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Tumbleweed is an abandoned settlement in Red Dead Redemption and a declining town in Red Dead Redemption 2 , in the Gaptooth Ridge region of the State of New Austin .

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History [ ]

Red dead redemption 2 [ ].

Between 1898 and 1907, Tumbleweed is a town on the decline. The theories for the reasons behind this include the lack of a railway in the town and harassment from a group of local bandits called the Del Lobo Gang , compounded by various epidemics afflicting the citizens of New Austin as well as the Sheriff Freeman 's hard justice, as when the bartender wishes the sheriff would stop killing so many of his customers.

While entering Tumbleweed for the first time, John Marston sees a lawman entering the town with a Del Lobo. Sheriff Freeman asks what the crime is, and after hearing that the crime was robbing a stagecoach, shoots him.

John can collect the bounties of two Del Lobos for the sheriff: Joaquín Arroyo and Esteban Cortez .

As the main settlement in New Austin, Tumbleweed has a saloon , a general store , a gunsmith (which lets out a bath and a room), a butcher and a stable. Due to its desert location, daytime temperatures in Tumbleweed can reach the mid-thirties (Celsius). At night, temperatures can drop to single figures.

Red Dead Redemption [ ]

It is unknown exactly when, but Tumbleweed became a ghost town at some point between 1907 and 1911. There are many different theories about how it became abandoned, but according to Marshal Johnson, the railway serving Armadillo was not extended to Tumbleweed, bypassing the town instead. The residents moved away shortly afterward, with the lack of authority causing the town to be taken over by bandits. Tumbleweed therefore serves as a gang hideout inhabited by unaffiliated criminals .

The Leigh Johnson mission "Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane" ends at this location with a shootout between the Williamson gang and Armadillo law enforcement (along with John Marston). It results in Bonnie MacFarlane being saved from hanging and the deaths of multiple members of the Williamson gang, including Norman Deek . The Seth Briars mission "A Gentle Drive with Friends" ends here and leads directly to the mission "Let the Dead Bury Their Dead" , where Seth goes on a treasure hunt, only to find a glass eye, which takes place in Tumbleweed.

A portion of the Stranger side-mission "Who Are You to Judge?" takes place in this location.

Outlaws to the End [ ]

A sizable battle with Walton's Gang occurs here in the Outlaws to the End Co-op mission "The Escape" .

Undead Nightmare [ ]

During the Undead Nightmare , Tumbleweed has one of three New Austin cemeteries that will need to be cleaned of the Undead to complete the mission "Get Back in That Hole, Partner" . Like Jorge's Gap, Tumbleweed is filled with undead making exploring the buildings dangerous.

It does not need to be saved from the undead, as it is one of the few gang hideouts which has been abandoned, most likely due to the graveyard.

Mission appearances [ ]

Red Dead Redemption

  • " Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane "
  • " A Gentle Drive with Friends "
  • " Let the Dead Bury Their Dead "

Red Dead Redemption/Stranger Side Missions

  • " Who Are You to Judge? "

Buildings [ ]

Tumbleweed has several buildings all in various states of disrepair.

Rdr tumbleweed church

Located on the far-east side of the town, the small church in Tumbleweed has a white clapboard with a small steeple. It consists of a single room with eight pews and a pulpit at the front. Despite a few holes around the building, it may be the most well-preserved structure in Tumbleweed. Also, inside there are words written on the pulpit that read, "The devil has got into that beast." If the player stands facing the pulpit at night and turns the camera around to the left behind the pulpit, there will be a blurry vision of a demonic face near the bottom of the glass.

Outside, there is a small shed and a small cemetery. The headstones are all of varying ages, with some placed as recently as 1907 while others have long since weathered beyond the point of legibility. The entire property is enclosed by a stone wall and wrought iron fence. In the northwest corner of the graveyard is a slightly crumbled grave marker of a lady named "Elenora Riddick", if a fire bottle is thrown at this grave it opens, revealing what appears to be an empty coffin. This is the grave that Seth was searching on his last mission.

General Store & Assay Office [ ]

The General Store is located on the east side of Tumbleweed and is made of wood reinforced stucco. Inside are three barrels, a counter, a small shelf, and a cash register. Remnants of curtains flap in the wind. On the other side of the nearby path, there is a small wooden hut that contains a chest containing money.

An assay office is an institution set up to assess the purity of minerals. This suggests Tumbleweed was a mining town, possibly servicing Gaptooth Breach before it went bust. A further hint that Tumbleweed was a mining town is mentioned by Marshal Johnson in the mission " Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane ". The assay office in Tumbleweed was owned by the Spickin Mining Company. Inside the office are a desk, shelf, counter, cash register, and brick kiln. The office is located directly north of the General Store .

Rdr tumbleweed saloon

The Tumbleweed Saloon is the northernmost structure in Tumbleweed. It contains an old bar littered with empty and broken bottles, a piano; the remnants of various mounted animals, a wagon wheel chandelier, and an office upstairs. Curiously, the saloon clock still works despite the abandonment of the town. In single-player mode, there is a chest containing money located behind the bar, and in Free Roam , there is a Bolt Action Rifle located in the office.

Sheriff's Office & Jail [ ]

Rdr tumbleweed sheriff's office jail

All that remains is one desk and three chairs. It is on the west side of town. Next to it is a derelict brick jail divided into three rooms, with the rusted remains of one jail cell. It can be found at the northwest side of town, to the west of the saloon . Behind the jail is a small wooden shack that contains a money chest.

Gunsmith & Residences [ ]

Rdr tumbleweed residences

On the south side of the town, there are three unmarked buildings in a row. Two of them were probably apartments and/or houses, while the one in the middle was the Gunsmith shop. They all contain at least a bed and several moonshine bottles.

There is another residence building situated in the north of the town, which is almost completely in ruins; a money chest is located inside.

Rdr tumbleweed barn

The southernmost structure in Tumbleweed, this barn was meant for keeping horses. The area is littered with junk like anvils, spittoons, and wagon wheels. Sometimes, tamed nags (old horses ) will spawn in the corral. There are three chests located here; two inside and one against the outside wall.

Mansion [ ]

Rdr tumbleweed mansion

The mansion is by far the largest structure in Tumbleweed. It is situated on a ridge at the westernmost part of Tumbleweed. The grounds around the mansion host a small stable, a gazebo (in which a money chest can be found), abandoned wagons , and various garbage. The wooden mansion was built on a brick foundation with a cellar. It is one of a few buildings in the game that has a cellar. Some players claimed that there's something in the middle window of the mansion after reading the in-game newspapers.

The cellar is built on walled-in bricks with three unevenly sized brick support posts, and a wood wall, creating a horseshoe configuration. The floor is dirty and littered with garbage. There are various containers, boxes and chairs, as well as a casket, and a mattress inside the cellar. A bull's skull marks the location of Calhoun's Gold .

First floor [ ]

The first floor contains the front room, storeroom, and kitchen. In the front room, there is a piano, two overturned sofas, a wooden crate, a large fireplace, and a fully functional grandfather clock. The floor is littered with garbage and fallen ceiling panels. The kitchen contains a stove, long table, and several broken chairs. The storeroom has a desk with some pots on it, some barrels, and a broken shelf. There is a money chest located at the end of the hallway on the left-hand side as the player enters from the main doors.

Second floor [ ]

There are two bedrooms. Each has their own bedroom space as well as an adjoining sitting room. These rooms are populated with various furniture such as beds, chairs, desks, armoires, nightstands, etc. While each room is both in disrepair, one has a surprisingly intact chair.

Amenities [ ]

  • Butcher , centrally located
  • General Store , east of the butcher
  • Gunsmith , also offers a bath and a room to rent
  • Saloon , north of the Butcher; poker can be played here
  • Stable , in the southern part of town
  • Stagecoach, to the west near the road
  • To the west of town, the Legendary Cougar can be hunted.
  • On a table on the front porch of the mansion, the Cigarette Card for the Desert Fern Palm can be found.
  • The Cigarette Card for Caroline Lupine can be found on the roof of the sheriff's office, behind the sign.
  • On the mantle inside the burned-out house to the north is the Cigarette Card for Jesse Raymond.
  • On the platform of the windmill to the east is the Cigarette Card for Billy Midnight .
  • Southeast of the windmill on the edge of the plateau overlooking Tumbleweed is the Gaptooth Ridge Tumbleweed Bone.
  • North of Tumbleweed is an abandoned mission. Inside is a lockbox containing express pistol cartridges and high-velocity repeater cartridges.
  • Further north from the mission and to the border is the Silent Stead shack. Under the bed inside is a lockbox containing Potent Miracle Tonic and high-velocity rifle cartridges.
  • To the northeast of Tumbleweed, atop the cliff overlooking the canyon, is the Gaptooth Ridge North Tumbleweed Bone. This can be pinpointed by heading due west from Ridgewood Farm in Cholla Springs and crossing the border into Gaptooth Ridge.

Gang Hideout [ ]

Tumbleweed has a history of being used as a gang hideout by Unaffiliated criminals . In single-player, the protagonist can help a sheriff named Claude Banfield , to clear the town of criminals.

Headlines [ ]

This text appears in one of the newspapers about Tumbleweed, revealing what the citizens think about the ghost town:

TUMBLEWEED HAUNTED? Following recent reports of ghost sightings in the abandoned town of Tumbleweed, visitors are continuing to tell of unnatural happenings and strange feelings. Some visitors claim to have seen spirits of the dead. Others ghosts, still others, ghouls and fairies. Our reporter on the scene found no evidence but we urge readers to send us reports of any unnatural happenings in the area.
MORE GHOSTS TAKE UP RESIDENCE AT TUMBLEWEED The town of Tumbleweed, long believed by local residents to be possessed by evil spirits, has claimed the lives of dozens more men. The area was found strewn with dead bodies and weapons leading the more educated and rationally minded amongst us to conclude that this is the work of mortal rather than unearthly beings. Rumors of riches hidden in Tumbleweed's abandoned mansion may have been the catalyst for the altercation, but for the moment it remains a mystery.

Redemption Multiplayer [ ]

  • In multiplayer Free Roam, the Bolt Action Rifle is located here. Americus Roe , who can be found in the mansion, sometimes spawns with a Carcano Rifle as well.
  • In multiplayer gang matches, this map is home to the Double-action Revolver , Double-barreled Shotgun , Henry Repeater , Sawed-off Shotgun , Carcano Rifle , and the Schofield Revolver .
  • In Capture the Bag, this map has two Gatling Guns , and one mounted Smoothbore Cannon .
  • Sometimes when playing competitive multiplayer matches in this location, rabbits and skunks can spawn to the area, but they will not do any harm to players.
  • Tumbleweed is the location of the "Undeadwood" map in Undead Overrun .
  • With the addition of the Myths and Mavericks DLC, a Stronghold match can be played in this location.

Glitches/Bugs [ ]

  • Occasionally, enemies in multiplayer will be stuck inside the large rock near the church, resulting in seeing only their arms and the barrel of their gun. You will be unable to shoot them if this happens, though on rare occasions a close-up shotgun blast will do the trick. Dynamite works for this problem; throwing it in the direct vicinity of the trapped enemy will often work. Leaving the area and returning is the only way to correct this issue if unable to kill the entrapped enemy.
  • If the player shoots the hung victim's noose rope, it will extend to the ground and the victim will still be attached to the rope. This is only confirmed with the Evans Repeater .
  • Shooting the rope suspending the chandelier in the saloon results in it slowly disappearing, but the chandelier will remain suspended as if the rope was still there. If the player continues to shoot the rope, the rope will extend toward the moose antlers and the chandelier will stay in the same position.
  • Sometimes, when the player calls for their horse, it will get stuck in the wall facing the front of the mansion in the cellar. However, the horse can be observed to be running, and only its tail and hind legs stick through the brick walls.

General [ ]

  • Another source of inspiration for Tumbleweed may be the town of Bisbee, Arizona ; by the turn of the century, Bisbee was a prosperous mining town with roughly the same population as Phoenix. Bisbee was the site of infamous deportations of striking miners to New Mexico in 1917, orders which were taken in order to prevent unionization. Bisbee declined after 1920, becoming semi-abandoned before the town was revived in the latter half of the 20th century.
  • The name of the town might be a reference to the 1968 Clint Eastwood western film Hang 'Em High . This is possible because, in the film, a wagon full of criminals is called the "Tumbleweed Wagon" and the town of Tumbleweed is full of criminals.
  • Tumbleweed resembles Tarnation of Red Dead Revolver , both being ghost towns that are overrun with criminals and gangs.
  • Several characters and events throughout the game vaguely hint to Tumbleweed being haunted by ghosts.
  • In the church, the words; "The devil has got into that beast," are scrawled on the top of the pulpit. This is possibly referring to Sam Freeman or the extremely eerie dog barking. There is also a strange design in the back of the bottom shelf of the pulpit.
  • The reports of strange noises being heard in Tumbleweed by players as well as the reception the claim has received is reminiscent to the Sprunk Factory in Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV as well as the many urban legends surrounding the countryside in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas .
  • A glitch can occur when attempting to complete the Tumbleweed gang hideout during Multiplayer. When killing the outlaws near the church, a criminal can spawn inside of a large rock. He retains the ability to shoot out of the rock, but the player cannot kill him with guns but throwing dynamite at the rock will kill him.
  • Many NPCs travel the road passing the mansion but are not attacked by any gang members. If the player travels this road, they will not attack as long as one doesn't attack them. However, in Multiplayer, the gang members will attack the player if they go through Tumbleweed.
  • It is possible to get the Winchester Repeater immediately after the second mission; just fast travel to Tumbleweed and clear it to receive a Winchester Repeater (the lawman must be kept alive in order to receive the weapon).
  • Moses Forth 's father is buried in the graveyard. The inscription ironically reads, "This is one grave he cannot rob."
  • In the mansion, the player may sometimes hear a chicken clucking even though there is no livestock in the town.
  • According to a campfire tale, Walton Lowe can be seen sleeping in the Tumbleweed jail at midnight.
  • Jeb, an NPC the player can complete a stranger's mission for at Rathskeller Fork , has a wife buried here.
  • Sometimes, while wandering near the Blackwater Hotel , a police officer might say that Blackwater is full of "Tumbleweeders", suggesting that the town's citizens went to live there before it turned into a ghost town.
  • The single power line in the town is connected directly to the Lanik Electric Company, three states over in Saint Denis . This means that it is possible to follow the power line the entire route, unbroken, between Tumbleweed and Saint Denis. Every other major settlement in the game (with the notable exception of Strawberry ) is also connected via these power lines.
  • Tumbleweed is a town controlled by the local law enforcement. Only the deputies and the sheriff carry firearms. Gun control in the old west was heavily enforced to prevent unnecessary shootings caused by intoxicated citizens or visitors, which is why Tumbleweed is a peaceful settlement in Red Dead Redemption 2 .
  • If the player enters the town as Arthur , law enforcement will immediately recognize him as a suspect in the Blackwater Massacre and attack him.
  • The undead has a large presence in Tumbleweed, even after the graveyard is cleared. Usually, one or two can be found in each residence, and more shambling around the town. They also spawn in hordes outside of the mansion. Inside the mansion, there is a few undead that will wander out of the rooms and attack Marston. But if entered as undead Marston, they will stand motionless until provoked.

Marked Graves [ ]

  • "Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane"
  • "A Gentle Drive with Friends" (final cutscene only)
  • "Let the Dead Bury Their Dead"
  • Bounty Hunting

Red Dead Online

  • " Love and Honor "
  • " The Hanging Of Tom Davies "

Gallery [ ]

The Mansion seen from the front

Trophies/Achievements [ ]

Completing the Tumbleweed hideout is associated with these gameplay achievements :

Cleansing the cemetery at this location contributes toward the following Achievements/Trophies:

Navigation [ ]

  • 1 Missions in Redemption 2
  • 2 Arthur Morgan
  • 3 John Marston

Red Dead Redemption 2's Tumbleweed Mystery Explained

One of Red Dead Redemption's mysteries seems very straightforward at first, but Tumbleweed's abandonment may not be a victim of circumstance.

Players exploring some of the far-reaching regions of  Red Dead Redemption 2 may stumble upon a little town called Tumbleweed. It's a quaint little town in the northwestern portion of New Austin. For those who have played through  Red Dead Redemption 2 , the events of the game's story never really venture far out beyond Tall Trees or Blackwater. Regardless, players can still explore Armadillo, Tumbleweed, and the rest of New Austin anyway. In fact, Tumbleweed is far different in comparison to what it originally looked like in  Red Dead Redemption .

Fans of the first game will remember that Tumbleweed was originally abandoned in  Red Dead Redemption , a ghost town devoid of any civilization. But upon returning in  Red Dead Redemption 2 , just four years prior to John Marston's tale, the town is relatively prosperous and full of life. Numerous factors contributed to the decline of Tumbleweed in between both games, ranging from unfortunate circumstances to perhaps more nefarious reasons. Here's what happened to Tumbleweed in the time between  Red Dead Redemption 1 and  2 .

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The Abandoning of Commerce in Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed itself is located in the northwestern portion of New Austin, the first region in  Red Dead Redemption . Heading west from Armadillo all leads towards the town nestled atop a ridge in the desert. Players in  Red Dead Redemption 2 will find a populated and relatively bustling town, full of plentiful trade and commerce with a particularly loud sheriff in charge. Though in  Red Dead Redemption , the town is a dilapidated mess full of old buildings that once housed businesses and families.

The prevailing story that NPCs share with John Marston is that the town was abandoned due to a railroad crossing bypassing the town entirely. This was a common occurrence in the real American West, with famous ghost towns like Bodie, California being a prime example. Sheriff Leigh Johnson talks about how the railroad line that serviced Armadillo undercut Tumbleweed's business, and forced many families out of the area. This is further bolstered by an article in the Blackwater Ledger, "A Cautionary Tale," which talks about dwindling business forcing "wagon after wagon" of families leaving livelihoods behind.

A Sheriff's Deranged Justice

Another major deteriorating factor of Tumbleweed was the totalitarian sheriff in charge of law and order in the town. Sheriff Freeman, based on a real lawman in American history, was a controlling and vocally abrasive sheriff focused solely on his obsession with justice. In many ways, he's a parallel to Dutch's leadership in Red Dead Redemption 2 , enforcing his idealism upon others as a justification for his ruthless actions. His "wartime" regime against the Del Lobos gang that were in that region of New Austin brought constant violence to Tumbleweed. And not just violence towards the gang itself, but potentially the people who lived in Tumbleweed that may have "disobeyed" him.

It's strongly inferred that Sheriff Freeman took things a little too far and was likely the final straw to force people out of Tumbleweed entirely. In  Red Dead Redemption , there is a scrawled message on the pulpit of Tumbleweed's church that reads "The Devil has got into that beast," likely referring to Freeman's deranged sense of justice. That derangement can be witnessed in  Red Dead Redemption 2 when a Del Lobos member is executed by Freeman right in front of the jail, without any semblance of trial or justice. Freeman repeatedly states that he is willing to treat members of the town the same as well, so he may have been a huge factor in Tumbleweed's abandonment as well.

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Yet Another Curse in Red Dead Redemption's World

Aside from the real and circumstantial evidence of Tumbleweed's abandonment, there are some very prominent and creepy rumors surrounding the town as well. In  Red Dead Redemption , a newspaper clipping details potential ghost sightings in the abandoned Tumbleweed. Some theorize that it could be the ghosts of Sheriff Freeman's victims, forced to live out the rest of their days there. But another potentially more chilling theory is that the Strange Man's curse of Armadillo was somehow transferred to Tumbleweed.

Armadillo in  Red Dead Redemption 2 is in far more dire straits compared to the town in  Red Dead Redemption . The town is ravaged by an unusual Cholera outbreak that forced many to death. Supposedly, this is due to the curse of the Strange Man in Red Dead Redemption 2 , and his dealings with the general store owner Herbert Moon. While many assumed that their deal meant the curse placed on Armadillo by the Strange Man had been lifted, there's a small possibility that this curse may have been transferred onto Tumbleweed instead. It's an optimistic theory, but considering the paranormal nature of the Armadillo curse, it wouldn't be too hare-brained in comparison.

Tumbleweed has frankly just had terrible luck, regardless if that last theory ends up true or not. The railroad bypassing was just the beginning of a slew of misfortunes that ended up destroying Tumbleweed's prosperity. Much like many of the real American ghost towns, Tumbleweed's aptly-named township became a graveyard of business that remains in ruins in  Red Dead Redemption .

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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Tumbleweed 1898

Tumbleweed  is a town in the Gaptooth Ridge region of Apache County, Arizona . It was named for the tumbleweeds which were occasionally blown through town, and it was originally a mining boomtown. It also came to have one of the largest African-American communities of the Wild West era. However, outlaws soon followed the miners in their pursuit of wealth, and Gaptooth Ridge became notorious for its outlawry during the 1890s. Sheriff Sam Freeman forcefully dispensed frontier justice as the town came to be threatened by the Del Lobo Gang , among others, but, after the railroad to Armadillo was built clean past Tumbleweed, the town's population gradually abandoned Tumbleweed for Armadillo. By 1911, Tumbleweed was a ghost town which was periodically occupied by outlaw gangs such as the Williamson Gang .

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    Fans of the first game will remember that Tumbleweed was originally abandoned in Red Dead Redemption, a ghost town devoid of any civilization. But upon returning in Red Dead Redemption 2,...

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    Watch 10:29 GTA VI Trailer Breakdown view image Tumbleweed is a town in the Gaptooth Ridge region of Apache County, Arizona. It was named for the tumbleweeds which were occasionally blown through town, and it was originally a mining boomtown. It also came to have one of the largest African-American communities of the Wild West era.