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what is a hobie catamaran

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Your guide to buying an electric surfboard.

April 9, 2024

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February 19, 2024

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Hobie Cat Sailboats – A Modern Classic

Published April 18th, 2016 by Bernardo

what is a hobie catamaran

The name Hobie is synonymous with sailing and the Hobie Cat is the quintessential vessel for catamarans. Be it the original fiberglass 16’s, or the rotomolded T-2’s or the newer Mirage Islands, these Hobie’s have given many a sailor their start on the water and a lifetime addiction to the sport.

The Hobie 16 was unleashed on the Southern California beach scene in 1970 and sailing was instantly transformed. This cat’s lightweight, asymmetrical fiberglass hulls provide lift and its dual-trapeze rig lets you and your crew member harness its sheer power. The Hobie 16 occupies a coveted spot in the Sailboat Hall of Fame.

The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island is impressively approachable. A roller-furling, vertically battened mainsail provides lift, a retractable centerboard prevents lateral slip, and the larger amas tuck parallel against the rotomolded polyethylene hull for docking. Multiple hatches, on deck stowage and Vantage CT Seating encourage multi-day adventures, and the MirageDrive with Glide Technology offers paddle-free locomotion when the wind scatters, making it easy to get home. Equip the accessory trampoline kit for extra space and walk-around capability.

Last but not least is their roto-molded Hobie Getaway. With its performance-minded symmetrically shaped hulls, its efficient, mainsail-driven sailplan and its roller-furling jib, you’ll quickly discover a sailing pedigree that leaves “party boats” stalled out. With the Getaway, there’s no worry about impromptu raft-ups, beaching or docking; its impact-resistant, rotomolded polyethylene hull provides years’ worth of family fun. But most impressive is the Getaway’s awesome value—expect great times for a modest price tag.

Nautical Ventures is the go-to place for all things Hobie Cat. We’ve been serving the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood and Palm Beach Hobie market for almost three decades. Our professional sales staff lives & breathes Hobie and they stand ready to help you rig a boat that’s just right for you

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what is a hobie catamaran

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what is a hobie catamaran

Ft. Lauderdale

what is a hobie catamaran

Ft. Lauderdale Marina

what is a hobie catamaran

Riviera Beach

what is a hobie catamaran


what is a hobie catamaran

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Small Boat Spotlight - Hobie 16

Small Boat Spotlight : The Everlasting Hobie 16

By: Pat Reynolds Learn To Sail , Sailboats , Sailing Fun

When you stop and think about what types of boats are most responsible for luring people into the wonderful world of sailing the Hobie 16 has got to be in the top three on the list. For children of the 1970s and 80s this sexy little catamaran seemed to be sitting on a trailer in every other backyard.

What most simply call the Hobie 16 is an iconic sailboat that is considered by many to be the most popular catamaran in the world. In the beginning, the H16 was marketed as more than some ordinary sailboat that could be easily trailered, rigged and beached. Instead Hobie Alter put forth the idea that to sail this boat was to be part of a lifestyle – the “ Hobie way of life .” Instead of making the pitch that it was a fast fun little boat that could make your summer a little brighter, Alter suggested that sailing a Hobiecat was a reflection of an energized youth with a dash of good-natured rebellion.

There have been over 135,000 of these boats produced since 1969 and they are the second largest boat fleet in existence. The H16 is simple to rig (especially on a beach) and pretty easy to sail, although capsizing is par for the course and regarded by some as fun. Once launched, the full batten main and relatively lightweight construction (320 pounds) makes the boat quite fast and responsive. The Hobie folks state the max speed is nearly 24-knots and there are plenty of Hobie sailors who will agree and verify. At speeds like that you can bet whoever is sailing the boat will be utilizing another element Hobie sailors love – the dual trapeze setup they are equipped with. In 10-15 knots of breeze, skipper and crew can hike their entire bodies out on the wires simultaneously, suspended above the water and as the hull begins to rise, life becomes very sweet. Any beach cat sailor will tell you that sailing along at 15-knots, hiked out and flying a hull is one of the most blissful feelings known to man.

The other very positive aspect of the Hobie 16 is the cost of entry. It remains one of the more inexpensive roads into the world of sailing. A 2017 Hobie 16 is just over $11,000 and that’s ready to sail. Lots of sailboats have a base price and then silly little extras like… sails!! And if the used market is explored, a ready to sail H16 can be picked up for under $1,000, which is pretty incredible.

And lastly, Hobie 16s are also versatile. They’re small enough to throw in the backyard next to the garage without causing marital dismay but once rigged and ready, they’re hearty enough to do some serious coastal sailing. While many Hobie sailors head out for a few hours for some low-key albeit amped up daysailing, others like to actually get in the surf, hit the adrenaline button and use the boat as a surfboard.

It’s a design that has definitely stood the test of time (for good reason) and one that is positive for the sport. The cost to fun ratio is right where we like to see it, so if you don’t have a boat and don’t want to spend a fortune – grab a Hobie 16 and getcha sail on!

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Hobie Cat 16 Classic

Sailboat specifications.

  • Last update: 20th March 2020

Hobie Cat 16's main features

Hobie cat 16's main dimensions, hobie cat 16's rig and sails, hobie cat 16's performances, hobie cat 16's auxiliary engine, hobie cat 16's accommodations and layout.

Hobie Cat 16  Picture extracted from the commercial documentation © Hobie Cat

Similar sailboats that may interest you:

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Hobie Sailboats

Since 1950, Hobie Cat Sailboats has been shaping a unique lifestyle based around fun, water, and quality products. From the iconic Hobie 16 and family fun Hobie Getaway to the innovative and fun Tandem Island and Hobie Wave, Hobie Cat offers a boat for every one. We look forward to helping you get out in the water on a new Hobie Cat. Go ahead, build some memories!

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Hobie Getaway

Hobie 16 Mistral

Hobie Mirage Tandem Island

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Make Sailing Fun with a Hobie Catamaran

In the past four decades, more people have taken to the water in a Hobie catamaran than almost any other sailboat design. Hobie's sailing range includes three distinct categories. First is the Hobie 16, the fiberglass beach-launchable catamaran that revolutionized sailing. Fly a hull and you’ll understand the global obsession. Second are Hobie’s rotomolded sailing catamarans, which are super durable yet performance-oriented. There’s a model for every skill level including the Getaway and Wave. Third, the Mirage Tandem Island offers a unique multi-mode platform to sail, fish, pedal, and paddle, remaining approachable thanks to the hands-free power of the MirageDrive 180.

Looking for Hobie Cat parts?

Visit our Hobie Parts and Accessories page. We have everything you need to replace and upgrade parts on your Hobie Cat.

Backed by 15 Years of Industry Experience

West Coast Sailing was founded in 2005 with one vision: to be the leading resource for products, services, and information in the small sailboat industry. Over the past 15 years we've worked with thousands of sailors around the world, outfitting individual sailors, families, programs, and sailing centers with the right boats. Our team is dedicated as ever to this vision and is here to help you find the perfect boat to enjoy your time on the water. Find out more about our story by clicking here .

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Gear Report

  • Boating / DIY / Hobie Cat / Sailing / Scouts / Sea Scouts

Hobie Cat Sailing Guide

by Jeff · Published 10May19 · Updated 8Sep20

what is a hobie catamaran

Info for Hobie 14, Hobie 16 and Hobie 17 models, as well as general Hobie Cat info.

Hobie Cat Sailing

The best Hobie Sailing info on the web

I’m no sailing expert, although I sometimes play one on the internet. You may have seen me as the Roving Reporter for JoyriderTV’s “Show us your Cat” series . My son’s Sea Scouts Ship has been fortunate to receive a few Hobie Cat sailboats as donations to use in their efforts to teach young men and women seamanship and watercraft safety.

what is a hobie catamaran

I have found myself scouring the interwebs for useful information to help me get up to speed to help with repairs and instruction. This page is where I post the sailing and Hobie info that I find most useful in this journey. Unless otherwise noted, none of this info is my original work… just stuff that I’ve found online and archived on Gear Report so it will be easy to find and won’t disappear any time soon. Most are documents that I have downloaded and posted. A few are links to other websites.

General Hobie Cat Sailing Guides

Hobie Cat Sailing

  • Hobie Racing’s Hobie University workbook – HobieU 2002 edition
  • Hobie Sailing Tips on an Austrailian website called SunState Hobie
  • Hobie cat The Basics of Sailing
  • Hobie cat sailing and trailering guide

what is a hobie catamaran

  • Downwind and Gybing catamaran sailing tutorial – this is a more recent video than most below and is the best I’ve found online so far.

Catamaran tacking technique the fundamentals and tips – onboard with commentary

  • Travelers  
  • Downhaul and outhaul  
  • Downhaul measurements  
  • Jib Tack and Clew positions
  • Quick tips for cat sailors series

Basics of catamaran sailing, points of sail, traveler settings

  • Upwind sailing
  • Downwind sailing
  • Capsize recovery tutorial
  • Light wind sailing – VERY important for folks in areas that don’t get a lot of consistent wind… like what we deal with in central NC.
  • How to fly the hull – Flying the hull is a great way to practice control and balance of the boat.
  • How to approach a beach or moorings Catamaran and monohull – Don’t find yourself freaked out that you can’t pull straight into the beach because of a direct onshore wind. Joe explains how to park your cat or monohull in a safe and controlled manner.
  • Power Control – How to control the power on different points of sail. This video saved my bacon when I went out in STRONG wind and really needed to know how to depower during gusts, then re-power after the gusts.

Hobie Cat points of sail

  • Action Cam Mount – Nechkitter All-Aluminium 360 Degree Rotation Review and the similar, but different model…
  • Aluminum GoPro mount review

Hobie Cat 14 Information

Hobie 14 sailing

The Hobie 14 with just the main sail and no jib can be one of the most challenging boats to sail. Tacking can be seriously difficult without the help of the jib to help pull you around. Here is a video from Joe showing some experimentation with a series of tacks on the H14, and lessons learned:

  • Hobie 14 Tacking troubleshooting and problem solving.

Hobie 14 Setup and Rigging

what is a hobie catamaran

  • Hobie Cat Hobie 14 Tuning Guide By Wayne Schafer, Bob Curry, and the HOTLINE Editors
  • Hobie.com has an impressive library of Hobie 14 manuals available to download.

Hobie EZ Step given to sea scouts

Hobie 14 Parts

  • Hobie 14 Parts_Manual – March_2017 Official parts manual from Hobie.com
  • Hobie 14 parts at everyone’s favorite online auction site

Hobie 14 DIY Projects

  • Hobie 14, 16, 18, HR14 CompTip Mast retrofit instructions from the Hobie website
  • “A Standard US 1 gallon milk jug cap makes an excellent mast bearing pivot” – Matthew O

Replace hobie cat trampoline

Hobie Cat 16 information

Hobie 16 setup and rigging.

Raising mast on a Hobie 16

Sea Scouts learning how to step the mast of their Hobie 16

  • Hobie Cat Hobie 16 guide By Hobie Cat 16 World Champions Gwenaël Roth and Thierry Monfret
  • Hobie Cat tuning 16 By Hobie Cat 16 World Champion Gavin Colby
  • Hobie Cat H16 Owner’s Manual
  • Hobie cat H16 Manual Official 1980 version of the Hobie 16 assembly and operation manual
  • Joseph Bennet’s Joy Rider TV YouTube channel Hobie 16 playlist He is funny, skilled and helpful, with videos on maintaining and sailing the Hobie 16.
  • Hobie.com has an impressive library of Hobie 16 manuals available to download.
  • You can use an EZ Step device ( instructions .pdf ) to easily step your mast using a winch instead of lifting it into place. I see a DIY project to make one of these in my future. 🙂

Hobie 16 Parts

  • Hobie 16 Parts Manual – March_2017 Official parts manual from Hobie.com
  • Hobie 16 Sail Pattern Guide from Hobie Racing – so you know the proper names for the wide range of sail color patterns and designs.
  • Hobie 16 parts at the big online auction site
  • Original Stock (derived from H14) – injection molded ABS plastic (late 1960s to early 1970s)
  • Lexan Stock – injection molded Lexan polycarbonate (early 1970s to early 1990s)
  • Many 3rd party fiberglass rudders were sold during this period – in all colors
  • Original EPO – epoxy foam core fiberglass – 1984-1989 (sold as an upgrade)
  • Racer Rudders – polyester foam core fiberglass in black or white – 1990-2003
  • PCG – black rudders of indeterminate injection molded plastic – mid 1990s
  • New Stock – injection molded nylon – early 1990s – present
  • Euro Carbon – epoxy foam core clear carbon w/”Hobie Cat” down the blade – 2002 – 2005
  • EPO II – vinylester foam core carbon or carbon/Kevlar in white or clear coat – 2005-2013
  • EPO III – combines the original shape of the EPO2 rudder with an improved, fine trailing edge, the EPO3 offers reduced cavitation with smoother, more forgiving control.

Hobie 16 line lengths and wire lengths

Click to enlarge

Hobie 16 line lengths and wire lengths

Hobie 16 DIY Projects

what is a hobie catamaran

  • How to replace a Hobie Cat sailboat trampoline – This is the method I used to replace the tramp on one of the Sea Scout’s Hobie 14.

what is a hobie catamaran

“I’ve built a very nice rear mast cradle using 4” PVC TEES. This cradle rests on the rear crossbar and locks into the traveler track.

  • Take one 4” PVC Schedule 40 cleanout TEE. (A cleanout TEE has slip connection on the straight thru and threads on the 90 degree.)
  • Cut the straight thru section in half thru the centerline on the pipe section. This will be the cradle seat for the mast.
  • Line the pipe section half will outdoor carpet.
  • Cut the section TEE on the straight thru section to remove a wedge section about 2 inches (See the photos for location.)
  • Using a threaded plug connect the two TEEs so that they align at 90 degrees.
  • Attach bungees as desired to secure the mast to cradle and cradle to the crossbar. “

what is a hobie catamaran

Hobie 17 Information

Hobie 17 manual download

what is a hobie catamaran

Hobie racing… Back in the Day

Early adopters.

Way back in the mid-1980’s my Father purchased a brand new Hobie Cat 18 sailboat. He studied everything about the boat, sailing techniques, race rules, etc. and needed someone to go sail with him. Since I was the right age (mid-teens) and size, I often ended up as the designated Crew. I could get around a bit on the Hobie, and was OK at following orders, but never really “learned to sail”. That Hobie 18 was FAST! And the wings really helped to get more weight outboard for more leverage to keep the boat upright… which meant MORE SPEED.

Hobie racing

That made the Hobie 18 a great boat to enter in local Regattas. I don’t remember exactly how many races we entered or how we did. But I remember being both nervous and excited. I don’t think we ever won any races, as we were fairly inexperienced sailors. But we had fun. Mostly…

Scary fast!

To be honest, the Hobie 18 scared the bejeezus out of me. I did OK though… until I flipped it. Once I had flipped it my confidence was shot and I gave up on it. I know… pathetic. I can see that now. My Dad saw it then, as you might imagine… but I was young and dumb. I hate that with me too scared to sail with him, he had to give up on the Hobie and buy a powerboat. However, the extended family has enjoyed that powerboat (a SeaRay 210 Sundeck) for MANY years since then.

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Tags: catamaran hobie hobie cat sailing scouts sea scouts

Jeff is the "Chief Gear Head" and Publisher of Gear Report. A National Shooting Sports Foundation Media member, he reviews gear for camping, hiking, shooting, hunting, paddling, backpacking, military vehicles, and other active pursuits. A USAF veteran and licensed pilot, Jeff earned an MBA in Marketing and Health Services. As an Online Marketing and eCommerce consultant and founder of Cress Sales & Marketing LLC, Jeff helps online merchants become more profitable via affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, conversion optimization, etc. In his copious free time, Jeff is an Assistant Scoutmaster for two Troops, Sea Scouts Mate, volunteer high school wrestling assistant Coach and swim dad with 3 teens, a soon to be Sainted wife of over 20 years, and a Boxer named Buddha.

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what is a hobie catamaran

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Joseph Bennett JoyriderTV interview

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what is a hobie catamaran

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what is a hobie catamaran

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what is a hobie catamaran

Hobie Catamarans

Over the past four decades, more people have taken to the water on a Hobie catamaran than almost any other sailboat design. Hobie’s rotomolded sailing catamarans are super durable, yet performance-oriented. There’s a model for every skill level. While Hobie’s fiberglass beach-launchable catamarans revolutionized sailing. Fly a hull and you’ll understand the global obsession.

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what is a hobie catamaran

Hobie Cat Types: A Comprehensive Guide

by Emma Sullivan | Aug 22, 2023 | Sailboat Gear and Equipment


Short answer hobie cat types: Hobie Cat, also known as Hobie sailboats, offers a range of catamaran models including the Hobie 14, Hobie 16, and Hobie 18. These versatile and popular sailboats are designed for both recreational sailing and competitive racing with various features to accommodate different skill levels and preferences.

Exploring the World of Hobie Cat Types: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on exploring the world of Hobie Cat types – a thrilling catamaran sailing experience unmatched by any other. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or simply curious about these iconic boats, we’ll take you on a journey through the various Hobie Cat models, highlighting their features, performance capabilities, and why they are adored by adventure seekers worldwide.

1. The Hobie 14: The Rambunctious Speedster If speed is your ultimate thrill, the Hobie 14 will be your perfect match. Dubbed as the rambunctious speedster of the Hobie fleet, this model boasts sleek lines and a lightweight design that can easily take you from swift cruising to adrenaline-pumping racing in no time. Its simplicity and maneuverability make it ideal for solo sailors looking for an exciting challenge on the water.

2. The Hobie 16: Legend of High Performance Ever wondered why countless beach resorts boast a fleet of bright-colored sailboats? Chances are they’re dominated by the legendary Hobie 16. This iconic model revolutionized catamaran sailing with its exceptional performance and versatility. From recreational family outings to competitive racing, this nimble catamaran excels in all conditions, taking full advantage of its trapeze system and powerful sails to satisfy even the most demanding sailors .

3. The Hobie Getaway: An Escape to Relaxation For those seeking leisurely adventures without compromising stability and comfort, look no further than the Hobie Getaway. Built with relaxation in mind, this spacious platform accommodates up to six people (yes, six!) while providing effortless handling and surprising speed capabilities. Whether you want to explore calm coastal waters or invite friends for a sunset cruise, the Getaway is your ultimate escape yacht.

4. The Hobie Wave: Sailing Made Simple Simplicity meets fun in the form of the Hobie Wave – a true testament to the accessibility and popularity of Hobie Cat sailing. Designed for both beginners and experienced sailors, this compact catamaran is easy to rig, forgiving in maneuvering, and virtually capsize-proof. Its ingenious simplicity allows even novices to quickly grasp the basics while enjoying hours of pure sailing joy.

5. The Hobie Tandem Island: Adventure Awaits Setting sail on the open water has never been more exhilarating than with the Hobie Tandem Island. Combining kayaking with sailing, this extraordinary vessel offers a tandem seating arrangement, pedal power options, and stunning versatility that allows you to explore vast coastlines or venture off on longer expeditions. Whether you enjoy fishing, snorkeling, or simply experiencing nature’s beauty at its fullest, the Tandem Island promises unforgettable adventures that will leave you craving more.

In conclusion, exploring the world of Hobie Cat types offers an unmatched opportunity for thrilling adventures on water. From the adrenaline-inducing speed of the Hobie 14 to the leisurely relaxation provided by the Getaway or the remarkable capabilities of the Tandem Island – each model has its unique appeal catered to different preferences and skill levels.

So whether you’re a seasoned sailor seeking high-performance excitement or a novice looking for a fun and accessible way to experience catamaran sailing – hop aboard any of these Hobie Cats for an unforgettable journey through wind and waves!

How to Choose the Right Hobie Cat Type for Your Sailing Adventure

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling sailing adventure? With the majestic waves crashing against your Hobie Cat, the wind rustling through your hair, and the sun glistening on the water, it’s an experience like no other. But before you can set sail into the endless abyss of oceanic bliss, there’s an important decision to make – choosing the right Hobie Cat type for your escapade. Don’t fret; we’re here to help you navigate through this crucial selection process.

The first step in finding your perfect match is understanding that Hobie Cats come in various types, each designed to cater to different styles, skill levels, and preferences. From single-person models built for speed demons craving adrenaline-fueled excursions to larger catamarans ideal for leisurely cruises with friends and family – there’s a Hobie Cat waiting just for you.

Let’s dive deeper into the factors that will guide your decision-making process:

1. Skill Level: Are you a seasoned sailor or a novice adventurer dipping your toes into this exhilarating world? If you’re an experienced sailor seeking intense thrills, consider opting for a high-performance Hobie racing cat such as the Hobie 16 or 17 models. Their sleek design and unrivaled speed capabilities will leave even seasoned sailors breathless.

On the other hand, if you’re new to sailing or prefer a more casual approach, consider starting with a smaller model like the Wave or Getaway series. These stable and forgiving cats are easy to handle and offer smooth sailing experiences – perfect for beginners.

2. Fishing or Leisure: Are you an angler looking to combine your love for fishing with sailing? If so, the Hobie Mirage Adventure Island might be calling out to you! This versatile vessel features not only efficient sailing capabilities but also integrated fishing setups – allowing you to effortlessly troll and reel in those prized catches while enjoying scenic sails.

If fishing isn’t your primary focus and you’re looking to enjoy leisurely cruises while basking in the sun, consider the Hobie Cat Bravo or Wave. These sailboats are renowned for their simplicity and ease of use. You can effortlessly navigate coastal waters while soaking up the rejuvenating sea breeze.

3. Group Size: An important consideration is the number of crew members you plan to bring along on your adventure . If it’s just you and a partner seeking an intimate sailing experience, consider the Hobie 18 or Hobie 20 models. With their spacious trampolines, these cats offer ample room for two, allowing you to bond over shared love for sailing amidst the vast ocean.

For larger groups or family outings, look no further than the Hobie Getaway or Hobie 21SE. These multi-hull wonders can comfortably accommodate several passengers and provide smooth rides with enhanced stability – ensuring everyone enjoys a safe and fun-filled voyage.

Now that we’ve equipped you with some essential knowledge about different Hobie Cat types, it’s time to set forth on your journey towards choosing the perfect swashbuckling companion. Remember to consider your skill level, intended activities (fishing vs. leisure), and group size when making this decision.

No matter which catamaran sails its way into your heart (and beneath your feet), rest assured that an exhilarating adventure awaits you on the shimmering seas with a trusty Hobie Cat by your side! So hoist those sails high, embrace the elements, and let your sailing prowess unleash upon tranquil horizons – bon voyage!

Step-by-Step Guide: Finding and Owning the Perfect Hobie Cat Type

Title: A Practical and Humorous Approach: Navigating the Waters of Finding and Owning the Perfect Hobie Cat Type

Introduction: Embarking on the exhilarating journey of finding and acquiring the ideal Hobie Cat type may seem daunting at first, but fear not! This comprehensive step-by-step guide aims to assist you in your quest for the perfect vessel. Join us as we navigate through the intricacies of selecting a suitable Hobie Cat, ensuring each decision is made with a blend of professionalism, wit, and cleverness.

Step 1: Understanding Your Needs Before setting sail , it’s crucial to assess your requirements. Do you seek thrill-seeking adventures on open waters or tranquil outings close to shore? Recognizing what floats your boat will help narrow down your options. Analyze factors such as size preferences, intended usage – whether racing or leisurely excursions – and any specific features you desire in your seafaring companion.

Step 2: Researching Hobie Cat Types Prepare yourself for a deep dive into the wonderful world of Hobie Cats! Armed with an internet connection and a curious spirit, embark on a quest for knowledge about different types available. Explore websites, forums, and social media groups dedicated to sailing enthusiasts; immerse yourself in discussions about various models’ specifications and performance capabilities.

Step 3: Evaluating Performance Characteristics No seafarer wishes to be restricted by subpar performance from their furry feline companion. Delve into the specifics – sail area, hull design, weight distribution – that affect how each Hobie Cat glides over water effortlessly. Expert advice can also prove invaluable at this stage; seek professionals who can provide insightful suggestions based on your intended activities.

Step 4: Sea Trials & Test Drives As any seasoned sailor knows, nothing compares to experiencing firsthand what it feels like atop a Hobie Cat’s sleek deck. Reach out to local dealerships or established Hobie Cat sailors who may be willing to give you a taste of their boat’s prowess. These sea trials will offer invaluable insights into each Hobie Cat type’s behavior, ensuring your final choice aligns perfectly with your preferences.

Step 5: Financing Your Nautical Dreams With the ideal Hobie Cat type identified, it’s time to tackle the logistics of ownership. Whether purchasing new or pre-owned, consider exploring different financing options available to make owning your dream vessel a reality. Cleverly maneuvering through deals and potential discounts can land you significant cost advantages while remaining within budgetary constraints.

Step 6: Accessorize for Adventure Every truly perfect Hobie Cat deserves its own unique flair! Now that you have secured your chosen catamaran, unleash your inner creativity by personalizing it with accessories such as snazzy sail designs or practical add-ons like gear storage compartments. Enhancing aesthetic appeal and functionality alike, these additions allow you to put a delightful spin on your aquatic excursions.

Conclusion: Finding and owning the ideal Hobie Cat Type encompasses both practical decision-making and soulful connections with the vastness of the sea. Armed with this detailed step-by-step guide—steeped in professionalism and lighthearted wit—you are now primed to embark on your journey towards selecting an awe-inspiring vessel that matches every criterion on your seafaring checklist. Bon voyage!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hobie Cat Types: All Your Doubts Answered!

Are you a sailing enthusiast? If so, you’re probably familiar with the term “Hobie Cat.” These small and speedy sailboats have gained quite a popularity among sailors of all levels. However, with different types and models available in the market, it’s common to have several doubts regarding Hobie Cats. In this blog post, we aim to answer some frequently asked questions about Hobie Cat types and clear up any uncertainties you may have.

Q: What is a Hobie Cat? AA: A Hobie Cat is a brand of catamaran sailboat that was created by Hobie Alter back in the 1960s. These boats are renowned for their lightweight design, speed, stability, and maneuverability.

Q: How many types of Hobie Cats are there? AA: The range of Hobie Cats has expanded over the years, offering various options tailored to different sailing preferences. Currently, there are four primary types of Hobie Cats:

1. Hobie Wave: This entry-level model is perfect for beginner sailors or those seeking a more laid-back experience on the water. The Wave offers simplicity and ease of use while maintaining excellent performance.

2. Hobie Getaway: For families or groups looking to sail together, the Getaway is an excellent choice. With its spacious design and seating capacity for up to six people, this boat ensures enjoyable adventures for everyone.

3. Hobie Bravo: The Bravo focuses on providing an effortless sailing experience for newcomers to the sport. Its simple rigging system enables quick setup, while its durable construction guarantees reliability on any outing.

4. Hobie Mirage Adventure Island: Designed for those seeking a unique sailing experience coupled with versatility, the Adventure Island combines features of both a kayak and a trimaran sailboat . It offers effortless pedaling using its MirageDrive system while also allowing you to hoist the sails and glide smoothly across the water when winds permit.

Q: Which Hobie Cat type is best for racing? AA: When it comes to racing, the Hobie 16 steals the show. This iconic model has been dominating catamaran racing for decades. Its speed and agility make it a favorite among competitive sailors worldwide. Whether you participate in casual club events or aspire to compete at a higher level, the Hobie 16 will satisfy your need for speed on the racecourse.

Q: Can I sail a larger Hobie Cat by myself? AA: While some of the larger Hobie Cats, such as the Getaway, are designed to accommodate multiple sailors, many models can be sailed solo with ease. For example, the Bravo is specifically created for single-handed sailing and offers maneuverability and control even when handled alone.

Q: Are all Hobie Cats suitable for beginners? AA: Absolutely! Whether you’re a novice sailor or an experienced seafarer looking for excitement, there’s a suitable Hobie Cat for everyone. The Wave and Bravo models are particularly beginner-friendly due to their simplicity and forgiving nature on the water. These boats provide a great platform to learn and hone your sailing skills while ensuring a safe and enjoyable voyage.

Now that we’ve answered some frequently asked questions about various Hobie Cat types, we hope all your doubts have been cleared! Regardless of your sailing preferences or skill level, there’s undoubtedly a Hobie Cat out there that will provide endless opportunities for thrilling adventures on the water. So why wait? Dive into the world of Hobies today and experience sailing like never before!

An Overview of Popular Hobie Cat Types: From Wave to Mirage, Which One is for You?

If you’re a sailing enthusiast or someone who loves to spend their time on the water, then you’ve probably heard of Hobie Cat. Hobie Cat is a renowned brand that specializes in manufacturing catamarans and kayaks that are designed for maximum fun and adventure. With so many different types of Hobie Cats available, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. In this blog post, we will provide an in-depth overview of popular Hobie Cat types – from the Wave to Mirage – and help you find the perfect match.

Let’s start with the Hobie Cat Wave, which is often described as the ultimate recreational sailboat . Designed with simplicity in mind, this single-handed catamaran offers an excellent platform for beginners looking to dip their toes into the sailing world . With its rotomolded polyethylene hulls and rugged construction, the Wave provides unmatched durability and stability on the water. Its unique design allows for easy rigging and de-rigging while ensuring a thrilling ride even in challenging conditions.

Moving on to another favorite among sailing enthusiasts – the Hobie Cat Getaway. This versatile catamaran is perfect for adventurers seeking a bit more speed and performance. With its asymmetrical hulls and highly-responsive rudders, the Getaway offers exciting acceleration and quick maneuvers. The spacious trampoline serves as a relaxing lounging area or space for additional crew members, making it an excellent choice for social sailing or family outings.

Now let’s talk about something truly innovative – the Hobie Mirage Kayak Series. These innovative pedal-powered kayaks are designed specifically for those who prefer exploring serene waters at a more leisurely pace without relying solely on wind power. Equipped with MirageDrive technology – a unique pedal system that mimics underwater fin movements – these kayaks provide effortless propulsion by utilizing leg power rather than traditional paddling techniques. Whether you choose the Mirage Outback or the Mirage Pro Angler, you can expect an unforgettable and hands-free kayaking experience.

For those seeking the thrill of competitive sailing, the Hobie Cat 16 is a legendary choice. This high-performance catamaran offers exhilarating speed and unmatched agility on the water. Known for its versatility and maneuverability, the Hobie 16 has become a popular choice among professional sailors and adrenaline junkies alike. Its adjustable trapeze system allows experienced sailors to push their limits by harnessing wind power while suspended in mid-air – a truly electrifying experience!

In conclusion, choosing the right Hobie Cat depends on your specific preferences and needs. If you’re new to sailing or simply looking for a leisurely cruise, consider starting with the Wave or Getaway models. However, if you crave speed, performance, or want to explore new horizons in the world of kayaking, then the exciting Mirage series may be perfect for you. And let’s not forget about the Hobie 16 – an iconic choice for avid sailors who are always seeking adventure .

So go ahead and dive into the world of Hobie Cats! Each type offers its own unique features and capabilities that will enhance your time on the water . Whether it’s gliding through peaceful coves or racing against fierce competitors, there’s a perfect Hobie Cat waiting for you – so get ready to embark on unforgettable aquatic adventures !

Mastering Different Hobie Cat Types: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling sailing adventure? Look no further than the world of Hobie Cats! These small, fast catamarans are a favorite among sailors who crave speed and excitement. However, mastering the different Hobie Cat types can be quite a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide, packed with tips, tricks, and best practices to help you become a true Hobie Cat connoisseur.

First and foremost, let’s delve into the various Hobie Cat types. The company offers an impressive lineup of models, each designed for different skill levels and sailing conditions. From the beginner-friendly Hobie Wave to the adrenaline-pumping Hobie 16 and beyond, there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

If you’re just starting out or prefer a relaxed sailing experience, the Hobie Wave is your go-to option. Its stability and simplicity make it incredibly user-friendly, allowing even novices to set sail confidently. With its forgiving nature, learning the basics of sailing becomes an enjoyable breeze as you effortlessly navigate through gentle waves.

Once you’ve built up some confidence on the Wave, it’s time to take things up a notch with the iconic Hobie 16. Known as “the great equalizer,” this legendary catamaran demands finesse and technique but rewards skilled sailors with unparalleled speed. The key to mastering the Hobie 16 lies in understanding weight distribution – balance your crew perfectly between windward and leeward hulls to optimize performance.

Now that you have grasped the essence of these two popular models, let’s dive into some invaluable tips for navigating varying sailing conditions on any type of Hobie Cat:

1. Mastering downwind sailing: When sailing downwind with strong gusts pushing from behind, it’s crucial to maintain control while riding those exhilarating waves. Keep both rudders slightly out of the water to minimize drag while adjusting sails accordingly for optimal balance . Remember, practice makes perfect, so embrace those downwind rides and sail with confidence!

2. Tackling upwind challenges: Sailing upwind can be tricky, especially when facing strong currents or gusty winds. To make the most of these situations, trim your sails close to maximize lift and minimize drag. Keep a keen eye on signs of luffing, adjusting your course and sails to maintain consistent speed and forward momentum.

3. Harnessing the power of wind shifts: Wind shifts can either make or break your sailing experience . Stay vigilant and adapt to changing conditions swiftly. If you notice a wind shift, adjust your sails promptly by trimming or easing them to harness the newfound power efficiently.

4. Perfecting the art of capsizing recovery: Let’s face it – capsizing is an inevitable part of any sailor ‘s journey. But fear not! Knowing how to recover from a capsize quickly is vital in ensuring a smooth-sailing adventure. Practice righting your Hobie Cat repeatedly until it becomes second nature; remember to remain calm and follow proper safety protocols during every recovery attempt.

Now that we’ve covered some handy tips and tricks let’s explore best practices for maintaining your Hobie Cat:

1. Rigging and inspecting before setting sail: Before you embark on any sailing excursion, take time to thoroughly inspect your Hobie Cat for any signs of wear or damage. Tighten all fittings, ensure lines are secure, double-check rudder alignment, inspect the hull for cracks – no detail is too small when it comes to safety at sea.

2. Being mindful of weight distribution: Proper weight distribution significantly impacts performance while sailing a Hobie Cat successfully. Distribute crew weight evenly between both hulls to optimize stability and control in varying wind conditions; this ensures better agility during maneuvers as well.

3. Regular maintenance routine: A well-maintained Hobie Cat guarantees longevity and improved performance throughout its lifespan. Rinse your catamaran after each use, paying particular attention to saltwater corrosion and sand accumulation in fittings and rudder mechanisms. Additionally, perform regular inspections, especially when it comes to sail condition, standing rigging tension, and hull integrity.

4. Invest in quality safety equipment: Safety should always be a top priority when sailing any type of watercraft. Make sure to equip yourself with essential safety gear such as personal flotation devices (PFDs), a whistle or horn for emergency signaling, a reliable marine-grade GPS device, and a comprehensive first aid kit.

By following these tips, tricks, and best practices, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the different Hobie Cat types . Remember that sailing is not just about technical expertise – it’s also about having fun and embracing the thrill of the open sea . So grab your sunglasses, hoist those sails high, and get ready for an incredible journey aboard your very own Hobie Cat!

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Oneida Lake and Fleet 204 host Hobie Madcatter Regatta this weekend

  • Updated: May. 17, 2024, 10:33 a.m. |
  • Published: May. 17, 2024, 9:29 a.m.

Oneida Lake and Fleet 204 host Hobie Madcatter Regatta this weekend

Hobie Wave catamarans cruise in perfect conditions during the Wave 2023 North American Championship, the first Hobie regatta ever held on Onondaga Lake.

Oneida Lake will get a whole lot more colorful beginning today as the 48th Madcatter Regatta gets underway at Oneida Shores County Park. Hosted by Hobie Fleet 204, the Madcatter runs May 17-19.

The Madcatter Regatta is open to all Hobie classes of catamarans, which are twin-hulled sailboats, from basic, single-handed 13 footers to full spinnaker, skipper and crew F18-class boats. Competitors are from Hobie fleets all over the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Bob Longo, Fleet 204 Commodore, expects around 40 boats in a variety of classes to compete throughout the weekend.

“Friday is a distance race from in front of Oneida Shores to Frenchman and Dunham islands and back,” Longo said. “Saturday and Sunday are the official points regatta buoy races.”

Buoy races involve Hobie catamarans zipping around a course marked on each end by big buoys. Think NASCAR on water, without the gasoline and noise. Sailors must expertly read the wind and water, and carve tight turns around the buoys, to break out of the pack and score points.

Oneida Lake and Fleet 204 host Hobie Madcatter Regatta this weekend

45 Hobie catamarans race around the course on Onondaga Lake Saturday in the final race of the Wave 2023 North American Championship. Photo by Eric Snyder

Hobie Fleet 204 has been part of CNY since 1976 when a small group of Hobie enthusiasts got together to establish Fleet 204. The fleet is now one of the most active Hobie Fleets in the country, holding races all summer long out of Therre’s Marina & Boat Launch in Cicero. The fleet welcomes anyone interested in learning more about the sport to check out the boats and maybe hitch a free ride on ‘Newbie Tuesdays.’

Hobie Cat Fleet 204 is sanctioned by the Hobie Class Association of North America and is part of Division 16. Monthly meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm at 43 North Marina.

Fleet 204 has held several National Championship events, including the 2023 Hobie Wave North American Championship out of Onondaga Yacht Club, Alter Cup, U.S. Sailing’s Multihull Championship, and the Hobie Cat North American Championships.

New Jersey sailor wins national championship in first-ever Hobie regatta on Onondaga Lake - newyorkupstate.com

Onondaga Lake hosts biggest Hobie catamaran regatta in U.S. this week - newyorkupstate.com

Once unswimmable, Onondaga Lake to host scores of sailors from around the country for fall regatta - syracuse.com

Learn how to sail this summer (for free) from a group of skippers on Oneida Lake - syracuse.com

Steve Featherstone covers the outdoors for The Post-Standard, syracuse.com and NYUP.com . Contact him at [email protected] or on Twitter @featheroutdoors . You can also follow along with all of our outdoors content at newyorkupstate.com/outdoors/ or follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/upstatenyoutdoors .

If you purchase a product or register for an account through a link on our site, we may receive compensation. By using this site, you consent to our User Agreement and agree that your clicks, interactions, and personal information may be collected, recorded, and/or stored by us and social media and other third-party partners in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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what is a hobie catamaran

Ocracoke Island added in catamaran race

Catamarans to land on Lifeguard beach.

what is a hobie catamaran

For the first time and as part of a sailboat contest, Ocracoke Island is set to become a stop on the Worrell 1000 race.

Fifteen two-member catamaran sailboat teams participating in the roughly 1,000-mile route from Florida to Virginia Beach are expected to arrive at Ocracoke’s lifeguard beach on May 22.

The 2024 teams are composed of one skipper and one crew member each. Participants this year are from the United States, the Netherlands, France, Australia and Germany.  

There are no prizes, only glory.

Using the theme “The Spark that Lit the Flame,” this year’s race starts at Hollywood, Fla., on May 12 with 13 checkpoints and 12 overnight stops and concludes at Virginia Beach, Va.

Ahead of their Ocracoke stop, the sailboats will leave Atlantic Beach for Ocracoke on May 22, stop in Ocracoke and then sail to Kill Devil Hills the next day.

“Ocracoke Island’s inclusion in this esteemed event not only showcases our island’s breathtaking coastal charm but also highlights our commitment to fostering the spirit of competitive sailing,” said Kenny Ballance, chair of the Ocracoke Island Tourism Development Authority. “We eagerly anticipate welcoming participants, spectators, and enthusiasts to experience the thrills of the Worrell 1000 against the stunning backdrop of our island.”

The first Worrell race was in 1976 after brothers Michael and Chris Worrell of Virginia Beach made a 1974 bet that their Hobie cats could make the trip nonstop from Virginia Beach to Florida.

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    Short answer: Hobie Cat Boat The Hobie Cat is a popular line of small sailing catamarans known for their speed and maneuverability. Designed by Hobart Alter in the 1960s, these lightweight boats have a trampoline-like deck and two hulls connected by a crossbeam. With easy assembly and excellent performance, Hobie Cats have become synonymous with.

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    The ISAF International Class Hobie 16 (H16) is a popular catamaran manufactured by the Hobie Cat Company for racing and day sailing.The craft was the driving force behind the popularization of beachcats and was recently [when?] inducted into the Sailing Hall of Fame. [citation needed]Introduced in 1971, the Hobie 16 is the second largest boat fleet in existence with over 135,000 boats built to ...

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    The name Hobie is synonymous with sailing and the Hobie Cat is the quintessential vessel for catamarans. Be it the original fiberglass 16's, or the rotomolded T-2's or the newer Mirage Islands, these Hobie's have given many a sailor their start on the water and a lifetime addiction to the sport.

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    It remains one of the more inexpensive roads into the world of sailing. A 2017 Hobie 16 is just over $11,000 and that's ready to sail. Lots of sailboats have a base price and then silly little extras like… sails!! And if the used market is explored, a ready to sail H16 can be picked up for under $1,000, which is pretty incredible.

  9. Hobie Cat 16

    The Hobie Cat 16 is a 16'7" (5.05m) double handed sport/beach catamaran designed by Hobbart (Hobie) Alter (United States). She is built since 1969 by Hobie Cat (United States) with 32767 hulls completed. The Classic version is offered with a boom allowing better and larger sails. The Hobie Cat 16 is as well listed, on Boat-Specs.com, in Easy version (see all the versions compared).

  10. HOBIE 16

    The HOBIE CAT 16 is the most popular sailing catamaran ever built. Still in production. (2015)

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    Hobie Cat. $14,400.00. The Hobie 16 is the most legendary catamaran ever made, offering fast and fun thrills for any sailor with competitive racing worldwide. The Hobie 16 is the catamaran that started a revolution. The Hobie 16 is still the most recognizable and iconic...

  12. Hobie Cat Catamaran: The Ultimate Guide to Sailing Bliss

    Hobie Cat is a renowned brand of catamarans popular for recreational sailing and racing. These small, lightweight sailboats are designed for speed and maneuverability, featuring two hulls connected by a trampoline platform. Hobie Cats are admired for their ease of assembly, portability, and thrilling performance on the water.

  13. Hobie Cat Sailing Guide

    Catamaran tacking technique the fundamentals and tips - onboard with commentary. Hobie Cat quick mini-guide videos. These are great for understanding how to configure and use each part of the boat. Travelers. Downhaul and outhaul. Downhaul measurements. Jib Tack and Clew positions. Quick tips for cat sailors series.

  14. Learn to Sail a Hobie Cat

    The Hobie Class Association offers you the book: Hobie University "Hobie U". Hobie U is a detailed "How-To" book on sailing and racing catamarans. This is free to download. HobieU.pdf (pdf 4.6 MB). For information about Hobie Cat sailing clubs see: www.nahca.org. For information about sailing schools see: www.ussailing.org. Check out our ...

  15. Hobie Cat

    Before the catamarans, for which he most famous, Hobart Laidlaw (Hobie) Alter built world-class surfboards. A champion surfer himself, Alter began building his own boards in a garage at aged 16. He was soon selling 6,000 boards a year. Starting with balsa-constructed boards, he soon set the industry standard for surfboard design and construction, pioneering and perfecting the use of ...

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    Hobie Catamarans. Over the past four decades, more people have taken to the water on a Hobie catamaran than almost any other sailboat design. Hobie's rotomolded sailing catamarans are super durable, yet performance-oriented. There's a model for every skill level. While Hobie's fiberglass beach-launchable catamarans revolutionized sailing.

  17. Hobie Cat Types: A Comprehensive Guide

    Short answer hobie cat types: Hobie Cat, also known as Hobie sailboats, offers a range of catamaran models including the Hobie 14, Hobie 16, and Hobie 18. These versatile and popular sailboats are designed for both recreational sailing and competitive racing with various features to accommodate different skill levels and preferences. Exploring the World of

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  19. 48th Hobie Catamaran Madcatter Regatta this weekend

    Held at Oneida Shores County Park, the 3-day Hobie Catamaran Madcatter Regatta starts with a distance race on Friday followed by the points regatta Saturday and Sunday. Learn more about the ...

  20. Oneida Lake and Fleet 204 host Hobie Madcatter Regatta ...

    The Madcatter Regatta is open to all Hobie classes of catamarans, which are twin-hulled sailboats, from basic, single-handed 13 footers to full spinnaker, skipper and crew F18-class boats.

  21. The Basics of Sailing

    The Hobie 14 sails well on a run, but because the Hobie 16 and 18 carry jib sails, most skippers prefer to generate more speed by reaching and thus making use of apparent wind. (See Apparent Wind section for an explanation of this phenomenon.) ... Because of the speed catamarans are capable of generating, the true wind (which can be determined ...

  22. Ocracoke Island added in catamaran race

    Worrell Race catamarans in action. Photo courtesy of Worrell Race For the first time and as part of a sailboat contest, Ocracoke Island is set to become a stop on the Worrell 1000 race. Fifteen two-member catamaran sailboat teams participating in the roughly 1,000-mile route from Florida to Virginia Beach are expected to arrive at…