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hh55 catamaran cost

With her axe bows, looks like she’s flying along even at anchor. She has more in common with an America’s Cup foiling cat than a charter cruising yacht.

The 55 is built by HH Yachts in China, who specialise in high performance boats (although they have also branched out into a keener priced range called the Ocean Class). Construction methods are at the forefront of the industry, with female molds to reduce weight and a 100 %  carbon composite sandwich construction with epoxy infusion for rigidity and strength.

She comes with curved C-foil dagger-boards providing lift at the bow.

  • A fast, light no holes barred performance cruising cat that achieves high average speeds and lots of comfort.
  • The HH55 comes in two options: a forward single helm or twin raised aft helms on the aft bulkhead
  • The fully battened main drops tidily into a V-boom.
  • This is a semi-custom boat. You can really tailor a new one to your needs
  • She sails as fast as the wind
  • She can point as high as 45 degrees to true. 48 degrees is the sweet spot though.
  • You’ll be sailing 250 miles a day and over in consistent conditions
  • Her hull shape and weight distribution has been set up to reduce pitching. She really does give you a smooth ride.
  • This is not a boat for beginners. The running rigging is pretty complex and she has daggerboards that need to be adjusted on each tack. It’s likely to be your second or third boat if you can afford one.
  • The HH55 is not a cheap boat. If you are watching your budget, you probably want to look at their Ocean Class (OC55) which is not as expensive – there’s less carbon in it and it has mini keels instead of daggerboards.
  • Maintenance is likely to be on the high side given that this is a semi-custom yacht.
  • I am not too sure about those hard-top covers over the aft helms. They do provide excellent shelter from the elements. Without them, she looks very sleek. HH5505 was built with a raised one-piece bimini like the earlier HH66s which looks fantastic in my opinion – it’s a semi-custom boat I guess.

hh55 catamaran cost

There’s a self-tacking 446ft jib on a furler, and a 2,032ft reacher, for heading off the wind. The longeron and the cross beam are carbon fiber also from Southern Spars. This is the kind of carbon use you´ll only see on boats like the McConaghy MC50 and Gunboats.

You can expect to be matching the wind speed and even exceeding it on these boats in the right conditions, including going upwind with those efficient daggerboards. She fair slices through the water. She can sail as close as 45 degrees, but bear away a couple of degrees to get her in the zone and you’ll be flying along in a breeze.  Unlike a keel cat, the HH55 is quite at home working to windward. Bear away and she’ll quickly accelerate and really show her stuff.

When you are spending this much on a boat, it should come as no surprise to hear that there are plenty of options available, so prepare to spend some time poring over spreadsheets to customise your boat.

The standard set up is either a three-cabin (with master-suite to port) or four-cabin layout. HH will try and build the boat of your dreams though, so whether you want a  guest stateroom, a workshop or an office is really up to you. This is a performance cruiser, so the hulls are slim but there is still plenty of room on a boat this length for all of the luxuries and toys.

In the saloon you can get really creative with different layouts. The twin aft helm version opens up the saloon for more space obviously, as all of the sailing is done aft.

Twin Yanmar 57hp diesels push the HH55 along comfortably at 12 knots in good conditions on both engines or over 6 knots on just one if you are saving diesel. There’s an option for an electric bow thruster if you feel more comfortable with that up your sleeve when you come back into the marina, but like most cats, twin engines make her very manoeuvrable.

HH55 Polar Diagram

hh55 catamaran polars

Which HH55 Catamarans Have been Launched?

HH5501 – Minnehaha

HH5502 – Hai Feng

HH5503 – Ticket to Ride

HH5504 – Utopia

HH5505 – 

Download the HH55 Brochure .

Well, this isn’t a boat that is going to suit someone who is new to sailing. The running rigging takes some time to get your head around, the sail plan is powerful and you’ve got those dagger-boards to raise and lower on each tack. But if you are after a luxuriously fitted speed merchant that will clock off 250 mile days with ease safely and comfortably, the HH55 has to be on your shopping list if you have the budget for it. You’ll also be looking at options like the Seawind 1600 and the Balance 526 I would guess, although the former is probably more marketed at the HH50.

What is the Price of a HH55 Catamaran? How much does this yacht cost? Well, that is highly dependent on the options you go for, but a new one will likely cost you between $2.8 and 3.0 million. As we said above, they are not cheap.

Where is the HH55 Catamaran Made? The HH55 is built by Hudson Yacht Marine in Quanzhou, China. She was designed by Morrelli & Melvin from the US.

HH55 Specs & Video: Ticket to Ride

Technical specification.



Length WL



8.10 m/26.57 t

Draft (Boards Up)


Draft (Boards Down)


Displacement Light


Displacement Max


Mast Clearance











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hh55 catamaran cost

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hh55 catamaran cost

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HH 55 Catamaran

HH55 012

Safety and Short Hand Sailing

The HH55 is a robust platform that can be managed by just two people for short handed sailing. In keeping with our commitment to luxury and excellent performance, this yacht emphasizes the safety, strength and weight saving properties that only carbon can offer.

The HH55 features curved “C” dagger-boards for greater performance and a smoother ride. All sail handling is done from either the forward cockpit on the forward helm arrangement, or led aft to the twin helm stations on the aft helm boat.

Saloon and Cockpit - Aft Helm

The spacious salon (23.55m2) flows seamlessly into the large aft cockpit (19.94m2) with dining table, sun bed, wet bar and barbeque. The large sliding doors open completely to one side, merging the two spaces into one expansive and inviting area in which to live and entertain.

092019BTIS 1148

Saloon and Cockpit - Fwd Helm

Customisation and personalisation options abound with three or four cabins layouts and a multitude of interior styling options.

HH55BestCruisingCatamaran e1643760812728

  • LOA 52.92ft/16.74m
  • Draft 1.30m
  • Displacement 14700kg
  • Mast Length 26.90m
  • Water 2 x 350L
  • Fuel 2 x 370L
  • Engines 2 x Yanmar 57HP

Boat Description

An exquisite balance of luxury, performance and manageability. The award-winning HH55 is an all-carbon blue water capable, fast sailing catamaran that’s prepared to sail anywhere in the world.

HH 55 Catamaran description image

HH55 Layout

HH55 0120

Boat Gallery

hh55 catamaran cost



1300 852 620

Multihull Central - Sydney Multihull Central Marina 20 Chapman Road Annandale, NSW 2038

02 9810 5014

Multihull Central - Gold Coast The Boat Works North Yard | 199 Beattie Rd Coomera, QLD 4209

07 3393 5550

Multihull Central - New Zealand Unit 25/25 Baffin Street Marina Building, Port Opua-Bay of Islands, New Zealand

+64 274 542 242

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hh55 catamaran cost

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HH55 Catamaran Review

  • By Herb McCormick
  • Updated: June 27, 2018

hh 55

If you truly loved catamarans, if money were no object, if you wanted high performance but also wished for a boat that you could actually sail as a couple, if state-of-the-art carbon-fiber construction were something you could really understand and appreciate, what would you buy?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the HH55.

Built in China to exacting standards, and created by the renowned multihull designers and partners Gino Morrelli and Pete Melvin, the HH55 looks and feels like something conceived and launched in a future time and place, and deposited here in 2018 as if by time machine. Tellingly, the naval ­architects, Morrelli and ­Melvin, and one of the principal boatbuilders, New Zealander Paul Hakes, were all involved in the development and evolution of the original Gunboat brand. With the HH55, they’ve taken that concept and run with it.

The 55-footer certainly looks and feels like a next-generation Gunboat. The hulls maximize the waterline length and boast what might be called a reverse sheer line, and the bows, which look slick and pierce waves, are swept slightly aft. And there are definitely some overlapping features to a Gunboat, the most prominent being the forward steering station inside the central saloon (though you can also opt for twin wheels aft) that opens up to a forward cockpit where all the sheets, halyards and reefing lines live. It’s clean, functional and has withstood the test of modern times.

The materials and technology incorporated in the HH55 would not be out of place on Starship Enterprise. Carbon fiber is employed throughout in a sandwich laminate that incorporates infused epoxy resins and Core-Cell foam cores, which makes the boat lean and strong and also provides sound and heat insulation. Rod rigging is eschewed in favor of light, durable aramid fibers. The fractional spar and V-shaped boom are prepreg carbon that’s baked in an autoclave. A CZone digital control and monitoring system, linked to a B&G ­Hercules central processing unit, provides a seamless electrical interface among all electronic components and state-of-the-art autopilots and sailing instruments. It’s all powered by lithium-ion batteries.

In the interior layout, customization is both available and encouraged. On the model we tested, the owners suite spanned the length of the entire port hull, with a comfortable double berth aft and a large head with an enormous shower stall, forward. The starboard hull housed double cabins in the ends, with separate heads. The main cabin is airy and equipped with an ample galley, dedicated nav station and spacious dining area; sliding glass doors open up to create a vast, seamless space between the interior saloon and the outdoor aft cockpit, which features a second dining table, sun bed, wet bar and barbecue. Luxurious is the word that readily leaps to mind.

Not surprisingly, the bloody boat sails like a witch. The curved carbon daggerboards maximize the performance and control. The helm is as smooth and silky as can be. During our test sail on Chesapeake Bay, in about 11 knots of true wind, the HH55 slipped through the water like a hot knife through butter. During our Boat of the Year contest, only one boat surpassed the 55’s sailing prowess, its bigger, more powerful sister, the HH66 (see “Hook In and Hang On,” opposite).

Our BOTY judges were smitten by the yacht. Bill Bolin was impressed with the arrangement and functionality of the galley: “I thought it was exceptional. It’s U-shaped and very deep. The crew would be out of the way of the traffic patterns, with people moving around and going in and out of either hull or the staterooms or heads. It was very well thought out.” Ed Sherman said, “I like the way it’s laid out. The builders have demonstrated that they can build a cruising-­oriented boat that offers a good turn of speed and performance, but a couple can run it without outside assistance. It’s a really cool boat.”

Of course, with a price tag over $2.5 million, it better be. But for those well-heeled enough to afford it, it might just be a bargain. It’s hard to imagine more fun at any price.

Herb McCormick is CW’s executive editor.

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How This Pioneering New Catamaran Builder Is Creating the ‘Ferrari of Sailing Cats’

Hh catamarans is building sleek, nimble and fast vessels., michael verdon, michael verdon's most recent stories.

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HH Catamarans HH66

Multimillion-dollar sailing cats are a small but fiercely contested niche, mostly dominated by European brands. So it’s worth paying attention when an eight-year-old builder from China is considered a legitimate challenger to pedigreed French names such as Privilege and Lagoon .

HH Catamarans , with a line ranging from fast, wave-jumping 50-foot cruisers to 88-foot ocean yachts, has gained a loyal following in the US and Europe, in part because COO Paul Hakes—he’s one of the H’s in “HH”—is obsessed with mating upscale interiors to featherweight racing hulls.

Hakes assembled what he calls a “mini-UN” of expat experts at HH’s production headquarters in Xiamen, China. Naval architecture is done by the California-based firm Morelli & Melvin . The yachts are built by local labor: With an average of 40,000 man-hours per cat, the labor savings add up significantly, allowing HH to focus on superior performance through exotic materials and expensive carbon-fiber weaves. “We’re determined to make HH the Ferrari of sailing cats,” Hakes says.

HH Catamarans HH66

HH Catamarans

Befitting that famed Italian marque, the HH55 and HH66 are sleek, nimble and beautiful vessels, though the HH88, with its exponentially larger interior and oceangoing hull, is more
 like a Mercedes-AMG G-Wagen. But to stick to automotive analogies, it’s worth mentioning that HH’s upstart nature makes it more like Lamborghini , founded to challenge Enzo Ferrari’s already successful brand—and we all know how that turned out.

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Watch Video for HH CATAMARANS HH55 Yacht for Sale

Asking Inquire for price

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HH CATAMARANS HH55 Yacht for Sale

HH Catamarans HH55 Performance Luxury Catamaran offered by Worldwide Agent Rocknak's Yacht Sales


Length (LOA) 54'
Year 2021
Gross Tonn. 19,633
Draft 11'
Beam 26'
Range 700 NM
Location United States


Staterooms 3

Dimensions & Capacity

LOA 54'
LWL 54'
Min Draft 5'
Max Draft 11'
Fuel Tank 185 g
Fresh Water 127 g
Holding Tank 69 g
Gross Tonn. 19,633
Displacement 14,700


Hull Material Carbon Composite
Hull Config Catamaran
Ext. Designer Morrelli & Melvin
Int. Designer HYG, Morrelli & Melvin, and You
Range 700 NM

Complete the form below and one of our experienced sales brokers will be in touch soon.

Full Details

Unique characteristics.

The HH55 has a customizable interior. We work with you to create what meets your requirements. Finishes, fabric, and the selection of wood are all up to you.

The performance of the HH55 is remarkable in that sailing wind speeds can be achieved in several points of sail. This includes sailing in very light wind.

The specification list (inquire [email protected]) includes equipment that is the best available. Combined with additional choices on an extensive selection of options each HH55 can be truly individual.

The HH Catamarans HH55 is for the discerning customer who desires the best performance with ultra-high quality and attention to detail.

See our extensive videos on the HH55 by Scott Rocknak

or contact [email protected]

The master cabin's berths on the HH55 are aft. This is a well ventilated area of the boat due to the forward, unimpeded flush-mounted opening hatch and side opening ports. The berths are standard height off the cabin sole and roughly that of a queen. Side windows, an aft "picture" window, and overhear hatches allow ample light and an open feel.

Forward cabins are close in size to the aft cabins. Each are also well ventilated, open, and airy. Its up to you to have the forward areas configured as cabins or utilize the space for part of a masters cabin or perhaps a workshop or utility room.

The cabinetry is best described by seeing the photographs or watching our videos in this listing. Keep in mind the video are of four cabin models. Please see the images or perhaps the HH50 interior video to see what a 3-cabin model would look like.

When entering the salon on the HH55's that are in sailing now, visitors have remarked on its size and unique accommodations. Again, the interior is up to you, however the boats that have been built so far include (2) Settees, and Island Galley, large forward facing Nav Station, considerable cabinetry, and a retracting large screen television monitor.

The Salon opens up to the Cockpit by sliding heavy duty megayacht quality doors. The cockpit becomes the salon and vice-versa.

A 3-cabin boat will have a large head and separate shower forward. The guest hull would have two heads with a center Jack-and-Jill shower.

A 4-cabin boat would have two heads per hull with the Jack-and-Jill showers.

See or video of the HH55's interior. The finish and fabric choices are yours.

Counter space is something there is plenty of in the HH55's delivered so far. The center island is a natural meeting spot and place to prepare food or drinks. Under the island are twin double pull-out refrigerator/freezer doors.

The "L-Shaped" galley has an aft facing double sinks and a trash bin with top and side access. Outboard is the cabinetry that contains the stove and oven as well as drawers and lockers. Over the outboard counter is the microwave cabinet and shelf.

Forward to starboard is an L-shaped cabinet with a deep locker and drawer. In lieu of the locker cab be a dual drawer dishwasher.Its possible to store clean cutlery in one dishwasher drawer and cutlery to be washed in the other. Under the forward salon seat a wine locker can be installed.

Electrical Equipment

Only top of the line equipment is used. The lighting is handled in multiple banks with LED warm color lamps on dimmers. Tase can be controlled by a variety of switches on board, some duplex, and all can be controlled and dimmed from the C-Zone system.

Fans are multiple speed and quiet, six zone air conditioning with reverse cycle heating and de-humidification is throughout the boat is optional. If you contact Rocknak's we can discuss how you can run a portion of the system on DC power at night for a client ship.

All electrical components are controlled by the onboard C-Zone system through a touch screen. The C-Zone controlled appliances all have a manual override.

Freshwater pumps are go the highest quality as are the bilge pumps. Access to all wiring, components, pumps, supply lines, etc. are all immediately available and well laid out.

Standard Batteries are Lithium-iron phosphate. Isolation transformers, Auto transformers, Battery  Inverter'sChargers are configurable to your needs. Ask for the spec list and option list for more details.

A complete system video and personal electrical tutorial comes with any HH Catamaran purchased from Rocknak's.

Hull & Construction

The hull, deck, cockpit, interior structural components are all carbon fiber composite. Please inquire for a full Specifications PDF that elaborate in deep detail on the construction of the HH55.

Rocknak's has unique in-house ability to mock-up the exterior (and interior) in your choices of colors during your decision making process.

Sails & Rigging

Your choice of a multiple sailmakers. This includes standard and performance configurations. The mainsail can be square-top or pinhead, forward sails available are Spinnaker, Asymmetrical Spinnaker, Reacher, Solent, and Staysail. Its typical to have a three sail combination on three roller furlers.

The HH55 has a few options to  consider.

Please contact [email protected] for full information.

Daggerboards And Rudders

Rudders are Carbon Fiber with a Caron Fiber Stock. (see photo of Scott holding a rudder). Spare Rudders and Spare Rudders in a shoal draft configuration are available.

Asymmetrical C-Shaped Daggerboards are Carbon Fiber and tested in a jig for each boat. They are stronger and stiffer than most daggerboards seen on similar catamarans today.

The decks are protected by double are triple lifelines (call to discuss) stretching the entire length forward. Non-skid is built in or use the optional seadek. There is a molded in toe rap for additional protection.

All hatches are flush with drains and face forward for optimum ventilation. This includes the aft cabin hatches.

Storage is unique on the HH55 forward. Each hull has a forward locker larger enough to carry the equipment and recreational items that a long-term cruiser would desire. If you let to go with the Intregrel option (call Rocknak's, special order) you open up the generator locker for even more capacity.

The anchor locker contains an electric windlass and separate chain compartment. The bulkhead inside the locker can have a mounted Fortress anchor as a spare.

On top of the salon roof are built in rain gutters with fore and aft drains. There is enough room on the salon and bimini top to accommodate approx. 2kw of optional factory installed solar panels.

See the video in this listing that goes into detail on Decks & Lockers.

Seating can be varied depending on your requirements. To port is a single full length settee with table. The table can be fixed top or folding top. To starboard can be a day lounge for two or an L-Shaped settee with retracting table. The HH55 has  dual  helms.

The cockpit sole comes standard in gel coat non-skid or your choice of real or artificial teak. Seadek is also an option. A variety of styles and colors are available for the flooring.

Under the traveller is a storage locker with multiple compartments. If you are using the gas option onboard for cooking the tanks are located under the starboard settee.

Fishrod holders are available as well as fish rod storage. with Rocknak's for best pavement options based on experience. See our exterior video shown in this listing under "Videos".

Engines are standard as the Yanmar 4-cyl 57 HP diesels. The engines can handle the 185 amp 24 volt alternators or the optional Integrel systems. The system utilizes sail drives that can have their oil changed while the boat is in the water.

Many people have asked about electrical propulsion. Please contact Rocknak's and ask for Scott to open a discussion on this topic.

A generator is available as an option. It is mounted forward of the salon in its own locker. Steering is the Jefa system. All components are accessible. Dual autopilots are available (for redundant systems) as an option. A bow thruster, (1) mounted in the starboard hull, is also an option.

With each Rocknak supplied HH Catamaran a full video is supplied on how to operate and diagnose the mechanical systems specific to your boat.


The standard offering is from B&G with a very large set of options available including full sailing analysis, radar, forward looking sonar, autopilots and more.

With your new HH55  you receive complete training  from Rocknak's as well as a custom video showing you operation of all your equipment including the nuances of the electronic systems on board.

Rocknak's has experience in electronic navigation instruction having operated specialized electronic navigation training boats in the past.

Each hull has its own highly insulated hotter tank. Both tanks have a hot/cold mixer valve that is immediately accessible. There are hot/cold taps in each head, shower, and transom shower. A filter water device is available.

Water maker systems are from Spectra in the 400 model as an option. A 700 model from the HH55 can be fitted for customers desiring even more capabilities. Discuss with Rocknak's the energy use and water production of each.

The water tank is located forward of the salon in the bridge deck. It has a clean-out port if needed and accessed through the anchor locker. There is a deck fill directly over the tank.With the capacity of the water maker system onboard it is possible to use only RO water if desired.

The fresh water heads have quite flush water closets and are dual use with water usage controls. Holding tanks are emptied or pumped out though the deck or a macerator.

Wash down is located forward and aft and the forward system can be fresh water or sea water.

A complete and thorough video of all plumbing systems aboard by Scott Rocknak included as well as in person familiarization with any HH Catamaran purchased from Rocknak's.

A Builder With Experience

Hudson Yacht Group has a large, modern facility located right on the water. Resin infusion, 5-axis routers, water jets, a giant autoclave, and traveling gantries are all part of this proper facility.

The magic, however, comes from the experience of the craftsman building the boat. Finishes that have depth and woodworking reflecting hundreds of years of tradition. Electrical assemblies and mechanical systems as a study in how its done. Hardware and component selection that is, well, state of this art.

Well known names in the performance boat industry can be working for you and your project! Consider the experience of Paul Hakes, Riccardo Marton, Thomas Jonsson, James Juan, Paul Smith, and Taka Wung. Smart, exacting, and dedicated to making the HH Catamaran the best available.

Ask  Scott [email protected]  about build options and build locations (new).

Path To Ownership

We're an agent for HH Catamarans. Rather than just invite you to call or write, check out who we are and what we can offer you in terms of knowledge and familiarity of the boat. On youTube there are several in-depth videos created for you to learn more detail than you would normally expect. On the website are the most intensive bits of information anywhere on HH Catamarans. You'll see the OC50, HH50, HH55, and the HH66.

And then...get a hold of us. Let's discuss what you are looking for. With HH we can mould to your needs. Want something that looks fast, is fast, and possibly built better than most boats on the dock? Then it could very well be the HH 50 Carbon Catamaran.

About Rocknak's

Rocknaks' Yacht Sales has over 65 years operating full service boat yards.  This includes hands on mechanical, electrical, electronic, composite, and wood working capabilities. We specialize in powerboats and sailboats for extended voyaging. Our catamaran experience goes back to 1989. We handle import and export of boats to or from where you desire.

Our background includes seasonal storage where we assemble and disassemble dozens of boats a year, thousands of pleasurable interactions and transactions, maintaining charter fleets, and sale of new and used boats since the invention of composite construction. Many of the manufacturers boats we have sold over the years have incorporated our design and engineering suggestions into their more advanced models.

To guide you better and more accurately we have sailed the HH55 both inshore and offshore, slept in each style cabin, and prepared meals on the boat. We know the HH55 inside and out.

We maintain and own a full service facility with infrastructure and personnel. Our indoor heated facilities can accommodate up to 50' monohull and 38' Catamarans. This includes available moorings in two of the most idyllic harbors anywhere. We have established relationships with local boatyards that can haul catamarans up to 38' wide.

Our connections and affiliations expand worldwide to accommodate our traveling clientele.

Many of our customer base have been with us for decades.

Rocknak's offers unique capabilities and knowledge for project management of your new build, training you in its use, and maintaining a lasting relationship years into your ownership.

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HH Catamarans HH55 for sale in United States of America

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HH Catamarans HH55

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Fresh Water Tanks


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HH55 – The world's finest performance cruising catamaran.

Winner of the 2017 Boat of the Year, in the Cruising Catamaran category.

Designed for a couple to handle, the HH55 sets the standard for performance luxury sailing.

Designed for a couple to handle, the HH55 sets the standard for performance luxury sailing. With its Morrelli & Melvin design pedigree, its generous interior spaces, and clever use of ultra-modern materials, the HH55 achieves a level of performance and luxury, not previously found in this genre of very fast, cruising catamarans

Performance is the backbone of this design. Available in two configurations (forward cockpit/center steering, or dual aft steering) - the HH55 is designed primarily for a couple to sail, in comfort, style and safety. However, this vessel is able to ‘kick it up a notch’ and move with speed ,when desired. Modern hull forms, the latest generation curved C daggerboards, and “T” rudders, incorporate design learnings from the latest America’s Cup campaigns. 100% carbon fiber composite sandwich construction, produces hulls and structures of incredible strength and stiffness, while interior construction of lightweight cored panels, finished with exquisite veneers, present you with the highest quality interior finishes.

Not a “cookie-cutter” high production vessel; the HH55 is offered with numerous interior and exterior layout options, allowing for customization to meet the individualized needs of the most discerning clients.

Unique styling, innovative sailing systems, beautiful interiors, and your personal input, combine to make each HH55 a truly exceptional yacht. High performance elements will make this boat a competitive racer in any venue, while its efficient design will allow you to cruise, or make easy fast passages, with comfortable +300nm days. And its unique styling and fine finish will provide comfort and ambience second to none.

No matter what you are looking for - whether you want to race, cruise Caribbean waters, explore the reaches of the South Pacific, or simply pass the time in a Mediterranean fishing port - your HH55 Super Cat will be the most talked about craft in the bay.

From the designers:

"The HH55 represents the evolution of Morrelli and Melvin's 25 years of performance catamaran designs. We blended lessons gained from three America's Cup campaigns, around the world records, 24 hour records, and over 25 custom cruising cat designs, for discerning owners, from 46ft to 90ft. We have listened to, cruised and raced with our clients to understand their needs, and incorporate these ideas and features into the design of the HH55 Super Cat .

In collaboration with Hudson Yacht's international team of design engineers and builders, we have strived to bring the best equipment, buiIding materials and techniques to this next generation performance luxury cruising cat.

Utilizing state of the art, light and strong materials, allows us to maintain an unusually high degree of Iuxury finishes and detaiIs, not normally found in performance cruising cats. The HH55 is a light and strong race boat in disguise, so owners can enjoy all the comforts of home, to make any time spent on board luxurious, fun and safe."

-- Gino Morrelli - Morrelli & Melvin --

Specs Keel: Lifting Dimensions LOA: 54 ft 5 in Beam: 27 ft 10 in LWL: 54 ft 0 in Minimum Draft: 4 ft 7 in Displacement: 36400 lbs Full Load Dry Weight: 28600 lbs Engines Total Power: 108 HP Engine 1: Engine Brand: Yanmar Engine Type: Inboard Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel Location: Port Propeller: 3 blade propeller Drive Type: Sail drive Engine Power: 54 HP Engine 2: Engine Brand: Yanmar Engine Type: Inboard Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel Location: Starboard Propeller: 3 blade propeller Drive Type: Sail drive Engine Power: 54 HP Tanks Fresh Water Tanks: 2 (50 Gallons) Fuel Tanks: 2 (80 Gallons) Holding Tanks: 2 (25 Gallons) DETAILS: Hull and Deck Structure

The HH55 comes in two steering configurations - Inside Center Steering, or Dual External Steering. Design and structural engineering by Morrelli and Melvin,

  • Latest 4TH generation hull designs from Morrelli and Melvin
  • Constructed in female moulds for minimum weight
  • Thermo formed core to increase strength and reduce weight
  • Composite sandwich construction, post-cured in oven, for maximum strength
  • Infused carbon, epoxy, foam sandwich construction as determined by MM
  • Additional carbon fibre reinforcing in highly loaded areas
  • Carbon fibre impact laminate on outer hull topsides for "Dock Rash"
  • Carbon fibre longitudinal stringers and ring frames
  • Carbon fibre longeron
  • Sacrificial foam and biaxial E-glass ‘false’ bow and forefoot in case of impact
  • Watertight bulkheads to seal off bow and stern compartments
  • Structural composite hull floors to save weight and add stiffness
  • Carbon fibre chainplates
  • Symmetric curved ("C") Daggerboards, 5m long, constructed with carbon epoxy spars, foam sandwich construction with carbon fibre skins determined by MM
  • Curved dagger board cases constructed with vacuum bagged, carbon fibre,epoxy,foam sandwich construction
  • Self Aligning High Modulus Plastic top and bottom barrel bearings (VO70 style)
  • Up down dagger board control line system lead to winches
  • High Aspect spade rudders, carbon stocks, and carbon construction in self aligning watertight bearings


  • CE Module B, Category A

Main–Durable, 2 reef points with battcar system, custom Sunbrella sailcover

  • Jib–Durable, luff for furling system, with UV leechprotection.
  • Reacher–Durable, luff for furlingsystem
  • Asymmetrical – Durable, withsnuffer
  • Carbon fibre fractional non-rotating mast, masthead, spreaders finished with a colour coat paint 2 part paint system
  • Pre-preg Standard modulus carbon fibre autoclave baked for minimum voids
  • Carbon mast step, rocker style to allow variation of fore/aft mast rake and athwartship shroud stretch
  • Carbon fibre gooseneck with stainless steel pin.
  • Foldaway nylon steps to access mainhalyard
  • Halyards lead aft to helmstation
  • Halyards locks for:
  • Main halyard, 2 reefs
  • Reacher halyard,1:1
  • Solent halyard
  • Fixed LazyJacks
  • Spreader lights (2) for fly bridge andforedeck
  • Topping lift 1:1
  • Switch track battcar system for fat head mainsail (<40% headboard) with detachable headboard to enable easy lowering into stackpack.
  • Ion dispensing lightning protection connected to hull DynaPlate
  • Pre-preg standard modulus carbon fibre autoclave baked for minimum voids
  • V-Boom tube with stylised racks for mainsail stack with sheave boxes and locks for 2 reef lines lead aft to helm
  • Pad eye and Spectra strop for lashing loose footed mainsail clew
  • Lazy jack / stack pack for mainsail
  • Reef hooks for reefs1-2
  • Custom deep dual tapered section
  • 3:1 Tack outhaul for Reacher tack
  • Carbon attachment points for the Solent forestay, Staysail tack, Reacher tack
  • Nitronic 50 stays to each bow with lashed ends for articulation (4)
  • Carbon section Pelican striker


  • All running rigging and control lines are included
  • Halyard control lines led to fwdpit
  • Furling lines lead to fwdpit
  • Sail control lines led to Port and Stbd helmstations
  • Halyards and control lines equipped with lashing ends, including:
  • Bridle mainsheet
  • Tack, cunningham and reef lines run to fwdpit
  • Solent sheets (2) run to each helm
  • Staysail sheets (2) run to each helm
  • Reacher sheets (2) run to aft cockpit winch
  • Asymmetric sheets (2) run to aft cockpit winch
  • Main halyard 2:1
  • Solent halyard 1:1
  • Staysail halyard 1:1
  • Reacher / asymmetric halyard 1:1
  • Loops or shackles for all blocks
  • Reacher furler line (1)
  • Solent furler line (1)


  • Custom aramid forestay with furler (1) for Solent.
  • Custom aramid lower (2) and cap (2) shrouds with loops to chainplates
  • Custom carbon superior and inferior diamond with integral turnbuckles
  • Custom carbon martingales with loops to chainplates
  • Reacher torsional stay “Code 0 style”
  • 2 aluminium 2 speed Lewmar Evo 65 electric self-tailing alloy 24V winches or equivalent with toe controls for all lines at Helm stations (4)
  • 10” aluminium winch handles with holders (2 fwd pit, 2 aft cockpit)
  • Spinlock or constrictor clutches for control lines where needed:
  • Harken fore and aft jib tracks with adjustable cars (2)
  • Bridle mainsheet system, operated by Cariboni “magic trim” hydraulic rams behind aft cockpit seats
  • Reacher sheet system consists of:
  • Harken blocks (2)
  • Harken padeyes (2)
  • Mast base blocks, Harken, on soft lashings.
  • Forward trampolines, with Spectra borderline, lashed individually for maximum safety
  • Composite stanchions (1m) with three levels of Spectra lifelines
  • Lewmar 10 Flush deck hatches, one per head, with bug and privacy screens
  • Lewmar 44 Flush deck hatches, one per stateroom, with bug and privacy screens
  • Lewmar 4 opening portlights, one per stateroom and heads with bug and privacy screens
  • 2 x CE certified escape hatches
  • Saloon windows, tinted toughened glass, thickness and specification TBD by scantling rule / final sizing
  • Topside windows, tinted toughened glass, thickness, specification TBD by scantling rule/final sizing


  • Four 50’ X 3/4” Mega Braid dock lines with chafe protected eyes
  • Four 30’ x 3/4” Mega Braid dock lines with chafe protected eyes
  • Six 12” X 36” & two 18” X 60” inflatable fenders with covers
  • 8 Fold down cleats
  • Anchor rodes:200’ of 5/16”SS chain with 75’of nylon rode; 50’ of 5/16”SS chain with 150’ of nylon rode
  • Anchor bridle with shackle that clips onto the chain.
  • Anchor bridle padeyes on inboard hull sides forward with backing plates
  • SS anchor roller exit fwd underwing
  • Salt and fresh water wash down in anchor locker
  • Rope/chain automatic gypsy sized for chain and 3-strand nylon anchor rode
  • Electric windlass, Lewmar V5 or equivalent, inside fwd underwing locker
  • Rocna Anchor SizeTBD
  • Foldable Fortress anchor SizeTBD.
  • 2 Yanmar diesel 54hp with SD60 Saildrives
  • 3-blade folding props for minimum drag
  • Tachometer, fuel, hours, temperature, amp gauges
  • Water temperature and oil pressure audio alarms
  • Polished SS engine throttle control/gear shift, 1 per helmstation
  • Engine room ventilation blower
  • Custom composite engine silencer, muffler, and water lift with water separator, gas through under wing/chamfer panel and water below waterline
  • Oil changers plumbed for engine and transmission in each engine box
  • 2x300 Litre Polypropylene diesel fuel tanks with cleanout ports and appropriate baffles
  • Filterboss fuel and water separators w/changeover valve for each fuels ystem
  • Shut-off valve on fuel tanks
  • Fuel tank 50mm SS deck fills, 1 per hull
  • Fuel tank fuel transfer from Port toStbd
  • Custom dual helm steering system
  • Carbon fibre sculptured race boat steering wheels(2)
  • Spade T-rudders with carbon fibre shafts designed and engineered by MM
  • High Performance feedback steering system
  • Custom self aligning water tight rudder bearings (4)
  • Water containment tube and or water tight bulkhead in case of collision
  • Emergency steering tiller
  • Auto Pilot attachment to Port and Stbd steering tiller
  • Designed to ABYCregulation
  • Shore power 220V sufficient to run AC house loads at dock
  • Service in both 12 & 24 VDC and 220VAC
  • 1 x Genset, Fischer Panda 15000i or similar with sound shield boxes
  • 2 high output engine alternators 24V
  • 540 amp/hr Lithium Ion Battery Bank (3x180 amp hour with built in battery management system)
  • 3 x Optima AGM starting batteries
  • 1 x 12/50A Battery Charger (all 12Vbatteries)
  • Combiniation Inverter/Charger 100A 24VDC 3500W
  • 56,000 BTU Dometic air conditioning unit. With individual air handlers in each cabin and saloon.
  • 220v single outlets at:
  • Cabins (5) One in each
  • Heads (4) One in each
  • LED Courtesy Lights in:
  • Aft cockpit (4)
  • Transom Steps (4)
  • Companionways (4)
  • Heads and showers (8)
  • Flush LED warm white spotlights in:
  • Saloon ceiling above galley (8)
  • LED reading Lights at:
  • Nav station (1)
  • Each berth, two at each Queen, and one at each single
  • Heads (8) two in each
  • LED navigation lights:
  • Stern light on aft edge of bimini
  • Anchor light at masthead
  • Steaming light on front face of mast
  • Compass light
  • Overhead dome lights in engine rooms, and transom and bow locker compartments


Base Navigation System – Helm Stations x2, 1 x NavStation

  • Offshore Systems Black glass touch screen displays to integrate radar/ chart overlay/ weather routing/ yacht systems/ autopilot/ performance numbers – system to integrate with I pod / lap top as remote display and control
  • 1x ZG100 GPS Antenna
  • B & G Hercules 5000 system processor
  • 1x 508 Wind vane, bracket and 35m cable
  • 1x Speed and depth transducer
  • 1x 4G Radar Broadband System

Auto PilotSystem

  • 2x Fully independent, switchable, H5000, T3Systems.
  • Autopilot Remote

Communications BaseSystem

  • 1x VHF MARINE RADIO, Simrad /B&GRS35, DSC
  • 1x VHF 1.1m stainless steel antenna & mounting bracket & SO239 socket
  • 1x NSPL-400 VHF/AIS/AM/FM Splitter Powered



  • Bose/Fusion Marine Home Entertainment System with 2 x speakers

Cockpit AftEntertainment

  • Bose 131 marine speakers 2


  • 2 Polypropylene 200 Litre water tanks
  • 1 x Watermaker 100 litre / hour (700gal/day)
  • Hot and cold pressure water system in eachhull
  • Hot and cold pressure shower in Stbdtransom
  • 2 Isotemp 11 gallon hot water heaters 220v/750w and engine transfer heating,one each Port and Stbd
  • Displacement pumps for steady pressure, less pump wear
  • Electronic NMEA 2000 gauges for 2 water tanks, waste tanks, and 2 fueltanks
  • Salt water wash down for decks
  • Electric bilge pump system in each hull
  • Portable emergency manual bilge pump
  • All sanitation hose odour resistant
  • All flush mounted Composite thru-hull fittings below waterline
  • All plumbing hoses are double clamped below waterline
  • 2 deck Pump-out ports for removal of blackwater
  • 2 black water tanks, 100L ea


  • Manual blinds for each deck hatch and windows in the living spaces.
  • Air conditioning and reverse cycle heat system,56,000 BTU
  • Zoned air conditioning, saloon, 2 x Stbd cabins, 2 x Port cabins
  • Custom fixed, acrylic, portlights in hull with Lewmar opening ports in each head, shower, berth

HELMSTATIONS (for Aft Steering Model)

  • 2 x personal out board helm seats
  • Line bag type storage below winches.


  • Port and Stbd Settee with wrapped 5” reticulate open cell foam cushions.
  • Storage lockers in settees
  • Stainless steel folding swim stairs integrated in Stbd transom
  • Caulked teak floor
  • Table with 2 chairs
  • Sliding glass door
  • Outdoor hot-cold water shower at Stbd transom
  • Ample drains directly through wing deck overboard.
  • Two carbon dinghy davits with electric self contained lift winches with Up/Down controls
  • Gas BBQ on aft beam with adjoining sink
  • 2 x Fishing Rod Holders

INTERIOR: - The interior layout is designed to suit the owner's requirements. - 2 different steering configurations are available: a single inside steering station, or dual outside steering stations - to suit the owner's preference.

  • High gloss carbon fibre designed features
  • Wood and synthetic veneers for composite furniture, floors and tables.
  • Navigation/communication station on port side; ample room for electronics
  • Touch screen electrical controls
  • Ceiling covering to be stretched synthetic leather “Whisperwall”
  • Settees (1) with Ultra-Leather wrapped 5” reticulate open cell foam cushions.
  • Table in light veneer
  • Hinged TV viewable from Settee
  • 4 plate induction stove with combination microwave oven and stainless safety bar
  • Ample storage cabinets below counters, pot and pan drawer under stove
  • Double stainless steel sink with faucet
  • Vitrifrigo fridge drawers below counter
  • Vitrifrigo freezer drawers below counter
  • Galley working surface to be of thin granite or Corian


  • Queen sized berth in aft cabins, Doubles in forward Cabins
  • Storage shelves
  • Storage cabinets beneath berth.
  • Clothes and towel hooks (2)


  • Head compartment with door
  • Vanity with integral wash basins
  • Mirror above sinks
  • Planus Artic electric toilet system
  • Separate stand up shower compartment with door access to both cabins
  • Wall mounted shower with temperature controlled mixer
  • Shower drain with strainer
  • Hanging hooks (2)


  • Large watertight sail and stowage lockers on forward stbd hull.
  • Large watertight genset lockers on side of centreline forward of mast
  • Centreline forward of mast, locker for windlass/chain
  • Alex seal exterior/interior paints
  • One gloss colour from waterline to sheer
  • One gloss colour across deck between non-skid areas
  • Custom mixed non-skid paint on deck surfaces where needed
  • Hard semi-ablative Antifoul on hull bottoms
  • Gloss paint on some bulkheads, interior hull and ceiling surfaces
  • Synthetic liner on hull and ceiling surfaces
  • Rolled grey barrier paint in bilges
  • Exterior storage lockers: carbon surfaces sealed
  • Ring frames and stringers in rolled white barrier paint
  • Interior doors veneered
  • Wood veneer interior joinery
  • Table & counter surfaces synthetic or Corian finish
  • Durable synthetic Real-Wood flooring
  • Rolled matte white paint inside cabinetry
  • All vertical joinery surfaces finished in open-grain matte varnish
  • Interior floors and table tops finished in gloss filled-grain varnish
  • Galley and heads counters finished in lightweight polished granite or Corian
  • Exterior caulked teak delivered newly sanded
  • Interior Seating upholstery in Ultra Leather. Exterior in Sunbrella


Where a particular model, type or brand of sailing, electrical, mechanical, audio-visual, IT, or lighting system, unit or appliance has been specified in this Specification, the model supplied shall be the latest model available at the time of order.

There may be price differences for custom layouts. Call us for details.

201 Shipyard Way, Suite B Newport Beach, CA 92663 United States Toll-free Tel Email Us

Engine Count

Engine Location


Hull Material


Holding Tanks

2 (25 Gallons)


Engine Type

2 (80 Gallons)

3 blade propeller


The HH Catamarans HH55 is 55 feet long and has a 28 feet beam. The HH Catamarans HH55 is made of composite. This vessel comes equipped with holding tanks .


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hh55 catamaran cost

HH Catamarans HH55

HH Catamarans HH55 Featured Image


Specifications, standard features, world class coloborations in naval technology have delivered a caterpillaramaran worthy of consideration..

A blend of speed and manageability, the HH55 is a fast blue-water yacht. Prepared to sail anywhere in the world. Strength and weight saving properties that only carbon fiber can offer. HH55 features curved “C” dagger-boards which deliver greater performance and a smother ride.

Engine #1 Brand Yanmar 4JH57 57hp
Year Built 2021
Engine Type Inboard
Engine/Fuel Type Diesel
Location China
Drive Type Surface Drive
Engine Power 550 HP / 404 Kw - 3300 RPM or 650 HP / 478 Kw - 2300 RPM
Engine #2 Brand Yanmar 4JH57 57hp
Year Built 2021
Engine Type Inboard
Engine/Fuel Type Diesel
Location China
Drive Type Surface Drive
Engine Power 550 HP / 404 Kw - 3300 RPM or 650 HP / 478 Kw - 2300 RPM
Length 16.80 m / 55' 11"
Beam 5.06 m / 16' 7"
Draft .85 m / 2' 10"
Displacement 13 Ton / 28,660 lbs
Deadrise -
Dry Weight -
Cruising Speed 24 knots
Maximum Speed 28 knots
Fresh Water Capacity 400 L / 105 gal.
Fuel Capacity 1600 L / 422 gal.
Black Water 130 l / 34gal.
Grey Water NA
  • Walk-Around Deck
  • Cabins – 4 + 1 Crew
  • Berths – 8 guest + 2 crew
  • Heads – 4
  • Watermaker – yes | standard
  • Air Conditioning


  • Nav. Plotter –  yes | Garmin glass cockpit


  • Audio – Fusion Bluetooth Stereo
  • Internet – yes | optional


  • Hull Material
  • Carbon Applications
  • 2 yr hull + 1 yr complete

1 2 1

Contact Information

  • 1314 East las Olas Blvd, #933, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 33301
  • (888) 354-1781
  • [email protected]
  • Monday – Friday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM Saturday & Sunday: By Appointment

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hh55 catamaran cost

HH55 Sport Cruising Forward

Sail performance.

hh55 catamaran cost


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    HH Catamaran's first launch in 2018 was the HH66, and was awarded the Overall Boat of the Year by Sailing World Magazine and Best Boat - Multihull by SAIL Magazine. The company's HH55 also won Cruising World Magazine's Boat of the Year in the multihull category thereby granting the company an extraordinary reputation for building high ...

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    2024 McConaghy MC55. $3,623,170. $28,615/mo*. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33004 | Denison Yachting - Bradenton Sarasota. <. 1. >. Find 28 HH Catamarans Hh55 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate HH Catamarans boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader!

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    2020 HH Catamarans 66. US$3,950,000. SOMA Sailing LLC | Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten (Dutch part) Request Info.