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Explaining the Different Types of Marine Window Material

Taking proper care of your boat keeps it seaworthy for longer. Choosing the right materials for your marine windows is one important choice boat owners need to make to do just that.

Typically, boat windows are made from specialty textiles rather than glass . These textiles are designed to withstand everything the open water throws at them. Several different kinds of clear textiles are available today and knowing your marine window material options helps you ensure you’re getting the right product for your needs.

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Here’s a quick look at the most popular marine window materials on the market today:

  • Vinyl and Polyester Composite: An excellent composite material, vinyl and polyester composite fabrics offers the flexibility you need to curve and bend along a boat’s contours easily. Fabrics made using this composite stay tight against the frame and provide waterproof and mildew resistance. Herculite Inc. offers this composite combination in two top quality marine grade fabrics: Riviera and Regatta .
  • Clear Pressed Polished Coated Vinyl : A popular choice for everyday marine use, clear pressed polished coated vinyl can be rolled back easily, which is great for boat tops. Herculite’s Strataglass is one of the top brands on the market for this versatile material. Another reason for the popularity of this material it is available with scratch-resistant special coatings, which extend the life of the material considerably. Strataglass is one such example of a material that offers such a coating: VueShield .
  • Polycarbonate: Made from a semi-rigid clear plastic, polycarbonate windows are widely considered to be nearly unbreakable. With polycarbonate, user visibility is clearer that other clear plastics, plus it can be coated with scratch and UV resistant coatings for additional protection. Polycarbonate is an excellent choice for rugged uses. However, this textile isn’t soft like clear vinyl so it can’t be rolled up for storage. It also tends to be pricey.
  • Acrylic: Like polycarbonate, acrylic panels are semi-rigid and provide excellent visibility. Acrylic panels are very difficult to break, making them an excellent choice for rugged marine use. However, acrylic fabric windows can be scratched easier than some other options, and the panels can’t be rolled up for storage. Acrylic can also be expensive, so it’s best used sparingly.

When it comes to marine vinyl window materials, remember to consider the cost of each material and how that relates to its longevity. Some materials will last longer than others, which make their additional cost make sense over than cheaper materials that will require frequent replacement. Alternately, if you can maintain a more affordable and versatile fabric like polycarbonate or a clear polished pressed vinyl properly over time, why not choose the more cost effective solution (and get benefits like a roll up window?) How you use your boat and what your needs are will dictate which material is best for you.

One final note: remember that the gauge (a.k.a. thickness) of your windows affects how it will look, as well as its clarity and flexibility. Some marine window materials come in gauges as thick as 40 gauge and as thin as 12 gauge. Before you buy, check out this quick buying guide on marine window materials to make sure you’re getting the perfect choice for your needs.

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Dynamic window materials

yacht windows material

Flexible clear vinyl, shown here, is just one option for boat windows. Polycarbonate and acrylic are the other main choices. Each have their advantages in specific applications. Photo: Sailrite.

Fabricators and boat owners have a world of choices in windows.

When it comes to choosing their windows, most boat owners don’t want to make it too complicated—they want a quality product that will last at a reasonable price.

As fabricators know, however, it’s not quite that simple.

In fact, according to Zach Grant, marketing manager at Sailrite®, a distributor of marine fabrics and supplies for do-it-yourselfers in Columbia City, Ind., boat owners really need to consider at least six different things when looking for windows: clarity, scratch resistance, UV resistance, stain/chemical resistance, flexibility and cost.

“Actually, though,” Grant says, “longevity is what most boat owners are concerned with. But those six factors are what will contribute to how long windows will last.”

“The typical boat owner is concerned with enclosure functionality and durability,” adds Craig Zola, vice president of marketing and distribution for Herculite® Products Inc., a manufacturer of marine fabrics and materials, including Strataglass, located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. “Windows are expensive and boat owners want clear products that last.”

With all the considerations that go into purchasing windows, boat owners face a myriad of choices. They rely on fabricators to not only sell and install their windows, but to help them wade through the many options and make recommendations based on their individual needs and wants.

yacht windows material

This dodger, the work of Dorsal LLC, a canvas shop in Sturgeon Bay, Wis., has an enclosure made of 40 gauge Strataglass, from Herculite Products Inc.

Three main categories

First, there are three main window types: flexible clear vinyl, polycarbonate sheets and acrylic sheets.

Here are the qualities of each, as described by Zola:

Flexible clear vinyl: “This is a great choice for many boat owners because of its breathability, suppleness and recent advances in technology like Strataglass’s scratch-resistant and UV-resistant coatings. This material is clear plastic and is soft and flexible, so it can be rolled up when not in use. It also has excellent stability and durability, and is inherently fire-retardant, waterproof and mildew resistant.”

Polycarbonate: “This is also a super-clear plastic, but it’s semirigid, making it hard and nearly unbreakable. The material can also be coated with UV-resistant technology and is also waterproof. However, it can’t be rolled up like vinyl and it can cost more to replace when damaged.”

Acrylic: “This is another semirigid option that is inherently UV resistant. It’s clear and strong. It’s not as scratch resistant, but scratches are usually repairable. It’s also not flexible enough to be rolled up.”

Given the clear difference in attributes among the categories, the type of vessel a boat owner has (along with personal preferences) may make it somewhat obvious which window type is appropriate. But within the categories, there are important distinctions that may not seem so apparent at first glance.

yacht windows material

This Ocean Alexander was done by Dorsal LLC with Clear2sea UV, an acrylic enclosure. Photos: Dorsal LLC.

For example, many leading manufacturers of flexible clear vinyl, such as Strataglass, O’Sea®, Regalite® and CrystalClear, are made using the “press-polish” method.

“Pressed-polished window products are made by taking two layers of clear vinyl, which are heated until on the verge of melting and then pressed together between highly polished chrome plates to ensure a consistent thickness which is smooth and free of flaws,” Grant explains. “That creates one thicker, polished sheet with excellent optical clarity.”

Pressed-polished sheets offer the best tint consistency, clarity and dimensional stability, he says.

Saving with extruded

A less expensive option for flexible windows is extruded clear vinyl. “The raw material is heated and extruded through a series of roller presses to the desired thickness,” Grant notes. “That allows it to be produced quickly at a low cost.”

yacht windows material

Boat windows at O’Sullivan Films Inc., Winchester, Va., are produced under the O’Sea® and Regalite® brands. O’Sea is the company’s coated line. Photo: O’Sullivan Films Inc.

The softness and flexibility of extruded vinyl means the surface may be more prone to scratching, he says, but for a boat owner looking at price, it can be an appropriate choice for applications that don’t see prolonged exposure to the environment.

Extruded vinyl has excellent clarity with negligible defects and is a cost-effective alternative for most users, according to Linda Pieta, sales coordinator at Robeco Inc., a Garden City, N.Y., supplier of plastic films and sheeting, including extruded vinyl that is available plain or with a scratch-resistant coating.

There are additional options for the budget-minded, but they come with trade-offs, Pieta says. “When price is a consideration, the least expensive vinyls are calendered and laminated, but they can have imperfections such as gels and flow lines,” she says. “If the customer doesn’t worry about the window being perfect, then they can use those products.”

Coated or uncoated?

As Zola noted, advances in technology have increased the quality and popularity of coated boat windows, but many manufacturers continue to make both coated and uncoated products available, and not just because of price concerns. For example, O’Sullivan Films Inc., Winchester, Va., makes coated products under the O’Sea brand and uncoated products under the Regalite banner, according to Julie Tinsman, the company’s senior sales manager.

“There are people who want only a coated product, but also those who want only uncoated, thinking they might corrode or for some other reason,” Tinsman says. “People have different theories, but it often just comes down to past experience or personal preferences.”

Manufacturers and fabricators both point out that coated window materials help prevent or minimize a number of problems, including scratching. But exposure to the sun may be the most important consideration. “Exposure to UV is the leading cause of clear vinyl failure,” according to Grant. “UV exposure leads to the evaporation of plasticizers, which keeps the vinyl flexible. This leads to the vinyl becoming brittle, cloudy and eventually cracking. Coatings lock in the plasticizers, allowing them to stand up better.”

Tinsman also says that anyone who boats in an “environmentally tough area” should consider coated products. “A plane, for example, can spew fuel that can damage the vinyl on boats,” so if you boat near an airport, coated products can protect against that.

In addition, she says, the O’Sea coated product also makes is easier for wiping off suntan lotion, bug spray or other chemicals that might be used around boats.

There are, however, reasons besides price not to choose coated windows. “Strataglass and O’Sea coated vinyl products will not work with HH-66 (vinyl cement),” Grant says, “which makes it impossible to glue the new vinyl to an old vinyl border. So you can only use it if you are going to sew the material.”

yacht windows material

Recent advances in UV- and scratch-resistance are selling points for Strataglass, used on the boat shown here. Fabricated by Marco Canvas & Upholstery LLC, Marco Island, Fla., it features an exclusive See2Sea™ bonded acrylic enclosure with large pin-up front V panel, heat molded corners and Herculite® Riviera Marine Fabric®. Photo: Marco Canvas & Upholstery LLC.

Gauge is a consideration

Thickness is another consideration when choosing windows. “Determining the best gauge is where the fabricator needs to work very closely with the boat owner,” Tinsman says.

Charles Klein, founder and owner of Dorsal LLC, a canvas shop in Sturgeon Bay, Wis., says he generally recommends 40 gauge for forward windows and 30 gauge for side and aft windows. “Side and aft windows are more likely to get rolled up, and 30 gauge is a little more malleable,” he says.

Klein favors acrylic windows for his customers. “It is naturally scratch and UV resistant, without requiring coatings, so if it is scratched, it can be buffed out. Also, the clarity is stunning—clearer than glass.”

Greg Keeler, owner of Oyster Creek Canvas Co. in Bellingham, Wash., uses a polycarbonate, Tuffak® AR (formerly Makrolon® AR), for many of his projects where the windows are not going to be removed. Keeler favors 60 gauge in that application, but will drop down to 40 gauge in some instances. “If somebody wants to replace a window and they want to just get a few more years out of their canvas, 40 gauge is good because it’s easier to work with,” he says.

Longevity is critical

Thicker gauge materials often improve a window’s life span, and that’s often the most critical part of the equation, Klein says.

“Is it worth paying the extra money for a better product?” Klein asks. “Labor can cost significantly more than the cost of materials,” he says. “Some products will last 10 years or more, but others—like extruded vinyl without any UV or scratch-resistant coatings—might give you only three or four seasons. It’s kind of foolish to spend money to come back in three or four years and pay for labor again.”

Fabricators aren’t usually interested in doing projects with inferior materials anyway, Keeler says, and it’s not necessarily because of the money.

“When I build something, it doesn’t have to be top of the line,” Keeler explains. “But when I put the effort in, I want it to be nice and I want it to look good.”

Jeff Moravec is a freelance writer from Minneapolis, Minn.

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yacht windows material

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yacht windows material

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yacht windows material

Custom Marine Windows & 

Plastics Forming

!! Removable Windows Now Available !!

The development of fiberglass boats has freed the yachtsman of much of the care and maintenance previously required for his yacht. Improvements in the development of marine windows reflect the same advancement. Go industries, founded in 1971 then acquired by Maritech in 2023, is the foremost manufacturer of high-quality, vinyl framed marine windows. With a commitment to offer carefree maintenance, quality, non-corrosive materials and ease of installation, Maritech Industries strives to serve all their customers by producing not only standard, but also custom built marine windows. We are looking for pictures of our windows in your sail or power boat. If you would like them featured on our website, please email them to [email protected] with a brief description of the vessel!

Unique patented design.

Maritech windows are manufactured using a white, high impact weather resistant vinyl plastic frame. Rigid vinyl can withstand most chemicals that are used by a yachtsman on his boat, including paint thinner and acetone. The vinyl frame, when used with plastic panes, will conform easily to curved cabin sides. The most important advantage of all is no corrosion.


Installation of maritech windows was designed with the yacht owner in mind. the windows install using the “clamp” method as illustrated in the drawings below. both the outer frame, which holds the pane material, and the inner trim ring come pre-drilled and the necessary stainless fastening screws are provided. after the old windows are removed, and the cabin side is cleaned of all impurities, simply apply a quality sealing compound to the inside of the exterior frame and place the window in the cut-out. the interior trim ring is then screwed in place and the installation is complete..

Four Basic Types

Fixed - Maritech Industries has the capability to manufacture almost any shape or size window.  Fixed windows are available with our standard heavy duty frame.  The standard frame can have a 1 -1/2", 1- 7/8", 2-1/2", 3", 4" and/or 6" corner radius as well as mitered corners. The heavy duty frame is available with a 2-1/2” or 4-1/2” radius, or with mitered corners.

Sliding -Sliding windows have a number of unique features that are available only with Maritech windows. With plastic pane windows (Lucite S.A.R.), the handle used to slide the window open and closed are glued as well as screwed on to assure that they will not come off. Large drain holes are provided on the outside.  Plus a “splash guard” , which is clear plastic strip , is glued on the inside. These two features work together to make Maritech sliding windows one of the most leak-proof windows available.  Standard frame sliding windows come in 1-7/8” , 2-1/2" , 3” or 4"radius, and/or mitered corners.  Heavy frame sliding windows are available with a 2-1/2” or 4-1/2” radius, or mitered corners. 

Custom radiuses are available upon request.

Hinged - Ventilation has always been a problem on most power boats. Maritech Industries has the answer to this in the form of a hinged windshield.  Like all Maritech windows, the hinged window can be made to almost any shape or size with the use of our unique vinyl frame. All hinged windows use high quality stainless steel wind-shield adjusters to hold the hinged pane open in any position. When closed, screw down dogs are used to make a water-tight seal.

!   NEW  RELEASE   !  

Removeable - We are currently working with USCG to satisfy new egress requirements for inspected vessels. In most cases we are able to make either a sliding, hinged or removable window with latches or tension knobs in place of an existing fixed window! Contact us for more info!

yacht windows material

Removable with latch handle

yacht windows material

Removable with tension knobs

yacht windows material

Choice Of Pane Material

Maritech windows can be made with panes of plexiglass, Lucite S.A.R. (super abrasion resistant), tempered glass, or upon special request, Lexan Margard.  All are avail-able in various tint colors as well as clear.  One of our design engineers can assist in the pane and thickness choice best for your particular needs.

Many Standard Configurations

Since Maritech windows have been the choice of various manufacturers as standard equipment, we have many production patterns in stock.  When requesting a quotation, please give us the boat type and length as well as the “block” dimensions so that we can check your windows against our patterns. Because Maritech Industries makes windows as they are ordered, changing the size of your existing windows can be done at little to no extra cost.

Very friendly and informative , estimate and turn around time were exactly as they said, after sending a template , the two windows i ordered installed effortlessly and fit perfectly, I should also mention pricing was more reasonable than 4 other manufactures i spoke with for same product

Cannot believe anyone has not yelped this business yet.  I have an old US Yachts boat.  The original window maker went out of business but somehow that business found its way to Mark Plastics. I dealt directly with Mark  I had just a small single window but you would have thought I was placing a huge order.  Mark spent a ton of time with me on the phone, walked me through what he needed and built me a replacement boat window within a week. Absolutely fabulous and a big shoutout to San Francisco Boat Works for steering me to Mark Plastics.

Mark at Mark Plastics is great! I'm about to place my third order with him, which will be the final batch needed to replace all ports in my old 1976 Islander 36. The new ports were a perfect fit, which was a big relief as I had to lug them on an international flight. Mark's office is low-tech - best to call and leave a message. He always calls back.

Love the new windows and nice to be able to see through the windows now! (old plastic window were crazed and with the sun on them it was like having shades pulled down)! The color tint is perfect! The windows went in easy with just a bit of trimming! The opening galley window sure helps remove the moisture while cooking. Many Thanks for a job well done!! Duane Sheehan

December 2023


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What are Marine Windows: 4 Quick Tips to Know Comprehensively

Marine windows , often known as ship windows or portholes, are critical components of marine vessel design and functionality. These windows, being an important component of ship architecture, provide crucial functions such as natural illumination, vision, and ventilation. They confront special challenges, however, because they are exposed to extreme environmental conditions such as water pressure, saltwater corrosion, and impact from waves and debris. In this article, we will focus on the topic of what are marine windows, exploring the importance, design, materials and types of marine windows in maritime applications.

aluminum marine sliding window

Importance of Marine Windows

On ships and vessels, marine windows perform various important tasks.

Natural Lighting

Natural light enters the interior spaces through marine windows, eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day and creating a more comfortable environment for passengers and staff.

Visibility and Navigation

Clear marine windows give crew members a clear line of sight, which helps with navigation, situational awareness, and safety during maneuvers.


Hinged marine windows can be opened to offer ventilation, enhancing air circulation and passenger and crew comfort.

Emergency Access

In an emergency, marine windows can act as an alternate escape route, giving additional safety precautions for evacuations.

Well-designed marine windows contribute to the vessel’s aesthetics and overall appearance, increasing its visual attractiveness.

Marine Rectangular Window

Design Considerations for Marine Windows

Shape and Size

Marine windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the type and purpose of the vessel. Portholes are circular windows that are common on smaller vessels and offer a typical nautical appearance. On larger ships and passenger vessels, rectangular and oval windows are more common. The size of the windows is governed by elements such as the structure and architecture of the vessel, as well as legal restrictions.

The materials used in marine windows are crucial in maintaining durability and safety. Tempered glass, laminated glass, acrylic (PMMA), and polycarbonate are all common materials. Tempered and laminated glass are extremely strong and safe, but acrylic and polycarbonate are lightweight and impact-resistant alternatives.

Marine windows are usually contained in frames composed of stainless steel, aluminum, or marine-grade brass. In the sea environment, the frames provide structural stability, watertightness, and corrosion protection.


Marine windows must be watertight to prevent water from entering the vessel through the window during severe seas. The sealing mechanisms of the windows and frames are critical in maintaining adequate water resistance.

Double Glazin g

Many modern marine windows have double glazing, which consists of two layers of glass with an air gap between them, to improve insulation and prevent condensation. Double glazing helps to keep the interior temperature reasonable and decreases heat transfer.

Hinged or Fixed

Marine windows can be fixed or hinged. Hinged windows can be opened to provide ventilation, bringing in fresh air. Fixed windows, on the other hand, are typically employed in locations where ventilation is not a significant concern.

aluminum marine window

Materials Used in Marine Windows

It is vital to use the correct materials for marine windows to ensure durability, safety, and best performance. Marine windows are commonly made from the following materials:

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a common choice for marine windows because of its strength and safety characteristics. Tempered glass shatters into small, less dangerous fragments when shattered, minimizing the risk of harm.

Laminated Glass

Another popular alternative for boat windows is laminated glass. It is made up of two or more layers of glass with an interlayer substance (often PVB) placed between them. Laminated glass is stronger and safer because the interlayer retains the glass together even if it fractures.

Acrylic (Polymethyl Methacrylate – PMMA)

Acrylic is a lightweight, impact-resistant substitute for glass that is often used in marine windows. Although it has outstanding clarity and UV protection, it may necessitate more frequent maintenance owing to scratching and degradation over time.


Another lightweight and impact-resistant material appropriate for marine windows is polycarbonate. It has a high tensile strength and good clarity, making it perfect for rough sea conditions.

Common Types of Marine Windows

Portholes are small. Side scuttle porthole windows  that are popular on smaller ships, boats, and ancient ships. Portholes were traditionally used for ventilation and lighting in staterooms, but their original design is often kept on modern vessels for aesthetic reasons.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are non-operable and are securely sealed shut. They are prevalent in areas where ventilation is not a primary concern, such as bulkheads, observation lounges, and public areas.

Sliding Windows

Aluminum sliding windows  feature panels that can slide horizontally or vertically within the frame, providing ventilation options while maintaining a secure seal when closed.

Marine Side Scuttle Porthole Windows

Hinged Windows

Hinged windows have panels that pivot on one side, allowing them to be opened outward for ventilation. These windows are commonly used in cabins, crew quarters, and areas where controlled airflow is desired.

Windows with Storm Shutters

Some marine windows come equipped with storm shutters or covers that can be secured during adverse weather conditions to provide additional protection against the elements.

Marine windows are important components of marine vessels  because they provide crucial services such as natural illumination, visibility, ventilation, and safety. They are must be designed and constructed to endure the extreme conditions of the marine environment, including water pressure, saltwater corrosion, and impact. Modern marine windows, because to developments in materials and construction processes, provide enhanced durability, safety, and aesthetics, adding to the efficiency and comfort of maritime operations. As the maritime industry evolves, marine window design and technology will most certainly witness further advancements to fulfill the sector’s ever-increasing demands.

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Red and grey custom marine upholstery for a rear seat of a speed boat.

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Clean and new boat windows from Rainier Marine.

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yacht windows material

Aluminum Boat Windows and Doors

yacht windows material

Fixed, Top-hinged,  and Horizontal Sliding

  • marine quality aluminum frames available in medium or heavy duty
  • tempered safety glass meets all Coast Guard specifications
  • w elded corners for added strength and durability
  • four stage pre-coating treatment to effectively seal the aluminum
  • finish of powder coat, electrostatically  applied, then oven baked
  • variety of frame colors to best match your vessel
  • new windows are an opportunity to maintain value of your investment
  • extensive database of window layout drawings, patterns, and jigs for vessel mannufacturers such as Pacemaker, Hatteras, Grand Banks, Egg Harbor, Marine Trader, Viking Yachts, Albin, Bertram, Burger, Californian, and many others.

yacht windows material

Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Centre console windshields, dash panels, hatches, flybridge windscreens, livewell lids

If you are in the Sarasota/Bradenton area we can provide references for window installation.

Custom plastic window replacement, curved corner windows, center console acrylic windscreens fabricated and installed on our premises.

yacht windows material

Waterway Systems

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[email protected]

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Rainier Boat Windows

Clearly Better

Flexible yet rigid, Rainier Windows can bend, yet retain their memory to return to the original flat shape. Sophisticated window designs can be stored flat when not in use. Rainier Windows screen 98% of harmful UV rays, protecting people and valuable material while offering insulation and sound deadening attributes for your enclosure.

Rainier Diamond Windows

Aquatropic 005

Virtually shatterproof, our top of the line Rainier Diamond Windows have 250 times the impact strength of glass and 30 times that of regular acrylic. 

Polycarbonate has a number of key benefits over other materials-the most important being it is truly shatter proof, and has been certified by the National Transportation Safety Board for transportation applications.

The special coatings that are applied to the polycarbonate on Rainier Windows will resist most scratches, yellowing and hazing.

Rainier Crystal Windows


Our Rainier Crystal Windows using specially modified high-impact acrylic as a substrate are also extremely safe. They are designed to be more break resistant than regular acrylic to give them added design flexibility at a reduced cost.

Modified acrylic has been engineered to the point that it is over 10 times more break resistant than regular acrylic. This improvement has made this material very strong and usable in the harsh environments at a lower price than polycarbonate. An additional benefit of modified acrylic is that it does not need to be coated for UV and minor scratches can be buffed out of the windows. This quality allows for tighter radius curves on different designs.

Installation and Customization

Rainier has developed unique track systems for use with Rainier Windows for a custom look and to allow opening and closing of the semi-rigid windows. There are a many options available to customize your Rainier Window enclosure for your boat, buildings, home, or tent's unique requirements.

Track Systems

Rainier Windows has developed unique tracking systems to enhance the operational capabilities of your windows.

Because Rainier Windows are semi-rigid, your yacht’s enclosure operates much like the windows in your home. Because your Rainier window cannot be rolled, hinging or sliding the windows are used for opening and ventilation.

Single Track

Single track is the most commonly used for mounting windows in a “track to track” installation. A zipper is sewn to keder-welt, which slides into the track, making an exact fit.

Double Track

Using keder-welt, a fabricator can use a two track system to enable the windows to slide in front and behind one another like sliding glass doors.

Triple Track

There are times when track can not be mounted to the boat. Triple track was invented to extend double track capabilities to locations where fasteners are not available. Such situations include the crown on a hardtop, cross sections of fabric, or stainless steel rods.

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yacht windows material

Replacing your boat's windows

Replacing your boat's windows is crucial for maintaining a safe and comfortable vessel, as old or damaged windows can compromise the structural integrity and create an uncomfortable environment for you and your family.

Replacing Your Boat’s Windows

Sailing the open seas with your family is an incredible experience, but it also requires a well-maintained and safe vessel. One essential aspect of boat maintenance is ensuring that your boat’s windows are in good condition. Over time, windows can become damaged, leaky, or simply outdated, and replacing them can greatly improve your boat’s overall performance and comfort. In this article, we will guide you through the process of replacing your boat’s windows, including the materials and tools you’ll need, the steps to follow, and some helpful tips along the way.

Table of Contents

Why replace your boat’s windows, choosing the right materials, tools you’ll need, step-by-step guide to replacing your boat’s windows, tips for a successful window replacement.

There are several reasons why you might consider replacing your boat’s windows:

Leaks : Over time, the seals around your boat’s windows can deteriorate, leading to water leaks. This can cause damage to your boat’s interior and create an uncomfortable environment for you and your family.

Cracks or Damage : Windows can become cracked or damaged due to various factors, such as impact from debris or stress from the boat’s movement. Damaged windows can compromise the structural integrity of your boat and pose a safety risk.

Condensation : If your boat’s windows are not properly sealed, condensation can form between the panes, reducing visibility and potentially leading to mold and mildew growth.

Aesthetics : Replacing old, worn-out windows can greatly improve the appearance of your boat, making it look more modern and well-maintained.

Energy Efficiency : Newer windows often have better insulation properties, which can help to regulate the temperature inside your boat and reduce energy consumption.

When it comes to replacing your boat’s windows, there are several materials to choose from. The most common materials used for boat windows are:

Acrylic (Plexiglass) : Acrylic is a popular choice for boat windows due to its lightweight, durable, and UV-resistant properties. It is also relatively easy to work with and can be cut and shaped to fit your boat’s window openings.

Polycarbonate (Lexan) : Polycarbonate is another popular choice for boat windows, as it is even stronger and more impact-resistant than acrylic. However, it is also more expensive and can be more difficult to work with.

Tempered Glass : Tempered glass is a strong and durable option for boat windows, but it is also heavier and more expensive than acrylic or polycarbonate. Additionally, tempered glass cannot be cut or shaped after it has been tempered, so it must be ordered in the exact size and shape needed for your boat’s windows.

When choosing a material for your boat’s windows, consider factors such as cost, durability, ease of installation, and the overall look you want to achieve.

Before you begin the process of replacing your boat’s windows, gather the following tools and materials:

  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife
  • Straight edge or ruler
  • Marker or pencil
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Jigsaw or circular saw (for cutting the window material)
  • Sandpaper or file (for smoothing edges)
  • Silicone sealant
  • Masking tape
  • Clean cloth and rubbing alcohol (for cleaning surfaces)
  • Screwdriver and screws (if needed for your window installation)

Follow these steps to replace your boat’s windows:

Step 1: Measure and Plan

Before you begin, measure the dimensions of your existing windows and the window openings on your boat. Be sure to measure the thickness of the window material as well. Use these measurements to determine the size and shape of the new windows you will need to order or cut.

Step 2: Remove the Old Windows

Carefully remove the old windows from your boat, taking care not to damage the surrounding surfaces. This may involve unscrewing any fasteners or cutting through old sealant with a utility knife.

Step 3: Clean and Prepare the Window Openings

Once the old windows have been removed, clean the window openings thoroughly. Use a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt, grease, or old sealant residue. This will ensure a strong bond between the new windows and the boat’s surface.

Step 4: Cut the New Windows

If you are using acrylic or polycarbonate material, you can cut the new windows yourself using a jigsaw or circular saw. Be sure to use a fine-toothed blade designed for cutting plastic materials. Use a straight edge or ruler and a marker to draw the cutting lines on the material, then carefully cut along the lines. Smooth any rough edges with sandpaper or a file.

If you are using tempered glass, you will need to order the windows in the exact size and shape needed for your boat’s window openings.

Step 5: Dry Fit the New Windows

Before applying any sealant, dry fit the new windows in the window openings to ensure they fit properly. Make any necessary adjustments to the window size or shape at this stage.

Step 6: Apply Sealant

Apply a generous bead of silicone sealant around the perimeter of the window opening, ensuring that there are no gaps or voids in the sealant. This will create a watertight seal between the window and the boat’s surface.

Step 7: Install the New Windows

Carefully place the new windows into the window openings, pressing firmly to ensure a good bond with the sealant. Use masking tape to hold the windows in place while the sealant cures, which can take up to 24 hours.

Step 8: Secure the Windows (if necessary)

If your boat’s windows require additional fasteners, such as screws or bolts, install them once the sealant has cured. Be sure to use stainless steel or marine-grade hardware to prevent corrosion.

  • Take your time and be patient throughout the process. Replacing your boat’s windows can be a challenging project, but the end result will be well worth the effort.
  • Always wear safety glasses and gloves when working with tools and materials.
  • If you are unsure about any aspect of the window replacement process, consult a professional or experienced boater for advice.
  • Regularly inspect your boat’s windows for signs of wear or damage, and address any issues promptly to maintain the safety and integrity of your vessel.

Replacing your boat’s windows is an important aspect of boat maintenance that can greatly improve the performance, comfort, and appearance of your vessel. By following the steps outlined in this guide and using the appropriate materials and tools, you can successfully replace your boat’s windows and continue to enjoy your sailing adventures with your family.


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yacht windows material

Comparing Visibility in Marine Mesh

We took our three most popular marine mesh fabric lines, Phifertex Standard, Phifertex Plus and Soltis, and held them up to a window on a sunny day to give you a view through the weave. For the best comparison, we chose similar shades of black and white for all three fabric lines and held them up in the same window. On the right-hand side of each photo, we left the window bare, so you can compare the shade to no shade at all.

Phifertex Standard

Comparing Visibility in Marine Mesh 7

Phifertex Standard Mesh White #393111

Comparing Visibility in Marine Mesh 9

Phifertex Standard Mesh Black #388111

Up first is Phifertex Standard Mesh. This is the most open weave, offering a 70% shade factor. It’s the easiest to see through, as you can clearly see the background through the fabric here. It will allow the most light to filter in, but also the least amount of privacy.

Comparing Visibility in Marine Mesh 10

Soltis 86 Vinyl Mesh White #120725

Comparing Visibility in Marine Mesh 5

Soltis 86 Vinyl Mesh Black #120732

Next we head to Soltis 86. Soltis has a flatter weave than the Phifertex options and blocks 86% of light and UV rays. It still allows light to filter in and offers a fairly clear view of the outside, but it is noticeably darker than the Phifertex Plus. It's our mid-range option for light filtering and privacy.

Phifertex Plus

Comparing Visibility in Marine Mesh 6

Phifertex Plus Vinyl Mesh White #235811

Comparing Visibility in Marine Mesh 8

Phifertex Plus Vinyl Mesh Black #124511

Finally, we have Phifertex Plus. This fabric boasts a 92.5% shade factor and, as you can see, the most privacy. You can see the least amount of background through this densely woven mesh. As the most private, it will also allow the least amount of light to filter in.

When choosing a mesh for shade applications, it’s also important to think about how the privacy will change throughout the day as the light source shifts from outside to inside your cabin. This video demonstrates this difference by showing you inside and outside views of a Phifertex Plus sun shade.

You can find all of these mesh fabrics, as well as how-to tutorials for making a variety of boat shade screens, right here at Sailrite®.

Which mesh would you choose for your vessel? Share your experiences with these marine mesh fabrics in the comments.

Stay in the loop! Never miss sale announcements, how-to blogs, new product launches, helpful tutorials and more!

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  • Window Replacement Parts

Boat Windows – Marine Windows Division


Standard Duty Sliding Boat Windows - Series 1200

Marine Glass Windows For Use In

  • Coastal Cruisers
  • Pilot Houses

The Series 1200 is a clamp ring sliding boat window designed specifically for marine applications. It offers customers the choice of forward (front to rear), rear (rear to front) or double-sliding glass configurations. A unique high-back slider track design and ample face slots give the Series 1200 quick water evacuation and excellent slide capability in the most severe conditions.

Peninsula Windows uses  solid tempered glass , which can incorporate tints ranging from clear to privacy to solar materials.

Marine Series Window Latch

(Click link for  Window Replacement Parts . )

Other marine windows products:   Standard Duty Fixed Window – Series 1150 ,  Heavy Duty Fixed Windows – Series 1250 ,  Top Hinge – Vented Windows – Series 1275 ,  Houseboat Elite Windows – Series 1600 ,  Houseboat Elite Dual Pane Windows – Series 1800


  • Shapes: Rectangle, Parallelogram, Single Slope, and others
  • Mounting: Trim Ring
  • Wall Thickness: 1/8″ to 2-1/2″
  • Radius: 2-1/2″, 3-0″ or mitered corners available
  • Frame Depth: 1-1/4″
  • Glass: 1/4″ tempered glass 
  • Glass Tint: Clear, Solex, Bronze, Solar Grey, Dark Grey
  • Frame: Anodized Clear (Silver) or a selection of powder coat colors.
  • Standard Amenities: Sliding removable screen available on outside slide configuration only

Glass Tints


Standard Duty Sliding Window – Series 1200

Anodized Clear Frame

Frame Color

Anodized Clear Frame

Motion Windows

Marine Windows

For use in:.

  • Fishing Boats
  • Luxury Houseboats
  • Pilot House, Salon, Windshield and Side Windows for Boats

marine windows

Fixed or sliding windows for boats , houseboats and yachts, are custom built to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need lightweight windows or heavy-duty windows designed to endure the most severe conditions, our craftsmen can build the window for you. Our single pane and insulated windows are available in a variety of widths and can be custom built with either radius or mitered (square) corners. Our window frames are available in your choice of  anodized clear (silver) marine grade aluminum or a selection of powder coat colors.

The design of a Peninsula Glass Coastal Motion marine window is limited only by your imagination. Many choices including glass tint, frame style and shape are options that help you custom build your own window. Glass tints range from clear, solex (green), solar bronze, solar gray, solar cool bronze (mirror finish) and dark gray. We can produce shapes ranging from rectangles, single slopes, squares, parallelograms, and circles. Other choices such as direction of slide, thickness of glass, and the method of mounting are also available.

Commercial Boat Windows

We view each customer’s requirements with a wealth of experience, a reputation for innovation and an unparalleled level of quality and service. Our team is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, consistent high-quality, and on-time deliveries define us as leaders in the market place. Let our experienced staff co-develop a production specific solution for your window needs. Visit https://www.boatwindows.com for more information.


Marine Glass: Quick Shopping Guide

What Boat Dock Accessories Do You Need?

Measuring Marine Windows:

How Do I Measure For My New Windows?

Key Benefits

  • Custom Sized and Shaped to Meet Individual Specifications
  • Clamp Grip Installation
  • Fixed & Sliding Configurations
  • Tempered Glass, Laminated Safety Glass, Acrylics & Polycarbonates Available
  • Anodized Aluminum or Powder Coat Frames
  • Select Radius or Mitered Corners Available

Check The Specs:

  • Series 1200 (1/4” Sliding)
  • Series 1600 (1/4” Fixed)
  • Series 1250 (3/8” or 1/2″ Fixed)
  • Series 1275 (3/8” vented – top hinge)

We are excited about the opportunity to add you to our family. Please help us describe you needs by getting started here

Port Synthetics

Boat Windows, Hatches & Screens

We manufacture boat windows, hatches, screens, washboards, polypropylene tanks, instrument panels, flybridge screens etc. We understand the importance of a rapid response particularly if the vessel is vulnerable to adverse weather or theft. This is why we can usually operate a fast service on request for replacements.


We stock many variants of marine grade perspex/plexiglas/polycarbonates etc. Clear, tinted, coloured, patterned, mirrored, solvent resistant and unbreakable materials are all available from stock in a wide range of thicknesses varying from 3mm – 20mm.

Our moulding oven is the largest in the area and enables us to produce curved/shaped screens in excess of 3 metres in length. If you are unable to supply the moulding required, Port Synthetics are able to produce tooling for all mouldings.

Below are some of our custom built marine fabrications, for more infomation about the different services we can provide for the marine industry please contact us via our contact us page.

We are currently offering a free of charge templating service Monday-Thursday 9am to 5pm Friday 9am to 2pm Saturday by appointment 10am-12noon We will take a template of your old window / washboard/ or companion way while you wait! Take them back and secure your pride and joy. Either call us on 02392 269788 or use the link below to  book a time.

Replacement Boat Washboard – Before & After

Below you can see an old wooden boat washboard a customer came to us with, and next to it the brand new plastic boat washboard we replaced it with. Lightweight, modern and allowing lots of light inside, this is a great example of the ideal replacement boat washboard – and a very happy customer!


Boat Hatch and Washboard, from the inside and outside

View from inside.

yacht windows material

View From Outside

yacht windows material

Vandals smashed screen with brick

yacht windows material

New screen moulded and refitted

yacht windows material

Windows Perspex/acrylic windows are a light and durable alternative to glass. We are able to cut to your specific shapes, from either your existing windows or templates. We can provide drilled & countersunk holes, polish/bevel edges to suit your individual requirements.

yacht windows material

Washboards We manufacture 1, 2 & 3 part washboards in Perspex/acrylic, which allows light into your cabin whilst keeping it secure. Using a tint ensures you maintain a level of privacy. Unlike wood, acrylic will not rot or deteriorate.

yacht windows material

Hatches Port Synthetics supply new acrylic panels to replace your old crazed/discoloured hatch.

yacht windows material

Marine Mirrors New! Synthetic glass, scratch and moisture resistant. 50% lighter than glass, 10 x more impact resistant than glass. No more edge desilvering, easily machined, drilled, jigsawed etc. Cut to shape panels, delivery available. See more info here: https://www.rehau.com/gb-en/fabricators-installers/surfaces/glass-laminate/rauvisio-crystal-mirror

yacht windows material

Flybridge Screen Replacement

  • We specialise in replacement Flybridge screens and fully understand the frustration of being unable to replace your screens through your boat manufacturer.
  • With over 85 years of knowledge in the marine screen industry we are able to offer you a service second to none!
  • Our oven forming, tooling and computerised CNC machine routing to shape facilities are ranked among the highest in Europe.

flybridge screen sunseeker

Boat Mirrors - the traditional glass mirror vs our new marine mirrors - see the difference!

marine mirror for boats before

If you have any questions about our marine fabrications please contat us at [email protected]

ACRYLIC – Trade names Perspex, Plexiglas, Altuglas etc

Available in

  • clear 2mm – 50mm
  • tints 3mm – 15mm

Used mainly for windows, hatches, washboards & screens

  • 10 year warranty
  • 30 times stronger than glass but a fraction of the weight

POLYCARBONATE – Trade names Makrolon, Lexan, Marlon etc

  • clear 1mm – 12mm
  • tints 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm

Used mainly for wrap around speedboat screens (3mm/4mm thick), which are able to be cold bent to suit.

In general we do not recommend the use of polycarbonate in a marine environment as the softer surface scratches much easier than that of acrylic. However, in extreme cases where impact strength is paramount, we can supply this material with an abrasion resistant coating, although this is much more expensive option.

Boat Windows – When to Fit a Replacement Window

Taking care of your boat windows (also known as marine windows) is a great way to avoid having to do the boat windows replacement procedure due to disrepair. Having ports or windows in your boat serves a variety of purposes, they add appeal, light, and can increase the value of your boat. Ports are generally smaller than boat windows, with some windows being as large as those found in a home. Regular repair is also recommended especially if your boat spends a significant amount of time in a salt-water environment as this can damage parts of the boat windows themselves, as well as the surrounding parts.

Essential Maintenance of Your Marine Windows

A ll types of boat windows are going to require maintenance and parts will need to be replaced if they become damaged. For example, seals are an important part of the boat windows and are often overlooked; they are designed to help keep moisture out of the boat by forming a tight seal around the window. Salt air can be damaging to the wood, fabrics, fittings and plastics in a boat. To avoid the type of damage that comes from prolonged exposure it is important to check the ports and boat windows for cracked glass  / acrylic panels or damaged seals and fittings.

Do Your Boat windows Have Seals?

M ost boat windows have a seal . In some cases, they will have two, one for between the glass and the window frames and the other for between the frame and the hull of the boat. If there are cracks in either of the seals, the window can be compromised. Even if these cracks do not let in potentially damaging salt air it can cause moisture to build up between the window frame and the hull and can cause mould and mildew to grow. If your boat is wood, it can even cause the wood to rot if there is prolonged exposure.

Keep Them Water Tight

Rubber is one of the common materials that are used to make watertight seals on ports and boat windows. If they are not cared for they can end up drying out and cracking. When this happens, the seals need to be replaced. If a seal has been damaged for an extended period, you may end up needing to replace the entire window. Replacement does not have to be limited to times where you find damage. There are other reasons to consider replacing your boat windows. Boats generally have enclosed cabins, ports and boat windows are one of the easy ways that airflow is provided to cabins.

Reducing Your Costs

Ports and boat windows can be as energy efficient as windows designed for homes. You can purchase windows with double paned or thicker glass, although clear or smoked acrylic panels are often preferred for value and durability. This can help to insulate the cabin from outside changes in temperature. Damage is not the only reason for boat windows to be replaced. Many people consider replacing their marine windows and ports as a way to reduce fuel and energy expenses by insulating the cabin. When your boat windows and ports are in good repair they provide significant benefit to you and your boat. Boat Windows help to protect against outside temperatures, damp creeping in and help to keep the inside protected and provide light and air to the cabin.

In Summary About Boat / Marine Windows

First of all, if you need help, advice or a quote Contact Us Here. Acrylic is a light weight tough material that is often preferred to glass when mariners decide to replace their boat windows. just make sure that you replace your Boat Windows before you develop major problems.

More Boat Window and Boat Hatch Photos

yacht windows material


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Goiot Replacement Lenses 27C New WD4

Goiot Replacement Lenses 27C New WD4

Lewmar T10 Frame Only New WD

Lewmar T10 Frame Only New WD

Lewmar T10 Flush Hatch New WD

Lewmar T10 Flush Hatch New WD

Replacement Acr. New WB

Replacement Acr. New WB

Lewmar 361056990 New WB

Lewmar 361056990 New WB

Lewmar 361061990 New WB

Lewmar 361061990 New WB

Lewmar Acrylic & Hinge Kit 360751009 New BP

Lewmar Acrylic & Hinge Kit 360751009 New BP

Lewmar 399104964 Used WB

Lewmar 399104964 Used WB

Lewmar Acrylic and Seal New BP

Lewmar Acrylic and Seal New BP

25' WorldCat Middle Windshield New Cont

25′ WorldCat Middle Windshield New Cont

25' WorldCat Side Windshield New Cont.

25′ WorldCat Side Windshield New Cont.

Rectangular Flatbased Portlight Used WE4

Rectangular Flatbased Portlight Used WE4

Vetus Porthole New WD4

Vetus Porthole New WD4

Bomar Hatch New WD3

Bomar Hatch New WD3

Bomar Inspection Hatch G71020-WH New WD4

Bomar Inspection Hatch G71020-WH New WD4

Bomar Hatch 12.25'' X 12.25''

Bomar Hatch 12.25” X 12.25”

Hatch 15.5'' X 10''

Hatch 15.5” X 10”

Hatch 15.5'' X 10'' No Hardware

Hatch 15.5” X 10” No Hardware

Bomar Hatch 16'' X 8.25''

Bomar Hatch 16” X 8.25”

Bomar Hatch 12.5'' X 12.5''

Bomar Hatch 12.5” X 12.5”

Hatch 16'' X 11''

Hatch 16” X 11”

Bomar Hatch 15.25'' X 10''

Bomar Hatch 15.25” X 10”

Bomar Hatch 15.5'' X10.25'' No Hardware

Bomar Hatch 15.5” X10.25” No Hardware

Bomar Hatch 18.5 x 18.5  WE3

Bomar Hatch 18.5 x 18.5 WE3

Functions of marine windows, picking the best marine windows materials.

It is common to see boats with marine windows regardless of their size. One of the most common is the porthole or bulls-eye window. This is usually a circular window that is used to allow light to enter the boat. Yacht windows are important especially because they allow light and fresh air into the boat below deck.

With boat windows for sale , anyone who is below deck can see the outside world. When they are closed, the boat windows usually weather tight offering a strong defense against bad weather.

Determining the best boat windows

Any reasonable boater probably knows how important it is to take care of a boat for it to be seaworthy for a long time. It is important to choose the best boat windshields materials for the sailboat windows and this is a choice that boaters need to take very seriously.

Marine windows are created using specialty textiles. The textiles are created in such a way that they can handle all the things that happen on the water. In most cases, the textiles are clear. Knowing the available options helps in the selection process.

Some popular marine windows materials

There are some materials that are more popular in a far as marine boat windows are concerned. Some of the materials include:

Vinyl & polyester composite

This is one of the best materials that you can find for boat windows. It offers great flexibility, especially when it comes to bending on the contours of a boat easily. The fabrics created using this kind of composite are usually capable of remaining tight and they are waterproof. They also happen to be mildew resistant which is an incredible thing for a boat. Different brands offer their own version of this composite and there is a wide variety to choose from.

Pressed and polished coated vinyl

This is another popular choice for marine use on a daily basis. It is easy to roll the material back and this makes it an ideal choice for boat tops, the top brands offer versatile options for this material. There are some versions that are scratch-resistant using special coatings making it very durable.


This is made using clear plastic that is semi-rigid. The boat windows are considered to be unbreakable and are available from many high quality boat windows suppliers. This material offers the user more visibility and it is such a clear option compared to other types of plastics. It can also be coated with coatings for UV and scratch resistance to add more protection. This is a great material to use when situations get rugged. The textile is not as soft as vinyl so it is not possible to roll it up if it needs to be stored. It also happens to be a bit pricey.

These are semi-rigid options and they offer great visibility as well. Breaking these marine boat windows is very hard and they are valuable when in rugged marine situations. The fabric is easily scratched compared to others. There is also no way to roll it up if it needs to be stored and the price can be restrictive.

How to choose boat windows for sale

Cheaper or old yacht windows materials need a lot of maintenance even though they are very affordable, such fabrics like polycarbonate also happen to be versatile compared to other options. If you are in a position to maintain them, you should choose a cost-effective solution and enjoy benefits such a rolling the window up.

The kind of choice that you make in as far as material is concerned usually depends on the kinds of activity or needs that you have. By evaluating your needs, you should be able to pick a material that suits you perfectly and one that can handle the kind of things you intend to engage in while out on the water.

The other thing that you should probably note is that the thickness, also called the gauge of the window can have a great effect on flexibility, clarity, and exactly how it looks. The gauge can be anywhere between 12 and 40. These are some of the things you need to check before making the purchase.

Purchasing marine boat windows

When you are selecting the best houseboat windows, it is important to compare the materials cost and how it is related to its durability. There are some that will stay perfect longer compared to others. At times, it may make sense to buy pricier material if it is more durable instead of replacing affordable material every now and then.

You can find new or used boat windows for sale at Harbor Shoppers. We have in stock some of the widest range of windows to choose from. Whether you are looking for yacht windows, used boat windows, round boat windows, boat cabin windows, small boat windows, boat plastic windows or any other types of marine windows, our staff can help you in the decision-making process so that you end up with only the best.

You can also buy a variety of boat parts online and boat accessories such as Boat engines , Boat Supplies , best Boat seats , Boat Trailers , Deck & boat Cabin Hardware , Fishing equipment , Boat Docks , Boat Gear , Boat Furniture , Ground Tackle , Marine materials , etc.

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Bomar Hatch 18.5 x 18.5  WE3

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  1. Explaining the Different Types of Marine Window Material

    Here's a quick look at the most popular marine window materials on the market today: Vinyl and Polyester Composite: An excellent composite material, vinyl and polyester composite fabrics offers the flexibility you need to curve and bend along a boat's contours easily. Fabrics made using this composite stay tight against the frame and ...

  2. Choosing the right window materials

    This craft has acrylic windows, one of the most popular material choices. But for many boat owners, the decision is not always easy because each choice has pros and cons. Photo: Chicago Marine Canvas. Selecting boat windows for customers might be the hardest thing a fabricator can do—or the easiest.

  3. Dynamic window materials

    "The typical boat owner is concerned with enclosure functionality and durability," adds Craig Zola, vice president of marketing and distribution for Herculite® Products Inc., a manufacturer of marine fabrics and materials, including Strataglass, located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. "Windows are expensive and boat owners want clear products ...

  4. Top Material for Aftermarket Boat Windshields

    This is one of the most commonly used materials in marine applications, for reasons that will be explained further. Glass: This is a bit closer to windows in homes that people are more familiar with. It's another popular choice for use on custom boat windshields, mainly due to their versatility. Polycarbonate: This is made from a semi-rigid ...

  5. Marine Window Installation: How To Make Marine Window Glazing Easy

    Place the part into the window opening to ensure proper fit and spacing. Step #3: Prep the Surface Your marine window glazing prep work will depend on which window substrate you're using. Step #4: Apply the Adhesive Now you're ready to apply the adhesive. Be sure to apply it in a "v"-shaped bead and per the design specification ...

  6. Maritech Industries Marine Windows

    Installation of Maritech windows was designed with the yacht owner in mind. The windows install using the "clamp" method as illustrated in the drawings below. Both the outer frame, which holds the pane material, and the inner trim ring come pre-drilled and the necessary stainless fastening screws are provided. After the old windows are ...

  7. What are Marine Windows: 4 Quick Tips to Know Comprehensively

    Marine windows are usually contained in frames composed of stainless steel, aluminum, or marine-grade brass. In the sea environment, the frames provide structural stability, watertightness, and corrosion protection. Watertightness. Marine windows must be watertight to prevent water from entering the vessel through the window during severe seas.

  8. Boat Windows, Canvas Enclosures & Upholstery

    What We Do. Rainier Marine manufactures proprietary, semi-rigid and crystal clear window systems for yachts and homes of all sizes. Formerly Barrett Bonded Windows, these windows are unsurpassed in clarity, durability, sophisticated design and safety. We are also a full-service upholstery shop located near Seattle, WA serving the Puget Sound area.

  9. Waterway Systems Custom Marine Window Fabrication Boat Windows

    Fabricated in Florida, shipped USA and Internationally. Custom Acrylic / Plexiglass Parts. Center Console Windscreens, Dash Panels, Livewell Lids, Flybridge Windscreens, Hatches. CNC Plastic Machining. Waterway Systems has been manufacturing marine windows for over thirty years. Custom new and replacement boat windows for all types of vessels.

  10. Boat Windows Replacement: Key Considerations

    The right kind of materials must be used in your boat's window glass. When buying windows, inspect each piece and ask about the materials used. You also have to do your own research on the right materials so you'll have an idea which works best. The right finishing gives your boat's windows the best protection to improve its clarity.

  11. Aluminum Boat Windows and Doors

    Fixed, Top-hinged, and Horizontal Sliding. marine quality aluminum frames available in medium or heavy duty. tempered safety glass meets all Coast Guard specifications. welded corners for added strength and durability. four stage pre-coating treatment to effectively seal the aluminum. finish of powder coat, electrostatically applied, then oven ...

  12. AJR Marine Windows- Quality Marine Windows, Doors and Windshields

    AJR Marine Windows #1160 - 570 Sherling Place Port Coquitlam, B.C. Canada V3B 0J6 Phone: (604) 944-1616 Toll Free: 1-866-944-1616 Subscribe to our newsletter:

  13. Products

    Products. Flexible yet rigid, Rainier Windows can bend, yet retain their memory to return to the original flat shape. Sophisticated window designs can be stored flat when not in use. Rainier Windows screen 98% of harmful UV rays, protecting people and valuable material while offering insulation and sound deadening attributes for your enclosure.

  14. Custom Boat Windows & Marine Windows

    Motion Windows doesn't just make high-quality aluminum-frame boat windows, we also excel at custom-packaging for safe shipping (crated or boxed, depending on the carrier), so your windows arrive in one piece. Custom boat windows, and marine windows for all kinds of boats. We specialize in custom aluminum frame windows. Get a quote today!

  15. Replacing Your Boat's Windows

    When it comes to replacing your boat's windows, there are several materials to choose from. The most common materials used for boat windows are: Acrylic (Plexiglass): Acrylic is a popular choice for boat windows due to its lightweight, durable, and UV-resistant properties. It is also relatively easy to work with and can be cut and shaped to ...

  16. Comparing Visibility in Marine Mesh

    Comparing Visibility in Marine Mesh. Item # X-HT-300160. We took our three most popular marine mesh fabric lines, Phifertex Standard, Phifertex Plus and Soltis, and held them up to a window on a sunny day to give you a view through the weave. For the best comparison, we chose similar shades of black and white for all three fabric lines and held ...

  17. Sliding Boat Windows, Marine Sliding Windows

    Marine Glass Windows For Use In. The Series 1200 is a clamp ring sliding boat window designed specifically for marine applications. It offers customers the choice of forward (front to rear), rear (rear to front) or double-sliding glass configurations. A unique high-back slider track design and ample face slots give the Series 1200 quick water ...

  18. Marine Windows, Yacht Windows

    Series 1250 (3/8" or 1/2″ Fixed) Series 1275 (3/8" vented - top hinge) We are excited about the opportunity to add you to our family. Please help us describe you needs by getting started here. Fixed or sliding marine windows & yacht windows. Custom built to meet your requirements - from light & heavy duty windows. Get a quote (360) 892 ...

  19. Taylor Made® Windshield Glass Solutions

    Leveraging decades of hands-on experience and a deep investment in technology and innovation — our in-house glass tempering and tooling facility, combined with our extensive expertise in marine glass glazing, gives our team the ability to offer windshields and windshield replacement parts that span generations of boating brands and designs.

  20. Boat Windows & Hatches, Washboards, Marine Mirrors

    Our moisture resistant marine mirror. If you have any questions about our marine fabrications please contat us at [email protected]. ACRYLIC - Trade names Perspex, Plexiglas, Altuglas etc. Available in. clear 2mm - 50mm. tints 3mm - 15mm. Used mainly for windows, hatches, washboards & screens. 10 year warranty.

  21. Marine Windows, Boat Windows

    The boat windows are considered to be unbreakable and are available from many high quality boat windows suppliers. This material offers the user more visibility and it is such a clear option compared to other types of plastics. It can also be coated with coatings for UV and scratch resistance to add more protection. This is a great material to ...

  22. Boat Windows Shades

    How to Measure Boat Windows. Exterior Yacht Window Shades are ideally fastened to the side of your boat, just beyond the edge of the window frames. Keep this in mind when measuring to ensure you order enough Shade Material to overlap the Snaps. Shades can also be mounted directly onto the window glass, if desired. Take measurements of the ...

  23. Marine Canvas Enclosures: What's What and What's New

    To connect those sparkling semi-rigid windows to the boat itself, stainless-steel or plastic slides or snaps are mounted to the boat. Tracks are available in single, double or triple versions that have evolved with the use of UV-resistant materials. Snaps also work, but they will need regular lubrication.