1. MacGregor 26 Interior with custom cushions and flooring. Looks very

    macgregor 26 sailboat interior

  2. 2000 MacGregor 26 X. The interior fiberglass is so shiny! This is what

    macgregor 26 sailboat interior

  3. Photo in Macgregor 26D interior mods

    macgregor 26 sailboat interior

  4. 2001 Macgregor 26x interior

    macgregor 26 sailboat interior

  5. macgregor sailboat mods

    macgregor 26 sailboat interior

  6. MacGregor 26 : Interior

    macgregor 26 sailboat interior


  1. MacGregor Sailboat clean it up and do what it takes

  2. Hand Line Launch MacGregor 26. Gilbert’s Resort

  3. Sailing with Captain Mike

  4. 26M Macgregor Hawaii

  5. MacGregor 26M

  6. 1990 Macgregor 26S interior tour & topside


  1. MacGregor 26 Sailboat Specs and Review

    If you are a novice sailor, the MacGregor 26 Sailboat is a great option. It is the best-selling cruising sailboat in the world. A total of 38,000 MacGregor sailboats have been sold to date. In this article, we'll look at all the MacGregor 26 Sailboat specs and why it is a best-selling sailboat. The MacGregor 26 Sailboat is a trailable sailing ...

  2. My Macgregor 26D DIY interior mods.

    My Macgregor 26D DIY interior mods. by romandesign » Mon Aug 08, 2016 12:02 am. New: cushions, floor, wall panels, window trim, daggerboard well panel, stereo, cabin and cockpit speaker install with custom DIY speaker enclosures, two electrical panels, LED lights throughout, navigation tablet mount, sonar, compass, solar panel, dual battery ...

  3. MacGregor 26 (newer model)

    The mast is a 7/8 fractional rig with swept-back spreaders and two shrouds; spreaders are mounted in sockets on the mast, an improvement over the original 26. MacGregor constructs the spar from 3″ x 4″ extrusions with wall thicknesses of 1/8″. Standing rigging is 1/8″ 7 x 19 wire on the stays, and 5/32″ 1 x 19 for the shrouds.

  4. Fell in love with the MacGregor 26M, but...

    Most boats have keels with aspect ratios of 2 to 1 (meaning that the keel or centerboard is two times as deep as it is wide). The MacGregor 26 centerboard has a ratio of five to one (it is 16″ wide and 5′ 6″ deep). The high aspect ratio increases lift as the boat sails into the wind and reduces drag.

  5. finished the cabin mods

    to Blake: The flooring is laminate plank. The planks are rubber backed and "waterproof" The brand we used is from Home Depot and is called Traffic master. It runs under $50 for 23 sq feet, more than enough for the 26s sole. Each piece is a 4 inch by 3 ft plank that attaches to itself with a sticky adhesive.

  6. Mac 26X with every Mod and upgrade listed with some pics

    47. interior LEDs 48. Dual deep cycle battery on Perko ~85Ah each 49. New head, Camco? ... "The MacGregor 26 is not so much a boat as it is a boat kit". It is a simple, versatile, blank slate that invites us to make it our own. ... Sailboat: MacGregor 26X Location: Apex, NC - 2001 26X "Compromise" w/ 2010 Suzuki DF90A.


    Centerboard weight: 50 lbs. An earlier model, called the MACGREGOR 26D was similar but with a (vertically) lifting keel. (also with water ballast = reduced weight for trailering. Not to be adjusted while sailing). Spinnaker area: 360 sq. ft. Thanks to a number of Macgregor owners for providing corrections and updated images.

  8. Owner's Review of the MacGregor 26 Sailboat Models

    The MacGregor 26 evolved after the Venture 22 and the MacGregor 25, which had been built from 1973 to about 1987. The M25 had a weighted centerboard keel like other trailer able sailboats but featured positive flotation, a low price, easy trailer ability and a comfortable interior with an enclosed head (porta-potty).

  9. Macgregor 26s Mods

    New here, this is my second season with my 26s. I am wanting to do some interior upgrades/mods, has anyone undertaken such a feat? Any advice or recommendationds? Also, what electronics have you added to your Macgregor? Thanks

  10. MacGregor 26

    Design. The MacGregor 26 is a small recreational sailboat, built predominantly of fiberglass, with models designed for sailing and motor-sailing. It has a fractional sloop rig, a transom-hung rudder and a centerboard or daggerboard keel, depending on the model, with flooding water ballast. The ballast is drained for road transport.

  11. Macgregor 26S Owner Modifications and Upgrades

    Boat Info Menu Macgregor 26S Mods List Search Submit an article Macgregor 26S Modifications and Upgrades; 26S pop top gas struts: stickinthemud57: A few modifications: Jeff Richardson: Access hatch storage bags: Doug91mac26s: Ad hoc ice box: stickinthemud57: Adjustable spring hatch prop: stickinthemud57: Battery charging and hold-down ...

  12. Macgregor 26 Home Page

    MacGregor 26... Factory website for the MacGregor 26', $19,990 trailerable sailboat, 24 mph, the WORLD'S best selling cruising sailboat. HOT NEWS from Roger MacGregor: AFTER BUILDING 40,000 MACGREGOR SAILBOATS, ITS RETIREMENT TIME. (Sort of). It has dawned on the MacGregors that we are suddenly way beyond retirement age, beyond geezerhood, and ...

  13. MacGregor 26

    The MacGregor 26 is a trailerable coastal cruiser, powerboat, ski boat, party barge and floating home all wrapped into one hull. The obvious design compromises in a motorboat-sailboat hybrid have made many owners smile. Designer and builder Roger MacGregor ventured into the boatbuilding business in the early 1960s after being assigned a college ...

  14. Macgregor 26S

    Macgregor 26S is a 25′ 9″ / 7.9 m monohull sailboat designed by Roger MacGregor and built by Macgregor Yacht Corp between 1990 and 1995. Great choice! Your favorites are temporarily saved for this session. ... Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio.311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL 9.61 knots. Classic ...

  15. 26M Interior

    Blue Water Yachts, The Worlds Largest MacGregor Dealer. We Offer More Options and Accessories Than Anyone Else! Whether you are cruising for the week or the weekend, with a gathering of friends for the day, or just enjoying a day at the dock, the MacGregor 26M will do the job! ... MACGREGOR 26M INTERIOR. 7116 220 th St SW #15. Mountlake Terrace ...

  16. MacGregor 26M

    The MacGregor 26M is the latest version of Roger MacGregor's successful MacGregor 26X. This remarkable 26-footer can reportedly log speeds of over 21 knots under power, float in 12 inches of water, and sleep six. It has a galley and an enclosed head. Stability under sail comes from 300 pounds of permanent ballast, 1,150 pounds of easily removable water ballast in the hull, and a narrow

  17. 38 Best Macgregor 26 ideas

    Jul 4, 2023 - Explore Skipper Atkinson's board "Macgregor 26" on Pinterest. See more ideas about macgregor 26, macgregor, sailboat interior.

  18. Macgregor 26, The Ultimate Trailerable Sailboat

    MACGREGOR 26 M, STARTING AT ONLY $22,900. Choose To Have More Fun!! #1. Choose 20+ MPH Under Power. #2. Choose Great Sailing Performance, #3. Choose To Trailer To New Destinations. The MacGregor 26M is the fastest and best handling of any of the trailerable cruising sailboats.

  19. Macgregor 26X

    Macgregor 26X is a 25′ 9″ / 7.9 m monohull sailboat designed by Roger MacGregor and built by Macgregor Yacht Corp between 1995 and 2003. Great choice! Your favorites are temporarily saved for this session. ... Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio.311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL 10.04 knots. Classic ...

  20. Macgregor 26x Sailboat

    The MacGregor 26x sailboat was first introduced in 1995 by the Macgregor Yacht Corp, built by Roger MacGregor. Later, in 2003, it was replaced with the Macgregor 26m. And in 2013, MacGregor stopped production of their sailboats. The same design was continued by a separate company, Tattoo Yachts (daughter Laura Macgregor Sharp), with a Tattoo 26 ...


    As sail/power 'hybrids', both the M and X models are designed for use with a more than 'auxilary' sized outboard (rated for 5-50hp) and water ballast. Dry hull weight: 2,350 lbs. The MACGREGOR 26M replaced the MACGREGOR 26X in 2003. A similar version later reintroduced from another builder as the TATTOO 26 (2013).

  22. 1996 MacGregor 26 "X" Cruiser for sale

    Description. 1996 MacGregor 26 "X". Clean & Reasonably priced & superiorly powered with a 50hp oil injected Nissan this MacGreagor 26 'X' can be seen at our yard in Memphis on the northeast corner of US 78 and I-240 just minutes from the Memphis Airport. Rollerfurling, Wheel, Bimini, Chartplotter equipped and including still serviceable bottom ...

  23. 140 MacGregor 26X ideas

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