zomboid riverboat

Project Zomboid

zomboid riverboat

Originally posted by taxhelp_pro : In a strange section that does not update on my map as I explore it. It must be an area that's under construction. Now if I could only sail it.
Originally posted by Beltneck : Originally posted by Armagenesis : That place is going to be a good spot for a base once the map update is released. Only a single entrance you can easily block off and water all around you. It's like an official floating base.


Originally posted by Master Exploder : boats for safe travel along the ohio river would be a cool thing, if the ohio rive connected to smaller rivers to the inner land of the map

zomboid riverboat

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    zomboid riverboat


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  1. Steam Workshop::Louisville Riverboat

    This mod adds a copy of the riverboat to Louisville. The riverboat is located next to the riverwalk in the north part of Louisville.

  2. Ohio Riverboat reveal north of (new) Ekron : r/projectzomboid

    outside of the map bounds, obviously on the river, but you have to go west with a sledgehammer (or debug mode)

  3. Riverside - PZwiki

    A colorful town tightly hugging the banks of the mighty Ohio: exploring Riverside is a rich and diverse experience! To the west you'll find the older parts of town, while out east is where our wealthier residents work, rest and play.

  4. Water - PZwiki

    Prior to the water supply being shut off, water can be obtained from faucets, bathtubs, and toilets. Additionally, water may be collected from wells, rain collector barrels, water coolers or directly from water sources in the environment such as rivers, lakes, pools or poodles.

  5. Steam Workshop::Over the River - Steam Community

    Description. Hi survivors! I am Woldren and this is my map: Over the River. The bridge has a town above it, as in Fallout 3. Warning: place the generator on the roof, check the pictures above to see where it is. The bridge is a giant building, so if you place it on the street, you'll receive damage, since the street is part of the building.

  6. I found a river boat :: Project Zomboid General Discussions

    You can fish in the river and draw water from it too. All you need is a heat source and it could make a very nice home. I'm still a little sad that I can't sail it though

  7. The Riverboat : r/projectzomboid - Reddit

    The Riverboat. Running an MP server with some buddies, anyone else ever move out of the finished map? 1 Share. Sort by: Add a Comment. Slapmybatter. • 4 mo. ago. It’s aight, might want to break down some of the kitchen inside of the boat if you do move there; it’s a bitch to power. 1. Reply. true.

  8. MOD SPOTLIGHT: OVER THE RIVER - Project Zomboid

    Over the River adds a town, obviously enough, across the Ohio river, on the other side of a new bridge from West Point. Rather than making a simple bridge to walk or drive over, however, Woldren’s map provides more of a challenge.

  9. Mod Spotlight: Boats - Project Zomboid

    As refreshingly simple as a sea breeze: more and different boats, including smaller ones for river gameplay. We spoke to the three authors and found out more about their backgrounds and how this in-depth mod came together.


    Join the channel to get access to perks:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCitwz3NnU71Ibf9RUSLD5DA/joinLet's travel from Tikitown to the island of Kingsmouth t...