C&C 121

The c&c 121 is a 40.0ft masthead sloop designed by tim jackett and built in fiberglass with kevlar by c&c yachts since 1999..

The C&C 121 is a light sailboat which is a very high performer. It is stable / stiff and has a low righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a racing boat. The fuel capacity is originally small. There is a short water supply range.

C&C 121 sailboat under sail

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c&c 121 sailboat data

Main features

Model C&C 121
Length 40 ft
Beam 13.08 ft
Draft 6.50 ft
Country United states (North America)
Estimated price $ 0 ??

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c&c 121 sailboat data

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Sail area / displ. 23.22
Ballast / displ. 39.01 %
Displ. / length 140.70
Comfort ratio 19.27
Capsize 2.17
Hull type Monohull fin keel with bulb and spade rudder
Construction Fiberglass with kevlar
Waterline length 35.50 ft
Maximum draft 6.50 ft
Displacement 14100 lbs
Ballast 5500 lbs
Hull speed 7.98 knots

c&c 121 sailboat data

We help you build your own hydraulic steering system - Lecomble & Schmitt

Rigging Masthead Sloop
Sail area (100%) 846 sq.ft
Air draft 0 ft ??
Sail area fore 427.50 sq.ft
Sail area main 416.42 sq.ft
I 57 ft
J 15 ft
P 51 ft
E 16.33 ft
Nb engines 1
Total power 38 HP
Fuel capacity 35 gals


Water capacity 80 gals
Headroom 0 ft
Nb of cabins 0
Nb of berths 0
Nb heads 0

Builder data

Builder C&C Yachts
Designer Tim Jackett
First built 1999
Last built 0 ??
Number built 0 ??

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C&C 121

C&C 121 is a 39 ′ 11 ″ / 12.2 m monohull sailboat designed by Tim Jackett and built by C&C Yachts starting in 1999.

Rig and Sails

Auxilary power, accomodations, calculations.

The theoretical maximum speed that a displacement hull can move efficiently through the water is determined by it's waterline length and displacement. It may be unable to reach this speed if the boat is underpowered or heavily loaded, though it may exceed this speed given enough power. Read more.

Classic hull speed formula:

Hull Speed = 1.34 x √LWL

Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio .311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL

Sail Area / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the power of the sails relative to the weight of the boat. The higher the number, the higher the performance, but the harder the boat will be to handle. This ratio is a "non-dimensional" value that facilitates comparisons between boats of different types and sizes. Read more.

SA/D = SA ÷ (D ÷ 64) 2/3

  • SA : Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay).
  • D : Displacement in pounds.

Ballast / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the stability of a boat's hull that suggests how well a monohull will stand up to its sails. The ballast displacement ratio indicates how much of the weight of a boat is placed for maximum stability against capsizing and is an indicator of stiffness and resistance to capsize.

Ballast / Displacement * 100

Displacement / Length Ratio

A measure of the weight of the boat relative to it's length at the waterline. The higher a boat’s D/L ratio, the more easily it will carry a load and the more comfortable its motion will be. The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more.

D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds.
  • LWL: Waterline length in feet

Comfort Ratio

This ratio assess how quickly and abruptly a boat’s hull reacts to waves in a significant seaway, these being the elements of a boat’s motion most likely to cause seasickness. Read more.

Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam 1.33 )

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds
  • LOA: Length overall in feet
  • Beam: Width of boat at the widest point in feet

Capsize Screening Formula

This formula attempts to indicate whether a given boat might be too wide and light to readily right itself after being overturned in extreme conditions. Read more.

CSV = Beam ÷ ³√(D / 64)

Deep keel: 8.0’/2.44m ** Ballast: 5500 lbs./2495 kg Shallow keel: 6.0’/1.82m ** Ballast: 6200 lbs./2812 kg First introduced as C&C 121 EXPRESS.

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c&c 121 sailboat data

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09-03-2021, 09:41  
Boat: Beneteau Oceanis 40.1
-Sailing characteristics in varying seas
-Quality of build with rig-gear-hull
-Interior livabilities and comfort
-upside/downsides of the 121
-(probably more questions to come)
11-03-2021, 18:26  
Boat: Beneteau Oceanis 40.1
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C&C 121 Detailed Review


If you are a boat enthusiast looking to get more information on specs, built, make, etc. of different boats, then here is a complete review of C&C 121. Built by C&C Yachts and designed by Tim Jackett, the boat was first built in 1999. It has a hull type of Fin w/bulb & spade rudder and LOA is 12.19. Its sail area/displacement ratio 23.28. Its auxiliary power tank, manufactured by Volvo, runs on Diesel.

C&C 121 has retained its value as a result of superior building, a solid reputation, and a devoted owner base. Read on to find out more about C&C 121 and decide if it is a fit for your boating needs.

Boat Information

Boat specifications, sail boat calculation, rig and sail specs, auxillary power tank, accomodations, contributions, who designed the c&c 121.

C&C 121 was designed by Tim Jackett.

Who builds C&C 121?

C&C 121 is built by C&C Yachts.

When was C&C 121 first built?

C&C 121 was first built in 1999.

How long is C&C 121?

C&C 121 is 10.82 m in length.

What is mast height on C&C 121?

C&C 121 has a mast height of 15.54 m.

Member Boats at HarborMoor

c&c 121 sailboat data

This reliable 40-footer shows off the best of its cruiser-racer heritage

The C&C 121 doesn’t resemble the venerable boats designed and built by C&C Yachts from the mid-1960s into the 1980s, but the sleek, 40-foot sloop is every bit as high quality as its predecessors. Originally unveiled as the 121 Express, it was designed as a performance cruiser, with a fractional rig, internally mounted spade-type rudder and a fixed fin keel. 

Designed by Tim Jackett, it was launched in 1999 and remained in production well into the first decade of the new century.

c&c 121 sailboat data

The boat’s production run dovetailed with a tumultuous time in the history of C&C Yachts. The former Canadian company was sold multiple times since its founding by aircraft designer George Cassian and mechanical engineer George Cuthbertson. From its inception, the company gained a reputation for building quality boats. 

In the early 1990s, the company was purchased by a Toronto group, but a devastating fire in 1994 destroyed many of the molds. Fairport Marine Company bought what was left of the C&C molds in 1998. Jackett, the Fairport company president and chief designer, created several new boats­: the 32-foot C&C 99, the 36-foot C&C 110 and the 40-foot C&C 121. The new designs placed greater emphasis on performance. 

“This Tim Jackett design is a true dual-purpose boat,” said Rick Fleig, a yachtbroker with McMichael Yacht Yards and Brokers in Rhode Island, whose listings during the spring included two C&C 121s. “It offers both excellent performance and a roomy, comfortable, full interior that will rival any 40-foot cruiser.”

First impressions

The C&C 121 looks like a go-fast boat, mostly due to its sleek sheer, low freeboard, and flush deck. Relatively uncluttered, it radiates a sense of cleanliness and simplicity, with control lines running internally under the deck from the base of the mast to the cockpit. The destroyer-type steering wheel —a standard 48-inch diameter or optional 54-inch—along with the boat’s wide transom, result in a racer’s look. 

Chris Krayer, who sails his recently acquired 2004 C&C 121 Salsa along the Connecticut coast and in New England, put it this way: “You know you have a pretty boat when you pull into Edgartown Harbor and get oohs and ahhs as we pass other boats.”


The hull and deck are alternating layers of unidirectional E-glass and Kevlar laminates over foam cores. The interior details include hand-cut cabinet joinery, hand-stitched cushions, separate stall shower, and a hand-polished cherry finish.  

According to current and previous owners, models released since 2004 have several advantages over the earlier boats constructed between 1999 and 2003 that were built with polyester/E-glass and had aluminum masts. But beginning in 2004, the boats were built with vacuum-bagged, post-cured epoxy/E-glass, the foam-cored hull strengthened with carbon fiber laminates in high-load areas. The mast was made from carbon fiber and, in some instances, with a carbon fiber retractable sprit for flying asymmetrical spinnakers.

In addition to wood cabinetry and cabin sole, the interior finish on pre-2004 models was basically a grayish gelcoat and gray Formica countertops. That design scheme was lightened in 2004 when the interiors benefitted from cream-colored gelcoat and featured tan countertops. 

What to look for

The oldest models have been around for just over two decades and could be showing some wear. The boat is slim on storage space. Water and fuel tanks are sufficient for coastal sailing but might require modification for extended cruising or bluewater passages. The boats built in 2004 and thereafter are considered of higher quality than those that preceded them. If the boat will be cruised, it might be necessary to install a bow roller and windlass.

c&c 121 sailboat data

Lean, clean and efficient are terms often used to describe the deck of the C&C 121. Clutter is nearly absent, with lines running internally below deck from mast to cockpit, and hatches are flush with the deck. The molded, nonskid deck provides plenty of traction and a measure of safety. All hardware is top-grade stainless steel. The stanchions support double lifelines, with boarding gates both port and starboard. A bow pulpit and stern rail help ensure nobody goes over the side. The destroyer-style steering wheel gives the boat the look of a racer. Roller furling was  standard, and the drum is affixed below deck for better jib performance. The mast, at least those on models built in 2004 and thereafter, are carbon fiber. The traveler runs across the companionway opening for midboom sheeting. The boat has an anchor locker, but no standard bow roller or windlass. 

“I’m 6 feet tall and never feel cramped,” Krayer said. “There’s good headroom, and the sleeping quarters are adequate. The aft cabin has a low overhead as it’s below the cockpit, but the three port lights that open into the cockpit provide lots of air and a feeling of openness.”

The U-shaped galley features a double-basin stainless steel sink and a gimbaled, LPG stove and oven. The aluminum water tanks holds 80 gallons of fresh water. The plastic holding tank can handle 20 gallons of waste. The 12-volt refrigeration system is front and top loading. The top-loading freezer is relatively small. 

Headroom below is 6 feet 4 inches. The boat sleeps six. The v-berth is large. There’s storage in hanging lockers both port and starboard, and cabinets above the berth. Light and ventilation come from a large, overhead hatch.

The boat has an L-shaped settee to port and straight settee to starboard, with a drop-leaf centerline table. Cherry shelves and cabinets warm the living quarters, with overhead hatches and distinctive slash-style side cabin windows let in natural light and air.

A forward-facing nav station on the starboard side contains electrical panels, data displays and communications radio. The galley is opposite on the port side.

The aft cabin to port has a double berth and hanging locker, additional shelves and storage lockers. The head has a separate stall shower with folding Lucite shower door, vanity and marine toilet with holding tank.

The C&C 121 was outfitted with a freshwater-cooled, 39-horsepower Volvo Penta diesel. An inboard saildrive, it was typically a Volvo D2-40 or a Volvo 2040 B. The engine was rated to push the boat at six knots while running at 3,200 rpm. The 36-gallon fuel tank is aluminum.

According to Krayer, the boat’s saildrive propels the hull admirably in all sea conditions. Engine access isn’t a problem since the companionway stairs lift to reveal the engine front, and a large hatch in the aft cabin provides reach to the back side. 

The Krayers purchased Salsa last year because she was pretty, sturdy, fast and would allow them to do some bluewater cruising.

“We haven’t had Salsa in heavy weather yet, the most being 25 knots on a wonderful sail last fall,” he said. “Didn’t have to reef or even think about it.”

A sleek, high-quality, family racer/cruiser, the C&C 121 is roomy enough for prolonged coastal sailing or longer open-water passages, while still capable of attaining speeds necessary to win on the racecourse.

LOA 40’ ; LWL 35’6”; Beam 13’2”; Draft 6’6”; Displ. 14,600 lb.; Ballast   5,500 lb.; Sail area 842 sq. ft.

General Market Price Data

2000 New York $85,000 

2001 Massachusetts $128,900 

2005 Rhode Island $184,000

SAILING’s Value Guide  (5-sailboat rating system)

PRICE:  The asking prices for a C&C 121 range from $85,000 for a boat built in 2000 to $184,900 for a 2005 model. (3 sailboats)

c&c 121 sailboat data

DESIGN QUALITY: The C&C 121 was designed by Tim Jackett, president and head of design of Fairport Marine Company in Ohio. Jackett also designed the C&C 99 and the C&C 110. All three of these boats are more performance-based than the older C&Cs.  (3 sailboats)

CONSTRUCTION QUALITY: C&Cs are known for their high-quality. C&C 121s built in 2004 and later are often priced higher than earlier ones due to design changes and incorporation of carbon fiber materials.  (3 sailboats)

USER-FRIENDLINESS:  With lines led internally under the deck and back to the cockpit, the boat can be sailed shorthanded. The interior is thoughtfully designed for comfort and efficiency. More than adequate headroom and interior space are commendable characteristics.  (3.5 sailboats)

SAFETY:  Owners report the C&C 121’s Volvo Penta saildrive propels the boat nicely in all sea conditions. The boat is equipped with stainless lifeline stanchions and bow pulpit. The galley layout allows the cook to brace while the boat is heeling.  (3 sailboats)

TYPICAL CONDITION:  Most of the boats for sale in spring 2020 ranged from good to excellent condition, with the exception of one that was undergoing repairs. (3 sailboats)

REFITTING: Some owners have installed a helm seat and added more comfortable cockpit cushions. If not currently equipped, a common refit involves installing a separate shower valve to extend the handheld from the sink to the shower. The boat’s limited tankage might also need to be increased if sailing for extended periods in warmer climes. The boat comes with a fixed prop but many owners changed to a folding prop.  (2.5 sailboats)

SUPPORT: C&C Yachts is no longer in business. Tartan Yachts may be able to supply some assistance. A C&C owners’ associations can be found online. Potential help can be had at www.cncphotoalbum.com, a searchable database of C&C owners, their respective boats and related contact information. (2.5 sailboats)

AVAILABILITY:  At least nine C&C 121s were for sail in the United States in spring 2020, in New York, Rhode Island and Ohio. (3.5 sailboats)

INVESTMENT AND RESALE:  The C&C 121 tends to hold its value. (3 sailboats)

Overall SVG Rating: 3 sailboats

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c&c 121 sailboat data

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c&c 121 sailboat data

The C&C 121, originally called the 121 Express at introduction, is an American sailboat, that was designed by Tim Jackett and entered production in 1999. The boat was built by C&C Yachts in the United States, but it is now out of production.

The C&C 121 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly with a vinylester-corecell and E-glass with Kevlar. It has a masthead sloop rig, an internally-mounted spade-type rudder and a fixed fin keel. It displaces 14,600 lb (6,622 kg). The design had a choice of keels. There was an option of a standard keel with a draft of 6.50 ft (1.98 m) and 6,000 lb (2,722 kg) of lead ballast, a shallow draft keel with a draft of 6.00 ft (1.83 m) and 6,200 lb (2,812 kg) of lead ballast and a deep keel with a draft of 8.00 ft (2.44 m) and 5,500 lb (2,495 kg) of lead ballast.

The boat is fitted with a Volvo MD 2040 diesel inboard engine. Its fuel tank holds 35 U.S. gallons (130 L; 29 imp gal) and the fresh water tank has a capacity of 80 U.S. gallons (300 L; 67 imp gal).  The boat has a PHRF racing average handicap of 63 with a high of 69 and low of 54. It has a hull speed of 7.98 kn (14.78 km/h).

Source: Wikipedia . Image Credit: Sailing Magazine

LOA: 40.00 ft LWL: 35.50 ft Beam: 13.08 ft Draft: 6.50 ft Displacement: 14100.00 lbs Ballast: 5500.00 lbs Hull type: Fin w/bulb & spade rudder Hull construction: vinylester.-corecell Eglass/w kev. Rigging type: Masthead Sloop

C&C 121 for sale in the last 12 months

Below you'll find the latest C&C 121 listings for the last 12 months. We compare the listing price with boats listed in the past and the color coding indicates if the price is good (green = below the average listing price) or more on the expensive side (red = seller is asking more than the average listing price).

Date Year
Country, State
Price Details
USD 189000

C&C 121 listing prices over time

Listing details.

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C & C 121 Customer Response to Manufacturers Post

c&c 121 sailboat data

  • Add to quote

Below is a post made to the yahoo Tartan group by the Vito's. John asked me to post it here since he was having difficulty due to the length. To be clear...this is verbatim from John per his request and does not necessarily represent my own views. Thanks...Cam All, First off, although we are very disappointed, this is the type of response Cindy and I expected. After all, even though we didn't cause any of the over 100, well documented manufacturing defects in our boat, it does cost warranty dollars to fix them. The company views us not as a long term valued client, but instead as a cost center. The mistake they made, and are continuing to make, is to advertise a best in class, high quality product with a comprehensive long term warranty that, because of the way their products are designed, constructed and how its parts and components are selected and sourced will require the use of many of those warranty dollars now and into the future. The mistake we made is to take the companies written and spoken words at their intended meaning. We thought, as many of you seemed to, that the investment of roughly a quarter of a million dollars to get your dream boat, with all the stuff the glossy brochures and their people say, topped off with the protection of a comprehensive long term warranty was a good bargain. That is exactly the place this company's marketing proposition wants to take you. That is why we mortgaged our home to make this purchase. In our direct experience, they have not delivered on their end of this bargain. Now on to Mr. Jackett's words: We are experienced boat owners and accomplished sailboat racers. We have been sailing and racing together, beginning in small one designs and moving up every so often to our previous boat, a Tartan 33, which we owned for 17 years, for over 30 years. We negotiated for the purchase of our C & C 121 for several months before the 2002 Strictly Sail Show. We cooperated with the manufacturer and their dealer, Tartan CC of Annapolis, for the company to use the vessel in that boat show for their internal marketing reasons. We are not some go to the boat show and buy the pretty boat people. In fact, we had been in the market for used boats for quite some time and had done our share of research. All of the problems we continue to have with the boat are not new ones. Nor were they the type of problems that people with our background and experience could have anticipated or expected from this manufacturer. They have been occurring since the boat was new and are getting worse. The company is well aware of this, as they have been well documented. Mr. Jackett's attempt to categorize this as having occurred during Cindy and my sixth season is false and misleading. In this writing, I will not specifically address our history with the boat except as it relates to the known current problems. Hull Cracking: The boat has had many, many cracks in the bottom, hull sides and transom since new. The company has previously hired several outside contractors and sent their own factory crew to repair these. Each time the cracks were ground out, the areas on either side faired away and either a structural repair or epoxy fill was made, depending on the severity, and then primer and paint applied. None of these cracks were gel coat crazing as each was deep and several extended into the laminate. These repairs occurred over each year of our ownership and seem to never end. The current cracks are the same as these were. The company, although the warranty claims and approval process was made very difficult for us, paid for the repair of all these previous cracks. Why they have elected to stop doing so at this time is a question you will have to ask them. Our position on this is simple: when you hold yourself out as being the best built production boat in the world, the boat hull should not crack and continue to crack, period. Many of you have asked why does the boat continue to crack? Mr. Jackett had previously explained to Cindy and me that, "When we built the boats in your timeframe, we used a tie binder between the epoxy laminate and the paint. This tie binder has different elastic properties than the laminate and is prone to cracking. We no longer use this system because of all the problems we had with it." We were interested to read Mr. Jackett's response to others on this list regarding what appear to be new processes which started after our boat was built. In fact, none of the cracks on our boat were caused for the reasons he gives. When we looked at some of the crack repairs in progress that did not extend into the laminate, the workers showed us how by lifting the edge of the crack with a penknife, large sections of this tie binder separated from the laminate. The reason for this separation was poor preparation of the surfaces and incompatibility of the tie binder with the epoxy. The factory did not take the time to prepare the surfaces correctly and seemingly was experimenting with the materials on our hull. Mr. Jackett knows the difference between why our boat continues to crack and surface gel coat crazing. He has seen much more of this than just on our boat. Our dealer, Mike Titgmeyer of Tartan CC of Annapolis, corroborated this tie binder failure as he had seen it on several other boats. There is a reason Mr. Jackett attempts to categorize these cracks as gel crazes when in fact they are not: gel crazes are not covered in the comprehensive warranty and to an uninformed customer, this game may work. Several of the cracks, when ground away, were found to be structural as dry laminate was found beneath them. Especially troubling to Cindy and I was that some of the cracks found on the hull bottom, and which were repaired by a contractor the company hired over the last two seasons are in the same location as the well known Tartan 3700 split hull. It is not a comforting thing to know that, as Mr. Jackett explained, "Our hull was built on the same production line, out of the same materials, by the same craftsman as the Tartan 3700". This February, when quizzed by Cindy and me at the Chicago Strictly Sail Boat Show during the company's replacement contract discussions with us, we asked Mr. Jackett the following question: "How can we be sure we won't have the same cracking and transom weakness problems with the new one?" He replied to Cindy and me, "We learned that the hull panels weren't stiff enough and flexed too much shortly after we built your boat. We now use a denser and stiffer CoreCell and a beefier overall epoxy lamination. This makes the hull flex a lot less so you won't have the bending and flexing which leads to the cracking, overall a much stronger boat ". When we purchased the boat, we were not advised that ours was an experimental model. Had we been, we would never have purchased her. The current cracks will cost many thousands of dollars to fix. Mr. Jackett and the company refuse to fix them. Here below is the company's current glossy brochure marketing proposition on their hull: " • Hull construction is a vacuum-bagged, wet-preg epoxy, unidirectional "E" glass, and CoreCell core laminate locally reinforced with carbon fiber. The hull is postcured to 145 degrees • The incredible adhesion properties of epoxy eliminates all chopped strand mat from the structural hull laminate schedule. Chopped strand mat is the cheapest, heaviest, and weakest component that dominates conventional polyester hull construction • Pound-for-pound a post-cured epoxy resin laminate is far stronger than any polyester resin laminate • The oven post-curing process maximizes the physical properties of the laminate and minimizes future post-cure cosmetic blemishes characteristically seen in conventional polyester laminates • Hull cosmetics are also enhanced by the extremely low shrinkage of epoxy resin vs. polyester resin (1% vs 7%) and the reduction in overall resin content thus eliminating or reducing post-cure hull distortions found in conventional polyester laminates • The vacuum-bagging process and strict resin control through use of resin impregnators produces a hull laminate with 65% glass reinforcement content. The industry norm for polyester resin hull laminates is 25% glass content, this produces a stronger yet lighter hull • CoreCell closed cell linear polymer foam coring is used for maximum impact resistance, stiffness, strength, and light weight. The cored hull also offers superior hull insulating properties, both thermal and acoustical • The laminate in the keel area is reinforced with multiple plies of high-tensile carbon-fiber unidirectional reinforcements • Premium grade gelcoat provides superior gloss, fade resistance, and resistance to surface crazing • Interior is completely painted out for enhanced cosmetics and to seal interior laminate surfaces • Hull is backed by industry-leading, non-prorated, transferable 15- year no blister, hull structure warranty" Deck Blisters: Mr. Jackett's deck blister explanation is comical. One would be led to believe that the factory must be remolding our deck every so often without our knowledge. If the blistering was caused by an imperfection in the mold, that imperfection would have been seen when the boat was new, and should appear on other boats for which the deck mold was used. It should be constant. In the case of our boat, we first started noticing the blisters six months after taking delivery. We were told not to worry, "It's cosmetic." They began spreading to large areas of the deck and continue to. They are in 15 separate areas on both the coach roof and side decks at this time. These are not small imperfections as Mr. Jackett wrote. They look much like osmotic blisters on boat bottoms. Had the boat deck looked like this when new, we would not have accepted it, nor would any of you. It may also be of interest to you to know that Mr. Jackett took three pencil rubbings out of the 15 blistered areas. When I asked him if he was going to do the rest, he said he had all he needed. I wonder if he just remembered where the other twelve areas were when he matched them against the deck mold as he claims. Of further interest is that other 121 decks, which were made with the same mold, do not seem to have these issues. Fixing the deck will cost many thousands of dollars. Mr. Jackett and the company refuse to fix it. Our position on this is clear, when you hold yourself up as being the best production boat builder in the world, the boat deck should not blister. Here below is the company's current glossy brochure marketing proposition on their deck: • Deck is a balanced composite laminate utilizing vinylester resin, uni-directional "E"-glass reinforcement, and high strength/stiffness Baltek premium AL 600 balsa coring • Our custom resin infusion process creates the best resin to glass reinforcement ratio possible resulting in the stiffest, lightest, strongest deck in production boatbuilding • Deck is locally reinforced at high load areas with additional plies of bi-directional "E"-glass reinforcement • White, light gray, or white/sandstone and white/gray two-tone decks with patterned non-skid are available • Premium grade gelcoat provides superior gloss, resistance to fading, and resistance to crazing • Deck coring windows are located at all hardware installations to maintain the watertight integrity of the deck coring • Molded in aluminum backing plates on all highly loaded deck hardware • Hull to deck joint is secured with 1/4-20 stainless machine screws installed on 4" centers through the full-length 6061 T6 aluminum backing plate imbedded in the hull flange. This method exceeds the recommended installation requirements of the ABS scantling for offshore sailing yachts. • Hull to deck joint is sealed with 3M 5200 adhesive sealant • Composite light RTM match-molded deck locker hatches assure strict thickness controls allowing accurate gasket seal of cockpit openings. Conventional construction uses single-sided moldings with painted raw fiberglass underside. • Double lifeline gate at transom • Instrument pod integrated onto coach roof with convenient wire chase for instrument installations or additions Transom Weakness: The factory hired an outside contractor to perform structural reinforcement to our transom in 2003. This reinforcement did not fix the problems and now the transom is worse than ever. In hindsight, that reinforcement plan, designed by Mr. Jackett and communicated by fax to the company's contractor was a cheap and dirty solution, not a permanent fix. Just to be clear, it is not acceptable for the transom to bend so much when the backstay is on to bind the rudder. Cindy and I must have missed that feature in the glossy brochure, as Mr. Jackett seems to infer that this is normal in his boats. The transom on our boat is equipped with two chain plates for the split backstay. These chain plates are thru bolted on the transom. When the adjuster is lightly tightened the transom flexes so much that cracks have formed between these chain plates. The upper rudder bearing, which is attached to the transom cap moves so much the rudder stock binds. The transom cap is so deformed that the transom no longer sheds water. Fixing the transom will cost many thousands of dollars. Mr. Jackett and the company refuse to fix it. Our position on this is clear, when you hold yourself up as the world's best production boat builder these things should not happen to a boat transom and steering system. Early this year, because of the boats problematic history, and instead of honoring, our ongoing warranty claims, the company wrote, and we accepted, a replacement offer for a new boat. We agreed on a cash difference of $3,400 plus the trade in value the company offered of $262,000 for the old boat. The new boat was to be delivered and the old one taken back to the factory for re-manufacturing. We felt great about this as Cindy and I felt that finally, the company was trying to do the right thing and that our problem boat would be fixed correctly so the next owner would not suffer as we did. We also learned that we were being treated by the company as others were. The company entered into a similar trade in and exchange program for a C & C 121 named Jalacor which was manufactured right before ours. This boat had a similar, but not as bad warranty history as ours. We understand that the dealer advocated for the customer in this case. The company then refused to honor this written replacement contract, leaving us with a broken boat and no plan from the company to fix it. The company refused to further discuss fixing the boat so we went to Boat US Consumer Protection and wrote the company a final demand letter. We were advised by Boat US to get an expert to look at the boat and write a report. We hired a renowned composites expert. His expertise and technological prowess with the same materials our boat was built with were impressive to us, as was his many years of experience working with these materials. I understand that Mr. Jackett is a designer but I do not know his credentials in the engineering and construction of CoreCell and epoxy laminated panels. Our expert asked the company for a materials list and layup schedules for our hull, once again in writing. He received nothing from the company. I am happy to read Mr. Jackett's words about all the standards our boat may be designed and constructed to meet. Our expert wanted to compare the actual construction of our boat to what the design intended as well as to the standards Mr. Jackett alludes to. I will now ask on his behalf again for a materials list and a lamination schedule and the build book for our boat. I'd also challenge Mr. Jackett to post that materials list, lamination schedule and build book on this forum. We would be comforted to know, if in fact, the engineering intentions made it into the final product. As we left the warranty process because of the replacement contract, we did not have a current repair estimate to fix the problems. We were told it would be fixed by the factory after our new boat was delivered. It is very difficult at this time, in the market area we are in, for a consumer to find a contractor to work with the manufacturer. Based on the slow payment history and other problems the two previous outside contractors the company hired to fix our boat, neither desires to work further with the company unless it is on a cash basis. We were lucky enough, after several attempts, to obtain both a second report on the boat's problems and an estimate for the repairs. The gentlemen who did these is a well known composites expert to Novis as his company is a custom boat builder and repair facility who has used Novis carbon spars in some of his boats. On Lake Michigan, he is "the guy" that fixes the big composite race boats when they need it, his reputation and references are excellent and he agreed to work directly with the company to fix the boat's current known problems. He is so good at what he does that international race boat owners, like Transpac 52's, have their boats trucked to his shop for repairs. His quote of $27,000, which in our opinion was reasonable considering the scope and complexity of the work to fix the known current issues with the boat has now been rejected by the company without so much as a phone call to him. It is not in our best interest to find fault with our boat. We were disturbed to read what the experts wrote about the issues. We are troubled that the company tries, even after all this, to continue to challenge these reports. As the boat's designer, as well as its manufacturer, and thus where we lay the blame for these problems, I hope it is clear to you that Mr. Jackett, the Chief Operating Officer of the company, has a vested position in his explanations. We are also tired of listening to the advice of our broker, Mike Titgmeyer of Tartan CC of Annapolis which was, "Let's just hope that it stops cracking and settles in." Mike was intimately involved in the company's replacement contract with us and he has told me that he is personally embarrassed by the company's actions. Now here we are. Three great boatyards, an accredited marine surveyor and two composites experts have all agreed that the deck has problems, the boat flexes too much, and thus cracks and that the transom build and overall construction of the rear of the boat is too light for the loads of this size vessel. Contrary to what Mr. Jackett says, all spent a great deal of time on the vessel and all inspected the interior of the rear of the vessel and all watched the transom move around and the rudder bind, and all reached the same conclusion. Mr. Jackett now disagrees, although he was happy to previously explain the problems in words that sound very much like our experts when he was placating Cindy and me about the design and construction improvements in the current boats over how ours was made, and now seeks to paint a far different picture for you. As for Cindy and I, the company has never apologized to us for building a boat, which they acknowledge, has had more warranty issues than any other in their history, nor did they apologize for reneging on the replacement contract, even though we were willing to give them several chances to make this right. Each of our short seasons has been compromised dealing with construction, design and quality issues. This is not what we signed up for. Mr. Jackett's solution to all this gives us a choice: pay for the continuing quality and build deficiencies yourself or just sell the boat. That's a great result for the company, no cost to honor the warranty on our boat, no cost to honor our contract to build us a new one that doesn't keep breaking. Walk away from the problems created by building what they did. In short, OK John and Cindy, we want to transfer all of our problems onto you.....so that you can transfer them to the next poor folks down the line. Nice people. We are off to our attorney and will most likely take the now unavoidable step of suing the company and its representatives for, among other things, all the broken promises. It has cost us a great deal in time and money in the simple quest to get what the company advertises and what we paid for. The company has one final chance to make this right and avoid putting our families back against the wall and force us to sue. Perhaps someone from the company will read this and take the opportunity to ride in on their white horse and make this end well, perhaps not. Even after how the company and its people have treated us we hold no ill will toward it or its people. We are willing to forgive them even now. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone is entitled to a second chance. In response to Mr. Jackett's threats about protecting the company's brands, we have this to offer: PROTECT YOUR CUSTOMER FIRST AND THE BRAND WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF. To those of you out there considering one of the company's products we offer: CAVEAT EMPTOR. Our specific advice is to get a pre purchase survey done by an accredited marine surveyor equipped with one of the new machines that can determine the quality of the hull and deck construction without breaching it. Obtain the build book, materials list and lamination schedule on your hull. Obtain a parts list of every component the manufacturer will be adding to the vessel from other suppliers. Have the surveyor, and you, match all of these documents against the industry standards and specifications such as from the ABYC and the ABS as well as the specifications published by the component manufacturers, and go from there. This will be expensive but in our view well worth the investment. Part of your process should be to speak with owners of the vessel you are considering. Have your attorney read through your purchase contract as well as the warranty documents and make sure you fully understand what they both say. You should also speak with independent repair facilities about their experiences with the boats and manufacturer you are considering. Although the dealers at the company owned stores may be well intentioned, they have an inherent bias toward the manufacturer. It is hard for that style of distribution to permit consumer advocacy, when there is conflict, if they are beholding to the people that make the boats. There are a great many of us out there that have and will continue to speak honestly and frankly about our experiences. After all, a company that claims to build the best production boats in the world shouldn't have anything to hide. And finally, to all reading this, we apologize about the length of this post and thank you for your kind words and thoughtful suggestions. We are not going away anytime soon and are working on additional venues to tell our story. Best regards, John and Cindy Vito  

You mortgaged your house to buy a boat?? Sorry for your problems. Did you ever get this resolved?  

c&c 121 sailboat data

I am closing this thread because it is an old thread that was started by a valued member and former moderator but who is no longer an active member and its contains material from a member, who I believe is no longer active. Near as I can tell, Tartan/C&C went through a bankruptsy and has new owners. Tim Jacketts is still listed as the Chief Designer and COO on the Tartan Website. I have no idea whether the repairs were made or the warrantee honored. Back in the real estate boom it was not unusual for people to use equity in their house to pay for their boats. Mortgages were cheap, boat loans and loan surveys expensive.  

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c&c 121 sailboat data


2000 C&C 121 Technical Specs

General data about c&c 121.

Boat Type
Year Of Production
Condition (New/Used)
Fuel (Gas/Diesel)
Hull Material Used
Selling Price

Engine and Power Specs

Engine manufacturer
Engine Series
Engine Location
Engine Location
Engine Hours
Engine Horsepower
Engine Drive
Engine Built Year

Dimensions And Wieght

LOA (Length Overall)
L.W.L(Length WaterLine)
Dry Weight (Empty)
Boat Maximum Draft
Boat Keel Type
Beam Width
Ballast System Weight

Detailed Specifications

Warranty (Hull)
Number of Heads (Watercraft)
Hull Type and Design
Gas Tank Size
Drinking Water Tank

Features And Equipments

Other equipments.

Lazy cradle  
Blade chmd 7.3 oz. 

Interior Specifications

Toilet head
Marine refrigerator
Marine battery charger
Heating system
Automatic bilge pump
Air conditioner

Exterior Features

Swim ladder
Mainsail cover
Cockpit cover and enclosure
Bimini top

Electronical And Electrical Info

Vhf radio
Speed log
Shore power socket
Radio and sterio receiver
Navigation center
Marine wind instruments
Marine radar system
Marine gps
Depth sounder instrument
Compass steering
Chartplotter system
Autopilot system

Deck Hardware

Steering wheel (helm)

C&C 121 tv detailed specifications and features

More 121 models

  • C&C provided us with the latest version of its 121 service repair manual
  • Find All mechanical and electrical parts and accessories of C&C 121 Sail here

C&C 121 competitors

Hanse 470e Technical Data

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c&c 121 sailboat data

C C 121 Boats for sale

2000 C&C 121

2000 C&C 121

Easton, Connecticut

Make C&C

Category Cruiser Sailboats

Posted Over 1 Month

FABULOUS 40’ PERFORMANCE CRUISER On Air is a sleek C&C 121 40 ft. sloop offering excellent performance with a roomy, comfortable cherry interior that will rival any 40’ cruiser. Maintained in Bristol condition. No expense has been spared in her upkeep and improvements made by her certified marine electrician/technician owner and numerous professional marine tradespersons. New main fully battened with Dutchman flaking system (2021), new genoa (2022), updated electronics, Head stay roller furling Harken 2E electric, new Balmer alternator 2023, new bilge pump (2023), interior varnish work (2022/23), Selden 87mm bowsprit (2022), 2 zone air conditioning reversible for cool and heat, new cockpit cushions and table, LED lights throughout. Please email me for a list of all specs and updates/upgrades as too numerous to list

2000 C&C 121

Greenport, New York

Category Cruiser Boats

2000 C&C 121 The C&C 121 is a powerful sloop rig, fin keel, spade rudder 40-footer for racing or cruising with many sailor-centric features.  Her below deck spaces consist of an aft portside large quarter-berth with lots of storage and three hatches for ventilation and loads of natural light.  Leaving the berth there is a nicely equipped galley with a 3-burner stovetop and a Force 10 Marine oven, large refrigerated ice box, sink, and lots of storage.  Further forward port is a large U-shaped settee with a centerline dining table.  Starboard side aft is the head with sink, vanity, marine head and stand-up shower and forward of that is the Nav Station.  Going forward there is a bench settee that also is serviced by the centerline dining table.  All the way forward is a V-berth with shelf and hang-up storage.  She has a full array of new electronics (2010) including cockpit mounted individual Raymarine ST60 Wind, Speed and DF, Raymarine Autopilot, and a helm mounted Raymarine C90W radar/plotter/GPS.  The Nav station has a Raymarine C90W digital radar/plotter/GPS, Uniden UM625C, AIS Transceiver and a mast mounted digital TV antenna.  Her sail inventory includes 2 mainsails, 135 Genoa and an asymmetric spinnaker.  Her auxiliary power is a brand new (2011) 40-HP Volvo D2-40 Sail Drive Max-Prop with no hours.  She has shore power, new dodger and side curtains.  She is fully equipped and ready to go.  Call now for an appointment to see her!  She is very aggressively priced at $132,900.  Come see her and you will appreciate what a great deal she is.

2006 C&C 121

2006 C&C 121

Miami, Florida

Category Sailboats

2006 C&C 121 PRICE REDUCTION!Owner has boat 100% ready for survey!  Beautiful Claret Red hull, sleek lines, and historically fast sailing!  C Charmer has all these features and more.  Well maintained and up-to-date.  A/C, new genset, carbon fiber rig, two cabin, huge head/shower, great galley and salon.  Everything for the cruiser, racer, or family.  Owner had a surveyor give a once over for sale and all items addressed.  Plus, 3 new batteries - 1/15/15 new generator - 3/15/15 new bottom paint - 9/26/15 new saildrive seals - 9/26/15 new zincs-9/26/16 new engine electrical panel - 9/15/15 Easy to show and ready to go!

1999 C&C 121 Blue Hull

1999 C&C 121 Blue Hull

Solomons, Maryland

Model 121 Blue Hull

1999 C&C 121 Blue Hull The 121 was the flagship of the C&C Express Series and possesses that elusive combination of uncompromising performance and big, luxurious accommodations. Designer Tim Jacket should be commended. The 121 delivers—this is a legitimate racer-cruiser. The hull is laminated with E-glass and Kevlar. Vinylester resin is used to prevent osmotic blisters. The hull and deck are joined on an inward-facing flange that has an aluminum bar molded into it. The deck is set on the flange in a bed of 3M 5200 and then fasteners are drilled and tapped into the aluminum. C&C’s trademark toerail is incorporated in the joint, and the aluminum bar acts as a full-length backing plate. A structural grid and hull pan are bonded to the hull, and the bulkheads and internal furnishings are bonded with adhesives developed for the aerospace industry. A fiberglass integral web, spreading the rigging loads over a large area, supports the chainplate pods. Deck fittings are backed with 1/4-inch aluminum, which is tapped to allow fasteners to be set and removed for periodic servicing. The 5,500-pound, high-lift keel is bolted to the hull. She has  5-foot shoal-draft making her a perfect Bay Yacht. The 121’s cockpit is designed for efficient sailing. The Edson rack-and-pinion steering system is exceptional. The steering is tight and there is plenty of feel. The primary winches are set well aft and easily reached from the helm, a tip-off that the boat is not just designed to be sailed with a large crew. Every control line is led aft from the base of the mast under the deck to the cockpit. As noted earlier, these keep the cabintop clean.

2000 C&C Yachts 121

2000 C&C Yachts 121

Port Washington, New York

Private Seller (516) 314-6551 Photos Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5 Photo 6 Photo 7 Photo 8 Photo 9 Photo 10 Photo 11 Close Request Information * Name First Name * Email Telephone (optional) Best Time to Contact Anytime Morning Mid-day Evening Question/Comments (optional) Shop Safely: Protect Your Money. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Contact Seller 2000 C&C Yachts 121, This gorgeous Dark Blue hulled C&C 121 racer/cruiser has speed to burn and two luxurious staterooms for great cruising. There's no secret to the C&C 121's speed. The masthead rig spreads an impressive 846 square feet of working sail, which works out to a zippy sail area-to-displacement ratio of 23.2. 6-foot.The interior appointments of the C&C 121 strike you as a lot more luxurious than you'd expected. The varnished cherry joinerwork, teak-and-holly cabin sole, designer fabrics, 6-foot 4-inch headroom, solid-surface countertops, and seven opening deck hatches are just a part of what makes the C&C 121 interior a success. The construction technology, design, and top-level hardware above and below deck are key to the 121's success. So too is passion. She goes fast on the water, looks great at the dock, and cruises in style and speed. Automatic winches, latest state of the art updated instruments make this dream boat easy to sail for anyone. Owned by single recreational owner. Built by C&C Yachts and designed by Tim Jackett. LOA: 40.00' / 12.19m LWL: 35.50' / 10.82mBeam: 13.08' / 3.99m Listed SA: 846 ft2 / 78.59 m2Draft (max.) 10.92' / 3.33m Draft (min.)Disp. 14100 lbs./ 6396 kgs. Ballast: 5500 lbs. / 2495 kgs.SA/Disp.: 23.28 Bal./Disp.: 39.01% Disp./Len.: 140.70Designer: Tim JackettBuilder: C&C YachtsConstruct.: FG Bal. type: LeadAUXILIARY POWER (orig. equip.)Make: Volvo Model: MD 2040Type: Diesel HP:TANKSWater: 80 gals. / 303 ltrs. Fuel: 35 gals. / 132 ltrs.RIG DIMENSIONS KEYI: 57.00' / 17.37m J: 15.00' / 4.57mP: 51.00' / 15.54m E: 16.33' / 4.98mPY: EY:SPL: 17' / 5.18m ISP:SA(Fore.): 427.50 ft2 / 39.71 m2 SA(Main): 416.42 ft2 / 38.68 m2Total(calc.)SA: 843.92 ft2 / 78.40 m2 DL ratio: 140.70SA/Disp: 23.22 Est. Forestay Len.: 58.94' / 17.97m $190000, 5163146551 Be sure: Get a boat history report|Finance this boat|Get an insurance quote|

2007 Pursuit C 250

2007 Pursuit C 250

Seminole, Florida

Make Pursuit

Model C 250

Category Center Console Boats

2007 Pursuit C 250 Twin yamaha 150 hp 4-strokes 315 hours on engines full electronics with Raymarine E120 and VHF radio and 8' whip full set of Yamaha Gauges with fuel management clarion radio compass outriggers (length to be determined) center console head livewell and fishwell freshwater and raw water pumps flood lights Details from Pursuit: L.O.A. w/o Pulpit 24' 10" 7.57 m Beam 8' 6" 2.59 m Hull Draft (motors up) 1' 6" 0.48 m Hull Draft (motors down) 2' 10" 0.64 m Clearance w/ T-top (from waterline) 7' 9" Approximate Dry Weight (with twin 150 four strokes) -5,605 lbs Fuel Capacity 150 U.S. gal 568 L Fresh Water Capacity 20 U.S. gal 75 L Livewell Capacity 32 U.S. gal 121 L Fishbox Capacity 40 U.S. gal 151 L Max. Horsepower 300 h.p. Deadrise 21° Custom non-skid deck, cockpit surface and gunwale boards 3/8" S.S. bow & transom eyes (3) Recessed S.S. 3/4" one-piece bow rail Six 8" S.S. flush pull up cleats Forward rode/anchor locker with overboard drain Raw water washdown Transom door Molded-in integrated transom Cockpit coaming bolsters Armstrong boarding ladder Self-draining cockpit Recessed trim tabs U.S.C.G. & international lighting Bilge pumps (2) Basic foam flotation Fire extinguisher, horn & compass Grab rail Pursuit meets or exceeds all USCG & NMMA standards Yamaha Fuel Mgmt System Rod racks in cockpit Four S.S. rod holders Large insulated fish/storage boxes forward Leaning post w/rod holders, 32 gal Oceana blue circulating livewell w/scratch resistant lid & tackle trays/storage Storage for (4) trolling rods Stern bait & tackle rigging station w/freshwater supply, 40 gal. fishbox cooler & rigged bait storage Tackle locker Forward console seat/built-in cooler with cushion & backrest Handlaid fiberglass wrap-around console Opening port light with screen Drink holders Console courtesy lights Enclosed compartment w/manual head, holding tank & macerator Mold & mildew resistant fabric headliner 1/4" tinted acrylic windshield Interior lighting Illuminated Carling rocker switches Intregal foot rest Two 12V Receptacles in helm TRAILER ALSO AVAILABLE ( as a package or sold separatly) $3000 value Trailer is 3 MONTHS OLD no joke, brand spankin new trailer that has been in saltwater twice! Reel in performance and value with the C 250 Center Console. A perfect example of the sleek lines, rugged durability and all-around functionality that personifies Pursuit design, the C 250 brings you the best of all worlds. Angling amenities abound, including a leaning post with rod holders; a 32-gallon Oceana Blue circulating livewell with scratch resistant lid and tackle trays; a 40-gallon insulated fishbox cooler; a raw water washdown; large insulated fish and storage boxes forward; four stainless steel rod holders; a tackle locker; and a st

2021 May-Craft 22 CAPE HANCOCK

2021 May-Craft 22 CAPE HANCOCK

Church Creek, Maryland

Make May-Craft


Category Other

Boat: 2021 May-Craft 22 CAPE HANCOCK US-MBL07985C121Engine: YAMAHA F115XB

2010 Shallow Sport 21.5 Sport

2010 Shallow Sport 21.5 Sport

Englewood, Florida

Make Shallow Sport

Model 21.5 Sport

Category Flats Boats

2010 Shallow Sport 21.5 Sport 2010 Shallow Sport 21.5 Sport, powered by Yamaha 225hp Vmax SHO with only 121 hours! Equipped with: Stiffy Shaw Wing Cavitation Plate Bow Casting Platform Two livewells Minnkota 101 Riptide Trolling Motor Hummingbird 1197c GPS with side imaging PowerPole Pro Series Stereo w/ 4 JL Audio Speakers Gig Light Yeti Cooler Sea Decking on all platform stations Coast Line Trailer -dual axle

1984 Brewer 12.8 Cutter

1984 Brewer 12.8 Cutter

St. Petersburg, Florida

Make Brewer

Model 12.8 Cutter

1984 Brewer 12.8 Cutter After her extensive refit in the past two years, Marathi is an excellent example of one of the original 10 Brewer 12.8 Cutters designed by Ted Brewer, and built by Ft. Myers Yacht & Shipbuilding in 1984, for members of the Knickerbocker Yacht Club on Long Island, who wanted an improved and updated version of the legendary Whitby 42. Brewer incorporated their ideas, had new molds built in Ft. Myers, and the 12.8 designation makes these yachts truly unique from all the other Whitby, Brewer 42 and 44 yachts. Major changes from the Whitby 42 included a Cutter Rig instead of the Whitbys Ketch Rig, a modified long fin keel with a centerboard and a skeg-hung rudder. With improved engineering such as having a Central Sea Chest for all Sea water intakes instead of multiple through-hull and sea cock fittings, the fleet of Brewer 12.8 yachts are lighter, stronger, faster, and carry more ballast for stability than the Whitby 42. With a Sail Area to Displacement ratio of 16.74, Marathi has comparable performance and handling characteristics to the renowned Valiant 37 & 40, designed by Bob Perry, but with the added advantage of being able to gunkhole in many sheltered harbors in Florida and the Caribbean, not accessible to deeper draft bluewater cruisers. Her 4'6" draft is ideal for cruising the shallow waters of the West Coast of Florida and the Bahamas, yet with the centerboard down, her 9' draft provides plenty of stability, upwind pointing ability, and offshore performance with a well-balanced helm. The Listing Agent has sold and sailed on two other Brewer 12.8 vessels, and owned and sailed on his personal Brewer-designed yacht for the past 15 years with a similar underbody configuration, except a modified bulb keel instead of a centerboard, and can attest to the excellent sea-kindly, yet lively performance you can expect from this 1984 Brewer 12.8 Cutter.  If you are looking for a turn-key bluewater cruiser with all the right gear and recent updates; look no further because these are but a few of the recent Upgrades: 2005 Yanmar engine, Dell computer with a fully-integrated suite of Navigation Electronics, including Radar, Autopilot, Active & Passive AIS B, Depth, Speed, SSB, VHF with DSC, displayed on a 19 Acer high-resolution Monitor utilizing Maptech & SeaClear GPS Chartplotting programs. New 16,000BTU A/C, new MASE 4.5Kw Generator with only 121 hours, Two 12V Electric Primary Winches, Marine Village 48 GPD Watermaker, Mack 2015 Full-Battened Mainsail, 440W Solar Panels, 1800W Inverter, SS Rails instead of Lifelines, 2013 SeaFrost 12V Refrigeration, 8 @ 125 Amp Trojan Batteries, new interior light fixtures, & new Lewmar Deck Hatches. This 1984 Brewer 12.8 is also equipped with a custom aluminum Stern Arch for Solar panels, antenna and integrated Dinghy Davits, plus an aluminum Swim Platform with SS Swim Ladder. She

Catalina 387 BANK REPO DEAL 2005 334 hours Wing Keel Sailboat LOADED and Sharp

Catalina 387 BANK REPO DEAL 2005 334 hours Wing Keel Sailboat LOADED and Sharp

Annapolis, Maryland

Make Catalina

Category Cruiser Motorcycles

Length 38.7

Listing by Auction123.com copyright Auction123, Inc. Aqueous Yachts - 18487 SE Federal Hwy Tequesta, FL 33469 (561) 676-7250 Super Sharp Looking Catalina 387 Wing Keel 334 hours!Priced to Sell Fast!!! Click here for an XL view of the above Image PrevNext 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 AboutObtain a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME DEAL on this great looking Catalina 387! The foreclosed mortgage was $177,956.00. A search through Yachtworld’s database of active 387 Catalina listings plus ones that have sold in the U.S. in 2016 show the average listing price is $152,166 and the AVERAGE SALES PRICE is $147,785. SHANNON has the desirable shoal / wing keel, blue hullsides, traditional rigging, and has lower hours showing than any other that I could find on the market! I am told that the previous owner passed away last winter. The bank holding the mortgage subsequently foreclosed upon SHANNON and she is now available for an incredible buying opportunity! Please view the 200+ photos of this 387 Catalina to see just how much this one shines! SHANNON is powered by a 40hp Yanmar diesel engine. The hour meter on the tachometer reads just 334 hours on it. This Catalina has two staterooms, a fully enclosed head & shower, plus a large main salon. She is hull number 62 from the factory. Here are some of the other features that I am aware of: Ultraleather seating surfaces in salon Windlass Anchor System Teak and holly flooring in the salon and staterooms Electric head Princess gas stove and Oven Delonghi Convection Oven Propane solenoid valve Acu-Gage water level monitor Water heater Standard Horizon VHF (appears newer) In-counter drop-in refrigerator Xantrex Power Inverter Charles Battery Charger Bow dodger Color Raymarine chartplotter/ radar unit at the helm Raymarine radome on the mast Raymarine autopilot at the helm Sony XPLOD Stereo with CD Changer Based on my observations, this Catalina exhibits a number of features and benefits beyond what I would consider an average 387 Catalina of this year. My observations include: The flag blue paint exhibits tremendous shine The sails, covers, and rigging lines appear to be in good, if not excellent, condition The stainless rails all appear to be in good condition and exhibit great shine The cabin appears to have been lightly used She has the optional air conditioning for the master stateroom (see note below) Her bow dodger and associated canvas appear to be in serviceable (if not good) condition Her engine appears relatively clean in appearance She has a newer LCD television in the salon with DVD player Her manuals are present She has the desirable WING KEEL/ SHOAL DRAFT (4’10”) She has brand new 4D batteries that were installed in October (2016). Based on looking at SHANNON and moving her to her current slip, I noticed the following imperfections/ items that may need attention: The board on air conditioning unit appears to need replacement. The A/C initially powered up for me on October 21st and blew cold air, however, the breaker tripped about 10 minutes after running. Power was checked and is good going into the board; however, it appears that the board shorted. This is relatively common for A/C units as we had a board failure two weeks ago on one of our vessels in Florida. (We had a board replaced for $600 last month in Florida.) There is area of paint on the starboard side that shows imperfections if seen up close. Upon closer inspection from various angles, I could see that there was a prior repair in that area that goes above the waterline to the cap and runs forward from mid-ship to the bow area. I am guessing that the surface in that spot was not prepped well enough for the paint. See photo.There are some spots on the interior wood walls where the stain has lightened. (The most noticeable areas are directly behind the shelf adjacent to the sofas. If SHANNON were my personal vessel, I would let the areas be and not bother re-staining/ refinishing.) The map table has discoloration in the wood. (I would plan to refinish this, if SHANNON were my personal boat.) While I consider the interior and exterior to be relatively clean in appearance, the next owner may desire to spend some hours (or hiring a detailer) to go through each hatch / surface / cubby hole to greater clean the appearance to his or her liking. The macerator pump appears to need replacement as its breaker trips immediately. I moved this boat on October 21st on Back Creek in Annapolis, Maryland. She started right up and ran great while underway. There are sails in the AFT stateroom. Please see the photos. To me, each looks to be in good condition. Note that my observation is solely based on what I can visually see of them in the stateroom. The mast is currently in storage near SHANNON’s current slip. Port Annapolis Marina quoted 14-16 hours to rig + tune the mast. They charge $105 per hour for rigging. Other yards will charge less, but for the purposes here, I recommend budgeting $1800 to re-step the mast. For those that desire to transport this Catalina via truck, it is a benefit to keep the mast down until she reaches her new destination. The sails are currently in the aft stateroom. They look exceptionally clean to me. It is important to note that of those sold comps above; the vast majority had more hours. (Average hours are generally accepted at 100 hours per year. I will be happy to send out the comps to those that request via email.) Further note that those numbers reflect the average prices. In my experience, comps with high hours, significant flaws, and high wear and tear tend to sell below the average price. Those comps with low hours, few flaws, and low wear and tear tend to sell above the average price. WE ENCOURAGE ALL SERIOUS PARTIES TO INQUIRE AND LOOK AT SHANNON. You may contact me, Rob, directly at 561-676-7250. We are looking to get SHANNON sold in the next few weeks. Do keep in mind that once this Catalina is sold, the chances of being able to find another at this opportunity will be nearly impossible. Please note that I am in Florida. We do not have any sales representatives located in Annapolis, however, I do have a couple of friends in Annapolis that can assist. SHANNON is currently winterized and on land in Annapolis (off Back Creek). Please keep in mind that SHANNON is a bank foreclosure and it is not my personal boat nor did I know the prior owner. I am not able to speak to the ins / outs of this vessel nor am I able to speak about how she sails, etc. My comments above are solely based on my own observations. I am sure there are more flaws than what I observed as she is a 10 year old+ vessel. This is not a brand new or perfect vessel. SHANNON will be the 3rd Catalina that we have sold in past year. Given the circumstances, information available, time of year, etc, we have set her WAY below average prices. I believe this represents an opportunity for the winning bidder to purchase SHANNON well below what the other 387s have been selling for on the traditional retail/ brokerage market. Please understand that I have done my best to represent the vessel as I notice it to be. Neither I, Aqueous, the financial institution, nor any other agents express or imply any guarantees or warranties whatsoever about this vessel (or any vessel). The description and photos do not represent any guarantees about the condition of the vessel or accuracy of any information. WE ENCOURAGE ALL BUYERS TO DO THEIR OWN INSPECTIONS / OBSERVATIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASING. Please understand that this is not a brand new yacht. Accordingly, we do not expect it to sell for the same price as a brand new one. Buyers are welcome to have the vessel inspected and surveyed. Any survey will be for the buyer’s benefit and will not constitute a price reduction or negotiating tool. Florida residents or anyone wishing to bring this Catalina to the State of Florida will be required to pay the state sales tax of 6%. We have a clear and marketable title to this vessel. SHANNON was previously documented with the United States Coast Guard. Upon qualification and a $84 application fee (if no lien is recorded), the new owner can obtain a USCG Certification documentation certificate in his/ her own name. If the owner desires a state issued Certificate of Title, then Aqueous can obtain a Florida Certificate of Title for the next owner if applicable fees and taxes are remitted. (Certificates can take up to 60 days to obtain.) Personal and/or professional inspections are very welcome prior to purchasing. Please feel free to call Rob with Aqueous Yachts at 561-676-7250 to come look at this beauty. Keep the saying in mind on this one: "The yacht that you found today and will consider tomorrow is the same one that another guy found yesterday and is considering today".DescriptionBasic InformationYear: 2005Make: CatalinaModel: 387Stock Number: 422VIN: CTYU0062H405Condition: UsedType: CruiserUse: Salt WaterHull TypeHull Material: FiberglassLength / BeamLength (Feet): 38.7Beam (Feet): 12.4EngineEngine: Single Inboard/OutboardEngine Make: OtherPrimary Fuel Type: DieselEngine Hours: 934Engine Horsepower: 40SpecificationsKeel: Shoal DraftBridge Height: 50.11Draft Distance: 4.9 ContactAqueous Yachts 18487 SE Federal Hwy Tequesta, Florida 33469Ask for:Rob ButlerDirect:(561) 676-7250Email: Email SellerEmail SellerEmail to FriendComplete and submit the form below to send a message to our dedicated sales team.* First Name:* Last Name:* Email:* Phone: Ext. Preferred Method:PhoneEmailMessage:Complete and submit the form below to send a link and your message to a friend.First Name:Last Name:* Your email:* Friend's email:We won't use this information for promotional purposes or disclose it to a third party.Message:DirectionsTermsAqueous Yachts 18487 SE Federal Hwy Tequesta, Florida 33469 View DirectionsAsk For:Rob ButlerDirect:(561) 676-7250 Email: Email SellerPlacing a Bid: Your bid constitutes a legally binding contract to purchase this vessel. Please do not bid if you're not seriously interested or financially able to purchase this vessel. Please read eBay's User Agreement Aqueous Yachts reserves the right to, Obtain and verify the registered information of all users who bid on this auction. Cancel any and all bids at our discretion, or end the auction early if necessary. Bidders Age: You must be 18 years of age or older to Bid. Special eBay Bid Retraction Rules: Please read eBay's "Retracting a Bid" If you place a bid before the last 12-hour period of the auction: You may retract that bid before that last 12-hour period but only for exceptional circumstances. You will not be allowed to retract that bid during the last 12-hour period of the auction. If you place a bid during the last 12-hour period of the auction: You will be allowed to retract the bid for exceptional circumstances but only if you do so within one hour after placing the bid.Funds & Financing: For help in arranging for a Pre-Approved loan or for any questions please e-mail or phone Rob at (561) 676-7250 prior to bidding. Buyers Inspection: Aqueous Yachts has done our best to disclose all information known about this vehicle for auction. Aqueous Yachts welcomes a buyers inspection. If you plan to have a buyers inspection, please make sure you inspect the vehicle prior to the auction ending. Inspection fees if any are Buyers responsibility. Representations and Warranties made by seller: This vessel is being sold "as is". Manufacturers warranties may still apply. No representations or warranties are made by seller, nor are any representations or warranties relied upon by bidders in making bids. Taxes and Registration fees: Out of state buyers are responsible for all state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title service fees in the state that the vessel will be registered. All taxes and fees must be paid in full in order for vessel to be titled and registered. Title Information: Vessel titles may be held by banks or lenders as collateral for loans. In many cases there is a delay in receiving the original instruments up to 21 days from the time we pay a vessel off. While we usually have all titles in our possession at closing, there are occasions where we may be waiting for them to arrive. If payment is made by cashier's or personal checks we will hold all vessel for 10 days or until funds have cleared. Shipping & Delivery: All shipping charges are buyer's responsibility. Aqueous Yachts will help with shipping arrangements but will not be responsible in any way for claims arising from shipping damage! Licensed Carriers are generally insured for $3,000,000.00. We assume no responsibility for damages incurred to vessels. All shipping arrangements are provided by Aqueous Yachts as a courtesy. We are not affiliated with any carrier. Any claims or other communication regarding shipment of vessels will be between you and the shipper, not with Aqueous Yachts. The amount of time it takes for delivery is dependent on the carrier, but is generally 7-14 days from the date the vessel is picked up from our facility until it is delivered to your destination. Verify with the shipper for an Estimate Time of Arrival to be sure. Finalizing your Purchase: Aqueous Yachts will contact the successful high bidder by e-mail after the auction closes. Successful high bidder MUST communicate with Rob at Aqueous Yachts by e-mail or phone (561) 676-7250 within 24 hours of the auction ending to make arrangements to complete their transaction. If we cannot confirm your intention to buy or the sale is not completed within 5 days, we reserve the right to relist this vessel or sell to any other qualified buyer. In order to secure bid on vessel, Successful bidder (BUYER) must within 24 hours of bid closing send to Seller a Deposit in the amount of 10% by paypal, cash in person or bank certified funds. Within 72 hours of bid closing, Buyer must send balance of funds by cash in person or bank certified funds to Seller. At time of sending initial deposit, Buyer MUST fax copy of their State issued valid Driver License. Furthermore, before said vessel is released for shipment to Buyer, all other Sale related and title related paperwork must be signed and returned complete to Seller. Auction123, Inc. (a service and listing/software company) and the Seller has done his/her best to disclose the equipment/condition of this vehicle/purchase. However, Auction123.com disclaims any warranty as to the accuracy or to the working condition of the vehicle/equipment listed. The purchaser or prospective purchaser should verify with the Seller the accuracy of all the information listed within this ad. Copyright © 2017 Auction123, Inc. - All Rights Reserved. Selling a Vehicle? Create Professional Listings Fast and Easy. Click Here! Image Hosting and Counters by: Auction123.com



East Haven, Connecticut

Make Key Largo

Model 160 Center Console

Category Center Consoles

Length 16.0

Best Offer Available2016 Key Largo 160 Center Console Top Line InformationYear:2016VIN:REC24086C616Make:Key LargoModel:160 Center ConsoleCondition:NewHull:FiberglassLength:16 ftExterior:WhiteInterior:WhiteEngine:2016 Mercury 60 ELPT 4 STROKE Single outboard 60 HPHours:1Description YOU ARE VEIWING FOR SALE BY, DIAMOND MARINE OF EAST HAVEN, CONNECTICUT. A BRAND NEW 2016 KEY LARGO 160 CENTER CONSOLE BOAT, MOTOR AND TRAILER PACKAGE. WE ARE HAVING A BLOW OUT SALE TO MAKE ROOM FOR 2017'S. THIS SALTWATER COASTAL OR LAKE FISHING BOAT IS POWERED BY A MERCURY FOUR STROKE 60 HP OUTBOARD MOTOR W/ ELECTRIC START, POWER TILT AND TRIM. THIS COMPLETE PACKAGE INCLUDES A BRAND NEW WARLOCK, SINGLE AXLE TRAILER. THIS BOAT WAS ORDERED WITH A BLACK BIMINI TOP W/ BOOT, SPORT FISH PKG (PREMIUM AERATED LIVE WELL, PREMIUM BILGE PUMP, BONUS STORAGE COMPARTMENTS, PREMIUM KEY LARGO LOGO AND BOOT STRIPE). PRICE INCLUDES BOAT, MOTOR, TRAILER, OPTIONS, FREIGHT, AND PREP. DIAMOND MARINE HAS BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR OVER 33 YEARS, AND IS ALSO A NEW BOAT DEALER FOR STEIGER CRAFT AND KEY WEST... AND ALSO THE COUNTRIES LARGEST VENTURE TRAILER DEALER. WE ARE A FULL SERVICE DEALER, CAN INSTALL ELECTRONICS, PROVIDE BANK FINANCING, BOAT INSURANCE AND SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE. ... PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL BY PHONE AT 203 466-5384 WITH ANY QUESTIONS AND ASK FOR MARK OR KARL. THANK YOU, DIAMOND MARINE At our dealership we work very hard to accurately describe our items through text descriptions and elaborate photos. When you purchase a pre-owned item it is not a new. Any used item can have normal wear and blemishes. Before placing a bid please read the descriptions thoroughly and view all pictures. If you do not see it in the text or pictures, do not assume it comes with the item. Call if you have questions at 203 466-5384 and ask for Mark or Karl.About Us Diamond Marine is located in North Eastern United States, we have been awarded the Top Seller award by Ebay Motors for the past two years. We are family owned and have been in business for over 33 years. Diamond Marine is a member Better Business Bureau, Connecticut Marine Traders Association and a Marine Industry Certified Dealership. We have an impeccable reputation in the marine industry. Diamond Marine is a leader in the remarketing of pre-owned boats internationally as well as within the United States. If a new boat is what you are looking for Diamond Marine is the exclusive dealer for Steiger Craft Pilothouse and Center Console fishing boats. We are also the largest boat trailer dealer in the United States with a tremendous inventory ready for immediate delivery. We have a full service department with factory trained technicians to provide service on all types of boats and marine engines specializing in Yamaha and Suzuki outboard motors as well as all I/Os. We do repowers locally as well as selling small outboards with shipping around the country available. Our 44, 0000 square foot, one acre heated indoor showroom provides a boat show atmosphere that is open six days a week year round. Their are always knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any questions you my have. Ebay and the internet has been a very successful method of advertising our high quality boats and trailers. We specialize in the coordination of international and domestic shipping. We are located 90 miles north of one of the largest ports on the East Coast (Port Newark). This enables us to provide very competitive prices on ground transportation to and from the ports. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone at 1-203-466-5384 or by email at [email protected] , ask for Karl or Mark.Additional Photos* * * Click Photos to Enlarge * * ** * * Click Photos to Enlarge * * *Phone: 203 466-5384 Boat InformationSpecificationsCapacity Persons:Dry Weight:Draft:Beam:Deadrise:410256 in7 ft12 ftEngineFuel Type:Hours:Fuel Capacity:Warranty:Gas121-30 gallonsFactory Warranty RemainingTrailerYear:0 Included Standard EquipmentInteriorInterior in new conditionExteriorExterior in new conditionBoatBait TankBimini TopDry StorageFish BoxLive WellNavigation Lights Hours of OperationMon: Tue: Wed: Thu: Fri: Sat: Sun: 9a - 5p9a - 5p9a - 5p9a - 5p9a - 5p9a - 3pClosed Warranty TermsNotice to Bidders: All items sold by Diamond Marine are owned by Diamond Marine and not brokered (unless otherwise stated). We put our name and reputation on the line, on every sale. Which is why we go through each boat so thoroughly and have kept a 100% positive rating over hundreds and hundreds of boat sales over many years.Payment Types:Certified Funds and Institutional FinancingFees:Diamond Marine collects a processing fee of $189.00 for boat packages and $99 for trailers, which is added to the winning bid if items are picked up in person with no overnight mailings required. A $249.00 processing fee is added to all other domestic and international boat package transactions because of the added time to coordinate shipping , proper documentation and secured mailings (DHL & FEDEX). SALES TAX Diamond Marine collects Connecticut sales tax from Connecticut residents. Out of state buyers are responsible for all state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title/registration fees in the state that the item will be registered.TEMPORARY TRANSPORT PLATES For residents of the United States, we can provide a CT DMV 30 day temporary transit plate for your trailer, issued right here at Diamond Marine. For non-residents of the United States the cost is $20 but must be obtained at the local Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle office ( approx. 10 miles away) during their hours of operation. Terms:PAYMENT TERMS A winning bidder is required to contact us and give a $500 deposit within 24 hours of the closing of auction to secure the item. Buyer agrees to pay balance due ( plus applicable fees and taxes) within 5 days of the close of auction unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties. All financial transactions must be completed before delivery of the item. If terms are not met by buyer Diamond Marine reserves the right to cancel deal and relist the item.PAYMENT METHODS Deposits can be made in form of Cash in person, bank to bank Wire Transfer, Certified Check, paypal or credit card. We accept full payment by cash in person, bank to bank wire transfer, certified check or bank financing we do not accept paypal or credit cards for full payment. SHIPPING AND STORAGE TERMS The buyer is responsible for all shipping, storage and loading charges. We will assist all buyers with finding competitive shipping companies. Storage will accrue after 10 days at a rate of $10 per days after the end of auction. Forklift service and customized crating will be charged at a rate of $85.00 an hour. We assume no responsibility which may occur after item leaves our premises. Diamond Marine650 Coe AvenueEast Haven, Connecticut 06512Phone: 203 466-5384 ©2003-2016AutoRevo- All Rights Reserved Dealer Websites and eBay Templates Powered by AutoRevo

1988 Steel Trawler Fishing Vessel

1988 Steel Trawler Fishing Vessel

Cape Canaveral, Florida

Make Steel Trawler

Model Fishing Vessel

Category Commercial Boats

Length 116'

1988 Steel Trawler Fishing Vessel Vessel Description TS-887   Call for more information :  321-784-5982     Size:  Length:   38 m   Breadth: 10m    Wide: 6  , Year : 1988  Construction:  Steel   Design: Shrimper Trawler   Engine: Deutz   SBV 6M62,  1200 BHP @ 750 RPM,  Gear :  Reintjes  Val 1840/3 Propellers  Lips,  Auxiliary Engines:  Caterpillar 3406 DIT   176 KW @ 1800 RPM     Fuel :  77.62 ton    Water:  23.54 ton,  Fish Hold:  200.00 m3,  Speed: 12 knots, Gross Ton :  552.39 ton      Equipment:   Radar A  JRC Color Radar, Radar B R121 o XX Rostter Scan,  Sounder  Suzuki ES 5300 Color,  VHF,  Talk Back system, LoranC, GPS, Radio Ray 150 SSB,  Color Plotter JRC NOW 51,  and More,  Miscellaneous:  Freezer boat, Winch  Windlass Norskov Laursen 625 HE,  Capstan  Norlav 6000,  Lifeboat Cador-Mat-Enc, Liferaft 2 for 20 persons,   Accommodation 15 bunks, Galley and Full kitchen, Full Bathroom.   Fotos are recent.   Vessel working conditions and is ready to Go   Price :  $475,000.  AMAZING DEAL JUST REDUCED TO $375,000  Sister Vessel is also available for an amazing DUO deal !!!!!!

1988 Steel Trawler Fishing Vessel

1988 Fishing vessel TS-888

Make Fishing Vessel

Model TS-888

1988 Fishing vessel TS-888 Vessel Description TS-888   Call for more information :  321-784-5982     Size:  Length:   38 m   Breadth: 10m    Wide: 6  , Year : 1988  Construction:  Steel   Design: Shrimper Trawler   Engine: Deutz   SBV 6M62,  1200 BHP @ 750 RPM,  Gear :  Reintjes  Val 1840/3 Propellers  Lips,  Auxiliary Engines:  Caterpillar 3406 DIT   176 KW @ 1800 RPM     Fuel :  77.62 ton    Water:  23.54 ton,  Fish Hold:  200.00 m3,  Speed: 12 knots, Gross Ton :  552.39 ton      Equipment:   Radar A  JRC Color Radar, Radar B R121 o XX Rostter Scan,  Sounder  Suzuki ES 5300 Color,  VHF,  Talk Back system, LoranC, GPS, Radio Ray 150 SSB,  Color Plotter JRC NOW 51,  and More,  Miscellaneous:  Freezer boat, Winch  Windlass Norskov Laursen 625 HE,  Capstan  Norlav 6000,  Lifeboat Cador-Mat-Enc, Liferaft 2 for 20 persons,   Accommodation 15 bunks, Galley and Full kitchen, Full Bathroom.   Fotos are recent.   Vessel working conditions and is ready to Go   Price :  $475,000.  AMAZING DEAL JUST REDUCED TO $375,000  Sister Vessel is also available for an amazing DUO deal !!!!!!

2016 Moomba Moomba MOJO

2016 Moomba Moomba MOJO

Request Price

Fargo, North Dakota

Make Moomba

Model Moomba MOJO

Category Powerboats

2016 Moomba Moomba MOJO, McLaughlin's is your Moomba dealer! Call today 701-237-6046. The 2016 Moomba Mojo is the flagship of the Moomba line. At a whopping 23 feet, it boasts all the room you need for every rider in your crew and an interior with all the comforts you'd expect from a class leading tow-boat. Powered by the Industry leading Raptor by Indmar 6.2L engine and paired with Moomba's exclusive Auto-Flow system the Mojo makes waves that rival even the most expensive competitors. Manufacturer Specs:Dimensions - ArrayOverall Length W/o Platform - 23'Overall Length W/ Platform - 25'Overall Length W/ Trailer - 27' 2"Width (beam) - 100"Overall Width W/ Trailer - 102"Draft - 27.5"Height Of Tower Folded On Trailer - 92"Height Of Tower In Up Positiont On Trailer - 121"Weight - Boat Only - 4,100 Lbs.Weight - Boat And Trailer - 5,200 Lbs.Capacity - Passenger - 17Capacity - Weight - 2,500 Lbs.Capacity - Fuel - 49 Gals.Capacity - Ballast - 2,500 Lbs.Engine - Electronic Fuel Injection - 6.2l 400Ford Raptor By Indmar 400 - ArrayDigital Cruise Pro - Array5 Year Indmar Factory Engine Warranty - ArrayLimited Lifetime Hull Warranty - ArrayConvertible Rear Facing Seat And Backrests - ArrayAviator 2 Tower - ArrayAutoflow 2.0 - Optimum Surf SystemMoomba Wake Plate - ArrayPerformance Fusion Stereo With Kicker Speakers - ArrayGravity Iii Ballast System - ArrayManufacturer Options:2016 Indmar Ford Raptor 400 6.2l Catalyst V-driveSpray Pattern "classic"Main - Eclipse Black Metal FlakeAccent - WhiteDeck - Fire RedHull - Fire RedMoomba Chrome LogoNo Graphic BackgroundBase Upholstery - Dove Grey/silver MoquettaUph Panel Accent - BlackUph Welt Color - Fire RedRemovable Seat Back Kit ( Rear Seat And Behind Driver)Sundeck Walk Across W/nonskidSet Of 4 Pop-up CleatsStainless Steel Rubrail (black) (md, Me)Carpet, Snap-in (midnight Star)Aviator Tower (black) (includes Fold Assist)Quick Release Swivel Mechanism Only (requires Fixed Racks) (aviator,s-bend)Set Of 2 Fixed Wakeboard Racks (aviator, S-bend)Full Boat Cover W/ht (charcoal) (me)Tower Bimini, Aviator 2 (black(Prop, Nibral, Oj 14.25x14.5- 4-blade (standard)Gps Cruise With Display - Zero Off (md, Mc, Me)Autoflow 2 Surf Package (autoflow Sys, Bow Bag, Decal)Multisport Wakeplate W/gravity Iii BallastAudio Remote - Transom LocationC- Add 2 Bow Speakers And Sub With Amp (md, Me)F1 - Add 4 Tower Speakers (spin) With Amp-bolt On - No ClampsSpeaker Box Logo Lights

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1987 Pennyan Tourament

1987 Pennyan Tourament

Richmond, TX

2020 Fountain 47 Lightning

2020 Fountain 47 Lightning

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2004 Four Winns 268 Vista

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2005 Wellcraft 35 CCF

2005 Wellcraft 35 CCF

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2004 Boston Whaler 305 Conquest

Charleston, SC

2016 Centurion Enzo FS44

2016 Centurion Enzo FS44

Evanston, IL

2018 Sun Tracker DLX Pontoon

2018 Sun Tracker DLX Pontoon

Kenneth City, FL

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  1. C&C 121

    A boat with a BN of 1.6 or greater is a boat that will be reefed often in offshore cruising. Derek Harvey, "Multihulls for Cruising and Racing", International Marine, Camden, Maine, 1991, states that a BN of 1 is generally accepted as the dividing line between so-called slow and fast multihulls.

  2. C&C 121

    The C&C 121 is a 40.0ft masthead sloop designed by Tim Jackett and built in fiberglass with kevlar by C&C Yachts since 1999. The C&C 121 is a light sailboat which is a very high performer. It is stable / stiff and has a low righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a racing boat. The fuel capacity is originally small.

  3. C&C 121

    Find out the specifications, calculations and ratings of C&C 121, a 1999 monohull sailboat designed by Tim Jackett and built by C&C Yachts. Compare the deep and shallow keel versions, see photos and read user reviews.

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    The 121 might just be the boat that will help C&C reclaim the magic that at one time made it the dominant sailboat manufacturer in North America. The 121 is the flagship of the C&C Express Series and possesses that elusive combination of uncompromising performance and big, luxurious accommodations. Designer Tim Jacket should be commended.

  5. C&C 121 owners and/or sailors out there?

    Boat: Beneteau Oceanis 40.1. Posts: 119. C&C 121 owners and/or sailors out there? I'm looking for impressions and experiences with those who have owned and/or sailed (a few times at least) a C&C 121. -Sailing characteristics in varying seas -Quality of build with rig-gear-hull -Interior livabilities and comfort -upside/downsides of the 121 ...

  6. C&C 121: Reviews, Specifications, Built, Engine

    Learn about the C&C 121, a sailboat built by C&C Yachts and designed by Tim Jackett in 1999. Find out its dimensions, rigging, ballast, auxiliary power, and more.

  7. C&C 121

    The boat was built by C&C Yachts in the United States, but it is now out of production. Design. The C&C 121 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly with a vinylester-corecell and E-glass with Kevlar. It has a masthead sloop rig, an internally-mounted spade-type rudder and a fixed fin keel. It displaces 14,600 lb (6,622 kg).

  8. C&C 121

    The C&C 121 doesn't resemble the venerable boats designed and built by C&C Yachts from the mid-1960s into the 1980s, but the sleek, 40-foot sloop is every bit as high quality as its predecessors. Originally unveiled as the 121 Express, it was designed as a performance cruiser, with a fractional rig, internally mounted spade-type rudder and a ...

  9. Perry Design Review: C&C 121

    C&C gradually shut down and was subsequently bought by Fairport Yachts, builders of the Tartan line. Combined with the design efforts of Tim Jacket, the company, still a strong name in the market, appears to be making a comeback. The new C&C 121 is typical of the historical C&C type: the family club-racer/cruiser. The aesthetics are pure C&C.

  10. C&C 121

    Sailboat data, rig dimensions and recommended sail areas for C&C 121 sailboat. Tech info about rigging, halyards, sheets, mainsail covers and more. Sailboat Data directory for over 8,000 sailboat designs and manufacturers. Direct access to halyards lengths, recommended sail areas, mainsail cover styles, standing rigging fittings, and lots more ...

  11. C&C Yachts

    C&C 121 is a sailboat built by C&C Yachts from 1999 to 2005. It has a length of 40 feet and a beam of 12.19 meters. See more details, photos and specifications of C&C 121 and other C&C models on Sailboatdata.com.

  12. Review of C&C 121

    The immersion rate is defined as the weight required to sink the boat a certain level. The immersion rate for C&C 121 is about 289 kg/cm, alternatively 1619 lbs/inch. Meaning: if you load 289 kg cargo on the boat then it will sink 1 cm. Alternatively, if you load 1619 lbs cargo on the boat it will sink 1 inch.

  13. C&C 121 Sailboat values and recent boats for sale

    The boat was built by C&C Yachts in the United States, but it is now out of production. The C&C 121 is a small recreational keelboat, built predominantly with a vinylester-corecell and E-glass with Kevlar. It has a masthead sloop rig, an internally-mounted spade-type rudder and a fixed fin keel. It displaces 14,600 lb (6,622 kg).

  14. C & C 121 Customer Response to Manufacturers Post

    we owned for 17 years, for over 30 years. We negotiated for the. purchase of our C & C 121 for several months before the 2002 Strictly. Sail Show. We cooperated with the manufacturer and their dealer, Tartan CC of Annapolis, for the company to use the vessel in that. boat show for their internal marketing reasons.

  15. C&C 115

    40 to 50 indicates a heavy bluewater boat; over 50 indicates an extremely heavy bluewater boat. Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam^1.33), where displacement is expressed in pounds, and length is expressed in feet. Capsize Screening Formula (CSF): Designed to determine if a boat has blue water capability.

  16. 2000 C&C 121 Specs And Pricing

    Data And technical specifications of C&C 121 equipments, fuel economy, dimensions, weight, engine power and prices

  17. C C 121 Boats for sale

    Easton, Connecticut. Year 2000. Make C&C. Model 121. Category Cruiser Sailboats. Length 40. Posted Over 1 Month. FABULOUS 40' PERFORMANCE CRUISER On Air is a sleek C&C 121 40 ft. sloop offering excellent performance with a roomy, comfortable cherry interior that will rival any 40' cruiser. Maintained in Bristol condition.

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    2005 Catalina Morgan 440. Find 28 C&C 121 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate C&C boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader!

  19. C&C 41

    A boat with a BN of 1.6 or greater is a boat that will be reefed often in offshore cruising. Derek Harvey, "Multihulls for Cruising and Racing", International Marine, Camden, Maine, 1991, states that a BN of 1 is generally accepted as the dividing line between so-called slow and fast multihulls.

  20. C&C 121 boats for sale

    Find C&C 121 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate C&C boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader!