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Adventure 40 design coming together

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For several years John Harries of Affordable Adventure Cruising has been working on the idea of a new design for a moderately-priced, ocean-capable voyaging boat that will allow more people to go offshore sailing. Harries' ideas (along with contributions from his readers) coalesced into something he calls the Adventure 40. But up to now he hasn't been able to find a designer willing to take the design to the next level. Recently, however, Harries posted on his blog that he has found a young Dutch designer, Erik de Jong, to help him bring the Adventure 40 to life. And when they do, we should start seeing a few Adventure 40s around – Harries has 97 people who have signed up to buy one!

Read more about Erik de Jong and the Adventure 40 on Harries' blog. 

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By Ocean Navigator


Adventure 40, the blue water sailing boat that brings together all the good ideas ?

adventure 40 sailboat

The Adventure 40 project could be called "draw me a boat". It is the fruit of the experience of a long-distance sailor who shares his vision with his followers. Thus the good ideas to realize the ideal long distance sailboat are numerous. All that remains now is to build it

François-Xavier Ricardou

John Harries is a figure in America. With his wife, this 71-year-old man has sailed for 30 years on all the seas of the world. Now ashore, he runs a blog www.morganscloud.com which is a reference among lovers of great English-speaking cruises. In this blog, he started to imagine what would be, for him, the ideal sailboat to go on a trip. He shared his ideas and found that many people were interested in the subject. In front of this enthusiasm, he pushed the project forward for 10 years. Sensing that it would take a young entrepreneur to realize it, he entrusted the reins to a French engineer Maxime Gérardin, while keeping a right of review on his idea.

A collaborative project

adventure 40 sailboat

Relying on a donation campaign, 200 donors have provided 16,000 euros, Maxime Gerardin was able to call on the architect Vincent Lebailly to draw the first sketches. Thus was born the Advenrture 40.

A specification based on simplicity

adventure 40 sailboat

This 12.45 m sailboat will be built in series. It is a 40 feet monohull intended for a couple who wants to sail far, quickly, safely and especially able to maintain their boat as easily as possible.

Thus the boat is simple, with a large cockpit well protected by a rigid dog house that hides the watch stations. The winches are central to be operated from the center of the cockpit, while standing upright and well protected.

Performance rather than living space

adventure 40 sailboat

The design of the boat is deliberately narrow, with a beam of 3.92 m, to offer a smooth passage to the sea. The centering of the weights was worked out with a chain well at the mast foot, the water tanks under the saloon benches and a 200 liter diesel tank under the galley. The engine, of small size since it is a 35 horsepower, is also advanced under the watch posts.

A cutter rig to limit the height of the mast

adventure 40 sailboat

Still to limit the pitching, the height of the mast is deliberately reasonable. In order not to penalize the performances, the sailboat is rigged as a cutter to keep a nice sail area.

Now that the plans are drawn up, Maxime Gérardin is looking for a shipyard to produce his series. The objective is to produce an Adventure 40 at 250,000 euros HT, a boat with its sails, but little equipment. Still at the project stage, the Adventure 40 is also looking for its first customers.

The Cairu archipelago

M.B. Marsh Marine Design

Adventure 40, a cruising yacht that won't break the bank.

Let's face it: Boats are EXPENSIVE.

Assuming you want to own a yacht of an appropriate size for long-term cruising- say 12 metres (40 feet) LOA- you currently have four options:

  • Buy a new, ready-to-go cruising yacht, often with a price tag north of \$350,000.
  • Buy a new day-sailing boat and upgrade it to offshore cruising standards. The basic boat may be under \$200,000, but the design will often be inappropriate for offshore work and may require substantial hardware and systems upgrades.

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40 Best Sailboats

  • By Cruising World Editors
  • Updated: April 18, 2019

Sailors are certainly passionate about their boats, and if you doubt that bold statement, try posting an article dubbed “ 40 Best Sailboats ” and see what happens.

Barely had the list gone live, when one reader responded, “Where do I begin? So many glaring omissions!” Like scores of others, he listed a number of sailboats and brands that we were too stupid to think of, but unlike some, he did sign off on a somewhat upbeat note: “If it weren’t for the presence of the Bermuda 40 in Cruising World’s list, I wouldn’t even have bothered to vote.”

By vote, he means that he, like hundreds of other readers, took the time to click through to an accompanying page where we asked you to help us reshuffle our alphabetical listing of noteworthy production sailboats so that we could rank them instead by popularity. So we ask you to keep in mind that this list of the best sailboats was created by our readers.

The quest to building this list all began with such a simple question, one that’s probably been posed at one time or another in any bar where sailors meet to raise a glass or two: If you had to pick, what’re the best sailboats ever built?

In no time, a dozen or more from a variety of sailboat manufacturers were on the table and the debate was on. And so, having fun with it, we decided to put the same question to a handful of CW ‘s friends: writers and sailors and designers and builders whose opinions we value. Their favorites poured in and soon an inkling of a list began to take shape. To corral things a bit and avoid going all the way back to Joshua Slocum and his venerable Spray —Hell, to Noah and his infamous Ark —we decided to focus our concentration on production monohull sailboats, which literally opened up the sport to anyone who wanted to get out on the water. And since CW is on the verge or turning 40, we decided that would be a nice round number at which to draw the line and usher in our coming ruby anniversary.

If you enjoy scrolling through this list, which includes all types of sailboats, then perhaps you would also be interested in browsing our list of the Best Cruising Sailboats . Check it out and, of course, feel free to add your favorite boat, too. Here at Cruising World , we like nothing better than talking about boats, and it turns out, so do you.

40. Moore 24

39. pearson vanguard, 38. dufour arpege 30, 37. alerion express 28, 36. mason 43/44, 35. jeanneau sun odyssey 43ds, 34. nor’sea 27, 33. freedom 40, 32. beneteau sense 50, 31. nonsuch 30, 30. swan 44, 29. c&c landfall 38, 28. gulfstar 50, 27. sabre 36, 26. pearson triton, 25. islander 36, 24. gozzard 36, 23. bristol 40, 22. tartan 34, 21. morgan out island 41, 20. hylas 49, 19. contessa 26, 18. whitby 42, 17. columbia 50, 16. morris 36, 15. hunter 356, 13. beneteau 423, 12. westsail 32, 10. alberg 30, 9. island packet 38, 8. passport 40, 7. tayana 37, 6. peterson 44, 5. pacific seacraft 37, 4. hallberg-rassy 42, 3. catalina 30, 2. hinckley bermuda 40, 1. valiant 40.

  • More: monohull , Sailboats
  • More Sailboats

A Gem in New England

Thinking of a shift to power, tradewinds debuts 59-foot twe6 smart electric yacht, sailboat preview: dufour 44, good bread for good health, center of effort, the halfway point: sailing to bermuda.

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Sail Universe

10 of the Best Bluewater Sailboats Under 40 Feet

Best Bluewater Sailboats under 40 feet Hallberg-Rassy 372

Navigating the open seas requires a model that combines performance, safety, and comfort. For sailors seeking adventure beyond the horizon, choosing the right bluewater sailboa t is paramount. In this article, we’ll delve into the technical specifications and features of 10 of the best bluewater sailboats, both monohulls and catamarans, all under 40 feet in length.

Hallberg-Rassy 372

Length: 37’6″.

Best Bluewater Sailboats under 40 feet: Hallberg-Rassy 372

The Hallberg-Rassy 372 was built in 120 units and is optimized for comfortable and fast family cruising. She will take you anywhere, anytime. Compared to the Hallberg-Rassy 37, the 372 is only a few centimetres longer, is 5 cm wider and has a fuller transom. The canoe body is slightly shallower, the waterline longer and the keel slightly deeper and lighter. The aft and mid sections of the hull are flatter and the bow section sharper. The sheer line is more pronounced. All this gives both improved sailing performance and more interior space. The modern sailplan is easy to handle. The yacht breathes graceful elegance.

Hallberg-Rassy may be best known for its centre cockpit boats, but over 5 900 of so far 9 700 built Hallberg-Rassys have an aft cockpit. The aft cockpit 372 is in every aspect an all-new Frers design and is not based on the centre cockpit Hallberg-Rassy 37.

The boat features a moderate draft, allowing it to navigate a variety of water depths with ease. The combination of a long waterline and a well-balanced sail plan contributes to its impressive performance under sail. The Hallberg-Rassy 372’s deck layout is thoughtfully designed for single-handed sailing, with well-positioned winches and control lines.

Stepping below deck, the Hallberg-Rassy 372 welcomes sailors into a spacious and well-appointed interior. The layout is designed with extended bluewater cruising in mind, offering comfort and practicality. The main saloon features a U-shaped settee around a large dining table, providing a cozy space for meals and relaxation.

bluewater sailboats

The galley is equipped with all the amenities needed for preparing meals at sea, including a stove, oven, refrigerator, and ample storage space. The cabins are designed for comfort, with generous berths and storage solutions that make long journeys a pleasure rather than a challenge.

Outremer 4X

Length: 40′.

Best Bluewater sailboats under 40 feet Outremer 4X

This catamaran showcases a fusion of speed and stability. The Outremer 4X’s lightweight design and innovative rigging contribute to its impressive performance, making it a preferred choice for bluewater sailors with a penchant for velocity.

The Outremer 4X stands as a performance catamaran unwavering in its commitment to seaworthiness, staying true to its ocean cruising heritage. Its construction prioritizes weight optimization without compromising on structural integrity. The sail plan and deck layout are meticulously designed to navigate diverse weather conditions seamlessly.

Maintaining the comfort standards set by its predecessor, the Outremer 45, the Outremer 4X goes beyond, pushing the limits of performance for an ocean cruiser. Whether embarking on blue-water cruising adventures with the family or engaging in competitive regattas, the Outremer 4X excels in both realms, showcasing its versatility and capability to meet the demands of various sailing pursuits.

Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37

Length: 37’10”.

Best Bluewater sailboats under 40 feet Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37

The Pacific Seacraft 37, commonly referred to as the Crealock 37, is an American sailboat meticulously designed by the esteemed British naval architect, W. I. B. Crealock, with a primary focus on cruising. The initial construction of this sailboat commenced in 1978, marking the inception of a vessel renowned for its seafaring capabilities and thoughtful design.

Recognizing its exceptional contribution to sailing, the Crealock 37 earned a prestigious spot in the American Sailboat Hall of Fame in 2002, solidifying its legacy as a vessel of timeless significance within the maritime community.

The Crealock 37, a keelboat primarily constructed with a fiberglass hull featuring a plywood core and adorned with wooden accents, presents a versatile sailing experience. Its masthead sloop rig is complemented by optional configurations, including a cutter rig or yawl rig with a mizzen mast. The vessel boasts a distinctive design, featuring a raked stem, a raised canoe transom, a skeg-mounted rudder controlled by a wheel, and a fixed fin keel. With a displacement of 16,200 lb (7,348 kg) and a substantial 6,200 lb (2,812 kg) of lead ballast, the Crealock 37 ensures stability and seaworthiness.

Offering flexibility, the boat provides a draft of 5.50 ft (1.68 m) with the standard keel and 4.92 ft (1.50 m) with the optional shoal draft keel.

Designed to accommodate up to seven individuals, the Crealock 37 features a versatile layout. The bow offers an angled “V” berth, the main salon provides a double and single settee berth, and the stern houses a double berth alongside a quarter berth. The galley, located on the starboard side at the foot of the companionway steps, includes a double sink, a three-burner stove and oven, and a top-loading refrigerator. The head, positioned forward on the starboard side just aft of the bow cabin, includes a shower. A navigation station is thoughtfully provided aft on the port side, and the vessel ensures ample below-deck headroom of 75 in (191 cm). Ventilation is facilitated by two cabin hatches.

For sailing convenience, the jib is sheeted to short jib tracks, while the mainsheet traveler and three winches are mounted on the coach house roof. Additionally, two primary jib winches are strategically placed on the cockpit coamings.

Length: 37″11′

Best Bluewater sailboats under 40 feet Lagoon 380

The Lagoon 380, a French sailboat designed by Van Peteghem/Lauriot-Prevost, serves the dual purpose of a cruiser and a yacht charter vessel. This versatile watercraft made its debut in the sailing scene in 1999.

The Lagoon 380 offers a flexible accommodation layout, featuring either three or four cabins designed for private use or yacht charter ventures. In both configurations, a spacious main salon welcomes occupants with an oval table and U-shaped seating. Positioned in the aft starboard section of the main salon, the galley is well-appointed, equipped with a two-burner stove, an icebox, and a double sink. A navigation station complements the galley on the port side of the salon.

In the four-cabin arrangement, each hull houses a double berth fore and aft, accompanied by a centrally located head. The three-cabin layout opts for a larger head in the starboard forward cabin while retaining the port side head. Maximum headroom reaches 80 inches (203 cm) in the main salon and 74 inches (188 cm) in the cabins.

Designed for optimal downwind sailing, the vessel can be outfitted with a 570 sq ft (53 m2) asymmetrical gennaker. The Lagoon 380 exhibits a hull speed of 8.05 knots (14.91 km/h).

Introduced in 2003, the S2 model brought forth several minor enhancements. Notable improvements included a more spacious shower area, enhanced storage shelving, a redesigned galley, and a double helm seat. While Katamarans.com acknowledges these updates, noting them as a marketing refresh, some potential buyers express a preference for the older models due to their increased storage capacity, superior interior finishes, and more straightforward engine access.

Best Bluewater sailboats under 40 feet Najad 380

One of our most triumphant yacht designs to date, the Najad 380 is not only an aesthetically pleasing vessel with well-balanced proportions but also delivers remarkable performance for ocean-going ventures. Crafted through vacuum infusion, the yacht boasts a robust and rigid hull, ensuring durability on the open seas. The interior is thoughtfully designed, featuring two sizable double-berth cabins, an expansive saloon, and a fully equipped linear galley, providing an exceptionally comfortable onboard experience.

Gemini Legacy 35

Length: 35′.

Best Bluewater sailboats under 40 feet Gemini Legacy 35

The Gemini Legacy 35 is a bluewater sailboat under 40 feet designed with a focus on stability, safety, and ease of handling. Its catamaran design, with a beam of 14 feet, provides remarkable stability both at anchor and underway. The hulls are constructed using a combination of fiberglass and high-quality materials, ensuring durability and seaworthiness.

The sail plan of the Gemini Legacy 35 features a fractional rig with a large mainsail and a self-tacking jib. The self-tacking jib simplifies sail handling, making it an excellent choice for sailors who prefer ease of operation. The rig design contributes to the catamaran’s overall performance, making it responsive and agile under various wind conditions.

The interior of the Gemini Legacy 35 is designed for comfort and practicality. The saloon, located in the bridgedeck, is bright and open, with large windows providing panoramic views. The settee and dining area are spacious, creating a welcoming and social atmosphere. The galley, positioned for easy access, is equipped with essential amenities, including a stove, sink, and refrigerator.

The catamaran typically offers a three-cabin layout, including a comfortable owner’s suite in one hull and two guest cabins in the other. The cabins feature double berths and ample storage, providing a cozy retreat for extended cruises. The Gemini Legacy 35 can comfortably accommodate a small family or a group of friends.

Length: 37″3′

Best Bluewater sailboats under 40 feet Tayana 37

The Tayana 37, originating from Taiwan, is a sailboat penned by American designer Robert Perry, initially conceptualized as a cruiser and first introduced in 1976.

Originally commissioned by Will Eckert of Flying Dutchman Yachts and C.T. Chen of Ta Yang Yacht Building, the design was later acquired by the latter, commencing production under the name CT 37. Initially labeled the Ta Chiao 37 and then the Ta Yang 37, the nomenclature eventually evolved into the well-known Tayana 37.

The interior configuration of the Tayana 37 is adaptable, catering to various rig options and individual preferences. In a typical arrangement, the vessel provides sleeping quarters for seven individuals, featuring a double “V”-berth in the bow cabin, a U-shaped settee with a collapsible dinette table, and a straight settee in the main cabin. Additionally, a pilot berth is situated above, and an aft cabin with a double berth is found on the starboard side.

The galley is strategically positioned on the port side just forward of the companionway ladder, boasting a U-shaped design equipped with a three-burner propane-fired stove, an oven, and a double sink. Opposite the galley, on the starboard side, a navigation station facilitates onboard navigation tasks. The head, located just aft of the bow cabin on the port side, includes a shower with a teak floor grating, complemented by hot and cold pressurized water. Throughout the interior, the trim and doors showcase the craftsmanship of teak.

The Tayana 37 embodies a timeless design that reflects both functionality and elegance, making it a beloved choice among sailors seeking a reliable and comfortable cruising experience.

Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40

Length: 38’6″.

Best Bluewater sailboats under 40 feet Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40

The Lucia 40, designed by Berret-Racoupeau and built by Fountaine Pajot , is a catamaran that exudes contemporary elegance. Its sleek lines, aerodynamic silhouette, and stylish curves not only catch the eye but also contribute to its impressive performance on the water. The use of cutting-edge materials ensures durability and seaworthiness, making it a reliable vessel for extended cruises.

The catamaran’s layout is optimized for comfort, offering spacious living areas both above and below deck. The main saloon is bathed in natural light, creating an inviting space for relaxation and socializing. The interior design reflects a modern and luxurious ambiance, featuring high-quality finishes and attention to detail.

Accommodations aboard the Lucia 40 include multiple cabins, each designed for maximum comfort. The cabins boast generous berths, ample storage, and well-appointed en-suite bathrooms. The vessel’s thoughtful layout ensures that every inch of space is utilized efficiently, providing a sense of openness and airiness.

Island Packet 370

Length: 37’2″.

Best Bluewater sailboats under 40 feet Island Packet 370

Designed by Bob Johnson, the founder of Island Packet Yachts , the Island Packet 370 boasts a robust construction that prioritizes durability and stability. The vessel’s design reflects a timeless elegance, featuring a moderate freeboard, a well-balanced hull, and a bowsprit that adds a touch of classic charm. The encapsulated full keel enhances stability and ensures a smooth and comfortable ride in various sea conditions.

The interior of the Island Packet 370 is a testament to thoughtful design and attention to detail. The spacious and well-appointed main saloon features a U-shaped settee and a dining table, creating an inviting social space. Rich teak finishes and high-quality craftsmanship permeate throughout, providing an atmosphere of warmth and sophistication.

Accommodations include a generously-sized owner’s cabin forward with an ensuite head, a comfortable aft cabin, and a well-designed galley equipped with essential amenities. The vessel’s layout ensures that every inch of space is utilized efficiently, creating a cozy and practical living environment for extended cruising.

Seawind 1160

Length: 38′.

Best Bluewater sailboats under 40 feet Seawind 1160

The Seawind 1160 is the perfect cruising catamaran combining the best of the 100’s of Seawind previously built and sailing around the world with new and innovative ideas to keep her light, fast and affordable. Easily sailed by a family, couple or single handed coastal cruising or offshore.

The Seawind 1160 has a spacious owners cabin in the port hull with a queen size island bed and plenty of storage. The three cabin version has an adjoining full size bathroom with separate shower and glass shower screen. The starboard hull has two double berth cabins with optional second bathroom forward and the fully open galley. You have everything you need and enough space to be very comfortable, yet the hulls remain streamline and efficient so that speed is not compromised.

With twin helm stations protected from the weather, all lines leading back to the cockpit and 360 degree visibility, they are set up to be easily handled by a crew of one or ten. The award winning trifold door system allows for indoor/outdoor living like no other boat on the market and is perfectly suited to the Australian climate.

Are you in agreement with our selection of the best 10 bluewater sailboats under 40 feet? It was truly challenging to choose, and we had to set aside models that deserved to be included in this list. If you have any suggestions, please write them in the comments.

Unveiled the new Lagoon 43 catamaran with side access

Yyachts launches first hull of new y8 model, hanse unveils the new hanse 590 signed berret-racoupeau, group beneteau: record full-year earnings in 2023, live your passion, subscribe to our mailing list.

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Reviewing the Best Sailboats for 2024

Eagle Class 53

Eagle Class 53

Catalina 22 Sport

Catalina 22 Sport

Oyster 745

For some, there are fewer things in the world that trump the sheer joy you get from enjoying some water sports . There’s something so surreal about floating in the middle of the sea, surrounded by water on all sides stretching out to infinity. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Now, if you thought the feeling you get onboard a basic motor-powered boat was exhilarating, you haven’t had the sailboat experience . There’s no better way to enjoy nature than cruising stealthily through the water silently, using nothing but the wind to propel you forward.

Now, that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you take in the majesty and magnificence of the sea.

If you’re in the market for a new boat, we’ve put together a comprehensive review of the best sailboats, as well as a buying guide to help you pick the right one.

The Eagle Class 53 is specially designed to deliver the high performance of a competitive racing beast to the recreational user. Its core is all-carbon and is capable of achieving top speeds of 25 to 35 knots in light wind conditions.

For a leisurely weekend cruise on the open water, the Eagle has a pretty spacious cockpit that’s outfitted with a hard-carbon bimini to keep the sun out on hot days. It offers plenty of padded seating and even comes with an onboard wet bar aft. It doesn’t get any better than that.

 Fast forward composites  →

● Has a carbon-fiber wing that can rotate 360 degrees ● Ideal for competitive and recreational sailing ● Hybrid wing allows for excellent control even in high winds

● The aft-helm configuration may impede the visibility of the opposite bow

You don’t have to break the bank to become a sailboat owner, nor do you have to settle for a used one either. You can get a fantastic sailboat that’s fresh-off-the-factory and fully-loaded with all the latest gear and boating accessories, for anywhere between $20,000 and $100,000.

The Catalina 22 Sport is a prime example of a swanky-looking sailboat that costs under $40,000. It comes with a retractable keel and is ideal for family racing. Its standard features include a roller-furling jib, fractional rig, in addition to an open cabin that has enough room to sleep a small family of four. It also comes with an efficient mast-raising system for easy launching.

● Great value for money ● Ideal for small families ● Efficient mast-raising system

● Interior upholstery looks a bit dated

Tiwal 3 (Best Inflatable Sailboat)

Tiwal 3

If you’re new to the sailing world, an inflatable sailboat might be what you need to get started. They are lightweight, easy to store, and don’t cost nearly as much as conventional sailboats do.

Tiwal 3 is a great option for both kids and adults. The hull is high-pressure inflated, making it almost as rigid as a regular epoxy one. It has a 56-foot squared sail that can withstand high winds of up to force 4 and offers a surprising amount of power for its mast height.

● Affordable ● Ideal for beginners ● Compact and portable

● Does not come with comfort and convenience amenities

Beneteau Oceanis 38 Weekender (Best Weekender Sailboat)

Beneteau Oceanis 38 Weekender

The best thing about a weekender is the fact that it allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to spend a couple of days on the water. The Beneteau Oceanis 38 Weekender is the perfect sailboat for this.

It comes with the option of a two/three-cabin plan, fitted galley, helmsman’s seats, shower, and an additional inside/outside table. The saloon and the master stateroom are separated by a removable bulkhead that can be installed to partition the space if you need more privacy.

 Beneteau  →

● Ideal for a family weekend getaway ● Beautiful interior fittings ● Removable bulkhead for added privacy

● May not be suitable for an extended stay

Marlow-Hunter 22 (Best Daysailer)

adventure 40 sailboat

If you’re not looking for a 30-foot plus sailboat with a galley and built-in bunks, then a daysailer is precisely what you need to hit the open ocean, enjoy a day out, and head back home when you’re done. The Marlow-Hunter 22 is the perfect daysailer for you and your family/friends, with excellent overnighting capability if you need it.

It has a big enough cockpit for the crew and can comfortably accommodate up to five people at any given time. Standard features include a laminated fiberglass deck and hull, twin bunks, a hydraulic raising centerboard, and non-skid flooring.

 Marlow Hunter  →

● Perfect for day sailing ● Has overnighting capability ● It is quite affordable compared to other sailboats in its class

● Sleeping quarters can get a bit cramped

Hobie Mirage Adventure Island (Best Multihull Sailboat)

Hobie Mirage Adventure Island

The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island is a multihull sailboat built for adventure. It has a built-in retractable centerboard that comes in handy to prevent lateral slip, and a 16-foot long vertically-battened mainsail to give you the lift you need to propel you forward.

You might also like the built-in multiple storage hatches for long days spent out on the water and the fully-adjustable Vantage CT Seating for extra comfort. Standard features include roller furling mainsails, ST Turbo kick-up fins, pivoting crossbars, and outriggers for added stability on the water.

● Easy to transport and launch ● Paddling option for non-windy days on the lake ● Molded-in rod-holders are perfect for anglers

● Not designed for very tall individuals, particularly when the sail is furled

Living on the water and cruising around the world is, no doubt, an exciting lifestyle. Now, unless you intend to sleep under a canvas tarp, you need to get a sailboat that has a proper cabin. The Oyster 745 is one of the best liveaboard sailboats we’ve come across so far.

Standard features include a spacious owner’s cabin, four double en-suite guest cabins, crew quarters, forced air ventilation, a flush teak deck, ample storage, large tankage, and lots more. It also has a Cummins turbocharged engine, which comes in handy during windless days.

 Oyster  →

● Spacious enough for a large family and small crew ● Excellent ventilation ● Has an engine for windless days

● Price is on the higher end of the spectrum

West Wight Potter 19 (Best Trailerable Sailboat)

West Wight Potter 19

If you’re looking for a small sailboat that you can easily tow from your house to the sea, the West Wight Potter 19 is the ultimate trailer cruiser. It offers exceptional stability and handling and looks stunning while doing it.

It is designed with a fully retractable galvanized keel, which makes it ideal for going ashore in remote areas. Standard interior features include four sleeping berths, ample lockable storage, main and lapper sails, marine cooking stove, sink, faucet, porta-potty, adjustable transom motor mount, and lots more.

 West Wight Potter  →

● Trailerable ● Plenty of comfort and convenience features and amenities ● Unsinkable design

● The hull has hard chines

J/Boats J/97E (Best Performance Cruiser)

J/Boats J/97E

If you’re in the market for a high-performance sailboat with cruising capability, then you’ll love the J/Boats J/97E . It is easy to drive, provides excellent handling and unmatched stability even in rough sea conditions.

The cockpit is one to behold. It has standard tiller/wheel steering, an open transom, and full-length seats with backrests. The retractable bowsprit comes with a spinnaker allowing you to get the best performance out of your boat without having to retain skilled crew.

It can comfortably accommodate 3-4 people in the sleeping quarters and has the option of adding a boom tent to further expand the living space.

 Jboats  →

● High performance cruising capability ● Excellent stability ● Ideal extended stay

● No designated owner’s cabin

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Sailboats

Sailboats don’t come cheap. So, if you end up buying the wrong one, well, let’s just say you’re stuck with it. It is, therefore, very important that you take your time and apply some logic to avoid regret later on. Here are the major factors you need to consider when choosing the best sailboats.

1. Size of the Boat

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the boat you need. Do you intend to be cruising in the company of friends and family, or do you plan to do it by yourself?

Will you have a crew with you when you embark on your sailing expeditions, or will it be purely for entertainment? Will you be living in your boat full-time, or do you intend to use it only on the weekends?

The answers to these questions will determine the size of the boat you’ll need.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Many first-time boat buyers often make the mistake of thinking that getting a large boat is the best decision since they plan to have it for decades to come. They look for one that will meet every single one of their present and future needs. Here are a couple of reasons why bigger isn’t always better when buying a sailboat.

  • Safety considerations – You require a substantial amount of skill to operate a large boat. If you’re not all that skilled and end up purchasing a big boat, you’re essentially endangering your life and that of the other boaters.
  • Learning curve – It’s easier to pick up on the nuances of operating a smaller sailboat than it is a larger one since the feedback you get is almost instant. This makes it easier to learn as you work your way up to larger vessels. The learning curve on a big boat, however, is pretty steep, and critical errors can cost you a lot more than you bargained for.
  • Associated costs – The rule of thumb to remember is: The larger a boat is, the higher its associated costs will be. Don’t buy a boat designed for the open seas if you intend to be using it on small bays.
  • Low resale value – There’s also the risk of buying a boat that’s too big, only to regret your decision a few short sails later. The unfortunate reality is – you might be stuck with it for several years to come since it’s quite difficult to sell large vessels.

2. Boating Location

Next, you need to think about is – where you’ll be boating. Sailing on Lake Michigan, for instance, is vastly different from sailing on the Atlantic. The same logic applies when boating on smaller rivers.

If the water isn’t deep enough, based on how far down into the water your keel goes, let’s just say you’ll be in for an unpleasant grounding experience. You need to pick the right vessel for the environment you’ll be sailing in.

3. Boating Experience

If this is your first-ever sailboat (or any boat for that matter), then going with a large model is probably not the best thing. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people who purchased boats that were too big, only for them to end up losing control of their vessels in the open water.

We recommend starting small and working your way up from here as you gain more experience.

4. Use of the Boat

We touched a bit on this in the preceding sections. But, in this case, we mean “use” in reference to your budget.

If you want to buy a sailboat primarily for entertaining, then you need to get one that’s large enough to host the number of people you intend to have onboard. Keep in mind, though, that it may be at the expense of certain luxury, convenience, and comfort features.

Likewise, you might find a sailboat with loads of useful amenities, but without enough space to accommodate the people who might enjoy them. There’s no point in buying a boat that comes with a kitchen and grilling station, but without enough room to accommodate the number of people who might enjoy fresh grilled fish. Or maybe you want a boat that only you will use – in which case you may prefer one with a comfortable and attractive cockpit for yourself, seeing as you’ll be the main person enjoying it.

Size generally trumps luxury when buying a sailboat. Then again – it depends on what you intend to use it for.

5. New vs. Used Sailboats

The other thing you need to think about is whether you’re buying a new or used sailboat. Each option has its own set of pros and cons. For one thing, buying a brand new boat means that it’s ready to hit the open waters the moment you own it.

On the other hand, buying a used sailboat means that you may have to make repairs and upgrades before you can set sail. You also have to think about the costs associated with such repairs and the time required to do all the legwork to get the right gear.

So, ensure that you factor in these costs when coming up with your boat budget. That way, you’ll be able to tell if it makes sense to buy a new boat versus a used one, based on the overall cost for each. Don’t buy a lemon that turns into an infinite money-pit all in the name of saving a couple of bucks.

What to Check for When Buying a Used Sailboat

If you’re going the previously-owned route, here are a couple of things you need to check for before you sign on the dotted line.

  • Deck and hull – Check that the deck and hull are dry and intact. If not, you’ll have to budget for repairs if you go ahead with the purchase.
  • Electrical work – Rewiring a boat is a very complex and expensive process. Get a certified electrician to examine the existing electrical work before you buy a used boat.
  • Engine – It’s always a good idea to bring a mechanic onboard during the purchase process just to make sure that everything is in excellent working condition. They are better-placed to give you a true picture of the boat’s existing state.
  • Safety equipment – Last but not least, you need to keep in mind that insurance service providers usually require sailboats to have a minimum amount of safety equipment onboard. If anything is missing from the boat you’re about to purchase, you will need to buy them, which will no doubt drive up the cost.

6. Recurring Costs

The recurring costs associated with owning a sailboat aren’t exactly cheap. Buying the vessel is only one part of the process.

You’ll need to pay for insurance, which is more expensive for larger boats. You also need to think about storage costs if you don’t own property on the waterfront. There’s also the cost of docking and mooring at the various locations you visit.

So, when calculating your overall budget, don’t forget to factor in these costs as well.

Research, Research, Research

When looking for the best sailboats, ensure that you do your homework. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for years of additional expenses, work, stress, and heartache.

Get something ideal for your needs and won’t take up too many resources in maintenance and upkeep. All in all, with the right sailboat, you’re in for one helluva ride! Any of the 9 best sailboats detailed in this guide are excellent options worth looking into.

In the meantime, if you’re in the market for a new pontoon boat, check out our comprehensive review on the 10 best pontoon boats .

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  • 40 Ft Sailboats

adventure 40 sailboat

40 Ft Sailboats Boats for sale



New Rochelle, New York



Category Sailboats

Length 40.0

Posted Over 1 Month

1997 BENETEAU OCEANIS CC 40 FT.Specs Designer: Groupe Finot - Armel Briand Keel: Bulb Hull Shape: Monohull Dimensions Beam: 12 ft 9 in LWL: 36 ft 9 in Maximum Draft: 5 ft 6 in Displacement: 18740 lbs Ballast: 5300 lbs Headroom: 6 ft 3 in Dry Weight: 18740 lbs Engines Total Power: 50 HP Engine 1: Engine Brand: Yanmar Year Built: 1997 Engine Model: Yanmar Engine Type: Inboard Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel Engine Power: 50 HP Perfect cruising boat Full cockpit enclosure 5 KW NextGen generator with sound shield (super quiet) 2 heads 2 air condition units Main / Forward and Aft Cabin New cockpit cushions Algae X fuel polisher Custom made bunk beds Xantrex Link Pro Battery Monitor Xantrex 40 Smart Battery Charger Fresh Water Tanks: (132 Gallons) Fuel Tanks: (53 Gallons) Flex O Fold Bronze folding prop Asymmetrical Spinnaker and Sock TV / Cd player Digital Fridge / Freezer Thermostat VacuFlush Toilet 35lbs. CQR and 33 Bruce anchors and rope chain Simpson Lawrence chain / rope windless 2 8D Gel Batteries and Separate Starting Battery Back up High Capacity Bilge Pump PHI /PSS Shaft Seal Accommodations Number of single berths: 6 Manufacturer Provided Description: The specification for the Oceanis 40CC: the design of an ideal long-distance cruising yacht for a couple, but with the capability of accommodating four or five people in the greatest comfort. Being on board a powerful, reliable boat that also has high performance is an essential part of the pleasure of cruising. The Oceanis 40CC's hull is remarkable for its long waterline, big volumes and efficient wing-bulb keel. As far as her construction is concerned, there are no compromises: the structural inner mounding, glued and laminated to the hull, distributes any stresses from the rigging and keel. This technology combines reliability and strength and also provides perfectly finished locker interiors that are easy to maintain. One of the principal advantages of a central cockpit is the incomparable safety derived from the height of the cockpit, which is surrounded on all sides. There is a step of the coaming on the Oceanis 40CC to make it easier to get up the two teak-covered bench seats in the cockpit. There is a wheel mounted pedestal in the middle of the cockpit. Genoa and mainsail halyards and the lines for the two furlers are brought back onto powerful stoppers that free the halyard winch, whenever necessary. All handling lines are to hand. The Oceanis 40CC's deck is totally logical, simple and efficient, with steps in the transom (standard bathing ladder), liferaft fixing point on aft coachroof, solid aluminum bulwark the full length of the hull, as well as an aluminum rubbing strake. The numerous opening hatches and Dorade vents are positioned in such a way so as not to impede movement on deck. The chainplates for the upper and lower shrouds, which are positioned right against the coachroof, also leave the side decks completely free for easy access to the foredeck for the sunbathing area and the electric windlass. In the interior, the warm atmosphere (cherry finish) on board the Oceanis 40CC is essential to a good quality of life on board. To starboard, the saloon table and the raised settees ensure a pleasant "sea view" from inside the boat. Opposite to port, is the navigation station: chart table with stowage, bookshelves, 16-function electrical control panel, and all the room you need for on-board electronics. In the forward cabin, your guests have a large double berth, hanging locker, many other lockers and an en suite head compartment. In the passageway to port, which runs alongside the large engine compartment, the Oceanis 40CC's galley has everything you would normally find in the best-equipped kitchens: freezer, refrigerator, double stainless steel sink with hot and cold pressurised water, three-burner gimballed stove and many cupboards and drawers. As for the master cabin, all the incomparable advantages of the centre cockpit in terms of comfort and space have been fully exploited: large double berth with access from both sides, vanity-desk with mirror and lockers, large hanging lockers and your own head compartment with WC and separate shower. The Oceanis 40CC is truly the product of in-depth study into the expectations of ocean-going leisure sailors. A successful marriage of classicism and modern technology. Equipment List Oceanis 40CC Specifications - Standard Equipment On Deck - Stainless steel stemhead fitting with 2 fairleads and roller. - Open stainless steel pulpit - Leroy Sommer 1000W electric windlass with up - down control - Self-bailing anchor well with twin opening hatches and eye bolt for mooring line - Bulwark surrounding the deck with teak cap - 8 anodized aluminum mooring cleats: 2 forward, 2 midships, 4 aft - Forestay chainplate with slats on the stemhead fitting - 2 chromed bronze lower shroud chainplate, 2 Beneteau streamlined chromed bronze shroud chainplates - Anodized aluminum identified fuel and water fillers - Stainless steel stanchions with two sets of covered stainless steel lifelines - Lateral opening lifelines - 4 teak handrails on coachroof - 4 dorade vents - Forward cockpit coaming for windscreen, rigid top or sprayhood - 2 genoa sheet tracks with adjustable cars - 2 genoa sheet turning blocks - Mainsheet track with adjustable car - 1 Lewmar 40C STO halyard and maneuvering winch - 4 Spinlock XL double stoppers for halyards and maneuvering lines - 2 Lewmar 48C STO genoa sheet winches - 1 Lewmar 40C STO mainsheet winch Center Cockpit - Hydraulic steering wheel pedestal mounted or on forward port cockpit bulkhead - Control panel on cockpit bench seat facade - Teak slatted cockpit benches - 1 winch handle box - 2 chromed bronze winch handles - 2 sidedeck lockers (one for propane bottle) - 2 lockers for mooring lines and fenders on transom - Fixing points on aft coachroof for liferaft - 2 - 18-12 S-S backstay chainplates - 2 - 18-12 S-S pushpit with 2 teak seats, closed by sheathed lifelines - Emergency tiller - Transom with teak slatted skirt - Teak slatted step in transom - Folding 18-12 S-S swim ladder with wooden steps - Cockpit shower -- Aluminum rubbing strake either side of hull Spars - Rigging - Keel stepped mast and anodized aluminum boom - Mast with main furling system - 2 sets of spreaders angled aft 10 degrees - Spinnaker pole - Partner fitting with articulated blocks for returning halyards to cockpit Standing Rigging - Stainless steel rigging: upper shrouds, lower shrouds, 2 backstays - Twin groove forestay with Profurl genoa furler - Lateral rigging with discontinuous rigging to first set of spreaders Running Rigging - 1 main halyard, 1 genoa halyard - 1 mainsheet with blocks, 2 genoa sheets - 1 maneuvering line for genoa furler - 1 line for furling main, 1 line for unfurling main - 1 boom halyard - Sails - Furling Dacron main - Furling Dacron genoa with UV protection strip Interior Accommodation - Cherry interior Companionway - 15 mm Altuglass sliding hatch - Twin wooden companionway doors - 2 cherry wood stained handrails - 4 molded wooden steps with anti-skid strip, on polyester engine cover - Hanging locker to starboard of companionway Salon Starboard - Nav. station - Chart table with chart stowage and molded wood fiddle - Bookshelves - Lockers - 12V, 16 functions hinged electrical panel - Hinged panel for onboard electronics - Large tool drawer - Drawers - Seat - Opening 15" x 8" porthole in coaming with curtain - Halogen lamp with independent switch - Red watch light Salon Area - Settee - Lockers along hull sides - Wood hull lining - Reading lights - Fixed 6'7" x 8" porthole with curtain - Vent To Starboard - Raised deck salon for panoramic visibility - Shaped settee with cushions with 5.5" thick, medium density foam and backrests - Salon table with stainless steel base - Lockers and cupboards along hull sides - Wood hull lining - Lockers underneath settee - Halogen lighting with independent switch - Fixed porthole 6'3" x 10" with curtain - Opening Plexiglas panel in coachroof 23" X 23" with curtain - Padded deckhead lining - Bookcase - bar Galley in Port Gangway - Antium work surface with molded wood fiddle - Twin rectangular S-S sinks - Chopping board over sink - Hot - cold water mixer tap - Foot pump for icebox discharge - Trash bin - 3 sliding vegetable baskets - S-S oven with 3 burner gimbaled stove and S-S protection bar - Cutlery drawer - 2 cupboards to port, lockers along the side of hull - Top loading 2 compartment freezer - fridge,with 12V evaporator - 2 opening portholes 15" x 8" in coaming with curtains - Lighting by halogen lamps with independent switches and fluorescent tube - Dust box Aft Owner's Cabin - Central double bed 6'7" x 4'11", 4.7" thick mattress - 2 symmetrical hanging lockers - Stowage space - lockers along side of hull to port and starboard - Lockers - Step either side of the bed for easy access - Vanity - desk with mirror - Wood hull lining - Padded deckhead lining - 2 opening portholes 15" x 8" in coaming with curtains - 1 opening porthole 15" x 8" in transom with curtain - 1 opening porthole in aft coaming 27" x 8" with curtain - 2 dorade type vents - Lighting from halogen lights with independent switches and reading lights Aft Owner's Cabin Head - Compartment molded in one piece to be waterproof and easy to clean - Marine toilet with polyester lid - Bathroom accessories - S-S wash basin with hot - cold water mixer tap - Mirror - Cupboards - lockers - Stall shower with hot - cold water mixer tap - Electric pump for used water - 2 opening portholes in coaming 15" x 8" - Halogen lamp with fluorescent tube Forward Owner's Cabin - 6'3" x 4'7" double bed, 4.7" thick mattress - Drawer and lockers beneath bed - Hanging locker - Wood hull lining - Padded deckhead lining - 1 opening porthole in coaming (23" x 18") with curtain - 1 opening porthole in coaming (13" x 7") with curtain - Halogen lamps with independent switches and reading lights - 1 dressing table with mirror and shelves Forward Head Compartment - One piece molded compartment for waterproofing and easy maintenance - Marine toilet with polyester lid - Bathroom accessories - Wash basin with hot - cold mixer tap - Shower - Mirror, cupboard - Electric pump for discharge of water - Opening porthole in coaming 23" x 18" - Fluorescent tube lighting Engine Compartment - Engine 50 hp diesel - Single lever engine control - Engine chassis integral with hull liner - Engine control panel in cockpit - Engine compartment insulated by lead foam - Space for generator in engine compartment - 53 gal. fuel tank - Fuel - water filter on fuel circuit - Stainless steel shaft protected by skeg - Triple bladed prop Electrical Circuit - 12V Electrical circuit - 2 - 125 amp batteries for service with circuit breaker - 1 - 95 amp engine battery with circuit breaker - 110V-220V 45 amp H battery charger - 12V 16 function Electrical panel with 12V plug - Options conduits - Overhead halogen lighting, reading lights and fluorescent tubes - Cockpit lighting - Navigation lights - Masthead light - Deck spot - 110V-220V shore power plug (specify when ordering) - Electrical panel 110V-220V (specify when ordering) - 4 - 110V-220V sockets (specify when ordering) Water Circuit - Manual bilge pump - Electric bilge pump - 132 gal. fresh water capacity in 2 rigid tanks with hull liner - Valves for tank selection - 11 gal. water heater run off engine and shore power - Pressurized fresh water unit with compression tank - 2 electric discharge pumps for showers Propane Circuit - Box for propane bottles (2 bottles) in side lockers with air vent (conforming to US regulations) - Circuit breaker Miscellaneous - Certificate of Individual Bureau Veritas approval - Maintenance kit - Owner's manual - Owner's briefcase. Oceanis 40CC Optional Equipment - Teak interior - Teak decks - Forward cockpit steering position - Lewmar electric 30EST maneuvering winch - Polyester coachroof dodger - Fixed davits - Engine driven refrigerator - Ardic heating with 3 outlets - Gennaker - Gennaker gear SAILBOAT IS LOCATED IN NEW ROCHELLE NY SAILBOAT IS ON LAND FOR WINTER STORAGE BUT IT CAN BE PUT IN THE WATER FOR POTENTIAL BUYER......

1988 Tartan 40 SD

1988 Tartan 40 SD

Annapolis, Maryland

Make Tartan

Model 40 SD

1988 Tartan 40 SD The Tartan 40SD, 'Nereid' is a 'sailing machine'. This fabulous Sparkman & Stephens design has classic lines, superb  deck & interior layout, she is built for speed and comfort too. This is the Scheel keel, shoal draft version of the T40, which allows the versatility of being able to gunkhole & cruise into shallow waters without sacrificing windward performance. Nereid has been used for club racing by her owners over the past 13 years and also as a family cruising boat on the Chesapeake Bay (see owners comments on performance below).  Many recent upgrades and ongoing maintenance by loving owners have kept her up to date and looking like a much 'younger' boat. Recent maintenance and upgrades include:New Carbon Fibre Mainsail (2014)New Carbon Fibre 155% Genoa (2013)New engine room insulation (2014)Lewmar Electric Windlass (2010)New Anchor Chain and rode - 75 ft of each (2015)Garmin GHP-12  Autopilot (2015)Garmin GMI10 multifunction displays (2011)Garmin 740 Chartplotter (2011)Garmin masthead wind, speed, depth, temp, barometer package (2011)All instruments integrated w/ NMEA 2000 network (2011)Standard Horizon DSC 580 VHF in cockpit (2013)Fusion Stereo (2015) w/ new cockpit speakers (2014)New Lewmar Hatch in main salon (2014)Solar powered ventilator in head (2015)Adler Barbour refrigeration (larger evaporator 2015) LED cabin lights throughout (2015)  and a LOT MORE!! The owner comments on performance: Nereid has a long legacy of solid competitive success racing in PHRF fleets on the Chesapeake Bay. She is a veteran of the Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race and numerous Down the Bay, Southern Bay R

2006 Delphia 40

2006 Delphia 40

Clearwater, Florida

Make Delphia

Category Sloop Sailboats

2006 Delphia 40 Rare, High Quality Fast Cruiser!   Be Sure To Watch The Walkthrough Video! This quick and agile performance cruiser is rare and hard to find in the US. The 3 cabin, 2 head layout provides comfortable accommodations for extended cruises; the rig and fine hull form also provides superb sailing performance ideal for blue water crossings. The cockpit is spacious and comfortable.  The deck gear is sturdy and well organized, with most control lines leading via clutches to a pair of Lewmar winches on the coach roof. The helm seat drops down neatly to create a walkway aft to the boarding platform. Side decks are slightly angled, helping you to negotiate them more easily when heeled, and the molded non-slip is goodwet or dry. The foredeck is spacious, making anchoring and spinnaker-handling hassle-free. The boats deep anchor well also houses the windlass, so nothing protrudes above deck to catch the bowman. Delphias raised saloon has large atrium style windows and hatches and follows a contemporary trend. The saloon is appointed pleasantly with teak, but without being gloomy, the headroom is 6ft 6in. There are numerous handrails to grab under way and plenty of stowage all round in deep lockers and bins. Both heads have generous headroom and are fully molded hose-down style units that are easy to keep clean.    Highlights include: 5'6" Daft Yanmar 40HP Diesel with Saildrive, less than 1000 hours  Side Power Bow Thruster Westerbeke Genset with 365 hours 12,000 BTU reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Two Vacuflush electric heads In Mast furling Mainsail All Lines Lead Neatly to Cockpit Request Information Call Now View Dealer Inventory

1989 Tartan 40

1989 Tartan 40

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

1989 Tartan 40 Remember the beautiful sailing vessels of not so long ago when Sparkman&Stevens was equated to gorgeous! Remember what boats were supposed to look like with fine entry, graceful sheerline, and trim transom, with a bit of tumble home in the round midsection. The Tartan 40 was designed and built in the late 80s as more of a cruising boat than her predecessor the Tartan 41 S&S designed IOR race boat! To this day, S&S vessels are the quintessential definition of beautiful sailing yacht. The Tartan 40 S&S design built by the old Tartan bears the pedigree. The Tartan 40 has earned a deep respect from sailors as a racer cruiser and, in our eyes she makes a fabulous coastal cruiser that can keep sailing when others turn on the iron jenny. If you are looking for a pretty boat that will turn heads and likely show her transom to a few other cruisers, you should really check this out. This is a boat that is fun to sail! With her fin keel she is responsive even in lighter winds; and as the breeze strengthens you'll appreciate her even more. She's got the displacement weight of just under 18K pounds with a keel centerboard and about 7600 lbs of ballast you'll sail nicely over the Bahama banks and deep into pretty coves here on the Bay. Sloop rigged with a tallish mast, well 60' and ICW happy. She has inboard and outboard jib car tracks providing the tight sheeting angles you'll need to point mighty high; This pointing ability along with the dandy centerboard is a delight when you are trying to get someplace. It's no wonder the Tartan 40 makes a great cruiser because she offers so much through all conditions. As a live aboard home, she's warm and comfortable with a classic teak interior that feels like a real boat. The two stateroom layout gives you all the room you need for cruising gear and guests. When you load her up, she just gets all the more comfortable. Our "Passion" is a sweet boat that is well maintained and loved like few boats. Her owners have enjoyed her for over 20 years and now with grandkids in the making they are ready for other things. Equipment: Specs Builder: Tartan Designer: S&S Flag of Registry: United States Keel: Full Hull Shape: Displacement Dimensions LOA: 40 ft 3 in Beam: 12 ft 8 in L

The Nicest 42’ Aft-Cabin Cruising/Chartering Sailboats - Located in Costa Rica

The Nicest 42’ Aft-Cabin Cruising/Chartering Sailboats - Located in Costa Rica

Make Gulfstream

Model Aft Cabin

Category Cruiser Motorcycles

Length 42.0

The following is from when we had purchased her just two years ago. She is Literally, one of the Nicest 42’ Aft-Cabin GulfStream Blue Water Sailboats Ever Built and in Absolutely Excellent Condition ‘Beautiful & Spacious’, Loaded with Extras including ‘Central-Air Conditioning’ and Costa Rican Flagged. A Perfect Business Opportunity She’s Completely Renovated and Fully Equipped for Live Aboard, Tourist Business or for Comfortable and Safe Extended Cruising She is ‘Beautiful & Spacious’ Inside and Out including ‘Central-Air’ Costa Rican Flagged and offers a Perfect Business Opportunity New Exotic Wood Interior including over $75,000 in Upgrades and Electronics Sailing capabilities: Offshore Cruising and without limitations. This GulfStream-42 is in Excellent ‘Ready to Go’ Condition. She only needs someone to Appreciate and Enjoy Sailing with her. Please see attached pictures for details. She is Flagged and located in Costa Rica, Certified and All Taxed are Up to Date. We purchased this Beautiful Sailboat last year from a local sailor with 20-years of extensive offshore sailing experience but since we have had little time to enjoy her, we have decided to let her go to someone who would appreciate her as much as we have and has more time to enjoy a Lifetime of Wonderful Memories. BOAT DESCRIPTION: COMPLETELY UPGRADED AND FULLY EQUIPPED GulfStream-42 'Center-Cockpit' in Tip-Top Condition. Central Air-Conditioning, 6'8" Head Room with 2 private cabins, Two Full Bathrooms with Private Showers. Walk-through Aft Master Suite. Costa Rica Registered and Flagged. Title transferable through a Costa Rica Corporation. Perfect Income for Tourism. Boat is in overall excellent condition and well prepared for extended blue-water or costal excursions. Electricity is provided by both Shore Power, Solar and her onboard "4.5kw Northern Lights" generator. Interior/Cabin: Central Air-Conditioning provided throughout with a Comfortable and very roomy 'Walkthrough' Aft Cabin Stateroom with private head and shower, Forward V-birth with Private Head and Shower with lots of head room. Enjoy watching Movies or local Television Channels from her ‘Sharp 26" 720p HD LCD Television’. She sleeps 6 with lots of storage, Universal Gas Stove/Oven, fridge/freezer, very Spacious Cockpit, Newly Painted Bottom and Deck. General remarks: All New Navigation Electronics including the INTERPHASE (1,200') Forward Looking Sonar, Garmin 5208 8.4" 'Touch Screen' GPS, Garmin 18" HD Radar. She is an Excellent Sailor, Very Comfortable, Roomy, Extremely Strong and Well Built, Well Kept boat. Perfect for Chartering, Single Handling or as a Spacious Family Boat. Sails: 1992 and in very good condition. DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS Description GulfStream built many designs but this one's tough to beat as an outstanding cruising design. Her cutaway full keel and skeg-hung rudder offers uncompromising performance between comfort and stability. She's ready to store your provisions aboard, cast off her lines and make way for an Experience of a Lifetime. Dimensions LOA: 42/00 ft/in LWL: 33/00 ft/in Beam: 12/00 ft/in Maximum Draft: 4/10 ft/in Displacement: 22000 lbs Bridge Clearance: 56/00 ft/in Galley REFRIGERATION/FREEZER: Adler Barbour 2.8A@12vDC STOVE: Universal SS three-burner propane stove with oven (LPG) with GAS ALARM SINK: Single SS WATER SYSTEM: Pressure SEAWATER WASHDOWN WATERMAKER: New and Never Activated Powersurvivor-35 Accommodations A very spacious, cruise-friendly, Live Aboard interior lay-out! Provides Central Air-Conditioning throughout. The Aft Master Stateroom has a full-width KING-SIZE BED with Private head/shower. The Forward Stateroom has a roomy v-berth and storage in lockers, drawers and bins. The guest head is to port. The salon features a H-shaped dinette and a spacious L-shaped galley to port and an adjacent settee to starboard. The navigation stations is center and to starboard. Engine ENGINE: 50Hp Perkins-4107 diesel, completely overhauled 1998 HOURS: 150 hours since rebuild. New April, 2012 Heat Exchanger SPEED: Cruising Speed: 6mph / Maximum Speed: 8mph Electronics CHARTPLOTTER: New Garmin 5208/GSD22 FISH FINDER: Sounder/Fish-Finder BlueChart G2 2012 Garmin Vision VSA002R South America West Coast BlueChart G2 2012 Garmin Vision VUS031R Southwest Caribbean RADAR DOME: Garmin GMR 18 HD 18" Radar Dome DEPTH/TEMP: Garmin B60-12, 12 Degree Tilted Element Transducer VHF: Icom IC-M80 & Garmin VHF 200 Marine Radio HANDHELD Uniden MHS75 New Submersible Two-Way VHF Radio SONAR: 1,200' INTERPHASE COLOR TWINSCOPE FWD LOOKING SONAR STEREO: Dual MXD50 AM/FM/CD Marine Receiver AM/FM/CD WIND SPEED & DIRECTION: Horizon Standard AUTO PILOT: Alpha Marine Spectra "Top of the Line AP" KNOT METER/LOG: Horizon Standard COMPASS: Danforth Constellation (at helm) Electrical ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 12vDC/120vAC AIR CONDITIONER: Mermaid 16,000btu Air Conditioner GENERATOR: 2008 Northern Lights Generator (710 hrs) BATTERIES: 3-marine deep cycle House Batteries - 2-Starter Batteries - Both New May, 2012) AMP HOURS: 100Ah each BATTERY PARALLEL SWITCH: (2) Yes BATTERY MONITOR: Sterling ProReg D Marine 12/24 Volt Advanced Regulator DOCKSIDE CABLE: 50' 30-amp INVERTER: Power Bright 1,500w (New May, 2012) INTERIOR LIGHTING: 12vDC ALTERNATOR: Powerline Series 25 - 120amp (+ Control) BATTERY CHARGER: Progressive Dynamics 40 AMP Marine Charger PD2140 OTHER: 1-250W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panel Mechanical Equipment PROPELLER: Three-blade bronze BILGE PUMPS: New April, 2012 (1) New Rule 3000 automatic RAW WATER SEA STRAINERS: New April, 2012 Bronze FIRE EXTINGUISHING: Manual dry chemical FUEL FILTERS: (1) Racor STEERING: Wheel, cable to quadrant FUEL SHUT OFFS: Diesel, LPG FRESH WATER COOLING: Yes ENGINE ROOM HEAT EXTRACTOR TRANSMISSION: Hydraulic Borgwarner MASTER TOILET: Thetford Tecma 'Silence Plus' Electric Toilet - (New) GUEST TOILET: Jabsco 'Manual' Toilet - Guest Bathroom (New) HOLDING TANK: None WIND VANE SELFSTEERING: None FIRE SAFE: (New) Sails & Rigging SAILS: 2-Main (extra as backup); 1-Genoa (Roller Furling); Spinnaker ROLLER FURLING: Hood 808-SL (New) TOTAL SAIL AREA: 691 sq. ft. MAST: Aluminum, keel-stepped STANDING RIGGING: SS wire (New) SPINNAKER POLE: (1) WINCHES: (2) Barlow-16 at the mast with Barlow-2 wire main halyard winch. Lewmar 48 2-speed and a single Barlow-16 winch. Deck & Ground Tackle ANCHORS: 45lb. Bruce; 45# CQR, 40lb Grapnel stern anchor TOE RAILS: FG LADDER: Folding SS and Plastic swim BOW PULPIT: SS ANCHOR WINDLESS: 'MAXWELL' (12vDC) ANCHOR TACKLE: Two Forward Compartments. Bay-1: 250' Grade-40 High Test Genuine ACCO Brand Windless Anchor Chain Bay-2: 90' Grade-40 HT ACCO Chain with 300' of 1" Rode DINGHY & MOTOR: 2009 9.5 Caribe-C9 10' Hard Bottom Inflatable with Evenrude 15-h.p. Outboard. Both serviced April, 2012 ANCHOR DAVIT/ROLLER: Double SS LIGHTS: Deck-mount Navigatin, Masthead Tricolor, Spreader COVERS & CURTAINS: Custom aluminum Bimini with full enclosure, cockpit and aft deck awnings LIFELINES & STANCHIONS: Double SS wire on SS stanchions DECK MATERIAL: FRP with integral nonskid BOARDING GATES: P&S Safety Equipment LifeSling Overboard Rescue System 7-Adult & 2-Children Life jackets Exclusions Owners' personal effects She's located in Costa Rica and Import as well as all other Taxes are Fully-Paid and Up-to-Date. FYI: Import Taxes in Costa Rica for Sailboats are 65% of their Book Value. We've Invested over $125,000 since owning her however,she could be yours today for only $109,000 Reasonable Offers Considered.

1981 C&C 40 Centerboard Cruiser/Bristol

1981 C&C 40 Centerboard Cruiser/Bristol

Daytona Beach, Florida

Make C&C

Model 40 Centerboard Cruiser/Bristol

1981 C&C 40 Centerboard Cruiser/Bristol PRICE REDUCTION!YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER 40' SAILBOAT AT THIS PRICE!!!IF YOU ARE READY TO SAIL TO THE ISLANDS, SO IS THIS BOAT! EQUIPPED AND REAY TO GO!This is your chance to own a RARE & GREAT C & C Performance Cruiser, Centerboard Sloop at a Great Price with TONS of NEW Items! PERFECT LIVE ABOARD!New NS Triple Reef Main Sails (2015)Bottom Painted (March 2015)Engine Serviced: Valves Adjusted, New Thermostats, New Hoses, Injectors Cleaned, Oil Changed, etc. (2015)New Raw Water Pump (2015)Storm Jib Brand New, Never UsedGenny Sail Re-sewn & certified with Sunguard (2015)Most Lines just replaced (2015)New Life Jackets (2014)New 8 1/2 ft. Zodiac PVC Dingy (2015)NEW West Marine Jacob Toilet (April 2015)NEW Macerator Pump (April 2015)NEW Cockpit Bimini (October 2015)

1979 Hans Christian 43T Ketch

1979 Hans Christian 43T Ketch

Napa, California

Make Hans Christian

Model 43T Ketch

1979 Hans Christian 43T Ketch This is a Hans Christian 43 Ketch built 1979 with extras no other one has: Stainless steel davit with restored classic, and California registered, 1970 Dinghy, GSM Booster, newly rebuilt engine (250h), AGM batteries with 60A battery charger, 2kW generator, two 135W Solar Panels and a wind generator (all new).   Everything in top working condition. Many new parts. Many spare parts. Hans Chrisitians tend to leak due to the screw down teak deck, therefore 1200 screws were replaced and sealed, and the caulking replaced; this deck is not leaking (typical replacement cost of teak deck is $1000 per foot of boat length). The plexi-glass in all hatches were professionally replaced with ½ inch thick safety glass and custom made hatch covers were made. A GSM booster with the booster antenna on top of the main mast was installed to have everywhere top 4G LTE reception. To have off-grid lasting power new 4 AGM batteries in combination with a 60A battery charger were installed. A portable 2kW Honda generator charges the batteries within 2h; you can be off-grid easily for an extended period of time with this boat and its Katadyn Power Survivor water-maker. All original invoices and service manuals are available. The Cape Horn Wind vane get you anywhere in the world with ease. All outside teak is not varnished, but Tung oiled (which makes the maintenance very easy). The boat is ready to be taken anywhere.   The boat is available to see in Napa, CA. Free delivery to anywhere on the US West Coats. I also consider trade for Trawler up to $350000 and I will pay the difference in cash. The Trawler can be anywhere in the US, Caribbean, or Mexico.   Hull Number: SXA300433310 Ship Builder: KING DRAGON YACHT IND COR Year Built: 1979 Length (ft.): 42.6 Hailing Port: SAN FRANCISCO CA Hull Depth (ft.): 7 Hull Breadth (ft.): 13 Gross Tonnage: 27 Net Tonnage: 24 Hull Material: FRP (FIBERGLASS)   Rebuild Engine 250h ($10000) New Water Maker Katadyn PowerSurvivor 40E New 4 AGM Batteries ($2000) New 60A Battery Charger New 2kW Generator New 2kW Inverter New Davit ($12000, for fully restored 1970 Dinghy) New GSM Booster New Navigation and Cabin Lights - All LED New Sail Covers for Main and Mizzen Boom New Solar Panel (Two Panels with each 135W) New Wind Generator New Oil Change Pump New Radio Antenna New Safety Glass in all Hatches New Propane Tanks (4 propane tanks) New Bilge Pump New Shower Pump New Fresh Water Pump New Faucets New Head (regular sized toilet) New Stereo Radio New Engine Gauges (all engine gauges and sensors are new) New Engine Oil & Oil Filter New Engine Belts New Mast Climber New Mattress Master Cabin

1976 Pearson 365

1976 Pearson 365

Fort Myers, Florida

Make Pearson

1976 Pearson 365,length overall (LOA): 37make / manufacturer: Pearsonmodel name / number: 365 ketch. Hull#20propulsion type: sailyear manufactured: 1976condition: goodlength overall (LOA): 37make / manufacturer: Pearsonmodel name / number: 365 ketchpropulsion type: sailyear manufactured: 1976Specs. Builder Bill Shaw Loa 36ft 5 in. Lwl 30 ft. Draft 4ft 6in. Displacement 17700lbsBallast 7300lbs Bridge clearance 46ft. Year built. 1976Engine. Perkins 4-108 40 hp. V drive, trans and engine gone through and rebuilt or replaced 2009. Accommodations 6'4" headroom8 opening ports with screens. New Foundmetals 20092 dorade vents2 deck hatches. Lewmar Ocean 20095 cabin fans. head compartment with separate shower stall. Raritan Elegance toilet. Stainless sink and faucet all upgraded in 2013. GalleyForce 10 oven 3 burner stove. Lp gas. 2010 2 alum tanks. Hot water 6 gal. Rafitan with heat exchanger. 2009 Sea Frost refrigerator with digital control Lots of storage and counter space.Sails and rigging. Original main sail and mizzen sail150 Genoa reconditioned in 2015Profurl roller furler 2 number 44 lewmar winches 5 smaller lewmar.Mast pulled and rigging replaced, rewired, new main mast step and mizzen mast step repaired 2012Mechanical Equipment 20,000 btu air conditioner with heat new in 2016Easy access dual bilge pump assembly with alarmsNew waste tank, pump, hosesWheel steering ElectronicsGarmin 740 with hd radar. Autohelm 3000. Garmin 182. Gmi 10 wind and dept vhf icom 502, stereo, binnacle mounted compass, lighting suppressors. Electrical 110v Batt. Chargers. Custom dc breaker panelBlue sea batt. Switch panel with auto charge combined Blue sea Ac panels. Balmar 110 amp altinator with maxcharge regulator. AirX wind generator silent wind blades Solar panels with emarine/blue sky controller. Deck and hull 35 lbs delta plow 80 ft chain 200 rode44 lbs Bruce anchor 40ft chain 200 rodeS/L sea tiger windlassDouble lifelines with gates stainless bow and stern pulpits Removable swim ladder This vessel is ready to cruise. professional repairs and refit have her ready for any adventure. Even has a fresh bottom job. Comfortable cruiser suitable live aboard. $38000

1984 Brewer 12.8

1984 Brewer 12.8

Make Brewer

1984 Brewer 12.8 This 42 Brewer 12.8 is newly renovated and ready to take you on your dream cruise today! In the early 1980’s, a group of 10 or so very knowledgeable yachtsmen whom had been sailing Whitby’s 42 went to Ted Brewer and had the boat redesigned. The design changes included substituted a cutter rig instead of the Whitby’s ketch rig, adding a Brewer bite to the keel resulting in a long fin keel with a skeg-hung rudder, adding a very well designed centerboard. In addition to the visible changes, the boats were re-engineered. The hulls are lighter and stronger, and the weight savings were used to increase ballast and stability. Today this same magnificent boat has been refitted with all of the modern technologies and amenities. MARATHI is ready to take your friends and family on the cruises that you have always dreamed of. The Navigation station has been completely redone using a Dell desktop computer as the control center to it all with use of the autopilot it is possible to sail the Boat from the Navigation station below deck, equipped with RATHEON 8002 Autopilot with remote, Raymarine RL72 24 mile radar, AIS, 19"Viewsonic Monitor- Chart-plotter, all linked to the Desktop below. Communication should be no problem with the SSB/Ham ICOM M802 offshore radio and the ICOM M502VHF with command MIC that is accessible in the cockpit. The cabin has all of the comforts of modern day and can easily support all of your electronic needs with 8 X 125 amp Trojan Marine batteries, a XANTREXXM 1800 power Inverter, 40 amp charger, 440 Watt Solar panels, powered by a 4.5KW MASE diesel Generator-with less than 80hours, will allow you to have the comfort of a New Webasto 16000btu AC with heating that will make your journey to anywhere very pleasant. A SEAFROST refrigeration system with a very large cooling stowage area will allow you to keep plenty of food for long journeys, with no need to stop frequently for water the 2 X 110 gallon water tanks with a 48GPD Water-maker aboard allowing you to make long hauls with relatively few stops. Above deck is equipped with all of the modern equipment that any mariner would dream of the cockpit is fully enclosed with a Custom 10' X 8' enclosure with new curtains, full Stainless Steel safety rails all around, electric sheet winches that will make tending the brand new Mainsail with Jibs that are in great condition an easy task, the dinghy hoist holds a brand New Zodiac WAVE aluminum floor dinghy with a 6HP Tohastu 4-stroke that will allow you to go ashore in the most remote of locations, anchoring should be no problem with the Maxwell windlass and 225ft chain the swim platform allows for the perfect swim in warm tropical waters. The engine compartment is equipped with a gently used YANMAR, 4JHE-TE 75HP engine with 1485 hours that has been well maintained, there is a 120 gallo

1993 Island Packet Cat 35

1993 Island Packet Cat 35

Placida, Florida

Make Island Packet

Model Cat 35

1993 Island Packet Cat 35 Another fine example of the Island Packet commitment to excellence, the Island Packet Cat 35 is the perfect Caribbean escape vehicle, with plenty of muscle in its twin Yanmar diesel engines you can count on when the wind is down, and lots of sail area to move the boat impressively when it's time to sail.    *** Unlike other Catamarans this boat will fit in most 40 ft. slips. ***  This boat is rigged for cruising in style. This catamaran has two identical cabins, one in each hull which contain queen size berths, drawers and enclosed shelf storage, and 2 hanging lockers and a small bench. The cabins are bright and airy, with one large hatch and two ports over the berth area and three ports and one hatch in the dressing area. Each head contains one hatch and a port in head and shower areas. Access to the engines is aft of the shower, with stand-up room and a locker that opens overhead for air and light.  The salon consists of a large wrap around windows that offers 180 degree views to the exterior. There is a dinette area forward of the galley with seating for 4. A wide shelf surrounds the salon area.  Within the past three years, this vessel has seen extensive upgrades and maintenance in the interior salon and galley area.  Features:  Prowell 3 Blade Feathering Props PYI Shaft Seals Roskelly/Olsson Tilting Dingy Davit Harken Jib Furling Westerbeke 7.6 kw Genset Sailtainer Mk2 Boom Furling Mainsail Magnum ME2012 2000w Inverter/Charger 100amp (new in 2012) w/ remote control Custom Handcraft Mattress in Master Stateroom OceanAir "Skyscreen" covers in salon Cockpit table seats 4 Full screen  & Eisenglass cockpit enclosure Bimini with eyebrows forward and aft Foredeck Sunbrella shade Heavy duty whisker pole Child/Pet safety screen (perimeter life lines) 3 anchors w/ rode 10' Dinghy with 5hp Nissan outboard included

1994 Catalina MK III

1994 Catalina MK III

North Fort Myers, Florida

Make Catalina

Model MK III

1994 Catalina MK III, The boat is prepared for the hurricane season with all sails and canvas removed. These are stored indoors. The boat is in the water, moored in a canal off of the Caloosahatchee River. Waterline length 25 feet, 10 ft 10 inches beam, 3 ft 10 inches draft, Tall rig model, 48 ft mast height, 10200 pound dry weight, Wing keel, Universal 25XP diesel engine, aprox 1980 hours.Deck and rigging: Sloop rigged, sails are in good condition, Flaking system on main sail, Main sail cover, Main has jiffy reefing plus a second reef point, no rips or tears, 150% Head sail is on furler with UV protection, no rips or tears. Boom vang, 4 self-tailing winches, Sheets and halyards run into cockpit, Two winch handles. Double lifeline around deck, Danforth binnacle compass, Wheel steering, 3 fenders, Large, wide bimini top, Bruce anchor, with 18 feet of chain and approximately 150 feet of rode, Danforth anchor with 10 feet of chain and approx 75 feet of rode, 30 amp shore power connection Radar reflector, Large shade canvas, Cockpit enclosure. Built-in Swim platform and ladder.Cabin area: 4 opening portholes, 2 hatches, Galley area with sink, Gimbaled propane stove with oven, Micro wave, Built in ice box, Hot/cold pressure water, Dual batteries with selector switch. V-Berth sleeps 2, port couch makes berth that sleeps 2, starboard couch sleeps 1, quarter berth sleeps 1 or 2. Enclosed head with sink and shower, Navigation station with light, Headliner throughout, Automatic bilge pump, Reverse cycle 16000 BTU air conditioning and heating system, 6 ft 1 inch headroom.Electronics: VHF radio, Ray marine C-80 GPS, chart plotter, radar and depth instrumentation. AM/FM/CD stereo with speakers inside and out, Smart battery charging system (from alternator), 1000 watt inverter, LCD TV, Dual battery charger (shore power), Auto pilot.Recent Upgrades: Fuel tank cleaned in 2013, Transmission overhauled in 2013, Bottom painted May 2014, New Bimini top in 2012, Partial upholstery replacement 2014, Replaced shaft packing 2014.Other: Burns about 0.7 gallons per hour at 2000 rpm, about 6.2 mph, Coast Guard required safety equipment, Two water tanks, approx 40 gallons total, 18 gallon fuel tank, Waste holding tank 18 gallons, Emergency manual bilge pumpPros: Dry cabin, No soft spots in deck.A great, roomy, well equipped sailboat for the price. She is ready to sail to the islands for your adventure.Cons: A generator is not installed (a portable Honda 2000 is available for $750). The galley ice box has a refrigeration system that is not operating, parts are included to make the needed repairs. The muffler has small leak. A new muffler is included ready for installation. $31900, 8657401429

2000 Caliber 40LRC

2000 Caliber 40LRC

Miami, Florida

Make Caliber

Model 40LRC

Category Cruiser Boats

2000 Caliber 40LRC Caliber sailboats are known for their strength, ease of sailing, comfort, safety and capacities.  The Caliber 40 is the mainstay of the brand with over 400 made and sailing around the world.  And the 40 LRC is a step above that.  With almost 200 gallons of water and fuel in a 40 ft hull you can go anywhere.  The owners have done just that.  Add to that the other features like solar panels, SSB radio, full electronics and davit/lift system, she is ready to go again. Located currently in Salinas, Puerto Rico, she is in the heart of the Caribbean.

40' Valiant Sloop

40' Valiant Sloop

Olympia, Washington

Long considered One of the Best constructed Sailboats, . This is a POST BLISTER boat with an impressive list of upgrades and new additions. Inside has separate shower stall,11 gal auxiliary fuel tank, 3 Blade maxprop, feathering prop, CQR Main anchor with 275 ft chain rod and lighthouse 1501 windlass

2000 C&C 121

2000 C&C 121

Easton, Connecticut

Category Cruiser Sailboats

FABULOUS 40’ PERFORMANCE CRUISER On Air is a sleek C&C 121 40 ft. sloop offering excellent performance with a roomy, comfortable cherry interior that will rival any 40’ cruiser. Maintained in Bristol condition. No expense has been spared in her upkeep and improvements made by her certified marine electrician/technician owner and numerous professional marine tradespersons. New main fully battened with Dutchman flaking system (2021), new genoa (2022), updated electronics, Head stay roller furling Harken 2E electric, new Balmer alternator 2023, new bilge pump (2023), interior varnish work (2022/23), Selden 87mm bowsprit (2022), 2 zone air conditioning reversible for cool and heat, new cockpit cushions and table, LED lights throughout. Please email me for a list of all specs and updates/upgrades as too numerous to list

1982 Tartan 42

1982 Tartan 42

1982 Tartan 42 Kintala is a special Tartan 42 in many ways. She is the Scheel shoal keeled version of this classic Sparkman & Stephens bluewater cruiser, with a 4'11" draft and a generous interior and high-performance tall rig (62'). Her owners have refitted her thoroughly as they have cruised, creating what is now the perfect tried-and-true cruising boat ready for you to take over.  Some highlights: Custom workshop with cabinets and workbench and elaborate parts and tool storage system  Transmission new in 2012 V-Drive new in 2012 Electronics new in 2013 Custom canvas and new upholstery  Many custom cabinetry features for excellent storage and comfort Cape Horn windvane LaVac Head Barrier coat and bottom paint in 2018 New headliner Complete equipment list: EngineWesterbeke 50 (orig)Hurth Transmission (2012)Walter V-Drive (2012)Michigan Wheel Marine 16R10 3-blade propeller and shaft (2017)PSS Shaft SealRemote oil filter system (2016)Electric fuel pump for bleedingVentilation bilge blowerNew throttle, shifter, fuel cables (2016)55-Amp API Marine alternator new (2018)Racor 500FG Fuel filter/water separatorElectricalGarmin GPSMap 441 (2013)Garmin GPSMap 541 (2013)Raymarine ST60 wind/depth/speedStandard Horizon GX2150 with AIS and DSC (2013)Icom RAM Cockpit VHF mic (2013)8D AGM Dekka battery (2013)Group 27 Dekka start battery (2013)3 Renogy 100 watt solar panelsBlue Sky Solar Boost 2000EXantrex Link Pro monitorRule 3-way bilge pump panelMicro Solar Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1000 watt (2015) with remote switchTrue Charge 40a battery chargerBattery IsolatorHeart InterfaceIncharge Alternator Regulator50 ft 30a shore power cord and outlet GalleyHillerange 3-burner propane stove and oven with broilerPropane solenoid switch in galleyNorcold 120v/12v refrigeratorHot-cold pressure water, Shurflo Revolution quiet pump, Shurflo accumulatorFresh water foot pumpDrinking water faucet, 2-stage under sin

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1990 MAKO 230 CC

1990 MAKO 230 CC

1997 Stoker 22' SST

1997 Stoker 22' SST

Clinton, IL

1974 Huran Explorer UTB 41

1974 Huran Explorer UTB 41

Fort Myers, FL

2004 Sea Ray 270 Sundeck

2004 Sea Ray 270 Sundeck

Kansas City, KS

2019 Lund 1875 Impact XS

2019 Lund 1875 Impact XS

2015 Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless

2015 Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless

New Orleans, LA

2000 Duckworth Silverwing

2000 Duckworth Silverwing

Kettle Falls, WA

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adventure 40 sailboat

Adventure 40

Attainable Adventure Cruising

adventure 40 sailboat

The Mission

The boat as it comes from the factory and after an ultra-short two week shake down cruise, will be capable of taking a couple with occasional guests around the world in safety and comfort.

She will also be a fine weekend cruising boat for those who have to keep working at their day jobs while they plan their escape.

Target Price

The target price is US$250,000 ready to go.

This price is incredible value but, if you think about it, most every boat buyer eventually becomes a boat seller. So when measuring the real cost of owning a boat, what matters most is the delta: the difference between what you paid and resale.

And the best way to assure a good delta is to build a lot of boats and create a brand, and that’s just what we intend to do. So the boat will be designed to appeal to a wide audience—the Adventure 40 is not a specialty expedition or high latitude boat.

Low Maintenance Cost

If you think buying an ocean capable boat is expensive, try maintaining one. The Adventure 40 will be standardized, simple, high quality, and have great equipment access, which means she will be substantially less expensive to maintain than other boats, new or used, even when you are piling the miles on .

Low Cost of Ownership

Guess what? We could probably build the Adventure 40 for even less than US$250,000, but we won’t. The reason is that what we are aiming for is low 10 year cost of ownership , not low sticker price.

Let me give you a couple of examples of how that works:

  • We could save several thousand dollars by going with a SailDrive. But what’s that decision going to cost you if the thing craps out in Fiji?
  • We could save some bucks by making the keel to hull joint less massive and “overbuilt” than it will be. But if we did that, and you are sailing in Newfoundland and hit a rock and the aft end of the keel drives up through the hull and the boat sinks…what’s that going to cost you?

Enough, you get the idea.

Someone new to the Adventure 40 concept could certainly be forgiven for jumping to the conclusion that the boat is a solution looking for a problem. After all, there are tens of thousands of used boats out there and scores of companies building new boats.

But the reality is that the vast majority of second hand boats will require an extensive refit to be ocean capable that will push the total cost way over the Adventure 40 price (even if the owner does most of the work him/herself) and take many years to complete.

Worse still, such a refit has an intrinsic Catch-22: It takes years of offshore sailing and boat ownership experience to learn what you need to know to perform, or even supervise, an extensive refit efficiently…and how do you get that experience without owning an offshore boat?

So what about new boats? Surely there’s a boat on the market already that can fulfill the A-40 mission? Well, no. The boats that are currently on the market are far too complicated and/or far too expensive; and most have hull forms, interior arrangements, and rigs that are simply not suitable for offshore voyaging.

That begs the question: if the market has failed to produce a good voyaging boat for a fair price, what makes me think that it’s doable?

Good question. The problem is not that building a boat with the A-40’s capabilities at the target price is that difficult.

No, the problem is the market, which has over the last 30 years metamorphosed into one that buys wide, overly light, overly complicated boats that are designed with one criteria in mind: cram the biggest fanciest interior and the most gadgets possible in a given length. Boats that by very definition are near useless, and in many cases downright dangerous, offshore.

Given that, what makes me think we can persuade people that the Adventure 40 is a good idea? Simple, we already have. (And when I say “we” I’m including you, our readers, and particularly all of you that have commented on the Adventure 40 posts.)

To date (March 2023) over 673 people are signed up as interested in an Adventure 40 with more signing up every week. And that before we even have a design finished, never mind a boat.

What The Adventure 40 Is

So exactly what is an Adventure 40? Well, to really understand that you need to read, or possibly reread, everything about the boat . But here’s the short version:

Seaworthy Hull

Above all, the boat will be seaworthy and by extension seakindly and fast. She will have a moderate displacement fixed fin keel on a comparatively narrow hull that will not pound going to windward and that will be easy to to steer both upwind and down. She will displace about 18,000 pounds and be about 40-feet overall .

Nothing, but nothing, will be allowed to compromise the boat’s ability to sail well, and that goes double for the interior arrangement.

The deck will be laid out for simple easy sailing offshore and will include a hard dodger for shelter and top quality blocks and winches for sail handling. In keeping with this simplicity, all halyard handling and reefing will take place at the mast.

The rig will be a simple mast head cutter with roller furling jib and slab reefed main. It will be fitted with a removable internal headstay and runners to further support the mast and carry a storm staysail.

Sails will not be supplied with the boat, but several pre-tested packages will be available from one or more sailmakers at advantageous prices.

The interior will be simple, quite traditional (because it works), designed to be safe and comfortable offshore, and likely be fabricated by a mass production furniture maker, probably from plywood covered with white Formica or something like that. There will be very few drawers and some lockers may even be closed with zippered fabric doors.

I hope that we will be able to afford some CNC cut and mass-spray-varnished wood trim to give her that classic Herreshoff style interior look that is so much more pleasant to live in than the dark wood cave that one sees so much of.

This is a mass production boat because that’s the only way we can hit our reliability targets at this price. So the hull will be fiberglass with scantlings strong enough to withstand years of hard use at sea and the inevitable groundings that happen in cruising.

Simple Boat

The boat will be equipped with the best gear money can buy installed to the highest standards. She will have everything that you need to sail around the world—great deck gear, reliable engine , bullet proof rig, vane steering—and not much else: no shore power, no refrigeration, no electronics. Before you head off round the world, pick up two hand held GPSs (one spare).

Customizable Boat

Want shore power, refrigeration, solar panels and/or a fancy plotter? Go for it. The boat is designed with a spacious equipment bay where you can install stuff to your heart’s content.

There will be extra breakers on the panel and hard points in the hull for extra sea-cocks. Cable running will be easy in large builder-installed conduits with messenger lines. There will be a well insulated icebox that can easily have refrigeration added.

This reflects one of the fundamental design focuses: the builder will provide the base infrastructure that would be difficult and/or expensive for an owner to install but the owner installs all the bits and pieces like solar panels and wind generator.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that you will have to spend months installing stuff before you go cruising. Like I said above, the boat will come with everything you need . In fact, you might even have a better time cruising if you don’t fill her up with a bunch of expensive gear to satisfy your wants .

Quality Control and The Standard Boat

Every detail of the boat will be exhaustively tested by experienced offshore sailors during a prototype phase. After that the production boat specification will be frozen.

There will be no options, none, zero, zip. However, you will be able to order the boat in any colour you want…as long as it’s white.

Seriously, this is the only way for the builder to hit the price point, make a fair profit, and build a reliable boat that can cross oceans right out of the box without years of debugging and frustration.

Not A Leading (Bleeding) Edge Boat

The Adventure 40 is all about reliability and safety. There will be no funky experimental hull form, or high-tech deep bulb keel. The only gear on the boat will be stuff that has been around and in general use on offshore boats for at least a decade and twenty years would be better.

There will be no un-stayed carbon mast and no hybrid diesel electric drive . If you want to experiment with new technologies and be a developer, that’s great, but it’s not what the Adventure 40 is about.

There will be no dealers. Marketing will continue to be via this site and sales will be direct with the builder.


Over time, a network of Adventure 40 Commissioning Companies will spring up, many of whom will specialize in installing pre-designed packages of gear into the boats. The builder will keep a web site listing of these companies and owners will be able to rate and comment on their experience with them there.

If this sounds like the boat for you, please sign up to be kept informed of developments:

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Mark Wilson

Here’s an interesting take on an Adventure 40 concept from a quarter of a century ago. It has has interesting ideas, some of which I know you have contemplated and rejected. I hope I am not breaking guidelines by ousting the link.


John Harries

I agree, a very interesting boat that I had not heard of before. Interesting that they went with a raised cockpit too. Thanks for the link.


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    Partytime—Priority 3. OK, let's get something out of the way. The Adventure 40 is an ocean-going sailboat with a cockpit that's primarily designed to be a safe and functional command and control centre in a potentially hazardous environment, not a party patio. If the latter is what you want, the Adventure 40 is simply not for you.

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    The Adventure 40 project could be called 'draw me a boat'. It is the fruit of the experience of a long-distance sailor who shares his vision with his followers. ... The objective is to produce an Adventure 40 at 250,000 euros HT, a boat with its sails, but little equipment. Still at the project stage, the Adventure 40 is also looking for its ...

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    I joined too, largely due to the Adventure 40 project. It is a really nice spin on trying to put a concrete answer to the seen-it-a-million-times "what makes a bluewater boat" thread. Each aspect of the boat was discussed in detail by some pretty knowledgeable individuals. It has been fun watching it develop.

  8. Adventure 40

    Assuming you want to own a yacht of an appropriate size for long-term cruising- say 12 metres (40 feet) LOA- you currently have four options: Buy a new, ready-to-go cruising yacht, often with a price tag north of $ 350,000. Buy a new day-sailing boat and upgrade it to offshore cruising standards. The basic boat may be under $ 200,000, but the ...

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    The Adventure 40 obviously misses that market by a country mile. Equally certainly, there is a market for EXISTING boats that are affordable for thee and me and others who still entertain our enthusiasm. But that market is not only not the target market for the Adventure 40. It is also glutted.

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    Location: Channel Islands, CA. Boat: 1962 Columbia 29 MK 1 #37. Posts: 14,216. Images: 66. Re: Adventure 40. Hmmm, yeah about taking that hard grounding claim, I have my doubts. It just reminded me of a time many years ago when our company was buying white water dories and a gentleman came by with his fiberglass dory for our consideration.

  11. The Adventure 40 Sailboat

    Thanks to the talents and hard work of member Scott Arenz, Adventure 40 t-shirts, pullovers, and sweatshirts are now available to purchase. Free. Things are moving along well and we are on schedule, here are the details. A project to create a safe, reliable, fast and functional offshore cruising sailboat priced at just $200,000.

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    The Adventure 40 is a reliable, safe, fun and great-value-for-money blue-wat… Maxime Gérardin needs your support for Help fund the design of the Adventure 40! Search. ... send a message to the sailboat industry in France, and especially to the prospective builders, ...

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    30. Swan 44. A strong, robust cruising boat built for high-seas, blue water adventures, the Swan 44 was designed by Sparkman & Stephens, and the yacht's well-known Finnish manufacturers, Nautor Swan, produced 76 boats in a production run that lasted from 1972-1975.

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    1985 Mariner 40. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price. Boats Group does not guarantee the accuracy of conversion rates and rates may differ than those provided by financial institutions at the time of transaction. Find Sail Mariner 40 boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld.

  16. Adventure 40 Reveal—On Deck

    And both add the risk of the tender getting loose at sea. In summary, the Adventure 40 is designed to have a reasonably sized inflatable tender, to be carried inflated forward inshore, and deflated and stored below for offshore passages. Phyllis and I did exactly this for 30 years, even though we had a 56-foot boat.

  17. Adventure 40

    Adventure 40. It looks like the Adventure 40 project is back on track. If your not familiar it is a desire to make a capable yet affordable cruising sailboat. $200-$250,000 is the target price with all the basics except instruments and solar. Morganscloud.com is the product of John Harries and is a wealth of information on all aspects of cruising.

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  20. Adventure 40—Introduction to the Specification

    Bottom line, the Adventure 40 will be a great boat for her mission, not a boat to please everybody. The two are mutually exclusive. Il semble que la perfection soit atteinte, non quand il n'y a plus rien à ajouter, mais quand il n'y a plus rien à retrancher.

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    Not A Leading (Bleeding) Edge Boat. The Adventure 40 is all about reliability and safety. There will be no funky experimental hull form, or high-tech deep bulb keel. The only gear on the boat will be stuff that has been around and in general use on offshore boats for at least a decade and twenty years would be better.

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