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The top 50 most exclusive yacht clubs in the world honored with platinum status.

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Royal Yacht Squadron in England

The rich and famous are not merely looking for the best place to anchor their yachts; they are also seeking out exclusive memberships in stunning destinations, all offering luxury amenities and, of course, bragging rights. These exclusive yachting clubs with often outrageous initiation fees, provide luxurious clubhouses, and provide accommodations for yachties who want to get their land legs. Most of them provide high-end concierge service to its members as well as Michelin-star quality restaurants and more.

Yacht Clubs have been recognized in the Platinum Clubs of America elections for more than 20 years. According to the Platinum Club, “Recognition in the following categories is important in the selection of Platinum status; Tradition, history, and heritage, a respected membership, excellence in amenities, exceptional service, adapting to changing times, and overall experience.

I spoke with the President of Club Leaders Forum, David V. Smith, about the selection, and he says, “we created an alphabetical selection this time as opposed to by rank because we felt that it was challenging to compare a yacht club in Ireland with a yacht club in Singapore, as amenities, location and facilities do vary quite a lot. The yachting and boating world is a different and unique culture, typically a little more relaxed and not as formal as country clubs and golf clubs. However, many of the world’s finest yacht clubs have wonderful history and traditions, with a great sense of camaraderie among their members. Certain yacht clubs were selected by the Panel not necessarily for their facilities and amenities but in their recognition of hosting world class sailing regattas and events.”  

Here are the top 50 most exclusive yacht clubs worldwide being awarded the ultimate Platinum Status for 2021.

Annapolis Yacht Club

Surrounding the Spa Creek Bridge in Annapolis, the Club boasts over 75 wet slips and dry dockage. The club began in 1886 as an informal canoe club, and today has 1600 regular members active in social, racing, and cruising programs.

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Aerial view of Beach Point Club

Beach Point Club

Beach Point Club is a member-owned, family-oriented private club. The elegant and spacious clubhouse was built in the 1890s by an industrialist as a private home. In 1925 the property was purchased by the founding members with the purpose of establishing a club on the water. The club now has more than 600 members with a full service marina.

Chicago Yacht Club

Founded in 1875, Chicago Yacht Club is one of the oldest and most respected yacht clubs in the world. The Club is home to more than 1,400 members, including a winning America’s Cup skipper, and Olympic medalists.

The stunning Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

Grosse Pointe Yacht Club

Grosse Pointe offers a 261-slip certified Clean Marina, state-of-the-art Marine Activity Center, newly renovated Bowling Recreation Center and Family Recreation Center, new Fitness Center, and Olympic-sized pool. The 75,000-square-foot Clubhouse features Italian Renaissance architecture and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2015. Initiation fees can go as high as $12,500 with $650 monthly dues

Larchmont Yacht Club

Located in Westchester County, New York, the Club has been in existence since 1880 when it was purchased by Benjamin A. Carver, a railroad magnate. The original Carver residence was much smaller than the present clubhouse – the east and west wings were added following the purchase. The Junior Clubhouse was the Carver stable: the basement was the cow barn, while the first floor housed the horses.

Lauderdale Yacht Club

Founded in 1938, Lauderdale Yacht Club is invitation only and host to 65 dock slips that wrap around the marina. The club is also home to one of the most elite junior sailing programs in the nation.

Naples Yacht Club

Founded in 1947 and situated on Naples Bay, the Club has the proud distinction of being the city’s first and oldest private club and its marina has 75 concrete floating docks. Membership has grown from three founding yachtsmen to over 530.

Newport Harbor Yacht Club

Established in 1916, the club is located on the Balboa peninsula in Southern California. A newly remodeled clubhouse was also created to replace the original building. Initiation fees range upwards of $20,000

Palm Beach Yacht Club

Palm Bea ch Yacht Club

Founded in 1890, the marina has 45 slips to accommodate boats up to 150 feet. All annual dockage contracts (from $1 per foot per day), include a membership to the prestigious Yacht Club.

Pelican Isle Y acht Club

With 190 wet slips and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico, the club can accommodate vessels up to 55 feet. Equity social membership is by invitation only with an initiation fee as high as $15,000, and annual dues at $5,500.

Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club

Founded in 1959, the club has been part of the Boca Raton landscape for over 50 years with membership by invitation only. The state-of-the-art Marina boasts a TimberTech floating dock system, accommodating vessels up to 130 feet. 

Sailfish Club of Florida

The Sailfish Club of Florida was built in the early 1900s. It is the oldest continuously operating private club in the town of Palm Beach.

San Diego Yacht Club

In June of 1886 a group of local boating enthusiasts joined together to found what has become this cornerstone yacht club. The racing history of SDYC is as significant as the history of its location. Several members were winning races all over the country in the early to mid-20th century, however, SDYC reached a turning point starting in the 1980s when Dennis Conner won the America’s Cup. In the early 1980s, Dennis Conner won the cup once and then lost it the next time to New York Yacht Club. In 1987, Dennis won again on behalf of San Diego Yacht Club. The America’s Cup was won a third time by SDYC in 1992 by Bill Koch on the yacht,  America .

With 600 wet slips and 100 dry slips, initiation fee is upwards of $24,000 plus $200 monthly dues.

Aerial view of the San Francisco Yacht Club

San Francisco Yacht Club

In the summer of 1869, a group of active, local yachtsmen formed the San Francisco Yacht Club. The oldest yacht club on the Pacific Coast, it’s one of the most elegant and exclusive yacht clubs in the U.S. The harbor consists of 190 berths and 50 dry-storage spaces, as well as a large youth sailing dock. Membership is by sponsor referral only.

Sarasota Yacht Club

Saraso ta Yacht Club

Sarasota Yacht Club was organized in the summer of 1907 and located on the north end of Siesta Key. Facilities include a 110-slip marina, fitness center, heated pool, two indoor bars, a pool bar, multiple meeting rooms, a grand dining room, waterside terrace, and lunch dock. Membership is by invitation only.

Savannah Yacht Club

The Savannah Yacht Club was originally organized on June 14, 1869. The private, members only club is by invitation only with only 1,000 members. Amenities include a figure 8 pool, an Olympic size swimming pool, as well as floating docks.

St. Francis Yacht Club

This club was founded in 1927 when the members of the San Francisco Yacht Club decided to move their clubhouse out of San Francisco to Belvedere, California. The 2,300 member club is considered to be the most prestigious yacht club in the western U.S. and has hosted over 40 regattas on San Francisco Bay. The Mediterranean Revival-style clubhouse is in close proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoys views from the Bridge to Alcatraz Island and beyond.

Tampa Yacht & Country Club

Founded in 1904 as a place to race sailboats, ride and show horses, the marina now holds 31 covered slips and 50 open slips. Membership is sponsored and by invitation only.

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda

Circolo Canottieri Aniene

Circolo degli Esteri

Compagnia della Vela

Playing host to 10 prestigious regattas this year, including the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, the Yacht Club Costa Smerelda has been tied to the Italian Sailing Federation since the 1960s. Offering a wellness center and spa, the clubhouse overlooks the Marina and the Italian coast. The club has a panoramic pool terrace, al fresco dining, and a member’s lounge and bar. There are also 24 residential suites, including the popular Presidential suite that opened in 2016.

Yacht Club Italiano

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron

Royal Perth Yacht Club

The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron

Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron

Raffles Marina

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

Real Club Nautico de Vigo

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club has its marina close to the bustling Front Street at the heart of the historic city of Hamilton. It began as a meeting place for British military officers and Bermudian sailing enthusiasts.

Membership in the club extends to over 850 resident and non-resident members. The 130 berth marina has a full-service staff and can accommodate vessels of up to 150 feet in length.

Nassau Yacht Club

Royal Bombay Yacht Club

Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

Royal Victoria Yacht Club

Royal Cork Yacht Club, the oldest yacht club in the world.

Royal Cork Yacht Club

Sometime in the early 1600s, sailing for private pleasure started to to become popular in the Netherlands. Later that century, during the Cromwellian years, King Charles II of England was in exile in the Netherlands and while there he became aware of this new and exciting pastime. According to Royal Cork Yacht Club, “By 1720, interest in the sport had progressed so much that his great-grandson, the 26 year old William O’Brien, the 9th Lord Inchiquin, and five of his friends got together to formalize their activities and in so doing established ” The Water Club of the Harbour of Cork.”

This club is known today as the Royal Cork Yacht Club and it is the oldest yacht club in the world. It was originally located on Haulbowline Island before moving to the town of Cobh and finally establisged in it's current location in Crosshaven.

Royal Irish Yacht Club


Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron

Royal Southern Yacht Club

Royal Thames Yacht Club

The Royal Thames Yacht Club is one of the oldest yacht clubs in the world, founded in 1775. The exclusive Knightsbridge Clubhouse has two bars, an acclaimed restaurant, and accommodations for those staying overnight. Anyone looking to join must be recommended by current members.

The Royal Western Yacht Club of England

Royal Yacht Squadron

Royal Yacht Club Moscow

Société des Régates du Havre

Monaco Yacht Club

Yacht Club de Monaco

Founded by Prince Rainier III in 1953, the Yacht Club De Monaco is a prestigious club that holds a unique position on the international yachting scene with more than 1600 members drawn from 66 nationalities.

The reigning Club President since 1984 has been His Royal Highness, Prince Sovereign Albert II, and a suitably formal dress code for day and evening wear is enforced at all times. Membership is limited and very, very exclusive: prospective candidates must submit an application form to the club committee and be introduced by two sponsors, both of whom must be existing members. The successful applicant will be welcomed with an ice-breaking cocktail party and gala dinner in their honor.

The futuristic clubhouse was redesigned in 2013 and overlooks Port Hercules, it offers up very popular cocktail bar and Mediterranean restaurant.

Yacht Club Santo Amaro

Jim Dobson

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  • Reprints & Permissions

How much does the Royal Canadian Yacht Club cost?

But with such luxury comes a price tag. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how much it costs to become a member of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, and what you can expect to get in return.

Membership Fees and Dues

When it comes to joining the RCYC, there are two main expenses: an initiation fee and yearly dues. These fees can vary based on a number of factors, including the type of membership you’re looking for and whether you’re an individual or a family.

For a family membership, the initiation fee is currently $21,000. For an individual membership, the fee drops to $16,000. These fees are one-time expenses that are paid when you first join the club.

In addition to the initiation fee, you’ll also need to pay yearly dues to maintain your membership. For a family membership, the dues are $2,792 per year. For an individual membership, the dues are $2,279. These fees help to cover the cost of maintaining the club’s facilities and providing members with access to a range of benefits.

Membership Benefits

So what exactly do you get for your investment? As an RCYC member, you’ll be able to take advantage of a wide range of perks and benefits, including:

– Access to the club’s world-class facilities, including dining areas, swimming pools, and fitness centers – Use of the club’s renowned sailing programs, including youth programs, racing teams, and cruising events – Discounts on sailing equipment, clothing, and other products from the club’s sponsors and partners – Invitations to exclusive member events and social gatherings, including holiday parties and galas – The opportunity to network with other sailing enthusiasts and yacht owners from around the world

In addition to these benefits, becoming an RCYC member is also seen as a mark of prestige within the sailing and yachting industry. The club is home to some of the most talented and accomplished sailors in the world, and becoming a member can help to open doors and create opportunities in this highly competitive field.

Is it Worth the Cost?

For those who are passionate about sailing and yachting, joining the Royal Canadian Yacht Club can be an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience. With access to some of the best sailing facilities in the world, a range of exclusive benefits and perks, and the opportunity to network with other sailing enthusiasts, the RCYC can help to take your love of the water to the next level.

However, it’s important to note that membership at the RCYC is not for everyone. The costs associated with joining and maintaining membership are significant, and may not be justifiable for those who only sail occasionally or are not fully committed to the sport. Additionally, new members may need to navigate a complex social hierarchy within the club, which can take time and effort to navigate.

Ultimately, whether joining the Royal Canadian Yacht Club is worth the cost will depend on your individual goals, interests, and financial situation. If you’re serious about sailing and yachting and can afford the fees and dues, becoming an RCYC member can be an incredible investment in your passion and a pathway to some of the most exclusive sailing experiences in the world.

What is the largest yacht club in Canada?

The club has a fleet of well-maintained sailboats and powerboats that are available for members to rent. RCYC offers sailing lessons and racing clinics for all ages and skill levels, providing opportunities for members to expand their abilities and compete in regattas throughout the sailing season. RCYC has hosted several international sailing events, including the Pan American Games in 2015, solidifying its reputation as one of North America’s premier sailing destinations.

Aside from sailing activities, RCYC hosts a variety of social events throughout the year, including galas, dances, and cocktail parties. These events give members a chance to network, socialize and participate in the rich club culture that has been built over the club’s long history.

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club is the largest and most prestigious yacht club in Canada. With a rich history, state-of-the-art facilities, and a wide range of sailing and boating activities for members, the club offers a unique and enjoyable recreational experience on the waters of Lake Ontario.

What is the largest privately owned yacht in the United States?

Built by Derecktor Shipyards in Connecticut, the Cakewalk is the largest yacht by volume to be built in the United States since the 1930s. The yacht is owned by billionaire couple Charles Gallagher and his wife Diane. Mr. Gallagher is the founder of Gallagher Industries, a steel processing company that specializes in custom steel products for the automotive industry.

The Cakewalk is built with luxury in mind and features a variety of amenities such as a swimming pool, a gym, and a movie theater. It also features eight guest cabins, each with its own marble bathroom, as well as a master suite that spans two levels and includes a private balcony.

Aside from its impressive size and luxurious features, the Cakewalk is also an engineering marvel. It features two Caterpillar diesel engines that allow it to reach a top speed of 17 knots and has a range of 6,000 nautical miles at 14 knots. The yacht also features a dynamic positioning system that enables it to remain in a stationary position regardless of currents or wind.

The Cakewalk is not just a symbol of opulence, but a testament to American engineering and craftsmanship.

How many members does the Annapolis Yacht Club have?

Currently, the Annapolis Yacht Club has 1600 regular members, and it is at full membership capacity. This means that the club does not have any immediate openings for new members, and prospective members will need to be added to a waiting list until a spot opens up. It is essential to note that membership at the Annapolis Yacht Club is highly sought-after as the club offers a wide range of amenities and activities.

The AYC offers an active racing program, and it hosts numerous races throughout the year. In addition to competitive racing, the club also offers leisure boating activities, including cruising and day sailing. The Annapolis Yacht Club also has an impressive clubhouse, which features various dining options, a fitness center, a heated pool, and a pro shop. The club also offers youth programs and sailing education, which are popular among its members and the Annapolis community.

Membership at the Annapolis Yacht Club is a highly coveted opportunity, and the club is currently at full membership with 1600 regular members. The AYC is an active and vibrant club that offers a wide range of amenities and activities for its members, making it an excellent place to be for anyone interested in sailing or boating.

royal canadian yacht club membership fee


  • About the Club
  • Opening Times
  • become a member
  • Club history
  • meet the team
  • Join the team
  • photo gallery
  • Reciprocal Membership
  • About club racing
  • Club Racing
  • Notices & entry forms
  • Other Racing Events
  • COGS Racing Events
  • About Club cruising
  • cruising dates
  • Cruising objectives
  • On the water facilities
  • Club Launch
  • slipway and storage
  • Crewing Opportunities
  • duty roster
  • Junior sailing
  • The sailing trust
  • safeguarding young people
  • Food and drink
  • on shore facilities
  • Membership Fees

RCYC Membership

IMGL1610 copy

Join the RCYC

We’d love to have you on board. By becoming a Member of RCYC, you are joining a community of like minded individuals who enjoy the best sailing waters, a vibrant atmosphere & the stunning location of the club.

RCYC Membership gives you access to our facilities both on & off the water, as well as making you part of one of the most welcoming yacht clubs in Cornwall.

Membership benefits

  • Racing, Sailing & Cruising
  • Regular social events & regattas
  • Yacht & Motorboat Cruising Rallies
  • Full access to Clubhouse & Facilities
  • Year-round access to the slipway, quay wall & Well beach
  • Club Activities, such as the Wine, Book, Art & Bridge clubs
  • Dinghy, Kayak, SUP & Outboard Storage
  • FREE launch Service to & from your boat
  • On Site Car Parking (with car park permit)
  • FREE Room Hire for Meetings & Private Parties
  • Enjoy Privileges at Reciprocal Clubs both in the UK & Worldwide

tuiga 2

Unique discounts

Just some of the discounts available to members

  • 10% Food & Drink Discount in Clubhouse
  • 50% Discount on Club Racing entry fees
  • FREE & discounted RYA Training Courses

Membership fees

RCYC offers individual and family memberships, family includes 2 Full Members living at the same address, paid by one Direct Debit Mandate, and all children under 18 and/or those under 25 in full time education

Annual subscriptions can be paid by 12 monthly instalments at an additional charge of 3%.

Junior Membership Cadets – 14-18 years – FREE Tackers – 0-14 years – FREE to all children/grandchildren of RCYC Members All Juniors shall apply separately for membership using the Junior Membership application form CLICK HERE >


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These 7 private Toronto clubs are super exclusive and here's how much the memberships cost

There are some seriously cool perks. 👀

A room at The Albany. Right: Champagne and oysters at Clio.

A room at The Albany. Right: Champagne and oysters at Clio.

If you're interested in joining a private club in Toronto , it can cost more than a pretty penny to gain access to some of the elite, elegant and exclusive hangouts.

Membership fees for private clubs in Toronto start in the hundreds and go up to tens of thousands of dollars, but they afford you some seriously cool perks that you're unlikely to find anywhere else in the city.

If you do have enough money to foot the bill for the cost of membership, keep in mind that there are other factors at play as to whether or not you can join such as application approval or whether or not you get invited to join.

Take a look at seven private clubs in Toronto , how much it'll cost you to join them and what exactly you're getting for your considerable investment.

How much is a Clio membership in Toronto?

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Price: A membership at Clio Toronto costs $1,500 in annual dues as well as a $250 initiation fee.

Address: 600 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M38

Why You Need To Go: Nestled in the heart of King West, Clio describes itself as an evolved private social club that is meticulously curated to foster meaningful connections and fuel new pursuits.

In a space that used to be a garment factory, you can now find swanky lounges, a delicious Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, a bar, a rooftop terrace that's perfect for sipping beverages as well as an art gallery and private spaces that are seriously chic.

Clio Toronto's website

How much does it cost to join The Boulevard Club Toronto?

Price: For a lifetime membership at the Boulevard Club, fees start at $31,000 plus taxes as well as monthly dues which start at $293.

Address: 1491 Lake Shore Blvd. W, Toronto, ON M6K 3C2

Why You Need To Go: Although it does have a steep fee, Boulevard offers many services with time-honoured traditions and exemplary service as well as athletics programs for all ages and abilities.

"Our unique private club experience includes a full-service marina, a variety of dining options, a picturesque setting for wedding and events, as well as golf, skiing, and reciprocal club privileges around the world," says the club.

The Boulevard Club's website

How much is an Adelaide Club membership?

Price: A membership at Adelaide Club starts at $147 per month.

Address: 1 First Canadian Place Toronto, ON M5X 1C8

Why You Need To Go: The Adelaide Club is an athletic club that features multiple fitness spaces and studios for working out and mindfulness as well as a health clinic and working space where you can either chill out and relax or do a bit of work before you get your sweat on.

At their WorkHUB, you can order a variety of beverages like coffee, cold-pressed juices, seltzers and alcohols as well as light bites like salads and breakfast jars.

Members of the Adelaide Club also get reciprocals at the Toronto Athletic Club and The Cambridge Club.

Adelaide Club's website

How much is a National Yacht Club membership?

Price: A membership at National Yacht Club varies depending on age and what kind of membership you choose. For a social membership, it costs $534.50 in dues as well as a $100 initiation fee. If you have a boat that's 24' x 8', your total for one year of membership which includes swing mooring is $6,724 if you're over 50 — if you're under 50, that price drops to $48,62. If your boat needs docking, membership for a a 25' x 8' boat will cost $14,392.

Address: 1 Stadium Road Toronto, ON M5V 3H4

Why You Need To Go: If you love being on the water, this boating community at the foot of Bathurst might be the right fit for you. It offers a spot to dock, moor or store your vesseel year round as well as dining, a beautiful patio and free parking on-site.

National Yacht Club's website

How much is a Soho House membership? 

Price: If you are under 27 years old, a yearly membership fee for Soho House Toronto costs $1,150.00. If you are over 27, a yearly membership costs $1,875.00.

Address: Bishop's Building, 192 Adelaide St. W., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: With locations all over the world, you'll feel like you're part of a global community at the swanky Toronto location in the city’s historic Bishop’s Block neighbourhood.

"Housed in a building that once played host to one of Toronto’s first hotels, the club features a rooftop bar with views of downtown and the islands, a members-only restaurant, music and events programming, and a collection of contemporary art," says the club.

Soho House's website

How much is an Albany Club membership?

Price: If you live in or own a business in Toronto and are between the ages of 30 to 35, a yearly membership costs between $1,764 - $2,942 in annual dues in addition to a $1,650 entrance fee. If you are 36 or older, the annual due is $3,262 and the entrance fee is $2,300

Address: 91 King Street East, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Albany Club was established in 1882 by Sir John A. McDonald and his friends and supporters, so there's lots of history to soak up at the location where Canadian Conservatives come to connect.

It's the only remaining politically-minded private club in the country and features places to dine, work, relax and connect with other professionals and business leaders.

Albany Club's website

How much is a The Royal Canadian Yacht Club membership?

Price: Undisclosed

Address: 141 St. George Street, Toronto, and 2 Chippewa Ave. on the Toronto Islands

Why You Need To Go: Recognized as one of the premier private clubs in Toronto, RCYC is one of the most exclusive clubs in the city and is a spot for excellence in competitive sailing and sports like squash, badminton, tennis and lawn bowling.

"Whether you’re an experienced sailor or looking to learn the ropes, our Club offers camaraderie on and off the water," says the club.

The St. George location has fitness centres, an indoor heated pool, squash courts as well as dining experiences.

For the island location, enjoy a private ferry where you can take part in sailing, dining, tennis, outdoor swimming, junior programs, lawn bowling and other activities.

"When the sun sets, experience a magical atmosphere with an unrivalled view of the Toronto skyline as it becomes illuminated at night," they say.

Don't forget to follow the dress code !

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club's website

These prices are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time. Taxes and fees may not be included.

This article's cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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royal canadian yacht club membership fee

  • Buccaneer Island
  • Carysfort Kitchen
  • Cultural Center
  • Marina, Fishing, Diving
  • Member Fitness Center
  • Private Airport
  • Tennis & Games Center
  • Accommodations
  • Real Estate
  • Affiliate Clubs
  • Members Only Login
  • Membership Opportunities
  • Membership Team
  • Member Guest Services

Royal Canadian Yacht Club

 141 St. George Street, Toronto, ON M5R 2L8
150 Cherry Street, Toronto, ON M5A 3L1


Cory Anderson
 Sylvia Parsons

   Toronto Island and City of Toronto


 Guest fee for use of sports facilities.




   Breakfast: Yes
Lunch: Yes
Dinner: Yes
*Note: One (1) formal and one (1) informal restaurant – bar at both locations
Formal dining room at Island Club from May to October.
Formal dining at City Club from October to end of April.

The following are not permitted: ripped, distressed or unclean clothing; apparel shorter than midthigh (extremely short hemlines are not permitted); low-riding pants; athletic tank tops or muscle shirts; bare feet, wetsuits, or swimwear; attire displaying crude jokes, expletives, lewd slogans or racist and demeaning content; hats, save for ladies’ dress hats, may not be worn in either Clubhouse.


 Four (4) tennis courts

 Yes – outdoors on Toronto Island – indoors in City of Toronto

 Visa or MasterCard

 The Island Club is opened from May – October. The City Club is opened year-round.  Squash and badminton available at the City Club.

club logo


City clubhouse, conveniently located at 141 st. george street near the fashionable yorkville district, the city clubhouse is just minutes away by subway or car from the financial and business districts., food & beverage  , * bar open until 9:00 pm.



  • 4500 square foot Fitness Facility
  • Fitness Studio offering classes in cardio, strength and yoga
  • 5 International Singles Squash Courts
  • 1 Doubles Squash Court
  • 3 Badminton Courts
  • 13.8 metre Heated Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Formal and Informal Dining and Social Areas
  • Meeting and Catering Facilities
  • Childcare Centre
  • Family Change Room
  • Mens Locker Room with a Steam Room
  • Womens Locker Room with a Sauna
  • Private Parking


The island clubhouse offers members and their guests a relaxing getaway. accessed by private launch, the clubhouse is but minutes away from the hectic pace set by the city. .

  • Docks and Dry Sail for over 450 boats
  • Marine Chandlery and Maintenance Services
  • Complete Marine Repair and Servicing
  • 4 Tennis Courts
  • Lawn Bowling
  • 25 Metre Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Private Parking and Launch Service
  • 2 Dry Sail Cranes
  • 2 Boat Launch Ramps
  • Bicycle, canoe, kayak and paddle board rentals available
  • Day lockers available


Launch Accessibility Wheelchairs are no longer permitted on either of our launches.  Water taxis will be used by RCYC for Members and guests in wheelchairs. Please inform Member Services at [email protected]   or 416.967.7245 ext. 271 in advance to reserve a taxi.  Advance notice is required as water taxis can be very busy on weekends and holidays. 

​ $25 Daily Rate (24 Hours)

$12 Day Rate (8:00 am to 4:00 pm)

$12 Evening Rate (4:00 pm to 12:00 am)

$12 Overnight Rate (12:00 am to 8:00 am)

30 minutes grace period *Plus applicable taxes

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

Newsletter Horizons

Annual Report


Hall of Fame

RHYC Policies

Contact & Hours

Membership Fees


Menus & Features

Social Events

Private Events

RHYC Fundraising

Dining Reservations

Club Racing

Wednesday Evening Cruising

Launch Haulout

Onwater Organization

Regatta Results


Youth Program

Youth Racing

Adult Program

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555 Bay Street North Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 1H1

Phone: 1.905.528.8464

Email: [email protected]

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Yacht Club de Monaco | Quai Louis II | + 377 93 10 63 00

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A Club at the service of the Principality's international influence

An allied member of the Yacht Club de France, the Yacht Club de Monaco is also twinned with 15 prestigious clubs and maintains reciprocal agreements with 67 others all over the world.

Twinned Clubs

Reciprocal clubs.

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

Twinning between clubs enables:

– The development of sporting activities between clubs, with all members being able to participate freely under equal conditions

– Free access for society members of the twinned clubs to the premises, restaurant and lounges and services on offer on presentation of their membership card

– Access to the boutiques in both clubs

– Exchanges between the two clubs Sailing Schools, including competitions and coaches.

– Any active member of a club who takes up residence in the country of a twinned club is obliged to change affiliation to that club after six months residence and to conform to the statutes of the club concerned.

In addition to twinning agreements, the Yacht Club de Monaco has also established privileged relations with about 67  yacht clubs all over the world. These reciprocal agreements allow YCM society members to call into these clubs and have free access to the clubhouse on presentation of their membership card and letter of recommendation from their Club.

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

To visit another Yacht Club

May we remind you that if you wish to visit any of our twinned or reciprocal clubs we would be grateful if you could advise our Foreign Clubs team beforehand, so that the club in question can be contacted and an official introductory letter addressed to them. Please send an email to [email protected] with the name of the club you wish to visit and the dates when you will be in their area. We thank you, as members of an exclusive and private Clubhouse, for your understanding and wish you all a very happy holiday.

1867 - Paris, France

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

RCN Barcelona

1879 - Espagne

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

1872 - Suisse

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

YC Italiano

1879 - Italie

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

YC Costa Smeralda

1967 - Italie

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

1830 - Suède

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

Singapore YC

1826, Singapour

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

1933 - Piraeus, Grèce

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

Circolo Vela Sicilia

1933 - Siciles

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

YC Rio de Janeiro

1920 - Brésil

Iate Clube Santos

1947 - Brésil

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

YC Argentino

1883 - Buenos Aires, Argentine

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

YC Punta del Este

1924 - Uruguay

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

Royal Cork YC

1720 - Irlande

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

1938 - Portugal

royal canadian yacht club membership fee


1887 - Allemagne

Northern America

  • 01 | Annapolis Yacht Club, USA
  • 02 | Epping Forest Yacht Club, USA
  • 03 | Palm Beach Yacht Club, USA
  • 04 | Oakland Yacht Club, USA
  • 05 | Manhattan Yacht Club, USA
  • 06 | Long Beach Yacht Club, USA
  • 07 | Embassy Club, USA
  • 08 | Balboa Bay Yacht Club, USA
  • 09 | Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Canada
  • 10 | St Francis Yacht Club, USA
  • 11 | Queen City Yacht Club, USA
  • 12 | Outrigger Canoe Club Hawaï, USA
  • 13 | Ocean Reef Club, USA

South America

  • 14 | Iate Clube Rio de Janeiro, Brésil
  • 15 | Iate Clube de Santos, Sao Paulo, Brésil
  • 16 | Yacht Club Punta del Este, Uruguay
  • 17 | Yacht Club Argentino, Argentine
  • 18 | Club de Pesca de Cartagena, Colombie
  • 19 | Salinas Yacht Club, Equateur
  • 20 | Club Nautico Int. Hemingway de la Habana, Cuba
  • 21 | Club Náutico de San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • 22 | Anguilla Yacht Club

Middle East

  • 23 | Dubai International Marine Club
  • 24 | Yacht Club de France, France
  • 25 | Real Club Nautico de Barcelona, Espagne
  • 26 | Société Nautique de Genève, Suisse
  • 27 | Yacht Club Italiano, Italie
  • 28 | Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, Italie
  • 29 | Yacht Club Punta Ala, Italie
  • 30 | Circolo della Vela Sicilia, Italie
  • 31 | Circolo Canottieri Aniene, Italie
  • 32 | Reale Yacht Club Canottieri Savoia, Italie
  • 33 | Yachting Club San Marino, Italie
  • 34 | Yacht Club Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italie
  • 35 | Yacht Club Porto Rotondo, Italie
  • 36 | Club Nautico di Roma, Italie
  • 37 | Circolo della Vela Bari, Italie
  • 38 | Circolo della Vela Venezia, Italie
  • 39 | Circolo Vela di Torbole, Italie
  • 40 | Circolo Nautico e della Vela Argentario, Italie
  • 41 | Kungl Svenska Segel Sällskapet, Suède
  • 42 | Yacht Club of Greece, Grèce
  • 43 | Gstaad Yacht Club, Suisse
  • 44 | Club de Mar Marbella, Espagne
  • 45 | Bruxelles Royal Yacht Club, Belgique
  • 46 | Royal Western Yacht Club, UK
  • 47 | Royal Thames Yacht Club, UK
  • 48 | Royal Burnham Yacht Club, UK
  • 49 | Royal Southern Yacht Club, UK
  • 50 | Norddeutscher Regatta Verein, Allemagne
  • 51 | Clube Naval de Cascais, Portugal
  • 52 | Royal Saint George Yacht Club, Dublin - Irlande
  • 53 | Royal Cork Yacht Club, Co. Cork, Irlande
  • 54 | Royal Yacht Club of Moscow, Russie
  • 55 | St Petersburg Sea Yacht Club, Russie
  • 56 | Royal Cape Yacht Club, Afrique du Sud
  • 57 | Royal Natal Yacht Club, Afrique du Sud
  • 58 | Dar es Salaam Yacht Club, Tanzanie
  • 59 | Yacht Club Africa Jade Korba, Tunisie
  • 60 | Republic of Singapore Yacht Club,Singapour
  • 61 | Changi Sailing Club, Singapour
  • 62 | Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
  • 63 | Royal Brunei Yacht Club, Borneo
  • 64 | Royal Selangor Yacht Club, Malaisie
  • 65 | Royal Bombay Yacht Club, Inde
  • 66 | Tanglin Club, Singapour
  • 67 | Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Nouvelle-Zélande

[email protected]

Phone Number

+377 93 10 63 00

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royal canadian yacht club membership fee

Kelowna Yacht Club

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

Founded in 1945, the Kelowna Yacht Club is located in the heart of Downtown Kelowna. With a new clubhouse built in 2014, the club is situated alongside Okanagan Lake. It is within walking distance from all major tourist attractions including the Delta Grand Hotel and Casino, Prospera Place Arena, the Downtown Boardwalk and many parks and beaches.

  • Conference & Meetings

royal canadian yacht club membership fee

The newly built clubhouse boasts the largest patio in the Okanagan, with stunning lake and mountain views. The Restaurant and Lounge offer an upscale-casual dining experience perfect for celebrating an occasion or enjoying a fireside drink with friends. Five private meeting rooms are available for rent, including a Boardroom and two event spaces with patios overlooking the lake. Guest moorage is available in the Club basin, as well as sailboat, kayak and paddleboard rentals.

  • Dress Code No formal dress code applies. Gentlemen patrons of the Members Lounge are not permitted to wear hats while in the Members Lounge.
  • Age Restriction Guests under the age of nineteen are welcome to the club, however are not permitted to be in the Members Lounge after 10:00p.m. even when accompanied by an adult.
  • Dogs Pets, with the exception of service animals, are not permitted in the Club.
  • Smoking The club is non-smoking.

Opening Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 11:00am – 9:00pm
Thursday 11:00am – 9:00pm
Friday 11:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday 11:00am – 10:00pm
Sunday 11:00am – 9:00pm

More Information

Additional Charges No additional charges apply for visiting guests.

Parking On-street parking; the Kelowna Library Parkade and Memorial Parkade with access from Ellis Street.

  • Tel +1 250 762 3310
  • Fax +1 250 763 9960
  • Web
  • Mail [email protected]

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royal canadian yacht club membership fee

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  • Dinghy with a keel: simplicity of a dinghy with the stability of a keelboat (no capsizing!)
  • Great for any skill level, from beginner to racer
  • Available to all RCYC Members for a couple hours or the whole season
  • Sail with 2 or 3 adults or a small family
  • Fleet of 12 Club-owned Boats
  • Active community of friendly Members
  • Experienced racers mentor new sailors to the fleet
  • Fleet racing on Thursday nights
  • Saturday regatta each month
  • Social programs for skill development such as Women's Sailing or Race Training

Join the Fleet

Joining the Ideal 18 Fleet gives Members complete access to the Club-owned boats throughout the sailing season. This program is for both racers and cruisers looking for an opportunity to get out on the water without the stress of owning a boat. Members of the Ideal 18 fleet can book a boat for any race or simply head out for an adventure in the harbour with friends & family.

  • Boat reservations will be based on submission date of the request. The number of boats available may be limited due to scheduled activities such as racing and programs.
  • Walk-ins are welcome as long as boats are not previously reserved. A charter form will be submitted by the Sailing Office on behalf of the Member if a boat is available at that time.
  • Booking an Ideal 18 costs $70 + HST for a day charter. Members may join the Ideal 18 fleet for $350 + HST to enjoy day charters for the season for no additional cost. Any sailor that charters an Ideal 18 five times in one season will automatically become a fleet member for 2021.
  • If there are more teams than boats for a race night, we will use a random lottery to determine the selected teams and boat assignments.
  • All interested racers must register for Thursday night racing at this link to receive updates and be eligible for that lottery draw.
  • To join the lottery, one member of the team must submit a charter form, found here , by Wednesday at 5:00pm for racing the next day. All names will be entered in the lottery at this time and competitors will be sent a list of assigned boats to the selected teams along with any people remaining on a standby list.
  • If you are unable to attend after receiving a boat assignment, the next team on the waitlist will be offered the boat that Thursday.

Boat owners often search for new crew for midweek racing, cruises, and regattas. Join the online crew bank to find a team and get out on the water!  Sailors that wish to be added to the RCYC Crew Bank may indicate their interest by signing up here . Check out the current list of boats looking for sailors here . Further questions can be directed to [email protected] .

  • Designed for comfortable club racing 
  • Good stability allows for all ages
  • Sail with 3 to 4 people
  • Fleet of 6 Club Boats

Race Programs

  • Go head-to-head against another boat with Match Racing
  • Train as a team to race in 3v3 format with Team Racing
  • Compete every Thursday night with midweek fleet racing
  • Represent RCYC at local and international regattas
  • Junior Club’s massive fleet of dinghies for youth programs include RS Vision, Club 420, multi-hulls and more
  • Available for private lessons upon request


  1. The Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto, ON, Canada

    royal canadian yacht club membership fee

  2. Royal Canadian Yacht Club

    royal canadian yacht club membership fee

  3. RCYC

    royal canadian yacht club membership fee

  4. Royal Canadian Yacht Club Island Club

    royal canadian yacht club membership fee

  5. The Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto, ON, Canada

    royal canadian yacht club membership fee

  6. The Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto, ON, Canada

    royal canadian yacht club membership fee


  1. RCYC

    Worldwide Private Club Access 150+ Reasons to Travel. As a Member of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, you will be welcome at exclusive reciprocal clubs around the world. RCYC is affiliated with an international network of over 150 Private Clubs in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Our Reciprocal Clubs

  2. The Top 50 Most Exclusive Yacht Clubs In The World Honored ...

    Initiation fees can go as high as $12,500 with $650 monthly dues. ... include a membership to the prestigious Yacht Club. ... Royal Canadian Yacht Club. Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

  3. What are the membership rates at various high-end private ...

    RCYC's membership programs/fees change a lot from year to year. I think they still have a program that allows you to work 40 hours at the club in lieu of the initiation fee. Lots of restrictions and other stuff apply I'm sure. If you are under 20 their are some pretty attractive deals as well. I don;t think there is a wait list anymore.

  4. RCYC

    BECOME A MEMBER AT RCYC . With its two Clubhouses, one in the heart of the city and the other on Toronto Island, RCYC is one of the premier Private Clubs in Toronto, and has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Platinum Yacht Clubs in the World (2020-2022). ... The Royal Canadian Yacht Club 141 St. George Street Toronto, ON, M5R 2L8 P: 416.967. ...

  5. Royal Canadian Yacht Club

    The Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) is a private yacht club in Toronto, Ontario, ... (and generous fee rebates to those who had served). Expanding membership required expansion of the leasehold over the whole of South Island. In 1954, ... In 1967, Perry Connolly, a club member asked another member, George Cuthbertson, ...

  6. RCYC

    The Royal Canadian Yacht Club 141 St. George Street Toronto, ON, M5R 2L8 P: 416.967.7245 E: [email protected]

  7. RCYC

    RCYC is one of the premier sailing and private clubs in Toronto. Our welcoming, family-friendly community welcomes sailors and non-sailors alike who share an interest in sailing, sports, fitness, and social dining.

  8. How much does the Royal Canadian Yacht Club cost?

    The Royal Canadian Yacht Club, or RCYC, is a private club based in Toronto, Ontario that has been in operation since 1852. With world-class amenities, a variety of member programs, and a stunning location on the water, the RCYC is a highly sought-after destination for sailing enthusiasts and yacht owners alike.

  9. Royal Canadian Yacht Club

    Royal Canadian Yacht Club - RCYC, Toronto, Ontario. 140 likes · 21 talking about this. Private Members Club

  10. RCYC Membership

    RCYC offers individual and family memberships, family includes 2 Full Members living at the same address, paid by one Direct Debit Mandate, and all children under 18 and/or those under 25 in full time education. Annual subscriptions can be paid by 12 monthly instalments at an additional charge of 3%. Junior Membership. Cadets - 14-18 years ...

  11. RCYC

    Member Login RCYC TRIAL . Turn Summer Dreaming Into A Reality. Learn More About Our Trial Membership Today! ... our Club offers camaraderie on and off the water. ... The Royal Canadian Yacht Club 141 St. George Street Toronto, ON, M5R 2L8 P: 416.967.7245 E: [email protected]

  12. RCYC

    Become a Member at RCYC One of the premier Private Clubs in Toronto. With its two Clubhouses, one in the heart of the city and the other on Toronto Island, RCYC is one of the premier private clubs in Toronto. ... sometime in 1850s a small group of Torontonians seated themselves on flour barrels to discuss forming a local sailing Club. Today ...

  13. These 7 private Toronto clubs are super exclusive and here's ...

    Price: For a lifetime membership at the Boulevard Club, fees start at $31,000 plus taxes as well as monthly dues which start at $293. ... The Royal Canadian Yacht Club's website. These prices are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time. Taxes and fees may not be included.

  14. Royal Canadian Yacht Club

    Royal Canadian Yacht Club. toronto, ontario, canada. Royal Canadian Yacht Club ... GUEST CARD FEE: No. RESTRICTIONS: Guest fee for use of sports facilities. HOTEL: No. MARINA: Yes. ... please contact our Membership Department at 305-367-5921. CONTACT. 800-741-7333; 35 Ocean Reef Dr. #200 Key Largo, FL 33037 ...

  15. RCYC

    Conveniently located at 141 St. George Street near the fashionable Yorkville district, the City Clubhouse is just minutes away by subway or car from the financial and business districts. HOURS OF OPERATION. Monday: 6:00 am to 12: 00 am. Tuesday: 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. Wednesday: 6:00 am to 11:00 pm.

  16. RCYC

    The cost shown is reflective of the Non-Member fee. RCYC Members are offered a Member discount which will require a discount code. ... Your Royal Canadian Yacht Club membership account will be charged $0.00. Nothing Receibable By submitting these details, you are authorising Royal Canadian Yacht Club to charge your card at if/when space becomes ...

  17. Membership Fees

    555 Bay Street North Hamilton, Ontario, L8L 1H1. Phone: 1.905.528.8464. Email: [email protected]

  18. RCYC

    Guests and non-section members will be charged a $20.00 daily fee. Guests must be accompanied by a Member when using the fitness facilities. The same guest is allowed fitness access twice monthly, and no more than five times per year. The Royal Canadian Yacht Club 141 St. George Street Toronto, ON, M5R 2L8 P: 416.967.7245 E: [email ...

  19. Foreign Clubs

    An allied member of the Yacht Club de France, the Yacht Club de Monaco is also twinned with 15 prestigious clubs and maintains reciprocal agreements with 67 others all over the world. ... 09 | Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Canada; 10 | St Francis Yacht Club, USA; 11 | Queen City Yacht Club, USA; 12 | Outrigger Canoe Club Hawaï, USA; 13 | Ocean ...

  20. Royal Canadian Military Institute

    After four years of re-development, the RCMI returned home to its heritage downtown Toronto location in the summer of 2014. The Institute offers luxurious conference amenities, state-of-the art accommodations, function rooms, a boutique fitness centre, seminar services and exceptional dining. With a formal dining room, nine exquisite guestrooms ...

  21. RCYC

    Since 1852, the Royal Canadian Yacht Club has built a reputation of excellence in the promotion of every aspect of yacht racing and cruising. From Club Fleet Championships to International Events, our Club attracts sailors from all over the world to our Toronto Island Clubhouse. RCYC's programs include Racing, Adult Sailing, Junior Sailing ...

  22. Kelowna Yacht Club

    Founded in 1945, the Kelowna Yacht Club is located in the heart of Downtown Kelowna. With a new clubhouse built in 2014, the club is situated alongside Okanagan Lake. It is within walking distance from all major tourist attractions including the Delta Grand Hotel and Casino, Prospera Place Arena, the Downtown Boardwalk and many parks and beaches.

  23. RCYC

    Thanks to generous donations and continued support from our Membership, the Club owns a variety of boats that are available for sailing from spring to fall. ... Specifically for Club-owned boats, we will be following these procedures for fair use of the boats during midweek racing: ... The Royal Canadian Yacht Club 141 St. George Street Toronto ...