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Welcome to the Com-Pac Idea

Com-Pac Yachts began business in 1974 with our first boat, the Com-Pac 16. The idea then was to build a seaworthy yacht with a strong commitment to value. (For the full story, see Hutchins Company Profile .) Since then we have expanded our line and today we have twelve models, six cat-rigged sailboats, five sloop rigged sailboats and one power launch. The Com-Pac line covers a wide range of sizes from a 14' day sailor to the Com-Pac 27/3 cruising yacht . Each model, regardless of size, is built with the same exacting attention to detail and that same commitment to value.

All the convenience of our cat boats in a sloop-rigged daysailer with a 9' cockpit --> --> The Launch is a comfortable, multiuse yacht for a leisurely cruise for sightseeing, to dinner or, even, the occasional overnighter. --> -->

Our line of modern cat-rigged models (dubbed “A New Breed of Catboat”) offer the ultimate in trailer-sailing ease and rig set up. All come with the Mastendr™ quick-rig sailing system that allows for the boom, sail, and gaff to be left installed on the boat while the mast is folded or raised. The shrouds stay attached and the head stay disconnects with the flip of the pre-adjusted forestay self-locking lever. This system, unique to Com-Pac, adds an ease and convenience to trailer sailing that is really astounding. Your mast is up and you are ready to go in seconds, not minutes.

Our newest sloop-rigged models are the Eclipse SL , the Legacy , and the Legacy Sport daysailer. We consider these yachts “crossover” models. We have taken all of the convenience and features of our cat boat line and applied them to these new exciting sloops. Features include the Mastendr™ (Eclipse), Boomtendr™ (Legacy & Sport), keel centerboard hull configuration and low riding trailers for ease of launching and retrieval.

Com-Pac Horizon Day Cat

  • See the Horizon Day Cat

The three traditionally rigged sloops ( 23/IV , 23 Pilothouse , and 27/3 ) have full masthead, eight stay rigs and fixed keels. As such they can be sailed in areas and conditions that lesser sloops would be wise to avoid. Many of our sloops have long cruises to their credit. Coastal cruising, Gulf of Mexico crossings, and long term Bahamas cruises are a few that are recorded. The 23/IV and 23 Pilothouse are trailerable but they are still full fledged cruising yachts. We did not compromise sea-worthiness or comfort. When the 23/IV or 23 Pilothouse is fitted with the available custom trailer, they can easily be taken over the road for vacation or winter storage.

Cp35 Salon

  • See the Com-Pac 35

The new launch with the available electric propulsion is perfect for an evening of touring the harbor, canals and waterways or even more varied areas of interest with the standard 2 cylinder diesel engine.

All of our models come with an extraordinary list of amenities and standard equipment. From the 14' Picnic Cat to the 27' cruiser, you will find everything you need for that day sail, day cruise, weekend getaway or extended cruise.

If you are looking for something other than an “off the shelf” yacht, then Com-Pac is for you. Many builders today do not give you any more choices than cushion fabric and canvas colors. Whether your yacht is 14' or 27', nowhere else will you find the freedom of involvement and creativity you will find by sitting down with us and discussing your dream yacht. Our answer to 95% of requests for personalization is “we can do that.”

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My Cruiser Life Magazine

7 Best Trailerable Sailboats for Cruising

Many sailors balk at the idea of leaving their boat in the water at a marina. Slip fees are expensive, and maintenance bills get bigger the longer you leave a boat in the water. However, if you want a boat under 30 feet long, there are trailerable sailboats that will fit the bill.

Like any boat purchase, you’ll need to analyze precisely what kind of trailer sailer you want. Will a simple weekend sailboat suffice, or do you really need the best trailerable cruising sailboat you can find? 

Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of the best trailerable sailboat. Plus, we’ll look at how to compare them for your purposes.

trailerable sailboat

Table of Contents

Best trailerable sailboats, easy to launch trailerable sailboats, quick setup time, towing weight, catalina 22/25 “pop-top”, com-pac horizon cat for classic coastal cruising, marshall sanderling — small, portable, classy, west wight potter 19 — the tiny go-anywhere sailboat, seaward 26rk with retractable lead keel, corsair f-24 trimaran – sporty sailing, macgregor 26m — maximum speed meets maximum living space, long-range cruising boats, 7 best trailerable boats – a recap, what’s the best trailerable sailboat for a cruise, trailerable sailboats faqs.

  • Catalina 22/25
  • Com-Pac Horizon Cat
  • Marshall Sanderling
  • West Wight Potter 19
  • Seaward 26RK
  • Corsair F-24 Trimaran
  • MacGregor 26M
Catalina 22/25 with Pop-TopStanding headroom when pop-top extended; Feels much larger than it is; Allows freedom of movement for cooking, changing, etcPop-top only provides headroom in small section of boat; Later models lacked this feature
Com-Pac Horizon CatWell built; Quick-rig system for fast & simple setup; Separate head; Space to loungeNo mention of cons
Marshall SanderlingEasy to sail & tow; Traditional charm; Fiberglass hull; Option for electric motorVery small for cruising; No galley; Toilet not enclosed
West Wight Potter 19Reputation for go-anywhere cruiser; Hotplate, sink & porta-potty packed in; Easy setup & towingExtremely tight quarters; No mention of cons
Seaward 26RKHigh quality construction; Retractable keel provides stability & shallow draft; Lots of amenitiesHeavy – 6,000 lb towing weight
Corsair F-24 TrimaranVery lightweight & easy to tow; Offers adrenaline-pumping performance sailingNot ideal for offshore/rough conditions
MacGregor 26MMassive interior space; Towable behind most vehicles; Fast powerboat & sailboat capabilitiesNot built for offshore use; Not appealing for hardcore sailors

We’ll get into more detail about each brand in my post today, so hang tight!

What Is a Trailerable Sailboat, Exactly?

For this article, the priorities for a trailerable sailboat are:

  • Easy to launch
  • Require minimum setup to launch and store
  • Lightweight enough to be towed by the average vehicle

Before you can really classify a sailboat as trailerable, you need to evaluate and narrow your search criteria. Truthfully, 50-plus-foot ocean-going sailboats are regularly put on trailers. But that’s done commercially, on a big rig, with special permits for oversized loads, and even led cars.  

That probably isn’t what most people mean when they think of a trailerable sailboat. But what is the priority here, the trailerable part or the sailboat part? Compromises are going to have to be made somewhere. 

If you’re looking at the 20-foot-and-under sailboat crowd, finding a trailerable example should not be hard. Most sailboats this size are designed for trailers anyway since they aren’t the sort of boats people want to pay to leave in a slip year-round.

Things get more interesting when you look at the 20 to 30-foot boats. In this class, there are stout ocean-going cruisers with deep keels and lightweight centerboard trailer sailboats designed from the get-go to be trailered by the average car or SUV. The differences between these boats are night and day.

Sailboats often have a hard time at boat ramps. First, deep keels mean that the trailer must extend farther into the water than the average boat ramp allows. This means the ramp needs to go back far enough, and the trailer tongue needs to be long enough not to swamp the car. 

If you have a boat like this, you’ll need to find the right boat ramps. Unfortunately, not all ramps are created equally. If your boat draws more than two or three feet on the trailer, you’re going to be limited to steep, paved, and high-quality boat ramps. Unfortunately, those aren’t standard features, so your cruising grounds are going to be limited.

Usually, ramps aren’t built steeply because they are often slippery. Your tow vehicle will need excellent traction and torque to pull your fully loaded boat out of a steep ramp. The steeper the ramp, the more trouble you’ll have. 

The alternative to finding steep ramps is to use a trailer tongue extender. This lets you get the trailer into deeper water without swamping the tow vehicle. But it also means that the ramp needs to extend deep enough. Many ramps end abruptly. Allowing your trailer to sink off the edge is an excellent way to get stuck or pop a tire.

Pick a boat as easy to launch and retrieve as a similarly sized powerboat to remove all of these boat ramp problems. The soft chines of most sailboats will always require a little more water, but a swing keel and the hinged rudder raised mean that the boat can sit low on the trailer bunks. That way, you only need one or two feet of water to launch, an easy feat at nearly every boat ramp you can find.

The next consideration for a sailboat to be portable enough to call it “trailerable” is the amount of time it takes to step the mast and get it ready to cruise. 

To accomplish this, you need a mast that can be stepped by a two-person team–maximum. Ideally, it will have some tabernacle hardware to enable one person to do the task for solo sailing.

There is an entire family of pocket cruisers that could ideally fit on trailers. But you won’t find the Fickas or the Falmouth cutters on my list, simply because they aren’t easy to launch or easy to rig. But, of course, they’re also too heavy for most vehicles to tow, which leads us to the final point of excluding them this trailable pocket cruiser’s list.

One of the most significant financial burdens the trailer sailer faces is their tow vehicle. You are all set if you already drive a two-ton dually diesel pickup truck. But if your daily driver is an SUV or light pickup, you need to think long and hard about the math of the towing equation. 

Whatever boat you buy cannot exceed the towing rating limits of your tow vehicle. If you don’t have a tow vehicle, you’ll need to buy one. This will double or triple the cost of getting a trailer sailer in most cases. For the same money, you may want to look at a boat that stays in the water at a traditional boat slip. For the cost of a trailer sailer and a tow vehicle, you can probably step into a nice boat that is larger and more comfortable than any towable.

If you have a tow vehicle, you need a light enough vessel for it to tow. Most modern SUVs tow less than 2,500 pounds. Anything more than 5,000 will require a full-size pickup. Remember that the tow weight isn’t just the boat’s displacement—it’s the empty hull weight, plus the weight of the trailer and any extra gear you need to pack into the boat. 

Finding a vessel that fits these limitations on weight isn’t easy. If the manufacturer’s goal is to make it towable, immediate limits are placed on the materials they can use. This means less seaworthiness since boats are built light and thin. As far as stability goes, lead keels are generally out, and water ballast systems or centerboards might be used instead. It doesn’t mean these boats aren’t safe and fun, but they aren’t designed for rough conditions, crossing oceans, or living on in the water full-time .

Trailerable sailboats are usually limited to the best paved ramps

7 Best Trailerable Cruising Sailboats

There are more trailerable sailboats out there than you might imagine. Here’s a look at seven popular options of all shapes and sizes to give you a taste of what you might want to take to sea.

The boats here are selected for their storage and living space. With these boats and a little outfitting, you can spend weeks gunk-holing in the Chesapeake Bay or island hopping the Bahamas. If you broaden your scope to include daysailers with no cabin space, there are countless more options.

One of the worst parts of a small trailerable sailboat or pocket cruiser is the lack of stand-up headroom. One clever solution that you’ll find on some weekend sailboat types is the pop-top. 

The pop-top is simply an area around the companionway hatch that extends upward on struts. So when you’re at the dock or anchor, you get standing headroom down below—at least right inside the pop-top.

You can build a canvas enclosure for your pop-top to use it in all weather. A pop-top makes your boat feel much larger than it is and allows you to move freely to cook or get changed down below or even do a nice boat bed area. 

Later models of the Catalina Sport 22 and Capri 22s lacked this cool pop-top feature, so if you want it, you’ll need to seek out an older model on the used market.

Com-Pac has been building small sailboats since the early 1970s. They currently sell two lines, each with various-sized boats. All are well built, and a majority of their boats are trailerable. 

Most interesting at the Com-Pac traditional catboats . The rigging is more straightforward than modern sloops, with only one large mainsail. Com-Pac boats come with a unique quick-rig system to make getting on the water fast and simple.

The Horizon Cat Coastal Cruising has a displacement of 2,500 pounds with a 2’2″ draft when the board is up. She has a separate head forward and space to lounge either topside or down below. The smaller Sun Cat has slightly few amenities but shaves off a few feet and pounds, making it easier to tow and it is one of these amazing small sailboats. Com-Pacs features stub keels, so their centerboard and hinged rudder do not take up space in the cabin.

On the sloop rig side, the Com-Pac 23 comes in a 3,000-pound traditional sailboat or a very interesting pilothouse. Both are incredibly livable for their size , with shallow two-foot-long fixed keels and high-quality construction.

Another option if you like catboats is the Marshall Sanderling. This salty 18-footer oozes traditional charm , all while being easy to sail and easier to tow. And while she has wooden boat lines, she has a modern laminated fiberglass hull.

The Sanderling has a 2,200-pound displacement, so tow weights will be around 3,000 pounds. At only 18-feet, she’s on the small side for cruising. The cuddy cabin has no galley, and the portable toilet is not enclosed. But that small size means a simple boat that’s easy to maintain and take anywhere. 

An electric motor package is an exciting option on this weekend sailboat!

View this post on Instagram A post shared by @marshallmarinecat

You can’t mention tiny trailer sailers without touching on the famous West Wight Potter . These 15 and 19-foot pocket cruisers have earned a worldwide reputation as the ultimate go-anywhere coastal cruiser.

The West Wight Potter 19 offers the most living space for staying aboard and cruising. So even though its dimensions are diminutive, this little boat packs a lot in. There’s a single burner hotplate and sink and a porta-potty tucked under a cushion. Yes, it’s tight—but the company claims the little boat can sleep five people. Any more than two will feel pretty crowded, however.

The boat comes standard with a mast-raising system that a single person can manage alone. It has a daggerboard for a shallow draft of a half-foot when the board is up. The total towing weight is around 1,500 pounds, which means nearly any car can tow a West Wight Potter.

This little-known trailer sailer is produced at the same Florida factory that makes Island Packet Yachts. That should give you a little bit of an idea of what sort of boat it is—trailerable, yes, but also high-quality, beautiful, and built for cruising. In other words, it’s one of the nicest all round pocket cruisers and it feels like a much larger boat.

The Seaward is easily the saltiest boat on this list . It’s beefy and seaworthy. Instead of a lightweight centerboard, Seaward fits the RK with a bulb-shaped retracting keel. Other big-boat items include a Yanmar diesel inboard motor and an enclosed head. The spacious cabin of the boat features a double berth and is ready for salt water cruising.

According to , the tow weight of the 26RK is 6,000 pounds. With the keel up, the draft is 1.25 feet.

Multihull sailors need not feel left out from the trailer sailer club and the pocket cruiser. Beyond the ubiquitous beach Hobie Cat, there are not many options for catamarans. But trimarans are uniquely suited to be towed.

Why? For one thing, performance oriented boats like trimarans are based on it being built light. There is no ballast—a trimaran’s stability comes from its two outer hulls. Additionally, the living space is entirely housed in the central hull–the outer floats are small and sometimes foldable. Finally, there are no keels on tris, so they are extremely shallow draft and perfect for trailering.

If you’re looking for adrenaline-pumping sporty and fun sailing, it’s impossible to beat what a trimaran will offer. Let’s not beat around the bush—most of the trailer sailers on this list have hull speeds around five knots. The Corsair has no such limits, routinely sailing at 15 knots or more .

The new Corsair 880 trimaran has an unloaded weight of 3,659 pounds. It is trailerable behind a big SUV or small pickup and is probably the most fun sailing option that is trailerable at all.

An even more portable option is the older Corsair F-24. It has a light displacement of under 2,000 pounds—so nearly any SUV can tow it.

MacGregor owns the market on trailerable motor sailers since they more or less created the product to fit the bill. The MacGregor 26 is not like other boats. The design combines a planing powerboat with a centerboard sailboat. Imagine scooting along at 20 knots or more when the wind is down or enjoying a sporty sail on a breezy day–in the same boat.

The entire boat is built from the ground up for towing and long-range sailing. So if you want a big sailboat that you can tow behind pretty much any SUV, the MacGregor has to be on your list. 

Depending on the model, the 26-foot-long boats have incredibly light dry weights of between 1,650 and 2,350 pounds. Considering the massive volume of the roomy cabin, the ability to tow such a large vessel opens up an entire world of opportunities for owners. 

It’s not all good news, of course. MacGregor owners love their boats, but they are built light and are not ideally suited for offshore cruising or rough weather. But in bays and for coastal sailing on nice days, few boats can get as much use as a MacGregor. 

The motorboat capability of the 26M and 26X might not appeal to hardcore sailors, but for those looking to maximize their use of the boat depending on the weather, their mood, or location, it makes a lot of sense. 

MacGregor shut down in 2015, but the daughter and son-in-law of the original owners took over production and renamed the boat the Tattoo 26 . The company will soon release a smaller version, the Tattoo 22 .

If the 26 is a bit big to make your list of best trailerable small sailboats, consider the smaller Powersailer 19. It’s nearly identical to the 26, just smaller and lighter.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dale Roddick (@droddick33)

What Do You Want Your Trailer Sailer To Do?

After you’ve settled on how you will tow and launch your trailer sailer, now it’s time to dream about what you want it to do. Where will it take you? 

The beauty of a towable boat is that you can travel anywhere. A boat in the water might take weeks or months to move a few hundred miles. But if you can attach it to your car and do 65 mph on the interstate, you could sail on the Pacific on Monday, the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, and the Atlantic on Friday.

We can divide our trailerable sailboats into three groups – daysailers, weekenders, and cruisers.

These are designed with open cockpits and no space to sleep. This is a majority of the sub-22-foot boats on the market. They are designed to be launched, play for the day, and return to the ramp or dock.

A weekender will have rudimentary sleeping facilities. Think of it as a floating tent—it’s not a five-star hotel, but you can sleep under the stars or get out of the rain. Conceivably you could stay aboard indefinitely, but it doesn’t have much room for gear. So most people are ready to get off after a day or two. 

A cruising boat has sleeping, cooking, and toilet facilities built-in. These might be small and simple, but in any quantity, they mean you can disconnect from shore for a long time. Unfortunately, squeezing all of this into a tow-friendly package isn’t easy, and very few boats do it well. 

Trailer sailer adventures

Catalina 22/25 “Pop-Top”– Standing headroom below deck
– Feels much larger than it is
– Freedom to move below deck
Com-Pac Horizon Cat– Simple catboat rigging 
– Quick-rig system
– Shallow 2′ draft
– Quality construction
Marshall Sanderling– Traditional charm
– Easy to maintain
– Electric motor option
West Wight Potter 19– Go anywhere reputation
– Packs in amenities
– Towable by any vehicle
Seaward 26RK– Quality construction
– Big boat features
– Retractable keel
Corsair F-24 Trimaran– Very light/easy to tow
– Shallow draft
– Fast performance
MacGregor 26M– Massive interior space
– Planing hull enables speed
– Towable by most SUVs

The best trailer sailor for your adventures will depend on many factors. Like any boat, whatever you decide on will be a compromise – boats always are. But there are plenty of choices out there, no matter what size your tow vehicle is and no matter what sailing adventures you have in mind.

What size sailboat is trailerable?

Even large yachts are routinely transported by towing across land, so the question is more of how big a sailboat can you tow? Your tow vehicle will be the limiting factor. The upper limit for most large SUVs and trucks is usually a sailboat around 26 feet long.

Sailboats are generally very heavily built, with ballast and lead keels. Sailboats specifically made to be trailer sailers are lighter. They may use drainable water ballast tanks instead of fixed ballast and have fewer fixtures and amenities.

To find the best trailer sailer, you need to balance the total tow weight, the ease of rig setup at the boat ramp, and the boat’s draft. Shallow draft boats with centerboards are the easiest to launch and retrieve.

Is a Hunter 27 trailerable?

No. The Hunter 27 is a one of those fixed-keel larger boats built from 1974 to 1984. The boat’s displacement is 7,000 pounds, not including trailer and gear. That alone makes it too heavy to tow by all but the beefiest diesel trucks. 

Furthermore, the fixed keels had drafts between 3.25 and 5 feet, all of which are too much for most boat ramps. In short, the standard Hunter Marine 27 is too big to tow for most people.

On the other hand, Hunter has made several good trailer sailers over the years. For example, the Hunter 240 and 260 were explicitly designed for trailering. They have drainable water ballast and shallow keel/centerboard drafts less than two feet. 

Is a Catalina 22 trailerable?

Yes, the Catalina 22 is easily trailerable and makes a wonderful weekend sailboat. In fact, there were over 15,000 Catalina 22s made and sold over the years. 

The boat’s displacement is 2,250 pounds, which means your total tow weight with trailer and gear will be under 3,000 pounds. This is within the capabilities of most mid to full-size SUVs and light trucks. Be sure to check your vehicle’s towing capacity, of course.

The centerboard on the Catalina 22 is another factor in its easy towing. With the board up, the boat draws only two feet. This makes it easy to float off the trailer at nearly any boat ramp. You should avoid fixed keel versions of the 22 for towing unless you have access to extra deep ramps. 

cat sailboat trailer

Matt has been boating around Florida for over 25 years in everything from small powerboats to large cruising catamarans. He currently lives aboard a 38-foot Cabo Rico sailboat with his wife Lucy and adventure dog Chelsea. Together, they cruise between winters in The Bahamas and summers in the Chesapeake Bay.

Can someone tell me why no other manufacturer makes pop tops? Those who have them, love them. Makes sense for head space with a trailerable boat too. Catalina stopped making them decades ago, yet people still swear by them. So, why isn’t there any newer models?

MacGregor put pop tops on many of its trailerables

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Shown  as example 



  - Shown  as example  

- Cradles are not included.  Customer needs to provide own cradles.  Obtain from boat manufacturer or Universal supplier such as one shown from 



  - Shown as example   

- Box is  not included.  Customer needs to provide own box.  Obtain from boat manufacturer or Universal supplier such as one shown from 


Application Information

Universal  Catamaran Trailer  Model TX-418-NPR will fit most boats  up to 20'-0" overall Length and with a 8'-6" or smaller Beam 

# Requires additional options - Contact us for pricing

All models can be provided with optional adapters for users who wish to mount the boat  manufacturer's cradles, instead of the standard rolls and guides.

Dual Boat Trailers for carrying two catamarans are available - Contact Us

Other Models available for smaller Catamarans such as Hobie Cat Wave, American Sail Aqua Cat, Escape Playcat, Seacycle, Waterbike and similar Catamaran sailboats.  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Optionally, these trailers may be delivered to your location fully assembled,  depending on your area.  Please contact us for shipping quotes.

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cat sailboat trailer

Our Cats Love the Water!

Catamaran Cruisers Houseboats

Catamaran Cruisers Houseboats

Aqua Lodge


Catamaran Cruisers Houseboat Manufacturer

The newly designed 8'x31' Lil' Hobo trailerable is truly a model of efficiency.  Famous for its 2-for-1 value, it trailers as an RV to your favorite campsite and cruises equally well to a secluded cove for your next houseboat adventure.  For more than 25 years, the Lil' Hobo continues to be one of our most popular Catamaran Cruiser models. 


(Some options shown)

Lil Hobo on Water

Catamaran Cruisers Lil Hobo Trailerable Houseboat

Lil Hobo on Trailer

Catamaran Cruisers Lil Hobo Houseboat

Lil Hobo red stripe option

Catamaran Cruisers 8' x 31' Houseboat

cat sailboat trailer

Trailerable Lil Hobo Houseboat

Rear Deck

Lil Hobo Rear View with Slide & 60hp Yamaha

Salon 2

Catamaran Cruisers Lil Hobo Shower


Catamaran Cruisers Lil Hobo Bathroom

Free Shipping On Boats to the Lower 48 States!

Shop Inflatable & Portable Boats at Red Beard Sailing

Stable in heavy winds, fast in light winds. Full speed ahead.

The XCAT combines versatility, portability and performance in a way that no other boat on the market can. Harness the winds with the X CAT Sail or row for fun and fitness with our innovative forward-facing RowVista or rear-facing RowMotion rowing systems. The X CAT opens up a whole new world of adventures.

A winner of SAIL Magazine’s 2017 award for Best Daysailer, the X CAT is engineered to endure any challenge including some of the world’s top boat races. During the 2018 Everglades Challenge Red Beard’s very own Alex captained an X CAT Sail with RowVista.

From performance to safety gear, we carry the widest range of X CAT  accessories   to get you from your car to your next adventure.

cat sailboat trailer

XCAT Sail Innovations

The XCAT Sailing model has everything you need to start harnessing the wind. Both sails and all the rigging are included. We strongly recommend the Sailing Equipment Set to take your XCAT sailing experience to the next level.

cat sailboat trailer

1  - Fully battened square-top mainsail creates a lot of power. This sail is looped onto the mast for easier mounting and so it can be stowed still attached to the mast while rowing.

2  - Large laminated window in the genoa allows for safe navigation regardless of what tack you are on.

3  - Forestay is cleated at the mast step. This allows you to drop the mast while on the water for easy passage under low bridges and powerlines.

4  - Trampoline is made of a Textiline mesh that automatically tensions when the trampoline is installed. This prevents the need for tedious and time consuming lacing.

5  - Color coded and marked trampoline speeds up assembly by removing the guesswork. Shroud blocks and shrouds are marked with their respective red and green coloring. The positioning for the genoa and mainsheet blocks are marked on the center beam.

6  - Full length hull keels afford leeway resistance to the XCAT without the unnecessary draft of daggerboards or a centerboard. The boat will float in 6 inches of water!

Not the right sailboat for you? Let’s find your perfect boat.

XCAT Sail Features & Benefits

The world’s first hard-hulled catamaran that can be transported on the roof of your car and assembled in 12 minutes—all without sacrificing quality or performance.

cat sailboat trailer

Lightweight Construction

The XCAT hulls are made of an HDPE skin wrapped around EPP foam forms to create unsinkable but ultra-light hulls. Combined with the anodized aluminum frame and carbon mast, the XCAT weighs in at 165 pounds when rigged as a sailboat. The heaviest part of the boat are the hulls—at only 38 pounds each—which is lighter than most kayaks!

cat sailboat trailer

Continuous Line Furler

An in-house designed endless loop genoa furler allows for easy reefing of the sail area when on the water. An endless loop furler allows you to easily furl and unfurl the sail regardless of wind direction and speed.

cat sailboat trailer

Safety as a Priority

The XCAT was designed to be an expedition boat, which required a focus on durability and endurance. This translates to a day sailing beach cat that makes light work of foul weather. The XCAT rig has been tested to withstand conditions as high as a Beaufort 8. The mast float and mast with floatation inside makes sure this boat is quick and easy to right in the event of a capsize.

cat sailboat trailer

Built-In Heave-To Feature

Most sailboats can heave-to without too much trouble, but many boats struggle to remain hove-to as the wind builds. On the XCAT, if you furl the genoa, hard sheet in the mainsail, let the rudder free and sit forward of the mast: the boat will sit within 5º of true wind direction and will average a half knot in reverse, regardless of wind speed. This is a fantastic feature for novice sailors or anyone who gets caught by a squall in open water.

cat sailboat trailer

OE Inboard Electric Motor Option

The XCAT is the smallest production sailboat with an optional inboard motor! Whether you want the security of being able to get back home when the wind doesn't cooperate or the ability to short tack up a narrow river, the eProp is the perfect solution for any XCAT sailor!

cat sailboat trailer

Fast & Easy Assembly

The XCAT assembles with no tools or hardware. There are audible *clicks* when things get attached or are tight. This lets you know that it is locked and ready. Once you are familiar with the process, assembly can be done in about 10-15 minutes. The Red Beard Record is seven minutes and thirty seconds.

cat sailboat trailer

Genoa with Barber Hauler

Oversized 110% genoa allows for the XCAT to be rigged with a much shorter mast without sacrificing performance. This reduces heel in heavy winds and allows you to sail under bridges for which other other sailboats would have to de-mast. The centralized genoa cleats allow you to trim regardless of which side of the boat you are on. The barber hauler, typically seen on racing boats, allows you to haul the genoa clew closer to the centerline, allowing you to point higher on the wind.

cat sailboat trailer

Kick-up Rudder

The anodized aluminum rudder is resilient and perfectly formed. There is a built in lifting and kick up feature. You can easily lift the rudder to clear any seaweed or for shallow waters.

cat sailboat trailer

Dyneema Shrouds

Dyneema shrouds are lightweight, easy to store and still allow for an incredibly tight rig that is ready to withstand heavy winds. The shrouds feature a double shackle system where it attaches to the boat. This makes the XCAT easier to right from a capsize by lightweight sailors.

XCAT Sail Technical Specifications

Overall Length16' 5"
Overall Width7' 2"
Air Draft16' 9"
Water Draft6"
Total Weight165 lbs
Sail Area (Jib + Main)90.5 ft² (35 ft² + 56 ft²)
Mast Specs14' 9" Carbon 2pc | 9 lbs
Crew Capacity1-3 people
Carrying Weight Capacity551 lbs
Hull MaterialHDPE

Packing & Assembly Specifications

Bag for Trampoline / Mast8' x 6" x 6"
Crossbar Bag (w/ wheels)6' 6" x 15" x 10"
Assembly Time~12 minutes
Trailer NeededNone
Tools Required for AssemblyNone

cat sailboat trailer

XCAT Sail Featured Accessories

Sail it. row it. power it. go ahead, it's your move.

The XCAT combines versatility, portability and performance in a way that no other boat on the market can. The XCAT Sail is perfect for achieving your fitness goals, or use it on your next river or lake rowing adventure. You can maximize the XCAT’s versatility by powering it with an optional outboard motor, or add a sailing kit to XCAT RowVista for the ability to row and sail at the same time.

XCAT Sailing Equipment Set

XCAT Sailing Equipment Set

The X-Cat Sail is a great boat, but with the addition of these select accessories, you can really round out the whole experience. The Hiking Seats provide more ergonomic seating plus added storage for oars and paddles. The Bow Mesh provides a lot of storage capacity for gear and an anchor without cluttering up the main tramp. The Tiller-Fix can hold the tiller steady while sailing or off center for solo paddling from one side. The X-Cat is stable enough to do without, but it is highly recommended to have hiking straps equipped.

  • Increase storage without cluttering the main trampoline.
  • Adjustable Hiking Seats provide curb-height seating in high winds or tilted as a backrest in light winds.
  • All of the most popular accessories for the X-Cat bundled at a $120+ discount.

Accessory Kit Includes: One Bow Mesh ($525 Value), One Pair of Hiking Seats Plus Storage Bag ($555 Value), One Pair of Hiking Straps ($125 Value), One Tiller-Fix ($65 Value).

RowVista® Forward Rowing System Add-On

The world’s best forward rowing system with linkage mechanism and blade feathering integrated. The RowVista system holds both national and international patents, and pending patents. If you want to maximize your X-Cat Sail with the ability to row & sail at the same time, then the RowVista is the best system for you.

  • When combined with a sail, the revolutionary forward-rowing systems allows you to row and sail the X-Cat at the same time.
  • Oarlocks snap onto the side beams without the need for tools.
  • A technical masterpiece – Oar blade feathering despite reverse direction.
  • No energy is wasted thanks to the highly efficient linkage.
  • During sailing, the oars are folded together and can be stowed under the seat.

Kit Includes: XCAT RowVista® rowlocks, foot stretcher, sliding seat, stopper, bag. 1p RowVista® forward rowing Carbon oars (81”) with linkage mechanism & blade feathering integrated, and RowVista® sculls Storage Bag.

RowVista® Forward Rowing System Add-On

RowMotion Classic Rowing System Add-On

The classical method of rowing, straight sticks with a flappy bit on one end. Pull the sticks and off you go, it’s as simple as that. The RowMotion is the classical rowing setup for the X-Cat Catamaran. These oars will get you moving when the wind dies down. it definitely beats the heck out of paddling with a little rescue paddle. Equipped with Concept2 oarlocks, you can use your old oars from college, or add our 2 piece carbon oars in the list below to get you upstream with two paddles.

  • Carbon fiber sculls with an adjustable cuff make blade feathering easy.
  • Concept2 oarlocks are familiar to any rower and are the perfect fit for any aftermarket oar.
  • During sailing, the oars can be stowed behind the optional Hiking Seats.

XCAT eProp Inboard Motor

XCAT eProp Inboard Motor

XCAT Mast Float

XCAT Mast Float

XCAT Launching Hull Cradles

XCAT Launching Hull Cradles

XCAT Roof Rack Accessory Kit

XCAT Roof Rack Accessory Kit



XCAT Anchor

XCAT Anchor

XCAT Launching Cart

XCAT Launching Cart

XCAT Launching Cart with Balloon Tires

XCAT Launching Cart with Balloon Tires

XCAT Additional Center Beam Seat

XCAT Additional Center Beam Seat

HIKO Dry Bag for Paddleboards

HIKO Dry Bag for Paddleboards

XCAT Dry Bag

XCAT Dry Bag

XCAT Hiking Straps

XCAT Hiking Straps

XCAT Tiller-Fix

XCAT Tiller-Fix

ROWonAIR Separable 2-Piece Oars

Carbon 2-Piece Oars for ROWonAIR and XCAT


XCAT Bow Mesh / Front Trampoline

Side beam clamping block railblaza.

XCAT Fenders

XCAT Fenders

XCAT Tie Down Strap

XCAT Tie Down Strap

XCAT Hiking Seats

XCAT Hiking Seats

XCAT Small Bag

XCAT Small Bag

Xcat velcro strap.

XCAT RowMotion Add-On Option

XCAT RowMotion Add-On Option

Resources & support.

This thing is a little rocket.

This is my Third year with the X-cat.

I still love it. I also have a 30 foot keelboat, but I take the X-cat out a lot.

The X-cat is stable & well designed.

I just took it out in worsening weather (against my better judgement). Very choppy conditions and accelerating winds with some light rains.

I was sure I would pitch-pole but did it just would not happen.

I also stayed pretty dry which was a big surprise.

The motor is also wonderful for leaving against the tide.

We’re still happy with it.

The X Cat is fast, easy to rig & de-rig, NO trailed needed, easy to learn on, much less likely to capsize or pitch poll when sailing fast. I'm no longer concerned about sailing solo in the ocean. I'm very old & the X Cat and Alex Caslow have extended my sailing experience by several years. Several people have asked me, after I had rigged the boat, how I could get it in the back of my truck. All I had was the truck & a truck bed extender - NO TRAILER. My wife has a navicular fracture so I'm now sailing solo. Not a problem.

Thank God for Alex Caslow at Red Beard Sailing and for the X Cat Catamaran!

Update for 2017.

I would purchase an Xcat again.

Frankly, I'm surprised how happy we are with this boat.

The Xcat handles the short chop well. Great for daysailing on LI sound. It's drier than I thought it would be.

The quality & durability of the Xcat are amazing.

The boat tolerated the winter very well. The fit & finish appear to have been designed for decades of use.

The quality stands out. The Xcat gets compliments from other sailors & the harbor police.

XCAT WARRANTY 2-Year Warranty against defects in the material or workmanship that affect usability. XCAT does not require that you register your boat for registration. To file a claim or for assistance with your XCAT, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 410-705-5026.

XCAT Owner's Manual Bowsprit Errata for OM eProp Electric Motor Manual XCAT Sales Brochure

cat sailboat trailer

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cat sailboat trailer


cat sailboat trailer

Bunk Trailers

Bunk trailers provide a classic, time-tested design and solid value. They offer superior hull support and security, making them an ideal choice for steep launching conditions and for boats that spend a lot of time stored on the trailer.

cat sailboat trailer

Roller Trailers

Roller trailers provide easy loading and launching in all conditions and water levels. For boaters who launch alone or those who face challenging ramp and tidal conditions, a roller model will get you loaded or launched in no time.



cat sailboat trailer

Aluminum provides natural corrosion resistance with less weight than a comparable steel frame, saving you fuel and valuable payload.

cat sailboat trailer

Hot-dipped galvanized steel provides exceptional strength and durability, resisting corrosion in challenging marine conditions, including salt.


cat sailboat trailer

Single Axle

Single axle trailers are suited for boats up to about 20 feet in length. Your Load Rite dealer will help you select the appropriate configuration for your trailer.

cat sailboat trailer


Tandem and tri-axle trailers are suited for boats of roughly 20 feet and up. Your Load Rite dealer will help you select the appropriate configuration for your trailer.

cat sailboat trailer

Our catamaran trailers provide Load Rite’s advanced frame and bunk designs and a range of standard and optional features to securely haul your catamaran and make launching and loading easier. Choose from durable galvanized steel or lightweight aluminum frames. All of our catamaran trailers feature the advanced designs and heavy-duty construction that set Load Rite trailers apart from the crowd.

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cat sailboat trailer

Load Rite Galvanized Catamaran

cat sailboat trailer

Load Rite Aluminum Catamaran

4760 East Bay Dr., Suite B

Clearwater, FL 33764


  • Airboat Series Single Axle
  • Airboat Series Tandem Axle
  • ALS Series Single Axle
  • ALS Series Tandem Axle
  • ALS Series Triple Axle
  • Australian Single Axle
  • Australian Tandem Axle
  • Australian Triple Axle
  • CA Series Single Axle
  • CA Series Tandem Axle
  • CA Series Triple Axle
  • CA Series Welded
  • CRT Pontoon Series Single Axle
  • CRT Pontoon Series Tandem Axle
  • Pontoon Series Triple Axle
  • Personal Watercraft Series
  • Double Watercraft Series
  • Skiff Series Single Axle
  • Skiff Series Tandem Axle
  • Skiff Series Welded
  • Catamaran Series
  • Cradles and Dollies
  • Kayak Series
  • Sailboat Series
  • Switch Trailer
  • BTV Series Single Axle
  • BTV Series Tandem Axle
  • CD Series Single Axle
  • CD Series Tandem Axle
  • CD Series Small Trailers
  • MC Series Single Axle
  • MC Series Tandem Axle
  • MC Series Triple Axle
  • Pontoon Series Single Axle
  • Pontoon Series Tandem Axle
  • Add’l Options
  • Service Ticket
  • Service Info
  • Maintenance
  • Registration Form
  • Warranty Policy
  • Claim Ticket
  • Owner Safety Manual
  • Dealer Search
  • Int'l Dealers
  • Mail Order Parts
  • New Dealer Form
  • Our Company

cat sailboat trailer

Standard Features

  • Aluminum I-beam construction
  • Aluminum bow stop w/ custom aluminum ladder
  • Welded Aluminum bunk brackets
  • Straight I-beam & channel cross-members
  • Torsion axles for models 22' and above
  • Welded Aluminum frame construction
  • Galvanized spoke wheels
  • SS Spindle Seals
  • Aluminum step pads
  • Aluminum load bearing fenders
  • Carpeted bunks with front UHMW Slide pad
  • Submersible L.E.D. lighting with heavy duty diamond deck plate cover
  • Tongue jack
  • Galvanized Fasteners
  • Heavy duty winch & strap with bow-eye safety chain
  • Carpeted tunnel guides
  • Heat Shrink Connectors
  • Fully Grounded Wiring

Optional Upgrades

Coming Soon

Part NumberMODEL #Boat LengthNet Cap.Overall WidthDBFOverall LengthTire SizeTrailer Weight
FA389520 NAUTICO-440020'440090"72"22'ST175/80D13C860
FA3264AMERICAT 27 A H15D27'820093"75"31'ST225/75D15D1290
FA3266AMERICAT 31 A 13000 ST225/75D1531'13000100"82"36'ST225/75D15D2600
FA5609BAHA 27 KING CAT-8200 H78X15D27'1100095"77"33'ST225/75D15D895
FA5610BAHA 296 KING CAT -11000 H15D29'-30'1100095"77"31'ST225/75D15D1095
FA4940CALCUTTA CAT 263 [07] 215X75R26'5805102"84"31'ST215/75D14C1190
FA3912CARIBBEAN CRAFT 27 CAT-H78X15D27'820093"75"31'ST225/75D15D1960
FA5905CAROLINA CAT 23-6300 A G78X14C23'630094"76"28'ST215/75D14C840
FA5806COMET 20 TDM - 4400 B13C WELDED20'4400102"85"23'ST175/80D13C#N/A
FA5805COMET 20-3500 H78X15D20'3500102"85"23'ST225/75D15D600
FA5810COMET 20-4400 B13C20'4400102"85"23'ST175/80D13C#N/A
FA5804COMET PRO STAR 20-2900 G78X14C20'2900102"85"23'ST215/75D14C#N/A
FA4950CORINTHIAN CAT 40 [08] 16E40'11000106"88"46'ST235/85R16E5000
FA4952CORINTHIAN CAT 40N [09] 16E40'16200106"88"46'ST235/85R16E3800
FA9924CUSTOM 24 ALUM CAT-8200 H15D24'8200102"84"28'ST225/75D15D865
FA5660GEO SPORT CAT 27-8200 H15D27'820093"75"31'ST225/75D15D995
FA5406GLACIER BAY 220 A G14C22'620098"80"29'ST215/75D14C840
FA5408GLACIER BAY 220 A H15D22'820098"80"29'ST225/75D15D895
FA5412GLACIER BAY 260-10000 TDM 16E26'10000100"82"35'ST235/85R16E2020
FA5410GLACIER BAY 260-8200 H78X15D26'8200100"82"35'ST225/75D15D895
FA5420GLACIER BAY 260-9000 F78X14C [TRIPLE]26'9000100"82"35'ST205/75D14C1350
FA5430GLACIER BAY 30 - 13000 H78X15D30'1300010587"38'ST225/75D15D2200
FA5950HANKO'S ALUM CAT 26 - 9000# F14C26'9000103"85"31'ST205/75D14C895
FA5910HANN 50 [08] 17000 16E50'17000106"87"52'ST235/85R16E3000
FA4920HI TECH CAT 28'6" - 10000 H15D28'6"10000102"84"33'ST225/75D15D#N/A
FA4910HYDRA CAT 300X -11000 H15D30'1100098"80"36'ST225/75D15D1250
FA4805LEADER CAT 18-2300 B78X13C182300102"84"22'6"ST175/80D13C330
FA4809LEADER CAT 22-6000 F78X14C22'600098"80"28'ST205/75D14C900
FA3870MOTION 30 [08] - 8200 H15D30'8200102"84"36'ST225/75D15D915
FA3875MOTION 39 [08] - 15000 16E39'15000105"87"46'ST235/85R16E3200
FA3893NAUTICO 18-2300 SEAGULL B78X13C182300102"84"22'6"ST175/80D13C330
FA4412**PRO KAT 20[02]TANDEM B13C20'440090"72"22'ST175/80D13C800
FA4404PRO KAT 20-2900 A G14C20'290090"72"23'ST215/75D14C500
FA4416**PRO SPORT 2150 BAY KAT B13C21'6"440094"76"26'ST175/80D13C860
FA4400-1PRO SPORT 22 CC G14C OEM22'615094"76"27'ST215/75D14C860
FA4416-1PRO SPORT BAYKAT 2150 OEM20'440094"76"26'ST175/80D13C860
FA5960PUBLIFIBRA 28 DECK CAT 8200# H78X1528820094"76"34'ST225/75D15D1200
FA4850SEA CAT 18 [04] B78X13C182300102"84"22'6"ST175/80D13C330
FA5809SEA CAT 22-6000[04-] F78X14C22'600098"80"28'ST205/75D14C840
FA5210SPORT KAT 21[WELDED ALUM]-4950 F14C21'495092"74"26'ST205/75D14C840
FA5200SPORT KAT 21-4950 A F78X14C21'495092"74"26'ST205/75D14C840
FA5203SPORT KAT 23-7300 A H78X15D23'730094"76"28'ST225/75D15D1160
FA5205SPORT KAT/SEA CAT 25-8200 A H78X15D25'-26'820094"76"33'ST225/75D15D895
FA4400TPK 22-6150 A CC/WA G78X14C22'615094"76"27'ST215/75D14C860
FA4403TPK 22-7180 A CC/WA H78X15D22'718094"75"27'ST225/75D15D960
FA4414TPK 2650-8200 A CC/WA H15D (-2000)27'820095"76"31'ST225/75D15D895
FA4418TPK2360-8200 H78X15D23'820095"76"29'ST225/75D15D1100
FA4420TTPK2660/2860-9200 G14C (01-04)27'-29'920095"76"33'ST205/75D14C1300
FA4450TTPK3660-18000 LT235/85R16E37'18000108"90"41'LT235/85R16E2000
FA3920TTWC266/270-9000 F78X14C26'-27'900095"77"35'ST205/75D14C1045
FA3923TTWC29-13000 H78X15D29'13000106"88"36'ST225/75D15D2100
FA3927TTWC32-15000 16E32'15000108"90"41'ST235/85R16E3000
FA3925TTWC33-11000 H78X15D33'11000108"90"41'ST225/75R15D2000
FA3899TWC220-6600 A G78X14C22'-23'660092"74"29'ST215/75D14C860
FA3900TWC220-7180 A H78X15D22'-23'718094"75"29'ST225/75D15D960
FA3905TWC246-6000 F78X14C25'600095"77"32'ST205/75D14C865
FA3906TWC246-8200 H15D24'-25'820095"77"32'ST225/75D15D865
FA3915TWC266/270 -8200 SC H78X15D26'-27'820095"77"35'ST225/75D15D1960
FA3910TWC266/270 -8200 SF H78X15D26'-27'820095"77"35'ST225/75D15D1960
FA3175TWIN VEE 19 A F78X14C19'2800102"84"23'ST205/75D14C500
FA3195TWIN VEE 20 A F78X14C20'2800102"84"24'ST205/75D14C500
FA3196TWIN VEE 20 A TANDEM B13C20'4400102"84"24ST205/75D14C600
FA3202TWIN VEE 22 A B13C [WELDED]22'4400100"82"27'ST175/80D13C675
FA3202-1TWIN VEE 22 A B13C OEM22'4400100"82"27'ST175/80D13C675
FA3200TWIN VEE 22 A B78X13C22'4400100"82"27'ST175/80D13C675
FA3211TWIN VEE 22 BAY H78X15D22'3500102"84"27'ST225/75D15D700
FA3212TWIN VEE 22 BAY TDM B78X13C22'4400102"84"27'ST175/80D13C850
FA3205TWIN VEE 26 A G78X14C [4-STR WA]26'5805102"84"31'ST215/75D14C1190
FA3205-1TWIN VEE 26 A G78X14C OEM26'5805102"84"31'ST215/75D14C1190
FA3204TWIN VEE 26 A H15D26'8200102"84"31'ST225/75D15D1290
FA3206TWIN VEE 29 A 13000 ST225/75D1529'13000100"82"36'ST225/75D15D2600
FA3206-1TWIN VEE 29 A OEM29'13000100"82"36'ST225/75D15D2600
FA3208-1TWIN VEE 32A OEM32'12250120"102"40'ST225/75D15D2950
FA3210-1TWIN VEE 36A OEM36'15000120"102"44'ST235/85R16E3000
FA3322ULTRA CAT 22 [08] TALSK2252 F14C22'5200102"84"25'6"ST205/75D14C980
FA3325ULTRA CAT 25XS [08] TALSK2452 F14C25'5200102"84"26'6"ST205/75D14C1000
FA3890WINGATE RACING CAT - 8200 H15D288200102"84"32'ST225/75D15D1280
FA9950CUSTOM SPACE FRAME TRAILERN/A3000109"91"49'ST205/75D14C2000

**These models equipped with spring axles.

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Best Trailerable Sailboat Brands to Cruise or Race

18th dec 2023 by samantha wilson.

Rightboat logo

Being able to trailer your sailboat opens up many possibilities, from cost saving  boat storage solutions to being able to take your boat to new cruising grounds. It's common to see trailered motorboats on the roads in the United States, Canada, and Europe, but sailboats tend to be trailered in smaller numbers.

Of course the act of trailering a sailboat involves a bit more preparation, namely lowering the mast, but as we'll see there are many excellent brands out there ensuring that the sailboats they build can be trailered nearly as easily as a RIB or center console. And they're not just bathtub-sized sailboats either. Some of the best trailerable sailboats are up to 30 feet in length. While it's trickier to trailer a large catamaran due to its wide beam, the multihull world hasn't been left behind, as you can find clever trimarans that fold up in different ways.

We have picked out some of our favorite trailerable sailboat brands in this article but it's important to remember there are many excellent brands building excellent boats.

Corsair Marine

Corsair Marine photo. 

What Is the Biggest Sailboat I Can Trailer?

Daysailers have long been trailered, thanks to their compact size, simple rigs, and easily lowered, relatively short mast. For those who want a slightly larger boat that they can take the whole family out on or use for overnight trips, then a 20- to 25-foot sailboat may be more useful than a 16- to 19-foot one. Going up a size category allows for a whole new range of activities, with proper galleys, running water, electricity, and an enclosed head to provide more substantial home comforts. But how big is too big to trailer?

You might be surprised to hear that in the United States, sailboats up to around 31 feet in length can be trailered legally. In fact, it typically depends less on length, and more on the weight, beam, and height of the vessel and the trailer together, must meet several legal requirements.

  • Weight : While there is no specific weight limit to be towed, the sailboat has to be able to be towed easily by your vehicle, usually a pickup-style truck or full-size SUV with substantial power. Most single- and tandem-axle trailers can handle a maximum combined load of 7,000 to 8,000 pounds, so your weight limit will also be dictated by your trailer.
  • Beam : To travel without permits, the trailer and vessel must fit on the road in regular traffic. In the US, that's a maximum width of 8 foot 6 inches (a couple inches less in the EU at 2.55 meters). Most trailerable monohull sailboats will be less than this for ease of maneuvering in traffic, but when it comes to catamarans and trimarans, adjustments have to be made (we'll look at those later).
  • Length : The upper length limit of a sailboat can be anything up to 65 feet, but that's a moot point because vessels of that size would never meet the width limits. In reality, a 30-footer is the longest sailboat you're likely to tow, with 15- to 25-footers being much more common.
  • Height : Your trailer and sailboat have to fit under bridges and highway overpasses and so for most states the maximum height is 14 feet. This will obviously require lowering the mast onto the deck and including that into your height calculation.

For more advice on the practicalities of trailering see our guide to Buying a Boat Trailer .

The Best Trailerable Cruising Sailboats

The best trailerable cruising sailboat brands.

  • Catalina Yachts : As one of North America's best-known sailboat brands of sailboats, Catalina has a long history of building trailerable models. Their entire Sport line cruising boats—except for the 275—can easily be trailered, and the 22 and 22 Sport, in particular, make for a great step up from daysailing to enjoying a pocket cruiser.
  • Beneteau : Beneteau 's reputation for affordable, capable yachts spans the globe, and their skill at building trailerable sailboats up to 30 feet is just one of many attributes. Take the First 27SE and 24; they are not luxury cruiser (although the 27SE can sleep six crew!) but they sure can sail fast on short distance races or fast adventure cruises. With impeccable and high-quality design featuring double rudders, these are some of the nicest fast cruisers on the market.

Beneteau First 27SE

Beneteau First 27SE. Beneteau photo. 

The Best Trailerable Sport Sailboats

Several brands on this list create high performance sports sailboats , and one of the top names you think of in this sector is Laser whose speedy tiny racers are now an Olympic event in themselves. But there are many excellent brands building ultra-fast sports sailboats – several on our list are considerably bigger than a Laser too. Here we take a look at some of our favorite sports dinghies which are the quintessential trailerable sports boat.

The Best Trailerable Sport Sailboat Brands

  • Melges : Founded in 1945 by Harry C. Melges, Sr., this is an iconic Midwestern brand made famous, in part, by Harry's son, Harry “Buddy” Melges Jr, an Olympic medalist in the ‘60s and National Sailing Hall of Fame member. Today the business is run by Harry III, also a championship sailor, who oversees a range of high performance vessels from the award-winning Melges 14 and 15 dinghies, to A, C, E and MC scow classes, and international sportboat classes, the Melges 20 and 24—the latter has more than 900 boats sailing competitively all over the world. All of their models are trailerable, allowing them to be transported easily to competitions. Melges boats for sale
  • J/Boats : The most successful volume builder of trailerable, performance keelboats is also a family-run brand founded by brothers Rod and Bob Johnstone and now led by second-generation Johnstones—Jeff, Al and Stuart. Starting with the J/24 (more than 5,500 boats built) and most recently with the J/70, the company has popularized a series of international racing classes from 22 to 26 feet while also building many popular larger racer/cruiser-style models that don't fit easily on a trailer.  J/Boats for sale
  • RS Sailing : British-built RS Sailing performance dinghies and keelboats are spreading in popularity across the world. Distributed widely on the east coast of the US, they're excellent pocket racing dinghies, easily trailered and ultra-fast. Their range of boats runs from 12 feet and 21 feet and includes dinghies, catamarans, and keelboats, allowing you to find exactly the right boat for your experience level and interest, but it's their Racing Series which sets them apart as high performers in the market. They're lightweight, simple in their design, and well-suited to being trailered thanks to their compact sizes.

Melges 24

Melges 24. Melges photo. 

The Best Trailerable Youth Sailboats

Trailerable sailboats designed for younger sailors are lightweight, easy to rig, and easy to sail. They should offer a simple platform in which to learn the mechanics of sailing, the movement of the boat on the water, and the basic maintenance of a sailboat. For more guidance check out our guide to choosing the best beginner sailboat .

The Best Trailerable Youth Sailboat Brands

  • ILCA : Formerly known as the Laser, the ILCA design is one of the most popular sailboats of all time, a responsive yet high-performance one-person sailboat that is an excellent step up, particularly for sailors who outgrow their smaller dinghies as teenagers. As a racing class, ILCA offers three different mast sizes so sailors can start in what's called the ILCA 4 class and as they gain weight, move to ILCA 6 and 7. By that time, you're in a class of boat that can take you all the way to the Olympics. Designed in the 1970s by Canadian sailor Bruce Kirby, the 13'10.5” boat teaches high-performance skills, subtle steering and trimming techniques, and astounding speed once on a plane.
  • Hobie Cat : We've put Hobie Cat in this category simply because of the brand's long-standing legacy of creating fun, simple, and compact catamarans that are loved by families and easily trailered. The classic Hobie 16 model with more than 100,000 built remains an active international class worldwide for the young and the young at heart; newer models provide a good, stable platform for a variety of off-the-beach and daysailing contexts. Catamarans are obviously wider than their monohull counterparts, but beach cats like the ones made by Hobie are well within the maximum width allowance to be towed on American roads. And because of their lightweight fiberglass or rotomolded hulls, they can be towed by much less powerful vehicles too.

Laser sailboats

Laser sailboats. Laser Performance photo. 

The Best Small Trailerable Sailboats

There are many benefits to opting for a small towable sailboat , and plenty of excellent brands out there are producing high performance pocket cruisers. A smaller sailboat won't require a large trailer and together they will weigh less and be able to be towed by a regular family car rather than a pick-up truck. Navigating smaller roads or heavier traffic will be less of a consideration, plus getting your sailboat launched will be a simpler affair. Several brands on our list could be in this category but special mention must be made of:

The Best Small Trailerable Sailboats Brands

  • Cape Cutter : The traditional beauty of these sailboats, twinned with modern-day advancements, makes them really stand out from the rest. The design originates from the classic gaff cutter work boats, but today it's one of the fastest small gaffers in the world. The interior is cleverly spacious, with four berths, as well as a simple galley area. With quick rigging, it can be sailed solo, but is also able to accommodate small groups, making it a capable and hugely versatile pocket cruiser. At 22 feet long, 7 foot 7 inches wide, and under 5 foot in height with the mast lowered, it's perfect for trailering too. Cape Cutter boats for sale.
  • NorseBoat : These beautiful, hand-crafted, and impressively versatile Canadian-built sailboats offer good performance and are described by the manufacturer as "the Swiss Army Knives of sailboats". Whether it's the 12.5 model, which can be sailed, rowed, and motored, or the 17.5 or 21.5 models, they can all be trailered, easily beached, and even used as camp cruisers, allowing for overnight adventures. And with traditional styling they're absolute head-turners whether you're cruising along the road or water.

NorseBoat 17.5

NorseBoat 17.5. NorseBoat photo. 

The Best Trailerable Catamaran and Trimaran Sailboats

Multihulls have gained popularity in the last 20 years thanks to their stability, lack of keel, performance, and increased space on board compared to a monohull of the same length. Yet there are obvious challenges when it comes to trailering a sailboat with a very wide beam such as a catamaran or even more so a trimaran. In fact, by having three hulls, the trimaran type has bred for some innovative engineering, folding in the two outer hulls thus creating a smaller overall beam for transport. This is trickier with catamarans as they're not foldable in the same way. We've mentioned the well-known Hobie Cat brand of small beach cats above but there are some other innovative brands out there making it easier to trailer multihulls.

The Best Trailerable Catamaran and Trimaran Sailboat Brands

  • Nacra : Catamarans are difficult to trailer because their beam is likely to exceed the legal road limits due to their double hull structure. Having said that, small models such as Nacra's lightning fast racing cats will squeeze within the beam limits at 8 foot 5 inches wide including the 15, F16, and F18 Infusion. If you're after trailerable performance and some competition, these cats provide a whole different level for serious and athletic sailors.
  • Corsair : Corsair makes some of the best trailerable trimaran sailboats on the market and were pioneers in the folding trimaran sector for more than three decades. Yes you read that correctly…foldable trimarans up to 20 feet in length. With technology straight out of a Transformers movie, a 15-foot beam folds down into a neat little 8-foot wide package ready for trailering. Even the 31 foot 10 inch long 970 Cruze, with its standing room cabin, can be put on a trailer thanks to the folding system and retractable daggerboard and rudder.
  • Dragonfly : With a focus on beautiful, cruise-worthy, high-quality, and high-performance trimarans up to 40 feet, Dragonfly offers two models— the 25 and 28—that can be folded and trailered for ease of transport and to allow you the freedom to access different cruising grounds. At a folded width of 8 feet 3 inches, the 28 is still just within legal width for towing on US roads, while offering you a true weekend cruiser complete with saloon, cabin, and galley.

Dragonfly 28.1

Dragonfly 28.1. Dragonfly photo. 

Written By: Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson has spent her entire life on and around boats, from tiny sailing dinghies all the way up to superyachts. She writes for many boating and yachting publications, top charter agencies, and some of the largest travel businesses in the industry, combining her knowledge and passion of boating, travel and writing to create topical, useful and engaging content.


More from: Samantha Wilson

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The Best Wake Boat Brands, a Complete Guide

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You will travel with peace of mind when your boat is secured in a stainless steel, or galvanized aluminum sailboat trailer. West Coast Sailing offers trailers to fit your Laser, Hobie Cat or Sunfish sailboat. Have multiple sailboats? Check out our multiboat trailer from Trailex.

The popular Kitty Hawk Laser Trailer is no longer available. Please see the Trailex Laser Trailer as a suitable replacement.

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Beetle Cat Sailboat

Base price: $22,995.

cat sailboat trailer

In the years since the first boat was built, the design has remained essentially unchanged. The original Beetle Cat boat is 12ft-4in with a 6ft beam. The wide beam, with the rudder not extending below the bottom of the keel, and centerboard that lifts up, are features that lend this boat to shallow waters. It is a boat that can be beached. The six foot wide beam makes it unusually stable and gives it a large carrying capacity.

Made entirely of wood, featuring oak frames with cedar planking, with no ballast, it is unsinkable. The large decked area forward on the boat, means spray falls on the deck rather than inside the boat. The rig is similar to that used on the old, large-size Cape Cod catboats, with the mast well forward, and using a single sail. With this type of rig, known as a gaff rig, if you release the tiller, the boat will head into the wind and practically stop. This feature makes it an ideal boat for youngsters.

Parts & Accessories : Beetle, Inc. has an extensive list of parts and accessories available with our boats.  Beetle Cat parts can be ordered by calling the shop.  Beetle Cat gifts can be ordered online thru the gift shop.

In the years since the first boat was built, the design has remained essentially unchanged. The Original Beetle Cat Boat is 12ft-4in long and is a design adaptation of the great Cape Cod Cats. The wide beam, with the rudder not extending below the bottom of the keel, and centerboard that lifts up, are features that lend this boat to shallow waters. It is a boat that can be beached. The six foot wide beam makes it unusually stable and gives it a large carrying capacity.

Parts & Accessories : Beetle has an extensive list of parts and accessories available with our boats.  Beetle Cat parts can be ordered by calling the shop.  Beetle Cat gifts can be ordered online thru the gift shop.

Boat Specifications

  • Length Overall - 12' 4"
  • Length Waterline - 11' 8"
  • Beam - 6' 0"
  • Draft with Board Down - 2' 0"
  • Draft with Board Up - 0' 8"
  • Sail Area - approx. 100 sq. ft.
  • Weight - approx. 450 lbs.

Hull Construction

  • Frames - Steam Bent White Oak
  • Keel and Solid Stem - Steam Bent White Oak
  • Planking - 1/2'' Atlantic White Cedar
  • Rubrails - White Oak
  • Coamings - Red Oak
  • Deck - 1/2'' Atlantic White Cedar Covered with Canvas
  • Hardware - Custom Silicon Bronze
  • Fasteners - Silicon Bronze (Domestic)

Standard Boat

(less sail) Includes: centerboard, rudder, tiller, boom crutch, mast, boom, gaff and all running and standing rigging.

  • Topsides – White
  • Bottom – Green
  • Deck – Beetle Buff
  • Cockpit – Natural Wood
  • Interior/bilge – Beetle Grey
  • Spars/Trim – Bright (Varnished)
  • Sail – White
  • Cover – Toast (tan)
Sail: White, with battens, bag, stops (furling ties) $1,250.00
Cover: combination cockpit/sail (sunbrella "toast" tan) Other colors add $40$710.00
Pump: Thirstymate 124 pf$55.00
Paddle: 5 ft. wood$100.00
Anchor: Danforth 300S with SS Chain and Shackles$105.00
Rode: Anchor line 60 ft. 3/8" Nylon with spliced eye$78.00
Painter: dock/tow line 20 ft. 3/8" Nylon with spliced eye$55.00
CB cleat: Harken cleat for centerboard depth adjustment(Installed Price)$56.00
Spar Racks: with tie-downs for use with trailer$185.00
Shoreland'r Trailer: with third wheel and tie-down strap$2,295.00
Topsides, Bottom, Deck, BilgeNo Charge
Painted Cockpit$400.00
Sail, solid color$200.00
Sail, striped$275.00
Sail figures: price per figure (number or letter)$32.00
Name, 2 inch cast bronze letter, each (Installed Price)$34.00
Nameboard with painted letters $395.00
Shrouds (side stays)$875.00
Boottop (waterline stripe) specify color$450.00
  • 1973 Starting with hull #1536 all fasteners, such as screws, bolts and nails, are now silicon bronze. They were previously galvanized iron. This change was made to prevent rust and the damage that it does to wood.
  • 1985 Clew outhaul on boom becomes standard equipment.
  • 1985 Coaming fasteners are wooden bunged.
  • 1986 The two side coamings are book-matched, which means to be made from one plan of wood split down the middle on edge, and "opened" like a book, keeping the forward end of the plank together as the binder. This results in coamings which match in both grain characteristic and color.
  • 1986 Spar racks - forward and aft for use when trailering - are introduced.
  • 1987 Prototype plywood centerboard is put into use.
  • 1987 Deck and rig hardware, previously sand-cast in brass, is now investment cast in silicon bronze for greater uniformity and durability.
  • 1988 Extensions of bailer boards, which are the loose floorboards on either side of the centerboard box, are now made removable to allow access via a simple latch to the bilge beneath the cockpit.
  • 1989 Centerboards are produced in plywood. Lead centerboard weight is moved away from edge of board for greater hold and ease of fairing.
  • 1990 Combination Sail and Cockpit Cover is introduced. Unlike the standard cockpit tent, this cover has no ridge pole, requires no cut-out in the boom crutch, and allows mainsheet to run directly from boom to cockpit cleet.
  • 1994 Port bow chock is introduced. This chock is the "mirror image" match for the standard starboard bow chock.
  • 1994 Standard centerboard is now faired on the trailing and leading edges.
  • 1994 Peak outhaul on gaff becomes standard equipment.
  • 1996 Rubrail fasteners are wooden bunged.
  • 1997 Standard rudder is now faired on trailing edge.
  • 1998 Traveler now equipped with end stoppers.
  • 1999 Cockpit paint is now optional. Natural unfinished cedar wood is now the standard cockpit.

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Hayward Outfitters LLC.  Dba Hayward Water Sports

Hobie Cat Sailboats

cat sailboat trailer

1 Hobie Cat – Wave Sail Boat

Out of stock

cat sailboat trailer

Hobie Cat – Getaway Sail Boat with Wing Seats – Martinique

cat sailboat trailer

Hobie Cat – Hobie 16 Sail Boat

cat sailboat trailer

Trailer – Hobie Cat Wave Sailboat Trailer from Karavan

cat sailboat trailer

Trailer – Hobie Getaway or Hobie 16 Sailboat Trailer from Karavan

cat sailboat trailer

Used 2015 Hobie Adventure Island Tri-Maran Sailboat – Trailer Available

cat sailboat trailer

z – Torqeedo Electric Motor Prices

© 2024 · Hayward Outfitters LLC. Dba Hayward Water Sports: |

  • 30 SportCat
  • Sixty Solar Sail
  • 40 PowerCat
  • Sixty Solar Power
  • Pricing & Options
  • Owners Support

Brokerage Events

Certified pre-owned yachts.

Certified Pre-Owned 2022 X5 Plus – LEVANTE – is now on sale!

Certified Pre-Owned 2022 X5 Plus – LEVANTE – is now on sale!

Xquisite In-House Bahamas Boat Show on May 10-11, 2024

Xquisite In-House Bahamas Boat Show on May 10-11, 2024

Certified Pre-Owned 2018 X5 “VANQUISH” is now on sale!

Certified Pre-Owned 2018 X5 “VANQUISH” is now on sale!

cat sailboat trailer

  • Model: X5 Plus - LEVANTE
  • Year Built: 2022
  • Location: Alicante, Spain
  • Price: $ 1,650,000

cat sailboat trailer

  • Model: X5 - SHELL SHOCKED X
  • Year Built: 2020
  • Location: Freeport, Bahamas
  • Price: $ 1,350,000

cat sailboat trailer

  • Model: X5 - VANQUISH
  • Year Built: 2018
  • Price: $ 1,150,000

cat sailboat trailer

Designed for fast and fun sailing, island and beach hopping and occasional overnighting.

Xquisite 30 Sportcat

The Xquisite 30 Sportcat innovative and trailer transportable, designed to deliver the ultimate sailing experience. Easily handled by even non-seasoned sailors, and it can accommodate up to 8 persons onboard.

Very light weight construction, carbon beams, rotating carbon mast and high performance sails are part of the standard package and assures the sporty sailing experience.

The mini keels offer a convenient solution to navigate shallow waters while the optional dagger boards boost the performance even further.

The Xquisite 30 Sportcat: A Trailer-Transportable Catamaran for Ultimate Sailing Fun

30 Sportcat Gallery

cat sailboat trailer

Xquisite 30 Sportcat Specifications & Extras

Length overall9.25 m30.34’
Length at waterline8.95 m29.36’
Beam overall5.15 m16.89’
Beam CL-CL4.1 m13.45’
Light displacement850 kg1872 lbs
Draft (inc. outboard)0.872 m2.86’
Draft Mini keel
(daggerboards optional)
0.75 m2.46’
Full displacement1450 kg3196 lbs
Mast height13.20 m43.30’
MS area29 m²312 sqft
Self-tacking jib area14 m²150 sqft
Gennaker area37 m²398 sqft
Outboard Engine
(electric optional)
10 HP

cat sailboat trailer

  • E-Glass and Vinyl Ester Composite with Carbon Reinforcement Made by Infusion Method
  • Flexiteek Sinthetic Decking
  • Carbon Fibre Cross Beams
  • Rotating Carbon Mast by Ag+
  • Antifouling on Waterline Level on Hulls
  • Carbon Bow Pipes
  • Carbon Pipe Rudder Connectors and Fins
  • Harken Sailing Hardware
  • Carbon Stanchions
  • Chemical Toilet
  • Led Battery Light in Cabins
  • 2x Mattresses in Cabins
  • Black Mooring Cleats
  • Large Trampolines
  • Deck Windows 2x
  • Outboard Engine Bracket
  • Navigation Lights
  • Square Top Mainsail 3Di ENDURANCE 760 14,700 Dp by NORTH SAILS
  • Jib Medium 3Di ENDURANCE 760 14,700 Dpi by NORTH SAILS
  • G Zero Gennaker NPL Code Xi Xi06 CDT by NORTH SAILS

cat sailboat trailer

  • Exterior Hull Paint
  • Carbon Fibre Epoxy Dagger Boards
  • Ipad With Waterproof Case and Navigation App
  • Carbon Gangway
  • Electric Outboard Motor
  • Trailer for Easy Transportation
  • Safety Pack With Pneumatic Vests, Falres, etc.
  • Solar Panels and Battery Pack
  • Parasailor Downwind Sail With Hardware
  • Shipping and Commissioning

cat sailboat trailer

  • 6920 Macon Rd, Columbus, GA 31907
  • +1 706-315-3972


Custom sailboat trailers built by sailors for sailors.

Sail Trailers started by offering trailers to local sailors for regatta and cruise travel, and has since expanded globally to serve a growing community of mariners.

Since 2001 we have built custom sailboat trailers, one at a time. Our focus is on quality and funcionality. Since we own and sail a variety of boats, we have a good idea of what works and what doesn't. We will be happy to consult with you and offer ideas and pricing prior to your purchase, and we will offer you our competitors' contact information if you like, confident that once you compare product, price and knowledge, you will return..

At Sail Trailers we build custom trailers for sailboats from 17 to 52 feet and custom transport trailers. We also supply all the parts you will need to keep your trailer on the road or build your own custom masterpiece.

If you would like a quote or have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call or email us at: [email protected]

Posted 2024-07-09 14:48

Contact Information:

Discoverer 18 sailboat. No sails, no trailer, but floats complete (salem)

Discoverer 18 sailboat. No sails, no trailer, but floats complete 1

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posted: 2024-07-09 14:48

updated: 2024-07-18 12:49

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Discoverer 18 sailboat. No sails, no trailer, but floats complete -...

Discoverer 18 sailboat. Fairly large and fairly light for it's size. Bench seating style sides and rear. Small cuddy cabin up front that's shallow / not tall but deep. I got this as is, no sails...

'Captain America: Brave New World' trailer debuts, introduces Harrison Ford into the MCU

A teaser trailer for 'captain america: brave new world' has been released and introduces acting legends harrison ford and giancarlo esposito into the marvel cinematic universe..

Portrait of Jonathan Limehouse

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were able to get a glimpse of what to expect in " Captain America: Brave New World " as the first teaser trailer for the film dropped Friday.

Sam Wilson, played by actor Anthony Mackie, has taken on the mantle of Captain America and now has to deal with an "international incident," according to the film's IMDB page.

The fourth Captain America movie installment is scheduled to be released in theaters on Feb. 14, 2025.

The events of the film take place after the Marvel TV mini-series "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier," in which Mackie co-stars alongside actor Sebastian Stan who plays Bucky Barnes.

The new Captain America film will introduce an acting legend into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Harrison Ford replaces the late William Hurt as newly-elected U.S. President Thaddeus Ross. Acting juggernaut Giancarlo Esposito also appears in the trailer in an unknown role.

Need a break? Play the USA TODAY Daily Crossword Puzzle.

The trailer for the film opens with Mackie's and Ford's characters discussing how Captain America could become an "official military position." The teaser ends with a "deadly showdown and a taste of the menacing Red Hulk," according to Marvel's news release about the film .

The movie is directed by Julius Onah and produced byNate Moore and President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige.

The MCU: Everything Marvel has in the works, from new 'Captain America' to 'Deadpool & Wolverine'

Watch: Captain America Brave New World trailer

Cast of 'captain america: brave new world'.

  • Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson (Captain America)
  • Liv Tyler as Betty Ross
  • Harrison Ford as Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross
  • Giancarlo Esposito in an unknown role
  • Carl Lumbly as Isaiah Bradley
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Samuel Sterns
  • Rosa Salazar as Rachel Leighton (Diamondback)
  • Shira Haas as Ruth Bat-Seraph (Sabra)
  • Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres (Falcon)
  • Colby Lopez (known in WWE as wrestler Seth Rollins) in an unknown role

Move Over, 'Sharknado'; This Trailer Just Revealed Our New Favorite Animal Twister


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The Big Picture

  • Get ready for Catnado , a thrilling movie featuring adorable felines turning into deadly killers from the sky.
  • Various directors bring different stories of people facing cat catastrophes in segments like "Of Cats and Men."
  • Following Sharknado's success, Catnado offers a fun, gory experience for genre fans, arriving in 2024.

Cat lovers, here’s a movie for you, starring some of the most adorable felines on the planet, but not in the way one would imagine. Wild Eye Releasing has unveiled the first trailer for Catnado , an anthology movie following different "cat"-astrophes, helmed by various directors. The movie is in a similar vein to the Sharknado franchise and will take audiences on a ride unlike any other if the new trailer is anything to go by.

The trailer lays out the idea with a hilariously over-the-top voiceover saying cats are God’s little creatures, who could bring you joy and happiness, but they can also be killers, waiting for a day to make their move, as we see a tornado bringing in numerous cats, who descends from the sky and start attacking humans. The ridiculous trailer gives an insight into various stories as one woman frantically tries to describe the onslaught of furry felines.

What Is ‘Catnado’ About?

While most details about the campy horror thriller are under wraps, it is expected to showcase different stories of people who have been through the catastrophe of cats raining from the sky. The anthology consists of various segments including, "Of Cats and Men," "The Catburglar," "Nightmare at 10000 Feet," "Apocalypse Meow," "Cosmic Catnado," and "Stormwindow Crimes and Felines." The amusing segment names give us some insight into what to expect. The story follows a group of individuals who are hell-bent on stopping this feline fury. The synopsis reads:

“The world faces a horrific onslaught of tornadoes, each unleashing hordes of enraged and deadly cats upon humanity! As chaos reigns, a disparate group of individuals have one mission: to stop this feline fury. But against such odds, and with only one life to spare per person, their battle becomes a cat-astrophic struggle for survival."

After the success of the Sharknado franchise, fans of the sub-genre have gotten a chance to delve into other similar concepts with features like Clownado and Monsternado , which have proven successful over time. Catnado seems to be another fun, gory feature that will have the attention of genre fans for sure. It features an ensemble including Erica Rowell Green , Joshua G Otto , Blair Kelly , Serena Salieri , and Tucky Williams, among others. The segments are directed by Donald Farmer ( Shark Exorcist ), Curtis Everitt ( No One Here ), and Alaine Huntington ( Across the Sky ). Also directing are Kelly, James M. Myers , Melvin Pittman , Tim Ritter , Jerry Williams , and Logan Winton .

Catnado will be unleashed on VOD and DVD on October 22, 2024. You can check out the new trailer above.

  • Movie Trailers
  • Cast & crew

Alien: Romulus

Aileen Wu in Alien: Romulus (2024)

While scavenging the deep ends of a derelict space station, a group of young space colonizers come face to face with the most terrifying life form in the universe. While scavenging the deep ends of a derelict space station, a group of young space colonizers come face to face with the most terrifying life form in the universe. While scavenging the deep ends of a derelict space station, a group of young space colonizers come face to face with the most terrifying life form in the universe.

  • Fede Alvarez
  • Rodo Sayagues
  • Dan O'Bannon
  • Isabela Merced
  • Cailee Spaeny
  • Archie Renaux
  • 1 Critic review
  • 1 nomination

Final Trailer

  • Rain Carradine

Archie Renaux

  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

The Big List of Summer Movies

Production art

More like this

Alien: Covenant

Did you know

  • Trivia Director Fede Alvarez sought out special effects crew from Aliens (1986) to work on the creatures. Physical sets, practical creatures, and miniatures were used wherever possible to help ground later VFX work.
  • Connections Featured in Nerdrotic: The Acolyte: Force is Female CONFIRMED? The Death of Theaters - The Real BBC @MauLer @HeelvsBabyface (2024)
  • When will Alien: Romulus be released? Powered by Alexa
  • August 16, 2024 (United States)
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Quái Vật Không Gian: Romulus
  • Origo Studios, Budapest, Hungary
  • 20th Century Studios
  • Scott Free Productions
  • Brandywine Productions
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro

Technical specs

  • Runtime 1 hour 59 minutes
  • Dolby Atmos

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    Catamaran Sailboat Trailer Trailers for Hobie Wave, Aqua Cat 12.5 & 14, Nacra Playcat, Topaz 14 Catamaran, and similar small Catamarans. Trailex Ultra-Light Aluminum Trailers come with a One Year Limited Warranty. Almost 50% lighter than steel trailers and they Never Rust FREE SHIPPING ON TRAILEX SUT SERIES TRAILERS* ...

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    Com-Pac's range of trailer sailers with accommodations starts with the 16-feet 6-inch Legacy, an entry-level trailer sailer that can sleep a couple plus a small child or two, but is otherwise devoid of amenities, and moves up through the 21-feet Eclipse, the CP23 Pilothouse and the 23/IV. Aside from their well-thought-out rig-raising systems ...

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    TX-418-NPR Standard Trailer is 3195.00 + Shipping. TX-418-A A-Cat Class Trailer is 3595.00 + Shipping. Scroll Down the Page for Details & Options Pricing. Typical Trailex Catamaran Trailer. Trailex Model TX-418 with an Aquarius Super Cat 20 Catamaran. All Aluminum, All Bolted Construction, All Adjustable. Model TX-418-NPR Universal Catamaran ...


    The newly designed 8'x31' Lil' Hobo trailerable is truly a model of efficiency. Famous for its 2-for-1 value, it trailers as an RV to your favorite campsite and cruises equally well to a secluded cove for your next houseboat adventure. For more than 25 years, the Lil' Hobo continues to be one of our most popular Catamaran Cruiser models. Back ...

  7. XCAT Multi-Sport Catamaran

    XCAT Sail. $ 10,495.00. 3 Reviews. Stable in heavy winds, fast in light winds. Full speed ahead. The XCAT combines versatility, portability and performance in a way that no other boat on the market can. Harness the winds with the X CAT Sail or row for fun and fitness with our innovative forward-facing RowVista or rear-facing RowMotion rowing ...

  8. Load Rite Aluminum Catamaran

    Exceptional security in lightweight aluminum. Load Rite introduces a range of aluminum I-beam framed trailers for popular catamaran boats. An exclusive, patented I-beam frame protects and conceals brake lines and wiring and eliminates over-the-frame U-bolts. Our bunk system provides exceptional security and support and easy loading and unloading.

  9. Marshall 22

    Here is the perfect boat to expand your cruising grounds. The Marshall 22 is a rugged, sea-kindly boat with classic looks that will turn heads in any harbor. ... Sail Area (cat rig: 388 sq. ft.) (sloop rig: main 338, jib 100 sq. ft.) Displacement: 5660 lbs. Ballast 850 lbs . Standard Features. Yanmar 3YM20 diesel engine with full ...

  10. Hobie 16 Catamaran

    The beach-launched Hobie 16 brought the sport to legions of speed-loving sailors. The catamaran's lightweight, asymmetrical fiberglass hulls provide lift and its dual-trapeze rig lets you and your crew member harness its sheer power. Now, 45 years and over 100,000 boats later, the Hobie 16 occupies a coveted spot in the Sailboat Hall of Fame ...

  11. Catamaran

    Our catamaran trailers provide Load Rite's advanced frame and bunk designs and a range of standard and optional features to securely haul your catamaran and make launching and loading easier. Choose from durable galvanized steel or lightweight aluminum frames. All of our catamaran trailers feature the advanced designs and heavy-duty ...

  12. Catamarans (Aluminum)

    Aluminum load bearing fenders. Carpeted bunks with front UHMW Slide pad. Submersible L.E.D. lighting with heavy duty diamond deck plate cover. Tongue jack. Galvanized Fasteners. Heavy duty winch & strap with bow-eye safety chain. Carpeted tunnel guides. Heat Shrink Connectors. Fully Grounded Wiring.

  13. Best Trailerable Sailboat Brands to Cruise or Race

    The Best Trailerable Cruising Sailboat Brands. Catalina Yachts: As one of North America's best-known sailboat brands of sailboats, Catalina has a long history of building trailerable models. Their entire Sport line cruising boats—except for the 275—can easily be trailered, and the 22 and 22 Sport, in particular, make for a great step up ...

  14. Com-Pac Sun Cat

    The Com-Pac Sun Cat, also called the Com-Pac Sun Cat 17, is an American trailerable sailboat that was designed by Clark Mills as a pocket cruiser and first built in 2000.. The boat is a derivative of the earlier, 1972, smaller and lighter Dilks Sun Cat Mills drew for Dilks & Company.. The Com-Pac Sun Cat design was developed into the Com-Pac Sunday Cat daysailer in 2008.

  15. MYCO Trailers

    Welcome to MYCO Trailers. Since 1974, MYCO Trailers has been the world leader in custom, all-welded boat trailers and cradles. Our mechanical engineers design each MYCO product specific to the boat, creating an exact fit to properly support your hull. Our 50 years of Marine Industry expertise go into each product we build, and it shows in the ...

  16. Small Sailboat Trailers

    Update. (1) Sort By: Carnai Hobie Wave Trailer. Carnai Trailers. $1,595.00. Looking for a sailboat trailer to fit your Sunfish or Laser sailboat? Here at West Coast Sailing we have a variety of small boat trailers to fit your needs.

  17. Marshall Marine Corporation

    Marshall Marine builds the traditional style Marshall Catboat sailboats including the 15' Sandpiper, the 18' Sanderling and the Marshall 22' pocket cruiser. The Sakonnet 23 sloop was added in 2010 being a perfect fit with our shallow draft day sailers and cruisers.

  18. Beetle Cat Sailboat

    The Original Beetle Cat Boat was designed and built in 1921, and immediately began to appear along the shores of New England. ... Shoreland'r Trailer: with third wheel and tie-down strap: $2,295.00: Extras Expand. Color Changes: Topsides, Bottom, Deck, Bilge: No Charge: Painted Cockpit: $400.00: Sail, solid color: $200.00: Sail, striped: $275. ...

  19. Hobie Cat Sailboats

    Trailer - Hobie Getaway or Hobie 16 Sailboat Trailer from Karavan. Canoe and Kayak Trailers, Hobie Cat Sailboats. $ 3,495.00 $ 3,395.00. In stock. 162. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50.

  20. Xquisite 30 Sportcat

    The Xquisite 30 Sportcat innovative and trailer transportable, designed to deliver the ultimate sailing experience. Easily handled by even non-seasoned sailors, and it can accommodate up to 8 persons onboard. Very light weight construction, carbon beams, rotating carbon mast and high performance sails are part of the standard package and assures the sporty sailing experience.

  21. Sail Trailers

    Custom sailboat trailers built by sailors for sailors. Sail Trailers started by offering trailers to local sailors for regatta and cruise travel, and has since expanded globally to serve a growing community of mariners. Call for a Quote Trailer Gallery. About Us. Since 2001 we have built custom sailboat trailers, one at a time. ...

  22. Marshall Sanderling

    Marshall 22. Sakonnet 23. Brokerage. 508.994.0414 • 55 Shipyard Lane, South Dartmouth, MA 02748. The Sanderling is a common sense daysailer/weekender offering a spacious cockpit and roomy cabin unrivaled by any boat of similar length. LOA: 18'2" LWL: 17'6" Beam: 8' 6" Draft: 19"board up & 4' 4" board down Sail Area: 253 sq. ft ...

  23. SUN CAT 17-2 (COM-PAC)

    Sail Trailers. SeaWaterPro. SBD App - BR. top 1 ads row1. top 2 ads row2. top 3 ads row2. SUN CAT 17-2 (COM-PAC) Save to Favorites . Beta Marine. ... The higher the number the faster speed prediction for the boat. A cat with a number 0.6 is likely to sail 6kts in 10kts wind, a cat with a number of 0.7 is likely to sail at 7kts in 10kts wind ...

  24. Discoverer 18 sailboat. No sails, no trailer, but floats complete

    Discoverer 18 sailboat. Fairly large and fairly light for it's size. Bench seating style sides and rear. Small cuddy cabin up front that's shallow / not tall but deep. I got this as is, no sails came with it and I basically got it for the trailer for another smaller boat I needed it for.

  25. Video: Boat gets stuck in tunnel near Los Angeles International ...

    Video posted on social media shows the stuck boat and trailer in the center lane of the northbound span of the tunnel around 1:45 p.m. Friday; motorists were forced to pick a side to go around the ...

  26. Screamboat (2025)

    Screamboat: Directed by Steven LaMorte. With David Howard Thornton, Jesse Kove, Jesse Posey, Charles Edwin Powell. A late-night boat ride turns into a desperate fight for survival in New York City when a mischievous mouse becomes a monstrous reality. Can a motley crew survive a killer creature with a taste for tourists?

  27. 'Captain America: Brave New World' teaser trailer released: Watch

    Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were able to get a glimpse of what to expect in "Captain America: Brave New World" as the first teaser trailer for the film dropped Friday.Sam Wilson, played by ...

  28. The Story of Tom and Jerry (2024)

    The Story of Tom and Jerry: Directed by Darrell Van Citters. With Pierce Gagnon, Eric Bauza, Gabi Sproule. Tom Boy and Jerry Rabbit Goes to School, Evil Dr. Zoo Turns Tom Boy and Jerry Rabbit Into Cat and Mouse

  29. Move Over, 'Sharknado'; This Trailer Just Revealed Our New Favorite

    Cat lovers, here's a movie for you, starring some of the most adorable felines on the planet, but not in the way one would imagine. Wild Eye Releasing has unveiled the first trailer for Catnado ...

  30. Alien: Romulus (2024)

    Alien: Romulus: Directed by Fede Alvarez. With Isabela Merced, Cailee Spaeny, Archie Renaux, David Jonsson. While scavenging the deep ends of a derelict space station, a group of young space colonizers come face to face with the most terrifying life form in the universe.