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The Complete List of Trimarans

The Complete List of Trimarans

There is no single trimaran that is best for everyone. Where some prefer luxury cruisers for long trips with family and friends, others might opt for a high performance racing tri for thrilling rides at breakneck speeds. With the recent spike in trimaran popularity, these days there is a perfect tri for every sailor. So to help prospective trimaran owners decide which boat is just right for them, we here at WindRider have put together a comprehensive list of the best trimarans on the market today! Read through for simple at-a-glance trimaran comparisons of boats both big and small, exhilarating and relaxing, and for all price points.

Jump to a specific sailing trimaran: Neel Weta Corsair WindRider Dragonfly Catri Astus Hobie Sea Pearl Farrier Sea Cart Multi 23 Triak SeaRail Warren Lightcraft Diam Radikal Challenger

trimaran boat racing

Known for their award-winning luxury trimarans,   NEEL   is based in La Rochelle, the capital city of sailing in France. NEEL trimarans are built for fast cruising with an average cruising speed of about 10 knots, and are even configured to facilitate that sustained speed under motor propulsion. The NEEL 45 was notably named Cruising World’s Most Innovative Vessel in 2013, and by all accounts is an easy-to-sail, high performance boat that is just plain fun.

At a glance:

Models: NEEL 45, 65

Length: 45’ – 65’

Cost:   $$$$$

Use: Luxury cruiser

trimaran boat racing

A fan favorite,   Weta trimarans   are fast, stable, and remarkably easy to rig. This single-sailor tri has a capacity of up to three, and the ease with which it can be transported and stored makes this a great, versatile boat for beginners. The Weta was named Sailing World’s 2010 Boat of the Year, and one ride is enough to know why: simply put, the Weta is an absolute ton of fun to sail regardless of skill level.

Models: Weta

Length: 14’5”

Cost:   $$ $$$

trimaran boat racing

The high-end   Corsair trimaran   definitely holds its own in the categories of versatility, performance, and convenience. Boasting a rigging time of 30 minutes from trailer to sailor ,   the Corsair 42 – whose convenient folding amas makes trailering possible – is a simple option even for single sailors, though cabin space is suitable for two adults. These boats are wicked fast, capable of reaching speeds of 20+ knots, and were made for skilled sailors seeking solid construction and high performance vessels, not for beginners.

Models: Pulse 600, Sprint 750 MKII, Dash 750 MKII, Corsair 28, Cruze 970, Corsair 37, Corsair 42

Length: 19’8” – 37’

Cost:   $$$$ $

Use: Sports cruisers

trimaran boat racing

Built for the sailor who wants to maximize the joys of sailing while minimizing any hassle, WindRider trimarans are notoriously fast, very safe, and a blast to sail from start to finish. With several models that can hold between 1 and 6 riders, including adaptive designs to allow participation from sailors of all levels of mobility, there’s something to suit every sailor’s needs. The WindRider 17, an exhilarating ride perfect for families or camper sailors, has been known to reach speeds of up to 20mph. This easy day sailor goes from trailer to sailing in under 30 minutes and is sure to fit in perfectly with whatever adventures you have planned.

Models: WR 16, 17, Tango, Rave V

Length: 10’11” – 18’3”

Cost:   $ $$$$

Use: Day sailor

trimaran boat racing

The Danish-built   Dragonfly   trimarans come in a variety of models ranging from 25’ – 35’, all known for their spry performance, comfortable ride, and ease of use. Every model comes equipped with the unique “SwingWing” feature, a motorized system that can unfold the amas even while the boat is already underway – making it accessible to marinas and slips, and even makes trailering possible. Perfect for those who don’t want to sacrifice their comfort for high performance, the Dragonfly can breeze along at 13 knots while remaining one of the quietest compact cruisers out there.

Models: Dragonfly 25, 28, 32, 35, 1200

Length: 25’ – 39’

trimaran boat racing

Designed for both safe cruising as well as for high speed racing,   Catri trimarans   will make your day. Especially noteworthy is the Catri 25, a stable yet wildly fast foiling trimaran with accommodations for up to 6 people. With profiles optimized for speeds of 25+ knots when foiling, this is no beginner’s sailboat. The special attention paid to stability in the foil design allows the Catri to be a single sailor vessel, even at foiling speed, with no special physical abilities. Whether you’re taking a small crew for longer rides at shuddering speeds or bringing the whole family along for a shorter, but still thrilling sail, the Catri is truly one of a kind.

Models: Catri 25

Length: 25’

Use: Cruiser/racer

trimaran boat racing

A popular brand of trimaran in Europe,   Astus   has recently made its way to the US market to the delight of sailors on this side of the pond. Designed to offer maximum pleasure with minimum hassle, all models of Astus trimarans are fast to set up, quick on the water, inherently stable, and always a joy to sail. Their outriggers are mounted on telescopic tubes for easy stowage and towing, and can even be extended and retracted on the water for access to narrow passageways and monohull slips in marinas. With models in all sizes and price points, Astus trimarans are a great option for any sailor.

Models: Astus 16.5, 18.2, 20.2, 22, 24

Cabin: Some models

Length: 16’ – 24’

Use: Sport cruisers


trimaran boat racing

Great for beginners and adventurers alike, the   Hobie Mirage Adventure Island   series is nothing if not just plain fun. With the option to use as a kayak or as a very basic trimaran, the Hobie is transportable, versatile, unintimidating, lightweight, and wonderfully affordable. The pedal system known as “Mirage Drive” allows a person to pedal the kayak using their legs for an extra kick of movement in slow winds. Amas tuck close to the main hull for docking or car-topping, adding serious ease and convenience to the exhilarating experience of the Hobie.

Models: Hobie Mirage Adventure Island, Mirage Tandem Island

Length: 16’7” – 18’6”

Use: Convertible kayak/trimarans

trimaran boat racing

Best known for its use in camp cruising excursions, the   Sea Pearl   offers a roomy main hull and particular ability to sail in very shallow waters, making beaching and launching a breeze. The lightweight Sea Pearl trimaran is easy to tow, and the larger-than-expected cabin opens this vessel up for overnight adventures with plenty of storage space. The simple design makes the Sea Pearl notoriously low maintenance, and the ease it takes to rig and sail it add to the overall delight of owning this boat.

Models: Sea Pearl

Length: 21’

Use: Camper cruiser

trimaran boat racing

Quick, lightweight, roomy, and trailerable,   Farrier trimarans   are made for versatility to fit every sailor’s needs. Different Farrier models are available in plan or kit boat form for those who appreciate building their boat themselves, but of course, also as the full production sail-away boat for the rest of us. Single-handed rigging and launching takes under 10 minutes from start to finish, minimizing hassle and getting you on the water fast. All non-racing Farrier designs use a minimum wind capsize speed of 30 knots or more to ensure safety for all those aboard. Add the roomy cabin and high speed capabilities to the equation and you’ve got a boat that is great fun for everyone.

Models:   F-22, 24, 25, 82, 27, 28, 31, 9A, 9AX, 9R, 32, 33, 33R, 33ST, 36, 39, 41, 44R

Length: 23’ – 39’4”

Cost:   $$$ $$

Use: Sport cruisers/racers

trimaran boat racing

One of the biggest names in the game,   SeaCart   is internationally noted for its high performance trimarans that far exceed expectations for a production boat of its size. The SeaCart trimaran performs as brilliantly off the water as it does on with its super-light and efficient harbor folding system, making light work of trailering. Notoriously easy to manage and maintain, the SeaCart 26 One Design is the ultimate day racing trimaran, designed for both course and inshore/coastal distance racing. Absolutely worth the international buzz it has garnered, the SeaCart is a thrill from beginning to end.

Models:   SeaCart 26

Length: 26’

trimaran boat racing

A high performance racer class, the   Multi 23   is a lightweight, powerful trimaran known for its wicked speed of up to 25 knots. Multi trimarans of both available configurations were designed to give beach cat thrills and speed without any of the stability or seaworthy concerns. Open ocean sailing is no issue for the Multi’s big bows, which do their job to keep her stable. Built for sailors with a need for speed, the Multi makes a perfect weekend boat for racers, especially those with a taste for boat camping.

Models:   Multi 23

Length: 23’

trimaran boat racing

Another dual outrigger sailing kayak/canoe design,   the Triak trimaran   was designed to be effortless and fun, especially for beginners. Paddle the kayak with sails furled, use the foot pedals for an extra kick of momentum, or sail with just the mainsail – the only boat in its class to feature an asymmetrical spinnaker – for exhilarating speeds and a blast on the water. Car-top the Triak anywhere for a quick sail or plan for a week long expedition, but always count on having a great time on this easy little boat.

Models:   Triak

Length: 18’

Use: Convertible kayak/trimaran

trimaran boat racing

SeaRail trimarans   are known for being affordable, light weight, trailerable trimarans that offer the perfect combination of exciting and relaxing experiences to a wide range of sailors. Whether it’s day sailing with your family, resort or camper sailing, SeaRail trimarans are ideal leisure vessels. Leave the hassle to the other boats – the SeaRail takes you from trailer to sailor in 15 minutes. But don’t let its reputation as a leisure tri fool you: if speed is what you want, rest assured that the SeaRail can deliver that as well.

Models:   SeaRail 19


trimaran boat racing

Warren Lightcraft trimarans , another example of a convertible kayak-to-sailboat option, are known for their aesthetically pleasing designs that are also, as the name implies, very light for simple transportation and ease of use. Convert the kayak into a fast, high performance sailboat in just minutes, fly around on the waves all day long, then simply car-top the 68lb Warren for a maximum enjoyment, low-hassle day on the water. Perfect for sailors and paddlers of all skill levels, the Warren Lightcraft is the best of both worlds and an absolute joy to sail.

Models:   Warren Lightcraft

Length: 15’6”

trimaran boat racing

Built strictly with racing in mind,   the Diam 24   is a light, powerful one-design class trimaran and a notoriously exceptional performer. Boasting blistering speeds of up to 30 knots, Diam trimarans are not intended for beginners. For racers who crave the very best in terms of intense speeds, smooth handling and impeccable performance, the Diam is the red-hot one-design racing tri for you.

Models:   Diam 24

Length: 24’

trimaran boat racing

For the sailor who prefers the finer things in life, the   Radikal 26   delivers. Perfect for bringing the whole family out for a day on the water, this high performance, trailerable sailing trimaran strikes the most luxurious balance between quicksilver speeds and a smooth, comfortable ride. The Radikal 26 trimaran is as convenient to transport and set up as it is pleasant to sail, with a folding system that minimizes rigging hassle and also makes this a trailerable tri. Built for a fast and comfortable sail rather than a hold-onto-your-seats thrill, one-the-water safety and overall pleasure makes the Radikal 26 what it is.

Models:   Radikal 26

Use: Sport cruiser

trimaran boat racing

A solidly-built, single-handed trimaran, the Challenger also doubles as an adaptive design – meaning it is made to accommodate sailors of all levels of physical mobility. Best suited to lakes, the Challenger is a very safe, seaworthy boat for sailors of all ages and experience levels. Add to this the ease of owning, transporting and maintaining the Challenger trimaran and what you get is a simple, fun sailboat perfect both for beginners and those seeking a cheap thrill alike.

Models:   Challenger

At a glance comparison:

Astus 16.5, 18.2, 20.2, 22, 24 16’ – 24’Sport cruiserSome models
Catri 25 25’Cruiser/racerY
Challenger -Day sailorN
Pulse 600, Sprint 750 MKII, Dash 750 MKII, Cruze 970, Corsair 28, 37, 42 19’8” – 37’Sport cruisersY
Diam 24 24’RacerN
Dragonfly 25, 28, 32, 35, 1200 25’ – 39’Luxury cruiserY
F-22, 24, 25, 82, 27, 28, 31, 9A, 9AX, 9R, 32, 33, 33R, 33ST, 36, 39, 41, 44R 23’ – 39’ 4”Sport cruisers/racersY
Mirage Island, Mirage Tandem Island 16’7” – 18’6”Convertible kayak/trimaransN
Multi 23 22’RacerY
NEEL 45, 65 44’ – 65’Luxury cruiserY
Radikal 26 26’Sport cruiserY
Sea Pearl 21’Camper cruiserY
SeaCart 26 26’RacerY
SeaRail 19 18’Day sailorN
Triak 18’Convertible kayak/trimaranN
Warren Lightcraft 15’6”Convertible kayak/trimaranN
Weta 14’5”RacerN
WR 16, 17, Tango, Rave V 10’11” – 18’3”Day sailorN

Did we miss one? Let us know. Tell us what you sail and what you like about each boat in the comments below.

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trimaran boat racing

16 Best Trimarans For Sailing Around The World (And a Few For Daysailing)

trimaran boat racing

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Trimarans are growing in popularity worldwide, due to their light construction and high stability these multihulls are even faster than catamarans. Trimarans are still one of the lesser-known boat types so in this article ill be checking out some of the most popular models.

The best trimarans include: 

  • The Neel 43 
  • The Neel 47 
  • Dragonfly 28 
  • The Pulse 600 
  • Corsair 37 

These tris are built with your safety in mind while also packing powerful speed and a wide array of comfort features to optimize your sailing experience , some are even foldable making them possible to load on a trailer and transport to the sailing destination of your choosing.

In this article, I have created a list of the 16 best trimarans in the market and their unique features. You’ll also learn the best options for different purposes such as circumnavigation, weekend sailing, racing, and more. 

Table of Contents

What Is a Trimaran?

trimaran boat racing

A trimaran is a multi hulled sailboat with three individual hulls; the main hull ( vaka ) and a pair of outrigger hulls ( amas ). These smaller outrigger hulls are attached to the main hull using beams. 

While trimarans have a rich history dating back nearly four millennia, these types of sailboats have only gained popularity in the late 1900s and early 2000s. 

Trimarans are primarily used as personal boats for sailing enthusiasts or racing. These sailboats draw their versatility from their lightweight design, making them faster and easier to handle at sea when compared to single-hulled boats (monohulls). Additionally, the three hulls also contribute to better stability, making it very hard to capsize (although more likely than a cat according to this study)

Trimarans come in various sizes, and some can be as small as 19 feet (5.8 meters) in length, while others go up to 60 feet (18meters). They’re also used for different purposes. Most trimarans are used for racing and recreational purposes, although some units are still used as ferries.

As with all things, to find out which is the best we need to understand what it will be used for. There is a big difference in requirements between a boat used for day sailing compared to offshore around the world sailing.

The list below highlights the best trimarans for different purposes.

Best Trimarans For Cruising, Liveaboard and Sailing Around The World

The Neel 43 is a French trimaran best suited for cruising. Its key features include: 

  • Easy maneuverability on the open sea by only a small number of crew members 

This unit is also built for comfort, ideal for more extended travels. This 43-feet (13-meter) trimaran is also made with recyclable and bio-sourced materials, highlighting the manufacturer’s commitment to environmental consciousness. 

This trimaran has a base price of  €329,000 excluding VAT. This translates to approximately $370,138. 

2.Neel 47 Possibly The Best

Named the best full-size multihull for 2020, the Neel 47 is a strong contender for one of the best trimarans in the market. This 47-foot (14.3-meter) long trimaran features optimized exterior and interior ergonomics for a unique design and look. 

Still on design, the Neel 47 is ideal for couples looking to take a weekend off or spend some time as liveaboard. It has a spacious owner’s cabin and two bedrooms. It also features a spacious living room and kitchen and is optimized to ensure comfort for a couple. 

The Neel 47 also has two basic guest cabins so your friends or children can tag along on your sailing adventure. Accordingly, this unit is ideal for those looking to explore the sea for the sheer joy of sailing. 

The Neel 47 comes at a 571,139 euro ( $643,600 ) price tag, excluding VAT. 

3. Rapido 60 The Fast and Comfortable Circumnavigator

The Rapido 60 offers a blend of performance, safety, and luxury, making it one of the best options for bluewater sailing. Measuring 59.3 feet (18 meters) in length, the Rapido 60 is an imposing unit. It’s made from lightweight sandwiches and carbon materials that provide speed and strength, allowing it to stand up to strong ocean currents. 

The Rapido 60 also has spacious living spaces and is built for comfort at all points of the sail. Its design also optimizes safety. While it’s an ideal option for circumnavigating, it’s also an excellent choice for racing due to its speed. 

This is also the same boat that The Youtube channel La Vagabond just purchased.

The Rapido 60 retails at $1,400,000 . 

4. Rapido 40

The Rapido 40 measures 39.4 feet (12 meters) in length and is ideal for cruising around the world. The Rapido 40 features twin “C” foils, which provide added lift, enhancing its speed and performance whether you are sailing downwind or upwind. 

Because it has C foils, this trimaran doesn’t have a central daggerboard, increasing interior space. Accordingly, it’s an excellent option for couples looking to cruise and enjoy great performances .

The Rapido 40 is made from high-tech all-carbon materials for a lightweight yet sturdy design. This material is also used for the countertops and furniture, and the cork flooring adds a touch of style.

This trimaran retails for $595,000 , making it a cheaper option than the Rapido 60. 

5. Dragonfly 40

The Dragonfly 40 measures 40 feet (12 meters) in length. It features high-comfort standards, making it one of the best trimarans in the market for taking your family for a cruise. Because of its larger size, it has a better capacity, being capable of accommodating six to eight people, so you can bring your family and friends along. 

It’s easy to navigate and extremely safe. With a maximum speed of 24 knots (44.5 km/h), this trimaran also provides fast speeds to make your cruise even more exhilarating. 

The Dragonfly 40 retails from €509,000 exclusive of VAT, which rounds up to $572,000 . 

6. Dragonfly 32

The Dragonfly 32 is a high-performance cruiser. Like the Dragonfly 28, this unit features a contemporary design for racing. This trimaran can accommodate five to seven crew members. 

Although slightly longer than the Dragonfly 28 with its 32-foot (9.8-meter) length, the Dragonfly 32 has a max speed of 23+ knots (42.6+ km/h), making it one of the fastest trimarans for racing. This unit also has comfortable accommodation, which makes it an ideal option for a weekend cruise with family and friends. 

The Dragonfly 32 has a base price of $350,000 . 

7. Corsair 37

Thanks to a variable draft with a retractable rudder, the Corsair 37 is an ideal choice for shallow water exploration. This 37-foot (11.3-meter) long trimaran features advanced foam-cored construction designed for safety, making it virtually unsinkable. 

The carbon hulls minimize weight, this makes for a lightweight ocean exploration sailboat with blistering speeds. One of its selling points is that this trimaran has previously been used for Arctic expeditions, possibly marking it as one of the better options for circumnavigation and offshore sailing in the northern waters. 

This trimaran has a base price of $189,000 but can go up to $204,125 .

Best Trimarans For Day/Weekend Sailing

8. dragonfly 28.

The Dragonfly 28 is a 28-feet (8.75-meter) long sailboat that can accommodate up to five people. It comes in two versions: 

  • Touring version: This version is ideal for families.  
  • Performance version: This is built to provide optimal performance for the sports enthusiast within you. 

It clocks a maximum speed of 22+ knots (22+ km/h) and is beam-folded. It’s an excellent option if you want a high-performance, comfortable yet smaller unit for your day or weekend cruise. 

The Dragonfly 28 starts at  €188,280 inclusive of VAT, which comes to around $211,600. 

9. Dragonfly 25

Like other trimarans under the Dragonfly brand, this 25-foot (7.62-meter) trimaran is great for both racing and short term cruising. However, this high-performance boat delivers easy handling, making it perfect for couples looking to take a ride out over the weekend and seasoned sailors looking for an exhilarating racing adventure. 

The Touring version features a lightweight build and offers comfort and accommodation to keep you, and the few guests you can fit, comfortable during the ride. This trimaran also has a Sport version, which is optimized for racing. 

The Dragonfly 25 retails from EUR 86,800 . 

10. Pulse 600

The Pulse 600 trimaran is a compact sailboat. It’s made from lightweight, carbon-reinforced construction and vacuum-formed materials for optimal speed. This trimaran is an ideal option if you are looking for speed. 

It also features ample deck space, greater stability, and volume than most trimarans of similar size and build. 

This trimaran measures 19.8 feet (6 meters) in length and can be sailed single-handedly by one person with minimal effort. The Pulse 600 has a base price of $38,800 , which places it in the lower price range. 

The F-22 is one of the smaller trimarans in the market. Developed in New Zealand, the F-22 is a folding trimaran built for speed. The hulls are made from narrow fiberglass tied together using fiberglass beams and aluminum, minimizing bulk while optimizing speed. 

The F-22 is roomy and is not as pricey as other models in the market. This trimaran has two main versions: 

12. 2019 Weta Trimaran

The 2019 Weta trimaran is a 14.5-foot (4.4-meter) trimaran featuring a carbon frame, centerboard, rudder foil, and rudder shock. The hull is made from fiberglass and foam. The Weta is built for strength and speed based on these lightweight materials. 

The 2019 Weta trimaran is easy to sail and is worth considering whether you want to take a quiet sail, race with your friends, or take kids to a sailing lesson. It has a simple design and is easy to set up independently. Thanks to its collapsible design, this trimaran is easily stored away with minimal space demands. 

13. WindRider 17

The 17.4-foot (5.3-meter) WindRider 17 is one of the more versatile trimarans in the market. It packs high performance for a low cost. This trimaran has a light rotating mast to boost performance, and a full-battened mainsail optimizes visibility. 

This sailboat is made from rotomolded polyethylene, which is more durable than fiberglass and demands less maintenance.

The WindRider 17 has a comfortable interior and can fit six adults. This is an ideal choice for social sailing for a couple or a family and friends. It’s easy to ride, and a shallow draft allows easy maneuverability. 

14. Astus 22.5

If you’re looking for something small but still comfortable, this 22.5-foot trimaran is for you. Built for speed and maneuverability, the Astus 22.5 has optional foils to optimize speed. The modern design, coupled with the spacious interior, can fit up to four beds. Accordingly, this trimaran is suited for family outings. 

This trimaran also has a foldable design, collapsing to only 16 feet (4.9 meters) for easy storage. 

15. Multi 23 Trimaran 

The Multi 23 trimaran has a contemporary design, featuring a vinyl ester and PVC foam core construction. The section below the waterline is made of solid glass for a sturdy base.

The beams are made of lightweight carbon, and the trimaran features a 33-foot (10-meter) aluminum rotating wing mast for optimal harnessing of the wind. While ideal for weekend excursions with family, once rigged with the asymmetrical spinnaker will get your heart pumping.

This trimaran packs high performance at a lower cost than most other options in the market. It’s a good choice if you are looking for a high-performing unit without spending an arm and a leg. 

16. Challenger Class Trimaran

The Challenger Trimaran 15 is the best choice for persons with disabilities. It’s designed to provide disabled sailors an opportunity to explore their passion for sailing without worrying about aspects like safety or operation. 

A man named Geoff Hold circumnavigated the British Isles in 2007, becoming the first disabled person to achieve this feat. He had quadriplegia. 

Living up to its name, the Challenger can withstand harsh weather conditions while blending performance with speed. 

Final Thoughts 

Admittedly, no trimaran is best for everyone. But whether you are looking to race with your friends, take your loved ones or friends for a cruise over the weekend, or circumnavigate the ocean, you can rest assured that these lightweight trimarans will deliver speed, safety, and comfort to make it worth your while. 

These brands are innovatively designed and feature intricate safety mechanisms that make them virtually unsinkable. Give them a shot and begin your ocean adventure. 

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Owner of A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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Most of those taking part in the race, in either monohulls or multihulls, will only be focussed on the handicap results as a line honours win is out of reach of all but the fastest, biggest and most expensive boats in the world.

For the Rolex Fastnet Race 2023 , the fastest boat to complete the course will almost certainly be one of the two 100ft foiling trimarans, the Ultim of Banque Populaire XI and SVR-Lazartigue .

trimaran boat racing

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The Ultim trimarans are set to become especially newsworthy over the next months with the first ever race for five of these extreme 32m long by 23m wide flying trimarans, around the world, non-stop, singlehanded, setting sail from Brest, France on 7 January next year.

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How to win the Rolex Fastnet Race: expert navigator’s tips

The 2021 edition of the Rolex Fastnet Race came with an interesting change. The finish line, having always previously been…

SVR-Lazartigue and Banque Populaire XI are skippered by two titans of offshore racing, Francois Gabart and Armel le Cleac’h respectively. Both are Vendée Globe winners (Gabart 2012, le Cleac’h 2016). Le Cleac’h is part of the exclusive club of triple winners of La Solitaire du Figaro (the unofficial world championship of solo offshore racing). He has been racing Ultims since 2013, this being his second boat.

Similarly, Gabart joined the Ultim class in 2015 winning many events with his MACIF trimaran, culminating in his record for sailing singlehanded non-stop around the world of just 42d 16h 40m 35s, incredibly just under two days shy of the fully crewed record.

Gabart has competed in the Rolex Fastnet Race twice before, winning on his IMOCA 60 MACIF in 2013 and then, in 2019, leading into the Plymouth finish line aboard his Ultim trimaran, only to be pipped at the post by Groupe Edmond de Rothschild , finishing less than one minute astern. “That was a little disappointing,” Gabart admits.


Charles Caudrelier and Franck Cammas on Maxi Edmond de Rothschild win the last Fastnet Race in 2021. Photo: Eloi Stichelbaut / PolaRYSE / Gitana

Neither of these Ultims competed in the 2021 race, when Charles Caudrelier and Franck Cammas on Maxi Edmond de Rothschild established the record for the new course to Cherbourg of 1d 9h 14m 54s.

Their Ultims are more than capable of bettering this and it’s possible a good breeze could even see the 14-year-old outright record for the most miles covered in 24 hours (908.2 miles/average speed 37.84 knots), also broken, given enough runway with suitable conditions and the will. If pressed, the latest Ultims could cover 1000 miles in a day (average speed 41.6 knots).

The top speed on Banque Populaire XI to date is 47 knots, but it is not top speed but high average speeds that Le Cleac’h says is the objective. “40-42 knots for one or two hours is very good, or 35-37 knots for 24 hours. We know that it is possible with our boat if the conditions are good.”

The performance of the Ultims has taken a massive leap in recent years, since new foil configurations have enabled them to fly.

For Banque Populaire XI getting airborne requires 12-13 knots of wind/22-23 knots of boat speed. Ideal conditions are no more than 20 knots as above this the sea state becomes too rough to use the foils effectively. Upwind in 15-17 knots Banque Populaire XI flies and will be making 27-30 knots. “That is the big step forward compared to the last Ultims, and that difference is very important compared to the older generation Ultims.”

“We regularly reach speeds of over 40 knots at less than 90° true wind angle (TWA),” says Gabbart. “In certain conditions, such as 25 knots of wind on flat seas, at 65°-70° off the wind, you’re doing 40 knots. That’s 60-65 knots of apparent wind speed. The maximum AWS in our log is not far from 70 knots.”

Of course one of these two foiling beasts being first to finish the Fastnet Race does require that they actually finish. The giant trimarans are at the very forefront of innovation and are famously susceptible to damage.

Reliability is improving, however, as foiling technology improves but even these hugely developed technological marvels the old adage holds true; ‘to finish first, first you have to finish’.

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Rapido Trimarans



trimaran boat racing

General Details

  • Length: 18.1m (59.3 ft)
  • Beam: 11.7m (38.4 ft)
  • Draft: 1.0m (2.5 ft)
  • Average light displacement (subject to final options): : 9,700 kgs (21,385 lbs)
  • Displacement (max load): 12,000kg (26,456 lb)
  • Headroom (average): 2.1m (6 ft 11 inches)
  • Mast height above water: 25.3m (83 ft)
  • Storage volume of floats (at greatest dimension): (l) 4.5m x (w) 1.3m x (h) 1.5m
  • Storage volume under cockpit (at greatest dim.): (L) 2.2m x (W) 3.3m x (H) 1.4m

Further information:

  • For detailed specifications, click onto  Rapido 60 Specifications (30 Nov. 2021)
  • Click to download Rapido 60 General Arrangement .

Sailing La Vagabonde post a video of the launch of La Vagabonde III (Rapido 60 #04) on 2 November 2023. See video below.

  • Mainsail: 125m² (1,345 ft²)
  • Solent: 71m² (764 ft²)
  • Reacher: 130m² (1,399 ft²)
  • Asymmetric Spin: 225m² (2,422 ft²)
  • Stay sail: 25m² (269 ft²)

General Information

“I  sailed Rapido Hull #01 on the Mediterranean Sea the other day and we were doing 14 knots upwind while cooking in the spacious kitchen!" Ferdinand van West (former F18 World Champion working with designers, Morrelli & Melvin ). ( Click here for original article in Catamaran Racing.)

Billed as the World’s Ultimate Ocean Cruising Trimaran , the Rapido 60 really is the Queen of the Oceans . It offers speed, safety, performance – and luxury.

The inspiration behind the Rapido 60 comes from Paul Koch (co founder of Rapido Trimarans), arguably, the man who has built more production trimarans than anyone else on the planet.

The design is by world renowned naval architects, Morelli & Melvin Design and Engineering who use some of the most sophisticated technology in the world. Triac Composites  is our exclusive builder.

While the foam sandwich and carbon construction is lightweight which gives the boat its speed, it also provides an extremely strong and rigid structure that has been designed to withstand the might of the oceans.

An additional benefit of the foam sandwich construction is the high degree of insulation, protecting the Rapido when the sun beats down.

Morelli & Melvin enjoy a very strong international reputation. Their designs even include entries for the America’s Cup .

Onboard the Rapido 60 Romanza at its first regatta – Race Week Come on board the new Rapido 60 from New Zealand called Romanza & take a tour with the owners and hear from crewman Chris Nicholson #HIRW Morrelli & Melvin Design & Engineering Inc. @rapidotrimarans Posted by Hamilton Island Race Week on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

[Video caption: Take a tour onboard Rapido 60, Romanza with owners, Dougall and Jaz Love, during Hamilton Island Race Week.]

Morrelli & Melvin's computer modelling said that the Rapido 60 was very strong. And so we tested it.

We bolted the centre hull of the Rapido to the factory floor in HCMC. We then brought in two mobile cranes – each took a diagonal corner of the two outer hulls. With one diagonal corner each, the two cranes began to lift while the trimaran’s centre hull remained bolted to the floor, causing it to twist. One tonne of lifting pressure… Two tonnes… Three tonnes…

As the trimaran twisted it began to creak and groan. But the sensitive electronic equipment we had measuring every move and twist remained unphased. Everything was within design parameters.

Seven tonnes… Eight tonnes… Nine tonnes…

The pressure was eased and the Rapido spring back into its original condition – totally unaffected by the enormous twisting pressure that had been placed upon it.

The computer modelling had accurately predicted the incredible structural strength of the composites used in the Rapido. The Rapido is built to take on the oceans.

Rapido is, simply, the Queen of the Oceans.

Incredible storage capacity

The Rapido 60 has amazing storage capability in the floats (4.8m x 1.3m), beneath the seats in the cockpit (2.1m x 0.5m) and in the forward cabin (1.4m x 1.2m x 1.2m).

The Rapido 60 has amazing, dedicated storage capacity. Floats (4.8m x 1.3m). Beneath the cockpit seats (2.1m x 0.5m). Beneath the cockpit floor (2.1m x 2.9m x 1.3m). Forward of forward cabin (1.4m x 1.2m x 1.2m).

Other videos

[Video above: Rapido 60, Romanza, races effortlessly at 24 knots during the opening day of Airlie Beach Race Week (Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia) in August 2018.]

[Video above: Owners of Rapido 60, Romanza, take the organisers of Hamilton Island Race Week on a walk thru tour.]

[Video above: Owner of Rapido 60, Ineffable, Steve Bourne is interviewed about his boat for the 39th St Maarten Heineken Regatta.]

[Video above; Rapido 60, Romanza wins the PIC Coastal Classic in New Zealand in November 2020. And it wasn't all hard sailing out there over the 21 hours.]

  • For more videos, visit the Rapido Trimarans' You Tube Channel .


Trimarans are safe, powerful and fast as demonstrated by the fact that they consistently win races and hold the solo speed record for circumnavigating the world.

Safety at sea is the No. 1 priority and this thinking is reflected throughout the design and construction of the Rapido.

The Rapido 60 has some truly amazing living spaces which provide more open, private and intimate areas than monohulls or catamarans.

stable and comfortable

Trimarans are comfortable on all points of sail.

The combination of safety, performance and comfort put the Rapido in a league of its own. The enormous trampoline nets add fun and excitement as you watch the blue water rush underneath you – or as you lounge on the nets while gently floating over a reef. You will be instantly hooked..

look inside the

Rapido 60 in action.

See more Rapido Trimarans videos (You Tube)

View all Rapido 60 photos

60 in the media

Below is a list of articles which have appeared in various publications regarding Rapido Trimarans.

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  • Rapido host much anticipated launch of first Rapido 53XS , Sails magazine, 1 May 2024
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  • Rapido 40 carbon trimaran from Vietnam – the test , by Michael Good, German Yacht Magazine, 21 September 2023
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  • Rapido 40: The Alternative Trimaran , by François-Xavier de Crécy with photos by Ludovic Fruchaud, LE MONDE DU MULTICOQUE #24 by Voile Magazine. July, 2024.
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A new one design 20' corsair trimaran - more compact and affordable than ever before, to appeal to modern sailors and families who can now join the growing corsair trimaran community., unfold your freedom, on the pulse 600 trimaran.

A new one design 20′ Corsair trimaran – more compact and affordable than ever before, to appeal to modern sailors and families who can now join the growing Corsair trimaran community. The Pulse 600 trimaran offers countless hours of fun, excitement and adventure in an easy to launch convenient package.

get your pulse racing

In even the lightest of winds.

The Pulse 600 trimaran is a compact big sailboat, not an oversized small boat. Featuring lightweight carbon reinforced construction, and the same vacuum-formed materials as the rest of the trimaran range, this sailing trimaran will get your pulse racing in event the lightest of winds. The Pulse 600 is a sport trimaran that is about pure fun.

on a Pulse 600 trimaran

Designed for convenient, easy trailering, easy rigging and setup, the Pulse 600 trimaran can be quickly launched, unfolded, and get out on the water. With modern reverse bows and high volume floats, even the most performance-oriented sailors have plenty to get hooked on with our smallest addition to the Corsair  range, from design partners The Yacht Design Collective.

The open cockpit is designed for a crew of up to four but can equally be sailed single or double handed. Versatility is a key feature of this trimaran and the forward area provides enough storage and cover for day sailing / weekend adventures or can simply be left empty for go-fast racing. Family, crew mates or friends, it doesn’t matter with whom you sail, unfold your freedom on a Pulse 600 trimaran.


A FAST, FUN AND EASY TRIMARAN "It was heartening to see a whole crop of new daysailers at this year’s fall shows, including sailboats with one, two or three hulls. But in the end, the judges decided the real standout in the group was the Corsair Pulse 600 trimaran." - SAIL Magazine

A FAST, FUN AND EASY TRIMARAN "Another great weekend test sailing the Pulse 600 sailing trimaran, although the breeze was a little shifty, we were able to test the carbon bowsprit. Until the bigger spinnaker arrives, the flying head sail had to do. But don't worry, we still managed to have plenty of fun! Some great reaching runs saw the leeward floats pressed at times and speeds in the high teens." - Mike Rees, General Manager at Corsair Marine Trimarans

A FAST, FUN AND EASY TRIMARAN "The Pulse 600 trimaran indeed makes it easy for sailors of different skill and experience levels to satisfy the need for speed while offering more deck space, more hull volume and stability than catamarans of the same size. And all of that without requiring circus acts on a trapeze wire. If a mellower pace is desired, it doesn’t put the Pulse 600 trimaran on the spot, because it has the necessary volume to accommodate guests. Regatta aficionados will be satisfied to learn that this little trimaran will be organized as a one-design class." - Reviewed by Dieter Loibner on

A FAST, FUN AND EASY TRIMARAN "Hitting 12+ knots of boat speed, the Pulse 600 trimaran just started to fly along and hum beautifully off the breeze and started to feel closer to an F18 than a Dash or Sprint... it was getting real fun at this stage. We started to drive it pretty hard downwind for the conditions as the apparent wind continued to increase. The float design just continued to impress as we flew through some chop and you could just see the buoyancy on those babies keeping the boat planning." - Brent Vaughan, Director at Multihull Central

A FAST, FUN AND EASY TRIMARAN "Three words suffice to describe the Pulse 600 trimaran's performance: IT'S. A. BLAST. Not only does this trimaran have superb sailing performance but it's the most comfortable small sailboat we have ever sailed on. The modern hull shapes created by Francois Perus means that we have yet to bury the leeward float bow even when reaching in 25 knots of wind with full main up." - Don Wigston, Windcraft

trimaran boat racing


Overall length, 19'8" / 6 m, 14'9" / 4.5 m, beam folded, 8' / 2.45 m, draft (hull only), 9" / 0.22 m, draft d/b down, 3' 11" / 1.2 m, mast length, 31' 2" / 9.5 m, unladen weight, 992.2 lbs / 450 kg, recommended options.

trimaran boat racing


These tiller extensions transmit subtle boat and rudder movements, allowing you to steer by the feel of the helm. The simple and lightweight design has no unnecessary frills—every aspect contributes to its strength, stiffness, or comfort.

trimaran boat racing


A reinforced composite bracket for the Pulse 600 which helps you to mount the outboard engine quickly and easily.

trimaran boat racing

If you are planning to install a spinnaker head sail on your Pulse you will need to have this bowsprit option and the associated deck hardware installed (See options 17371 and 17480, or 17143) the downwind sheeting and tack line control or a top-down spinnaker furler.

trimaran boat racing


This kit will include all hardware needed for the full functioning of the carbon bowsprit. If you plan to have a spinnaker or screacher this is a required option

trimaran boat racing


The Ronstan continuous furling system delivers proven performance and reliability, within the reach of cruising budgeted sailors, and racing sailors alike.

SPECIAL NOTES: Advanced drum technology Maintenance-Free Bearing System Top-down models for soft luff sails Secure & flexible attachment options Rotation stop accessory

MATERIALS: Grade 17-4PH forged stainless steel shackles Grade 316 stainless steel fastners Grade 2205 stainless steel shaft & pins Aluminium drum, swivel jaws & line guide PTFE perimeter strip

  • Folding Corsair Trimarans: Legendary Ability, Unbeatable Reliability
  • 5 Reasons Why The Corsair 760 Trimaran Won Multihull Of The Year
  • Corsair Range Brochure
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trimaran boat racing

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New Ocean Fifty Arkema  trimaran:  a genuine ocean racing racer!

The construction of the Ocean Fifty Arkema  started in September 2018, and launched in September 2020. This shipyard of almost two years gave birth to a trimaran with an innovative design, particularly powerful and ergonomic, for both crewed and single-handed offshore races.

2022: improvements and new design

“We laid the boat bare,” Quentin Vlamynck explains. “This enabled us to check all its structural components. In particular, we rectified a small weak point at the junction of the link arm. The roof was modified to make the living area better protected from the elements and more comfortable, though comfort remains quite a relative thing! Rather than sleeping on the floor of the deck, we fitted a small slightly raised bunk outside. This will really improve living conditions on board.”

The most visible change on the trimaran concerns its graphic design . In November 2021, the Arkema Group confirmed its positioning as an expert in innovative materials at the service of a sustainable world, with a new visual identity. “The boat looks very smart in its new colors, with warmer tones and a softer feel to it. I look forward to seeing the first visuals of the boat at sea!" Quentin continues.

More information

Season 2021: an initiatory first season

For this first season of the Pro Sailing Tour, the new Arkema  and its crew led by Quentin Vlamynck finished 2nd in the general ranking . A very good result for the first season of the circuit.

Quentin also took away a great deal from the Transat Jacques Vabre, as the youngest skipper in the Ocean Fifty class. He has now completed his first crossing of the Atlantic in a multihull , running against great, highly professional skippers.

Christening of  Arkema

Quentin Vlamynck's Ocean Fifty  Arkema   was christened in Bordeaux on Monday 27 September 2021, one year to the day after its launch , and just a few weeks before its first Transat Jacques Vabre – Normandie – Le Havre race.

In the presence of Arkema employees involved in the construction of this innovative trimaran, and with the support of the boat’s honorary patron Pauline Déroulède , French Wheelchair Tennis Champion, emotions were running high in the splendid Capital of Wine.

A new philosophy in boat design

Designed by marine architect Romaric Neyhousser, Arkema is the result of a new rationale, shared with Lalou and Quentin, which transpires in the boat’s design.

Thanks to feedback from the former Arkema 1 , Lalou Multi and his sponsor-partner Arkema have laid down a new framework. The first trimaran built by Lalou Multi was based on a short-handed crew at sea. This new boat Arkema  has less typical features, is more versatile and more efficient for the crew as well as inshore. This has guided the choices regarding the platform, in particular for the “X” crossbeams (not parallel beams) used to optimize the ergonomics in crew sailing.

Versatility, the watchword for  Arkema

Lalou Roucayrol sums up this versatility perfectly: “Our aim was to build a more versatile boat than the previous one, in other words just as effective in in-shore crew events as in solo ocean racing. We have put much thought into the masses and improved the aerodynamic brakes. It’s going to be a powerful boat!”

Romaric Neyhousser, the boat’s architect, details the work that has gone into aerodynamics to enhance this versatility : “The idea is to reduce the aerodynamic drag as much as possible, even more than on the other Multi 50. The objective is to profile all the shapes that produce drag, in particular for the crossbeams, but also to work on the sheet effect of the sails. The fairing adds weight, but we believe that the resulting gain will offset this additional weight.”

Skipper-focused ergonomics

Here too, there are many differences with the previous Arkema 1. The boat’s design makes it more versatile, but it must also enable the sailors to keep up the pace in all types of events , whether in crew sailing, solo sailing, in-shore or on the ocean. The cockpit offers greater protection in particular.

As Quentin Vlamynck, the skipper of Arkema , explains , “ It’s vital to keep up the pace more easily sailing as a pair or solo, and to be able to go fast over a sustained period of time, including in challenging conditions.”

Performance : The inside story

As in the past, this new Ocean Fifty is the result of intense technical collaboration between Arkema and Lalou Multi. With recyclable resins, new materials, 3D printing of technical parts, clean energy, many features are indeed driven by innovation, and others will remain flexible throughout the sporting life of Arkema .

trimaran boat racing

Signed Incidence, clsely involved with the Arkema  project since Pierre-Antoine Morvan, Match Racing European Champion and Technical Manager for Incidence sailmakers, will be the tactician for the Grand Prix. The gennakers, J2 and J3, are cable-less, therefore do not have any tension cable: the leading edge is thinner and the void better distributed. The fixture points are made of Elium ® /carbon composite rather than aluminium, with the added benefits of lower weight and recyclability.

2. Deckhouse / Cockpit

Completely recyclable and made entirely of composite based on the recycled Elium ®  resin. Approximately 80 cm lower than on the other Ocean Fiftys, the cockpit allows for sheltered maneuvering. For superior visibility whatever the sea conditions, cockpit and deckhouse are fitted with ShieldUp ®  Flex ®  PMMA glazing, the world’s first flexible sheet recently developed. This material’s flexibility makes it easy to install without thermoforming over substantial contours. This ”acrylic glass” is 5 times more impact-resistant than traditional PMMA. It also has an anti-scratch and water-repellent coating. The result: a remarkable and durable optical quality, even in challenging conditions, as well as a weight reduction of the order of 50%!

Latest-generation lithium batteries using Arkema’s Kynar ®  technology were selected. Developed by the young French company Powertech, they help increase energy  storage capacity by 50%, with no increase in weight compared to  Arkema 1 . Combined with a larger surface of photovoltaic panels installed on the front outrigger arm, the system delivers fully autonomous energy supply to on-board equipment, without emitting a single gram of CO 2 .

The floats feature raised sections, but their volume is smaller than on its forerunner since the foil gives the necessary support. The dihedral angle (between outrigger and horizontal plane) has been increased to prevent the windward float from dragging in the water in light winds.

5. Central hull

Validated by many digital simulations (CFD), this hull is wide at the bridge to increase the sheet effect on the front sails. Below the waterline, it is deep with V sections for less bumpy sailing. The clear forefoot allows for more efficient rotations. As with the floats and the outriggers, the structure and bulkheads were assembled by structural bonding using methacrylate products from the Arkema subsidiary Bostik.

The construction of Arkema

Lalou Roucayrol and Quentin Vlamynck heavily involved in the construction

Both Lalou Roucayrol and Quentin Vlamynck were naturally heavily involved in the construction of  Arkema , the former being in charge of running the project and an expert in Arkema materials, and the latter as the skipper of the boat.

I know it’s vital to be as close as possible to the construction work and be able to incorporate my technical choices in consultation with Lalou, Nicolas Coudrais from the design office, and Romaric Neyhousser, the architect. The philosophy of Lalou Multi is precisely to keep the skipper involved in the strategic choices.

The construction  in pictures

trimaran boat racing

Lalou Roucayrol oversees the design

trimaran boat racing

The design phase of the Ocean Fifty  Arkema

trimaran boat racing

Quentin Vlamynck follows closely the construction of the Ocean Fifty  Arkema

trimaran boat racing

Arkema materials have pride of place

Already present on the previous Ocean Fifty and the Mini 6.50, the Group's materials have pride of place on the new Ocean Fifty Arkema .

The Elium ® thermoplastic resin , for example, has been used to manufacture a number of components, including the crossbeam mold that, recycled when construction was over. Other applications include an even greater use of the wide range of Bostik adhesives, the production of parts using 3D printing, and work on the batteries. 

Bostik structural adhesives used on the Ocean Fifty Arkema  make a major contribution in terms of lightweighting, toughness and durability.

“The work undertaken with the Elium ®  resin has been extensive and complements developments in other markets such as wind power. And the construction of Arkema  was an opportunity for us to demonstrate the recyclability of composites made from this thermoplastic resin. This latest trimaran is also a superb showcase for other products from our Group, including Bostik’s structural glues that make a major contribution in terms of lightweighting, toughness and durability. We had R&D teams dedicated to this construction project to identify materials already applicable and others potentially so in the longer term. A racing boat like this new trimaran is a tremendous driver of brand image, but above all it’s a full scale laboratory that enables us to show and test the performance of our materials in real-life sailing conditions. A “materials demonstrator” that can be transferred to other application sectors.” Gilles Galinier, Communication Vice President for the Arkema Group

New generation sails

Lalou Roucayrol has been testing equipment for sailmakers Incidence for years. The boat was fitted with a test sail – a Strong Luff gennaker – in the Grands Prix of the 2019 season and during the training sessions. The trials were clearly conclusive , as explains Pierre-Antoine Morvan, Head of R&D at Incidence Group: “It’s a sail without halyard, in DFi ® , with many novel features. The major asset of the Strong Luff, as its name suggests, is the performance of the luff, but also a significant improvement in overall performance. It’s lighter, more versatile and more dynamic.”

In order to extend the innovation of this new sail, Lalou Multi has decided to go ahead with manufacturing various fittings for these sails from the Elium ®  resin developed by Arkema. César Dohy, Master Sailmaker at Incidence, explains:  “To hold these sails, there are two highly specific fittings called lugs. These are triangular aluminum parts measuring about 10 cm² with head and tack that literally secure the sail. Made from the Elium ®  resin, they are therefore lighter, with softer contours, and are now recyclable. Quentin and Lalou tested them in the Canary Islands, and the initial feedback was convincing.”

Arkema Sailing

As partners since 2013, Arkema and Lalou Multi decided in 2019 to give a new dimension to their collaboration, still anchored on the common values of innovation and a quest for performance.

trimaran boat racing

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Earthrace-2 Project Summary

We are developing the awesome new vessel “EARTHRACE-2” to substantially extend our work in marine conservation. Initially she will be used to assist in monitoring the massive new CMAR Marine Protected Area encompassing Galapagos, Cocos Island, Coiba Island and Malpelo Island. These campaigns involve joint operations that sees local Rangers, Coastguard or Navy Personnel joining our ship and overseeing operations. We provide the ship, tender vessels, Schiebel S100 UAV, pilots, food and fuel, while the government agencies assist in flight permissions, and have jurisdictional oversight of the operations. We will also continue with selected scientific research projects that require support in remote locations. HERE is the “Deck” that gives a brief summary of the project. HERE is the Spanish Version. For more information please send us an email .

EARTHRACE-2, like her predecessor, will be a technology marvel, and one of the most awe-inspiring vessels the world has ever seen. Our video above discusses many of the things that make this boat so special.

trimaran boat racing

The hull form has been extensively tank-tested in Melbourne (Australia) under various displacement and thrust conditions, allowing accurate predictions of final vessel performance.

[slider] [slide img=””] [slide img=””] [slide img=””] [slide img=””] [slide img=””] [/slider]

Based on a World Record Holder

The most obvious thing about EARTHRACE-2 will be her form – One of the most awe-inspiring vessels the world has ever seen. More than that however – she will be a technology showcase of the latest in maritime and surveillance hardware. This includes Schiebel S100 Drone with 200nm range, ELINT electronic detection system, FLIR thermal Imaging, a helm resembling that of a modern plane, FC470 Milpro zodiac, 10m amphibious RIB (launched astern from a roll-off platform), and a 30-person theater / briefing room.

EARTHRACE-2 is based on the original Earthrace, a 24m trimaran that set a new world record (that still stands today) for circling the globe, running 100% biodiesel fuel. In 2009 she went to Antarctica and became the star of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars TV Series. Earthrace set the benchmark for uncompromising focus on efficiency, functionality and awesome good looks. EARTHRACE-2 is looking to repeat this, but with a much bigger vessel that will take things to a completely new level, and change the way the world views conservation campaigns. Hi-Res CAD files can downloaded here .


* Design: Tri-Hull Wavepiercer * Construction: Sandwich composite * Length: 59.3m (195 ft) * Beam: 12m (39ft) * Crew: 14 * Maximum Speed: 30 knots * Crew: 12 * Guest Capacity: 14 * Accommodation: 26 people * Guest Rooms: 5 * Range 10,000nm at 12 knots * Briefing Room / Theater (30 person) * Tender Vessel: 10m (35ft) RIB * Designer: LOMOcean Design Ltd * Build Time: 24 months * Build Location: TBA

[slider] [slide img=””] [slide img=””] [slide img=””] [slide img=””] [slide img=””] [slide img=””] [/slider]

The original Earthrace boat had over 250,000 visitors walk aboard her over a 3 year period. Through a combination of boatshows, and sponsor events / open days in port cities, she became the most photographed boat on the planet. Earthrace-2 will dedicate a period every year to continue this legacy, opening the boat to the public, schools, and at selected events.

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Melvin, Findlay and Burnham head the National Sailing Hall of Fame’s Class of 2024

  • Copy Link copied

NEWPORT, Rhode Island (AP) — Pete Melvin, who helped design breakthrough boats for the America’s Cup as well as the Nacra 17 used in the Olympics, and Conn Findlay, who won Olympic medals in sailing and rowing, head the list of 12 inductees in the National Sailing Hall of Fame’s Class of 2024.

As part of the firm M&M, Melvin helped design the giant trimaran that tech tycoon Larry Ellison’s BMW Oracle Racing used to win the 2010 America’s Cup in a one-off regatta against Alinghi of Switzerland’s giant catamaran. M&M also drafted the design rules for the 72-foot catamarans used in the 2013 America’s Cup, which ushered in foiling in sailing’s marquee regatta.

M&M designed the Nacra 17 catamaran that debuted in the 2016 Olympics. For the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, the Nacra 17 added foils. Melvin sailed in the 1988 Olympics and has won numerous national and world titles.

Findlay won a total of four Olympic medals, including a bronze medal with Dennis Conner in the Tempest class in 1976. In rowing, he won two golds and one bronze in coxed pairs. He sailed in the America’s Cup three times, including with winning skipper Ted Turner aboard Courageous in 1977.

Stu McNay, right, and Lara Dallman-Weiss campaign in the mixed-gender 470 category at U.S. Sailing Olympic Trials, off the coast of Miami Beach, Fla., Friday, Jan. 12, 2024. McNay is returning for his fifth Olympics and teaming up with Dallman-Weiss, who competed in the women's 470 in the Tokyo Games, in the new mixed-gender category. (AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

Also entering the hall is Kevin Burnham, who won a silver medal in the 470 class in the 1992 Olympics with Morgan Reeser and then won gold with Paul Foerster in 2004.

In one of the most memorable races in Olympic history, Foerster and Burnham aggressively match-raced the British boat to the back of the fleet and stayed ahead the entire race to win the gold medal. At the finish line, Burnham, then 47, waved to race officials, let out a whoop and then did a backflip into the Saronic Gulf off Athens, barefoot and still wearing his sunglasses. Burnham died in 2020.

The induction will be Oct. 4-5 at the Chicago Yacht Club.

Among the other inductees are Jan C. O’Malley, a three-time US Sailing Yachtswoman of the Year and the first winner of the IYRU Women’s World Sailing Championship; Charles Ulmer, a national champion and race winner throughout the 1970s and 80s; and Richard Tillman, the 1965 Sailor of the Year who held national, North American and world titles in the Snipe, Finn, Laser, Sunfish and Windsurfing classes.

Also going into the hall are Franklin Wood; Allegra Mertz; brothers Eric Hall and Ben Hall; Gary Mull; and Carl Alberg.

trimaran boat racing


  1. This giant 40-knot trimaran is out to smash the round the ...

    Watch this spectacular footage of the 130ft maxi trimaran Spindrift 2 as she sails from France on her fourth attempt to break the non-stop round the world re...

  2. Round the world race: 100ft trimarans set for solo race

    The fastest offshore racing designs ever built, the foiling 100ft Ultim trimarans, will go head-to-head in a solo round the world race in 2023. The Ultim class has announced the first single ...

  3. Trimaran boats for sale

    Trimaran sailing vessels for sale on YachtWorld are offered at a variety of prices from $24,621 on the lower-cost segment of yachts all the way up to $1,568,720 for the most expensive yachts. Find Trimaran boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  4. The Complete List of Trimarans

    So to help prospective trimaran owners decide which boat is just right for them, we here at WindRider have put together a comprehensive list of the best trimarans on the market today! ... Use: Convertible kayak/trimaran . DIAM 24. Built strictly with racing in mind, the Diam 24 is a light, powerful one-design class trimaran and a notoriously ...

  5. Corsair Marine Trimarans

    Discover our range of trailerable and foldable trimarans suitable for regatta racing and family cruising. The worlds favorite tailerable trimaran builder, suited to day sailing, family cruising and racing. ... Some Corsair trimaran models go from trailer to water in 25 minutes, and with practice even the largest boat models can be done in 40 ...

  6. 16 Best Trimarans For Sailing Around The World (And a Few For

    Like other trimarans under the Dragonfly brand, this 25-foot (7.62-meter) trimaran is great for both racing and short term cruising. However, this high-performance boat delivers easy handling, making it perfect for couples looking to take a ride out over the weekend and seasoned sailors looking for an exhilarating racing adventure.

  7. High-speed, Singlehanded Trimarans Ready to Circle the Globe

    In a move comparable to Alain Colas "racing" the 236ft four-masted monohull Club Mediterranée in the 1976 OSTAR, Yann Guichard raced the 131ft Banque Populaire V (now rechristened Spindrift 2) across the Atlantic singlehanded in the 2014 Route du Rhum, again fitting the boat with a shorter rig.He came second to Loick Petron sailing a smaller, more easily handled boat.

  8. Corsair Trimaran Sailboat Race

    This terrific sailboat racing action among Corsair and Farrier-designed trimarans took place at Fort Walton Beach, Florida, at the 2006 Nationals. Pro racers...

  9. Two giant foiling trimarans set for a Fastnet Race battle

    For the Rolex Fastnet Race 2023, the fastest boat to complete the course will almost certainly be one of the two 100ft foiling trimarans, the Ultim of Banque Populaire XI and SVR-Lazartigue ...

  10. Rapido 60

    Billed as the World's Ultimate Ocean Cruising Trimaran, the Rapido 60 really is the Queen of the Oceans. It offers speed, safety, performance - and luxury. The inspiration behind the Rapido 60 comes from Paul Koch (co founder of Rapido Trimarans), arguably, the man who has built more production trimarans than anyone else on the planet.

  11. Rapido 60 Trimaran Boat Review: A Bold Gamechanger For ...

    Above: The Rapido 60 Trimaran has turned the idea of small, limited space onboard a performance trimaran on its head by providing 260 square feet of living space with a comfortable design featuring a master stateroom and a fully equipped galley. There's an aft deck lounge area and the space ahead of the mast has been dedicated to a sun deck.

  12. USA 17

    USA-17 (formerly known as BMW Oracle Racing 90 or BOR90) is a sloop rigged racing trimaran built by the American sailing team BMW Oracle Racing to challenge for the 2010 America's Cup. Designed by VPLP Yacht Design with consultation from Franck Cammas and his Groupama multi-hull sailing team, BOR90 is very light for her size being constructed almost entirely out of carbon fiber and epoxy resin ...


    The Pulse 600 trimaran offers countless hours of fun, excitement and adventure in an easy to launch convenient package. MAKE AN ENQUIRY. get your pulse racing. in even the lightest of winds. The Pulse 600 trimaran is a compact big sailboat, not an oversized small boat. Featuring lightweight carbon reinforced construction, and the same vacuum ...


    Designer, builder and sailing legend with his Black Marlin and Barracuda trimaran. The most successful sailracing boats on the Baltic Sea in the last decade. Jan is the multiple winner and record holder of the line honours (first ship home) at the World's largest single-handed race (Silverrudder, 450 competitors).

  15. Trimaran

    A traditional paraw double-outrigger sailboat ( bangka) from the Philippines. A trimaran (or double-outrigger) is a multihull boat that comprises a main hull and two smaller outrigger hulls (or "floats") which are attached to the main hull with lateral beams. Most modern trimarans are sailing yachts designed for recreation or racing; others are ...

  16. The Arkema Ocean Fifty

    Sailing. New Ocean Fifty Arkema trimaran: a genuine ocean racing racer!. The construction of the Ocean Fifty Arkema started in September 2018, and launched in September 2020. This shipyard of almost two years gave birth to a trimaran with an innovative design, particularly powerful and ergonomic, for both crewed and single-handed offshore races.

  17. Raingutter Regatta Trimaran Kit

    Raingutter Regatta Trimaran Kit. $ 6.99. It's the exciting next step in raingutter racing! The Trimaran Boat Kit is an exclusive alternative to the original Raingutter Regatta single-hull design. Add to cart. SKU: 612513 Categories: Activities, Crafts & Kits, Raingutter Regatta. Description.

  18. Ultim (trimaran sailboat class)

    Creation of the Ultime Class. In June 2015, an Ultim Collective formed around the Team Banque Populaire, Macif and Sodebo teams. They decided that the overall length should be between 23 meters (minimum) and 32 meters (maximum), which excludes the MOD 70 and Spindrift 2. The Mod 70 class boats, at 21.2-meters LOA, falls short of the class minimum.

  19. A Retired Racing Trimaran Becomes the Perfect Liveaboard

    A Retired Racing Trimaran Becomes the Perfect Liveaboard. Jason Gard. Dec 13, 2019. (From left) Simon, Braydon, Colin and Dave are all smiles during the boat's first time back on the water after her refit. They say you can learn a lot about a sailor just by looking at the type of boat he or she owns. However, I'm not sure our boat, Spirit ...

  20. Gear Up for the Cub Scout Boat Race

    The Trimaran Boat Kit is an exclusive alternative to the original Raingutter Regatta single-hull design and features a trimaran hull built for stability and speed in the water. The hull is also specially designed to prevent your boat from tipping over during the race.


    EARTHRACE-2 is based on the original Earthrace, a 24m trimaran that set a new world record (that still stands today) for circling the globe, running 100% biodiesel fuel. In 2009 she went to Antarctica and became the star of Animal Planet's Whale Wars TV Series. Earthrace set the benchmark for uncompromising focus on efficiency, functionality ...

  22. Trimaran boats for sale

    Trimaran. Ideal for overnight cruising and day sailing these Trimaran boats vary in length from 17ft to 78ft and can carry 4 to 15 passengers. There are a wide range of Trimaran boats for sale from popular brands like Corsair, Neel and Dragonfly with 41 new and 99 used and an average price of $250,267 with boats ranging from as little as $9,831 and $1,534,896.

  23. Raingutter Regatta Racing Trimaran Kit

    Built for stability and speed in the water, the trimaran hull is specially designed to prevent your boat from tipping over during the race. Kit includes exclusive BSA trimaran hull, two balsa wood outriggers, sail, mast, screws, sanding stick, and instructions. Drilling, sawing, sanding or machining wood products can expose you to wood dust, a substance known to the State of California to ...

  24. Melvin, Findlay and Burnham head the National Sailing Hall of Fame's

    The induction will be Oct. 4-5 at the Chicago Yacht Club. Among the other inductees are Jan C. O'Malley, a three-time US Sailing Yachtswoman of the Year and the first winner of the IYRU Women's World Sailing Championship; Charles Ulmer, a national champion and race winner throughout the 1970s and 80s; and Richard Tillman, the 1965 Sailor of the Year who held national, North American and ...