Motopanfilo 37M

  • Azimut | Benetti Group

B.Now 50M 0 - gallery vertical

Reduced delivery time. Customisable design. Steel hull and aluminium superstructure.

B.Now 50M 3 - gallery vertical

36 sqm of beach club to enjoy, with its unique access to the sea, the tenders and a dazzling array of toys.

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50 meter yacht verbrauch


50 meter yacht verbrauch


50 meter yacht verbrauch


50 meter yacht verbrauch

49.9 m / 163′ 9″

9.0 m / 29′ 6″

2.6 m / 8′ 6″

Benetti Interior Style Department

10/12 Persons, 5/6 Cabins

10 Persons, 6 Cabins

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Auxiliary propulsion system with electric engines working in parallel with main diesel engines.

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Sebastiano Fanizza [email protected]

Nicholas Bischoff +1 616 8013686 [email protected]

Marco Nuovo +1 954 7027819 [email protected]

Toby Walker +44 7788 925337 [email protected]

Christos Ramnialis +39 347 6224852 [email protected]

Batuhan Tarim +39 342 990 8408 [email protected]

Roberto Corno +39 334 6607395 [email protected]

Oscar Romano +39 366 6546171 [email protected]

Nabil El Jammal +39 333 3527508 +971 555524852 [email protected]

Peter Mahony +852 5190 0373 [email protected]

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Panorama 50

Panorama is the project of the new 50 meters superyacht of the Admiral fleet, flagship brand of The Italian Sea Group, global operator in luxury yachting, active in the construction and refit of yachts up to 140 meters.

With an elegant and timeless profile, Panorama is a made in Italy masterpiece in terms of shapes, lines and stylistic solutions, born from TISG’s collaboration with Piredda & Partners, which curated the design of the exterior and interior.

The “Panorama” motor-yacht, designed in steel with an aluminum superstructure, with its 499GT guarantees the ability to make long journeys in total safety. The design without visual barriers and the elegant fluidity between exteriors and interiors create a continuous and natural dialogue in all areas, characterized by large volumes and structural details such as the heights of the ceilings, large spaces and large windows. The interiors reveal a refined and enveloping atmosphere thanks to a careful selection of precious and natural materials, such as wood in light tones, stones and rough metals.

The Panorama superyacht can accommodate up to 12 guests, who can stay in the four large and bright suites on the main deck; in the VIP cabin on the lower deck, which can be transformed into a comfortable TV room, sided by a perfectly equipped gym area. The owner’s area on the upper deck enjoys an open view on three sides and a view of the private bow deck to relax at any time.

Technical Data

>builder Admiral - The Italian Sea Group

>naval architect Admiral - The Italian Sea Group

>exterior designer Piredda & Partners

>interior designer Piredda & Partners

>hull Steel

>superstructure material Aluminium

>loa 50 m / 164,04 ft

>max beam 8.9 m

>main engines 2x CAT ACERT C32 (1081kW @ 2100 RPM)

>generators Diesel Generators 2 x 125 KW 400 V 50Hz 3ph

>max speed 15.0 kn

>cruising speed 13.0 kn

>propellers 2 x FPP

>bow thruster 1 x 90 Kw 400 V 50Hz 3ph

>stabilizer 1 x system “Zero Speed”

>max guests accomodation 12

>max crew accomodation 10

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Work with us

Design & creativity, the headquarter, launched yacht, yacht model, cookie policies, safety and quality policies, t: +39 0585 6440 f: +39 0585 506250.

send your CV to: [email protected]

THE ITALIAN SEA GROUP S.p.A. Viale C. Colombo, 4Bis 54033 Marina di Carrara (MS) Italy

VAT 00096320452 Share Capital € 26.500.000,00 i. v.

50 meter yacht verbrauch

50 meter yacht verbrauch

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Sunseeker 50M Ocean

Motor Yacht

Sunseeker 50M Ocean is a custom motor yacht due to launch in 2021 by Icon Yachts.

ICON Yachts, the Dutch Master yacht builders are a custom superyacht shipyard located in the Netherlands.

Sunseeker 50M Ocean measures 48.35 metres in length, with a max draft of 2.10 feet and a beam of 9.25 feet. She has a gross tonnage of 499 tonnes.

Sunseeker 50M Ocean has an aluminium hull.

Sunseeker Yachts has been building highly-distinctive motor yachts since the mid-1970s, basing their range of semi-custom yachts on hulls evolved from racing and using the latest in composite materials and construction techniques.

Her interior design is by Design Unlimited1.

Performance and Capabilities

Sunseeker 50M Ocean has a top speed of 20.00 knots. .


Sunseeker 50M Ocean accommodates up to 10 guests in 5 cabins.

  • Yacht Builder Icon Yachts View profile
  • Exterior Designer Sunseeker No profile available

Yacht Specs

Other icon yachts, related news.

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Best sub-50m yachts

Published 17 March 2022

During 2020-21 the   Burgess brokerage team   has seen around 50 percent of all yacht sales in the 30-50m bracket, proving that it’s stronger than ever. We have seen both sailing and motor yacht sales increase, as former charterers take their first steps into yacht ownership and the privacy, yachting lifestyle and pride of possession that comes with owning a superyacht.

Many first-time owners will have  chartered a yacht   in the  Med ,  Caribbean , Pacific or  Indian Ocean , building a list of features they’ll look for in their first yacht. This size of yacht also gives charterers a chance to experience the multi-faceted aquatic lifestyle. Whether your interest is in motor yachts or sailing yachts, a charter on the other type of yacht can give you a taster of what ownership would be like before you invest.

If you’re looking to buy a sailing yacht over 50m, the choice is rather narrow with shipyards like Baltic, Royal Huisman and Vitters being the obvious ones. Below 50m, however, your options increase both in terms of the styles and the number of sailing yachts available.

Recent circumstances have driven an increased interest in yacht ownership, and if you’re considering the joys of owning a superyacht, we are here to help.

What are the benefits of a sub-50m yacht?

There are many benefits to owning a sub-50m yacht, smaller bills being the most obvious. But it’s not just cost. Sub-50 metre yachts tend to have a more personal feel to them and they are easier to operate with fewer crew members. Their size is ideal for romantic getaways and also for island hopping – you get to explore anchorages and harbours that larger yachts simply cannot visit.

Sub-50m yachts have shallower draft so can explore more widely in places with shallow waters like The Bahamas

Many yachts in the 30-50m size bracket are semi-custom models, or built on a standard platform. They usually have a GRP hull and superstructure which makes them lighter and more economical to buy, run and service. There’s less inherent risk involved in buying from a selection of well-known models rather than choosing from a shortlist of full custom builds. Benetti, Custom Line, Overmarine, Sunseeker and Westport are just a few of the shipyards that build a series of yachts with the same hull under 50m.

The latest designs have clever ways of expanding available space. This 40m yacht has a swim platform comparable to that of a 60m yacht

The cost of refitting, restyling or renovating a 30-50m yacht also tends to be much lower than it is for a larger vessel. This can offer a new owner a unique opportunity to buy a yacht and make it their own from the start, at the fraction of the cost of a new custom build.

Lower cost of operation

Yachts between 30-50m are more cost-efficient to run than larger yachts – their running costs per metre are proportionally lower. A 30m (98.4ft) yacht can have annual running costs of around GBP 800,000 whereas a yacht twice the length can cost three times as much to run. Generally speaking, as it depends on the type of yacht, her age and condition and so on, for every 10m increase in length, the annual costs tend to increase by around GBP 500,000 until it reaches 60m. Upwards from there it increases by around GBP 750,000 per 10m.

A sub-50m yacht delivers all the benefits of the yachting lifestyle but on a more manageable budget

Larger yachts burn more fuel, not only for propulsion but for power generation too. More space, cabins and guests all require larger air conditioning units and higher hotel system loads which must all be accounted for. A 30m (98.4ft) yacht and a 45m (147.6ft) yacht may have similar fuel costs with perhaps GBP 10,000-GBP 20,000 difference but increase the size of yacht to between 45-60m (147.6-196.8ft) and the increase could be GBP 60,000-GBP 90,000.

A smaller yacht needs a smaller crew, reducing costs further

Crew numbers and their costs also increase disproportionately with the size of yacht. A typical 30m yacht might have a crew of five with the total cost of salaries under GBP 200,000. A 40m yacht might have a crew of eight which more than doubles the salary costs to around GBP 500,000, while on a 50m yacht, one could expect 11 crew costing GBP 600,000 a year. But increase the yacht’s length overall by 10m more, to a 60m yacht, and a crew of 14 could bring the crew salaries to around GBP 900,000.

More environmentally friendly

For the environmentally-minded owner, a 30-50m yacht is better. Fewer raw materials are used in the yacht’s production, and fuel consumption for propulsion and power generation is lower too. Hotel loads can be managed by larger battery banks, rather than constant power generation. A sailing yacht is the ultimate eco-friendly yacht, offering a way to cruise far and wide with a reduced environmental footprint, retaining a luxury lifestyle without burning hundreds of gallons of diesel.

Sailing yachts use a fraction of the fuel motor yachts do

Yachts of any type in the 30-50m range also lend themselves well to shorter, eco-friendlier trips, using less fuel. Harbour berths too are easier to come by; rather than launching the tender and running it back and forth, you can simply step ashore of an evening. You can also cruise and holiday with fewer guests, without the guilt of transporting empty cabins and the staff needed to serve non-existent visitors. Fewer people on board reduces the carbon footprint of guests travelling to the yacht as well as fuel consumption while on board. All this is good for the planet.

Get the best of both worlds when cruising and docking

Larger motor yachts have a cruising speed of around 10-15 knots. Many 30m yachts will happily cruise at between 20-30 knots with maximum speed at 30 knots or above. Being faster, many sub-50m yachts can travel twice as far in a day, giving a greater variety of destinations and options for you and your guests.

Performance yachts are great for island hopping because you can visit more of them in the time available, but fuel costs will be higher than a displacement yacht

Whether you spend the night in a harbour or an anchorage, a 30-50m yacht can offer an excellent lifestyle and on board experience. Larger yachts lend themselves better to out-of-port life; touch-and-go helipads make transfers easier, but not being able to fit a large yacht into a harbour makes shopping or sightseeing visits dependent on transfer by tender. Sub-50m yachts, on the other hand, can usually find a berth in port. Entering and leaving ports is less problematic in smaller yachts and port operations procedures can often be achieved in half the time, maximising your time at sea.

Perfect for island hopping

The versatility of 30-50m yachts makes them the best choice if you like to keep on the move and explore different islands and anchorages. A beach picnic ashore on one secluded sandy bay for lunch, a different west-facing beach for an evening barbecue to watch the sun sink below the horizon.

Faster yachts let you get to the best anchorages first - and closer to the shore

A faster cruising speed enables your captain to get to remote bays before larger yachts, enabling your crew to choose the best location for the day’s activities – before the larger yachts arrive. As we mentioned, port operations in a smaller yacht are easier and quicker so more time is available to do what you enjoy on board.

More intimate than larger yachts

There is much to be said for larger yachts, but rarely do they have the same friendly feel as a 30m yacht , which is perfect for a romantic getaway with your partner or an intimate cruise with family or friends. More space is not always a good thing. Whether you want to relax in the saloon as a family or have a romantic meal for two on the sun deck it’s wonderful to have the secluded feel of your yacht without feeling overwhelmed by space.

You're better connected to friends and family on a sub-50m yacht, you're not going to lose each other

Sub-50m yachts are far more inclusive. You’ll hear a giggle from your children or the laughter from your guests in the beach club – you don’t miss out on what’s happening on board. You do, however, still have plenty of private space on a 30-50m yacht to be alone if you want to or need to. You have the choice.

A larger market should you choose to charter or sell

The sub-50m sector is also an evergreen market, it’s popular with owners as a way of experiencing the yachting lifestyle without the financial commitment of commissioning a large, full custom superyacht. As such, when the time comes to sell your 30-50m yacht, you know there will be people in the position you are in now, those looking to buy the most popular size of yacht for the first time.

There will always be a bigger market for 30-50m yachts than those of 50m-plus

It’s also a buoyant sector for charter. If you wish to offset some of the cost of ownership, more charterers are looking for this size of motor yacht or sailing yacht than for yachts above 50m.

Best sub-50m motor yachts

While yachts around the 30m mark are faster, the 40-50m market   offer many of the benefits of the smaller yachts but with much more interior volume. Volume is measured in Gross Tonnage, one gross ton being 100 cubic feet or 2.8 cubic metres. A typical 30m yacht may have a volume of around 150GT, but 40m yacht may have a volume of 350GT. Increase the length to 45m and you could have closer to 500GT. For a small increase in overall length the owner gets a lot more usable space inside.

The 45m SUNONE has an internal volume of 491GT

For private use: BASH IV

50 meter yacht verbrauch

The 49.9m (163.7ft) BASH IV features the famous 165 line second hull

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Spacious cinema room with seating for 10 guests

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Tender garage to store toys and tenders during passage

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Interior and exterior designed by Stefano Righini

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Full beam owner’s suite with forward facing king-sized bed

BASH IV is a 49.9m (163.7ft) motor yacht, built with the second hull of the renowned Mungusta 165 line and the construction of a 2007 Overmarine, blends elegance, space and speed. Undergoing a refit in 2015, her stylish and modern interior and external design is the work of Stefano Righini. A serviced and maintained yacht to the highest standards, only used privately, she offers sophisticated and contemporary accommodation for 10 guests, including full beam owner’s suite.

With her bar, relaxed lounge seating and recently upgraded entertainment system, transforms the large open plan main deck into the perfect space for socialising. BASH IV provides a high level of privacy with guest accommodation being only accessible via a staircase aft of the wheelhouse.

The entertainment doesn’t stop on the main deck, she features a special and unique cinema room on the lower deck, big enough to accommodate those on board for movie evenings. BASH IV also has a flybridge with a beautiful dining area; and a tender garage that holds a 6m Castoldi Jet tender and two Sea-Doo RXT jetskis.

BASH IV offers the smart investor a compelling package and an excellent pedigree. Her seaworthiness is proven, and she recorded a comfortable range of 700nm. Registering remarkable top speeds of 38 knots and cruises at 30 knots, powered by triple 3,650hp MTU engines with low hours.

For nights under the stars: PRINCESS ANNA

50 meter yacht verbrauch


The 44.8m (147ft) PRINCESS ANNA post multi-million-dollar refit

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Full beam double berth owner’s suite on the main deck

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Multi-use main deck piano lounge aft

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Expansive sun deck inclusive of oversized jacuzzi and full wet bar

PRINCESS ANNA is a 44.8m (147ft) tri-deck motor yacht constructed in composite by Italian shipyard Intermarine in accordance with ABS classification and commercial compliance. Delivered in 2002, she is just out of the dock from a major multi-million-dollar refit, including a fresh new interior, a state-of-the-art AV system, new appliances, refurbished teak decks and new tender and toys. A meticulously maintained yacht, used to charter the Bahamas year-round, she offers comfortable accommodation for 10 guests, including full beam owner’s suite with large walk-in wardrobe.

The focal point of PRINCESS ANNA’s fantastic layout is the expansive guest deck spaces and numerous lounging areas. Her spacious and inviting sun deck equipped with sun loungers, full wet bar, oversized jacuzzi and cinema screen for movie nights under the stars. She celebrates the outdoor living environment on the bridge deck aft with al fresco dining.

She exhibits bright and warm luxury interiors with several entertainment areas throughout with a sky lounge inclusive of games tables, large TV screen and portside sit-up bar. The multi-use main deck furnished with formal dining and media lounge including a 100 in HD TV for the full cinema experience. Aft deck lounge accessible via sliding glass doors leads down to a swim platform and tender garage, with two of the four tenders being a 9.1m (36ft) Cigarette chase and 5m (16ft) Castoldi jet.

Powered by twin 1,350hp Caterpillar diesel engines, PRINCESS ANNA has a cruising speed of 12 knots, a top speed of 16 knots and a transatlantic range of 3.850nm a passage she has made 18 times and counting. Upon arrival, naiad fin stabilisers guarantee comfort and stability.  

For exceptional outdoor areas: MUCHOS MAS

50 meter yacht verbrauch

This 43.9m (144ft) yacht is a guest favourite on the charter market

50 meter yacht verbrauch

The sun deck has an eye-catching jacuzzi with waterfall feature, bar, BBQ, TV, dayhead - everything guests need for the day

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Lounging on the main deck aft with the yacht's inside-outside bar to the left. The transom folds down to reveal the beach club and create a large swim platform

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Looking aft across the main saloon from the formal dining area

50 meter yacht verbrauch

The master suite's two-person Vichy shower gets dappled natural light from a skylight in the foredeck jacuzzi, one of two on board

The composite-hulled 43.9m (144ft)  MUCHOS MAS has some special open-air spaces that make her stand out. It is the way the outdoor areas on MUCHOS MAS are linked and yet individual which sets her apart. She was built to Lloyd's classification by Crescent Custom Yachts, Canada, in 2016 and is offered for sale in excellent condition.

On the sundeck, there is a large jacuzzi forward with a waterfall next to a sit-up bar. Opposite is a large sunpad, while aft is a large wet bar and BBQ. There is a gym space under the hardtop and a boat deck astern that converts to a sun lounger area. Steps forward of the bar to port lead to the foredeck where there’s a comfortable Portuguese bridge lounge and a second jacuzzi, forward facing seating and sunpads.

Steps aft of the sun deck lead to the aft bridge deck. This has a formal al fresco dining area and relaxed seating, while glass balustrades give uninterrupted views. Steps lead down to the main deck aft. There is an inside-outside bar at the entrance to the saloon, with sunpads and banquette seating around a table aft. Steps either side lead down to the beach club.

MUCHOS MAS can sleep 11 guests in five cabins. The lower deck has four double cabins, two convert into a twin cabin arrangement and the aft two cabins can be joined to create a full-beam VIP suite with a private lounge. Her exterior and interior were designed by Jonathan Quinn Barnett and his tasteful use of burl walnut, grey tweed and white oak give her a sophisticated elegance throughout.

Best sub-50m sailing yachts

The sub-50m sailing yacht sector has possibly the largest variety of any of the superyacht segments. Whether you seek a traditional sailing yacht or a stylish modern yacht that can be raced, there is something for everyone. Here are three to look out for:

For award-winning qualities: ANTARA

50 meter yacht verbrauch

46.3m (151.9ft) motor sailing ketch built by renowned Perini Navi

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Exceptional comfort and relaxation due to extended flybridge, jacuzzi and large sunpads

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Divided main deck exhibiting large windows, forward dining/bar area and formal saloon

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Aft cockpit shaded by overhang featuring a bar forward and informal lounge

The 46.3m (151.9ft)  ANTARA is a highly accomplished motor sailing ketch built and designed by the renowned Perini Navi. She holds a host of podium finishes at various regattas such as St Barths Bucket, Palma, Superyacht Cup, and Perini Navi Cup. Initially delivered in 1991 she has benefitted from multiple comprehensive refits with nearly every aspect of her machinery, interior and exterior upgraded.

She can accommodate 10 guests in four spacious satin-finished teak cabins with the VIP cabin featuring a queen-sized berth with Italian carrara marble en suite. Full-beam owner’s suite with new steam shower and cleverly concealed private gym with weights and stationary bike.

Her large and open flybridge equipped with lounge seating, spiralling staircase and jacuzzi surrounded by large sunpads. ANTARA’s shaded aft cockpit features informal lounging, bar and open-air dining aft featuring a curved banquette aft perfect for entertaining. Walkaround sidedecks lead to a versatile foredeck space where the yacht tenders are stowed during passage. Steps either side lead to the main deck aft where a new swim platform extends from the transom for swimming.

Naturally lit, bright and cosy main deck features large windows and divided into the forward dining/bar and formal saloon aft, separated by a raised pilothouse. The is equipped with a large coffee table surrounded by several armchairs and two large sofas. A 50in TV is concealed behind retractable artwork on the forward wall. The yacht’s Creston controlled AV systems and surround sound are both controlled by iPads.

ANTARA is a relentlessly well maintained and upgraded yacht with twin 640hp MTU diesel engines, reaching a top speed of 12.5 knots and a range of 3,500nm at her cruising speed of 10 knots.

For comfort and charm: NORFOLK STAR

50 meter yacht verbrauch


Expensively refitted and Lloyd's classed, this 37m (121.4ft) Perini Navi is in turn-key condition

50 meter yacht verbrauch

A huge sun lounge aft of the large guest cockpit

50 meter yacht verbrauch

All set up for al fresco dining and lounging

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Wraparound views in the deck saloon

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Formal dining and a lounge in the main saloon

This 37m (121.4ft) pedigree sailing ketch  NORFOLK STAR , designed and built by renowned Italian shipyard Perini Navi, is in superb condition having recently undergone a multi-million euro refit in 2020, as well as her five-year Lloyd's survey. This included a new main engine, two new generators, PLC system, Inmarsat VSAT dome, 505 Williams jet tender, Doyle sails and Reckmann rigging.

The interior and exterior furnishings have been recovered, all surfaces and marble has been professionally cleaned and coated. The teak decks have also been professionally sanded. No expense has been spared to bring this yacht to market in pristine order for a new owner. On deck, the main cockpit is split into two areas: lounge and dining. Both can comfortably sit up to eight people. Immediately behind the shaded cockpit is a large sunbathing area. Down below, NORFOLK STAR's bright deck saloon has panoramic views. Her interior is finished in cherry wood, and the large hull portholes give the interior a particularly light and airy feel. From the deck saloon steps forward lead to the main saloon and formal dining area.

This yacht offers a family-friendly layout with accommodation for up to seven guests. On the lower deck, the full-beam owner's suite is aft with walk-in wardrobe, en suite bathroom with bath, plus a separate study. Next door are two twin cabins, also en suite, one of which has an additional berth. Once aboard, NORFOLK STAR looks after her guests with Samsung LED TVs and Creston Control AV System. At anchor, the boarding ladder drops into place on the starboard side, and all the watertoys come out and under power her 550hp engine gives her a range of over 3,000nm at 11.4 knots.

For the perfect combination of luxury and space: WALLY LOVE

50 meter yacht verbrauch

An iconic 30.5m (100ft) Wally sailing yacht by German Frers

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Large comfortable cockpit and trademark ‘sea terrace’

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Skylights and hullports deliver more light and seated sightlines for guests

50 meter yacht verbrauch

Owner’s suite with two oversized single beds that when converted create one hug king-sized double

The carbon fibre 30.5m (100ft) Bermuda-rigged sailing yacht  WALLY LOVE was delivered by Italian sailing superyacht titan Wally Yachts in 2007. She has recently come out of a refit that saw a whole host of mechanical and technical upgrades and a fresh Piano Black painted hull. A meticulously maintained and pristine condition yacht with long standing crew.

Designed by German Frers the master of combining sparkling performance with sleek looks and fine comfort, with the yard’s in-house team responsible for her clean and contemporary interiors. The family-friendly guest cockpit leads to the lower deck accommodation that can accommodate eight guests in three cabins and a forward owner’s suite.

WALLY LOVE’s expansive and versatile foredeck is easily accessed via the sidedecks, allows for relaxation and entertainment at anchor. Featuring a large comfortable cockpit and lowered terrace on the sea aft, swim platform with hand shower and steps down into the water and main deck.

Her toy locker exhibits a Novamarine 460 guest tender with 40hp outboard, three SUPs and two Seabobs. The 325hp engine propels a folding Gori prop, giving her a top speed of 12.5 knots and a cruising speed of 10.5 knots in calm conditions.

To find out more about Burgess’ yachts for sale and yachts for charter , please contact a Burgess broker . Alternatively, get in touch with one of our offices directly: London , Monaco , New York , Miami , Singapore or all other locations .

- Yachts, prices and availability are correct at the time of publication.

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50 meter yacht verbrauch

Charter RUYA

Remaining summer availability in the West Mediterranean

Huge sun deck with bar, BBQ, open-air jacuzzi and gym equipment for morning workouts

50 meter yacht verbrauch


Available from July onwards in the West Mediterranean

Lovely family yacht with great deck spaces, a large sunpad on aft and forward sunloungers

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23 50m yachts for charter.

Reserve your 160ft (50m) superyacht in the Med or the Caribbean with Northrop & Johnson and appreciate a yacht built by the best shipyards in the world. A 50-meter yacht charter offers a stunning private vacation with family and friends, and a dedicated crew to meet your needs.

Sorry, there were no results found for your search.

Northrop & Johnson has the best selection of yachts at 50 meters (164ft). Benettis , Westports , Mangustas, Deltas, a CRN, several Christensen superyachts and BIG SKY from Oceanfast, amongst others. Our superyacht charter fleet possesses 100s of magnificent superyachts available for summer crewed charter. We have several new build yachts from last year, and charter yachts that were refit last year.

Northrop & Johnson has a refined selection of motor , sailing , and explorer yachts for rent at 165ft and above with a dedicated captain and crew.

Proud to be part of the MarineMax family

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50 meter yacht verbrauch

Principal Characteristics and Technical Specifications

The new tri-deck yacht in the 50-metre segment follows our iconic exterior lines and offers exceptional space and volume. Our renowned ‘Bespoke’ service offers unique interior appointments to suit owner taste. The theme throughout is space and flexibility, maximising volume and providing compelling features to enhance enjoyment onboard. Many of these features are usually only associated with a much larger craft, including the plunge pool on the main deck and the exceptional Beach Club with drop-down bulwarks and transom to create a fabulous space for relaxing or entertaining close to the water. Standard guest configuration is for ten guests in five cabins, with scope for up to 12 to be accommodated depending upon the layout chosen.




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Power management : power consumption on board.

Power management / power consumption on a boat or yacht: solar power system

If you are going on a trip with your yacht, you should be familiar with your boat, the traffic rules, navigation and the weather. For sailors in particular, it is also essential to be familiar with the power consumption on board if the trip is to be a success.

Many charter skippers are not sufficiently aware of the fact that normally there is much less electricity available on board a yacht than at home or in general: on land. Especially when it is uncomfortably cold outside and the diesel auxiliary heater is running often and for a long time, a lot of additional electricity is consumed.

Especially on sailing yachts, this can quickly lead to problems – particularly if it is a longer trip, anchoring in a quiet bay or long night strokes are undertaken under sail, because: when sailing, navigation devices such as chart plotters and autopilots still require 100 to 150 watts (so 8 to 12 amps). If then in the darkness additionally the Navi lighting is switched on, 10 to 15 amperes come fast in addition.

Rule of thumb: motor at least five hours a day to charge the batteries

As a rule of thumb, if you motor for five hours or more a day at medium speed, you should – depending on the technical equipment of the yacht – have charged your batteries sufficiently (with about 250 amps, depending on the engine/alternator and batteries) to be able to use normal consumers on board for a while. In general, however, you should call at a port with a shore power connection every two to three days to fully charge the batteries again, unless the yacht is equipped with power generators.

But when are batteries actually “sufficiently” charged and what does “normal consumers” mean? Here it makes sense to deal with the concrete voltage / volt or consumption situation on board once before the start of the trip and to draw up a small “energy balance” (for example, in simple table form) – to prevent unpleasant surprises during the trip in time.

Only those who regularly check the voltage know their consumers on board

This could look like this: when the yacht is disconnected from shore power, after about ten to 15 minutes the voltage/volt of the consumer battery should be read and noted. Depending on the battery type, this voltage/volt may be between 12.2 to 14.4 volts – value of the “full charge” of the batteries.

After an hour of sailing or a swim stop, the voltage should be checked again to correctly estimate the voltage loss. This should become a routine on board, because only if the voltage is checked regularly, it is possible to estimate which consumers on board are loading the batteries.

Power management / power consumption on a boat or yacht: fuses

The lion’s share of power consumption on a yacht is usually the refrigerator

By the way, the lion’s share of electricity consumption on the yacht is usually the refrigerator. The consumes on average about 100 watts (eight amps per hour), and often runs through on hot summer days. This means that this consumer alone draws up to 120 amps from the batteries. Small consolation: modern on-board refrigerators often switch off at about 11.8 volts, so as not to overload the batteries.

The number of crew/people on board should also be considered when looking at the energy balance on board. How often is the refrigerator opened, how often do the guests shower off with fresh water after swimming in the sea? On an average summer day, you should generally calculate with about 100 amps for basic needs plus about 40 amps per person. Based on that, for a yacht with a crew of four, the main engine with its alternator should be able to replenish consumption after about five hours at medium speed, or a 70-amp charger after about four hours of shore power (or via the power generator).

If the voltage is too low: full charge with shore power!

In the evening before going to bed should be fully charged again. Typically, the engine or power generator is then charged in the morning until the consumption of the previous night is compensated. If the voltage drops to such a low level that the refrigerator automatically shuts down, a 12-hour charge with shore power should be used to bring the batteries back to normal voltage.

Example energy balance could look as follows: if the yacht has a power of 280 amps, for lighting (5 hours x 16 amps) 80 amps are consumed, for the radio (3 hours x 6 amps) 18 amps, for the TV (3 hours x 5 amps) 15 amps and for the refrigerator (17 hours x 4 amps) 68 amps, a total of 181 amps are consumed in our example consumption period. So everything is in the “green zone”.

But what happens if, during the same period, the dishes are also washed (drinking water pump, water heater), the heating is switched on because it is uncomfortably cold and damp outside, the bilge pump is possibly used, and the electric toilet flush is also regularly used? In this case, the exemplary 280 amps are consumed very quickly – the batteries are empty.

Power Management / Power Consumption on a Boat or Yacht: Batteries

Guide values for the power balance of individual consumers

Here are a few rough guide values for orientation:

  • Refrigerator per day about 120 amps
  • Pressurized water pump per person per 24 hours about ten amps
  • Electric toilet per person and 24 hours about ten amps
  • Light for the cabins per hour approximately 15 amps
  • Radio or music system per hour approximately 7 amps
  • Mobile phone charging via 12 volt plug approx. 5 amps
  • Anchor light for the night (eight hours) approx. 20 amps
  • Underwater lighting per hour about ten amps
  • Who wants to use satellite TV on board, should consider that here can be consumed quickly about 40 amps – per hour!
  • Also the diesel heating for cabin and hot water consumes a lot, namely about 20 amps, also per hour.

Saving electricity is the number one motto on board

For this reason, you should consider in advance whether (especially at night), for example, the heating is to be used – in some circumstances, it then makes sense to visit a port and use shore power. The general rule on the water is: Saving electricity is the top priority on board. There are many ways to do this: For example, only as much light should be switched on as is actually needed (no “fixed lighting”). Televisions and other technical devices should not be in standby mode, which also saves energy! It should also be ensured that the refrigerator door is always well closed. The heating should only be used briefly to warm up, etc.

Even those who have one or more generators on board will strive to run them as seldom as possible in order to save fuel and not cause unnecessary noise and exhaust emissions, especially at night or in a dreamy, natural anchorage. Here, too, therefore, the rule is to save electricity – if necessary in conjunction with alternative power generators such as solar panels on board. Some shipyards are already experimenting with fuel cells on board for power generation.

Power management / power consumption on a boat or yacht: solar panel

Saving LED lights on board can help reduce energy consumption

However, this will remain a thing of the future on charter yachts for a long time to come. Therefore, the following applies: Establish energy balance and save electricity can already help immensely in normal cases. Because the alternator of an engine supplies (in the ideal case) only about 55 Ah. By the way: A good on-board power supply also helps save electricity, as do cables laid on board that have a sufficient cross-section (higher resistance and voltage drop with cables that are too thin). And those who often go night cruising should think about replacing their conventional lanterns with modern and much more economical LED lamps ( Caution: subject to approval )!

Free for SeaHelp members

If the batteries should be surprisingly empty despite all precautions nevertheless once – no problem: with starting problems each SeaHelp member at the average place free starting assistance by means of foreign current cable or Jump starting box is furnished. Even beyond that, a SeaHelp membership offers all-around protection for related problems, such as fuel service or spare parts delivery. The SeaHelp Emergency Call App can be used to inform the operations center quickly, easily and reliably.

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Orca in the sunset swimming next to a sailing yacht - attack?

Sunday, May 12, 2024 : New orca attacks on yacht off Gibraltar

Fire in Medulin town harbor, many yachts and boats destroyed and sunk. Andrea Furlan | Facebook

Fire in Medulin town harbor : Multiple boats burnt out, no personal injury

Swaying like on a ship - MdDS, the Mal de Débarquement Syndrome

Swaying like on a ship : Mal de Débarquement Syndrome (MdDS) can affect anyone

Welche Versicherungen braucht man im Urlaub und auf Reisen?

Travel insurance : When sports skippers go on vacation

Ban on single-use plastic in Croatia

Croatia : Ban on plastic bags and single-use plastic from July 3, 2024

Since 2017, there has been an official ban on the sale of products such as plastic stirrers, earplugs, straws, cutlery...

Internautica in Marina Portoroz from May 16 to 19, 2024 in Slovenia

SeaHelp is there : Internautica in Marina Portoroz from May 16 to 19, 2024

SCM Shading Cleaners Mühleder GmbH - the specialist for boat tarpaulins

SeaHelp members save 15 per cent : Boat tarpaulin cleaning and impregnation by a professional

Coronavirus current.

50 meter yacht verbrauch

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a vision come true

Riva Yacht SYD Logo

54METRI Project

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50 meter yacht verbrauch

Riva 50METRI turns Carlo Riva’s dream into reality. Driven by an inspired ambition to break new ground, he created the great steel motor yachts in the celebrated Caravelle and Atlantic series during the ’60s and ’70s. His concept of experiencing the sea and the open-air life to the full achieves its finest expression yet in the new flagship. All the design decisions blend functionality and aesthetics to perfection, for optimum liveability in every outdoor space and an interrupted panorama towards the coast or horizon. Riva 50METRI reflects and even enhances the brand’s aesthetic prestige and hallmark style, giving her owner a cruising experience with supreme standards of comfort and in total peace of mind. Infinitely Riva.

Riva 50METRI - 1

MTU 8v 4000 M63

Laden displacement

450000 [kg]


Cruise speed

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50 meter yacht verbrauch

Ferretti S.p.A.

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50 meter yacht verbrauch

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Superyachts of 50m (164 ft) In Length

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Mosaique | from eur€ 160,000/wk.

Luxury Yacht MOSAIQUE

SHE'S A 10 | From US$ 120,000/wk

The 50m Yacht SHE'S A 10

BARENTS | From EUR€ 155,000/wk

The 50m Yacht LUMIERE

JO I | From EUR€ 165,000/wk

Luxury superyacht JO

MARIU | From EUR€ 150,000/wk Special

Cruising On Board Yacht MARIU

ELENI | From EUR€ 195,000/wk

49m ELENI - Main shot

SILOLONA | From US$ 119,000/wk

Sailing Through Indonesia

Luxury LADY M II


ALEXANDRA | From EUR€ 180,000/wk

Superyacht With Toys

ELENA V | From EUR€ 195,000/wk

Motor Yacht ELENA V

SENSATION | From EUR€ 130,000/wk

The 50m Yacht SENSATION

TCB | From US$ 215,000/wk

Luxury Superyacht TCB

CALLISTO | Enquire for Pricing

The 50m Yacht CALLISTO

ODESSA | From EUR€ 200,000/wk

Cruising Including Jetski Skiing Aboard Yacht ODESSA

POLARSYSSEL | Enquire for Pricing


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Further €2M price drop on Wider motor yacht Stern

The 50-metre Wider motor yacht Stern has had a price drop of €2,000,000, listed for sale with Yachting Partners International.

Designed by Fulvio De Simoni , Stern was built in aluminium by Italian yard Wider to RINA class and delivered in 2019 as Cecilia . She was the first and only Wider 165 model built and went on to collect a coveted Neptune trophy at the 2019 World Superyacht Awards .  She is currently undergoing a 5-year class survey which will make her ready and prepared for the 2024 season. 

The flagship of the Wider fleet features design by Fulvio De Simoni completed with side decks that protrude distinctively on the upper deck and a vivid orange boot line.

Accommodation is for 12 guests in five cabins comprising a master suite, two VIP suites and two twin cabins with Pullman berths. All cabins aboard this yacht for sale come with entertainment centres, television screens and en suite bathroom facilities. 

Stern features a number of fold-out balconies in the master suite and in the gym and sauna area, both of which reside on the main deck. Each terrace is complete with teak decking that slides out to sit flush (so you don’t have decking running up the wall when the balcony is not in use) plus railings that pop up electrically.

The main saloon benefits from multiple floor-to-ceiling windows that provide ample natural light. With the glass doors open to the aft deck, the two spaces become a single social hub on board, with chocolate-brown leather sofas providing space to sit. The wooden floor creates a feeling of flow between the interior and the aft deck through two sliding glass doors. 

A television unfolds from the ceiling, rotates 180 degrees to be watched from both sides and lowers itself to reach the right height – if you’re seated on a table in the dining area you may want it higher or if you’re seated on the sofa in the living area you want it lower.

Meanwhile, the upper deck is separated into three areas for sunbathing, conversation and dining, featuring a bar that contains a concealed barbecue, fridge and freezer.

Stern 's top speed is 14 knots and she boasts a maximum cruising range of 5,400 nautical miles at 10 knots with power coming from two 712hp electric engines. She was awarded the RINA Green Plus Platinum and the RINA Comfort Class notations, for ecological credentials and low levels of noise and vibration.

Stern is now asking €25,500,000 and is available for inspection in Turkey.

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50 meter yacht verbrauch

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parallax background

130′ Bellissima

The legend enters a new dimension.

" I'd like to try and cruise on her... ", was the wish Eng. Carlo Riva expressed when the renderings of the first Riva 50-meter mega yacht were shown to him. Since September 2014, when in Monaco Ferretti Group's Top Management announced the creation of the ' Superyachts Division ', the ideas and projects revolving around brand's new light alloy fleet have developed rapidly.

The dream of building light alloy, displacement Riva superyachts, entirely customizable by the Owner in terms of interior outfitting and decor, takes forward the ambition and ingenuity that between the 1960s and '70s pushed by Carlo Riva. Today this dream has turned into an increasingly tangible and exciting reality. Indeed, a Riva engineering and design team entirely devoted to the ' Superyachts Division ' settled down at the Group's Ancona shipyard. Riva's ' Superyachts Division ' offers its Owners two different lines, using the same naval platforms.

The first line will draw inspiration from the brand's legendary history, and from the class and perfection of true yachting masterpieces like the famous ' Caravelle ', conceived by Eng. Riva in 1964. The second sporty line will feature details reminding of the last generation of Riva coupe yachts, the one to which the recent 76' Perseo and 88' Domino Super belong. It will be just from these latter models' slender and modern look that the second line's more aggressive profile and lines will draw inspiration. Each of the two lines will be available in four different sizes: 50 meters, 60 meters, 70 meters and 90 meters in length.


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50 meter yacht verbrauch

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50m/45m Ice-Class Expedition Yacht Concept by Vitruvius Yachts

Vitruvius yachts (a brand by philippe briand ) presents a new explorer yacht platform in seven different versions..

The new concept contains the typical explorer design features with open aft deck and the capabilities to transport tenders and toys including sailing yachts with standing masts, helipad or a two-level garage. But the concepts contains also a 45m crossover concept.

“Our team is driven by pushing the frontiers of yacht design,” said Philippe Briand, designer and naval architect at Vitruvius Yachts . “Of course, the needs and functions of expedition yachts, explorers and Mediterranean yachts would at first seem independent of one another. But there are clear intersections where we can create solutions that span multiple categories.”

“We understand that today’s owners want to use their yachts to host glamorous parties on the French Riviera or the Greek Islands as well as venture to remote Pacific islands or even the polar regions. In response, we have created a collection of concepts that showcases the iterations transitioning from expedition to explorer to Mediterranean yacht. It helps an owner to visualize where they would like to place their yacht in terms of capabilities across different environments,” added Briand .

1. Expedition Scientific

With a low profile like M/Y  Exuma  or Galileo G  and space for two nine-meter tenders on the aft deck. It comes with a 50m aluminum hull or a 45m steel hull with ice-class.

50m Explorer Yacht

2. Expedition Mediterranean

50m Explorer Yacht

3. Expedition 2 Level Garages

50m Explorer Yacht

4. Expedition Beach Club Garage

50m Explorer Yacht

5. Explorer

50m Explorer Yacht

6. Crossover

45m Crossover Yacht Vitruvius Yacht

7. Med Yacht

50m Explorer Yacht

“We are very excited by the new yacht concepts in this boundary-crossing range,” said Veerle Battiau, General Manager at Vitruvius Yachts . “The designs include varying combinations of expedition yacht features – such as a large garage, along aft deck and helipad – with the efficient hull of an explorer and the exterior leisure space, interior comforts and access to the sea of a Mediterranean yacht. The yachts break the conventional design barriers.”


Reflex – 65m explorer yacht // ok design, aquarius // feadship, elysian // lürssen, equilibrium // alejandro crespo // 105m, three new azimut models, aurora // lürssen // 74m, 24m flybridge yacht // van der valk // cor d. rover, crowbridge // cantiere delle marche.

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Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival Sets Inaugural Market – Cannes

Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival market

Indonesia ‘s Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival (JAFF) will unveil its inaugural JAFF Market in December. The initiative was announced at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday.

This new three-day event aims to reshape the Indonesian film industry by fostering networking, innovation and collaboration among various sectors.

Since its start in 2006, JAFF has played a crucial role in nurturing Indonesian cinema, helping many filmmakers rise. “JAFF has consistently strengthened the film ecosystem,” said festival director Ifa Isfansyah.

Popular on Variety

Developed with support from the country’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, JAFF Market seeks to enhance Indonesia’s international film presence. “JAFF’s initiative will facilitate easier access for the international community,” said Ahmad Mahendra, director of film, music and media at the Ministry.

Indonesia’s screen industry, with an economic impact of over $8 trillion and employing 387,000 people, per data provided by JAFF, is poised for further growth. JAFF Market’s various programs – including a project market led by producer Meiske Taurisia – aims to help emerging filmmakers connect with industry professionals to develop high-quality projects. Taurisia has been involved in organizing the LOCK Full Circle Lab, alongside Yulia Evina Bhara, Muhammad Zaidy and Vivian Idris.

JAFF Market takes place Dec. 3-5 at the Jogja Expo Center in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The film festival runs Nov. 30-Dec. 7.

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  1. The best yachts of 2020 from 30 to 50 meters in length

    The owner wanted a boat exactly 50 meters long and with a capacity of up to 500 register tons. In order for the yacht to meet these conditions, but the layout was not tight, it had to be stunning. ... This 40.8 meter yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests and 9 crew members. Most cabins (4 for guests and 4 for crew) are on the lower deck. The ...

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    SuperYacht Times has compiled the largest fleet of yachts for sale. Our data analysts gather valuable information about every superyacht larger than 24-metres currently for sale. With hundreds of yacht sales and transactions per year, the yachting market is a challenging one, and that's why SuperYacht Times has built this platform to help ...

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    50m/+160' Yachts. Yachts in the over 50m/160' size range offer much higher levels of comfort and space on board than their smaller counterparts. Larger volumes enable spacious decks and usually five to seven comfortably sized staterooms, often including a generour VIP suite in addition to, of course, an opulent Owner's suite.

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    From their Beaulieu studios, in the magnificent New Forest on the south coast of England, RWD has been creating distinctive and original yachts since 1993. Their award-winning work has earned RWD a world-leading reputation for elegantly detailed design. 1 /3.

  5. Dynamiq GTT 165: 50-Meter-Yacht für knapp 25 Millionen Euro

    Dynamiq präsentiert die neue GTT 165. Das 50 Meter lange Topmodell des Yacht-Hersteller aus Monaco wurde aktualisiert. Unter anderem wurde das Design in Einklang mit dem Design der übrigen Modelle der GTT-Reihe gebracht, zu der auch die GTT 115, die GTT 135 und die im März 2020 vorgestellte GTT 160 gehören.

  6. Panorama 50

    Panorama 50. Panorama is the project of the new 50 meters superyacht of the Admiral fleet, flagship brand of The Italian Sea Group, global operator in luxury yachting, active in the construction and refit of yachts up to 140 meters. With an elegant and timeless profile, Panorama is a made in Italy masterpiece in terms of shapes, lines and ...

  7. Inside the 50m Mangusta Yachts Maverick

    Sophia Wilson steps on board 50-metre Maverick to discover the ultimate escape for an owner who lives life in the fast lane. EMILIO BIANCHI. As one might expect from the driving force behind Cigarette racing boats, John Ruiz has a penchant for speed. Alongside a personal fleet of Cigarette boats, he has also owned a selection of sportfishers.

  8. Race: Inside Riva's First 50 Metre Superyacht

    This 50-metre Riva takes the storied brand into a whole new size bracket. Carlo Riva would have been proud, says Risa Merl. When the Riva 50 Metri made her public debut at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2019, the name emblazoned on her transom - Race - gave a hint as to who her owner was. And in case there was any doubt, the treasure trove of Ferrari memorabilia on board and a very unusual ...

  9. 50M Sunreef Explorer, for Global Roaming

    Full specs for the 50M Sunreef Explorer are available upon inquiry. For now, however, Sunreef Yachts is focusing on the fun factors to attract clients to the concept. For example, in keeping with the wide stance of catamarans, the superyacht beam spans an impressive 46'9″ (14.3 meters). Since she's a custom project, buyers can arrange ...

  10. 40m to 50m Luxury Yachts for Sale (131ft to 164ft Yachts)

    A 40 to 50 metre (131feet - 164feet) yacht is a good middle ground between smaller and larger yachts, with plenty of volume and spaces to enjoy but without the operational demands or higher expense of a very large yacht. Generally able to accommodate from 10 to 12 guests in total luxury, most yachts of this size will usually have the ...

  11. Riva 50 Metri M/Y "Fifty" launched, the 2021

    Ancona, March 8th, 2021 - Bringing more beauty to the sea and the world, the magnificent new Riva 50, Metri M/Y "Fifty", now rides the waves, ready to captivate everyone who sets eyes on her. The great dream inspired by the genius of Carlo Riva, with the celebrated "Caravelle" and "Atlantic" series motoryachts of the 1960s and 70s ...

  12. 48.4m Sunseeker 50M Ocean Superyacht

    Sunseeker 50M Ocean is a custom motor yacht due to launch in 2021 by Icon Yachts. ICON Yachts, the Dutch Master yacht builders are a custom superyacht shipyard located in the Netherlands. Design. Sunseeker 50M Ocean measures 48.35 metres in length, with a max draft of 2.10 feet and a beam of 9.25 feet. She has a gross tonnage of 499 tonnes.

  13. Sub 50m Yacht Market: Less is More

    A typical 30m yacht might have a crew of five with the total cost of salaries under GBP 200,000. A 40m yacht might have a crew of eight which more than doubles the salary costs to around GBP 500,000, while on a 50m yacht, one could expect 11 crew costing GBP 600,000 a year. But increase the yacht's length overall by 10m more, to a 60m yacht ...

  14. Best 50 Meter Yachts for Charter

    Builder. By Price. Northrop & Johnson has the best selection of yachts at 50 meters (164ft). Benettis, Westports, Mangustas, Deltas, a CRN, several Christensen superyachts and BIG SKY from Oceanfast, amongst others. Our superyacht charter fleet possesses 100s of magnificent superyachts available for summer crewed charter.

  15. 50m to 60m Luxury Yachts for Charter (164ft to 196ft Charter Yachts

    The finest yachts. As you move into the 50 - 60 meter (164feet - 196feet) size bracket, you are looking at some of the finest charter yachts on offer. This charter fleet offers exceptional comfort levels and multiple on board spaces. Most yachts of this size will have a displacement hull, delivering large volumes and opulent designs.

  16. Sunseeker

    The new tri-deck yacht in the 50-metre segment follows our iconic exterior lines and offers exceptional space and volume. Our renowned 'Bespoke' service offers unique interior appointments to suit owner taste. The theme throughout is space and flexibility, maximising volume and providing compelling features to enhance enjoyment onboard.

  17. Power consumption yacht: on-board battery management and charging

    If the voltage drops to such a low level that the refrigerator automatically shuts down, a 12-hour charge with shore power should be used to bring the batteries back to normal voltage. Example energy balance could look as follows: if the yacht has a power of 280 amps, for lighting (5 hours x 16 amps) 80 amps are consumed, for the radio (3 hours ...

  18. Riva 50METRI

    50METRI. Riva 50METRI turns Carlo Riva's dream into reality. Driven by an inspired ambition to break new ground, he created the great steel motor yachts in the celebrated Caravelle and Atlantic series during the '60s and '70s. His concept of experiencing the sea and the open-air life to the full achieves its finest expression yet in the ...

  19. See The Entire List of Luxury Yachts 50m (164 ft) In Length

    50m (164 ft) Yachts Listed Below. Select a boat with a length of 50m (164 ft) or contact the CharterWorld Team for the full selection of all 3000+ charter yachts available worldwide. Adapt your search results here: New Search. Charter Yachts Listed: 1-20 of 301 ...

  20. 50m Wider motor yacht Stern for sale

    The 50-metre Wider motor yacht Stern has had a price drop of €2,000,000, listed for sale with Yachting Partners International.. Designed by Fulvio De Simoni, Stern was built in aluminium by Italian yard Wider to RINA class and delivered in 2019 as Cecilia.She was the first and only Wider 165 model built and went on to collect a coveted Neptune trophy at the 2019 World Superyacht Awards.

  21. Yachts & Superyachts

    There are currently over 10,800 yachts afloat. The longest yacht in the world is Azzam, measuring 180.61m (592'7'). She was built in 2013 by Lürssen. The largest yacht in the world is Fulk Al Salamah, built by Mariotti in 2016, with a volume of 20,361 GT. On average, yachts are 36m long with a volume of 341 GT. A total of 275 yachts were ...

  22. Riva 50 METRI

    The legend enters a new dimension "I'd like to try and cruise on her...", was the wish Eng. Carlo Riva expressed when the renderings of the first Riva 50-meter mega yacht were shown to him.Since September 2014, when in Monaco Ferretti Group's Top Management announced the creation of the 'Superyachts Division', the ideas and projects revolving around brand's new light alloy fleet have developed ...

  23. Expedition Yacht Concept by Vitruvius Yachts

    It helps an owner to visualize where they would like to place their yacht in terms of capabilities across different environments," added Briand. 1. Expedition Scientific. With a low profile like M/Y Exuma or Galileo G and space for two nine-meter tenders on the aft deck. It comes with a 50m aluminum hull or a 45m steel hull with ice-class.

  24. Orcas sink sailing yacht in Strait of Gibraltar

    The vessel Alboran Cognac, which measured 15 meters (49 feet) in length and carried two people, encountered the highly social apex predators, also known as killer whales, at 9 a.m. local time on ...

  25. Jogja-Netpac Asian Film Festival Sets Inaugural Market

    The JAFF Market will cover 10,000 square meters, featuring over 150 booths with production companies, content creators and service providers. ... Killer Whales Sunk a 50-Foot Sailing Yacht in the ...

  26. Luxury Yacht Charters Rise as Uber Rich Eschew Buying Outright

    Total chartered days for yachts longer than 50 meters has increased since 2020, according to IYC, a global firm specializing in the sale and charters of luxury yachts. Vessels between 60 to 70 ...