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During Disc 2 of The Legend of Dragoon while you're on the Queen Fury a Phantom Ship will ram into your boat. Shortly after boarding the Phantom Ship you'll discover a chest that requires a 3 number combination to open and it gives you a total of 10 tries to open it. The number combination is completely random and changes from game to game and while you're playing. There's no way to "cheat" the system, even with Save States it's no picnic.

After you successfully open it, the chest will close and fill with treasure again and it'll do this multiple times which makes this worth spending some time to learn how to do. There's also some really good loot that you can get from this chest such as the Ultimate Wargod Talisman which will automatically complete additions for you! Here's a list of all the items you can get:

10 Tries: Stun Guard (Prevents Confusion)

8 Tries Left: Panic Guard (Prevents Stun)

6 Tries Left: Magic Ego Bell (Prevents Bewitchment)

4 Tries Left: Talisman (Prevents Instant Death)

2 Tries Left: Ultimate Wargod (Automatically Completes Additions)

Anything Lower: 100G

How the prizes work is a bit odd. The chest will "count" how many times you fail the combination and memorize it between attempts. What this means is if you fail the combination 4 times the first time trying to open it, you'll only get a total of 6 tries the second time. Fail 4 times the second time and the third time you'll only get two tries.

If you input the correct number in the correct location then your attempt won't count as a failure. The only time it counts as a failure is if you input all the correct digits in the wrong spot. What this means is in order to get the Ultimate Wargod item you'll need to fail the chest a total of 8 times before successfully opening it.

Now for the tough part - actually completing the puzzle! This is how the Password works for the Treasure Chest on the Phantom Ship.

- Four Numbers are given to you for each password

- Only three of them are actually used

- Every time you enter a correct number in the correct position it'll display the text "..." after you try to complete the puzzle. An example of this is shown in my screen shot below.

Phantom Ship Number Entry Chest

To make things a bit easier for you to understand, I have provided you with three examples of the numbers I got from the ghosts and the logic that I used to complete the puzzle each of those times. If you use the same steps I did below you'll be able to solve the puzzle easily each time and get an Ultimate Wargod like I did!

My numbers: 0279

- Start with the same number repeated all three times, in my case I did 0 0 0

- It returned "..." so I then tried 0 2 8 and none were correct, thanks to the last entry of 0 0 0 I know that one of the three 0s is correct.

- I now try 2 0 8. Again, like the attempt before it none of the numbers are correct. I now know the correct position of 0 though. Thanks to the previous trials and errors I now know that the number is some variant of XX0 with a zero in the final position.

- Now I try 2 2 8 and none of the numbers are correct. I now know that 2 is the number not being used since one of those two would have been correct if it was.

- Now I try 7 2 8 and nothing is correct. This now tells me that the combination is 9 7 0. How do I know that? Because the numbers 9 and 7 HAVE to be used and from our last attempt we can assume that the second position is where the 7 goes which means the only other number that could possibly fill the first position is 9.

My numbers: 1146

- I start with the combination 4 4 4 to see if that number is the dud, one of those 4s was correct

- I try 4 0 0 and it tells me that the four is in the correct spot - lucky!

- Next up I try 3 1 5, it tells me that I have one of the numbers correct again which reveals to me that my number is 4 1 X.

- Since I have two 1s I try 4 1 1 and the chest successfully opens for me. I got pretty lucky this time.

My numbers: 2729

- Start with the combination 7 7 7 and it tells me one of the numbers is correct.

- Try the combination 7 8 8 and it tells me that all of the numbers are wrong, which lets me know that 7 is in the wrong position.

- I try the combination 6 7 8 and it gives me the "..." letting me know that the 7 is in the correct spot.

- I then try the combination 2 8 8 and it tells me that one of the numbers is correct, meaning the two. This gives my combination two possibilities, it can either be 2 7 2 or 2 7 9.

- I roll the dice and try 2 7 2 and it doesn't work meaning that the password is 2 7 9.

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The Legend of Dragoon – Phantom Ship Chest/Minigame FAQ

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