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Best Ghostwriters For Hire In Ireland: Fulfill The Dream Of Becoming The Best-Selling Author

Your idea could be the next blockbuster in the literary sphere, but you trying to write it yourself can drive beyond repairable damage. So let EssayWriterIE help you with that. Our best-rated Irish ghostwriters can turn your genius ideas into insightful, top-notch and engaging pieces of write-up that the world would never forget and will cherish forever. With us, you just don't get a writing assistant, but a true partner devoted to your success.

Professional ghostwriters that are on board with us have years of writing experience, spectacular vocabulary, and an outstanding sense of creativity. The team of expert ghostwriters can unleash the complete potential of your ideas and present them in their best form. Considering our best ghostwriters for hire means experiencing a hassle-free process, experienced writing team and best quality ghostwriting services at lowest rates.

Along with represneting the best picture of customer service, our top ghostwriting service In Ireland has the presitige of making our clients getting recongized among acclaimed authors of all time. Our ghostwriting service In Ireland has helped many unknown figures to become the best-seller author. Just vocalize your idea, and withinin few days, the talented team of best ghost writers for hire will deliver you the creative, enaging and captivating book of the era.

Perfect Ghostwriting Service In Ireland For All Authors: Win The Best-Seller Award With A BANG!

We possess an excellent reputation for proposing fantastic, smooth and fastest ghost writer services to authors. Whether you need a memoir ghost writer, a business ghostwriter, a biography writer, or wish to say “write my assignment for me”, this ghostwriting website can help you with all. The well-versed ghostwriters for hire here are the masters of all types of content. With years of experience and devotion to this field, they can adapt to any writing style and deliver emotion-stirring content for any audience. Discover the types of ghostwriting services EssayWriterIE offers:

  • Autobiography Writing Have you been searching for an “autobiography writer in Dublin”? Do you have a story that can encourage others or breathe a soul into their dull lives? If yes, then connect with our professional biography writers. Share your story with and we’d incorporate the tiniest detail of your
  • Memoire Ghost Writers Take over the literature world by storm by opting for our highest-rated memoir ghostwriting services in Ireland. We bring the leading memoir ghostwriting services to your edge. Share whatever silent battles you have been through and inspire others through your sentiment-provoking life history.
  • Business Ghost Writers Want to seal the deal? But the competition is too fierce? Well, hiring our business ghost writers can give you the upper hand. The expert business ghost writers will dish out your entire idea in the best form and hand over the presentation-ready document. In this way, success becomes destined for you.
  • EBook Ghost Writers It’s time to establish authority in your domain by hiring a leading eBook ghostwriting service led by experienced and insightful eBook ghostwriters of the country. The artistically written eBook by EssayWriterIE will make you reach the zenith of success, without even lifting a pen ever – yes, with us, it’s that easy.
  • Academic Ghostwriting Due to our highest levels of secrecy practice by us, even students are never reluctant to buy essays online from us. We aren’t just book or literature ghost writers but also assures that students obtain affordable ghostwriting services for their homework, assignments, dissertation and much more.

Attributes That Proves The Supremacy Of EssayWriterIE: We Tick All The Boxes Of Being The Best Ghost Writers

Wanting top quality and affordable ghostwriting services is a dream of all. But the rarest ghostwriting companies are able to fulfil the standards and deliver the highest quality results in a short span. We have been featured in several media publications and have ensured to stay in front of the pack.

Gushing under the thoughts that what makes us the best Irish ghost writer? Well, that’s a lot to explain. We tick all the boxes of being the best ghostwriter for hire in Ireland and hold all the attributes that prove our supremacy among all other ghostwriting companies. Interested in knowing more about us? Check out our unique attributes:

  • Rigorous Standards Of Privacy Privacy is the beating heart for online ghostwriting websites and companies! When you reach out to us with your data (be it personal or professional), we take full responsibility for protecting it from falling into the wrong hands. It is also ensured that the collected data will never be disclosed to any third party or marketing agencies.
  • Copying Is Prohibited Here: Dispensing 100% plagiarism-free content is a sure thing at our agency. Every order is custom written, ensuring it’s inch-unique by all means. At EssayWriterIE you can be relaxed about such issues. We make sure that the ghostwritten content is free from all claims, and is original to the core. We make sure that you never have to delve into chaotic copyright claims.
  • Deliveries On-Time Assured We know, it’s annoying when you consider professional ghostwriters for hire, but every time you track your order – it shows an extended deadline. But here, there are no unnecessary delays. You’d receive your work exactly on the committed deadline. We offer urgent ghostwriting services as well, to deal with urgent deadlines as well.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed At EssayWriterIE, we work for client satisfaction. If you receive the work and believe that our professional Irish ghost writers could have done a better job, we’d offer you unlimited free revisions until you love it. Client’s feedback is always taken very seriously ensuring it’s perfect and surpasses the customer’s expectations.
  • Deeply-Researched Work: The expert and affordable ghostwriting services providers here just do not rely on the information you provide to us. Rather, we take care of the whole process and deliver you a deeply researched and facts-rich outcome as a result. The more details we add to the story, the better and more engaging it comes out for reading purposes.
  • Reasonable Pricing Scale: We know, despite how many shenanigans could be attached to online ghost writer services, authors usually boils to affordable ghostwriting services. Obviously, not everyone can spend fortune. And here were are – EssayWriterIE – the leading ghost writer services of the country that offers the cheapest-priced services. Once you know the pricing, you won’t resist agreeing upon it.

FAQs – Know The Answers That Others Were Eager To Discover

What is ghostwriting, and is it important to hire.

If you are keen for success, hiring online ghost writer services can be your best bet! Ghost writing is basically a deal between an individual and an experienced author. One share their story and unique idea with the author, and the author shapes that into a book. But, the credit goes to the individual who pooled the idea. The ghost writer takes no credit for the writing.

Why choose ghostwriting professionals for the job?

You need to consider professional ghostwriters for hire because this role isn’t a cup of tea. It calls for years of experience, perfect language knowledge, creativity, and publication knowledge to make things work in your favour. It’s simply like hiring someone to do the cooking and enjoying the meal rather than burning out yourself throughout the whole process.

Can you assign ghostwriters for hire near me?

If you have been eyeing for “ghostwriter near me”; laze yourself! Our expert ghostwriters for hire can be approached from all over the Ireland, including Dublin, Cork, Galway and Waterford. And not just within Ireland, but we can deal with orders from all over the world. A global community of authors entrust us for their book writing needs, while students buy essays online from us.

Is ghostwriting illegal in Ireland and others all over the globe?

No! Online ghost writing service is similar to other services. Just like you pay someone to work for you, likewise, you pay an online ghostwriting website to transform your ideas into words. Even lawyers agree that if the parties are working with a proper disclosure agreement, hiring an online ghost-writing company is just like other services operating in today’s era.

How much does your ghostwriting cost? Is it affordable?

Yes! EssayWriterIE is among the highly affordable ghostwriting services in Ireland that charges next to nothing for its valuable services. Although this kind of service is in great demand and experts have been ripping off the pockets of customers, we don’t believe in that. We believe in being approachable to the customers by lowering the prices to the least.

When should I hire ghostwriter for my book?

The best suggestion is to hire a ghostwriter before you begin the process. Although experts like EssayWriterIE won’t mind taking over the process from the midway that takes more time. The newly assigned author will have to read and understand everything and only then they can start working. However, if you make the decision midway, don’t be hesitant in reaching out.

100% Guaranteed

Ghostwriting Services In Ireland That Can Spice Up Every Content makes it easier for students, authors, and everyone else to capture the reader's attention through our ghostwriting services in Ireland.

Literary Masterpieces

An Irish Ghostwriting Agency That Produces Literary Masterpieces

You can be the next blockbuster author or the topper of your class, but how? has the answer to this question. We have online ghostwriters available for hire who can save you from the hassle of writing and editing. You might have some crazy ideas in your mind, but they still require perfect execution. Our best selling ghostwriters can take your vision and convert it into an amazing literary masterpiece. There are dedicated lexical geniuses for every type of writing. Therefore, people call us an all-in-one ghostwriting platform that only produces captivating and engaging drafts.

Play Books

Hire Irish ghostwriters and give voice to your thoughts! has a full-fledged team of academic, Amazon, Kindle, and Reddit ghostwriters who can get into your mind and craft the best version of your story. We are eagerly waiting to produce attention-grabbing content for you!

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Ghostwriting Services In Ireland For All Your Literary Needs


Explore uncharted realms of fiction with the assistance of our great ghostwriters.

Academic Writing

It is your chance to excel in your academics and achieve your desired grades with the help of our ghostwriters in Ireland.

Essay Writing

Looking for a ghostwriter to complete your essays? We are more than ready to play our part in your grades' revival.

Ebook Writing

We have best selling ghostwriters who can turn you into a best selling author on almost every online publishing platform.

Content Writing

You can get web copies and all other forms of content that target conversions from our amazing ghostwriting platform.

4 Simple Steps For Hiring A Ghostwriter In Ireland

Content Requirement

We start our process by collecting relevant information from the clients and making a detailed outline of the project.

Payment Procedure

Once all the negotiations are completed, the clients are asked to make the payment so we can start our work.

Fast Drafting

The initial draft is sent to the customer for approval in no time. You can review it thoroughly and get free edits if required.

Final Publication

When we receive a thumbs up from the client's side, the order is finalized by the QA team, and the delivery is completed.

Irish Ghostwriters Who Know How To Make Every Word Count

Every word of our content is wrapped oozes class. The unbeatable wordplay will be the star of the show, either you hire our ghostwriting services for essays, or ebook, content, or novels.

  • 100% Unique Content
  • Ultra-Quick Deliveries
  • Error-Free Content
  • Seasoned Ghostwriters
  • Unlimited Free Edits
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support

Bestselling Books

"After a long and tiring search for reliable and affordable ghostwriters near me, I finally found this website. It was overall a great experience to work with these professional ebook writers. I really like how they play with words and produce engaging content."

George Rudolph, author of 'Secret Of The Dead Librarian.'

David Jhonson

"I had no idea how much hiring a ghostwriter would cost me. Most of them were pretty expensive, and I had a limited budget. Thankfully, I came across the best ghostwriting agency in Ireland. They charged me a reasonable amount for my fiction novel."

David Jhonson, author of 'The Galaxy Child.'

Henry Balbirnie

"This is my go-to place for ghostwriting services in Ireland. After several successful orders of academic ghostwriting, I acquired their services for my book. They promised me a best-seller and stood by their words. Everything that comes out of their hands is simply gold."

Henry Balbirnie, author of 'The Unexpected Attack By A Fox.'

Kim Brandon

"I am still in shock at how someone can nail two different types of write-ups. Writing an autobiography and drafting a dissertation are two entirely different things and they are exceptional at both. Highly recommended from my side."

Kim Brandon, author of 'The Crowded City Of Silence.'

It Is Time To Hire Award-Winning Irish Ghostwriters

Stop Thinking And Join Hands With The Most Talented Writers In Ireland!

Ghost Writing IE is one of the leading ghostwriting companies in Ireland that adds value to your ideas and brings them to reality. Do not get fooled by our cheap ghostwriter prices, as we know how to build a connection with readers.

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Writing Tips Oasis

Writing Tips Oasis

4 Top Ghostwriters in Ireland

By Madalina Olteanu

ghostwriters in ireland

Do you live on the island of Ireland? Do you want to hire someone to ghostwrite a book for you? Below we’ve featured 4 top ghostwriters in Ireland.

1. Sue Leonard

Currently based in County Wicklow, Ireland, Sue Leonard is a professional ghostwriter and journalist. Besides being the author of Keys to the Cage and the co-author of An Act of Love with Marie Fleming and of Whispering Hope, the True Story of the Magdalene Women , Sue Leonard has also worked on 8 other books as a ghostwriter. Furthermore, two of them, written for Penguin Ireland, were best-sellers. Her experience in journalism has definitely helped her build a career in the writing industry, as she has interviewed a great number of authors, eleven of which have won the Man Booker Prize. Sue provides one-on-one tuition on both ghostwriting and freelance journalism, and she also teaches these subjects at The Irish Writer’s Centre, at IEL Abroad, as well as online.

In terms of ghostwriting, there is no standard plan which she follows, as projects vary widely from rewriting someone’s work to editing what they’ve created so far and then finishing the story. For this, any material which can be edited must be provided to her. Sue will conduct interviews every week, and then transcribe them in around three months. Alternatively, she can write a proposal and three chapters for publishers or agents.

If you would like to find out more about her terms and conditions, feel free to contact Sue here .

2. Red Hen Publishing

Red Hen Publishing is a company that specializes in ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, book publishing, and writing services, and it is located in County Kerry, Ireland. This essentially means that, as long as you have a book to publish, they can help you through every step of the process. Also, their clients vary widely from individuals to community groups and organizations.

In their services section, they describe ghostwriting for autobiographies, memoirs, and for family, company, or community history. Regardless of the purpose of your project, they guarantee that their team can write a comprehensive story which could be successful with any type of audience. Thus, the client will be interviewed and, once this stage is over, the ghostwriter will transcribe the interviews and write a manuscript to an already settled length, in a tone that resembles the client. Each project’s price depends on several factors, among which we can name the word count and the number of services requested.

If you want proof of their professionalism, you can check their Testimonials section before making a decision. Once you’ve made up your mind, you can request a quote here .

3. Susan Feldstein

Based in Bangor, Northern Ireland, Susan Feldstein is a professional ghostwriter with over 12 years of experience in writing, rewriting, and editing books for both publishers and private clients. Pursuing a career in ghostwriting was probably not challenging for her, as she has 25 years of working in the book publishing industry. In terms of studies, she earned an MA in French and German from St Andrew’s University, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma from the London College of Printing in Printing and Publishing Studies. Susan is also a member of United Ghostwriters.

When it comes to genres, she ghostwrites books which fit the standards of self-help, memoir, general narrative non-fiction, and of personal development. This is because one of her biggest assets is that of being able to understand the perspective of the client and of transposing it into their book in a way that suits their personality.

Before starting to work on your project, Susan prefers preliminary conversations in which your goals, ideas, approaches, availability, and other such details are discussed. In this manner, she will be able to write a proposal where she evaluates the optimal way of writing your book, the process required to achieve it, a timeframe structure, and, of course, the estimated costs.

After resolving the matters related to the letter of agreement regarding confidentiality, the contract, and other such formalities, she will send you a sample chapter in order to see whether you feel like her approach and tone are appropriate or not. To find out much more about every step of the process, you should access this page. As proof of her professionalism, here you can find a few testimonials as well.

Once you make a decision, you can discuss your book idea with her by using the contact information displayed online .

4. Kathryn Ann Phelan

Based in Ireland, Kathryn Ann Phelan is an experienced writer and editor with particular experience in the areas of memoir, travel writing, EFL, and commercial nonfiction. She is a graduate of both Trinity College Dublin and Grand Valley State University, where she specialized in philosophy, creative writing, arts, and international relations and affairs. Besides providing professional editing and proofreading services for Scribendi Editing and Proofreading, she is also a freelance ghostwriter.

Since she does not offer many details about her ghostwriting experience on her website, you will have to check her testimonials , as well as her writing section. If you decide to work with her, feel free to share your project idea using this online form .

I am a content writer from Romania. My projects involve non-fiction writing, academic writing, product reviews, as well as technical writing. Although I have a personal preference for articles regarding social issues and human rights, I can provide content on any other topic.

Hire Ghostwriters in Ireland

Hire top freelance ghostwriters in Ireland. Get the best ghostwriting service in three easy steps: sign up, upload your project brief, and request quotes from professionals of your choice!

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Galway, Ireland

I specialize in business, personal development and memoir. I've worked with Penguin Random House as a developmental editor and ghostwriter.

Work experience:

  • Self-employed

Services: Ghostwriting Short Form Content

Genres: Business & Management, Non-Fiction, Biographies & Memoirs, Health & Wellbeing


Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland

I'm an award winning ghostwriter, traditionally published author and screenwriter.

  • Bombshell Books (Bloodhound Books)
  • Poolbeg Press Ltd
  • Authentic Creativity
  • Orpen Press

Services: Ghostwriting Book Proposal Short Form Content

Genres: Historical Fiction, Fiction, Historical Mysteries, Mystery & Crime, Contemporary Fiction, Biographies & Memoirs, Non-Fiction, True Crime, Writing & Publishing, Plays & Screenplays

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Hire the best ghostwriters in Ireland

Ghostwriters are a godsend for aspiring authors who have the knowledge, expertise, or ideas needed to get a book started, but lack the time or know-how to put it into words. Our ghostwriters in Ireland can work with you to develop and outline your idea into a book-length project, as well as write it all out and shape the book with your guidance.

Professional ghostwriters are literary chameleons, and know how to pick up each client’s unique voice, making sure it doesn’t get lost in translation. To hire a ghostwriter in Ireland, simply sign up to Reedsy’s marketplace and browse the profiles of our expert ghosts.

Look for ghostwriters who have experience writing in your genre, and request a writing sample if you want to get a sense of their style. Our ghostwriters in Ireland and beyond are hand-picked from the top 3% of applications we receive, so you can be assured that their instincts are backed with years and years of industry experience.

Browse our marketplace today to hire a ghostwriter in Ireland, your next creative partner.

Find Best Ghostwriters in Ireland

Find ghostwriting professionals specializing in your genre.

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Other services available in Ireland

Book Editors in Ireland

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Successful authors build talented teams around them to bring their book to life. Through the Reedsy Marketplace , you can meet the industry’s top professional book editors, cover designers, book marketers and ghostwriters. Reedsy professionals know the publishing landscape better than a writer knows the taste of hot coffee, come meet them. Create your free Reedsy account and start requesting free quotes and honest advice today.

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- Our Irish Ghostwriters Will Meet Your Desires is the top achiever's pick for ghostwriting service in Ireland, as we deal in every subject and genre with fastest turnaround.

Best Ghost Writers For Hire In Ireland – Earn A's & Applauses At Same Time!

During the academic journey, every student daydreams of sparkling A+ and wants loud applause from their professors. But sadly, the dream is shattered due to the pressure a learner faces. Here's where our top-notch ghostwriting company steps in with a team of seasoned ghostwriting experts! Our ghostwriting in Ireland can be your ticket to transforming your wishes into reality. The professional ghost writers here aren't just subject experts but are true mavens when it comes to writing papers. With their prowess and knowledge, we promise our papers will never fall short of quality. So why just yearn for success? Hire our academic ghostwriters, and let's get you an A+ & applause at the same time.


Hey ambitious student! I know you have a huge aim of scoring high grades. I can help you with your assignments and stringent deadlines. My Master in Law is surely going to help you with Law assignments. Besides, I am a research ninja – hence, dealing with most of your subjects won't be a problem for me.

I am Lynn - a retired professor. Being associated for years with this field, I know every student's common blunders while preparing their papers. I won't let you commit the same mistake! Hire me, and get flawless and exceptionally written papers based on in-depth research from authentic sources.

Greetings, why fear when I am here? I am your to-be assignment tutor, who'll rescue you from the frightening deadline and tiring research procedures. Being the jack of all trades can help with almost all of your subjects. IrelandAssignmentHelp has trained me to deal with various disciplines.

Hey – I am a former admission panellist and have also been given private tuition! I know a tutee's life is no less than a bottomless pit. Hence, you can delegate all your tasks to me, and I will complete them just the way your professor wants. My customers never score anything less than an A+.

Why Our Irish Assignment Writing Company Stands Out The Ordinary

Paper Done

We match writer's degrees with your order to offer subject-expert assistance.

Money Back Guaranteed

Every paper is custom-written and is 100% plagiarism free by all means.

Funds Safely

Our help in assignments is extremely confidential and secure for students.

Hidden Charges

Punctuality is guaranteed by our Irish assignment writing company.

Take Real-Life Customer Opinion About Our Irish Expert Assignment Writers

Best assignment help – I must say!! They delivered top-quality social science assignment papers to me. It was perfectly written and formatted. Their experts further offered free revisions as well, but of course, that was not required. I recommend this service to everyone. Cork Jefferson
I hired for their dissertation writing service, and it was the best decision. The whole content was 100% fresh, and they took approval before moving to the next stage. I requested a few changes, and they did it for free without hesitation. Dublin Rylan
If you need fast, legit and confidential assignment assistance online, then IrelandAssignmentHelp is the only website you can rely on. I have been hiring them since college, and they always deliver custom-written and well-research papers to me. I always get an A+. Galway Webster
I believe no other assignment company in Ireland can compete with their standards. The assignments they write are always 100% plagiarism-free, and my professor always appreciates me. The language is always on-point. It seems as if a native speaker is working on the orders. Derry Piper
The procedure with was very smooth and transparent. Their assignment expert stood by my side through the entire process. Besides, I wanted some changes in my paper, and they did it free of cost!! Fastest turnaround I have ever seen so far! Sligo Gillian


When You Hire Our Ghostwriting Website, You Invite Excellence To Your Academic Journey At our ghostwriting agency, students find a reliable partner to help them sail through the thorny academic journey. Our top-notch Irish ghost writers pave students' paths towards excellence and success using their experience, expertise and knowledge. However, our potential covers a lot more than just 'assignments'. Instead, we are a one-stop for writing wonders. From professional business ghostwriting to writing captivating eBooks, offering essay writing services and penning mesmerizing autobiographies, the literary artisans here know how to weave every word with creativity. Fearing the procedure? Worry not! Based on three steps, our simplified process guarantees transparency at every turn. Here's what working with us might look like: Best Ghost Writers For Hire In Ireland Just In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: assign your order to the irish ghost writer via order form.

To begin process, you need to assign your order to us. Go to the order form, fill up the required information, attach additional requirements and make the advance payment to confirm the order. It is important to pay in advance to confirm the order because the process might not proceed without that. However, if you face any difficulty in placing an order, let our customer support experts know via email. They will help you place an order without using the form, and then we'll head to the next step.

Step 2: We delegate your requirements to a subject-expert ghost writer

As soon as your order is received and confirmed, we will forward your requirements to our subject-expert ghost writer. We assign student requirements to subject-expert writers only, as quality is our most important concern. For example, if you come from a medical background, it is guaranteed that your order will be assigned to a medical academic ghostwriter. This ensures that outcomes are top-notch, with no room for imperfection. Our writing staff is the reason we are so confident in our services.

Step 3: The paper is delivered within the decided time frame & we seek your approval

Once we are done with writing the paper, we will send it to you. We give our best shot to deliver high-quality papers with no room for improvement. However, your opinion might differ, and we'll accept your feedback wholeheartedly. We cater to feedback and revisions free of cost. This means you seek unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed by us.

A Ghostwriting Service In Ireland That's A Secret Of Success For Many Top Achievers. We Would Love To Serve You With Custom-Written Assignments.

Confused About Ghostwriting Website? Our FAQs Will Help!

Either you are seeking professional assistance for the first time, or have been hiring Irish ghostwriting websites forever while placing your order, you are always going to have doubts. And it's nothing to worry about because a legit service provider like us would love to clear customers' doubts. The FAQs section below sums up every query we have received so far. We are sure this is going to help you. But just in case you still have a query buzzing in your mind, let us know; we'll help you via email.

What is Ghostwriting in Ireland?

Ghostwriting in Ireland is an assignment writing service offered by anonymous writers. Ghostwriting experts help one with their writing needs without actually taking the credit. This means if you hire a ghostwriter, they will do your assignment or write your content but won't mention their names. This is the reason why ghostwriting cost is very high. However, we offer affordable services by all means.

How much does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?

The ghostwriting price is really affordable. Our prices start from $X/page. But this may vary depending upon the requirements, complexity, word count, deadline and other specifications. To know the pricing, you will be required to show what you are looking for. We will quote you a price depending on what you are looking for. However, you can rest assured that it's not going to mess up your budget.

Is it ok to hire a ghostwriter?

Yes, hiring a ghost writer is fine and highly recommended. That's because writing is not a craft for everyone. You will always need professional assistance to help you with writing. But you need to be sure that the writer doesn't claim right in the future. Hence, coming to us to take an Irish ghost writing service is the best call because we ensure that the client's data is always safe and never leaked.

How long does it take to ghost write papers?

The deadline depends upon several factors, but most importantly, it depends upon the customer's requirements. If you want us to deliver something within 24 hours, we'll do it for you, but of course, the prices would be a little higher. We generally take 48 hours to deliver and a maximum take week or a month to deliver order. It totally depends upon the word count and sometimes on the required research.

What if I need some edits in my order?

We offer free revision along with every order delivered by us, as we offer our clients a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. In case there's any problem with the order, you can let us know and our customer service will fix the issue at no additional price. We will make edits unlimited times until you'll be satisfied. Hence, you don't have to worry about not receiving the desired outcomes.

Will you ghostwrite for me from scratch?

Yes, it goes without saying that we write papers from scratch. Every paper delivered by us is always 100% plagiarism-free. We attach a free-of-cost plagiarism report that verifies that every word written in the document is unique and original. We conduct deep research before writing the papers. Therefore, you can be sure that papers are always crafted right from the ground. Your paper will be 100% plagiarism-free.


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    Evelyn Walsh Evelyn ghost-wrote Rebecca de Havalland’s memoir ‘His Name is Rebecca’ which was published by Poolbeg John Hearne Best-selling ghostwriter specialising in memoir, self-help and business books. I’ve worked with a variety of Natasha Holt I offer a ghost writing service. After more than 20 years as a journalist, 11 Reedsy

  4. Top 2 Freelance Ghostwriters for Hire in Ireland

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