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Hi Five Ghost

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Hi Five Ghost , sometimes unofficially spelled as High-Five Ghost , and nicknamed Hi Fives , Five , HFG , or even just Fives by Muscle Man , is a supporting character in Regular Show, and one of the five tritagonists in Regular Show: The Movie.

Hi Five Ghost is a ghost who works alongside Mordecai and Rigby as a groundskeeper at The Park, as well as the best friend of Muscle Man. Hi Five Ghost made his first debut as a cameo character in the Pilot. He then made his official appearance in Just Set Up The Chairs.

He was voiced by Jeff Bennett in the first season, and then was voiced by the show's creator, J.G. Quintel then on.

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Appearance [ ]

Hi Five Ghost is a small, pale ghost. He is semi-transparent as you can see through him, but not completely through. He has basic features, eyes, and a mouth, and also has one hand sticking out of his head. It was revealed in Go Viral that Hi Five Ghost has four extra arms, or it is possible that he can spontaneously generate any number of arms that he wants. In Gut Model, it is seen able to transform into a shield.

Relationships [ ]

Muscle man [ ].

He and Muscle Man seem to be best friends, since they are always assigned jobs together. When Muscle Man is in a frame, it is to be assumed that "Fives" is along with him. The two are nearly inseparable (As Hi Fives always quits whenever Muscle Man gets fired), just like Mordecai and Rigby. When he appears, he is always with Hi Five Ghost. Similar to how Benson never gets mad at Mordecai alone, HFG never makes fun of Mordecai or Rigby by himself (he is always with Muscle Man when this happens).

Nicknames [ ]

  • Hi Five (or High Five)
  • Hi Fives (or High Fives)

Skills/Habits [ ]

  • Undead - Even though it is unknown if he was born alive, Hi Five is shown to be a ghost and lives and interacts with others, even though he's a ghost.
  • Trumpet Player - In This Is My Jam, it is shown that Hi Five Ghost can play the trumpet, even though Muscle Man blows into the mouth piece.
  • Loud Laughs - Even though Hi Five is usually silent, he has a very loud laugh, which can be proven in The Night Owl.
  • Floatation - Hi Five Ghost can float instead of walk and never gets tired of doing it.
  • Goes Through Everything - As revealed by his brother, they can go through walls and objects.
  • Ability to Form a Shield - In Gut Model, it was revealed that Hi Five Ghost can turn into a shield.
  • Pranks - He is a master pranker alongside Muscle Man.
  • Hot Wiring - He can also hot-wire a car to go very fast, as seen in the episode My Mom.

Gallery [ ]

  • Despite his name, Hi Five Ghost is shown to only have four fingers. Though, his four other hands have five fingers. His name may reference the 'high-five' position his main hand is in.
  • Most of the time he is never heard because when he speaks Muscle Man usually talks over him.
  • He and Muscle Man can be seen with the crowd of people in the Pilot episode watching Mordecai and Rigby playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • Hi Five Ghost is almost always smiling.
  • With the exception of Hi Five Ghost, all of the main characters have been antagonists at least once (although the real Pops isn't an antagonist, Mordecai 's memory of nude Pops is).
  • Hi Five Ghost resembles his father and brother.
  • Hi Five Ghost has the second most family members actually seen in the series (Being his dad and brother; both in "See You There"). Benson has the most family members while Rigby, Muscle Man, and Pops have one (Pops having his father, Mr. Maellard, Rigby having his brother, Don, Muscle Man having his brother John, and Benson having his mom, dad, and sister) and Mordecai and Skips have none.
  • His smile and frowny face are similar to Poes from the Legend of Zelda, mainly the ones from Ocarina of Time.
  • The bottom part of his body and his shape could be a resemblance to the ghosts from Pac-Man.
  • He began to say full sentences in "Muscle Woman" and has been ever since.

External Links [ ]

  • Hi Five Ghost on the Regular Show Wiki
  • Hi Five Ghost on the Heroic Benchmark Wiki

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The Postcard

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" The Postcard " is the seventeenth episode in Season 5 (and one hundredth-thirty third episode overall) of Regular Show . It first aired on February 10, 2014.

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  • 5.1 Cultural References

Synopsis [ ]

Hi Five Ghost hopes to reunite with a lady from his past.

The episode starts out as a flashback 4 years ago where Hi Five Ghost meets a girl named Celia at a cafe. After a brief conversation, they both realize they have a lot in common. Both begin to like each other more after a day out together where the two enjoy doing their favorite things together. As the day ends, High Five Ghost remarks how much he enjoyed the day and suggests doing it again, but Celia regretfully informs him she is leaving for Prague to continue her studies. Unfortunately, the only way for them to remain in contact with each other is through a postcard because neither has a phone. They both agree if both are still single in 4 years then they'll start again where they left off.

The scene now cuts to present day, where Benson  complains to  Mordecai  and  Rigby  about them ordering issues of Fart Weekly magazine, after telling them not to have it sent to the park, whilst he gives Hi Five Ghost a postcard that Celia sent him, after which Benson orders everyone to get back to work. HFG remembers that Celia sent him the postcard as a promise for them to meet up again after she finished her studies. Mordecai asks him who Celia is, to which he replies that she is "The coolest girl he's ever met". Muscle Man and Mordecai congratulate him, whilst Rigby asks him when HFG is meeting Celia. HFG tries to read the postcard, but can't due to it being too "busted up."

Inside the house, Muscle Man, Mordecai, Rigby and HFG try to decode the what the postcard says, but eventually they give up. Rigby asks about the large number of "Change of adress" stamps and HFG explains that he's moved around a lot and the postcard must have been stuck in the postal system for some time. Mordecai takes the postcard and flattens it out on the table where he finds a message on the front which asks HFG to meet on March 20 between 6 and 7 PM. After noticing he hasn't got that much time to find out where he needs to meet Celia, he goes to the police.

At the police station, Low Five Ghost says that the if the forensic team can't decipher the letter, nobody can, but LFG says that HFG has to chop-bust them beck if they want their help. After the park workers and Wes and Westley chop-bust each other, HFG makes one about them being "Disc jockeys who haven't seen any real action since they left the academy". Offended by this, the pair hold HFG to the ground, only for them to reveal the they were chop-busting him again. After deciphering the message, HFG asks them where he Celia wants to meet him, but they say that's the one thing they can't find out. HFG reads that she wants to meet him at a Brick Oven Pizza, but doesn't know which one. The message also says that if HFG doesn't show up, she'll assume he's found someone else. One of the team says that they can run a few more tests, but HFG says that he doesn't have time, pointing out that it's almost 6 o'clock. Low Five Ghost says that there's only a few Brick Oven Pizzas in the area, and whilst they're looking, Wes and Westley will carry out more tests. 

Whilst looking for the place, Wes and Westley tell the gang that the place is called "Brick Oven Pizzanini". After another test, Wes and Westley find out the place is called "Mama's Famous Brick Oven Pizzanini". Another test reveals that the restaurant is on 7th Street, and the gang promptly go there, but they find out that the place is being fumigated. After decoding the whole line, Wes and Westley tell them that Celia is waiting at Mama's Famous Brick Oven Pizzanini on 7 Grain, which is at the shopping centre. Mordecai notes that they've only got 10 minutes to get there. After getting stuck in a traffic jam, Low Fives cuts through the mall. However, when HFG enters the restaurant, he finds that Celia isn't there and asks for some time alone. He notices the cafe in which he met Celia four years ago and meets Celia again. The two are surprised and they both hold hands.

Characters [ ]


  • Hi Five Ghost
  • Celia (debut)
  • Wes and Westley  
  • Low-Five Ghost

The Postcard - Regular Show - Cartoon Network

  • This is the first time Hi-Five Ghost is the central character.
  • Hi-Five Ghost has a girlfriend named Celia.

Cultural References [ ]

  • Low Five Ghost tells his brother "One way or another, we're gonna find her". This is a nod to the song One Way or Another by Blondie.
  • The platonic relationship between Hi-Five Ghost and Celia since their meeting and promise to meet again at an interval rendezvous, is a nod to Before Sunrise , a 1995 romance drama film by Richard Linklater.
  • When High Five Ghost looks at his watch near the end of the episode, it is 20 minutes to 6. It would be 20 minutes to 7.
  • The popcorn machine in the Snack Bar says "popcon" instead of popcorn.
  • After Low-Five Ghost crashes through the flower stand, Mordecai, Rigby, and Muscle Man aren't seen inside the car.
  • Regular Show

High Five Ghost

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Muscle Man and High Five Ghost are a rival team of groudskeepers at the park. They're always trying to prank Mordecai and Rigby.


  1. High Five Ghost

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  5. Hi Five Ghost

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  1. Hi Five Ghost

    Biographical information Home: The Park (formerly) Space Tree Station (formerly) Occupation: DJ Groundskeeper (formerly) Pizza Deliverer (formerly) Species: Ghost Gender: Male Hair color: Blond (Beard) Brown (in High School) Eye color: Grey Relatives: Unnamed father Air Five Ghost (aunt) Low Five Ghost (brother) Celia (wife)

  2. Hi Five Ghost

    HFG Five Hi Five (or High-Five) Fives Hi Fives (or High-Fives) Origin Regular Show Occupation Ghost Muscle Man's best friend Groundskeeper (formerly) DJ Powers / Skills Levitation Intangibility Hand-to-Hand Combat Enhanced Durability Intelligence Ability to travel through walls Hobby Hanging out with his friends. Pranking with Muscle Man. Goals

  3. A Regular Epic Final Battle

    The erasing of Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost causes Pops to assume his titan form as well. Anti-Pops proceeds to erase the rest of Pops' allies and friends except Mordecai and Rigby, and kick his brother into a portal.

  4. The Postcard

    February 14, 2015 (UK) Credits Written & storyboarded by: Hilary Florido & Madeline Queripel TRANSCRIPT GALLERY " The Postcard " is the seventeenth episode in Season 5 (and one hundredth-thirty third episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on February 10, 2014. Contents 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Characters 4 Video 5 Trivia

  5. J. G. Quintel

    James Garland Quintel is an American animator, storyboard artist, director, writer, producer, and voice actor. He is best known as the creator of the Cartoon Network series Regular Show (2010–2017), in which he voiced Mordecai and High Five Ghost, and the HBO Max series Close Enough (2020–2022), in which he voiced Josh.

  6. High Five Ghost

    01:52 File:Placeholder Muscle Man and High Five Ghost are a rival team of groudskeepers at the park. They're always trying to prank Mordecai and Rigby. Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.