1. Marine Engineering 103: The Hidden Life of Chainplates.

    sailboat chainplates

  2. Look at those shiny, new chainplates!

    sailboat chainplates

  3. Making New Chainplates

    sailboat chainplates

  4. Chainplates Re-Done

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  5. 7 best CHAINPLATES images on Pinterest

    sailboat chainplates

  6. 7 best CHAINPLATES images on Pinterest

    sailboat chainplates


  1. 19. Installing My New Bowsprit

  2. My Catamaran Gets Chainplates!

  3. Removing chainplates on Bristol 45.5

  4. Wooden Boat Building Ep. 18: DIY Stainless Steel Chain plates

  5. Crafting robust chainplates for sailboat rigging ⚓️ #SailingDIY #BoatProjects #MarineCraftmanship

  6. Marking the anchor chain. A better marking system for easier visibility. 2/18/23


  1. Chainplates 101: Inspect and Refit

    For safety and peace of mind, however, sailboat chainplates require attention and possibly upgrading. For example, many chainplates are too thin to grip clevis pins correctly. For a ½-inch turnbuckle with a ½-inch toggle, the chainplate should be at least ⅜ inch thick. For a ⅝-inch turnbuckle and toggle, a minimum thickness of.

  2. Know-how: Chainplate Replacement

    The exact cost of replacing chainplates will vary by boat. An upgrade from stainless steel to titanium will increase the cost by 30 to 40 percent. For me, the sense of security my crew and I felt during our aforementioned 1,500-mile offshore journey was priceless. February 2020. know how diy maintenance. Everyone dreads the day that something ...

  3. Chainplates & Stemhead Fittings

    Chainplates & Stemhead Fittings. Chainplates are the items by which the hull or deck is attached to the lower end of the Standing Rigging, usually a Turnbuckle. Most Standard Chainplates are made from Stainless Steel strap or bar and are bolted to the hull, to the cabin sides, or to a bulkhead and pass directly through the deck, usually through ...

  4. Standard Chainplates

    Stainless Steel Chainplate Blank with 3/8" hole for attachment of Shroud. Chainplate Blank has no drilled holes for attachment to boat, and is designed for use in replacement applications where mounting bolt pattern varies, especially in older boats where Chainplates were hand drilled. Flat SS Chainplate is 10" long x 1 1/4" wide x 3/16" thick, 3/8" hole center is 3/4" from end.

  5. Servicing The Chain Plates

    By The Rigging Company February 2, 2015. The chainplate is typically a metal plate used to fasten a stay to the boat. One end of the chainplate has a hole for the pin of the turnbuckle, the remainder of the chainplate is used to attach the plate to the boat via a bulkhead, knee, tie rod or the hull itself. Chainplates get their name from the ...

  6. Chainplates Revisited

    Following our review of the new J/133 (PS Oct. 1, '04), in which we recounted a chainplate failure aboard hull No. 3 on its maiden voyage, a reader's letter prompted us to review the manner in which manufacturers design and construct the critical connections between mast, shrouds, and a boat's structure. In the case of the J/133, we ...

  7. Chainplates

    Chainplates. At Mack Yacht Services, we know chainplates! In our experience, they are the most overlooked piece of equipment on boats today. Chain plates are the base of your rigging system and need attention just like everything else on your boat. Barring hurricanes, chainplate failure is the number one reason spars are replaced in our area.

  8. Check Your Chainplates

    Check Your Chainplates. They transfer the entire load from your rig to the hull. If they fail, your rig's toast. After completing our longest passage ever—3,300 miles of downwind sailing—my husband, Tom Bailey, and I anchored Oddly Enough, our Peterson 44, in a quiet cove in the Marquesas. As part of our maintenance routine, I checked the ...

  9. Rigged Right: Refitting your Chainplates

    Inspect where it passes through the deck, then rebed it.|. you can give it a fighting chance to adhere to chainplates by dewaxing the metal, then giving it some "tooth" by sanding it with 220-grit emery cloth. Afterward, clean the chainplate and the surrounding deck bedding surface with solvent, then liberally apply bedding material.

  10. Deck Mount Chainplates

    Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats. Rig-Rite, Inc. Phone: (001) 401-739-1140 ... Deck Mount Chainplates: Deck Mount Chainplates: These Chainplates are designed to be bolted directly to a flat Deck. Generally used for Shroud attachment on smaller boats, but sometimes used in Forestay and Backstay applications, they are suitable for ...

  11. Marine Engineering 103: The Hidden Life of Chainplates

    In terms of unknown, unloved, and uncared-for naval engineering heroes, it's tough to beat chainplates. That's right, chainplates. The deeply-engineered chunks of metal or space-age composites that join hulls to rigging and masts. Chainplates aren't exactly flashy. They do none of the sexy "sail-ish" stuff of generating lift or foiling through water. They don't help a boat float or ...

  12. Schaefer Chainplates

    Schaefer Menu. Schaefer offers chainplates for clevis pin sizes from 1/4" (6mm) to 5/8" (16mm). Available in straight or slightly bent and made from high quality stainless steel for a secure attachment. Also available are chainplate covers for most models. Our new water jet machine allows us to make custom chainplates for any boat on the water.

  13. Chainplate Fabrication: Part 1

    Sailboat manufactures mass produce their chainplates at the time of production, but older sailboats need to have custom made chainplates fabricated as they are no longer in stock. To manufacture your own chainplates, you need to locate the raw material: 316L Stainless Steel. 316L is readily available in various shapes and sizes, but for ...

  14. Curing chainplate leaks

    If your vessel has chainplates (and what sailboat doesn't?) then you probably also have chainplate leaks. The constant flexing of the hull and rigging will eventually break down even the best sealants, allowing seawater and rain to creep along the chainplates, creating corrosion on the chainplates and the bolts, saturating cored decks, staining and rotting the cabinetry and worse.

  15. Chainplate

    Chainplate. Bavaria 35 Match. A chainplate is a metal plate used to fasten a shroud or stay to the hull of a sailboat. One end of the chainplate is normally fastened to a turnbuckle which is connected to the shroud or stay, whereas the remainder of the chainplate normally has multiple holes that are bolted to the hull, or the chains. [1]

  16. A cure for leaking chainplates

    And I have had, at best, 3 years with LifeCaulk. But I would never, ever use 3M 5200 on chainplates, which should be removed and visually inspected for cracks every 5 - 10 years in any case. Butyl tape, applied properly (see MainSail's website), will seal the chainplates 100% effectively. Note that, if the boatbuilder has done the job properly ...

  17. Chainplates

    Your chainplates are an important part of the connective pieces of your boat, and having stainless steel attachments is arguably the best way to go. Stainless Outfitters is the original supplier to such well known names as C&C Yachts, Bombardier Aerospace, M.D.S. Nordion, Toronto Parks and Recreation, The Ontario Provincial Police, plus many more.

  18. Repair/Rebuild the Bulkhead / Titanium Chainplates When Re ...

    How to repair a bulkhead, and fix the tabbing on the hull of a sailboat before the titanium chain plates rip right out! Often Bulkhead repair is needed even ...

  19. Chainplates

    Schaefer chainplates are designed for use with 1X19 wire fittings and marine turnbuckles. • Extra long length and multiple fastener holes provide secure attachment to the boat. • Available in flat and pre-bent versions to align with rigging loads. • Chainplate covers available to provide proper seal at the deck.

  20. Chainplate Covers

    Spars, Rigging, and Hardware for Sailboats. Rig-Rite, Inc. Phone: (001) 401-739-1140 -- FAX: (001) 401-739-1149 Ordering/Questionsp: ... Chainplate Covers are designed for use with Standard Chainplates made from rectangular bar or plate stock which protrude through the deck. Chainplate Covers fit over the Chainplate and are ...

  21. SAILBOAT BUYING TIPS from a Surveyor

    Discover key factors to consider when purchasing a used sailboat. In this multi-part series, experienced surveyor Jim Dias, of Accredited Marine Surveyors, ...

  22. Rebedding Sailboat Deck Hardware

    A look at different types of bedding compounds for sailboat deck hardware, how to prepare the surfaces and install the gear. ... serves as a flexible gasket of sorts between deck ­hardware—from cleats, stanchion bases, chainplates and sail tracks to pedestals, pulpits, winches and clutches. The bedding you select should be easy to apply ...

  23. Bronze Chain Plates

    Cast in the United Kingdom, these beautifully made bronze shroud plates are undrilled. This allows the installer to drill holes to suit the vessel's strong points. They are available in a range sizes of sizes as shown in the below table, or we can make to your specific requirements. Note that the price is for one chain plate only.