small sailboat with aft cabin

11 Small Boats With Cabins You Can Afford (With Pictures)

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If you’re looking for a small boat with a cabin, what you’re essentially looking for is either a trawler, a cuddy cabin, or a “cruiser”.

Let’s break down each category and find some great deals for each.

Table of Contents

After we’ve gone over these categories, we’ll also go over a few questions which need to be answered before you decide on a purchase.

What is the most affordable cabin cruiser or a small cabin boat?

There are a variety of cuddy cabins which are both affordable and spunky while out on the water.

You can find older models for sale between $20,000 and $30,000, and which are between 20’ and 25’ in length.

Some of the best options you can find are:

  • 20’ Pro-Line Hard Top
  • 22’ Sea Hunt 225 Victory
  • Sea Ray Sundeck
  • Stingray 21’ Cuddy Cabins

What is the best trawling boat?

While you might not be a fisherman at heart, some of the heartiest boats are fishing boats. They have bigger cabins for fisherman to relax after a hard day on the water as well as large storage areas for their gear.

Trawling is a method of fishing where the fisherman drags a net through the water behind them.

Recreational trawlers aren’t actually fishing boats, however. They resemble the vessel’s design, but that’s where the similarities end.

Remember that recreational trawlers use smaller engines than their fishing brethren; one which will only produce approximately 80 hp.

Trawlers have a dedicated following. These boats can be slow cruisers but, at their heart, they weren’t built for speed. After all, they are single-engine boats that can go from 7 knots to 20 knots.

One of the best values when it comes to trawling boats is the Carver c34 .

Here it is:

small sailboat with aft cabin

While it might not be as inexpensive as the other options in this article, at $371,820, you’re getting a smaller (34 feet long) more economical coastal cruiser.

More economical than a lot of the other boats of the same type on the market right now, which can range up to $500,000 – $900,000(!)

If you look for this boat used, you will most likely find it over $100,000 cheaper than the new sticker price.

What is the best boat to buy for a beginner?

The Glastron GS 259 is a 25-foot-long cruiser with a price range of about $77,000.

small sailboat with aft cabin

While the cabin is huge, as is the full galley, and the large dinette, the price also matches the large accommodations.

However, it will be difficult to find such accommodations on a boat of this size. Not only that, it comes recommended for a beginning boater by Lenny Rudow of

You should also check out the Trailcraft boat models .

What is the best cabin cruiser under 30 feet?

At 28 feet, the Bayliner 285 SB is a great cruiser which is still small enough to be towed and stored on your property.

small sailboat with aft cabin

But at the same time, it is still big enough to say overnight if you feel like going on a weekend excursion on your boat.

The price ranges from $96,000.

What is the best cabin cruiser under 25 feet?

A cabin cruiser is a powerboat with overnight accommodations and a galley.

They are generally faster than trawlers and cuddy cabins and can range from 25’ to 100’ in length. There are a number of different types of cruisers, including:

  • Aft cabin cruisers
  • Convertibles
  • Express cruisers
  • Motor yachts
  • Pocket cruiser

It cuts it close, but the Cutwater 242 Sport Coupe is just over 25’ (at 26’) and can be found for around $100,000.

small sailboat with aft cabin

It also comes in a longer 10’ model and has a double-stepped hull with a deep entry that turns into a moderate keel pad, which shows off its maximum efficiency.

It even has the option of coming with an electric grill built into the transom, and an adjacent sink.

The former is fully removable and can hide under a fully rigged livewell.

All of these small touches add to its appeal.

What if I don’t necessarily need a cabin?

If not having a cabin isn’t a deal breaker, your options for affordable boats just blew wide open:

The 16’2” Bayliner Element

($14,742) with a cruising speed in the mid 20’s can seat four.

The 17’11” Four Winns H180 OB

($24,451) includes a swing away tongue, full-sized walk-across swim platform, and Bluetooth-capable stereo with MP3 port and two speakers.

The 23’1” Larson LX 225S IO

($43,267) comes with a trailer that has disc brakes, a canvas bow, and cockpit covers. It also has an MP3-capable stereo.

Is it better to buy a used boat?

There are plenty of advantages to buying a used boat. The biggest advantage is the price.

While you might find some expensive boats listed on used vessel or vehicle websites, but you will find more reasonably priced used models than not.

Just like a car, a boat depreciates in value when it gets driven off of the lot.

Because of that, a used boat will better hold its value.

Another perk to buying used is the option to buy from a private seller or a dealer.

While there are many different perks, there are also a few disadvantages. One of which is that you never really know what you’re going to end up with.

You might be able to take it out for a ride with the seller but if you don’t have a boat mechanic look at it, you won’t really know what kind of wear and tear it’s been through.

If you do buy a boat used, make sure to inspect:

  • The hull for scratches, dents, and marring
  • The motor for damage
  • The upholstery for worn spots and tears in the vinyl
  • Broken levers

Don’t be shy about inspecting as much as you can.

small sailboat with aft cabin

An example of how to save money with a used boat is with the C Dory 23’ Venture Sport which weighs less than 3000 lbs. and has a fuel capacity of 60 gallons.

Fishermen will love how it tracks while you’re trolling, which will let you focus on fishing.

Every day boaters will love how much headroom is in the cabin and how much more pleasant it is to cruise on rough waters.

When you buy it new, it can be upwards to $100,000 but buying it used, instantly cuts the price in half or even as low as $35,000.

If you decide to find yourself a used boat, it would be best to check out some local options.

When is it better to buy a new boat?

A new boat ensures that you’re getting what you want.

The ability for customization is fantastic. From the paint scheme to the engine and turbines to the stereo system, you can fulfill your wish list in one stop.

New boats are both shiny and clean. You’ll rarely have any issues with the engine. You might also have the backing of a manufacturer’s warranty, which isn’t just a great deal of safety when it comes to your finances (in the long run) but is also great peace of mind.

The downside to buying a new boat is the price.

You’ll also have to deal with the depreciation, which starts as soon as you tow it off the lot. While it might cost a little more, look for high quality, trustworthy manufacturers and builders, which could help with the depreciation.

What exactly is a cuddy cabin on a boat?

A cuddy is another term for a small room on a boat. It comes from the 19 th century when they used to be referred to as saloon cabins, which were on the stern of ships.

These days it refers to a small shelter cabin , which has a small berth and head.

Normally, they are not tall enough to stand in but are still popular recreation boats for boaters who don’t quite want to upgrade to a full-size cabin boat.

A lot of fishermen use cuddy boats as their fishing boats because of the price, storage capabilities, and the small stature.

Final Thoughts

When going on a treasure hunt for your future boat, make sure that you have these things before you leave the house:

  • An idea of what you are going to use your boat for (watersports, racing, fishing, day trips, cruising, party boat, etc.)
  • An initial list of dreamboats you want to test out
  • Clear cut boundaries for price and options (AKA a “wish list”)

Remember that it may take a little while to find your dream boat.

It can be difficult to cull through all of the choices at the lots or on the internet. Know that the only way to make sure which boat is perfect for you is to take it out for a spin on the water.

If you’re still indecisive, that just means that you can go out and try out as many different boats as you can. This search doesn’t have to be a chore; go out and have fun.

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Used Aft Cabin Boats For Sale

photo of 70' Hatteras 1988

70' Hatteras 1988

Stuart, United States

photo of 63' Viking Motor Yacht 1989

63' Viking Motor Yacht 1989

Little River, United States

photo of 60' Viking 60 Cockpit Sport Yacht 1996

60' Viking 60 Cockpit Sport Yacht 1996

Palmetto, United States

photo of 56' Carver 564 Motor Yacht Aft Cabin 2002

56' Carver 564 Motor Yacht Aft Cabin 2002

Portland, United States

photo of 55' Viking 55 Convertible 2013

55' Viking 55 Convertible 2013

$ 2,149,000

Pensacola, United States

photo of 54' Hatteras Motoryacht 1987

54' Hatteras Motoryacht 1987

Savannah, United States

photo of 54' Sea Ray Sundancer 2013

54' Sea Ray Sundancer 2013

Cancun, Mexico

photo of 53' Hatteras 53 Motor Yacht 1980

53' Hatteras 53 Motor Yacht 1980

Mystic, United States

photo of 52' Hatteras Sport 1999

52' Hatteras Sport 1999

Miami Beach, United States

photo of 51' Riviera 51 Flybridge 2008

51' Riviera 51 Flybridge 2008

Marathon, United States

photo of 50' Absolute 50 Fly 2019

50' Absolute 50 Fly 2019

$ 1,060,000

Manhattan, United States

photo of 50' Custom Trawler 1991

50' Custom Trawler 1991


Aft cabin boats generally refer to cruiser-style yachts that feature sleeping accommodations towards the helm or cockpit area. These boats typically offer the owner a bit of privacy between the guest cabin and the main suite, especially if the main cabin is forward in the bow. Aft Cabin boats and yachts range anywhere from 25 to over 60 feet in length and could include either inboard or stern drive engines. Typically aft cabin boats do not have outboard engines, however new boat builders have lately been adding outboard power to almost everything! United Yacht Sales has the expertise and team across the country to help you find the perfect Aft Cabin Cruiser.

Yacht Image


If privacy between owner and guests aboard is on your ‘must have’ list, have we got the perfect idea—an aft cabin motor yacht which will fulfill your ‘wish list’ requests. This style cruiser’s unique design commonly prioritizes living arrangements above performance or style. Customarily, it’s designed with the sleeping quarters aft, just behind the cockpit. At times, the main cabin is situated forward or—if it’s a center cockpit layout, then it will sit beneath the cockpit. Looking for lots of extra cabin space as the main goal, then this is a fit… keep in mind there will be a smaller on-deck area when going this route. An aft cabin boat is a match for overnight and extended cruisers along with those looking to liveaboard. Double berths are the norm with the latest models offering a dose of practicality with beneficial layouts such as twin over-and-under single berths popular with those parent boat shoppers and - of course - their lucky kids.

Some prominent builders of aft cabin boats and yachts are:

  • Bavaria Yachts
  • Carver Yachts
  • Cruisers Yachts
  • Meridian Yachts
  • Sea Ray Yachts
  • Silverton Yachts

Looking for a downside to aft cabin cruisers? Some builders have had issues with poor ventilation. And only a handful of aft cabins provide great cross ventilation, making it an undesirable choice for owners looking to cruise the tropics, quite stuffy when journeying in the rain or even just when underway. Compared to other style cruisers, the aft cabin isn’t as popular as an express, sedan or even a convertible. With all the focus on the interior, owners are limited in its applications. 

Those looking for a trade-off when it comes to choosing interior volume over performance and outside space, this boat’s for you! You’ll cash in with an uber comfortable, extra roomy cabin area for you and your guests. But if deck play is the goal, this type of boat disqualifies.

The aft cabin’s high point is her ability to make tremendous use of her amazing full beam width, with its extra spacious, over-sized cabin. And with her salon, galley & dinette standing between the aft & forward cabins, family and friends can enjoy their own private zones.

Onboard an aft cabin boat you’ll get to enjoy a flybridge. Keep in mind, this boat will have those aboard climbing stairs or a small ladder to access her cockpit area and then more steps -again, to get to the helm. The central part of the boat, houses the engine — typically beneath the living room floor. Two models that fit this description are the Carver 456 or Meridian 408 - for example.

One other standout aft cabin beauty is the Bavaria E40 Fly which offers full displacement cruising and an aft cabin in a classy 40ft package.

Her D4 300 engine allows you the ability to cruise at 10 knots as opposed to hitting all record top speeds. Flat out she reaches 15 knots with 10 knots being the speed where the boat is most comfortable.

The helm is located aft in the wheelhouse and mounted centrally with the dinette seating stretching out ahead of it. The bench seat at the helm seats up to three people in face forward direction leaving the skipper at the center of the activities.

Not providing a huge amount of space to play with on the top deck other than the small spot of seating and table, the guests will be better fit to enjoy cocktails and bites rather than an expansive meal.

On her flybridge, there is a small sunpad aft. But —to get excited…take a look inside. This model offers the two-cabin layout, but —if you wish, you can separate the aft double into a pair of twins for more sleeping space or charter use.

Her twin cabin layout offers space and privacy. Both cabins feature comfortable double beds and ensuite access to private bathrooms. The forward cabin’s highlight is her split shower room and toilet.

The full-beam master ensuite aft is central to the E40’s appeal.Being beautiful, sturdy and strong, she draws you in and keeps you there with her frugal cruising, aft cabin privacy, practical decks, a bright saloon and all at good value.

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small sailboat with aft cabin

Jordan Yacht Brokerage

Jordan Yacht Brokerage

We Never Underestimate Your Dreams

7 best aft cockpit / aft stateroom sailboats.

It is often confusing when talking about center cockpit sailboats when certain models come along into discussion. When I talk about center cockpit yachts, I mean yachts with full width aft staterooms. The assumption is that these two features: a full width aft stateroom and a center cockpit deck mold go hand in hand. But there is a rare class of yachts that mess up this simplified categorization of sailboats. While all center cockpits have aft staterooms, some aft cockpits have full width aft staterooms. There are serious trade-offs including low headroom and a likely lack of overhead hatches. Here is a list of some of the most well known models with this arrangement.

  • Baltic 38 – The Swan split-off offers high quality construction and fast lines like on this 38-footer.
  • Beneteau Idylle 11.5 – Old school Beneteau before they went all the way to mass production.
  • C&C 37/40+ – The inspiration for this list with her spacious centerline queen aft. I should note that the earlier model C&C 44 was the prototype for the 37/40 and had a similar arrangement.
  • Hunter 40 Legend – Amazing value and performance, typical Hunter build issues.
  • Hylas 42 – Classic Swan style German Frers design.
  • Mason 44 – Comes in her original 43-foot version likewise with an aft stateroom.
  • Swan 46 – Low freeboard and athletic lines make this a spectacular racer / cruiser.

I have been struggling for a while to put together this list which according to to my records I first drafted on December 14, 2010. Please offer your suggestions in the comments below or any feedback on the current selection.

5 Replies to “7 Best Aft Cockpit / Aft Stateroom Sailboats”

Hi Richard,

As you have included boats up to 46 feet in length in this list you probably should include the C&C 44 as well. First produced in 1985, it was in ways the prototype for the later 37/40+, differing mostly by having a dedicated forward facing nav-station with seat and two heads where the 37/40 has just one larger one.

Ken H. C&C 37/40 Salazar – CAN 54955 Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

Thanks Ken. I like the 37/40 design. I will add in a note about the C&C 44 in the corresponding bullet above.

You will get some arguments on this one, but the mid 1980’s Hunter 40 Legends had a decent aft centerline berth and didn’t sail all that bad either.

Good call Ken. I had a friend with a H40 Legend. He said she sailed great. Only complaint was leaking forward? RJ

Sent from my iPad

Hi Richard.  The Beneteau Idylle 11.5 is a great boat.  However, the aft cabin is not full width, probably more like 2/3 or 3/4 max.  It’s great for big guys like me for sleeping alone and might be OK for a couple if one is short enough or a couple of kids.  Aft cabin to port, aft head to starboard of the companionway and there is a huge cockpit locker aft of the head.  Excellent access to the engine.  It’s really a great boat.  Beneteau should have built at least 1,500 of them.

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Selene Ocean Yachts

  • Selene 38 Voyager Aft-cabin
  • All Selene Yachts
  • Home Selection



Biggest 38’ family cruiser in the world.

The Selene 38 Voyager Aft-cabin is based on the successful Archer design with several technical improvements like  Diamond Sea Glaze sliding doors, optional Seakeeper gyro stabilization, Li-Ion batteries, a new electricity management system, a sea-chest for easier maintenance, an optional water maker with high-voltage auto-clean system, etc… A happy and classy gentleman’s yacht which has been cruising in British Columbia, the Bahamas, the Greek islands and South-East Asia for decades already. This beautiful and charming pocket yacht has always been incredibly popular because of its unique layout which guarantees privacy to four people or two couples. Because of its moderate size it can be hauled-out by the smallest Travelift and accommodated in almost any marina anywhere in the world. Thanks to its classic lines designed by Howard Chen and the legendary marine architect Ted Hood, winner of the 1972 America’s Cup, the Selene 38 Aft-cabin model is, and will remain, one of Howard Chen’s favorite yachts. When creating this yacht the designers adopted the unique concept of the “Whale Back” hull, that was a trademark of Ted Hood’s designs. This is why the aft cabin concept has so much headroom and space in the engine room. It probably has the best engine room layout for its size anywhere.

small sailboat with aft cabin


While the Selene 38 Voyager Aft-cabin is a legendary yacht, she doesn’t compromise on modern technology and first class components, like the recent addition of Diamond Sea Glaze doors, improved sound-proofing, optional air-conditioning, generator and larger aluminum fuel tanks for extensive cruising. Howard says that the best-selling yachts of all time were the Grand Banks 36-42, but when their production ended for a while Howard decided he wanted to bring a high quality compact trawler back to the market. He wanted to build an elegant yacht with traditional timber joinery, leather upholstery, teak & holly floors, a spacious interior with two cabins and two heads, a cozy salon, a practical galley and safe decks. The Selene 38 Voyager Aft-cabin is an excellent family cruiser, or the perfect Looper’s yacht. A tender finds its natural spot on top of the aft cabin where it can be loaded by a mast and boom.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more info : [email protected]

Many Selene 38 Voyager Aft-cabin make use of the mast for a steadying sail which gives the boat a classy « heritage yacht » style as well as a simple and maintenance-free stabilization system. And all this, including a flybridge with an outdoor deck salon, comes at an affordable price! As the entry level model of the trawlers range, the Selene 38 Voyager Aft-cabin is still a best-seller. We call it our “small super-yacht”, all the space is inside…


  • LOA : 41’-8’’ (12.70m)
  • LWL: 34’-11’’ (10,64m)
  • Beam: 14’-6’’ (4,42m)
  • Draft: 4’-8’’ (1,42m)
  • Displacement: 35,700Lbs (16,27t)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 500 USG (1892L)
  • Fresh water tank capacity: 180 USG (681L)


small sailboat with aft cabin


  • The Selene Advantage
  • Selene 42 Voyager Aft-cabin
  • Selene 42 Voyager Sedan
  • Selene 50 Voyager Sedan
  • Selene 60 Ocean Explorer
  • Selene 72 Ocean Explorer
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Yachting Monthly

  • Digital edition

Yachting Monthly cover

25 of the best small sailing boat designs

Nic Compton

  • Nic Compton
  • August 10, 2022

Nic Compton looks at the 25 yachts under 40ft which have had the biggest impact on UK sailing

25 of the best small sailing boat designs

There’s nothing like a list of best small sailing boat designs to get the blood pumping.

Everyone has their favourites, and everyone has their pet hates.

This is my list of the 25 best small sailing boat designs, honed down from the list of 55 yachts I started with.

I’ve tried to be objective and have included several boats I don’t particularly like but which have undeniably had an impact on sailing in the UK – and yes, it would be quite a different list if I was writing about another country.

If your favourite isn’t on the best small sailing boat designs list, then send an email to [email protected] to argue the case for your best-loved boat.

Ready? Take a deep breath…

A green hull Centaur yacht, named as one of the 25 best small sailing boat designs

Credit: Bob Aylott

Laurent Giles is best known for designing wholesome wooden cruising boats such as the Vertue and Wanderer III , yet his most successful design was the 26ft Centaur he designed for Westerly, of which a remarkable 2,444 were built between 1969 and 1980.

It might not be the prettiest boat on the water, but it sure packs a lot of accommodation.

The Westerly Centaur was one of the first production boats to be tank tested, so it sails surprisingly well too. Jack L Giles knew what he was doing.

Colin Archer

The Colin Archer - one of the 25 best small sailing boat designs

Credit: Nic Compton

Only 32 Colin Archer lifeboats were built during their designer’s lifetime, starting with Colin Archer in 1893 and finishing with Johan Bruusgaard in 1924.

Yet their reputation for safety spawned hundreds of copycat designs, the most famous of which was Sir Robin Knox-Johnston ’s Suhaili , which he sailed around the world singlehanded in 1968-9.

The term Colin Archer has become so generic it is often used to describe any double-ender – so beware!

Contessa 32

Assents performance in the 1979 Fastnet Race earns the Contessa 32 at place on the 25 best small sailing boats list. Credit: Nic Compton

Assent ‘s performance in the 1979 Fastnet Race makes the Contessa 32 a worth entry in the 25 best small sailing boat designs list. Credit: Nic Compton

Designed by David Sadler as a bigger alternative to the popular Contessa 26, the Contessa 32 was built by Jeremy Rogers in Lymington from 1970.

The yacht’s credentials were established when Assent , the Contessa 32 owned by Willy Kerr and skippered by his son Alan, became the only yacht in her class to complete the deadly 1979 Fastnet Race .

When UK production ceased in 1983, more than 700 had been built, and another 20 have been built since 1996.

Cornish Crabber 24

A Cornish crabber with a blue hull and white sails

It seemed a daft idea to build a gaff-rigged boat in 1974, just when everyone else had embraced the ‘modern’ Bermudan rig.

Yet the first Cornish Crabber 24, designed by Roger Dongray, tapped into a feeling that would grow and grow and eventually become a movement.

The 24 was followed in 1979 by the even more successful Shrimper 19 – now ubiquitous in almost every harbour in England – and the rest is history.

Drascombe Lugger

A Drascombe lugger with orange sails

Credit: David Harding

There are faster, lighter and more comfortable boats than a Drascombe Lugger.

And yet, 57 years after John Watkinson designed the first ‘lugger’ (soon changed to gunter rig), more than 2,000 have been built and the design is still going strong.

More than any other boat, the Drascombe Lugger opened up dinghy cruising, exemplified by Ken Duxbury’s Greek voyages in the 1970s and Webb Chiles’s near-circumnavigation on Chidiock Tichbourne I and II .

An Eventide lunch with white sails and a blue hull sailing offshore

The 26ft Eventide. Credit: David Harding

It’s been described as the Morris Minor of the boating world – except that the majority of the 1,000 Eventides built were lovingly assembled by their owners, not on a production line.

After you’d tested your skills building the Mirror dinghy, you could progress to building a yacht.

And at 24ft long, the Eventide packed a surprising amount of living space.

It was Maurice Griffiths’ most successful design and helped bring yachting to a wider audience.

A Fisher 30 yacht with blue hull and red sails

You either love ’em or you hate ’em – motorsailers, that is.

The Fisher 30 was brought into production in 1971 and was one of the first out-and-out motorsailers.

With its long keel , heavy displacement and high bulwarks, it was intended to evoke the spirit of North Sea fishing boats.

It might not sail brilliantly but it provided an exceptional level of comfort for its size and it would look after you when things turned nasty.

Significantly, it was also fitted with a large engine.

A Folkboat with white sails and blue hull

Credit: Rupert Holmes

It should have been a disaster.

In 1941, when the Scandinavian Sailing Federation couldn’t choose a winner for their competition to design an affordable sailing boat, they gave six designs to naval architect Tord Sundén and asked him to combine the best features from each.

The result was a sweet-lined 25ft sloop which was very seaworthy and fast.

The design has been built in GRP since the 1970s and now numbers more than 4,000, with fleets all over the world.

A Freedom 40 yacht with a blue hull and two masts carrying white sails

Credit: Kevin Barber

There’s something disconcerting about a boat with two unstayed masts and no foresails, and certainly the Freedom range has its detractors.

Yet as Garry Hoyt proved, first with the Freedom 40, designed in collaboration with Halsey Herreshoff, and then the Freedom 33 , designed with Jay Paris, the boats are simple to sail (none of those clattering jib sheets every time you tack) and surprisingly fast – at least off the wind .

Other ‘cat ketch’ designs followed but the Freedoms developed their own cult following.

Hillyard 12-tonner

A classic sailing boat with a white hull and white sails

The old joke about Hillyards is that you won’t drown on one but you might starve to death getting there.

And yet this religious boatbuilder from Littlehampton built up to 800 yachts which travelled around the world – you can find them cruising far-flung destinations.

Sizes ranged from 2.5 to 20 tons, though the 9- and 12-ton are best for long cruises.

The yacht Jester with a junk rig and yellow hull at the start of the OSTAR

The innovations on Jester means she is one of the best small sailing boat designs in the last 100 years. Credit: Ewen Southby-Tailyour

Blondie Hasler was one of the great sailing innovators and Jester was his testing ground.

She was enclosed, carvel planked and had an unstayed junk rig.

Steering was via a windvane system Hasler created.

Hasler came second in the first OSTAR , proving small boats can achieve great things.

A yacht with a white hull and blue and white sails

Moody kicked off the era of comfort-oriented boats with its very first design.

The Moody 33, designed by Angus Primrose, had a wide beam and high topside to produce a voluminous hull .

The centre cockpit allowed for an aft cabin, resulting in a 33-footer with two sleeping cabins – an almost unheard of concept in 1973 –full-beam heads and spacious galley.

What’s more, her performance under sail was more than adequate for cruising.

Finally, here was a yacht that all the family could enjoy.

Continues below…

small sailboat with aft cabin

What makes a boat seaworthy?

What characteristics make a yacht fit for purpose? Duncan Kent explores the meaning of 'seaworthy' and how hull design and…

Beneteau Oceanis 30.1

How boat design is evolving

Will Bruton looks at the latest trends and innovations shaping the boats we sail

Keel type

How keel type affects performance

James Jermain looks at the main keel types, their typical performance and the pros and cons of each

small sailboat with aft cabin

Boat handling: How to use your yacht’s hull shape to your advantage

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Nicholson 32

A Nicholson 32 with a blue hull. Its solid seakeeping qualities means it is one of the best small boat sailing designs produced

Credit: Genevieve Leaper

Charles Nicholson was a giant of the wooden boat era but one of his last designs – created with his son Peter – was a pioneering fibreglass boat that would become an enduring classic.

With its long keel and heavy displacement, the Nicholson 32 is in many ways a wooden boat built in fibreglass – and indeed the design was based on Nicholson’s South Coast One Design.

From 1966 to 1977, the ‘Nic 32’ went through 11 variations.

A yacht with two masts sailing

Credit: Hallberg-Rassy

In the beginning there was… the Rasmus 35. This was the first yacht built by the company that would become Hallberg-Rassy and which would eventually build more than 9,000 boats.

The Rasmus 35, designed by Olle Enderlein, was a conservative design, featuring a centre cockpit, long keel and well-appointed accommodation.

Some 760 boats were built between 1967 and 1978.

Two classic wooden yachts with white sails sailing side by side

Credit: Larry & Lin Pardey

Lyle Hess was ahead of his time when he designed Renegade in 1949.

Despite winning the Newport to Ensenada race, the 25ft wooden cutter went largely unnoticed.

Hess had to build bridges for 15 years before Larry Pardey asked him to design the 24ft Seraffyn , closely based on Renegade ’s lines but with a Bermudan rig.

Pardey’s subsequent voyages around the world cemented Hess’s reputation and success of the Renegade design.

A Rustler 36 yacht being sailed off the coast of Falmouth

Would the Rustler 36 make it on your best small sailing boat list? Credit: Rustler Yachts

Six out of 18 entries for the 2018 Golden Globe Race (GGR) were Rustler 36s, with the top three places all going to Rustler 36 skippers.

It was a fantastic endorsement for a long-keel yacht designed by Holman & Pye 40 years before.

Expect to see more Rustler 36s in the 2022 edition of the GGR!

An S&S 34 yacht sailing offshore with white sails

It was Ted Heath who first brought the S&S 34 to prominence with his boat Morning Cloud .

In 1969 the yacht won the Sydney to Hobart Race, despite being one of the smallest boats in the race.

Other epic S&S 34 voyages include the first ever single-handed double circumnavigation by Jon Sanders in 1981

A yacht with a red, white and blue spinnaker sailing into the distance

Credit: Colin Work

The Contessa 32 might seem an impossible boat to improve upon, but that’s what her designer David Sadler attempted to do in 1979 with the launch of the Sadler 32 .

That was followed two years later by the Sadler 29 , a tidy little boat that managed to pack in six berths in a comfortable open-plan interior.

The boat was billed as ‘unsinkable’, with a double-skinned hull separated by closed cell foam buoyancy.

What’s more, it was fast, notching up to 12 knots.

The Sigma 33 yacht - named as one of the 25 best small sailing boat designs

Credit: Dick Durham/Yachting Monthly

Another modern take on the Contessa theme was the Sigma 33, designed by David Thomas in 1979.

A modern underwater body combined with greater beam and higher freeboard produced a faster boat with greater accommodation.

And, like the Contessa, the Sigma 33 earned its stripes at the 1979 Fastnet, when two of the boats survived to tell the tale.

A lively one-design fleet soon developed on the Solent which is still active to this day.

A replica of Joshua Slocum's Spray. Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

A replica of Joshua Slocum’s Spray . Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

The boat Joshua Slocum used for his first singlehanded circumnavigation of the world wasn’t intended to sail much further than the Chesapeake Bay.

The 37ft Spray was a rotten old oyster sloop which a friend gave him and which he had to spend 13 months fixing up.

Yet this boxy little tub, with its over-optimistic clipper bow, not only took Slocum safely around the world but has spawned dozens of modern copies that have undertaken long ocean passages.

James Wharram drew many pioneering designs during his lifetime, which is why Tangaroa, which opened up cruising to many, is on the 25 best sailing boat designs list. Credit: James Wharram Designs

Credit: James Wharram Designs

What are boats for if not for dreaming? And James Wharram had big dreams.

First he sailed across the Atlantic on the 23ft 6in catamaran Tangaroa .

He then built the 40ft Rongo on the beach in Trinidad (with a little help from French legend Bernard Moitessier) and sailed back to the UK.

Then he drew the 34ft Tangaroa (based on Rongo ) for others to follow in his wake and sold 500 plans in 10 years.

A Twister yacht with a white hull and white sails

Credit: Graham Snook/Yachting Monthly

The Twister was designed in a hurry.

Kim Holman wanted a boat at short notice for the 1963 season and, having had some success with his Stella design (based on the Folkboat), he rushed out a ‘knockabout cruising boat for the summer with some racing for fun’.

The result was a Bermudan sloop that proved nigh on unbeatable on the East Anglian circuit.

It proved to be Holman’s most popular design with more than 200 built.

A black and white photos of a wooden yacht

Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

Laurent Giles’s design No15 was drawn in 1935 for a Guernsey solicitor who wanted ‘a boat that would spin on a sixpence and I could sail single-handed ’.

What the young Jack Giles gave him was a pretty transom-sterned cutter, with a nicely raked stem.

Despite being moderate in every way, the boat proved extremely able and was soon racking up long distances, including Humphrey Barton’s famous transatlantic crossing on Vertue XXXV in 1950.

Wanderer II and III

Wanderer 3 yacht sailing with red brown sails

Credit: Thies Matzen

Eric and Susan Hiscock couldn’t afford a Vertue, so Laurent Giles designed a smaller, 21ft version for them which they named Wanderer II .

They were back a few years later, this time wanting a bigger version: the 30ft Wanderer III .

It was this boat they sailed around the world between 1952-55, writing articles and sailing books along the way.

In doing so, they introduced a whole generation of amateur sailors to the possibilities of long-distance cruising.

Westerly 22

A Westerly 22 yacht with a white hull and a white sail

The origins of Westerly Marine were incredibly modest.

Commander Denys Rayner started building plywood dinghies in the 1950s which morphed into a 22ft pocket cruiser called the Westcoaster.

Realising the potential of fibreglass, in 1963 he adapted the design to create the Westerly 22, an affordable cruising boat with bilge keels and a reverse sheer coachroof.

Some 332 boats were built to the design before it was relaunched as the Nomad (267 built).

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small sailboat with aft cabin

Aft Cabin Sailboat Boats for sale

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Miami Beach, Florida

Make Beneteau

Posted Over 1 Month

ngine hours (total): 500 length overall (LOA): 39 make / manufacturer: Beneteau propulsion type: sail year manufactured: 1991 length overall (LOA): 39 make / manufacturer: 1991 Beneteau Oceanis 390 propulsion type: sail year manufactured: 1991 Beneteau oceanis 390 owners version building 1991 powered by Universal diesel very good and clean boatThe BENETEAU Oceanis 390 (39')Owner's Version (Special Layout Design) is the two cabin layout, two head arrangement with separate walk in shower, A large L-Shaped sofa and large folding teak table, galley is to starboard entering from the cockpit, there is also a starboard entrance to the aft cabin, there is a large double berth, a sit down navigation station then aft a head, the main salon is very light and features center line teak table drop-leaf with L-shaped convertible settee at starboard, going forward the head is also starboard with hanging locker to port. The spacious salon is large enough for everyone. Boats for Sale Search YachtWorld United States (change) 1991 Beneteau Oceanis 390 Owners Version Boat Name NOBLE AMBITIONS Specs Builder: Beneteau Dimensions LOA: 39 ft 0 in Beam: 13 ft 5 in LWL: 36 ft 8 in Maximum Draft: 4 ft 6 in Bridge Clearance: 54 ft 5 in Engines Engine 1: Engine Brand: Universal Year Built: 1991 Engine Model: 3m20 Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel Engine Hours: 568 Tanks Fresh Water Tanks: (40 Gallons) Fuel Tanks: (45 Gallons) Holding Tanks: (1 Gallons) Accommodations Number of twin berths: 2 Number of cabins: 2 Number of heads: 2 Layout & Accommodations Salon: Headroom: 6'5 Lockers under berths with rigid water tank (40 gal.) Table with fiddlers, bottle rack Anodized aluminum mast support Deck liner with wooden panels, access to mast wires, sliding shutters Opening deck hatch Opening port in coach house Fixed porthole Bar and shelf along the hull Fluorescent light above table Cushions and backrests with removable covers Grab rail Teak and holly floorboards Forward Cabin: Double bed Lockers on the hull Stowing space under berth Seat with stowing space Shelf, drawer & mirror Hanging locker Two fixed ports Ventilation through dorade Ceiling light Two reading lights Curtains Wooden paneling and vinyl lining Forward head: Formica laminated bulkhead Marine toilet with holding tank Stowage with mirror and door Wash basin with hot and cold pressurized water with shower Opening deck hatch Ventilation through dorade Fluorescent light Accessories: glass with holder, towel holders, toilet paper holder Aft cabin: Double bed Shelf along the hull Hanging locker with mirror Vanity Drawer Settee with stowage Two opening ports on coach roof and cockpit Ceiling lamps Reading lamps Ventilation through dorade Access to back of engine, stern gland, engine water intake and electrical bilge pump Aft marine head with separate stall water Aft head: White Formica laminated bulkhead USCG Marine head with holding tank Washbasin with hot and cold pressurized water Mirror & Shelves Stowing space under washbasin Opening port Fixed port in hull Ceiling light Ventilation through dorade box Accessories: glass with holder, towel holders, toilet paper holder Separate shower Galley The well ventilated functional galley will bring out the cook in everyone. Designed for extended cruising, this vessel offers a large refrigerator/icebox, 3 burner stove with oven and hot &cold pressurized water, stainless steel sinks and stowage space. Hot/Cold pressure water in showers and galley, Immersion Heater & Calorifier , 12v Refrigerator , Cooker/Oven/Grill, Radio (VHF), Cockpit cushions, Showers with self-activated pump-out Electronics & Navigation Chart table with stowing space for charts Shelves under chart table Bookshelf Panel for navigation instruments Electronic panel, 16 functions, hinged for easy access to wiring Fluorescent light Chart reading light Electrical, Power & Plumbing 12v / 120v including shore supply, Hot/Cold pressure water in showers and galley , Immersion Heater & Calorifier , 12v Refrigerator , Cooker/Oven/Grill , Radio CD-Player ,Speakers in saloon and cockpit (with fader), Showers with electric pump-out Deck & Equipment Bow stemhead fitting with anchor roller, fast track attachment, and 2 fairleads with built-in rollers (patented) Self bailing anchor well with mooring eye Mechanical windlass One opening hatch for lighting and ventilation of front cabin and head Pulpit with navigation lights Opening aft push pit with horseshoe buoy support and teak flag pole Anodized aluminum toe rail with 4 fair heads in-corporating built-in rollers (patented), 2 aft and 2 amidships Stainless steel profiled stanchions Double s/s lifelines with opening gates Four dorades with s/s guards Genoa tracks with adjustable car Two teak grabrails Mainsail traveler with adjustable car One winch Lewmar 30 S/T or equivalent for main sheet with cleat One winch Lewmar 30S/T or equivalent for main halyard and reefing lines Two Footblocks Two Lewmar 46 S/T (or equivalent) genoa sheet winches with cleat Four blocks for reefing lines with jammers Two genoa turning blocks Slatted teak seating in cockpit Cockpit table Teak cockpit grating Steering wheel (leather covered) with pedestal compass Two sail lockers with life raft storage in cockpit One gas bottle locks One bathing platform, teak laid, with 2 lockers Rubber protection at base of transom S/s chain plates for shroud, forestay, baby stay and backstay One winch handle holder One double action manual bilge pump One aft self-bailing anchor well One aft anchor roller Swim ladder Companionway step/locker Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

1983 Laguna sailboat

1983 Laguna sailboat

Cornelius, North Carolina

Make Laguna

Model Sailboat

1983 Laguna sailboat 1983 Classic Laguna Sailboat.  Large cabin with sleeping quarters fore and aft.  Head, Galley, Desk, Teak Floors.  All sails in great condition.

The Nicest 42’ Aft-Cabin Cruising/Chartering Sailboats - Located in Costa Rica

The Nicest 42’ Aft-Cabin Cruising/Chartering Sailboats - Located in Costa Rica

Make Gulfstream

Model Aft Cabin

Category Cruiser Motorcycles

Length 42.0

The following is from when we had purchased her just two years ago. She is Literally, one of the Nicest 42’ Aft-Cabin GulfStream Blue Water Sailboats Ever Built and in Absolutely Excellent Condition ‘Beautiful & Spacious’, Loaded with Extras including ‘Central-Air Conditioning’ and Costa Rican Flagged. A Perfect Business Opportunity She’s Completely Renovated and Fully Equipped for Live Aboard, Tourist Business or for Comfortable and Safe Extended Cruising She is ‘Beautiful & Spacious’ Inside and Out including ‘Central-Air’ Costa Rican Flagged and offers a Perfect Business Opportunity New Exotic Wood Interior including over $75,000 in Upgrades and Electronics Sailing capabilities: Offshore Cruising and without limitations. This GulfStream-42 is in Excellent ‘Ready to Go’ Condition. She only needs someone to Appreciate and Enjoy Sailing with her. Please see attached pictures for details. She is Flagged and located in Costa Rica, Certified and All Taxed are Up to Date. We purchased this Beautiful Sailboat last year from a local sailor with 20-years of extensive offshore sailing experience but since we have had little time to enjoy her, we have decided to let her go to someone who would appreciate her as much as we have and has more time to enjoy a Lifetime of Wonderful Memories. BOAT DESCRIPTION: COMPLETELY UPGRADED AND FULLY EQUIPPED GulfStream-42 'Center-Cockpit' in Tip-Top Condition. Central Air-Conditioning, 6'8" Head Room with 2 private cabins, Two Full Bathrooms with Private Showers. Walk-through Aft Master Suite. Costa Rica Registered and Flagged. Title transferable through a Costa Rica Corporation. Perfect Income for Tourism. Boat is in overall excellent condition and well prepared for extended blue-water or costal excursions. Electricity is provided by both Shore Power, Solar and her onboard "4.5kw Northern Lights" generator. Interior/Cabin: Central Air-Conditioning provided throughout with a Comfortable and very roomy 'Walkthrough' Aft Cabin Stateroom with private head and shower, Forward V-birth with Private Head and Shower with lots of head room. Enjoy watching Movies or local Television Channels from her ‘Sharp 26" 720p HD LCD Television’. She sleeps 6 with lots of storage, Universal Gas Stove/Oven, fridge/freezer, very Spacious Cockpit, Newly Painted Bottom and Deck. General remarks: All New Navigation Electronics including the INTERPHASE (1,200') Forward Looking Sonar, Garmin 5208 8.4" 'Touch Screen' GPS, Garmin 18" HD Radar. She is an Excellent Sailor, Very Comfortable, Roomy, Extremely Strong and Well Built, Well Kept boat. Perfect for Chartering, Single Handling or as a Spacious Family Boat. Sails: 1992 and in very good condition. DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS Description GulfStream built many designs but this one's tough to beat as an outstanding cruising design. Her cutaway full keel and skeg-hung rudder offers uncompromising performance between comfort and stability. She's ready to store your provisions aboard, cast off her lines and make way for an Experience of a Lifetime. Dimensions LOA: 42/00 ft/in LWL: 33/00 ft/in Beam: 12/00 ft/in Maximum Draft: 4/10 ft/in Displacement: 22000 lbs Bridge Clearance: 56/00 ft/in Galley REFRIGERATION/FREEZER: Adler Barbour 2.8A@12vDC STOVE: Universal SS three-burner propane stove with oven (LPG) with GAS ALARM SINK: Single SS WATER SYSTEM: Pressure SEAWATER WASHDOWN WATERMAKER: New and Never Activated Powersurvivor-35 Accommodations A very spacious, cruise-friendly, Live Aboard interior lay-out! Provides Central Air-Conditioning throughout. The Aft Master Stateroom has a full-width KING-SIZE BED with Private head/shower. The Forward Stateroom has a roomy v-berth and storage in lockers, drawers and bins. The guest head is to port. The salon features a H-shaped dinette and a spacious L-shaped galley to port and an adjacent settee to starboard. The navigation stations is center and to starboard. Engine ENGINE: 50Hp Perkins-4107 diesel, completely overhauled 1998 HOURS: 150 hours since rebuild. New April, 2012 Heat Exchanger SPEED: Cruising Speed: 6mph / Maximum Speed: 8mph Electronics CHARTPLOTTER: New Garmin 5208/GSD22 FISH FINDER: Sounder/Fish-Finder BlueChart G2 2012 Garmin Vision VSA002R South America West Coast BlueChart G2 2012 Garmin Vision VUS031R Southwest Caribbean RADAR DOME: Garmin GMR 18 HD 18" Radar Dome DEPTH/TEMP: Garmin B60-12, 12 Degree Tilted Element Transducer VHF: Icom IC-M80 & Garmin VHF 200 Marine Radio HANDHELD Uniden MHS75 New Submersible Two-Way VHF Radio SONAR: 1,200' INTERPHASE COLOR TWINSCOPE FWD LOOKING SONAR STEREO: Dual MXD50 AM/FM/CD Marine Receiver AM/FM/CD WIND SPEED & DIRECTION: Horizon Standard AUTO PILOT: Alpha Marine Spectra "Top of the Line AP" KNOT METER/LOG: Horizon Standard COMPASS: Danforth Constellation (at helm) Electrical ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 12vDC/120vAC AIR CONDITIONER: Mermaid 16,000btu Air Conditioner GENERATOR: 2008 Northern Lights Generator (710 hrs) BATTERIES: 3-marine deep cycle House Batteries - 2-Starter Batteries - Both New May, 2012) AMP HOURS: 100Ah each BATTERY PARALLEL SWITCH: (2) Yes BATTERY MONITOR: Sterling ProReg D Marine 12/24 Volt Advanced Regulator DOCKSIDE CABLE: 50' 30-amp INVERTER: Power Bright 1,500w (New May, 2012) INTERIOR LIGHTING: 12vDC ALTERNATOR: Powerline Series 25 - 120amp (+ Control) BATTERY CHARGER: Progressive Dynamics 40 AMP Marine Charger PD2140 OTHER: 1-250W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel Mechanical Equipment PROPELLER: Three-blade bronze BILGE PUMPS: New April, 2012 (1) New Rule 3000 automatic RAW WATER SEA STRAINERS: New April, 2012 Bronze FIRE EXTINGUISHING: Manual dry chemical FUEL FILTERS: (1) Racor STEERING: Wheel, cable to quadrant FUEL SHUT OFFS: Diesel, LPG FRESH WATER COOLING: Yes ENGINE ROOM HEAT EXTRACTOR TRANSMISSION: Hydraulic Borgwarner MASTER TOILET: Thetford Tecma 'Silence Plus' Electric Toilet - (New) GUEST TOILET: Jabsco 'Manual' Toilet - Guest Bathroom (New) HOLDING TANK: None WIND VANE SELFSTEERING: None FIRE SAFE: (New) Sails & Rigging SAILS: 2-Main (extra as backup); 1-Genoa (Roller Furling); Spinnaker ROLLER FURLING: Hood 808-SL (New) TOTAL SAIL AREA: 691 sq. ft. MAST: Aluminum, keel-stepped STANDING RIGGING: SS wire (New) SPINNAKER POLE: (1) WINCHES: (2) Barlow-16 at the mast with Barlow-2 wire main halyard winch. Lewmar 48 2-speed and a single Barlow-16 winch. Deck & Ground Tackle ANCHORS: 45lb. Bruce; 45# CQR, 40lb Grapnel stern anchor TOE RAILS: FG LADDER: Folding SS and Plastic swim BOW PULPIT: SS ANCHOR WINDLESS: 'MAXWELL' (12vDC) ANCHOR TACKLE: Two Forward Compartments. Bay-1: 250' Grade-40 High Test Genuine ACCO Brand Windless Anchor Chain Bay-2: 90' Grade-40 HT ACCO Chain with 300' of 1" Rode DINGHY & MOTOR: 2009 9.5 Caribe-C9 10' Hard Bottom Inflatable with Evenrude 15-h.p. Outboard. Both serviced April, 2012 ANCHOR DAVIT/ROLLER: Double SS LIGHTS: Deck-mount Navigatin, Masthead Tricolor, Spreader COVERS & CURTAINS: Custom aluminum Bimini with full enclosure, cockpit and aft deck awnings LIFELINES & STANCHIONS: Double SS wire on SS stanchions DECK MATERIAL: FRP with integral nonskid BOARDING GATES: P&S Safety Equipment LifeSling Overboard Rescue System 7-Adult & 2-Children Life jackets Exclusions Owners' personal effects She's located in Costa Rica and Import as well as all other Taxes are Fully-Paid and Up-to-Date. FYI: Import Taxes in Costa Rica for Sailboats are 65% of their Book Value. We've Invested over $125,000 since owning her however,she could be yours today for only $109,000 Reasonable Offers Considered.

30' 1985 S2 Aft Cabin

30' 1985 S2 Aft Cabin

Middle River, Maryland

Please contact the owner directly @ 772-925-9349 or [email removed]...1985 S 2 sailboat aft cabin. Out of water, but ready to sail. Fully equipped. Fore and aft cabin with walkthru. Sleeps two in each cabin. Wood floor. Yanmar 13hp. Needs a little varnish, other wise In very good shape. MUST SELL! Diesel.

32ft O'Day tri cabin sailboat

32ft O'Day tri cabin sailboat

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

32ft O'Day ctr cockpit tri cabin, 38ft loa yanmar diesel 3GM30F draft 3ft 4" 7ft 4" board down, roller furling headsail, aft capt state room w/sink and head, davit with 10ft 2" zodiac raft w/zuzuki 4 stroke outboard engine, generator, microwave, broiler, stove, refrig with freezer, 3 sets of anchors and rode, vhf 25w vhf 5 w GPS , spinnaker w/gear, cg kit, nav. station w/charts, gear, dinette. Main salon w/head and shower, 2 air conditioners. new bottom job Oct 2014. All new standing and running rigging. new turnbuckles, bimini, dodger. presently in dry stge. Great live aboard, Call Tom at 727 678 5479

1980 O'Day tri cabin sailboat

1980 O'Day tri cabin sailboat

Oldsmar, Florida

32 ft O'Day ctr cockpit tri cabin 38'loa, yanmar diesel 3GM30F draft 3ft 4" 7ft 4"board down, roller furling headsail, aft capt state room, dbl berth w/sink, head. Davit with 10ft2" zodiac raft w/zuzuki 4 stroke outboard engine, generator, microwave, broiler, stove, refrig w/freezer. 3 sets of anchors and rode, vhf 25w vhf 5w, gps, spinnaker w/gear cg kit, nav station with charts, gear dinette. Main salon w/head and shower, 2 air cond. New bottom job Oct 2014. All new standing and running rigging , new turnbuckles, bimini, dodger. Presently in dry storage. Call Tom at 727 678 5479

46' Motorsailer Yacht: FISHER 46 - Powerboat / Sailboat - Estate sale

46' Motorsailer Yacht: FISHER 46 - Powerboat / Sailboat - Estate sale

Bellingham, Washington

Make 46' Motorsailer Yacht Powerboat Sailboat

Model FISHER 46

Length 46.0

46' Motorsailer Yacht: FISHER 46 - Powerboat / Sailboat - Estate sale Due to unique circumstances, and the passing of her longtime owner (31 years), we are offering this beautiful Fisher 46 motorsailer yacht for immediate auction sale. This situation offers a great opportunity for a new owner to acquire this very rare, and desirable vessel, and pilot her on many more happy voyages into the future. PLEASE NOTE: We are not mariners, or boat experts, but we have tried to describe this yacht to the best of our ability. Read on to, discover more about legendary Fisher yachts, and the fascinating story behind The Meretune! The Meretune: This beautiful yacht features a distinctive design large displacement hull that offers ample room down below, with 2 cabins, and 2 washrooms. It also offers a neat galley, and large saloon with couches, and ample storage. The over-sized Pilot house with large sunroof that makes a warm enclosed area above deck, that can comfortably seat the whole crew, which is very much appreciated in the evening, or in cooler or windy weather. It is equipped with an inline 6 cylinder 6.2 liter Ford Diesel engine, located directly below the pilothouse, and accessible from both a hatch in the pilothouse floor, and from alongside in the passageway down below. It has a front and rear private cabin, 2 heads (full washrooms), and a well equipped galley. The saloon area with couches on each side can be used as a lounge, for dining, or additional sleeping area. Ceiling height is a very comfortable 6' 6". Pictures of the Meretune - Fisher 46 HULL: DECK: PILOT HOUSE: BELOW DECK: SALOON: FORWARD PRIVATE CABIN: GALLEY: FRONT WASHROOM: PASSAGEWAY TO AFT: ENGINE ROOM: REAR PRIVATE CABIN: REAR BATHROOM: The Fisher legend: Considered to be one of the best designed Motor-Sailers ever built, the Fisher Sailing Yachts strength is renowned for being able to deliver her crew safely to any destination in the world. The Fisher Sailing Yacht line is easy recognizable: The professional looking wheelhouse and a hull resembling a North Atlantic fishing boat with rounded stern and high freeboard. The double masts with Ketch sailplan is another distinctive feature of the larger yachts in the Fisher line. They have always revered for their seaworthiness and the ability to remain unflustered in extreme weather. Fishers were built in a number of different sizes, with only about a dozen built in the largest size: The Fisher 46 The Meretune Story: The Meretune started life in 1977 in a boatyard, in Chichester England. The heavy solid fibreglass hull was built around a long shallow 10 ton cast iron keel. After the major construction work was completed she was christened "The Meretune of Chichester" before being moved to Sri Lanka for woodwork finishing in exotic hardwoods there by Neil Marine. The early part of her life just after being built is a bit unclear, but at some point she was sold to her first owner in 1978 at at some point made it across the Atlantic and ended up in Florida where she was purchased by her second owner in 1984. She was brought through the Panama canal in the early 1990's, and has explored the coastlines, and islands of the Pacific Northwest ever since. Specifications: Length: 46 Feet Beam: 15 Feet Draft Minimum: 6' 6" Displacement: 49.999 Lbs Headroom between decks: 6' 6" Fuel Capacity: 400 Gallons (2 stainless steel tanks) Fresh water Capacity Capacity: 300 Gallons (2 tanks) Engine: Ford 6.2 Liter inline 6 Cylinder diesel - 140 HP Engine cooled: Fresh water Steering: Wheel Drive: Shaft Prop: Bronze 3 Blade Rigging: ketch rigged with aluminum spars, and stainless steel rigging. Fuel consumption (approx): 1.3 Gallons/ Hr. at cruising speed (according to sales brochure) Cruising Speed: 9 Knots Batteries: 3 x 12 Volt Deck Gear: 3 halyard winches, 3 sheet winches, Electric Francis Marine 400 Windlass Anchors: Danforth and Plow - 328 feet of chain Safety gear included: Life jackets, Search Light, Danbouy, Horn, Emergency rudder steering. Bilge pumps: 3 electric Heads: 2 manual, with handbasin and shower. Cabin: Heating and dual A/C Fresh Water: Pressurized. Hot Water. Galley / Kitchen: Sink, Oven, Icebox Disclaimer?: The particulars detailed herein are intended to give a fair description of the vessel but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed, these particulars are not a part of any contract or offer and are supplied to give the best general description of the vessel possible, as basic reference only. Recent Restoration & Refurbishing (completed a year and a half ago): About 3 years ago the Meretune was brought ashore for some extensive restoration work that included all new windows throughout, all exterior finishes were redone, with considerable reworking of the scuppers. The interior has had considerable refinishing too including most of the woodwork, and paneling. Sadly the long time owner passed away before the work was completed. The work went on and was finished, and took over a year to complete. She has been sitting for about a year and a half in a boatyard ever since. She has not returned to the water, but is looking for a new owner now to take charge of her, and pilot her onto future adventures. Approximately $90,000.00 was spent on this extensive exterior, and interior restoration work. See photos below: A partial Marine Survey was done around a year and a half ago focusing mainly on electrical systems, with some minor look at mechanical points too. It was determined that some of the electrical systems should be brought up to date, as most of them are original. We will leave this up to next owner to decide how to proceed with this. Update to your specifications, or continue to use her as-is. This survey is available as a PDF file by email for your reference. We will cooperate fully with any current complete Marine Surveys that you wish to have done (at your expense). Pricing and Terms: Although offered by broker recently at 249,000USD we are offering it direct for $199,999.00. A non-refundable $2,000.00 deposit is due immediately, payable by Paypal. Balance must be paid in full within 7 days of sale. The boat is sold as-is, where-is, and it will be the new owners responsibility to do any final fitting and adjustments, and pay to have it moved back into the water at the boatyard, and any applicable taxes etc. Replacement cost on a yacht like this is $800,000.00, and possibly much more, depending on fittings, and accessories. This is a superb vessel. In the right hands, with minor finishing, it can deliver many more years of faithful service and enjoyment. With the reputation Fisher yachts have, and with only about a dozen made in this largest size, these are not available often. The new owner of this beautiful yacht won't be disappointed! Inspection arrangements and reimbursement: We recommend you visit the Meretune firsthand located in a boatyard in Bellingham WA. I am available to show prospective bidder/buyers this beautiful Yacht, and can meet them in the area, or pick them up at the Bellingham airport if they are flying in to see it. Reimbursement of travel expenses (regular air & hotel) will be deducted from purchase price on a completed transaction. Contact Info: Click here - if you have any questions you would like answered by email Or, call or text Paul at cellular: 604-377-3225 if I can give you any support, or to arrange an inspection or purchase of this beautiful yacht. Links: Fisher Yachts International Fisher Owners Association - UK based Fisher Owners Group (FOG) - North America

Cruising Sailboat

Cruising Sailboat

Canastota, New York

Asking $45,000 Call or e-mail to arrange a visit: [email removed] or leave a message on my skype phone at 315-254-2452. The boat is located near Syracuse, NY. For full ad go to: Dreaming of living aboard and sailing off to the islands? Persephone is a beautiful, well-maintained, fully equipped, self-sufficient, center cockpit sloop ready for cruising. As a well equipped and comfortable long-term live aboard yacht, she has taken her current owners to the Caribbean and back to upstate New York a number of times- and now she’s ready to take you to your dream destinations. “Persephone” was designed as the perfect coastal cruising vessel… large enough to be very comfortable yet simple enough to be able to sail her by yourself… a perfect combination of comfort and function. Through years of cruising, thoughtful upgrades and enhancements, her current owners have produced an exceptional live aboard vessel. Her extensive upgrades and refurbishing over the years makes her the one of the best equipped cruisers you will find in this price range on the market. Seasoned sailors will immediately appreciate the new Awl Grip on the hull, and on deck the Lewmar 65 winches and deep comfortable center cockpit protected from the elements by a dodger and bimini. Her windlass makes anchoring simple, and after the anchor is down, a cold beverage from the custom refrigerator will be appreciated. Worried about your beverages warming up at anchor? Never fear- her solar panels and wind generator output provides more than enough power. Down below, she has a spacious salon with center folding dinette, 6' headroom that leads forward to a head and V-Berth. LED cabin lights and aluminum Lewmar port lights keep brighten the interior, day or night. Her two staterooms and two heads offers plenty of room, lots of privacy, and an abundance of storage. When the winds dies, she is equipped with a 32 hp Universal diesel engine, 2 fuel tanks with Racor filters, and two 100 gallon water tanks. Main Salon ***Pictures Below***** The main salon features settees, port and starboard, and a centerline table with folding leaves and storage. There are plenty of opening ports, and an overhead hatch to provide wonderful ventilation. There is a navigator’s station aft of the starboard settee and the galley is aft of the port settee. A large custom made marquetry sailboat scene graces the forward bulkhead to port. Master Stateroom The O’Day 37 has a unique aft cabin master stateroom entered from the cockpit. It is completely private with a wonderful queen size custom pillow-top spring mattress berth. There is a hanging locker to port with storage shelves adjacent to the locker and berth. Additional storage is provided by more shelves and drawers to starboard. Five opening ports, together with the aft cabin companionway, provide wonderful ventilation. A private ensuite head contains a manual head and a vanity sink as well as a single opening port and overhead hatch. Guest Stateroom The guest stateroom is forward in the forepeak and consists of a comfortable v-berth with filler, storage under and in drawers and on shelves. An overhead hatch and an opening port allows for great ventilation. There is a full-size hanging locker aft of this cabin and opposite the head. Galley The spacious well laid out u-shaped galley is to port forward of the companionway and opposite the navigation station. It features 2 deep sinks with a butcher block lid, 3 burner stove with oven, a microwave, and plenty of easy access storage. The large, sensible, easy access refrigerator/freezer has a stainless steel holding plate and is just aft of the navigation table. Cockpit By far, the most comfortable cockpit you’ll find. Deep coamings with just the right angle to sit back and enjoy the sailing or the sunset. The teak table provides room for entertaining and dining all under the shade of the bimini. 2 huge lockers provides storage for everything! The helm has superior visibility while underway. “Persephone” 1981 O’Day Center Cockpit Sloop Builder: O’Day Designer: C. Raymond Hunt Dimensions LOA: 37' LWL: 30’4? Beam: 11’3? Displacement: 14,000 lbs Draft: 5' Bridge Clearance: 47' Ballast: 6,000 lbs Engine: Universal Diesel HP: 32 Tankage Fuel: 50 gals in 2 tanks Water: 185 gals in 2 tanks Holding: 15 gals Rigging & Sails New Rigging – New Stayloks – New Turnbuckles New Fully Battened Mainsail – 8.4 oz. Contender Cloth, 2 reef points Profurl Roller Furling 120 roller furl jib 90/Yankee 9 oz. roller furl jib Barient #10 main halyard winch Barient #18 mainsheet winch Barient #18 jib halyard winch Harken Lazy Jacks Lewmar Boom Vang Oversized Main & Jib Halyards – 9/16 Sampson Yacht Braid All Running Rigging – Samson Yacht Braid 2 Lewmar 65 primary self-tailing winches with Sunbrella covers Schaeffer oversized jib cars Electronics Raymarine 5000 Autopilot with below deck linear drive Standard Horizon DSC VHF Mic WHAM capable New Garmin 740 Touchscreen Color Chartplotter GPS (2012) has US Coastal + Alaska & Hawaii and Bahamas Explorer charts Standard Horizon DS 45 Depth Sounder Standard Horizon Speed Log Standard Horizon Wind Meter JRC 24 mile radar LaCrosse Weather Station Mast VHF Antenna Electrical 12v/110v systems with clearly labeled electrical panel and breakers 12 Volt Ships Power System 30 Amp Shore Power System 3 Siemens 75 watt solar panels on custom built arch 12v lighting Masthead Tri-Color Light/Anchor Light Class 2 Running Lights which are larger & have more visibility range 4 Interstate Deep Cycle Golf Cart Batteries (400 amp hour) New 2008 New Alternator 2009 Aerogen 6 Wind generator 2000 watt Inverter 12 volt bilge pump Propane shutoff solenoid switch for safety in galley Galley U-shaped galley with lots of storage Isotherm stainless steel holding plate DC refrigeration system with bronze March pump and digital Carel Controls Hot/cold pressure water Shurflo freshwater pump Hillerange LPG 3 Burner Stove with oven Microwave Oven 2 deep stainless steel sinks Cabinets, drawers and top loading dry storage locker Butcher block sink cover for added counter space Force 10 stainless steel 6 gallon hot water heater engine exchange Accomodations New LED lighting in main cabin 15” Flatscreen television with DVD player AM/FM stereo with 2 speakers Teak Interior with Teak & Holly Sole Large Framed Marquetry in Salon Sckandvik Faucet/Shower – Forward Head New Jabsco Toilets (2009) (3) opening hatches, (16) opening Lewmar aluminum ports Screens for some ports Engine 3 Engine room lights Rebuilt Universal diesel fresh water cool engine with easy access from front and back with 2 New water pumps and heat exchanger PSS Dripless Shaft Seal Hurth Transmission new 2004 Groco Bronze Sea strainer Dual Fuel Tank System with Dual Racor Filters – 50 gallon capacity AWAB 316 Stainless Steel hose clamps used throughout – Superior Non-Perforated – Lasts forever Deck New vinyl covered stainless steel double lifelines with opening gates each side Foam vinyl covered custom cockpit cushions Dodger with attached Bimini Anchor Locker Propane Locker on Aft Deck 44 lb Bruce Anchor with new (2012) 110’ oversized 3/8” chain and 120' 5/8” rope rode Fortress FX 23 with 50’ 3/8” chain & 80’ 5/8” rope rode Lewmar 2000 Electric Windlass Polished Stainless Steel Engine Controls 28” Stainless Steel steering wheel Stainless Steel Ritchie Compass at Helm Stainless Steel Bow Pulpit Stainless steel Stern Rail with opening gate Stainless steel built-in stern swim ladder Brushed stainless steel custom-built stern arch with dinghy davits Manual bilge pump Keel stepped mast Performance fin keel Stainless steel bow chocks 3 Bow Cleats Mainsail Cover Custom made companionway washboards with Lexan windows Edson Pedestal with Pedestal Guard Teak folding cockpit table with 4 cup holder Outboard Motor storage board Lifesling with Sunbrella cover Force 10 BBQ propane grill with custom cover Additional Davis radar reflector USCG safety equipment Boat hook, lines, fenders Emergency Tiller

Hunter Sailboat

Hunter Sailboat

Ossining, New York

Great Sailboat in amazing shape. All sails and equipment are intact. Mast is in storage on marina grounds. Very clean. Perfect overnight sail boat. V bunk and aft cabin are very large. 2 previous owners. swing keel makes shallow waters reachable no need to worry much about draw. Boat will sail in the deepest and shallowest of waters. Amazing well built hunter. Really stands up to its name.

1976 Ericson Cruising Sailboat

1976 Ericson Cruising Sailboat

Tavernier, Florida

Make Ericson

Model Cruising Sailboat

1976 Ericson Cruising Sailboat, 1976 Ericson cruising sailboat ready for blue waters. This boat has everything! Westerbeke 3 cylinder diesel recently rebuilt, newer main sail and roller furling jib. Beautiful wood down below. Refrigeration, freezer, running hot and cold water, gimballed stove. Complete with all sails and off shore gear. Inflatable dinghy and 2 hp Yamaha outboard included. Comfy 12 foot beam. Great newer canvas with sunshade. Honda 3000 generator.All navigation equipment and charts. All berths recovered. Aft cabin with sleeping quarters and nav. station. TV, stereo, DVD player.Nice memory foam v-berth with custom sheets. 50 lb. anchor with windlass. Too much boat for me. Make offer! $45000

1994 CARVER YACHTS 370 aft cabin with Sundeck

1994 CARVER YACHTS 370 aft cabin with Sundeck

Clearwater, Florida


Model 370 Aft Cabin With Sundeck

Category Powerboats

1994 CARVER YACHTS 370 aft cabin with Sundeck  The Carver will be making an appearance at the St  Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show December 3-6 2015. Come by slip 843 Great live aboard for wintering in Florida. Reliable twin diesel power. Centerline queen Island Master Berth. Separate stand up shower in Mst. Cabin. A/C with generator for on the hook cruising Comfort. Guest Cabin with it's own head. Fiberglass covered Sundeck. No exterior wood to maintain.



Winter Park, Colorado

Make O'DAY

Length LOA 26.11

1986 ODAY 27.2 W/ custom dual axle trailer. This easy to sail, roomy, shoal draft family cruiser is in great shape and ready for her next adventures. Drawing only 2'11" with her wing keel, she can gunk hole where others would not dare. This boat is in excellent condition and she has a lot of gear, lots of upgrades and the boat has been well cared for. The O'Day 27 is a roomy vessel with standing headroom (6'2") in a cabin trimmed in teak. Powered with an inboard very reliable Westerbeke diesel with only 1145 hours. She has Garhauer genoa travelers and a 110 furling Jib on a Furlex furler. In 2014 she was updated with new paint job. A very large companionway and deck hatch brings the outside in and opens to a very generous salon, She is loaded with features and extras like a Edson wheel steering, bimini and full deck covers, Navico wheel autopilot, dual batteries set up with switch, Magma propane grill, , 2 burner alc. stove , s.s. sink, deep ice box with added insulation, aft 7' pilot berth, 7'salon settees with custom upholstery, a swing down bulkhead table hiding a custom dish, glassware and wine cupboard, pressurized water system, bath sink and electric head, macerator, holding tank, and too many more extras to list here. The deck stepped mast height is only 35 feet and comes with a custom raising system for trailering and storage. Lots of elbow room with her 9 foot beam. Weight 5,000 lbs. Ballast 1,930 lbs. Fresh Water 40 gals. Custom dual axle trailer. The current owner has had the boat in fresh water over twenty years. Hull: Fiberglass Speed: Cruising 5K Year: 1986 Maximum 7K Rig: Sloop rig Weight 5500 lb. 2'11" draft Wing Keel with 1870 lbs. of lead ballast Just painted hull! Stainless steel swim ladder mounted to molded swim platform Two opening cabin ports Translucent forward opening hatch Two each, bow and 2 ea. stern 7" Mooring cleats Teak Cabin top handrails Anchor locker at foredeck A couple can easily rig and sail this boat. Large gear and equipment locker in cockpit for fenders dock lines etc. MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL: Apelco VXL 5150 VHF Radio with marine antennae and cockpit speaker 12 volt (DC) 110 volt (AC); battery selector Switch International running lights mounted on pulpits Custom made 110 & 12 volt circuit breaker panel 110/12v lighting in salon Electric bilge pump with counter Anchor 20lb. Plow with stainless anchor roller Tank minder system for fresh water and holding tank Onboard battery charge system & charge gauge New battery Shaft protector (donut style) PSS dry packing gland ENGINE: Inboard Westerbeke 10 hp. 2 cylinder FWC, 1" shaft, 2 blade prop, 1146 hours Recent low hour Hurst transmission 10 gallon aluminum fuel tank Quick Drain oil change system Racor Fuel filter System INTERIOR / MAIN SALON: Facing settees, Port Settee is 6'3, starboard in 5'6" Large quarter berth 7'6" long by 4' wide. Headroom 6'2" under companionway Custom Drop leaf bulkhead mounted table: folds to store when not in use. Custom dish, glass and wine rack cupboard hidden behind. Custom teak tool and parts cabinet Storage locker aft of port settee Cabin Curtains Kenwood cd player 6 stacker Polk audio speakers Teak cutting board, soap holder, towel rack, paper towel and toilet paper racks Brass barometer and clock Security system Brass halogen reading lights in v berth Red map light Gimbaled brass oil lamp V berth storage pouches GALLEY: Origo Stainless steel, two burner, gimbaled non pressurized alcohol stove Pressurized water pump with separate pressure tank Deep stainless steel sink 3.5 cubic foot ice box with customized added insulation Custom Teak food and dish lockers Custom storage / cutlery drawer Fresh and seawater faucets HEAD: Pressurized Water Jabsco electric Marine head with holding tank: Y valve and shore pump out fitting Storage Locker and medicine cabinet 30 gallon holding tank with macerator and diverter valves Hanging locker 25 gallon seamless water tank with deck fill SAILS & RIGGING: All sailing functions fully controllable from cockpit Furlex Jib Furling and Reefing system Model A Ullman 110 jib with Sunbrella UV Cover Ullman main large roach cut with 4 stays, 2 single line reefs and single line outhaul Custom Sunbrella mainsail cover Cruising designs Gennaker with Chute scoop and light wind pole Adjustable sliding spinnaker mount on mast Garhauer Rigid Boom Vang Adjustable boom topping lift Adjustable backstay 2 Barlow Self tailing winches Cabin top Mounted Lewmar # 15 halyard & mainsheet winch Genoa track with lead blocks Mast stepped on deck with custom hinged mast step Mast running lights Single line reef system leads to cockpit for quick reefing without going forward Mainsheet traveler on cabin top - custom Anodized aluminum mast and boom Internal Halyards COCK PIT AND STEERING: Edson Pedestal Steering System Navico wheel autopilot Si-Tex digital 4" instrumentation at the wheel in a pod. Includes wind, speed and depth Teak folding wheel table Teak drink and binoculars holder Signet depth gauge back up on bulkhead Signet bulkhead mounted compass Full custom cockpit cushions MISCELLANEOUS: CD player with cockpit and cabin speakers Cockpit Shower Outlet Dock lines & cleaning equipment & miscellaneous line Mooring pole CANVAS COVERS: Spray Dodger Winch Covers Wheel cover Mainsail Cover Cabin top Cover Custom shade cover TRAILER: Custom Built Twin Axle Trailer. Includes built in Mast raising system, sliding built in extra extension tongue for launching, front ladder, tire covers, utility box, and cables for launching

Sailboat for sale

Sailboat for sale

Layton, Utah

1976 Buccaneer Bayliner 270 Sailboat.24 ftnew top rig.New anti-fallowing paint underside.Aft stay,fore stay and side stay.Garmin navigation, updated vhf radio. Window coverings .Inside cabin equipped with table, refrigerator,sink and bed.Clean and ready to sail.Make offer and call Scott 801 928 3326.



Marina Del Rey, California

ERICSON 29' SAILBOAT 1972 This graceful ERICSON 29' is very comfortable and Spacious popular model, that sails great! The Ericson is a great example of an all around great and well looked after boat. With soild workmanship and performance, this costal cruiser, appeals to a wide range of sailors, from the inexperienced or families looking for a first boat. To competitive sailors looking for a performance cruiser. Boat is sail ready to Catalina Island. Must see, if you are looking at getting into sailing. This Ericson is very clean inside and out. With roomy interior for this size of boat. Accommodations: The interior is warm and comfortable, There is a large double berth forward with enclosed head between the v-berth and main salon. The salon it self is warm with a spacious living area that is standup 6'plus Head Room thought the boat. The salon table uniquely folds away out of the way when not in use but opens to a either a half-size work table or a full dining table. Beautiful wood with good cushions thought-out. Aft quarter berth (or storage) area. Galley is port as you step down into the cabin. The layout is very comfortable for a weekend condo or a Temporary Live aboard. And at night this boat has a very comfortable Vibe to make you feel right at home!!. Power plant is a inboard Atomic 4 engine with low hours, and in great shape and well looked after. This 29 has a wheel steering Roller furling With extra sails New deck paint And dodger and canvas to be put back together This boat is a Must see if your looking just add the amenities you need to make it home Come have a look. Slip is Transferable (upon qualification) if you want In the water now in Marina Del Rey $9500 priced to sell today

1968 Bristol 33

1968 Bristol 33" Sailboat !!!!

Richmond, Virginia

Make Bristol

Bristol 33, 1968, Norfolk, Virginia classic design with long overhangs, LOA: 33'7" Beam 10'3", Draft 5'6". Sleep 6 in forward cabin, Aft Quarter berth and double in Main salon. Head forward of Main cabin with large hanging locker. Hull repainted 2011 and decks repainted 2012. Rebuilt Universal Atomic Four Engine, from Moyer Marine, installed 2007, fresh water cooled new aftermarket head, new aftermarket manifold, electronic ignition, electric fuel pump, rebuilt carburetor and a new Moyer Marine flange pump. Hood roller Furling system Running rigging replaced 2010 with sail controls led to cockpit Barrient winches with 2 speed self-tailing primaries. Edson wheel with Autohelm St 4000 autopilot. Electric redone 2006-2008 with new 110 and 12 Volt electric panels with circuit breakers 110 30amp. Shore power and Heart battery Charger and Heart Freedom 1500 Inverter with Heart Link 2000 monitoring system Two banks of House batteries replaced 2010 and new starting battery installed 2012, Batteries have selector switch and a Blue Seas lockout switch on the Starting Battery New tricolor mast head light with all navigation lights powered from a seperate Blue Sea waterproof panel in cockpit 3 sets of sails. This beautiful sailboat located at Cobb's marina in Norfolk VA, boat is currently sitting on boat stands ready to be launched, bottom just been freshly pained. Please contact me at 804 564-5738. Stan

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2009 Steiger Craft 26 Miami

2009 Steiger Craft 26 Miami

Cranston, RI

2010 Yamaha 242 Limited S

2010 Yamaha 242 Limited S

Boulder, CO

2004 MasterCraft Xstar

2004 MasterCraft Xstar

2007 Century 2901

2007 Century 2901

Raleigh, NC

2006 Boston Whaler 150 Montauk

2006 Boston Whaler 150 Montauk

Chenequa, WI

2015 Robalo 226 Cayman

2015 Robalo 226 Cayman

Cleveland Heights, OH

1999 Sea Ray 310 Sundancer

1999 Sea Ray 310 Sundancer

Sarasota, FL

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11 Best Pocket Cruiser Sailboats to Fit a Budget

  • By Cruising World Staff
  • Updated: May 24, 2024

Looking for a trailerable pocket cruiser that offers that liveaboard feeling? This list features 11 small sailboats with cabins that have the amenities often found on larger vessels. They may not be ocean crossing vessels, but they’re certainly capable of handling big bays and open waters.

What is a pocket cruiser? It’s a small trailerable sailboat, typically under 30 feet in length, that’s ideal for cruising big lakes, bays, coastal ocean waters, and occasionally bluewater cruising. Pocket cruisers are usually more affordable, compact, and offer a level of comfort that’s comparable to bigger liveaboards.

Small cruising sailboats are appealing for many reasons, but if you’re like most of us, you want to maintain a certain level of comfort while on the water. We took a poll and these are what we found to be the best cruising sailboats under 30 feet.

– DON’T LET CARBON MONOXIDE SNEAK UP ON YOU – Install detectors on your boat to sniff out any buildup of carbon monoxide gas. Avoid running engines or generators while anchored or stopped for extended periods. Safety Tip Provided by the U.S. Coast Guard

Andrews 28

Open and airy below deck, the Andrews 28 doesn’t sacrifice comfort for speed. Designed by Alan Andrews, the Southern California naval architect renowned for his light, fast raceboats, this 28-footer will certainly appeal to the cruiser who also enjoys a little club racing. Sporting a total of 6 berths, a galley, head and nav area, you might forget you are on a boat small enough to be easily trailered. The retractable keel allows the Andrews 28 to be easily launched and hauled and ensures it’s as comfortable as a daysailer as it is a racer. Click here to read more about the Andrews28.

Beneteau First 20

First 20 at sunset

Small sailboat with a cabin? Check! Fun to sail? Modern design? Capable of flying a spinnaker? Check! Check! Check! The Finot-Conq-designed Beneteau First 20, which replaced the popular Beneteau first 211 nearly a decade ago now, is a sporty-but-stable pocket cruiser suitable for newcomers to the sport who are eager to learn their chops before moving up to a bigger boat or for old salts looking to downsize to a trailerable design. The boat features twin rudders, a lifting keel, and a surprisingly roomy interior with bunks for four. Click here to read more about the Beneteau First 20 .

Ranger 26

Conceived as a way to bridge the gap between a safe, comfortable, family cruiser and a competitive racer, Gary Mull’s Ranger 26 does exactly as it was designed to. Undeniably fast, (one won the 1970 IOR North American Half-Ton Cup) the boat sails as well as it looks. However speed isn’t the Ranger’s only strong-suit, with over 7 feet of cockpit there’s plenty of room for socializing after an evening of racing. The Ranger 26 sports a nice balance of freeboard and cabin height ensuring that a handsome profile wasn’t sacrificed for standing headroom. Click here to read more about the Ranger 26.

Nonsuch 30 left side

Catboats were once a common site in coastal waters, where they sailed the shallow bays as fishing or work boats. Their large single and often gaff-rigged sail provided plenty of power, and a centerboard made them well-suited for the thin waters they frequently encountered. In the late 1970s, Canadian builder Hinterhoeller introduced the Nonsuch 30, a fiberglass variation of the catboat design, with a modern Marconi sail flown on a stayless mast, and a keel instead of a centerboard. The boat’s wide beam made room below for a spacious interior, and the design caught on quickly with cruising sailors looking for a small bluewater sailboat. Click here to read more about the Nonsuch 30 .

– SHOW THEM HOW MUCH YOU CARE – Nothing says ‘I love you’ like making sure the kids’ life jackets are snugged up and properly buckled. Safety Tip Provided by the U.S. Coast Guard

Newport 27

Debuted in 1971 in California, the Newport 27 was an instant success on the local racing scene. For a modest 27-footer, the Newport 27 has an unusually spacious interrior with over 6 feet of standing headroom. With 4 berths, a table, nav station, head and galley the Newport 27 has all the amenities you might find in a much bigger boat, all in a compact package. While quick in light air, the drawback of the tiller steering becomes apparent with increasing breeze and weather helm often leading to shortening sail early. Click here to read more about the Newport 27.

Balboa 26

First splashed in 1969, the Balboa 26 continues to enjoy a strong following among budget-minded cruisers. Built sturdy and heavy, all of the boat’s stress points are reinforced. The spacious cockpit comfortably seats 4 and is self bailing, ensuring that sailors stay dry. While only 26 feet, the Balboa still has room for a double berth, galley with stove and freshwater pump, and an optional marine head or V-berth. The Balboa has the ability to sleep five, though the most comfortable number is two or three. Under sail, the Balboa is fast and maneuverable, but may prove a handful in heavy breeze as weather helm increases. Click here to read more about the Balboa 26.

Cape Dory 28

Cape Dory 28

While the sleek lines and the teak accents of the Cape Dory 28 may grab the eye, it is the performance of the boat that make it unique. The Cape Dory comes with all amenities that you might need available, including a V-berth, 2 settees, and a head. Safe, sound and comfortable as a cruiser it is still capable of speed. Quick in light wind and sturdy and capable in heavy air, it is off the wind where the Cape Dory 28 shines with a balanced helm and the ability to cut through chop and still tack perfectly. Click here to read more about the Cape Dory 28.

Islander Bahama 28

Islander Bahama 28

On top of being a real eye-catcher, the Islander Bahama 28, with its 5-foot-6-inch draft and 3,300 pounds of ballast, sails beautifully, tracks well, and responds quickly to the helm. Inspired by the International Offshore Rule, it is unusually wide, offering stability in breeze without sacrificing the sheer and lines that make it so attractive. Below deck, the Islander Bahama 28 comes standard with plenty of berths and storage space and a galley complete with stove, icebox and sink. Click here to read more about the Islander Bahama 28.

– CHECK THE WEATHER – The weather changes all the time. Always check the forecast and prepare for the worst case. Safety Tip Provided by the U.S. Coast Guard

S2 8.6

Much like its older sibling, the S2 8.6 still holds its contemporary style, despite its 1983 introduction. Like all other S2 Yachts, the 8.6 is recognized for the quality craftsmanship that allows the boat to hold up today.The S2 8.6 is a very comfortable and easily managed coastal cruiser and club racer. It’s relatively stiff, its helm feels balanced, and it tracks well. On most points of sail, it compares favorably with other boats of similar size and type. Click here to read more about the S2 8.6.

Contessa 26

Contessa 26

When the Contessa 26 was released in 1965, it immediately proved itself to be a strong, seaworthy vessel. The Contessa has continued to prove itself throughout its lifetime, being the boat of choice for two solo circumnavigations under the age of 21. While upwind performance leaves some wanting, the boat is sturdy and can carry full sail in up to 20 knots of breeze. Suited more for single-handing, the Contessa lacks standing headroom and the accommodations are sparse. Nonetheless, the Contessa 26 performs well as a daysailer with guests aboard. Click here to read more about the Contessa 26.

Hunter 27

The Hunter 27 perfectly encompasses the pocket cruiser ideal. Even if you don’t want a big boat, you can still have big boat amenities. With the generously spacious layout, wheel steering and a walkthrough transom the Hunter feels much larger than 27 feet. Step below deck and any doubts you had that the Hunter was secretly a big boat will be gone. The amenities below are endless; a full galley including stove, microwave and cooler, head with full shower, several berths and not to mention a saloon with seating for 6. The Hunter 27 has reset the benchmark for 27-footers. Click here to read more about the Hunter 27.

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A Dream Takes Flight

HH44-SC Titan

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small sailboat with aft cabin

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Best aft cabin boats: 4 top options for maximising bedroom space

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Our resident used boat expert Nick Burnham picks out four of the best aft cabin boats from the likes of Fairline, Broom and Hardy…

Offering as much cabin space as possible within a given length has become the most obvious way to a boat buyer’s wallet. It’s why side decks that used to be waist height are now head height – if the result is an extra ensuite or a bigger galley, then it’s a sale.

The funny thing is that manufacturers found a great way to maximise volume years ago, and then they (mostly) all stopped doing it. Aft cabin craft don’t stop at the saloon doors, they carry on right back to the transom. Big names were building them, like Princess (435), Fairline (36 Turbo) and Broom (pretty much everything).

Now only niche builders like Haines and Hardy carry on. Why? It fell out of fashion and innovations like V-drive gearboxes and IPS pods means the engines now occupy the space that cabins did.

All of which makes these used aft cabin boats worth a look.

4 of the best aft cabin boats

Fairline 36 turbo.

Built: 1991 Price: £74,950

When I win the euro multi-millions and need a surefire way of creating a small fortune by starting off with a large one, I’m going to start a business building modern versions of all the classic British boats that have us old guard saying “ah, they don’t make ‘em like that anymore”.

From Princess’s back catalogue I would have the 266 Riviera and the original (1980s) Princess 45 . From Sunseeker the Tomahawk 37 and the Renegade 60 and from Fairline I would exhume the Targa 33 and one of these: the Fairline 36 Turbo .

The big news, as is so often the case with aft cabin boats, is the sheer amount of space on board. It’s important to remember that back in the 1980s when this boat launched (this is one of the last), boat model designations were based on the hull length which didn’t include the (bolt-on) bathing platform.

So a modern equivalent would likely have a moulded-in bathing platform which would be included, making it a 40. But even so, it really is quite palatial in here. The best part is undoubtedly the owner’s cabin back aft – a big square room with a double bed and an ensuite.

Guests are banished to the opposite end where there is a vee berthed cabin in the bows and the day heads and galley are up here too. The saloon splits them, this boat featuring a modified layout to give a small booth-style dinette.


The style is 1980s but the quality of the cabinets in the galley will give solid service

It was a great looking boat when it launched and the 36 Turbo is still a pleasingly proportioned and stylishly handsome boat. The raised aft deck means that it links easily with the flybridge via a couple of moulded steps.


Fairline offered this model with a pair of Volvo Penta TAMD 41 200hp engines, perhaps with an eye to inland use. You don’t want those, you want the upgraded TAMD 61 306hp engine option fitted to this and most other 36 Turbos that nudged 30 knots when new.


Booth-style dinette seats four with plenty of room for more along the L-shaped sofa

Shaftdrive, Bernard Olesinski-designed hull – if you’ve been reading this article for long enough you’ll already know that it’s a winning combination.


Length: 36ft 6in (11.2m) Beam: 13ft 4in (4.1m) Draft: 3ft 4in (1.0m) Displacement: 9 tonnes Fuel capacity: 1,055 litres Engines: Volvo Penta TAMD 61 306hp diesels Location: River Thames Contact: TBS Boats

Article continues below…

Best boats from the 1990s: 4 secondhand options under £200,000

Best boats under £50k: secondhand options to expand your horizons, cara marine 18m.

Built: 2004 Price £394,950

Based in Carrigaline in County Cork, Cara Marine’s stock in trade was heavy-duty offshore pilot and patrol boats. So when the company turned its attentions to the leisure market, the result was always going to be something special.

Almost every other aft cabin craft utilises the big square aft hull sections to create a big square owner’s cabin. Not here though, you’ll find the owner’s quarters up in the bow. At over 60ft long and 16ft wide, there’s plenty of space for a really decent ensuite cabin up front, and it leaves room for two cabins and the day heads on the lower deck back aft.

There’s a fairly spectacular galley that runs the full beam of the boat and with no lower helm (the only helm position is on the aft deck), that leaves space for a large saloon on the main deck.

small sailboat with aft cabin

Despite being in the bow the owner’s quarters are large and welcoming with lots of storage

An aft deck helm is not unusual with this type of boat; what is unusual is adding an open-backed wheelhouse to protect it. On a smaller vessel this might look clumsy, but this boat is easily long enough to absorb the additional height.

It puts all of the outdoor living space together, protected by a wraparound coaming that can link to the hardtop roof via removable canopies.

You’re probably starting to realise that plenty of free thinking went into the design of this boat, and we’re not done yet. The usual place for engines on this type of boat is beneath the raised main deck saloon.

Not here. Instead they’re right at the back, behind the accommodation. Open a hatch in the deck and you’ll be able to drop into an engine room containing a pair of Caterpillar C12 704hp diesels which give about 28 knots flat-out.

small sailboat with aft cabin

Without a lower helm the main deck saloon has extra space for lounging and eating

The reason those engines are right aft is because they’re effectively huge water pumps! This boat is jet drive, sucking water from under the boat and firing it backwards.

The benefits are a very shallow draft and superb manoeuvrability (the RNLI selected jets to drive its latest 45ft Shannon Class rescue boats for this very reason). Add in RCD Category A (Ocean) rating and it’s quite the package!

Length: 61ft 4in (18.7m) Beam: 16ft 1in (4.9m) Draft: 2ft 7in (0.8m) Displacement: 27 tonnes Fuel capacity: 3,280 litres Engines: Twin Caterpillar C12 704hp diesel engines Location: Lymington Contact: Berthon International


Built: 2001 Price: £119,995

We really couldn’t have an aft cabin used boat feature without including a model from Broom. Broom Boats were the absolute doyen of the aft cabin cruiser; from the Ocean range back in the 1970s right up until they ceased boatbuilding in 2018.

This model replaced the Ocean 34 and was built from 1998 to 2005 before evolving into the Broom 365 and the Broom 370 .

With no lower helm, the entire length of this boat is given over to frankly palatial amounts of accommodation for a 35ft boat. There’s a vee berth cabin forward for guests, along with the day heads and a pretty decent galley.

A couple of steps up bring you to the saloon but, as ever, it’s when you continue aft that the real payoff comes. Back here you will find a huge square owner’s cabin with a central double berth and a very generous ensuite.

small sailboat with aft cabin

Saloon and galley are pretty good but it’s the cabins that really benefit from this layout

Losing the internal helm has been made possible by putting a really well-protected external helm on the aft deck. There are big windscreens, wraparound coamings and canopies to protect this area.

In fact it feels more like a sportscruiser layout. Visibility is great due to its raised position but the air draft is kept lower than a flybridge boat.

CL stood for ‘coastal’, and Broom offered this boat with a variety of engine options right up to a pair of 190hp Yanmar diesels, which gave it 20 knots. But many were built with a single engine for gentler inland use.

Volvo Penta and Nanni were available, but the Perkins M135L fitted to this boat was the most popular option, giving a river-friendly nine knots maximum and four to six knots while cruising.

small sailboat with aft cabin

External helm is on the aft deck but is well protected and feels more like a sportscruiser

Andrew Wolstenholme designed this one with a long keel that protects the propeller and adds useful low speed directional stability plus a large rudder that gives plenty of ‘bite’ for tricky river handling.

It’s quiet too, with that engine buried deep beneath the saloon sole. The result is a versatile and extremely comfortable boat well suited to inland life as well as offering some coastal ability.

Length: 34ft 10in (10.6m) Beam: 12ft 6in (3.8m) Draft: 3ft 2in (0.9m) Displacement: 7.5 tonnes Fuel capacity: 820 litres Engine: Perkins M135L 135hp diesel Location: Marlow Contact: Boat Showrooms


Built: 2003 Price: £245,000

Aft cabin boats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as this Hardy 42 Commodore demonstrates. A ‘trawler yacht’ style, rather than a typical motor cruiser with a full-beam aft deck, it features a deeply bulwarked walkaround side deck that encircles the aft cabin coachroof.

You might expect that walkaround deck to impinge on the aft cabin. But though you are aware of it as it pulls the window line in, Hardy has been quite clever about building furniture that slips beneath those decks, so the lack of headroom in this area is far less relevant.

Unlike the previous three boats, all of which had access from the aft deck into the saloon, the Hardy has twin sliding doors on either side that allow access to the side decks. It’s a less direct route but it comes with big advantages for ventilation as well as gifting the helmsman a more direct route from the lower helm to the foredeck.

The galley is down on the lower deck forward and the forecabin has a vee berth as expected, but Hardy has also squeezed in a third cabin with a single berth.

small sailboat with aft cabin

Wide side decks and a lower helm restrict the size of the saloon but side doors are handy

Having squeezed the aft deck in a little, you might expect it to be a less useful space but in fact there’s a pretty decent U-shaped dinette up here, surrounded by canvas wind dodgers. And those walkaround decks are seriously useful for crewing duties.

With its semi-displacement hull, rather than a full planing design, you might expect some trade-off in speed in return for enhanced rough weather capability. But in fact, when we tested a 42 Commodore with slightly smaller 420hp engines back in 2003, we still managed to achieve a very credible 26 knots.

small sailboat with aft cabin

Clever furniture design maximises space in the plush but traditionally styled aft cabin

This is the big news. Another Andrew Wolstenholme design, it has deep vee forward sections and a long keel to give the boat serious offshore capability. And with no planing ‘hump speed’ needing to be achieved, it has a very wide cruising speed band. There’s a good reason why the RNLI uses these Hardy 42s as its crew training boats.

Length: 42ft 0in (12.8m) Beam: 14ft 4in (4.4m) Draft: 3ft 10in (1.2m) Displacement: 13 tonnes Fuel capacity: 1,728 litres Engines: Yanmar 6LY2-STE 440hp diesels Location: Ipswich Contact: Fox’s Yacht Sales

First published in the April 2023 issue of MBY.

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  • Boats for Sale

Aft cabin for sale (sail)

Moody 54

What is an aft-cabin sailing boat?

The “aft” refers to the rear of the boat, so an aft-cabin sailing boat is one where there is a cabin at the rear. The advantage of having an aft cabin is that it takes advantage of the full width of the boat, resulting in a large, spacious cabin for accommodation.

Which manufacturers build aft cabin sail boats?

Manufacturers that produce aft cabin sail boats include Beneteau , Bavaria , Jeanneau , Moody and Jongert .

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small sailboat with aft cabin

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Cruiser Wiki

Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about their products on Cruisers Forums.
18-04-2012, 22:02  
to the and the . This will be our first sailboat and comfort is important (I am 6'2"). We have a 9 year old son and would like a with two separate cabins. The Allmand 31 seems to be the only one we can find. Does anyone have suggestions for other to look at? Anyone have on sailing with a 9 year old? Thanks.
19-04-2012, 03:28  
Boat: Traditional 30
the . And will pick it up faster than a grown up. Give him watch time at the and get him involved in the whole running of the boat. He will feel important at the helm and will quickly understand the importance of every job including etc.

Just about any cruising boat with a semi decent quarter berth would suit him. Assuming you take the V. .
19-04-2012, 03:54  
Boat: Sabre 425, 42 ft
. 38 or 42 feet.
I am 6'3" and had a hard time finding a boat with a comfortable berth.
With the 425 you have two berths big enough for two couples and a great pull out setee. You could sleep in either with son in other . He could then move to when you get the inevitable guest.
But then there are other less expensive -- former Beneteaus that would too. Look at the 437 or 461.
19-04-2012, 03:58  
Boat: Rafiki 37
34. The centre-cockpit version has a full aft cabin. Also has a sizeable V-berth. In addition, the main cabin has 7' of , with 6' 6" throughout the rest. It is a very comfortable, stable and solid cruiser.

Oh ya, and I happen to be selling one
19-04-2012, 04:09  
in Oriental, NC. It was a 36 footer, I believe.
19-04-2012, 04:30  
on sailing with a 9 year old? Thanks.
19-04-2012, 04:33  
Boat: Clipper Marine 32 CC Aft Cabin Ketch
as you search the looking for boats and wondered back out again. The odds of you coming back here again to read any of this would be like winning the lottery, twice with the same numbers. Lol

By chance you do come back,

What is your ?

How much time a year do you plan on using the boat?

Do you want to be able to the boat yourself without permits and such?

Tight , three weeks a year and sailor would lean you towards a Clipper 32 Aft Cabin or a Halsted 31. These were made around 1976 and clean ones ready to sail are around ten grand , if you can find one.

I own two CM32's one being an Aft Cabin I am just now blowing the cob webs out of after being on the trailer three years.

They are great looking boats that have a 3.8' , 8' beam, and 6' room in the main cabin. Aft cabin adults can sit up straight on the two births. Plenty of room in the aft cabin for a separate port a potty.

Main cabin has a v birth, dining area that sleeps two, large fold away kitchen table, with (option on the shower) and full .

has helm and is easy to put all controlls to .

They came usually with a but a sail drive gas models were also available.

My wife will sell you mine after I am long dead, and not before. I paid four grand for mine with great condition three axle trailer you can pull with any truck.

My web site for the boat is www,



19-04-2012, 05:06  
Boat: Clipper Marine 32 CC Aft Cabin Ketch
19-04-2012, 08:03  
Boat: a sailing boat
/ kitchen make for a lot of living space and offer privacy when needed.

As for your kid then have him participate in whatever you are doing (to the right extent). When in the islands - make trips, when anchored - go snorkelling. Use the surroundings to educate him - there will be physics, nature, languages - plenty education for any young (and not only young) person.

You known there are people who love boats and outdoor & others who do not. You will know which type he is after your first extended . So just take it easy and have fun sailing.

19-04-2012, 08:25  
and are looking for something reasonable (commence laughing now) that will allow us to see if this is something we will be interested in doing long term. Ideally, we would like to get a boat 'ready to go' for under $20k. Our plan is to spend the summer on the boat, it for several months and then head back out for several months in the late fall/winter.

It definitely feels a bit impulsive to buy a boat but our alternative is to spend that time traveling for a couple months in other countries - we have a lot of experience doing that including dragging our son along since he joined the - so we are used to traveling for extended periods without all the comforts of home. We have a friend who is a certified and instructor who will teach us to sail it but expect to take our time venturing out slowly and the boat. We have a place to it in South so leaving it for a couple months shouldn't be a problem. The biggest problem seems to be our eagerness to find a boat and we don't want to make a huge mistake. Thanks again for everyone who has chimed in so far.
19-04-2012, 08:49  
Boat: S/V"KAREN", Pearson Alberg 35. an achilles dingy, 2 kyaks.
generally love sailing...especially 9 yo boys...I took my grandsons sailing at about that age and they loved it !!!!...I just heard of a boat that might for you....a 33 foot 1980s ...its in great condition, reportedly a wonderful as well and at the right and in South FLA right now w/an owner that is motivated to sell... PM me and I will give you the contact number...the is amazingly reasonable... in any event your's is a practical and worthwhile dream....go for it
19-04-2012, 08:56  
version all the way down to a 30 footer! The Allmand would be a great choice for what you want to do though, nice and I dont know if there is another 31 footer that is so roomy.
I saw an Almand advertised on the somewhere recently (NC?) that had been prepared by the owner for a , but he had a change of plans.... it was well under 20K. and loaded.... - Elmore Leonard

19-04-2012, 09:04  
Boat: a sailing boat
Sea. Sure, the better the boat, the easier the voyage, but once you get out there and find how people cruise it becomes clear there are very many ways to sail happily.

Just my 2 eurocents. Good luck in your adventure and let us know how of your progress.

19-04-2012, 16:21  
Boat: a sailing boat

Look it up: a , a big adventure and the three of them: dad, mom, the kid (ooops! and the dog! = four ;-)

20-04-2012, 17:20  
Boat: Caliber 40
is good for Bahamas and excellent ventilation
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    The brand Bavaria Yachts produces aft cockpit sailboats and semi-enclosed yachts. There are 27 models currently in production ranging from 9 to 18 meters. The current model range includes 8 lines: C-Line, Cruiser Line, R-Line, S-Line, SR-Line, Vida Line, Virtess Line and Vision Line. We invite you to explore all current and older models from ...

  20. Small Boats With Two Cabins

    Boat: Sabre 425, 42 ft. Posts: 36. Re: Small boats with two cabins. Look at a used Sabre. 38 or 42 feet. I am 6'3" and had a hard time finding a boat with a comfortable berth. With the 425 you have two berths big enough for two couples and a great pull out setee. You could sleep in either cabin with son in other cabin.

  21. Aft Cabin boats for sale in Great Lakes

    2005 Carver 444 Aft Cabin Motor Yacht. US$259,000. US $2,046/mo. Luke Brown Yachts | Suttons Bay, Michigan. Request Info.

  22. Aft Cabin boats for sale

    Aft Cabin boats pricing. Aft Cabin boats for sale on YachtWorld are listed for an assortment of prices from £17,732 on the relatively moderate end up to £2,294,889 for the bigger-ticket vessels. Keep in mind the cost of ownership when considering your budget and the listing price of a yacht for sale.

  23. Aft Cabin Boats for sale

    There are many Aft cabin boats listed on Boatshop24 UK at a variety of prices ranging from £19,545 to £2,668,199. Find Aft Cabin Boats for sale in your area & across the world on Boatshop24 UK. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.