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Ghost Hunters Season 14: Release Date, Cast And New Details

"Ghost Hunters" cast members

From the moment it debuted on the Syfy Channel back in 2004, "Ghost Hunters" has made an entire subculture seem, well, less uncool. The show featured a group of relatively attractive young people using high-tech equipment to search for ghosts in the spookiest places in the world. From that moment on, audiences began to view ghost hunters in a more favorable light (though, given their profession, they've never been immune to skepticism). Since the debut of "Ghost Hunters," other shows, like "Ghost Adventures" and "Paranormal State," have attempted to compete with the original ghost hunting show, per The Wrap .

"Ghost Hunters" was created by Craig Piligian, who founded Pilgrim Studios, which is behind other original television shows like " American Chopper " and "Dirty Jobs." In 2013, Piligian told CNN that he was inspired to create "Ghost Hunters" after reading an article in the New York Times about Roto-Rooter plumbers who also offered house calls to fix "paranormal disturbances" on the side. "The same qualities they used to fix a leaky pipe they used in their work to debunk whether or not a place was haunted," Piligian told CNN. "It was almost mechanical in nature, and not so much voodoo." It was this approach that inspired Piligian to approach each alleged haunting in a more "scientific" way.

The show has remained popular for more than a dozen seasons. This is what we know about the upcoming 14th season.

Season 14 will debut on Halloween

Fittingly enough, the 14th season of "Ghost Hunters" will be premiering exclusively on Discovery+ on Halloween (October 31). For the first time since 2016 when he left to form "Ghost Nation," the show's original team leader, Jason Hawes, will be returning to star on the show.

A sneak peek of what's to come in the upcoming season has been posted to the show's official website, promising that the season will be chock full of authentic paranormal encounters (via Ghost Hunters ). "This is the revival of the series that started it all. Discovery+ has given the green light to the iconic series, Ghost Hunters," a Discovery press release stated, per Comic Book . "Original team leader Jason Hawes and Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Shari DeBenedetti are taking back the paranormal reins in epic haunted locations. And don't be surprised to see some familiar faces and special guests join the team on the hunt in this all-new version of the hit series. The 13 one-hour episodes will begin streaming later this year on Discovery+."

Many familiar faces will be returning for the show's 14th season

As the 14th season's promotional video stated, the upcoming season will feature Jason Hawes, the founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and star of "Ghost Nation," as the leader involved in every paranormal investigation (via Ghost Hunters ). Hawes will be accompanied by his team of paranormal investigators, which includes Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, and Shari DeBenedetti. 

When "Ghost Hunters" first premiered, it featured both Hawes and Grant Wilson, who took over as the leader of the team when Hawes left to pursue his own artistic endeavors in 2016. The casting switch-ups over the years, which seem to always result in the pair not appearing together on the show, have sparked rumors that Hawes and Wilson are feuding.

Under a comment posted on Hawes' most recent Instagram post about his return to "Ghost Hunters," he revealed why he was returning in Wilson's place in Season 14. "Grant was not fired," Hawes said in a  comment . "He chose to do a show when the network didn't want the entire team. I chose the team first and refused to do a show without them. Loyalty first for me."

Other special guests are slated to make an appearance on the show's 14th season, though their identities have yet to be revealed.

New details about Discovery's spooky and bingeable content

Though Halloween is more than two weeks away, Discovery's impressive roster of spooky shows on Food Network, HGTV, and Travel Channel will likely keep viewers entertained long after the end of autumn. Throughout the month of October, aside from "Ghost Hunters" Season 14, viewers can indulge in other spooky, seasonal treats like "Halloween Baking Championship," "Halloween Wars," "Ghost Adventures: Goldfield Hotel," "Outrageous Pumpkins," "Jack and Kelly Osbourne: Night of Terror," and more, according to a Discovery, Inc press release.

"We combined the ghost-themed series and specials from Food Network and HGTV with Travel Channel's compelling content to curate an incredible season of scary, fun, and bingeable shows across platforms," Kathleen Finch, chief lifestyle brands officer of Discovery, Inc. said in the press release. "With stars like Anthony Anderson, Zak Bagans, Doris Bowman, Alyson Hannigan, Jack and Kelly Osbourne and director Eli Roth bringing the creative for these series and specials to life, fans of Halloween can watch scary stories and visual treats all month long."

Get your fill of the latest season of "Ghost Hunter" by tuning into Discovery+ on Halloween.

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The Ghost Hunter

Verity-Jane Dearsley, Will Theakston, and Lee Godwin in The Ghost Hunter (2000)

Mrs Crocker is the ghosthunter, and along with her assistant, De Sniff, tries to capture all the ghosts. She hates all ghosts, especially a little Victorian shoe shine boy, but his two human... Read all Mrs Crocker is the ghosthunter, and along with her assistant, De Sniff, tries to capture all the ghosts. She hates all ghosts, especially a little Victorian shoe shine boy, but his two human friends try to save him from the ghosthunter. Mrs Crocker is the ghosthunter, and along with her assistant, De Sniff, tries to capture all the ghosts. She hates all ghosts, especially a little Victorian shoe shine boy, but his two human friends try to save him from the ghosthunter.

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The Ghost Hunter (2000)

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Did you know

  • Goofs William often plays Midtown Madness 2, and once he says he's on level five. There are no levels in Midtown Madness. This is not because he is a 19th century ghost, the character Roddy Oliver responds, "I'm not having a ghost reaching level five on my computer."

User reviews 3

  • mercyfulsister
  • May 13, 2002
  • How many seasons does The Ghost Hunter have? Powered by Alexa
  • January 4, 2000 (United Kingdom)
  • United Kingdom
  • Geisterzeit in Little Henlock
  • British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
  • Zenith North Ltd.
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  • Runtime 25 minutes

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Verity-Jane Dearsley, Will Theakston, and Lee Godwin in The Ghost Hunter (2000)

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Where does ghost hunters rank today the justwatch daily streaming charts are calculated by user activity within the last 24 hours. this includes clicking on a streaming offer, adding a title to a watchlist, and marking a title as 'seen'. this includes data from ~1.3 million movie & tv show fans per day..

Streaming charts last updated: 5:22:02 AM, 01/06/2024

Ghost Hunters is 797 on the JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts today. The TV show has moved up the charts by 24 places since yesterday. In the United States, it is currently more popular than Hunting Hitler but less popular than Secret Royal Inspector & Joy.

Paranormal investigators investigate places that are reported to be haunted. Engaging forensic experts, historical records and the most innovative technology available, the squad helps everyday people who are struggling with unexplained supernatural phenomena.

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Streaming Charts The JustWatch Daily Streaming Charts are calculated by user activity within the last 24 hours. This includes clicking on a streaming offer, adding a title to a watchlist, and marking a title as 'seen'. This includes data from ~1.3 million movie & TV show fans per day.

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Ghost Hunters TV Show

Ghost Hunters TV Show

The paranormal hit Ghost Hunters originally aired in 2004, and its eleven-season run lasted until 2016! And they’ve even had various reboots and spinoffs since the show’s original airing. So there’s no denying that there was an enormous demand for this type of creepy content on television, and Ghost Hunters hit all the marks.

It was a show revolving around a team of paranormal investigators or, as the show was aptly named, “ghost hunters.” This team would make their way through various locations in the dead of night, using their equipment to try and detect paranormal activity. And, of course, cameras followed wherever they went.

This show was one of the first introductions the world had to paranormal reality tv, which may be why it’s still such a well-known show.

The First Air Date

The first episode of Ghost Hunters aired on the Sci-Fi network on October 6, 2004. Sci-Fi, owned by NBCUniversal Television and would eventually be rebranded as Syfy, was the perfect home for this show primarily because it specializes in horror, among other similar genres.

Creation and Production

The prominent players in Ghost Hunters’ creation, production, and direction are as follows:

The series was created due to Jason Hawes’ and Grant Wilson’s formation of  The Atlantic Paranormal Society , or TAPS, which the show was based around and featured.

As far as producers go, of course, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson both produced many episodes. But the series’ largest executive producer, who was responsible for most episodes, was Alan David.

Various directors took part in the show, including:

  • Mark Marinaccio
  • Richard Monahan
  • Peter Zasuly
  • Gabriel Knight
  • Ivan Dudynsky
  • Jay Bluemke

Cast Members

Ghost Hunters TV Show Cast Members

The main cast of Ghost Hunters is as follows:

  • Jason Hawes — A plumber from Rhode Island that ended up co-forming TAPS and becoming one of the stars of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation because of his involvement.
  • Grant Wilson — An art director that developed a gaming company with a co-founder. He also co-formed TAPS, becoming a star alongside Jason Hawes.
  • Steve Gonsalves — An actor and producer with a love of horror who appropriately joined the cast of Ghost Hunters .
  • Dave Tango — An actor within the horror genre, much like Gonsalves, aptly joined the Ghost Hunters cast.
  • Amy Bruni — An actress who has appeared in multiple paranormal shows.
  • Mike Rowe (Narrator) — A professional television host who narrated a large portion of Ghost Hunters episodes.

Primary Focus of the Show 

The Ghost Hunters cast mostly investigated reportedly haunted locations during the show’s run and would only explore where people had previously complained of paranormal activity taking place. Most times, the paranormal activity (or hauntings) was reported by the location’s owner.

Each investigation would start with the team exploring the area alongside the owners while discussing reportedly paranormal encounters that they’d had at the location. 

Then the team would set up their equipment, which usually consisted of tools to take the electromagnetic field and temperature readings,  digital voice recorders for EVPs , and digital video cameras.

They would then proceed to try to coax activity from the paranormal presence to gather information.

Afterward, they would review any evidence they collected. After reviewing the data, they would have one last talk with the location owners, where they’d share their findings and suggest how to deal with any activity they may have encountered. 

The TAPS investigative team were believers in the paranormal, but they also went about their investigations with a fairly logical outlook. And have been known to explain that sometimes apparent paranormal activity can have reasonable explanations. Although they’ve also stated some paranormal activity they’ve experienced, they believe it to be authentic.

Ghost Hunter’s Impact on the Paranormal Community

Ghost Hunters was a massive hit, with the ratings to prove it. It was one of its network’s highest-rated reality television shows throughout its run. And for a time, it was the highest-rated paranormal show on television itself!

Part of the reason why the show was so popular was that the audience loved the subject matter. This popularity was the first time a paranormal television show was being marketed as reality TV, and it made the idea of things like ghosts and hauntings feel real to the viewers. They found it thrilling.

The arrival of Ghost Hunters was also huge for the paranormal community because it gave them some real representation for the first time. And it caused many other paranormal-based TV shows to be made, providing that community with even more content to enjoy.

Overall, Ghost Hunters normalized TV shows based around other worldly matters, which was great news for fans of the paranormal.

Ghost Hunter’s Seasons and Episodes 

Originally, Ghost Hunters ran for eleven seasons, spanning from 2004 to 2016. Those episodes all aired on the Syfy channel, as previously discussed.

But Ghost Hunters has also been rebooted several times, with more short seasons airing on A&E, a season on Discovery+, and one other on the Travel Channel.

This means that, in all, Ghost Hunters has had fifteen seasons. And their episode count is currently at 249! They’ve also had several live shows and holiday specials throughout their run.

Most Popular and Well-Rated Episodes

Some episodes have performed better than others. But the following twenty were some of the most highly rated on IMDB.

  • “Grant Is Back”
  • “Ghost Hunters Return To Waverly Hills”
  • “Proof Of Afterlife”
  • “The Glenn Family Curse”
  • “Manor Of Mystery”
  • “Nightmare Camp”
  • “Hospital Horror”
  • “Haunted Lighthouse”
  • “Alone In Alaska”
  • “Haunted Hospital”
  • “The Lady In The Window”
  • “Dancing With The Dead”
  • “Haunted By Heroes”
  • “Overdue For Death”
  • “Stanley Hotel”
  • “Haunting Of The Garde”
  • “You’ve Been Warned”
  • “Darker Learning”
  • “School Spirit”
  • “Public Poltergeist Number One”

Famous Guests 

Ghost Hunters didn’t have a wide array of famous guests on their show, and it mostly centered around the core investigative cast. But one of their most notable guests was Meat Loaf, who appeared on “ Ghost Hunters: The Haunted House On The Hill .” This was actually one of Meat Loaf’s final television appearances before his death.

Controversies & Criticisms

As would be expected from a show that centers around something as controversial as the paranormal, Ghost Hunters had its fair share of criticisms. Both from people who disagreed with the subject matter and those who felt that the Ghost Hunters cast was faking certain incidents.

On the skeptic’s side of things, one of the largest cases of criticism happened in 2008 when Ghost Hunters won The Truly Terrible Television Award (TTTV) from the Independent Investigations Group. The reason is that Ghost Hunters was “peddling” things like “pseudoscience and superstition” to their fans.

As for ‘controversies,’ one of the most notable examples happened concerning a Ghost Hunters live show on Halloween 2008. During this live show, two events took place that many people claimed to be fake.

The first event was when one of the star’s collars was repeatedly pulled down, although he never visibly touched it. And the second was when an unexplained voice eerily said, “You’re not supposed to be here.”

Critics were enraged over these two instances, although the two stars of the show claim that their contracts for the show don’t allow them to fake evidence for entertainment purposes. So their official statement is that everything seen on Ghost Hunters is real.

The response to all of this was split. Some people remained avid fans of the show, while some felt that Ghost Hunters lost some credibility after the incident. But as seen by the consistent ratings, it lost none of its popularity even after the controversies.

Future Outlook 

Ghost Hunters fans are looking forward to new episodes of the show coming in April of 2023. Many old cast members are returning for this, and those episodes will be airing on Discovery+ and the Travel Channel.

But even aside from new Ghost Hunters episodes, because of the show’s impact on the paranormal entertainment space, many new ghost hunting reality TV shows have hit the screen since then. So, fans of this genre have plenty of content they could’ve never dreamed of before it first aired.

And despite the controversial nature of the show and its genre, it is a show that’s loved and appreciated by many. And it was, and is, a true pioneer in the entertainment space.

Final Thoughts on Ghost Hunters TV Show

So, all in all, Ghost Hunters was a game-changer for fans of the paranormal. And it reinvented the space to include more reality-based content. Through this, it gained a multitude of fans, and its popularity is still present to this day!

The episodes are compelling, even for those who aren’t believers in the paranormal, because of the stories of the locations and the overall entertainment factor of all things scary and spooky.

If you’re a fan of the paranormal or anything just mentioned, you could also check out some other reality paranormal TV shows. Some great recommendations would be Paranormal Lockdown , The Dead Files , and Kindred Spirits .

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Ranking Ghost-Hunting Shows From Ghoulish to Down Right Silly

See where ghost adventures , ghost hunters and more land on our list of top ghost-hunting shows..

Nothing screams Halloween like a good ghost-hunting show.

So with All Hallows' Eve only a week away, we decided it was time to take a closer look at the paranormal reality shows that make those little hairs on the back of our neck stand up . We know not everyone believes in ghosts and ghouls, which is why we're examining both the series that take themselves seriously and the shows unafraid to have a little fun.

For instance, Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural  launched its seventh and final season on Oct. 15. And even after countless investigations, hosts Ryan Bergara and  Shane Madej still come off as amateur ghost hunters—in the best way. The longtime partners are unafraid to roast themselves while touring infamous locations—like the allegedly possessed Conjuring house —leaving us entertained while hoping for a ghost to pop up.

On the flip side, there's Zak Bagans ' Ghost Adventures series, which follows the famed investigator as he uses top-notch equipment to investigate fear-inducing spots.

"We don't play the part of paranormal investigators—I can't speak for other paranormal shows," Bagans told E! News in an exclusive interview . "I can just speak for myself, my show, my team and what we do. I mean, we're supposed to be doing this, I had a calling to do this."

These two examples, which couldn't be more different, are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the spooktacular genre.

For a closer look at the top ghost-hunting shows, see our official ranking below!

Haunted Towns , which had two seasons on Destination American between 2017 and 2019, followed a group of paranormal investigators—known as the Tennessee Wraith Chasers—as they traveled to the country's most, you guessed it, haunted towns in the hope of trapping ghosts. You may recognize the TWC from their previous paranormal series, Ghost Asylum .

Both shows had spine-chilling locales, but their tendency toward hokey dialogue made them not as enjoyable as their competitors. Their passion and dedication were certainly present, yet, we never found ourselves invested in the TWC.

Ghost Brothers was unafraid to lean into the humor while hunting down the paranormal. Starring best friends Dalen Spratt , Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey , the trio toured reportedly haunted locales—all while roasting their rivals. In the intro, one Ghost Brother quipped, "Why is everybody white?"

For a laugh-out-loud series that also delves into the world of the supernatural, catch the only two seasons of Ghost Brothers , which aired on Destination American and TLC, respectively, between 2016 and 2017.

When  Ryan Bergara and  Shane Madej embarked on their Unsolved series for Buzzfeed's YouTube page, they had no idea that they'd soon begin investigating whether or not ghosts are real. Being amateur paranormal investigators, Bergara and Madej's quest proves to be more a comedy than a serious ghost-hunting show.

Nonetheless, the dynamic between believer Bergara and skeptic Madej is wildly entertaining, which has allowed the content creators to bank seven entertaining seasons. (Don't forget, Bergara and Madej have a new series, Ghost Files , heading to their Watcher YouTube channel.)

If Kindred Spirits seems familiar to you, it's likely because you recognize stars Adam Berry and Amy Bruni from their previous ghost-hunting series, aptly titled  Ghost Hunters . Putting a twist on the classic paranormal show formula, Berry and Bruni investigate homes to see if the undead dwellers are connected to the families that live there.

Kindred Spirits , which first debuted in 2016, has called several networks home, including Destination America, TLC, Travel Channel and Discovery+.

Though  Paranormal State was a hit after its debut in 2007 on the A&E Network, the series may not be as fear-inducing on second watch.  Ryan Buell and his Paranormal Research Society investigated several haunted locations over the course of six seasons, but unlike the ghost-hunting shows of today, there was little tangible evidence integrated into the show.

We honestly can't believe Scariest Places on Earth only had five seasons. Hosted by  The Exorcist 's Linda Blair and narrated by Teen Witch 's  Zelda Rubinstein , the Fox Family series had a scare-tastic formula, which included sending regular people into allegedly haunted locales.

Though this show wasn't meant to definitively prove whether ghosts were real, there were some fun scares along the way.

It's safe to say that the original Ghost Hunters is one of the most famous paranormal shows in TV history. The show's initial run on SyFy included 11 seasons, 230 episodes and 10 specials. Ghost Hunters also spawned several spin-offs, including Ghost Nation , UFO Hunters , Ghost Hunters Academy and Ghost Hunters International .

The series was later revived on A&E in 2019 with original star  Grant Wilson and a new crop of investigators, which used a slew of technology to try to connect with the paranormal.

Ghost Hunters may've launched the ghost-hunting genre into global fame, but it's Zak Bagans ' Ghost Adventures that has perfected the storytelling style. With a documentary-film background, Bagans has curated 22 seasons of action-packed peeks into the world of the paranormal.

After 13 years on the Travel Channel, Ghost Adventures has since found a new home on discovery+, introducing a whole new generation to Bagans' investigations into famously haunted spots. If you're looking for a lengthy binge with lots of intrigue, Ghost Adventures is the show for you!

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Ghost Hunters Is Back! (Season 12 Trailer)

0:30 Ghost Hunters Is Back! (Season 12 Trailer)

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Jason hawes.

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Steve Gonsalves

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Grant Wilson Saying Goodbye to Ghost Hunters in May

Ghost Hunters' longtime co-lead investigator Grant Wilson is leaving the Syfy series this May, he announced on Wednesday's episode. "While paranormal investigating has always been and will remain a passion for me, after enjoying nearly eight successful seasons on television, I have made the decision to leave the series in order to focus on...

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ghost hunter tv series

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15 Best Paranormal TV Shows to Watch That Will Creep You Out

Let's go ahead and leave the lights on, ok.

Unlike straight-up horror, paranormal stories do something to a person's psyche that lingers long after the screen fades to black. The feeling is like no other, and before one knows it, there's something lurking behind the shower curtain or under the bed. So why do audiences keep coming back for more of the best ghost TV shows? It's hard to pinpoint, but what is certain is a new means of telling ghost stories seems to pop up every day, and they never lose audiences. On the contrary, with such a rich variety to chill the blood, if anything, paranormal shows are more popular than ever.

Luckily for fans of the genre who don't know what to watch next, there is plenty to choose from — these are some of the best paranormal shows that are guaranteed to make the audience's blood run cold . Whether you're in the mood for fictional scepters, true stories, or full-on night-vision encounters, there is no shortage of spine-tingling series to trick your mind into thinking that sound wasn't just the neighbors. Just make sure to lock the doors and windows, first.

15 '28 Days Haunted' (2022)

Netflix's docuseries and one of the more recent ghost shows, 28 Days Haunted centers on four teams of brave paranormal investigators, who travel through some of America's most haunted locations in order to execute a paranormal experiment based on the theories of Ed and Lorraine Warren .

While the 2022 show doesn't count on flawless execution (and features mixed reviews), it still manages to send chills down many spines . Though some members of the audience don't believe that what happens through the episodes is real, it still helps keep boredom at bay.

Watch on Netflix

14 'Ghost Wars' (2017 - 2018)

Created by simon barry.

Two seasons in, this Netflix series starring scene-stealers Kim Coates and Vincent D'Onofrio has its pros and cons in terms of providing creepy material. On one hand, the entire show is fiction; on the other, it's full of ghosts, so if audiences are looking to scratch that paranormal content itch, they're in the right place. The series is about a small Alaskan town in which all residents are trapped, experiencing non-stop obstacles from evil spirits who wish to do harm – and lots of it.

The dialogue is a little awkward at times, and the pacing can feel stunted, but the ghosts! So many ghosts. For fans of action (as the title clearly states), there will be guns and blood and car crashes, but the show can also be alarmingly frightening at times, so if you're looking for a good jump scare , you're in the right place .

Watch on Plex

13 'Surviving Death' (2021)

Directed by ricki stern.

Another Netflix original series, Surviving Death , is different from the others on the list, as it focuses on a variety of topics: mediums, signs from the dead, reincarnation, ghosts, and even interviews with individuals who died yet lived to tell the tale. In short, no two episodes are alike.

Part talking-head documentary, part educational programming (100% creepy as hell), this series, aside from being fascinating, works well in giving goosebumps because of how sincere each person is in recollecting their encounter. Also featuring medical doctors and other learned professionals, the paranormal show provides an iron-clad ethos that is both difficult to argue with and extraordinarily unsettling . Sleep tight.

12 'The Secret of Crickley Hall' (2012)

Directed by joe ahearne.

The BBC three-part series , also streaming on Amazon, is based on the novel by James Herbert and begins with the screams of a young boy. It's a tragic tale: a young child goes missing from a playground, and the couple tries to cope with the immeasurable loss. In their grief, they choose to move with their other young children to a sprawling estate in the middle of nowhere. Soon, they realize they've moved into a former orphanage, where unspeakable horrors occurred.

Featuring some familiar faces, such as a young Maisie Williams and Lucifer 's Tom Ellis , the frightening series offers a quick pace and an even quicker heartbeat. Featuring flashbacks of the orphanage's last days, coupled with suspenseful and frightening happenings within the home, the series is as creepy as it is tense and tragic .

Watch on Prime Video

11 'Paranormal Investigators: Phasmophobia' (2020)

Directed by atila kaldy.

From Australia, this reality series features psychic Andrea Kaldy , who investigates well-known haunted areas to determine if they are, in fact, haunted – be it by ghosts, poltergeists, or even demonic entities.

After investigating, Kaldy invites 3 participants to enter the location alone and complete a challenge before they are able to leave – unless they run scared, first. Perfect for fans of ghost shows, the creepy content doesn't begin straight away but rest assured, it will. The show is squeal-worthy , mainly because watching people get scared can also be terrifying. The question is, are the participants (and audiences) jumping to conclusions?

Buy on Apple TV+

10 'Ghost Hunters' (2004 - )

Directed by mark marinaccio.

A classic in the genre of ghost hunting shows with many still tuning in to watch it, Ghost Hunters features Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson , the founding members of The Atlantic Paranormal Society or TAPS, as they search for paranormal activity around the United States. Popular for over a decade, the series has had a dedicated following for being one of the first shows of its kind.

There are some 14 seasons in all, and what makes them so successful is undoubtedly the men's use of compelling evidence by way of video footage in the show , electromagnetic field (EMF) readers, sound recordings, and eyewitness accounts – many of which terrified audiences get to see themselves (if they haven't covered their eyes in fear, that is).

Ghost Hunters

Watch on Fubo

9 'The Enfield Haunting' (2015)

Directed by kristoffer nyholm.

This three-part limited series wastes no time in creeping out its audience. Set in 1977 and based on a true story, the show surrounds a mother and her three children who are terrorized by an angry poltergeist. When paranormal investigators arrive, played by Timothy Spall and Matthew Macfadyen , things go from bad to worse.

Nominated for 2 BAFTAs, The Enfield Haunting is chock-full of suspense and screams. One could argue that the muted brown and orange tones or the involvement of children is the cause of its fear factor, but it's more likely the sheer evil of the unwelcoming house guest that causes the lasting chills . It's telling that the true events also inspired The Conjuring 2 .

8 'Paranormal' (2020)

Directed by amr salama and majid al ansari.

Based on the novels by Dr. Ahmed Khaled Tawfik , Netflix's first Egyptian Arabic original series provides a different tone to the mix: its protagonist, Dr. Ismail ( Ahmed Amin ), is a mild-mannered and close-lipped man, determined to neglect his past paranormal experiences and instead focus on verifiable causes and effects. An unlikely skeptic, he is unwillingly brought back into the world of his past just as a former love comes back to Cairo.

Set in both 1940 and 1969, the backdrop of the Arab-Israeli war and the upheaval it causes serves to mirror Ismail's own uncertainty, especially when his nephew begins to experience eerily similar haunting experiences. Beautifully shot and sickening at the same time , this series goes to show why Tawfik sold millions and millions of hair-raising copies.

7 'The Holzer Files' (2019 - )

Produced by rob saffi.

When it comes to paranormal TV shows, The Holzer Files is definitely worth mentioning. The horror mystery series follows a team of investigators who unearth the terrifying true hauntings from the case files of America's first parapsychologist best known for his plethora of hundreds of cases dealing with the occult, Dr. Hans Holzer .

The Holzer Files is assuredly an interesting take on Holzer's files, providing audiences with an intriguingly spooky time in the meantime. Additionally, it is also very refreshing and different from other shows of the genre.

6 'A Haunting' (2005 - )

Developed by allison erkelens.

A Haunting is 11 seasons long so far, and understandably so. Its interesting premise revolves around experiences and encounters with the paranormal, which are told by the victims and illustrated to audiences through frightening re-enactments.

The anthology supernatural surely succeeds in showcasing a chilling and haunting depiction of bizarre stories and is guaranteed to terrify audiences. Furthermore, A Haunting is widely considered one of the greatest series of the kind and assuredly makes for a very atmospheric, entertaining, and worthwhile watch.

5 'Paranormal Nightmare' (2019)

Hosted by the fourmen brothers.

This documentary/reality series stars three humble hosts ( the Fourmen brothers ) on a mission. Having suffered paranormal trauma as children, the brothers travel through the United States with the hope of helping similar victims. The credible and harrowing accounts from those interviewed by the hosts are enough to give audiences the chills, but it's when the sun goes down that things get real.

Using their night-vision cameras and EMF readers, the men capture unexplained images and sounds so spooky that it's difficult to look away or even blink. No doubt, Paranormal Nightmare is one of the creepiest paranormal series on the platform .

Watch on Pluto

4 'Paranormal Witness' (2011 - 2016)

Directed by neil rawles.

In this appalling true horror mystery documentary named Paranormal Witness , which is an incredible addition to the genre, viewers are introduced to several stories of people who have lived through supernatural experiences that left big, unanswerable question marks behind.

Paranormal Witness is one of the best in its category. It is equal parts interesting and horrifying, featuring credible eyewitness accounts of paranormal activity and thus coming across as a very believable TV show. No doubt, these frightening series provide audiences with a thrilling time in front of the screen and will likely keep them up at night.

Paranormal Witness

3 'the x-files' (1993 - 2018), created by chris carter.

The X-Files is one of the most well-regarded and highest-rated paranormal/supernatural series out there and for very good reason. With an enthralling plot and incredible acting performances, this innovative show revolves around two FBI Special Agents ( David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson ) as they investigate a series of bizarre phenomena.

Through time, The X-Files remained a classic, capturing the attention of many people all over the globe. In addition to a well-written storyline, it also features a good dose of scary moments involving monsters, disturbing scenarios, and incredibly violent acts .

The X-Files

Two F.B.I. Agents, Fox Mulder the believer and Dana Scully the skeptic, investigate the strange and unexplained, while hidden forces work to impede their efforts.

Watch on Hulu

2 'The Haunting of Hill House' (2018)

Created by mike flanagan.

Based on the novel of the same name by acclaimed horror writer Shirley Jackson , and directed by Mike Flanagan, The Haunting of Hill House has proven to be one of Netflix's most popular series . In it, audiences meet the Crain siblings as they gather for the funeral of one of their own. Together for the first time in years, it does not take long before the ghosts of their past come back to haunt them – literally.

Though there are sometimes dramatic stretches between big scares, the story delivers its full-fledged creepiness in its mixture of flashbacks and real-time storylines that both serve to scare and tug at one's heartstrings. Undeniably, however, it has made worldwide audiences unable to close their eyes when they go to bed for fear of the Bent-Neck Lady.

The Haunting of Hill House

1 'haunted' (2018 -), directed by jan pavlacky.

This Netflix show has everything: true ghost stories, creepy imagery, and jump-worthy reenactments. In it, people deeply affected by paranormal trauma participate in a round-table discussion of sorts with their friends and/or family members in between dramatic renditions of their terrifying tales.

At times, families have yet to disclose details to one another, which leads to emotional TV, while friends of the victims are often visibly shaken. What stands out is the production value (especially in Season 3), as it is very high, so the reenactments are often as sinister as they are cinematic .

NEXT: Scariest Horror Movies That Are Too Disturbing To Re-Watch

Screen Rant

10 best ghost hunting paranormal reality tv shows.

Ghost Hunters launched back in 2004, introducing viewers to paranormal reality TV. Many other exciting and spooky ghost-themed series followed.

It may be nearly summertime, but spooky shows don't need to be relegated to the Halloween season. Creepy shows, such as the recent Conjuring Kesha or Zak Bagan’s annual Ghost Adventures Halloween Special, enchant viewers year-round. They'll keep anyone up all night, contemplating what they know about the afterlife.

Regarding paranormal reality TV, Ghost Hunters set the stage for the rise of several phantom-seeking shows. Episodes were filled with adrenaline-fueled action and tense investigations. Even the most skeptical viewers will sleep with one eye open after a night of binging any of these haunting reality series. With new shows such as Paramormal Frequency or Lockwood & Co. in the mix, revisiting the ten best ghost-hunting series is recommended.

Help! My House Is Haunted

Following a group of paranormal researchers in the United Kingdom, Help! My House Is Haunted investigates the homes of everyday people witnessing chilling, unexplained hauntings. Created by Ghost Adventures' Zak, the series inspects places plagued by paranormal entities, in order to gauge their authenticity fully. Unlike most ghost shows that are filmed in the United States, Help! My House Is Haunted explores the ominous events of a different country, which is sometimes tied to the nation's significant and rich history.

Ghost Asylum (2014–16)

Ghost Asylum rejects the usually broad scope of ghost-hunting shows. It focuses its energy solely on allegedly haunted asylums, which always seem to be hot spots for activity in every single paranormal reality series. Though the show may have lost its longevity by choosing this route, it enriched each episode with the pasts of the facilities in question. They were often home to the most tragic and horrific stories, as patients were mistreated. Furthermore, the show offers a unique group of investigators called the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, whose passionate personalities are entertaining.

Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters (2004–06)

As a celebrity-fueled paranormal reality show that aired for just three seasons, Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters portrayed the high-octane quests of a clairvoyant and skeptic. They searched for the spirits of dead celebrities. Using elements of music and stagecraft, the two journeyed across America, attempting to gain contact with world-class entertainers like Frank Sinatra. At the same time, they sought to validate the existence of life after death, and the presence of thought-to-be-gone famous personalities. Their efforts are unlike any ghost series, packing on another layer of challenge.

Paranormal State (2007–11)

Led by Ryan Buell, Paranormal State is the only ghost-hunting show featuring a student paranormal research society of a university, Pennsylvania State. The club featured a revolving cast, as they dissected the supposed hauntings of American locations. What made the show truly special was the intense personalities of its cast, and the incorporation of their hectic college lives. As the show progresses, viewers are introduced to the second story arc. A demon allegedly follows Ryan throughout his life, making it that much more compelling.

Portals To Hell (2019–2022)

Following in the footsteps of many other ghost-hunting shows, Jack Osbourne capitalizes on his fame to investigate potential portals to the netherworld. They're located in some of the most haunted areas on Earth. Instead of concentrating on specific spirits, Portals to Hell examines the origins of the hauntings, and the complex history behind them. From once-slave plantations to wells that may cloak demons, the charismatic Jack and his crew risk possession and harm to bring the audience evidence of evil spirits.

Paranormal Lockdown (2016–2019)

One of the common pitfalls of ghost-hunting shows is when the investigators pack up and end their searches for the night, leaving viewers wondering why they hadn’t continued until morning. This is precisely why Paranormal Lockdown earns itself a spot as one of the best paranormal reality shows. The series remedies the time issue by going all-out, and spending 72 hours straight in each location being investigated. This leads to the inescapable terror of its cast. Left with nowhere else to run, the ghost hunters can fully process the energy that's all around them. They give the speculative spirits a chance to become more comfortable with the crew’s presence.

The Dead Files (2011–present)

Out of every ghost-hunting show, The Dead Files has the most unusual approach to uncovering and applying the potential paranormal aspects of crime, and applying it to episodes. This is done through the solid and cooperative skills of a retired detective and a psychic medium. After each investigation, the two compare notes, which almost always correlate, and seem to prove that the hauntings are genuine. The show thrives by keeping its viewers intrigued, thanks to highly accurate sketches of those who are said to haunt the locations. The crime-focused storylines also supply some bone-chilling thrills. The Dead Files season 15 will premiere in June 2023.

Kindred Spirits (2016–present)

Kindred Spirits is about making contact with spirits, and unveiling their motives for haunting the area. Cast members attempt to assist them in passing over or leaving the place. This is incredibly unique, given similar series' aggravation tactics. The investigators are less frightened and dramatic than other paranormal television hosts. However, they're rewarded with more valid data to put towards solving the hauntings themselves. On top of this, the show often includes interviews, even from the people being haunted during the investigations.

Ghost Adventures (2008–present)

This is quite possibly the most popular ghost-hunting show of all time, due to the aggressive nature of investigator Zak. Ghost Adventures brings increasingly eerie, often historical locations across the world right to viewers' television screens. It shows no mercy, as ghouls are harassed. However, those spirits torment the living.

The dramatic reactions of Zak and his personable crew egg on the audience, as they experience activity that makes their blood run cold. Sometimes, the hauntings injure them, or make them physically ill. That adds considerable tension to its most significant episodes. To inflate the show's wild energy, the cast uses an array of gadgets, such as motion detectors, electronic voice phenomenon recorders, and infrared cameras. These authenticate their pseudoscientific research.

Ghost Hunters (2004–20)

The one that started it all is the best paranormal show of all time - Ghost Hunters . It follows the TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) investigative team as they scour the world for unarguable proof of real hauntings. The crew goes the extra mile by doing everything possible to debunk unauthentic evidence. They don't want to jump the gun when it comes to sharing that spirits are present. Ghost Hunters continue to up the ante with spin-offs like Ghost Nation , innovating and refining their craft using scientific equipment, such as electromagnetic field meters.

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Ghost Hunters

In "Ghost Hunters," Grant Wilson and his handpicked group of professional ghost hunters use their decades of field experience to investigate hauntings across the country.

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Ghost Hunters Case Files

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Ghost Hunters Tech Guide

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Celebrity Ghost Stories

Psychic Kids

Psychic Kids

About the show.

Grant Wilson and team head into uncharted territory to be the first to investigate reports of paranormal phenomena in some of the nation’s most remote locations. Despite mysterious and unnerving warnings from locals, the Ghost Hunters face their fears and stay on mission: to help people confront terrifying paranormal encounters that have shaken them to their core. In doing so, they capture their most compelling evidence in over a decade.

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ghost hunter tv series

The TAPS team reunites to revisit cases and investigate new hauntings.

Ghost Encounters Paranormal & Unexplained

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Bloodiest 47 Acres Redux

TAPS investigates reports of doppelgangers at Missouri State Penitentiary.

The Lost Souls of Joliet

TAPS investigates unsettling activity at the notorious Old Joliet Prison.

Lost Bones of the Argo

TAPS checks into a Nebraska hotel haunted by its grim and grisly past.

The Haunted Brewery

TAPS investigates a church-turned-brewery haunted by a lady in white.

The Castle Light Mystery

TAPS investigates whether a ghostly orb is extraterrestrial in origin.

Ghosts of Gaines Tavern

TAPS seeks proof of hostile spirits at a notorious Kentucky tavern.

A Boy and Buried Secrets

TAPS investigates a Virginia winery ripe with unexplained occurrences.

The Haunted House on the Hill

Rock legend Meat Loaf joins TAPS to investigate a Tennessee farmhouse.

The Girl With No Eyes

TAPS is baffled by a haunting at a century-old farmhouse in rural Kansas.

Wraiths of Winchester

TAPS unearths the bloody secrets that haunt a historic Virginia home.

Moonshiner Spirits

TAPS visits a New Jersey mansion haunted by its deadly past.

The Shadow Man

TAPS investigates escalating paranormal activity at an Ohio arts center.

Tortured Souls of Cresson

The Ghost Brothers joins TAPS to investigate a haunted sanatorium.

Ghost Hunters

Renowned TAPS team members Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, along with Shari DeBenedetti, reunite to revisit their most chilling cases and investigate disturbing new hauntings.

Kindred Spirits

An all-star paranormal team investigates reports of supernatural activity.

Ghost Nation

Paranormal pioneers help local ghost hunters solve dead-end cases.

Ghost Hunters Classic

Seemingly unexplained disturbances are investigated by paranormal experts.

Jack Osbourne's Night of Terror

Jack Osbourne explores haunted locations with his family and friends.

Destination Fear

Paranormal explorers face their darkest fears at haunted locations.

Ghost Adventures

Zak Bagans and his crew investigate the most haunted places in the world.

Portals to Hell

Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman investigate gateways to the spirit world.

The Dead Files

A medium and a retired homicide detective investigate haunted locations.

Expedition X

Josh Gates and his team investigate the realms beyond the "unknown."

Ghost Brothers: Lights Out

The hype men of the haunted turn up the fear at paranormal hot spots.

Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life

Master of horror Eli Roth presents shocking true stories of hauntings.

Ghosts of Devil's Perch

A paranormal team is called to Butte, MT, to stop a supernatural uprising.

Alaska Haunting

Real-life ghost stories in the isolated and frigid far north are explored.

Haunted Ireland

Vogue Williams and Chris Fleming explore Ireland's most haunted locations.

Paranormal Lockdown

Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman investigate paranormal activity in the US.

Haunted Towns

A paranormal investigation team explores the most haunted towns in America.

The Holzer Files

Investigators reopen the case files of legendary ghost hunter Hans Holzer.

HELP! My House Is Haunted

Paranormal experts help families reclaim their homes from spirits.

Ghost Brothers

Three best friends investigate America's most haunted locations.

Ghost Adventures: Where Are They Now?

Zak follows up on some of Ghost Adventures' most chilling investigations.

ghost hunter tv series

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The 70+ Best Paranormal Reality Shows

Ranker Community

The thrilling world of paranormal television provides spine-chilling experiences that leave the audience on the edge of their seats by blending the realms of horror and reality. These uncanny ghost shows masterfully captivate viewers, drawing them deeper into the mysterious realm beyond our understanding. Dive into the eerie abyss as we explore the best paranormal shows on TV, immersing ourselves in the spine-tingling phenomena that have enthralled millions of viewers worldwide. 

The allure of paranormal TV series lies in their ability to showcase real-life encounters, transforming spine-chilling tales into unforgettable visual spectacles. For example, the gripping Ghost Adventures delves into the world of paranormal investigations, with daring explorers venturing into haunted locations, using cutting-edge technology to unlock the secrets of the supernatural. Another chilling offering in the paranormal TV show subgenre is Paranormal Witness , which recounts harrowing experiences of ordinary people who have come face-to-face with unexplainable phenomena. As readers uncover these enthralling paranormal TV shows, they will discover convenient streaming buttons for platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Paramount+, and HBO Max, ensuring an effortless viewing experience of these haunting tales. 

The intriguing world of ghost hunter TV shows continues to pique the curiosity of audiences with its uncanny blend of reality and the supernatural. These reality ghost shows immerse viewers in a captivating realm, making the hairs stand up on the back of their necks while offering insights into the unexplained. So, prepare to embark on a journey through the most enthralling paranormal shows ever created, and dare to confront the mysteries that lurk just beyond our realm of perception.

Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures

Prepare to hold onto your hats, folks, as paranormal investigator Zak Bagans and his crew dive headfirst into some of the most spine-tingling, hair-raising haunted locations worldwide. This creepy, dark, and downright terrifying show is not for the faint-hearted, serving up classic chills and thrills as the team investigates the spooky hotspots with gusto. Featuring EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiments, lockdowns, and chilling eyewitness accounts, it's no wonder Ghost Adventures has garnered a dedicated fanbase eager for more supernatural action.

Is Ghost Adventures Worth Your Time?

  • The Best Ghost Adventures Episodes
  • # 28 of 67 The 60+ Best Trash Reality TV Shows
  • # 143 of 186 The 150+ Most Popular Shows Right Now

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

When it comes to heart-stopping paranormal activity, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, veteran ghost hunters and ex-Ghost Hunters team members, have just about seen it all. In Kindred Spirits , this dynamic duo embarks on an emotional and gripping journey, delving into haunted homes, local legends, and terrifying tales that have left families living in fear. As empathetic investigators, they're driven by the desire to provide closure to those affected by otherworldly forces and to uncover the true nature of various unsettling phenomena.

Is Kindred Spirits Worth Your Time?

  • # 224 of 653 The 120 Best Reality Shows On Now
  • # 11 of 79 The 75+ Best Paranormal TV Shows
  • # 1 of 69 The 65+ Best Ghost Hunter Reality Shows, Ranked

Paranormal Lockdown

Paranormal Lockdown

Putting a new twist on the classic ghost investigation format, Paranormal Lockdown locks down its fearless hosts, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, for an intense 72-hour stay in each haunted location. This isn't your garden-variety ghost hunt; the pair relies on state-of-the-art technology, expert intuition, and nerves of steel to reveal the deepest, darkest secrets lurking within these eerie abodes. Get strapped in for the long haul, as the show promises three days (and nights!) of eerie encounters, unsettling history, and full-on spectral action.

Is Paranormal Lockdown Worth Your Time?

  • # 4 of 80 The 75+ Best Paranormal TV Shows
  • # 5 of 70 The 65+ Best Ghost Hunter Reality Shows, Ranked
  • # 67 of 78 The Best Shows On Destination America

Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness

As if seeing is believing, Paranormal Witness offers nail-biting dramatizations of real-life ghost encounters, straight from the mouths of those who've lived to tell the tale. This bone-chilling anthology-style series offers a diverse selection of spooky stories, from poltergeist-terrorized homes to sinister spirits with vengeance on their minds, all recounted by the actual witnesses themselves. Sharp visuals and a dedication to accuracy mean that you'll be on the edge of your seat, yanking the blankets up over your eyes more often than not.

Is Paranormal Witness Worth Your Time?

A Haunting

There are things that go bump in the night, and then there are the utterly petrifying incidents explored in A Haunting . Delving into otherworldly realms, demonic possessions, and terrifying hauntings, this popular series serves up riveting reenactments interspersed with expert input from psychics, paranormal investigators, and clergymen. As you're led through each chilling recount by a masterful narrator, it's impossible not to get caught up in the suspenseful storytelling and question what truly lurks in the shadows.

Is A Haunting Worth Your Time?

  • The Best Episodes of A Haunting
  • # 19 of 71 The Creepiest Shows In TV History
  • # 33 of 95 The 95 Best New & Current Discovery Channel Shows, Ranked

The Dead Files

The Dead Files

When two forces combine - psychic medium Amy Allan and retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi - you know you're in for one heck of an investigation. The Dead Files has the pair tackling unexplained phenomena, grisly deaths, and tormented spirits all while bringing closure to the living. Allan's uncanny psychic abilities and DiSchiavi's relentless sleuthing make for gripping television as they work together to decode the mysteries behind America's most haunted locations.

Is The Dead Files Worth Your Time?

  • # 39 of 71 The Creepiest Shows In TV History
  • # 7 of 80 The 75+ Best Paranormal TV Shows
  • # 1 of 17 The Best Documentaries About Ghosts

Destination Truth

Destination Truth

If you thought ghost hunting was wild, think again, because Destination Truth takes paranormal investigations to thrilling new heights. Hosted by the charismatic Josh Gates, this series sees a crack team of skeptics, researchers, and experts traversing the globe in search of elusive creatures, supernatural occurrences, and urban legends. A heady blend of adventure, mystery, and full-on frights, Destination Truth will have you second-guessing that strange noise you heard in the night.

Is Destination Truth Worth Your Time?

  • # 3 of 29 The Best Cryptid & Monster TV Shows To Watch In 2023
  • # 8 of 80 The 75+ Best Paranormal TV Shows
  • # 4 of 52 The 45+ Best TV Travel Series

Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters

In the world of paranormal reality shows, Ghost Hunters stands as an undisputed pioneer. The show features a group of plumbers by day, ghost hunters by night - the Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) - led by Jason Hawes, who delves into homes, businesses, and historic locations plagued by mysterious occurrences. Expect heart-stopping investigations, state-of-the-art gadgets, and a healthy dose of skepticism, as this team goes above and beyond to separate fact from fiction.

Is Ghost Hunters Worth Your Time?

  • The Best Ghost Hunters Episodes
  • Ghost Hunters Got More Than They Expected When They Found A Dead Body At An Abandoned Hospital
  • # 445 of 709 The 600+ Best Reality TV Shows Of All Time

Destination Fear

Destination Fear

Get ready for a road trip like no other with Destination Fear , as brother-sister duo Dakota Laden and Chelsea Laden, alongside best friend Tanner Wiseman, embark on an eerie exploration of America's scariest abandoned places. Crisscrossing the country with an RV in tow, the team tackles decrepit prisons, derelict asylums, and any location with a blood-curdling past. Blending humor with genuine bravery, Destination Fear is a thrilling ride that'll have you sleeping with one eye open.

Is Destination Fear Worth Your Time?

The Haunted

The Haunted

If you've ever been spooked by a creaky floorboard or the flicker of a light bulb, brace yourself for the unsettling hauntings investigated in The Haunted . Each episode brings to life chilling supernatural experiences shared by real people, covering everything from shadowy spirits and menacing entities to the poltergeists that just won't let go. Relayed through captivating storytelling techniques and immersive reenactments, you'll be left wondering if there's more out there than meets the eye.

Is The Haunted Worth Your Time?

My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera

My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera

Truly a visual feast for paranormal enthusiasts, My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera showcases jaw-dropping footage that defies explanation. Each episode sees ordinary people sharing their extraordinary encounters with ghosts, spirits, and otherworldly beings, captured on film. Blurring the line between reality and the unknown, My Ghost Story: Caught on Camera is a must-watch for the thrill-seekers among us.

Is My Ghost Story: Caught... Worth Your Time?

  • # 6 of 80 The 75+ Best Paranormal TV Shows
  • # 10 of 70 The 65+ Best Ghost Hunter Reality Shows, Ranked
  • # 5 of 29 The Best FYI TV Shows

Haunted Collector

Haunted Collector

For those who believe that objects can hold spirits or energy of the past, Haunted Collector should be right up your haunted alley. Paranormal investigator John Zaffis and his family unravel the stories behind items purportedly connected to paranormal activity, unearthing their history and connections to the spirit world. By following the trail of these chilling artifacts, this unique show demonstrates that sometimes, one person's antique might just be another's haunted possession.

Is Haunted Collector Worth Your Time?

Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries

Delve into the world of true crime and supernatural happenings with the iconic series Unsolved Mysteries , hosted first by Robert Stack and later by Dennis Farina. This engrossing show takes viewers through chilling cases of unexplained disappearances, perplexing paranormal events, and other phenomena shrouded in mystery. Offering no definitive conclusions, Unsolved Mysteries instead leaves viewers to ponder their own theories and question if some things are truly beyond human comprehension.

Is Unsolved Mysteries Worth Your Time?

  • # 149 of 345 The Best TV Theme Songs of All Time
  • # 183 of 225 The Best TV Shows To Rewatch
  • # 3 of 71 The Creepiest Shows In TV History

Paranormal State

Paranormal State

Taking a deeply personal approach to all things otherworldly, Paranormal State follows Ryan Buell and his team of investigators from Penn State University, exploring chilling and mysterious events while tackling matters of faith, life, and the afterlife. Enlisting the help of psychics, paranormal specialists, and individuals who have encountered the unknown, Buell and his crew dive into the unexplained with enthusiasm and determination. As much about character development as it is about hunting ghosts, Paranormal State will keep you engrossed on several levels.

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Scariest Places on Earth

Scariest Places on Earth

Venturing beyond typical haunted locations, Scariest Places on Earth explores the legends, history, and culture of abodes so terrifying they're considered the most frightening destinations on the planet. Hosted by Linda Blair from The Exorcist , this spine-tingling show combines eerie reenactments with witness accounts and disturbing backstories to create an atmosphere of pure dread. From the catacombs beneath Paris to the infamous abandoned town of Chernobyl, Scariest Places on Earth is guaranteed to make even the bravest souls quiver in fear.

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The Haunting Of...

The Haunting Of...

What's more intriguing than uncovering haunted locations? How about exploring these spooky settings alongside the celebrities who have experienced their own brushes with the supernatural? In The Haunting Of… , psychic-medium Kim Russo takes well-known personalities on a harrowing and revelatory journey, guiding them through locations connected to their paranormal experiences. From the spine-chilling encounters themselves to the personal transformation involved, The Haunting Of… delivers both frightful encounters and heartwarming moments.

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Ghost Asylum

Ghost Asylum

With a passion for the paranormal and a fearless attitude, the Tennessee Wraith Chasers - a group of dedicated ghost hunters - set out to explore notorious and haunted asylums across America. As they venture into these eerie institutions, they attempt to capture the lingering spirits that haunt these forsaken halls, employing innovative tactics and high-tech gadgetry. Ghost Asylum offers a unique and thrilling take on the traditional ghost-hunting series.

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Haunted Towns

Haunted Towns

Delving into the darker side of American history, Haunted Towns sees the Tennessee Wraith Chasers investigating the most haunted towns in the country. From witch trials and bloody battles to terrifying plagues, these spectral stories shed new light on spine-chilling ghost tales that have pervaded America for centuries. Prepare to explore the blood-soaked streets and hidden corners of the nation, where echoes of the past linger like ghastly shadows.

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My Haunted House

My Haunted House

Ever wondered what it's like to live in a home filled with ominous unseen forces? My Haunted House invites ordinary people to share their extraordinary experiences of struggling to coexist with the not-so-friendly residents who haunt their homes. As spine-tingling reenactments bring these chilling tales to life, My Haunted House will have you clutching onto your couch and questioning that "empty" corner of your own abode.

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Ghost Hunters International

Ghost Hunters International

If you thought ghost hunting in America was spooky enough, wait until you join the Ghost Hunters International team as they explore some of the most haunted locations around the globe. Led by investigator Robb Demarest, this courageous crew tackles everything from ancient castles to abandoned prisons, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for answers. Traveling far and wide, Ghost Hunters International delivers an adrenaline-pumping adventure filled with ghosts, history, and endless intrigue.

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Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

In an age of information overload, how do you distinguish a genuine supernatural encounter from a clever hoax? Enter Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files , where former FBI agent Ben Hansen and his team scrutinize viral videos and photographs, recreating events in the field to determine if a paranormal explanation is warranted. Tech-savvy and highly analytical, this show offers an intriguing mix of CSI-style investigation and eerie encounters.

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Ghost Brothers

Ghost Brothers

Blending humor, camaraderie, and genuine enthusiasm, Ghost Brothers stars Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey as they explore some of the most haunted locations across America. Groundbreaking as the first all-African American paranormal investigation team, the show offers a fresh perspective and engaging dynamics that make for highly entertaining viewing. With this infectious trio, you'll be eagerly waiting for their next spooky adventure.

Is Ghost Brothers Worth Your Time?

Ghost Mine

When the search for gold meets the pursuit of the paranormal, you know you're in for a wild ride. Ghost Mine showcases Oregon's Crescent Mine, where an eerie presence seems to dwell within its abandoned tunnels. Combining the thrill of a treasure hunt with spine-chilling ghost stories, this unique series is sure to leave you itching for more intrigue and spectral encounters.

Is Ghost Mine Worth Your Time?

Most Terrifying Places in America

Most Terrifying Places in America

Ready for a whirlwind tour of the country's most fear-inducing locations? Most Terrifying Places in America takes viewers on an unsettling journey through the darkest corners and creepiest nooks of the nation, exploring everything from desolate cemeteries and ghostly hotels to sinister prisons and morbid attractions. Grab your popcorn and buckle up, as this spine-tingling series promises to send shivers down your spine.

Is Most Terrifying Places... Worth Your Time?

Haunted Highway

Haunted Highway

Hit the open road with Jack Osbourne and his fearless team as they embark on an off-the-beaten-path exploration of America's most haunted highways. From bizarre occurrences and malevolent energies to chilling apparitions, Haunted Highway serves up an eerie mix of fascinating folklore and spine-tingling personal experiences. Leaving traditional haunted locations in their rearview mirror, this series offers a thrilling new take on the paranormal genre.

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Paranormal Caught on Camera

Paranormal Caught on Camera

When incredible events are caught on camera, sometimes conventional explanations fall short. That's where Paranormal Caught on Camera comes in, presenting a smorgasbord of hair-raising clips and eerie encounters that'll leave you questioning the nature of reality. Showcasing a blend of eyewitness accounts, expert analysis, and first-hand reactions, this show takes a deep dive into the realm of the unexplained - blurring the line between fact and fiction.

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Celebrity Ghost Stories

Celebrity Ghost Stories

By turns eerie and emotionally moving, Celebrity Ghost Stories invites famous faces to share their own encounters with the paranormal. From frightening apparitions to profound visits from deceased loved ones, these star-studded experiences reveal that the rich and famous are far from immune to the supernatural world. As personal as it is spooky, Celebrity Ghost Stories offers a unique insight into how these chilling events have shaped the lives of the celebrities we know and love.

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Psychic Kids

Psychic Kids

Combining coming-of-age stories with the paranormal, Psychic Kids showcases the extraordinary talents of children who possess psychic abilities. Mentored by experienced psychics and paranormal investigators, these gifted youngsters learn to develop, understand, and harness their powers, turning their once-terrifying experiences into life-changing opportunities. Emotional and inspiring, Psychic Kids is a celebration of the supernatural that will leave you questioning the limits of human potential.

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Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests

Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests

In a spooktacular spinoff from the original series, Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey return in Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests to provide a helping hand to families tormented by paranormal activity. With their infectious humor, undeniable charm, and fearless determination, these affable investigators dive deep into their cases, offering solace and support while unearthing the truth behind these spectral disturbances.

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Unsolved Mysteries

Already mentioned earlier, Unsolved Mysteries examines the spine-tingling cases of unexplained disappearances, perplexing paranormal events, and eerie phenomena that continue to baffle even the most seasoned experts. Iconic hosts Robert Stack and Dennis Farina guide the viewer through chilling reenactments and engaging storytelling, leaving them pondering questions that may never be answered. This classic show has riveted audiences for decades, proving there's no shortage of intrigue when it comes to the unexplained.

  • Entertainment
  • Graveyard Shift
  • Watchworthy

What's happening in the next realm? Lists about fictional depictions and real experiences real people have really had with the paranormal.

Bizarre Military Investigations

The Messenger

The Messenger

‘Ghosts’ Season 3: Premiere Date, New Ghosts and Everything to Know

Posted: January 4, 2024 | Last updated: January 4, 2024

Before 'Ghosts' returns, here's what you need to know

TV's friendliest haunting will continue when CBS's Ghosts comes back for Season 3. After a long wait due to the writers' and actors' strikes, a return date has finally been set. Here's everything you need to about Ghosts Season 3.

Ghosts Season 3 release date 

TLDR: Ghosts will return on Thursday, Feb. 15.

THE DETAILS: The dual strikes pushed the Ghosts Season 3 premiere date back from the fall. On Nov. 13, a few days after the end of the actors' strike, CBS announced the return dates for its strike-delayed shows . Ghosts will premiere Thursday, Feb. 15 at 8:30/7:30c on CBS, following the Young Sheldon Season 7 premiere.

Ghosts Season 3 cast 

TLDR: We expect the entire main cast to return for Season 3 — except, perhaps, for one ghost whose identity will be revealed next season.

THE DETAILS: In the Season 2 finale, Jay and Sam witnessed the heavens open and one of the ghosts ascend to the next plane of existence, which means their haunted house could be missing a spirit next season. Showrunners Joe Port and Joe Wiseman aren't revealing who got "sucked off," even to the cast. Although someone's fate is still up in the air, we expect to see most of the souls who have been wandering the halls of Woodstone to return.

Main cast list

  • Rose McIver as Samantha, a freelance writer who suddenly inherited a house from a distant cousin. She died very briefly in the pilot, and is now able to see and speak to ghosts. 
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar as Jay, Sam's husband, a chef who cannot see or speak to ghosts. He and Sam turned the mansion into a bed-and-breakfast. 
  • Brandon Scott Jones as Isaac, a captain from the Revolutionary War who died of dysentery and was then forgotten. He's now dating the ghost of Nigel, a man he accidentally killed, and when people walk through him, they smell something horrible. 
  • Danielle Pinnock as Alberta, a lounge singer from the Prohibition era who was murdered. Her murder was solved in Season 2. Her humming is so powerful it can be heard by living people. 
  • Richie Moriarty as Pete, a travel agent from the 1980s who died when he got hit with an arrow while leading a group of Pinecone Troopers on the Woodstone estate. 
  • Asher Grodman as Trevor, a stockbroker bro who died in 2000 while wearing no pants. He can interact with physical objects sometimes. 
  • Sheila Carrasco as Flower, a hippie who died in the woods when she tried to hug a bear. If anyone walks through her, she makes them temporarily high.
  • Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty Woodstone, the original lady of Woodstone Mansion, and a distant relative to Sam. She's uptight but slowly learning to let go, and her death remains a mystery. 
  • Devan Chandler Long as Thorfinn, the oldest of all the ghosts. Thorfinn is a viking who can affect electricity. 
  • Roman Zarazoga as Sasappis. Sass is a Lenape Native American who died on the land before the mansion was built, and loves the smell of pizza. He briefly fell in love with a visiting car ghost.  

Ghosts Season 3 plot

TLDR: Ghosts Season 3 will pick up after the Season 2 cliffhanger ending and will grapple with the consequences after one of the ghosts ascended to the next plane, or in the show's lingo, got "sucked off" to the afterlife .

THE DETAILS: Executive producers Joe Port and Joe Wiseman told The Messenger that the loss of one of the ghosts will "be significant, and it's gonna have wide-ranging ramifications." That means it's not a pigeon, as one of the actors hoped, and it's probably not just some random ghost we've never seen before. Port said that Season 3 will involve an "exploration of grief" as the ghosts confront the reality that they could get sucked off at any time.

There are many other ghost-related questions to potentially answer in Season 3, as Port and Wiseman reminded us. We haven't learned how Hetty or Sasappis died, and we also don't know what their ghostly powers are. Port told The Messenger that as Jay works on opening a restaurant at the bed-and-breakfast, there will be construction done on the barn, revealing new barn-dwelling ghosts. 

And speaking of Jay, he remains the sole main character who can't interact with the ghosts… for now. Ambudkar has been pitching ways for Jay to talk to the ghosts, and Port and Wiseman have some ideas in their heads. 

"I don't want to get into exactly how we would do that, but anything's possible," Wiseman told The Messenger. "Something like that would be, like, series-changing dynamics. We would be cautious with something like that, but we've thought of ways to temporarily get by that." 

Ghosts Season 2 recap 

THE DETAILS: As Sam and Jay got their bed-and-breakfast up and running, the ghosts got used to sharing their home with guests. Sam also worked to fulfill some of the promises she made to them and started a podcast about solving Alberta's murder, which has now been solved thanks to Hetty admitting she knew who did it all along. Thorfinn discovered that he had a son who was haunting the neighbors, and Isaac and Nigel took their relationship to the next level, eventually getting engaged. Hetty and Trevor also began hooking up, while Pete got to secretly walk his daughter down the aisle at her wedding. 

After a brief scare in which a woman claimed to be the true heir to Woodstone, Sam and Jay realized how important the house and its ghosts are to them… just in time for the pair to watch one of them get "sucked off." 

Ghosts Season 3 trailer

THE DETAILS: There's no trailer yet, but we'll share it here as soon as it's ready.

Ghosts Season 3 episodes

TLDR:  Season 3 will be a shortened season due to the strikes.

THE DETAILS:   Ghosts Season 1 had 18 episodes, and Season 2 had 22 episodes. Season 3 could have around 13, depending on when production is able to start.

Shows like Ghosts

THE DETAILS: The Messenger has compiled a list of six comforting and/or spooky comedies and light dramas to watch while you wait for Ghosts to return, including What We Do in the Shadows , iZombie and, of course, Ghosts UK .

Where to watch Ghosts

THE DETAILS: Ghosts Season 3 will air Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on CBS and stream the day after on Paramount+. Previous seasons of Ghosts are available to stream on Paramount+ . 

<p>Photo: Bertrand Calmeau/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.</p>

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