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Aquarius: Modern classic masterpiece makes for a surprisingly sensible superyacht

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  • August 27, 2020

Named for the sign of astrological quality, this stunning 186ft world-cruising ketch is the result of serious sailors challenging the best of the best to produce something elegant, fast and seaworthy. Rupert Holmes reports

A demanding brief for Aquarius from experienced sailors has produced a masterpiece from some of the most experienced and talented brains in the superyacht world. Within five months of handover she had already clocked up 11,000 miles.

It’s often tempting to sum up new yachts with a short phrase describing their key characteristics. The brief for Aquarius included that she should be, ‘an elegant, muscular sailing yacht with a classic profile for family enjoyment’. But that barely scratches the surface of the main requirements for this giant ketch.

The owners also wanted a yacht that would combine good seakeeping characteristics with performance, reliability and quality. Essential features included relative simplicity, robustness of systems and a contemporary interpretation of elegant, classic lines, with a clean and uncomplicated appearance.

Aquarius ’s graceful lines and timeless shape belie a rugged world cruiser configured to be self-sufficient for extended periods when voyaging well beyond the popular Med and Caribbean circuits. In addition, the yacht is welcoming for family and friends, while providing sufficient performance to compete in superyacht regattas .

Designed to perform

“The owner loves sailing, so top performance was important,” says Dykstra’s Erik Wassen, who led the design team. “Not to the level of a racing yacht, but having the feeling of sailing well and being responsive like a smaller yacht.” A further stipulation was that the boat should not be experimental. The result is a sensible superyacht interpretation of a performance yacht.

With a whopping 50ft of bow and stern overhangs, there’s far less internal volume than might be expected for a yacht of this length. Also maximum beam is less than one-sixth of the overall length. Even so, any temptation to spoil the lines by raising the black-painted freeboard to provide more space for systems was successfully resisted.

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Considerable work and talent was therefore needed to fit all the requirements into the slender hull. The design team repeatedly honed the arrangements until everything would fit, including adequate space for crew accommodation and servicing of systems.

A fixed 4.8m draught keel fits with the theme of simplicity, while also freeing up the internal space that a lifting or telescopic keel would otherwise occupy. Wassen says: “If it was for optimum performance, you go to seven, eight, nine, ten metres.” The problem is that quickly stops being practical, so his aim was to: “try to get her in the same sort of harbours as the J Class yachts – you can still enter St Barth’s Bucket , for instance.”

Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) work informed the final hull shape. “In our first hull design we noticed the centre of effort shifted when going from close-hauled to a beam reach to running,” says Wassen. “By optimising the hull shape in the CFD we could minimise that effect, giving much more equal rudder pressure on different points of sail.”


A sense of scale as the seemingly tiny figures prepare the mizzen staysail

The response and feel of a smaller boat was achieved “through having an ample sail plan – the boat has lots of sail – and giving her lots of stability,” he adds.  “We kept her as light as possible, which is always difficult because of the weight of the systems and of the ballast needed to provide stability.”

Aquarius ’s skipper James Turner has been very impressed with the handling so far: “With the correct sail plan Aquarius is a delight on the helm, responsive with weight to the wheel,” he reports. “Contrary to what her length and volume might suggest, she feels lively yet forgiving, almost playful on the wheel.”

A clean and uncluttered deck layout was a key priority, but was rendered more difficult by the lack of bulwarks. The profiles of both deckhouses were kept as low as possible, while individual sails are sheeted to similar points, which concentrates deck gear in discrete locations.


Despite her significant sail area, push-button controls mean Aquarius can be sailed by three

Clustering several different items into a single feature also helped to achieve this goal. For example, the boxes for vents and skylights ahead of the main deckhouse also form the backrests for the cushions when this area is used for sun lounging. In addition they house discrete B&G units that provide headsail and spinnaker trimmers with the key data needed for racing.

Project manager Godfrey Cray was keen to use halyard locks to reduce the number of winches around the mast base – the final arrangement has just two winches here instead of the usual four. Attention to detail extends to the cowl vents that have a protection ring of black composite below the polished stainless steel caps so that there is no chance of lines snagging.

The large mizzen was a feature from the inception of the project and provides a powerful configuration for fast reaching and downwind sailing with the mizzen staysail set. A further advantage of this sail plan is that no compromises were needed to keep air draught below the Panamax limit.


Optimised hull shape and big sail area means Aquarius has the response and feel of a smaller yacht

Doyle Sails New Zealand was involved in the project from an early stage, which gave time to tweak the sail plan and for aerodynamic and finite element analysis work to optimise the deck layout and improve overall load predictions. Aquarius is a fast enough boat for the apparent wind to often be forward of the beam.

A 1,580m2 running asymmetric spinnaker is included in the inventory and is clearly important when racing. However, optimisation of the reaching sails was also a priority to enable Aquarius to realise her enormous potential. In addition to the main and mizzen a 460m2 mizzen staysail and 770m2 Code 0 boost the sail area to an impressive 2,200m2 when reaching.

Rondal performance furling booms are a key means of simplifying sail handling , without compromising performance. They allow control of the foot tension of the sail, while providing a very practical means of reefing and stowing the sails.


“Typically, these systems are getting more and more reliable,” says Wassen. “There are hardly any boats that are not specifying them, except for some that go all the way to more racy slab reefing systems to reduce weight aloft.”

Square-top sails were shunned because of the difficulties of handling the top batten. However, the large roach main and mizzen still require running backstays, which are handled by captive winches. “They take more space and are heavier,” says Wassen, “but the captive winches mean you always have the opportunity to ease the runners under load if you have to make an unexpected tack or gybe.”

The twin wheels are positioned far enough outboard to give good sight lines to the bow and the rig. Key sail controls are also located at each helm station to facilitate easy handling. A drawback to this, though, is that you can’t always see the function you’re adjusting.  “It’s something we don’t often do,” says Wassen, “and making it look inconspicuous and classic is difficult.”


The solution was a more modern style console with a lot of controls that are fully concealed by hinged teak covers when not in use. This enables the boat to be sailed with only three people on deck.

Key challenges

While the brief for Aquarius deliberately avoided pushing hard against the boundaries of engineering and materials technology, there were still many challenges to overcome before the owners’ vision and dream could be realised.

In particular, a huge effort was needed to fit the accommodation and systems into the low-volume hull. This involved an iterative process between four parties – naval architect, interior designer, the engineers at Royal Huisman, and the owners – to ensure systems and adequate crew quarters could be accommodated, while leaving enough space for the owner and guest accommodation to meet the brief.


There is plenty of relaxation space split across Aquarius’s three cockpits

Interior designer Mark Whiteley initially presented two concepts – one for a relatively dark panelled interior, the other with mahogany furniture and trim balanced by white wall spaces. After the two had been mocked up at full scale for a section of the boat, the owners chose the lighter option. Whiteley subsequently described his challenge as creating, “a light and contemporary classic feel, rather than a more sombre and historically referenced one”.

While this early decision informed the big picture, he says the finer details needed careful judgement to give the boat its unique feel. The final coat of white paint on the wall panels, for instance, was brushed by hand to provide additional character and interest. He says: “This added to the relaxed informality and chic, understated quality you might associate with a house in the Hamptons.”

The main cockpit is the primary social hub of the boat, so considerable effort was put into refining it. This extended to the folding arrangements for the tables and to the design of the additional fold-away seats that face the main U-shape seating areas.


Mahogany joinery is balanced by white trim

The owner wanted a single floor level in the deckhouse, without a higher level for the seating areas, while retaining a view through the windows when sitting down. The lower edge of the windows therefore needed to be brought down as far as possible, which in turn provides a lot of natural light. The skylights also help to flood the interior with natural light.

Two versions of the magnificent owner’s suite were mocked up full-size to ensure every aspect was optimised to the maximum extent possible. There’s ample natural light from the large oval fan light around the mizzen mast, plus four port lights.

The bed is positioned to give a view towards the stairs to the private aft deckhouse, which opens onto its own cockpit. Attention to detail extends to secure stowage for water carafes and personal items.


Natural light floods into the owner’s suite from large fanlights around masts

Guest accommodation includes two double suites, plus a further flexible cabin that’s primarily configured as a twin. Two extra berths can be provided here to accommodate a larger number of children, via a Pullman on the inboard side and a recessed bed that drops down from the deckhead on the outboard side. A great deal of effort was expended to ensure there is no evidence of these extra beds when the cabin is in its normal mode.

There’s also a fully equipped gym, plus a lower saloon, with a huge cinema screen and top end concealed sound system. Quarters for up to 10 crew are provided in five cabins forward. This area has its own access from the foredeck, while guest areas can also be reached from the galley.

What does Whitely like most about the accommodation? “The relaxed feel and the balance between the classic and the contemporary, it really works. I also like the owner’s suite a lot: it’s a fantastic living space.”


The owner’s suite includes private aft deckhouse

Aquarius is the latest addition to a very distinguished lineage of modern classics produced in the past decade by a collaboration between Dykstra and Royal Huisman, including Kamixitha , Meteor and Pumula .

It’s a stunningly successful partnership that, with Aquarius , has produced another beautiful new superyacht that combines the ultimate in elegance with superlative comfort, style and performance.


LOA: 56.18m (184ft 4in) LWL: 41.17m (135ft 1in) Beam: 9.51m (31ft 2in) Draught: 4.80m (15ft 9in) Displacement: 264 tonnes Mainsail: 520m2 (5,597ft2) Mizzen: 440m2 (4,736ft2) Blade: 430m2 (4,628ft2) Air draught: 58.50m (192ft 11in) Spars: Rondal carbon with Rondal/Carbo-Link continuous standing rigging

First published in the July 2019 issue of Supersail World.

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aquarius yacht back side

  • Superyachts

AQUARIUS Yacht – Awesome $200M Superyacht

AQUARIUS yacht was built in 2016 by Feadship shipyard in Aalsmeer, Netherlands.

With her length of 92 m (302 ft), AQUARIUS is ranked in 73rd place on the list of longest motor yachts in the world. Currently, she sails under the flag of the Cayman Islands .

92 m (302 ft)
14 in 7 cabins
30 in 16 cabins
Sinot Yacht Design
Sinot Yacht Design
17 knots
2,856 ton
US $200 million
US $10 – 15 million

aquarius yacht night view

AQUARIUS yacht interior

The interior of AQUARIUS was designed by Dutch design firm Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design based in Amsterdam.

The yacht offers a spacious living area, a cinema, a beautiful spa, a gym with incredible sea views, and a sizeable beach club.

The elevator allows guests to move more seamlessly from deck to deck. The master suite features a spacious dressing room as well as a his-and-hers bathroom.

The other six luxuriously designed VIP cabins can accommodate an additional twelve guests.

A crew of up to 30 members takes care of the guests’ well-being while they are on board the luxury yacht.

image 28


With a beam of 13.50 meters (44.3 ft), a length of 92 meters (302 ft), and a draft of 4 meters (13.1 ft), AQUARIUS has a weight of almost 2,900 gross tons.

Her immense superstructure is made of aluminum, and her decks are constructed in classic teak.

The two MTU M63L diesel engines each produce 3,000 hp and allow her to reach top speeds of 17 knots.

Her fuel tank holds 275,800 liters of diesel and, at a cruising speed of 12 knots, her total reach lies close to 5,500 nautical miles. 

image 29

Like her interior, the exterior of the AQUARIUS yacht was also designed by the Dutch design firm Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design.

She has a helipad on the foredeck, a hot tub on the upper sundeck, and a large pool on the aft deck.

She also carries two tenders and plenty of water toys for guests to enjoy. In addition to a large swim platform, the crew can also set up various water slides if required.

Of course, the luxury yacht has a variety of jet skis, kayaks, snorkeling equipment, and water skis on board. 


The purchase price of the AQUARIUS yacht was US $200 million, and she is currently also available for charter for US $1.5 million per week.

In winter, she is mostly underway in the Caribbean, and in the summer months in the Mediterranean. 

Aquarius Yacht in Gibraltar

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  • Sinot Yacht Design

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the aquarius superyacht

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The first and only international luxury TV channel dedicated to superyachts and life onboard.

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AQUARIUS a Royal Huisman Superyacht

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AQUARIUS has 41 Photos

Sailing Yacht AQUARIUS

Aquarius News

65m Sailing yacht AQUARIUS II (Royal Huisman Project 408) took another step towards completion as her hull was turned

65m Sailing yacht AQUARIUS II (Royal ...

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If you have any questions about the AQUARIUS information page below please contact us .

With launch in 2017, superyacht Aquarius is an elegant and classic-looking 56-metre ketch, constructed by the premier Dutch shipyard, Royal Huisman. Ideal for worldwide cruising, luxury sailing yacht Aquarius features both naval architecture as well as exterior design by Dykstra Naval Architects. Her stylish interiors are by Mark Whiteley Design.

AQUARIUS Specifications

Type/Year:a Royal Huisman Superyacht/2017 
L.O.A.:56m (184') 
Max Speed: 
Cruise Speed: 
Builder/Designer: , , ,  
Locations: , , , , , , ,  

Royal Huisman luxury yacht Aquarius features striking interiors with beautiful raised and fielded white painted paneling trimmed with an elegant, but simple profile of fine varnished timber. She provides lovely and comfortable accommodation in 4 magnificent cabins, including a split-level master cabin, with an abundance of natural light, a private deck house and cockpit. The accommodation also includes a large deck salon, three en-suite guest cabins, a media room and even a dedicated fully equipped gym. One cabin serves as a bunk-room with twin beds that can convert to a Queen double with a set of Pullman berths above. The gymnasium also has an optional Pullman fitted.

Boasting a sleek, low profile dark blue hull, super yacht Aquarius also features acres of uncluttered teak decking, a 6,2m (20') jet drive tender, large 3m (10') side boarding platform, twin helms socially connected to the large shaded main cockpit, as well as numerous water toys, including a Laser, kayaks, windsurfs and bicycles.

Yacht Accommodation

Accommodation aboard Aquarius yacht is provided in 4 elegant and stylish cabins, including a generous master cabin and three guest cabins. One cabin serves as a bunk-room with twin beds that can convert to a Queen double with a set of Pullman berths above. The gymnasium also has an optional Pullman fitted.

Amenities and Extras

Super yacht Aquarius boasts a wide range of water toys, including a Laser, kayaks, windsurfs and bicycles.

AQUARIUS Disclaimer:

The luxury yacht AQUARIUS displayed on this page is merely informational and she is not necessarily available for yacht charter or for sale, nor is she represented or marketed in anyway by CharterWorld. This web page and the superyacht information contained herein is not contractual. All yacht specifications and informations are displayed in good faith but CharterWorld does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the current accuracy, completeness, validity, or usefulness of any superyacht information and/or images displayed. All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and may not be current.

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"Royal Huisman is an extraordinary blend of 21st century technology and innovation, traditional craftsmanship and timeless values. The combining factor between employees, the yard as well as customers? They are perfectionists." - Royal Huisman, Holland

Aquarius Sailing Yacht

ROSEHEARTY | From US$ 225,000/wk

BAYESIAN Yacht By Perini Navi

SALUTE | From EUR€ 220,000/wk


PANTHALASSEA | From EUR€ 200,000/wk

the aquarius superyacht

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The Aquarius

The Aquarius is a custom sailing yacht launched in 1990 by Perini Navi.

Credited with a combination of technical brilliance and first class design, Perini Navi has always been in a class of its own. In 1982, unable to find a yacht suited to his personal concepts and ideas, Fabio Perini designed and built the first prototype of what would prove to be the most successful series of large sailing yachts in the world.

The Aquarius measures 47.00 metres in length, with a max draft of 7.00 metres and a beam of 9.20 metres.

The Aquarius has a steel hull with an aluminium superstructure.

Her interior design is by Perini Navi.

The Aquarius also features naval architecture by Perini Navi.

Performance and Capabilities

The Aquarius has a top speed of 13.5 knots. She is powered by a twin screw propulsion system.

The Aquarius has a fuel capacity of 41,100 litres, and a water capacity of 10,100 litres.

She also has a range of 5,000 nautical miles.


The Aquarius accommodates up to 10 guests . She also houses room for up to 8 crew members.

Other Specifications

The Aquarius has a hull NB of 8806.

  • Yacht Builder Perini Navi View profile
  • Naval Architect Perini Navi View profile
  • Interior Designer Perini Navi View profile

Yacht Specs

Other perini navi yachts, related news.

the aquarius superyacht

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the aquarius superyacht

AQUARIUS Yacht for Charter

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AQUARIUS Yacht Features

Whether you’re lounging in the sun-drenched salon, enjoying gourmet dining under the stars, or simply reveling in the serenity of the open sea, our yacht provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable escape into the world of maritime luxury.

Sleek Silhouette

Striking design.

the aquarius superyacht

Revel in the Beauty of Your Surroundings

Expansive outdoor spaces, sheltered lounging, stunning beach club.

the aquarius superyacht

Alfresco Dining with Stunning Views

Rooftop sundeck, enquire about aquarius.

Contact our charter brokers about chartering this yacht. 

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the aquarius superyacht




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You Can Charter the 151-Foot Superyacht From the New ‘Knives Out’ Movie for $228,000 a Week

Cruise the mediterranean as if you were detective benoit blanc himself., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

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This wild new 62-foot yacht has not one but two party decks.

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This New 95-Foot Yacht Pairs the Agility of a Runabout With the Luxury of a Superyacht

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Aquarius Superyacht

The sequel to Rian Johnson’s 2019 murder mystery Knives Out is making waves in more ways than one.

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Aquarius Superyacht

Delivered by Turkey’s Mengi Yay in 2016, the superyacht pairs a straight bow with a handsome wood hull and superstructure. She offers a generous interior with five lavish cabins for up to 10 guests. The main deck owner’s stateroom features a king-sized bed, two balconies, an office and an en suite. On the lower deck, you’ll find three double staterooms and a twin cabin. There will also be a crew of nine catering to your every whim as if you were an A-lister.

Outside, meanwhile, Aquarius sports a veritable beach club at the stern, a Jacuzzi on the foredeck, a sizable flybridge and several other spots for sunning. She also comes with a full fleet of toys and tenders in case you need to make a quick escape. The vessel even has a spot on the aft deck for a couple of roadsters.

Aquarius Superyacht

As for grunt, Aquarius is powered by twin Caterpillar engines that give her a cruising speed of 12 knots and a top speed of 15 knots. Of course, the yacht’s also equipped with stabilizers that make cruising the Mediterranean a real treat.

Aquarius is available exclusively with Ocean Independence . You can book her for charter in Turkey for roughly $228,000 (€220,000) a week.

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

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  • Ocean Independence

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the aquarius sailing yacht perini navi 1990 46m profile


THE AQUARIUS is a 46.27 m Sail Yacht, built in Italy by Perini Navi and delivered in 1990. She is the only 46M model.

Her top speed is 14.0 kn and she boasts a maximum range of 5600.0 nm when navigating at cruising speed, with power coming from two MTU diesel engines. She can accommodate up to 10 guests in 5 staterooms, with 8 crew members waiting on their every need. She has a gross tonnage of 302.0 GT and a 9.2 m beam.

She was designed by Perini Navi , who also completed the naval architecture and designed the interior. Perini Navi has designed 46 yachts, created the naval architecture for 41 yachts, and designed the interior of 49 yachts for yachts above 24 metres.

THE AQUARIUS is in the top 30% by LOA in the world. She is one of 84 sailing yachts in the 45-50m size range, and, compared to similarly sized sailing yachts, her cruising speed is 0.9 kn above the average, and her top speed 0.69 kn above the average.

THE AQUARIUS is currently sailing under the Malta flag, the 3rd most popular flag state for superyachts with a total of 1087 yachts registered. She has recently entered the superyacht marina Westhaven Marina, in New Zealand. For more information regarding THE AQUARIUS's movements, find out more about BOAT Pro AIS .


  • Yacht Type: Sail Yacht
  • Yacht Subtype: Motorsailer
  • Builder: Perini Navi
  • Naval Architect: Perini Navi
  • Exterior Designer: Perini Navi
  • Interior Designer: Perini Navi
  • Refits: 2005

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The World’s Most Expensive Yachts—Including Some That Cost Billions

By Brett Berk

most expensive yachts

Though superyachts are already among the most costly consumer items available, the prices of the most expensive yachts in the world are still astounding. In recent decades, those with money to burn have settled on these floating palaces as an ideal locus for demonstrating their prosperity, and, as such, the global luxury yacht industry is undergoing a golden age. The world’s überwealthy think of their motor yachts as toys, and they’re constantly trying to outdo each other in scale, design, amenities, materials, and sheer profligacy.

Knowing this, what features does it take to own one of the most expensive yachts in existence? And how much do these opulent vessels actually cost? To that end, AD has compiled a list of the five priciest superyachts currently out on the water. As with many things connected to the very wealthy, details are shrouded in secrecy—often intentionally—to shield the assets from taxation or seizure, or to protect privacy.

Below, dive into the five reportedly most expensive yachts in the world.

5. Dubai ($400 million)

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Yacht and Boat

This 531-foot yacht is reportedly owned by United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai. Though it was originally planned for another Middle Eastern potentate, Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei, he suddenly voided the contract in 2001. With exteriors designed by Andrew Winch and interiors by Platinum Yachts, this German-built Blohm + Voss vessel features several Jacuzzis, a pool inlaid with handmade mosaic tiles that is reportedly large enough to hold 115 people, a circular staircase, a discotheque with an appropriately sized dance floor, squash courts, a movie theater, a dining room for 90 guests (the other 25 presumably have to eat in the pool?), a helipad, and a submarine.

4. Topaz ($527 million)

most expensive yacht

Resembling a stealth bomber, this 483-foot ship is reportedly owned by Russian fertilizer and coal oligarch Andrey Melnichenko. With exteriors by Tim Heywood Design Ltd. and interior designs by Terence Disdale Design, this German-built Lürssen Yacht features a 2,500-square-foot primary bedroom, six guest suites (with moveable walls so they can be transformed into four grand staterooms), glassware and tableware fashioned from French crystal, a helicopter hangar, a 30-foot speedboat tender, and three swimming pools, including one with a glass-bottom dangling menacingly above a disco.

3. Azzam ($600 million)

most expensive yachts

This 590-foot ship is currently thought to be the largest private yacht in the world and one of the fastest, with a top speed of 35 miles per hour. To achieve this immense scale and speed, it required a pair of gas turbines and two stratospherically potent diesel engines, rendering it very difficult to build. It is reportedly owned by a member of the royal family of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. With exteriors by Nauta Yacht and interiors by French decorator Cristophe Leoni, this yacht was also built by Lürssen in Germany. The vessel is set apart by its early 19th-century Empire-style veneered furniture, as well as its state-of-the-art security systems, including a fully bulletproof primary suite and a high-tech missile deterrence capabilities.

2. Eclipse ($1.5 billion)

most expensive yachts

In addition to being the second-costliest, this 533-footer is thought to be the world’s second-largest private yacht. Owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich , the ship was claimed to be located in Turkey and may be impounded as part of the United Kingdom’s sanctions against Russia. Designed by Terry Disdale and built by Blohm + Voss, it features two-dozen guest cabins, two swimming pools, two helipads, and multiple hot tubs. For privacy and security reasons, it hosts a missile detection system, bulletproof windows in the primary bedroom and on the bridge, an anti-paparazzi shield, and, when all of that fails, a mini-submarine that can take a few VIPs 164 feet under the ocean’s surface.

1. History Supreme ($4.8 billion)

History Supreme has never actually been seen in a major port, and rumors suggest that the yacht may not be real and instead just a publicity stunt. Reportedly owned by Malaysia’s richest man, Robert Kuok, and designed by Stuart Hughes in the UK, the yacht is only a paltry 100 feet long. Its worth is said to be derived from its lavish finishes, including a statue constructed from genuine Tyrannosaurus rex bones, a liquor bottle embedded with an 18.5-carat diamond, and a primary bedroom with one wall made from meteorite and another from a 24-karat gold Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium. If you see it somewhere, let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Jeff Bezos’s yacht?

Most Expensive Yachts

This is why people like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos work to keep their yachts out of the public eye. Though we are not including Jeff Bezos’s yacht, Koru (Maori for “coil”), in this list because it is a sailing yacht and thus excluded from the realm of these motor yachts, it created controversy in the Netherlands when its presence became known. Jeff Bezos’s abided the $500 million price tag of Oceanco, the Dutch custom yacht builder, to create the 417-foot megayacht. But when the company, at Bezos’s behest, requested that a local bridge be dismantled to make way for its gigantic mast on its journey from the shipyard, public sentiment turned against the cento-billionaire, and Oceano shelved its request. Maybe a port like Monaco would be more accommodating?

Also not on this list is the world’s largest private yacht, reportedly owned by Alisher Usmanov. Though size and cost typically scale in the world of superyachts, this is not always the case (see #1 in this list.) Also, Somnio, the 728-feet dream-monikered yacht liner that tops our list of the world’s largest private yachts , isn’t quite done being constructed. And it is not, like most of the largest superyachts, privately owned by one individual or family—it’s a kind of floating condo, with 39 eight-figure homes available to potential owners solely by invitation.

Derek Jeter Finds a Buyer for His 9,000-Square-Foot New York Castle

By Katie Schultz

11 Tallest Buildings in Dubai&-View the List

By Mona Basharat

A Design Duo Finds Inspiration and Creative Community on Fire Island

By Sam Cochran

Paul Reubens’s Former Pad Lists, the World’s First WELL Residence Unveils, and More Real Estate News

By Rachel Davies

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The Aquarius Charter Yacht


This Yacht is not for Charter*


View Similar Yachts

Or View All luxury yachts for charter

  • Luxury Charter Yachts
  • Sailing Yachts for Charter

The Aquarius

  • Amenities & Toys

THE AQUARIUS yacht NOT for charter*

47m  /  154'2 | perini navi | 1990 / 2010.

Owner & Guests

Cabin Configuration

  • Previous Yacht

Special Features:

  • Impressive 5,000nm range
  • ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) ✠A1, Yachting Service, AMS classification
  • Interior design from Perini Navi
  • Sleeps 10 overnight

The 47m/154'2" sail yacht 'The Aquarius' (ex. Xasteria) was built by Perini Navi in Italy at their Viareggio shipyard. Her interior is styled by Italian designer design house Perini Navi and she was delivered to her owner in July 1990. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Perini Navi and she was last refitted in 2010.

Guest Accommodation

The Aquarius has been designed to comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests in 4 suites. She is also capable of carrying up to 8 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

Range & Performance

The Aquarius is built with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, with teak decks. Powered by twin diesel MTU (12V183TC91) 600hp engines, she comfortably cruises at 12 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 13 knots with a range of up to 5,000 nautical miles from her 41,100 litre fuel tanks. Her water tanks store around 10,100 Litres of fresh water. She was built to ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) ✠A1, Yachting Service, AMS classification society rules.

Length 47m / 154'2
Beam 9.2m / 30'2
Draft 7m / 23'
Gross Tonnage 302 GT
Cruising Speed 12 Knots
Built | (Refitted)
Builder Perini Navi
Model Custom
Exterior Designer Perini Navi
Interior Design Perini Navi

*Charter The Aquarius Sail Yacht

Sail yacht The Aquarius is currently not believed to be available for private Charter. To view similar yachts for charter , or contact your Yacht Charter Broker for information about renting a luxury charter yacht.

The Aquarius Yacht Owner, Captain or marketing company

'Yacht Charter Fleet' is a free information service, if your yacht is available for charter please contact us with details and photos and we will update our records.

The Aquarius Photos

The Aquarius Yacht

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection


S/Y The Aquarius

Length 47m / 154'2
Exterior Designer Perini Navi
Interior Design Perini Navi
Built | Refit 1990 | 2010
Beam 9.2m / 30'2
Gross Tonnage 302 GT
Draft 7m / 23'
Cruising Speed 12 Knots
Top Speed 13 Knots


Here are a selection of superyachts which are similar to The Aquarius yacht which are believed to be available for charter. To view all similar luxury charter yachts click on the button below.

Almyra II charter yacht

50m | Perini Navi

from $188,000 p/week ♦︎

Andromeda la Dea charter yacht

Andromeda la Dea

47m | Perini Navi

from $112,000 p/week ♦︎

Antara charter yacht

46m | Perini Navi

from $125,000 p/week

Douce France charter yacht

Douce France

42m | Alumarine

from $107,000 p/week ♦︎

Hyperion charter yacht

47m | Royal Huisman

from $91,000 p/week

Tamarita charter yacht

As Featured In

The YachtCharterFleet Difference

YachtCharterFleet makes it easy to find the yacht charter vacation that is right for you. We combine thousands of yacht listings with local destination information, sample itineraries and experiences to deliver the world's most comprehensive yacht charter website.

San Francisco

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Four seasons yachts announces upcoming launch and 23 itineraries.

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Four Seasons 1, the all suite yacht due to launch in 2026.

Travelers accustomed to Four Seasons style in design and service will have a chance to experience both at sea when Four Seasons Yachts sets sail in 2026. Earlier this year, the company announced its first 10 itineraries; earlier this week, it announced 13 more. All offer the land option of pre or post trips at the company’s resorts.

As Timothy Littley, VP of Itinerary and Planning at Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings LTD and co-owner/operator of Four Seasons Yachts explains, his intention was to design experiences that resonate deeply and truly express the spirit of adventure and discovery. "In our debut year, we're set to explore over 130 distinct destinations across more than 33 countries and territories,” he says. “My professional journey, alongside years of personal exploration, has been dedicated to understanding the nuances of these locales—their culture, their people, and the unique experiences they offer—to ensure we curate something truly extraordinary for our guests.”

The living room of the Loft Suite.

The first sailings are set for January,2026 heading to Croatia, Gibraltar, Montenegro, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Türkiye. The Mediterranean itinerary will also highlight Greek islands with stops in Athens, Ios, Santorini and Milos but not always in the usual way: arriving in the tourist favorite island of Santorini, for example, at 5 PM when the other cruise ships are leaving, allowing passengers to enjoy a less crowded island in the evening. Under the radar but islands also worth visiting such as Hydra and Naxos are also included. Caribbean sailings are also among the first itineraries traveling to Saint Barthélemy (St Barths), Nevis, the Grenadines, St Lucia, Barbados, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Curaçao and Aruba. While there, passengers disembark to experience the nightlife of St Barths, Martinique’s volcanic coral reefs and lush rainforest landscapes and a sail in St Lucia’s Tobago Cays among other experiences.

The upper terrace of the Loft Suite

‘The Boys’ Season 4: Why Do Sister Sage And Firecracker Look So Familiar?

Mobile ar, mr surge at awe 2024, hl mando-backed korean radar startup raises $25 million, eyes growth beyond autonomous cars.

Among the itineraries announced this week are five-, seven- and nine-night voyages that include legendary ports of call such as Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Monte Carlo, Capri, Positano, Taormina, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia plus lesser-known gems including Italy’s Portovenere, France’s Fréjus and Mandelieu-la-Napoule, Spain’s Ciutadella de Menorca and Malta’s Gozo. Offshore activities to truly experience the destination are being selected ranging from exploring the esteemed rosé vineyards in Bandol, France to truffle hunting in Viareggio, Italy.

The four level Funnel Suite.

The yacht, Four Seasons 1, is being constructed by renowned Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri in Ancona, Italy and will contain 95 suites with modular walls that will allow 100 different connection options including reserving one side of a deck for a large family or group of friends traveling together. The largest accommodations are seven signature suites ranging from 2,981 to 9,975 square feet of indoor and outdoor living space offering two to three bedrooms, separate living rooms, indoor and outdoor dining space, splash pools, outdoor showers, and the option to connect to additional suites. The largest, the 9,975 square foot Funnel Suite, includes four levels of living space and floor to ceiling wraparound windows. All feature a design described by Fredrik Johannson, partner and executive director of Tillberg Design of Sweden as welcoming in the same way that the group’s resorts are but unique to the yacht. “It had to have this incredibly elegant aura to it without being over-the-top opulent,” he says. “To this end, we strove for a beautiful simplicity with the interiors.”

Elsewhere on the yacht are 11 dining options, spa and wellness offerings and a 65 foot long stern pool. Taking care of all are staff members on a 1:1 guest to staff ratio, along the lines of what Four Seasons regulars experience on land. And there will be at least 41 opportunities to experience it; that number of sailings at this point is planned for the first year; more may be added.

Laurie Werner

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  1. AQUARIUS Yacht • Steve Wynn $200M Superyacht

    The Aquarius yacht is estimated to be worth $200 million, with annual running costs of around $20 million. The price of a yacht can vary significantly depending on factors such as size, age, luxury level, and the cost of materials and technology used in its construction. With its exceptional design, innovative features, and captivating ...

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    Aquarius: Modern classic masterpiece makes for a surprisingly sensible superyacht. Named for the sign of astrological quality, this stunning 186ft world-cruising ketch is the result of serious ...

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    The 92 m (302 ft) superyacht Aquarius was launched at the Feadship yard in Aalsmeer. Dutch design company Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, designed both the interior and exterior of Aquarius. Design. Her length is 92 m (302 ft), beam is 13.50 m (44.3 ft) and she has a draught of 4 m (13 ft). The hull is ...

  4. AQUARIUS yacht (Lazzara, 25.97m, 2009)

    AQUARIUS is a 25.97 m Motor Yacht, built in the United States of America by Lazzara and delivered in 2009. She is one of 13 84 models. Her top speed is 32.0 kn, her cruising speed is 24.0 kn, and she boasts a maximum cruising range of 415.0 nm at 10.0 kn, with power coming from two Caterpillar diesel engines. She can accommodate up to 10 guests ...

  5. AQUARIUS Yacht

    AQUARIUS yacht interior. The interior of AQUARIUS was designed by Dutch design firm Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design based in Amsterdam. The yacht offers a spacious living area, a cinema, a beautiful spa, a gym with incredible sea views, and a sizeable beach club. The elevator allows guests to move more seamlessly from deck to deck.

  6. AQUARIUS yacht (Feadship, 92m, 2016)

    AQUARIUS is in the top 5% by LOA in the world. She is one of 33 motor yachts in the 90-100m size range. AQUARIUS is currently sailing under the Cayman Islands flag, the 2nd most popular flag state for superyachts with a total of 1401 yachts registered. She is known to be an active superyacht and has most recently been spotted cruising near Spain.

  7. AQUARIUS yacht (Royal Huisman, 56m, 2018)

    AQUARIUS is a 56.0 m Sail Yacht, built in Netherlands by Royal Huisman and delivered in 2018. Her power comes from a MTU diesel engine. She has a gross tonnage of 298.0 GT and a 9.5 m beam. She was designed by Dykstra Naval Architects, who also completed the naval architecture. Dykstra Naval Architects has designed 21 yachts and created the ...

  8. Tour of the $215,000,000 Aquarius yacht in Cannes

    The 301 feet / 92 meters motor yacht Aquarius was built by Feadship and delivered in 2016. This yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests in 7 rooms, including a...

  9. Aquarius

    Experience luxury and sophistication on the Feadship M/Y Aquarius. Embark on a remarkable yachting journey.

  10. 92.0m Aquarius Superyacht

    Motor Yacht. Feadship launched the 92-metre superyacht Aquarius in a private ceremony at its yard in Aalsmeer on Saturday 3 September. This pure custom Feadship has been created on behalf of and in partnership with an immensely experienced yacht owner. It sees Feadship once again raise the bar of perfection across the board.

  11. AQUARIUS a Royal Huisman Superyacht

    With launch in 2017, superyacht Aquarius is an elegant and classic-looking 56-metre ketch, constructed by the premier Dutch shipyard, Royal Huisman. Ideal for worldwide cruising, luxury sailing yacht Aquarius features both naval architecture as well as exterior design by Dykstra Naval Architects. Her stylish interiors are by Mark Whiteley Design.

  12. The Aquarius Yacht

    The Aquarius is a sailing yacht with an overall length of m. The yacht's builder is Perini Navi from Italy, who launched The Aquarius in 1990. The superyacht has a beam of m, a draught of m and a volume of . GT.. The Aquarius features exterior design by Perini Navi and interior design by Perini Navi. Up to 10 guests can be accommodated on board the superyacht, The Aquarius, and she also has ...

  13. AQUARIUS Yacht Charter Price

    The 92m/301'10" 'Aquarius' motor yacht built by the Dutch shipyard Feadship is available for charter for up to 12 guests in 7 cabins. This yacht features interior styling by Dutch designer Sinot Yacht Design. Built in 2016, Aquarius is custom-built for world-class luxury yacht chartering, offering a wealth of spacious living areas and fabulous ...

  14. New Feadship Superyacht AQUARIUS Available For Charter

    Following her sensational launch last September, the 92m/302ft motor yacht AQUARIUS from Feadship has now become available for charter. Brand new and with all of her spaces styled by the award-winning Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, it would be impossible to understate the importance of superyacht AQUARIUS. Currently the second largest Feadship ...

  15. Yacht Aquarius • Feadship • 2016 • Photos & Video

    Yacht Aquarius Photos & Video. Yacht Owner Photos Location For Sale & Charter News. Name: Aquarius: Length: 92 m (302 ft) Builder: Feadship: Year: 2016: Price: US$ 200 million ... Load more. SuperYachtFan. What began as a pastime for yacht spotting has evolved into a leading online destination for yachting enthusiasts, with thousands of ...

  16. AQUARIUS Yacht • Feadship • 2016 • Value $200M

    Nice slideshow with amazing photos of the yacht Aquarius. She was built by Feadship in 2016 for US billionaire Steve Wynn.https://www.superyachtfan.com/yacht...

  17. 47.0m The Aquarius Superyacht

    The Aquarius is a custom sailing yacht launched in 1990 by Perini Navi. Credited with a combination of technical brilliance and first class design, Perini Navi has always been in a class of its own. In 1982, unable to find a yacht suited to his personal concepts and ideas, Fabio Perini designed and built the first prototype of what would prove ...

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    AQUARIUS, built in 2016 by the renowned Turkish shipyard Mengi Yay, showcases an extraordinary exterior design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the yacht's laminated cold-molded wood construction results in sleek lines that exude elegance and modernity.

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    Sleeps 10 guests. 7.47m/24'6" Axopar Tender. Aquarius offers guests ample areas to unwind and kick back, as well as 4 generous suites, perfect for relaxing yacht charters. This sleek ultra modern 150'2 / 45.77m full-displacement motor yacht was custom built in 2016 by Mengi-Yay. The yacht's interior is designed by Mengi-Yay in collaboration ...

  20. You Can Charter the Superyacht From 'Glass Onion' for $228,000 a Week

    Luxury superyacht "Aquarius," which appeared in "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery," is now available for charter in Turkey for $228,000 a week.

  21. THE AQUARIUS yacht (Perini Navi, 46.27m, 1990)

    THE AQUARIUS is a 46.27 m Sail Yacht, built in Italy by Perini Navi and delivered in 1990. She is the only 46M model. Her top speed is 14.0 kn and she boasts a maximum range of 5600.0 nm when navigating at cruising speed, with power coming from two MTU diesel engines. She can accommodate up to 10 guests in 5 staterooms, with 8 crew members ...

  22. STEVE WYNN: A Visionary in Luxury Hotels and Casinos

    Yacht: Aquarius: Steve Wynn: A Visionary in Luxury Hotels and Casinos. Steve Wynn, born in January 1942, is the founder and Chairman of Wynn Resorts Limited, a leading developer and operator of luxury hotels and casinos worldwide. He is married to Andrea and has two children.

  23. The World's Most Expensive Yachts—Including Some That Cost Billions

    Below, dive into the five reportedly most expensive yachts in the world. 5. Dubai ($400 million) Photo: Getty Images. This 531-foot yacht is reportedly owned by United Arab Emirates Prime Minister ...

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    Take the Quantum as the perfect example of a trip that's bound to leave a mark. Oh, and you'll only need to dish out around $51K to enjoy this ship for one week. Folks, it's not every day that we ...

  25. THE AQUARIUS Yacht

    The 47m/154'2" sail yacht 'The Aquarius' (ex. Xasteria) was built by Perini Navi in Italy at their Viareggio shipyard. Her interior is styled by Italian designer design house Perini Navi and she was delivered to her owner in July 1990. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Perini Navi and she was last refitted in 2010.

  26. Four Seasons Yachts Announces Upcoming Launch And 23 Itineraries

    Four Seasons 1, the all suite yacht due to launch in 2026. Marc-Henry Cruise Holdings Ltd, Joint Owner/Operator Four Seasons Yachts. Travelers accustomed to Four Seasons style in design and ...