A scientific ranking — and grading — of every ghost energy drink flavor, share this article.

As someone who once hated coffee, energy drinks were my balm in Gilead.

When college all-nighters required something harder than Dr. Pepper, Monster and Full Throttle were there, providing necessary caffeine and some very basic, sorta weird flavors endemic to the style. You either got sugar-adjacent Smarties taste or whatever prison sangria flavor Rockstar original was supposed to be.

I wasn’t alone, and energy drinks grew into a billion dollar industry and an entire row to itself at my local Woodman’s grocery store. My go-to is typically whatever’s on sale — usually either Monster or Rockstar (their offerings got much, much better) — but there’s one brand that stands out. Ghost covers a wide spectrum of bubbly drinks packed with caffeine and a bunch of other -ines whose purpose and effects escape me.

Ghost has a bunch of flavors endemic to the buzzy king cans that dot convenience stores, but also some very recognizable names to aging milliennials like me. Namely, partnerships with Warheads, Swedish Fish and Bubblicious (at least formerly, as the gum-flavored drinks no longer show up on the company’s website) to make your energy boost taste a little bit like the start of your TMJ issues in high school.

The folks at Ghost were nice enough to send me a proper sample — 12 cans and 12 flavors, two of which seem to no longer be in production. And, because the NFL season is still several days away, I decided to rank them. This is, decidedly and undoubtedly, the correct ranking of Ghost’s energy drink flavors.

12 Cherry limeade: C

most popular ghost flavor

11 Bubblicious Strawberry Splash: C

most popular ghost flavor

10 Bubblicious Cotton Candy: C+

most popular ghost flavor

9 Swedish Fish: B-

most popular ghost flavor

8 Tropical mango: B

most popular ghost flavor

7 Sour Patch Kids blue raspberry: B

most popular ghost flavor

That sounds like an insult, but it’s not. It’s pretty much just a description of Sour Patch Kids. So, well done.

6 Orange cream: B

most popular ghost flavor

5 Citrus: B+

most popular ghost flavor

4 Warheads Sour Green Apple: B+

most popular ghost flavor

3 Sour Patch Kids Redberry: B+

most popular ghost flavor

2 Faze Pop: A-

most popular ghost flavor

1 Warheads Sour Watermelon: A

most popular ghost flavor

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All the Ghost Energy Drink Flavors, Ranked

best ghost energy drink flavors

The best Ghost Energy drink flavors taste how they’re supposed to taste. I know that sounds obvious, but Ghost makes a lot of flavors that are inspired by other products and, I gotta say, they’re stunningly accurate. Ghost Bubblicious Cotton Candy tastes exactly like Bubblicious Cotton Candy gum; same goes for the Sour Watermelon Warheads flavor. Now, I can’t say that I personally would want to consume 16 ounces of carbonated liquid that tastes like cotton candy bubble gum, but this taste test isn’t about me. It’s about you, the Ghost drinkin’ freaks of the world. You don’t have an anxiety disorder like I do and can slam these babies—more power to ya! 

For this taste test I sipped 13 flavors of Ghost Energy drink to find the best Ghost Energy drink flavors of them all. Yes, I took flavor accuracy into account, but I also looked for overall drinkability—some of these are just so, so sweet that it’s hard for me to imagine anyone willingly consuming them. Without further ado, here are all the Ghost Energy drink flavors, ranked from worst to best. (Not familiar with Ghost? Read our explainer to find out what Ghost Energy is , who makes it, and how much caffeine it contains.)

ghost swedish fish review

Ooh baby, this Ghost Energy drink flavor is sweet as all hell. Yes, Swedish Fish are very sweet. They are candy. I get it. But this drink also didn’t taste enough like Swedish Fish to get away with being tooth shatteringly saccharine. ( What flavor are Swedish Fish ? You’ll have to read to find out.) I love Swedish Fish, but this is the worst Ghost Energy drink flavor.

Credit: Merc / Amazon

ghost sour patch blue raspberry review

Beverages that read as sour usually contain a lot of citric acid to achieve that mouth-puckering tang. This drink definitely tastes like it has a lot of citric acid, but the blue raspberry flavor was a little off. I may not be a Ghost Energy expert, but I am an expert in Sour Patch Kids, so you can trust me.

ghost pink lemonade review

In my notes, I described this relatively new Ghost Energy drink flavor as “floral and almost stinky.” That’s…not good. Yes, citric acid gives it a good sour tang, but I wish it tasted more like actual lemons. 

Credit: Merc / Instacart

ghost warheads sour green apple review

I really loved some of the other Warheads-inspired flavors of Ghost Energy drink, but this one is not great. It had an odd almost vegetal flavor. If you want the Warhead experience and also need approximately 200 mg of caffeine coursing through your body pronto, opt for Sour Watermelon.

ghost faze pop review

This summer, a bunch of drinks—from Mtn Dew to Faygo to Twisted Tea— attempted to channel the flavor of a bomb pop to varying degrees of success. This flavor of Ghost Energy drink isn’t bad, but it doesn’t have enough cherry or blue raspberry flavor to make it really taste like a bomb pop. It’s tart and citrusy and not terrible, though!

ghost cherry limeade review

You know the saying, two’s company, three’s a crowd? Well, the two flavors here just work better than the three in the Faze Pop flavor. If you like cherry and citrus together, this Ghost Energy drink flavor is slightly tastier.

ghost bubblicious strawberry review

It’s been ages since I chewed a piece of Bubblicious Strawberry Splash gum, but to my recollection, this Ghost Energy drink flavor is a dead ringer. It’s obviously a very artificial strawberry flavor , but if that’s your thing, you’re going to love this.

Credit: Merc / Walmart

ghost sour patch kids redberry review

This is sour and it actually tastes like red Sour Patch Kids to me. Of the two Ghost Energy drink flavors based on Sour Patch Kids, this is the better one.

ghost bubblicious cotton candy

In my heart of hearts, I think this Ghost Energy drink flavor is a little bit much, but it really, really tastes like Bubblicious Cotton Candy bubble gum and I commend them for pulling it off. It’s pretty out there, but it’s good! I was genuinely shocked.

Credit: Merc / GNC

best ghost energy drink flavors

This is tart and tangy, and the watermelon candy flavor is spot on. You can even smell how accurate it is. If you like sour drinks and you like watermelon candy (for instance, my husband doesn’t like actual watermelon but loves watermelon candy), this just might be the best Ghost Energy drink flavor for you.

ghost energy orange cream review

I love orange soda , and this Ghost energy flavor tastes like orange soda with a little bit of vanilla that reads as creaminess. It tastes like a good orange sherbet that’s been carbonated. It’s tasty and fun and I like it!

ghost energy citrus review

If you want an energy drink that tastes more like a super sweet soda than like straight-up candy or melted ice cream, this is one of the best Ghost Energy drink flavors. It tastes like a cross between Sprite and Mtn Dew. It’s refreshing and doesn’t feel like it’s exclusively for college-age gamers who can still stay up all night. It’s a more grown-up Ghost Energy flavor.

Credit: Merc/ Amazon

best ghost energy drink flavor

Best of the Best

This smells more like mango than it tastes like mango, but it’s still very good—in fact, it’s the best Ghost Energy drink flavor we tried. It tastes like a yummy, carbonated tropical punch. Like all Ghost flavors, this is super sweet, but we’re used to fruit punch being super sweet, right? It works. Try it the next time you’re flagging at 2 p.m. 

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I Tried 6 Flavors of Ghost Energy Drink, and Here Are My Caffeine-Induced Thoughts

Wilder Shaw is a staff writer at Cheapism covering food, specializing in taste tests and fast food. He has over a decade of food-writing experience, and his work has appeared in Thrillist, The Washington Post, L.A. Taco, Time Out, and numerous other publications.

ghost energy drinks

Ghost Energy

ghost energy drinks

Ghost Drink Debate

The energy drink realm is a weird one, and the ever-growing Ghost Energy brand is here to make it weirder. Armed with its own original flavors as well as partnerships with brands like Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids, Ghost has made an impression. 

As is the trend these days, Ghost’s energy drinks are low-calorie, gluten-free, sugar-free, lacking in artificial colors, and made with natural caffeine. Are they worth it? Do they stand up to titans like Red Bull? I tried six Ghost drink cans, and here are my findings.

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Redberry Sour Patch Kids

Best: Redberry Sour Patch Kids

$26.78 for a 12-pack from Amazon

Wow. I'm stunned. This tastes EXACTLY like red Sour Patch Kids — which, as we all know, is the best flavor. As such, the Sour Patch Redberry is the best Ghost Energy drink. It’s just ... good. I like it. I'm a lover of Sour Patch Kids, and I honestly expected to hate this. And it's zero-sugar? Only five calories? Is this the flippin' Twilight Zone? None of this makes a lick of sense. I'll be damned.

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sour watermelon warhead

2. Sour Watermelon Warheads

Yep, this is a blast of nostalgia. I used to have a legitimate problem when it came to Warheads. I was like one of those cereal mascots from the '90s who was addicted to the cereal they sold. I'd eat a bag in the afternoon, burn the living bajeezus out of my mouth, and fully ruin my dinner. None of that mattered to me. 

Here’s my point: This tastes just like a Warhead, but it’s not too sour that it will ruin your mouth. I suppose that makes this a win-win? 

For more great taste tests, please sign up for our free newsletters .

swedish fish energy drink

3. Swedish Fish

$26.99 for a 12-pack from Amazon

This is kind of like Swedish Fish, but I'm not going to dock points for missing the mark a little bit. Because really, who wants liquid Swedish Fish? Like the Orange Cream, this hangs around the sweet side but is perfectly drinkable. By the way, have you ever checked out the  Swedish Fish Instagram account ? It's insane.

orange cream ghost

4. Orange Cream

It's creamsicle town over here. This is a polarizing flavor combo, and truth be told, I don't know where I stand. It's sweet as all hell, but at the end of the day, still drinkable if you really need a boost of energy.

Another thing worth mentioning is that these cans are all textured. There are grooves and divots all over them. It’s weird.

tropical mango ghost energy

5. Tropical Mango

$26.89 for a 12-pack from Amazon

Mango is so tough. It’s just one of those flavors that never fully translates. I love fresh mango, but the artificial sweetener here takes the mango flavor to a dark place. I’m leaving this one on the shelf the next time I pass it.

blue raspberry sour patch kids

6. Blue Raspberry Sour Patch Kids

Launched around 2013, the blue Sour Patch Kids is a relative newcomer to the rest of the squad. It took me a long time to admit I liked this flavor, but unfortunately for Ghost, the drink tastes nothing like it. It's just ... blue. Sweet, stevia-soaked blue. I’m not into it.


most popular ghost flavor

  • Energy Drinks

We Tried 6 Ghost Energy Drink Flavors

  • Brandon McCrary
  • May 7, 2022

Disclaimer: If you click a PuffCrunch! link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you, we may receive a commission.

Ghost Energy Drink Flavors

Ghost Energy Drinks drinks have an intense energy offering at a small caloric punishment. Of the six I had, 10 calories were the largest – and that’s for a 16 fluid ounce can. I don’t often do energy drinks, or coffee, so these were my treats as a break from the flavored caffeine water additive I do throughout the week (think Crystal Light). Buckle up buttercup – we’re dumping high octane into the gas tank and here’s how I felt about them.

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Ghost Energy Drink Flavors

The Ghost energy blend includes 1000 mg of carnipure L-carnitine L-Tartrate,1000mg Taurine, 200mg of natural caffeine(from coffee), 150 mg of Alpha Glycerin Phosphoryl Choline 50%, 100mg Neurofactor Coffee, 25mg Astragin, and 100% of the daily vitamin requirement.

Orange Cream

This is of course, their creamsicle variant. The items to note initially: the sweetening agent does hit similarly to aspartame but I don’t see it listed in the ingredients. The carbonation is not overwhelming (or spicy like McDonald’s sprite). The drink isn’t the most “Creamsicle” thing you’ll taste but it’s surprisingly close considering the calorie count. There are zero sugars, zero artificial colors, and zero fats.

Now maybe you’re saying “That’s all good, but what about the sodium and other stuff?” and for that, I’m glad you asked! For sodium, you’re getting 30mg or ~1% “But what about CARBS?!” EASY killer, 2g carbs or again ~1%. The drink is Vegan friendly, Gluten Free, Sugar-Free, and Soy Free. If you are like me and you are sensitive to caffeine, I would say it’s safe to say a whole can should be done IF you are about to have an intense day. Otherwise, ¼ to ½ can will likely see you taking care of business and not hitting episodes of increased anxiety and swiftness to frustration.

Tropical Mango

The can definitely gives off the seafoam green vibes you’d want if you were at the beach or a tropical island and the mango flavor does not disappoint. The composition reflects the energy blend of the creamsicle flavor, however, this one tops out at 5 calories for the 16 oz! The flavor for this one is very smooth, and tasty, and although carbonated – it does not have an overpowering sting when you’re drinking it. When the weekend rolls around – give it that vacation for the weekend vibe with Tropical Mango Ghost!

This can evokes an 80s energy with the main body of yellow and the neon green striping. This flavor will make you feel like an Australian because it will hit your tongue and have you saying “Lime-y!”. It really is nice, light, and crisp. It falls in line with the same blend as the previous drinks, carbs and sodium, and 5 calories for 16 fl oz. Because of the citrus element in this one – the carbonation has a slightly bigger carry, not overwhelming but noticeable. This is a great one to go wild with before or during a concert/rave where everyone is in bright colors and the vibes are high, maybe you are too?

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Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry

So you like candy but you’re trying not to eat as much of it, here’s a nice way to bridge the gap and come out feeling pumped up about your day. This has the sour patch kids blue wrap for the can itself, for the taste, you will notice that tingle of your jaw that you would get from the candy.

It is a little lighter in the way the sweetness lands, but it is an enjoyable sour flavor without overwhelming you with carbonation, sour, or sweet. The composition remains the same for the ghost energy blend, with a small increase in sodium at 2% daily value, and carbs – you’ll take on 5 calories for the explosion of energy this drink provides!

Ghost Energy Drink Flavors

Warheads Sour Watermelon

If you are with me in age, there was a point in your childhood where eating a warhead was a badge of honor, especially if you let it sit on your tongue until the sour wore off. This being an energy drink, it allows you to unlock part of that core memory, without the unfortunate effects of being an adult consuming sugar. The watermelon is not going to be the strongest sour flavor to market, but it is definitely a sweet treat.

I don’t think this one is nearly as sour as the Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry as it doesn’t tingle the jaw and I feel the watermelon flavor does fall more victim to the non-sugar sweet taste i.e. diet watermelon, still a good flavor but not the strongest that is available in the lineup. The construction of the drink remains in line with the others and with a consumption of only 5 calories.

Sour Patch Kids Redberry

This can has the Sour Patch Kids Redberry red markings and looks like a lot of fun. Of the flavors I am able to get a hold of, this is likely the least impactful. The flavor doesn’t seem to match up with Redberry, the sweetener is almost the only flavor that I can obtain from it. If you have lost your sense of taste and need some energy. The energy and calorie information is mirrored by its Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry flavor. Maybe this was a one-off and the flavor just didn’t land, but I wouldn’t re-purchase this one as-is.

What Are Your Favorite Ghost Energy Drink Flavors?

All-in-all, if you are looking for great energy from a drink without the caloric overload, most of the ghosts are a great way to handle your need. In a world that is saturated with energy drinks that have all of the caffeine but also 250 calories in a can, why not take it in stride with a drink that has calories expended in a brisk walk?

We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of Ghost energy drink flavors. Are there additional flavors where you are that you want to see reviewed? Let us know on social media!

If you are a fan of energy drinks, make sure to check out the rest of our energy drink reviews !

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Best Ghost Energy Drink Flavor Updated 10/2023

Are you overwhelmed by the array of Ghost Energy Drink flavors and uncertain which to pick? With its wide range of  candy-based flavor options , Ghost Energy is  gaining popularity  for tapping into childhood nostalgia.

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In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the realm of these  unique drink flavors ,  carefully reviewing  each one to find out which truly stands out as the best.

You Are Watching: Best Ghost Energy Drink Flavor Updated 10/2023

Stay tuned if you want to make your next energy boost not just a recharge but also an indulgent treat.

Review of Ghost Energy Drink Flavors

Sour patch kids redberry.

Best Ghost Energy Drink Flavor (1)

Sour Patch Kids RedBerry is a  top flavor  from Ghost Energy Drink. This drink tastes like the candy it’s named after.

It has a fun, bold taste that many people love. It’s sweet at first, just like biting into a Sour Patch Kid.

Then you get the sour kick! It also has  zero sugars  and no bad things in it, making it better than other drinks out there.

Drinking this makes you feel like a kid again, yet  boosts your energy  like an adult drink should!

Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry

Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry is another delicious flavor from Ghost Energy Drink. It offers a  sweet and sour taste  that will bring back childhood memories.

This flavor is  inspired by the popular candy  and provides a refreshing burst of blue raspberry flavor.

With  zero sugars  and  no BS ingredients , this transparent and fully loaded energy drink is a great option for those looking for a fruity and energizing beverage.

Try Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry if you want to enjoy the nostalgic flavors of your favorite sour candy while getting an extra boost of energy.

WarHeads Sour Watermelon

Best Ghost Energy Drink Flavor (2)

WarHeads Sour Watermelon is one of the flavors offered by Ghost Energy Drink. It has a  sweet and sour taste  that reminds you of eating watermelon-flavored candies as a child.

This flavor provides a  refreshing and fruity experience , perfect for those who enjoy tangy beverages.

WarHeads Sour Watermelon is popular among Ghost Energy Drink enthusiasts due to its unique twist on traditional fruit flavors.

It is also worth noting that Ghost Energy Drink contains  zero sugars and no artificial ingredients , making it a healthier alternative to other energy drinks on the market.

So if you’re looking for a delicious energy boost with a nostalgic touch, give WarHeads Sour Watermelon from Ghost Energy Drink a try!

WarHeads Sour Green Apple

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WarHeads Sour Green Apple is another flavor from Ghost Energy Drink that brings back childhood memories. It has a  tangy and tart taste , just like the sour apple candies we used to enjoy.

The WarHeads brand adds a punch of sourness to this energy drink, making it an exciting and flavorful choice.

With  zero sugars  and  no BS ingredients , Ghost Energy Drink provides a transparent and fully loaded beverage option for those looking for a  caffeine boost  with a  twist of nostalgia .

So if you’re craving the delightful balance of sweet and sour flavors, WarHeads Sour Green Apple is definitely worth trying!

Strawbango Margarita

Best Ghost Energy Drink Flavor (3)

Strawbango Margarita is another  delicious flavor  from Ghost Energy Drink that you should try. It brings together the  refreshing taste  of strawberries and the tangy kick of a margarita, giving you a fruity and tropical experience in every sip.

With its  vibrant red color  and  zesty flavor , Strawbango Margarita is sure to awaken your taste buds and leave you feeling energized.

Just like other Ghost Energy Drink flavors, Strawbango Margarita contains  zero sugars  and  no BS ingredients , so you can enjoy it guilt-free.

So why not give this unique combination of strawberry and margarita a chance? You might just discover your new favorite energy drink flavor!

Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish is one of the flavors offered by Ghost Energy Drink. It is  inspired by the popular candy , and it aims to bring that  sweet and fruity taste  to your energy drink experience.

If you love Swedish Fish candies, then this flavor might be perfect for you. Ghost Energy Drink has collaborated with well-known candy companies like Sour Patch Kids and WarHeads to create  unique and delicious flavors , and Swedish Fish is no exception.

With its  nostalgic childhood vibes  and mouthwatering sweetness, Swedish Fish can transport you back in time while giving you a caffeine boost.

Give it a try if you’re looking for a  fun twist on traditional energy drinks !

Orange Cream

Best Ghost Energy Drink Flavor (4)

Orange Cream is another  popular flavor  from Ghost Energy Drink. It has a  refreshing and creamy taste  that reminds many people of a classic creamsicle.

The combination of  tangy orange with smooth cream  makes for a delicious and nostalgic drink.

Orange Cream is perfect for those who enjoy fruity flavors with a hint of sweetness. Like all Ghost Energy Drinks, it contains  zero sugars  and  no unnecessary ingredients , so you can enjoy the  citrusy goodness  without any guilt.

Citrus is another  refreshing flavor  offered by Ghost Energy Drink. It provides a  tangy and zesty taste  that will awaken your senses.

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With hints of lemon, lime, and orange, this citrusy flavor is perfect for those seeking a burst of energy with a fruity twist.

One sip of this invigorating citrus beverage will transport you to a tropical paradise. Plus, like all Ghost Energy Drink flavors, it  contains zero sugars and no BS ingredients .

So if you’re looking for a clean and flavorful energy boost, give the Citrus flavor from Ghost Energy Drink a try!

Tropical Mango

Best Ghost Energy Drink Flavor (5)

Tropical Mango is another delicious flavor from Ghost Energy Drink. It combines the  sweet and tangy taste  of mango with the  refreshing kick  of an energy drink.

This flavor is perfect for those who enjoy tropical fruit blends and want a burst of flavor in every sip.

Just like all other Ghost Energy Drink flavors, Tropical Mango contains  zero sugars  and  no BS ingredients , making it a healthier option compared to other energy drinks on the market.

With its lively taste and energizing effect, Tropical Mango is definitely a top choice for anyone looking to quench their thirst and boost their energy levels.

Cherry Limeade

Cherry Limeade is another delicious flavor from Ghost Energy Drink. It combines the  tangy taste of cherries  with the refreshing kick of lime. This fruity blend creates a sweet and sour flavor that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Cherry Limeade provides a burst of energy, thanks to Ghost Energy Drink’s transparent and fully loaded formula.

With zero sugars and no BS ingredients, you can enjoy this flavorful beverage without any guilt or negative health effects.

So if you’re looking for a  citrusy and invigorating drink , give Cherry Limeade a try!

FaZe Pop is another flavor of Ghost Energy Drink that is worth mentioning. It’s a collaboration between Ghost Energy Drink and FaZe Clan, a popular esports organization.

FaZe Pop has a unique taste that combines the  flavors of red berries and soda pop .

This flavor offers a refreshing and fizzy experience that many people enjoy. It’s a fun twist on the traditional energy drink flavors and adds an element of excitement to your day.

If you’re looking for something different and enjoyable, FaZe Pop is definitely worth giving a try.

In conclusion, after trying various flavors of Ghost Energy Drink, the author believes that the best flavor is Sour Patch Kids RedBerry.

The sweet and sour taste of this candy-infused energy drink makes it a delicious choice for anyone looking for a refreshing boost.

So if you’re in need of a caffeine kick with a burst of fruity flavor, give Sour Patch Kids RedBerry a try!

Sources: Category: Drink

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  8. Ranking EVERY Ghost Energy Drink Flavor

    cmon man i miss the gfuel videos. 22:39 · Go to channel · We Tried EVERY Monster Energy Drink Flavor. Good Mythical Morning•4.9M views.

  9. REVIEW: GHOST Energy Drink (Sour Patch Kids RedBerry and Blue

    So far the best flavors from Ghost Energy have been far and away the brand tie-ins with notable candy companies. Orange Cream gets Ghost

  10. We Tried 6 Ghost Energy Drink Flavors

    Tropical Mango · Citrus · Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry · Warheads Sour Watermelon · Sour Patch Kids Redberry.

  11. Ghost Energy Drink Ranking List

    at the bottom, citrus, 7th place. sour watermelon, 6th, swedish fish, 5th place, red berry. right under 4th place, blue rass. sour patch kids.

  12. Trying ALL of the Ghost Energy Drink Flavors

    Taste Testing every flavor of Ghost Energy Drinks and deciding WHICH IS THE BEST ... CaffeineMans Top 20 Energy Drinks based on Flavor and

  13. Finding the Best Ghost Energy Drink Flavor #drink ...

    we still have Orange Cream taking that number one spot, but Strawberry Bubblicious and Tropical Mango. have been bumped out of the top 3 with

  14. Best Ghost Energy Drink Flavor Updated 10/2023

    Sour Patch Kids RedBerry ... Sour Patch Kids RedBerry is a top flavor from Ghost Energy Drink. This drink tastes like the candy it's named after.