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1984 Westsail Kendall 32

  • Description

Seller's Description

Mona is a well found, well maintained cruising boat of traditional design. She was built from a bare fiberglass hull over a period of 6 years on the west coast by her original owner from a kit supplied by the Worldcruiser company, the makers of the Westsail 32. Her design is more similar to the original boats that Larry Kendall produced.

Her hull, rig and main appointments are identical to the Westsail 32, arguably the most prolific cruising sailboat ever mass produced. Her other design elements build on a rock solid concept and improve it in ways that make for a unique and in my opinion, superior, version of the production W32. The flush deck makes much more room down below and on deck, while increasing the strength of the vessel tremendousl. The addition of a pilothouse and enclosed cockpit create much more comfort for offshore cruising. The A-frame bowsprit platform is a much more secure platform for sail and anchor handling. Because her hull and rig are identical, parts and spares are still easily available and supported by an active owners association and parts company run by Bud Taplin, who worked for the original manufacturer and continues to be an amazing resource for owners.

The result is an amazingly versatile vessel, which many have written praise about. She is practical and elegant, rugged but surprisingly graceful. Her design, construction, and fittings are of the highest quality, but she has proven to be affordable to purchase, own, and operate.

LOA - 40’ Length on deck 32’ Length on waterline 27’ Beam 11’ Draft 5’ Mast 52’ above the water, deck stepped in tabernacle Ballast 7000# , encapsulated lead

Equipment: Engine Yanmar 3QM30H. Meticulous maintenance per manufacturer spec. Cast iron block and head will last forever. A perfect mix of robust engineering and efficient design. Recent top end service and rebuild. Spares for everything

Rig riginal aluminum spars, painted white. Stainless steel A-frame bowsprit and boomkin. Stainless 1x19 wire with swaged terminals. Bronze turnbuckles.

Sails Loose footed, battenless, roachless ocean-weight cruising mainsail with 3 reef points. New in 2018. Working Jib, Reefing staysail, 110% Genoa, Asymmetrical spinnaker with snuffing sock.

Electronics Furunon Navnet 3d MFD Chartplotter, Furuno 60nm digital radar, Standard Horizon Matrix AIS/GPS VHF radio, Fusion marine stereo system with Bose speakers, Simrad TP32 autopilot

Galley Force 10 gimballed two burner propane range with oven, Whale gusher foot pump 100 gal fresh water tank, cavernous icebox with extra built in insulation

Head Airhead composting toilet, Whale gusher foot pump seawater sink

Ground tackle Lefrans Tigres electric windlass with remote control, 55lb Delta on 250’ 3/8 galvanized chain, 45lb Bruce w 50’ chain and 100’ 1/2in nylon 22HT Danforth, Fortress FX-55 Aluminum hurricane anchor

Power Generation 55A alternator and 200 watts monocrystaline solar panels, suntracker PWM charge controller Batteries Duracell Platinum AGM Group 31. 1 x starting battery and 2 x house Xantrex voltage readout, Blue Sea Automatic Charging relay. All battery cables fused and wiring is up to ABYC code

Shore power 30A with 50’ cord, 2 x 15A circuits

Aries Self Steering Windvane

Jordan Series Drouge

Portland Pudgy Safety Dinghy with sailing rig

Revere 4 man offshore liferaft

Globalfix pro GPS Epirb

Countless spare parts, boxes of marine hardware, extra lines and everything needed to cruise (and then some)

My cruising partner and I are separating and this is a convenient time to sell the boat. Please get in touch if you are interested in a boat that will take you anywhere you want to go.

Rig and Sails

Auxilary power, accomodations, calculations.

The theoretical maximum speed that a displacement hull can move efficiently through the water is determined by it's waterline length and displacement. It may be unable to reach this speed if the boat is underpowered or heavily loaded, though it may exceed this speed given enough power. Read more.

Classic hull speed formula:

Hull Speed = 1.34 x √LWL

Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio .311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL

Sail Area / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the power of the sails relative to the weight of the boat. The higher the number, the higher the performance, but the harder the boat will be to handle. This ratio is a "non-dimensional" value that facilitates comparisons between boats of different types and sizes. Read more.

SA/D = SA ÷ (D ÷ 64) 2/3

  • SA : Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay).
  • D : Displacement in pounds.

Ballast / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the stability of a boat's hull that suggests how well a monohull will stand up to its sails. The ballast displacement ratio indicates how much of the weight of a boat is placed for maximum stability against capsizing and is an indicator of stiffness and resistance to capsize.

Ballast / Displacement * 100

Displacement / Length Ratio

A measure of the weight of the boat relative to it's length at the waterline. The higher a boat’s D/L ratio, the more easily it will carry a load and the more comfortable its motion will be. The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more.

D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds.
  • LWL: Waterline length in feet

Comfort Ratio

This ratio assess how quickly and abruptly a boat’s hull reacts to waves in a significant seaway, these being the elements of a boat’s motion most likely to cause seasickness. Read more.

Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam 1.33 )

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds
  • LOA: Length overall in feet
  • Beam: Width of boat at the widest point in feet

Capsize Screening Formula

This formula attempts to indicate whether a given boat might be too wide and light to readily right itself after being overturned in extreme conditions. Read more.

CSV = Beam ÷ ³√(D / 64)

From :

The Westsail 32 goes down in history as the boat that launched a thousand dreams. She’s generally credited for starting the cruising boom of the 1970s which brought “the cruising life” out of the fringes and into the mainstream. Designed by Bill Crealock as a heavy displacement double ender for long distance cruising, this boat is the epitome of seaworthiness; built strong and heavy with huge interior volume. The trade off is in nimbleness; she is slow through the tacks and slow to accelerate. In the early years, often sailed by beginners on badly setup rigs, boat speed was often lacking and she was ridiculed as the “Wet-snail 32” among the bluewater sailing fraternity, however some of this reputation has been shrugged off in recent years. When sailed well the Westsail 32 can surprise.

The Westsail 32 started out life as a flush-deck Kendall 32 when Larry Kendall approached Crealock to design a heavy displacement offshore sailboat along the lines of William Aitken’s famous 32 foot double enders Eric and Thistle . It’s said when asked how big the market for such a boat, Crealock estimated 10-12 boats. The Kendall 32 was introduced in 1969 and production exceeded Crealock’s estimates with a run of 30 boats.

It wasn’t until 1971 when a young electrical engineer turned boatbuilder by the name of Snyder Vick who bought the molds did sales begin to take off. He had Crealock redesign the deck layout, adding a cabin house and a revised interior. The new company became Westsail Corporation and the new boat was dubbed the Westsail 32. “Westsail the world” was the advertising mantra, oozing adventure in far away places. So successful was the marketing campaign that by June of 1973 Time Magazine featured a four page spread on “the cruising life” including a large image of a Westsail 32 in a suitably exotic location. It caught the imagination of the American public. The boat sold in incredible numbers, and along the way set in stone the shape and style of American bluewater cruising boats for nearly two decades.

In total 830 boats were produced by Westsail. To keep up with demand around 400 of these boats were sold as hull and deck kits; requiring interior finishing by their respective purchasers. Kits were sold in various stages of completion; Hull and Deck, Sail-Away, and a complete boat. With kits owners could add any option they felt they wanted including ballast, bulkheads, rigging, etc.

Although the Westsail 32 was a runaway marketing success, the company did not enjoy financial success. The petroleum crunch of the 1970’s hit the company hard. Their sales process involved taking orders for boats at fixed prices and selling them out in the order in which they received them. This meant that the company was selling boats up to eighteen months later at prices that were considerably outdated. The company ceased operations in 1981. The molds got sold to P&M Worldwide and another 15 boats were sold in kit form before production finally ceased.

Configuration & Layout

The Westsail 32 follows a long line of traditional double-enders dating back to Colin Archer’s famous 19th century Norwegian pilot boat Regis Voyager which itself was influenced by Archer’s earlier work with designing lifeboats.

A cutter rig sits on top with a bowsprit forward and on some boats a boomkin astern. Below the waterline is a very full keel drawing 5 feet.

The deck arrangement has offshore work in mind. The lifelines are high and the high bulwark combine to provide a sense of security on the foredeck. The cockpit is suitably tiny as was the thinking for blue water sailboats, but it gets crowded quickly with more than two people.

Down below, there’s an enormous interior volume, definitely one of the largest and most livable interiors for 32 feet. There is a huge V-berth forward followed by the head, a port side dinette and starboard settee and a U-shaped galley to port and a starboard navigation station and quarter berth aft. An optional interior featured opposing settees and a centerline table. Later mods included a change in the head configuration and a sit down chart table.

The joinery was aimed more for function than all out beauty and the factory finish varied through the years. Many of the kit boats were finished by their owners superbly, however some are in serious need of TLC.


The hull is heavily built from hand-laid fiberglass in 12 layers with polyester resin resulting in a hull that ranges from 3/4 inch near the topsides to 1 1/8 inches at the turn of the bilge. The 3/4″ bulkheads are marine plywood and tabbed to the hull with fiberglass.

Ballast varied between boats, but always with at least 7,000 pounds. Some had 2,000 pounds of lead and 5,000 pounds of steel punchings. From 1974, cast lead was used in the keel cavity in three sections. One can easily tell the lead ballast because the keel sump is much deeper under the engine pan.

The deck and cabin trunk is fiberglass cored with two layers of half inch plywood, with an extra two inch plywood base to reinforce below the mast step. Many boats had teak decks at an unbelievably thick (and heavy) 13/16 inches. There were three versions of the deck molds. The first mold had a forward hatch and large heavy sliding companionway with a lazarette hatch that sat up above the deck. The second mold added a center skylight hatch, and the last mold added a cockpit locker, flush lazarette hatch and tapered black anodized aluminum stanchions with aluminum built into the mold for easy on off removal.

Later hulls had fiberglass gudgeons, earlier hulls had stainless steel gudgeons with a bronze pintal.

The hull to deck join with its substantial bulwark is strong, though not impervious to leaking.

The Westsail 32 has a reputation for getting cruisers where they want to go, though not very quickly. According to most owners this is falsely deserved. Motion through the water is comfortable, but the ride has been criticized by some as being relatively wet. Often this is a result of owners overloading their boats. While the boat can easily carry all she needs for comfortable cruising, she will be affected by loading her below her water line. Some owners report the wetness comes from the cockpit seats being flush with the side decks, so any water channeling down the side deck is likely to wet your bottom (some custom boats have this problem solved with a cockpit coaming). Further; later models had a 3″ hawse pipe added midships that eliminated much of water entering the cockpit.

As with many boats with full keels, the boat tracks well but trades this off for maneuverability; both under power and while under canvas. Acceleration is sluggish due to its large wetted area and light weather performance (without the correct sail combination) is nothing to brag about; 10 knots or more is needed before the boats starts moving nicely. The best point of sail is a beam to broad reach between 90 to 120 degrees off the wind with an optimal heal angle of 20 degrees, with good trade winds owners report the boat is capable of  7 knots which is its hull speed.

In the early days the boat had a terrible reputation under sail, perhaps not entirely deserved. Many owners were new to sailing and didn’t have the experience to make a heavy displacement boat perform well. The early rigs weren’t optimal, the mainsails were too big and the headsails too small. The boat gained a reputation for weather helm.

In more recent years the Westsail 32 has turned its slow reputation upside down. In 1988 David King skippered his personally modified** Westsail 32  Saraband to a Trans-Pacific Cup victory, a remarkable feat given the light wind conditions that year. Additionally we hear reports of owners logging week-long consecutive runs of 140 to 160 mile days during trade-wind sailing. Record runs aside, most owners can expect to average around 110 miles per day in the trades.

** David King has documented his modifications for other members of the Westsail Owners Association. The tweaks include subtle modifications to the keel and a revised rig with a smaller mainsail

Buyers Notes

The Westsail 32 has suffered few if any structural problems over the years. It has a solid hull and osmotic blisters that appear on older boats are not an issue with the Westsail.

It’s worth checking out the fuel tanks, especially if they are of black iron. Other areas worth a check are the bottom fittings on the boomkin and the bobstay. Look for signs of rot in the plywood cored decking and signs of fiberglass compression at the mast step. As with any older boat, if the standing rigging is original consider replacing them.

Look for a boat that has 35 hp or more, the original 25hp Volvo MD2B is often reported as insufficient for a distance motoring into adverse weather.

There’s an active owners association at , it’s recommended interested buyers contact them for advice. Additionally, Bud Taplin is an known expert on Westsail boats, he was the first general manager at Westsail, and is now active in providing advice and surveying services for prospective buyers.

As at 2014 the asking price of Westsail 32s are in the range of $30k-$55k USD. Realistically these boats sell 10%-20% below asking price with most trading hands between $30k-$45k USD.

Links, References and Further Reading

» Westsail Owners Association at » Used Boat Notebook by John Kretschmer , an in depth look at the Westsail 32 (p73-p76) » Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere by John Vigor , (Ch20, p125) an in depth look at the Westsail 32. ISBN:978-0939837328 » Boat US, Jack Horner’s review of the Westsail 32 » Wikipedia’s entry on the Westsail 32 » Westsail the World Documentary trailer on YouTube

This listing is presented by . Visit their website for more information or to contact the seller.

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1982 Westsail 32

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With origins in the Scandinavia, Albin Boats were built in the North Sea workboat design tradition to be capable of handling the very rough sea conditions off the Swedish coast. Albin Marine got its start in 1899 as a Swedish marine diesel engine and boat manufacturer.

albin boats for sale

Learn More About Albin And Find Your Next Boat

The company’s first vessels were sailboats launched in 1929. Albin entered the US market in 1966 and established a global presence, but it wasn’t until 1969 that the first powerboat was introduced—the Albin 25 Double Cabin. During the 1980s, thousands of Albin offshore trawlers were built in Taiwan. In the late 1980s, focus shifted to “Downeast” cruising and fishing boats.

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Some Albin owners have questioned the validity of the “Downeast” designation, but the style has been influenced by workboats, whether the Maine lobster fishing boats that originated the Downeast style, or the Swedish fishing workboats of the North Sea. The true Downeast semi-displacement hulls provide a safe, predictable ride at 12-18 knots in any sea condition, and go back to a long line of rugged ocean-proven workboats—sailing sloops and schooners of the 19th century with full displacement hulls that were relied on by generations of fishermen to take them out and return safely again in any weather.

When sail transitioned to power, the full displacement hull was modified to semi displacement; builders kept the long, narrow hull proportions, but shortened the keep (skeg), which is similar to a sailboat’s keel, though not ballasted. Eventually the Downeast hull developed into a longer, wider 3 to 1 length to beam proportion. The keel/skeg helps keep the boat steady, especially in a beam sea, minimizing rolling/heaving and also protects the boats running gear in case of groundings. And as engines got larger and heavier, fishermen’s workboats were built with flatter aft sections to support the engine’s weight and bulk, while retaining the traditional flared bow with wave-slicing fine entry. The Downeast hull design, built on 100-year workboat traditions, is optimized for a very comfortable, dry, sea kindly, safe ride in all kinds of sea and weather conditions.

Albin owners mention the same experience of seaworthiness and economical to run, though some later models, such as the 28TE (Tournament Edition series) were designed with planing hulls to satisfy the market demand for greater speed.

By 2007, as an established brand recognized for being extremely seaworthy, Albin was building trawlers, motor yachts, and tournament express yachts in a 147,000 square foot fabrication facility in Portsmouth, RI. Unfortunately, economic conditions in late 2007 hit the boat building industry especially hard and Albin was sold to Bladen Composites in North Carolina, but in 2009, Bladen was also forced to shut its doors. Some of the Albin molds found their way to C & C Marine in Bristol, RI, an experienced high-quality manufacturer of several top local brands.

Today, the only way to enjoy a handcrafted, diesel-powered Albin with its timeless lines and “North Sea Workboat” traditions, is with a well-cared for preowned Albin. Currently there are 32 Albins of varying models available in the USA yacht MLS ranging from model years 1976 to 2008. From 1976 to 1999 there are 16 models ranging in listing price from about $16,000 for a 1976 Albin 25 Deluxe to about $150,000 for a 1980 Albin 36 Trawler. From 2000 to 2008, there are 16 models ranging in listing price from about $79,000 for a 2005 Albin 28 TE Flush Deck to about $390,000 for a 2007 Albin 45 Command Bridge Sports Cruiser.

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07-11-2016, 07:08  
: Illustrated Guide

I hope this thread will serve to educate and stimulate discussion and knowledge about this form of construction or design, including an appreciation for the best that utilize this Flush design . And, I hope you will enjoy about these boats as I have.

I am not paid by anyone to write this (I have NO financial connection to the owners or sellers of these boats). My writing here on CF is simply a labor of love as I enjoy sharing noteworthy boats. My motivation? I am simply fascinated by boat designs, and consider FD boats interesting as a design category within boat building and design.

In this thread I will post photos and descriptions of boats I find that are Flush Deck (FD). This will be an "ongoing thread" or evergreen discussion that will contain examples of boats, links to information about the FD boat, opinions from owners of FD boats, photos of FD boats I find and generally anything about FD boats. FD boats are relatively rare, compared to Trunk boats, so you may see this thread get in the for a while, then pop up again when I find a new FD boat to display in this exhibition. I will continue to post what I find as I find it.

One thing to be aware of is that some boats may have variations such that one year or model may have flush deck while a variation of that boat may have a small or low trunk . Some FD boats will have a hard and some may even have a pilot house with a flush deck forward of the pilot house. So, there is some flexibility in what may be shown here and discussed. As I view many boats, I will include boats where the boat design has some aspect of a Flush Deck boat, even if it is not described as such in a listing.

I am not an expert on FD boats, though I have sailed and raced on some of them and admired them for many years. I encourage any CF members who own a FD boat to address the likely technical questions, and I will defer to their knowledge on technical issues. Consider me a guide or curator of the exhibition.

I encourage any CF members to participate and to contribute to this thread. Feel free to post your own finds, your own FD boats (post photos please), your own anecdotes about your experience with FD boats, or anything you find interesting about FD boats.

are for Illustrative Purposes
Occasionally I will post photos and a link to a boat that is listed (at the time posted) , but I have no financial connection to that boat or any boat or seller. I use these photos and descriptions because they are accessible and pertinent. I am not selling these boats. I am merely sharing information about boats I find and I post the link to help others here on CF who may be looking for a boat like the ones I find.

I hope it helps others to see a real Asking for a currently listed boat, that is my primary reason for doing it (and because I don't have time to answer requests for links to where I found the photos or boats). I do hope if someone does buy one of these boats, that they will then post some photos of it sailing or tell us about it.

Just remember I am not an expert on these boats, my post is not an endorsement of any particular boat, you should always do your own , and if it is an expensive boat have a professional performed. And as I always say: "Caveat Emptor."

I post the best photos I have found of a boat type to illustrate that model. The photos will be from a mix of sources. So, even if I post a listing to show you a recent street of a boat, I may be photos of that particular boat along with additional photos of sister boats of the same model but perhaps not the same year. These photos are to illustrate only. Remember that.


I hope you enjoy this thread and if you do, I suggest you subscribe to it so you will see the boats I post over time. It is simple to subscribe to a thread on CF, you simply use the drop down Thread Tools menu or simply post a comment (even a simple "I like this" will do) in the thread and you will be automatically subscribed. Be aware that also means you will be notified each time a post is made in the thread. That can be annoying if it is a hot topic. You can choose how often you want to receive notices about new posts in the thread or you can choose to not receive any notification at all. I subscribe to MANY threads, but usually choose the option for "weekly" notifications of new posts for special threads I want to .

I think subscribing is a good thing to do, if you want to see new posts on a topic of special interest, especially if you are an infrequent visitor to CF and most especially if you are looking for a particular type of boat and want to see the "sale listing" notifications ASAP. I also use my CF to quickly see which of my subscribed threads has had activity, and then surf to it from there.

I mention this because this thread may only see sporadic due to the more rare nature of the topic boats.

And as I have learned while looking for relatively rare boats, The best opportunities go fast, and I have missed more than a few outstanding boats because I was too late in the process (others learned about the boat before me .comand acted before I could).

Fair winds to all!
07-11-2016, 07:35  

I am sure you will find many descriptions online. My simple definition is:

"A boat where most of the deck forward of the is relatively flush or flat and there is no large trunk cabin."

As mentioned earlier, some Flush Deck (FD) boats may have a hard or a low trunk cabin or House, or even a relatively large Pilot House on deck. So, there are some boats that push the boundaries of a definition.


space or volume.

This can be very important on smaller boats, but is also seen as advantageous on larger boats too. This is particularly appreciated by sailors who or extensively.


boats often have a Flush Deck to allow their crews to efficiently and safely while changing .

Some traditional boats have flush decks to accommodate a or other on deck.

Some cruisers prefer a Flush Deck so they may keep a on deck, but in a lower position on deck.

to be shed off the boat more easily, increasing in heavy .

This probably originated as a way of designing a more "seaworthy" boat that could shed green during heavy . Colin Archer designed or influenced boats, themselves designed originally to be very boats used in even the most extreme conditions) often have a Flush Deck.

Some and "blue water" cruising boats feature flush decks for these reasons. Examples include the latest high tech IMOCA boats and many others. If you watch a video of the fast IMOCA boats sailing, you will often see the green water rushing over and off the boat deck as it pierces waves at high speed.

07-11-2016, 07:47  

= 78'

This is what some consider one of the most noteworthy and "ultimate" cruising boats. Designed by Steve Dashew to be sailed by a couple (he and Linda, his wife) and to have outstanding performance and very comfortable and safe features. It is remarkable that such a large boat was succesfully cruised for many miles by a couple. It broke many boundaries of what was considered possible at the time.

There is extensive information about BEOWULF on the Dashew website, including many photos of it. I will post a few photos here to illustrate what many consider an admirable boat that is designed with a Flush Deck.

You can learn about Dashew's other boat designs (also FD boats) via this link:

Steady's NOTES:
Notice this boat has a rather large Hard Dodger (or a partially enclosed pilot house) where the Dashews will sit while on watch, using a control to adjust the .

Each of Steve Dashew's significant sailboat designs (SUNDEER, DEERFOOT, BEOWULF) have had a Flush Deck.

Dashew writes about this in his book "Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia" and describes his view of why he prefers a FD. You can read a free copy of that book via this link. I highly recommend that book, and I read it cover to cover many years ago (1989) and enjoyed it immensely. It is full of insights into cruising boat design and gear. It is one of three free that Dashew has made available for download. Highly Recommended!




07-11-2016, 07:57  

25 in Bay.

The Flush Deck on a like this can provide more in the , making it more comfortable below. But, it also allows for safer on the foredeck, as oftentimes small boats with trunk cabins have very narrow decks and small foredecks. This was particularly important in the days before became popular.

I am posting this humorous for a bit of levity, but also to show how a Flush Deck can be a great place for lounging, by a weary crew, sunbathers, or others.  
07-11-2016, 08:04  

Built by Royal Huisman 39 1971

More and information about this boat are found in a sister thread on CF "Outstanding Boats" here:


07-11-2016, 08:12  

More info and a link to this boat found in Outstanding Boats (CF thread) Post #21

07-11-2016, 08:22  

More photos and info in Outstanding Boats thread:

07-11-2016, 08:25  
07-11-2016, 10:41  

Steady's NOTES:
I first saw these boats sailing when I was racing on Bay. They were eyecatching because of their distinctive Flush Deck, , and schemes. I admired them, and heard a lot of good things about them.

Here is a brief to this Flush Deck boat that has many fans.
I will include some links to two of this design, and I am sure if you do some searching on the net you will find much more written about them.

While some may not find them "pretty" as boats, I think a boat's beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes a functional design is elegant for simplicity, and can be considered another type of beauty.

When I look at these sailing, I admire them. When I look at them in large photos, I admire them. I only regret I have not yet had a chance to sail on one yet, but I hope to change that in the future (Anyone have one I can sail on?). I think they look distinctive and well designed for a small boat. They are a .

Some were built in (40), some in GRP (150) or .

This small boat has a Vberth and could be used as a "pocket cruiser" but be aware the is at most 48" so it is a bit cramped in the cabin. It does have a large , so is better suited for . Most have a and boomkin.









07-11-2016, 11:08  
Boat: Carena 40
that many cannot believe is made from . A long and deep with 12 ton , provides for a steady sail. The rig is ideal for us as cruisers being to have many sail configuration options.

Mostly I love the flush deck being able to walk and work on the foredeck without extra obstacles.

Make My Day is currently in the hall for . She will get new cockpit seats, a bottom job, new on the topsides and new standing . We just bought her last year and doing some long needed . After chartering for many years, this is our first boat and we couldn't be more satisfied.    

07-11-2016, 11:08  
Boat: Grand Soleil 52
49 is one of my favorites:

07-11-2016, 11:13  
Boat: Kadey Krogen 38
to your listing of flush deck boats.
07-11-2016, 11:47  
. As, unless you get something like an 39, or a Sundeer, with windows built into the cabin sides, then you have to go on deck in order to see anything.
And that's hard on some folks, especially those with weak stomachs.

Albeit, adding your own/more windows is an option. But you've gotta' keep up on the maintenance on their . Plus, they add a touch of drag. Though nothing worth fretting over, unless you're match racing.

But with a few deck hatches, & a couple of prisims or deadlights set into the deck, the is actually quite good down below. And yeah, they feel pretty spacious as compared to boats with coach houses of the same size.

I LOVE those older Swans, & have done some Incredible racing, cruising, & deliveries in them. And would snap a good one up in a heartbeat.
You might want to look at ones which have had several taller masts added, as the S&S era Swans were heavy for the amount of sail area which they had. And much of their light weather performance depends overly, on jibs which overlap heavily.

Like I prefer to sail at windspeed, or 2/3 of it all the way down to 5kts or less. And my of thumb to be able to do that is to shoot ffor an SADR of 25, with your light air ... meaning, the upwind type.
Which, even on a heavy Swan, is doable, with a roachy main & a Code 0. And or a detachable sprit, for a light air that you have a sew a Kevlar/Vectran/Spectra luff or tape into/onto. It's a simple job to do/have done to a light #1.

The only drawback on some of those Swans, is the . As basically there isn't one. There's pretty much just a sliding set into the deck, with a grab bar on either side of it.
Which can make entry/egress in heavy weather a much more physical chore. And require a lot more upper body strength & balance.

Plus, it's a good bit harder to seal the completely. Be it via coamings & the hatch's build in rails. Or, via a dodger. Which can be tough, to impossible to rig on such boats. And best, you can do something akin to a pram , or a solid version of same.
Though Ann T. & Jim Cate came up with a good hard dodger on their flush decker, so it's possible. And I've got a few links & tips if you get to that point & get stuck/want more info.

Thus, protection for the helmsman is a bit tougher to come by. But you can sit under the pram & steer with the AP . When she really needs "a hand on the wheel" in the bad stuff. Though they're enough of a dream to when it's like that, that often, you up reveling in it... for a while anyway, depending on the Sea temp.

Bottom line: IMO, if the boat's solid, & the price fits, snag one. They'll always be classics... for a reason. And they handle weather with aplomb. Especially as compared to 90%+ of everything else.
07-11-2016, 11:50  
. A long and deep with 12 ton , provides for a steady sail. The rig is ideal for us as cruisers being to have many sail configuration options.

Mostly I love the flush deck being able to walk and work on the foredeck without extra obstacles.

Make My Day is currently in the hall for maintenance. She will get new cockpit seats, a bottom job, new paint on the topsides and new standing . We just bought her last year and doing some long needed maintenance. After chartering for many years, this is our first boat and we couldn't be more satisfied.
07-11-2016, 12:01  
49 is one of my favorites:

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flush deck sailboats for sale

Albin 28 Boats for sale

1995 Albin Tournament Express 28

1995 Albin Tournament Express 28

Tampa, Florida

Model Tournament Express 28

Category Pilothouse

Posted Over 1 Month

This vessel is in better than expected condition. All electronics are functional. The cabin has a brand-new A/C unit installed. Please see all the photos of the condition of vessel. This is not a project vessel, and the work has been completed! Stock #387606 1995 Albin Tournament Express 28 pilothouse diesel cruiser! Rebuilt Engine! Water Ready! Trailer Included! Don't miss out on this 1995 Albin 28 Tournament Express! A beautiful and well-maintained Pilothouse. This vessel is the perfect fishing machine! Equipped with a Peninsular diesel "The Beast" engine. The Albin is perfect for long fishing trips. The vessel has a spacious cockpit with island seat. Large bait well in transom. Will be impressed with the amount of storage on this 28' boat. The helm is equipped with two pedestal seats and extra storage below each. From the helm station you will find all the controls and electronics. Please check out the features section for more information. Inside the cabin you will find a large bed/dinette. The galley includes a sink, stove, microwave and refrigerator. The private head includes sink, toilet and shower. It also has a double berth aft. The whole cabin is cooled/ heated with a new A/C. Please check out all the photos/video! Feel free to call, text and/or email with any inquires. Reason for selling is needs smaller vessel..

1973 Albin 25 Fisherman

1973 Albin 25 Fisherman

Sebastian, Florida

Model 25 Fisherman

Category Trawlers

Stock #404161 Rare Albin 25 Fisherman! Economical Inboard Beta Marine Diesel! Runs Great! Windlass! Clean And In Great Shape! Custom Trailer! If you are in the market for a trawler, look no further than this 1973 Albin 25 Fisherman, priced right at $28,900 (offers encouraged). This boat is located in Sebastian, Florida and is in good condition. She is also equipped with a Beta engine that has only 189 hours. Reason for selling is not using enough.

1998 Albin 28

1998 Albin 28

Grasonville, Maryland

Category Downeast Boats

1998 Albin 28 The Ever Popular Albin 28 Won't Be Around Long So Call Today and Come Take A LookGreat Layout & Economy Combine In A Great Single Diesel Cruiser Perfect For Exploring Or Weekends On The WaterAuto Pilot, Bow Thruster, Great Gelcoat Condition & Much More

1998 Albin 28 Tournament

1998 Albin 28 Tournament

Model 28 Tournament

Category Express Cruiser Boats

1998 Albin 28 Tournament 2009 Yanmar 315 Re-Power With Just 357 Hours Makes This 1998 Albin 28 A Must See & If Your An Albin 28 Buyer You Will Want It Once You See It! Shows Great With Great Hull Condition, Bow Thruster, Near Perfect Upholstery & Air Condition A STRONG STRONG ALBIN FOR SURE

1994 Albin 28 Tournament

1994 Albin 28 Tournament

Category Cruiser Boats

1994 Albin 28 Tournament Classic Albin 28This Albin 28 needs little introduction. A well established builder, Albin produced these vessels for many years and they are still sought after today. Unlike many other boats, this economical Penincular diesel powered fishing platform can handle itself beautifully in a wide variety of conditions and still provide ample room for fishing and long weekends aboard. It's hard not to fall in love with a boat with lines like these and these 28's handle as good as they look. The lucky buyer of this boat will find her detailed and freshly bottom painted upon delivery!Well equipped, she has Bow Thruster, Furuno Radar, GPS, Standard Horizon VHF, Remote spotlight, rocket launchers, Compass, nav station, washdown, swim platform, swim ladder, fish cleaning station, head & galley, stove, sink w/pressure water, fridge, windlass with anchor package and MUCH more! This boat is well loaded and will have you fishing in style. She is on the hard and ready for inspection at our full service.

2003 Albin 28 Tournament

2003 Albin 28 Tournament

Oxford, Maryland

2003 Albin 28 Tournament EAGLES LANDING has just been painted and had new electronics..  She can be used for fishing or just cruising the Bay.  With her 315 hp Yanmar engine with 251 hrs  she will cruise at 18 kts and top out at 22 kts.  There is a trolling valve for those that like to fish.  The Albin 28 is known for easy handling in smooth or rough seas.

1999 Albin 28 TE

1999 Albin 28 TE

Jacksonville, Florida

Model 28 TE

1999 Albin 28 TE Comparable- or better-than "newer"....... FREEDOM" has basically rarely seen the light of day. Original owner stored her in a covered facility in Tennessee,second and current owner berths her under cover,Inland Jacksonville on the Ortega River. Certainly above average,discriminating buyers will be pleased upon personal inspection. Vessel is just steps from the Central Agent's office- photos are recent and a true depiction of  her cleanliness,updates,appeal.You can trust in her condition,updates......yes,a "Rarity"- no other way to describe other than "See To Believe". Current owner purchased her a year or so ago,trucked her to Florida and took a nice freshwater jewel 'over the top' by attending to upgrades,replacements,improvements.Subsequent upgrades,repairs far exceed what the owner paid/has in it..... ****  Enclosed Pilothouse- fiberglass aft bulkhead/slide door ****Often preferred motor box version; motor box provides seating,can serve as a table,allows for a large below deck area forward of the engine,and larger mid berth. Yanmar Diesel 6LP-STE,1316 original hours. Bow thruster,generator,anchor windlass,custom mast,excellent canvas,air conditioning,new microwave (doesn't seem like a big deal however the owners strive to match measurements exactly,typical of everything else they touch....),radar,plotter,auto pilot,upgraded battery charger,more.February 2016 owner discovered engine dip stick/oil pan leak,so engine removed,new oil pan,new dripless shaft seal,in fact new shaft,(pitting discovered on shaft where a line 'cuter' was),timing belt replaced per factory recs,exhaust hose replaced,exhaust elbow replaced....more.$13,000 spent in 2016......proverbial "See To Appreciate". Available to see by appointment

2000 Albin 28 Tournament

2000 Albin 28 Tournament

2000 Albin 28 Tournament This 2000 Albin 28 TE Will Be Hard To Beat If Your Shopping For One As Its Clean & Shows Great With An Owner Who's Care Is ObviousStunning Boat With Teak & Holly Flooring, Air Condition & Nice ElectronicsYanmar Diesel With Just 689 Hours

2002 Albin 28 Tournament Express

2002 Albin 28 Tournament Express

Palmetto, Florida

Model 28 Tournament Express

2002 Albin 28 Tournament Express Lift Kept - Blue Awlgrip Hull Sides - 315 Yanmar under 1000hrs - Windlass - Radar/GPS/VHF - Air Conditioning - Heat - Generator - AGM Batteries - Bow Thruster - Aft Bimini Top - Very Nice Vessel

1996 Albin 28 Tournament Express

1996 Albin 28 Tournament Express

Punta Gorda, Florida

1996 Albin 28 Tournament Express The owner of this boat has passed on, and this boat is on the market to sell quickly. She features both bow and stern thrusters. The boat is scheduled to be detailed this week, and when it is complete, more information and pictures will be available. Please call the listing broker if you have any questions or if you want to get your offer in quickly.

2001 Albin 28 Tournament Express

2001 Albin 28 Tournament Express

New Bern, North Carolina

Category Fishing Boats

2001 Albin 28 Tournament Express The Flag Blue hull will catch your  eye and turn heads in every harbor. The Albin 28 is well known for it's sea kindly motion and easy handling. This boat has been well cared for and maintained. New helms seats, new custom made rigid bimini with Stamoid top and full enclose for the pilot house. The owners are looking to move up to a larger boat. Come take a look at this great offshore fishing cruiser.



Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina


1999 Albin TOURNAMENT EXPRESS 28 Albin 28 Tournament Express with desired Cummins power.  Not only does this boat have Cummins power, she has the upgraded 370 hp engine.  Only 890 hours. Cruise speed is 19 to 20 knots with a top end of 23 to 24 knots. Features include hardop, bow thruster, inverter, air and heat, electronics package including radar and autopilot, windlass, wired for generator, stereo, TV, electric head with holding tank and macerator, plus, much more. Boat owner also owns a 55' trawler and this boat needs to sell.  Reasonable offers encouraged. Contact listing broker with questions.

2000 Albin 28 Gatsby Edition

2000 Albin 28 Gatsby Edition

Model 28 Gatsby Edition

2000 Albin 28 Gatsby Edition                       Best On The Market a Must See    Very clean and meticulously professionally serviced vessel    Scuffy II is a unique representation of an Albin 28 TE Gatsby Edition offering with the desirable bulkhead enclosure with reverse Cycle air conditioning for a year round boating vessel     The Albin 28 Tournament Express has been designed to give a soft and stable ride coupled with very economical fuel consumption.The Albin 28 is uniquely designed to meet the demands of most fishermen as well providing accommodations and creature comforts to suit the needs of the cruising family. This rugged individualized vessel is built with out compromise. Albin has built over 930 of the 28 TE's and has developed a following all over the world.    Scuffy II is a must see for the cruising family looking for a proven design, comfort and economical operation.

2003 Albin 28 Flush Deck

2003 Albin 28 Flush Deck

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

Model 28 Flush Deck

Category Saltwater Fishing Boats

2003 Albin 28 Flush Deck This 2003 Albin 28 flush deck is a very clean one owner boat. Powered by a Perkins 300HP diesel engine with 500 hours she gets between 3 and 4 MPG at cruise. With a top end at 26 KN. For docking and maneuvering in close quarters she is equipped from the factory with a bow thruster. The boat has great electronics with a GPS/Chart plotter/Fish finder, VHF radio, Ray Marine auto pilot, Ray Marine Radar, Stereo. The boat is equipped with air conditioning for cruising, the boat carries 156 Gal of fuel, has a live well and stand up head. The boat comes with a Honda 2000 generator. The owner will consider a 22 to 23 foot center console in trade

2001 Albin 28 Tournament Express

Jupiter, Florida

2001 Albin 28 Tournament Express Listed 10-2-16.  We have a stunning Albin 28 Tournament Express coming on trade in Mid-October.  She has the desired engine box configuration with her Yanmar diesel inside.  This is an Annapolis boat that is being brought to Florida on October 8th.  (Maryland does not have the harsh salt + harsh sun which results in better looking vessels over time.)  We will have this one waxed and serviced prior to delivery.  Run, don't walk to this deal.

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2007 Sea Ray 205 Sport

2007 Sea Ray 205 Sport

Bellaire, MI

2002 Rinker 270 Fiesta Vee

2002 Rinker 270 Fiesta Vee

Shreveport, LA

2016 Boston Whaler 230 Vantage

2016 Boston Whaler 230 Vantage

Phoenix, AZ

2013 Axis A22

2013 Axis A22

Bennington, NE

2016 Ranger 2510 Bay Ranger

2016 Ranger 2510 Bay Ranger

Mableton, GA

2015 Sea Ray 260 Sundancer

2015 Sea Ray 260 Sundancer

Westerville, OH

2007 Crownline 220 EX

2007 Crownline 220 EX

Cedar Rapids, IA

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flush deck sailboats for sale


SERENISSIMA I is a bespoke 47-meter tri-deck superyacht crafted by Mengi Yay, one of Turkey’s leading construction yards renowned for building custom yachts since 1964. In recent years, they have maintained a significant presence in the sub-500 GRT market. Boasting a robust steel hull and lightweight aluminum superstructure, this new construction is due for delivery in August 2024. Collaborating with naval architect Van Oossanen and acclaimed design studio Nuvolari Lenard, SERENISSIMA I has left no stone unturned, utilizing every available space for either relaxation or entertainment.

At the heart of SERENISSIMA I's design is an upper private owner’s deck, offering sweeping views and private outdoor space. Her two Jacuzzis—one nestled on the sundeck and the other situated on the owner’s deck aft—and a gentleman’s lounge with a cinema room, complemented by a drop-down balcony and walk-in wine cellar, contribute to her immersive onboard experience.

SERENISSIMA I showcases a contemporary and airy interior. The traditional aft main salon and dining room lead through to the midship guest lobby. She welcomes 10 guests in five beautifully appointed cabins. The master cabin, situated on the bridge deck aft, boasts a walk-in wardrobe and a lavish en-suite bathroom with sea-view windows and direct access to a private deck adorned with a small dining area, sunpads and a Jacuzzi—a sanctuary of tranquility. The lower deck features four additional guest cabins, including twin en-suite cabins forward and aft cabins that can be configured as doubles or opened to create a full-beam VIP suite. Nine crewmembers are welcome in five crew cabins on the lower deck. Beyond the guest accommodations, SERENISSIMA I features an elevator connecting all interior decks for effortless movement throughout the yacht.

Exterior designs by Nuvolari Lenard elevate SERENISSIMA I's aesthetic appeal. The main deck aft accommodates the primary guest tender to port, with additional guest seating. The central staircase leads down to the generous swim platform and there is a secondary tender garage forward on the main deck to accommodate the rescue tender and Jet Skis. Walkaround side decks on her bridge deck lead to the flush foredeck where guests can sit back and admire unobstructed views of the horizon. Her sundeck is the primary alfresco entertainment space, boasting chic glass panels midships to split up and shelter the aft area. Forward is a large Jacuzzi flanked by sunpads and a dining table for 10 can be found under the hardtop shelter. There is a cozy firepit aft, perfect for conversations and relaxation under the stars.


  • Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
  • Builder: Mengi-Yay
  • Exterior Designer: Nuvolari Lenard
  • Interior Designer: Nuvolari Lenard
  • Length Overall: 47.5 metres
  • Beam: 8.85 metres
  • Max Draught: 2.65 metres
  • Gross Tonnage: 499
  • Displacement Tonnage: 510


  • Year of Build: 2024
  • Hull Number: NB109
  • Hull Type: Semi Displacement
  • Number of Decks: 3

Performance & Capacities

  • Max Speed: 17 kn
  • Cruising Speed: 12 kn
  • Engine Make: Caterpillar
  • Total power: 2900hp
  • Hull: Steel
  • Superstructure: Aluminium


  • Passenger Rooms: 5
  • Master Rooms: 1
  • Double Rooms: 3
  • Twin Rooms: 2

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Custom Offshore Flush Deck

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Matthews boats for sale

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1962 Matthews 42 Double Cabin

Lacombe, LA 70445 | Rick Obey Yacht Sales

1962 Matthews 42 Double Cabin

  • Request Info

1971 Matthews 45

Everett, WA 98203 | Private Seller

1971 Matthews 45

1947 Matthews Sedan

↓ Price Drop

Bellevue, WA 98006 | Private Seller

1947 Matthews Sedan

Matthews boats on Boat Trader

Matthews is a boat builder in the marine industry that offers boats for sale spanning different sizes on Boat Trader, with the smallest current boat listed at 40 feet in length, to the longest vessel measuring in at 51 feet, and an average length of 41.98 feet. Boat Trader currently has 3 Matthews boats for sale, including 0 new vessels and 3 used boats listed by both individual owners and professional dealers mainly in United States. The oldest model listed is a classic boat built in 1947 and the newest model year of 1971.

How much do Matthews boats cost?

Matthews boats for sale on Boat Trader are offered at a variety of prices, valued from $88,000 on the low-end all the way up to $195,000 for the most luxurious yachts. Higher performance models now listed come rigged with motors up to 600 horsepower, while the most compact more functional models may have as little as 370 horsepower engines (although the average engine size is 390 HP).

What kind of boats does Matthews build?

Of the boats listed, Matthews offers familiar boat hull types and designs including . These vessels are commonly considered ideal for conventional boating activities such as a variety of commercial and recreational boating activities. The boats available here currently from this builder come with inboard propulsion systems, available in diesel fuel systems.

Why are Matthews boats popular?

Matthews is popular for their Antique and Classic, Cruisers and Motor Yachts among other classes and models. Overall these available boats have a moderate draft and exceptionally wide beam, qualities that make them an excellent choice for a variety of commercial and recreational boating activities. Given their classic, crowd-pleasing status as a popular, established boat brand, used Matthews boats in good condition often make great candidates for boat repowering projects.

What is the best Matthews model?

Right now, the 42 Double Cabin, 45 and Sedan models of the Matthews line are some of the most iconic.

Matthews Models

New and used matthews.


  1. 1974 Wellington Flushdeck Sail New and Used Boats for Sale

    flush deck sailboats for sale

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    flush deck sailboats for sale

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    flush deck sailboats for sale

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    flush deck sailboats for sale

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  1. 47 ft Aluminum deck saloon sailboat (1997) “Moonraker” (SOLD)

  2. Hallberg Rassy 42

  3. Sly 47, Sailing Yacht

  4. Lien Hwa Flush Deck Trawler m/v Princess Arianna

  5. 1979 Pacemaker Flush Deck Motor Yacht in Saint Clair, MI

  6. ALASKAN 65' Motor Yacht


  1. Burger boats for sale

    Find Burger boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Burger boats to choose from. ... 2000 Burger FLUSH DECK MY. US$3,199,999. ↓ Price Drop. Denison Yachting - Palm Beach | Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Request Info; 2001 Burger Custom. US$6,450,000. Northrop and Johnson | Palm Beach, Florida.

  2. Sailboat Listings sailboats for sale by owner

    Preowned racing, cruising, dailsailer, and multihull sailboats for sale, including Beneteau, Burger , Cal, Catalina, C & C, Cheoy Lee, Columbia, Coronado, Corsair ...

  3. 1984 Westsail Kendall 32

    The Westsail 32 started out life as a flush-deck Kendall 32 when Larry Kendall approached Crealock to design a heavy displacement offshore sailboat along the lines of William Aitken's famous 32 foot double enders Eric and Thistle. It's said when asked how big the market for such a boat, Crealock estimated 10-12 boats.

  4. Sail Deck Saloon boats for sale

    Constructed by a wide variety of yacht manufacturers, there are currently 206 deck saloon yachts for sale on YachtWorld, with 32 new vessels for sale, and 174 used and custom yachts listed. These vessels are all listed by professional yacht brokers and boat dealerships and new boat dealers, mainly in the following countries: United States ...

  5. Albin 28 Flush Deck Boats for sale

    Year 2003. Make Albin. Model 28 Flush Deck. Category Saltwater Fishing Boats. Length 28'. Posted Over 1 Month. 2003 Albin 28 Flush Deck This 2003 Albin 28 flush deck is a very clean one owner boat. Powered by a Perkins 300HP diesel engine with 500 hours she gets between 3 and 4 MPG at cruise. With a top end at 26 KN.

  6. 1982 Ericson 36C sailboat for sale in California

    5.5'. California. $27,000. Description: Custom 1982 Ericson 36C, one of two post 70's finished hulls. Very unique, very spacious layout with two two full size berths and a lot of headroom. 30k just invested in refitting over the last year. Selling the dream as we have kids now. She is a pedigree liveaboard blue water cruiser with a workable ...

  7. Albin Boats For Sale

    Albin Boats Yachts For Sale. ... From 2000 to 2008, there are 16 models ranging in listing price from about $79,000 for a 2005 Albin 28 TE Flush Deck to about $390,000 for a 2007 Albin 45 Command Bridge Sports Cruiser. Albin Boats Yachts By Length. Albin Boats Yachts By Price. Albin Boats Yachts By Year.

  8. Albin 28 boats for sale

    Offering the best selection of Albin boats to choose from. ... Albin 28 boats for sale. Save Search. Clear Filter Make / Model: Albin - 28. Location. By Radius. By Country. country-all. All Countries. Country-US. United States. All. Tout 25 km 50 km 100 km 200 km 300 km 500 km 1000 km 2000 km 5000 km.

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    Deck Saloon sailing vessels for sale on Boat Trader are offered at a range of prices, from $98,000 on the relatively moderate end all the way up to $1,672,398 for the most unique, bespoke yachts.

  10. 1974 Ericson flush deck sailboat for sale in Florida

    clean boat was hauled feb 2012, gone through bottom up new tru-hulls ,bearings, shaft, prop. wiring,hoses,pumps, holding tank,extra water tank. hull painted, with awl grip lots of new rigging,and lines.all new cushionsin and out.

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    Model Flush Deck Motor Yacht. Category Flybridge Boats. Length 74'. Posted Over 1 Month. 2016 Hatteras Flush Deck Motor Yacht CHATEAU MARGAUX is a very special Hatteras cockpit motor yacht that began life as a 65', then Hatteras added the 9' cockpit extension at the factory. She is now 74 feet with a large aft deck and a much larger master ...

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    1973 Chris-Craft 47 Commander Flush Deck. $179,900. Mamaroneck, NY 10538 | DiMillo's Yacht Sales. Request Info.

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    Ideal for overnight cruising and day sailing these Deck Saloon boats vary in length from 31ft to 129ft and can carry 6 to 16 passengers. There are a wide range of Deck Saloon boats for sale from popular brands like Jeanneau, Hunter and Allures with 33 new and 191 used and an average price of $364,831 with boats ranging from as little as $37,066 ...

  14. Flush Deck Boats Illustrated Guide

    Racing boats often have a Flush Deck to allow their crews to work efficiently and safely while changing head sails. Some traditional boats have flush decks to accommodate a dinghy or other gear on deck. Some cruisers prefer a Flush Deck so they may keep a dinghy on deck, but in a lower position on deck. 3.

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    Find 1 Matthews Flush Deck Boats boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. For sale by owner, boat dealers and manufacturers - find your boat at Boat Trader!

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    Find Ericson boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Ericson boats to choose from. ... 1971 Ericson 39 Flush Deck. US$79,500. Yachtfinders Windseakers | San Diego, California. Request Info; 1988 Ericson 28-2. US$19,000.

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    Nautor Swan 60 Flush Deck boats for sale 1 Boats Available. Currency $ - USD - US Dollar Sort Sort Order List View Gallery View Submit. Advertisement. Save This Boat. Nautor Swan Swan 60 Flush Deck . Port Grimaud, Var, France. 2012. $1,550,537 Seller PAJ Yacht Broker 65. Contact +33 6 62 23 39 33. ×. Advertisement. Request Information ...

  18. Albin 28 Boats for sale

    2003 Albin 28 Flush Deck This 2003 Albin 28 flush deck is a very clean one owner boat. Powered by a Perkins 300HP diesel engine with 500 hours she gets between 3 and 4 MPG at cruise. With a top end at 26 KN. For docking and maneuvering in close quarters she is equipped from the factory with a bow thruster.

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    How much do Matthews boats cost? Matthews boats for sale on YachtWorld are available for a variety of prices from $38,950 on the more modest side, with costs up to $165,000 for the more lavish yachts on the market today. ... 45, 56 Voyager Offshore and Flush Deck. Various Matthews models are currently offered for sale by specialized yacht ...

  20. SERENISSIMA I yacht for sale (Mengi-Yay, 47.5m, 2024)

    SERENISSIMA I is a bespoke 47-meter tri-deck superyacht crafted by Mengi Yay, one of Turkey's leading construction yards renowned for building custom yachts since 1964. In recent years, they have maintained a significant presence in the sub-500 GRT market.

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    How much do deck boats cost? Deck boats for sale on Boat Trader are listed at an assortment of prices from a reasonable $11,634 on the lower-cost segment all the way up to $547,795 for the most expensive types. While the smallest utility models may have engines with as modest as 50 horsepower on them, models with the greatest power can have ...

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    Stephens is a yacht manufacturer that currently has 37 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 2 new vessels and 35 used yachts, listed by experienced boat and yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece and Antigua and Barbuda. Models currently listed on YachtWorld span in size and length from ...

  23. 1975 Custom Offshore Flush Deck sailboat for sale in Outside United States

    This is a solid and comfortable offshore sailing vessel ready to take you. to the destination of your choice. Equipment: visit our website for details. Location: Canada Halifax Nova Scotia East Coast, Outside United States. L105186. (778) 871-9134. Contact Seller.

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    Matthews boats for sale on Boat Trader are offered at a variety of prices, valued from $88,000 on the low-end all the way up to $195,000 for the most luxurious yachts. Higher performance models now listed come rigged with motors up to 600 horsepower, while the most compact more functional models may have as little as 370 horsepower engines ...