Royal Lymington Yacht Club

lymington yacht club parking

  • Enjoy a lovely lunch with waterside views
  • Experience exceptional service from friendly staff
  • Visit one of the oldest sea water baths in the UK near the club

Highlighted reviews

  • Consider visiting during summer months to enjoy inflatable fun and stand up paddle boarding at Lymington's famous sea water baths near the club
  • If bringing dogs, note that they are allowed on the balcony but not inside the building
  • Try out different Ringwood ales at pub prices available at the bar
  • Book function rooms in advance for dining or drinking purposes

lymington yacht club parking

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Independent guides for the modern tourist

Lymington - Christchurch - Mudeford - Highcliffe - Hengistbury Head - New Forest beaches

Lymington, Hampshire; a tourism guide for 2024

Lymington is a quaint harbour town, and is one of the most picturesque locations of the Hampshire coastline.

The town boasts a delightful Georgian high street and busy harbour, with its 1,000-berth marina and regular ferry to the Isle of Wight.

Lymington has always had a close connection with the sea, being a major salt producer in the Middle Ages, a centre for shipbuilding during the 18th century and today is famed for sailing and yachting.

The town's fortunes may have come from the sea, but at its heart, it is a market town. On Saturdays Lymington comes alive with the weekly market, which has been held here since the 13th century.

Lymington hampshire

To the south of Lymington are the mudflats and lagoons of Lymington Nature Reserve, which is a haven for wildlife and sea birds, and were originally constructed to extract sea salt.

Along with the pretty town, coastal walks and expensive marina, Lymington also offers independent shops to browse, outstanding restaurants and traditional pubs to socialise in.

For a family day trip to Lymington, there is the amazing Sea Water Baths, an outdoor swimming pool that has over 100m of inflatable assault courses.

There is so much to see and do in Lymington, and the town makes for a fantastic destination for a day trip or holiday.

Highlights of Lymington

Lymington High Street – A delightful shopping street with Georgian and Victorian buildings and hosts a vibrant market every Saturday

Lymington High Street

Lymington Quay – The traditional harbour front of Lymington, with ancient houses, cobbled streets and scenic views over the Lymington estuary.

Lymington quay harbour

Lymington Nature Reserve – Beautiful coastal walks, around the former sea-salt pans with views over the Solent

Lymington Nature Reserve

Bath Road Quay – Home of the Royal Lymington Yacht Club and location of the Lymington Sea Water Baths, and always a hive of activity in the summer.

Lymington Sea Water Baths

A day trip to Lymington

If you are in the New Forest or the west Hampshire region, you will want to have a day trip to Lymington.

There are sufficient sights and activities to easily fill a day of sightseeing. Typical half of the day is spent in the town and around the Lymington Quay, with the second part of the day around the modern Quay at the end of bath road and exploring Lymington Nature Reserve.

The best day to visit Lymington is on a Saturday, when the weekly market is held (8am - 4pm), but this will also the busiest day, with a distinct lack of car parking.

Below is an interactive map for a suggested day trip to Lymington.

Sights of Lymington: 1) Ferry to the Isle of Wight 2) Lymington Quay Side 3) Lymington High Street 4) Saint Thomas' church 5) Bath Road Recreation Ground 6) Lifeboat station 7) Sea Water Swimming Baths 8) Lymington Yacht Haven 9) Lymington Nature Reserve 10) Normandy Lagoon 11) Saint Barbe Museum 12) Burrard Neale Obelisk Eating and drinking (yellow markers): 1) Elderflower Restaurant 2) The Kings Head Inn 3) Lanes of Lymington 4) The Mayflower 5) The Haven Bar & Restaurant 6) The Six Bells (A Wetherspoons pub)

Advice: A day trip to Limington could be easily combined with Milford-on-Sea, and a visit to Hurst castle. Milford-on-Sea is only a small village but has a surprisingly large selection of restaurants. Related articles: Milford-on-sea guide

Lymington Yacht Haven

The footpath along Lymington Yacht Haven

Saint Thomas’ church Lymington

Saint Thomas’ church

Lymington Sea Water Baths

Lymington Sea Water Baths are one of England's oldest sea fed swimming pools. Contained within the pool complex is a fantastic 200m long inflatable obstacle course, and is an amazing summertime activity for children. An hour session costs £15/£10 (weekend/weekday).

If you would just like to swim in the chilly sea waters, it costs £3.00;

Lymington Sea Water Baths

Lymington Nature Reserve

The Lymington Nature Reserve extends along the coastline between Lymington and Key Haven, and encompasses saltwater lagoons, tidal marshes and mudflats.

The along the seaward side of the nature reserve is an earthen seawall, with a raised gravel footpath and cycle path. This is a very scenic route, offering views over the Solent and Isle of Wight and wetlands teeming with seabirds. This footpath is part of the 60 mile "Solent Way", that links Milford-on-Sea with Emsworth Harbour.

Insight: The Solent has incredible fast following tidal currents, but the Lymington coastline is protected from them and winter storms by the Hurst Spit (4km to the east), on which Hurst castle sits.

The closest lagoon to the marina is the Normandy Lagoon, and the central island was created to allow Oystercatcher, Tern and Ringed Plover breed in safety, hence the fox fence.

Lymington coastline

The footpath around Lymington Nature Reserve

Lymington for a holiday

Lymington is the best coastal town of the region and is a wonderful destination for a relaxing holiday. The town is a delightful base from which to explore the southern side of the New Forest, while offering many options for dining or a social evening drink.

Popular day trips from Lymington include; Hurst Castle, Beaulieu Motor Museum, Mudeford, Burley and the forested walks along the Ornamental Drive Related articles: The best of the New Forest

The train to Lymington

During the summer there is always a shortage of car parking spaces in Lymington, and the best way to travel to the town is by train. The Lymington railway is a branch line off the main route from London, and "Lymington Town" station is close to the Quay.

Advice: If you do need to park in the summer, head to Saint Thomas Street Car Park, which is to the west of the town centre. Also, many of the car parks are short stay, with a maximum stay of 3 hours, this is just enough time to walk the tour detailed in the map.

The ferry to the Isle of Wight

Departing from Lymington Pier is the car ferry to the Isle of Wight. The crossing to Yarmouth takes 40 minutes and a day return as a foot passenger costs £18.80 (it is free to take a bike). If you are on holiday in Lymington, a day trip to the Isle of white is an enjoyable excursion. Further details of the Wightlink ferry can be found on their website:

Insight: Lymington Pier is on the opposite side of the estuary and is a surprisingly long walk (1mile) from the town. For your day trip, a walk to the Nature Reserve is much more pleasant than the pier.

Lymington Isle of Wight ferry

The Isle of Wight ferry towering above the yachts in the marina

The beaches of Lymington

Lymington may be on the edge of the Solent, but the one thing the region lacks is beaches - there are none within the local area.

The closest beach is at Milford-on-Sea (4miles westward), but this is a large pebble beach. You would have to travel to Barton-on-Sea (7 miles westwards) before you find a partially sandy beach. In the opposite direction is Lepe (12miles), a shingle and sand beach, which has a wild and unspoilt setting. Related articles: The best beaches near the New Forest

lymington beach

The colourful beach huts of Milford-on-Sea’s pebble beach

Saint Barbe Museum and Art Gallery

The Saint Barbe Museum details the local history of the New Forest and has temporary art exhibits. The museum is housed in a former Victorian school, and details of current exhibits can be seen on their website;

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Christchurch dorset

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Hengistbury Head

Hengistbury Head

A wild and unspoilt headland, with scenic coastal hikes and pristine beaches

New Forest beach

New Forest beach

Discover the finest beaches near the New Forest

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lymington yacht club parking

Royal Lymington Yacht Club News

Hannah Snellgrove

June 01, 2024

Hannah Snellgrove Reporting in!

Hannah Snellgrove has been in touch with what she's

Pengion Trophy

April 13, 2024

Penguin Trophy Easter 2024

Postponing the 2023 edition of the Penguin Trophy from windy December to warm Easter Monday 2024 turned out to be a great decision!  Read the full report from Captain of Dinghies Luke McEwen.

Annual Cruising Dinner

April 10, 2024

Annual Cruising Trophy Winners

On Saturday 2nd March the Club held the Annual Cruising Dinner with Guest of Honour and speaker Gp Captain Jonathan Hutchinson. Our Annual Cruising Trophies were also awarded by our guest.  Read on to see the winners.

23er youth champion

RYA British Youth Champions 2024

Over the Easter break the RYA British Youth National Championships were held in Weymouth at the Olympic venue. RLymYC had excellent representation across the board and great success.    

Thursday night racing boats with logo in the middle

April 01, 2024

Thursday Night Racing is Back

Get ready to set sail into the exhilarating world of Thursday Night Racing, proudly sponsored by Spencers Coastal ! It's that time again to gear up for the ultimate weekly showdown on the western Solent.

Vita Heathcote Olympic Fundraiser

Vita Heathcote's Olympic Briefing & Fundraising Supper

Club Member Vita Heathcote has been selected to represent Great Britain in the 470 class at this summer’s Olympics. Join her on this informal family evening as she takes you along her Olympics journey.

India Syms Outlaw

March 06, 2024

Club Member India Syms Participating in the Ocean Globe Race.

Club Member India Syms is currently participating in the Ocean Globe Race as the Navigator aboard 'Outlaw' . They have recently completed an incredible 3rd leg.  Read all about their journey.

Roy Clare

February 27, 2024

Roy Clare: From PS Comet to USV Maxlimer - engineering and technology on the move at sea

The next Winter Motorboat Lecture is on Thursday 14th March and we are delighted to be welcoming Roy Clare to present his talk 'From PS Comet to USV Maxlimer - engineering and technology on the move at sea'.

Mark Ashley Miller

Mark Ashley Miller: Harbour Master Sailing Challenge

It is with great pleasure that we announce the guest speaker for our Cruising winter lecture on Wednesday, March 13th. We are honoured to welcome Mark Ashley Miller who will be delivering his talk titled 'Harbour Master Sailing Challenge'.

Uffa Fox

February 16, 2024

Malcolm Turner: Uffa Fox - Yachting's Eccentric Genius

It is with great pleasure that we announce the guest speaker for our Cruising winter lecture on Wednesday, March 6th. We are honoured to welcome Malcolm Turner, Uffa Fox's Biographer, who will be delivering his talk titled 'Uffa Fox - Yachting's Eccentric Genius'.

Historical Clubhouse and Staff

February 15, 2024

Club History Coffee Mornings

Coffee mornings are all set to continue on Wednesday 13th March at 11:00 at the Club.  A fabulous opportunity to meet informally and reminisce about friends and days of old.

Mark Smith

February 12, 2024

Mark Smith: Operation Deadstick - Attack on the Orne

It is with great pleasure that we announce the guest speaker for our Cruising winter lecture on Wednesday, February 28th. We are honored to welcome Mark Smith, renowned presenter of the Antiques Roadshow, who will be delivering his talk titled 'Operation Deadstick - Attack on the Orne'.

Royal Lymington Yacht Club welcomes new Members including experienced sailors and those new to the water.

We host regular keelboat and dinghy racing, Club events and large-scale National and International regattas.

For those who travel in a more relaxed manner afloat, our cruising section boasts a fine and varied selection of activities.

Motor Boating

Join our growing power boat section on regular motor cruises.

Join our XODs, J80s, Nordic Folkboats, Cruiser Racers, LR Scows, Dinghies and Team Racing!

Junior and Youth Fleets

Join our Optimists, Teras, Lasers, Aeros, Fevas, 420s and 29ers!

Our Bar and Restaurant

Affordable and family-friendly bar and restaurant with spectacular views!

Visiting the Club

A prominent RYA Training Centre for sail and power.

The perfect venue for conferences, celebrations and other events!

Crane Services

Our expert boatmen provide a range of crane services for members and non-members!

Weather and Tides

lymington yacht club parking

The Boat Shed

...boaty, minimalist, romantic.

  • 4 + 1 child (10+)

Calling all romantics, wanderers and explorers- come hither to meet our mini ‘grand design’…

Tucked behind the masts & amongst the trees, The Boat Shed offers just the perfect place for a great Lymington escape. The Sea Wall is just steps away, and the bustling town & Quay a mere saunter from your VIP plot- what a spot.

After a day of ice cream eating, paddle boarding, yacht spotting, birdwatching and rosé drinking; your nifty base provides the perfect welcome home. Chic and cool, The Boat Shed is a seriously swoon-worthy sanctuary; packing a hefty architectural punch with its shingle cladding, multi-tasking living space, sleep space under the eaves, bunk room (perfect for teenagers!) and sunny veranda.

N.b. The Boat Shed’s owners, Alice and Henning Stummel, appeared on Channel 4’s Grand Designs with their London home (The Tin House was also shortlisted for RIBA House of the Year)- which explains the top-notch detailing!

Whilst the area bustles with nautical living and small-town vibrancy, this location is an oasis of calm tucked in amongst the trees. Our quiet and peaceful hideaway is perfect for feeling secluded whilst only being a gate away from the joys of seaside life; sea birds, tinkling boat masts and the fresh sea air.

Walk ‘not-quite-next-door’ to great food and the town, walk west to the coastal path, big skies and wild beaches.

£110 / night

lymington yacht club parking

What makes this place special...

Highlights staying at this house and in the local area...

New Forest Escapes

Long lunches and sundowners...

Peace, quiet and the sound of boats... The Boat Shed's garden provides a sanctuary of calm. After a busy day, pour something refreshing, slow down & spend off-grid time together.

New Forest Escapes

Go (nearly) next door for food...

Just a 1 minute wander from your front door, head to The Mayflower for good pub grub in a fab beer garden (including play structure for younger children). Dogs welcome in the bar area and outside. Book ahead for busy times.

New Forest Escapes

BYO boat...

You are welcome to bring your own boat, as you'll have easy access to the public slipway next to the Royal Lymington Yacht club behind.. lucky you!

New Forest Escapes

Lymington Quay...

Follow the path from quay to quay to pitch up in Lymington's jewel in the crown. Grab a coffee, people watch, meet the swans, hire a paddleboard or take a boat ride- perfection!

New Forest Escapes Lymington water park

The Sea Water Baths...

Home to the UK's oldest open air sea water baths, Lymington's fabulous lido (also just steps away from The Boat Shed) offers an action packed day out for all ages, with inflatable & paddleboarding fun on offer... do book ahead.

New Forest Escapes

The Sea Wall...

The Sea Wall (steps away) gives you front row seats to Solent views & the abundance of wildlife who live here. Pack your swimmers and walk all the way into Milford on Sea for a day out at the beach (do pop in at the Haven en-route!).

New Forest Escapes

Head to Hurst Castle...

Follow the Sea Wall into Keyhaven, to walk (or take a boat), along the spit to Hurst Castle. Lunch at the tiny cafe there, or back at The Gun in Keyhaven's picturesque port.

All the essential details.

Here's your full run down of this place, inside and out...


Bedroom 1 Large double size sofa bed. A large single (4ft) above the bathroom, divided from the main room by simple wooden slatting. Synthetic bedding.
Bunk Room Available as an extra when booking for more than 2 people, or if extra room is needed. Single bunk beds. Synthetic bedding.


Bathroom Small shower room

All the rest...

KitchenTiny kitchen with sink, small convection oven, hob, toaster, kettle, fridge with small freezer compartment.
Mod ConsA Roberts radio.
ConnectivityThere is good 4G locally.
Phone service is reasonable for most suppliers.
Kids' StuffThere are no cots or highchairs here but there is space to have them in the main room. Please do bring them with you.
PetsThere is excellent dog walking on the coastal paths from here. Dogs are welcome here - with a small charge per dog, per stay. Garden is fenced but houdinis may escape.
GardenThere is a small garden around the property which has mature trees and is shady. A double gate opens directly into the dinghy boat yard storage area and the coastal path walking route is just across it.
ParkingThere is off road parking for 2 medium sized cars.

Home truths

Accessibility, booking information.

Included in your booking cost are: all bedding and linen, towels for the house, kitchen essentials. We also supply some treats to get you going for tea when you arrive. Enjoy!

Arrival & Departure

Arrive from: 4pm
Depart before: 11am

Payment Info

Deposit: 50%
Balance Due: 45 days before your stay
Security Deposit: £250

Location, location, location...

Walk out the garden gates straight into the Royal Lymington Yacht Club dinghy yard to find yourself on the coastal path (stop off at The Haven Bar for oysters & fizz on your way back) and stroll along the nature reserve all the way to Keyhaven (just over 1.5 miles). Wander a little further for a beachy day out in Milford, or a day trip to Hurst Castle.

Lymington's bustly Quay & High Street are a 5 minute walk away. Dangle your legs as you crab or Sunseeker spot, or head up the cobbles for shopping and treasure hunting at the Saturday market.

For day trips, The Sea Water baths is juts meters away, and you can catch The Isle of Wight Ferry from Lymington Pier (hop onboard at Lymington train and be at the pier in two minutes).

Rather handily, The Mayflower pub (with its fab beer garden), is mere steps away, but you also have a smorgasbord of places to eat, drink and be merry in Lymington... We like Coffee & Drift for a smoothie, The Larder for brunch, The Kings head for supper and The Cellar Tasting House for afters!

lymington yacht club parking

The best things to do and see when you're here...

Head over to the blog for all kinds of good information on where to go, what to do and how to do it...Forest style

lymington yacht club parking

Dog days in the New Forest

The New Forest is the perfect playground for four-legged friends to explore. With acres of open forest & miles of stretching coastlines to roam together,…

lymington yacht club parking

Romantic New Forest Walks.

The coastal path at Milford. The main picture for this blog is the coastal path at Milford on Sea from Brian Terrey. It’s as beautiful…

lymington yacht club parking

The Forest in the ‘Fall’. Leaf watching. When + where…

You don’t need to fly to New Hampshire to see the famous autumn or ‘fall’ foliage. Our wonderful New Forest puts on a great display…

lymington yacht club parking

Our Food Lovers Guide to the New Forest…

Our guests spend thousands of pounds a month eating out. We want you to be able to buy and eat the best. To us this…

lymington yacht club parking

Lymington Saturday Markets

Lymington has a thriving and very popular Saturday market. Over 90 stall holders congregate and the road is closed for most of the day. It…

lymington yacht club parking

The ‘time warp train’ London Waterloo 1hr 48mins.

Decompression needed? Take the time-warp train to Lymington Pier Waterloo Station to Lymington Pier Station (1 hr and 50 mins) is my favourite British train…

lymington yacht club parking

Guests that have stayed here rate this place:

4.4 out of 5.

Psst...find more real reviews on upfront reviews

The Boatshed is lovely, it is very cosy and a great location to stay. It is very well equipped the only thng lacking was a microwave but everything else you could need. It was nice touch to have milk and cake on arrival and very much appreciated. Would definitely recommend. Thank you.

Wonderful location on the edge of Lymington and the ocean. Wake up, birds are singing and panoramic windows. We had a fantastic weekend away from city

We have had a wonderful stay at The Boatshed. The space has been beautifully designed with everything that you need for a short stay with a warm and cosy feel. The location is fantastic and we enjoyed exploring Lymington with some lovely coastline walks. Highly recommend The Mayflower and The Ship Inn for food and drinks too. Thank you for a lovely stay.

Really nice place to relax and good responsive hosts. Would definitely recommend :)

5 stars! We had a lovely weekend break at The Boat House, relaxed straight away. Great communication with the host & exactly as described. It was a wet weekend & we enjoyed relaxing in the calm space with the wood burner fire. Perfect place to explore The New Forest & switch off from busy city life! Thanks :)

Had a lovely stay at The Boatshed! Came with everything you could need an in a lovely location!

What a perfect place! We had. wonderful few days in the Hut. The Boatshed is such a lovely place.

Lovely place, very quiet and peaceful, but so close to historic town of Lymington and everything there is to see and do. We celebrated midsummer with a family barbeque. I really liked the design of my bed and the garden was pretty - guest 8 years old. One of the best staycations we have had in England. Thanks to the host & team!

Very good communication, great location and nice tiny house.

Such a happy place! Very comfortable for three adults, and we've had a lovely time. Shed so pretty and quiet at night and in such a great location. Easy walk into Lymington and so easy to get to the paths over the marshes (go into the yacht haven for the public footpath). Back to reality now, but hope to be back. P.S Thank you for the milk and cake.

We had a restful time in a peaceful location. Simply loved sitting on the edge of the marina and watching the boats go by. Strolling through the nature reserve and eating ice cream (so many flavours!) were definite highlights of our stay. The Hut itself is charming, eating breakfast on the decking is wonderful and we loved the bunk bed. Also would recommend The Mayflower next door for great food. Thank you for a beautiful stay (with lovely weather) and we'd love to come back again.

We had a great stay. The accommodation has everything you need, plenty of hot water and was really clean and tidy.

It was a lovely place to stay and nice and local to Lymington for a short walk to everything!

We enjoyed lovely weather and loved staying in the beautiful and comfortable BoatShed - even better than the photos! So tranquil. Also conveniantely located near to the Mayflower. We enjoyed a day trip to Milford and and walked the Solent Way to Keyhaven. Things we are planning next time - Keyhaven ferry to Hurst Castle and a swim in the sea water baths, we simply ran out of time. Thank you so much for hosting us :)

What a fantastic stay! We love The BoatShed. Followed in the footsteps of previous guests enjoying the walk to Hurst Castle, fabulous walk, awesome views and the wildlife was amazing. Can't wait to come back!

We absolutely loved our stay here! The Boat Shed is so cosy and private but sitting outside in the evenings still makes it feel spacious and open. There's lots to do and we wish we could have stayed longer. We brought our cavapoo with us and she through this was the best place ever, she settled immediately and started exploring as soon as she could. The little touches the host left made it even nicer to come in to. The place was so tidy and comfortable and we cannot wait to come back again.

The Boatshed was amazing! A gem of a hideaway, but so close to all amenities and the harbour-side. Accommodation was cool in design yet really cosy and comfortable. The boat shed was very clean and we had everything we could have needed for our stay. Would highly recommend :)

Perfect location to get away from the hustle abs bustle of life.The boatshed was immaculate, cosy and peaceful. Amazing location: the mayflower pub was a lifesaver and my dog loved the little enclosed garden. We had an amazing time. Recommended!

Nice and peaceful location and hand for the pub on arrival (The Mayflower). Easy access to the Solent path and walked to Hurst Castle taking in the wildlife enroute. Nice day trip with X1 back to Lymington. Good luck with the planning application so we can return with the family another time.

We don't want to go! So laid back and what a lovely area, we are going to see if there is any space to come back for a week next spring. Loved the tranquility. Have a great time whatever comes next. Thanks NFE team x

Thanks for a wonderful stay. The perfect coastal escape from busy city life!

We have had a lovely stay at The BoatShed. It is a great base for exploring both the forest and coast. Just a note there is only one wine glass in the cupboard and would be good to have some plastic ones for the garden. Some cushions for the garden would make it more comfortable on a summers evening. We hope to return again soon.

What a wonderful place to stay! We enjoyed a lovely week in Lymington, explored all the local attractions and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The BoatShed is so comfy and we were very comfortable and cosy. The garden is also so lovely, that honeysuckle!! Thanks for having us, all the best.

Celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary here and had a lovely time. Excellent location near to the Mayflower Pub and great walks along the coast to Hurst Castle with the dog.

We had a lovely few days at the boat house. Such a peaceful, cosy place. Loved waking up to birdsong and walking along the sea walls. The ladder to the upper bed was a challenge for us oldies, so beware it is a vertical 7 foot! Sofa bed was fine though. Clever, compactly designed mini home. The dog loved it, hopefully worth the £50 cleaning charge. Very good communication and directions. Thanks.

Great location, quiet, tucked away, and very sweet. Pull out bed a little impractical, but otherwise well equipped and we enjoyed the little terrace and lighting. Lack of wi fi not a problem for us, 4g was usable, but take books, wine and enjoy the silence. We loved Lymington, and the hut is perfect for accessing the coastal path ( Salterns Way)

Great location, great walks, great pubs!

The Hut was perfect for our stay, oodles of atmosphere and the bird song in the morning was really special. Even though we were in a really accessible location in Lymington, you feel really tucked away in a little oasis. Clean, all mod cons, really organised hosts. We felt off the grid but we weren’t so it was exactly what we wanted for a relaxing week to switch off.

Beautiful, relaxing and a very different place to stay. The mezzanine is very cosy but definitely just for kids or the very nimble! The location is great for the town and the estuary.

Such a lovely setting, we had a really nice break with our little dog. Perfect to explore Lymington and the New Forest. We loved it and would love to come back.

Unique accommodation in a fabulous location

What a lovely little cabin! Fantastic location, lovely secret garden and warm as toast log burner. Bathroom is modest in size, some larger folk may struggle to get into the shower!

We had a fantastic weekend in a tardis -like boat shed that is extremely well finished and furnished. Yes it’s a sofa bed but very comfortable! Lovely quiet spot but close to town and marina. Thanks for having us

A lovely cosy hide away - we loved it!

Great little place for few days. Perfect location, secluded. Good for town and coast. Compact but comfortable and well equipped. Lovely to listen to sounds of trees and boats

We had such an amazing time here, was so cosy and quiet, location is perfect can’t wait to visit again

Was really lovey stay here ❤️

A great location just outside of the town - peaceful and quiet after a busy day in Lymington. Only a 10 minute walk - which is a nice walk too. The Hut is a lovely ‘tiny’ home - with everything you need for a perfect stay in it. It was well described and met all expectations. The sleeping arrangement in the mezzanine means you have to be good at climbing the steps to get up to it! A lovely space and would definitely go back!!

We really enjoyed our stay at the Boat Shed, very comfortable and private...a great hideaway in a great location to explore Lymington! We will definitely be back, thank you!

The boat shed is a great place for a mini break, within easy walking distance of Lymington town. The property is small but comfortable making it ideal for couples. We found it a very peaceful which is great if you're looking for somewhere to relax but also handy for visiting all the lovely nearby new forest spots.

Beautiful little hide away, great location to explore from!

From the word go communication was excellent. My partner and I wanted to relax and 'be off the grid' a bit, no WiFi and TV certainly helped. Lymington itself is a lovely seaside village and the Hut was close enough to walk but further away enough to be away from the action.

Thank you for organising our stay at short notice. We had a lovely couple of days and loved The Boat Shed. Highly recommended. A snug little den to rest between beautiful long walks. All in all it’s a wonderful place to stay. Many thanks Andy.

We stayed in the Boat Shed in Lymington with our 3 month old daughter and two sausage dogs (her first ever holiday). Sarah in particular was so helpful in suggesting lovely baby and dog friendly things to do and places to eat. She ensured we had everything we needed and offered her assistance throughout our stay. The Boat Shed was wonderfully peaceful and we loved the simplicity of it. It is beautifully located for lovely walks, stunning scenery and plenty to do, even in cold January.

Fabulous, stylish, secluded accommodation in Lymington, a delightful town on the edge of the New Forest. Sunday lunch at the pub a few doors down is not to be missed. All in all a great trip, expertly hosted. Thank you for accommodating us at The Boat Shed, we had a fab time and would re-book another visit in a heart beat. In fact we will when we get the opportunity!

We had a great short break at the Boat Shed. An excellent location for walking and just a short stroll into town. The 'Hut' is ideal for a couple. A little cosy at bed time for 2 children on the mezzanine but the living area is plenty big enough, well designed & the log burner ideal on a crisp Autumn evening. I would definitely recommend the Hut for a short stay any time of year. Whether you enjoyed sailing, walking or just as a retreat.

The team at New Forest Escapes are super helpful, the accommodation is relaxing and serene, located in amongst some of the the New Forests most popular destinations. Also great having the Mayflower pub right next door and Haven Bar close by.

What a beautiful and cleverly designed space. The pictures do not do it justice. It was much more spacious than we were expecting and the garden area is also a lovely size. We could see the sun rise through the windows in the morning and it is in such a great location for walks and short drives to explore other parts of the New Forest. Great pubs nearby and it was lovely being so close to the sea.

What a great little find. My 9 year old daughter and I have just returned from a 2 night stay at The Boat Shed. It was perfect for us. We found it in sparkling clean condition and the bathroom is surprisingly spacious for such a compact space. The kitchen had everything you need, even a proper oven, microwave which feels much more than it mentions in the description. The wood burning stove is perfect for the autumn evenings and heated the whole of the boat shed very efficiently. Outside, there are delightful lights that run around the bat shed and though the trees that make it feel very special. The boat shed is in a truly super location. You're a stones throw from the Solent where you can admire the yachts and take in all the boating activity around you, get an ice cream or go to the children's park.

Dear Robyn and Rachel. I just wanted to say thank you for being so last minute and flexible, allowing Flynn and myself to stay at the Boatshed. It was a bit of a dream come true, in away as we have watched so many of the "tiny houses" series and always wondered if we could experience the down sizing. It felt like luxury with very comfortable beds and lining plus we loved the thick fluffy towel - it felt wrong to even use the floor mat as a mat! We loved the way you could escape out the double gates at the back. As the weather was mixed over our couple of days, and we returned back to base a couple of times like drowned rats we were grateful to be able to light the log burner - would love to do a winter retreat here as log burner kicks out some heat! (I know you did warn us).

We had a fab holiday at the Boat Shed. A perfect little hideaway for a peaceful break. The Boat Shed is set down a beautiful leafy lane in the heart of Lymington. A very cosy little accommodation with all you need for your stay. Well equipped kitchen area with basic items provided, plus a welcome bottle of wine. Cosy large sofa bed. Small bathroom, but a great shower. Outside has a lovely little terrace. Very private and a great view of all the boats. The location is perfect. All the good restaurants and coffee bars are within walking distance. Also the Keyhaven nature reserve is a beautiful walk, with an abundance of Wildlife. We will definitely return to the Boat Shed and recommend it for a lovely little peaceful break.

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Lymington Ferry Terminal

Town quay - long stay, town quay - short stay, gosport street, lymington town station, cannon street east, cannon street west, st thomas street, marks & spencer, emsworth road, southampton road, pennington bank, lymington new forest hospital.

  • Fisherman's Rest
  • Waggon & Horses
  • Bosun's Chair
  • Thomas Tripp
  • Borough Arms
  • Chequers Inn
  • Tollhouse Inn
  • Macdonald Elmers Court Hotel & Resort


  • Restaurant at Stanwell House Hotel
  • Egan's
  • Lymington Rehab Unit

lymington yacht club parking

The home of yachting, dinghy sailing and motor boating.

Royal lymington yacht club, always something to enjoy, both afloat and ashore, celebrating 100 years, click on the boxes below to find out more information., our centenary.

Celebrating 100 years of Royal Lymington Yacht Club

Club Facilities

First class facilities and expert waterside services.

Visiting the Club

We welcome rallies, visiting yachtsmen and sailors.

We welcome new members throughout the year!

Our Bar and Restaurant

Affordable and family-friendly bar and restaurant with spectacular views!

Club Success

We are proud of our members' success on the water.

Club History

Find out more about the origins of our club.

The perfect location for conferences, celebrations and other events.

Member Benefits

We host regular keelboat and dinghy racing, Club events and large-scale National and International regattas.

Reciprocal Clubs

Regular racing, cruising and training, for keelboats, dinghies and motorboats.

  • Meet the Team
  • Shoreside Facilities
  • Weather & Tides
  • Marina Directory

Visitor Berthing

Annual & seasonal berthing.

  • Dry Berthing
  • Winter Berthing
  • Berthing Rates
  • Club Membership
  • Boat Club FAQ
  • Boatyard Services
  • Winter Lay Up

Boatyard Rates

  • Contractor Registration
  • Our History
  • Get on the Water
  • Cruising Destinations
  • Explore Lymington
  • Getting Here

Lymington Reflections On A B Pontoon

Great rates and benefits for annual, seasonal and daily visitors

Lymington Motorboat Bow Berthed

Why Berth with Lymington Yacht Haven?

Early payment discounts.

Early Payment Discount of 2.5%, if paid in full at least 3 months in advance of start date. If you would like to pay by monthly direct debits, please contact the Marina Office to discuss this option.

Earn money with your berth

Our Sub-Let Refund Scheme pays you 50% of fees received from visitors using your berth when you're away sailing between April and September. Let us know when you plan to be away and we will do the rest.

Free Visitor Nights

Enjoy a up to 14 free nights at any Yacht Havens marina. Subject to availability.

Half price storage

Half price storage ashore for annual berth holders, all-year round.

The Haven Discounts

Enjoy 10% off your food & drink at The Haven Bar & Restaurant.

"It was clear that the team had been keeping an eye on my boat over the winter. The marina staff had kindly secured her more firmly and it is comforting to know that there is someone who cares on duty at all times."

Michael Lithgow, Berth Holder

Annual Berthing

All standard berths are fully serviced with access to water and electricity. Berthing fees from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Minimum chargeable length 8 metres. Surcharges may apply to multihulls. Annual contracts can commence the first day of any month. 

Please contact the Marina Office on 01590 677071

In addition Harbour Dues and the Harbour Protection Levy will be added @ £34.41 per metre inc VAT.   Metered electricity supply via your own metered cable and charged per unit consumed.

Annual Berthing Discounts & Special Payment Terms 

Early payment discount (3 months before contract start date) Deduct 2.5%. Pay monthly option available, please contact the Marina Office. 

Seasonal Winter Berthing

We offer a Winter Season Four-Month Berthing Package available from 29th October 2023 to 1st March 2024. All standard berths are fully serviced with access to water and electricity. Rates are inclusive of VAT.

Up to 10.1m £1,700 flat rate
Up to 12.2m £2,130 flat rate
Over 12.2m Please contact us to discuss with the Haven Team

If required, electricity will be charged at our published rate, with boat owner providing or purchasing from the marina a metered cable. Space is limited and will be allocated first come, first served based on your boat length/beam. Stays outside of these dates will be charged at our normal visitor rates. Rates include VAT @ 20%.

Looking for a shorter visit? Our winter visitor berthing is just £3.80 per metre, per night.

Dry Stack Berthing

Dry Stack Berthing fees from 1 April 2024. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Provided at our sister-site in Lymington, Haven Quay . Minimum chargeable length is 6.4m. 

Up to 7.5m £860 per metre / per annum
7.5 - 10m £960 per metre / per annum

In addition, Harbour Dues and Harbour Protection Levy will be added to these costs at a flat rate of £40.34 inc VAT.

Annual Berth

Visitor berth, boatyard quote, visitor berthing (from 1st april 2024).

All visitor berths are fully serviced with access to water and electricity, included in the daily rate. All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%. Minimum chargeable length is 8 metres. Catamarans are subject to a 25% surcharge with berths subject to availability.

£5.25 per metre/per day
£5.75 per metre/per day
£3.80 per metre/per day
£16 per stay
£26 per stay
Half overnight rate

Discounts for visitors

  • 10% discounts on our summer daily visitor rate when you book for 7 nights or more in advance
  • 20% discounts for registered Sailing Schools, available Sunday to Thursday excluding July, August and Bank Holidays

Boatyard Rates (from 1st April 2024)

Boat lifting and storage ashore available for boats up to 50 tonnes. All rates are per metre length overall (LOA) unless otherwise stated, and inclusive of VAT at 20%. Minimum chargeable length 8 metres.

LIFTING AND LAUNCHING 8 - 12.5 metres Over 12.5 metres
£38 /m £40 /m
£38 /m £40 /m
£27 /m £27 /m
£20 /m £22 /m

£30 /m

(15mins max for wash off, charged £25 per 15mins thereafter)

Single lift £16 per metre - Double dip £21

*Collection / delivery fees apply for this service at £50 within the marina / £80 from Lym River, each way. Roller mainsails and all headsails must be removed prior to lifting ashore. Vessels stored ashore for a period exceeding one year will be charged at double the standard rate.


Non Berth Holders

£1.32 per metre/day

Annual Berth Holders from 1 Sept to 30 April

£0.65 per metre/day

Annual Berth Holders from 1 May to 31 August


Only available from 1 May to 31 August

£6 per day
£10 per week (or part thereof)
£22 per week (or part thereof)
£34 per week (or part thereof)

Min charge 30mins - includes driver only

£230 per hour

Removal and preparation for storage charged at hourly rate

£1.94 per day

Metered supply via your own metered cable and charged per unit consumed. Please arrange this with a Haven Master when making a booking.

Boat Lifting for small boats

For smaller boats, RIBs and sports motorboats, visit our sister-site Haven Quay who provide an extensive range of boatyard services. 

All work carried out under current British Marine/TYHA regulations. E&OE. View our Terms & Conditions, and Marina Regulations

Get a quote for your boat

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  1. Lymington. England. Yacht Parking. Editorial Image

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  2. How to access Lymington Yacht Haven

    lymington yacht club parking

  3. About the Royal Lymington Yacht Club

    lymington yacht club parking

  4. About the Royal Lymington Yacht Club

    lymington yacht club parking

  5. About the Royal Lymington Yacht Club

    lymington yacht club parking

  6. Lymington Yacht Haven

    lymington yacht club parking


  1. Статус на яхте: пассажир, матрос, капитан

  2. Wanderer

  3. Lymington Scow Nationals 2012

  4. Disney's Yacht Club Room Tour (Garden and Woods View)


  1. Royal Lymington Yacht Club parking

    Find parking charges, opening hours and a parking map of all Royal Lymington Yacht Club car parks, street parking, pay and display, parking meters and private garages ... Bookings; Royal Lymington Yacht Club. 14 Oct, 3:00 AM 2 hours. Car Parks Street Private. Filter. Sort by: Distance Price Relevance. Bath Road 288 spaces. 1 min. to destination ...

  2. Visiting Royal Lymington Yacht Club

    Experience first class cuisine and exceptional service in our fabulous restaurant and enjoy drinks and our all-day menu in our bar or on our sun terrace, with stunning riverside and Solent views. To reserve a table, please contact the club office on 01590 672677 or email [email protected].

  3. Royal Lymington Yacht Club

    Situated in a stunning riverside location with easy access to the Solent, the historic Royal Lymington Yacht Club is one of the world's finest yacht clubs; a warm and welcoming home of yachting, dinghy sailing and motor boating. We pride ourselves on our superb clubhouse and facilities, including our popular bar and restaurant (book a table ...

  4. Royal Lymington Yacht Club

    The Royal Lymington Yacht Club welcomes sailors of all levels and provides a safe, welcoming environment for cruising and racing. The club's stunning location overlooking the river makes it a popular destination for lunch and recreation. Excellent service and delicious food make this yacht club a hit with visitors.

  5. Dinghy Park

    Parking spaces are rented for the year. (01 APR - 31 DEC) ... Royal Lymington Yacht Club Bath Road Lymington SO41 3SE Tel: 01590 672677 Email: [email protected] Quick Links. Join Us Racing Cruising Motorboating Crew Register Club Racing Results Junior & Youth Sailing

  6. Royal Lymington Yacht Club

    Royal Lymington Yacht Club, Lymington. 2,240 likes · 98 talking about this · 6,975 were here. Successful on the water, friendly and welcoming ashore. Dinghy and keelboat racing, yacht cruising a

  7. Royal Lymington Yacht Club

    The Royal Lymington Yacht Club aims to be successful on the water, friendly and welcoming ashore. Every year, we run something over 200 days of organised sailing events, we start over 400 races and run a dozen or so open events which attract over 800 entrants. Our keelboats compete at national level and our members are regular prize winners in ...

  8. Free parking

    Free parking. Review of Lymington Yacht Haven. Reviewed 26 November 2016. One of the few places in Lymington where you can find free parking. You can admire the yachts or access the paths along the Solent, or spend time at the Haven café or restaurant. Date of experience: November 2016.

  9. Lymington Yacht Haven

    Open now. 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM. Write a review. About. Lymington Yacht Haven is a Five Gold Anchor Marina offering luxurious facilities, easy access to a number of exciting locations and a host of benefits to berth holders and visitors. Based in the mouth of Lymington River on the edge of the New Forest, Hampshire, the marina is the premier ...

  10. Getting Here

    Boat Club Club Membership; The Fleet; ... Lymington Yacht Haven, Kings Saltern Road, Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 3QD. ... SO41 3QD. You'll find ample free parking on-site. By rail . Lymington Town Train Station is a 15minute walk away. This branch line connects to Brockenhurst with direct lines to Bournemouth, Southampton and London hourly.

  11. Lymington, Hampshire; a day trip guide for 2024

    The best day to visit Lymington is on a Saturday, when the weekly market is held (8am - 4pm), but this will also the busiest day, with a distinct lack of car parking. Below is an interactive map for a suggested day trip to Lymington. Sights of Lymington: 1) Ferry to the Isle of Wight 2) Lymington Quay Side 3) Lymington High Street 4) Saint ...

  12. About the Royal Lymington Yacht Club

    Royal Lymington Yacht Club Bath Road Lymington SO41 3SE Tel: 01590 672677 Email: [email protected] Quick Links. Join Us Racing Cruising Motorboating Crew Register Club Racing Results Junior & Youth Sailing Wednesday Junior Sailing Crane Services RYA Training Venue Hire Organise A Sailing Event Member Login

  13. News

    Royal Lymington Yacht Club Bath Road Lymington SO41 3SE Tel: 01590 672677 Email: [email protected] Quick Links. Join Us Racing Cruising Motorboating Crew Register Club Racing Results Junior & Youth Sailing Wednesday Junior Sailing Crane Services RYA Training Venue Hire Organise A Sailing Event Member Login

  14. Marina Facilities at Lymington Yacht Haven

    From chandlery to yacht repairs, boat sales to the popular Haven Bar & Restaurant, our marina village is more than equipped to help make your stay that little bit more special. Yacht Havens Lymington Marina offers dry berthing, secure boat storage and rib storage with a new 60 tonne travel hoist and mobile crane.

  15. Royal Lymington Yacht Club Map

    Royal Lymington Yacht Club. Royal Lymington Yacht Club is a building in Lymington and Pennington, New Forest, England. Royal Lymington Yacht Club is situated nearby to the park Bath Road Recreation Ground and the swimming pool Lymington Seawater Baths. Map. Directions.

  16. The Boat Shed

    Tucked behind the masts & amongst the trees, The Boat Shed offers just the perfect place for a great Lymington escape. The Sea Wall is just steps away, and the bustling town & Quay a mere saunter from your VIP plot- what a spot. After a day of ice cream eating, paddle boarding, yacht spotting, birdwatching and rosé drinking; your nifty base ...

  17. Contact Us

    Reception. 01590 672677. [email protected]. 09:00 - 17:00 Monday to Friday. 09:30 - 13:30 Saturday and Sunday and bank holidays.

  18. How it Works

    Lymington Yacht Haven. Our home marina, the award-winning Lymington Yacht Haven, is a Five Gold Anchor Marina. The marina enjoys arguably the best location in the Solent for access to the finest boating the Solent has to offer. The marina has oodles of free parking, free wifi, a brilliant bistro and luxury facilities plus super friendly staff.

  19. PDF Southampt on Lymington er Chichester

    Summer Car Parking Seawater Lymington Town RNLI Lifeboat Station Royal Lymington Yacht Club B C Q G H K N O Lymington er A354 A338 A36 A31 M27 M271 M3 M27 7) A3 A3 A272 A27 A27 M275 A34 M3 A31 A303 A36 A338 A354 A350 Downton Fordingbridge Cranborne Chase Sixpenny Handley Farnham rwood erndown

  20. Lymington Yacht Haven Ltd. parking

    Find parking charges, opening hours and a parking map of all Lymington Yacht Haven Ltd. car parks, street parking, pay and display, parking meters and private garages. Bookings; Lymington Yacht Haven Ltd. Now 2 hours. Car Parks Street Private. Filter. Sort by: Distance Price Relevance. Bath Road 288 spaces. 7 min. to destination. Town Quay ...

  21. About the Royal Lymington Yacht Club

    The aim of the club was to provide regular racing between June and September for a Handicap class, the Solent Sea Birds and the Prams. The first gun of the first race was fired on Saturday 3 June 1922. The Duke of Gloucester became Patron of the Club in December 1931 and the Royal Warrant was granted by King George VI on 3 November 1938.

  22. Berthing Rates

    STORAGE ASHORE Rate; Storage ashore Non Berth Holders. £1.32 per metre/day: Storage ashore Annual Berth Holders from 1 Sept to 30 April. £0.65 per metre/day