1. Power Catamaran boats for sale

    Smaller power catamarans are mostly all powered by outboard motors mounted on the rear transom. Power options vary, but generally range from a single 100 HP motor up to triple or quad outboards and can achieve very high cruising and top speeds. ... Power Catamaran boats listed for sale on YachtWorld offers a diverse price range, from $41,650 on ...

  2. Power catamaran boats for sale

    These powerboats use the following propulsion options: outboard engine. There are a wide range of Power Catamaran boats for sale from popular brands like World Cat, Aquila and Twin Vee with 554 new and 617 used and an average price of $465,000 with boats ranging from as little as $19,819 and $6,534,312.

  3. Power Catamarans boats for sale

    Prices for power catamaran boats on Boat Trader range from a reasonable $19,580 at the low-end to $5,077,605 for the more lavish boat boats. While affordable utility models may have engines with as little as 147 horsepower on them, models with more power can have motors up to a blazing 2,900 horsepower (although the average engine size is 600HP).

  4. The Best Power Catamaran Boat Brands

    Photo via World Cat Boats. World Cat is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of power catamarans — in fact, according to the company they're the largest producer of power catamarans in the world. Their line is a mix of center console and dual console fishing and family boats ranging from 23' to 40'.

  5. Luxury Power Catamarans

    Aquila Power Catamarans is the recognized leader for performance, innovation and quality in this growing category of pleasure boats. Skip to Main Content Skip to Search. ... Features like wave piercing bulbous bows, submersible swim steps, outboard options, bridge-to-bow direct access and more set us apart as leading in innovation.

  6. 12 Power Catamarans Reviewed

    The Aquila 36 is the first vessel in the builder's series with outboard power. Aquila Boats. The Aquila 36 is a departure from her sisterships in that she is an outboard-powered, express-cruiser-style catamaran, but she also adheres to MarineMax's philosophies.. With a single main living level from bow to stern and a beam of 14 feet 7 inches, the Aquila 36 is like a bowrider on steroids.

  7. A Guide to Power Catamaran Boats

    These boats come in lengths ranging from 16 to 30-feet, with plenty of customizable options and accessories. Typically, you get a stern-drive or outboard motor configuration, with center consoles for the driver and loads of storage space onboard. These boats can carry from six to eight passengers easily, and most models will fit on trailers.

  8. Leopard 53 Powercat

    The Leopard 53 Powercat, the largest in the Leopard family, was named the 2020 Multihull of the Year winner. This, among other accolades, has solidified the vessel's standing as a leader in its class. Sea trialed off the coast of South Africa, the Leopard 53 Powercat is easy to maintain and up to 50% more fuel efficient than any monohull motor yacht counterparts. A reincarnation of the ...

  9. ArrowCat Power Catamarans

    A Catamaran Boat. Equals Comfortable Ride. Catamarans have two hulls, which provide more stability in the water. They are less likely to roll or pitch, which means they offer a more comfortable ride, especially in rough conditions and for people who are prone to seasickness. ... Outboard motors have a simple and standard design and are ...

  10. Discover the Real Difference with Aspen Power Catamarans

    Benefits of catamaran designs typically include increased stability, deck space, ride, and cruising efficiency. At Aspen we think differently and refined the concept further by developing a unique PRO cat that maximizes fuel efficiency and range while improving ride and seaworthiness. Patent No. US 8,109,221 B2.

  11. 44 Yacht Power Catamaran

    44 Yacht. Born of innovation and experience, the luxurious Aquila 44 Yacht Power Catamaran is a world leader in its class. Designed to be both a long-distance cruising yacht and a highly social platform, the highly experienced Aquila design and engineering team created the Aquila 44 Yacht to optimize performance.

  12. Catamaran boats for sale

    There are a wide range of Catamaran boats for sale from popular brands like Fountaine Pajot, Lagoon and Leopard with 515 new and 1,412 used and an average price of $563,910 with boats ranging from as little as $68,683 and $5,986,663.

  13. High-Performance Power Catamarans

    Freeman catamarans were fast out of the gate. The original 33 hit a top end of some 55 knots with twin 350-hp outboards. Customers were sold, and demand for larger boats poured in. Freeman expanded, offering a 37 and 42, and earlier this year, the company released a 47-footer with a 13-foot, 2-inch beam.

  14. Power catamarans

    The MY4.S catamaran power boat presents an invitation to discover cruising. The elegant lines on this hard-top version are designed to deliver energy-saving performance. Her 2 x 150 or 2 x 250 hp engines open up opportunities for a wide range of day trips or extended voyages. ... Waiting times for a Fountaine Pajot motor yacht may vary ...

  15. Catamaran With Motor? 8 Types Explained (For Beginners)

    8 Types of Motors Used in Catamarans: 1) Single Outboard. You will find this in small-sized catamarans of about 25 feet and below. While single outboards cut cost and weigh less, they can be difficult to steer under power except when you use the motor to turn. This is because the motor needs the water to flow over the rudders to turn the boat.

  16. Person injured as 25m Sunseeker Atlantis sinks off ...

    Person injured as 25m Sunseeker Atlantis sinks off coast of Florida. The 24.8-metre Sunseeker yacht Atlantis has sunk two miles off the coast of Florida following a collision with a dredge pipe piling (25 May). According to an official statement from United States Coast Guard, multiple marine units responded to the distress call at 11.37am.

  17. Power Catamaran boats for sale

    Smaller power catamarans are mostly all powered by outboard motors mounted on the rear transom. Power options vary, but generally range from a single 100 HP motor up to triple or quad outboards and can achieve very high cruising and top speeds. ... Power Catamaran boats for sale on YachtWorld are available across a range of prices from £35,000 ...

  18. 2 rescued as 80-foot yacht sinks off Florida coast

    The operator of the motor yacht Atlantis sent a distress call around 11:30 a.m. Saturday stating the vessel struck an object and began taking on water about three miles off St. Augustine Beach ...

  19. Cruising the Moskva River: A short guide to boat trips in Russia's

    Surprisingly, the luxurious boats are priced rather modestly, and a single ticket goes for $17-$32 (1,100-2,000 rubles); also expect a reasonable restaurant bill on top.

  20. Yacht for Sale in Moscow (36 Used Boat)

    Search motor boat, sailing yacht, catamaran or luxury megayachts? Use our searches to find your ideal yacht. United States ; Russia ; Greece ; United Kingdom ; Spain ; Turkey ; Montenegro ; Australia ; Follow us: Miami +1 786 233 7721. London +44 203 807 94 54. Dubai +971 50 247 3820. Secure payments handled by .

  21. 80-foot luxury yacht sinks off St. Augustine Beach, FL; 2 rescued

    The boat's operator reportedly told the Coast Guard the 80-foot Atlantis motor yacht took on water after striking an object. St. John's County Fire Rescue said in a Facebook post the yacht struck ...

  22. HydroHouse houseboat, dock and seaplane mooring is transportable by land

    Baikal makes monohulls, catamarans and even trimarans, with this 16 meter steel motor yacht designed for "excellent seaworthiness" ... At the Moscow Boat Show earlier this month, ...

  23. Ukraine Says Crimea Attack Destroyed 2 Russian Military Boats

    The KS-701 small motor boats, made in Russia, are used for coastal patrols. Ukraine said Russian shelling had killed a male civilian in a village in the northeast Kharkiv region Thursday and ...

  24. Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko berths superyacht in UAE

    Boat's presence in Ras al-Khaimah is a reminder of the Gulf state's ambivalence towards western sanctions on Moscow. Andrey Melnichenko has placed Motor Yacht A in the UAE, ...