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Wind Star

Ship Specifications


Welcome Aboard Wind Star

Step aboard a vessel that is "180 °  from Ordinary," the four-masted schooner, Wind Star,  provides guests with a luxury yachting experience that is as delightfully pampering as it is uniquely personal. Renovated from stem to stern with open teak decks, Wind Star is intimate and stylish with public spaces that invite conversation and relaxation among guests.

Wind Star is a romantic, four-masted sailing ship with recently updated accommodations, a casual yet elegant atmosphere, and friendly service. While her towering sails echo a bygone era of explorers, her sleek lines and computerized controls are innovative in concept and design. Teak decking, rich wood interiors, an attentive service staff, intimate surroundings, eclectic artwork, exceptional signature cuisine featuring both light and vegetarian menu selections, and complimentary wine with dinner are the elements synonymous with your ship. Staterooms (188 square feet each) offer ocean views, new LCD flatscreen TV, DVD/CD player, IPod Nano and Bose SoundDock system, safe, mini-bar/refrigerator, international direct-dial phone, bathroom with pampering toiletries, hair dryer and plush terry robes. All are equipped with one standard U.S. 110 volt and European 220 volt, 60 cycle AC electrical outlet. Wind Star exudes a private, yacht-like ambiance creating camaraderie and lasting friendships among guests, a hallmark of small ship cruising.

See for yourself what Small Ship Cruising is all about

Lounging on the deck, lounge on one of wind star's decks with accompanying views of the water..

Wind Star is intimate and stylish with public spaces that invite conversation and relaxation. Tuck away in one of cozy nooks and crannies perfect for hiding away with a good book or conversing with friends.

Life onboard

"casual elegance" defines life aboard wind star....

Teak decking, rich wood interiors, an attentive service staff and intimate surroundings are just a few reasons that showcase the Windstar Cruises' slogan, "180 from Ordinary" to the fullest.

Pool & Jacuzzi

Take a dip in the pool to cool off or relax in the connected jacuzzi..

Enjoy a refreshing dip in the swimming pool to cool off during those hot days aboard Wind Star... or, alternatively, relax in the connecting hot tub, where you can converse with the friends you've met onboard as the jets massage your body. For those seeking a bit more adventure, a watersports platform, fitted with a variety of aquatic equipment to explore the wondrous ocean and native sea life, is yours to enjoy.

The four-masted sailing yacht, Wind Star, is designed to show guests the world with luxury in mind

Boasting beautiful teak decks, Wind Star invites you to enjoy tranquil staterooms featuring warm and contemporary color palettes and indulgent linens.

With a maximum capacity of 148 passengers, the three-masted Wind Star provides guests with a yachting experience that is as delightfully pampering, as it is uniquely personal.

Onboard, enjoy a variety of public spaces including a salt-water swimming pool, hot tub and accompanying pool bar, WindSpa, an entertainment lounge, a water sports platform and a library.

Wide open teak decks from end to end invite conversation between guests. Discover the hidden nooks in crannies throughout the ship for private moments that give guests a feeling of being on their own private veranda.

Staterooms (188-square-feet each) offer ocean views, queen-size beds, LCD flatscreen TV, DVD/CD player, Bose SoundDock speakers for Apple iPods, safe, mini-bar/refrigerator, international direct-dial phone and private bathroom with premier toiletries, hair dryer and plush terry robes with accompanying slippers.

  • Equipment available for a variety of aquatic activities including kayaking, water-skiing, windsurfing and snorkeling, weathering permitting
  • A choice of onboard dining available, including the gourmet AmphorA restaurant for evening meals and the casual Veranda for breakfast and lunch
  • Candles Grill, an alternate option, offers dinner by candlelight under the stars, weather permitting
  • With over 90 crew members on board at any given time, attentive service is a top priority
  • All staterooms are equipped with one standard U.S. 110-volt and European 220-volt, 60 cycle AC electrical outlet

Welcome Aboard

Flying bridge.

View Cabin Categories

rc windstar sailboat

Category AX Deluxe

rc windstar sailboat

Category BX Deluxe

rc windstar sailboat

Onboard Experience

Wake up aboard the romantic, four-masted Wind Star in your sumptuous oceanview stateroom, whose amenities include a queen-sized bed and a private bathroom with pampering premier toiletries. Breakfast tempts in the casual Veranda restaurant. After breakfast, you may venture off the ship for a morning of guided sightseeing ashore, or indulge in onboard pleasures that are the mainstay of the yachting set – because this elegant sailing ship feels very much like a private yacht. Lunch as you choose… onboard in the Veranda, or perhaps staying ashore to sample the local fare in today's port of call. Beverages, from soft drinks to house wine and spirits, complement your mood and are available onboard throughout the day. Afternoon invites more exploration ashore… or relaxation onboard, whether it's cuddling up with a good book in the library… taking a dip in the ship's pool or relaxing in the hot tub… sipping a cocktail in the lounge… attending an insightful lecture by an onboard expert… enjoying a rejuvenating treatment in the WindSpa… or going snorkeling in the ocean from the watersports platform aft. This evening, dine with new friends – or enjoy a romantic dinner for two – under the stars at Candles Grill, or in the gourmet AmphorA restaurant. Nighttime brings out the stars in the sky above… and time to watch them twinkle from the open deck with Wind Star's sails unfurled. Or, you can try your luck in the Casino, or enjoy live entertainment in the lounge. When you return to your stateroom, Windstar's signature bowls of flowers and fresh fruit will be waiting for you. And when it's time to turn in, you'll close your eyes and sleep to the rhythm of the seas aboard Windstar's classic four-masted flagship, Wind Star. Read Less


Cruising with Wind Star

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Windstar cruises.

Partner Since 1998


Founded in 1984 as Windstar Sail Cruises, Windstar Cruises today is one of the world's leading operators of small luxury cruise ships. Its award-winning fleet of yachts accommodating between 148 and 310 guests sails to some 150 ports in 50 nations across the globe. Our guests have enjoyed Tauck's personalized sailing on Windstar ships for many years, including the company's classic yachts  Wind Star  and Wind Surf .

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Swell RC

Radio Controlled Sailboats: A Guide to Choosing, Maintaining, and Sailing Miniature Boats

' src=

  • By - Kyle Hilson
  • Posted on November 14, 2023 November 15, 2023
  • Posted in RC Boats

Radio Controlled Sailboats are miniature sailboats that are operated by a remote control device. They are popularly referred to as “RC Sailboats” by enthusiasts and hobbyists. RC sailboats are more than just toys or collectibles. They require a certain level of skill, strategy, and dedication to use efficiently and effectively. They come in various sizes, shapes, and designs, with overlapping features and specifications. From casual sailing to competitive racing, they are an excellent way to experience the joys and challenges of sailing. Radio Controlled Sailboats are not new devices, they have been around for a long time, and the technology used to create these amazing boats has improved. RC sailboats are fascinating for those who love marine activities, sailing, and racing. This article intends to provide readers with useful and practical information about RC sailboats, including their history, types, factors to consider when buying, maintaining, sailing tips, and some other related topics.

The History of Radio Controlled Sailboats

Radio Controlled Sailboats have a rich history dating back to the 1960s when the first remote-controlled sailboat was developed. From then on, the technology used to produce these boats has changed, improved, and diversified. Here are some significant moments in the history of radio-controlled sailboats :

  • In 1961, the first radio-controlled sailboat, the Electron , was developed by Robbe in Germany.
  • During the 1970s, radio-controlled sailing experienced significant growth, with the emergence of hobbyists and enthusiasts who loved these models.
  • In the 1980s, the International Radio Sailing Association ( IRSA ) was founded, and they established the regulations for RC sailboats .
  • The emergence of sail winches and electronic speed controllers ( ESCs ) in the 1990s allowed for more efficient and precise control of the boats.
  • With the advancement of technology in the 21st century, RC sailboats are now fitted with enhanced sensors, improved batteries, and 2.4 GHz radio systems for effective communication between the boat and the remote control.

Radio-controlled sailboats have come a long way since their inception, and they continue to attract an even larger following of enthusiasts and hobbyists. Some of the keywords you may use to explore the history of RC sailboats include vintage models, classic designs, and retro boats. If you are interested in getting started, several websites offer useful information on RC sailboats and related products, including the International One Metre ( IOM ) class boats, which are popular in racing.

‘What are some key advancements in the technology of radio-controlled sailboats’?

Radio-controlled sailboats have come a long way since their inception, thanks to technological advancements that have revolutionized the way these boats are designed, built and operated. Here are some of the key advancements in radio-controlled sailboats technology:

1. Better materials: In the past, radio-controlled sailboats were made from materials like wood and plastic, which made them heavy and less efficient. Today, new materials like carbon fiber have made boats lighter, stronger and more durable.

2. Improved electronics: Modern radio-controlled sailboats are equipped with advanced electronics that allow for better control and precision. Features like GPS tracking, wind sensors, and remote control software enable sailors to monitor and adjust their boats’ movements with greater accuracy.

3. Enhanced design: With the help of computer-aided design (CAD) software, sailboat designers can create more efficient and streamlined hull shapes that reduce drag and increase speed. Improved rigging systems also allow for better control over the sail and make maneuvers smoother and more efficient.

4. Remote control systems: Radio-controlled sailboats are operated using remote control systems that have become increasingly sophisticated over the years. Nowadays, sailors can use smartphones or tablets to control their boats from a distance, which makes the entire sailing experience more convenient and enjoyable.

5. Automatic systems: Some modern radio-controlled sailboats also come with automatic systems that can adjust the sail and rudder based on the wind direction and strength. This allows for more efficient sailing and frees up the sailor to focus on tactics and strategy.

Overall, the advancements in radio-controlled sailboats technology have made sailing more enjoyable, accessible and competitive for hobbyists and professionals alike. As technology continues to evolve, we can only expect to see more innovations in this exciting and dynamic field.

Types of Radio Controlled Sailboats

There are various types of radio-controlled sailboats available, and each type comes with its design, shape, and functionality. Some of the common types of RC sailboats include:

Other types of sailboats include radio-controlled sloops , schooners , and RC vintage boats . Interestingly, some of these boats were inspired by full-sized boats, and they come with features that mimic their larger counterparts.

It’s necessary to note that each type of radio-controlled sailboat has its advantages and disadvantages. This means that a thorough understanding of the boat’s design and functionality is necessary to determine which type is best suited for the intended activities. With this knowledge, RC sailboat enthusiasts can choose the best boat to suit their needs. Keywords related to this topic include different types of boats, boat features, and boat performance. There are various websites and online stores where one can get information on the different types of RC sailboats and related products. For instance, Horizon Hobby offers a range of radio-controlled sailboats with different features and designs.

‘What are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of radio-controlled sailboats’?

Radio-controlled sailboats come in a variety of types, and each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these can help you choose the one that is right for you. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of different types of radio-controlled sailboats, including monohulls, multihulls, and trimarans.

Monohulls are the most traditional type of sailboat and are a great option for beginners. These boats have a single hull and a keel (a long fin that runs down the bottom of the boat) that provides stability. The advantages of monohulls are that they are easy to control and maintain and are more durable than other types of sailboats. However, they are slower than other types of boats and tend to tip over more easily in strong winds.

Multihulls, on the other hand, have two or more hulls and are generally faster and more stable than monohulls. They are also more maneuverable and can sail closer to the wind, making them better for racing. However, they are more complex and require more maintenance than monohulls, and are less durable in general.

Trimarans are a type of multihull with three hulls, and they offer the advantages of both monohulls and multihulls. They are fast and stable, while also being maneuverable and easy to control. However, they are the most complex and expensive type of radio-controlled sailboat, and require the most maintenance.

In conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of different types of radio-controlled sailboats depend on your skill level, interests, and budget. Monohulls are great for beginners and are easy to control and maintain, while multihulls and trimarans offer faster speeds and better maneuverability, but require more maintenance and are generally more expensive. Regardless of the type of boat you choose, make sure to practice and have fun!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Radio Controlled Sailboat

Choosing a radio-controlled sailboat requires considering several factors to ensure that the boat meets the intended use and preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Size: Choose a sailboat size that is proportional to the body of water where it will be operated. Boats that are too large or too small may not perform well in the water.
  • Design: The design of the boat affects its speed, stability, and maneuverability. Depending on your intended use, different designs may be suitable.
  • Weight: The weight of the boat affects its balance and responsiveness. Lighter boats are generally faster, while heavier boats may be slower, but they offer stability in changing wind and water conditions.
  • Budget: Radio-controlled sailboats come in different price ranges, and you need to consider your budget when choosing one. Some sailboats come as kits that require additional assembly, while others come ready to sail but at a higher cost.
  • Skill Level: Different sailboats require varying levels of skill to operate effectively. Beginners may prefer simpler boats such as monohulls or dragon force boats , while experienced sailors may opt for more complex boats such as trimarans or catamarans .

It’s vital to research various boat models before making a purchase decision. Websites such as Amazon, Horizon Hobby , and Tower Hobbies offer a range of RC sailboats and related products. Additionally, these sites offer reviews from verified buyers, which is useful in assessing the quality and performance of different products. Keywords related to this topic include boat specifications, boat features, and boat performance.

What are some popular websites to purchase radio-controlled sailboats from?

There are plenty of websites out there that sell radio-controlled sailboats, but if you’re looking for the most reliable and popular ones, we’ve compiled a list for you!

First up is Amazon. As one of the largest online retailers in the world, Amazon has a wide selection of RC sailboats from a variety of brands and at varying price points, making it a great choice for those looking for convenience and affordability.

Another popular website is HobbyKing. This site specializes in RC devices and accessories and has a dedicated section for sailboats. They offer a range of sailboat models with different configurations and features for both beginners and advanced users.

If you’re a fan of brand-name products, then Horizon Hobby is a great option. They offer sailboats from well-known manufacturers like Pro Boat, which are designed for both beginners and serious hobbyists.

SailRC is another website that specializes in radio-controlled sailboats. They have an impressive selection of handmade, high-performance sailboats designed specifically for racing enthusiasts.

Lastly, for those looking for a more traditional approach to RC sailboats, The Wooden Boat Store offers beautifully crafted model sailboats made from wood. These models are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also functional and come with sailing rigging, making them perfect for display purposes or for a day out on the water!

So, there you have it- some of the most popular websites to purchase radio-controlled sailboats. Happy sailing!

Maintenance of Radio Controlled Sailboats

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure that radio-controlled sailboats remain functional and have a long lifespan. Here are some tips for maintaining your RC sailboat:

  • Cleaning: RC sailboats should be cleaned regularly with freshwater and mild soap to remove dirt and debris. It is essential to avoid using abrasive or harsh cleaners that could damage the boat’s finish and electronics.
  • Lubrication: The boat’s moving parts should be lubricated with silicone-based lubricants to prevent damage from friction and help improve performance.
  • Battery Care: The batteries should be charged correctly and stored properly when not in use. It is important to avoid overcharging or undercharging the battery, which can affect its lifespan.
  • Repairs and upgrades: From time to time, repairs and upgrades may be required, such as replacing a worn-out sail or upgrading the sailboat’s electronics. Seek professional maintenance services if you are not familiar with making repairs or upgrades yourself.

Several websites offer RC sailboat maintenance products and services , such as Amazon, HobbyKing, and RC Planet. It is helpful to read product reviews before purchasing any maintenance products or seeking maintenance services. Related keywords include boat care , cleaning , storage , upgrades , and maintenance services .

It is worth noting that proper maintenance not only prolongs the lifespan of the sailboat but also helps maintain and improve its performance over time.

‘What are some recommended products and services for maintaining RC sailboats’?

Maintaining an RC sailboat is key to extending its lifespan and ensuring it operates smoothly. A well-maintained RC sailboat not only performs better but also provides a more enjoyable sailing experience for its owner. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top products and services recommended for maintaining RC sailboats.

1. Lubricants: Lubricating your boat’s moving parts is essential for smoother and quieter operation. Look for a high-quality silicone lubricant that is water-resistant and non-corrosive to prevent damage to your boat’s moving components.

2. Power Pack: An RC sailboat’s power pack is a critical component that requires regular maintenance. A good quality power pack with higher voltage can provide longer sailing times. Check and clean your power pack regularly to ensure maximum efficiency.

3. Sail cleaning solution: As your sailboat sails over the water, it accumulates dirt, grime and other debris, which can impact its performance. A sail cleaning solution is essential for cleaning and maintaining the sail. You can also use a mild soap and warm water solution to keep your sail clean.

4. Boat stand: A boat stand is a necessary tool for the maintenance of your RC sailboat. It provides an easy and secure way to work on your boat’s hull and bottom without causing any damage. Use a boat stand when painting, cleaning and performing maintenance activities on your RC sailboat.

5. Sail repair kit: A sail repair kit can be a valuable addition to any RC sailboat owner’s tool kit. It contains essential tools and materials to repair and replace damaged sail segments quickly and efficiently.

6. Professional Services: If you are not confident in your ability to maintain and repair your RC sailboat, consider using the professional services of a local repair shop. They can assist with maintaining your boat’s hull finish and electrical components, ensuring its performance is optimal.

In conclusion, maintaining an RC sailboat is essential for ensuring its optimal performance and lifespan. By utilizing the recommended products and services mentioned above, you can keep your RC sailboat in top condition, allowing you to have a more enjoyable sailing experience.

Tips for Sailing Radio Controlled Sailboats

Sailing radio-controlled sailboats can be a fun activity for anyone interested in RC sailboats. Here are some tips for having a great sailing experience:

  • Choose the right location: Look for a location that is free from obstacles and has calm waters. Avoid sailing in areas with strong winds, currents, or boats that may obstruct your sailboat.
  • Learn how to read the wind: Understanding how to read the wind is essential to sail the boat successfully. Look for ripples on the water and observe how the wind affects the sails.
  • Practice sail control: Practice controlling the sailboat’s speed, direction, and turning. Learn how to trim the sails for maximum speed and adjust the rudder to steer your boat.
  • Know the racing rules: If you plan to participate in RC sailboat racing, you should learn the racing rules to avoid disqualification. You can find racing rules on the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) website.

RC sailboats are available from several online retailers such as Amazon, HobbyKing, and Tower Hobbies , among others. Consider reading product reviews and comparing prices before making a purchase. Also, consider upgrading your boat to enhance its performance by buying a new sail or upgrading the electronics. Additional keywords related to this section include sailing techniques , racing tips , and weather .

In summary, following these tips can help you have a great sailboat experience whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor . With proper sailboat maintenance and good sailing techniques, you can enjoy your radio-controlled sailboat for years to come.

People Also Ask: What are some recommended sailboat maintenance tips for radio-controlled sailboats?

Radio-controlled sailboats are popular among sailing enthusiasts, as they offer a unique and exciting way to enjoy the water. However, to ensure that your sailboat remains in good condition and continues to provide the performance you expect, it’s important to follow a regular maintenance routine. Here are some recommended sailboat maintenance tips for radio-controlled sailboats.

1. Keep It Clean: The most important aspect of sailboat maintenance is keeping it clean. After each use, wipe down the sailboat with a damp cloth to remove any salt or dirt that may have accumulated. This not only keeps the boat looking good but also prevents damage to the boat’s components.

2. Inspect the Sails and Rigging: Regularly inspect the sails and rigging of the sailboat. Check for any signs of wear and tear, such as frayed ropes or tears in the sail. This can help you identify any potential problems before they become bigger issues.

3. Check the Battery: The battery is a critical component of your sailboat’s performance. Make sure it is fully charged before each use and replace it as needed. Batteries that are not maintained can affect the performance of your boat and can even damage the components.

4. Keep It Dry: After each use, dry the sailboat thoroughly to prevent any moisture from accumulating. This can help prevent rusting and other damage to the boat’s components.

5. Store It Properly: When not in use, store your sailboat in a dry place where it won’t be exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures. This can help prevent rusting, warping, and other damage that can occur over time.

By following a regular maintenance routine, you can ensure that your radio-controlled sailboat remains in good condition and continues to provide the excitement and enjoyment you expect.

Radio Controlled Sailboats offer a unique experience that combines sailing with remote-control technology. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, there is an RC sailboat that can meet your needs. By considering the factors outlined in this article, you can choose the right boat for your needs and have a great sailing experience. Remember that maintenance is essential to keep your boat in top condition, and with practice and patience, your sailing skills will improve over time.

RC sailboats are not only a great leisure activity but also compete in regional, national, and international competitions, offering a chance to take the hobby to the next level. In addition, RC sailboats can provide educational opportunities for children, who can learn about the principles of buoyancy, sailing, and electronics.

Radio-controlled sailboats’ popularity continues to grow as technology advancements make them more accessible, affordable, and enjoyable. With the right equipment, sailing location, and sailing knowledge, you can enjoy the fun and excitement of sailing an RC sailboat. So, what are you waiting for? Get your RC sailboat and hit the water!

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Model ship clubs of the usa.

  • Updated on: 24th January 2021
  • Written by Gary Renshaw

Model Ship building is a craft that has been around since water transport first began. Every boat ever built has a unique story to tell. The model ship clubs of the United States have an important part to play in continuing the skills and tradition of the art of model ship building. Here we have compiled a list of the model ships clubs that are situated across the United States.

California Model Ship Clubs

Ship modelers association.

The Ship Modelers Association (SMA) is the largest ship modeling club in California, and one of the largest in the nation. They seek to foster research and interest in the nautical heritage of the United States by researching and building scale ship models. 

Sacramento Mo del Shipwrights

The Sacramento Model Shipwrights, are a club of radio-control model ship enthusiasts, who sail at the lake in Elk Grove Regional Park in Elk Grove, California. They are known for building civilian and military models, which are powered by electric motors, steam engines, or sail.

South Bay Model Shipwrights

The South Bay Model Shipwrights is a club to learn and share info on shipbuilding techniques using a variety of materials.  Member’s projects include model ships from plastic and wood from commercial kits and scratch built vessels in resin and wood. 

Club members have built ships ranging from 3’ to 56” in Over All length.  Members have built vessels from all timeframes in human history.  This includes rafts, Viking Ships, Galleons, Clipper Ships, Japanese and Chinese Sailing ships, Steam Ferry Boats, and modern era combat ships.

At club meetings they discuss maritime construction, current events, history, and archaeology.

Channel Islands Maritime Museum Ship Model Guild

The Channel Islands Maritime Museum sponsors a Ship Model Guild, an active club of local model builders, who meet once a month at the Museum.  The public is welcome to the monthly meetings, third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM and all are welcome to join the Guild.

Learn Maritime history by building models of ships that made history.  Techniques for wood, plastic or metal construction are addressed at the meetings.  Every meeting is different as members discuss their progress during the “show and tell” sessions.  Interesting bits of information are exchanged about the ships of adventure on the high seas. 

Inland Nautical Society

Inland Nautical Society is a club for Radio Controlled Model Boaters. The club have beginners who have never built a model before, to the experienced modelers who have built museum quality models. The club has a reputation of friendly and knowledgeable members who are eager to share a wealth of their knowledge and expertise of radio controlled modeling.

San Diego Ship Modeler’s Guild

The San Diego Ship Modeler’s Guild welcomes people of all ages with an interest in preserving maritime history through the art of ship modeling. Membership ranges from new ship modelers to experienced master modelers. Ship model projects include period sailing ships through to contemporary steel navy.

Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights

The Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights are associated with the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, a unit of the National Park Service, and have a model shop aboard the historic ferryboat Eureka berthed at the Hyde Street Pier.

Anyone interested in model shipbuilding is welcome to attend their meetings. Members can offer advice and support on all stages of model shipbuilding, from selecting a kit for your first model to advanced layout and scratch building.

San Francisco Model Yacht Club

Colorado model ship clubs, rocky mountain shipwrights.

The Rocky Mountain Shipwrights group of model ship builders in Colorado dedicated to promoting, developing, and furthering scale model shipbuilding. With about 50 members, building many types and sizes of model ships – from Egyptian barges to WWII destroyers, ships in bottles to all-paper models, miniature liners to four-foot men of war. Several members and their creations have won national and regional awards, and some have built models now on display at maritime museums nationwide.

But they are not all expert modelers. Some members are working on their first models. They get advice and encouragement from those who are more experienced, and the goal is for everyone to enjoy the hobby of building model ships and to get the satisfaction of completing and displaying their work.

Connecticut Model Ship Clubs

Connecticut marine model society.

Connecticut Marine Model Society are a group of enthusiastic ship model builders from Connecticut. They meet on the second Saturday of the month from September to June in West Haven, Ct. They build models from scratch or from kits; both wood and plastic. The subjects range from wooden sailing ship to present day ships of steel.

Florida Model Ship Clubs

Southwest florida shipmodeler’s guild.

The Southwest Florida Shipmodeler’s Guild purpose is to provide and promote a forum from which its members can share their model ship building knowledge, skills and techniques, personal experiences, nautical history and any other related maritime interests that might benefit its membership. Their goal is to learn and grow in competence in pursuing the construction of ship models in an atmosphere of constructive fellowship, assistance, and active participation.

Their members come from all walks of life and represent all levels of ship modeling skill from novice to expert. Meeting in a friendly and informal environment at the beautiful Fort Myers Riverside Community Center.

Tampa Bay Ship Model Society

The Tampa Bay Ship Model Society brings together model ship builders, both newcomers and veteran builders, for the mutual benefit of expanding their knowledge of ships, research, techniques, and further develop their abilities in all areas relevant to ship model building and maritime history.

Members model in all materials; wood, metal, paper and polymers, from plans only, or commercial kits, vessels from every era and purpose; Exploration, Steel Navy, Submarines, Yachts, Tugs, Commercial, Fishing, Liners, Working Small Craft, Coast Guard, River/Paddle Wheel, Racing Power and Sail.

Georgia Model Ship Clubs

Atlanta model shipwrights.

Atlanta Model Shipwrights aim to educate and promote model shipbuilding through fellowship mentoring and instruction in a non-competitive environment. Meetings are held the second Saturday of each month from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

Illinois Model Ship Clubs

The north shore deadeyes.

The North Shore Deadeyes primarily focused on static scale ship models with an emphasis on the Great Age of Sail, but builders of models from all eras and at all levels of skill welcome.

Midwest Model Shipwrights

The Midwest Model Shipwrights was formed in 1982 by individuals who had a common interest in model ship building and maritime history. Goals of the club are to discuss and share modeling ideas and concepts while making new friends.

Vessels built by the Shipwrights represent a variety of types and eras. Sizes range from miniatures a few inches in length to radio control warships over five feet long, and from basic to amazingly complex. Their membership includes beginning through to advanced modelers, some of whose works can be found in museums, galleries and private collections.

In spite of all these accomplishments, the organization’s primary focus remains the interaction between expert, intermediate and novice.

Indiana Model Ship Clubs

Admirals of indianapolis.

Admirals of Indianapolis club’s members build and operate scale merchant ships, pleasure craft, work boats, military ships, sailboats, and just about anything that floats or submerges (in the case of submarine models). Many boats are built from kits and some are scratch-built from plans and photographs. The models are powered by electric motors, steam engines, or wind power in the case of sailboats.

Kansas Model Ship Clubs

Kansas city square riggers modeling association.

The Kansas City Square Riggers Club are a model ship-building enthusiasts club based out of the greater Kansas City area. They welcome builders of all skill levels and interests. If you are into naval research and model building they would love to hear from you.

Massachusetts Model Ship Clubs

Uss constitution model shipwright guild.

The USS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild is the largest model ship association on the East Coast. Meetings overlooking Old Ironsides at the USS Constitution Museum are well attended.  In addition to monthly meetings, the Guild takes part in the annual meeting of model clubs from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. They also attend the annual Salem Maritime Festival and the Antique & Classic Boat Festival, as well as the biennial Woods Hole Model Boat Show.

Novices and experienced model builders alike can have fun developing resources, experiences, and skills by joining us. SS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild

U.S. Vintage Model Yacht Group

The US Vintage Model Yacht Group is a Special Interest Group of the American Model Yachting Association. Their organizational goals are the preservation, building, and sailing of older model yacht designs and the study of the history of the sport of model yachting.

“Vintage” primarily means any older model sailboats no longer sailed (or never raced) in serious competition. These encompass free-sailing model yachts, older designs converted to R/C and pre-1970s R/C sailing models. This includes class racing yachts, non-class sailing models, and commercially-built toys of the past. There are also replica models built to the older designs and new designs recreating older sailboat styles.

The group also support those who sail traditional sailing craft models, such as Schooners, Skipjacks, and other scale models. The hulls are generally made of wood, with some fiberglass models, and range in length from 1 to 6 ft. The rigs are usually constructed from wood or aluminum, with cotton or dacron sails.

Marine Modelers Club of New England

The Marine Modelers Club of New England have about 50 members, based in the greater Boston area.  They meet monthly, usually pond-side, when the weather allows it.  Meetings are rather informal, with little time spent on business, and lots of time talking about RC boats. 

Their members are a creative bunch, and there is usually an interesting array of models at gatherings. Their modelers are a creative bunch and there is usually an interesting array of models at their gatherings. Their interests include tugboats, warships, pleasure craft, sailboats (both scale and racing) and pond sailors.  

Merrimack Valley Ship Model Club  

The Merrimack Valley Ship Model Club are an enthusiastic and friendly group of model ship makers who share a particular interest in the naval history of Newburyport, and the Merrimack River Valley area.

Maryland Model Ship Clubs

CBMM’s volunteer Maritime Model Guild supports the curatorial needs of CBMM with exhibition models and building kits that are available for purchase  online  and at the Museum Store. In addition, the Guild offers classes for building scratch models, and the annual  Maritime Model Expo  featuring “live” steamboat models, skipjacks with working sails, speedboats, tugs, and other radio-controlled miniatures.

The group also hosts children’s model-making activities at CBMM’s signature events and other outreach and educational programs throughout the year. 

Washington Ship Model Society

The Washington Ship Model Society (WSMS) was founded in 1929 and is the oldest continuously active ship model club in the United States. The organization is composed of active ship model enthusiasts from the Greater Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area. Its purpose is to provide a socially enjoyable means for serious ship modelers to meet, share, and expand upon their common avocation through the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The society draws its members from all walks of life and many different occupations. The modelers’ skills range from absolute beginners to professionals who have constructed models for maritime exhibits in the Smithsonian Institution and other museums throughout the United States and Europe. Over the years, members have written numerous articles for nautical research and ship model publications. Society membership has included such notables as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, then Major (and later General) George Patton, Howard I. Chappelle, and Paul E. Garber.

The interests of the modelers are as varied as their occupations, ranging from 17th-century sailing vessels to radio-controlled models of modern powered craft. All types of ship models have been constructed, in static display and operating versions, and in wood, brass, plastic, and card media. 

The society conducts monthly meetings, alternating between Virginia and Maryland locations. The meeting format consists of brief society business, informal discussions of members’ model projects and a program or presentation relating to a nautical or ship modeling topic.  Society members also form subgroups to focus on common modeling interests, such as steel (modern) ship modeling or plank-on-frame modeling. Subgroups are open to all members and meet on a periodic basis, generally in members’ homes. The club’s newsletter, the  Lynx , is published monthly. 

Maine Model Ship Clubs

Down east ship modelers guild.

The Down East Ship Modelers Guild is an active group of static and R/C modelers, ranging from novice to experienced. They meet on the second Thursday of each month from 1 pm – 3 pm at the Legion Hall in Bath, Maine. The group has a long history of association with the Maine Maritime Museum , also in Bath, ME.

Michigan Model Ship Clubs

Great lakes nautical society.

The Great Lakes Nautical Society is a club consisting of model shipbuilders, who are interested in persevering Great Lakes history through model ship building, the model ship shows and educational seminars put on by the club members. The club is open to anyone with an interest in model shipbuilding and the Great Lakes.

Minnesota Model Ship Clubs

The state of Minnesota currently has no model ship clubs listed. 

Missouri Model Ship Clubs

St. louis admirals model boat club.

The St. Louis Admirals R/C Model Boat Club is a group of hobbyists dedicated to sharing the knowledge and fun of the R/C model boat hobby. The depth and breadth of experience the club offers, combined with its laid-back atmosphere, attract the beginner modeler and master builders alike.

Nevada Model Ship Clubs

The state of Nevada currently has no model ship clubs listed. 

New Hampshire Model Ship Clubs

Their members are a creative bunch, and there is usually an interesting array of models at gatherings. Their modelers are a creative bunch and there is usually an interesting array of model at their gatherings. Their interests include tugboats, warships, pleasure craft, sailboats (both scale and racing) and pond sailors. 

New Jersey Model Ship Clubs

The ship model society of new jersey.

The Ship Model Society of New Jersey is dedicated to the pursuit and enjoyment of ship model building in all its forms. They welcome those who enjoy or would like to learn more about this fascinating hobby. Membership spans all skill levels, from novice or highly accomplished and from gadget guru to historical recreator.  Meetings aim to share collective wisdom and resources, and provide the opportunity to enjoy the company of other modelers. 

South Orange Seaport Society

South Orange Seaport Society is a group of folks of all ages who like model boating. They have boats from kits and scratch builds, electric and steam-driven, quite a few fun electric race boats, and some eccentric things. A group of people from all walks of life who like RC boating. 

New Mexico Model Ship Clubs

The state of New Mexico currently has no model ship clubs listed.

New York Model Ship Clubs

Buffalo model boat club.

Radio Controlled model boating is a fascinating hobby that can be as simple or as complex as one wants and can be enjoyed by all age groups. There are as many types of model boats as there are full sizes: enough to satisfy all tastes and interests. Those who enjoy the excitement of speed will find plenty of thrills and competition in the fast electric field. Sailing enthusiasts will find that the racing of radio-controlled sailboats offers all the challenge and exhilaration of the full-sized yachts. Builders of exact scale models get the added satisfaction of operating their craft under full radio control. 

The Model Shipwright Guild of Western New York

Upon a chance introduction at the Military History Society of Rochester New York in 2015 several like-minded individuals, working through the Nautical Research Guild, were able to form our group.  They quickly realized they were an enthusiastic collection of ship modelers and researchers interested in the history and preservation of our maritime legacy in the age of sail and more.

The Model Shipwright Guild of Western New York brings together members from near and far;  Rochester NY, Syracuse NY, Buffalo NY and even Lisbon Portugal. From all walks of life, experience, endeavours with varied nautical interests making for a very dynamic group.

They draw in subject matter experts to enlighten the club meetings on the historical nature of the naval and maritime craft, and their accurate modeling.

Empire State Model Mariners

The Empire State Model Mariners club was founded in 1988, by a group of model boat enthusiasts. The club is a non-profit organization aimed at recreational RC boating and building, with emphasis placed on helping each other and welcoming new members.

We welcome all classes of modelers, from beginners to experts. Boats can be ready to runs, semi kits, kits and scratch built. Whatever your passion is, pleasure crafts, speedboats, workboats, fishing vessels or military replicas.

North Carolina Model Ship Clubs

Carolina maritime society.

The Carolina Maritime Model Society exists to promote the production of high-quality ship models and encourage members and the public to participate in this craft that is as old as shipbuilding itself. 

The society is the only such organization in the entire state and has become a major vehicle for widening public interest in North Carolina’s maritime history and culture.

Ohio Model Ship Clubs

Shipwrights of ohio.

The Shipwrights of Ohio is a club dedicated to model shipbuilding. All types of ships and boats: sailing to steel navy, wood, resin, plastic, kits to scratch built, static to radio control. for all ages – young to retirees, and all skill levels – beginner to expert. Members share their skills, ideas and expertise.

The Shipwrights of Ohio were founded in 2004. Its purpose is to provide a socially enjoyable means for serious and not-so-serious ship modelers to meet, share, and expand their common avocation through the exchange of ideas and skill knowledge. Skills range from beginners to those who build museum quality models.

Oklahoma Model Ship Clubs

The state of Oklahoma currently has no model ship clubs listed. 

Oregon Model Ship Clubs

The state of Oregon currently has no model ship clubs listed. 

Pennsylvania Model Ship Clubs

Philadelphia ship model society.

The Ship Model Shack is the home of the  Philadelphia Ship Model Society , the oldest ship modeling society in America. The Museum is home to over 50 ship models, but this is the only place to see them being created right before your eyes. Have a seat, and watch a model come together while talking with the modelers. 

Rhode Island Model Ship Clubs

Tennessee model ship clubs.

The state of Tennessee currently has no model ship clubs listed. 

Texas Model Ship Clubs

Gulf coast ship modelers society.

The Gulf Coast Ship Model Society is a welcoming group of amateur and professional ship modelers who enjoy sharing their work and discussing tips and tricks of the trade.

Meetings are held on the second Saturday every odd month from 10:00am – 1:00pm at the Houston Maritime Museum. Members are encouraged to bring models they are working on for a ‘show & tell’ discussion.

Utah Model Ship Clubs

Utah State currently has no model ship clubs listed. 

Virginia Model Ship Clubs

The Washington Ship Model Society (WSMS) was founded in 1929 and is the oldest continuously active ship model club in the United States. The organization is composed of active ship model enthusiasts from the Greater Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area. Its purpose is to provide a socially enjoyable means for serious shipmodelers to meet, share, and expand upon their common avocation through the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

The society draws its membership from all walks of life and many different occupations. The modelers’ skills range from absolute beginners to professionals who have constructed models for maritime exhibits in the Smithsonian Institution and other museums throughout the United States and Europe. Over the years, members have written numerous articles for nautical research and ship model publications. Society membership has included such notables as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, then Major (and later General) George Patton, Howard I. Chappelle, and Paul E. Garber.

The interests of the modelers are as varied as their occupations, ranging from 17th century sailing vessels to radio-controlled models of modern powered craft. All types of ship models have been constructed, in static display and operating versions, and in wood, brass, plastic, and card media.

The society conducts monthly meetings, alternating between Virginia and Maryland locations. The meeting format consists of brief society business, informal discussions of members’ model projects and a program or presentation relating to a nautical or ship modeling topic.  Society members also form subgroups to focus on common modeling interests, such as steel (modern) ship modeling or plank-on-frame modeling. Subgroups are open to all members and meet on a periodic basis, generally in members’ homes. The club’s newsletter, the  Lynx , is published monthly.

Hampton Roads Ship Model Society

The Hampton Roads Ship Model Society, founded in 1967, is an association of individuals who are interested in pursuing the art of ship model building and the exploration of maritime history. The primary purpose of the society is to bring together persons interested in building quality ship models so that they may have the opportunity to exchange views and improve their skills. Members are people representing a wide range of ages who come from many varied occupations and backgrounds. Members come from as far north as the Northern Neck, as far west as western suburbs of Richmond and as far south as the border of North Carolina. Honorary members hail from such dispersed locations as Annapolis, Maryland and Toronto, Canada.

The interests of our members runs full spectrum, from the historical (photos and records), artistic (painting), decorative (pond yachts/half hulls), radio-controlled (RC) models, to highly detailed and historically accurate scale reproductions of all ship types. The skill level of members runs the full gamut from complete novices to highly skilled experts who have won top awards in highly regarded competitions both in the United States and abroad. Models built by past and present members of the Society can be found in many of our nation’s premier museums. Model builders of all skill levels are always welcome. The Society is dedicated to helping ship model builders new to the craft learn new skills while giving experienced builders the opportunity to perfect their abilities. Even the most highly-skilled members are always seeking to improve their techniques with the help and advice of other Society members.

Washington Model Ship Clubs

The state of Washington currently has no model ship clubs listed. 

Wisconsin Model Ship Clubs

Wisconsin scale boating association.

The Wisconsin Scale Boating Association is about promoting and enjoying the model shipbuilding hobby. 

They are a “scale” model club.  Models are representative of an actual boat or type of boat, either static or operational.  Radio-Controlled models attempt to recreate authentic operation and look like a full size boat. 

The club participates in several events throughout the year.  Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in the model boating hobby.​


If you know of a model ship club that is not on this list of United States Model Ship Clubs please let us know  here

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Each of Windstar Cruises yachts accommodates between 148 to 342 guests. This intimacy provides you with the luxuries of time, space, and freedom to immerse yourself in both the journey and the destination - in ways you may never have imagined possible.

guests in kayak

The Roaming Boomers

Review: sailing windstar cruises wind surf.

Posted by David Porter on Thursday, December 29, 2016 · 17 Comments  

rc windstar sailboat

Our group of Roaming Boomers aboard the Windsurf

Our Personal Experience Sailing Aboard the Windstar Cruises Motor Sailing Yacht: Wind Surf

Note: click all photographs for larger views.

One of the missions of our website is to expose our readers and clients to off-the-beaten-path experiences. As we see it, why travel with the hordes if you can have a fabulous travel experience far from the madding crowd.

When it comes to ocean cruises, if the idea of sailing with an army of 6,000 people makes you feel icky, then thankfully, today’s evolving cruise industry is providing wonderful alternative options.

Carol and I recently sailed with Windstar Cruises on a 9-night sailing in the Caribbean and really enjoyed the experience.

Windstar Cruises offers a fabulous blend of luxury, value, and intimate small-ship cruising that deserves your rapt attention!

rc windstar sailboat

Carol and I, along with a group of 7 other “roaming boomers” that came with us, sailed aboard the Wind Surf which Windstar Cruises bills as the world’s largest motor sailing yacht.

I’ve been sitting here staring at my computer screen for about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to best describe our 9-day experience in an article that is informative, valuable to our readers, but yet not so large that you lose interest part-way through.  Therefore, I’ve decided to keep our review article limited to the major categories that folks would first want to know about, and create shorter deep-dive pieces in the future about our various experiences.

So that we don’t bury the lead, would we sail with Windstar Cruises again?  Yes.  Absolutely!

Now, let’s get into the good stuff…

The Ship: Windstar Cruises Wind Surf

rc windstar sailboat

This ship has 6 passenger decks, and holds a maximum of 310 guests with 122 deluxe ocean-view staterooms, 31 deluxe ocean-view suites, and 2 deluxe ocean-view bridge suites.

As you can see, the ship (part cruise ship, part yacht) features five massive computerized sails that reach 221 ft. above sea level. And important to me, the Wind Surf has a passenger space ratio of 47.5, which is nearly double the passenger spaces that many of the large cruise ships feature.  That means you won’t be fighting over a place to park yourself with a good book on deck.

As most of our sailing was done at night, we didn’t really get to experience the sails much.  However, each night the ship featured a “sail-away” event which resembled a Disney-like atmosphere with dramatic music playing throughout the ship as each of the sails was unfurled to the setting of the sun.

rc windstar sailboat

In this photograph, you can see that one of the unique features of a yacht-cruise is a marina on the back of the ship.  As the ship was generally moored at most of our locations, those who wanted to play in the warm Caribbean waters had great fun using the ship’s complimentary water sports equipment.

rc windstar sailboat

I snagged this photograph (below) showing one of our sunset sail-aways.  Looks fun.  Right?

rc windstar sailboat

Windstar Cruises Wind Surf Staterooms

Windstar Wind Surf Ocean View Suite

Carol and I enjoyed one of the deluxe ocean-view suites (pictured above).  Our suite was 376 sq. ft. and was essentially two of the ship’s standard staterooms combined to make one suite.  As a result, we had two bathrooms, two desk areas, loads of storage space, and being able to draw the curtains when I rose in the morning before Carol was a plus she enjoyed.

Some of the folks traveling with us opted for the 188 sq. ft. deluxe ocean-view stateroom.  Inquiring about these staterooms, their comments were that they were small, but they didn’t feel squished, had ample storage, a nice desk area, and as they weren’t spending much time in their rooms anyway, they felt completely satisfied.

If you take a peek at our ocean-view suite above, you’ll notice that there is no balcony.  With rare exceptions, this is standard on a yacht cruise.  Behind each of the curtains in our stateroom were two portholes giving the illusion of two large picture windows.  There was ample natural light, and like our guests commented above, we didn’t spend much time in our stateroom anyway as there were ample common spaces above to sneak away and relax.

I know that some of you reading this will simply put yacht cruising out of your minds because there are no verandas.  But to me, the other benefits of our sailing yacht experience far outweighed the fact that we had no balcony. Keep in mind, there were only 300 of us on board.  I would happily give up a veranda to not be around 5,000 other people.

Dining Aboard the Windstar Cruises Wind Surf

rc windstar sailboat

I grabbed this photograph one morning and I think this pretty much says it all. Granted, these were the first people to be seated on this delightful morning, but dining on the Wind Surf is akin to dining on your own private yacht.  We enjoyed breakfast and lunch in this setting every single day, and loved it.

At night, this area is transformed into what they call Candles Restaurant where guests can enjoy steaks and fine seafood under the stars.  AmphorA, the ship’s main dining room served wonderful dining experiences each night with standard American cuisine available along with regional specials each night.  One night we enjoyed a massive BBQ under the stars on the top deck, and when we were in St. Lucia, Windstar gave us a fabulous beach BBQ.

rc windstar sailboat

With Windstar Cruises, all meals are complimentary in all venues at all times, including the room service menu available 24 hours.  We ordered breakfast in our room a few mornings, and several times enjoyed a simple sandwich, cookie, and cappuccino in the Yacht Club Sandwich & Espresso Bar.

Overall, our group gave the cuisine aboard ship 4.3 stars out of 5, with 5 being a Michelin-star rated restaurant.  You should also know that our group gave the staff aboard ship a 5 out of 5 rating.  They really were remarkable.  In just a few days, most of the staff that we interacted with knew our names, knew our wine preferences, and really made us feel at home.

rc windstar sailboat

Here’s two guys enjoying the pool one lazy afternoon in port. And I snagged the photograph below while on a fun-filled shore excursion at the world-famous frigatebird sanctuary in Barbuda.

rc windstar sailboat

I grabbed this photograph during one of our sunset sail-aways.  Can you picture yourself here?

rc windstar sailboat

Yacht Cruise or Mega-Ship

rc windstar sailboat

When we were moored in St. Martin, I was enjoying a good book on the back of our yacht when I spied this behemoth to the right coming into port. I was flabbergasted by its size.  I quickly grabbed my flip-flops and ran off the Wind Surf determined to get a photograph that might compare these two completely different cruising options.

The ship on the right carries 5,400 people and once they competed the docking process, people started streaming out of the belly of this thing like ants out of an ant hill.  I went to the very front of the monstrosity to capture my photograph, but from that vantage point, you could hardly see the Wind Surf.  So, I opted for a photograph that compared roughly half of said monster-ship against the elegant Wind Surf.

I don’t know.  You tell me.  Which would you rather sail the ocean blue upon?  It’s a no brainer for us.  We prefer smaller ships and no crowds. Monster-ship is very limited in where she can go.  Where our nimble sailing yacht could moor nearly anywhere in the world.  Nuff said?

It’s all about the ship.  Really?

Carol and I were meeting with the sales rep for the company that represents the ship to the right, and she made a comment that “ocean cruising is all about the ship”.  And I’ll admit, if I were 30 years old and single, or perhaps doing a multi-generational trip with my family, I would be drawn to something more like the ship on the right.  But when we’re traveling, the ship is certainly important, but for us, it’s all about the destination.  And the ship on the left is going to allow me to experience destinations far away from the crowds.

So, ask yourself, when you contemplate an ocean cruise, do you want to come home and boast about the ship you were on, or would you rather boast about the off-the-beaten-path destinations you visited?

rc windstar sailboat

Carol pretending to steer the ship.

Summing it all up

Carol and I really enjoyed our sailing experience aboard the Windstar Cruises Wind Surf.  When we asked our group of “roaming boomers” to rate the total experience, 0 being get me off this tub, and 5 being the most luxurious and best of the best ever, they gave the Wind Surf a 4.3.

Windstar Cruises isn’t trying to compete against the ultra-luxe yacht cruises that are now becoming available in the marketplace.  They have a unique niche in the 4+star market, we really enjoyed it, and would happily do it again.  Plus, when I share with folks that our 10-day sailing started at only $1,795/person, they are generally shocked as they expected a much higher price tag.

So.  Bottom line?  Carol and I highly recommend that you consider getting far away from the madding crowd on your next ocean cruise and try a peaceful, elegant cruise aboard the Windstar Cruises Wind Surf.

We promise, you’re going to enjoy it greatly.

And Lastly, a Shameless Commercial Plug

Now that you’re ready to book your own sailing on the Wind Surf, you can call Windstar Cruises or you can call our travel agency.  Either will get your cruise booked for the exact same price, but we have a lot of hand’s on experience that the very nice 30-something sitting in a cubicle can’t really bring you.  Plus, as we’re also affiliated with the $15 billion/year Virtuoso Travel Network, we are likely to also have some nice complimentary VIP perks for your booking as well.

Either way, we highly recommend that you experience a sailing with Windstar Cruises.  After this sailing, Carol and I have put one of their even smaller motor yachts on our bucket list.  I’m thinking that a cruise of the Greek Isles aboard one of their 200 passenger luxury motor yachts would really be the cat’s meow.  Don’t you agree?

Again, to book your Windstar Cruise, call our travel agency at (480) 550-1235, or use our convenient online information request ( click here ) and we’ll reach out to you.

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17 Comments on “ Review: Sailing Windstar Cruises Wind Surf ”

We do Windstar every year…truly, a one of a kind voyage with minimal “cruisers” on board – the Windstar intellect know the vast difference between large cattle boats and the intimate yachts at Windstar! A special kind of “medicine” that no doctor can prescribe – good for the soul !!!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your love of Windstar. When we were sailing with Windstar, we met a guy named Bill who has sailed with Windstar 93 times and is looking forward to his 100th Windstar sailing soon. We’re going to put Windstar in the special part of our brains for “want to do again” and look forward to another Windstar experience, perhaps in the Med next time. Again, thanks for sharing! 😀

Hi, sounds fabulous.

Hi Rich. It was, and we’d happily go again. 🙂

Well said! Been there done that since 2004! Due number 7 on Star Pride seond on her

Doing our 9thTrans Atlantic on the Surf in November then staying aboard for the Caribbean cruise and really looking forward to another great crossing ! Twenty days of the best ! Did Barcelona -Lisbon last year and really enjoyed it however we prefer the crossing.

Is the weather rough on the Atlantic crossing? Thanks.

How was the T/A? We are booked for this April 2019 on the Surf.

Pingback: Windstar Cruises: James Beard Foundation Cruises | The Roaming Boomers

For those fans and readers of the Roaming Boomers – I must say that doing trans-Atlantic crossings and the Caribbean are great…however, as an alternative, sailing with Windstar in Tahiti / French Polynesia is tantamount to sailing on your “private” yacht in paradise on earth. Only 148 privileged guests aboard the Windspirit yacht is a true bucket list journey – that will turn your wanderlust dreams into a precious lifetime memory!

We just did that Windstar Tahiti/French Poynesia trip this summer and we loved it! We are now going to the do a 7 day on the Star Legend in the Caribbean in December. We couldn’t wait to get back on a Windstar cruise.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your love of Windstar. Have fun on your next cruise.

We just finished a cruise of the Riviera on Silver Seas. I was surprised how dressed up all the people were – we are from New England and live in blue jeans and sneakers. Of course, many of the passengers were European, not American. Do Windstar Cruises have that kind of atmosphere or are they more casual in dress and atmosphere?

Does Windstar go to Alaska?

Yes. Here’s a link: https://www.windstarcruises.com/destinations/alaska/ And when you find a cruise you like, be sure to check with u as we may well have some complimentary perks to add to your booking.

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The 2 classes of Windstar ships, explained

Erica Silverstein

Windstar Cruises has a surprisingly varied fleet for a cruise line with only six small ships.

The cruise line was known for years for its fleet of three-masted sailing yachts (imagine a hybrid of a small cruise ship and a large four- or five-masted sailing vessel). But in the mid-2010s, in a bid to expand without building new ships, the line acquired three small, aging cruise ships from luxury line Seabourn and completely refurbished them.

Windstar's fleet is now equal parts sailing ships (known as the Wind class) and yachts (the Star Plus class), tied together by a casual-yet-upscale vibe, friendly crews and port-intensive itineraries.

While Windstar loyalists happily cross from masted yacht to regular ship, depending on the itinerary, newcomers will want to understand the differences between the line's two classes of ships because the onboard amenities are different enough to affect your vacation experience.

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An introduction to Windstar ships

rc windstar sailboat

Windstar Cruises specializes in small ships carrying between 148 and 342 passengers each. Though the line calls them yachts, the ships are structured more like tiny cruise ships with indoor lounges and communal dining rooms.

The Wind-class sailing ships come in two sizes: the 5,307-ton Wind Spirit and Wind Star and the 14,745-ton Wind Surf. The non-sail motor yachts are all identical at 12,995 tons.

Most of Windstar's fleet was not originally built for Windstar. Wind Surf originally sailed as a Club Med cruise ship. The motor yacht trio started their lives as Seabourn vessels.

That does not mean you should expect worn-out ships. Windstar recently spent $250 million to not just update but also lengthen the three motor yachts of its Star Plus class. The ships were cut open and a new midsection was added to create more space for additional cabins (Windstar calls them suites, even if they have only one room), new dining venues and expanded outdoor deck areas.

The ships function more as a comfortable home base than destinations by themselves. Onboard attractions are limited to a few restaurants, a small spa and fitness center, a pool and hot tub, and a tiny boutique. You'll find two or three bars, rather than a large assortment. There's no kids club because children younger than 8 aren't allowed onboard.

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The biggest difference between the classes, besides the sails, is that cabins on Star Plus-class ships are marketed as suites. While most aren't true, multiroom suites, the cabins are spacious with separate living and sleeping areas, French (step-out) balconies on most rooms and good-size bathrooms. The cabins on Wind-class ships are more compact and nautical in design, with porthole windows and small living spaces tricked out with hidden storage to maximize space.

What all the ships have in common is a water sports platform. On select days when the ship is anchored (not docked at a pier) and the weather and government regulations align, crew members can offer water sports, such as swimming and kayaking, right off the back of the ship.

Ships in class: Wind Surf (1989), Wind Spirit (1988) and Wind Star (1986).

Size: 5,307 tons (Spirit and Star) to 14,745 tons (Surf).

rc windstar sailboat

Technically, Windstar's Wind-class ships comprise two different types of ships, but the line categorizes all of its ships with sails together.

The 148-passenger Wind Spirit and Wind Star are the only ships in the current fleet custom-built for Windstar. Each has four decks and as many masts for sails. The ships each feature one 220-square-foot Owner's Suite, and the rest of the cabins are 188-square-feet rooms. Each cabin, including the suite, features a window; you will not find a private balcony on these ships.

Most of the public areas are found on the upper two decks with cabins on the lower two, with the exception of a small gym and the exit to the water sports platform on Deck 2. Deck 3 features the majority of the indoor spaces, including the Amphora main restaurant, boutique, reception desk, library, tiny spa, main lounge and a cafe serving coffee drinks and small snacks.

The topmost deck features the indoor-outdoor buffet restaurant Veranda, which transforms into the waiter-served Candles restaurant in the evening. A pool, hot tub and pool bar round out the alfresco offerings.

The 342-passenger Wind Surf joined the Windstar fleet in 1998 after sailing for Club Med. It follows the same basic idea as its two sailing sisters, but with more space and a few more attractions.

It's got six decks, five masts and four types of cabins (again all with windows only, no balconies). These include 188-square-foot regular cabins and 18 suites measuring 376 square feet, which are essentially double cabins with two bathrooms, two vanities and a sitting area where the second bed should be. These rooms are found throughout decks 1 through 3.

One 242-square-foot Officer's Suite and two 495-square-foot Bridge suites are located on Deck 5 (Bridge Deck).

Like its smaller sisters, Wind Surf contains the Amphora Restaurant and Veranda/Candles, main lounge, Yacht Club Cafe, pool and hot tubs, boutique, spa and fitness center. In addition, the ship adds a third dining venue – Stella Bistro – and the Terrace Bar, both on the ship's top deck.

Windstar deploys its sailing ships to destinations with more concentrated routes, where the romance factor is high (to complement the ships' beautiful sails). These include Tahiti and French Polynesia , Costa Rica and the Panama Canal, and Greece.

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Star Plus class

Ships in class: Star Legend (1990), Star Breeze (1988) and Star Pride (1988).

Size: 12,995 tons.

rc windstar sailboat

The Star Plus-class ships are all pre-owned cruise ships. They debuted in the late '80s and early '90s for luxury cruise line Seabourn and Windstar purchased them and brought them into the fleet 25 years later in 2014 and 2015.

The trio came to Windstar as 212-passenger, 9,975-ton cruise ships. Windstar refurbished the ships to clean them up and add the line's branding before they debuted but quickly realized more was needed to bring the ships in line with modern standards, both under the hood and in passenger-facing venues.

So the line announced a $250 million refurbishment project that included lengthening the ships by adding a new midsection. Extensive below-decks work was done to replace the existing engines with more efficient ones, as well as improve environmental standards. Above decks, each ship received 100 new cabins and suites, additional restaurants and expanded deck space to host a new infinity pool and more space for the line's famous deck barbecues.

Work on the project began in 2019, with the renovated ships debuting in 2021 and 2022.

Similar to Wind Surf, the Star Plus-class ships feature six passenger decks, a water sports platform, Amphora and Veranda/Candles restaurants and a boutique.

Each ship has a lounge that serves as an excursion assembly station and a theater for live entertainment and talks, as well as the large Compass Rose bar and lounge for dancing, drinking and whiling the evening away. Dining venues exclusive to this class include the alfresco Star Grill by Steven Raichlen and the Spanish Cuadro 44 by Anthony Sasso.

The spa and fitness center is much larger on these ships, featuring a complimentary thermal suite with heated lounges and saunas, as well as a separate workout room and fitness studio for group classes. A tiered infinity pool and hot tub are the focal point of Deck 7, but there's a somewhat-secret hot tub on Deck 5 forward, as well.

The Yacht Club is a gorgeous circular hangout and library space with board games and a little cafe area, and the Star Bar is surrounded by comfortable patio furniture one deck above the pool. There's also a screening room on Deck 5.

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Cabins come in nine varieties. Five of them are the same size — 277 square feet — with two key differences. The first is whether the room offers a porthole, picture window or French balcony (which is big enough for one person to step out onto, but too small for a seating area); the second is whether the room has the original furnishings and the bed by the bathroom or is a newly built cabin with more modern furnishings and the bed by the window.

You can tell which style of cabin you're getting by the name. Star porthole, ocean-view and balcony suites are the new suites; plain ocean-view and balcony suites are the originals.

All cabins have updated bathrooms, some with tub-shower combos and others with shower only.

True suites range from 400 to 820 square feet, and include the Classic, Deluxe, Owner's Suite Forward and Owner's Suite Midship. The latter can be combined with surrounding standard suites to transform into a three-bedroom, 1,374-square-foot Grand Owner's Suite.

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The Star Plus-class ships are the line's traveling class, taking the longer, more sightseeing-focused routes in places like Alaska , Asia, Australia and northern Europe. With more indoor space, these ships can better handle destinations like Iceland and Alaska where the weather may prevent passengers from spending large amounts of time outdoors when sailing.

Bottom line

rc windstar sailboat

Windstar's two classes of ships can be quickly summarized as either sailing ships with smaller cabins and limited public spaces or upscale small ships with spacious cabins and more choices of restaurants and hangouts.

No matter which you choose, you'll get a similar experience. That's because each of the six ships honors the brand's themes of a casual onboard vibe with adult-focused upscale touches, fine dining in partnership with the James Beard Foundation, low-key outdoor fun, destination exploration and a friendly, helpful crew.

Windstar's fleet is so small that many cruisers find that the destination guides their vacation choice more than the ship. As the line carefully matches ship style to the itinerary, you'll likely find yourself content with whichever class of ship you find yourself sailing.

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Windstar Cruises History: Through The Ages

Windstar Cruises is a cruise line that has been providing high-quality cruises since it was founded in 1984. The company started out with just a single ship to its name, but has since grown to include a fleet of six luxury vessels.

Despite its growth, Windstar remains committed to providing an intimate and personalized cruising experience for all of its guests. In this article, we'll be taking a trip through the history of Windstar—from its early years right up to the present day.

Humble Beginnings

Windstar's first ship was the Wind Star—a sleek, 4-masked motor sailing yacht that could accommodate just 148 passengers. The ship was originally launched in 1986, immediately drawing praise from passengers for its intimate size and elegant design.

In the years that followed, Windstar added two more sailing yachts to its fleet: Wind Song (1987) - a now scuttled 4-masted motor sailing yacht with a capacity of 159, and Wind Spirit (1988) - an intimate, 4-masted motor sailing yacht with a capacity of 148.

By now you may have noticed a trend - Windstar's first three ships all had 4 masts. This was a major selling point for the company, and to this day, Windstar is the only cruising line to offer 4-masted sailing yachts.

Windstar Cruise Star Legend History Viking Crew

Turning Heads

By 1988, Windstar Cruises was making a name for itself as a provider of high-end, luxury cruises. The company's vessels were turning heads, and its reputation for providing an intimate and personalized cruising experience was growing.

This reputation caught the eyes of executives at Holland America Line (HAL), who decided to purchase 50% of Windstar. HAL—a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation —is a major player in the cruising industry, and the acquisition gave Windstar the resources it needed to expand its fleet.

With backing from HAL and Carnival Corporation, Windstar Cruises decided it was time to scale up their fleet with the purchase of a massive ship—the Wind Surf .

Coming in at 14,745 tons, Wind Surf may be small when compared with most modern cruise ships. But for Windstar, this ship was almost three times larger than their previous largest vessel. The Wind Surf could accommodate up to 342 passengers and a crew of 210.

This purchase marked a major turning point for Windstar, as the company now had the resources to compete with other luxury cruise lines.

Major Setbacks

It hasn't always been smooth sailing for Windstar. 

In 2002, the Wind Song was anchored in French Polynesia near the island of Tahiti. Suddenly, an electrical fault sparked a fire in the engine room and forced all 127 passengers and 92 crew members to evacuate to lifeboats. Luckily, no one was hurt.

The French Navy eventually put out the fire and towed the ship to Papeete. Inspections revealed that the ship would be so costly to fix that it was not worth repairing. The ship was towed out into the open ocean and scuttled. It now rests at the ocean floor about 10,000 feet below.

In 2007 HAL and Carnival Corporation sold Windstar Cruises.

Windstar Cruise Wind Surf History Viking Crew

Modern Renovations

Now under new ownership with the Xanterra Group, in 2014 Windstar announced that it was purchasing three new vessels to join the fleet.

Star Pride (1988) - a 362-foot motor yacht that can accommodate 212 passengers; Star Breeze (1988) - a sister ship to Star Pride ; Star Legend (1990) - a sister ship to both Star Pride and Star Breeze

In 2019 Windstar Cruises announced its Star Plus programme, to renovate the Star Pride, Star Breeze, and Star Legend —as they were originally built in the late 1980s they were starting to show their age.

The renovations included the addition of new suites, staterooms, restaurants, and lounges. After the renovations were complete, the three ships emerged as modern luxury vessels that are on par with any other ship in their class.

Where is Windstar Today?

Windstar Cruises is a luxury cruise line that is known for its intimate sailing experience and elegant vessels. The company currently has three motor sailing yachts— Wind Star, Wind Spirit, and Wind Surf —and three motor yachts— Star Pride, Star Breeze, and Star Legend .

Windstar has continued to grow in popularity in recent years. The company is regularly ranked as one of the best cruise lines in the world by publications like Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure.

Viking Crew have had a long association with Windstar Cruises, and are proud to be their Crewing Partner for almost 30 years.

For further details on an exciting career with Windstar Cruises please visit our dedicated webpage: www.vikingcrew.com/windstar-cruises

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rc windstar sailboat

VESSEL REVIEW | Sinichka – Electric commuter boats designed for Russia’s Moskva River

rc windstar sailboat

A series of three new electric monohull commuter ferries have already begun operational sailings on the Moskva River in the Russian capital Moscow.

Built by Russian shipyard Emperium, sister vessels Sinichka , Filka , and Presnya – all named after rivers in Moscow – are being operated by the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development (Moscow Deptrans). They are the first units of a planned fleet of 20 vessels that will serve the capital city and other nearby communities. The new ferry system will be the water transport system to be operated on the Moskva River in 16 years.

Each vessel has a welded aluminium hull, an LOA of 21 metres, a beam of 6.2 metres, a draught of only 1.4 metres, a displacement of 40 tonnes, and capacity for 80 passengers plus two crewmembers. Seating is available for 42 passengers on each ferry, and the main cabins are also fitted with USB charging ports, wifi connectivity, tables, toilets, and space for bicycles and scooters. The cabin layout can be rearranged to allow the operator to adjust the distances between the seats and to install armrests of varying widths.

rc windstar sailboat

An open upper deck is also accessible to passengers and is the only area on each ferry where smoking is allowed.

The ferries are all of modular construction with each ferry’s wheelhouse, main cabin, and other structural elements being built as complete, separate components. This enables the ferries to be easily dismantled for transport to anywhere in Russia by rail and then quickly re-assembled within seven days.

The ferries are also ice-capable. Recently completed operational trials on the Moskva showed that the vessels can also easily navigate under mild winter conditions with broken surface ice, though year-round operations are planned for the entire fleet.

The ferries are each fitted with 500kWh lithium iron phosphate battery packs that supply power to two 134kW motors. This configuration can deliver a maximum speed of 11.8 knots, a cruising speed of just under 10 knots, and a range of 150 kilometres.

Emperium said the transfer of rotation of electric motors to the propeller is carried out by direct drive. As a propulsion installation, a pulling rotary propeller-steering column with double screws is used. The installation of double pulling screws, with similar power, allows an operator to increase the efficiency of the propulsion system to deliver a slightly higher speed or to reduce energy consumption. This arrangement also provides the ferries with enhanced manoeuvrability necessary for navigating in close quarters.

The batteries themselves have projected service lives of 10 to 12 years and are fitted with safety features such as built-in fire extinguishers and gas vents. Quick-disconnect features allow the batteries to be easily removed for replacement or maintenance.

Some of our readers have expressed disquiet at our publication of reviews and articles describing new vessels from Russia. We at Baird Maritime can understand and sympathise with those views. However, despite the behaviour of the country’s leaders, we believe that the maritime world needs to learn of the latest developments in vessel design and construction there.

Click here to read other news stories, features, opinion articles, and vessel reviews as part of this month’s Passenger Vessel Week.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Béria L. Rodríguez

Baird Maritime

Tags: Emperium Filka Moscow Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development Moskva River Presnya Russia Sinichka WBW newbuild

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    The Ship: Windstar Cruises Wind Surf. I snagged these photographs of the Windstar Cruises Wind Surf in two separate Caribbean locations as we were tendering back to our ship. She is 613.5 ft. long (nearly two football fields), and because of her shallow draft (only 16.4 ft.) she can maneuver into ports that much larger ships can only dream about.

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    Use this page to search for a club by Zipcode, by name, or use the links below to find clubs that sail a certain class of boat or are in a given state or AMYA Region... Within. Search by Keyword. Search by Category. Class Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region 5 Region 6 Region 7.

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    "Our sailing ships are beloved by Windstar guests," said Christopher Prelog, president of Windstar. "Being on the ship under sail is unforgettable, and brings an element of freedom and romance to every voyage." Just-Completed Enhancements Onboard Wind Star. To start, the 148-guest Wind Star has just completed its initial, phase-one ...

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    The Wind-class sailing ships come in two sizes: the 5,307-ton Wind Spirit and Wind Star and the 14,745-ton Wind Surf. The non-sail motor yachts are all identical at 12,995 tons. Most of Windstar's fleet was not originally built for Windstar. Wind Surf originally sailed as a Club Med cruise ship.

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    There are currently six ships in the Windstar Cruises fleet - three ships in the Wind Class that use sails, and three Star Class ships that used to sail for Seabourn, and joined the fleet since 2014. A former Wind-class ship sank in 2003. Windstar Cruises was known for over 20 years as the cruise line with ships that had authentic working sails.

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    About Us. Baird Maritime, launched in 1978, is one of the world's premier maritime publishing houses.. The company produces the leading maritime new portal BairdMaritime.com, home of the world famous Work Boat World, Fishing Boat World, Ship World, Ausmarine, and Commercial Mariner sub-sites, and the industry-leading ship brokerage platforms WorkBoatWorld.com and ShipWorld.com.

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