10 Best Catamaran Trips & Charters In Puerto Rico (2024)

  • Catamaran Trips & Charters

One of the best ways to explore Puerto Rico is by catamaran.

Whether you’re taking a trip to the east coast or the west coast, these catamarans have something special planned for their guests. 

I am a Puerto Rico local and when I’m not writing or working, you can find me sailing the coastline.

In this article, we will cover the 10 best catamaran charters & trips in Puerto Rico:

1. Culebra Gateway Day Trip — East Island Excursions

East Island Excursions offers tours to Culebra, Vieques, and the Virgin Islands on a powerful and fast catamaran.

image of East Island Excursions' Catamaran

Enjoy stops at snorkeling locations and popular beaches. The excursion includes snacks, lunch, and refreshments. 

The tour departs from Marina Puerto del Rey in Fajardo.

If you’re staying outside of Fajardo you can arrange transportation for a fee per person.

Here is a video of the Culebra Gateway Day Trip with East Island Excursions:

Book this trip by visiting the East Island Excursions website .

Read more about the islands you can explore on this trip in our articles about Culebra and Vieques .

2. Afternoon Sail and Sunset — Salty Dog Catamaran

The Salty Dog offers tours to Palomino Island, Icacos Cay, and Lobos Island.  

image of Salty Dog Catamaran

Snorkeling, snack variety, and rum cocktails are included.

The excursion departs from Villa Marina in Fajardo. Transportation to Fajardo has to be arranged separately.

Book this trip by visiting the Salty Dog Catamaran website.

Learn more about the area in our article Fajardo – All You Need To Know.

3. Bareboat Catamaran Charter — Sail Caribe Yacht Charters

Sail Caribe offers catamaran charters to Vieques, Culebra, Cayo Icacos, Palomino Island, and Culebrita.

image of Sail Caribe Yacht Charters' Catamaran

The difference they offer is a charter where you can sail, and sleep aboard without a captain and crew.  

The service is called “bareboat” and can be very attractive if you’re an experienced sailor.

Charters depart from the Marina Puerto de Rey in Fajardo. Charters are sold by the week. Ground transportation is not included.

Check out the Caribbean Yacht Charter in the following video:

Book this trip by visiting the Sail Caribe website.

Vieques is home to the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay, why not make it your destination?

Learn more about it in our article Mosquito Bay – All You Need To Know.

4. Catamaran Day Trip (Icacos Island) — Castillo Tours

Castillo Tours operates its own boats, vehicles, and staff. They specialize in corporate groups.

image of Castillo Tours' Catamaran

The tour includes snorkel equipment, beach toys, boxed lunch, and refreshments. 

The differentiating factor is they will provide beach toys to play volleyball, football, or beach paddles .

The trip departs from Villa Marina in Fajardo. You can arrange transportation for an additional charge.

Below is a video of a Catamaran Day Trip with Castillo Tours:

Book this trip by visiting the Castillo Tours website.

5. Beauty of Fajardo Day Sail — Catamaran Spread Eagle

The Catamaran Spread Eagle has been providing tours from Fajardo for decades.

image of Catamaran Spread Eagle's Catamaran

The difference factor with Spread Eagle is that they have a larger variety of lunch options.

They also provide you with a brand-new snorkel included in the tour. This is a nice touch, as opposed to a used one.

The Spread Eagle catamarans depart from Villa Marina in Fajardo.  

The tour is 5 hours, and if you’re departing from the San Juan area you should leave 2 hours earlier. This charter company does not offer transportation with the tour. 

Book this trip by visiting the Catamaran Spread Eagle website.

6. Morning Mimosas Sail — Sail PR

If you would prefer to see the sights of Old San Juan , this morning mimosa tour is an option.

image showing Morning Mimosas Sail

The tour starts at 10:30 am and includes bottomless mimosas, rum punch, domestic beer, and rum drinks.

This tour has a maximum of 6 people and lasts for 1 ½ hours.

Sail PR docks at the San Juan Bay Marina. If you’re staying in San Juan or Isla Verde, it is only a short car ride.

Book this trip by visiting the Sail PR website .

7. Romantic VIP Tour — Sailing Dreams PR

The Romantic VIP sailing tour sails Old San Juan.

image of a couple in Romantic VIP Tour

The differentiating factor for this company is its dedication to service. They look for innovative ways to make your experience special.

This sailing excursion departs from the Club Nautico Marina. The marina is close to the major hotels in San Juan and Isla Verde.

Here’s a video of the Romantic VIP Tour with Sailing Dreams PR:

Book this trip by visiting the Sailing Dreams website.

8. Snorkel Tour — Sandy Bottoms Sailing

Sandy Bottoms sailing offers private tours. Their charter is for a maximum of 6 people.

image of Sandy Bottoms Sailing's sailboats

The tour includes a breakfast of coffee and pastries. For lunch, you’ll have an afternoon assortment of cheeses, fruits, chips, and dips. Beverages will be onboard as well.

Snorkeling and gorgeous destinations are also part of the package.

Sandy Bottoms catamaran is docked at the Puerto del Rey Marina in Fajardo. This location is 75 minutes from San Juan. The Sandy Bottom catamaran can refer you to a driver.

Book this trip by visiting the Sandy Bottoms Sailing website .

9. Traveller Catamaran to Icacos Island — Traveller Catamaran

The Traveller Catamaran is a dependable option with the rum drinks, and snacks you could come to expect.

image of Traveller Catamaran boat

This fun-loving catamaran shows guests a good time, with a water slide on deck, and attentive staff.

The Traveller Catamaran docks at the Villa Marina in Fajardo.

They offer transportation from San Juan, Fajardo, Rio Grande, and Luquillo .

Go on a tour with Traveller Catamaran in the following video:

Book this trip by visiting the Traveller Catamaran website

10. Morning Snorkel Sail — Katarina Catamaran

The Katarina Catamaran sails on the west coast of Rincon.

image showing Morning Snorkel Sail with Katarina Catamaran

The boat is a 32-foot catamaran that can accommodate 17 guests. They include rum punch, lunch, refreshments, and snorkeling.

The Katarina Catamaran is moored in Rincon. You will need to board a small watercraft from the Balneario of Rincon, which transports you to the bigger boat.

This tour might be challenging for people staying in the San Juan metro area. It’s recommendable to stay on the west coast so that you can arrive on time.  

Check out Katarina Catamaran’s tour in the following video:

Book this trip by visiting the Katarina Catamaran website .

Learn more about the area in our article Rincon – All You Need To Know.

FAQ section

How much does it cost to rent a catamaran in puerto rico.

The prices range from $85 per person to $250 or more. If you’re budgeting for this activity, add the price of transportation. Transportation can range from $30 to $50+ per person.

What is the best catamaran trip in Puerto Rico?

I liked Sandy Bottoms because they are the only company which offers to teach you how to sail.

Final thoughts

If you’re feeling adventurous, then a catamaran excursion with snorkeling will satisfy that craving.

Taking a catamaran to Culebra or Vieques is a fun activity that you must do when visiting Puerto Rico. 

If you are interested in reading up about snorkeling in Puerto Rico, check out our article 25 Best Snorkel Spots In Puerto Rico .

If you are looking for things to do, then check out our article 45 Best Things To Do In Puerto Rico .

10 Best Catamaran Trips & Charters In Puerto Rico (2024)

Ariana Santos

Writer at PuertoRico.com. I am a Santurce local in Puerto Rico who is obsessed with following cultural trends in art, music, sports, and fashion. I hope to uncover the perfect setting for your next experience. When I’m not writing, I am working in the live events industry, or sailing the coastline. 

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catamaran luquillo puerto rico

Culebra Island

Enjoy culebra’s world famous flamenco beach and snorkel pristine colorful reefs..

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

A Day in Paradise

Full day at the beach tour..

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

Icacos Island

Snorkel crystal clear water while you enjoy one of the caribbean’s most beautiful beaches..

catamaran luquillo puerto rico


If you prefer a semi-private trip with only 19 passengers this is your best option..

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

San juan mini boats

Enjoy the amazing views of old san juan while being the captain of a mini boat, mission statement.

We are happy to take you to discover the best beaches in Puerto Rico and enjoy our abundant and colorful underwater life aboard our modern boats while you enjoy an all-inclusive trip and the 5-star service of our crew. Welcome to Puerto Rico , welcome to the East Island Excursions Experience!

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

Charters & Other Services

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

Sunsets: Experience a magical Caribbean sunset

Enjoy a romantic and relaxing evening while you enjoy the magical sunsets of Puerto Rico with Caribbean music and cocktails in Fajardo, San Juan or Ponce.

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

Special events: Just say yes in a Caribbean Paradise!

Have you always dreamed your wedding in a Caribbean paradise, we can make your dream come true and we’ll take care of everything so that you only worry to say “Yes”.

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

Upgrade to a premium experience

Be a “VIP” in every sense of the word when you upgrade to your own private vessel for up to 6 guests with a 5-star all-inclusive premium service.

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

We were a group of 8 adults and 2 small children ( ages 4 and 1 ) and this was the perfect trip. The entire crew was excellent! The sailing was steady, the views beautiful, the lunch and drinks delicious, and the swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear turquoise waters amazing! There was plenty of time to enjoy each part of the trip, very fun and relaxing!

Sailing, swimming, and snorkeling fun!

Sailing, swimming, and snorkeling fun!

We booked the Snorkel/BBQ/Sunset Sail on the” Zatara” directly with East Island Excursions due to a recommendation made by the owner of the house we were renting. Our party consisted of my wife and I, three 14 year old girls, and our 5 year old son. Everyone had a great time! The “Zatara”was well equipped and the maximum booking of 19 passengers was just right for the size of the boat. Everyone had space to relax on deck during the sailing portions of the trip. We sailed to an off-shore island that offered a lovely reef that was perfect for snorkeling. The crew was knowledgeable and attentive to our wants/needs. The open bar was well stocked, and the rum punch was tasty and refreshing.

Excellent Day Trip!

We enjoyed a day on the water on a catamaran with Captain Wilo and crew! What a wonderful crew. We never had to want for anything and they kept the liquid refreshments coming! We have a great BBQ lunch while at an island for some swimming and snorkeling. We cannot say enough good things about this day trip and would do it again on our next visit!

Great snorkeling trip!

Great snorkeling trip!

This was our first family vacations together. We choose to do the Catamaran day trip to Culebra. It was the highlight of our 8 day vacation. The crew of of Alex, Willie, the captain and Coral were awesome. I had been to Culebra before but the other 11 had not and no one was disappointed. The food, crew and organization of the whole operation from booking to the Marina was professional and on schedule. We highly recommend East Island Excursions.

Family of 12!

Family of 12!

One of the best day’s in Puerto Rico, ever! This excursion is affordable, fun and it was an amazing experience! Went to Icacos Island and snorkeling nearby. The staff was awesome and it felt safe and fun at the same time. (open bar and buffet) was awesome. I definitely high recommend!!

Excellent Excursion

Excellent Excursion

What an amazing ride! My son and I had an amazing time. The ride was awesome as we sat outside the entire time, the buffet lunch was delicious, Flamenco beach was beautiful and the staff was friendly and funny. We had a great time! We will definitely do this again next year.

Catamaran trip

Catamaran trip

The trip was fantastic. The crew were professional, helpful and attentive. Highly recommend. Flamenco beach is one of the most beautiful we’ve seen.

Trip to snorkel Culebra

Trip to snorkel Culebra

We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. We had a sunset cruise and the views were amazing. The staff was extremely attentive and friendly. Very very helpful. Snorkeling was great! BBQ on the boat was amazing and there was an open bar! Icacos was beautiful and we had a great time on the beach and could quickly go to the boat for drinks and refreshments. If you get motion sick please take something!! Overall was an amazing experience and would definitely do it again!! Maria was constantly checking to make sure we didn’t need anything, she was very sweet. They also made it fun for the kids on board. Highly recommend!!

Luxury Catamaran to Icacos

Luxury Catamaran to Icacos

My husband, our 23 and 18 year old daughters,and I greatly enjoyed our snorkeling and Flamenco beach trip. Chris was Awesome! He kept us all entertained. Flamenco beach was so beautiful! We all agreed that this was a highlight of our trip to Puerto Rico

Wonderful Excursion

Wonderful Excursion

This catamaran trip was AWESOME! One of the best things I’ve experienced vacationing in Puerto Rico. First of all I want to thank Jorge one of the crew members for making this trip a great experience, he made sure my family and I had food, drinks and was very informative on the sights. Thank you for helping make great memories!

catamaran trip was AWESOME!

catamaran trip was AWESOME!

Highly recommend this excursion. Crew was exceptional!!!! Full of knowledge and extremely attentive. One of the best things we did on the trip!!

Great excursion!!!

Great excursion!!!

This was my second excursion with East Island Excursions and they did it again! We were a family of four (with a 5 yr old). Fun was had by all…I could not keep my 5 year old off the water-slide 🙂 Food was great and a great atmosphere.

Did it again!

Did it again!

Took the Icacos Island tour with East Island Excursions. Loved every bit of the tour. Truly professional, friendly and helpful crew. The places we were taken to were exotic and I just loved it . My phone which had most of the pics and memories got drenched in the sea water and died and Levi one of the member of the crew member truly felt our anxiety took pictures for us and sent it later . Wonderful guy. I am not a swimmer but took the plunge with the help of Moises from the crew team . I would recommend East Island Excursions and Levi to anyone visiting Puerto Rico and taking the Island tours

Loved the Icacos Island tour with East Island Excursions

Loved the Icacos Island tour with East Island Excursions

Excellent day trip and awesome crew! This was my second time taking the excursion. The Culebra Island is absolutely beautiful. The crew members were all very friendly and helpful. It was a great experience.

Culebra snorkeling trip

This excursion is well worth it. We had a great time on the Zatara, with an exceptional crew who delivered the best service, and took time to get to know us. This was aboard a 19 passenger catamaran that provided a more intimate experience than some of the larger boats. We had a great time snorkeling, then enjoyed time at the beach and a delicious BBQ lunch. Would definitely do it again! Thank you, East Island Excursions, for a great day on the sea!

Highlight of our trip

Highlight of our trip

Thanks for sharing this, you are awesome !

Salty Dog Catamaran

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

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catamaran luquillo puerto rico

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Salty Dog Catamaran - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024)

Sail Getaways

Sail Getaways

Boat tours, private charters & snorkeling in fajardo, puerto rico, boat tours, private charters & snorkeling trips in fajardo, puerto rico.

a glass with a blue pool of water

  • Most Popular
  • Cruise Ship Power Boat
  • Scuba Mask Beach & Snorkel
  • Hour Glass 6 Hours

Culebra Power Boat Snorkeling & Beach Tour

Culebra Island in Puerto Rico offers a memorable experience for snorkeling and beach exploration. With its pristine white sand beaches and abundant tropical fishes, visitors are in for a treat. Whether you choose to relax on the shore or discover the wonders underwater, Culebra is just the place to be!

  • Food Lunch included
  • Hour Glass 5 Hours

Icacos Power Boat Beach & Snorkel Island Hopping Adventure

Embark on an enchanting island-hopping journey that begins with a visit to Palomino. Explore the stunning coral reefs of The Cordillera Reserve, immersing yourself in the vibrant underwater world. Conclude your adventure on Icacos island, where you can luxuriate on its pristine, powder-white beach.

  • Most Relaxing
  • Sailboat Sailboat

Sailing Catamaran Icacos Beach & Snorkel Tour

Explore the Cordillera Cays Nature Reserve aboard our 32-foot sailing catamaran, Getaway. Wade in knee-deep, crystal clear waters, sunbathe on stunning beaches and spot tropical marine life.

  • Hour Glass 4 Hours

Icacos Double Dip Power Catamaran Snorkel & Beach Tour

Runaway, tailored for day charters – perfect for both early birds or late risers. This boat embodies fun and speed, providing ample time for snorkeling and beach enjoyment.

a close up of a tree

  • Sunset Private Charter
  • Hour Glass 2 Hours

Private Catamaran Sunset Sail in Fajardo

Relax and let the warm Caribbean wind carry your cares away while you sit back and enjoy some great music or the soothing sound of the boat sailing through the waves on this sunset sail.

  • Sunset Sunset Sail
  • Hour Glass 3 Hours

2 in 1 Icacos Beach & Sunset Adventure

If your vacation days are running out and you want to experience all that our aquatic world has to offer, then the 2 in 1 Icacos Twilight Beach and Sunset Adventure is for you!

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

Come Getaway With Us

Explore Puerto Rico on a public sail or private charter in a more intimate atmosphere compared to other tour operators that carry larger amounts of passengers.

Enjoy the best of popular tourist destinations like Icacos Cay and Culebra Island on an unforgettable sailing, snorkeling, and beach adventure in Fajardo!

Our vessels are equipped with private restrooms, shaded and open deck space, comfortable cushioned seats, fresh water showers, and easy water access ladders for snorkeling and swimming in the pristine Caribbean waters.

Sail Getaways is a family business committed to excellence by creating lifelong memories through personalized service delivered with genuine Puerto Rican hospitality.

Photo Gallery

Top-Rated Charters & Snorkeling in Fajardo, PR!


I did the tour to icacos island and palomino with the captain Jay, pablito and I forgot the tall guy name but three of them were great! We had a blast on our tour. Drinks were amazing. The crew was making sure we were safe and the most important part make sure we had fun and we enjoy the tour. Thanks for everything !! I will be back.


The spot chosen for snorkeling was just amazing. Flamenco beach is definitely a must. But what made a difference is the awesome Sail Getaways crew. All of them were super attentive and nice with us. They went above and beyond to ensure our trip was perfect. Not once I had to order for a refill of my drink. 11 out of 10, 100% recommended, I'll definitely repeat.


Was all of our first time and it was so beautiful and fun. We got to see a barracuda, big jellyfish and a bunch of other little fish. We enjoyed the guys explaining everything, Oscar was fun and kept us entertained since the music wasn't working haha. Loved that lunch and alcohol was included, was so worth the money!

We went with a friend to visit Culebra Island and everything was very nice, the trip was very pleasant, the guides were very attentive, VERY good music and food, I recommend them, 10/10!!

Wonderful experience. Clear turquoise water, white sandy beaches, lush green islands, and a remarkable crew. It was a perfect day of swimming, snorkeling, and positive vibes all around. Highly recommend these guys.

My friend and I took the tour to Tamarindo and Flamenco beach and it was amazing. The weather was perfect which made the ride super smooth. We were a fortunate group to enjoy a beautiful day. It was our first time experience and we loved it. We are beginner swimmers (to say the least) and the gentlemen were kind enough to get in the water with us so we wouldn’t miss the opportunity. Everyone on the boat was super friendly and made us feel like family! It’s definitely a must do activity when visiting the island. Looking forward to many more!!!

It was soo much fun. We took off on time went snorkeling not many fishes but still a great experience then we went to the flamingo island and got 2 hours to ourself to enjoy l. Crew was super friendly and kept the drinks coming. Would totally recommend

diagram, icon

Great quick getaway for our group of 13. Quick boat ride to snorkel, excellent fish viewing and lunch. Then a quick boat ride to Flamenco Beach to wander around. The staff was friendly, knowledgable, and patient.


We took the three-in-one catamaran getaway on New Year's Day with Omar and Arturo. Our group was 2 adults a 9 year old and a 5 year old. All of us had an amazing time. Omar and Arturo were awesome sailors/hosts/guides making sure they got us to Icacos safely for snorkeling, answered all our questions, taught us about Puerto Rico and even served us delicious drinks and snacks. A really beautiful afternoon/evening with super friendly guides, Omar and Arturo.

Download this courtesy guide to optimize your travels and experience in Puerto Rico.

The Thrill of a Lifetime: Exploring Puerto Rico By Catamaran!

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Table of Contents

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, a catamaran tour of Puerto Rico is just the ticket.

Picture yourself sailing along pristine coastlines, discovering hidden beaches and taking in stunning landscapes – all with the help of our expert crew.

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a complete novice, we’ll ensure your journey is one you’ll never forget!

 Discovering Unseen Beauty Through Sailing Trips

Nothing compares to exploring Puerto Rico from the deck of a catamaran as you sail through untouched waters, bask in golden sunshine and take advantage of all that this Caribbean paradise has to offer.

As you cruise around some of the most beautiful islands on earth – including Isla de Vieques and Culebra – keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife such as dolphins leaping above glittering waves or whales spouting water into the air as they migrate northwards each year.

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Experience Your Dream Vacation Aboard Luxury Catamarans

No matter what type of vacationer you are – whether seeking serenity away from city lights or craving adventure from dusk till dawn – our selection of luxury catamarans won’t disappoint!

Wake up early each day for spectacular sunrises before beginning your daily exploration across white sand beaches cut off from mainland access points; creating secret coves brimming with undisturbed natural beauty waiting just beyond reach!

From snorkeling amongst vibrant coral reefs teeming with exotic marine life (bring along underwater cameras!) To deep-sea fishing expeditions geared towards catching dinner (we’ll cook it back on board!), there really is no limit when it comes time crafting an itinerary custom fit specifically for YOU!

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11472 845285

Join Us Now For An Adventure That Will Last A Lifetime… 

Ready? Set? Sail away! If any part sound appealing then join us now aboard one our luxurious catamarans departing soon from San Juan harbor in Puerto Rico; setting course towards destinations unknown yet oh so excitingly close by! With countless surprises awaiting around each corner plus plenty more adventures waiting ashore throughout this incredibly diverse country– book an experience of a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of year to explore puerto rico by catamaran.

The best time of year to explore Puerto Rico by catamaran is typically during the spring and fall months, when temperatures are mild and conditions at sea tend to be favorable.

How long do most people spend exploring Puerto Rico by catamaran?

Most people spend anywhere between a few hours up to several days exploring Puerto Rico’s coastline and islands on a single catamaran excursion.

Is there any special equipment needed for an exploration trip in Puerto Rico?

Depending on the length and type of your exploration trip, some additional safety or recreational supplies may be necessary; however, all necessary items can usually be provided upon request.

Before you go…

Now you know The Thrill of a Lifetime: Exploring Puerto Rico By Catamaran!, but that’s only the beginning of your journey here at we like PR. If you found this post useful there’s more to learn to get you to the next step of your Puerto Rico journey. If you read our next articles you’ll be a step further than most people.

Another post on this topic you might find useful is, 5 Reasons Why Moving to Puerto Rico Could Be the Best Decision of Your Life!

Update 2024:.

San Juan boat tours in English offer visitors a unique opportunity to explore the stunning coastal beauty of the region. These boat tours, conducted in the third person narrative, provide a factual account of the experience. Participants can embark on a journey along the picturesque coastline of San Juan, Puerto Rico, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who narrates the tour in English. The boats used for these tours are specially designed to provide comfort and ensure a safe experience for passengers. As the boat glides through the crystal-clear waters, visitors can witness the breathtaking scenery, including lush green landscapes, pristine beaches, and vibrant coral reefs. The tour guide provides insightful information about the local marine life, historical landmarks, and cultural significance of the area. Whether it’s exploring the famous El Morro fort, spotting dolphins frolicking in the waves, or simply enjoying the gentle sea breeze, San Juan boat tours in English offer an unforgettable experience for all who partake.

Catamarans Puerto Rico is a popular water activity among tourists visiting the Caribbean island. These unique twin-hulled vessels, known as catamarans, offer a thrilling and scenic way to explore Puerto Rico’s breathtaking coastlines, including pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. Catamarans Puerto Rico provides an ideal platform for snorkeling, diving, and even dolphin-watching adventures. With their stability and spaciousness, catamarans offer a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all ages. Whether it’s a relaxing sunset cruise or an adrenaline-pumping sailing excursion, Catamarans Puerto Rico caters to various preferences and ensures an unforgettable maritime experience for visitors to this tropical paradise.

A catamaran is a type of watercraft that consists of two parallel hulls joined by a platform or deck. Puerto Rico, located in the Caribbean, is a popular destination known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant marine life. Many tourists visiting Puerto Rico opt for catamaran tours to explore the crystal-clear waters and enjoy various water activities such as snorkeling, swimming, and even sailing. These catamaran tours provide an opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in Puerto Rico’s natural beauty, encounter diverse marine species, and appreciate the picturesque coastal landscapes. Moreover, catamarans offer a comfortable and stable ride, making them an ideal choice for sightseeing and enjoying the Caribbean’s warm, tropical climate. Whether it’s a leisurely sunset cruise or an adventurous excursion to explore Puerto Rico’s hidden coves and secluded beaches, a catamaran experience is a memorable way to discover the island’s coastal treasures.

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

Best Places to Go in PR

Best places to eat, discounts and reservations.


Catamaran Spread Eagle II

Sailing & snorkeling tours in puerto rico, explore our sailing options.

We offer the most exciting sail and snorkeling excursions in Puerto Rico. From Fajardo, we sail out to explore the uninhabited Spanish Virgin Islands’ white sand beaches.

With over three sailing times to choose from, we guarantee that we have the perfect catamaran sailing cruise for you. We’ll take care of all the heavy lifting, so that all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your cruise.

a small boat in a large body of water

What to Expect

snorkeler near fish

Every guest gets a free snorkel to keep! You are sure to enjoy the waters of the Caribbean.


Feast on our build you own sandwich buffet lunch with piña coladas and fruit punch included.

Catamaran Spread Eagle II

Sail alongside the uninhabited islands and beaches of the Spanish Virgin Islands.

a group of people on a beach near a body of water

Sail & Snorkel in Puerto Rico

Come enjoy the crystal-clear Caribbean waters and reefs on our daily sail charters, diving tours, and underwater dive tours. Our Puerto Rico sailing and snorkeling tours include pre-packaged and complimentary drinks, and each guest receives a free snorkel. Professional instruction is available for beginners and intermediate swimmers.

Corporate groups and special events can be arranged — they are perfect for tropical weddings and incentive groups. Explore Puerto Rico on our catamaran!

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A Superb Adventure in Fajardo, PR

"Great value! Beautiful day on the ocean with 2 stops - the first one more beach-oriented and a chance to practice snorkeling, the second at Tortuga Reef for in-depth snorkeling. The crew were wonderful and the lunch provided exceeded expectations - all fresh, and freshly-prepared sandwich fixings and salads. Even fresh fruit & veg. The free unlimited drinks are not very strong, but for $2, they'll add a shot of rum. Fins, masks and snorkels are provided, which simplifies logistics. We had a great time."

"We had a perfect day for snorkeling and a crew made the entire trip fun and exciting. Great lunch spread and delicious drink selection. Perfect trip for families of all ages. We would recommend the Spread Eagle II for anyone snorkeling out of Fajardo"

"At first I thought there were too many people on the boat but it worked out fine. We had a nice day. The small island where we first stopped had several other boats there. It would have been nice to have landed at a more private place. Same for the spot where we snorkeled. The water was beautiful. We saw some fish, Be sure to wear sun screen!"

"We had a fun day with the friendly and professional crew. Even though the snorkeling visibility was not great, the sailing was fun, the day was beautiful and the whole family enjoyed it. This is definitely a great idea for an outing with anyone from kids to grandparents. People who don't want to snorkel can beachcomb, swim, or just enjoy piña coladas on the catamaran. :)"

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

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Salty Dog Catamaran

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Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration:  5 hours while making 2 stops (beach and coral reef)

Users Ages:  All ages

Checkmark Inclusions: Snorkeling equipment, flotation belts, rum cocktails, soft drinks, and pre-packed lunch provided

Checkmark Available at Dock:  Beach essentials available for purchase at the dock (snorkeling equipment, towels, and sunscreen – call for availability)

Welcome aboard The Salty Dog where you can experience and enjoy Puerto Rico’s best unspoiled islands off the eastern coast of Fajardo. Wander the white sandy beaches, slip on a pair of fins and discover a colorful world of tropical fish in the crystal clear caribbean waters with snorkeling belts, refreshments, and lunch provided by our friendly bilingual crew.  During our sail, we’ll be making two stops: one being the white sandy beach of the nearby natural reserves and the second at the coral reef where you will be able to snorkel in 15ft – 20ft depth of water. Enjoy tropical cocktails made with local Don Q rum from Puerto Rico and some music perfect for your day out on the water. We guarantee that our experience will be the highlight of your trip to Puerto Rico!


Roundtrip transportation is available from most locations in Metro San Juan and hotels at an additional cost of $50 per person. Transportation requires a minimum of 6 passengers in total in order to operate. MUST be arranged 48 hours prior to the scheduled trip or transportation is not guaranteed.

Islands That We Visit:

Destination will be determined by our captain on the day of the experience. The destination is determined based on the weather and water conditions of the day. 

Isla de Palominos

Located some 3.5 nautical miles east of Fajardo, it has a size of approximately 104 acres. It is one of a few private islands that exist throughout Puerto Rico. Part of the island is on lease to El Conquistador Hotel to be used as the hotel’s beach. About a quarter-mile south of Palominos island lies Cayo Palominitos, which is a one-acre sandy key with tropical vegetation perfect for swimming or snorkeling.

Isla de Lobos

Located some 1.5 nautical miles east of Cayo Icacos, it has a size of approximately five acres. It is also one of a few private islands throughout Puerto Rico. In the early ’60s, the island hosted a very exclusive hotel, which ran into financial difficulties and was abandoned for a great part of the ’70s and ’80s until it was bought by a local family and converted into a paradise vacation home. Surrounded by small keys and coral reefs, it is great for snorkeling.

Cayo Icacos

Located some four nautical miles northeast of Fajardo, it has a size of approximately 163 acres. It is part of a chain of small islands, keys, and coral reefs known as La Reserva Natural de la Cordillera. The island hosts a fairly large amount of marine life, coral reefs, birds, and land iguanas. It is the perfect setting for snorkeling, swimming, diving, and beachcombing. It gets its name from the large number of Icacos bushes on the island. The Icacos is a small sour fruit, which grows to about the size of a key lime. When ready to be picked, they are pale yellow in color and come off the bush quite easily. The best way to eat them is cooked in heavy syrup.

Cancellation Policy:

Customers will receive a full refund within 48 hours of notice of cancellation to scheduled reservation . Must call to make any changes. THIS CANCELLATION POLICY DOES NOT APPLY TO GROUPS, COUPONS, SPECIAL OFFERS, OR PRIVATE CHARTERS. Customers will also receive a full refund in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. All reservation changes must be made by phone. No-shows will be charged the full price.

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

Related Sails

  • Users All Ages
  • Hour Glass 2 Hours


Let the warm caribbean breeze and gentle waters wash your cares away as you lounge in complete relaxation on a catamaran sunset sail. We will stop for a relaxing time at a beach before setting sail to watch the sun go down. Sip a Painkiller cocktail and enjoy the view as the sun sets.

Beach and Sunset Tour

Quick Details

  • Hour Glass Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Clock Check-In Time: 2:30 p.m.
  • Map Marker Location: Villa Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
  • Users Ages: We welcome (Ages 5 +)
  • Glass Drinks: ur company is an advocate for "Bring Your Own Cup" Campaign. This is aimed at reducing the number of single-use (disposable) cups sent to landfills. Please help us help the planet by bring your own cup or tumbler. (All drinks will be served at a measurement of 10 oz.)

Sunset Puerto Rico Snorkeling Adventure

Sail aboard the 54-foot catamaran Traveler as we glide through the calm, protected Caribbean waters of Fajardo Sound on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. We will be visiting the beach in Icacos island. Just lay back and relax as we sail into the sunset.

Tour Includes

  • Unlimited soft drinks and complimentary piña colada and rum punch
  • Local beer available at cash bar
  • Finger food
  • Flotation devices
  • Easy access to the water using our “Sea Ladder”

What to Bring

  • Bathing suit
  • Sunscreen (aerosol not allowed)
  • Dry change of clothes
  • Waterproof camera

Bringing alcohol aboard is not allowed.

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  • Most Popular!
  • Hour Glass 6 hours

Tobias Culebra Power Boat

Join us on a fantastic snorkel and beach tour to Culebra and the Cayo Luis Peña Nature Reserve.

Traveler Catamaran Sailing Tour

Glide through the calm, protected Caribbean waters of Fajardo Sound on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico as you enjoy the breathtaking views!


  • ( Do Not Pay, Until We Confirm That We Can Provide The Service & You Receive Payment Instructions )  


"Best Culebra DayTrip ™️" Packages

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Private home close to BEACH, RAIN FOREST

Photo gallery for private home close to beach, rain forest.

Entry side view

Overview of Private home close to BEACH, RAIN FOREST

Popular amenities.

  • Pool Pool Pool
  • Outdoor Space Outdoor Space Outdoor Space
  • Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen
  • Barbecue grill Barbecue grill Barbecue grill
  • Gym Gym Gym
  • Washer Washer Washer

Check out the area


  • Popular Location Luquillo Beach 8 min drive
  • Popular Location Carabali Rainforest Park 10 min drive
  • Popular Location Wyndham Rio Mar Golf Course 11 min drive
  • Airport San Juan (SJU-Luis Munoz Marin Intl.) 36 min drive

Rooms & beds

4 bedrooms (sleeps 12), 3 bathrooms, about this property, property manager.

upstairs front porch

6 bedroom,Rainforest retreat,gated,fenced,private 2 story home, sleeps up to 18

Costa Mia Restaurant at walking distance.

Palm Paradise,Penthouse

Paradise awaits. 🌴

Luquillo Beach- Puerto Rico, 4 Bedroom Vacation Villa With Pool and Wifi

Luquillo Beach

A Beautiful Home Located Close To Beaches, Rain Forest, Golfing And Much More!

Beach Club Pool

4 King Beds 2 Golf Courses Tennis Beach and Casino. Near Rain Forest Kiosks/Rest

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

Rio Mar Beach Resort - Time Magazine TOP 100 World's Greatest Places 2018

Living area

Famous Beach House Compound Sleeps 20

Secluded Family House in rainforest, mountainside private pool, 1 mile from PR3

Private Pool in Secluded Rainforest Setting, 1 Mile from PR3, Full Solar.


Yes! This is your retreat, view of El Yunque, inside Coco Beach Resort.

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

Exclusive Villas, Hidden Paradise Near Beaches, Rainforest & Neighboring Islands

Back of the House Faces the Beach

When we say Beach Front, we mean on the BEACH!

Property grounds

Relaxing Family and Friend Escape with Wrap Around Porch


Private pool house/Walk to the beach/Fast Wi-fi

Last house of the street

Villa Next To El Yunque Rainforest, A Little Paradise, 5-10 Mins From The Beach

Seven Seas beach - 5min. drive down the road from condo.

Spacious Condo Resort Like W/Ocean View by Beach, WiFi, Free Parking, Dishwasher

Balcony View

Spacious Artisan Villa with Spectacular Ocean View & Golf Cart!

Beautiful, private infinity pool with GORGEOUS views.

Villa Marbella Private Pool, Ocean Views for YOU!

Spacious open plan living room, dinning and kitchen area, with balcony.

Paradise! Beachfront Villa with Ocean View @ Seven Seas +Wifi


★Spectacular Beach-Side Resort 3-BR Apartment★

Property grounds

Hacienda Margarita—Private Pool, Amazing Views, Pickleball, Large Home!

Property grounds

Grand Chalet, Private Pool, AC, River Access, Pool Table BBQ WIFI Parking

Luquillo <3

Comfortable Family home with Luquillo Beach View

Pool with view of Bar/BBQ area and Huge Patio

LARGE POOL-Spacious Historic Hacienda, near BEACHES, Bio Bay, & tours

Living area

Ocean view penthouse, beach access. Beautiful private rooftop apartment

Property grounds

Cozy 4 Bedroom Duplex | at Wyndham Rio Mar Resort


Hideaway with Wraparound Balcony: Beautiful Views, Great Vibes, Family Friendly

catamaran luquillo puerto rico

Villa Tesoro at Carabali by Tesla Eco


Renovated 3 Bdrm House, view of El Yunque, located inside Coco Beach Golf Resort

Property grounds

Beautiful Home - Rooftop - Private Jacuzzi - Rainforest & Beach ☀

Turtles hatch during the year and if you are lucky, you see them on the beach

Luxury Villa @ Rio Mar Beach Resort - FREE GOLF CART use w/7 NIGHT STAY

House rules, damage and incidentals, important information, you need to know, we should mention, about the neighborhood.


What's nearby

  • Azul Beach - 7 min drive
  • Luquillo Beach - 8 min drive
  • Carabali Rainforest Park - 10 min drive
  • Wyndham Rio Mar Golf Course - 11 min drive
  • Wyndham Rio Mar Casino - 13 min drive

Getting around

  • Luis Munoz Marin Intl. Airport (SJU) - 36 min drive


  • Latin Gyros - 3 min drive
  • Wendy’s - 4 min drive
  • El Flamboyan - 4 min drive
  • McDonald's - 4 min drive
  • Boardriders - 4 min drive

Frequently asked questions

Yes, this property has an outdoor pool.

No, pets are not allowed at this property.

Check-in begins at 6:00 PM.

Check-out is at 10:00 AM.

This family-friendly Luquillo vacation home is located by the sea, within 2 mi (3 km) of La Pared Beach and La Selva. Luquillo Beach is 2.9 mi (4.6 km) away.

10/10 Excellent

Just like home, carolina f., family christmas vacation 2023, verified traveler, great space, gate access last day, about the host, hosted by renae rasmusson.

Host profile image

Why they chose this property

What makes this property unique, premier host, more vacation rentals ideas, people also search for, additional information about expedia group.


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  12. Salty Dog Catamaran

    Salty Dog Catamaran offers a beautiful sailing experience to one of Puerto Rico's best kept secret white sand beaches. Soak up the sun while you snorkel in the crystal clear ocean waters of the Caribbean. Enjoy a great lunch buffet including rum punch, painkillers and soft drinks. Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Meets animal welfare guidelines.

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  23. Private home close to BEACH, RAIN FOREST

    The home sleeps 12-13 comfortably with the sofa sleeper. Washer and Dryer on site for your convenience. Close La Monserrate Beach with Kiosko of 60 bars/restaurants! Plan a day trip on a Catamaran to a deserted island and experience some fantastic snorkeling! Or take a Ferry or hopper flight to Vieques or Culebra and explore the sister islands.