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California State University Channel Islands

  • Nancy Mauthe of Camarillo, California on 2021-04-10 said: Regarding this University Channel Island, it is haunted. My son went there and I would drive him day and night. Night was the worse. Screams when the fog would come in, coyotes running in the parking lot. Figures that you could see dark winged on the bridge and at the highest point of the rocks facing the University. Any one will tell you its haunted and screams can be heard. It has been vacant for over a year, due to the Virus all on line. No one is allowed there, but some Ghost Hunters have got onto the campus door close, owls fly over. I saw a winged figure on the bridge one night when it was raining so hard off Camarillo Road, I almost went of the bridge. I never took that road again. There is a tree with all the names of the patients that they know died there, are they buried there? The trees seem to take on a different shape at night. Anyone will tell you that its so haunted, Portero road is another road you do not want to take, I saw a dead cow there one time and the lights at the University were shaking and there was NO WIND THAT DAY. The library is really weird in the back the morgue was there and they build the library over the morgue no one knows if the morgue is still there? So many rooms are broken glass broken smells come from the building and you can feel someone always watching you. At my son's graduation, I feel so many were watching us, even a women in front of me said this place feels weird, yea right. 2 years ago they started digging the main qued where the fountain is why? It took them 2 years it was all covered up with green tarps where you could not see what they were doing? So answer me this what were you doing in the fountain quad? No one is allowed to talk about Haunts or Ghost they are told this before they start working there and they have to sign a paper. They don't want anyone knowing that this place and it will always be a horrible haunt. Layers to the land. Horrible stuff happened there in the 1930's surgeries of kids, people experience's to people brain. This crape does not go away. It stays cause its evil. There are violent ghost there that will knock you over. There have been 3 fires in the past several years and the school has never burned down or touched. Flooded in early years many patients lost there lives to the flood being throw to the ocean out off Point Mugu State Beach. if you ever have to go there make sure you take a protection amulet with you, cause whatever is out there will follow you home unless you are protected. The greenhouse has been seen with dark figures walking in back of it at night near El Dorado Hall. When the fog comes it its time to leave. Howls are every where bats are seen flying around the area, the lighting is horrible on the streets and when the fog hits you cannot see in front of your face. The lights do go out and sometimes you can hear screams coming from the wash area where you have to walk at night to get your car. No lights. Or they are out or broken, they flicker on and off, shake in the moon light. The pump station on the way into the University has been seen with an evil fire person, coming out of the building. Black fire person. I would assume it lives in that pumping station. Or its a well, there is a well on the hill near the Bell Tower of which was in the movie "The Well" Many occult items have been found there and it is crazy cause they have classes on the occult at that school, how crazy is that! But remember its a Hospital and it will always be one. It will never change its mode. Vines connect to people and they cannot go there anymore, especially living in the dorms. They don't want anyone to address this issue because it called "BAD FOR BUSINESS". But do something about all the vaccant buildings, they hold the evil and they will never go away until its torn down, and even then. When the constrution crew was there in 2015 building the buildings some left, could not handle what they would see there. So just remember if you have to travel out there go during the day. The winged shape-shifter will be awaiting for you if you go at night.
  • Rick Christensen of San Antonio, Texas on 2020-06-16 said: I noticed with interest the assertion that the morgue had been torn down to build the library at the former CSH, now CSU Channel Islands, but perhaps the morgue actually still is downstairs? I haven't been back for many, many years,--certainly not in its present incarnation as a university, but in the hospital's proverbial heyday--it topped out at 7,500 patients--I actually worked a summer lab job there after my junior year his high school (Hueneme High in Oxnard). This was in 1961, and the morgue was most definitely in the dank basement, where it bore a fair resemblance to something out of Frankenstein. The corridor leading to the rusted steel double morgue doors (with "Morgue" in old script over them) actually dripped and were moldy. How do I know this? Because I had occasion to go to the morgue, having been invited to witness an autopsy (with an average of 3.5 deaths a week, the hospital had a staff pathologist). The interior of the morgue really was something out of an old horror movie, beginning with the old-fashioned stonework dissection tables, ancient counters with a litter of lab stuff and instruments, a bank of refrigerated containments for the subjects, and some equipment that had no possible relevance, such as a huge console with big knobs, dials, and buttons, maybe five feet wide by five or more feet tall, thick cables running out the bottom. Maybe someone did shoot part of a movie there. I was afraid to ask what was going on. I won't describe the autopsy but will say only that any thoughts I might have had about entering the medical field died on the spot. As soon as possible after the procedure, I got out of there, the door being opened by Igor--yes, this is what they called him--the morgue assistant, who limped, was bent over, had a buzz haircut, and featured a big scar across his scalp. If Christopher Lee had turned up and they had told me that they were casting for a Hammer Films production of Dracula, I would not have been surprised at all.
  • California's Historic Haunts (2014) by Clune, Brian with Bob Davis, p: 17 - 23
  • Weird California (2006) by Greg Bishop, Joe Oesterle, Mike Marinacci, p: 228 - 229
  • Haunted Places: The National Directory (2002) by Hauck, Dennis, p: 38
  • Haunted Southern California (2009) by Stansfield Jr., Charles A., p: 10-12

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The Scary Dairy of Camarillo Will Frighten You to the Core

Located near the current site of California State University Channel Islands, Camarillo’s so-called “Scary Dairy” was built with the best of intentions.

Of course, you know what they say about good intentions.

The road to Hell is paved with them.

The Scary Dairy of Camarillo Will Frighten You to the Core

Photo credit: adventurecollector.wordpress.com

Updated 2/10/2020 – Visitors from out of the area may not know the sordid history of the beautiful CSUCI campus .

Until the end of the 20 th century, the rural location served a very different purpose.

Nestled amongst the hiking trails and campsites above the Conejo Valley was not a place of learning, but one of pain and suffering .

The Camarillo State Mental Hospital, as the location was known then, was meant to be a place of healing, where the mentally disturbed could rest, recuperate, and receive treatment.

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Like many such institutions that were open before recent advances in medicine, though, it often caused more harm and pain than good.

Shock treatments and lobotomies were performed there.

The staff, though wonderfully kind and caring in later years, was not always so.

The facility was finally closed in 1997, and reopened a few short years later as Cal State Channel Islands.

The Scary Dairy, although of course it did not hold that name during its years of operation, is today an abandoned building just adjacent to the main campus.

Abandoned, that is, other than the scores of malevolent spirits still hanging around from days past.

The University itself is plenty haunted , even with thousands of students and staff tramping through its halls day and night.

A creepy, abandoned old dairy building within striking distance of the old Asylum?

It’s a no brainer for any paranormal creature .

Table of Contents

  • 1 What is the Scary Dairy of Camarillo?
  • 2 Haunted Activity at the Scary Dairy
  • 3 Animal Ghosts at the Scary Dairy
  • 4 Visiting the Scary Dairy
  • 5 Directions to the Scary Dairy

What is the Scary Dairy of Camarillo?

Scary Dairy in Camarillo Man Behind Plastic

Photo credit: flickr/macpupu

In the 1960s heyday of the Camarillo State Mental Hospital, what we now know as the Scary Dairy actually was a functional dairy farm.

It was owned and operated by the Hospital, as a work experience program for the patients.

Mental patients would milk the cows and do other farm tasks in exchange for, well, nothing.

The Hospital, for their part, enjoyed the additional income brought in by their free, if a bit disturbed, labor.

It’s said that the Scary Dairy was also the site of several murders , both during and after its closing.

More than one unfortunate patient met their end at the Mental Hospital , and although little has been proven, legend has it that the orderlies were sometimes to blame.

Of course, fighting amongst the patients themselves also occurred now and again, and the heavy machinery present at the Dairy combined with the looser security there to create the perfect scene for a crime .

Any death under such stressful circumstances is likely to result in a haunting, and that’s on top of the psychic volatility already created by so much mental anguish in such a small area.

Today, the Scary Dairy is open as part of a hiking trail through the foothills.

It’s a bit overgrown, a bit graffiti-strewn, and a frequent party spot for local teenagers.

Sheriff’s deputies patrol the area throughout the day and night to ensure things don’t get too out of hand.

How effective could they be against the supernatural horrors that infest the area, though?

Haunted Activity at the Scary Dairy

Scary Dairy in Camarillo 2

Photo credit: flickr/johnmueller

For the serious ghost hunter or paranormal investigator , the Scary Dairy of Camarillo is a bit of a jackpot.

It’s home to numerous cold spots , especially around the tanks that still stand just outside the main building.

Small objects left lying out, especially keys, are almost invariably found moved or missing when their owner returns.

A few people have even reported seeing them move on their own.

One team used a thermal camera and spotted what appeared to be a tendril of mist forming around an antique handcuff key that they left out as bait.

In the morning when they returned, the key had fallen to the ground.

They were unable to see on the camera footage when exactly this occurred.

Spirits able to exert a physical influence on the mortal world are exceedingly rare, and their presence points to a very strong concentration of paranormal energy .

Ghosts tend to wax and wane in power depending on where they are found, more than the circumstances of their own death.

Some experts postulate that the land upon which the Mental Hospital and the Scary Dairy were built has a deeper, darker past .

Camarillo was home to several American Indian tribes, including the Chumash.

It is not known whether the site of the Dairy held any particular significance to them, but the Chumash were victims of a particularly vicious war with the Spanish Missionaries.

The Chumash Revolt of 1824 claimed the lives of over 2,000 Native Americans, many of whom would have been from the region now known as Camarillo.

EVPs are quite easily captured there, given one has the right equipment, and an unusual variety of noises have been reported.

The screams, laughter, and crying are normal, if such a word can be applied to such a place.

Footsteps and the rattling of chains?

The zapping sounds of electric shock therapy?

Unpleasant, but certainly not out of place given the history.

It’s the tormented animalistic shrieks and wails that are unusual.

Animal Ghosts at the Scary Dairy

Ghost Dog at the Scary Dairy in Camarillo

Photo credit: flickr/samcockman

One wonders if perhaps the cows and other dairy animals are still present in a spectral form .

A haunting by an animal is unusual, though not entirely unheard of.

At various times around the country, the spirits of domesticated animals such as horses and dogs have been spotted by intrepid ghost hunters.

They are typically even less corporeal than the ghost of a human , with the notable exception of a few particular intelligent and loyal dogs .

At the Scary Dairy, it seems entirely possible that the tight clustering of animals combined with the psychic activity already present.

Such a confluence of ghostly energy could potentially allow for at least a few of them to remain on the scene, albeit in a diminished form.

Most likely, these poor creatures are confused and entirely unaware of their surroundings.

Unlike the human victims of the Scary Dairy, these spectral cows and other creatures are almost certainly harmless.

If you should visit the site, please spare a moment to think of their sad fate.

These innocent creatures may no longer be truly conscious, but they certainly still feel pain and confusion, and likely will for some time to come.

It can take many, many years for spiritual remnants to fully dissipate.

Visiting the Scary Dairy

Interior of the Scary Dairy Barn

Photo credit: flickr/uelaphantom

Today, the Scary Dairy is still entirely accessible, and responsible exploration is encouraged.

As mentioned, local police frequently patrol the area.

However, they are more on the lookout for rowdy kids with spray paint and booze than hikers with EVP recorders and night vision cameras.

Hiking through the site and right through the Dairy itself is legal and permitted, as long as visitors don’t stay past sunset.

Local paranormal experts sometimes host tours or specially allowed overnight stays at the site, which can be a great way to delve further into this particularly creepy piece of Southern California’s history.

The turn-off to the trail’s parking area is not the most easily visible, and the Dairy itself is not visible until one has hiked a fair distance in.

The best path to this haunted location is, as always, to get our directions here .

While you’re at the Scary Dairy, be sure to take a tour through the main Cal State Channel Islands campus .

The campus was famously converted from the old Camarillo State Mental Hospital itself.

Many of the buildings date back to those dark days, and the ghosts that haunt the school are closely tied to the ones at the Dairy.

And at the end of your haunted, but hopefully not too haunted, day, enjoy a cool glass of milk.

Maybe a cheese sandwich.

After all, what harm could possibly come from a delicious dairy product?

Directions to the Scary Dairy

Ready to explore this thrilling haunted location?

Then Click Here To Get Directions To The Scary Dairy.

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is csu channel islands haunted

Scary HQ

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The Haunted Old Camarillo State Hospital in Camarillo, California

A haunted location: Old Camarillo State Hospital in Camarillo, California.

Details: now Channel Islands University This large enclave of buildings in Camarillo is now a university, but were originally built in the 1920s as a state mental hospital.

They changed over to a school in the mid 90s.

There have been many stories of ghosts over the years of all kinds due to the fact that patients previously lived and died there.

Photo of author

Written by: Gwenyth Poler

Published on: October 3, 2022

is csu channel islands haunted

Customer Testimonial

Our customers love our haunted tale, " Whispers Of The Past "!

Wow, I just finished  "Whispers Of The Past" . It's super scary, yet so easy to read! It'll give you the creeps! I just sent the link to all my friends. - Beth P .

is csu channel islands haunted

Table of Contents

Do You Know The Haunted History Of The Old Camarillo State Hospital?

It has been rumoured that the Old Camarillo State Hospital in Camarillo, California is a haunted location. We’ll explain why people think this below. Do you think the rumors are true?

Why Is The Old Camarillo State Hospital Haunted?

now Channel Islands University This large enclave of buildings in Camarillo is now a university, but were originally built in the 1920s as a state mental hospital.

Some of the buildings are in the process of being turned into dorms and some students have experienced all kinds of unexplained events.

The sounds of children’s voices at the children’s center, by the Bell tower an old woman walking and asking for directions to the chapel and old woman wearing white wondering the hallways in the daytime.

In the restrooms the voice of someone saying, “SSSHHHHH” in parking lot A figure that looks like a man spinning around until it disappears near one of the street lights.

objects seen with t he corner of the eye and then when people turn they disappear.

Many people have had encounters with ghost at this site, during the day and at night the ghost don’t have a preferred time.

Some complaints from students and staff are headaches, nausea, feeling of being watched, feeling unsafe, threatened, and extreme tiredness.

Also, there have been numerous sightings of at least a dozen different entities in the Bell Tower, Police Station region.

(Currently, only very few buildings at the site are used- most are abandoned.) Entities seen range from a beautiful woman in white who wanders both night and day in the hallways in and around the Bell Tower, a man by the bus stop, and a rather nervous entity in one of the women’s restrooms in the Bell Tower who not only chatters but makes some kind of rustling sound.

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What do you think about the haunted history of Old Camarillo State Hospital in Camarillo, California?

Do you believe it’s true?

We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t advocate that anyone goes here, this post is for informational purposes only.

Gwenyth Poler

Meet Gwenyth Poler, a content creator at Scary HQ, a haunted places blog that delves into the eerie and unexplained. Gwen is a true crime enthusiast and an avid lover of all things spooky. In her free time, she can be found exploring abandoned buildings and investigating local ghost stories. But don't let her interest in the macabre fool you, Gwen is the epitome of a wholesome individual with a kind heart and a contagious passion for her work. When she's not scouring the internet for her next true crime case to research or haunted location to visit, she can be found curled up with a horror novel or watching her favorite scary movies. Gwen's love for the eerie and unknown is matched only by her love for her audience, and she pours her heart and soul into every post on Scary HQ. Join Gwen on her journey as she uncovers the secrets of the haunted world around us.

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Product Image

Douglas just purchased Whispers Of The Past 17 Hours ago from Madison WI.

Creepy LA: The Los Angeles Halloween Blog

Haunted? Cal State Channel Islands

I have heard many things from the sound of a woman crying in an abandoned building, to heavy doors slamming shut, to scratching on walls when no one was even around.

Lights flicker in the locker lined hallway and rusting bars cover the windows to abandoned buildings. It looks like just a college with some broken windows here and there, but there is something more to this story.

Until 1997, it was a mental hospital that was shut down as they could not keep up with all those kept there as well as costs. In 2002 it reopened introducing CSU Channel Islands, the newest state school in California.

A lot of the unexplained activity takes place near the dorms also known as Anacapa and Santa Cruz.  In year’s past, Santa Cruise (the lower class dorms), mainly building H, was used to house patients.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is true considering the next unnamed building over is broken apart with rusting windows and frames. If you take a walk on campus, you can look through broken windows to see papers littering the floor, sometimes medical supplies or even drawings on walls that can be quite chilling.

Near the Island Cafe, which is located in the South Quad, there is a long hallway lined with yellow lockers. Keep walking until you get to the open field near a parking lot (SH2) and look to the right. That is the old medical lab and office. It is barred up and closed now, but three years ago I did manage to get inside. It was dark and cold.  On the walls words said “No one can help me” and in the shower room it said in dripping letters “die.”

This is also the location where I had the door nearly swing and hit me in the face.  That was around midnight, also the time where guards switched.  Towards the back of school is our well known South Quad. It is next to Napa Hall (the art studio).  It is said that late at night, you can hear the disembodied sound of a former janitor jingling his keys as he cleans up what is no longer there.

Under our library isn’t just books or is it?  Some people still believe there is a morgue still under our school library.  I can not be 100% sure but who really knows for sure? There are many stories and facts going around since its closing.  But how would you feel if there really was a morgue under your library?  Would you go down there for an adventure?

My favorite spot on campus is the five minute hike to the top of a hill where the famous well from “The Ring” can be found. You can see in the above picture the well on the hill. Up on that hill you over look  the campus and the fields. It gives you that horror serial killer feeling, like someone is lurking around the corner. Maybe it is Boulder Dan…the escaped patient who would scream and throw rocks at people…but that is just a legend (maybe).

CSU Channel Islands, beautiful at day, and a story at night. Dare to wander the grounds where the insane once walked?

' src=

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is csu channel islands haunted

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is csu channel islands haunted

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Haunting allure of Scary Dairy at CSU Channel Islands University Park

A headless figure adorns a concrete wall at Scary Dairy, the deteriorated remains of a former dairy farm at what's now CSU Channel Islands University Park on Monday, Oct. 17, 2022.

The Scary Dairy

Once the Camarillo State Hospital, Scary Dairy is a nickname for a said-to-be-haunted ruined building. Reports say the former mental hospital was either a dairy or a slaughterhouse, and it is rumored to have been the site of several murders.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

Rate this Haunted Place

What do you think? Is this place really haunted? Voice your opinion here! Click "thumbs up" if you think its haunted, or "thumbs down" if you think its all just a tall tale.

is csu channel islands haunted

Geographic Information

Contact information.

Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

Share Your Experiences

Comments (16).

' src=

I had some experiences at scary dairy some years back where I heard some kids laughing, I had a can that was crushed maybe 30 minutes before was completely standing and blown back up, n then to top it off a white light with no shape was crossing the trail and suddenly disappeared when I shined the light on it

' src=

Back when I was in high school, a group of us there at night. I think they had just closed it down, the year before or so. A group of our friends were ahead of us and I stayed behind with a fiend. WE BOTH then heard singing and talking coming from over a hill next to us. We both looked at each and ran back to the car. Both of us were crying I think I even peed on myself too. Those voices did not sound like they were real. Scariest feeling ever!

' src=

About 3 years ago a group of friends and I went to scary dairy around 9pm. As we were making our way to the barn we kept hearing footsteps behind us and the wind started to pick up for a couple of seconds, then we started to hear the roof of the barn (witch was all metal sheets) beginning to bang when there was absolutely no wind. We finally made it to one of the buildings, as we checked it out we didn’t expirence anything, when we started to walk back we kept seeing figures on the trees ahead of us but once we got to those trees there was nothing there.

' src=

Back when I lived around that area, me and my friends decided to walk around the area (I had recently moved near that area and some friends from england came to visit) it was in the morning but it was really dark and cold and we felt hands grab our hands. Long story short I moved back to England and I don’t think I’ll be back for a long time.

' src=

About 3 years ago 2012 a couple of friends and I went to Scary Dairy for a paintball match. There was 2 groups, the first group which I was in made it there first so we got our gear ready and hid in the room with the big tank in it, and we heard laughing and giggling we taught it was them and ran to surprise attack them but no one was there. We called them and they were barely getting off their cars! Once we heard that we got chills and got scared but we kept playing!

' src=

This place was scary as hell at night. I went there years ago with some friends who decided to drop acid while there. Needless to say we didn’t stick around too long (not long enough for the LSD to kick in or they would have probably flipped out), we did however hear foot steps and other noises in the distance all around us. There is definitely something wrong with this place, it was originally used as a dairy operated by patients from the Camarillo State Mental Hospital. Who knows what happened at this dairy, it’s in a very isolated spot… the stories of the actual hospital itself were that the patients were abused and many were killed.

' src=

My husband was the lead groundskeeper at Camarillo State Hospital in the 80’s. We lived on the grounds. He let me swim in the Children’s Pool but made me get out as soon as we heard children’s laughter. I found out later there hadn’t been children there for decades. I also had a gas oven blow up in my face (singed my eyelashes), our apartment was infested with pincher bugs, our car got stuck in the ice plant overnight and when we came back to have it towed the window was broken with blood on it. One day 3 tarantulas showed up on the outside walls of our apartment, one by the front door, one by the back door and one in the laundry room. We would often see “patients” walking down the entrance road in broad daylight only to report them and find out no one had escaped. Once I had to use the bathroom by the bell tower and was followed by a lady (who I thought was a patient) shuffling in slippers. When I told the charge nurse her face just froze. The biggest thing was I suffered two miscarriages while we lived on site. My husband couldn’t wait to get transferred out. I’m sure he had many more stories he didn’t share with me. A few years ago when I was driving by Camarillo I decided to swing by and check out the old stomping grounds. It was just after dusk. All the pictures I took were loaded with orbs. I mean LOADED! I’ll see if I can find them.

' src=

I have been wanting to go to scary dairy for a little while, I finally went tonight with my husband and our two friends. We went around 8:30 and we parked about a mile away, and walked for about another mile and a half and it was pitch black (pretty creepy walk) we finally arrived in view of the barn… Me and my friend were so spooked we stayed back a bit and waited while my husband and our other friend went to explore the barn. THE SECOND they get to the barn my friend and I who stayed back heard loud children’s laughter. It was definitely a girl and it sounded loud with an echo. My husband and our friend who was in front of the barn didn’t hear it at all… Very bizarre. Also, my friend and I heard footsteps walking in the leaves and the be ush about three feet to the left of us. We tried to convince ourselves it was an animal, but the steps were so close and so loud, it just couldn’t of been an animal. And after hearing that little girls laughter, I wasn’t going to eliminate the paranormal at that point. Also two of our three flashlights were dying out of nowhere then they worked fine once we were further away from the barn. i had an uneasy feeling the whole time. I will never go back unless it’s during the day (maybe). It’s just not for me. Definitely haunted.

' src=

This is my second time going first time wasn’t bad just felt like someone was watching me but this 2nd time was creepy I looked at my phone it said 15% so I put in airplane mode an decide I’m not gonna use it so it won’t die the couple mins later I look at it its at 70%,, wait story ain’t over yet .. So my an my couisin also had some spray cans we were there for about 1hr just expressing are self(tagging) till I got the thought to right “fuck trump” 10min later we hop the fence an leave getting to the car me an him here a a buzzing/talking from far nosie we stopped an listen an it was coming from my phone I take it out its on a snapchat video of Donald trump creepy right! I got chills down my neck idk if Ima go back after that

' src=

Went here to test out some new EVP Recoding equipment I had. I am an empathic/clairvoyant so I use my senses along with my equipment to “feel” out the energy of each location I explore. This was during the day so I felt that this was the locations “quiet” time. After walking by the feeding troughs I got the feeling of confusion and started getting a faint headache. This was residual energy from the human visitors who go there using alcohol and drugs. The most intense energy was in the harrow walkway you enter before going up the stairs. I got a “squeezing” feeling and felt like I was being stopped from moving either in or out of that location. I spend some time in the small room that is to the right up the stairs. Here I did my EVP recordings. I asked the spirits their name and received an answer of “Thirstin” and another name I could not make out. I asked how many ghost were in the room with me and they said “4” I asked how they were feeling and I got the answer of “Free.” I believe it would be a very different experience if it was visited at night because then the spirits would be more active.

' src=

A friend and I had gone out hiking the area immediately surrounding the Scary Dairy area earlier today. Whereas there was a definite “odd energy” about the place, but nothing frightening. After a couple house we headed to the lot. One we had gotten back in the car and backed out preparing to leave, maybe 20 feet in front of the car a bunch of dirt flew up in the air and formed a 10′ loose shape, it then started to spin, slowly and moved across the parking lot, back towards the direction of the dairy. Once it hit the end of the parking lot, it “poofed”, so to speak and all the dirt fell to the ground. We didnt feel threatened, but we both both knew we were seeing something unexplainable.

' src=

Im a student at CSUCI and ive hiked around quite a bit. Ive gone to scary dairy a few times and can confirm this place is most definitey haunted. First time i wemt during the day and heard childrens laughter echoing throughout the barn. I went Tonight i went with a few friends and heard a very loud scream eminating from the building a little ways down the path from the barn. Definitely the scariest place ive been to for a long time and definitely a great hike woth some beautiful photo ops! Just make sure to not park there at night!! Police are really crackingg down on trespassers

' src=

Immediately falling in love with this place I had to see it for my self, my first visit this past May was to check out how big and what kind of shots I would like my model to do. I was out in the back courtyard and talking out stating who I was and what I wanted to do knowing people were born or died there. Suddenly the wind picked-up and the back of my shirt was pulled near my neck. It didn’t scare me, they were just stating that they were around. I advised that I didn’t mean any harm to them or the place. We left and called it a day.

This past weekend I brought a model and began to shoot, I was hearing slight banging and fainted voices, however I didn’t ask for the ghost permission and half way through my shoot i noticed a large scratch on my forearm and a bruise similar like a finger print, these are more noticeable now. It was an adventure and I plan to go back someday to clear my sense that if they really wanted me out they could have done worse. Maybe they just wanted attention and to be asked before coming in????

' src=

Nothing scary happened here but check out a photo I took at Scary Dairy

' src=

What are the odds for getting in trouble trespassing? Or is it pretty much abandoned and open to the public?

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Disclaimer: The stories posted here are user-submitted and are, in the nature of "ghost stories," largely unverifiable. HauntedPlaces.org makes no claims that any of the statements posted here are factually accurate. The vast majority of information provided on this web site is anecdotal, and as such, should be viewed in the same light as local folklore and urban legends.

is csu channel islands haunted

California State University Channel Islands

is csu channel islands haunted

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Audible Premium Plus. Only $5.95 a month for the first 4 months. Get this deal! $14.95 a month after 4 months. Cancel anytime. Offers ends January 10, 2024 11:59pm.

The Scary Dairy: The Ghosts of Camarillo State Mental Hospital

  • Jul 21 2021
  • Length: 24 mins

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The Scary Dairy: The Ghosts of Camarillo State Mental Hospital  By  cover art

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is csu channel islands haunted

‘Camarillo Tales’ unveils history of CSU Channel Island campus

How often do students learn about the history of their college campus? What sat on the soil before dorm rooms and libraries sprung up? What stories have been lost to time?

Theater students at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) in Camarillo uncovered some of those stories for a new collection of short plays called “ Camarillo Tales: Echoes in the Hills ,” which runs through  Saturday, November 13. 

is csu channel islands haunted

Several of the plays center on the Camarillo State Mental Hospital, which was open from 1933 to 1997. CSUCI opened in 2002. Some of the buildings have been torn down and replaced, some have been turned into faculty offices and classrooms, and some have not been converted yet. 

“You really do feel the presence of the hospital on campus,” says Couvault, a theatre lecturer at CSUCI. “You look at the buildings, especially some of the older ones, you just kind of feel the presence of other ... beings.”

Students scoured library archives to find interesting stories from that time period to create historical fiction pieces. Adrian Silvestre, a theater student at CSUCI, wrote a scene based on the actual diary of a nurse at the hospital in the early 1970s, reconciling with inhumane medical practices and physical abuse of patients.

“I wrote this scene one late night, and interestingly enough, I didn't know that there was a diary beforehand. This was before I knew anything about the hospital, it just came to me,” says Silvestre.

Other scenes involve a haunted cow from the crumbling dairy across the street from the campus, murals of Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood and Clark Gable coming to life, and a poem paying respect to the Chumash tribe.

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  • Laura Covault - Theatre lecturer, CSU Channel Islands
  • Adrian Silvestre - Student, CSU Channel Islands

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The Armijo Signal

  • August 28 8/29 (Wed) US Coast Guard Rep at lunch in front of the library!!
  • August 18 Math & ELA MAP testing is upcoming. Do your Best!!
  • March 24 Daily checks of your email will help you keep informed during the year.

The student news site of Armijo High School

Ghosts on a CSU campus?!

Le'Mia Spencer , Staff Writer | October 14, 2020


Ghost Boy on the railroad.

California State University (CSU) has campuses all over the state, but there is one school that has a particular reason to stand out. The Channel Islands campus, which is located in Camarillo, started out as a mental hospital in the middle of the last century and it is rumored to be haunted. According to legend, some of the patients underwent electric shock treatment and other abusive processes and people have reported hearing sounds that are definitely not the type of noises usually heard on college campuses. People have taken pictures of abandoned buildings nearby and have seen faces staring back at them through the windows in the images. Items have disappeared from one location and reappeared in another. There are several stories, some of which can be found here: Ghost stories

Other than the haunting, CSU-CI is just a regular division of the CSU system. Potential students are expected to have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better. While SAT scores aren’t required in the near future, a GPA of 3.61 or higher can help increase an applicant’s position.

This particular campus is popular, especially among commuters, because it is the only four-year public university in Ventura County. According to the website, it “is known for its interdisciplinary, multicultural and international perspectives, and its emphasis on experiential and service learning” ( CalState.edu ).

The school offers over 50 areas of study and the majority of students benefit from financial aid. It has an 84% admission rate and many of those admitted are the first in their family to attend college. Perspective students who believe they can handle the history of the school and want to attend this Southern California campus can enjoy a virtual tour at https://www.csuci.edu/ .

  • californiauniversity
  • ghoststories

College And Career Updates

College And Career Updates

State University of New York-Maritime College

State University of New York-Maritime College

The sun sets on the Class of 2023

The sun sets on the Class of 2023

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

Final chance to reserve Cap & Gown

Final chance to reserve Cap & Gown

State University of New York-Maritime College

What you need to know to do it right

Leave AHS debt-free for summer, beyond

Leave AHS debt-free for summer, beyond

Mark your calendar to make your final high school memories.

Keep track of your dreams for 2023

This college has a rich history of growth and change.

Everything from A to Z in the USA

Carlos is one example of a successful senior class.

Experiences that will soon be in the past

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CSU Channel Islands

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Photo of CSU Channel Islands - Camarillo, CA, US. One of the most beautiful campuses in California

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Rachelle T.

“ I have attended CSUCI for the last 3 years and think it is a wonderful university. ” in 18 reviews

Josh A.

“ I am an Organizational Communication major here with a minor in Psychology . ” in 2 reviews

Dr. G.

“ I didn't think I had what it took to survive in graduate school , but I just graduated from USC with a 4. ” in 2 reviews

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Sylvan Learning of Westlake Village

Sylvan Learning of Westlake Village

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Make a direct impact in school with Sylvan's Personalized Tutoring for K-12. Our local team of expert educators are here to give you the support you've been looking for. Our proven Sylvan Method™ means we tailor lessons to your… read more

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Massage Center - Advanced School for Massage Therapy

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Imagine a big family--one that's warm, welcoming, smart and fun. That's California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI), a four-year, public university in Camarillo, California. Established in 2002, we're the youngest of 23 campuses in the CSU family. CI's mission is all about you. It's about a student-centered education, one that will put innovative learning opportunities in front of you--no matter which of our academic programs you choose. Join our family! …

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1 University Dr

Camarillo, CA 93012

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Photo of L P.

Would definitely recommend dropping out and making out with your girlfriend here. Thanks, please redirect thoughts, questions, concerns to the physics department, and figure out how to get your life in motion.

Photo of Jean A.

The CSUCI dorms and Housing Office has a lot to be desired. Currently, my child is addressing the following issues: 1. The dorms do not have air conditioning! 2. The washers stink to high heaven. 3. The Housing Office is grossly incompetent! 4. The RAs are always going into students' dorm rooms to check for "mold" in refrigerator. This area of CSUCI needs to be overhauled.

Photo of Jake B.

Safe clean, peaceful campus with lots of resources and opportunities. Also, best bang for your buck with some pretty scenery. They have some of the friendliest people i've ever met, especially compared to other colleges. Transferring was pretty flushed out as well. What you give out is what you get out of life!

Photo of Crystal V.

School gets flooded in winter power outages no parties or activity for Dorn people. If you are a Dorn person bring a car, nearest place to eat is the Target shopping Center and the factory outlet malls. No bus service or troll. I would pick a school like SB University or UCLA. at least you can take a bus or walk you cannot walk at night has Lewis road does not have any lights its out in the sod farms. Poor site for a School and not kept up several Chanellors have come and gone. Use to have block parties no more, very dark at night lighting stinks and not save no guard stations anyone can come into campus at night Lewis Road and Portero Rd. Dangerous building no lights.

Mold in old buildings mattress's in bldg's. Old building open so anyone could live in them. There is a ghost video on u tube showing needles etc mold in all old buildings. Portable lights no good high end lights always electrical out computers go down. I fyou are a dorn Student good luck on getting out must have a car, where to go eat? One Mexician rest. on campus hours are questionable. Not worth the money Grad. school not worth just group projects. They need to either fix the school or get rid of it. Turn it into a park.

My Daughter got her BA degree there. We live close there was no need for her to drive cause parking cost is over 400.00 a year and for 2-3 classes a week it is not worth the price. The place is still closed in many areas. The broken glass on the windows and lack of LIGHTING in the night time make this campus un-safe they have had several issues and refuse to public address them. There parking lot is way out in the bean fields Oxnard Plains and you have to walk far to get to your car especially at night, very little lights are on. Also there are wild coyotoes around campus at night and dark halls without proper lighting. Never see any Campus Police, cars drive way to fast and if you only want to pick up someone good luck very little 30 min parking. The fog rolls in at night and the roadway is dangerous. If I had another daughter I would not send her there. I feel it is an unsafe school. There is alot of dog waste on campus and be careful you will step in it. Very expensive to go there one class is around 1,800.00 what are you getting nothing, parking if you don't get there an hour before your class you will not find any parking. They are still re-model? Broken buildings still when will it become a University AND NOT A NUT HOUSE OF CAMARILLO~.

Photo of Sanaz S.

This college campus has intrigued me for a while. I read an article in Forbes last year that had the 25 colleges with the most bang for your buck, and Cal State Channel Islands made that list. I think the average student debt upon graduation was a few thousand dollars? I have since been trying to convince my high school age daughter, subtly of course, that this is the college for her! I came here once to see a play that was in the black box theater. That was at night time so I didn't get to check out the campus very much. But it was really pretty at night- there are a lot of strung lights around the small streets. Makes it seem very intimate and inviting. Another time, I came during the day just to drive around and check out the various buildings/layout. I believe this site was an old state hospital? You can still see some of the old buildings versus the new ones. It all comes together really nicely I think. I came for another visit last weekend & walked around the campus with my daughter. It was a Sunday and we were looking for a non-crowded place to get outdoors, as we are trying to practice social distancing while getting some fresh air. I'm happy to say my daughter really enjoyed walking around this campus. It's really open and there's plenty of parking, plenty of visibility for sure. My review doesn't include anything about the academia of the school from personal experience, although I have read great things about it and know a few people that have gone here and enjoyed their experience (they were all gainfully employed, as well). I'm glad to have this lovely campus near us to visit and enjoy walking around. Oh, and my pup loved her walk here as well. Keeping fingered crossed that my daughter gives it a deeper look come college time!

is csu channel islands haunted

See all photos from Sanaz S. for CSU Channel Islands

Photo of Raymond F.

My entire experience here was absolutely trash. It is not really a "new school" anymore but still has tons of construction going on, as they try to clear out the remaining structural portions of when it was the state mental hospital. Generally they are fine as long as you know your way around the university system. Often if I needed help, folks were confused on who I should speak with or would take a long time to return calls/emails. The sociology department was haphazard and had lots of rotating staff. My statistical analysis course had the professor quit without notice, never show up to work the first week, then we got slammed into a newly created course with a professor that they hired laat second. She was a recent UCLA grad with all the attitude of letting you know she was smarter than you and did not have time to answer your questions. She was okay during office hours, much less condescending and volatile, but in class she rushed through concepts and made a ton of errors. I graduated cum laude, and this class literally dereailed what would have otherwise been a magna or summa completion. I even attempted to dispute the grade but was told she had quit after the one semester she taught and they couldn't do anything to help me appeal since she left. I only went to this university out of convenience. Grateful my grad school is through a different university. Enter at your own risk!

Photo of Joana L.

It's not ghetto or ratchet-like Cal state LA or Dominguez hills. The school is very safe and cops are always patrolling the campus. I was able to meet amazing professors and staff. I enjoyed the few months on campus. Despite my mental breakdown, I enjoyed this campus, and it's not haunted.

Photo of Janeth M.

This is our 4th year at CSUCI. We get to enjoy this beautiful campus for Band Camp. I've always loved how clean, well kept and green this campus is. We have been in 3 different dorms so far. They are all clean and have all the essentials! I love that the kids have a gym, rec room and a pool to enjoy after their 10 hr day marching. This year I got to meet Lisa. She was fabulous! Polite, professional and friendly. Gave us all the info that we needed and even followed up. This is why we love coming here for Band Camp!

Photo of Alfredo L.

This review comes from the perspective of a Fall 2019 graduate who majored in English and emphasized on multicultural literature. When I chose CSU Channel Islands it was due to two factors, the major and the classroom sizes. I expected that the small classroom sizes would help me build relationships with other students, as well with the professors. The good: I had in mind that I would eventually want to get a master's degree, so I figured that having a close relationship with the teachers was a great way to get a letter of recommendation in the future. I also figured that being in a small classroom would keep me from potentially slacking off, it would be hard to just be a name or number in the middle of a large pool of students. Now I'm in a position where I've looked for work in education and am looking into graduate school. The small classroom sizes pushed me to work harder than I would've in a larger class since I couldn't hide from anyone. Since I was able to contribute a lot during discussions and took advantage of office hours, I did become close to some of my professors, which have since been more than happy to write letters of recommendation for me. The campus itself is perfect for anyone who's looking to get a quality education, it's not a party school. The library is filled with great resources and a staff that's more than willing to help you with anything regarding research! I also like that if someone doesn't know something, they at least direct you to someone who can provide you with the answer you're looking for. Their resources won't come to you, you have to go to them. I went to one of their job fairs and was hired for a summer job that helped me get a job right after that summer. The bad: The parking sucks, it's time for CI to invest in a parking structure because students pay way too much money for a parking pass that doesn't guarantee parking. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that if I had class at 12p, I had to plan to arrive at about 10:30a to start looking for a parking spot. More exit routes are needed, there were two incidents during my time at CI where students and staff had to quickly evacuate the campus - they were sitting dolphins, out in the open, exposed to danger. Overall: I had an overall good experience at CI and would totally recommend this school to anyone who's looking into studying one of the majors that they offer.

Photo of Daniel L.

4 star school and here's why: (my opinion) Pro: At other colleges you do not offer you the ability to switch to another BA or BS. I came in the school as a art major and switched to science and graduated 2 years after my switch. Pro: Professors know you on a first name basis and, for the most part, teach they preach in the business major program. They will meet with you during office hours and will help you learn the material. I would have failed upper level economics if it were not for this. Pro: The food that they offer is better than most colleges. Buffet style compared to tray style charging at other schools. The cooks are always nice and will go out of their way for you unless they are slammed with orders. Pro: Your fellow students are down to earth here. Yes everyone has their opinions but, for the most part, are willing to listen to the other side of an argument before submitting their opinion in the business major program. Con: The administration here is very lacklustre. Some of the staff are very hardworking and will go above and beyond for you while others leave you in the dark. I think this is either due to some having more work than others or lack of training. Regardless the student workers do contribute do this problem and although they do need employment, they should not handle professional matters unless property trained and promoted. There you have it! CSUCI in a nutshell!

12 other reviews that are not currently recommended

Ascension Lutheran School

Ascension Lutheran School

11.1 miles away from CSU Channel Islands

Tim D. said "This school is awesome! My kids have been going here to school here since infant center. Now my oldest (of three) is going into 7th grade and we feel like the school just keeps getting better. The school's greatest strength is its…" read more

in Middle Schools & High Schools, Elementary Schools, Private Schools

C2 Education of Porter Ranch

C2 Education of Porter Ranch

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Free Tutoring Session

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is csu channel islands haunted

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Inspired by inequity

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is csu channel islands haunted

Food and Housing Insecurity

The Basic Needs Program at CSUCI offers emergency food and toiletries, as well as connects students to critical on and off-campus resources — including emergency housing and financial assistance.

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  1. Haunted Schools: California State University-Channel Islands

    is csu channel islands haunted

  2. Haunted? Cal State Channel Islands

    is csu channel islands haunted

  3. Discovering the paranormal: A haunted tour of CSU

    is csu channel islands haunted

  4. Camarillo State Hospital

    is csu channel islands haunted

  5. Camarillo State Mental Hospital Now Known As California State

    is csu channel islands haunted

  6. "The Hauntings"- CSUCI- University of Channel Islands

    is csu channel islands haunted


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  2. Toy Story 3 the Game (2010, PC)

  3. A Quick Look At The MS In Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Program At CSU Channel Islands


  1. Camarillo State Mental Hospital

    Now the building is used by the California State University-Channel Islands, and students say it is still haunted. Two more interesting points to note: Jazz musician Charlie Parker stayed here for seven months in 1947 after suffering a nervous breakdown, then wrote his hit "Relaxing at Camarillo."

  2. Ghost Infested College in Camarillo

    Updated 2/10/2020 - A variety of ghosts and spirits haunt CSUCI to this day. Paranormal investigators and ghost hunters have long believed that concentrated populations of the mentally ill attract otherworldly entities. The theory bears out at the former Camarillo State Mental Hospital.

  3. 10 Most Terrifying Haunted Colleges in California

    The newest addition to the California State University system is the beautiful Cal State Channel Islands. Not actually located on the islands, the campus is nestled in the foothills of Camarillo. It's a beautiful place with a great natural sciences curriculum. It's also built on the site of a notoriously haunted insane asylum.

  4. California State University Channel Islands

    Cal State Channel Islands is a former mental institute now horribly haunted! All you wanted was an education at a four year college. Somewhere you could get some higher learning, pick a profession, make something of yourself. You were thrilled to get accepted into California State University Channel Islands in Camarillo.

  5. The Scary Dairy of Camarillo Will Frighten You to the Core

    The University itself is plenty haunted, even with thousands of students and staff tramping through its halls day and night. A creepy, abandoned old dairy building within striking distance of the old Asylum? It's a no brainer for any paranormal creature. Table of Contents [ Show Table of Contents] What is the Scary Dairy of Camarillo?

  6. The Haunted Old Camarillo State Hospital in Camarillo, California

    A haunted location: Old Camarillo State Hospital in Camarillo, California. Details: now Channel Islands University This large enclave of buildings in Camarillo is now a university, but were originally built in the 1920s as a state mental hospital. They changed over to a school in the mid 90s. There have been many stories of ghosts over the years of all kinds due to the fact that patients ...

  7. Haunted? Cal State Channel Islands

    Many people ask if CSU Channel Islands is haunted. I answer yes, and I live there. I have heard many things from the sound of a woman crying in an abandoned building, to heavy doors slamming shut, to scratching on walls when no one was even around. Lights flicker in the locker lined hallway and rusting bars cover the windows to abandoned buildings.

  8. Scary Dairy

    Now known as CSU Channel Islands University Park, the land is open to the public daily from sunrise to sunset. The Scary Dairy still stands, although behind fences and "No Trespassing"...

  9. Haunting allure of Scary Dairy at CSU Channel Islands park

    Ventura County Star A headless figure adorns a concrete wall at Scary Dairy, the deteriorated remains of a former dairy farm at what's now CSU Channel Islands University Park on Monday, Oct....

  10. The Scary Dairy

    Once the Camarillo State Hospital, Scary Dairy is a nickname for a said-to-be-haunted ruined building. Reports say the former mental hospital was either a dairy or a slaughterhouse, and it is rumored to have been the site of several murders. ... CSU Channel Islands. 1.4 mi. — Camarillo, California. Stagecoach Inn. 6.6 mi. — Thousand Oaks ...

  11. California State University Channel Islands

    -Camarillo, California It may have only opened in 2002, but Camarillo's California State University Channel Islands makes this most-haunted list by virtue of its spooky locality. The school's campus was constructed on the site of the former Camarillo State Hospital - regarded as among the country's most notorious mental health facilities. Between 1936 and 1997, over 1,000 patients died at ...

  12. The Scary Dairy: The Ghosts of Camarillo State Mental Hospital

    The "Scary Dairy" and the greater Camarillo State Mental Hospital (currently California State University Channel Islands) is haunted by the tortured spirits of former patients and staff. But...is it really? What really happened there?

  13. California State University-Channel Islands Top Questions

    California State University Channel Islands, located in Camarillo, California, is a student-centered, four-year, public university known for its interdisciplinary, multicultural, and international perspectives and its emphasis on experiential and service learning. kimberly. my school is best known as being tha newest in the cal state system.

  14. 'Camarillo Tales' unveils history of CSU Channel Island campus

    Theater students at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) in Camarillo uncovered some of those stories for a new collection of short plays called " Camarillo Tales: Echoes in the Hills ," which runs through Saturday, November 13.

  15. Haunted Schools: California State University-Channel Islands

    This Californian university is built on the grounds of an old mental institution. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE PARANORMAL ACTIVITY!REFERENCES:https://en.wikipedia.org/...

  16. Ghosts on a CSU campus?!

    Le'Mia Spencer, Staff WriterOctober 14, 2020. California State University (CSU) has campuses all over the state, but there is one school that has a particular reason to stand out. The Channel Islands campus, which is located in Camarillo, started out as a mental hospital in the middle of the last century and it is rumored to be haunted.

  17. California State University-Channel Islands Reviews

    Reviews for California State University-Channel Islands ... It's not scary or haunted it is just really interesting. Great for these types of students. This is a great school for students who have been involved in clubs or leadership through high school or in volunteer work. The university really thrives from the many clubs it has because ...

  18. California State University Channel Islands

    California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI, CSU Channel Islands) is a public university in Camarillo, California.It opened in 2002 as the 23rd campus in the California State University system. CSUCI is located on the Central Coast of California, at the intersection of the Oxnard Plain and northernmost edge of the Santa Monica Mountains range. The Channel Islands are nearby where the ...

  19. "The Hauntings"- CSUCI- University of Channel Islands

    This is a video of some students at California State University of Channel Islands that were messing around and came across the hauntings of the university a...

  20. Ghouls, Ghosts and Remembering the Dead

    The Residential Housing Association at CSU Monterey Bay took their Halloween celebration a step further, with a clown-themed haunted house that's sure to draw some screams. Today, CSU Channel Islands will host its annual Spooktacular event, featuring costume and decorating contests that raise funds and awareness for United Way of Ventura County.

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    Nov. 1, 2021— CSU Channel Islands (CSUCI) students will perform a series of vignettes about the history of the campus with "Camarillo Tales: Echoes in the Hills," which opens Nov. 4 and runs through Nov. 13. "It's a collection of original short plays written and performed by the students," said Performing Arts/Theater Lecturer Laura Covault.


    25 About the Business Imagine a big family--one that's warm, welcoming, smart and fun. That's California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI), a four-year, public university in Camarillo, California. Established in 2002, we're the youngest of 23 campuses in the CSU family. CI's mission is all about you.

  23. CSU Channel Islands

    Nestled against the Santa Monica Mountains, CSUCI is located north of Los Angeles, south of Santa Barbara, and minutes from the ocean. Learn more Schedule a Tour Launch Virtual Tour 18:1 Student To Faculty Ratio 91% Admission Rate 81% Receive Financial Aid 63% First Generation College Students Calendars & Deadlines All in one convenient location