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1 E 74th St

New York, NY 10021

5th Ave & Madison Ave

Upper East Side

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Photo of Clifford D.

Clifford D.

Business Owner

Model sailboat rental inside Central Park at the iconic Conservatory Waters between E72nd and E76th streets by 5th Avenue. …

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Photo of Phil H.

It's such a simple and old-school wholesome activity. I've come by this pond in the park many times after a run to have a cold drink at the cafe here and watch people play with the miniature sailboats. It's actually called the Conservatory Water, and during the season you can rent a boat to sail around the pond. I've done this a few times and it's kind of fun and relaxing. They are remote controlled and wind powered so if you come here on a breezy day you've got it made. Not cheap at $12 for 30 minutes but it's kind of therapeutic. The pond is pretty big so you can find your own spot to sail around and gather your thoughts.

sailboats central park

Why isn't this called Conservatory Water? I believe that is what the sign says. I'm not going to argue with whoever put this in Yelp. If you go to the movies you will see this body of water in many American Movies. Children and Adults Sailing their toy boats on the lake. Yes, there's other bodies of water in the park where you can actually canoe etc. This spot is for those that have the fancy small sailing boats. I guess it's a hobby. All I know is that any season I enjoy this lake. It's right near Le Pain Quotidian. There's benches for relaxing. Lots of great sights nearby. I love to come here and highly recommend when you visit Central Park.

sailboats central park

Unique and iconic! Growing up this is a scene I saw in many English movies ever since I've always wanted to try it. Easily accessible from 76th and 6th, located on the most beautiful landscape Central Park has to offer. Half hour rental ($11) buys you some gr8 relaxing "me time" and keeps the kids active... it's fun for all ages and also a great bonding time for a parent and child. The boats are wind driven and not motor's very easy to maneuver. Kids can learn the basics of sailing and power of wind. I'm glad I got to do this, it was truly an enjoyable experience and the weather was on our side. I look forward to doing this every time I'm in the city from now on.

sailboats central park

This was an awesome experience today, Ruby is such a great person...very kind and polite. My family and I rented 3 sail boats for the little lake and we had a blast. We're on vacation from Texas and we have just been having so much fun. It's fun and very affordable. If you haven't been yet, you need to go!!! Thank you again Ruby for your help and for a great experience for my family and I. Back to Texas we go in the AM.

Photo of Vincent R.

Took my five year old son here at the end of a long day and he really enjoy sailing a model boat around for half an hour! We recently read 'Stuart Little' together which has a chapter or two about Stuart sailing a boat in the Central Park sailboat races. It was a little tough to get the hang of, as it was for Stuart. But that's how sailing works! You're at the mercy of the elements! It was really easy to get a boat and the people there were helpful and super nice to the kids.

Photo of Marco V.

AMAZING STAFF...I worked with the Sail the Park team to plan an engagement proposal. When I came to the team with the idea, they were more than happy to help coordinate the event. They helped arrange for a sign to be displayed on the sails of one of the boats. They were extremely reliable and delivered exactly as planned. Afterwards, my fiancee and I had so much fun sailing our boat around. Controlling the boat alone would've been a great time, but I am very thankful for the generosity of the Sail the Park team. I am looking forward to our next visit which I'm sure will come in the near future!

Photo of Peter A.

Were given half-dead remote and a boat with broken sail control. Son, age 7, was upset.

Photo of Alexis T.

My son and I arrived about five minutes after closing. Ruby could see how disappointed my son was and allowed us to sail anyway. It was all my son wanted to do and our only day at Central Park. Ruby was really a life saver. She showed my son true generosity and kindness and I really didn't expect such a positive experience after closing. Thanks Ruby!

Photo of Steve D.

One of my favorite things to do in Central Park when we visit is sailing boats in the Conservatory Water with Sail the Park. Ruby Rivers is the friendly and encouraging manager.

Sailboats on the Conservatory Water

Sailboats on the Conservatory Water

Photo of J T.

Awesome activity for kids but beware. Workers are miserable. Was there Sat 6/24 @1:30 and was told would be a 30 min wait yet it was over an hour! Bad business. They should know exactly when boats will be back. Hal or Alex is awful!

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New York

By Meaghan D.


By Rebecca H.

Nyc Bk 2017

Nyc Bk 2017

Things To Do

Things To Do

By Kevin R.



By PattyO ..

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Central Park Model Boat Sailing New York

Sail Model Boats New York

Central Park Boat Rental in New York

Central Park Boats in New York

Sailboat Pond in New York

Sailboats Central Park in New York

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The Attractions Of Central Park

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Life Nomading

Central Park Sailboats

sailboats central park

If you love nautical activities and are visiting New York City, maybe the Central Park Sailboats have been on your “must-do” list of experiences while you’re here. If you’re a local just searching for a way to spend a leisurely Saturday check out our thoughts on what it’s like to sail the “open” waters of Central Park.

Is sailing RC boats in Central Park the most exciting activity in the city that never sleeps? Definitely not. We rented a sailboat for 30 minutes and quite honestly that amount of time was just the right amount for us to learn that maybe sailing isn’t our skill set. For most of the time, the wind was pretty tame resulting in most of the sailboat rentals stay still in the water.

It’s hard to get excited when your sailboat isn’t doing anything. Maybe that’s just a product of wanting instant gratification, but it may be frustrating for you too. It took us half of our rental time to really hone in on how to make the sailboat move.

When to Rent

Quite honestly, we arrived right when the Central Park sailboats opened on a Saturday at 1:00 PM EST. The line quickly grew behind us and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets much busier throughout the day.

So if you have your heart set on sailing your blues away, or reliving your Stuart Little dreams, I would recommend arriving when the stand opens for the given day, OR be okay with having to wait a bit for an available sailboat on some of the busier days through the week. I heard one mom buy six rentals for her kids, so I’m sure the boats go quick.

Stuart Little

Where is the Central Park Sailboats

Address: E 72nd St, New York, NY 10021

The Central Park sailboats rental stand is located on the east side of the Conservatory Water pond. You will see a little stand with sailboats outside where you can rent your sailboats.

The closest bus stops include bus access to M1, M2, M3, M4 @ 5 Av/E 75 St

For our ultimate guide on New York City public transit: READ HERE

Costs to Rent Central Park Sailboats

In total after-tax, we spent $11.98 for 30 minutes of RC sailboat playtime. It’s super affordable, don’t get us wrong. If you’re taking a kid to the park and need to keep them occupied for 30 minutes so you can have a breather then spend the money. If you’re going on a date, walk a little further to the rowboats instead and pony up the extra cash to be romantic.

Central Park Sailboats

We were afraid that they would only take cash, but have no fear they accept cash or card!

Optional add-ons:

  • Rental, Sailors hat
  • Rental, Sailors hat, & t-shirt

You may be tempted to buy the sailor’s hat like we were. But trust us, don’t do it because you will get done with sailing and be glad you didn’t.

Overall Thoughts

In the end, if you’re into remote control things, sailing, or you are with kids this may be the perfect activity for you. For everyone else, I would recommend perhaps renting bikes to explore Central Park or head over to the Loeb Boathouse and rent a rowboat on the water for about the same price for an entire hour of fun.

Privacy Overview

sailboats central park

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  • VIP Bike Tour Central Park
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sailboats central park

Model Sailboats in Central Park

Model sailboats have been racing on Conservatory Water in Central Park for over 140 years. It is one of the most iconic spots in Central Park and is often visited by locals and tourists alike. And during the sailing season, the pond is populated with spectators, amateur sailors, and long-term helmsmen.

Where can I use model sailboats in Central Park?

Visitors can pilot model sailboats at Conservatory Water on the east side between 72 nd and 75 th Streets. Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux originally plotted the site for a glass conservatory and reflection pond in their original plans for Central Park. But budget cuts meant the vision would never came to fruition. They decided to eliminate the conservatory and keep the pond to recreate an American version of the popular model boat ponds in Paris. Thus the name, Conservatory Water.

What equipment do I need for sailing?

The model boats allowed on Conservatory Water must be wind-powered. They are remote-controlled using the direction of the rudder and the trim of the sail. No other powered boats are allowed. Visitors can bring their own model sailboats to pilot. For some, model boats are a serious hobby and they spend a great deal of time designing and crafting their boats for speed and aerodynamics. You will see all types of masterpieces built and piloted by model boat enthusiasts.

Visitors can also rent boats from a small kiosk just outside of Kerbs Boathouse. For beginners, there will be a brief lesson as well as a page of simple instructions accompanying the model sailboat and remote control. There is no formal minimum age for sailing. All ages can participate as long as they can properly control and handle the remote. That said, you do not need a model sailboat to enjoy the spectacle.

Central Park Model Sailboats

When can I sail in Central Park?

Weather permitting, the typical boating season for central park runs from March to November. If you have your own watercraft you can sail almost any time of day. But if you are looking for a rental, you will need to check the hours at the Kerbs Boathouse. Just note, members of the Central Park Model Yacht Club race their boats on Saturday at 10 AM and the water is often dotted with vessels during this classic spectacle.

What are rental hours?

Monday to Thursday from 11 AM to 5 PM

Friday from 11 AM to 7 PM

Saturday from 1 PM to 7 PM

Sunday from 10 AM to 6 PM

The rental kiosk is not open during rain. Hours are also subject to change. So call (917) 522-0054 to confirm rentals before your visit. Please note that reservations are not available and rentals are first-come, first-serve.

Is there boat storage?

City residents who wish to sail frequently can get a permit for storing their boat on-site at the Kerbs Boathouse during the week. Granted, space is limited. It is important to apply early in the season if you hope to get a space. For boat storage and permits call (212) 360-8133.

What else is close by Conservatory Waters?

There are restrooms located at the Kerbs Boathouse. There is also a small café on the east side of the pond with patio seating and an ice cream kiosk on the south side of the pond. Just to the north of the pond is a famous Alice in Wonderland statue and one of Hans Christian Andersen to the west.

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56 Street and Broadway, New York City, 10019 

Phone: (201) 220-5588 Open 9AM - 8PM 365 days


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sailboats central park

Central Park Sailboats

By: Zeke Quezada, ASA Learn To Sail

Learning To Sail in New York City

My boat was on a beam reach when a gust came over the water and nearly capsized my vessel. With that small diversion, the 13-year-old I was racing overtook me and made his way toward the finish line. On this course, sailing one of the most pristine bodies of water on the eastern seaboard, my reign as an undefeated captain came to an end. On this day a small mistake cost me the win and I would have to pay the victor with a hot dog and some soft serve from the vendor right across the street from the Plaza. Our sailing day was different than usual, it was on a pond in the middle of a metropolis, and our boats are measured in inches instead of in feet. My rented boat, #71, was beaten by #59 in Central Park on a pond populated with rented model sailboats sailed by amateur sailors, tourists and old salts alike.

As I told him my story, ASA Founder Lenny Shabes laughed as if he knew of the gusts that I spoke of. His love of sailing started right on this very same pond in the middle of New York City.  He would cherish the 15 cent train token that got him from 183rd Street and Broadway down to the conservatory on 72nd, as it was his ticket to a day of sailing. It was his diversion from his norm and an introduction to another world. A world predicated on his work, the wind and the natural environment.

Shabes’ sixth-grade teacher was the inspiration for his love of sailing. They took balsa wood and crafted a sailing vessel that would take on the currents, gales, and elements of Central Park’s Conservatory Water. The partnership that crafted a boat would be the design for a love of sailing for the rest of his life. “In those days we didn’t have remote controls, we sailed the boat on a beam reach and raced around the pond to gather the boat on the other side.” Shabes told me while describing the boat with his hands as if the model was right in front of him.

sailboats central park

Today, people of all ages build boats and sail them in the pond. Saturday mornings you can find members of the Central Park Model Yacht Club racing boats that appear to be miniature versions of some of the most beautiful boats you can see on the open ocean. The water is dotted with sailboats with helmsmen at the controls who are as focused as America’s Cup racers.

On any given summer day you’ll find tourists and locals alike trying their hand at sailing the model boats that are available for rent at the boathouse. Adults sail right alongside children as everyone does their best to catch the wind and glide across the glassy surface of this pond only steps away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

This is the beauty of sailing in a much easier and approachable package. No need for planning a weekend trip, just rent a boat and find a spot on a bench and sail.

sailboats central park Rental: $11 for 30 minutes Take a look at Central Park Model Yacht Club if you are interested in racing or just learning a bit more about making your own mini sailing vessel.

Want to Learn to Sail in NYC?

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School-972-Ritz Sailing Academy-TC-Featured

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sailboats central park


Sailing Through Central Park

Central Park is the ultimate Manhattan playground. Here’s where to go and what to do in this 843-acre family-friendly wonderland.

> The Lake

The scoop: Once a large swamp, now a picturesque 18-acre lake and stopover point for herons, egrets, and other migrating birds in spring and fall.

What to do: Rent a rowboat at the Loeb Boathouse ($15 an hour), and head out for some pleasantly aimless rowing. Borrow binoculars at Belvedere Castle .

> The Zoo

The scoop: No, the zebras and lions of Madagascar don’t really live here. But there are 130 species ranging from red pandas to penguins. A pair of snow leopard cubs—the first ever to be born at the zoo—celebrated their first birthday in June.

What to do: Time your entrance or exit to the half hour, when the mechanical bronze animals rotate atop the musical Delacorte Clock just outside the zoo’s main gate. The 44 songs that play throughout the day change seasonally.

> Shakespeare Garden

The scoop: “Here’s flowers for you,” wrote Shakespeare in   The Winter’s Tale , and in 1913, the commissioner of Central Park returned the sentiment, dedicating this traditional English garden to the Bard of Avon.

  • Nat Geo Expeditions

What to do: Many of the plants mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays make an appearance here. Look for sweet marjoram to cowslip to roses (by any other name).

  • Fun fact: Central Park’s architects, Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted, planted all but a few of the park’s trees. Even the hills and streams were built from scratch.

This piece, written by Chris Bonanos , appeared in the June/July 2014 issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine.  


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sailboats central park

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sailboats central park

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sailboats central park

The 50 best parks and gardens in Moscow

Navigate forward to interact with the calendar and select a date. Press the question mark key to get the keyboard shortcuts for changing dates.

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sailboats central park

1 Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

sailboats central park

2 Kolomenskoye

sailboats central park

3 Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve

4 all-russian exhibition center, 5 sokolniki park.

sailboats central park

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Plan your trip. Keep your budget organized. Split the cost between tripmates. Wanderlog does it all.

sailboats central park

6 Zaryadye Park

7 moscow zoo, 8 izmailovsky park, 9 muzeon park of arts, 10 neskuchny garden, 11 bauman garden, 12 park krasnaya presnya, 13 vorobyovy gory, 14 family park skazka., 15 nebo trampoline park.

sailboats central park

Don’t forget to pack anything

Stay organized with a to-do list, packing list, shopping list, any kind of list.

sailboats central park

16 Happylon

17 the rink, 18 vorob'yevy gory, 19 moscow-850, park attraktsionov i razvlecheniy, 20 le parterre, 21 vorob'yevy gory, 22 apothecary garden, 23 alexander garden, 24 kuskovo estate museum, 25 patriarch's ponds.

sailboats central park

All travel reservations in 1 place

Never dig through your emails again — access all your flights, lodging, and any reservations in 1 place.

sailboats central park

Perfect for road trips

See time and distance between places, and optimize your route to get the most of your day.

sailboats central park

Collaborate with friends in real time

Plan along with your friends with live syncing and collaborative editing.

sailboats central park

46 Trubetskoy Estate

47 park sadovniki, 48 biryulevskiy dendropark, 49 babushkinskiy park kul'tury i otdykha, 50 novopushkinsky square, top searches in moscow, popular road trips from moscow, what's the weather like in moscow.

It depends on when you visit! We've compiled data from NASA on what the weather is like in Moscow for each month of the year: see the links below for more information.

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  • Weather in Moscow in July
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  • Weather in Moscow in September
  • Weather in Moscow in October
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  • Weather in Moscow in December

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Explore nearby places

  • Likino-Dulevo
  • Ivanteyevka
  • Orekhovo-Zuevo
  • Semyonovskoye
  • Ivanovskoye
  • Rumyantsevo
  • Dzerzhinsky
  • Sovkhoz Imeni Lenina
  • Dolgoprudny

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  • Map of Moscow
  • Map of Danki
  • Map of Shatura
  • Map of Likino-Dulevo
  • Map of Uspenskoye
  • Map of Gorskoye
  • Map of Ivanteyevka
  • Map of Reutov
  • Map of Domodedovo
  • Map of Peresvet
  • Map of Vorobyovo
  • Map of Bronnitsy
  • Map of Orekhovo-Zuevo
  • Map of Moskovsky
  • Map of Semyonovskoye
  • Map of Izmaylovo
  • Map of Nikolskoye
  • Map of Ivanovskoye
  • Map of Marfino
  • Map of Govorovo
  • Map of Nagornoye
  • Map of Mosrentgen
  • Map of Bratsevo
  • Map of Rumyantsevo
  • Map of Mytishchi
  • Map of Putilkovo
  • Map of Razvilka
  • Map of Khimki
  • Map of Dzerzhinsky
  • Map of Sovkhoz Imeni Lenina
  • Map of Dolgoprudny

Moscow throughout the year

  • Moscow in January
  • Moscow in February
  • Moscow in March
  • Moscow in April
  • Moscow in May
  • Moscow in June
  • Moscow in July
  • Moscow in August
  • Moscow in September
  • Moscow in October
  • Moscow in November
  • Moscow in December

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sailboats central park

Boating in the Afternoon Sun

A row boat rental is the perfect way to enjoy a day on the central park lake.

As of March 4th, 2024, the Central Park Boathouse has fully reopened. The boat rental service is still closed and will return again in spring.

Until further notice, boats are available by walk-up and paid for with credit card or Apple Pay only. 

Gondola rides are temporarily suspended until further notice.

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2023 Row Boat Rental Schedule & Details  

Hours:  9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

General Information

  • First come, first served - No Reservations
  • Each boat holds up to 4 people
  • $25 per hour - Pay with card or Apple Pay.   (online bookings will soon also be available through reservation service OpenTable)  
  • Life jackets are provided
  • Children must be at least 3 feet tall
  • Children age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult
  • Pets are not permitted
  • There is a reversible ATM on site

Don't forget the picnic lunch! Our ready-made grab n' go picnic bags  are perfect for the boat ride.

Proposals & Special Occasions : Book a waterside picnic experience to enjoy by the Lake!

gondola ride at central park

gondola ride at central park

Take a classic venetian gondola tour with expert gondoliers.

Gondola rides are temporarily suspended until further notice.   Sign up for our free newsletter to get notified about the official reopening date and online bookings.

Experience the Lake in the way it was originally designed by architect Frederick Law Olmsted.

Gondola Schedule & Details  

May to November, (weather permitting)

  • Reservations required
  • $50 per half hour

Central Park Gondolier

Watch a video of gondolier who has been enjoying his job on the Central Park Lake since the 1990's!

About Row Boat Rentals & Gondola Rides

The Loeb Boathouse has recently gone through a change of hands of management, and as a result, is temporarily closed for renovations. The new operators are Legends Hospitality. As of June 2023, the restaurant has partially reopened with the outdoor patio cafe and rowboat rentals.

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The Central Park Boathouse has a fleet of over 100 row boats, each of which seats four people. Get a closer view of waterfowl that are hard to see from the shore, including the park's famous egrets, herons, and loons. Children may also enjoy helping to row the boat! First come first served, credit cards or Apple Pay only. Online reservations coming soon!

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Russian Tours and Cruises from Express to Russia

  • Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation, Moscow
  • Guide to Russia

What is the history of Gorky Park?

  • In the pre-revolutionary period, Gorky Park was a city dump and wasteland, which was cleared in 1923 to host the All-Russian Agricultural and Artisan Industrial Exhibition
  • In 1928, a huge park was planned on the former site of the exhibition. It would not just be a place of leisure, but a place to proudly display Soviet culture and daily life
  • Gorky Park has remained a cultural hub ever since, and has been renovated and added to over the years to make it one of Moscow’s top attractions today

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation

Gorky Park is the most famous park of Moscow, created during the Soviet period as a hub for relaxation and cultural activities. The park is beloved by Muscovites and tourists alike, who visit in all seasons to stroll, enjoy sports, admire the park’s attractions, and attend cultural events. Gorky Park is the central part of an ensemble of four green spaces – Muzeon Park of Arts, Neskuchny Garden, and Sparrow Hills Nature Reserve – which curve around the southern bank of the Moskva River to the south-west of Moscow city centre. Here you may spend some time and enjoy nature and contemprary art during your vacation in Moscow .

History of Gorky Park

Imperial russia.

In the 17th century, the eastern bank of the Moskva River beyond Moscow’s city limits was home to floodplain meadows, where palace horses grazed. From the mid-1850s, events such as cockfights, fistfights, and races were held here, and by the 20th century this area had become a city dump where the unemployed and homeless people of Moscow lived, which remained this way until the Soviet period. This wasteland lay in stark contrast to the adjoining Neskuchny Sad – ‘merry garden’ – which lay to its south, an area of aristocratic country estates and elaborate gardens.

Soviet Russia

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation

Photo from

Following the October Revolution, Vladimir Lenin travelled around Moscow to find a suitable site for the first All-Russian Agricultural and Artisan Industrial Exhibition, which would reveal opportunities for socialist development of agriculture and industry. Lenin decided on the wasteland alongside the Moskva River, which was cleared with a programme of community work. In 1923, the exhibition began. It encompassed 250 pavilions dedicated to different themes of agriculture and industry, and was divided into thematic zones, such as villages, livestock, crops, engineering, railways, republics of the USSR, and foreign countries. The organisation of the exhibition demarcated the future layout and size of Gorky Park, and the paths, ‘zones’, and main square of the exhibition have been preserved until the present day. In March 1928, Moscow City Council decided to establish a park of culture and recreation on the site of the former exhibition, which would also encompass the Neskuchny Garden. Moscow’s residents were instrumental in the construction of the park – they voiced their desires for events spaces, physical education and leisure facilities, and gave up their weekends to build the park. The park’s main architect was Konstantin Melnikov.

Did you know? Konstantin Melnikov also helped to construct Lenin’s Mausoleum and the Rusakov Worker’s Club, one of Moscow’s Constructivist masterpieces .

Over 100,000 Muscovites flocked to the opening of the park on 12th August 1928. The brand-new park was equipped with two theatres, a cinema, nursery, reading room, restaurant and café, music stages, sports arenas, rowing boats, and even a giant helter-skelter slide. Unfortunately, because of the vast size of the crowd and the general excitement, the park was damaged and closed until September.

Did you know? The park was not named after Maxim Gorky, writer and founder of Socialist Realism, until 1933.

In 1929, Betty Glan – at the mere age of 26 – became director of the park. She decided to reconceptualise it, uniting leisure, design, and ideology with the help of Moscow’s most eminent architects, designers and artists. Over the next decade, more cultural venues were established in the park, the Pushkinskaya Embankment along the Moskva River was developed, and the landscaping of the park was carefully cultivated. Architect Alexander Vlasov was particularly influential, and won the Grand Prix at the 1937 World Exhibition in Paris for his design of Gorky Park. This period under Glan’s directorship until 1937 was known as the ‘golden age’ of Gorky Park, which became not just a place for recreation, but a public space where Soviet culture and everyday life could be proudly displayed.

Did you know? During the Second World War topical events were held in Gorky Park, such as the championship in bayonet combat, grenade-throwing competitions, and air defence training. What’s more, an exhibition of captured enemy weapons – tanks, artillery, aeroplanes, and more – was organised in Gorky Park and continually updated throughout the war.

In the post-war decades new attractions were continually added to Gorky Park. These included the majestic 24-metre triumphal arch at the entrance to the park, an astronomical observatory (which remains open today), the famous Ferris wheel (unfortunately dismantled in 2008), and a fountain with lights and music.

Russia today

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation

Photo from

The Gorky Park ensemble continued to flourish as a centre of culture and recreation in post-Soviet Russia. The adjoining Muzeon Park of Arts was founded in 1992, and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art was established in Gorky Park in 2008. The ensemble underwent serious reconstruction in 2011. Many new sports facilities were added, including centres for beach sports and extreme sports, bicycle paths and sports equipment rental hubs, and much effort was devoted to reviving original buildings, sculptures, and landscape compositions. Two years later, the embankment of the Moskva River from the southern tip of Zamoskvorechye Island all the way to Sparrow Hills was redeveloped and pedestrianised, making it possible to peacefully walk or cycle along the Moskva for many kilometres.

What can you do at Gorky Park today?

  • Explore the park and see architectural attractions, fountains, and beautiful gardens
  • Visit Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and the Gorky Park Museum
  • Go boating on the lakes and stroll down the Pushkinskaya Embankment
  • Rent bicycles or scooters, skateboard, and visit the sports centres

What can you do at Gorky Park?

Park attractions.

While exploring the treelined paths of Gorky Park, you’ll come across a number of attractions. To the west of the main entrance, near the river, is a beautiful geometric bandstand used for music and literary evenings in the Soviet period. As you head down the central alley of Gorky Park from the main entrance, you’ll see a statue of Maxim Gorky on your right, and discover the light and music fountain with its dancing jets of water – find the schedule of its performances here .

Did you know? Don’t be afraid to feed the red squirrels and birds you encounter on your walk around Gorky Park – there are even vending machines which sell special food for the animals!

The southern section of Gorky Park is occupied by the Golitsynsky Garden. In 1802, the Golitsyn Hospital was founded here as a hospital for the poor; it still adjoins Gorky Park today. Gardens were created as a relaxation place for patients, extending from the hospital building to the riverbank, and included landscaped gardens, a Chinese Bridge, and two ponds. On the riverbank is the Rotunda of the Golitsyn Hospital, which has been preserved since the 19th century. There is also a rose garden and fountain by the Bolshoi Golitsynsky Pond.

Did you know? In the Golitsynsky Garden is also located an unusual architectural monument – a public toilet designed by Alexander Vlasov in the 1930s, which is recognised as an ‘object of cultural heritage’!

Outdoor activities

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation

Gorky Park’s extensive and varied grounds aren’t only good for walks! You can relax on the water by renting boats to sail on the Pionersky and Bolshoi Golitsynsky Ponds, or visiting the Olivkovy Beach on the Pushkinskaya Embankment to sunbathe. As well as this, you can hire bicycles, electric scooters, longboards or even roller skates to explore the park and embankments, play table tennis, visit the sports complex to play football, basketball, handball, badminton or volleyball, or visit the Vans skatepark or Nike sports centre for workouts and classes such as rooftop yoga.

Gorky Park Museum

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Recreation

Photo from

Visit the Gorky Park Museum, located in the left pier of the entrance arch. The current exhibition is dedicated to Gorky Park in the ‘golden age’ of the 1930s, and shows the development of Moscow’s central park through the eyes of Betty Glan. There is an observation deck on top of the arch, which offers a lovely view over the park and Moscow’s skyline.

Did you know? In the entrance arch there is also a gift shop where you can purchase balls, frisbees, blankets, and other items to enjoy your visit to Gorky Park.

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Garage Museum

Photo from

In Gorky Park you will find Garage Museum, Russia’s first philanthropic institution dedicated to contemporary art, founded in 2008 by Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova. 10 major exhibitions are hosted each year to showcase the work of established and up-and-coming artists. Also organised are a rich programme of events including curator-led excursions, workshops, masterclasses, lectures, concerts, performances, festivals, and film screenings at Garage’s outdoor cinema. Read our article about Garage Museum of Contemporary Art to learn more.

Food and drink

There are plenty of excellent cafes and restaurants dotted around Gorky Park, where you can stop for a quick coffee or enjoy a long meal with a view. They include the stylish lakeside café Ostrovok (Little Island) and upmarket restaurant Vremena Goda (Seasons) which serve European and Russian food, colourful lakeside Thai restaurant Lebedinoe Ozero (Swan Lake), trattoria Merkato with its huge summer terrace, restaurant Syrovarnya (Cheese Factory) with a menu focused on its homemade cheese, food-truck court Restoparking which is stylised as a drive-in café, and ice-cream and tea shop Chaynaya Vysota.

What’s nearby?

Gorky Park is bordered by Muzeon Park of Arts, Neskuchny Garden, and Sparrow Hills Nature Reserve. This huge ensemble curves for eight kilometres along the bank of the Moskva River, providing a beautiful oasis of green in Europe’s biggest city.

Muzeon Park of Arts

Muzeon Park

Photo from

Muzeon Park of Arts is the largest open-air sculpture museum in Russia, home to 1,000 sculptures by Soviet and Russian sculptors, including those by famous artists. A large part of Muzeon is occupied by the New Tretyakov Gallery , which houses Russia’s most complete exhibition of national art from the 20th century to the present day. The pedestrianised Krymskaya Embankment which extends alongside Muzeon has recently undergone redevelopment, and is one of Moscow’s most popular spots to relax.

Neskuchny Garden

Neskuchny Garden is the oldest park in Moscow, founded in 1728 by Prince Nikita Trubetskoy, who threw fantastic festivities in his manor house and gardens – neskuchny means ‘merry’ in Russian. Many other noble families also built their country estates in this area, which became a public park and garden after being acquired by the royal family. Today, the Neskuchny Garden is home to historical buildings, fountains, and gardens from the 18th and 19th centuries, sports facilities, an open-air theatre, and a huge greenhouse which supplies flowers to Gorky Park.

Sparrow Hills

Sparrow Hills Nature Reserve is a huge forest park lining the steep bank of the Moskva River and the only specially protected nature area near the city centre. It is home to ecological trails, ponds, natural springs, rare species of plants and animals, many spots for picnicking, cafes, and a mini zoo. At the bottom of the park lie the Vorobyovskaya and Andreevskaya Embankments, with promenades along the Moskva River, a beach, and piers offering boat trips. As with Gorky Park, Sparrow Hills is hugely popular for sports and outdoor activities in all seasons. A new winter sports complex with snowboarding, ice skating, and ski tracks and jumps is currently under construction. When the weather is pleasant, you can rent a bicycle to ride the 8 kilometres along the river from Muzeon to Sparrow Hills.

Essential information for visitors Address and contact details Gorky Park, Krymsky Val, 9, Moscow, 119049 Website: Email:  [email protected] Telephone: +7 (495) 995-00-20 Nearest metro: Oktyabrskaya (570m), Park Kultury (860m) Opening hours and tickets

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    Telephone: +7 (495) 995-00-20. Nearest metro: Oktyabrskaya (570m), Park Kultury (860m) Opening hours and tickets. Gorky Park is Moscow's most famous park, beloved by Muscovites and tourists alike who visit in all seasons to stroll, play sports, admire the park's attractions, and attend events.