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How Lil Yachty Got His Second Act

By Jeff Ihaza

Until the pandemic, Lil Yachty never stopped to think about how quickly he became famous. “It was a full year from walking across the stage in high school to then I’m in this penthouse in midtown Atlanta , I got this G-wagon, put my mother in a house,” Yachty explains. “It’s a fast life. You not ever getting the chance to think about a lot of shit.”

Yachty’s 2016 hit “Minnesota,” which had the treacly energy of a nursery rhyme, earned the then-17-year-old the title “King of the Teens.” But since then, he’s become an elder statesman of a certain brand of young superstar — and something like the Gen Z answer to Diddy. He collaborated with brands like Nautica and Target; he appeared in the movie How High 2 ; he signed an endorsement deal with Sprite. Signees to his new label imprint, Concrete Boys, even get an iced-out chain.

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Born Miles Parks McCollum, Yachty embodies many of the ways the music industry has changed in the past decade. He rose to fame on the internet and commands attention with or without new music. Over Zoom in March, he’s calm and reserved, pausing intently before he responds to questions. The youthful exuberance is still there, though. At one point, his mom, who lives nearby, calls to ask what he wants from the grocery store. “I need Pop-Tarts,” he says sweetly. “I really want them cinnamon-bun Pop-Tarts.”

He can afford lots of Pop-Tarts. Yachty reportedly made $13 million on endorsements in 2016 and 2017. (“Work hard, play hard,” he responds when asked about the number.) He spends more than $50,000 a month on various expenses, according to one recent headline. (“If anything I pay a little more. I have many assets and insurance, plus an elaborate payroll.”) He’s working on a Reese’s Puffs cereal collaboration, a film based on the card game Uno, and he was one of the first rappers to hop on the crypto craze, selling something called a “YachtyCoin” last December in an auction on the platform Nifty Gateway. According to a report from Coinbase, the token sold for $16,050. Yachty explains that when he was first discovered by Quality Control records founder Kevin “Coach K” Lee, “one of the biggest things he talked about was being a brand. Being bigger than just an artist — being a mogul.” 

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In fact, collaboration has come to be a useful tool for Yachty as he sheds the King of the Teens title for something more akin to a rap mogul. “I only work with people I have friendships with, who I really admire,” Yachty says. “And I love working with newer artists, up-and-coming artists.”  Within the world of hip-hop, Yachty has found for himself somewhere between a megastar and internet hero, and it would appear that he’s just settling in. “I just fuck with new talent. Not even like, ‘let me sign you, get under my wing,’ ” he explains. “Just ‘hey, I’ve been in this spot before. I know what that’s like, bada bing, bada boom.’ ”

Yachty started Concrete Boys last year. One of the first signees was his childhood friend Draft Day, who offers one of the more exciting features on Lil Boat 3, on the cut “Demon Time.” “I feel old sometimes,” Yachty admits. “I feel old as fuck when someone’s popping and I don’t know who they are. Which is rare, because I be on my shit.”

Yachty is also at the forefront of a new realm of social platforms, namely Twitch and Discord, that engender more direct communication within communities. Yachty frequently talks directly to fans on both platforms, and in April he collaborated with Discord on “sound packs,” which allowed users to replace the app’s normal notifications with sounds he created. 

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I ask Yachty where he sees himself in five years. “Hopefully, a really successful actor,” he responds. “And with a bangin’ eight pack. I’ll probably cut my hair up, maybe a little beard. Real sex-symbol shit, you know what I’m saying?” For Yachty, who opened the door to a new brand of celebrity rapper, it doesn’t register as wishful thinking. His enduring celebrity is proof of what’s possible with a solid flow and internet savvy. “I just want to do everything. Because I’ve realized I can,” Yachty explains. “I’ve learned the power I have. The only thing stopping me is me, for real.”

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About That Yacht Life: How Teen Rapper Lil Yachty Made It Big

Meet the 18-year-old Atlanta rapper and Yeezy model making waves.


It was 3 p.m. on a Wednesday in New York, and the 18-year-old rapper Miles Parks McCollum, known to everyone as Lil Yachty, could not stop yawning. His bedazzled grill caught the overhead light of a Chinatown hotel room with each Wookie-like yawp; beneath his beaded red braids, it was almost impossible to tell whether or not his eyes were open.

His voice, which had the hypnotic drawl of a Novocaine-induced stupor, only reinforced the appearance of sleepiness. Only when the subject of Supreme surfaced did he perk up: “It went from me going in there to shop, to them playing my music now,” he declared. His friend Chalis, who came up with Yachty in Atlanta, reminded him that they once saw Joe Jonas in the store. Everyone in the room, including other core members of the “Sailing Team”—producer “Burberry Perry” and “Bloody Osiris,” plus Yachty’s manager, who goes by “ Coach K “—busted out laughing.

“I forgot we seen him,” Yachty recalled with a smirk.

Yachty, who came to seemingly everyone’s attention when he modeled in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 show, wore a velvet Supreme sweat suit and Gucci slide sandals. On his neck hung a sizable diamond-encrusted gold medallion with the letters “QC,” which stand for Quality Control. Having only started making music a year ago, this is apparently the prize for going from no one to someone, boy to man, boat to yacht.

Lil Yachty, Perry, Chalis, and Osiris


“In high school, there was a group of older kids who called themselves the ‘Yacht Club,’” Yachty said of his stage name. “I was trying to get in the club.” They eventually let him in, but he had to start from the bottom as Lil Boat, which has since become his alter-ego. “They’re the same person,” Yachty continued. “Same soul. Same body. But one is more calm and the other is more aggressive.”

Chalis, who is two years older, was one of the charter members of the Yacht Club. “We were starting waves,” he said. “We used to record in my closet in Atlanta. We had a bum-ass mic and we put a sock on it. We had nothing.” After graduating, Chalis sailed off to New York. Once he was installed there, Yachty sent him a list of kids he followed on Instagram for Chalis to befriend. The advance team set the table for last summer, when Yachty arrived in town to stay with Chalis; together, they broke onto the scene, successfully networking with the likes of Ian Connor and Eileen Kelly .

“I just thought I’d give it a shot,” said Yachty. “I just wanted to get cool.” He shrugged and then paused, as if his rapid success had finally just hit him. “I was just in a dorm room. I was at Alabama State—I was literally just there !”

Last week, Yachty attracted a crowd so large at his VFiles show that the police had to barricade the street. He then went on to perform at the Museum of Modern Art, followed by a show in Philadelphia with Young Thug. On Tuesday, he released his music video for “ 1 Night ,” which is quickly making its rounds on the Internet for its meme-friendly visuals. “He’s one of the most focused young guys I’ve ever met,” said Coach K, who’s worked with stars like Young Jeezy, Migos, and Gucci Mane. “He’s going to be really big .”

When he’s onstage, Yachty comes to life. In one clip of a performance posted to his Instagram, he jumps up and down so energetically that his sweatpants practically fall off. His hair thwacks his face in sync with the beat. He dives into the audience. He is buoyant, like, well, a yacht.

Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden. Photo by Getty Images.


“He’s got a lot of little white boy fans,” Osiris said of the usual crowd.

“Like lemme-get-a-pic-for-the-gram !” Burberry Perry chimed in.

Music is something that Yachty simply tried, and found that he had a knack for it. “Growing up, my dad used to play India Arie, Coldplay, and Paul McCartney ,” he recalled. His father, Shannon McCollum , is a photographer who’s worked with everyone from Outkast to Dead Prez, so maybe the spotlight is the beam by which Yachty was meant to chart his route. His raps, which have the same hazy quality of his speaking voice and are infused with nonchalant humor, have little to do with the trap artists—like Migos, Young Thug, Young Jeezy, and Future—that came before him in Atlanta. In fact, Yachty claimed he’s not interested in the genre; instead, he described his sound as “colorful” and “soft.”

Meet Lil Yachty, the Teen Rapper Making Waves

lil yachty age

Louis Vuitton shirt, $850, ; Dries Van Noten tank top, $140, ; Ami trousers, $355, .

lil yachty age

Raf Simons v-neck knit, $1,700, ; Theory T-shirt, $75, ; Ami trousers, $355, ; Converse sneakers, $55, ; Lil Yachty’s own jewelry.

lil yachty age

Louis Vuitton shirt, $850, ; Dries Van Noten tank top, $140, ; Lil Yachty’s own jewelry.

lil yachty age

Prada shirt, $710, and sweater, $930, ; Ami pants, $350, ; Falke socks, $28, ; Louis Vuitton sneakers, $785, ; Lil Yachty’s own jewelry.

“When you think of trap, it’s like hard, gutter stuff,” explained Chalis, whose job description seems to be happily filling in Yachty’s long silences. “But we’re young kids; we’re not like that. Obviously, we love trap and are influenced by where we come from, but Yachty is fun. His voice is angelic! A lot of rap you can’t relate to, but Yachty is young. Not even a year ago he was a regular civilian.”

While Yachty claimed the only music he listens to is his own, his friends name-dropped people like Lil Uzi Vert , who is 21. “Why so many Lil’s?” I asked.

“It’s because everyone wants to be a kid again,” explained Osiris.

I turned to Yachty and asked him what else he might hope to accomplish next. He stretched out his arms and yawned deeply, and then mumbled something in his drowsy baritone.

“You want to what?” I asked.

Yachty stuck his hand down his Nautica boxer shorts and closed his eyes: “I just want to be mainstream.”

lil yachty age

Age calculator logo

How old is Lil Yachty?

Lil Yachty was born on 23 August 1997 . Lil Yachty is 26 years old .

How old is Lil Yachty in days now?

Lil Yachty is 26 years 9 months 7 days old . Total 9,777 days old now.

When is the next birthday of Lil Yachty?

Lil Yachty's next birthday is in 2 months 24 days .

What is the zodiac sign of Lil Yachty?

Zodiac sign of Lil Yachty is Virgo .

Lil Yachty is an American singer and rapper known for his red hair. He was born Miles Parks McCollum in 1997 in Georgia. At the age of 17, he moved to New York City to pursue his career as a rapper and started promoting his music on SoundCloud. In 2015 his first single " One Night " became popular and opened Yachty a way to make necessary contacts in the world of hip hop. He collaborated with  Kanye West , DRAM, Kyle, and other rappers. In 2016 he released his two first mixtapes with the singles like " Minnesota ", " Wanna Be Us ", " Pretty ", " Life Goes On ", and many others. In 2017 his first studio album Teenage Emotions came out and managed to reach No 5 in Billboard Charts. A year later, two more albums were released and brought more popularity helping Yachty attract more attention of hip hop fans. In 2018 he became one of the presenters of annual MTV Awards. Lil Yachty also tried acting and modeling by collaborating with a few clothes producing companies. His YouTube channel is extremely popular and, as of the mid 2023, there are almost 2.9 million followers there.

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Music Features

Lil yachty's delightfully absurd path to 'let's start here'.

Matthew Ramirez

lil yachty age

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 29: Lil Yachty performs on the Stage during day 2 of Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival 2017 at Exposition Park on October 29, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Rich Fury/Getty Images hide caption

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 29: Lil Yachty performs on the Stage during day 2 of Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival 2017 at Exposition Park on October 29, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

Lil Yachty often worked better as an idea than a rapper. The late-decade morass of grifters like Lil Pump, amidst the self-serious reign of Future and Drake (eventual Yachty collaborators, for what it's worth), created a demand for something lighter, someone charismatic, a throwback to a time in the culture when characters like Biz Markie could score a hit or Kool Keith could sustain a career in one hyper-specific lane of rap fandom. Yachty fulfilled the role: His introduction to many was through a comedy skit soundtracked by his viral breakout "1 Night," which tapped into the song's deadpan delivery and was the perfect complement for its sleepy charm. The casual fan knows him best for a pair of collaborations in 2016: as one-half of the zeitgeist-defining single "Broccoli" with oddity D.R.A.M., or "iSpy," a top-five pop hit with backpack rapper Kyle. Yachty embodied the rapper as larger-than-life character — from his candy-colored braids to his winning smile — and while the songs themselves were interesting, you could be forgiven for wondering if there was anything substantial behind the fun, the grounds for the start of a long career.

As if to supplement his résumé, Yachty seemed to emerge as a multimedia star. Perhaps you remember him in a Target commercial; heard him during the credits for the Saved by the Bell reboot; spotted him on a cereal box; saw him co-starring in the ill-fated 2019 sequel to How High . TikTok microcelebrity followed. Then the sentences got more and more absurd: Chef Boyardee jingle with Donny Osmond; nine-minute video cosplaying as Oprah; lead actor in an UNO card game movie. Somewhere in a cross-section of pop-culture detritus and genuine hit-making talent is where Yachty resides. That he didn't fade away immediately is a testament to his charm as a cultural figure; Yachty satisfied a need, and in his refreshingly low-stakes appeal, you could imagine him as an MTV star in an alternate universe. Move the yardstick of cultural cachet from album sales to likes and he emerges as a generation-defining persona, if not musician.

Early success and exposure can threaten anyone's career, none so much as those connected to the precarious phenomenon of SoundCloud rap. Yachty's initial peak perhaps seeded his desire years later to sincerely pursue artistry with Let's Start Here , an album fit for his peculiar trajectory, because throughout the checks from Sprite and scolding Ebro interviews he never stopped releasing music, seemingly to satisfy no one other than himself and the generation of misfits that he seemed to be speaking for.

But to oversell him as a personality belittles his substantial catalog. Early mixtapes like Lil Boat and Summer Songs 2 , which prophetically brought rap tropes and pop sounds into harmony, were sustained by the teenage artist's commitment to selling the vibe of a track as he warbled its memorable hook. It was perhaps his insistence to demonstrate that he could rap, too, that most consistently pockmarked his output during this period. These misses were the necessary growing pains of a kid still finding his footing, and through time and persistence, a perceived weakness became a strength. Where his peers Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti found new ways to express themselves in music, Yachty dug in his heels and became Quality Control's oddball representative, acquitting himself on guest appearances and graduating from punchline rapper to respectable vet culminating in the dense and rewarding Lil Boat 3 from 2020, Yachty's last official album.

Which is why the buzzy, viral "Poland" from the end of 2022 hit different — Yachty tapped back into the same lively tenor of his early breakthroughs. The vibrato was on ten, the beat menaced and hummed like a broken heater, he rapped about taking cough syrup in Poland, it was over in under two minutes and endlessly replayable. Yachty has already lived a full career arc in seven years — from the 2016 king of the teens, to budding superstar, to pitchman, to regional ambassador. But following "Poland" with self-aware attempts at similar virality would be a mistake, and you can't pivot your way to radio stardom after a hit like that, unless you're a marketing genius like Lil Nas X. How does he follow up his improbable second chance to grab the zeitgeist?

Lil Yachty, 'Poland'


Lil yachty, 'poland'.

Let's Start Here is Lil Yachty's reinvention, a born-again Artist's Statement with no rapping. It's billed as psychedelic rock but has a decidedly accessible sound — the sun-kissed warmth of an agreeable Tame Impala song, with bounce-house rhythms and woozy guitars in the mode of Magdalena Bay and Mac DeMarco (both of whom guest on the album) — something that's not quite challenging but satisfying nonetheless. Contrast with 2021's Michigan Boy Boat , where Yachty performed as tour guide through Michigan rap: His presence was auxiliary by function on that tape, as he ceded the floor to Babyface Ray, Sada Baby and Rio Da Yung OG; it was tantalizing curation, if not a work of his own personal artistry. It's tempting to cast Let's Start Here as another act of roleplay, but what holds this album together is Yachty's magnetic pull. Whether or not you're someone who voluntarily listens to the Urban Outfitters-approved slate of artists he's drawing upon, his star presence is what keeps you engaged here.

Yachty has been in the studio recording this album since 2021, and the effort is tangible. He didn't chase "Poland" with more goofy novelties, but he also didn't spit this record out in a month. Opener (and highlight) "The Black Seminole" alternates between Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix-lite references. It's definitely a gauntlet thrown even if halfway through you start to wonder where Yachty is. The album's production team mostly consists of Patrick Wemberly (formerly of Chairlift), Jacob Portrait (of Unknown Mortal Orchestra), Jeremiah Raisen (who's produced for Charli XCX, Sky Ferreira and Drake) and Yachty himself, who's established himself as a talented producer since his early days. (MGMT's Ben Goldwasser also contributed.) The group does a formidable job composing music that is dense and layered enough to register as formally unconventional, if not exactly boundary-pushing. Yachty frequently reaches for his "Poland"-inspired uber-vibrato, which adds a bewitching texture to the songs, placing him in the center of the track. Other moments that work: the spoken-word interlude "Failure," thanks to contemplative strumming from Alex G, and "The Ride," a warm slow-burn that coasts on a Jam City beat, giving the album a lustrous Night Slugs moment. "I've Officially Lost Vision" thrashes like Yves Tumor.

Yet the best songs on Let's Start Here push Yachty's knack for hooks and snaking melodies to the fore and rely less on studio fireworks — the laid-back groove of "Running Out of Time," the mournful post-punk of "Should I B?" and the slow burn of "Pretty," which features a bombastic turn from vocalist Foushee. That Yachty's vaunted indie collaborators were able to work in simpatico with him proves his left-of-center bonafides. It's a reminder that he's often lined his projects with successful non-rap songs, curios like "Love Me Forever" from Lil Boat 2 and "Worth It" from Nuthin' 2 Prove . That renders Let's Start Here a less startling turn than it may appear at first glance, and also underlines his recurring talent for making off-kilter pop music, a gift no matter the perceived genre.

At a listening event for the record, Yachty stated: "I created [this] because I really wanted to be taken seriously as an artist. Not just some SoundCloud rapper, not some mumble rapper. Not some guy that just made one hit," seemingly aware of the culture war within his own genre and his place along the spectrum of low- to highbrow. To be sure, whether conscious of it or not, this kind of mentality is dismissive of rap music as an artform, and also undermines the good music Yachty has made in the past. Holing up in the studio to make digestibly "weird" indie-rock with a cast of talented white people isn't intrinsically more artistic or valid than viral hits or a one-off like "Poland." But this statement scans less as self-loathing and more as a renewed confidence, a tribute to the album's collective vision. And people like Joe Budden have been saying "I don't think Yachty is hip-hop " since he started. So what if he wants to break rank now?

Lil Yachty entered the cultural stage at 18, and has grown up in public. It adds up that, now 25, he would internalize all the scrutiny he's received and wish to cement his artistry after a few thankless years rewriting the rules for young, emerging rappers. Let's Start Here may not be the transcendent psychedelic rock album that he seeks, but it is reflective of an era of genreless "vibes" music. Many young listeners likely embraced Yachty and Tame Impala simultaneously; it tracks he would want to bring these sounds together in a genuine attempt to reach a wider audience. Nothing about this album is cynical, but it is opportunistic, a creation in line with both a shameless mixed-media existence and his everchanging pop alchemy. The "genre" tag in streaming metadata means less than it ever has. Credit to Yachty for putting that knowledge to use.

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lil yachty age

Known throughout the Internet as that guy with the red beads in his red-threaded hair, Lil Yachty has emerged seemingly out-of-nowhere as the coolest kid in the rap game. Somewhere between Lil B’s California and Yung Lean’s Scandinavia lies the ATL of Yachty’s making, a surreal mix of styles, both Southern and cerebral. The Georgia-rapper’s cyberspace hit “1Night” might sound like high altitude cloud rap, but the rapper also known as Lil Boat takes his influence decisively from life on the seven seas. Since hitting the starboard with his debut mixtape, Yachty has collaborated with the likes of DRAM, Kylie Jenner, and most notably, Chance the Rapper on “Mixtape,” the street-standout on Chano’s insta-classic Coloring Book .

lil yachty age

Lil Yachty

Irreverent rapper/singer whose output has ranged from bubblegum trap to psychedelic rock.

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Meet the Members of Lil Yachty’s Concrete Boys Crew

Here’s a breakdown with everything you need to know about each of the members in Lil Yachty’s collective.

Lil Yachty is determined to keep rap collectives alive with his eclectic Concrete Boys crew.

Over the past couple of years, he’s been assembling a collection of artists—Karrahbooo, Camo!, Dc2trill, and Draft Day—who each reflect the new and exciting sound that has been bubbling in the South. 

Draft Day is the first ‘Crete signee who can fit on any type of beat with his chameleonic flow; Dc2trill is the spark plug who injects every track with Southern energy; Camo! has some of the most elite wordplay in the group; and Karrahbooo has emerged as the biggest star so far, with a laid-back personality that matches her effortless flow.

“Concrete [means] you’re just a solid individual,” Draft Day said during an interview with Montreality , explaining what bonds them all together. “You’re truly yourself. You know who you are as a person, at the end of the day. You’re gonna stand tall on whatever you put out into the world, whatever you’re doing. Can’t nobody tell you shit, and you’re just solid.” 

Before Concrete’s first project as a collective It’s Us Volume 1 drops this week, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about each of the members in Lil Yachty’s crew.

lil yachty age

View this video on YouTube

What songs should I listen to first? “Running Late,” “Box The 40,” “On The Radar Concrete Cypher”

Who is she?

Karrahbooo, a 27-year-old rapper from Atlanta, realized she wanted to pursue rap while working as an assistant for Lil Yachty, before dropping her first song “Money Counter” when he fired her in 2022. At first, her main goal was to be an actor, and as she explained in an interview with Montreality , “I’m only rapping because I saw Boat doing a movie when I was his assistant, and that’s the day I was like, ‘I want to be a rapper,’ because you can just be an actor from being a rapper if you’re fly enough. That’s how Boat did it.” Regardless of what her original dreams were, however, Karrahbooo has become an integral cog in the Concrete Boys machine, earning her place as the most well-known artist in the crew (outside of Yachty) thanks to viral moments like her breakout verse on Concrete’s On The Radar freestyle cypher last year. And her aspirations as an actress can be seen in her cameo in an old Druski skit that resurfaced on social media recently. 

What’s her role in the crew?

The First Lady of the ‘Crete doesn’t rap like any of her male counterparts in the crew. Instead, she adopts a syrupy flow similar to Detroit rappers like Veeze and Babytron who intentionally duck and weave the beat. Her laid-back flow has been getting a lot of people talking lately, because of how drowsy her cadence can sound over upbeat production (like on her most recent release “RIP Follies” ) but her unique style is setting Karrah apart from her peers. In most cases, she knows how to ride the beat at her own effective pace, like on “Running Late,” “Box the 40,” and Concrete’s Christmas cypher, where she lets her cadence flow freely like a meandering river. However divisive she may be, she has more charisma than anyone in the crew and she’s dedicated to being herself, which is her greatest weapon. 

Can you explain this in basketball terms?

If you take her interviews about wanting to be an actor more than a rapper at face value, Karrah is like the Nikola Jokic of the Concrete Boys: she’s a natural bucket, but she’s very nonchalant about the game itself.

lil yachty age

What songs should I listen to first? “With You” f/ Lil Yachty, “Swap Her Birk,” “Jet Lag”

Camo! is an Atlanta rapper who has been releasing music since 2019. He met Lil Yachty on the video shoot for “ Split/Whole Time” and the two would connect again a year later when Yachty invited the young rapper to the studio. From there, Camo continued reaching out to his new mentor until eventually falling under the Concrete umbrella around the same time as Karrahbooo in 2022. He has since appeared in several Concrete Boys cyphers and joined Yachty on a collab called “With You” in 2023.

What’s his role in the crew?

Camo raps with a cadence that is often very similar to Yachty’s, but the sound of his voice is smoother and he might have the best technical rapping ability out of anyone in the group. When Concrete needs hard bars on songs like their “ Concrete Cypher,” Camo is always ready to deliver, despite being one of the younger members of the group (his exact age is unclear, but he said he met Yachty in 2022 when he was just starting college, which would make him around 20 or 21 right now). 

He’s lyrically savvy beyond his years, using clever bars to keep Concrete tracks seasoned, making him the scrappy young Rajon Rondo (think ‘08 Celtics era) of the crew.

lil yachty age

What songs should I listen to first? “ Grooviest In The World,” “ Fomo,” “Show Me The Money” 

Dc2trill was born in Texas, but he split time between Texas and Alabama for most of his life. He dropped his first song called “PassAround” nine years ago when he was in high school, which helped him gain some regional notoriety. Then he got in contact with Yachty after J Bans reached out and said that Boat was a fan in 2019, before eventually linking up a year later. “We ended up recording a couple songs. He pulled me out of the session and was like, ‘Yo, bro I want to sign you, and I want to help you with your music,” Trill explained in an interview with Tapped In . Dc2trill flew out to Detroit with Yachty while he was working on his Michigan Boy Boat mixtape, and was featured on the legendary “Royal Rumble” posse cut that dropped before the tape in 2021. The two have been working together ever since. 

As the only artist who didn’t grow up in Atlanta, Dc2trill brings a different sound and perspective to the crew, and he’s been releasing music longer than anyone (besides Yachty). His solo music is very impressive, especially his most recent 2023 album, Family Matters, where he was able to pair gritty rhymes and a southern twang with silky jazz samples. The tape already has motion on the streets with tracks like “Grooviest In The World” and “Fomo,” and it’s clear the people are slowly catching up to the talent that he has.

Think of Dc2trill as Warriors-era Andre Iguodala; he might not always be super flashy, but he’s an MVP-caliber player in the framework of his team

lil yachty age

What songs should I listen to first? “How Far Will I Go” f/ Lil Yachty, “Popovich Freestyle” f/ Lil Yachty, “Sunday Talkin”

Draft Day was the first artist officially signed to Concrete Boys back in 2021, and the two had already known each other for several years before that. He’s originally from Broward County, Florida, but eventually moved to Atlanta and started making music when he was in high school. He met Yachty around the same time through mutual friends when he was a freshman in high school. “We just built that relationship beyond music, just as a brother,” Draft Day said in an interview with Lyrical Lemonade. “Through the time, he just saw my work ethic, and now we’re here today. He signed me, and we’re here today.” Anyone paying close attention to the Lil Yachty extended universe is familiar with Draft Day through little cameos like when Drake noticed him looking out into the distance during an interview with Yachty and jokingly said, “I’ve just been looking at Draft Day staring off into the sunset, knowing his time is coming.”

Draft Day has a similar flow as Camo!, except he stays on the beat more than his Concrete counterpart, who sometimes intentionally slips in and out of it. His raspy voice and reliable flow help him add a different complexion to the group’s tracks, and hopefully the excitement generated from It’s Us Volume 1 will give him more momentum as he prepares to drop his first full-length solo project since 2019.

Because he’s helped build the collective from the ground up with Yachty, he has an instinctual understanding of how to rap with the other members of the crew and enhance their rhymes, making him the Chris Paul of the team. He’s an assist master, but is still hunting for that big solo moment to crystalize his career. 

View this photo on Instagram

Giovanna Ramos is an Atlanta-based model who formed a close friendship with Lil Yachty after she moved out to Atlanta last year. She’s included in the Concrete Boys family portrait that Yachty recently posted, so we’re including her on this list, and a photo of her gold grills were used as the cover art for Yachty’s “Slide” single art. “I genuinely did not know I was going to be the cover for these projects,” Ramos told Complex about her involvement in the “Slide” visuals. “[Yachty] sent me ‘Slide’ a while back and I kept telling him almost every day like ‘Bro this is my favorite song right now’ and then a few months later he hit me up saying ‘Come over tomorrow, we shooting the video’ and I was super excited.” Gio has been hanging with the crew ever since her involvement on “Slide,” and can be seen in the background of other Concrete artists’ music videos .

Gio doesn’t rap, so she isn’t an artist on the crew, but it’s clear by her inclusion in the family portrait that she’s an important part of Concrete. When you see the ‘Crete, you’ll see her. While Gio doesn’t make music, she provides the swag and energy that every rap collective needs.

Think of her as a player like PJ Tucker: someone who keeps the locker room in check and makes sure the team is staying fly. 


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‘You’ve got to be memorable’ … Lil Yachty.

Lil Yachty: ‘Older hip-hop people don't understand evolution – or don't want it’

Atlanta’s 19-year-old Lil Yachty is at the vanguard of a new wave of anything-goes rap – and he’s broken all the rules to get there. He talks about pickpocketing social media, creating a cartoon character and his love of Coldplay

L il Yachty is not happy. Last night, the 19-year-old rapper played a sold-out London show with Migos , but feels that the crowd favoured the wildly hyped hip-hop trio over him. “I just didn’t get the energy,” he sighs, a little melodramatically. “I just gotta work on my music. I gotta make some more hits that everyone likes.”

He looks so downcast that I try to comfort him by reminding him that a) he already has a string of singles that loads of people like, and b) he hasn’t even released his debut album yet. He looks slightly less morose. A more comprehensive pep talk would include his millions of social media followers, tens of millions of YouTube views, his Grammy nomination (for the DRAM collaboration Broccoli ), his slew of guest verses (he did more than 40 last year, including one for the Chance the Rapper album) and the fact that his meticulously orchestrated image has made him one of the most recognisable faces in contemporary hip-hop.

It does seem fitting, however, that Lil Yachty is in a fug of angsty self-pity. After all, the rapper – otherwise known as Miles McCollum – has christened himself “king of the teens”, and is using his precocity to channel the rollercoaster of self-doubt and euphoria that is adolescent life to create his first album, Teenage Emotions. To some – including a significant faction of the hip-hop community – Yachty is a frighteningly modern proposition: a teenager obsessed with branding, social media and outlandish fashion who makes music that exists somewhere between deadly serious and very silly. With his grinning, vocoder-drugged vocals, love of crappy, retro internet graphics, samples from Rugrats and Mario and lyrics about fun and friendship, Yachty is at the vanguard of a new wave of rap stripped of gangster danger and instead fuelled by an anything-goes wackiness.

Yachty isn’t just the man of the moment because of his “bubblegum trap” , as he once jokingly described it (he hates the term now, but sadly for him it’s an excellent description of his rapturous, hyper-consumable sound). It’s more the way he has harnessed social media. Forget the 00s stereotype of a middle-class teen sticking a few tracks on MySpace and waiting for the record deals to roll in.

Instead, from the day he left high school, Yachty set about coordinating a full-scale social media offensive. He began accruing followers by going to stay with a friend in New York, attending parties and deliberately not promoting the music he was producing in case it smacked of desperation (“I didn’t want to be that rapper handing out mixtapes, trying to get people to listen to it”). Soon his socialising got him featured on other people’s accounts. “If you take a picture with somebody and they tag you, they now know who you are,” he explains. “I just started meeting people with 10,000, 5,000 [followers]. Because back then that was a lot – I had 1,000, so if you had 10,000, that’s 9,000 more than me, you could help introduce me. You have 10, I have two of those, I have three now. I just pickpocketed everyone’s following.”

Lil Yachty onstage in Paris, February 2017.

This internet savviness is something Yachty prides himself on. “Nobody looked at things how I looked at it back then, about two years ago,” he says. “I knew how the internet worked. But it didn’t work as quick [as he thought it would], and I got a little scared. So that’s when I went to college.” He studied broadcasting for a short time before dropping out. Then, one of his songs was used in a hugely successful viral video, he was invited to model for Kanye’s fashion line and was soon on the road towards bona fide pop-stardom, thanks to a series of infectious singles, including 1 Night and Minnesota .

Not that his canny careerism ended there. What followed was a spate of serious self-branding. Yachty’s distinctive look – tomato ketchup-coloured braids, offbeat retro sportswear – has been part of a deliberate move to make himself into a product. “You’ve got to be like a cartoon character, you’ve got to be memorable,” he says. “You see him and you know. SpongeBob wears a button-up shirt with a tie and brown pants. He opens his closet, he got the same thing.”

Having been keen to differentiate himself from his fellow students at high school, he now began doing it in a more considered way. “I had these white glasses I used to wear all the time. People started coming to my shows wearing white glasses, or they had their hair braided with white glasses,” he says. He also “used to wear stripes all the time, like a sailor”, as well as thrifted items from Nautica, a big US label in the 90s. He was determined to get an advertising deal off the back of it and surpassed himself on that front: nowadays, he’s the brand’s creative director. Yachty seems especially enthusiastic about his work with brands: when counting his blessings, he focuses on his advertising deals: “I didn’t think I would work for Nautica,” he says. “I never thought in my life I would have a Sprite deal , never in my life did I think I would have a Target deal , ever.” (He features in adverts for the companies, alongside LeBron James and Carly Rae Jepsen respectively.)

For Yachty and his peers, the idea that flogging stuff and having artistic integrity are mutually exclusive is not just old fashioned but nonsensical. “People on my comments call me a sellout,” he says with frustration. “What’s the problem? I never do anything crazy. They have instructions – you want me to dance and record a song for half a million dollars? OK. I’m a 19 year-old kid from the suburbs. I didn’t grow up in the hood. I wasn’t gangbanging. What the fuck am I selling out from?” Yet he’s also adamant that he wouldn’t pretend to be something he wasn’t just to get a deal. He doesn’t drink or smoke, which he suggests gives him the edge when it comes to corporate big bucks – but that’s just good luck. “That’s how things work, you be who you are, and then people like you. They gravitate. You don’t act like something for it. That’s just who I was.”

The cover of Teenage Emotions.

Yachty grew up in Atlanta, a city with a rich hip-hop history that stretches from OutKast and TLC to the current cluster of acts including Future, Young Thug, 21 Savage and ILoveMakonnen that have helped the area become rap music’s capital over the past couple of years. Despite being signed to Atlanta’s trend-setting indie label Quality Control, Yachty says he feels as if he exists outside the scene due to his suburban upbringing. “Those people who are all part of that 21 Savage [crew], they grew up there. I kinda grew up on the outside of the suburbs, listening to Coldplay and shit, which they don’t fuck with. So that’s why my music is so much different. And open.”

Yachty is obsessed with Coldplay, in a way so myopic that I am convinced he knows it has comedy value. “Most of my influences aren’t rap. I love Coldplay,” he tells me. He’s especially evangelical about Chris Martin (“just his voice, the way he uses it as an instrument”) and reels off – presumably as proof of his devotion – the band’s entire discography. Was he an obsessive fan of anyone else during his childhood? “Coldplay. Only Coldplay.”

It’s this register – not sarcastic, but knowingly comic – that characterises Yachty’s music, with its silly pitched-up singing, cartoonish samples, pop-mindedness and disregard for the tropes of hip-hop. You might call it post-ironic – simultaneously earnest and knowing. It’s also why Yachty gets annoyed when people describe his music as a joke. “It just isn’t hardcore or street or gangster. People confuse it for funny, or jokeyish, but it’s just as serious as anything else,” he says. He used to write skits as a child, and still has comedy characters – including an old man called Darnell Boat – in his arsenal. He must recognise that his act is amusing? He softens his defence slightly. “Of course. It’s fun, it’s definitely fun – I can see how it’s funny,” he says. “I’m promoting positivity, I’m promoting happiness and loving yourself and having fun. But it’s not a joke.”

When Yachty revealed the cover for Teenage Emotions , this irreverent joyousness was at the fore, the rapper surrounded by a range of adolescents that deviate from the “norm”, including a gay couple, a girl with vitiligo, a boy with albinism and an overweight girl. He was motivated to create it, he says, “because these people are people too. As a teenager, that’s when you first start seeing all these different things. Gay people, people with vitiligo – everyone’s still a human.” The message is one of celebration and kindness, and it makes me think of the way young people are more confident about their difference nowadays, asserting it on social media in a climate of what seems like greater acceptance.

But Yachty suggests this is a relatively superficial reading of what’s happening. “As much as it is that way, it’s not that way,” he says. “A lot of people behind doors are depressed because they wake up and they see themselves and they feel like they’re not the same as anyone else. You know, and they are. So that’s why I did this cover, putting all the quote unquote outcasts on the cover, because I’m like the outcast in hip-hop. What can I do about it? I’m not going to spend time trying to please anybody. I just do me. I’m not trying to bother anybody.”

Yachty isn’t exactly overturning every hip-hop cliche – his lyrics are still punctuated by “pussies”, “bitches”, and involved blowjob similes – but he is unconventional enough to disturb the genre, attracting scorn (or bewilderment) from rappers including J Cole , Lil Wayne , Soulja Boy , Vic Mensa , Anderson Paak and Joe Budden . “Older hip-hop people, they don’t understand evolution, or just don’t want it. One of the two,” he says dolefully. It’s true that there hasn’t really been a punk moment in hip-hop – no burn-your-idols equivalent of Johnny Rotten’s I Hate Pink Floyd T-shirt rebellion – and the genre still respects its elders: in the endless echo chamber of the internet, Yachty has got a huge amount of grief for being slightly flippant about the talents of Tupac and Biggie. He says US radio’s hip-hop establishment is the worst for chastising him: “These people that have been waiting to see you – they’re gonna let you have it.”

Yet despite his despondency at all the ruffled feathers, disgruntled hip-hop stalwarts and alienated crowds, it’s clear that this outsider status is Yachty’s lifeblood. “I couldn’t be regular,” he says, horrified at the notion. As the self-appointed poster boy for young people who feel out of place, he’s got the perfect motto. “I always wanted to be different”, he says decisively. “Being the same sucks.”

Teenage Emotions is released by Quality Control on 26 May

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Lil Yachty: The Full Profile

lil yachty age

Home » Artist » Lil Yachty: The Full Profile

As someone who would describe himself as more of an artist than a rapper, Lil Yachty burst onto the scene in 2016 after one of his SoundCloud tracks went viral. Since then, his aptitude on social media has kept him afloat and kept the collaboration requests rolling in. But what type of a man is Lil Yachty really, and what does the future have in store for him?

Lil Yachty was born under the name Miles Parks McCollum in Mableton, Georgia. He grew up in Atlanta and was introduced to a life of media production through his father, Shannon McCollum, a well-known photographer. At an early age, he became accustomed to being in front of a camera and was introduced to music of many genres, inspiring him to be someone that didn’t hold to one version of what art could be. His musical influences ranged from the likes of Kanye West and Soulja Boy to Coldplay and Fall Out Boy to classics like the Beatles.  

Growing up, Lil Yachty wasn’t afraid to stand out. He liked fashion, he liked bright colors, and he was bullied for it. But he always knew that his differences were what made him stand apart from others, distinct and memorable instead of fading into the background. He would use that to build his brand and his following. 

Going Viral: A Burgeoning Career

Lil Yachty has been grouped with a new generation of rappers. These rappers gain huge fan bases from social media and achieve fame by going viral off Soundcloud and other media platforms. The longevity of their careers depends on if they can adapt to the new trends and keep their fans while remaining distinctly themselves. 

The Beginning of Lil Yachty, the Artist

In 2015, Miles Parks McCollum decided to move to New York City after living in Atlanta and working at McDonald’s. He stayed with a friend and lived humbly, slowly building up his social media presence and networking skills. This slow pace led to him attending college at Alabama State University for what would only be a short two months, before he decided to move back and fully dedicate himself to cultivating a network of like-minded artists. Thus, Miles McCollum became Lil Yachty.

Going Viral

Lil Yachty got his start on Soundcloud, where his song “One Night” went viral after it was used in a comedy video. With these newfound thousands of eyes on him, he was able to capitalize on his months of hard work networking with fashion personalities and get a job modeling for Kanye West’s 2016 Yeezy show in Madison Square Garden. 

Soon after his modeling exposure, he released his first mixtape Lil Boat , which peaked at 106th on the US Billboard 200. The rest of 2016 was filled with successful collaborations and featuring spots. Two features in particular, on “Broccoli” by DRAM and “iSpy” by Kyle, were extremely well received and were nominated for numerous awards, putting Lil Yachty firmly in the public eye. 

Signing With a Label

Nearly a year after signing a joint record deal with Motown Records, Quality Control Music, and Capitol Records, Lil Yachty released his first full-length studio album, Teenage Emotions, in May of 2017. The album peaked at 5th on the US Billboard 200 and paved the way for two additional studio albums released in 2018, Lil Boat 2 and Nuthin’ 2 Prove respectively. 

Throughout 2019 and 2020, Lil Yachty continued his streak of features and collaborations with other artists until he released his fourth studio album in May of 2020, Lil Boat 3 . The album peaked at 14th on the US Billboard 200, the lowest position of any of his albums. However, the lower ranking of his last album didn’t deter the rapper’s determination at all. In fact, it was seemingly bolstered by the fact that Drake , a man who Lil Yachty has long looked up to and idolized, featured on one of Lil Yachty’s Lil Boat 3 tracks, “Oprah’s Bank Account.” 

Image and Musical Style

A unique figure in the crowd, Lil Yachty has long said he doesn’t want to be put in a mold, stuck in one genre or image. He wants to be considered an artist more than a rapper. 

When Lil Yachty broke out on the scene, he was instantly recognizable for his brightly dyed red hair with beads, usually styled artfully in his face. However, 2020 saw the rapper ditch the red braids for his natural black color. Although some fans tried to analyze it as a sign of a turn to darker tones in his music, Lil Yachty has maintained that (much like Ariana Grande) his new hair is due to the strain that the red dye had on his hair, causing it to not grow correctly and to even fall out. So yes, the red dye is gone, but he still maintains his braids and beads. 

Although Lil Yachty once was well known for his sparkling grill, nowadays, you’ll see him rocking a pair of very expensive veneers, as has been the trend for social media stars in 2020. 

As someone who has deliberately kept a more mysterious and yet still open persona, Lil Yachty doesn’t have a specific style. Or, at least he won’t share it. He seems to be open to all types of fashion but isn’t one to follow specific trends. He does what he feels looks and feels right in the moment, whether it be matching his beads to his clothes or admiring crop tops on men. 

For a man with such a unique combination of influences, styles, likes, and dislikes, defining him is actually very straightforward. He’s easygoing. This easygoing nature is what has appealed to his fans for so long. He’s humorous, fun, and distinctly lighthearted, a recipe for success on social media. 

Musical Style

Early on in his career, Lil Yachty’s music was disregarded by established rappers who thought his generation of Soundcloud rappers wasn’t authentic or real to the genre. He was accused of being style over substance, with his rap style specifically being called “ mumble rap .”

These early criticisms didn’t seem to phase Lil Yachty much, as he had long wanted himself to be genre-defying with his music anyways. He rejected restrictions of what people consider to be real rap. As his fanbase is mainly young like him, he wants to remain relatable, wholesome even, wanting to rap more about teenage life than alcohol and drugs. In fact, in his early days, he claimed to not like the taste of alcohol or the effects of drugs, saying he didn’t need either in his life. 

Lil Yachty has described his music as “happy bubblegum trap” and “boat music,” an interesting choice of description since three of his four albums are named Lil Boat 1 , Lil Boat 2 , and Lil Boat 3 .

He wants his music to be fun and genre defying. To that end, he raps about video games and samples music and themes from cartoons to include in his songs. Lighthearted and fun, Lil Yachty doesn’t want his music to be a copy of rappers before him; he wants to be distinctly unique. An artist more than a rapper, a recognizable brand above all else. 


With 14 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs, four full studio albums, and a fervent young fan base founded on social media, Lil Yachty is quickly blazing a path in the music industry. He continues to reap the rewards of his hard-won networking skills, collaborating with dozens of rappers and producers – some up and coming, while others are people he has admired for ages. In 2016, he even appeared in a Sprite commercial with Lebron James, expanding his network even further beyond artists in the music business.  

Lil Yachty has appeared in three movies: Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve , Long Shot , and How High 2 . He has also done voice work in one animated movie: Teen Titans Go! To the Movies . 

Awards – Songs

“Broccoli” by Dram featuring Lil Yachty

  • 2017 Billboard Music Awards nominations for top rap collaboration, top rap song, and top audio streaming song 
  • 2017 MTV Video Music Awards nominations for best hip hop video and best collaboration. 
  • 2017 Grammy nomination for best rap/sung collection. 

“iSpy” by Kyle featuring Lil Yachty

  • 2017 MTV Video Music Awards nomination for best visual effects.
  • 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards nomination for best video. 

Awards – Personal

  • 2017 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards nomination for best new international artist.  

Personal Life

Although he gained fame through social media, Lil Yachty’s personal life has been fairly quiet when compared to the blatant over-exposure of other artists and influencers. 

Famous Friends and Feuds

At the beginning of his career, Lil Yachty was a part of a group called The Sailing Team, composed of other rappers and producers such as K$upreme, Burberry Perry, and his own sister Kodie Shane. However, since 2019 Lil Yachty has stated that The Sailing Team is no more, claiming that his effort in the group outweighed the rest of their contributions. 

Lil Yachty gained his initial fame from social media. He owes much to it, and yet it has also landed him in controversy and feuds. Most controversy comes from his twitter account, and song lyrics, namely his song “E-ER,” which fans have felt sexualizes a female TikTok star inappropriately. 

One of Lil Yachty’s most famous controversies was a three-day feud with Soulja Boy over a photo and leaked audio. It resulted in a public reconciliation over social media and a few extra thousand followers each for them. 

Issues With the Law

In 2015, Lil Yachty was arrested in Florida for credit card fraud and stayed in jail until he paid a bail of $11,000. He cited the incident as something he never wanted to repeat. However, the dreaded year of 2020 brought more issues with the law in the form of speeding and crashing Ferraris. 

He is also currently being sued for assault and battery following an altercation with a man during the 2019 Rolling Loud festival. 

What’s Next?

Lil Yachty has promised his fans new music for 2021 and has so far released a music video called “ Royal Rumble ,” a collaboration with six other rappers all hailing from Michigan. He also has plans to tour starting in May, with a stop at the Rolling Loud Festival in Portugal in June. 

Beyond music, he will have a role in the upcoming Mattel Films movie based on the game Uno. So far, it is said to be a heist movie based in Atlanta, following Atlanta’s underground hip hop culture. 

Other than that, he stays a constant influence on social media, recently showing off his closet and impressive collection of shoes. As someone who was built on the backbone of social media, the race to stay relevant is ever important to an artist such as Lil Yachty. The music industry held more interest in him in the beginning of his career, as he had skyrocketed so fast and so young into the public eye. However, Lil Yachty still peaks interest and is bound to remain in the game for a while, if at least due to his business skills. 

The Sudden Rise of Lil Yachty | NY Times

They Came From Soundcloud: Lil Uzi Vert and the 6 Rappers Who Could Be Rock Stars | W Magazine

Lil Yachty Drops New Video for Michigan Hip-Hop Posse Cut ‘Royal Rumble’ | Rolling Stone

Lil Yachty | Biography & History | All Music

Lil Yachty Says He Stopped Trying To Promote The Sailing Team Because They Were “Really Lazy” | Genius  

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lil yachty age

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Lil Yachty Biography, Age, Wiki, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Family & More

Sarah Dawson

Biography / Wiki

As the rapping world is at the top of its popularity, some rappers established themselves in the music industry and one of them is proficient rapper ‘Miles Parks McCollum’ professionally known as ‘Lil Yachty’ who is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter.

He is well recognized for his singles “One Night” and “Minnesota” as well as for his mixtapes “Summer Songs 2” and “Lil Boat”.

For his tremendous music and rapping, he received two MTV Video Music Awards nominations for ‘Broccoli’ and a Grammy nomination for ‘Broccoli’under the category of Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. After that, there is no looking back after Lil Yachty.

Height / Weight / Age

Born on 23 August 1997, this prominent rapper turned 25 years old. He seems enough tall with his height which is 180 centimeters and 5’9” feet. He maintains himself very fit and healthy with a weight of 70 kilograms and 154 lbs in pounds.

Moreover, he is very conscious about his physique and follows a regular and healthy diet in order to keep himself fit as a fiddle with the body measurements of 40 inches chest, 32 inches waist, and 14 inches biceps approximately.

He has earned a good amount of money from his singing and rapping as well as from his endorsement deal with several brands such as Puma, Adidas, EA Sports, Icebox Jewelry, Nautica, Sprite, and many more. His estimated net worth is to be $8 million.

Education / Family

Lil was born and raised in Mableton, Georgia, USA and belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity. He is born to his father Shannon McCollum who is a professional photographer and his mother Lily McCollum.

He also has a lovely sister named Nina McCollum. As for his education, he completed his schooling at his local high school and further went to Alabama State University but he dropped out of college just after two months.

Career / Fashion and Style

As of his career, he used to work at a McDonald’s restaurant. He adopted the stage name “Yachty” in 2015. In 2015, he moved to New York City to pursue his music career. In December 2015, rose to prominence after his song ‘One Night’. He made his debut as a model in Yeezy Season 3 fashion line at Madison Square Garden in 2016.

He released his debut mixtape, ‘Lil Boat’ on March 9, 2016. He collaborated with DRAM on the hit song “Broccoli” in April 2016 and the song peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. He featured on Chance the Rapper ‘s Coloring Book mixtape in May 2016.

He announced he had signed a record deal with Quality Control Music, Motown Records, and Capitol Records in June 2016. In July 2016, he released his second mixtape, ‘Summer Songs 2’. He was featured on the hip hop single “iSpy” by Kyle in December 2016.

He released his debut studio album, ‘Teenage Emotions’ on May 26, 2017which featured guest appearances from Grace, Stefflon Don, Migos, Diplo, Evander Griiim, and YG. In December 2017, he featured in a remix of “With My Team” by Creek Boyz. He released his second studio album, ‘Lil Boat 2′ in March 2018.

In April 2018, he featured on the Ocean Park Standoff single “If You Were Mine”. He released his third studio album, Nuthin’ 2 Prove in October 2018. He released a collaborative project, ‘A-Team’ in February 2020 with rappers Lil Keed and Lil Gotit. He released the lead single from Lil Boat 3, titled “Oprah’s Bank Account” in March 2020.

In May 2020, he released his fourth studio album, ‘Lil Boat 3’. He also lent his voice in the American animated superhero film, ‘Teen Titans Go! To The Movies’ for the character of Green Lantern. He appeared in the romantic comedy film, ‘Long Shot’ and the TV film, ‘How High 2″ in March 2019.

Girlfriend, Affairs, Wife, and More

As of his personal life, he is not married yet and focusing on his career. In 2017, he was romantically linked with Megan Denise.

Favorite Things

Here we are providing the list of favorites of Lil Yachty:

Some Interesting Facts About Lil Yachty

  • He was arrested in connection with credit card fraud at a mall along with a man in 2015.
  • He endorsed many famous brands such as EA Sports, Icebox Jewelry, Nautica, Adidas, Christian Dior, and many more.
  • He has inked several tattoos all over his body.
  • He earned a Grammy nomination in 2017 under the category of Best Rap/Sung.
  • He was teased, bullied, and harassed during high school.
  • He is quite popular on Instagram with having over 9.8m followers.
  • He is fondly known for the names Lil Boat, Nautica Boat Boy, and King Boat.
  • He got some crazy jewelry such as a diamond Bart Simpson with braids.

Social Media Profile(s)

  • Instagram  – @lilyachty
  • Twitter – @lilyachty
  • Facebook  – @lilyachtysailingteam

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The Rebirth of Boat

Between his high-profile bro-ship with Drake and a decidedly non-rap album in ‘Let’s Start Here.,’ Lil Yachty may have been the most talked-about hip-hop artist of 2023. The question is: What comes next?

lil yachty age

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It’s easy now to forget how we thought of Tyler, the Creator before 2017, but it’s worth recounting. As the leader of the Odd Future clique, he was considered something of a juvenile prankster, more known for his (admittedly offensive) provocations than his (admittedly many) talents. Taken at face value, he was a jester in a Supreme cap, Bart Simpson trading his slingshot for a cracked copy of Fruity Loops.

That changed, however, with the release of Tyler’s fourth album, Flower Boy . It was a revelation: candid, confessional, mature—all without losing its sense of adventurousness. Flower Boy was daring and at times gorgeous. Maybe that version of Tyler was lurking inside all along, but it came as somewhat of a shock to the larger listening public. (Including us here at The Ringer , who called the album “radiant” and said it seemed to be made with “more purpose” than anything he had tried previously.)

Tyler’s journey to Flower Boy feels relevant when discussing the most important figure in rap music of this year: Lil Yachty. Once dismissed as a “mumble rapper” or a red-braided featherweight, the rapper born Miles McCollum has undergone something of a transformation the past 12 months. The one-time King of Teens is grown now, and at 26 years old, he finds himself at a crossroads similar to the one where Tyler was at that age.

Yachty’s metamorphosis has included several facets, from becoming something of a spiritual North Star for Drake to going viral with the most addictive song of his career, “Poland.” But when we talk about the renewed sense of artistry Yachty found in 2023, it begins with one thing: Let’s Start Here. , his LP from January, which does away with the “bubblegum trap” of earlier in his career and embraces vibey guitar music. It’s possibly the best album of his career—and almost certainly the biggest pivot any mainstream artist has made in the past few years. But more importantly, it’s a statement of intent that was, like Flower Boy , made with more purpose than anything he had previously attempted. “Fuck any of the albums I dropped before this one. … I wanted to show people a different side of me—and that I can do anything,” the two-time Grammy-nominated artist told Billboard last spring.

The Best of 2023

alt description

As the end of the year approaches, The Ringer is celebrating the best in movies, TV, music, and more. Follow along with all our coverage here .

The Best Movies of 2023 The Best TV Shows of 2023 The Best Albums of 2023 The Best Video Games of 2023 The Best Shots of 2023

Let’s Start Here. is the multiplatinum-selling artist’s fifth studio album and first official full-length in three years . From the outside looking in, it seemed like Yachty was at peace with doing more of the same musically (save for “Poland”; more on that in a minute) and that his influence had plateaued. He had obviously branched out and stacked up wins in other areas—his 2021 mixtape Michigan Boy Boat is a cult favorite—but when it came to his own music, the progression felt stagnant.

LSH , which is heavily inspired by Pink Floyd–esque psychedelic rock, replaces Yachty’s sticky refrains, trap production, and tongue-in-cheek rhymes with reverberating vocals, drawn-out live instrumentation, and very little wordplay. It’s also important to mention that he had a hand in producing 12 of the 14 tracks . Many of Yachty’s past projects have been predominantly feature-heavy, enlisting high-profile names ranging from Future to Vince Staples, but LSH is noticeably stripped back. The album has a seven -minute intro whose back half is completely devoid of lyrics. This is planets away from the repetitive earworms of his early career like “Minnesota” and “Peek A Boo.” That said, he doesn’t totally leave his trademark intoxicating melodies behind on LSH . “sAy sOMETHINg” and “paint THE sky,” a pair of back-to-back highlights, show what’s possible when he finds the right balance between his distinctly stretchy, auto-tuned riffs and the multilayered, slowed instrumentals.

Conversely, “drive ME crazy!” exemplifies one of the many moments when Yachty takes the back seat and lets his supporting cast take center stage. The love song opens with a groovy bass line and Diana Gordon’s voice gliding over a bed of high-pitched strings. Yachty matches her energy with his own crooning before his verse is hijacked by a kaleidoscope of synths that drown him out. He returns on the back end, closing out the song with a rare bit of rapping over a laid-back, snare drum–laced beat. It’s some of his most thoughtful work to date.

LSH is by no means a perfect album, and Yachty’s shortcomings are exposed on tracks where it sounds like he’s wearing his influences a little too much on his sleeve. Upon multiple spins, both “running out of time” and “THE zone~” feel closer to Tame Impala cosplay than anything groundbreaking.

Yachty’s always been known for being versatile and chameleonic, but not to the degree of making full-on, drug-inspired rock music, so to describe this as a creative risk is quite apt. However, the calculated gambit ended up marking a series of career bests for Yachty. LSH debuted at no. 1 on three separate Billboard charts , became his highest-rated album on Metacritic , and earned endorsements from sources as varied as Questlove and Anthony Fantano . But while a lot has been written about LSH and Yachty’s intentional move away from raps, the heat check that came next is equally as interesting.

Starting in April with “ Strike (Holster) ,” Yachty converted tracks from an already recorded rap album into a handful of singles he released over the next five months. The songs in question—“ Slide ,” “ Solo Steppin Crete Boy ,” “ Tesla ,” and “ The Secret Recipe. ”—range from a freestyle with online superstar Kai Cenat to going bar for bar with one of hip-hop’s finest, J. Cole. These weren’t just a few loosies he was trying to pump out before his next album, either; each song had a corresponding music video to match and felt aesthetically different from the last.

More importantly, the songs felt fresh, and his writing felt much more polished than in many of his earlier rap efforts (the less we talk about “COUNT ME IN,” the better). The decision to return to his roots in between non-rap projects is smart for a few reasons. It holds over his day-one fans by playing the hits, it sustains the buzz he generated from LSH without oversaturating the market, and it gives him a chance to move the needle on the long-standing narrative that he isn’t a “serious” rapper (a notion that’s plagued his career). There will always be those who question Yachty’s lyrical ability, but if nothing else, these drops showcase a noticeably refined pen game without losing his special knack for generating legitimate bangers .

This is a sharp shift from a few years back, when Yachty was (wrongly) seen as more of a mushed-mouth interloper than a capital-A Artist. His rapid rise was met with harsh backlash almost immediately due to some combination of Yachty’s perceived allergy to lyricism in his music and an indifference to rap’s history and the legends who came before him. After Yachty revealed that he didn’t take the storied art form seriously during a Hot 97 interview , the floodgates opened and many of the genre’s veteran gatekeepers (the old heads ) stepped up to take their shots. Funkmaster Flex took to the airwaves to disparage Yachty’s lack of bars, Ebro Darden, who conducted said interview, went back and forth with him online, and Joe Budden said point-blank that he isn’t hip-hop.

Fast-forward to November of this year and Yachty is still ruffling the feathers of rap traditionalists , but this time—in an ironic turn of events—from the other side of the aisle. “The place that hip-hop is in right now is a terrible place … it’s a lot of imitation. It’s a lot of quick, low-quality music being put out. It’s trendy. It’s a lot less risk-taking. It’s a lot less originality,” he said at a Rolling Stone event .

How did Yachty—the same artist who was once maligned for “ruining the culture”—reach a point where he feels empowered enough to act as a spokesperson and critique the very same genre that tried to reject him?

Well, having influence over the biggest artist rap has ever seen certainly bolsters his credibility on the subject.

“This lil Drizzy reppin’ Crete.”

Those are the opening words on “Another Late Night,” a memorable cut from one of the most popular albums of the year, Drake’s For All the Dogs . On the surface, the lyric is a simple hat tip from the Canadian megastar to Lil Yachty (and his blossoming label Concrete Boyz ), who spits the song’s infamous second verse and is credited as a coproducer. But after you dig deeper and reflect on the past 12 months for Yachty, that line—and, by extension, the song—serves as a fitting microcosm of his 2023 run, which is inextricably linked to a fruitful friendship turned partnership with Drake.

lil drizzy reppin crete — CONCRETE BOY BOAT^ (@lilyachty) October 25, 2023

Rewind the clock back to the end of 2022, and two important developments occur: the accidental virality of hit single “Poland” and the start of that Drake alliance. Last October, a snippet of a new Lil Yachty song leaked online and rapidly took over TikTok , so much so that he was all but forced to drop it. Yachty even admitted that he recorded it as a joke and never planned to have it come out. Just days later, “Poland” became his only solo release of that year. The song’s catchy hook and extraterrestrial beat set the internet ablaze almost immediately upon its streaming arrival. “Poland” is now up to more than 130 million streams on Spotify ( The Ringer ’s parent company) and over 30 million views on its accompanying Lyrical Lemonade music video . Not bad for an accident.

Not even a month removed from the “Poland” takeover, Yachty showed up all over Drake and 21 Savage’s surprise collab album, Her Loss . He appeared not as a featured act but instead as an executive producer of sorts, receiving coproduction credits on a fourth of the tracklist. He also supplied a handful of ad-libs on “BackOutsideBoyz” and “Jumbotron Shit Poppin” and even claimed to have chosen the project’s cover art as well. (At least he didn’t go with an AI image, like he did for nightmare fuel on Let’s Start Here .)

Yachty’s involvement on the album felt like a test run from Drake to see if their budding bromance could evolve into a prosperous musical union as well as prove that their past chemistry on “Oprah’s Bank Account” wasn’t a fluke. And boy, did Yachty pass with flying colors. Their collaboration on Her Loss launched a close working relationship between the two, as evidenced by his influence pouring over onto For All the Dogs .

The Concrete Boyz CEO and October’s Very Own boss linked back up for seconds on Drake’s eighth studio album. Yachty’s fingerprints are all over the project, with five coproduction credits as well as his verse on “Another Late Night,” which is the first time he’s been listed as an official feature on one of Drizzy’s songs. And this doesn’t even include two more coproduction nods on Drake’s Scary Hours 3 , a six-pack EP doubling as a FATD deluxe edition. Dating back to last November, that brings the total number of Yachty-produced Drake songs up to 12. Simply put, Her Loss and FATD don’t exist without Lil Yachty. The frequent collaborators have formed an inseparable bond over the past year-plus, which has simultaneously impacted the 6 God’s output and elevated Yachty’s commercial ceiling.

Yachty is no stranger to stardom, having featured on a couple of top-five Billboard Hot 100 hits (“Broccoli” and “iSpy”), being named to the now-iconic 2016 XXL Freshman Class , modeling for Yeezy Season 3 , and racking up millions of streams, all before he was legally old enough to drink. Additionally, he had cemented his status among rap fans and critics alike as a SoundCloud favorite born out of the so-called “mumble rap” era. His influence can be seen in the likes of Juice WRLD , Trippie Redd , Lil Tecca , and Yeat —all artists who shaped the past half decade of rap music in their own right.

Still, there’s nothing quite like the Drake stimulus package. According to Hip Hop by the Numbers , Yachty’s appearance on FATD subsequently boosted his monthly listeners on Spotify by a whopping 40 percent .

Over the years, Drake’s become notorious for attaching himself to the coattails of various artists—adopting the Weeknd’s moody aesthetics, Playboi Carti’s flow, Bad Bunny’s language, Skepta’s U.K. slang, the list goes on—as they just so happen to be peaking in their respective lanes. He’s pretty much got it down to a science at this point: He’ll seek out the hottest sound, find an artist who’s spearheading it, and pair up with them so it doesn’t come off like he’s fully biting their style. In Yachty’s case, it doesn’t hurt that he and Drake seem to be genuine BFFs outside the booth, but it’s also an endorsement of his musical worldview. Drake said it best on “ Wick Man ”: “Boat say he the recipe, I must be the key ingredient.”

Now it’s up to Yachty to use that recipe for himself. His past year hasn’t been without its blemishes— awkwardly minimizing rapper Sexxy Red’s trauma on his podcast, singling out a Pitchfork critic for simply doing his job, calling internet trolls “gay,” and getting sued by the SEC among them—but Yachty is operating on a different plane now. He’s got more visibility, and it’s reasonable to expect that he’ll be more in demand as a producer. (His work with City Girls on “Act Up” shows that he’s more than just a Drake-hit wonder.) The Aubrey cosign has a mixed track record on helping the artist he’s borrowing from—ask Earl Sweatshirt his opinions on that—but given Yachty’s history and stature, he’s more likely to end up a Lil Baby than a BlocBoy JB. And he seems intent on making sure of it—as he told Variety , he’s already planning another non-rap LP for the new year, which could explore sounds beyond what he experimented with on Let’s Start Here .

It’s similar to the situation Tyler, the Creator found himself in coming out of 2017. Tyler could’ve easily rested on his laurels after Flower Boy , but instead he doubled down. (His fifth full-length, IGOR , was an even bolder artistic risk than Flower Boy and won him a Grammy; it’s a perfect album.) He’d later return to a more conventional approach with his 2021 Gangsta Grillz homage, Call Me If You Get Lost , but he did so from a position of power: having changed the trajectory of his career and earned the respect of even his most vehement doubters. Yachty took note: “He’s [Tyler, the Creator] the reason I made this album. He’s the one who told me to do it, just go for it. He’s so confident and I have so much respect for him because he takes me seriously, and he always has,” he said in March .

If the past 12 months have done anything for Yachty, they’ve made it clear we should take him as seriously as Tyler takes him—and he takes himself. But if he’s learned anything from Tyler, 2023 simply could be a launchpad into yet another transformation. Yachty titled his big pivot Let’s Start Here. because to him, it’s just the beginning of something. What happens next is arguably more interesting, even if the ending remains a question mark.

Tiffany Cross on 2024 Election Coverage

“all caps”/”great day” by madvillain, kendrick lamar went no. 1 on his own. what does that mean for tde.

32 Facts About Lil Yachty

Katheryn Benton

Written by Katheryn Benton

Modified & Updated: 22 May 2024

Sherman Smith

Reviewed by Sherman Smith


When it comes to rising stars in the world of music, Lil Yachty is a name that cannot be overlooked. This young and talented rapper has taken the industry by storm with his unique style and catchy tunes. But there’s more to Lil Yachty than meets the eye. In this article, we dive deep into the world of Lil Yachty and uncover 32 fascinating facts about him that you may not know. From his early life and humble beginnings to his meteoric rise to fame, we’ll explore the person behind the music. So get ready to sail away on the Lil Yachty adventure and discover the intriguing details that make him one of the most intriguing and influential celebrities of our time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lil Yachty, also known as Miles Parks McCollum, gained fame through his debut mixtape “Lil Boat” and is known for his unique style and positive attitude, inspiring fans with his catchy tunes and infectious energy.
  • With a passion for music, fashion, and philanthropy, Lil Yachty continues to evolve as an artist, pushing boundaries and promoting creative freedom while maintaining a close bond with his loyal “Sailing Team” fan base.

Lil Yachty’s real name is Miles Parks McCollum.

Lil Yachty, born on August 23, 1997, is widely known by his stage name but his real name is Miles Parks McCollum.

He gained fame through his debut mixtape “Lil Boat.”

Lil Yachty burst onto the music scene in 2016 with his debut mixtape, “Lil Boat,” which featured breakout hits like “Minnesota” and “One Night.”

Lil Yachty was discovered on SoundCloud.

Before his rise to fame, Lil Yachty uploaded his music on SoundCloud, where he gained a loyal following and attracted the attention of record labels .

He is known for his unique and colorful style.

Lil Yachty is often recognized for his vibrant hair colors, eccentric fashion choices, and signature beaded jewelry , which have become iconic elements of his image.

He is associated with the “mumble rap” genre.

Lil Yachty is often categorized as a mumble rapper, known for his melodic delivery and unconventional lyrics that prioritize catchy hooks over intricate wordplay .

Lil Yachty is a successful entrepreneur.

Beyond music, Lil Yachty has ventured into various business endeavors, including his own clothing line called “Nautica.” He has also collaborated with major brands like Target and Sprite .

He appeared in the film “How High 2.”

In 2019, Lil Yachty made his acting debut in the comedy film “How High 2,” alongside Method Man and Redman.

Lil Yachty is a self-proclaimed fan of all things nautical.

As his stage name suggests, Lil Yachty has a strong affinity for the ocean and all things related to sailing.

He has collaborated with many high-profile artists.

Lil Yachty has worked with several renowned artists, including Drake, Chance the Rapper , and Migos, contributing to their chart-topping songs and receiving widespread acclaim.

Lil Yachty is of mixed heritage.

With a mother of Afro-Haitian descent and a father of American and Barbadian heritage, Lil Yachty embraces his diverse background.

Lil Yachty has released multiple successful albums.

Since his debut mixtape, Lil Yachty has gone on to release several successful albums, including “Teenage Emotions,” “Lil Boat 2,” and “Nuthin’ 2 Prove.”

He has a strong online presence.

Lil Yachty is active on various social media platforms, where he connects with his fans, shares updates about his music, and showcases his personal style.

Lil Yachty has appeared in commercials.

His popularity extends beyond the music industry, as Lil Yachty has appeared in commercials for popular brands such as Sprite and Target.

He collaborated with Carly Rae Jepsen for a remake of “It Takes Two.”

Lil Yachty and Carly Rae Jepsen teamed up for a modern rendition of the iconic track “It Takes Two,” which was featured in a commercial for Target.

He has a loyal fan base known as the “Sailing Team.”

Lil Yachty’s fans, collectively known as the “Sailing Team,” are passionate supporters who embrace his unique style and music.

Lil Yachty has received both critical acclaim and criticism.

While praised for his distinctive sound and brand, Lil Yachty has also faced backlash for his departure from traditional rap conventions.

He voiced the character Green Lantern in the animated series “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.”

In 2018, Lil Yachty lent his voice to the character Green Lantern in the animated movie “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.”

Lil Yachty has a philanthropic side.

Despite his young age, Lil Yachty has shown a commitment to giving back by participating in various charitable initiatives and supporting causes that are close to his heart.

He has been nominated for several awards.

Lil Yachty’s talent and impact on the music industry have earned him nominations for prestigious awards, including the Grammy Awards and BET Hip Hop Awards.

Lil Yachty is known for his positive attitude.

Throughout his career, Lil Yachty has maintained a positive and upbeat persona, inspiring his fans with messages of self-love and acceptance.

He has a love for video games.

Lil Yachty has expressed his passion for gaming , often sharing updates about his favorite video games and engaging with his fans through gaming-related content.

He has a signature catchphrase: “Lil Boat.”

“Lil Boat” has become Lil Yachty’s notorious catchphrase, expressing his unique persona and reflecting his love for sailing and the open seas.

Lil Yachty appeared on the cover of XXL Magazine’s 2016 Freshman Class.

As a rising star, Lil Yachty graced the cover of XXL Magazine’s esteemed Freshman Class issue in 2016, solidifying his position in the hip-hop industry .

Lil Yachty is an advocate for creative freedom.

He encourages artists to express themselves freely and break boundaries, promoting a culture of artistic independence and individuality.

He has a distinctive vocal style.

Lil Yachty’s unique vocal delivery, marked by its melodic flow and autotune effects, sets him apart from other artists in the hip-hop scene.

Lil Yachty is a prolific songwriter.

Besides his own music, Lil Yachty has written songs for other artists, showcasing his versatility and talent as a songwriter.

He has collaborated with renowned fashion brands.

Lil Yachty has collaborated with fashion powerhouses like Nautica and Reebok , releasing limited-edition clothing collections and custom footwear.

He embarked on a successful music tour.

Lil Yachty has headlined his own tours, captivating audiences around the world and proving his ability to entertain and engage fans on stage.

Lil Yachty has a passion for anime.

Anime holds a special place in Lil Yachty’s heart, and he often references and incorporates anime themes into his music and visuals.

He has a close bond with his fans.

Lil Yachty values the connection he has with his fan base and actively interacts with them through social media, live streams, and meet-and-greet events.

Lil Yachty has a net worth of millions.

With his successful music career, endorsements, and entrepreneurial ventures, Lil Yachty has amassed a considerable net worth at a young age.

He continues to evolve as an artist.

Lil Yachty consistently pushes boundaries, experiments with different sounds, and evolves his musical style, ensuring his longevity in the ever-changing music industry.

These are just a few of the fascinating facts about Lil Yachty. With his unique style, undeniable talent, and vibrant personality, Lil Yachty has made his mark on the music industry and continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Are you ready to set sail with Lil Yachty’s catchy tunes and infectious energy?

In conclusion, these 32 facts about Lil Yachty shed light on the remarkable journey of this talented artist. Whether it’s his unique style, catchy tunes, or colorful personality, Lil Yachty has managed to capture the hearts and attention of millions. From his early beginnings as a SoundCloud sensation to becoming a prominent figure in the hip-hop industry, Lil Yachty has consistently pushed boundaries and proved himself as a force to be reckoned with.With his positive outlook on life, Lil Yachty has become a role model for many aspiring artists. He has shown that with determination, hard work, and a little bit of creativity, dreams can turn into reality. With multiple chart-topping hits, collaborations with industry heavyweights , and a growing fanbase, Lil Yachty’s career is only set to flourish in the years to come.It’s safe to say that Lil Yachty has cemented his place in the music industry as more than just a rapper. He is a cultural icon, an influencer, and a trendsetter. His success story serves as an inspiration to anyone looking to make their mark in the world of music. So next time you hear a Lil Yachty track playing, remember the incredible journey behind the artist responsible for creating it.

Q: How did Lil Yachty get his start in the music industry?

A: Lil Yachty initially gained recognition through SoundCloud, where he started releasing his music and building a following.

Q: What is Lil Yachty’s real name?

A: Lil Yachty’s real name is Miles Parks McCollum.

Q: How old is Lil Yachty?

A: Lil Yachty was born on August 23, 1997, making him [current age] years old.

Q: What is Lil Yachty known for?

A: Lil Yachty is known for his unique style of music, often categorized as “ bubblegum trap,” and his vibrant and colorful personality.

Q: Has Lil Yachty released any albums?

A: Yes, Lil Yachty has released several albums, including “Teenage Emotions,” “Lil Boat 2,” and “Nuthin’ 2 Prove.”

Q: Who are some of the notable artists Lil Yachty has collaborated with?

A: Lil Yachty has collaborated with artists such as Drake, Chance the Rapper, and Migos , among others.

Lil Yachty's journey offers a glimpse into hip hop's vibrant tapestry. Dive deeper into this fascinating world by exploring fun facts about hip hop , interesting tidbits about rap , and enigmatic details about trap music pioneer Zaytoven . Each story adds a unique thread to the rich fabric of music history, inviting you to uncover the captivating narratives behind the beats and rhymes that have shaped generations.

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lil yachty age

Lil Yachty Breaks His Silence On Drake & Kendrick Lamar's Beef

Lil Yachty has finally shared his thoughts about being dragged into Drake and Kendrick Lamar's beef.

On Friday, May 17, one of Drake's closest friends finally opened up about massive feud between Drizzy and K. Dot in a recent episode of his podcast, A Safe Pace . Yachty began by sharing his reaction when he found out his name was mentioned on Kendrick's "Euphoria." The Georgia native remembered getting a bunch of calls that day from people who were excited to hear K. Dot namedrop him, but he wasn't that hype at first.

"I really didn't want anything to do with it," he explained.

"I got a ton of respect for both of these guys," he continued. "To be honest, I already knew my name was mentioned before it came out. I didn't hear the record but I got word that I was mentioned. I wasn't surprised."

Yachty also provided his own analysis of the lyrical war between Drake and Kendrick. He agreed that the pgLang co-founder had a lot more animosity toward Drake and made "smart moves" during the battle. On the other hand, he emphasized how Drake made great records and overcame the hate he received from the second the war started. He also acknowledged the general consensus that Kendrick won and even agreed "Not Like Us" is a certified banger, which angered a lot of Drake fans.

Not long after the episode debuted, Drake fans began to revolt against Yachty for even suggesting Kendrick had the upper hand. The face of the Concrete Boys even got into an argument with a crazed fan account on X who essentially questioned his loyalty to Drake. All the hate from fans became so intense that the full episode was scrubbed from the podcast's YouTube channel.

So much for a "safe place." See a clip from the now-deleted episode and posts from Yachty's viral argument below.

Lil Yachty Breaks His Silence On Drake & Kendrick Lamar's Beef


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    Miles Parks McCollum (born August 23, 1997), known professionally as Lil Yachty, is an American rapper.He first gained recognition in August 2015 for his viral hit "One Night" from his debut EP Summer Songs.He then released his debut mixtape Lil Boat in March 2016, and signed a joint venture record deal with Motown, Capitol Records, and Quality Control Music in June of that year.

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  6. Lil Yachty

    Miles Parks McCollum, known professionally as Lil Yachty, is an American rapper. He first gained recognition in August 2015 for his viral hit "One Night" from his debut EP Summer Songs. He then released his debut mixtape Lil Boat in March 2016, and signed a joint venture record deal with Motown, Capitol Records, and Quality Control Music in June of that year.

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    Lil Yachty has finally shared his thoughts about being dragged into Drake and Kendrick Lamar's beef.. On Friday, May 17, one of Drake's closest friends finally opened up about massive feud between ...

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