Berths: 8 to 10

Have you sailed the Lagoon 39? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below

Picture of Daniella

Daniella has been passionate about travel, the sea, and nature for many years. As a child, she frequently traveled throughout the Mediterranean and continued with her journeys throughout her adult life.

Her experiences have created the desire within her to share her love for traveling with other passionate and adventurers who want to discover beautiful horizons and new cultures.

2 thoughts on “Lagoon 39 Catamaran Review – Overview”

Hi Daniella,

I have only been sailing once or twice but the Lagoon 39 looks amazing.

Where is the best place to go sailing?

I’ve been looking at Greece a lot recently as it is very cheap!

Greece and Turkey are relatively cheap, but I personally would recommend you to sail in Greece in the Ionian as it is the most popular destination in the world. If you sail in Greece, you can visit Turkey as well; they are very close to each other, so you can enjoy both of them! Have a great sailing holiday!

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catamaran 39 lagoon

Lagoon 39 Catamaran

lagoon 39 catamaran

Dimensions & Specifications

Specifications  |  Brochure

  • Overall length 38’6”
  • Length on waterline 37’10”
  • Overall beam 22’3”
  • Draft 4′
  • Sail area Standard 821 sq.ft
  • Engine 2 x 20 hp sail drive
  • Interior finish Alpi grey oak and laminated Milano oak for the wood floor
  • Naval architects Marc Van Peteghem / Vincent Lauriot Prévost
  • Interior designer Nauta Design
  • Applied for CE certification A for 10 persons

We're Ready, Let's Talk.

Catamaran Guru

For more than 30 years, we have been a part of the catamaran community and created Catamaran Guru™ to encourage and educate all the aspiring sailing out there. We understand the dream of traveling the world by catamaran and created a one-stop-shop to make that dream a reality for you.

catamaran 39 lagoon

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LAGOON 39’ The challenger

Don’t hesitate to play with a spinnaker downwind; a profile which can be rolled will combine performance and ease of handling.

The 39 in our secret haunt in the north of Minorca. The size and manoeuvrability of this ‘big’ 39-footer predestines it to trips away from marinas; why not the Balearics in June?

The Facnor gennaker and self-tacking jib furlers are well-dimensioned and easy to use.

The architecture of the engine lockers is rational; the accessibility of the components is excellent.

The saloon’s transparency benefits from the new architecture.

Practical info

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  • Available in issue # 131

Boat Test price $5.00 Inc. tax

image description

Add several tests to your cart

and get an extra discount!

A new boat in the 12-metre catamaran segment is always an event worthy of interest. The Lagoon 39', with its original technical and ergonomic arguments, stands out from the competition and also upsets the balance of positions which has set in in the range, between the ‘unbudgeable’ 380 and the recent 400.

1,400 hulls later!

Launched in 1999, the 380 has written a significant page in the history of Lagoon. At the rate of one per week throughout this period, the ‘biggest of the 12 metres’ will have marked the decade and influenced the whole of the category. 700 boats later, it is still in production as a totem which one would not dare to touch. The 100,000 euros difference which separates it from the 39’ could prolong this amazing success.

Test Lagoon 39

The 39 has retained the company’s characteristic silhouette, but work on the exterior design by VPLP/Patrick le Quément has developed many points.

For 1 foot more or less!

From the market positioning angle, it may seem curious to telescope three boats of between 38 and 40 feet! On examination, Lagoon’s choice is probably more strategic than it appears. The 38, a modest star, is the entry ticket into the Lagoon multihull brotherhood. The 40 is a more sophisticated catamaran, mature and spacious, which has opened up a new era in terms of build quality. Between the two, the 39' offers a creative interpretation of the concept by interposing a different vision of the accommodation space and the rig.

Test Lagoon 39

The new sail plan puts the emphasis...

To read in full, Buy the boat test

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  • Boat review

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catamaran 39 lagoon

Logo Main Catamaran Croatia

Technical information

Embark on a unique sailing journey: the lagoon 39.

Explore the mesmerizing Adriatic Sea aboard a Lagoon 39 catamaran charter in Croatia . Offering a blend of comfort and performance, the Lagoon 39 is your perfect vessel for an unforgettable sailing adventure on Croatia’s stunning waters.

The Lagoon 39 stands as a distinguished model among catamaran rentals in Croatia. Its innovative design and state-of-the-art construction symbolize the best in modern yachting, providing a unique and satisfying sailing experience on the serene Croatian coastline.

Launched in 2012, the Lagoon 39 measures 38 feet 6 inches in length and 22 feet 3 inches in beam, providing plenty of space for lounging and entertainment. With a draft of just 4 feet, the Lagoon 39 is perfect for navigating Croatia’s varied coastlines, including its shallower waters and secluded inlets.

Stepping aboard the Lagoon 39 in Croatia, you will be struck by the catamaran’s spacious and light-filled interiors. The saloon, surrounded by panoramic windows, offers a stunning 360° view of the Adriatic. This indoor space flows seamlessly into the exterior, creating an extensive area for relaxation and socializing.

A distinctive feature of the Lagoon 39 Croatia catamaran is its user-friendly helm station located on the upper deck. This setup ensures excellent visibility, makes handling a breeze, and provides a superb spot for enjoying the breathtaking Croatian vistas.

The Lagoon 39 comfortably accommodates up to eight guests in four luxuriously designed cabins. Each cabin is adorned with large windows that flood the space with natural light and offer a remarkable view of the sea. Ensuites in each cabin assure complete comfort and privacy throughout your catamaran charter in Croatia.

When it comes to performance, the Lagoon 39 sets a significant benchmark in the catamaran rental Croatia market. With two powerful engines (up to 40 HP each), this catamaran is recognized for its stability, speed, and impressive maneuverability. Whether you’re sailing towards the historic town of Dubrovnik or exploring the enchanting islands of Dalmatia, the Lagoon 39 guarantees a smooth and delightful journey.

An essential part of your catamaran charter in Croatia is the dedicated crew of the Lagoon 39. Their profound local knowledge, sailing expertise, and dedication to outstanding service make your sailing experience effortless and enjoyable.

The Lagoon 39 also features a modern, well-equipped galley and a spacious dining area. Here, meal preparation and dining become delightful experiences as you enjoy freshly cooked Mediterranean cuisine while appreciating the captivating Croatian landscape.

Choosing a Lagoon 39 catamaran charter in Croatia offers you the unique opportunity to explore the Adriatic Sea at your own pace. Discover hidden bays, vibrant coastal towns, and immerse yourself in the authentic Mediterranean lifestyle.

In conclusion, a Lagoon 39 catamaran charter in Croatia promises an unmatched sailing holiday. It’s not just a vessel, it’s your home on the Adriatic, allowing you to discover the incredible beauty of Croatia in your own time and style. Welcome aboard the Lagoon 39 Croatia charter – your extraordinary sailing adventure awaits!

Inside An efficient use of space obviously ranks among the top priorities when developing a 39’ cruising catamaran. In this regard, the Nauta Design office and Lagoon R and D choices combine inventiveness and elegance.

Last but not least, if the Lagoon 39 is available in 3 and 4 cabin layout versions like most catamarans her size? She will also be offered in a 2 cabin version, which means the equivalent of an owner’s suite in each hull with king size bed, desk, bathroom… After the Lagoon 400 S2 and the Lagoon 52, a third new Lagoon model will be presented at the coming Paris and Düsseldorf boat shows.

Send inquiry for catamaran charter in Croatia

Comfort: Wifi – WLAN TV DVD Player Inverter Lazy-Jack Cockpit Speakers Dinghy

Navigation: Autopilot Colour Chart Plotter

Optional (available on some vessels) Air condition Generator


Croatia VAT of 13% is included in the prices.


Fuel, Water, End cleaning, Provisions

High season is considered to be July and August Low season is considered to be period from October to April

Charter Terms

Lagoon 39 video.


Licence and skipper for renting a catamaran.

A licence is required to sail a catamaran in Croatia, you check the list on our page “Acceptable licences in Croatia” . However, if you and your crew do not have a boat licence you can easily add a skipper or any other crew member.

FAQ Catamaran Charter Croatia 8

Security Deposit for renting catamaran in Croatia

Similarly to renting a car, chartering a boat requires a security deposit when renting a catamaran in Croatia. The deposit, fully refundable after check-out, covers you and your fellow passengers against accidental damage and ensures that contractual obligations are met. The security deposit varies in value depending on the model and brand of the boat. It will be returned to you after the boat has been inspected and is deemed undamaged.

FAQ Catamaran Charter Croatia 6

Insurance of a catamaran and payment insurance

We have partnered with WIENER INSURANCE GROUP to additionally insured all your payments send to us with Wire transfer and also credit card payments are fully insured when renting a catamaran in Croatia. By Croatia law, all catamarans and passangers are fully insured for the time of the charter.

FAQ Catamaran Charter Croatia 5

Cancellation policy for chartering a catamaran in Croatia

Europe Yachts Charter Group offers a full refund for cancellations made within 24 hours of booking for a catamaran charter in Croatia. For cancellations made up to 7 days after the booking date, a 12% handling fee is retained. For bookings cancelled up to 30 days before the check-in date, a 50% refund of the total amount is applied. Cancellations made within less than 30 days of the check-in date are not eligible for refund. Please be aware that the conditions of our charter partners’ own policies apply. If you have further questions regarding our cancellation policy, please contact our customer support team.

FAQ Catamaran Charter Croatia 4

What happens when I request an offer for renting a catamaran?

Once we receive your request for renting a catamaran in Croatia, one of our booking managers will confirm the availability of the boat, as well as check for alternative ones and send it all by email. To ensure your experience is the best it can be, we may contact you to discuss your request in detail. Let us do the research for you – free of charge.

FAQ Catamaran Charter Croatia 2

When can I get in touch with the skipper when renting a catamaran in Croatia?

You can get in touch with the skipper as soon as you’ve completed your booking of a catamaran in Croatia. Our skippers are highly qualified and knowledgeable about their locality. They all speak English. The skipper is to be payed in the marina at the check in (for crewed charter, the crew is already included in the price)

FAQ Catamaran Charter Croatia 7

What is a Transit Log?

A Transit Log is a variable payment when renting a catamaran in Croatia, which can include the following: bed linen, cleaning, on-board Internet connection, tourist tax and base marina fees. The details of the Transit Log differ depending on the boat, location and charter partner. Once you choose your boat, our team will be able to outline the specifics of the Transit Log associated with your booking.

FAQ Catamaran Charter Croatia 1

Are there any other costs I should be aware of when renting a catamaran in Croatia?

There are marina fees and fuel costs which vary depending on the type, duration and location of your catamaran sailing holiday in Croatia. Marina fees need to be paid at each marina you choose to dock overnight – the amount varies but you may be able to find this information in advance by contacting the marinas directly. Fuel costs depend on whether you’re you like to sail or go with the motor.

Here is the example of all obligatory and optional costs for one of the catamarans .

CATAMARAN: 3,735.00 € Standard charter pack: 170.00 € (OBLIGATORY) Tourist tax: 1.30 € per person per day (OBLIGATORY) Skipper: 1,050.00 € (OPTIONAL) Hostess: 910.00 € (OPTIONAL)

And here are some estimates expenses:

Fuel est.: 250 – 350 € Mooring fees est.: 200 – 400 € Presuming that most of the nights will be on the anchor or mooring buoy. Some people will go entire week with only 150 € spent on mooring fees. It also depends on the weather. It is safer to be in marina if there is a storm. Food: 450 €+ (provisions for boat + skipper) Please note that this does not include dinners in restaurants. Meals in restaurants are 15 € for pizza and soft drinks, while full meals are 25-35 € per person.

VAT is included in all the prices.

FAQ Catamaran Charter Croatia 3

How fast is a lagoon 630 motor yacht?

The Lagoon 630 motor yacht has a top speed of approximately 15-20 knots (17-23 MPH, depending on its configuration and engine options. With its impressive speed and performance capabilities, the Lagoon 630 motor yacht offers a thrilling and comfortable way to explore the open waters.

Lagoon 630 MY Power Catamaran Charter Croatia

Can one person sail a 60 foot catamaran?

It is strongly advisable to have at least a small crew when operating a 60-foot catamaran to ensure safe navigation and to share the workload. Even experienced sailors often opt for a team to manage such vessels effectively and enjoy a more relaxed and secure sailing experience.

Sunreef 60 Catamaran Charter Croatia 3

Related Catamarans

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Bali Catspace

Excess 14 Main

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USA: +1 646 661 2851 United Kingdom: +44 203 318 2329

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HEAD OFFICE Cusmanich LTD Vrboran 37 21000 Split, Croatia FLEET OFFICE Grabova 21b 21000 Split, Croatia

Logo Main Catamaran Croatia

about Catamaran Charter Croatia

We are professional charter company specialized in renting catamarans. Our story began in 2004, to address the need for specialized catamaran charter company in Croatia .

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Lagoon 39 - bareboat catamarans.

The Lagoon 39 catamaran is a slightly larger version of the Lagoon 380 which has proved so popular in its 20 years of production and since.

Lagoon 39

The styling of the latest Lagoon 39 is impressive, made possible by making spaces usable rather than plentiful. The two heads are well appointed with separate shower cubicle away from the toilet, with basin between.. The companionways make good use of hull space, borrowing room from the saloon to provide an impressive amount of storage for a small cat.

This is a well thought-out boat made by the people who know how to build great catamarans. Successive Lagoon models have pushed the mast forward to gain more space in the saloon. Here, the yacht designer has said "enough, let's bring it back to where it should be". Our observation is that this move makes a big difference to performance, for comfort under sail,  and safety, derived from the yacht design science of balancing the centre of opposing forces to propel the boat forward. 

Inside the boat features a light timber oak veneer of appealing colour and grain. While this is real timber, it is reconstituted Italian Poplar grown in sustainable forests. Poplar itself is featureless so the veneers go through a printing process to create the wood look of choice. When bonded and coated with the best glues using the latest technology, a hard wearing surface results that is ideal for marine use. It looks as good as wood, it's produced sustainably, and it's an improvement on traditional timber in servicability. 

The cabins are very well appointed, with room to move and easy access to beds. The aft cabins have slightly larger beds, the forward berths still providing doubles space.

Date Added: Nov 11th, 2018   Last Updated: Mar 20th, 2023

Charter Locations

  • Regions: Caribbean , Mediterranean , South Pacific/Oceania
  • Destinations: Antigua & Barbuda , Bahamas , British Virgin Islands , Croatia , Greece , Grenada , Guadaloupe , Italy , Martinique, St Lucia, & The Grenadines , New Caledonia , Seychelles , Turkey

  • Cabins: 4 double
  • Length: 11.7m, 38'
  • Beam: 6.8m, 22'
  • Draft: 1.2m, 4'
  • Engine(s): 2 x 20hp
  • Fuel Capacity: 400l, 106g
  • Water Capacity: 300l, 79g

Equipment Includes: Ask us for equipment available on this boat in your preferred destination.

Yacht Layout

Lagoon 39  - 3 Cabin Layout

Specifications and accommodation layouts may vary. Ask us for the details of this boat in your preferred destination. Many boats have additional saloon berths not indicated above.

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catamaran 39 lagoon

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Lagoon 39 is one of the most innovative catamarans available for charter in Croatia and belongs to a new generation of sailing catamarans.

Lagoon 39

Lagoon 39 is one of the most innovative catamarans available for charter in Croatia and belongs to a new generation of sailing catamarans. The new Lagoon 39 has been designed to fit into the Lagoon line between the 380 and 4000S2.

The Lagoon 39 is a sister ship to the new Lagoon 52 and shares many characteristics, including a square-topped mainsail and identical vertical bow treatments that are extremely effective in heavy seas.

In Croatian charter market this sailing catamaran comes in version with 4 cabins and 2 separated single skipper cabin so guests can have their privacy on board. It can comfortably accomodate up to 10 persons.

Each of the four cabins has a double bed, fan, reading lights, hanging locker & plenty of storage.  The heads, located mid-ship in each of the hulls, are a good size with a separate shower compartment. Large windows in the saloon and cabins fill the interior with natural light.

Cockpit and saloon are on one level. The cockpit has a removable dining table with U-shaped seating for six plus additional seating on starboard. The integral hard top bimini covers the cockpit. The port side galley faces aft with a large opening window enabling the cook to socialize with friends & family while preparing meals. The galley is well equipped with double stainless steel sinks, stove, oven, refrigerator and ample storage. The navigation station to port is side facing and provids excellent visibility. The saloon is “L” shaped with a large dining table and comfortable seating.

This catamaran is equipped to the highest standards and will enable you to enjoy a comfortable sailing holiday whether in a marina or on anchor.

Lagoon expertise

  • infusion-moulding for increased weight saving
  • interior woodwork in Alpi® reconstituted wood
  • vertical glazing for better protection against the sun
  • greater comfort in heavy seas due to gull-wing bridge deck!
  • performance under sail is guaranteed by VPLP design!

Exterior: comfort and safety

  • control the main maneuvers from the steering station is possible thanks to a simple and efficient deck layout allowing an easy and protected boarding
  • broad sidedecks, with recessed deck hatches
  • comfortable and well protected cockpit with a dining table, direct access to the steering station from the cockpit and from the deck

Rigging: performance and user-friendliness

Position of the mast further to aft has many advantages on a cruising catamaran:

  • a large forward triangle allows  a larger foresails choice:  a promise for great performance
  • much easier to maneuver the mainsail due to the shorter boom makes
  • narrower and higher mainsail benefits from better winds at the top and thus increasing performance
  • pitching is reduced by re-centering the weight

Interiors: inventiveness and elegance…

  • natural lighting in cabins thanks to the fixed hull windows, together with excellent ventilation
  • the saloon includes a large dining area, a chart table with a panel for navigation electronics and a small desk. The galley is L shaped with direct access to the cockpit for a better usability

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